Xia ri le you you (2011) - full transcript

(Mandarin with English subtitles) A paralegal (Angelababy) is sent on a undercover mission to inspect You Lele (Eddie Peng), the young owner of a stunning beach resort suspected of illegal business practices. Though the two hit if off on a very wrong note, they grow fond of each other's company despite their clashing personalities.


Be careful, sit down

Are you okay?

I beg you to rescue my parents!

They're still in the sea

I beg you to rescue them!

Last night's storm was too powerful

I'm begging you

My mother gave me the last plank of wood

Don't be afraid

Fisherman Uncle is here for you

Don't be afraid

Tell Fisherman Uncle your name

My name is Xiami

Dried Shrimp

Xia as in Summer, Mi as in Rice


Are you hungry?

I'll get you something to eat



That accident at sea changed my whole life

Father, Mother, I still think of you

I recruited you because you know how to read lips

If you won't even use that

Why do I need you?

Get out!

Lawyer Gao

I came here to apply for a case
investigator position

That's a job I can definitely do well

Get out!

What do you want?

Lawyer Gao, Mr. JK is here

Mr. JK

Long time no see

Please come in

Go out!

That scoundrel

He's been cheating tourists
on that island of every penny

I want you to get a good investigator
to collect information on him

No problem

Isn't there coffee?

Change it


I already wired the money over to you


Let me take that

Mr. JK, here's the coffee you wanted

How did you know I wanted coffee?

I saw it from outside

You saw it?

Yes, because I can read lips

You can read lips?

I am Lawyer Gao's assistant investigator

My name is Xiami

I'm going to find you an amazing investigator

No need

I've already found one

Thank you Mr. JK! Thank you boss!

Mr. JK

Miss Xiami is our best investigator!

My friend was vacationing on Love You You Island

And the boss cheated him of a lot of money

I want you to collect...

his business records

So I can sue him and win

(Person in charge: You Lele)

You Lele

I'm going to get you

Ladies and gentlemen

I'm Captain

Love You You

Beautiful bride,

May I?


What's your name?


My buddies...


Take out your cash and credit cards

Please don't hurt my wife!

I'll give you anything you want

George, I'm so scared. George


0517 1210

0517 is your birthday.

Whose birthday is 1210?

My mother's

Your mother's

His mother's

In that case, I have to check

Go there!

Did you ever

Touch that sexy secretary in your office?

How do you know
there's a sexy secretary in my office?

Hurry up and answer

But what does this have to do with the robbery?

I'll answer, I'll answer


I did fantasize about it

But I never touched her

I swear

And have you ever taken a mistress?

How could I when I wasn't even married?

You intend to have a mistress when you're married?

I don't mean that

Don't argue. Shut up

That sword of his must be fake

If we attack him, we'll definitely win

Why do you want to marry her?



Spit it out

I kill without remorse


I'm making the first strike

- C'mon, let's attack together
- Because...

The sword is so sharp, hubby!

Very sharp



Attack! Attack! Why are you not attacking?

Why should we attack?

A misunderstanding!
Actually it's all a misunderstanding

He's just the organizer of the wedding

This is just a test for the groom

My wife!

I want to see you next to me
when I get up every morning

You need to pay extra

I was injured on the job

I'm not with the couple.
Just treat it as an accident

You're so righteous

You pay for it then

Why should I pay you anything?


I'll pay, I'll pay!

I'm very satisfied with my husband's answer

I'll happily pay you any amount

Good! As long as someone pays

Buddies, we're done here!

Love You You! Give me your phone number

I'm leaving!

If there's anything you need

- Feel free to call me
- Trash

Look, our phone number's right here

Our resort has many wedding games

And performances

Remember, my name is You Lele

Go back and tell your boss,
this is what you get for bothering me

Heard that?

You Lele



A true piece of trash




"Trash Trash Trash"


Order anything you want

Have another glass

Drink up!



What do you want?

Think you look better from the left side?


We need the passport for registration!



Some scores have arrived

A whole group of scores

We'll conquer them!

Luxury brand

Also luxury brand

Another luxury brand

Truly scores

He's indeed a moneygrubber



Welcome to New Century Magical Beach

What's this?

Why is it so expensive?

Not expensive at all

As part of the new generation
of sophisticated ladies

You pursue luxury brands

Why not pursue spiritual luxury?

Let me show you

Southeast Asia's most famous Magical Soul Ritual

It'll be an unforgettable experience

What is it?


Let our Master Chicken...


Be the captain of your souls

Let him unburden you of pain

I want you. I don't want him

Only you

Of course

Let me take you on a tour through the horizons

Leave behind your sorrows

And then finally

You may rest against my chest

What do you say?

Follow me!

I heard the story of the Fisherman Uncle
who saved Xiami

Very famous

Correct, you know your stuff

This is the sand sculpture of Fisherman Uncle

If you take a photo with him and

Place it under your pillow

In just 7 weeks, 43 days

- You'll be able to...
- Isn't that 49 days?

Yes, but bringing it earlier by a week is better

No matter if you're praying for love or marriage

Or fair weather

Or beautiful looks

Have you chosen what you'll pray for?

Doesn't matter if you haven't decided

Take a photo first. One photo for 1 00 dollars

Click away

Here's a fat girl sand sculpture

She's not just any fat girl

Her name is Xiami

When she fell into the sea, nobody could save her

Because she was just so fat

It was only Fisherman Uncle

Who was able to use all his strength
to pull her out of the water

Who knew that Xiami would be so ungrateful

and even tried to separate...

Fisherman Uncle and his girlfriend

Because she wanted him for herself


We have here a magical stone

Born from thousands of years underwater

If you throw this stone at Xiami here

Your romantic rival will starting hurting all over

Even in the butt

So... catch this!

Don't rush. There's more over here

There's a discount today



What right do you have to call me a cheat?

Because I'm Xiami

I was there when it happened!

Did you lose weight or something?

Should have said so earlier,
I would've made a slimmer sculpture

He's a cheat. Don't believe him!

This is my girlfriend

She became like this from praying too much

So you have a girlfriend

No, I broke up with her some time ago

No! Your girlfriend!

I'm now single

Your girlfriend


We have a floating wedding hall on the sea

But you have to be willing to spend


Miss Sophia, don't worry

I'll give you a most memorable wedding

Leave it to me, thank you!

- Chicken
- Yes?

Get ready, we're starting work!

You're paying such a low salary,
who would do the job?

Woke up, eh?

Why are you still here?

Actually my passport and purse

were stolen at the harbor

Go to the police station

It'll take time for a new passport to arrive

Are you hiring staff here?

I'm willing to work for free

As long as I get food and lodging

Work for free?

You're willing to do anything?

Scrub it again, hurry!


Can't you move faster?

You think you're on a shopping trip?
Stop listening to music!

- Xiami, come over
- Would you like to order?

- French fries
- And you?

- I want chicken chop
- Chicken chop



Showtime, girls

Come! Follow Master Chicken

He'll help soothe your pain. Come

Which island will we spend the night on?

- Can't tell you that yet
- Why?

Go Xiami go!

Get to sleep!

What Magical Soul Ritual...

Lecherous, greedy cheater... Trash!

There's a first time for everything

You can only buy this here

You can't find it elsewhere

I know, so I came to look for you

But your brother didn't call me

I'm here - it's the same thing

- We're old customers
- No...

I only did it because of your brother

Come on, help out

Ask your brother to call me

Can't stand it anymore?


Get to work!

Magical Soul Ritual

Sand sculpture photo

You're indeed a moneymaking machine


So tired, I'm going to bed

Thank you


Weird girl...


What do you think? Heaven on earth!

Wow! So beautiful

Hubby! Isn't it great?

As long as you like it

Deposit, come this way

No problem

We built the law firm together

Everything you do is in your interest.
Is that fair?

Miss Sophia

Please take a look.
This is the menu for the wedding dinner

Event schedule

Please take a look here

These are the rooms for the wedding guests

We'll do everything you request

As for fees

I guess you need the deposit?


Thank you

Have all the other resort guests moved out?

Of course

Take a look at these people around us

Once I receive the money,
I'm going to chase them all off the island

Thank you

A guest has booked the whole hotel

So we're moving to the new staff dormitories

We have staff dormitories here?

Let me tell you

I'm very good to my staff

Sleep in this tent?

Isn't this blissful?

Most people sleep in the sea!

I know you're a fan of sleepwalking

Careful you don't sleepwalk into the sea

How do you know?

Did I sleepwalk last night?

Let me warn you first

They are my important guests

Don't you scare them away


I'll be right there

Useless piece of garbage


he's indeed a big cheat

I've already gotten hold of his business data

I'll return tomorrow


But Mr. JK wants you to stay behind

And get all the data from before July 28

Yes, I understand, Boss


Shall I go over to your room?

Didn't you say we needed to sleep
in separate rooms before the wedding?

You're not smoking are you?


I was just getting ready for a shower

I... Wait a minute

An improvement, at least no crash this time



Get up.

If I said she was sleepwalking

Would you believe it?


So I guess that girl in the nightclub was
sleepwalking too?

I promise I was only entertaining clients that time

If I don't work hard with my clients,
how do I earn money for us?

Fine. Next time just take care
of your work and not me

When have I not cared about you?

Everytime I tell you I want to keep a pet cat,
have you cared?

Didn't I say keep one if you want?

When did I ever stop you?

How do I keep one?

Everyone's so busy now

Then just get a cat next time

How long do I have to wait?

When I'm an old lady?

Everytime I reply to your question,
you're not satisfied.

What exactly do you want?

I want to discuss my problems with you

Am I not discussing your problems with you now?

Do you think you're talking to thin air?

Everytime I talk to you

I always feel like you don't care about me

If that were the case,
would I be discussing a cat at midnight?

I feel like I'm just talking to your shell

I can't feel your soul

Why don't you tell me
what you mean by not feeling my soul?

If you love me, of course I'd feel your soul

That's bizarre

Where are you going?

Running away as usual

My soul's here

But I'm taking this shell of mine to bed

Please go ahead and converse with my soul

No wonder my father didn't want me to marry you

Your father wouldn't let you marry me?

He said you were completely unsuitable for me

He really said that?


Your father's really wise

And all these years

To think I've underestimated him all these years

I want to cancel the wedding

It's you who said it

And you're my witness

You weird girl

I already told you
not to sleepwalk into my guests' rooms

You sleepwalked into my male guest's room

Why didn't you sleepwalk
into Chicken's room instead?

Which room is Chicken in?

How in the world would I know?

Let me tell you

This is my big client

I spent so much effort on them

Now all this money I was going to earn

Is gone!

I want you to get out of my sight now

Wait a minute and listen to me

We can find a way to reunite them

Reunite, wow, reunite

You really think it's like

the Fisherman Uncle sand sculpture?

"Take a photo here, click click!"

"Put a photo under your pillow
for just 7 weeks, 43 days"

You think it really works like that?

49 days

Who cares how many days? Get lost by tomorrow

Unless you have a great idea on how to reunite them

You can get out of here now

I want to sleep

Mr. Haochang

Listen to me

Actually, come to think of it

You're about to get married

Don't give it up
because of a small misunderstanding

This misunderstanding helped me realize

My wanting to marry Haochang

Is a real mistake

Women, you see

What they want is

For you to care for them a bit more

Once you do, there won't be any problem at all

How else can I care more?

Take work for example

Everytime she's unhappy at the office,
I always tell her to just quit

If he really cared for me

He'd listen to my complaints


He shouldn't always evade the issue

And just tell me to quit

Us men

We have great pressure at work


When we're under pressure,

can't we watch a game and unwind?

What's wrong with that?

He's just obsessed with watching games

That's very normal

Everytime he has problems at work

I show him so much concern

I spend all night analyzing his problem
and provide suggestions

You know what I can't stand?

I can't stand that

She always forces her suggestions on me

Be this way, be that way. Do this, do that.

I feel

She simply doesn't trust my abilities

Exactly, I totally agree.

Men are the worst because

They don't know how to treasure what they have

Right, you're so correct

What's most important to a man?


Face, exactly. Face

And what's worst about women?

They always want to change us men

Without face, we have no honor


Pretending to care about you at the beginning

But then later

Once they have you,

They just start going through the motions

Make you feel meaningless

And worthless!

Absolutely right!

Just like some instant noodles
they've finished eating

Dumped straight into the trash

Dumped anytime they like

Although they keep saying they don't mind

That's all lies!

My good friend, you're so right!

At the beginning

They act like some lovely thing

Promising to never leave you

But with time, they become vicious harpies!


They're horrifying like that


Men! Cry, my brothers!

Ain't no crime in crying!

Us women, we just need to live like we want to

All those jerks who don't appreciate us

Will live to regret it!

Go ahead and cry!

Business is ruined. I'm done for

Keeping a cat

She can't even take care of herself,
and now she wants a cat

If a woman has a guy for company,
what does she need a cat for?

So, by wanting to keep a cat

She's hinting that
you're not keeping her company enough

Why doesn't she tell me directly that
she wants me to care more?

Of course she won't ask so directly

How unromantic would that be?

You think it's like your boss sending you a memo?


Women like using hints and metaphors!

They like to use ambiguous...

ways of communicating with you

If you're really her soul mate

You'd completely understand her hints

Women are simply troublesome

Go find a man if you think women are so troublesome

Miss Sophia

Not sure if you remember

But you said you wanted to book
our resort for 2 weeks

So I rejected all other guest bookings
for those 2 weeks

You said you wanted a wedding hall on the sea

And I provided you
with Southeast Asia's most beautiful

most unique floating wedding hall

Don't you think it's a pity?

What's it got to do with me
that you rejected other guests?

Running any business comes with risk

Don't you understand this basic philosophy?

In any case

I came here because you told me
there was a floating wedding hall

You're sharp

Of course I am

No wonder men don't like you

What did you just say?

I meant, such a sharp woman as yourself

Is surely irresistible to men

But sometimes playing a bit dumb

Will help make you more lovable

Am I right?

Tell me again, what exactly do men want?

What exactly do women want?

Give me an example of what you don't understand

I'll analyze for you


She often tells me that I'm


When I ask her what's annoying about me,
she never says

She sometimes claims that

I bully her

Why in the world would I bully her?

I'm a man after all


Iove face

So women need to give men face

Men are simple creatures

They don't like complicated issues

If you want to keep a cat

Just tell him directly that you want a cat


She says you're annoying

But you're not at all annoying

She thinks you're the most lovable person on earth

She says you bully her

My dear, you think women are so easy to bully?

She only lets people she likes bully her!

What's more

You're the only person in the world
she'll allow to bully her


What you think your partner cares most about is

Actually what you yourself care most about


So in the past when I thought
he placed work over me


It was I that placed work over him

When I was sick, he'd always stay by my side

Even though he can't take spicy food

He'd eat spicy food with me

Is it because I didn't work hard enough
to understand her?

She really is very special to me

I guess I really do quite miss him

I quite miss her

Good news!

- Haochang says he misses her!
- Sophia says she misses him!

- They just need an opportunity to talk
- We'll give them that opportunity!


We'll organize a big meal for them... for free!

For free?

No, Xiami, we can't do it for free!

All these years

Whether it was for love or work

You've given a lot

It's been tough on you

Actually I've been adding to your troubles


You can be just a little bit troublesome

But actually

A beautiful and occasionally troublesome woman

is the most lovable kind

Why not

We get married?

Time to get to work then


Put it on or not?

Is it okay not to put it on?

It feels uncomfortable when it's on

I'm not responsible if anything happens
because it's not on

So you're responsible if it's on?

Of course


Put it on properly

And you'll be safe


I'll put it on too

This way, even if you take to the skies
or climb over mountains

Even if you go feed the sharks in the sea,
I'll know

Good night!

Are you any good at drawing?

Better than you!

Prove it


Time to get back to work

Well said

You're becoming as hardworking as me!

Otherwise we'll never finish painting this


It's a wrap

You look beautiful today!

Thank you!

- Congratulations
- Thank you

You're so beautiful

Makes me want to get married too!

You can hurry up and try!

You're so cool

You're still sleeping?

Even if you set off now, you won't make it

Who's going to be the witness at the wedding now?

I'm so sorry

The witness is on his way

He's stuck in traffic... boat traffic

Boat traffic?

Uh, it's Monday

Everyone's rushing to get to work

It's you?

Sorry for the wait...
yes, I was always going to be the witness

True moneygrubber...
you even want to make money like this

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to Love You You Resort

Thank you for attending...

the wedding of Miss Sophia and Mr. Haochang

To share in this joyous occasion

Shakespeare once said

We'll lose even the most beautiful things one day

We'll rouse from even
the most beautiful dream one day

Even our most beloved person will depart one day

Even our most beautiful memories will fade one day

If you abandon something, never regret it

If you don't treasure someone,
it's better to part ways

What are you talking about?
This is our wedding day!

You can't be friends after parting ways,
because you'll hurt each other

Neither can you be enemies,
because you were once lovers

And so that's how life goes

and how your marriage goes

Mr. Haochang

Are you brave enough

To go out on a limb

In taking Miss Sophia as your wife?

I do

Dear Miss Sophia

Mr. Haochang's taking a big risk

Are you willing to marry him?

To be

Or not to be?

You do?


not to do?

I do

Say it to him

I do

You may kiss the bride

Congratulations to the newlyweds
on bravely taking the plunge

This is a wonderful beginning, thank you!

Please put your hands together for the new couple!

Boss, we're having problems in the kitchen

Excuse me. Thank you


This is the most amazing wedding I've ever seen

Well, you're my most unforgettable guest



This next song...

I wish I could

Sing this to her for the rest of my life

I'll sing this to her forever

"Love you you"

"Love's like a wordless book"

"It can't express"

"The warmth of love"

"I wish to give you happiness"

"But you're guarded"

"At this turning point"

"All that's left is a wasteland of broken waves"

"Love you you"

"I lost my way in the sea"

"I cannot find. Where my heart belongs"

Why did you run out?

You think my food tastes bad?

Not at all

That song... it's a little sad

So I left

A little sad?

In that case,
I have something that will cheer you up

It's beautiful

Does this beautiful dessert have a name?


A dessert is just a dessert.
Why would it need a name?

It reminds me of the sea

Why not call it Heart of the Sea?

Heart of the Sea?

Where's the heart? Is there a heart in there?

It's like how you can't get to
a woman's heart right away

That makes sense

Heart of the Sea...

Not bad...

I'm going to charge you a copyright fee!

No way!

You're beginning to think business
like me more and more

Of course!

How about I cook for you instead?


Actually you're a pretty good cook

Why not be a chef?

Instead of spending your time getting into fights?

Even though I wanted to be a chef

Mother made the choice for me

to work in the family's hotel business

One day my grandfather announced

That his grandsons would each run
an island resort for 6 months

The one with the best results
would take over the family business

My brother uses unscrupulous ways

So every punch I throw

Is to protect my dream

Of giving my mother a better life


Now that your father is gone

Mother is left with only you

If you don't work hard...

in the family business

Many bad people will bully me

Mother, I promise to provide you
with a good life when I grow up

Good morning, boss

I have a question to ask you

Are JK and You Lele brothers?

Are they involved in a competition
to take over the family business?

Xiami, don't bother so much about these things

Complete your assignment and come home right away


Where the world were you?

This is Curly. He is the manager
of the superstar singer, Nana


He wants to book our resort for a few days


So I come tomorrow with 40,000 ringgit check
and the contract?

That's perfect!


- We need to order now!
- Coming!

Miss You know how long we've been waiting?

I don't want your mother

I want Nasi Lemak

Give a little more spice but don't make it spicy

And bring on the bak kut teh

But I don't want no taste of teh

Satay, satay, just two will do



I have no idea what you're talking about!

The bigger the satay the better

More juice, more meat, more black pepper sauce

How can you hear
when you're wearing your headphones?

Can you hear? Can you hear or not?

Did JK send you here?



Are you ok?

Better than ok!

Get to work!

Coming to my rescue
when the fight's already over, geez

It's nothing

- Just a scratch
- It looks like it hurts!

Nay, it doesn't

You're bleeding!

It's really nothing


Very painful?

Nope, I'm used to it


Is she an ex-girlfriend?

The person I love most

Are you jealous?

How could I be jealous?


You looked really concerned...

when those guys were beating me

Did you almost cry?

Don't be so full of yourself

Since my parents passed away,

I've never cried in front of anyone

That sounds tough

That's what it feels like

Boss, time to get to work

Let's go

Where are you taking me?

Magical Soul Ritual

Pretty girls! Hold on a second

Let me have the boat,
I'll pay you back double next time

- Oh,
- what's going on?

Sorry... we'll use the boat next time

I don't want to go

You don't want to go?

Don't you want to know how I use
the Magical Soul Ritual to cheat people?

No, not really

But it's my proudest accomplishment

Just see it once

Come on!


We're taking off!

This way

This place is so beautiful!


Where are you going?


Going home?

Bye bye!

Get back here!

I wouldn't throw that bag if I were you

You'll be counting on just that bag tonight!


You big cheat!



I'll never trust you again!

Father, Mother

I miss you so much!

I really miss you

I may not mind, but my mother minds

Since my mother cannot accept you

Nothing can come out of our relationship

Let's break up

You study all day
and don't bother to help out at home

Raising you all these years
has been a waste of my time!

Thinking about going to university? In your dreams!

Father, Mother

I miss you so much!

No one loves me, no one cares for me


I beg you to save my father and mother

They're still in the sea

I beg you!

What are you doing here?

Take off your clothes

Get away from me!

Take them off!

Get away from me!

Take them off!

What do you want?

Just do as I say and don't ask questions!

Good morning

What exactly are you doing?

The scarf too

The scarf... just hand it over


This is you

Leave the old you behind here

Everytime I'm sad

I'll come to this island

Shout at the world for one night

Cry alone for one night

When I wake up the next day

I leave all unhappy memories behind here

And take off with a fresh start

Can you take me to a place?


Stop the boat!

It's right ahead

Close your eyes

Don't peek

Father, Mother, I've come to visit you

I'm all grown up now


We've run out of oil

Run out of oil?

What's going on?

You didn't bother to check before we left?

- Sorry
- Forget it

Let's just go to the nearest island to buy oil


We want to buy oil

Four cans, 1 000 ringgit

Boss, I don't have enough money

Are you kidding me?

Put it on the credit card


Mr. You Lele!

I don't welcome you on my island

My boat ran out of oil

Just grabbing some cans of oil here

We'll be out of your way in no time

Long time no see

Since when do you visit my island?

What a coincidence, your boss just called me

He wants something rushed back to Beijing

Have you forgotten me?

We met at your office

Miss Xiami

You know him?

Don't worry

I won't expose you, ok?

I won't help you anymore

- Why?
- Boss

Mr. Lin has been waiting a long time for you
in the meeting room

Fine, take this lady to my office
while I meet with him

Hello, please come this way

Please sit here for a moment

(Gao Law Firm
Xiami: Work Performance Evaluation)

This is JK. I'm away from my desk.
Please leave a message

JK. I'm Curly

This is about Nana booking your resort

Is the 60,000 ringgit price okay?
Please reply quickly

Call my new number

012269265 Bye

Miss Xiami

Seems like you and the scoundrel are getting along

Scoundrel? He's your brother!

Same father, different mothers.
Let's be clear about that

I find it strange

You'd rather help a scoundrel than help me

Because I'm a scoundrel too

So I won't be helping you anymore

You already have

1 bowl of peanuts, 2 ice waters

What relationship do you have with my brother?

How would I have known he was your brother?

I'm asking you a question

What relationship?

You're nuts

A woman just wants her man to be more tolerant

Tolerant? If I weren't tolerant,
I would have flipped a table already!

If this table weren't nailed to the ground!

Xiami, actually

This guy got all worked up over you

This shows he cares a lot for you


He cares too much. I don't need it.

How come both of you are so good
at giving advice to others

but not to yourselves?

You've done such a great job helping us

How come you're unable to communicate
with each other?

Wear this in case you sleepwalk into Chicken's room

Otherwise I'm not responsible.
Regards, Love you you


And to think he said he'd be responsible

You Lele!

So you have 2 passports

Miss Xia

Don't you owe me an explanation?

I don't owe anyone anything

I'll leave

In fact, I'll leave tomorrow

Mr. Lele

These are the dates for Miss Nana's stay
and a confidentiality agreement

Take a look

If there are no problems, please sign your name

Of course

Here's the deposit for 40,000 ringgit

It says 60,000 on this check

Come over here... Actually

Please wire the difference of 20,000
into my personal account

Here's the account number

Sure, I only care about the money I get.
I don't care about the rest

Thank you! Mr. Lele is indeed clever

I'll write a receipt for 40,000 to you

That's a done deal then, Mr. Lele.
Thank you very much

We'll see each other when we check in

Thank you! Bye, Chicken. I'll take off first

- Hope we have a good time working together
- Great


Thank you for all you've done this year

I know you've been working really hard lately

And you're getting married soon

Whether or not I win the competition

I'll help take care of your wedding
and honeymoon expenses

Start work!

Everyone has been working hard
over the past 6 months

Today we'll announce the results of the competition

Youpei, 620,000

JK You Jiekai, 920,000

Youmin, 750,000

And You Lele...

...with 950,000

Therefore the winner is You Lele

Wait a moment

Sorry to interrupt

But is this competition fair?

Of course

What if someone has broken the rules?

Then he's disqualified


2 days ago

Lele pretended that his boat stalled

And used that excuse to come to my island

He even got his friend to snoop in my office

To try and steal my business records

JK, it's Curly here

About Nana wanting to book your resort

Is the 60,000 ringgit price okay?
Please reply quickly

Call my new number

Count me unlucky

But Xiami heard Curly's whole message

And here I have a receipt for 40,000 ringgit

It proves that Xiami gave the information
to You Lele

And the very next day...

He stole my customer

Curly is very honorable
and is willing to be my witness

It's true

You Lele told me
he was willing accept a price of 40,000

And even gave me a 20,000 ringgit kickback

This bank statement proves it

Here, inspect it

And I have another important witness

Mr. Chicken

My boss did tell me to pretend
that the boat stalled

And to use this as an excuse to steer the boat
to Mr. JK's island

He then told Miss Xiami to steal information
from the office

You bastard

No wonder you told me the boat ran out of oil

It's really unfortunate

That we have a scoundrel in our family

Then again it's understandable

Like mother, like son

What did you just say?

Insult me if you dare,
but leave my mother out of this

Look! What a scoundrel!

Son, sit down!

- Sit down!
- Mom!

Mother, I did nothing wrong. I've been framed!

You must believe me

Of course I do. You've already done your best

To me, it's been more than enough

Since Lele played foul

I officially deem him disqualified



I didn't win

Son, having you by my side is enough for me


I can prove You Lele's innocence

Did I hear that right?

You're a thief trying to prove
another thief's innocence?

(Disabilily: Deafnece (Severe Degree))

You have severe degree of deafness?

I only have 30 percent
hearing ability in my left ear

So if I don't wear a hearing aid,
I can't hear anything at all

I can only read lips
and observe people's expressions

What did you say?

That you're...


You expect me to believe
some random medical certificate?

We'll never believe you!


Sir, that video footage
we saw has not been authenticated

Miss Xiami, I'm sorry. We wronged you

Listen up everyone. The winner of this competition

Is You Lele!


- Congratulations, brother
- Thank you

Your hearing problems have worsened

If not for your deceased mother

I wouldn't have taken you in

Are you listening to music? Let me take a listen

- What music is it?
- I hear nothing

That's not a music player

It's a hearing aid

- She can't hear
- Hearing Aid

- Don't bully her
- She can't hear

What are you doing here?

I brought you some food

I've told you...

not to wear that hearing aid when my mother can see

I may not mind, but my mother minds

What's the point in going on like this?

Let's break up



Why do you shout at me from behind?

You know very well that I can't hear

Now you know why I'm always wearing headphones

Because I hate having people
shout at me from behind

I just wanted to say thank you

No thanks necessary. You deserved to win

Let me explain

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to investigate you

You didn't do it on purpose

but you never trusted me

Do you know that

When you hate someone

Your right foot always fidgets

I never thought this would happen to me

You've never believed me

I didn't know my foot did that

You're very surprised that I know that, right?

Ever since I stopped wearing a hearing aid

I pushed myself to study
everyone's expression closely

To study lip reading

I wanted to pretend I was a normal person

And keep my deafness a secret

I know, I know that...

You know that?

What do you know?

You really think I'm that strong?

You think it's that easy pretending
to be a normal person?

That simple?


I'm so tired of trying that
I don't have the will to live

Listen to me

You can stop pretending

I can be at your side. I can protect you

I can...

I can help you do a lot of things

I won't mind at all

What right do you have to mind or not to mind?


Because I'm not a normal person, right?

You know what?

If I could go on pretending

I'd rather pretend my whole life
than hear the words you just said

Xiami, can you please not leave?

Can you please be brave for once... for me.
Just once


Are you brave?

You don't even dare fulfill
your dream of being a chef

That's why you hide out in the family business

Because you fear you won't have an excuse
if you fail

What right do you have to tell me
I should be brave?

Miss Xiami!

Miss Xiami!

What are you doing here?

When I was copying Lele's computer files that day

I accidentally copied his journal

I hope that you'll have a change of heart
after reading it

It's the only chance
I have to make up for what I did

I'm begging you

Hurry up!

This JK is always sending thugs to make trouble

Scaring away my guests

This battle is getting harder to fight

Since someone wants to pay me to play a pirate

Fine, I'll play one

Heck, for money, I'd be happy to play a turtle

Some people say

When true love appears

Time stands still

Hey, what's in my line of sight?

Turns out it's a shoe

Why does she never reply

When I call out to her from behind?

So strange

I suspect she is...

Today, I want to confirm my suspicion

I chewed gum and pretended to be talking to Xiami

To think she really thought I was talking

Turns out... you really can't hear

You've been reading lips all along

At that moment, I wanted to hug her

And ask:

how you suffered all these years

Do you ever break out in song

when you get frustrated?

Have you ever been moved by music?

Have you every enjoyed these simple things in life?

That night, I finally realized

Why you left the dinner in such sadness

I want to make you happy

I'll use every means I have to make you happy


(Magical Soul Ritual)


That day,

I decided to show you my Magical Soul Ritual

Watching you so sad

I was sad too

Watching you cry

I cried with you

I keep asking about

what's going on between Xiami and JK

But I fear the answer

will hurt my relationship with her

So better to avoid the issue and hide

Besides, I'm used to hiding from problems

Weird girl...

Sleepwalking again

Spending the night with her was amazing...

The sun is scorching

I should find her some shade

Oh, and get her a towel

I really didn't mean to investigate her

Why did she choose to leave instead of explaining?

Do I mean so little to her?

If I tell her that secret

Would it make a difference?

Perhaps I should really tell her that secret



Hello, is Lele around please?

Are you Xiami?


Lele has left

He said to give this letter to you if you came back

I'm Lele's mother

You can call me Katherine

Thank you


I didn't know my words

Would hurt you so badly

I can only imagine what you've been through

That made you so sensitive

And guarded

I'm really sorry

When my father died

Mother considered leaving me
with my late father's family

And remarrying

That's why when I was younger

I vowed never to return to the restaurant business

Not only because I was afraid of failure

But also afraid of losing...

my mother's affection

Thank you for scolding me earlier

Today I'll let go of everything I have

And bravely fight for my true dreams

Hopefully my bravery

Will encourage you to be brave as well

To wear your hearing aid again

And hear all the sounds around you

I don't know when I'll get to see you again

But I hope when that time comes

You can hear me saying this to you


I left you a small present in the wedding hall

I hope you'll like it

(Dried Shrimp)

Good morning, Xiami!


We've been waiting for you, darling

Have you eaten breakfast?
Would you like some coffee?

We got a difficult client in

You girls are always asking me
to help put out fires

We'll buy you lunch next time

- What would you like to eat?
- Please do us this favor


Hello, Mr. Liu. My name is Xiami

I hear you're looking for a good fund to invest in

Hope that we can help you with that

In your opinion

What kind of fund would you recommend?

Mr. Liu, forgive my presumption

Your shoes are very expensive

And they look like
they've been worn for 7 to 8 years

It shows that you lead a frugal...

and low-key life

You might be most suitable for our 375 fund

I'm exhausted!

You're always handing me the most difficult clients

I have no choice

You're our gold star salesperson!

Our whole team counts on you

What do you mean gold star salesperson?

I'm just a firefighter

Dear firefighter

You deserve to spend some of that
hard-earned money on a trip!

My cousin went to
a Southeast Asian island last month

And said it had a beautiful floating wedding hall

- It's pink!
- Guagua, I'm tired

Let's talk tomorrow instead. Don't be late

Oh, alright. Bye bye

Bye bye

What do you think? Does this brand work well?

Of course it does


Miss Sophia


I miss you so much! How have you been lately?

I've been searching so hard for you


On the 23rd of next month, it's a Saturday

Haochang and I will celebrate
our wedding anniversary

By returning to the island for a celebration

You must attend

I need to check my schedule

No checking! Just come!

I'm now working at an investment company

And often have to work on the weekends

That busy?

Hello, do you have a Watson's membership card?

- You accumulate points and enjoy discounts
- Let me get that

Let me!

My purse is already out

So is mine!


Dinner on me tonight

Treating me to dinner?

That's very nice of you

I owe you one from last time

There's a really popular restaurant I heard about

Let me check online

This website is amazing

Since you love dessert most

This restaurant has a signature dessert dish
called Heart of the Sea

Heart of the Sea?

Is your dessert here called Heart of the Sea?

I'd like to order it

I'm sorry.

This is the last part of our dinner set menu

It cannot be ordered a la carte

Does that dessert come in layers and layers?

In blue and green, just like the sea?

I'm sorry I cannot give away the ending

The chef would like diners to experience
the full set menu

What does this chef look like?

Is he always fierce when talking?
Always getting into fights?

Walks a bit like this?

Our chef would never walk like that!

I've never seen him get into a fight either

2 dinner set menus


But I'd like this instead

Just hurry!


Are you that hungry?

There's a long story behind this

Although I'll no longer be your boss

You'll still have to get to work

So get to work!

Boss, actually we'd all like to go work for you

Yes, Boss

I'd like to take you too,
but the contract makes it clear

I can't open a similar restaurant
in this country within 3 years

You guys will do fine here!


I'm getting my stuff.
Have the car wait at the first floor

After that, I never managed to find him


That was really touching

So are you my good friend?

Of course

Come on

Soup! You can serve the soup now!


Can the main course be brought out
at the same time?

The restaurant's rules state that

The soup must be finished
before the main course can arrive

Slow down, don't scald yourself



Wow, that was fast. The fish isn't even ready yet

How can it not be fast
when she drinks her soup like this

Thank you

- I'm going to make it!
- Do your best!

You haven't been out there for 1 minute

She sure is fast

Miss Chen, you brought a friend!


Miss, you cannot enter the kitchen

I just want to ask

Is your chef's name You Lele?

It is

Where's he now?

Our boss just left

You Lele!

You Lele!

You Lele!

You Lele!

You Lele!

Boss, your car has arrived

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman

Who loved a girl

But the girl buried her heart
at the bottom of the sea

The fisherman could not get to it no matter
how hard he tried

So he became a chef

And named a dessert after that girl's heart

So he'll be reminded of her when he tastes it

(Person in charge: Katherine)

Let's go over

Dear friends

May I have your attention for a minute

There's something

I'd like to share with everyone here

First, thank you for joining us...

on this beautiful island

To celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary

We're very grateful

Shakespeare once said

Couples marry when they're drunk

And part ways when they're sober

If that's the case

I'm willing for the sake of my wife

To spend my whole life drunk


- Congratulations!
- Thank you

Congratulations, my dear Miss Sophia



Why did you get here so late?


I wanted to come for sure

But I have to leave soon after seeing my mother

So soon? No way

Why the big hurry? You just got here

Have dinner before you go

There'd be no 1-year anniversary
without you and Xiami

And the 1 0-year anniversary. And the 50-year one!

I'm going to work in France

I actually invited another guest to accompany you

She could make you stay

But too bad she didn't come. I tried my best

I'm leaving. Take good care of yourselves.

Keep in touch!

Hey Missy

Looking sexy!

Gimme your number!


Go! hurry up!


I think this belongs to you

Thank you

Don't you owe me an explanation?

What was the secret that you wanted to tell me...

...at the end of your journal?

You peeked at my journal?

Chicken gave it to me

you really sleepwalked your way to Chicken's room

I didn't!

Don't change the topic

What was the secret?

I've forgotten

You couldn't have!

- I really did?
- Hurry up and tell me

Secret! Secret! I want to hear the secret!

Quick tell me

You'll be safe when you put this on

I'll be responsible for you

In that case, I can relax

If you're relaxed,
you can tell me the secret, right?


My name is... Xiami

Are you alright, You Lele?

I'm alright