Xico's Journey (2020) - full transcript


Hurry up, Gus. Hurry.

-I'm coming!
-Hold on! Don't rush!

-Good morning, Copi!
-Good morning, Mr. Manuel! Ms. Cuca!

-Good morning!

Be careful, kids.

Careful, Copi!

-That girl's full of energy!
-Sorry, coming through.

Get your balloons here!

Sorry, sir!

-Please let me through.
-Watch it, little girl!

Good morning, Mr. Old Man.

Hey, don't litter!

Watch out, Copi!
It's getting away from you!

And it got away from you.

Hey. Careful, girl!

Oh, I'm sorry, sir.

I can't control it!

My undies!

Cut the string.

Gus, cut it!

-Hey, little girl--

Well done, Xico! Yikes!


Nana Petra.

Would you mind telling me

why Mr. Rodolfo's underwear
is flying all over town?

It's just that--

No excuses, Copi.

Now what are you going to do
to clean up this mess?

I know!

We'll do a challenge.

You challenge our patience
enough already, young lady.

A different kind of challenge.

Thank goodness.

As long as it isn't
one of your newfangled words,

like "chill" or "cheesy."
I don't like them.

What will the challenge be?

Let's all pitch in
and clean this place up together!

I forgot I have to go feed my cow.

-See, Copi? It's just you and me.
-It's not just us, you silly.

Isn't it? Other than you and me,
who else is here?

Well, Xico is!


What a peaceful town!
That's God's honest truth.

Like I said before,
my dear prospective investors,

this project is a gold mine.

How surprising.

Very surprising.

You claimed there was more to it
than just gold, sir.

To be precise, you mentioned--

Minerals, natural gas, even diamonds!

And how will we get
to these wonders, sir, if I may ask?

By blowing up the mountain
with gunpowder and dynamite,

and exploiting
its gas fields through fracking.

Fracking? I've heard of fracking, but…

You don't know what fracking is?

No, he doesn't.

Fracking, my dear Mr. Wang,

is the future!

It's quite a simple procedure.

We drill a hole 15,000 ft. deep.

Through this hole we inject a mixture
into the bowels of earth.

A million gallons of water loaded with
methanol, benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene!

Next, we get rid of
whatever is in the way.

And then,
we do away with everything we don't need!

And that's how we persuade Mother Nature,
that greedy old hag,

to give up the riches
she hides in her depths!

And tell us, where is this place
that we'll be investing in?

That insignificant little mountain

can be found… here.


What is it, Mother dear?

Who's making you angry?

What's that?
Why are the bells ringing, Grandma?

Because Mr. Manuel
is summoning the townspeople to a meeting.

-Yes. It's odd.

Copi, bring me my shawl, please.




Hurry, before it starts to rain!

People of San Jaime de las Jaibas!

We've gathered here
to announce some wonderful news.

Progress has finally come
to our beloved town, see?

What a thrill, honestly.

Ever since you elected me
Mayor of San Jaime de las Jaibas,

my dear Jaiminos of the Crabs,

I have worked tirelessly
for the well-being

of our cherished
and dearly beloved community.

Oh, ma'am?

…true solidarity…

Why does our town have "jaibas"
in its name?

Because "jaibas" means "crabs,"
and eons ago, this entire land

used to be at the bottom of the sea.

When? Twenty years ago?

No, you ignorant child.

"Eons" means millions of years ago.

Millions of years?

Say, how old were you back then?

…which is why the time has come

to partake of the wealth hidden
in the depths of that mountain,

to claim it as our own.


What on earth
are you talking about, Manuel?

The mountain is already ours.
And it is our greatest wealth.

Yes, Nana Petra, yes.

But the issue here is that the mountain is

full of gold!

That could come in handy, no?

And these esteemed gentlemen

have graciously agreed to help us
capitalize on the mountain's wealth.

It was already ours,
but now it'll be more so than ever.

What do you think?

I wouldn't mind a little gold.

Neither would I.

I could even put up
that zip line I always wanted.

What's wrong with you?

How dare you even consider it!

Look, Grandma,
if you want to represent the opposition,

go to Congress.

And you can go to--


How long would it take
to extract that gold?

It would be a matter of weeks,
my dear and esteemed Jamaicans.

-Jaiminos of the Crabs.
-Sounds the same to me.

And how much would each of us get?

Well, we'd have to do some calculations,

increase the variables,
decrease the weighted elements,

add the risk percentage,

and divide it
by the number you were thinking of.

Yes, I can picture myself
all dolled up, Policarpo!

And how are you planning
to get all that from our mountain?

Look, that's easy,
my dear gray-haired woman.

We're using fracking!

Hey, wait a minute.

I've read a lot
about fracking, and it's not good at all.

Don't worry.
It's not that bad either, little girl.

Actually, the process
is quite environmentally friendly.

The worst thing
it could do is destroy your crops,

poison your cattle,

and cause a couple of earthquakes.

Now I don't get it.

But very mild ones… very mild.

-Just remember, Jaiminians--
-Jaiminos of the Crabs.

Just remember, there are two types
of people in this world,

those who get everything they want
and those who never even dare to try.

Well, I'm someone who knows what he wants.

But remember,
my dear Jaiminos of the Crabs,

I came up with this great idea.

So, when I run for state governor,

don't forget your beloved…

I mean,

dearly beloved Manuel.

-Long live Mr. Manuel!
-Mr. Manuel!

You're the best!

Long live rock and roll!

You look after our interests,

and we'll look after yours
as if they were ours.


Wait! You don't know what…

Mr. Old Man!

We need to talk.

My dear Petra, darling, not now.

Can't you see
I'm all stiff, gray, and rusty?

I think
I'd better go home and get some rest

because I've been working all day.

Cuca, help me. I beg you.

And rob my son of his chance
to become the governor of the state

over a mere mountain?

Oh, Petra, always so idealistic.

Come on. There are other ways,
but we have to open them.

Right, Xico?

Ways? Open them?

Come on. I'm waiting!

Tell me right now, my dear Manuel,

what's all this craziness you're scheming?

What's there to say, Mom?
Mommy, my darling mom.

Just tell me you're not thinking

of blowing up the mountain
like those men said.

Mom! I'd never, Ma!

They're barely scratching it,
a little here, a little there.

No one will even notice.

Will you give me your word
as the good boy you are?

Have I ever lied to you, Mommy?

Me? You know me, Mom.

Okay. In that case, I'll sleep soundly.

Good night, Mommy, may you rest…

in peace.

Grandma, what ways were you talking about?

Why must we open the ways?

And one more thing,

why do you talk
to the mountain as if it were a person?

I've seen you do it… many times.

Copi, I'm old and weary.

Can we go to bed?

You see, Xico?

Another question with no answer.

What are you saying?

That you hide stuff from me
when it suits you.

Copi, I promise,
you'll understand one day.

Yeah, right.

Just like someday I'll understand

that my mom left
and never came back for me.

Give her time, Xico. Give her time.


Gus, what are you doing here?

I got up early for school.

Come on. We're on vacation.

Guess what, I heard a noise
and peeked out the window.

-And I saw Nana Petra--
-Nana Petra!

-I lost track of her because of you.
-Why me? How is this my fault?

Let's go.

Mr. Old Man.


It's Petra. Open up, please.

Well, look at you!
Gorgeous and dazzling as ever!

Oh, stop, Mr. Old Man.
I'm not in the mood for your banter.

The mountain is in danger.

Our Mother dear?

You know there's always
someone evil and greedy out there.

But the last time it was in danger
was when your--

We have to open the ways again,
reunite the three stones,

and find the messenger.

Goodness gracious, Petra,
you may be only as old as you feel,

but even so,
we're too old for such antics.

But we're the guardians
of the stones, Mr. Old Man.

Hey, what are they talking about?

The stones are fine, that's right.

That is, assuming she'll be willing
to unite her stone with ours.

As to the ways, well,
you're the one who can open them.

But this business
of finding the messenger,

I have to be honest with you,
that's where I draw the line.

If I must,
I will go into the mountain to find him.

Must I remind you about repercussions,
my sweet Petra?

Go out there, and you'll end up
like your daughter Lupita.

The mountain claimed her,

and the mountain has her.

We must do something.

Well, you know I'm in,
but I can't say if she will be.

Hey, Copi,
what do they mean, your mom-- Copi!

Xico, hurry!

We're about to begin
the mother of all excavations.

We just need to get to the site
that will serve as our headquarters.

And that will be?

A place no one cares about.



What are you doing at my place?

Maybe I was confined to hell for my sins,
and this is my penance.

Why don't you ever bathe?

Look who should talk!
Why don't you ever iron?


Your face, I mean.

We are the guardians of the stones.

What do I care?

There must be harmony between us
to bring the stones together.

I find myself short on harmony
in his presence.

The mountain is in danger. You know it.

And I need not remind you
whose fault that is.

We need your stone, Cuca.

I told you, Petra,

my little Manuel's political aspirations
are much more important than--

Nana Petra, Copi is gone!
She went to the mountain!

-What? Why?
-She went to look for her mom!

What do you see, doggy?

What are you saying, son?

We overheard you and Mr. Old Man.

He said your daughter
is trapped inside the mountain.

And before I could say anything,
Copi ran off with Xico.

Cuca, your stone.

I already lost my daughter.
I won't lose my granddaughter too.

Give me your stone. Come on, hurry.


Not so tough after all, are you?

Is that a trilobite?


From when San Jaime de las Jaibas
was under the sea.


The only one who can make them work

and do what they were made to do
is the messenger.

I'll go look for him.


you know as well as I you'd never make it
to the center of the mountain alive.

You're too old, my dear Petra.

But someone must take the stones there.

I'll go.

Copi and Xico are my friends.

No, Gus.

It's too dangerous.

But without the stone,
they won't find the way, right?

First, we have to take
the stone to the messenger.

Don't worry, Nana Petra.

I got this.

Gus, wait!

Don't worry, my dear Petra.

Youth is strong.
You can help them in your own way.

By opening the ways for them.

History is repeating itself.

Mother, mountain of mine, I beseech thee.

I beg you to open your ways
and let these children travel unharmed,

that they may find the messenger within.

They're coming to you
with love and respect.

Watch over them as we watch over you.

The entrance
to the mountain must be around here.

It's the only way in.

What's that?

Xico, are you cold, boy? You're blue.

To enter the mountain
you have come, I see.

Don't even think about fooling me.
You are Copi, and he is Xico.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Tochtli I am, and I'm a rabbit.

If you wish to silence me,
go ahead and have at it.

You're a rabbit that talks?

Talks in verse, mind you.

Xico? You can talk too?

Can I? Yes indeed, I can talk!

Just like you.
And I don't make a fuss about it.

It's great
to understand your speech, buddy.

This is no witchcraft.

You yourself made it happen.
Some part of you has brought you here,

to the far end you were looking for.

I don't understand anything he says.

I'm here to look for my mom.
She's trapped in the mountain.

Let's go, let's go, it is indeed
my purpose to pave the way for you.

'Tis a good day to fulfill destinies.

Wait. I'm going with you.

What are you doing here?

Nana Petra asked me to give you this.

Machinery is on its way,
and only the messenger can help us.

I bet he can tell us where my mom is, too!

They're th-- the sto-- the stones!

The stones?

Yes, the very stones!

Oh, a talking rabbit!

-And he talks in rhymes.
-What? You can talk too?


You have to run, make haste!
Of ways there is but one,

and it had better not go to waste!

Aren't you coming, Tochtli?

Don't make the same old mistake.
I am a rabbit. Not a snake.

I tell fortune in the moon's belly button.

-It's closing.
-Let's go, then!


Wow, where are we?

Inside the mountain.

I know, Xi-- co.

Sorry, I'm still not used to you talking.

Xico, you're green!

Don't worry, Xico.
It must be the light in here.

It's kind of weird.

Stop right there.

Who goes there?

-Who was that?
-The tree.

-The tree?
-The tree?

You better start getting used to all this.

You aren't made of stone
like all the other trees.

Actually… I'm the only one
who hasn't turned into stone.

That's what happened to the others?

They're dying little by little.
All of the trees are turning into stone.

And the closer the machines
approach to destroy the forest,

the more threatened they feel.

What a smart dog.

Mr. Tree, I've come looking for my mom.

-And for the messenger.
-We've brought these stones.

I see.

Well, well.

I never thought someone
would be coming back so soon.

Welcome, stonebearers.

-What's wrong?
-Are you crying?

There's a time for tears
and a time for laughter.

Now we cry,

but maybe with your arrival,
we'll laugh once again.

Here. When you find the messenger,

he'll tell you what to do with them.

To find-- Oh no! They're here.

Not again! No.


You don't waste any time.

There are three things you mustn't waste.


And money.

Welcome to the future,
my dear and esteemed chubby friend.

Oh, Nana Petra.

I can't find Gus anywhere.

I thought maybe he was with Copi.

Carmen, we need to talk.

That was a serious tremor, bros.

What's up? What's happenin'?
Why are you staring at me? Am I that ugly?

-You're hideous.
-Shut up.

-You look like a rat.
-I said, shut up! He's an opossum.

I'm Tlacuache… and proud of it!

Look, gentleman. Listen, little lady.

Introducing, presenting… Tlacuache,
the one and only Mexican marsupial.

Not a knockoff, not a fake.

Complete with bald tail and belly pouch.

It always comes in handy.

Look! Buy now!
Take home a Tlacuache of your own!

And remember,
if it's made in Mexico, it's well made.

Oh, sorry,
once a salesman, always a salesman.

So, tell me, dudes.
What brings you kids here?

We're here to find the messenger.

And my mom.

-With these stones.
-And these tears from the tree.


You're super prepared.

Oh, the famous stones
that find their way to each other.

Tears from the Ahuehuete tree.

Great against the evil eye.

And a Xoloitzcuintle dog.

-A purple one.

I'm purple now?

You know what, dudes?

You better get inside.

Things are about
to get pretty heavy out here.

And besides, it seems to me
that walls have ears here.

Go on in, kids.

Oh, how could you
let this happen, Nana Petra?

I couldn't avoid it.

You couldn't avoid it? They're just kids.

And what's
all this nonsense you're talking about?

I'm not asking you to understand, Carmen.
I'm asking you to trust me.

You sent my son
and your granddaughter out there!

I can't believe it, Nana Petra!

Especially after what happened
to your son-in-law, Juan,

and to Lupita!

Show some compassion,
for goodness sake, my dear Carmen.

I'm very sorry, Mr. Old Man.

Do you think those companies
think twice before destroying everything?

They'll take down anything to make money.

They destroy entire communities.
They kill people!

But we've beaten them before, Carmen.
Always, throughout the years.

But Nana Petra, those people are armed
and willing to do anything!

Need I remind you?
Juan and Lupita are dead.

Where are you going, Carmen?

You can stay here
and keep talking about your nonsense.

Messengers, guardians, magic stones.

I'm going to look for my son and for Copi.

What should we do now, Petra?

What do you mean, Mr. Old Man?
Follow her, of course. She can't go alone.

The brave charge forward and die.

Cowards stay back and survive.

And, look, there aren't many of us left.

Move it. I'm not waiting
for you to stop blabbering.

Come on in. Make yourselves at home, guys.

Want to see my treasures?

Look around.

Sorry, dudes. I don't clean up much.
Being a shaman doesn't pay too well.

This boot walked through the whole desert.

This hat flew from Africa.

A lazy boy's journal.

These undies…

if only they could talk.

Oh, the little Xoloitzcuintle
got serious now.

Come on, bro. Don't look at me like that.

Well, I know I'm ugly as heck,

but do you know who I am?

The Mexican Prometheus, bros.

I'm the one who stole fire
from the gods to give it to man.

It's true. I stole fire using my tail.
That's why it's all scorched. Look.

And that's why I still collect things now.

The habit stuck, you bet.

And what about you, bud?
You know who you are, right?

-Yes, I'm Xico.

And I'm a Xoloitzcuintle dog.

You have no idea who you are, huh?

Look, man, I'll be straight with you,
I'll tell you who you are.

Take a look, kid.

This is you.

You come from an ancient breed, friend.

It was Xólotl, the god of twilight,

master of the evening star
and the underworld, who created you.

Your great-great-great-great-grandfather

Your great-great-great-great-grandfather

Xólotl created you
from a splinter of the bone of life.

That's why you're so skinny.


Your great-great-great-great-grandfather

Your great-great-great-great-grandfather

No biggie.

You're magical. And you are a healer.

Companion to the living under the sun
and to the dead in darkness.

Your great-great-great-great-grandfather


Your great-great-great-great-grandfather

Your great-great-great-great-grandfather

Your great-great-great-great-grandfather

And that's how you came to Earth

To carry out your great mission!

So, you're my magical guardian, doggy.

Whoa there.

What do you mean, "doggy"?

He's no French poodle, my friend.
He's a Xoloitzcuintle, girl.

So, show some respect

to the one who'll help you
cross the Mictlán when you bite the dust.

Which, of course,
is still a ways off, huh?

Well, thanks for defending me,
but we're in a hurry.

Show us which way to go.

That depends, brother.

Are you going in or out?

Going up

or going down?

-We're looking for the messenger.
-We're looking for my mom.

Why don't we go looking for both?

Look here, you little brats.

Is there a messenger?


But to find him, you must walk a long way.

A very long way
until you reach the core of the mountain.

It's like walking
to the center of the universe.

There's a woman.


But I have to warn you,
I don't know if she's your mommy or not.

How do we get there?

You have to walk a long way.
A very long way.

Until you reach the core of the mountain.

It's like walking
to the center of the universe.

To the same place?

Of course, my horse.

Then why all the mystery?

Well, there's style to consider.
More groove, more production value.

Get it?

What is that?

The men are blowing up the mountain.

-How do you know?
-He's magical.

-Is he dead?

No, that's what they do.

When they're in danger, they play dead.


Oh snap! Now what? Where to?

Don't talk like that, really.

You sound like Tlacuache.

Well, you sound like Ms. Cuca,
prim and proper.

-You guys, it's that way!

Sir, my dear partners,

I mean, my dearest partners,
we have a problem.

That gray-haired woman is hardheaded.

I knew she would be.

Sir, in this town, I'm the law.

And if she makes a fuss, I'll arrest her
for obstructing the march of progress.

How do you like that?

Tell me, old lady, what is it now?

What part of you respecting
our sacred mountain don't you get?

We could negotiate, my good lady.

Name your price.

In return we want no meddling from you
while we mine the mountain's riches.

My price? I'm not a broom.

Ma'am, what my partner evidently means

is that in your town you're an influencer.

Hey, don't insult the lady.

She has my utmost respect.

What I mean
is that you have influence over people.

And if you step down, ma'am,
everyone else will follow your lead.

But, Mr. Manuel,
you're the voice of authority.

You can't allow this.

I'm afraid your voice of authority
has signed over his authorization.

We'll let the entire community know,
Mr. Manuel.

And we'll sue you
for destroying our natural resources.

Get on with the fracking and the dynamite.

There are two kids inside the mountain!

You're lying.

No, I swear.

-You're lying.
-I'm not.

-The truth, now!
-That's the truth!

-I don't believe you.
-You must.

Go on, try harder!

-I don't know what else to say.
-The truth!

Two children are in there,
and one of them is my son!

Manuel, Gus and Copi
are inside the mountain.

Gus and Copi?

And Xico.

I'll try my best to delay the drilling.

What did you say? Speak up.

I'm convincing them to delay that lawsuit.


I'm sorry, Nana Petra,
but today you went too far.

Did I say "too far"?
Way beyond the limits of far.

You always had a way with words, Manuel.

We'll see if you keep it up

when Copi and Gus remain missing.

That's a different story.

What you did today
is called disrespecting authority.

Though those kids' safety is in my hands.

There's a rescue team searching the area.

Performing a very thorough search…
of that area.

You just don't understand, Manuel.

You never have.

Gus, come on!

I can't go any farther. It's too hot.

-We're in a desert.
-Yes, but inside a mountain?

Watch out! Behind you!

Who are you? Why are you following us?

I'm Xappan.

Tell me where you're going.
Tell me before I kill you.

We're looking for my mom!

We're on a mission!

And with the stones,
we'll save the mountain!

The stones!

Gods made this mountain,

and for that it must be destroyed.

Even gods must pay the price of treason.


Xico, you were very brave.

Oh wow!

Look, now he's orange.

I know.

Your dog is radioactive.

I told you, Xico is magical.

You know I can hear you, right?

Come on, we need to stay hydrated
if we want to keep going.

I'm so tired.

Something here doesn't…

feel right.



Nana Petra.

Petra, my darling.

My little girl.

No, Copi!

There's nothing you can do.

Something hurts inside my chest.

And I feel dizzy.

Xico, she has a really high fever.

-You'll be okay, Copi, I promise.
-We need to do something, but what?

Take care of her. I'll find the messenger.
I'm sure he can help cure Copi.

Nana Petra.


It was as if…

Petra Padilla,
Espiridión García, Carmen López.

You're free to go.
Someone's posted your bail.

But who?



What made you change your mind?

If we can't tell right from wrong
at our age…

We have a lot to do. Hurry!

Quick! We must warn the townspeople

about the true intentions
of those evildoers!

Let's go!





Everything is ready to start fracking!

This is the moment
we've all been waiting for.

The moment when millions and millions
of gallons of methanol and ethylbenzene

will fracture the mountain rock,

so drillers can break through and slide in
like a hot knife through butter.

Mr. Frevler, you never said
they'd use that much dynamite.

Frankly, my dear friend,
I couldn't care less.

-Hey, over here!
-Go away! You're not welcome.

Supernatural spirits!

Spirits don't exist!


We're here to protest!

Sir, are you sure? Because…

Prepare for injection!



I failed you, my little girl.





Wake up, Xico.

Your journey isn't over.

Hey, I know that voice.

It was me who called you, Xico.

I asked you to come here.

What about Copi? I need to help her!

First, you must help us.

I… I've seen you before.


Yes, Copi is my daughter.



It's been so long since I heard my name.

What are you doing here?
Why did you leave?

I didn't leave, Xico.

I never left.

I've been here, as an assurance,
but men always come back.

With their machines and weapons,
with their ingrained ambition,

bringing death and destruction.

Get out of here!

We don't want you here!






take care of our little Copi.

This can't happen again.

Men will try to destroy
the mountain again.

I have to go.

For her, for everyone.

I'll stay with you
to protect the mountain.

Copi's dad… Was he killed?

Yes, for defending the mountain.

And now…

All of this happened
because I couldn't find the messenger?

No, Xico.

What you see is the future.

This is what awaits the world
if you don't fulfill your mission.

But I'm just a Xoloitzcuintle dog.

Not even a large dog.
I'm skinny and small.

You're much more than that.

I am?

You must hurry back to Copi and Gus.

But I don't know how to save her.

The tears, Xico.

Above all, remember:
The solution is inside you… within you.

But how will I get all the way up there?

Please, help me save Copi.

-Aren't you coming with me?
-That decision isn't mine to make.

Take care of Copi.

Always look out for her, Xico.

We have to hurry before it's too late.
I know a friend who could help us.

Oh no, bro! That's enough, bro!

Tlacuache, we need you!

Xico! You scared me, dude!

Of course I'll help, dude.
I'm here for you.

Hang in there, Copi. Come on.

Go on, have some water.

The charges are primed and ready.

Come on, move those machines!

Right this way, come on!


What are you waiting for? To the right!
To the right! There you go.

That's it!

-Hey, keep going. Don't stop!
-Go on!

Have faith, Carmen.
A miracle can still happen.

Why are they taking so long?

You're my biggest disappointment.

I want you to know that.

For our mountain!


There will be a reckoning!

Copi needs you. Xappan poisoned her.
We have Ahuehuete's tears.

Look, the mountain is dying.


The tears, quick!

Yes, here they are.

What now?

Wait. The key ingredient.


Copi, you're okay!


More acid!

You survived.

Now, I'll finish all of you!



Blue Buck!

It's too late, isn't it, bro?


It's not too late yet.

We can still find the messenger.

We did all we could to find him.

And we didn't find my mom either.

We failed at everything.

Finding the messenger wasn't the mission.

You had to accompany him
on his journey to find himself.


Take your rightful place
in this story, Xico,

and complete your mission.

The stones, now! It's time!

They did it!

They did it, Mr. Old Man!

Nature is reacting!

The mountain…

Kill them!


Don't you dare run away, underlings!
Come back!

Where do you think you're going?

I pay you good money for this!

Get back here right now!

What is this?

What's happening?

Let me go! I'm a very important man!

Very important.


You insects!

-I'm a millionai--

Die, you cursed mountain!

You can't beat me!

Lousy villagers!

I know no fear,
which is what makes me powerful.

Take cover!


Today, mankind has once again
threatened our delicate balance.

A few of the bravest heroes
acted to interfere and saved us.

We must honor the courage
of these young ones.

Nana Petra!


Those who behaved badly
received their punishment.

Those who acted bravely
will reap the rewards.

And we've all learned a lesson.

Only one person
has not paid for his wrongdoing.

You betrayed your own people

and the land
that has fed and sheltered you.

Your son deserves a punishment.

Sir, please don't.

He has betrayed you.

You, guardian of the stones.

The failure is mine,

for I did not teach my son
to do the right thing.





Come, take your place
and shine as you deserve.



Come here, buddy.

I proudly say to you,

you have triumphed, sweet Xico.

It is true that love and friendship
always defeat evil schemes.

They did it!

He who listens to nature
learns to see in darkness.

And he who can see in darkness

will find his way to the light.

Xolo, Xolo, Xoloitzcuintle
Xico, Xico, Mexico

We share this land you and I have

Xolo, Xolo, Xoloitzcuintle
Xico, Xico, Mexico

Wherever you go
You'll bring a seed of peace

I'll tell you a magical story

About a dog that was a pet in Aztec times

Since then, he's been
A faithful, inseparable friend

Beyond this life, he guided us

And throughout time, his spirit

Has accompanied our people

That's why he's here for you

To have fun, to imagine

Xolo, Xolo, Xoloitzcuintle
Xico, Xico, Mexico

He likes to cross borders
He fills our hearts with joy

Xolo, Xolo, Xoloitzcuintle
Xico, Xico, Mexico

Takes our ideas to the rest of the world

Xolo, Xolo, Xoloitzcuintle
Xico, Xico, Mexico

We share this land you and I have

Xolo, Xolo, Xoloitzcuintle
Xico, Xico, Mexico

Wherever you go
You'll bring a seed of peace

I'll tell you a magical story

About a dog that was a pet in Aztec times

And throughout time, his spirit

Has accompanied our people

That's why he's here for you

To have fun…


We thank Mother Earth
for the inspiration she brings,

as well as our ancestors,
our parents and grandparents,

and life for giving us the opportunity
to see through the eyes of the heart.