Xie zi (1992) - full transcript

A group of police friends are investigating a suspicious fellow officer who might be involved in drugs and prostitution.

Today's your last exercise
before graduation

Say there are 6 thugs in the room

You each get an air pistol

with a single color bullet

Overpower them
in the shortest time possible

Wish you could break the police record

Where are they?



After him!

40159 calling Headquarters


No way out. See if there's a back door


Over here

A friend!

Who are you?

- What now?
- Couldn't care less, run!

Don't take it so seriously

I wanted to break the record! Sorry

- Have you seen Chi?
- No

- Halt!
- Not friends!

Although I'm only a lowly sergeant

you shouldn't treat me like dirt

I've been 20 years in the force

I held a gun before you were born

I've gone through a great deal

You learned theories
in a police training school

It's different from real life

Despite the little accident

we all survived the exercise.

There's still a lot to learn
to be a real cop

This is only the beginning, understand?

Yes, sir

Come to my home to eat today

Are you going? Yes

- Are you going?
- Yes, yes

- Come on, have some soup
- I'll help myself, madam


I didn't show up last week because
I went with Chi to see Sister Liza

It's OK

I cooked your favorite soup today

- before inviting you to come
- Look, she adores you

Have another bowl

Nothing special

- For you
- Thank you

This soup aids digestion.
Have two more bowls

Yes, let her drink it alone

We watch

You didn't drink

but criticize people for drinking

Your mom likes girls

but you're a boy

- Checkmate
- Checkmate?

Scholar to defend

10 Checkmate. You lost!

Sorry, forget it, I didn't notice it

No regrets!

You father son are impossible

I'll get you some fruits

This way

You can't move this way

Of course, it's OK, I'll move this way

- No
- Yes


Chi, happy birthday. It's for you

It's beautiful!

You're nice to know your own birthday

If you took it for your birthday too

- we could celebrate it on the same day
- Good

Make a wish

What wish have you made?

To have a brother like you


I know

orphans like us can't have brothers

I want to be your brother forever

Look, my birthday present from Chien

How do you know her star is Scorpion?

Why not?

Oh, no, today's your birthday too!

I forgot to buy a present

one other day

Forget it

I don't even know who my parents are

Don't say that. We must be cheerful

- Let's go to see a show
- What kind of a show?

It's up to you

Have you got today's paper?

Yes, in my room. Go and have a look

Go and have a look

Don't move, police!

Drop your gun!

Against the wall!

Come on!

Don't move!


Damn, what a tough kid!

Are you all right?

Call an ambulance!
Chien, how do you feel?

Nothing serious

- It hurts...
- Are you okay? What hurts?

- Here...
- Okay, it won't hurt anymore.

I tell you, if I die you'll be widow.

Disgusting, mind your words.

Ming, how's everything?

I've got news!

Should be in this vicinity

Lei Sheri, how's it going?

He's got away!

I suspect that Thai woman's death

is linked to
the international sex syndicate

It's a large organization

which brings by hook or by crook girls

from the world to Hong Kong
to sell their bodies

Involved are murder, illegal detention

faking documents,
swindling and prostitution

Unfortunately, they had fled

before we rushed to the screen each time

Inspector Cheng

I smelt rot in the police force

Who could it be?

My hunches only

Chi, you must be too tired

As you're getting married soon

why not take a leave
to plan your marriage?

Let me have someone else
take over the case

Inspector Cheng

Chi, it's fixed

Bring Chien out sometime with you
for a gathering


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Let everybody be happy!

My wishes to you for

a long and happy union!

Where have you copied this?

I should thank you.

But I won't marry you
if I don't catch the thief.

There are robbery happened everyday.

Like what you say,
when will it be finished?

I have a feeling that the case
will soon be solved.

I promise I will marry you
within this year.

You always say you have such feeling.
Mum and dad say

we should emigrate to Canada
when we are married

Chi never changes since she was a child

Being her husband
just like being her boss

Equally difficult

No, being her boss is more difficult

Man got to have your quality

Could he be promoted to Sergeant
within 5 years

What? It's you who have given up

Why do you have to
join the internal investigations?

Right, you should investigate me

How about now?

- Happy Birthday
- Thank you

Chien, you've transferred to
internal investigations for almost a year

How do you feel?

Great, it's challenging

Many people feels that
we are investigating them

And see us as enemy

What we protect is
the credit of the Police Force

Are we having any kind of pressure?

Man should have confidence

If you believe it's right,
then don't care about the pressure

We have already suspected this guy

There are lots of information
for you to see

Yes sir

I haven't contacted Lei Shen
for a long time

He's experienced, he is a good colleague

Owing to the case of Lei Shen

We have set up a special unit

Chi being the boss of Lei Shen

So I want Chi join us
and help the investigation

No problem, Chi, you help Chien

Until the case is closed
or you have other assignment

Yes sir

What do you want to say?

Shen is our senior

Right, so what?

We got full evidence
before we start to investigate him

I feel that it's hard to do

I understand

But police is a disciplinary unit

We are responsible to
protect the credit of Police

I don't believe Lei Shen
will do anything illegal

It's not a question of believing only

He's suspected to be linked to
the international sex syndicate

That killer you caught
is related to it too

and he got away from Lei Shen's clutches

Could it be a coincidence only?

Stop guessing

In a word, we mean to help him

not to hurt him

It will be peace if our enquiries show
he's not linked to it

"inspector K. Chau"


To investigate me
who has just left hospital?

No, Lei Shen, keep cool

I only want to clarify a few points

Please co-operate

I've been in the police force
for over 20 years

Why aren't you concerned about my safety

and the paltry pay I receive?

I'm going to ask you that

The house in which
you live costs $3 million

Your wife has recently bought jewelry
worth $1 million

And you spent up to $200,000

to finance
your brother-in-law's studies overseas

How did you get all this money?

My wife is rich, okay?

Our data show that

she gets no income

nor legacy. How do you explain that?

you've been mixing with this man

He's linked to
an international sex syndicate

There's nothing unusual
for a policeman to do that

Lei Shen

are you satisfied with
this explanation yourself?

Please co-operate

I don't care to explain

Arrest me if you prefer


Why are you so beautifully dressed?

What's wrong?

I've had money to spend on it!

Never mind if you don't care to see it

I've always told you not to swagger

They're investigating me
because you spent so much on jewelry

How we're finished!

How do I know?

Be nice and all my money
is yours to spend

If I discover
any irregularities about you

You'll suffer

Come in

Sir, the photos we got from
the sex syndicate

Have a look

- You go out first
- Yes

Mind your hand, it's dangerous

The tip-off is most accurate

The girls gave us the tips because

they're dissatisfied with
their boss's exploitation

The statements show Lei Shen
plays a minor role only

There's someone behind the outfit

He's only a sergeant

he can't cover up such a large outfit

Never thought Lei Shen would do that

Nor did I

Lei Shen wouldn't co-operate with us

That puts us on a tight spot

Scorpion has an instinct

That is, to endure long in the sand

before emerging to catch its prey.
It means...

Okay, I'll go make breakfast

Inspector Cheng

Let me introduce, Mr. Hu, Hua

- Mr Hu
- Go

Hua's an outstanding figure in the force

Find a territory for him to help out

Good, a fighting young man
has a good future

Besides, he was recommended by
Inspector Cheng

Thank you, Mr. Hu

Many cops earned extra money
from you these days

Inspector Cheng, you really are okay

Thank you. I'm a Socialist

We share anything, right?

You really have a good sense of humor

I've had no appetite
even for sharks' fin


Your colleagues have been
going against me

Soon my territories will be finished!

Mr. Hu, they belong to
Internal Investigations

Not under me

Well, you've said it

If you can't control them,
I'll act by myself

Having moved around all these years,
I'm sure

I can cope with these two fellows easily

Madam, this is Ming

I have some tips. Come out first

Same old place


Are you sure it's the place?

It's our usual meeting place


- Are you all right?
- Yes

How did you know we'd be here?

I got news someone would ambush here

Maybe Hu meant to warn you

That strengthens my desire
to smash his joints

we've already got enough evidence


or you'll end up the wrong way

Have you thought it over?

I've wasted too much breath, Fix her

Mrs. Lei

we suspect Lei Shen's linked to
a sex syndicate

You keep several bank accounts

don't you?

Is that illegal?

You keep much money in each account

and there have been
large deposits and withdrawals

up to a million

Please explain that

Even a small flat costs over $2 million

What's so special about that?

Are you going to buy houses
in Switzerland too?

You have a numbered account
in Switzerland

Who gave you all this money?

Since it's a numbered account

I can't tell you

Mrs. Lei,
you'd better co-operate with us

You'll be prosecuted for
being accessary after fact

Good, now listen

I got the money by being a whore

I came upon a rich client and

he kept depositing money into
my accounts, okay?


Lei Shen, it's good of you
to take your leave now

Inspector Cheng,
you sure I'll be all right?


Stop your wife from talking nonsense

No matter how they investigate

you'll be OK. At worst you get demoted

With several million, you'll be free
from want for the rest of your life

Women mean trouble!

Had she not swaggered

we wouldn't have come to this

Come on, have a cigarette

A woman can't resist
the temptation of spending

Be nice to her and you'll be all right

Halt! Where have you been?

Where have you been? Hear me?

Stop yelling after a few drinks!

Are you going to tell me or not?

I was taking a walk, okay?

You lie! Damn it, I'll beat you up!

Come on, kill me!

I don't care to live anyway!

Why should I go into prostitution?

I wouldn't have married you

if you hadn't promised to
finance my brother's studies

You're lucky to have married me

Let's part
if you're dissatisfied with me

When asked about my bank accounts

I'd say they're yours and see
which of us will suffer

About my wife's bank accounts

let me tell you
they were not opened for me

but for another man

He's the shark you're after

Lei Shen, where are you?
I'll come right away

We must hit his vital part

I meant to make him spit out the truth

You do the recording to expose him

Do I know him or not?

You'll know in a minute

Lei Shen,
keep cool and wait for my arrival


Was it from Lei Shen?

No, from my friend

He wants to see me on business

Let me accompany you

No, I can cope

You change and go to work

Inspector Cheng,
sorry for calling you at this hour

I want to talk to you on urgent business

Let's meet at the dam in two hours

That's fixed

Hui, I heard Lei Shen call Chien

Lei Shen, are you all right?

Lei Shen

Why have you brought a gang over here?

You made a mess.
Now even the killer has fled

You didn't even tell me

about your interview with Lei Shen

How did you know it?

I got news the killer would appear

Where did you get it?

Is it necessary to tell you about it?

- It's very important
- Glad you understand

I want to know
why you were with him there

What did Lei Shen tell you?

Why didn't you tell me?

- You...
- Sorry, Inspector Chou

I promised Lei Shen to keep it secret

And Lei Shen got killed
without having said anything

I wanted to catch the killer
to flush out the instigator

Now Lei Shen's dead,
you can say anything

Don't be so unreasonable

What do you mean?

We're sidekicks
and we're getting married soon

Why did you hide that from me?

You know the motto in the police force

A top secret should be hidden
even from one's spouse

Good, forget it then

Now tell me...

I'm also police

I must abide by the rules too


OK, where are you now?

Wait there

I'll come right away
to arrange your departure from HK

Inspector Cheng, sorry

Never mind. You did me a big favor
killing Lei Shen

Take this money

Someone in the Philippines
will meet you on arrival

Thank you

Fooling me? Damn it!

What's wrong?
Chi, why are you depressed?

Men are doomed to be alone

Men are so difficult to understand

How's it between you and Chien?

I don't feel liking saying it

Remember you used to tell me everything

when we were young?

I never keep anything from Chien

but he's hiding something from me

Is it linked to Lei Shen?


We seized a mini recorder from Lei Shen


Before his death,
he came to see me drunk

He made a scene,
saying his wife got a beau

He wouldn't expose him,
but said we all know him

He never said
it's linked to Lei Shen's wife

He? Who?

Never mind

Don't hide it from me

Chi, you always told me your problems

Maybe I'm suspicious

No point telling it
before the truth is out

Chi's getting more and more cranky

Thank you.

She's been staring at you
like a scorpion

Wonder what's on her mind

Has she got something to tell you?

No idea. I don't know what's on her mind

She doesn't know
what's on my mind either

If this goes on, we may end up parting

Why don't you have a chat with her?

Once revealed things get meaningless

You're her best friend

What did she tell you?

I don't know how to put it either

Just come to the point

Some things are hard to explain

We both are orphans

You with parents won't understand

- ls there really something serious?
- No

I heard of "birds of the same feather"
when I was a child

I didn't understand it

nor did I know what I wanted

Now grown, I feel it makes sense

People of the same kind do go together

What were you trying to say?

Nothing, Wish everything was all right

But you never can tell about people

One thing I can assure you is

I never betray a friend

Excuse me

Chien, get some food for Chi

No, I can help myself

Have you been under much strain recently?


You look so depressed

I thought you were tired

Our application for emigration to Canada
has been approved

We can leave any time

We're waiting for your wedding party

Mom, I wanted to get married

but Chi has been too busy

What did you say?

I never say 'no',
but is this the appropriate time now?

Lei Shen's dead and the killer
is still at large

Just say so if you don't want to marry

- It's OK
- I never said that!

- You mean exactly that
- Quiet, quiet!

The marriage can wait, there's no hurry

Mrs. Lei, Lei Shen's dead

The one who bought a killer
meant to destroy the evidence

Lei Shen called me before his death

saying your accounts are for a man

and the man is the one
we're after for sure

Seek him out if you're capable

I know nothing

Why cover up the man

who killed your husband?

Is Inspector Chou back or not?

Not necessary

The Thai you want is over there

Sir, I know nothing

Why did you flee then?

All know you're the President
of the Thai Association

We're looking for a Thai named Barlit

A killer from Thailand

He killed several men

You must know a man of his background

That's fatal for me

I daren't say even if I know it

Besides, he moves mysteriously

Where can I find him?

If you see him, just tell him

Both the police and the underworld
are after him

He can never get away!

There may be a chance if he co-operates

- Let's go
- Go

I want to have a word with you

No time, some other day

Why have you been hiding from me?

Who's hiding? What for?

It's better to
hide to save our relationship

Save? I don't care for
such a relationship

Good. Come right outwith it
and you'll feel better

What are you planning to do?
It was Lei Shen's wife

How long would you hide

if I didn't see it yesterday?

Why did you follow me?

Why did you date Lei Shen's wife?

Why did you follow me?

Why did you lie?

Why seek an excuse to part with me?

Excuse? Why did Lei Shen want to see you?

So you're linked to his wife. I see

Crazy, you suspect me having an affair
with Lei Shen's wife

What about you?

What about me?

Excuse me

1613, call back, Code 97


Tell him I'll come right away

You come to me only
because you're desperate

If I don't care for you,
you'll be finished

Killing you is pointless

Someone may kill me then

He's the one who instigated me
to kill Lei Shen

Who's he?

If you guarantee my safe departure
from Hong Kong

I'll tell you

To ask for mitigation
is all I can do for you

Well, forget it

Wait, I promise you that

Who's that man?

So it's you

You know everything. Too late?

Why did you do that?

Why ruin yourself and your future?

I do have a good future

Why do you always poke into my affairs?

What have you got to take away Chi?

Doing that is unworthy of a friend!

Listen, Chi and I
were brought up together

You don't understand her at all

You can't satisfy her

I'm not afraid,
you can't find anything about me

Keep away, Chi!

Where's Chien?

In the operation room

Madam, Madam

- Chien
- Madam, keep cool

- Chien
- Madam, don't act on impulse

- Chien
- Chi, Chi

Why? Why?

Auntie, Chien's things are all packed up

We plan to go to Canada early

Our relatives there can take care of us

Okay, it's not a bad idea

Chien's not here

Don't hesitate to ask
if you need any help

I'm now most worried about Chi

Formerly Chien, Chi and you
were a good trio

Take more care of Chi from now on

Don't worry, I will

Inspector Cheng,
I paid you so much each year

not for the sake of getting your men
to harass us

And that female acted like a mad dog

She ruined my deals

and took away my men

Help me finish her off

I'll settle it in 3 days, Mr. Hu

Remember, you'll suffer too

if I'm in trouble


a bevy of Thai girls
are landing in Hong Kong

On the Pi Ho Bay

- Get in
- Yes


Sorry, I've to do it

or I'll be finished

Tramp, trying to trap me?

You'll see who I am today

Stay where you are!

- Well, dump her to the sea!
- Yes

Run quick!

Cheng Hui?

What are you doing?

Chi, are you all right? Chi, wake up!

Don't worry, the ambulance is coming

Never knew Hua was such a bad guy

You can never tell. Chien is corrupt

He kills and has an affair
with Lei Shen's wife

You shouldn't be so reckless with Hua

That won't help Chien either

Chi, listen

forget the past

Don't keep it in your mind

It's the future that counts

So you're that man

Lei Shen's wife wouldn't expose

And you're the killer of Lei Shen too

And you killed Barlit to frame Chien

then killed Chien too


- Yes
- Why did you do that?

Because of you

- Nonsense!
- I'm serious!

We were happy together

but Chien took you away


those with parents are different from us

You're mad!

I am not

He's got everything

I only want someone I love,
that's not too much

Isn't it too much for me to love you?

Don't find yourself an excuse

I didn't, I did everything for you

Chien made me do it

He took away my lover!

Chi, it's all over

Let's start anew

No, not for this life


Stop dreaming!

Well, shoot and kill me

Shoot and kill me!

If you kill me

I'll seek you in a next life

Chi, even you look down on me!

Speak UP

I'm busy

Lei Shen's dead.
What are you busy about now?

Don't you know
Cheng Hui's been using you?

He killed Lei Shen and you
still cover him up?

I don't understand
what you're talking about

You think Cheng Hui's true to you?

What he's after is money only

We're both his pawns

He knows human frailties

He kicks the ladder
after climbing up on it

Is this worth your while?

No, he won't forsake me!

Don't deceive yourself

He killed many including Lei Shen

You'll be involved

if he gets into trouble

You can't clean yourself then

Don't scare me. He'll take me away

He told me last night he won't

because he never loves you


he couldn't be with you last night

For the sake of Lei Shen and yourself

help the police and bring him to justice

Enough, I won't trust you!

No more illusion

You know too much

He won't let you go. He'll kill you!

Enough, I won't trust you!

You'll only ruin yourself

You know too much about him

he won't let you go!

You lie, he'll take me away!

- Mrs. Lei
- I don't believe it!

Mrs. Lei, be a witness for the police

Cheng Hui will take me away!

I don't trust you. Go away!

- Madam
- Wake up!

- Chi, are you all right?
- Madam

Madam, are you okay?

- Madam
- Chi, are you all right?

Madam, are you all right?

Where's Inspector Cheng? Where's he?

Madam, we only saw you
and the deceased here

Cheng Hui has killed!

He killed this woman!

Cheng Hui killed this woman!

Cheng Hui is a killer!

Cheng Hui really is a killer!

What did you say? You must be joking

Cheng Hui's the most brilliant officer

He's going to receive a medal of
the highest honor for a bravery

How could he kill a woman?

I saw it with my own eyes!

You saw him fire with your own eyes?

He strangled my neck from behind

I couldn't see him,
I couldn't see him fire

but I'm sure it was Cheng Hui

He fired and I felt it

Can you prosecute someone for killing
with intuition only?

I know Chou Chien's death
has been a big blow to Inspector An

She complained to me for
not having done my best

You all know we three were best friends

I believe she doesn't mean to frame me

She might be insane

due to the big shock

I'm not insane!

Inspector An, keep cool

Why don't you believe me?

He did kill that woman!

He did it to destroy the evidence

She knew many of his secrets

Inspector An, as a police officer

you know anything must be
backed by evidence

According to the report from analysis

the bullet that killed Lin Feng-chih

didn't come from Inspector Cheng's gun

According to the witness's statement

Cheng Hui was drinking with 2 policemen

They are his subordinates

They're taking his side!

Well, Inspector An

without any proof

We can never accept the accusation

against Chen Hui
for internal investigations

- He really did kill!
- Inspector An

He's a murderer!

- Madam, keep cool
- Come down quick!

Madam, cool off...

- Cool off
- Tell her to go out

He's a murderer! He's a murderer!

Now let me make a test for you

What's the painting?

A scorpion

A scorpion

A scorpion

A scorpion

Chi, I'm going to
meet the new HK Governor

I wanted to share
some happy days with you

Why are you so stupid?

Why wouldn't you let me be a normal man?

I'm leaving. Think it over

When you come to my way of thinking,
I may let you out


I love you!

More people have come

nearly 2,000

Some came with children
to witness the inauguration

It's believed
to be the last inauguration

for a new governor before 1997

What happened?

My gun has been taken away!

During 20-minutes inauguration

besides the guard of honor
of the Armed Forces

a senior representative from the police
will also be reviewed