Xian dai hao fang nu (1985) - full transcript

A wealthy businessman gives his wife everything she wants, besides one thing, a passionate sex life. The sexually frustrated woman soon gets into several other relationships and soon also learns why her husband is so uninterested with her in bed.

Mr. Ma.

Great, it's settled. Bye.


Mr. Ma.

Mr. Ma.

They are...

They own the Third Electrical
and Computer Factory.

You said you wanted to buy off
their business,

they'd like to speak to you.

Ask the manager Mr. Chen to talk to them.

But Mr. Chen said it's a big deal.

I know.

You tell Mr. Chen

he can be in charge for any deal

as long as it doesn't exceed
eighty million.

Send Mr. Ho in.


This way please.


Mr. Ma.

Why did the communications equipment

reach the South China Oil field
only yesterday?

The container ship
passed through Persian Gulf,

it got delayed because of
the war going on there.

In that case, can we finish

according to the date on the contract?

I need one more week.

Can't. You must finish on time.

If you want to finish on time,

we need two extra crews to set things up.

That would cost another $500,000.

If we get an extension,

we'll be fined by the Oil Company
20,000 a day,

we'll need to pay a total of $140,000.

Trust has brought Hou Ma Enterprise
to where it's today

tell the engineering department
to finish on time.


What other appointments do I have?

You'd meet Executive Councilor
Mr. Jones at three,

and the Manager of Schick Bank

would like to ask you
to join him for golf at five.

I turned him down for you,

because Mr. Jones would like to invite you

to a fashion show tonight.

Director Huang of Po Leung Kuk
wants to speak to you.

Do I need to entertain them?

I guess it would help.

Very well, pass the line.

Director Huang?

There isn't any problem
about the donation.

Certainly, I'll donate
five hundred thousand.

You're too kind.

It's the least I could do for the kids.

Alright... take care, bye.

What's your problem?

The show's about to start.

Why are you so late?

Time is running out! Stop it!

Step on the gas.

I waited almost an hour for you.

I know.

That's why I was late.

You're doing this on purpose?

You don't need to pick me up,

I could always get a cab.

Fine, next time you drive.

You know better that I don't have a car,

there's no need to be so sarcastic.

You just need to nod and

there are many who'd
gladly give you their cars.

Too bad I can only say no.

How's that possible?


For me? What now?

Just a favour.

I did my share to get you

where you are in the modeling world.

Yes you helped me,

but I don't really owe you anything.

Come on! We're friends here.

Just tell me what's on your mind.

Open it.

It's fancy.

That means it's not from you.

I can't afford it.

A rich man did.

Spend some time with him,
as if you're with me.

A Patek Philippe watch with 24 diamonds,

I wouldn't give such a gift to my wife

no matter how much she begs.

Very well, tell your wife
to sleep with him then.

Hey! You broke it. My wife wouldn't go.

Thank goodness.

You wanna kill yourself?

Dam n.


Have you eaten?

Not yet.

Take it.

And you?

- I've eaten.
- Alright.

Is my eye-shadow alright?

Put a little bit more on this side.

Oops, where's the other pad?

I put it here a while ago.

Where is it?

I need it now, who took it?

How can I go out without it?

Put a papaya inside.

Then she'll be bigger than yours.

Better than no figure.

Let me see.

Go to hell! Village bike.

You're yelling at me? You're nuts!

You took my pad as an ashtray?

And you call me nuts?

What's that got to do with me?

I didn't know who put it here.

Bitch with a big mouth!

And you've a big ass,
why don't you go sell your ass?

Look at her! How could she?

That means everyone could have a ride.

Whoever calls me a village bike again,

I'll rough her up.

Village bike.


Tina isn't here yet?

She's on her way.

What's the matter with her?

We only have ten minutes before the show,

why isn't she here?

Chill out, Stella.

She's a top model.

What? Top model?

If she pisses me off,

I wouldn't hire her again.

No wonder everyone says
you're a fair boss.

Stella, this doesn't fit me.

Then try out Tina's.

Sorry, Stella. I'm late.

Don't worry, still have ten minutes.

You're experienced,
shouldn't be a problem.

Put some makeup on.

Forget it, Mary. Wear it in the next show.

She should be an actress.

Why are you so late?

Bad luck, I bumped into a pimp.

Mr. Ho?


Don't you know how Stella is?

She talked behind your back.

Well, I'm used to it.

Mr. Ma, welcome. Over there.

Mr. Luo.


Mr. Ma, Chairman Lin has been
waiting for you.

Hello, Mr. Jones.

Mr. Ma, it's nice to see you.

Mr. Li, you're here so early?

You know I'm a fan of fashion shows.

Enjoy the show, excuse me.

Simon, how come you're so late?

Got held up by the
Light Rail project in Tuen Mun;

The worst is,

I don't know what the
Government blueprint is like,

I daren't buy off
those houses there for development.

When you have become a Councilor,

then you'd know everything.

But there's no news regarding that so far.

I've set it all up,

that's why he'd like to meet you.

If there's anything else I could do,

please tell him to let me know.



Is Tina here?

She's changing.

You know how snotty she is!


He said you're qualified,

the council has recommended you,

all we need is the Governor's signature.

The Governor asked them the other day

why you're still not married.

In order to have a political career,

it's better if you're married.

I'm pissed when I see her face.

Calm down, I'll help you out.

It's better if you're married.


Who hid my shoes?

Look! She's doing this on purpose.

Don't worry, we'll get even.

Zhen, so you hid my shoes.

It's not my problem,
Shark told me to keep them.

Why are you so mean?

You told Zhen to hide my shoes?

What is it to you?

You get changed faster than Rosa.


Yes, she used to be a top model.

Famous for changing clothes quickly.

I've heard.

But she's no longer a top model.

She was so full of herself,

she even ignored Mr. Ho.

It's all over for her.

Young people are like that.

What's wrong with some social gatherings?

Just communications!

You can't say that.

I'm here as a model, not some hooker.

So? Chairman Lin,
do you see anyone you like?

Let me take a good look.

You like the black or the white?

Neither, introduce to Mr. Ma.

What do you think, Mr. Ma?

Pick one.

There's no need, I want her.

Very well, I'll set it up.

That bitch was trying to
knock me off the ramp.

You know they're friends.

So? Bite me.

I really wanted to
kick her off the catwalk.

Forget it!

We're doing proper shows.

Fine! I'll have my chance.

Tina, Mr. Ma would like you to
join him for dinner.

I'm tired.

Mr. Ma is a successful businessman.

In that case, pass it to Shark.

He wants to date me?

In your dreams.

So, Tina?

Refuse again?

That's right.

I think we have some misunderstandings,

let's have a good chat.

We have nothing to talk about.

That's exactly why we should talk.

Sorry, I need to go eat with Mr. Ma.

He's taking you out?

You don't have the caliber.

Can't even lie,
what's the point with the act?

If he's asked you on a date,
what are you doing here?

It's not that difficult
to be sitting in a Rolls Royce.

Follow my lead and earn as much as you can

while you're still young.

Very well, if you don't believe me

I could go with you,

but you need to explain to him.


Mr. Ma.

Where's Tina?

Sorry, she twisted her ankle.


I'd rather piss off Mr. Ma,

but I won't dare to offend you.

Very well.

You think you're really something, huh?

Careful! When you fall
I'll be there to laugh at you.

Go buy some clothes.

Thanks, I'll set up another date tomorrow.

That's fine, she's here.


Mr. Ma.

So? How's your ankle?

She's fine now... hop in.

Mr. Ma, you're so charismatic.

Stella, I told you to set it up,

I didn't invite you.


I wanted to bring you here.

This is really formal.

This is a fund raising party
for the International

Foundation for the Physically Challenged.

The Governor will be here soon.

Chairman Ma, hello.

You've brought a date.

What's the occasion?

Come on, let's have a chat.


Enjoy yourself.


What a party!

Tina, what a surprise!

You look beautiful, let's sit over there.


Who's she?

Chairman Ma's girlfriend.

I think she's a model.

Sit down, what a lovely shawl.


I'm surprised that
Chairman Ma brought you.

I haven't seen him with a date in public.

You flatter me

Miss, any drink?

Mint liqueur


Guess he must like you a lot.

Why did you bring me here?

It has a good view.

I'm afraid that I've climbed too high.

Shall we get married?


Shall we get married?

Married? Sure.

I'm busy tomorrow,
how about the day after?

I'll ask Mr. Jones to be our witness.


Come pick me up in a bridal car then.


Miss Bai.

I wonder if you're interested
to be Mrs. Ma.

Are you serious, Simon?

The bridal car is waiting.

This is your size, put it on.

Come look.


They gave you a chamber pot

Must be from Peter.

We'll make tea for him with it
when he's over.

Good idea.

What's this?

What's this?

Chastity belt.


Your friends all gave you
really strange presents.

What a lovely necklace.


You're entitled for
something better than pearls,

I'll give you a diamond necklace one day.


You're Mrs. Ma from now on.

You should be prepared.

I know, there will be lots of socializing.

TV shows, speeches, ribbon cuttings,

even representing me
on the board's meetings.

Then I will be super busy?

That's why I'd like to ask you a question,

hope you won't mind.

Of course not, we're a married couple.

What's your sex drive like?

Strong, average or low.


I think,

sex is only a part of married life.

Good, I'm glad you think that.

I'm not particularly keen on sex,

but intensely passionate
towards other things.


As Mrs. Ma,

you can have anything you want,
except sex life.

You'd still be very happy, get it?

You'll get used to it.

Good night.

You're not dressed yet?

I'm not feeling well.

It's a very important party.

The Governor will be there, you must go.

Put on some make up, go on.

Wear this one, it's more graceful.

Mrs. Ma, the new stock hasn't arrived yet.

That's fine, I just want to buy

that dress I saw last time.


Is this the one, Mrs. Ma?


But Mrs. Chen, Miss Liang and Mrs. Zhou

all bought one,

would you mind?

Of course not, I just need to
put this in my wardrobe.



Any other colours in the
fur coat I bought last time?

It comes in four more colours.

I'll take one of each.

Hmm, something to match
Mr. Ma's jacket every time

Just a moment.


How much?

Five thousand two hundred.

So expensive.

It's worth every penny.

You sure can pick.

It's a gift from you,
I must pick what I truly like.

Helen, Anna.

Tina, what a surprise!

I'm bored, that's why I come shopping.

If you're bored, get pregnant.

That's right.

Is it pretty?


Let me try them on.

I'm a size 7, do you have that size?

This is size 6 and a half, try it on.
It might fit.

Anna's gift.

Why? It's her birthday?

No, she introduced me a boyfriend,

I'm giving her a gift.


It's that fat guy.

I'm going to Europe with him tomorrow.

Look at him.

I've noticed him

couldn't stop staring at you
since you walked this way.

Can't be.

Find someone who loves you and marry him.

That's easy to say,

but difficult when it comes to reality.

Is this ok?

I'll take it, pack it up.

Right away.

Hey, it's been a while.

Why do you look so terrible?

An imbalance of the yin and the yang?

She's married,

How's that possible?

Your husband can't get it up?

Come on, it's just lack of sleep
because of socializing

How have you been?

Walking around like a headless chicken.

What do you think?

Looks great.

4,420 dollars

Didn't you say $5,200?

Mrs. Ma is our VIP,
she has a 15% discount.

Anna, you've saved eight hundred dollars.

Pay UP-

I don't have so much cash.

Tell the fat guy to pay.


Hey, Anna's asked you to settle the bill.

Who's that? She's pretty.

Feasting eyes on next dish
before finishing the first

can you handle it?

Pay UP!

I'll get back my money's worth.

You tell Anna in Europe.

Eighteen thousand seven hundred in total.

Mrs. Ma.

One each.


The fat guy is busy tonight,

why not join us for a fun night out?


Oh, I can't. My husband is
hosting a dinner tonight.

Dam n.

You don't care about us anymore.

That's right.

Sorry, when Anna returns from Europe,

we'll get together again.


Thanks, Mrs. Ma.

Rosa, is it?

So full of herself

Did you say that?

Stella did.

Boss Ho can't destroy me,

just like you;

you seem to do pretty well, too.

It doesn't matter if I can't be a model,

look at me, I'm better off now.

Women are strong.

Are you tired? Let me give you a massage.

You have great skin, it feels good.

You do this quite well,

do you massage others or get a massage?

I like both.

I own this place, do come often.

What was that?

Relax. You can't always have good days.

When you've grown old,

forget about me serving you then.

You knew that I've guests tonight,

why are you home so late?

I'm sorry, I fell asleep in the sauna.

Forget it, go get changed!

Simon, come here.

I've good news.

What news?

We had a meeting,

Mr. Jones mentioned about
you joining the Legco.


Simon, the Governor knows
that you're married.

But don't worry,
tomorrow we'll sign the documents.

That shouldn't be any problem,
you can trust me.

You'll get your confirmation
by the end of next month.


Thanks for your support.

We've all wanted you to join.

Where's Mr. Ma?

He's going out.

Mrs. Ma, what time do you want to eat?

I don't want to eat.

So? Not asleep yet?

Can't sleep, I'm waiting for you.

It's okay

You know it's the last thing on my mind,
go to bed.


My license was revoked for speeding
in another country,

but still it wasn't as reckless as you.

If you'd like a race, pick a date,

and I need a different car.

Sorry, I'm not interested to race you.

There's a telegram from
the HQ in Singapore.

The boss has ordered

to hold the Ma Computers stocks
from going public.

Ignore him, I'm in charge here.

I could do whatever I wish.

Mr. Ma, what's bothering you lately?

Is it because of her?

Why don't you let her run
a small business?

Would it work?

Better than nothing to do.

Has the fat guy contacted you

since you' re back?

I'm glad that he hasn't.

You don't get along with him?

Of course not.

How come?

The first night in Europe,

he brought two black guys in the hotel.

I thought... oh no!

It turned out that
he was banging the black guys.

He's gay? I had no idea.

It's sick, don't bring it up again.

Then why did he ask me to look for you?

He's bisexual.

Are you here to play?


You play with her first,
she's no match for me.



Why do you look upset
every time I see you?

Is that so?

She gets materialistic fulfillment,

but not emotional;
of course she isn't happy.

Why don't you do some business?

My husband suggested the same thing.

But I'm not sure what.

Modeling agency.

But one needs production support for that.

If you have money,
that shouldn't be a problem.

I've a friend who's a stage director,

he just came back from France.

You mean Sam?


Great, introduce them.


Hey Sam.

I'd like you to meet my friend.

Sam, this is Tina.

It's you!

So you know each other.

If that's the case,
we wouldn't have argued.

Sam, Tina needs your help on something.


Remember to attend the class next Monday.

Sure, bye.

Is Helen here?

Regarding what?

Mr. Ho introduced me
to be a receptionist here.

It's me, you're Nancy?


He spoke to me yesterday,

fill in the application form first.

I'll tell them to re-do these,

don't worry.

I almost crashed into you the other night.


You still remember?

No entertaining tonight?

I turned them down,
I wanted to eat with you.

A toast to your business

Let's hope
your company will grow bigger than mine.

Thanks... for someone who
didn't show up at the opening

I'm making it up to you.


What is it?


Why are you crying?

Didn't expect you being so nice to me.


Maybe now I've just realised that

I've a great family,

a good wife.

I met with the Governor yesterday

and he talked to me about the councilor,

there will be an announcement soon.

No wonder you're so happy.

I want you to be happy too.


Mr. Ma, I'm Zhichao.

What is it?

The tender for Wharf Holdings' land
closes tomorrow.

You still haven't decided on the price.

What do you think, Mr. Ma?

Mr. Ma, hello?

Who is it?

Mr. Ho is waiting for you. It's urgent.

It will take a while.

Will you give me a massage?

It's so one way,
you don't know how to enjoy.

You know?

It's better to give a massage
than getting one.

In that case, I ought to massage you.


Just think why men are so keen
on night club hostesses,

and you'll understand.

Oh please!

Which part of you
hasn't been touched by a man?

My heart.

No man has ever touched my heart.

Don't you have a boyfriend?

Yes, they left on the space shuttle,

all rubbish.

What kind of a man do you prefer?

Mr. Zhao, he really knows
how to enjoy women.

How did you know? You hooked up with him?

No, l just want to be like him.

Who's this? Hold on.

Tina, your call.

Hello, Zhichao.

Business so soon?

Do it well.

That boss is a friend of mine.

You must pay special attention,
that's all.

There's no need to let her know
I'm the boss,

I don't want her to rely on me.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, B, 7, 8... another leg...

Tina, this is a close replica
of the Indian Kohinoor.

We need to return it after the show.

It's pretty, look.

Very pretty.

You're so sweaty.

You've had a tough day,

let's go out for a dance.


You've found a good helper.


From now on, no more business.

Just enjoy the evening.

Look at her.


Come on.

Where's the phone?

Over there.


Your husband hasn't left you, is it?

Or else Why'd you be playing
Madame Butterfly here!

I don't want to talk about him,
I'm so bored.

All he does is entertain others,

he ignores me at night.

It doesn't make any difference
if I'm married or not.

What? He ignores you at night?

You can sue him for ill treatment

Has he ill-treated you?

I don't know.

Can't be.

If it's like that,
how can he be a councilor?


I know you won't believe me,

but he really ignores me.

I must have a good time tonight.

Fine! We'll have fun.

Guess who loses, guess who loses...

Drink up...

Look at you!
You don't look like a celebrity wife.

You are worse than night club hostesses.

Aren't you fond of them?

I was just trying to learn from them.

Shut up.

You had a good time
with the two women earlier?

How come you're home so early?

You can't get it up again?

What are you talking about?

I just want to know
what's your sex drive like?

Strong, average or low.

I get it...

You've strong sex drive
when it comes to the bar chicks

but low sex drive when facing your wife.

Why aren't you looking at me?

Am I not pretty?
Don't I have a good figure?

Have a good look! Feel it!

Why don't you dare?

Can't believe I am not better
than those women!

Cheap whore!

Yes, I'm cheap.

Wouldn't have married you otherwise.

You're worse.

You wouldn't marry me if you're not cheap.

You hit me?

You whore!

I know what you need, come on.

Let go!

Just act like her!

Come on! Take a closer look.

Why aren't you paying attention?

Is this what you like to watch?

Watch away!

Why aren't you watching?

Go! Go!

Go! Tom my!

I'll give you another thousand, Ben.

Stay calm.

You can't raise the stakes now.

Says who?


Tommy seems to be doing better than Ben.

I don't think so, I think Ben will win.

Mrs. Tan, where did you take him
last night?

Shut up!

You brat!

Where did you take him?

Way to go, Tommy!

Way to go, Tommy!

Tom my, you're great.

Well done!

It's all yours.


I'm impressed, Tommy.

Keep me company tonight.

I'm tired.

What's the big deal?

I'll get Ben to go with me.

I'll take you out, Tommy.

I've earned enough.

Big deal.

He's a gigolo.

I'll introduce you if you're interested.

Tell him to join me for a drink.


You could take that attitude?

I have to if I don't want to remain poor.

It's one way or the other.

You would do anything for money?

I wouldn't do a thing

if you don't pay enough.

It's noisy here.

I know a quiet place,

would you like to join me?

You need these?

Who's doing the beating?

Doesn't matter,
but the charges are different.

I need to pay you to beat me up?

It's all about the technique.

I won't charge you if you beat me.

Let me give you a massage.

I've had many clients,

but you've the best skin of all.

Do you go to the bars often?

How come I haven't seen you before?

You talk too much.

You're the best client I've had so far.


Thanks, Mrs. Ma.

Remember, I'm not Mrs. Ma.

Miss X.

I hope to serve you again.

Call me anytime.

You won't see me again.

Be more sexy.

Sit on it, the side.

Stand together, face me, good.

Hands on waist.


No, not like that.

Hand, here. Put your feet closer.

You're too fat to be a model.

She said I could.

I said you could learn,

didn't say you could work as one.

Then what's the point for me?

At least you could learn something.

I quit, I want a refund.

There's no refund
after you've taken the course.

I don't care.

Refund! Don't run! Give my money back.

What's going on?

I can't work on someone so awful.

I'll do it.

Zhichao, you're still here.


Where's Simon?

In the study.

Don't you need to go
to the nightclub with Mr. Jones,

why are you still here?

Leaving right now.


Not busy today?

Since the three top models have left,

I've lots of free time.

Come on.

There are so many fashion shows
in Hong Kong,

we can't take all the jobs.


I've taken on a big show,

and would like you to help me with it.

What about me?


How do you want me to help?

You know that

there are only a handful of

good modeling agencies in Hong Kong.

I want to borrow your girls for the show,

and I'll give you a commission afterwards.

No problem.

It's time! Get your make up on!

To our partnership.

Anna, go and teach them
how to put on make up.



Stella has a show and
would like to hire our models,

arrange it.

Just contact me.

The boss is treating us to dinner tonight,

I'd like to bring a few models along,

to let him have faith in the show,


We're a modeling agency,

not a brothel.

We're in the same line of work.

You've knocked on the wrong door.

If you want some girls to
entertain your boss,

you can call up the escorts service.


Got turned down?

Boss Ho.

Why didn't you let me know
if I can make some money?

You have connections?

Of course.

I'm in charge of Tina's models.

Hop in.


Stella, look at these.

What are you doing?

Taking pictures of you.

Haven't you taken enough?

No. You look different

in different settings.

I want to capture

your charisma.

You surely know how to please a woman.

I meant it.

I liked you from the

first time I saw you,

I didn't even know your name.

I'm working with you on this show

just because I want to be near you.

Don't be silly, I've a husband.

I don't care.

I love you just the same.

Or you'd prefer me to say "I love you"?

You're crazy! Stop kidding around!

I'm serious!

It can't be, I've a good family,

a husband who loves me, it's impossible.

If he loves you so much,

why doesn't he spend the holidays
with you?

If you're so happy,

what are you doing here
in the middle of the night?

Stop kidding yourself.

You've a husband, money and status,

but he doesn't love you.

You' re talking crap.

I'm not.

You have nothing,

except me.

Nothing can stop me from loving you.

What are you doing? Why are you here?

Why can't I come in?

You're not allowed in
without my permission hereafter.

Come on, I'm your wife.

I know.

I need you to play the good wife
in public.

What do you take me for?

A vase? Some antique? I'm a person!

You can ask for a divorce
if you don't need me.

I've made it clear from the start

you can have anything you want,
except sex life.

But you can't divorce me.

I'll look for other men
if I can't get a divorce.

I'm going to Singapore for a meeting,

I won't be back until a week later.

You have plenty of chance
to look for guys.

But I warn you;

I'm someone with status.

I won't let you get away

if you're in some kind of scandal.

Who's this?

Who's this?

Why leave since you're here?

Why are you here at this hour?

Waiting for you; I knew you'd be back.

I don't like men who lie.

You want the truth?

I jerk off ogling at your photographs.

You're sick.

Let go of me!

What are you doing? Stop!



Let go!


Are you tired? Let me give you a massage.

No, thanks. I'm busy today.

Take care, bye.


You must be tired,
let me give you a massage.

No, I'm busy today.

You enjoy yourself.



Why are you avoiding me?
Why won't you look at me?

You think you're that special?


ls Tina around?



Finished so soon?

It's better when I'm inspired.

The fashion designs are all ready,
go pick the material

You can do it, I need to pick some music.

There's a rehearsal later.

Let's have dinner.



Nancy, were you looking for me?

Oh, you were right.

If Mr. Ma finds out,
I wonder what will happen.

Stop it. I told them to do it.

What do you want?

Nothing, just want a word with you.

Go on.

My boss bought a wife;

If you so much like to
spend time with her,

my boss could buy you too.

Tell your boss that,

if he tries to buy me, he'd be in trouble.

Tell him to keep the money for his coffin.

I want to leave town
after the ShOW'S over.


It doesn't suit me here.

Why not? The city is full of energy.

Anyway, the population here isn't much.

People come and go in the hustle & bustle

oi central Tsim Sha Tsui and Mung Kok.

They are all monsters.

To me,

they are all money-printing machines.

Some make coins, some print notes.

But the funny thing is,

they don't know what they're doing.

All I want is for
everything to stay the same always.


It's more like pathetic.

People here don't have a life.

Lifeless folks.

They thought they know how to enjoy,

but they haven't enjoyed life.

Tina, come with me.

We're going to have a good life.

You think Mrs. Ma and Mr. Li
can have a good life?

You can divorce him.

He married me so that

he could show the world that
he is a family man.

He can't be a councilor if he's divorced,

he'd rather die.

Think it over.

After the show,

you will board the flight with me.

Qiang, who's she?

The new maid.

Where's Maria?

She got fired by Mr. Ma.


She found an earring in the study,

Mr. Ma said she moved his stuff
without permission.

Where's Mr. Ma?

He's playing golf, isn't back yet.

I told you to mind your own business.

Why are you so stupid?

Do you feel better now that
you've found out?

You're not human!

I won't stay with you anymore.

You want to leave me?
Maybe on the day you die.

I know you want to torture me
till that day.

You want to feel better? Let me tell you

Today onwards just pretend
you don't know anything;

don't interfere with my life.

Then you're still Mrs. Ma,
of the upper crust.

I'd rather be a hooker.

You don't deserve to be a hooker.

You think I don't know your secret?

I am just too smart to lay it out.


Tina, what is it? Tell me.

I'll leave with you after the show.

I knew it.

Hurry! It's time for the rehearsal.

Helen, these are the copies,
distribute them.


Don't worry.

You'll know in the rehearsal.


Why isn't Sam here yet?

He said he'd be back by ten.

But he's still not here.

Call him.

Helen, play the music.

Let them practise.


The line is constantly engaged.

Is the phone out of order?


there are four columns around here.

Strike a pose here.

Come on.

Anna, you come out from here.

OK, turn, lower the arm.

Helen, you take care of things here.

I'll look for Sam.


Hello? Speaking. Great.

I'll transfer the money to you right away.

Remember, we will never meet again.

Sure, good luck.


What happened, Sam? Who did this?


Mrs. Ma, what are you doing here?

One of my staff died.

What post was he at?

Mrs. Ma, what's his name?

Is it a murder?

That I'm not sure.

But something happened at home.

If you want to report, follow me.

I've a very interesting tape to show you.


Go with her.

Come on.

Mrs. Ma told us to come in.

Let them in.

Mrs. Ma...

What's the tape about?

Call over more reporters here.

I'll have a press conference in the study.

Mr. Ma and Mr. Ho in the room,

nobody else in.

The main characters of the scandal
are both here.

You can take more pictures later.

Follow me.

Come on.

So it's you!

Stop! Get out!

This is what a celebrity's true self is.

No pictures! Get out!

Get out! No pictures!

I'll call the police if you don't leave.

Get out!

This sure is big news.

Never mind her.

Let's hurry back in time
for the news typeset.