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My turn

Don't run!

Over there...

Don't run!

Stand still!

Chase him

Don't run!

Where is he?

Over there, chase him


Brother Sum


Look down there

Go to hell...

Mind your own business, let's go


The package is gone

I seem to have seen it being thrown there

Let's search for it

Go down


He threw a package over there

Go and look

It's here

What is it?

Open it up

Search over there

Okay, I'll go over there

I'll go over there



I'll come over to your place later


I've made some soup for you

You should be more affable with your son

He is our son after all

You're here

Just a while

How are things with you, Ah Fun?

It's arranged, uncle introduce me

to work in the restaurant

Where is it?

Jin Bik restaurant at Kimberly Road

600 a month and includes food plus lodging

Nice. Guess we wouldn't need to pay when we eat there

Brother Sum, you should get a job too

Last time someone referred you to work in a garage

you said they looked down on you

It's best you learned a trade and support yourself

set up business and do your best

You'll be your own boss

It's better than collecting scrap metal

like you're doing now

I don't understand why I have to fix cars

while others own cars

But don't worry

poor kids know

how to take care of themselves

I have to work in the morning

It's finished

Ah Fun

It's okay






Assemble it


No, wait


Strange, why it doesn't work?

Let's go

Don't forget the grenade

I know how to use it

When I pull this pin out it will explode

You say that when you pull this out it will go off?


Hey, throw it, it's going to explode

Fool, as long as I hold on to it

this won't spring up

And as long as it doesn't it won't blow

Now I put it back in

and this piece won't spring up

so it won't go off

I see, that's easy

It should blow in 5 seconds

Let's go


You scoundrels

Forget it

What's the big deal with the bike

Don't move!

Come over

I said come here

Slap him


Use more strenght!



Kneel down

Kneel down

Take it

Let's go quickly

Oh, the safety lock is here



How is it?


We found some shells on the ground



Shells for submachine gun

Check the records

and see if there's any weapons missing in the army


Sir, the 3 men are dead

Was it a gang fight?



Hey, come here

Let's go


Over there, chase


Don't move!

Chase them





This is outrageous

How dare he challenge the police!

" New challenge everyday adds spice to life "

Who's the other one?

He Keung, an orphan

he's always with Chan Sum

Any other leads?

He has a girlfriend, Ah Fun

who works in a restaurant



A piece of cake please

" Come out quickly "

Stand in for me for a while

I've got some business to take care of


Screwed up real bad and you still stand here?

Ah Sum can't go back

He can't go back and I have no place to stay

I think you shouldn't go back to the restaurant either

Let's flee together


I dare not

2 beers


Brother Sum, we got a room

you can't keep hiding here

When would all this end?

As matters have come to this

let's leave everything to fate

I think you should go back

or things would get worse

Then you won't be able to go back at all

If not about yourself, think for me at least!

Ah Fun, you convince him to turn himself in

Alright, I killed that man

now the matter has gone out of hands

You two walk through it

what's going to happen to me?

I think I'd better go

so as not to be a pain in the ass

Come back!

You are a simpleton

I have not planned to go back at all


We have to get out of here

Easier said than done, what about the money?

We could get it any time

Right, we'll pull a big job sooner or later

What could I do after you're gone?

You could come with us

Ah Fun, we all know only too well

what sort of life you've been leading these years

Don't you aspire for a better life?

We could change our fate with it

Of course there's

no guarantee if it's good or bad

Ah Fun, it's up to you whether to stay or go

Don't move, everyone stand on one side

Take this

Go over there

Go over

Don't move

Go over there

Stand over there

Don't move

Don't move

Don't move

Don't move

Don't move

Let's go

Don't move

Is there any development

on the Fortune Bank Robbery case?

Detective, my son has sent me a letter

What does he say?


It's an important case, our head says no matter what...

Ah Bing

I'll come out in a while


There's a lead

Chan Sum wants to flee, check out Ah Chat's gang


Any information from his girlfriend?


Uncle Chat, she's here

Please go in

Have you brought the money?

Half. The other half after we've boarded the boat

Where is he now?

It's none of your business

How do I get in touch with him?

I'll look for you

The boat will come in any time

Where do I look for them then?

Why don't you give me the address

Come on, jot it down

What are you doing?

I told you before

I don't know anything

They are carrying guns and grenades

and would cause big trouble soon enough

We'll sure find them whether you tell us or not

This way...

what you're doing is not love, but harming him

Ah Fun, where's Ah Sum?

Brother Sum, it's done

Why isn't Ah Fun back yet?

Bread everyday

I'm going downstairs for some noodles


Give me the grenade

There are many people here, don't shoot

Drive on

A bowl of noodles please



Boss, fish ball noodles please

A bowl of fish ball noodles

Boss, noodles

Stop! Don't run!


Don't move!

Stand still!

Don't move


Make way...

Don't move


Go up

No, I won't

Get the special forces

No, let me go...

I want to go alone, don't follow me


" Out of service "


Who is it?

It's me

Ah Fun, how is it?

" Elevator Repairs "

I saw uncle and aunty today

There's something I need to talk to you about

Don't move...

Don't move...

Let go!

Wait, step back!

Go away!


Brother Sum

Get out, all of you

Get out!

Get Ah Keung here!

Get Ah Keung here!

Brother Sum!

Get Ah Keung here!



Get me the gun...

Get the gun

Bring it here!

Put it on the ground


Get out

Brother Sum

None of your business

You two get out

Get out

Don't come near


Ah Keung, let's fight with them...

Brother Sum, be careful

Don't move...

Go quickly

Get lost!


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Cinematography: MA CHIN-HSING

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What the hell's the matter?

Shovel the tiles

I'm going to take a bath

" Ladies bathroom "

Quiet or I'll kill you

Kneel down

Bring up your ass

I've got the tiles I need

Thirty two each

I got a big hand too

Pay up

Get the money

Why have you taken so long?

Don't you need to go to school tomorrow?

It's time for bed

If I don't win I'll beat you up


Why is your daughter crying so badly?

Help me stack the tiles

What's the matter? Your crying brings me bad luck

If you don't stop I'll wallop you

So inhuman

What's the matter?

Who could be so cruel?

What's the matter?

Call the police...

When did you take a bath last night?

Speak, damn girl

About ten

I can't remember

How old are you?


How did he rape you?


My daughter was raped just last night

Please don't make her go through that experience again

Madam, taking her deposition is a matter of procedure

Don't be afraid, how did it happen?

He... used a knife

he asked me to shut up or he'd kill me

What happened then?

He asked me to turn and face the wall

and kneel down, then he took off his pants


Then what?

He pressed against my back

He pressed against your back, right?

Then what?

I felt something enter me

How did your private part feel?


Did you have a good look at his face?


He wore sunglasses so I couldn't see him clearly

Did you see anything else?

His hands were ugly

How so?

They were white, like having a skin disease

Oh, my poor girl

He might have had venereal disease


Madam, don't make trouble here

or I'll charge you with obstruction of justice

I am here to report a case, can't I even speak?

What's the big deal?

After the incident

did you change your clothes or take a bath?

After I called you appeared

She hasn't had any time

to change or wash

Did you think this was a wedding ceremony?

Sign here

You take off your clothes

they'd need to be examined by Forensics later

6428, escort her to take off her clothes

Wait, if you do that

she'll be naked

Go home and get her some clothes

she has to go to hospital later for a check up

What? More check up?

Go out

Had I know there'd be so much trouble I wouldn't come

my daughter is a rape victim and I get so much trouble

I wouldn't come again next time


How is it?

Just like the previous cases



Don't be scared, it'll be alright


I am scared

It'll be alright soon


Her hymen has a new lesion

which forms a nine-o'clock shape

there is semen in there

Dear viewers

the rapist that is prowling

Shek Kip Mei and Wang Tai Sin

struck again last night

This is the crime scene

we can see the

poor condition of the bathroom

Hygiene conditions are appalling

Over half of Hong Kong's population

probably live in such conditions

Should the authorities be

improving such conditions?

Dear viewers

Let's interview the victim

Madam... please...

If you do this how could my daughter ever marry?

you should be concerned about her feelings

Get lost


Sometimes we can't get an interview

Sergeant, what's happening with the case?

It's the fifth one

Hey... I asked you to look into this man

have you done so?

Your task force has been established three months

there is no progress at all

Sir, I know what I'm doing

I've greyed my hair being a policeman

Many cases

cannot be dealt with simply going by the book

I don't care what methods tou use, just hurry


Please make sure not to eat garlic when on duty, okay?

Right on

You're back?



There's food in the kitchen, please help yourself


Turn down the TV

Your mahjong game is so noisy

I can't hear a thing

Switch it off

Dad, I've got full marks for maths


Dad, has the rapist been caught?

Why are you asking these questions?

I am a girl, if he is not caught

I dare not go out

I'll catch him soon

I'll show you my skill

You've dialled wrong number

I can play it too

I haven't eaten

Let dad have dinner first

Show me later again after I've had dinner

Come on, be good, watch TV

Cold left overs

Sir, where are you going at this late hour?

To look for a friend

Girl loves boy

boy loves girl

they pledge their love

If you make a sound you'll die

You're in luck

Count from 1 to 50

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

11, 12, 13, 14...

15, 16...


Catch him, quick

Catch the pervert

He's over there

Don't run

Sir, what happened?

Did you see a man run past?


What's up?

Someone screamed rape


I'll call the headquarters to send more police here

It's useless, the place is too big to catch him

Let's see upstairs

Excuse me...

Open up

Who is it? The police

What's up?

I want to ask you a question

Did someone molest you?


But you screamed

I said no

If you don't cooperate

we could charge you

Sir, my wife has politely refused

It's no use forcing her

Let's go

Sir, why did that woman refuse to talk?

According to our current procedures

for reporting a rape case

if you were raped, would you report it?

Are you alright?


But I don't understand

why he suddenly ran away

even when he had the chance to molest me

Did someone come in?



This is crazy

Lucky for him, it's so leisurely guarding the reservoir

Officer Liang is comming


Please be quiet

According to the evidence at the crime scene

and the victim's deposition

the rape cases

that occured in Wong Tai Sin and Wang Tau Hom

were committed by the same rapist

Li Tat, please share with all

our plan


our plan is to deploy

our lady colleagues under cover

to each of those districts

and lure the offender in the lady bathrooms and toilets

How many in each team then?

One two female officers with

two male officers

The female officers will be the bait

while the male officers will support under disguise

Sir, do we have to strip while bathing?

Of course

If you don't want to strip, you can go to the toilet

Officer Li, I don't think you need me


Take a look at me

I have no sex appeal

I might even scare him away

00:55:44,400 --> 00:55:47,033
Maybe the rapist is a pervert

and likes flat chested females

Right, you'll then have a good time

Go to hell

Alright, quiet...

Make your own teams

We checked out that man at CRD

He has no prior offences

Would this method be effective?

As you said

We might get lucky

" Wong Tai Sin temple "

Why are you back so soon?

How could you lure the rapist?

Soon? I've bathed over ten times

Then you had it good

and you are totally clean

You go ahead and wash yourself if you want

We've been asked to catch the rapist

I'll go if he is a gay fellow

What? After all these years with you

I never knew you have this interest

00:57:06,967 --> 00:57:08,867
Feels good

It really stinks

Why are you back in less than two minutes?

The toilet stinks

and I've never seen such filth

Hey, you should go

What? Again?

If I keep on like this, my skin will come off

If you don't want to go

you can swap with 426

She takes a bath and you go to the toilet

Toilet? Forget it

I'd rather go take a bath than to the toilet

It stinks, watch us

You have to go

I don't have the urge

Then pretend

" Ladies Toilet "

Don't move or I'll shoot you

Hey, I am your colleague

From which division?

5354, special task force

There's no such unit

Yes, there is

You've beaten me so badly

help me up

Look at that thing behind me

What happened?

He says he's a colleague

5354, why are you here?

Officer Liang asked you to guard the second floor

I just came up to have a look

Hey, be alert

Don't worry

" Ladies Bathroom "

What's the matter?




What to be scared of...

Don't be scared

Hey, you're taking advantage of me

Being a police officer, how come you're scared of rats?

Aren't we human beings too?

Watch closely



Oh, it's a man


Pervert? Don't run

Pervert, don't let him get away

Quick, catch him

Don't run

Bastard, stand still

Catch him...

Over there...

Don't move!

Stand still! Don't move

Don't move!


Hands up, turn around, face the wall

Bastard, what are you doing in a ladies' bathroom?

I didn't do anything

Did you want to rape someone?

Search him

Turn around, hands up

Make way please...

Bastard, how dare you steal my underwear

What are you doing with ladies' underwear?


Let me tell you

I am already an old woman

do you still want to...

Granny, I didn't molest you

You steal my underwear, you could molest me too

Granny, which one is yours?

This one

Granny, you are so great, at your age

you still wear such fancy underwear

What's so surprising?

If your mom weren't wearing this sort of underwear

how could she have had you, idiot

A pity she didn't appear in " Enjoy yourself tonight "

Are you responsible for the crime

committed at Wong Tai Sin, Wang Tau Hom?

Sir, I didn't do it, I swear

I just stole ladies underwear

You can come home with me if you don't believe

Sir, don't listen to him

Punch him and he'll tell the truth

Wait, don't hit him

Don't you know that according to survey

we police are the second most unwelcome people

We needn't compete with these scums for the first place

I agree

Come on

Which one?

Bring him in

Is it here?

Stand aside

It stinks

Turn on the lights

Damn it


God damn it


how many ladies underwear are here altogether?

01:05:17,167 --> 01:05:19,433
What are you doing with them?

Sir, I have to count them everyday

Bastard, you really are something

I'll be retiring soon

and you still bring me a hard time

We'll bring you back to the police station

and give you a gift


Hurry, go

Rotten luck...

What are you tearing?

I bought Mark Six ( lottery ) last night

So why are you tearing it up?

I'll definitely lose

since being crossed by women's underwear

You'll have rotten luck for a while

Don't be so happy, you've been crossed too

Looks like the case is dying down

Besides, the lady officers are scared of more bathing


Maybe we could send them back here

What do you want?



Also, if those lady officers keep taking bath like this

The Water Authority may charge us for wasting water

You and I may be transferred to guard the reservoir

Send half back


Call me when you have time

Alright, 'bye

I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose

Let me help you

I am so sorry

Thank you

Go, hurry, go

What are you doing? How come is hands are so white

Looks like skin disease

Hey... he's gone

Gone? Why?

Hurry and go, stop looking

What's there to look at?

The one who was wearing sun glasses

may be the pervert who was referred to in the news

Do you think that all who wear sunglasses

are perverts

If this is the case, we can't even go out

Stop talking, let's go

You almost hit me

Damn girl, can't you walk with your eyes open

What's the hurry?

Going after a man?

If you are old enough, I'll go after you

What's with you today? You scared me

He's wearing sunglasses too

I thought he was also a pervert

Let's go, hurry


Don't go, stay with me for a while

Scared of the pervert who wears sunglasses

I can't, I'm hurrying home



Please, alright?

Okay, I'll just walk with you till the end of the steps

No guts at all

I'll accompany you just because we are old friends

I'm really so scared today

Hurry, see how long the steps are

I'll buy you a soft drink tomorrow

It's good enough to walk these steps with you

Alright, I'll go get the bus

Walk with me for a while


Relax, it's unlikely you'll run into the pervert


What happened? Let's go and have a look

What happened?

Are you alright?


Hurry and go home then

Listen carefully, don't scream

or I'll kill you

Take off your school uniform

Hurry and take it off

Damn it

Crouch down

Over there, hurry

Back off a bit...


Make way... there's nothing to look at

Be careful... Watch the cars

It's a girl

It's so scary

His hands are white

Sergeant, did you find out about anything?

The girl is shocked, no findings yet

She just mentioned that his hands were white, so scary

Look like it's the same pervert

That's right, he's smart

We guarded the bathrooms and toilets

and he came to the schools

What do we do with the guy who stole underwear?

Charge him with misconduct

Hi everyone, here is the evening news

The pervert who committed rape at Shek Kip Mei

Wang Tau Hom, Wong Tai Sin a few months ago

appeared again in the vicinity of

Saint Betty School, Clearwater Bay Road

Now please view the live report

from our reporter at the scene

Dear viewers, we are now at

Saint Betty School at Clearwater Bay Road where

the rapist struck again

The victim this time

is a fifteen year old student from Saint Betty School

Stop shooting...

When the incident occurred school was just finishing

When the victim parted with another school mate

she was dragged into the woods by the offender

and raped behind a government pipe room

It's this year's

seventh rape case

I will now interview sergeant Liang

who is in charge of investigation in this case


According to police records

this is the seventh rape case this year

what are the police doing

to capture the rapist?

We will increase patrolling policemen

around schools

but since there are many female students

and we are short on man power

we have to remind schools and parents

to be on the alert

Their children should go home immediately after school

and shouldn't loiter

Peak Rd.

Oh, it's so hot

It's tiring

Let's go and have a drink

Okay, let's go and have a drink then

Bye Bye

See you tomorrow



Got you


Stop screaming

Wang Tai Sin CID

Brother Pui, your phone

I'll settle this case

What's up?



He's now changed his location to the peak

Sergeant, it's big trouble this time

I know, another case at the peak

There's something else you don't know

The victim is the daughter of the police commissioner

Sergeant, this time

you'll be directly accountable to the commissioner

Don't use the commissioner to pressure me

aren't all the others human beings?

Don't force me

As things stand right now

I can do nothing

even if it were the Governor's daughter

Sergeant, I warn you

if you don't solve this case

you lot will be transferred to the reservoir

Go and check at CRD

if this man has prior criminal record?


No need to say anything, I haven't had garlic today

Damn, I hate him so much

You shouldn't have such attitude for your superior

What's the concern? I am retiring soon

Get the information quickly

Our boss is really pushing his luck


What is it?

Evidence from the crime scene

Tennis racket and magazines

Are they the caucasian girl's?


Any finger prints?


But he has no criminal record

so we have no information on his background

Was the magazine torn like this when you picked it up?


Maybe he was just playing

Get a copy of the same magazine at once


Tear off only those with big breasts, not the small

Do you remember the ages of the victims?

There were 2 fourteen year old girls

and 2 fifteen year old

The recent ones were below sixteen

Strange coincidence indeed

All the victim's ages

were below sixteen

He only likes girls with small breasts

Right, brother Pui?

I think so too

Apart from Central area

where could one get it?

There are many such shops in the T.S.T. tourist area

Send some men to stake out


Sir, so many people buy pornography

who should we look out for?

Look for someone whose hands

are white with skin disease

Get a few more men to central

to canvass book stores selling foreign magazines

Monitor men buying pornography

Fatty chan

Take a few men to Tsim Sha Tsui

Give me copy of Sing Tao newspaper

He'll not appear, you'd better go

Here are two dollars, I'll select another book

Wait, let me see

You tore up the ones last time

How could I sell them?

Alright, take your pick


You go first

These books are no goods for youngsters

If you have the urge

20 odd bucks at Temple Street will surely satisfy it

Sir, look at that man's hands

I'll take it then

Don't tear them up again

Boss, that man's hands seem to have a skin disease

aren't you concerned he might contaminate your books?

He doesn't have skin disease

he is a shampoo boy

whose hands have been corroded

So he is a shampoo boy

I think it is him

No wonder all victims say his hands are horrible

His hands have been corroded by shampoo

Let's catch him

and beat a confession out of him

Be patient, white hands and a reader of pornography

do not necessarily make him a rapist

We must get evidence from the crime scene

If they don't have that

he'll get of easily

Did you know that, of the 80 cases last year

and the 32 in which the rapists were caught

how many convictions were there?

Almost half


This is because our law against rape

has loopholes

causing psychological and emotional

trauma and shame to the victims

Then they have to endure

unbearable questions

from the defendant's lawyer

So in this case

I must get enough evidence first

How do you intend to draw him out?

Dad, why are you staring at me?

I have a favour to ask

What is it?

Are you winning or losing?

I've won 18 rounds

So awesome

I've lost over 10 rounds

Please make me more beautiful

I like his movies

So do I

Your trade is quite challenging

Make me beautiful

Don't worry

I'll be going to a party with my boyfriend

You are experienced

Ah Choi

Go to the movies with me after work, okay?


Rinsing please

Sweet heart


I've bought you a present

Thank you

Do your homework

Mom loves me

and buys me toys

It's beautiful

It's really beautiful

It's mine, ask your mom to buy your own

Mom, he broke my doll on purpose

Damn kid, you detest me for being your step mother?

You are always against me

Stop beating, let it be

When I married you

I said I won't live with this kid

he's always against me

Go away

Damn kid, I'll beat you if it's the last thing I do

You're always against me

Ah Choi, what are you doing inside?

Come out

Hey, Ah Choi

A lady customer awaits you to give her a shampoo

Lousy staff who don't put their heart into their work

Boss, hurry

I am late for a banquet


Wash her hair

Your business is doing well

It's okay

It's him


The one in the mirror

I'm scared

Why? You're Junior Police Call?

Well, now I wish I weren't

You promised your dad

Remember to tell him where you live

He's coming

Missie, need a shampoo?


Say it, hurry

Set this side please

Gently, alright?

I'm sorry


Have I met you before?

Just kidding

You stay upstairs in the same building I live, right?

Where do you live?

Wong Tai Sin, Block 12, 3rd floor

Wong Tai Sin, Block 12, 3rd floor?

No, I haven't been there before

Really? I do somehow remember seeing you before

I can't remember where though

Rinsing, please

Without further orders, we can't show ourselves

He's cunning

Brother Pui, are you certain that he will show up?

Not really

He might if he's the one

If he doesn't turn up, then he's not the pervert

That's right

Aren't you going for a bath?

Don't be scared

Take this microphone with you

In case something happens, I'll be there right away

I'm still scared, dad

Don't be scared

Hurry, go for a bath

Hurry, don't be scared

I'd better not go

Don't be scared, I'll be there immediately

Don't be scared, hurry

Keep quiet


You damn bastard, listening to the radio here

don't blame me if you get wet

Hello, kid


Bitch, how dare you

seduce me at the hair salon

I didn't

I'll rape you and then kill you

Squat down

Get up

Go downstairs, follow me

Are you blind?

Surround him

Bitch, how dare you find someone to arrest me

I won't let you get away so easily

What's happening?

Damn, my daughter has been bitten by rats

Send them to the hospital immediately

I told you to keep a close watch on your sister

Don't just play mahjong all day, go

My plan has been ruined

ask everyone to go back

Yes, Brother Pui


Tell them to block all exits

Search everywhere

Don't shout

Don't let him run away...

Dad, help me...

Don't move

Don't move, let me go

or I'll kill your daughter

Brother Pui, don't force him too hard

Back off

Dad, help me

Don't move, or I'll kill her

Dad, help me

Don't shout

Dad, help me

Arrest him

You damn pervert...

Get out of the way...

Out of the way, nothing here for you to see

Back off everyone

Brother Pui, what prompted you to put

your daughter at risk?

Do you want to know?

I did this for my daughter and

other victims of rape who don't dare report their case


Subtitles Realized By : Willy38 - ASIAMANIA