Xi lu xiang (1950) - full transcript

Bruce Lee shined in his first leading role as A-Chang in this vivacious social comedy, playing a 10-year-old orphan who's raised by a righteous uncle (Yee), groomed by a skilled thief (Fung) and involved in all sorts of trouble around the factory of a hilariously forgetful miser (Lee Hoi-chuen, Lee's father).

Starring: Feng Feng

Lee Siu-Lung (Bruce Lee)

Lee Hoi-Chuen

Mok Wan-ha

And Chow-shiu

Based on the comic strip by Yuen-Wan

Production Feng Feng

Weapon forged to destroy the world

can also heal the world.

I declare this meeting open

Chairman Hung Pak-ho.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we

to open the Children's Welfare Society.

Our children have no education.

Many social problems

forcing our children to eat poorly,

restrict the means of treatment.

That is why we founded this
organization to help them.

I would like to make a donation
that would help these children.

and open a new school for
these needy children.

I have all.

I have all.

Mr Hung, we need to inspect
the area for this school.


Well, agreed. See you.

Oh, lawyer Cam,

Yes, sir?

Only ... until tomorrow.

Goodbye. Goodbye.



Thank you, bye.

Thank you, bye.

Mr Hung.

We very much want to thank you
for your generosity.

If you intend to view the city tomorrow,

I can be your guide. I'll show you around.

See you tomorrow.

Why you should do it?

Why did you write me such a question?

You assumed that I'll open a school?

I have read your speech

but forgot to make changes.

And now I'm supposed to do?

For God's sake, how can I open a school?

Do not worry.

This is just for show.

Only after passing city inspection
and design schools.

And after will only record in the archives.

This is only for the public.

Oh, well, all right. It is not so bad.

If you were serious, I would
not be in distress.

Help. Help. Help.

Hey, do not run away from me.

Little bastard.

You beat a small child. You could kill him.

I want to kill him.

Indeed, what has he done?
I killed your daddy?

This is not your business.

Hey, stop. No need to fight.


Little bastard.


You want to be in my place?

He was only 25.

I'm 36. I had a fight with the Japanese.

Hey, a cup of noodles!

Two cups.

Hey, this dish is cracked. Give me a new one.

You're not afraid of the Japanese judo?

Frightened? Why should I be afraid?

This is all useless.

Once I got into a fight with
a guy about Cham Kong.

I kicked him, jumped.

I struck back.

He was furious and wanted revenge on me.

I told him his revenge.

Then he looked at me.

He pulled out his pistol. I did not say a word

then ...

Hey-hey. Be careful.

That's why I got the name Flying blade.


The boy, come here. Give me my knife.



It was your little brother?

Yes, he said. My name is Cheng.

Thank you, Chang. - Not worth it.

Eat? - No, thanks.

Cheng's brother, who was it?

This Lee - Flying blade


Papa, Papa.

Papa, Papa.

Go-go here.

Mr Hung, it's time to take medication.


Hey, maybe you should first make our noodles?

Look - Rich.

Gryazno.Ochen dirty.

Inside cleaner.

I want to see your book.

You can read it for me?

How? I can not read.

Suzy, we're leaving.

You going?


Hey, what are you doing?

How rude.

What? Dad, I lost my gold necklace.

Your necklace. Maybe it is me.

Oh, no.


I. .. I can not find his watch.

And my wallet was missing.

Call the police. I was there 1000 dollars.

Hey, Cheng! Cover up their tent.

Officer! Oh, how awful!


Only that this man has lost his watch and wallet.

there were only three fighters

suddenly lost his watch and wallet

He was there 1000 dollars.

And where are they now?

They went up there.

Follow me.

What is this place?


If you have something to say, I ...

Where are you going?

Here cops everywhere.

Hey, who lives here?

Do not make any noise. Help me.

Who lives here?

Here lives a schoolteacher,
Mr. Ho and her three children.

He is at home?

His house no. His children home.

Help! Thief!



Where did he go?

I saw him here.

When I entered, he ran down the corridor.


Dumb kid.

This is not your business!

You do not even have ten cents,
to steal. Little hooligan.

What happened, baby?

They ushli.Tebe better leave.

All gone?

Kid, you have the money?



Kid, listen.

If someone offends you, let him come to me.

I am 4 Big Fish Lane.

Ask Lee Flying blade.

I know who you are.



You never listen. Soccer would kill your boots.

Dear, do you like your brother.

Brother Cheng.

Brother Cheng.

Why the door is closed?

Sometimes I do not know that
you have three in mind.

Uncle Ho.

I stood there so much wasted.

The investigation lasted three hours.

They could not catch the thief.

They could not catch?

Can. He ran
with ten thousand dollars.

Well, a waste of money would benefit.

Daddy, why this small
girl screaming?

I did not scream, but she just screamed.

What do you know? She lost
his gold necklace.

You're talking about the
daughter of the wealthy?

Yes, you can not blame her.

Her late mother left her necklace.

My father, my mother left me
gold necklace?

Nothing left, nothing substantial.

Only a plaque.

And a working toilet.

We are poor.

When I grow up, you earn enough
to buy a gold necklace.

You earn money?

All you do is
chase football all day long.

Other children steal the book.

Intelligent asshole, do not argue with him.

He had good intentions.

I must send you to school.

When the school is built, you are
you go into it, okay?

Well, take the money and lunch.

Cheng, who has just been here?


None. How dare you?

Why did you steal that necklace?

I did not steal.

Oh no? And what's this?

I do not know.

Do not you know? Is not
gold necklace?

Dad, give me a necklace.

Ah, now I understand.

While she was reading a book

you stole her gold necklace.

Uncle, I did not do.

How dare you lie to me?
You do it?


- You stole a necklace?
- No.

Excellent, I pass you the police.

You bastard.

Has anyone been here?

Yes, uncle.

Well, how dare you lie to me?

I told you to stop
climb around these people.

They bring some problems.

I know that I'm poor, but it does not
you the right to steal.

Your parents died.

I'm not against work,
to take care of you.

How do you do it?

Money. It costs a lot of money.

Who was here?

I do not know.

Landlady and the police chased him.

He jumped out the window.

I was scared, so shut the door.

You're lying to me?




Then, I think you're not to blame.

This thief is no honor.

He put a chain under the pillow.

Maybe it's a blessing.

First, take out some money for lunch.

Master Ko.

Good morning.

Where are you going so early?

My work is completed.

He asked me to check.

I do not know what to check here.

As a result, I lost my watch
and necklace to my daughter.

Our factory is no one hired within a month.

I know.

But physical evidence is
more reliable than humans.

You stole items.

It's in the papers.

Hey, you have lost 10000 dollars?

I was just bragging.

You know, I never wear more Twenties cash.

But watch and necklace worth
more than a thousand.

If I did not get back, you'll laughingstock.

Oh, the simple bragging.

Yes, but nevertheless, I lost my medicine.

Money can be refunded.

but health - no. It is more important.

Eat soup before it cools down.

As the saying goes, health is more important.


What, Dad?

I want to have something to say.
Since then, as you e ...

Not remember.

This is important?

I'm not just going to tell you that.

you. - Oh, dear.

I can not remember.

About the girl?

No, not about the girl.

But it is also important.

You have every day a new girl.
This is not correct.

You are already an adult.
You need to calm down.

I do not think so.

I do not want to marry.

Oh, then you should not
meet with the girl for too long.

You know, they just wasted
your time and your money.

We are just friends.

So, you want me to say something.

Yes, because ...

Well Dad, you think about it.

I gotta go to work. Tell me, when you think.

Damn my memory.

Not so strained.

Eat your soup. It cools.

Yes, dear.

And C, you look not very good.

I? I just feel exhausted.

But I do not know why.

If you hard, go to the movies.

The owner, Mr Ho came here to you.

Mr. Ho?

Yes, he said, that brought you
something that you lost.

Oh, admit it.

Yes, sir.


And, it's you.

Oh, yes. Do you have something to me?

Yes, A Cheng. Say hello to the gentlemen.


Sit down, sit down.

Just remember Mr Ho.

And you're right there.

Madame, tea for Dong Guayas ready.

Take the stairs.

Prepare the room. Let the man sits.


I do not understand. I lost ten thousand dollars.

You brought them back?

Oh, no.

Only a gold necklace to your daughter.

My nephew found it.

Thank you.

Leave it here.

Sir, that found my boy, very valuable.

Some even wanted to sell it.

I mean, that someone might melt or mortgage it.

But luckily my nephew ...


Oh, you're still here.

You bought me a comic?

You bought me something?

No, only your gold chain.

This is for you.

This is it. Thank you.

Dad, you gave them a
little money to repay them?

What do you know? You're
just nothing but a child.

That would be enough.


Do not go yet.


What else?

I want you to pay them.

Jade. What do you know?

Oh, what it looks like?

Give them money, or I will not go to school.

Ok. You're in my grave svedesh.

What you two want?

We do not want.

They do not want.

No worries. You must pay them.

Okay, okay.

You two have something to want.

We do not want to reward.

This is absurd.

Sure. It would be beneficial to me ...

I am looking for a new personal secretary.

Are you interested?

Payment of $ 200 per month.

If the gentleman wants, but I did not fall.

And what about him?

He? ... Too young, what do you want?

Are you going to school?


No? Of course, he goes to school.

I am ashamed. I myself a teacher

but my nephew and niece can
not afford to attend school.

If you could ...?

Well, I will talk.

He can go to school tomorrow.

Free. He can deal with Suzie here.

As for you, here tomorrow,
write a statement of work.

We start at 9-00.

One hour for lunch.

Dinner can here.

Will teacher Susie on her homework.

But, more importantly,

My son, Charles needs a teacher of mathematics.

He hates math.

You can leave at 9, 10 or may 11.

That's all.

Thank you.

Well, go-go.

And go to school with A Cheng.

Stay here and do not deris.

But when Chang returned home, I prepare dinner.

Dad, are you going to school?

No yabolshe not go to school.

I'm going to work as a personal secretary.

This work is worth $ 200 a month.

And as a teacher, I received only 100 dollars.

And I will even breakfast.

Be good. Come.

So far, so far, Dad, Till, until brother Cheng.

Where the school director's office IASA?

The corridor. He should be there. - Thank you.

Hi, newbie.

This is a beginner.

Look beginner.

Chetyrehglazy Joe.

Good morning.



Only three feet?

Now is not easy.

Your father was probably unaware
that we privorovyvali in stock.

He questioned me as a prisoner.

You're lucky.

The worst that could happen -
is that I was dismissed.

Do not worry. You can count on me.

There is another problem.

It becomes harder to unload the stock.

What about our old customers?

Musi Ben? He becomes a snob.

He does not want to sell a hot commodity.

Prices are too low.

Forget about it. Even this is not enough.

Rescue me?

Stop spending money on girls.

You have to tell.

You're going to introduce me to some ladies.

You said that you love Mey Louis.

She is beautiful, but too proud.

It is difficult to convince.

You have to dedicate to me a little time.

Stop act like the master's son.

I know it.

You must help me.

I'm going to unload a warehouse and
you can help me with the ladies?

I will not forget this.

Continue on the stock.

I know.

Musi go talk to Ben again.

Mei, arrogant, Charles is here again.

Just ignore him.

Look at those shifty eyes.

It must be something kicking.

What? We just work here.

Just ignore him.

What can he do?

If we are together, I would like to
see what he would do.

You work hard.

Miss, it says Mr. Hung.

What do you want?

Just wondering why you have so much work.

Your name is Mason Louis. Nice name.

You had to go to school.

Which school do you go?

What do you want?


Mr. Hung wants to help you. He wants
you to work in the office.

No, thanks. I like working here.

What fan penalties?


The hard work ennobles man.

Mei Louis law.

But if you work a lot, then
the rest should be good.

Were ever in a movie?

Mr Hung Mei wants to invite to the movies?

If Mason wants, I do not mind to take it.

Sorry, could not conduct their
negotiations in another place?

I pytyus work.

Your work is very simple.

It is not effortless.

Mainly, dictating my letters, check books.

and translate medical journal.

A new medicine in a new era.

It is very important.

You should carefully write.

This is a family treasure.

In the evenings you will teach my son and daughter.

Charles likes to command.

Do not let him take you over the top.

Yes, sir.

He loves all cock. Unmanaged.

Oh, do not make me laugh.

How can you say that about his own son?

You are his master. He must obey you.

Yes, I have an approach to children.


I have a problem, because an eye on me.

I have a bad memory.

As soon as I have something to
say, I immediately forget it.


I must take my medication three times a day.

Remind me to take in time.

I take vitamins three times a day.

After every six hours.

Dental tablets - twice a day after meals.

You may remember this?

With this finished. Sit.


Mr Ho, I need approval.


What do you ...?

Why did you touch me?

Hey, I'm not bothering you.
I am looking for your destiny.


Oh, sprang from the head.

Come on.

That's why you came. Whole party.

Mr. Ho, you are an educated man.

It is necessary that you explain it to me.

Yes, I am educated.

Who's there?

What's new?

I learned who was the richest.

He Chetyrehglazogo boss Joe.

Who is Chetyrehglazy Joe?

He - the guy who conspired
son manager

to sell some hot items.

His old man is one hell of a miser.

He spends less than a hundred dollars on him.

What's going on around. . .

He can make a bad bargain, but it serves to benefit

to have such a wayward son.

The old man so miserly

that, I bet he gives his son
only ten dollars a month.

You know that.


Big Brother.

You look happy.

That's nothing. Yesterday
I met a suckling.

Restaurant owner.

Now he is in my surroundings.

He is rich.

You stupid son of a bitch.
Always looking for suckers.

You navlechesh over
problems in the coming days.

You're always there to rescue me.

Why you! I should --

Use my name to get out of the quagmire!

Come on. We are brothers, is not it?

Hey, Ben mays. This 51?

This junk? It's worthless.

Useless? It costs five bucks.

Big deal. Five bucks.

Who is it?

Mays Ben here?

Who asked him?

Hi Ben.

Sit down.

What have you got?

I just want to chat.

I'm forcing?

This is my brother, Lee Flying blade.

This is the guy with the hot goods.

Oy, and you?

- Chetyrehglazy Joe. - I Lie.

Your friend's big brother Ben?

We are companions.

What can I do for you?

I just want to talk to Ben.

Ben, the son of my boss wants
you to promote it stocks.

He is the truth needs money.

I am sure we can talk.

Mr. Joe, your boss - miser.

How do you know?

I know him.

You know him?


Ok. It could be more generous

if his son did not steal from him.

What do you think, Ben?

Ask Big Brother.

Oh no, you two go ahead and agree.

This is not my business.

I'll let you know that night.
See you around the old location.

Then see you. I need to go.

You going?

- Yes. - See ya.

Cheating teacher?

What are you doing?

Something is flying around you.
I tried to drive it.

How tiresome. Are you finished?


Then get ready and go to bed.

I have a question came to thy brother.
Where had he been all day?

Cheng, why you were not in school?

The old man, not force a child to walk to school.

You know what it looks like?

He was beaten by hooligans.

He was really upset. Ask him?

Leave him alone.

Cheng, you know this man?

Yes, he is my friend.

Your friend?

Who said you should not go to school?

I would rather work than go to school.

What did you say?

Just like you!


If you are going to make noise, I will punish you.

Let's start the lesson of the Chinese.

What are you laughing?


Stop laughing.

Once ...

Once ...


Just Laugh and you will be
sitting on an invisible chair.

You'll be sitting on an invisible chair.

You will sit in jail.

Our school teacher look that way.

Please come.



Please sit down.

I got candy.

Please sit down. Our house is small.

I do not think that you would come.

Such an honor to see you here.

Please tea.

I asked my father to bring me here.
I do not know the road.

You ... his name?

A Cheng.

But Chang, the school said that
you suspended.

They say you broke the rules.
Is this true?

Yes, I do not want to go to school.

And what do you want to do?

I want to help my uncle
earn money.

Dad, you say.

I know.

A Cheung, why do not you work
in my factory?

I need a few students.

You can learn how to trade.

You can begin work
at the factory tomorrow.

You should listen to Joe Foreman
(Manager Joe).

I do it just for the sake of your uncle.

Do not forget to bring your sleeping bag.

Suzy, come on.


Do not leave your brothers and
sisters from the outside.

Sister, and learn.

Learn how bequeathed by Lenin.

I do not want to learn.

Dirty rotten teacher.

You call me dirty?

Funny, funny.

Just ridiculous.

You say they always complain

on incomplete orders?

I intend to find out why.
Tell them so as not to worry.

Lazy idiot.

What a moron.
Always up to his ears in problems.

When conveyed by letter to him, be polite.

It is a major client. Each year

He brings us millions of dollars.

Wait, wait.

Take a pen and make a mark.

I remember that I wanted to say to Charles.

What do you want to say to him?

Ask him

why has recently been all the
orders that we supply

Our foreign clients are not
always implemented fully.

We are receiving complaints from everywhere

The reduction here, the reduction there.

I lost thousands of dollars for this month.

is no laughing matter loss

Speaking about the loss, I remember now.

It all wines Mr Ko.

He promised them that I will build a school.

They haunted me for days.

This is part of the letter.

Tell them that I talk to them later.

Yes, sir.

No, do not start writing it now.

Write another letter first.

Do not get all. Doesh their mushroom soup.

Mushrooms, mushrooms.
Every night the same thing.

Do something else for variety.

Chicken for example.

Chicken? And where is the money?

I spent $ 100 over my budget this month.

What you spend too much?

As always on my money.

I'm not a bank.

What? You think I do not need the money?

It is, but I should check your expenses.

Oh yes, and talk about costs.

I need to go to the factory and check books.

Where's the car?

Charles took her again.

Again? Devil tomboy.

Buying a car similar to
its total absence.

We have to take the bus,
eight times out of ten.


Here, eat first. Then go.

I'm not hungry.

Hey, finished his letter so that
I could sign them later.

Take a break. You forehead sweating.

Thank you.

I stood over the stove as the damned,
and the old man will not eat.

Here, eat a little. You have to be useful.

No, thanks.

Please, eat.

No, I'm not hungry.

I will feed you.

Come on, pupa. Just bite.

I do not want to.

Mr. Hang, please be just a little respect.

My respect is manifested in the fact
that I feed you. Here, take a little.

If you'll continue to get me, I will
inform you about your father.

He had no time to worry.

Manager here.

What's happening?


Sir, our work is very heavy. We --.

You're right. You're right.

But regardless of your grievances,

You report to me and I will give him.

Do not bother the manager. He is busy.

This is the proper procedure.
Back to work.

Sir, here please.


Those idiots do not allow us to
stay close to the manager.

We need to find a way to tell him.

But what if he is the same as they?

I'm not afraid of him.

What did he work?

Nothing. She only wants to raise.

They all are.

You give inch, they take a mile.

If they say to you, just ignore them.

Tell me should speak with me.

You do not need to worry about them.

Good idea.

I have not been here a couple of days.

How'd it go?

We Charles take care of everything.

You have to take care of everything.

Of course, your factory - my factory.

I can manage.

I came here to say something ...

Damn, I forgot that I was going to say.

What a nuisance.

Looking for something to do with the factory.

This is about your pupils, and Chengue?

No, but how are things with your baby?

It was only two days. Difficult to say.

but it is really clever.

It is not my relative.

Do not spoil it just because I hired him.

He was such a bum, so I brought him here.

Besides, you said that he
wanted a couple of students.

He is the nephew of the Secretary of Ho.

Miss Ha.

Thank you.

Miss Jean.

Thank you.

Miss Mei.

Thank you. Here are a few for you.

Do not eat spicy food, or
your hand will not heal.

A Cheng. Come out and help with the baskets.

Forman (manager), my hand.

What's wrong with her?

It still hurts. Give it
a rest for a couple days.

Do not climb into other
people's business. Ahead.

A Cheng, wait.

Sir, you should not be so heartless.

You go back to work.

You want to kill him?

I told you to work, and Cheng. Go.

Do not care, and Cheng.
You again broke his arm.

Okay, May. I told you to go back to work

and you do not get involved in their work.

Tomorrow at work can not come ..

Mei, what are you going to do?

You heard him. He fired me just now.

Where is justice?

Do not listen to him.

Calm down everything.

We should go tell the manager.

How? He never speaks to us.

We can write a letter.


What are you doing?

Master Charles asked me.

Charles asked you?

Joe, I was looking for you.

Moving capital.


Minute. I must have something to say.

You can buy me lunch, when you hear it.

What's happening?

I gave you a trump card.

Let's see whether you have a light hand.

I just dismissed May.

You can impress her

if you ask her father about her return.

When she thank you, you can vospolzovatya it.

Good plan. For me lunch.

Ahead. Faster. Take a little more.


You heard him. Work.

Because we deliver the letter?

I know how.


My uncle works as his secretary.

I ask him to deliver the letter.

This is a good plan.

So who will go with A Cheng?

I'll go. I'll take him to see his uncle.


- What's the big meeting?
- Nothing.

Mei, go here.


I heard Joe sacked you.

But I protested.

You should come drink with me some tea.

Do you think I was born yesterday?

Do not be takoym suspicious.
You are not obliged to pay.

I'll treat.

I'm busy.



A Cheng, what are you doing home?

Sit down and eat.

Who is it?

This is Miss May.

- Please call me Mae --
- You work with my nephew?


Please sit down. I just
was on my way to work.

Sir, I want to ask you about this service.

Service? Which?

Hey, what's with the fancy car?

Perhaps a good trick.

So that's why we came for help.

Our staff will be very grateful.

This is really serious.
I'll bring it to him.

It is very important.

Please, let no one know.

I understand the case workers.

A Cheng, go.

No need. I'll go with you now.

A Cheng, stay here and
look after children.


Hey, May.

I was looking for you.

- Looking for me? - Dad said
he wants to see you now.

Oh, then I'll leave you two.

Mr Ho.

What are you doing?

I came to take you home.

Get in the car. I'll take you home.

I do not want to sit in your car.

- Let me go.
- Not to do so.

I'll scream.

Hey, what's going on?

Shut up and give me your money.

Well, that was stupid.

So, what do we do?

Leave him alone.

Help! Help!

Who is it?



Take her to the room.

What happened?

Some of the problems.

We robbed the guy, but maybe we killed him.

She wanted to escape.

What now?

Lock her upstairs at night.

Big Brother, but it is nice.

Cite her here was a mistake.

We need to go.

What can I do?

We can not leave her here.

We let her go when the bank will be empty.

Maybe she is rich?

Just look at her.
How could she take the money.

You're so pretty.
You have such beautiful hair.

Come here. Come here.

Fuck off!

Try again and I'll kill you, bastard.

This is a blanket. Tell me, if you freeze.

I'll get you something to eat.

Do not be afraid. I'm here.

We - men of honor.

We want money, not women.



Not bad, but, Teacher?

That's right, Ben's brother?

Very good.

Malets - overgrown.

What knife?

What do you think?

How about these?

Even better.

you're wrong it is held

Keep it that way. More power will follow.

From this side.

Stand as if Archery

Follow your purpose

And with a little effort to throw it.

Now take stand


See. I could not. Well you?

A Cheng, buy me a cup of tea!

Shut up and go away from my path.


O, A Cheng.

You --

Uncle, a long time not seen you.
How are you?

I was looking for you.

I see you prosper.


You look at yourself.
Do not tell me "not much ..."

You do not communicate with those people.

They completely took over you.
You're a bad man!

Uncle, you look like a rich man.

What? Richer?

Yes. Bogach mocks poor.

Bad! Bad! Bad!


Uncle, close the shop. I'll buy you tea.

No? Why not?

Uncle, I'm upset?

You're not upset.

Is that your behavior.

Look at yourself. Adorn himself as a hooligan.

If you were a good boy,
then I would go home right now.

We will survive.

People will not treat you respectfully.

If you continue,
then pick up problems.

You're still too young. Someday you'll ..

Someday ...
Someday ...

I do not care about the future!

Go! I do not need such a nephew!
I'll never know!

Excellent, I'm visiting melenkogo brother.

Do not even think! I forbid.
I Isobe you fool.


Uncle, here's some money for food.

I do not need your dirty money.

Oh, you brandishing a knife at me?

How dare you? You're a hooligan.

You want to hit me!

Come on! Beat me!

I do not want to kill you.

Your parents are dead.

My uncle worked in the sweat,
To educate you alone.

Why am I worked in the sweat of their brow?

And now you want to kill me?

You ungrateful child.
Why are you waving a knife at me?

The teacher told me that a real man
should not allow ourselves to offend.

This man should not allow themselves to offend?

Damn you. Get out.

Wali. I'm not your uncle.

I no longer have a nephew!
Go! Get out!




Hi, A Cheng.

What are you doing here?

Today is Sunday. We have a day off.

I'm here every Sunday.
I am so tired of sitting at home.

Your father allows you to leave.

I tell him that vizhus with friends.

A Cheng, where have you been?

America. Look what I brought.

- Susie. - Yes?

What are you doing now?

Let me tell you.
I "grow".

Now I'm an important person.

My teacher Lee Flying blade.

No one can touch him.

I am no longer afraid Chetyrehglazogo Joe.

Where are you living now?

Listen here.

Last night I had dinner with the Park In-ohm.

This evening I had dinner with Tam Lan Hing-om.

You know those famous actress?

They are my friends.

Come. Lunch for me.


Workers continue to strike.

They can just stay home, but

they had better stay here and starve.

Let's see how long they will stretch.

What do you know?
We talk about the case.

Why do not you go away in the garden?

Mr Lo, you're going with it.

Yes sir.

Joe, do you have any ideas on
how to negotiate with them?

Let's get rid of them forever.

Why are you so afraid?
Tell my father.

I have a friend,
he is from the bad.

They will do everything for money.

They can pretend to be robbers factory.

Then we call the police to arrest everyone.

When they take in for questioning,

We collect the workers, saying
that they were conspirators.

The workers will be guilty.

We will be freed of them forever.

This is a great idea.

While those gangsters will not
change their opinion?

Dad - they are men of honor.

How do we pay them?

At $ 500 each.

Their four

But we must hurry.

Ok. Then we agreed.

But this man ... And this generation.
Where has it gone?

Dad, you asked her to go into the garden.

Oh yes, I forgot.

Wait, I'll take the money.

No problem.

So who does the work?

Remove mays Ben.

Here's our chance to get them back.

I just tell Ben about the theft,
but not about the rest.

He, too, will be delayed.

He was lucky for so long.

We get rid of him.

How are you going to go with this?

If he tells the cops, we will
adjust this matter under him,

and then our goose is ready.

Why are you so afraid?

We ask them to rob the place,
and then call the police.

Do you think it will be bought at the police?

Nobody would believe Ben.

He has a criminal record.

No court declares him guilty.


Mays Ben

a job of work for you.

- Really? - Of course.

Let's talk.

Come out for tea.

- Over tea? - Yes.

Come on, Lee.


We'll talk.

Hey, shut the door.

Mei, what do you think he will do with us?

I do not know. Can he give up.

And can be even more dramatic with us.

But we must not give up.

It's true.

Come on.

Ben, monitors Chetyrehglazym Joe.

You can not trust him.


I know we can not
trust him.

A Cheng, you are going.



Hey, Joe. Already time?

No, you still have 15 minutes.

When they would get here,
I'll keep them zhivehonkimi.

Call the police.



Who is it?

It's me, May.

A Cheng.

Yes, everything is asleep?

Yes, what are you doing?

- We have come to rob the place. --

I came with my teacher.

A Cheng, do not.

If I'm not going, what else do I do?

No, A Cheng. Listen to me.

Why so long?

Give me a look.

You navlechesh trouble for everyone.

Right. Do not do it.

Well, I'll tell the teacher.

Be careful.

Someone's coming.

You petty brat. What to
you think you're doing?

I have come to kill you.

I'll kill you, four-Joe.

A Cheng, what are you doing?

Oh, you're here.

We are all here.

Teacher is Chetyrehglazy Joe.

It is usually all the time I was threatened.

Hello, police?

Do not move. Why do you call the police?

Do not kill me.

It's not my fault. This was the idea, Joe.

Please. Please.

What's happening?


Please do not.

You again.

It was cops?

Teacher, is the son of the manager.

Son of a bitch.

Why do you call the police?

It was all Joe's idea.

Our workers are on strike and
are not going to leave.

Joe wanted to bribe you to steal from the factory

and blame the workers,
to get rid of them

But Joe wanted to get rid of you too.

Once you've arrived, I called the
cops and all arrested.

This bastard is no honor.

Cheng, keep an eye on him.

Do not move.

What are you doing?



shut them in.

Now take all that there is

No, it would be dishonorable

You killed a man.

Do you want us to substitute

Mr Lee, you remember me?

You locked me in a couple of days.

I know you are a man of honor.

You need to take into account
what you should do

and what should not.

we are all poor and oppressed

We all have parents and families.

we are all here working in
order to simply survive

and now we substituted

If you really want justice

You must help us

You will?

Master, I am with my sisters.

Mr Lee, we will not forget.

Well, go.

I take full responsibility

Teacher, I will always follow you

I'm staying with you as a hero.

No, A Cheng. We are not heroes.

Think about it.

We need to steal to survive.

This is heroism?

Go, Ben. You also go.

How can we go without you?

There are no more crimes.

Find a decent job.

You just have to work hard.

You want your child to go with me?


It should no longer be with us.
"Take him home.

Give him some of my money.

So, they can do farming in the villages.

No, Master, I'll stay with you.


Posleduesh for me and die.

Sir, on behalf of workers

I just want to say

that we want adequate
compensation for our work.

If you're willing to pay us for it

There will be no problems

Thank you, Counselor Cam.

Not at all

Counselor Cam, I'm so sorry.

But my recent terrible state

I have a headache, abdominal pain,


I want to go home and rest.

Yes, of course.


Counselor, what about Charles?

All hard

Whats up. Damn boy

- Dad, you're late. - What is it?

Stepmother Sei lost

Where did?

She left with the Secretary of Lau.

They did not say where. He left a note.


Yes, sir.

Ai-ya-ya-rd, she ran away with him.

Son of a bitch!

Mr Hung, we have come to discuss

school construction.

Sir. Sir.

You do not need to look like we're leaving.

We will have to leave sooner or later

Take care of yourself, Mr. Ho.

Goodbye May.

A Cheng, Be a good boy.

Good luck

Cheng Ho.

Susie, do not cry.

Heroes do not cry

Cheng Ho, you come back?


Do not cry, Susie.

We can always visit.

We see each other again.


No, not yet.