Xiao Wu (1998) - full transcript

Little pocket thief Wu never got away from the streets like his friends did. He realises that he is alone, as his old buddy doesn't invite him for his wedding. When he falls in love with a hooker he is forced to think about his future. Can he break with his criminal past?

"Your turn!"

(Soundtrack: finger-guessing game from TV)

"Here goes ..."

"Straight six!"

"We have deep feelings for each other"

"That's five wins! Don't let go"

"Loneliness is hard to bear"

"Four happinesses, two couples"

"Let me give you all my love"

"Two good brothers, eight highways"

"Three toasts to the revolution!"

"Drunk every day, drink with every meal"

"Drink like an Asian hero"

"There's a cow up the mountain"

"Dancing with rigid hips"

"Eyes like green peas on a turtle's head"

"My hands are on your hips ..."

Get on

Where to?

- Downtown
- Get on!

Get the guy to pay his fare

Mister, can you pay your fare?

Your ticket?

I'm a policeman

Fenyang Public Security Bureau...

Fenyang People's Procuratorate...

Fenyang People's Court...

and Fenyang Justice Bureau...

urge criminals to turn themselves in

To advance the rectification policy
and the fight against crime...

the county party committee
and the government...

have launched a 100-day
public security campaign

This campaign is county-wide

The relevant national laws
and regulations...

There's one thing...

My supplier from Xiaoyi came yesterday

Someone stole his wallet on the way

The money is no big deal...

but he needs to get his ID back

As you know, it's a hassle to get a new ID

When was it stolen?

Around dusk, yesterday


By the bus terminal

I'll ask around

Try your best, will you?

That damn Xiaoyong is going great guns

They say he's been to South Korea

No way, it was North Korea!

Whatever, he got to go abroad

He's smart

Dear viewers,
our famous local entrepreneur...

Mr. Jin Xiaoyong will
get married tomorrow

On behalf of Fenyang
TV's call-in program...

I'd like to give Mr. Jin
our most sincere congratulations!

Thank you

Mr. Jin, tomorrow is your wedding day

Many friends have called in to us...

to request songs for your wedding

Do you have a few words for
our viewers and friends?

People of Fenyang, old friends...

First, I want to thank you for all
the support and help over the years

On this special occasion...

in gratitude to supporters
of our company in Fenyang...

I'd like to give something back
to the community

Our company has decided
to donate 30,000 yuan...

to Fenyang's 'Project Hope'

Hang on, there's no rush! Er Bao...

There's no need...

Don't go just yet

A gift from Xiaoyong. Take it, take it

- Come on
- Okay

- See you tomorrow
- Take care


What a schedule!

Hey, your mother was asking
if you've invited Xiao Wu

Huh? Why is she worrying about Xiao Wu?

I'm just saying she asked

Forget it

What should we do? Shall I tell him?

Are you kidding? Too late for that

- Where's Dong Dong?
- He hasn't shown up yet

- Is he okay?
- Yeah, I was at his place yesterday

Who lifted from a Xiaoyi guy yesterday?

- Near the bus terminal
- I did

- Where's the ID?
- I threw it away

Go find it

What's up?

He's Gengsheng's friend

This is from yesterday


Thanks for the tip

- Lousy weather these days, stay dry
- Does it matter?

You're asking me?

Let's eat

Go ahead

Do you know what this
provincial campaign is all about?

Then do you know what 'crack-down' means?

The purpose of this campaign is...

to promote the newly
promulgated criminal laws

In order to implement the new measures...

we must raise public awareness...

and promote the study of the new laws

Such as the code of criminal procedure
and the criminal law

Both have come into force this year

We promote...

Give your uncle a hug

Be a good girl, will you?

Give me a hug

Who bought you this mango?

Who bought this mango?

- It was your daddy, wasn't it?
- Tell uncle

I'll take her, she's a shy kid

Seems nice to have a kid

Yeah, means a lot

Did you find that thing?

That ID card, the Xiaoyi guy's

- Is this the one?
- Here, let me see...

Yes, it is

You guys know what you're doing

I'll buy you lunch


As you wish

You need to lie low for a bit

They're turning up the heat

If you get yourself caught...

you'll be in real trouble

I've stopped

Yeah, go easy

Why don't you learn to do business?

Look at Xiaoyong

He's doing great

I hear he's putting up another building
by the West Gate

I don't think like him

Who does? It's all about gut feeling

Think big, grab your chances

Do nothing, get nowhere,
that's what I'm seeing

Excuse me, boss...

What do you want?

We're here with the police,
about the demolition and relocation

We don't see you for ages and when you
come you want to demolish the place

- We'll take measurements
- Okay

- Got it?
- Yes

Liang Xiao Wu,
what are you doing here?


Not even a hello?
Pretending you don't know me?

I didn't see you

What are you up to?

I'm doing business

You've heard the announcements?

Yes, I have

You... You need to shape up

Learn to be a good person

Look at your buddies from the old days

Most of them have changed

Look at Jin Xiaoyong

He runs his own company

They even named him "Model Entrepreneur"

And you? Still up to your old tricks?

I stopped, long since

Oh yes, it's his wedding tomorrow

His bride is as pretty
as Ni Ping (a TV star)

What about you? Are you engaged yet?

He's getting married tomorrow?

Of course, why would I lie to you?

Here, he gave me an invitation

An invite to the wedding, here

Chief, I've got to go


Give it back! What are you doing?

Come over here

- What's up?
- Come

Don't fool around!
What's wrong with you?

What do you want?

Did Jin Xiaoyong invite you
to his wedding?

He didn't tell you?

No, did he tell you?

It's his wedding, not mine...

Did he invite you or not?

He did

Maybe he was too busy to tell you

At least you won't have to
shell out for a gift!

Shut up!

You just sit there smoking!
Get a move on!

Don't you see what time is it?

Time's getting on! And you?

You want to smoke all 20 boxes
before you move your ass?

It'll take forever to get it all done

Chef, what are you doing?
Filling prescriptions?

Look at the time!
Can you get it done?

Just got your jobs done!

Hello? What is it?

Of course! What's happening?

I still think you should invite Xiao Wu

A wedding is a big deal

At least do it as a courtesy

I know it's not really my business
but I just had to say it

Everyone who comes tomorrow
knows what he does

What do you want me to do?

Remind everyone that Jin Xiaoyong...

was once a pickpocket too?
Is that it?

Is that what you want?

Let it go! The army is holding
up a load of my cigarettes

I need to sort that out

Talk later

And fifthly...

Those who fail to report cases,
shelter criminals...

destroy criminal evidence
or traffic in stolen goods...

shall be investigated and prosecuted

Those who threaten
reporters and witnesses...

will be punished in
accordance with the law

Those who persist in
flouting national laws...

will be severely punished

"I stand in the mighty wind"

"Wishing it could blow
away my endless heartache"

"I watch the clouds which span the skies"

"With sword in hand,
wondering who's the hero in this world"

This is cheaper, but the other one's better

Sounds good, doesn't it

- Can we have another listen?
- It's not that expensive

You won't find anything
with better sound quality

Even it's not too pricey,
but we want one with better sound

Let's hear something else on it

It's the best you can get at this price

See for yourself, have another listen

The bass isn't great

- You think the bass isn't good?
- Hmm...

It has the best sound of
any domestic-made product

Great quality absolutely

There was one in the mailbox at 8am

And then more came at 6pm

Hey, you

What's up?

Change these to big notes for me

Are you tired of living?

I told you this morning,
can't you see what's going on?

Are you asking to be caught?

Why do it?

I need the money

If it's urgent, I can lend you some

It makes no sense if I borrow it

Why? Is your ma sick?


You need to hide out for a couple of days?


Then what's it for?

Xiaoyong is getting married tomorrow,
it's for him

As a gift?

Was it worth the risk?

What notes do you want?


Here you are

What is it for?

Give me some red paper, to wrap it

Red paper?

Why are you weighing it?

It's paper money, not gold

One year when Xiaoyong and I
had only 41 cents between us...

we went on foot all the way
from Fenyang to Beijing

We were in a motel when I told him...

that when he got married...

I'd give him six kilos of money

There weren't 100-yuan notes back then
The biggest was a 10

You think he still needs your money?

He's much better off than you now

It's not about the money

We are different


- Is it done?
- Yes

Go on then

You're here...

- Been busy?
- So-so

Let's talk inside, come on

Can you take a look at this, boss?

- You go in first
- Do what you have to

- What is it?
- How's this deep-fried meat ball?

It's okay, as long as it is deep-fried

Try some, it's freshly made

I just ate

Try it

What's this all about?

I'm getting married tomorrow

You didn't invite me?

It won't be a big party, just family,
haven't told many others

Don't tell me you were
too busy or just forgot...

to invite me to your wedding

Not many people knew

It's not what you think,
just a few people, mostly family

You're doing it on the cheap?

Mostly family


Since when is the police chief family?

And Fatty Wu? He's family, too?

You've fucking changed...

Fucking changed...

Stop fucking this, fucking that...

Okay, okay

Are you pissed-off?

I pissed you off?


I'm not pissed off with you

Don't say you forgot

You fucking did forget

I did forget

It's true

What's this?

A gift


Take it back

What's it for?

I have to go

Look at your tattoo, you fucker

Dear viewers...

Our famous local entrepreneur...

Mr. Jin Xiaoyong will
get married tomorrow

On behalf of Fenyang
TV's call-in program...

I'd like to give Mr. Jin
our most sincere congratulations

Mr. Jin, tomorrow is your wedding day

Many friends have called in to us...

to request songs for your wedding

Do you have a few words for
our viewers and friends?

People of Fenyang, old friends...

First, I want to thank you
for all the support and help over the years

On this special occasion...

In sincere gratitude...

to supporters of our
company in Fenyang...

I'd like to give something back
to the community

Now, it's time for your calls

Our first request comes from Erhu
and others in the Fenyang Grain Bureau

The song they've chosen
for Mr. Jin is 'Raining Heart'

"The lady is pretty, the lady is charming"

"The lady walks in the green fields"

"The ears of corn have grown"

What's so funny?

Nothing, go on singing

I won't

How come?
I spent big money to hear you sing

Go on

No, I won't

Karaoke isn't fun if you don't join in

I want you to sing

Big sister, play some duets

This song is for two people

"My feelings are like an untouchable net"

"My feelings are no
longer a streaming ocean"

Your turn

You go on

Come on!

Go on, sing!

Grow up! You're as shy as a girl!

Take the mic

It's only a song, it won't kill you

Come on

Why aren't you singing?

I can't sing

- You can't do 'Raining Heart'?
- No

'I Heard You Singing Once'?

When was that?

It's the name of a song

How about...

'Tow-men in Love'?


'Neither Rainy Nor Windy'?


Are you kidding me?

I really can't


Your girl is no good

What's wrong?

I spent 50 just to sit around?

How come?

In our "Great Shanghai Karaoke"...

everyone has fun dancing and drinking

She refuses to sing or dance

That can't be right! Meimei!

Our guest Xiao Wu isn't satisfied
with your service

I asked him to join in
a song and he wouldn't

I asked him to dance and he wouldn't

What did I tell you?

Our guest Xiao Wu is like my brother

If he doesn't want to
sing, you do it for him

If he doesn't dance, you do it for him

- How can you be so dumb?
- Never mind

Brother, this won't do

You're my brother,
I can't accept your money

It's too embarrassing

You don't have a smaller bill?


How about this...

Meimei, take a stroll
outside with your brother

Cheer him up, you hear me? Go on

Here's your jacket, get going, all right?

Brother, get her back here before dawn

What am I saying? Dawn?

Get her back here before nightfall

All right?

Get going! Hurry up!

You silly girl, get going! Go on!

What a nuisance!

Where are we going?

I shouldn't have worn my high heels today

You could go up there,
that'd be even higher!

You're quite stubborn, aren't you?

Let's go back

Okay, I can go by myself

That's all I get for my 50 yuan?

You're boring

Didn't you tell me to go?

You're the fucking boring one

What isn't boring?

How about this...

Come with me,
I need to make a phonecall

Is that the paper mill?

Can I speak to Chen Gailian?

I'm her daughter

It's a long distance call from Beijing,
so please hurry

From Beijing, thank you

Noisy, isn't it?

Ma, it's Meimei

No, I'm not at school

I'm with a film director

Don't know yet

I know

I know

How's everyone at home?

Is my brother still getting into fights?

After all, he's a worker now,
he needs to grow up

How's dad?

Is he getting better?

Tell him not to lose his temper

Don't you worry

Take care of yourself

I know

Don't worry, I'm fine

No need to worry about me


Okay, I'll call you when I'm free


So this is Beijing?

Who am I?

I'm the film director?

Miss, what would you like
to do with your hair?

Just a shampoo and oil treatment

Miss, you have great hair
Do you fancy trying a 30s look?

It's called "Red Dust in the Wind"

- What's that?
- It's the latest thing!

Forget it, just the oil treatment is fine

Oil treatment it is

Shit, you southerners know all the tricks

Have a cigarette

Everyone's into mood and taste these days

- No shampoo for you, mister?
- Me? No

Let's put on some music to enhance the mood

- Have you ever been to a salon with a girl before?
- Never

But you know how to please a girl

What do you mean?

You unplugged the guy's
electricity, just like that

That's easy

Deep-fried dough sticks
are called 'Youtiao' in Fenyang

In Tianjin, they call them 'Guozi'

So 'Guozi' are 'Youtiao'
but they taste better



Not bad

Actually, you're more
interesting than I thought

I'm ordinary

It's getting dark

I must go back

So that's all?

Time's up, no more entertainment

So I spent 50 on your
phone call and hair-do?

You had nowhere else to
go, that's not my fault

I'm going back to the karaoke bar

Come and see me there sometime

What are you doing here?

Nothing, officer, just passing the time

Passing the time? Show me what's in the bag

Come on, open it

Fuck! Did you betray me?

Aren't you going to check the guns?

I trust you

"Each day, I wander"

"Wander with no regard for day or night"

"How I long for some companionship"

"To keep my heart from drifting"

Give it back!

Come here

Are you fucking crazy?

Just having fun, no meaning

Let's go play mahjong

Not interested

What's wrong? I can' fool around with you?

No, fuck it, you can't

You bloody idiot!


I want to stand on the seashore,
I'd like to see the sky again

The sound of the waves is so wonderful

Okay, pack your things first

I'll be back soon

I'll wait for you

You had the chance to leave

Why didn't you go?


"My feelings are like an untouchable net"

"My feelings are no
longer a streaming ocean"

"In these long, rainy days ..."

"why do I keep thinking about you?"




Who is it?

You're too early, we're not open yet

- Spending my money here is no good?
- Not at all

Hurry up! Get ready!

Who'd you like to see today?

A Sichuan girl or a Guizhou girl?

Today, I want a Beijing girl

- Beijing? So you want me to keep you company?
- Sure!

Come on, be serious

Where's Hu Meimei?


You have a thing for her

That's right

She's sick, not in today

- Sick?
- Uh-huh

She must've been dancing too much


We have other girls here

I'll get you another one

You're playing me

Don't just stand there

You have work to do, clean up this mess

She really is sick?

Yes, I wouldn't lie to you

Where does she live? I'll go see her

Why not, if you want to...

Meimei, you're lucky to have a day off work

Lucky? I feel like I'm dying

Can you stay with me?

It's nothing serious

Drink some hot water and you'll be fine

- Is there any hot water?
- We haven't boiled it yet

Meimei, we're going now


I'm off. Bye-bye

I'm going, too. Bye-bye

Did you find it?

Yes, I did



Over here

Fuck, you're smart!

Learning to socialize...

and pick up girls!

And you're not even shaving yet!

Give me some face, okay?

You'll do

Run along

Who is it?


Why are you here?

To see if your boss lied to me

You shouldn't be here,
the landlady doesn't allow visitors

You said to come when I had time,
and I'm free today

You're crazy

So you really are sick?

Why would I pretend?

What's the problem?


That's no big deal

Have a smoke, that'll help


You want to see a doctor?


Can I get you some medicine?

No, but you could pour me some hot water

What's your name?


Liang Xiao Wu

I was just kidding

How could I forget?

You went to the hair salon with me

Are you all right?


I wish I had a hot-water bag

Stay right there

What's up?

I need a hot-water bag

It's on the house, take it

- I won't stay, then
- Bye

- Are they really demolishing it?
- Yes

I'll come and lend a hand

Don't worry about it

Thank you, I'm much better now

You're welcome

Take a seat

Your family must own a coalmine

You seem to be rolling in money

I'm just a craftsman...

living on my skills

You don't look like one

I earn my living with my hands

It's not easy to be a craftsman

Some run karaoke bars
Some wholesale cigarettes

This is all I can do

You really can't sing?

No, I can't

Then why do you keep coming?

- Do you like hearing me sing?
- Yes, I do

I do like singing

You know...

People often say that I look like a star

But I know very well...

that I'll never be a star

Sing me a song

What do you like to listen to?

Your favorite song

- I like Faye Wang's songs
- Okay

Then I'll sing one

Go ahead

Don't laugh at me

I won't

"Why is my sky always weeping?"

"Why is my sky always so gray?"

"Drifting on the other side of the world"

"Letting loneliness invade me"

"Over and over again"

"The sky, filled with longing"

"Is your sky hung with clouds?"

"Does your sky have a cold moon?"

"Exiled to the other side of the world"

"Letting loneliness invade me"

"Night by night"

"Sky... filled with ..."

How about you sing me a song, too?

- I really can't
- Just one song

Close your eyes, then

"My feelings are like an untouchable net"

"My feelings are no
longer a streaming ocean"

"In these long, rainy days ..."

"Why do I keep thinking about you?"

"I miss you ..."

"I'll miss you one last time"

"My feelings are like an untouchable net"

"My feelings are no
longer a streaming ocean"

"In these long, rainy days ..."

"Why do I keep thinking about you?"

"My feelings are like the rain in June ..."

Xiao Wu...

- Why didn't you knock?
- In a joint like this?

Why are you here?

Xiaoyong wants me to give this back to you

What did he say?

He says your money isn't
clean, he can't accept it

We're all friends, hope you understand

Go back and tell him these exact words...

He gets money by smuggling tobacco
and ripping off bar girls

That's not clean, either

Sure, I'll pass that on

I'll be going

Get out!

On my way

It's okay

Sing your song

Be nice to me, will you?

All right

- I'll be counting on you
- Fine

Will you be my man?

- Sure
- Really?




Xiao Wu!

You again!

Xiaoyong says to tell you...

He's not smuggling cigarettes,
that's regular trade

And he's not ripping off the singers
in the karaoke bars

That's just the entertainment business.
That's it

Get lost!

Sure, I'm off... Bye-bye

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

It's okay

I'm fine

From now on I'll come
by to see you every day

No need for that, just buy a pager

I'll page you whenever I'm free, okay?


"Can't shake my thoughts
about being in love"

"Can't stop thinking about anger and hate"

"All generations are fated"

"We shed the same blood"

"We drink the same water"

"It's a long road, stretching far"

"Each red flower has its own green leaf"

"But who will be my life's companion?"

"So distantly remote, coming and going"

"Days gone by return to haunt me"

"A lotus root may snap,
but its thread holds"

"The world keeps changing,
and I can only sigh"

Is it for your fianc?e?

No need to check,
it beeps when someone pages you

Your play, come on

Well, brother, look at you today!

I look okay?

Better than that, you look great!
As if you're just back from America

You must be doing well!

Not bad

Thanks for the smoke

Big sister, how's business?

We get by

Not like you!

Always making easy money, aren't you?

You've made all this money...

But you still smoke Hong Ta Shan?

You should switch to imported ones

You can afford it, brother

Is Meimei here?

Not here today

Where is she?

She's out on a job

I'll wait for her then

Sorry, no

Not today, not possible

See, she won't be back soon

Where has she gone?

There were some clients from outside

From where?

They picked her up by car

Where are they from?


From Taiyuan?

Yes, from Taiyuan

Why did you let her go?

You knew I was coming today

You should have come earlier

It's not my job to watch her for you

You're so fucking ungrateful

Watch what you say, you

You don't own her

What are you to her?

What is she to you?

You swagger in with your dirty money,
like you own the place!

Hu Meimei

Who's looking for Hu Meimei?

Oh, it's you

Is she back yet?

She moved out

She really did move out

Someone came in a car this morning...

and helped with her stuff

Where the hell did she go?

No idea

She didn't even tell the boss

It must be somewhere great

Ma, I have something for you

You brought me a gift?

It's a ring

You must be tricking me

Let me see it

I got it for Ma, not you

Your old man can look at whatever he wants

We've been peasants for three generations

I can't tell if it's gold or copper

It's gold,
I wouldn't give my ma a copper ring

What's the occasion? Why do a pig's head?

Our sister-in-law is coming tomorrow

You call her that even though
they aren't married yet

- Don't be an idiot
- Like you're any better, loser

I am a loser

"Oh, papa"

"My sweet papa"

"Oh, mama"

"My beloved mama"


"You... What do you think you're doing?"

- Dad, are my brother and his fianc?e back?
- Yes, they are

And Cui Xian and the kid?

They'll be here in a minute

Xiao Wu, when did you get here?

Last night

Did you hear that Zheng
Gangtie was arrested?

No, I didn't

That's what I heard

Nonsense, I played mahjong
with him a couple of days ago

Since you're all here,
there's something I want to discuss

Your brother's fianc?e...

is a city girl

Her family is well off

Ours is not

I've talked with your ma about the money

And I want to talk with you about this too

I want each of you boys
to make a contribution of 5,000 yuan

What do you think?

Let's discuss it later

Xiao Wu, I hear that Xiaoyong got married?


Who's the bride?

I don't know

I'm waiting to hear what you think

Let's discuss it later

Xiao Wu, when did you get a pager?

Let me see it

Let me see it

You're the eldest, say something

Where will I find 5,000?

I haven't paid the road
tax on my tractor yet

Xiao Wu, what do you say?

I'm broke, I'll do what brother does

So what do you think?

Let's come back to it
later, there's no rush


- You're back
- Yes

Sanduo, you don't need your ma to carry you

Come here, greet your uncle

There you go, greet your uncle

Say 'uncle'

You don't want to?

You forgot your uncle?

I gotta go

Is your brother here?

Yes, he's inside

Uncle, you're here

Would you like some water?

No, I've had some

I was looking for Erbao

Dad, I saw the fields have been ploughed

I did it twice,
yesterday and the day before

It's done

I thought you must've been busy

I wanted to come and help

I planned to come yesterday

But my tractor was held up in Xiaoyi

I know you're quite busy

So I thought I'd do it myself...

rather than to wait for you
when it's getting so hot

Did you plough all the fields?

Yes, they're all done

What are you going to plant this year?

We're planting maize and sorghum

There's been plenty of rain this year

How about millet?


We'll grow more millet, for sure

Millet fetches a good price

There's been plenty of rain this year

I do plan to grow more millet

Right, this area is great for millet

What else can we grow here?

It's harder to husk sorghum and corn

The market for millet is strong

And there's hay, good for feeding livestock

Get up! Give us a hand

We only just came back

Had a good snooze

Dad, have a smoke

Brother, here you are

Xiao Wu, try one

What kind of cigarette is this?

- It's Marlboro
- Marlboro?

How much is one pack?

- 12 yuan, they're American
- 12?

That's as much as a whole
carton of Princess brand!

How can it be worth that much?

Is it some special tobacco?

No, this is the cheapest brand in America

That's how much it costs

Erbao and his wife work for the state

They drink coffee and
eat cakes all the time

Imported cigarettes are
no big deal for them

Sister, you're wrong,
money's hard to come by in the city too

- I didn't mean it, sorry
- Never mind

Enough talk, is the food ready? Let's eat

Wait, it's still cooking

It'll be done very soon

Erbao, when did you buy the ring?

How could I afford it?
It was a gift from her ma

Can I take a look?
How much did it cost?

It's an imitation, 18k gold-plated

Ma, where's your ring?

I've put it away

Show me

Wasn't it a gift to me?

Yes, I gave it to you

But not so you could
give it to someone else

I haven't given it to anyone

Then what ring is my
brother's fianc?e wearing?

I've been in here, how should I know?

Show me the ring anyway

Are you forcing me?

- No, I'm not - I should have
never raised a black sheep like you

Do you know how I earned the money?

Show me the ring

You want it back? I don't have it

Show it to me

You want to destroy this family?

Both family and state have rules

How did I raise such a disobedient kid?

I should've drowned you in urine at birth!
I'll kill you with a rolling pin

Do you know who you are?

You're the son of Liang Changyou!

If you're not my son,
get the hell out and stay out!

You unfilial son...

I won't come back!


I'll never come back!

Never ever!

Zhang Wenhuai reporting for Shanxi Radio

With a brand new look to welcome
the return of Hong Kong...

the 15th Party Congress
has concluded successfully

Xinzhou Prefectural Administrative Office has
decided to prioritize the building of urban culture

The policy will be promoted widely

Anyone who wants a slice of pork,
please come to my house


You're moving out?

Moving out?

Been here for ten years,
but now they say it has to go

What the hell!
If the old doesn't go, the new won't come

One thing's for sure

The old is going... but where is the new?

Come help!

Stop the thief!


Where's your granddad?

Stand up


Why are causing trouble again?

Empty your pockets! Quick!


Stand still!

What is this?

Look at yourself! Sit!

Is this yours? Where did you get it?

Bought it

You'd better tell me

Stay there!

All your things are in here

We'll come back to it later

I'll count your money


110 yuan

Sign here

Sign here

Dandan, play with your
aunt, Granddad is busy

You're like a one-man crime wave

We've caught you so many times!
You're incorrigible!

I think we need to throw
the book at you this time

Think about it!

Let me check my pager

No, you can't. Sit back down

Zhao, here's that information

Good, give me a moment

Get up!

Stand straight!

Over here

Stand here and think it all through

Stand properly

Watch TV if you like

But think about your problems
You're a repeat offender

Watch TV, I'll be back to deal with you

Promote corporate culture
Showcase the Hongxing spirit

Hongxing State-owned
Commercial Trading Company...

extends its sincerest
greetings to all our friends

Looking for refreshment?
Golden Monkey is here to help

Golden Monkey's leather shoes
for men and women...

will always be loyal
friends to your feet

In tonight's news...

Our city has held a party-building workshop

The construction-site meeting for Fenyang
Township Justice Office was held in Chengzi Town

Please stay tuned for more details

Come on, the car is waiting outside

How did you end up here again?

You idiot

Have you been dropping
IDs into our mailbox?


Sit down

When were you last arrested?

I think it was 1993

94, 95, 96, 97, so it's been 4 years

Chief, can I have a look at my pager?

Pager? You got yourself a pager?

It's locked in that drawer

What does it say?

It's the weather forecast,
"Sunny, turning cloudy"

Thanks to the crack-down campaign...

a number of offenders have been arrested

Yesterday, the police arrested
the recidivist Liang Xiao Wu

This news has been welcomed by the public

Our reporter is on site

Yesterday, the police arrested
the recidivist Liang Xiao Wu

What do you think about the arrest?

It's a good thing, he's a law-breaker

Everyone thinks his arrest is a good thing

The recidivist Liang Xiao Wu was caught
yesterday How do you feel about it?

A black sheep like him
deserves to be caught

Chief, I didn't see you yesterday

A friend had his 40th birthday,
I drank a bit too much

You should drink less,
alcohol is bad for you

What does it say?

A Miss Hu paged

Wishing you all the best

"I stand in the mighty wind"

"Wishing it could blow away
my endless heartache"

"I watch the clouds which span the skies"

"With sword in hand,
wondering who's the hero in this world"

Stop here

Wait for me, I'll be back