Xin Qiji 1162 (2020) - full transcript

In 1161, Wanyan Liang, emperor of the Jurchen Jin Dynasty, planned to invade the Southern Song Dynasty. Owing to the harsh recruitment policy and the Jin's cruelty, people in the Central ...

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In bygone years,

leading armed cavaliers, with golden spear in hand,

tigerlike, I had slain the foe on the thousand-mile Central Plain.


gave the sword to me

on Mount Tai.

Since then,

I've taken it to every battlefield

and never been anywhere without it.

Grandpa asked me

to come here again

and tell him about it

when the lost land is recovered

from the Jin Dynasty someday.

This sword

is called


"Recover lost land

for China's reunification."

In the 32nd year (1162) during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty, Wanyan Liang, emperor of the Jurchen-led Jin Dynasty, assembled his troops and tried to conquer southern China.

As they implemented a harsh recruitment policy in the Central Plain, the masses found it hard to live on, so they rose up in arms in succession…

Sifengzha Village







Where are the others?

They're dead.

All of them.

Where is Shuanghua?


I don't know.

I asked you to look after her.


There are way too many Jin soldiers.

I failed to defend it.

You can leave.

I want to follow you.

Go away!

Don't cry.

Don't give them a chance to laugh at us.


I'm scared.

Don't be afraid.

I'm here with you.

No. Don't kill my elder sister.

I beg you.


Don't kill my elder sister. Please.

What's your name?




You brute!

You assholes!






You asshole!

You assholes!


You brute!

Let's fight to the end!

Shuanghua, are you okay?

Go save the others.

Xin Qiji.




Hide yourself.





I want to go home.





trust me.

I'll avenge your death.


now we're homeless.

We'll have a new home

when we drive the Jurchen away.


where are you going next?


We'll go to Tai'an City.

I swear I'd do everything I can

to recover the lost land of the Song Dynasty.


each of us

is working without a break every day.

We're too tired.

I don't care.

The Jin army may be here anytime.

If the commander

finds the walls can't stand a fight,

he'd remove my skin.


Is it prepared?


Keep a close watch.

Got it.

Tai'an City

Is it done?



What's up?

A cavalry is found outside the city.

Here is Tai'an City.

Wait for me here.


I don't think

we're welcome here.

I'll go with you.

They're the volunteer army instead of the Jin army.

There is nothing to worry about.

Be careful.

Trust me.

Hey. No more refugees will be taken in.

Go back.

We're the volunteer army from Sifengzha Village.

We're not refugees.

You won't be taken in no matter who you are.

If you keep staying here,

I'll shoot at you.

General, please report it to your commander.

Don't you understand what I said?

Get lost.

Your arrow is too soft.

You couldn't shoot me.

You asked for it.

On alert.

General, don't be nervous.

I'm here for a friend.

No way!

No matter what you say,

I have to fight this battle.

Can't you see

our bros are suffering from hunger?

If we let the Jin's Supplies Battalion go,

how could I explain it to them?

I didn't mean to stop you from fighting.

I just asked you

to think about how we should do that.

The Supplies Battalion has 5,000 soldiers at least.

Make head-on attacks?

You must want to exchange our bros' lives

for food.


Jia Rui, you damned scholar.

I'm telling you.

You're afraid of the Jurchen,

but I'm not!

Geng Jing, let me tell you something too.

I won't listen.

Fighting is not farming.

I'm just a farmer.

Anyway, as long as I'm here,

I won't let you go anywhere.

Nobody can stop me.


Go away.


are you okay?


What's up?

Is the Jin army here?


A guy called Xin Qiji wants to come into town.

He said he's Mr. Jia's former classmate.


I don't want to see him.

Mr. Jia asked me to tell you

he doesn't want to see you.


the cart with grain is for you.

What does he mean?

Do you think we're beggars?

What's bad about being beggars?

In the chaos of war,

you can count yourself lucky if you have something to eat.

I'll teach you a lesson!

We'll take the food.

Go tell Jia Rui

I'll wait for him outside the city.

If he doesn't come to see me,

I'll keep staying here.


take the grain.

Take the grain!

You beggars.

You're stubborn.


the meat is well cooked.

Step aside.

Langtou, have a cake.


Son of a b*tch.

It's unbearable.

Pick it up.



did we come here all the way

just to get some cakes from them?

I don't want to eat.


Neither do I.

Me, either.

What do you want to do?

Come back!


I'm sorry to make you go through all this.

Don't say that.

In the chaos of war,

we can count ourselves lucky if we have something to eat.

Geng Jing's forces in Tai'an are the largest army here.

Wanyan Liang tried many times in vain to capture the city.

To fight against the Jurchen,

we have to draw support from them.


what on earth

is the Song Dynasty like?

In the Song Dynasty,

night markets don't finish until 11:00 p.m. or later,

but morning markets open as early as 3:00 a.m.

Those popular places

are open all through the night.

It's recorded in a book called "The Eastern Capital: A Dream of Splendor"

and a painting called "Along the River During the Qingming Festival".

The Song Dynasty

is beautiful.

But there is something I don't understand.

Isn't Jia Rui your former classmate?

Why doesn't he want to see us?

That year, Jia Rui asked me

to take part in the Imperial Examinations of the Jin Dynasty.

I didn't want to be an official of the Jin,

so I refused his invitation.

In addition to that,

I treated him to dinner and drinks.

Three days.

He slept for three days.

He must hate you to death.

It explains why he wouldn't let us go in.


Jia Rui is talented.

I did that

because I didn't want him to work for the Jin Dynasty.

Who is it?

Bro, it's me.

I'm here for a cake.

I'm wrong. I'm hungry.

Alright. Stand up and eat!

General Hurba.

General Hurba.

General Hurba.


Take me to His Highness.

Got it.

The Jin camp

You went to Sifengzha with 2,000 men to recruit troops,

but you came back alone.

What punishment do you think you deserve?

I'm willing to die,

but Your Highness,

I hope you can let me kill Xin Qiji

before that.

Do you mean Xin Zan's grandson Xin Qiji?


On that day when we arrived at Sifengzha Village,

we were ambushed by Xin Qiji.

Your Highness,

if I can't kill Xin Qiji with my own hands,

I'd die with everlasting regret.

Enough. Go get your wounds treated.

Your Highness, I…



what do you think of it?

I've heard of that guy.

Xin Qiji is a man of both literary and military capacity.

He's made a name for himself.

But he wouldn't work for us

and even led rebels to fight against us.


how about letting me

kill him?


In a month,

we'll set out to join the Southern Expedition Army.

Make sure you find him

before that.

Got it.


Without my orders,

don't act rashly.

I see.

Three days have passed.

I don't think they're worried.

Of course not.

Jia has given them a cart full of grain.

It's enough for a month.

Only three days have passed. They don't need to worry.

It's lively. Even I want to go there.


Don't be sarcastic.

I'll go there to have a talk with them.

You should've done that.

Go ahead.

I'm going.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead.

This way.

Don't run.

Come here.

He finally showed up.

Have a rest.

Jia, long time no see.

Why are you here?

Sifengzha is destroyed.

I'm here with them to join the army.

Your grandpa was an official of the Jin Dynasty.

You should join the Jin army.

I've given you enough food.

I can give you more if you don't think it's enough.

Many years have passed,

but you haven't got over that issue.

Trust me.

I came to Tai'an just to fight against the Jurchen.

I know you like to be an official.

I won't compete with you for the position of vice commander.

Xin Qiji.

Get me my bow.


Protect our vice commander.

You want to go into town, right?

No problem.

A Jin army of 5,000 men

is on their way to Tai'an City.

I'll give you 800 soldiers.

If you win the battle,

I'll let you in.


are you scared?

Get out of here if you're scared.


I only need 500 soldiers.

Jia Rui,

see you in Tai'an City.

Bro, it's almost time. Let's do it.

Wait a little longer.

It'll be too late if we keep waiting.

No hurry.

Get started.

Block the road!

Be embattled.

Kill them.

Kill them!

Pick up your weapons.

Reorganize a defense.

Shoot arrows!

General, our soldiers are also there.

I ordered you to shoot arrows. Can't you hear me?

Yes, sir. Get ready.



Are you okay?


Just some scratches.



Be a pathbreaker.

Guys, go!


Kill them!


Their general is killed!


we won the battle.

Can we go into town?

Don't move.

After we go into town,

I'll get you some Jinchuang ointment from Jia Rui.

It's nothing.

Do you know that?

When I hunted with Liang

in the forest,

I was more seriously injured.

Don't try to be a heroine.

But to be serious,

you'd better stay away from such things in the future.

Are you afraid I'll be a burden?


I'm just worried about you.






Mr. Xin.

This guy insisted on seeing you.


what's up?

Mr. Xin,

this dagger is a spoil of war we got from the Jin army.

It's for you.

For me?


It's satisfying to fight them with you.

We admire you very much.

Please accept it.


I'll keep it.


Langtou, let's go back to Tai'an.

Guys, we won!

A villain enjoying success.

Mr. Jia, did you just let them in like that?

Or else?

We won't get the food if we drive them away.


We can keep the food and drive them away.

In this case, who are villains?


we risked our lives to get the grain.

Why do you give it out to them?

Don't you feel wronged?

Jia Rui gave us ten dan of grain.

We're giving 1,000 dan back to them.

Are you unwilling to do that?


Let's give 1,000 dan back to them.

It makes me happy.

Put it down!

Stop it.

Stop it.

Put it down.

Xin Qiji,

who allowed you to give the grain out here?

We captured the grain.

We can deal with it as we want.

None of your business.

Without the commander's orders,

you're giving out grain at will in the military

to undermine the morale of troops.

Guys, catch him.

Just do it if you dare.

You brat, what are you doing?


they're giving out grain without authorization.

You jerk.

Xin is Jia's former classmate.

And he gave so much grain back to us.

Xin, you did a great job

in the battle.

Mr. Geng, I'm flattered.

Jia Rui must've had his own plan to win the battle.

It'd be the same case

if it were him.

No matter what,

your scholars are


Mr. Geng,

we won the battle

and we returned grain,

but Jia Rui hasn't showed up.

Does he want to go back on his word?

Mrs. Xin,

don't say that.

I promise you,

from now on,

we're one family.


enjoy yourselves tonight.

Eat meat

and drink alcohol!

Eat meat and drink alcohol!

Eat meat and drink alcohol!

Eat meat and drink alcohol!

Eat meat and drink alcohol!

Eat and drink as much as you want!


you were awe-inspiring today.

I agree.

I'll also show you something tonight.

I'll drink all of you under the table!

Bottoms up!

Langtou, you silly guy.

You're bragging again.

Shuanghua, I'm not.

I'm so happy. I won't get drunk.

Shuanghua, I want to drink a toast to you.

Okay. To what?

I hope you and Xin

can get married ASAP.

Fill it to the top!

Come on. Cheers.



let me, Zhang Anguo,

on behalf of our buddies in Tai'an City

and those who died in battle today,

drink a toast to you.


to be honest,

I'm really glad that

you came here to be part of us.

Mr. Geng, thank you.

I've heard only over ten villagers followed you

when you rose in rebellion,

but you've developed into a large army during the past three years.

I admire you so much.

Did you hear what he said?

Don't yell at me again.

Xin Qiji,

just get straight to the point.

I don't believe you came to Tai'an

just to join us.

One month ago,

Hurba slaughtered Sifengzha.

I've taken all the survivors here.



is a senior general subordinate to Wanyan Basu, a prince of the Jin.

You want us to help you take revenge.

In your dreams.

Let's kill him. Why not?

I don't care who he is.


I'll help you take revenge.

I'm bound to kill Hurba,

but there is something else more important than this.

I hope you can give me a helping hand about that.

Xin, what's more important

than your revenge?

I want to gather all the volunteer army

and launch attacks

to drive all the Jurchen out of Shandong and reclaim lost land.

It's an idiot's daydream.

Mr. Geng!



They're fighting. Go have a look.

Stop it!

What's going on?


they abused us and said we're beggars,

so I fought them.


What are you doing?

Let go of me.

I have to kill him.

You're drunk.


He slung mud at us. It's his fault.


Bro, it's really…

Shut up!

Damned beggars.

You asshole!

Don't say another word.

I'll pack up and leave.

From now on, no matter if I'm alive or dead,

it has nothing to do with you.

Shuanghua, it's me.

Xin also felt sorry

to do that.

He doesn't care about me at all.

All he cares about is the Song Dynasty.

There is no room for me in his heart.


You got him wrong.

When he got out of

a pile of bodies at Sifengzha,

the first one he thought of was you.


Of course.

He also said

he'd marry you

and go back to the Song with you

after he kills Hurba.



The one who led the robbery

is Xin Qiji from Jinan.

I've heard of him.

I've also heard

Xin Qiji killed the enemy's general though they were heavily outnumbered.

He did it by flying over.

The two of you.

No grain for you today. Get lost.

Why not, general?

Why not?

Nobody could fly.

Get lost.

Zhang Anguo,

what are you doing?

I'm giving out grain, Mr. Jia.

Then do it seriously.

Hold back your anger.

Do you want to see me?


I'm determined.

I'll send an army to fight against the Jin army.

Are you crazy?

Are you going to help Xin Qiji take revenge

at the risk of all our bros' lives?

You got it wrong.

Xin has thought about it.


This is Tai'an, where we're staying.

We're surrounded by the enemies on all sides.


This is Ji'nan.

This is Zichuan.

You're wrong.

That's Tai'an.


I can't make it clear.

Xin, you explain it to him.



With Mount Tai located at the north

and Dawen River flowing through the south,

Tai'an looks like a good place that is easy to hold but hard to attack.

But lying in the center of Shandong,

it's accessible from all directions,

so it's actually in the teeth of the storm.

You're right.

But currently,

all the Jin troops in Shandong

have been gathered by Wanyan Basu

to go southwards and cooperate with Wanyan Liang.

This is a good chance

for us to rest and build up strength.

But have you thought about that?

When they come back again

and cooperate with troops in Yanzhou, Jinan, Sishui and Zichuan

to attack Tai'an,

what will happen?

We'll definitely die.



we have to take precautions beforehand.

We should launch attacks and capture those four cities

while the enemy rear is weakly defended.

In this case, the whole Shandong province

will be in the control of the volunteer army.

Well said!

Did you get it?

Of course I did.

Conquer the four cities

and Shandong will be under our control.

If we fail to do that,

what happened at Sifengzha will happen in Tai'an.

I don't agree.

Why not?

His words make sense.

What's the point of talking about it?

It's of no use for fighting.

We need men to fight.

Do we have enough soldiers?


I can do something about it.

Who are you?

Who let the monk come in?

He said Xin is his friend.



Long time no see.

He's called Yiduan.

He's my intimate friend.


if I bring another volunteer army here,

will you say yes

to Xin's plan?


how many people can you take here?




stop hesitating.

If we do it,

all of us will benefit from it.

Are you sure you'll do it?


Okay. Let's do it.

But I have a condition.

Before the army arrives,

you have to stay here in Tai'an.

Please send a messenger

to do it on behalf of me.

Did you read the letter?


I didn't find anything wrong.

That'd be great.

That monk showed up suddenly.

It's a little weird.

Ask Zhang Anguo to keep watch on him.


don't you have confidence

about the issue?

I just have confidence in Xin.

I didn't read much.

I'm uneducated, but I'm not stupid.

Let's go and drink.



aren't you a monk?

Why do you drink alcohol

and eat meat?

I'm ashamed to say that.

As a monk, I was supposed to chant sutras and practice meditation.

But in the troubled times,

seeing people be in great misery,

I just can't sit by and watch.

So I left the temple

and joined the volunteer army in the north.

I was captured by the Jin army after we lost a battle.

Then I saw you.

I see.

Yiduan, you escaped from the Jin army.


don't you want to learn swordsmanship?

Yiduan is a master of it.

Take this opportunity

to ask him for some good advice.

Okay. I'll try.


Langtou is simple-minded.

Don't take his words seriously.

It's okay.

It's like the Jin army made us meet each other again.

Since we separated in Ji'nan,

three years have passed.

Time flies.

When I was young,

I was good at playing backgammon,

but it's just a minor thing in my mind.


I'm not good at the swordsmanship you taught me.


Bro, how about you doing it?

Shuanghua likes to see you.

What did you say?

You like to see him practice swordsmanship.


I also haven't seen you do it for a long time.

Okay. I'll present a show.

When I was young,

I was good at playing backgammon,

but it's just a minor thing in my mind.

I observed from the sidelines the first time I saw it.

I knew little about it at that time.

In a very short time,

the gull turned over the stone mirror

and the magpie arrived at the star bridge.

The clothes-pounding stone

still missed those slim fingers.

Yiduan succeeded.

He'll help us when we arrive at Tai'an.

No siege weapons.

No army provisions or carriages.

Just let the soldiers take enough food for three days.

Dispatch my order.

800 people of Flying Eagle Army will go with me to attack Tai'an at night.

Your Highness,

is it too risky?

A saying in the Song Dynasty goes that

nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Go dispatch my order.

Got it.

Your Highness,

have you found out Xin Qiji's whereabouts?

Why are you here?

Bro, yesterday…

I don't know.



Why are you in a hurry?

You drank too much last night,

so you slept here.


Let's go have a look at Yiduan.

He also drank a lot last night.


What are you doing?

Mr. Geng,

what do you mean?

Stop playing innocent.

Yiduan stole the commander's seal.

And he injured me.

What would you say?


stop slandering us.

We drank with him till almost daybreak.

How could he steal the seal?

Bro, he's trying to find faults!

It's me that asked Zhang Anguo to keep watch on Yiduan.

He stole the commander's seal

probably because he wants to issue fake military orders

and make a mess

to help the Jin army

conquer Tai'an.


I believe you're fooled by Yiduan.


wait for me here with Langtou.

I'll get the seal back.


If I fail to come back tonight,

don't make things difficult for my bros.


I promise.

As long as you get the seal back,

I'll help you

with the northern expedition.

Xin Qiji.


went toward the withered forest.

Your Highness,

Tai'an is only 100 km away.

Full speed ahead!

Full speed ahead!

Go back with me.

Don't be stupid.

You couldn't defend Tai'an.

We once promised to recover the lost Central Plain.

Yiduan, did you forget it?

Whoever understands the times is a great man.

There is a tendency for the Song Dynasty to decline.

Even if the world is under the control of the Jurchen,

the masses can still live a peaceful life.

Let me ask you again.

Will you go back with me or not?

The sea of bitterness has bounds, but there is no turning back.

Now that you insist on betraying our country,

from now on,

you're no longer my friend.

You're my enemy.

Come on.

The Jin army will be here tonight.


go fulfill your ideals.

It seems he did it.

Half of you stay here for backup.

Let's go.


You need to draw your sword from a sheath

and wipe out the disgrace.


do you still remember me?

Who is it?

Why is someone peeping at me peeing?

I'm here to kill you.

Give the signal.

Don't bother. I've killed him.

Get ready.

I'm Wanyan Chengmei, a princess of the Jin Dynasty.

If I die here today,

the Jin cavalry will tread down Tai'an

at all costs.

She's a princess.


don't injure her.

I've been single for over ten years.

I'm thinking about getting married.

Geng Jing,

you sent an army into battle just because you don't want to fight.

Today, I promise

in the name of a princess of the Jin Dynasty,

you'll be a senior official with good pay

as long as you give in,

and all your bros

will live a good life too.

Xin, she can't get my point.

You talk to her.

Wanyan Chengmei,

don't waste your words.

I can spare you if you put down weapons.

All of you, go back to the Jin camp

and tell Wanyan Basu…

…Wanyan Basu won't leave it at that.

…we'll take back every inch of land

the Jurchen took away.

The plan of conquering the four cities will be affected.

Do you agree to that?

You're cunning.

Xin Qiji,

we'll see each other again.

Let's go.

Hold on.

He has to stay.

Your Highness,

I've been looking forward to it.


I'll make you a human sacrifice

to my bros who died at Sifengzha.

I lost. Kill me.

It's not me that will kill you.

Liang, I avenged your death.

Rest in peace!

All bros who died at Sifengzha,

Xin has avenged your death.

We killed Hurba.

And tomorrow,

Xin will serve as general secretary of Tai'an City.

I'll follow him

and beat down the Jin army!


Let go of me.

Shuanghua, listen to me.

This is the only chance to defeat the Jin army.

Only after driving them off…

Can you stop fighting?

When this issue is done,

I'll do nothing

but to stay by your side

for the rest of my life.


From today on,

Xin will be general secretary of the volunteer army.



it's us that fought battles.

Why do you let him serve as general secretary?

Zhang Anguo, stop talking rubbish!

Of course Xin will hold the post.

Can we count on you?

Cut the crap. Fill the bowls.

I know many of you are not happy

about me becoming general secretary.

In terms of qualifications,

I'm inferior to you.

In terms of meritorious military service,

you've won nearly 100 battles large and small.

I'm still inferior.

So, I don't feel qualified to hold the post

in any respect.

But I want to ask you a question.

Why did you choose to rise up?

To eat my fill and dress warm.

To marry a good woman.

To eat your fill, to dress warm and to marry a good woman.

It's the same case for me.

But the Jurchen don't agree.

To defeat them, we have to do two things.

The first is

to unite as one.

From now on,

all the volunteer troops from Sifengzha and Tai'an are comrades-in-arms.

You should share life and death with each other.

The second is

still to unite as one.

No matter where we go,

we shall not infringe on people's interests.

Only with the masses' support

can we drive all the Jurchen

out of the territory of the Song Dynasty.

Why did you say there's nothing to wear? I'll take my own cloak for you to share.

Expel the invaders even at the cost of my life!

Expel the invaders even at the cost of my life!



Don't run.

Hey. Stop chasing.

Go inside and have a look.

Give me a little bit.

Don't push.

Everyone can get a portion. Come on.

Everyone can get a portion.

I'm a soldier. I joined the army!

I really didn't expect

the more battles we fought,

the larger army we have.

It's an irresistible trend. It's bound to happen.

When we conquer Zichuan at one go,

the volunteer army will have a foothold

in the Central Plain.

I finally see.

As long as you're here,

the volunteer army will be stronger and stronger.

You'an, I've got you a book.

Geng, look.

Go. Let's have a look.

Back off.

Stop it!


Stop it.

Langtou, what are you doing?


What's going on?

Are you addicted to fighting?

Mr. Geng,

he tied Xiaoheizi up,

so I fought him.


who did you tie up?

Take him here.

Let go of me!


Kneel down.


this guy

robbed the common people of their food.

He even used his knife.

Where are they?

They're scared away.

The sheep is killed by him.


did you do it?


It's me that injured them and it's me that robbed them of their food.

But they're the Jurchen.

They're also part of the masses!


punish him according to military law.


It's not that serious, right?

Kill him.

Just try it.

What are you doing?

Mr. Geng,

Xin Qiji even let a princess of the Jin go.

Why can't he forgive Xiaoheizi this time?

He must have

ulterior motives.

Cut the crap.

Get lost.


Xiaoheizi did it wrong this time.

I'll give 20 sheep back to them.

No. 30.

And I'll whip Xiaoheizi 40 times.

What do you think?

Mr. Geng,

we shall not infringe on people's interests.

That's the rule.

Military law is ruthless.

He has to pay for what he did.


How about like this?

From today on,

anyone who violates it will be beheaded.


That year

when I traveled around China with my grandpa,

we saw the officials of the Jin Dynasty

treat the common people like animals.

They robbed people of their money,

of their grain

and of their women.

If they were refused, they'd beat them hard.

If they were still refused,

they'd kill them.

They didn't kill one or two people,

but killed the whole village.

That's how

Sifengzha was destroyed.


since the day I rose up,

I've made up my mind.

If the Song Dynasty

recovers the lost land someday,

I won't let any of the common people

endure such suffering

and live such a miserable life

in the Song territory.

Kill him!

How dare you?

Jia Rui, what are you doing?


Mr. Xin.

I did it wrong.

Actually, I…

Zhang Anguo!

I'll kill you!

Catch him!

Come back!

Isn't it enough that he's killed?

Hey. Step aside.

Step aside.


do you want to see me?


it's your turn.


they've conquered three cities.

Do we just sit by and watch?

So what? You lost to Xin Qiji.

Are you unconvinced?

I was so careless

as to be trapped.

You acted rashly.

Come on.

Mr. Jia.


Don't call me Mr. Jia.

We learned from the same teacher for several years.

Just call me Jia Rui.




I got you wrong.

To this day,

I finally understand

what lofty ambitions mean.

Let me drink one more toast to you.


I also have something to say to you.

Including Tai'an,

we've got four cities under control.

If we conquer Zichuan,

the whole Shandong will be in our hand.

It's hard to conquer Zichuan,

but through the journey, I also found

Wanyan Basu has transferred

all the main forces.

We conquered three cities,

but he didn't send any reinforcements.

It seems he's determined to go to the south.


there is something we have to do beforehand.

What is it?

To cooperate with the northern expedition army of the Song

and suppress Wanyan Basu.

Easier said than done.

Maybe the emperor of Song

won't agree to his plan.

Even if he agrees,

including us,

three armies are going south to meet each other.

Once we do it,

we'll have one million troops

to attack the Song Dynasty.

By then, Xin's troops

will be a drop in the bucket.


We've conquered Tai'an,



and Jinan.

When we take control of Zichuan,

it means we can cast a big net

on Wanyan Basu's way back to the north.

As long as the Song army

pushes them to this place,

with the five cities launching attacks at the same time,

and support from the Song army,

we'll wipe out Wanyan Basu and his army

completely in the net.

In this case,

Wanyan Liang's southern expedition

will collapse without being attacked.

I see.

Xin Qijin told us his plan on purpose

because he wanted to delay us going to the south.

Xin Qiji is really talented,

with great vision and thought.

If the Song army does as he says,

things will be difficult for us to deal with.

Father, shall we go to the south beforehand?


Xin Qiji is a formidable opponent,

but those rebels don't unite as one.

The highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy's plans.

Mei'er, you have to learn to kill someone by another's hand.

It's not easy

to see the emperor.

Don't worry.

I have an old friend in Lin'an.

He can do me a favor.


I'll leave the Zichuan case to you.

Okay. Trust me.

I won't let you down.



I see.

I'll send word that

for anyone who surrenders, we'll let bygones be bygones.

And he'll be given a post according to his military merits.

Mei'er, you're extremely intelligent. Go get it done.

Got it.

"With fine bows and arrows, the Huns want to invade the Han Dynasty."

"An army of 300,000 soldiers led by a valiant general like Huo Qubing

is sent to fight against the enemy."

Mr. Geng.

Did you come to me late at night

to discuss something with me?

Three years ago, I rose up with some of my bros

just to eat our fill.

We've become more powerful,

but I don't forget my original intention.

Mr. Geng, what do you mean?


I don't want to fight anymore.

You wanted to kill Xiaoheizi.

I understand.

You and Jia Rui want to pay allegiance to the Song Dynasty.

I understand too.

But now that these guys risked their lives to follow me,

I can't

let them down.

So, will you make yourself a king?


Even if I don't conquer Zichuan,

the Jin army can do nothing about me.

I want to let my bros

live a good life.

A good life?

A good life.

Geng Jing,

do you know what a good life is like?

Do you know how beautiful

the scenery in the Song Dynasty was?

Open your eyes wide and look carefully.

What a mess it has become!

What is a good life like?

Eating meat?

Drinking alcohol?

We're homeless.

How could we live a good life?

Mr. Geng,

I've never wanted to fight.

I don't want to fight at all.

But there is something

I have to do.

If I'm still alive tomorrow,

I'll go to Lin'an.

If you want to kill me,

you don't need to order them to do that.

Take it.

My life

is up to you.

300 cities.

300 cities.


will we come back after going to the Song Dynasty?

We will.

We'll be back.





why are you here?

Take it.

The commander asked me to give it to you.

He said

he'd wait for you to come back

and we'd

conquer Zichuan together.


Mr. Geng, wait for me to come back.

Bro, I wish you a safe journey.


I did it wrong.

Go. Let's go back to Tai'an.

Lin'an City

Everything is clearly written in the memorial.

Dear all,

as for the northern expedition,

what's your opinion?

Your Majesty,

this issue is critical to the fate of our country.

I don't think we should act rashly.


Xin Qiji and Geng Jing conquered cities,

but they're just a disorderly mob.

Your Majesty,

I don't agree with Mr. Lu.

I'm a rough-neck,

but I've read articles written by Xin Qiji.

His ideas about military strategies

are insightful, indeed.

What's more,

I've heard Xin Qiji

conquered three more cities

after attacking the enemy at Sifengzha and Tai'an.

And he defeated enemy troops with a force inferior in number.

Words are but wind,

but seeing is believing.

I've even heard Xin Qiji

can fly into the sky and he's strong enough to lift a big tripod.

It's just rumor.

It can't be trusted.

Okay. Seeing is believing.

Your Majesty,

Xin Qiji is waiting outside the hall.

How about letting him come in

and asking him about it?

It's permitted.

Ask Xin Qiji to come in.

Your servant Xin Qiji

kowtows upon seeing Your Majesty.


Thank you, Your Majesty.

Are you Xin Qiji?

Compared with the so-called long-toothed man with a livid face,

you're more handsome.

Your Majesty,

I can't leap onto roofs or vault over walls

and I can't lift a big tripod.

I'm just a common civilian of the Song.

Well said.

If every civilian of the Song is like you,

we must've reclaimed the lost land.

Your Majesty,

in the territory of Shandong,

there are numerous civilians like me

who are willing to die on the battle field.

They will fight to the end

to drive the Jin army off.

Nowadays, they've conquered Tai'an,

Sishui, Yanzhou and Ji'nan.

When you send the army for the northern expedition,

they'll risk their lives to conquer Zichuan

and then cooperate with your army

to wipe out Wanyan Basu's troops.

Xin Qiji,

do you think you can persuade His Majesty

just by making empty promises?

You deserve to be cut to pieces if the northern expedition is a failure.

There is nothing to fear about death.

Do you know

how many people in the Central Plain

became destitute and homeless?

Do you know

how many people lost their lives to come back to the Song territory?

Do you know

the voluntter army

was supposed to live in peace and contentment

like people in Lin'an?

They want to live a good life too.

If I can

promote the reunification of our motherland,

I won't be afraid

even if I have to die 100 or 1,000 times.

I will

die with satisfaction.


The reunification of our motherland.

Well said.

Your request

is permitted!

Xin Qiji.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

May Your Majesty live for ten thousand years!

West Lake

Mr. Fangweng.

You'an, don't call me like that.

We think alike.

We're both concerned about our country and people.

His Majesty has permitted my request.

Thank you for your help.

The saying goes most heroes are youngsters.

It's true for Huo Qubing

and for you.

Langtou, let's go back to Tai'an!

Time to go back to Tai'an.

Let's go back to Tai'an.

Bros, open the city gate.

We're back!

Guys, general secretary is back!

Bro, let me knock at the gate.


Bros, open the city gate. We're back!

Bros, general secretary is back!

General secretary.

General secretary.

General secretary is back.

General secretary is back!

Mr. Xin!

Mr. Xin, you're finally back!

Back off.

You're back.

Yeah. I'm back.

Say goodbye to our commander.


our scout reported that Geng Jing is dead.

Zhang Anguo,

you achieved notable merits this time.

Just let me know what you want as reward.

I want nothing.

I just want to do all I can to serve you.


Those who suit their actions to the times are wise.

I'll leave Yanzhou City in your control.

I'll hold an investiture for you on the drill ground tomorrow.

Thank you for your great kindness, Your Highness.

I'll remember it for life.

You can leave.

Got it.

Hold on.

This maid is yours too.

Thank you, Your Highness.


You leave Yanzhou to him. Can you rest your heart?

He even dared to kill Geng Jing.

He's not trustworthy.

He's just a pawn.

Don't worry.

By doing this, I want to let those rebels know

the only way out for them is to surrender to us.



Xin has stayed inside for a day.

I'm worried about him.

He's grieving.

We'd better leave him alone.

That day,

Geng was very happy.

He got all the alcohol in the city moved out.

Everyone got drunk,

so did he.

He said

he'd never fight again

after we conquer Zichuan.


Zhang Anguo killed him while he got drunk.

Jia, am I wrong?

When I just came to Tai'an,

I felt hopeless about life.

But since I met you,

I feel like I've got my enthusiasm back.

Geng also said

a man can't live without hope.

It's you

that brought us hope.

But I let him lose his life.



and all bros at Sifengzha and Tai'an

just wanted to survive

and find a way to make a living.

In the troubled times,

it's not easy to survive.

Now that Geng is dead,

everyone in Tai'an has lost morale and many have left.

When the funeral is finished,

I'll take the rest of the army to the Song.

Geng would do that if he were alive.


as long as we have hope,

we can

recover the lost land.

I'll wait for you in Lin'an.

Xin Qiji,

are you going to leave like that?


You asshole!

Zhang Anguo killed Geng.

I have to go to the Jin camp

and take him back to Lin'an.

Only by telling everyone what a traitor will end up with

can I get the army's morale back.

And only in this way

will I be worthy of Geng's trust.

In this life,

no matter where you go,

even if it's the remotest corners of the globe,

I won't let you leave me behind.

Never ever!


it's you that saved my life.

How can you

go to the enemy's camp without me?

Zhang Anguo is an animal.

He's been offensive to the eye.

If you want to avenge Geng's death,

count me in.

Count me in!

I'd travelled around China

with my grandpa since childhood.

I praise myself for my achievements

and aspire to recover lost land.

You rose up with me

at Sifengzha

and then came to Tai'an

to fight against the Jin army.

His Majesty named us Taiping Army

and Mr. Geng was appointed as provincial governor.

But nowadays,

Zhang Anguo betrayed us

and killed Mr. Geng.

I have to get rid of him,

or I don't deserve

to be a man of the Song.

Everyone, attention!

Yes, sir!

Fight your way through the Jin camp with me

and catch the traitor Zhang Anguo.

Father, the main forces have set off to the south.

The rest has assembled.

When things get done,

we should set off.

Warriors of the Jin Dynasty,

you're going to the south with me

for the expedition.

We'll conquer

those weak Song people

and keep the flag of the Jin flying

everywhere we arrive.

You will witness

the honorable moments with me!

Long live

the Jin!

Long live!

Long live!

Long live!

Long live!

Long live!

Long live!


Take Zhang Anguo the surrendered enemy general here.

Your servant Zhang Anguo

is willing to surrender to the Jin.

I'll be always loyal to you.

The surrender ceremony begins.

The surrender ceremony begins!

Long live the Jin!

Zhang Anguo, from now on,

you'll be an official of the Jin.

I'll leave the official seal

to you.

Thank you, Your Highness.

From now on,

you have to work hard to serve the Jin.


You exchanged your bro's life for it.

I see.

I see.


Enemy strike.

Enemy strike.

Enemy strike.


pull back!

Zhang Anguo.

Capture him alive.

Got it.

Don't let Zhang Anguo run away.

Be careful.

Got it.

It's the Jin.

It's the Jin that asked me to do that.

Mr. Xin,

please give me one more chance.

Let's go out

and kill all of them.

Xin Qiji, don't go too far in bullying me.

Zhang Anguo, have you thought about this

when you killed Geng?

He deserved it!

I followed him for so many years.

I risked my life for his sake

and fought nearly 100 battles.

But when you arrived, I finally understood

I'm just a pawn in his mind!

He deserved it.

All of you deserve death!

You acted in bad faith and killed Geng,

which makes you deserve death.

You surrendered to the Jin for money and power,

which makes you deserve death.

The northern expedition of the Song

suffered defeat on the verge of victory because of you.

Zhang Anguo, you're an unfaithful,

untrustworthy and heartless brute!


Your Highness, help me!

You did all this to take him back.

Is it worth it?

Xin Qiji,

I used to be a friend

of your grandpa.

Today, I'll give you one more chance.

As long as you give in,

I'll spare your life.

I also promise

you'll have a promising future.

A promising future?

Wanyan Basu,

I'll also give you a chance.

As long as you get out of the Song territory

with all the other Jin people,

I'll spare your life.

Get out of here!

Get out of here!

Your arrogant jerk.


marry me.




I'm here.

I'm here.

I'm here.




Wanyan Basu!

Stop him!



Get on!


in the next life,

I'll still be your bro.

Xin Qiji took the traitor Zhang Anguo back to Lin'an and had him decapitated as a human sacrifice to Geng Jing, Li Shuanghua, Langtou and other soldiers.

As the news spread to the Central Plain, the morale of the volunteer army in different places was improved greatly.

They fought battles against the Jin army again and again and eventually made the Jin's invasion a failure.

When all at once I turn my head,

I find her there

where lantern light is dimly shed.

When all at once I turn my head,

I find her there

where lantern light is dimly shed.

This film is dedicated to heroes in all dynasties that kept fighting for the country's territorial integrity!

That year, a series of rituals were conducted at the Khentii Mountains to symbolize the historic victory.

Bearing the country in his mind, he swept forward from victory to victory.

Submitting requests for a military assignment, the hero wiped away his tears.

Holding a halberd in his hand, he carried out maneuvers in the field.

With soaring aspirations, he had slain the foe on the thousand-mile Central Plain.

He hadn't fulfilled his ambition and mortal life endured but a few autumns.

Though drunk, he lit the lamp to see the glaive.

Who knows his righteousness and brave heart?

The land is boundless as of yore. With literary and military skills,

he never changed his mind to resist the enemy till his death.

Look at the singing hall, the dancing ground and the grassy lane.

When would the lost land be retaken?

Through flurries and squalls, the land was broken.

Pale-faced and grey-haired, he still wanted to do his best,

with twanging bows and a sharp knife.

Waking up from a drunken dream, he left many famous ci poems.

On gallant steed, running full speed,

we'd shoot with twanging bows.

Recovering the lost land for the sovereign,

this everlasting fame that we would win.

That year, a series of rituals were conducted at the Khentii Mountains to symbolize the historic victory.

Bearing the country in his mind, he swept forward from victory to victory.

Submitting requests for a military assignment, the hero wiped away his tears.

Holding a halberd in his hand, he carried out maneuvers in the field.

With soaring aspirations, he had slain the foe on the thousand-mile Central Plain.

He hadn't fulfilled his ambition and mortal life endured but a few autumns.

Though drunk, he lit the lamp to see the glaive.

Who knows his righteousness and brave heart?

The land is boundless as of yore. With literary and military skills,

he never changed his mind to resist the enemy till his death.

Look at the singing hall, the dancing ground and the grassy lane.

When would the lost land be retaken?

Through flurries and squalls, the land was broken.

Pale-faced and grey-haired, he still wanted to do his best,

with twanging bows and a sharp knife.

Waking up from a drunken dream, he left many famous ci poems.

Since thwarted in his plan to recover the lost land,

he learned from neighbors how to plant fruit trees by hand.

The beauty has spent a thousand for Xiangru's poem,

but the monarch seemed to have a hear of stone.

The land is boundless as of yore. With literary and military skills,

he never changed his mind to resist the enemy till his death.

Look at the singing hall, the dancing ground and the grassy lane.

When would the lost land be retaken?

Through flurries and squalls, the land was broken.

Pale-faced and grey-haired, he still wanted to do his best,

with twanging bows and a sharp knife.

Waking up from a drunken dream, he left many famous ci poems.

Waking up from a drunken dream, he left many famous ci poems.