Xiao zi ming da (1979) - full transcript

While on a fishing trip, Shao Lung's father is killed by Wu Pa Feng in front of the young man's eyes. Lung takes shelter with his uncle's traveling group of Kung Fu acrobats and begins honing his skills so he can one day have his revenge.


(serene music)

(dramatic music)

- Dad, I guess we're
gonna have ourselves

a good meal tonight.

- Xiao Lung, you're a
better hunter than I am.

- Ah-ha, but of course.

That's 'cause I'm your son.

In a minute I'll
get you some wine.

- Good, I do like my
wine with a good meal.

(suspenseful music)

Now listen, take this
gold plate with you.

Go round the back way,
and a tree for your uncle.

- But I can't just leave
your here all on your own.

- That man out there is
my enemy, Wo Pa-Fong.

He's a killer.

Your uncle will tell you
everything you need to know.

- I'm not going.

- You're my son, you'll
do what I tell you.

Listen, even if you
see me getting killed,

there's no point you
trying to attack him

since you don't know Kung Fu,

just do as I say.

- Dad, I'm not going.

- You think I wanna leave you?

It's a waste for
both of us to die.

(strike landing)
(Xiao Lung groaning)

(suspenseful music)

You're looking for me?

You must be Wo Pa-Fong.

Good, good.

You look like a
gentleman and a scholar.

But you're a killer.

- My friend, you get straight
to the point, don't you?

Although we never met before,

in view of this, I hope
you're gonna cooperate.

- Hmm, cooperate?

What do you mean?

- I don't want to fight you

if you'll hand over
the gold plate to me.

As well as telling me where
I can find Lu Lin-Hai.

(man laughing)

- Years ago, Lu Lin-Hai
and I were just like you.

We were killers as well.

But before too long,

we saw the errors of our ways,

we were in a trap.

The same has happened to you.

I ain't wasting my time talking.

Alright, pay attention.

Firstly, I ain't handing
over that gold plate.

Secondly, I'm not
going back with you.

And thirdly, I got no idea
why Lu Lin-Hai is now.

- Jen Tin-Yen,
you've got a nerve.

First, you betrayed our gang,
and taken away the gold plate.

You know the rules, I've
been ordered to come

and place you under arrest.

You understand you're gonna
pay for what you've done.

- Wo Pa-Fong, you
should been more polite

when talking to
one of your elders.

You should show some respect.

Right, I'm gonna sort you out.

(men fighting and grunting)

(dramatic music)

- Dad! Dad!

(men fighting and grunting)

Dad! Dad!

(men fighting and grunting)

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

(women singing in
foreign language)

(men grunting)

(crowd cheering)

- Gentlemen, since
it is a holiday,

we have prepared a special
show for your entertainment.

(crown cheering)

- Thank you, thank you.

(insects trilling)

- [Man 1] It's so late,
why aren't you asleep?

- [Lu Lin-Hai] Ah, brother?

- [Man 1] Are you still worried

about what to do with Xiao Lung?

- He's a naughty boy,
but so intelligent.

Always getting into mischief

ever since he's been with us.

As his uncle, of
course, I'm responsible,

I must help the lad
to be a success,

or I won't be able
to live with myself.

- (chuckling softly) You
shouldn't fret yourself.

You've done a lot
for the lad already.

- That's right.

But I've been thinking, I
really ought to teach him

the fatal fist tomorrow,

but there's not much point
till he's mastered the basics.

Otherwise he will
never succeed at it.

Do you think you could help me?

- Oh, don't you worry.

I've already given
him some hard training

so he can act in the show.

- And another thing,

I don't think we should
stay here any longer.

I know those guys are
bound to be after us.

- Then I'll send a
letter off tomorrow

to a friend of mine, Mr. Wong.

We can go and stay
with him for a while.

And after that we can
carry on to the south.

- (sighing) All right.

But frankly, these past years

have not been easy for
my daughter and me.

- Hey, you don't know what
you're saying, brother?

(chuckling softly)

It's getting late, you
should get some rest.

(man grunting)

- Pull back!



Turn the hand.


Get up, damn you!


Go! Go! Go!

Hands straight!

Pull back!


(dramatic music)

Stand up straight!


Stand up straight,
do you hear me?



Come on.

How often have I told you?

Here, down!

Now get up.

Get up.

Get up there.

Come on, get up.

Stand straight.

Stand straight.

Here, take it.

(dramatic music continues)

- Come down.

(bricks clanking)

(bright dramatic music)

Now you're presenting.

- [Xiao Ling] Uncle.

- What's the matter Xiao Ling?

- Uncle, I wanna
practice with Xiao Lung.

- Well you can't,
he's not finished yet.

You can come back
in two-hours time.

- But uncle, don't you
think I deserve a break,

I've been going
nonstop since morning.

- What did you say?

- Uncle, we've been practicing
the 18 jumps together,

then the show tomorrow.

- Hmm, very well then,

you always get round me,
you lazy good for nothing.

Go on, go on, go on.

- Xiao Lung, let's go.

- Uncle, I'm going now.

(uncle chuckling)

- Xiao Lung, let's do
some more practice.

- Ah Xiao Ling, do you really
want me to practice some more?

- Hey, don't try
to get round me.

- What's so (indistinct),
I've been practicing hard.

You don't want me
to die, do you?

Hold on to it,
I'm having a rest.

- Tin Chi!
- Yeah.

- Give me the rope.
- Right.

- (whimpering) Xiao Ling.

- Shut up and come over here.

- What are you doing Xiao Ling?

- I'll tell you what I'm doing

and don't pretend
you don't know.

I'm not gonna be taken in.

Anyway, I did promise uncle

we are gonna rehearse
the 18 jumps.

(sword whooshing)
(both grunting)

- How many jumps?

- How many?

I'm warning you,
I'll make you jump.

I'll make you jump.


- Xiao Ling, you really mean it.

- Of course I do.

(both grunting)
(sword whooshing and clanging)

(Xiao Lung groaning)

- You're always
taking it out on me.


- Take that.

(Xiao Lung groaning)

- You nearly killed me.

I'm dying.

I'm dying.

- Uncle, uncle.

- Xiao Ling, Xiao
Ling, I'm ready now.

- All right, let's
get on with it.

(dramatic music)

(crowd clapping)

(women singing in
foreign language)

(crowd cheering)

(dramatic music)

Xiao Lung, jump now.

- Xiao Lung, what do you
think you're doing, hey?

- What's the matter with you?

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry
mister, I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

(ominous music)

- What did you
say, is that true?

- Uncle, it's the truth.

He's the man who
killed my father.

- Well, Xiao Lung,
you're still very young.

You have to wait to get revenge.

You have to realize that
you aren't nearly ready yet.

So learn to be patient.

You have to remember

for the time being
you leave this to me.

I don't want you to
getting involved.

If you meet him again, just
pretend you don't know him.

(suspenseful music)

- Magistrate.

- Hmm, here you are.

- I've got rid of Jen Tin-Yen.

However, I was not able
to get the gold plate.

Also, I found out
that he has a son.

- Hmm, do you know
where his son's staying?

- Probably with Lu Lin-Hai.

- Lu Lin-Hai.

- The trouble is I've
never met the man.

- You've gotta find
out where he's hiding.

- I found a man in that acrobat
trooper look suspicious.

When I started to ask a few
questions, he suddenly vanished.

So I figured he was afraid.

- Do you know where he went?

- He's heading south,

he could be going to
the Assembly Hall.

(suspenseful music)

(footsteps clanging)

- From I can see,
you've lost something

and the one who has it
is traveling southwards.

He's the man you're looking for.

- Here's a restaurant,
looks cleaning enough.

- Brother, if you're
feeling do thirsty,

tell Xiao Lung to
get you a drink.


And Xiao Ling,
where is Xiao Lung?

- He's round the back.

- Tell him to come.

Brother, I sparked away.


- Hey, Xiao Lung.

Over here.
- Coming.

- Dad wants you.

- I'm with the Fortune clarence.

- Hurry up, dad is
asking you to come.

- Oh.

(bright music)

- Brother, I'll go in
and say hello first.

- All right, now time to
get on with the unloading.

Now you'll all be careful.

Take care of it.

- O-Wang.

- Hey, I've been expecting you.

But why are you so late?

- Well, we're all here now.

- All right.

- O-Wang.

- Master!

- O-Wang, how are you?

- Where do we put our things?

- The rooms are all ready,

I'll take you to them,
please follow me.

Come on.

- Follow O-Wang.

- Hey Xiao Lung,
change your clothes

and start washing down
the cart immediately.

- Right, I'll do it now.

- Dad, I'm just going
out to buy a few things.

- You better see first what
new supplies we're needing.

- Hey Xiao Ling,

don't you forget to
bring my favorite wine.

- (chuckling) Dad,
I'm going now.

- Off you go.

- Brother, you
like wine too much?

(both laughing)

- Ah.

Akol, nature calls me.

A lovely young girl has arrived.

A real beauty with lovely
tender skin and a gentle face.


- Yes, yes master.

- Take me to her.

- Yes master.

(Shi Man-Chun laughing)

(dramatic music)

Excuse me, but the
girl is rather front
buying some flowers.

- Oh, let me have a closer look.

(Shi Man-Chun chuckling)

Oh good.
- Good.

- Good, wonderful.

(Shi Man-Chun
chuckling sheepishly)

- She's lovely.

Talk to her.

- Lady, how are you,
charmed I'm sure.

- Come over here this way.

- Oh.

Lady, if I may be so bold.

Lady, allow me to
introduce myself.

My name is Shi Man-Chun.

I'm descended from a line
of champion warriors.

And I'm only 33 and
I'm still single.

And meeting you like this,

I realize that it's fate
that's brought us together.

(Shi Man-Chun
chuckling sheepishly)

Miss, why aren't
you looking at me?

Lady, why aren't
you looking at me?

- Why should I?

- Miss, look at me.

Aren't I handsome
and well dressed?

Also, I can read and dance.

And I write love
poetry and ballads.


(bright playful music)

(chuckling) You're smiling.

When you smile,
you look just like,

you look like,

you look like the flower
that's in your hair.

Will you give it to me?

(Xiao Ling indistinct)

- Hey, what did you do that for?

- Akol.

- Yes master.

What did she hit me for?

- Master, she hit you
'cause she likes you.

She hits you means
you're in with a chance.

- Really, she loves me?

- She loves you.

- She hit me?
- She hit you.

- I have a chance?
- You have a chance.

- Oh, forward.

(dramatic music)

- Are you gonna stop that?

- But you hit me, you
gotta give a reason.

- Why must I?

- Oh, well, he told me,

you hitting me
means you love me.

But why don't you
just say it to me now?

- Go to hell.

- Hey.

- Hey, what are you doing?

- Xiao Lung, these two
guys keep pestering me

and following me about, can
you deal with them for me?

- Hey, what are
you fellows after?

- All right, why
don't you decide.

You see this lady here
indicated that she loved me.

So naturally I followed her.

- Oh, she loves you?

- Don't listen to him.

- Tell me how she indicated
to you that she loved you.

- Well, she (mumbling)

hit me just like that.

And he told me that she
hit me 'cause she loved me.

Tell me why didn't
she just say so.

- oh, I understand.

You're saying she hit you
because she loves you.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Alright.

Hey Xiao Ling, you better go.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- What the hell do you
think you're doing?

- Nothing at all.

I love you.

I'm merely showing
you that I love you.

- Another one.

He's in love with me too.

- Ah, he doesn't love you.

But he likes hitting you.

- He hit me.

- Right.

- How dare you?

Take a good look at
this, I am a superman.

I'm gonna make you
beg forgiveness.

You'll be sorry you ever met me.

Take this.

(dramatic music)

(wood clanging)


A double.

(Shi Man-Chun groaning)

- That didn't hurt me, you know.

- No, you stop that.

Akol, get him, come on.

(men fighting)

- Come on!
- Go on!

- Cool it, cool it, cool it,

cool it, cool it, cool it.

(fan fluttering)

(Akol whimpering)

- What's the matter?

- Freezing.

- Freezing, I
should warm you up.

- Hands up.

Cool it.
- I'm not hot.

- Not hot, take that.

Take it.

(Shi Man-Chun groaning)

Come on.

(men groaning and grunting)

Take it!

Take it!

Hey, you still want love?

- No.
- No, no more.

- Come back.

Put it down.

Now go.

- How many times do
I have to tell you?

We don't want any trouble,

especially since the
show has not started yet.

We've only just arrived,

but already you're fighting.

You're a dead loss.

- Dad, you can't blame
us for what happened?

- You shut up.

- Hey, what's going on now?

- Brother, we've only
just arrived here.

It's a minor incident,
no consequence.

Don't upset yourself.

You two better come along
with me and do some practicing

because tomorrow we're
putting on a full show.


Hey, you two better
behave yourselves.

I'll save your
next for you today,

otherwise you both would
have been punished.

Xiao Ling, you forgot to bring
me back my favorite wine.

Xiao Lung, you're gonna
get me some instead.

- All right, I'll go now.

(bright dramatic music)

Look, brother,
give me some wine.

- Here.

(bright music)

Here, that'll be 25 cents.

- Oh.

- Hey, thanks.

- Thank you.

(bright music)

(birds chirping)

(Stumpy groaning)

- Hey, hey, get out of my way.

- Hey, why are you
in such a hurry?

- Mister, I'm being chased.

- Hey, the man you're
after has gone over there.

- Thank you.

- Hey mister, thank
you for your help.

- You're okay.

- Hey, let me buy you a drink.

- I don't drink wine.

- Then let's have
some tea, let's go.

- All right.

- Hey, sit down, waiter!

- [Waiter] Yeah.

- Bring a pot of tea
and some small cakes.

I've got to guest.

- Hey Stumpy, who's
gonna pay for it?

- Don't look down
your nose at me,

of course I'm gonna pay.

- Oh, so you're called Stumpy?

- Actually my name is Smartass,

but they all say
I'm not that smart.

Anyway, look at my legs,

that's why everyone
calls me Stumpy.

(both chuckling)

- Hey, why is that man after
you, what have you had done?

- That son of a bitch

gave me a watch to keep,

but now he's demanding it back.

So I don't wanna see him.

- Hey, he really
wants to see you.

- The idiot, if he
does show his face,

I'll make him sorry
he crossed me.

- Hey, you better take
a look who's behind you.

Hey my friend, take it easy,

don't start a fight here.

- But you gave it to me

so why do you
wanna take it back?

- Son of a bitch,
you stole it from me,

I never gave the watch to you,

I'm gonna kill you.

- Hey, hold it.

Let's talk this over.

Now, look Stumpy,

if you did steal it, you'll
have to give it back.

- I didn't steal
it, I borrowed it.

- Borrowed?

Oh, it's none of my
business, I'm gone.

- Hey, okay, I'll give it back.

- Well, go on then.

- All right, hey ya.

(man grunting)

(foot tapping)

(Xiao Lung chuckling)

- You son of a bitch.

Now you two are
in this together.

He's got away but I git you.

- Hey, take it easy man.

Hey, easy man.

Hey, hey, stop this man.

Hey, hey, have a drink.

Hey mister.

There you are.
- I'm gonna kill you.

Hey, do not knock my wine over.

Hey, don't get mad.

I feel like a drink of tea.

(man grunting)

Don't get angry.

Come on!

Have some more tea.

Oh, you (indistinct).

Look, I've got no time for this,

my uncle is expecting me back.

- Hey, think you can go,

you've got to pay
for the damages.

- Mister, I'll be seeing you.

- Hey, you go to hell.

- Mister, stop your fighting.

(both grunting)

Had enough, let's
talk this over.

(man screaming)

(wood clanging)

(Xiao Lung laughing)

- Hey, hey, hey,
it's all your fault,

you started all this trouble,

you ruined my business.

- Put it all down on
Stumpy's account, will you?

- Oh my God, no.

- Mister, I'm
looking for someone.

- Who is it?

- Your boss wouldn't be called
Lu Lin-Hai by any chance.

- Our boss's surname is is Pa.

(tense music)

(dramatic music)

Hey, why did you
take my gold plate?

- No need to get upset.

After all we're both friends.

Can't you lend it to
me for a few days?

- Impossible, that gold plate
was given to me by my father.

Now, hand it back.

Hey, Stumpy, come back here.

Stumpy, give it back to me.

- [Man] Hey, what's going on?

- Hey, but we're good friends.

Why can't you lend
to me for a while?

- Stumpy, no more
fooling around,

give me back gold plate.

- I'm not fooling, wanna
know why they call me Stumpy?

- I don't give a damn
what they call you,

just give that back to me.

- [Man] Hey, what the
hell are you two doing?

Now get down from
there, will you?

- Stumpy, give it back,

otherwise I'm gonna
lose my temper.


Stumpy, give it back to me.

Come here.

Stumpy, I'm gonna get you.

- [Man 1] Hey, you
two, goddamn it,

come down, will you?

Hey, you're gonna pay for the...

(overlapping arguments)

- What the hell
is going on here?

- Why don't you chill out?

- What the hell are you doing?

- Come on.

(overlapping argument)

- What the hell is going on?

- Gold plate?

- He's got my gold plate,

get out of the way.

Come back here Stumpy.

- Hey, stop it!

(overlapping argument)

We're just going
off to get married,

this is our wedding day.

- There you are.

Give it back to me.

It belongs to me,
it's not yours.

Now give it back!

Give it back.

- Hey, hey, what's going on?

Hey, what do you
thing you're doing,

will you give it back?

You, go to hell.

You're breaking
up all my things.

Leave my wife's dowry alone.

Take the whole lot back home.

Take it back home!

Come on.

Hey, take the lot
back home, will you?

Now, hurry it up.

Come on, move it.

Quick, hurry.

Take it.

Hey, hey, what the hell.

Hurry, take the whole
lot back home, will you?

Hey, hey, no!

Hey, what do you think...


Goddamn it, that
dowry belongs to me.

Damn you.

Take the whole lot back with us.

It's not going to your home but
to my home where it belongs.

Oh no!

You two, I'll get you bastards.

I'm gonna (indistinct).

Oh, you ain't getting
away with this.

Come here you.

- [Bride] My dear, take it easy.

You'll damage the dowry.

We are going to get
married today so let's go.

- Yes dear, that's right.

That's right, we're
getting married.

Come on, let's go back home,

come on, huh, what do you say?

Hey, move it, come on!

- You can't just abandon us.

- What do you mean?

All right.

Hey, you two.

Hey, I warned you, don't
upset my wife, goddamn you.

Stop it!

You son of a bitch, you.

(overlapping shouting)

- [Bride] Babe, come here.

- Yes miss, What's the matter?

- [Bride] Give my
husband a big stick

and let him sought
all the renegade out.

- Master, master, Mrs.
Wants you to have this stick

so you can sought
out the renegade.

- Oh, where on earth did
you get that stick from?

- From my house.

- Good, excellent.

You two goddamn sons of bitches,

I'm gonna use this
stick to beat you.

I'll beat you.

Damn you.

- You gotta stop it, stop it.

Stop it!

- Stop, stop!

Put it down, put it down.

- There my friend,
here it is in fact.

You want me, come and get me.

- You give it back
to me right now.

- [Groom] Oh my God, no.

Oh no!

- [Bride] Oh, oh,
stop peeking, get out.

Sorry miss, (indistinct).

What's wrong with you?

(overlapping shouting)

- Your gold plate,
it isn't here.

- [Groom] What, my
dear, what's going on?

- [Waiter] Oh dear, oh dear.

Come in or he'll rape me.

He raped me.

- Dear, no!

Come here, come down.

How dare you?

You try that you bastard.

You'd even attack my wife
before I've had a go?

I'm gonna kill you.

- You gotta be kidding,

you should have a
look at your wife.

- Come out here dear, quickly.

I will keep you all right.

Come out my dear.

It's me.

(suspenseful music)


- My dear, my dear,
why do these men

think they doing inside
the sedan here, my dear.

- Oh no!

- My dear, I hope
the (indistinct)

are friends of yours, are they?

Otherwise, why did they try
and get inside the carrier,

making me embarrassed.

- Are you absolutely
sure he's Wo Pa-Fong?

- Yes I'm certain.

- He asked me if you
were called Lu Lin-Hai.

- Better tell me how
you lost the gold plate.

- I bought the wine,

and then I met this
guy called Stumpy.

He picked my pocket.

- Ah, brother, don't
lose your temper.

Xiao Lung, I hope you realize

how important the gold plate is.

- Uncle what's so
important about it?

- Hmm, what's so important?

It's very important.

It is the chief's tally's man.

With it, he can give orders.

Everyone in the gang must obey.

- Why was it in my
father's possession?

- Your father and your uncle
both belonged to the same gang.

When the chief died, your
father succeeded him.

He wanted your
father to be chief.

- Why didn't uncle
take it instead?

- Your father and
uncle were young.

They weren't real criminals.

They didn't know
what they were doing.

Later, they realized that they
had been breaking the law.

So when the chief died,

they decided to quit
the gang and go away.

But the others, they just
wouldn't leave them alone.

- Was one Wo Pa-Fong?

- Wo Pa-Fong is a hired killer.

There's a man who
is paying him money.

- Who's that?

- He's known as the Magistrate.

- Why should he be our enemy?

- Why is he?

Because he doesn't
have the gold plate

so he can't give orders.

Your father refused
to hand it over.

And now you lost it altogether.

- Uncle I'll get
it back for you.

(suspenseful music)

- You've come here madam,
would you like a reading?

I'll tell your future.

- I want you to write
a letter for me.

- A letter, yes.

To whom are you addressing it?

- You are to write
it to my husband?

- And what would
you like me to say?

- Well, the fact is that just
three days after our wedding,

he had to go away, until
now it has been three years.

- Only three days, went
away, that's too harsh.

- Of course it is,
he isn't human.

- Off I heard he's keeping a
foreign girlfriend with him.

- Oh, how could he
do such a thing?

- That's what I want
you to write down.

I have already...

- You, you have been sick?

- No, I'm not.

- Then what do you have?

- I don't know how to say it.

- Well, if you don't,
how can I write it down?

- Hey, you just say that I have
got I've got, I've got a...

- Ah, I understand,
I understand.

- Hey, I have
something to ask you.

- I still don't understand it,

married three days,
absent three years.

Oh, you have it.

- I have it, where is it then?

- Sorry mister,
what did you say?

- Don't you know
where my thing is?

- I know where your thing is,

how the hell should I know?

- Didn't you just say
you just found it?

- That's not what I said.

I just said, this
lady is pregnant.

- What nonsense.

Who says I'm pregnant.

- You said you've got it.

What did you mean?

- Well, I'll tell
you, I've got a lover.

So you can write to my
husband for a divorce.

- Huh, wait.

- Stupid old man.

(dramatic music)


My darling.

- Kelen, you're
still angry with me?

- I'm not angry with you,

over that stupid
old Fortune Teller.

- Ah, how dare he be rude.

He's got no right to upset you.

- Yes master.

- Pick my name card,
take it to the court,

tell them to arrest
him and beat him up.

- Yes.
- Now go!

- Yes master.

(Shi Man-Chun chuckling)

- Kelen, you go back home.

I'll see you later.

I want to spend some
time alone with you.

Don't keep me waiting.

I'll be expecting you.

- Fortune Teller, you're coming-

- What's going on?

Ah, not you again.

- What are you doing?

- Master, that boy again.

- Ah!

(dramatic music)

- Superman, not you again.

(Shi Man-Chun whimpering)

- Beg, beg, beg, beg.

- Big brother, quickly help me.

- Right.

(suspenseful music)

- How come he looks
like a butcher?

- How did you find that out?

He did use to be a butcher
before, but so what?

Big brother, get rid of him.

- Right!

- Come on, I'm over here.

- Kill him, go on, kill him.

Watch out, I'll deduct
that from your salary.

- Go on superman.

- Do you see that, do you see?

I really am a superman.

- Super?

Super fool.

- Big brother,
it's your turn now.

- Come on.

(dramatic music)

- Akol, Akol!

- Here I am master.

- What the hell are you
doing there, go and help him.

Come on, there we go.

Go on, go on.


- Good!

- Hey young fella,
you are fantastic.

- Big brother, what
the hell are you doing?

- Hey, what's it look
like, he's painting.

- Right, we're painting.

- You're painting.

You both go to hell.

If you don't use
a proper Kung Fu,

consider yourself fired.

- Ah, I'm gonna be fired?

(men grunting)

Now watch my proper Kung Fu.

- That's great, real Kung Fu.

(big brother grunting)

(Xiao Lung groaning)

Oh, that's dangerous.

- Real Kung Fu.

(Big Brother groaning)

- Go, I'm behind you.

(drum beating)

(Big Brother screaming)

(Xiao Lung coughing)

- Hey, I'm sorry, not
anymore Kung Fu tricks?

- He beat me easily.

- Big brother, here I am.

- Superman, wait a minute.

- Hey, young fella, watch
out for my pipe there.

- Oh, oh.

Fortune Teller, I lost my
thing and still not found it.

- Oh, come on.

- Right.

(serene music)

- The Magistrate is
getting most concerned.

What are your orders now?

Have you managed to track
down where Lu Lin-Hai lives?

- There is one man,
but I'm not certain.

But I want to test him.

If you could send
some men over there,

and if I could see him fight,

then I can know if
it's him or not.

That's easy to fix,
it's my territory here.

No one does anything
without my say so.

- Good, but don't you forget
to tell me about it first.

Thank you.

Good seeing you.

- You're welcome.

That way I can
handle it for you.

- Bye.

(suspenseful music)

- Brother.

- Shi Man-Chun.

- Brother, you must take
revenge for me, you see,

I was beaten up by
a bunch of thugs.

Brother Shi Man, who dare
do a thing like that?

- One of them belonged
to the Kung Fu show.

- Yes, yes, to the Kung Fu show.

- Kung Fu show?

Are you certain about that?

How do you know
it's a Kung Fu show?

- Because I just saw them all,

they're getting ready
for performance.

- That's right, they're
performing so now.

- Oh, if they're performing now,

how come they beat you up?

- Speak up, speak up!

- It was over a girl.

- I understand.

Your old habits again?

I'll take revenge for you.

Chu Ya, you take
some men with you

tell Mr. Kole about this.

We'll all go over
there in a minute.

For now, let's go inside
and have a cup of tea.

(Shi Man-Chun groaning)

(metals clinking)

- [Chu Ya] All right,
come out of the way,

can't tell you how I....

(tense music)

Who is the master of this show?

- Well, I am, I am.

- Oh, so you're the boss?

- Yes.

- Who gave you permission
to put on a show,

don't you know the law?

- Well-
- Don't give excuses,

get it, come on.


It's all right man, smash it up.

(overlapping charter)

- This Kung Fu show
isn't our first,

you can't break the law too?

- What's that?

The law? (chuckling)

Let tell you, this is the law.

- Uncle, watch out.

Show respect for the law.

- Ah, the what?

What are you gonna do about it?

- Xiao Lung, come back.

(Shi Man-Chun
shouting indistinctly)

- Get out of the way.

Let me through.

He is the one brother.

He is the one.

- He is the one who beat me.

- This is our territory.

How dare you beat up our men?

- Yeah, how dare you?

- How come he go beat you?

- Well, you see, first
of all he hit me here,

and then he hit me there,
like that, you see,

that's right, just right there.

Finally, he used my own hand
to slap my face, you see?

- I see, so he
hit you like that.

- Yeah, he hit me too
the same way here.

- And you hit him the same way.

- Yeah.

- Master, be careful.

- Brother, I...

- No, no, have no
fear, I am here.

(Shi Man-Chun whimpering)

- Hey.

Hey, faster.

Hey, I'm talking to you.

If you like hitting people,

go ahead, why don't
you chop my head off?

What's keeping you.

You got a sword, I'm
not afraid of you.

Have a go, I dare you.

You see this, I'm a superman.

Watch this.

That's a snake fist, and
beak fist, eagle fist,

(whimpering) drunken fist.

I was just playing before

and now I'm deadly serious.

If you think I'm
too good for you,

then you click and team up
together including the old man.



- What's wrong now?

Why didn't you hit him?

- Because I rather
fancy his sister.

- So what do you want to do?

- I don't want to hit him,

but I have a few conditions.

- Conditions?

Then you tell him yourself.

- Right.

All right now, I
won't beat you up

if you agree to six conditions
so listen carefully.

The fist condition is that,

I want you to humbly
apologize to my parents.

The second condition,

is a guarantee not
to hit me again.

And the third condition,

write a letter of apology.

The fourth condition,
I want a lawyer

to witness as you promise
never to hit me again.

And the fifth condition,

I am allowed to hit
you with this fan

because you were so
stupid to hit me first.

And the final condition,
which is the most important,

so I saved it till last,

is to let me court the
lady's hand in marriage.

- Go to hell.

- What's wrong,
I'm gonna kill you.

- Can't you get through
your thick head?

No more fighting, why
don't you listen to me?

- Uncle, I can't take anymore.

- Get out, go far away.


- Xiao Lung.
- Come here.

(metal clanging)

(suspenseful music)

- I'm very sorry,

if there's anything we've done
to offend you, I apologize.

- You tell him, all right.

- You already heard Mr. Shi
Man-Chun's six conditions.

We're gonna give you
three days to meet them.

Otherwise you can move
on to another town.

You get that?

- Yes.

- Let's go.
- Yes.

Make way (indistinct).

(overlapping charter)

(suspenseful music)

- Dad, it's very late.

Why don't you go to sleep?

- (sighing) It's
about Xiao Lung.

I was angry with him,
and now he's gone away.

- Dad, go to sleep.

He'll be back soon.

- Yeah.

All right, in the morning
you can look for him.

(birds chirping)

(Fortune Teller yawning)

- Hey.

- Fortune Teller,
you know Kung Fu?

- Ah, young fella, if you
sleep out in the open,

you'll catch a chill for sure.

- So what, I don't care.

- Hey, that's
'cause you're young.

But you must learn to
control your temper.

You're too impatient
and that's no good.

You need to keep a
cool head on you.

- Patience? Patience?

It's more like
playing cowardice.

We let them do anything
to us, patience.

They murdered my father,
you say patience.

- Killed your father?

- I can't stand it any longer.

I won't go on being a coward.

- Young fella, we've known
each other a short time.

But we're friends, and I'm,

well, you can treat me like
an old friend of the family.

Perhaps you can tell me what
it is that's troubling you.

And maybe I can be of some help

to find your father's killer.

(hopeful music)

- One man, it's like this.

(kicks thudding dramatically)

- Now I understand it all.

Maybe we can become good friends

and I can teach you
something useful.

May not be much to you,

but it might help to
improve your Kung Fu.

- Ah, really?

- Certainly it will.

You follow me.

(bright music)

To learn Kung Fu, you
must study the basics.

Avoid antagonizing your enemy,

watch him closely to
discover his weak points.

If you learn and
practice everyday,

you're sure to become
a good fighter.

(bright suspenseful music)

- What are you doing here
practicing on your own?

Has your boss fired you,
you got know where to go?

- No, I like being by
myself to practice Kung Fu.

It means I won't be disturbed.

- Who is disturbing you?

- Those bully boys.

They think they can just
throw their weight about,

but once I've learned Kung Fu,

I'm gonna pay them back.

- Hmm, this Kung Fu you're
practicing is gonna help?

- Huh, of course it'll help.

- Who taught you this Kung Fu?

- Ah, an old Shaolin Monk
has been teaching me,

it's very powerful.

- And why don't we
have a practice round

and see how good it really is?

- Oh, you know Kung Fu as well?

Ah, I don't want to.

This Kung Fu I'm learning
is far too powerful.

I might hurt you.

- All right, when
we fight together,

just don't hit me
as hard as you can.

- Ah, I can't do that.

I might hurt you by accident.

- Nevermind, I promise you
that I will be extra careful.

- All right, I'll
show you my Kung Fu.

Here we go.

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

(Xiao Lung groaning)

- Young fellow,
did that old monk

teach you how to
do that as well?

- No, he didn't teach that.

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

- I think I should
show you some of mine.

The shooting style.

(Xiao Lung screaming)

(chuckling) Missed the target.

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

- Ah.


- What are you staring at?

- Was that taught
by the old monk too?

- No, he didn't
take that either,

that's one of my own styles.

- Now I'll show you my Kung Fu.

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

- That's enough, or you'll
force me to hurt you.

- Young fellow, next time we
meet let's practice again.

- See you.

- Ah, hold it my young friend.

One thing, I wonder if you
could keep your eyes open

for a man.

- Oh, who do you want?

- I think you have a
young man in your show

whose father is Jen Tin-Yen.

- Jen?

- He'd be about the
same age as you.

- All right, I'll
keep my eyes open.

- Do you want to meet me again?

Go to the garden.

You can find me there.

- Oh.

(suspenseful music)

- Hello Stumpy?

It's been a long time
since I've seen you, huh?

Where have you been
keeping yourself?

- Good morning sir, I've been
out of town for a few days.

I'll go and set your counter up.

- Good, go ahead, huh?

(dramatic music)

Hold it.

That gold plate,
where'd you get it?

- A friend of mine gave it.

- Hold it there.

Come back here.

Now tell me, where'd
you get the gold plate?

- What is the matter with you?

I'll just set up your counter.

- Tell the truth.

- A friend of mine gave it me.

- A friend of yours?

Tell me, which friend
of yours gave it to you?

Tell me.

- You know the guy, he's
with the Kung Fu show.

- Oh, that guy.


Don't you have any conscience?

If he hadn't have saved
you a few days ago,

you would have been
beaten half to death.

Now, give it back to him.

Now, hurry up.

Go on.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- Stupid.

- Sorry, sorry.

- Oh, mister, this
way please, this way.

Have a seat.

What do you want?

- A drink.

- A drink, do yo want any food?

- Can I just have
some small snacks?

- Right away, just in a minute.

Here's your drink.

(ominous music)

Enjoy the food.

(man sighing with relief)

(ominous music)

(footsteps approaching)

- Mr. Pa, I'm
looking for someone.

- Who's that?

- Do you know Lu Lin-Hai?

- Lu Lin-Hai?

I don't know.

- Mr. Pa, is Pa your real name?

Hmm, what a strange
fellow you are,

you take me for a fool?

Excuse me.

- Hey, hold it.

I've not finished
talking to you yet.

Your name isn't Pa, it's Lou,

your name is Lu Lin-Hai.

- Stop that nonsense.

Lu Lin-Hai, you better give up.

I know you're Lu Lin-Hai.

(men grunting)

Why not admit you're Lu Lin-Hai?

Who the hell are you?

Talk, talk.

- I, I'm gonna kill you.

(men grunting)

- Lu Lin-Hai, you've
got to be Lu Lin-Hai.

Lu Lin-Hai.

(men grunting)

You won't get away with
it this time, you won't.

- Hey, how dare you
bully such an old man?

(suspenseful music)

- Young fella, what are you
doing with that gold plate?

- You mean this,
family heirloom.

- Heirloom?

And who gave it to you?

- Well, well, my
father gave it to me.

- And who is your father?

- A man only has one father.

- Then you must be Jen Tin,

you must be the
son of Jen Tin-Yen.

- Hey, I don't know, most
people call me Stumpy.

- Hey, hold it.

Hold it.

No more games, tell the truth.

I will, I will.

- Hey, hold it.

(dramatic music)

(laughing mockingly)

- You can't catch me
'cause my name is Stumpy.

- You aren't going anywhere.

(Stumpy groaning)

Who does this belong to?

- It's in your face.

(Stumpy groaning)

(ominous music)

- I asked you who
it belonged to.

- Non of your business.

- So, who's is it?

- It's mine.

It's mine.
- Who's is it?

- I told you my
father gave it to me.

- It's mine, it's mine.

Non of your business.

(Stumpy groaning)

It's mine.

It's mine.

(suspenseful music)

- Stumpy, are you
sure about that?

- Yes sir.

- Then I better tell you,

he's not the person
you're looking for.

Because Stumpy grew
up in this town,

we all know him.

The poor boy is an
orphan, you see.

He made a living picking
pockets and thieving.

My guess is he stole
it from someone.

- That means that the real owner

is also around here somewhere.

- Quite possible.

Now I've got some
gearing up to do.

Those two men you've
killed must be moved.

I'll handle it, leave it to me.

- All right.

I'll be going then.

(suspenseful music)

O-Wang, all the seven
have been given notice.

I want you to take this to
Xiao Lung and Xiao Ling.

They're both young
and passionate.

So you better not tell
them where I will be going.

Will you burry my
brother for me?

- Master.

- Go on

(ominous music)

Waiter, which is Mr. Wo's room?

- Oh, Mr. Wo, he's
with Mr. Shen.

- Thank you.

- [Magistrate] Hold it.

- Magistrate.

- Hmm, Lu Lin-Hai, so
you've finally shown up.

You damn traitor.

You broke our
rules and ran away.

You got anything to say?

- Magistrate, there's a
different side to everything,

even in this case.

- You have to understand,

no excuses are permitted.

You know the rules
of our gang, do you?

What made you do it?

- All right, if you insist
on going through with it,

but wait till I've
found Wo first.

I still got a bone
to pick with him.

I'll see you.

- Hold it.

Lu Lin-Hai, you're guilty
of breaking your oath

to the rest of us.

You have to die.

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

(knife whistling)

(dramatic music)

- Hold it.

- Who's that?

- Lu Lin-Hai.

I am the one you're looking for.

You already killed Jen Tin-Yen,

and you have just murdered
another two innocent people.

- But it is all your doing.

You should have come here
much earlier than this.

- I've already avenged Jen
Tin-Yen, killing the Magistrate.

Now it's gonna be your turn.

- Lu Lin-Hai, the gold
plate is in my grasp.

You broke the rules,
you know you're guilty.

No excuses it'll be tolerated,

get ready to say your
prayers you bastard.

- Hold it.

I'll give myself up to you.

But I have request.

I want you to let Jen's
son keep his life.

- Have you forgotten,
no excuses at all.

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

(feet tapping)

(ominous music)

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

(dramatic music)

Lu Lin-Hai, you're too old.

You've lost all your strength.

Better start saying
your prayers.

(kick thudding)
(Lu Lin-Hai groaning)

(dramatic music)

- It's all our responsibility

when Xiao Lung's father
and I were young,

and now we have to
fight to the dead.

It never stopped.

Too long a story
to go into detail.

Wo Pa-Fong has found
out who we are.

Even if we escape now,

he'll still come after us,

so we should settle it now.

I'm going now,
don't come after me.

But there is one thing
Xiao Lung must remember.

Xiao Ling is still so young.

You have two advise her.

Practice hard the fatal
fist I taught you.

If you to team up together,

your Kung Fu will
be most effective.

But if you don't practice,

you will never be able
to get revenge for us.

(Xiao Ling sobbing softly)

- Dad.

- Xiao Ling, where
are you going to?

- I'm gonna find father.

- Didn't he make it
clear on the letter?

We aren't to look for him.

- Maybe, so we stand
here and let him go?

All right for you,
he's not your father,

you don't care about him.

- Nonsense.

Since my father died
and I came to you,

your father has cared
for me and fed me.

I just hope I succeed at Kung
Fu, so I can get revenge.

I've seen Wo many
times round here,

but I was always too yellow.

Why is that?

You know why?

Why is it?

Because it was never
the right time.

- Ah, be patient.

You cannot rush
learning Kung Fu.

If you ask me, you should rely
on your brain to fight him.

(suspenseful music)

- [Xiao Lung] Are you ready?

- What is it?

- I've come across someone
like the man you're after.

- Ah, where's he staying?

- He's staying down
at the warehouse.

I can take you along to see him.

- Hmm, let's go.

(ominous music)

- This way.

- Huh?

- The person you're looking for.

Today, you and I are
gonna settle the score

once and for all.

- Young fellow,
very smart of you,

I'll make it easy for you.

(all grunting)
(blows thudding)

- Come on!

- Get it!

- Come on.

(Wo Pa-Fong groaning)

(Xiao Lung grunting)

(Xiao Ling grunting)

(blows thudding)

- Xiao Lung, ready.

(shelf crushing)

(Xiao Lung screaming)

(blows thudding)

Xiao Lung!

(Xiao Ling whimpering)

- Xiao Ling!

(kick thudding)

Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling.

(Xiao Ling groaning softly)

You hang on and
watch me kill him.

(tense music)

(both grunting)
(blows thudding)

(Xiao Lung groaning)

(Xiao Ling whimpering weakly)

(Xiao Lung groaning)

- Xiao Lung.

(ominous music)

(dramatic music)

- Come on.

(Wo Pa-Fong laughing)

- Young fellow, you can use
these ropes to hang yourself.

If you want, then
I'll do it for you.

(both groaning)
(blows thudding)

- Come on.

(Wo Pa-Fong groaning)

(grains whooshing)

(Wo Pa-Fong screaming)

(blows thudding)

(Wo Pa-Fong groaning)

(Xiao Lung grunting)

(blows thudding dramatically)

(Wo Pa-Fong groaning)

(blows thudding dramatically)

(Wo Pa-Fong groaning)

(blows thudding dramatically)

(triumphant music)

(bright music)