Xi He (2015) - full transcript

Xi He is a 9 year old autistic child who loves to go to school. However, his classmates' parents are afraid of his condition and don't want him to study with their children. For the fourth time, he gets expelled from his school for misbehaving. The director of the school wants to help but with his hands tied, succumbs to the pressure from the other parents. Xi He's mother fights for her son's right to a normal education despite his imperfection. She wants him to have the chance for a normal life. Back in the Chinese countryside, her brother suffers from autism and is hunted by the ignorant people from her village. Her old mother, unable to take care of him any longer, keeps him in a cage to keep him safe from others and from himself; like an animal. Tian Lin's childhood looms of memories tinted by her brother's life's effect on hers. She decides to teach Xi He herself, willing to do everything to save him from this destiny.

Hello, Xihe.

Now, let’s begin our class.

Please open your textbook.


Please open your textbook.


Open your textbook. We are in class!




Let’s go. Time for school.

Your subway pass… Don’t lose it again.

Read it.

My name is Li Xihe.

Good boy. Put on your schoolbag.

We’re leaving.


Here’s his thermos.

All set!

Say goodbye to your dad.

Goodbye, dad.

Goodbye, bye.

Let’s go.

Tian Lin!

You forgot the candies.

They are very important.
How could you forget them?

Got it. Go back home.

-See you.

Hey, buy some more
if they’re not enough!


Walk ahead of mum.

Swipe the card yourself.


The next station is Hongshuwan.

The door on the left side
will be used.

Read it.

Did you hear me? Read it.

Are you reading it or not?

Read it.

Look at this. Read it!

What’s this? Look closely.

Don’t poke Lei Yiming with pencils.

Okay, good.

And this one?

Don’t shout in the classroom.


This one?

Say it.

Come on.

Tell me.

Tell me now.

I’m waiting.

Say it now!

Don’t pee in the…

Out of my way…

Stop pushing.

The next station is
Windows of the World.

It is a transfer station to
Line No.1 Luobao.

The door on the right side
will be used.

Please mind the gap
between the train and the platform.

Hi, auntie.

How come it’s you sending
Zixiang again?

Our nanny quitted.

How’s Xihe doing?

He’s been acting up too.

Hey! Zixiang! Zixiang! Zixiang!

Hi, Xihe brought candies
for all of you.

All sit down and
I’ll give you the candies.

Here, have some candies.
Please be nice to Xihe.

Be nice to Xihe. Thank you.
I thank you all.

Please be nice to Xihe.

Auntie, I want a lollipop.

Please be nice to Xihe.
Please be nice to him.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all.

Dingding, this is for you.

Hello, auntie. Thank you.

Our teacher told us to help Xihe.

Good girl. Have another piece.

Thank you.

If someone picks on Xihe,
I’ll beat him up.

Such a good kid!

Right, last time…

Xihe poked you with a pencil.
Still hurt?


I’m really sorry for what he did.

Now, who hasn’t got any candies?

Okay, okay. Here you are.

No lollipops.

Next time I’ll bring
some lollipops, okay?

Who hasn’t got any? Here you go.


A batch of children’s books…

are divided between two classes
by the ratio of 6:8.

How many books does each class get?

Very good.

Now please solve the problem
on your own.

Then discuss the answer
with the one sitting next to you.

Ready, begin.

Come in, please.

Mrs. Li, you don’t need
to bring candies next time.

As classmates,
they ought to help Xihe.

It’s nothing, really.

It’s just my way of thanking them.

Please have a seat.

Sorry for all the trouble
Xihe caused in class.

Don’t mention it.

I quite like Xihe, actually.

Mrs. Li…

Xihe’s been acting up
in class recently.

He ran around in class sometimes.

Some teachers have complained to me
about this.

Is that so…

I’m really sorry for the trouble.

I’m his mother… I know what he’s like.

The thing is…

some parents have complained
to the principal.

What? What did the principal say?

Given the situation…

the school decided to observe him
some more.

Ms. Zhao, you know
how hard it was to get Xihe in.

Please don’t kick him out.
I’m begging you.

Mrs. Li, I understand you completely.

We agreed to admit Xihe
because we truly care about him.

But now there are some problems.

Let’s work together to solve them.

Okay. Okay.

Thank you.

Class dismissed!

Goodbye, sir!

Goodbye, class.

Hey, Zixiang! Stop! Come back!


Stop! Stop!

Hurry! Go and get him!

I’m warning you!

Don’t let me catch you playing with
your member again in class!



Stupid moron!

Screw you!

Here’s your number.

-Please wait over there.
-Okay, thank you.

Tian, how’s your boy doing at school?

He’s doing fine.

Just tell me if you need any help.


Dinner’s ready.

Xihe, let’s have dinner.

Come, sit down.

Have some vegetables.


Grandma! I’m washing!


Stop it!


Xihe. See, no map.

Let’s go.

Come on. Let’s go. Forget the map.


Hurry up!

Why stop?

See. Go, go, go.
Be brave. Let’s go.

Hey you, stop! Come back! Get back!

Get back!

What were you thinking?

Who are you? What are you doing here?

We’re in the middle of a class.
Get out.


Get out of here.

Hey, Ms. Li.

Do you know where Li Xihe is?

I haven’t seen him
since the art class.

Eh? But I took him to the stairway.

Where did he go?
Let’s split up and look for him!


Lin, time for lunch.

You go ahead.

Okay, see you later.

Xihe! You’re here!

Our teachers are looking for you

-Let’s get back to the classroom.
-Hurry up!

-Come on!
-Come on!

Go, go! Get moving!

You’ve missed two classes!

We’ll study math
instead of Chinese today.

Take out your math textbooks.

And turn to page 24.

We’re studying Chapter Three.

Addition and subtraction.

Look, what’s he doing?

Who knows.


Xihe, we changed Chinese
to math today.

Hurry back to your seat.

-Lei Yiming.

Come and help Xihe back to his seat.

Go with him.

Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese.


Chinese, Chinese, Chinese,
Chinese, Chinese…

-Li Xihe!
- Chinese…


Stop it! We’re studying math now!

Li Xihe, what are you doing?!

Get off me!

Be quiet! Stop shouting!

Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese…

Here, Xihe. This is yours.

-He’s crazy! Grab him now!
- Chinese!

What are you doing?!

Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese…

Where did he bite you?

-Li Xihe! Stop it now!
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

-Stop yelling. All sit down.
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

-Xihe, you stop right now! Be quiet!
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

Enough of this!
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

-Be quiet, everyone!
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

-All get back to the seats.
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

-She’s bleeding!
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

-Xihe! Stop it now!
-Chinese, Chinese, Chinese!

Wait, your change!

Hey, miss! Where are you… Hey!

You are Dingding’s mother?

I’m so sorry!

Let me see where he bit you.

Don’t touch her!

Sorry! I’m really sorry!

You knew what your son is like.

You shouldn’t have sent him to school!

It was an accident, really.

Xihe is usually well-behaved.


Like when he poked his classmate
with a pencil?

Or when he peed in the hallway?

Or screamed and shouted in
the middle of a class?

Mrs., my son is slightly autistic.

Sometimes he can’t control
his emotions.

So what?

Is that an excuse for his misbehavior?

With his conditions…

you shouldn’t have sent him here
in the first place!

Xihe, come here!

Say sorry to Dingding.

Say you’re sorry!

Say it!

Say it!

Say it!

Mr. Principal…

Why do you admit kids
with mental problems here?

Dingding, let’s go!

Mrs. ...


Now, take him back home to rest.

We’ll talk about this later.


Please, don’t kick him out.
I’m begging you.

It took us much to send you
to study here.

Now with the bite,
they’ll probably kick you out.

You know that?



No biting at school.

No biting and you can go to school!

Let’s go.

Subway! Subway!

-Let’s go.
-Take the subway!

This entrance’s closed.
Let’s go to the other side.

Xihe! Let’s go!

-Are you going or not?
-Take the subway.

Let go of the railing! Let’s go!

Xihe, be quiet.

-Stop it!
-Take the subway.

Next time when he’s about
to have a fit…

Try to distract him immediately.

That seems to work.

Zixiang's grandma.

I’ve heard that you enjoy
good relations with the school.

Hmm, the principal
was my husband’s student.

Could you put in a good word
for my son?

I’m sorry.

It’s hard enough with Zixiang.

Today I saw some pupils
bullying Zixiang.

Do you know about this?

I do.

Those bruises on his face
are clear enough.

It’s normal for him.

He’s in puberty now.

I see.

Xihe is lucky to be raised
by his parents.

Poor Zixiang has nobody but me,
his old grandma.

The next station is Houhai.

The door on the left side
will be used.

Please mind the gap between
the train and the platform.

If it were up to me,

I’d have him go to
a special education school.

It would be easier.

No way. We took so much trouble
to get him in.

I know you put a lot of effort.

But he’s all alone in school…

I’ll accompany him
studying there if it helps!


Are you serious?

You went to the kindergarten with him.

Now again?

So? We’ve made it, haven’t we?

But we made it with a cost.

You left a splendid job
three years ago.

I’m talking about Xihe with you.

Nothing to do with my job.

Tell me, what should we do with him?

That’s easy.

Let’s have another child.

We’ve talked about this!

I only…

The food!

It’s burnt.

-Wait, wait.
-Don’t move.

-What are you doing?

Dear, not with that, okay?

I’ve checked up on autism.

It’s not hereditary.

What are you talking about?

Besides, if we have
another healthy child…

he can take care of Xihe, right?


How dare you say that?



My name is Li Xihe.

Xihe is going to school.

Xihe, there’s no school today.

Come, give me your schoolbag.

Take off the pass.

Here, read something.

Zixiang, time for breakfast.



Soy milk?

I’ll go and get you some.

I’m late!

Xihe, breakfast!



Sorry! Excuse me!

Please wait in line and mind the gap
between the train and the platform.

We’re arriving at Keyuan Station.




-Xihe’s going to school.


Why did you leave home alone?

Huh? I was worried sick about you!

What if you get lost?

You scared me..

I’m spanking you!

-Will you do that again? Will you?
-Don’t beat him.

Don’t beat him. Calm down.

-Calm down. Calm.
-Don’t you dare leave home alone!

Listen to your mum.
Don’t beat him. Calm down…

Xihe’s going to school.

Today Mum will be your teacher.

Here, take this.

Have you learned this?

What‘s this?

An elephant.

Yes. An elephant.

What color is an elephant?

What color is an elephant?

It’s grey.



Okay. Let’s see the next one.


What’s this?

Clear sky and white clouds
follow the rain.

Clear sky and white clouds
follow the rain.

A rainbow spans the sky like a bridge.

A rainbow spans the sky like a bridge.

Very good. Who would like to try
and read it out loud?

You will get a gold star.

Hello, Ms. Zhao.

Hi, Mrs. Li.

I brought Xihe to class.
Don’t worry about us.

We won’t disturb the class.
I’ll stay with him.

I’ll stay with him.

But there’s no desk and chair for him.

That’s okay.
We can stand here listening.

Wait a second.

I have a chair for you.

But I'm sorry
I can't get a desk for you.

Thank you, Ms. Zhao.

Xihe, time for class.

Okay, class.
Let’s read it one more time.

Clear sky and white clouds
follow the rain.

Clear sky and white clouds
follow the rain.

A rainbow spans the sky like a bridge.

A rainbow spans the sky like a bridge.

Red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo and violet.

Red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo and violet.

The palette of colors
is admired by all.

The palette of colors
is admired by all.

Hi, Principal He.

Come in.



Mr. Principal, I’m sorry.

I won’t…won’t…

I won’t make…

I won’t make trouble again.

I promise to follow the rules.

Get along well with my classmates.

And study hard.

That’s great.

So please he deserves
one more chance. Please.

But we’ve had
so many problems already.

I cannot afford to have any incident.

He’s only slightly autistic,
but it’s not serious.

It’s not up to us
to decide how serious it is.

I suggest that you send him
to a special education school.

He’ll be better off
in a new environment.

Now I have a meeting to go.

Please excuse me.

Xihe’s going to school.

Go to class.

Let’s go.


Come back!

Didn’t the school ask you to leave?

He has the right to go to school.

Your son should go
to a special education school.

Where he should go
is not your business.

Don’t you know
what’s wrong with your son?

He poked my son’s hand with a pencil.

And the principal
didn’t do anything about it.

He’s shielding you.

Your son makes noises in class
and ignores disciplines...

He’s a bad influence
on all of our children, right?

-That’s right!

We won’t leave this school.

My son has the right to go to school.

But you can’t just
think about yourself!


This should have been
your own problem.

Now it becomes a burden to us all.

You’re too selfish.

I am his mother.

I’ll do what’s best for him!

You are very unreasonable.


My son has the legal right
to attend school.

And none of you can take that away!


Know what,
let’s go to see the principal!

-Let’s go.
-Let go of me!

-Go to see the principal!
-What are you doing?

-Let’s go.
-Let me go!

-Let’s go see the principal.

Let me go! Let me go!

-Get off me!
-Let’s go see the principal.

Fine! You come with me.

Let’s go.

Don’t touch my son!

How dare you…

Hey! Hey! Stop it!

-What happened?
-Are you okay?

She bit me!

-She bit you!
-She bites!

Her son bites people.
And she’s no better!

It’s in their blood!

Here, eat this.

And for you, dear.


Dear, please open up.


Mr. Zhu, I…

Xihe’s not doing very well.

Hmm, okay.

Thanks, Mr. Zhu.


Xihe’s going to school!

No school today!

Hi, Ms. Zhao.

Hi, Mrs. Li.

Many parents are concerned about
what happened yesterday.

I can explain it.

After careful consideration,

we’ve decided that...

given Xihe’s condition
it’s best for him to leave.

I’m so sorry about this.

Mr. Principal…

Couldn’t we reconsider this?

What’s there to be reconsidered?

We shouldn’t have
admitted him in the first place.

I’d like to give it a try.

Hey! Hey!



I’m dropping my son off.

Parents aren’t allowed to enter
for no reason.

Please let us come in.
It’s urgent.

Sorry, I can’t help you.

Xihe’s going to school.

I’m here to see the principal.

You’re not allowed inside.
It’s the rule!

But I’m here to see the principal!

-Please, let me in!
-Don’t make this hard for me.

I won’t. Why can’t you just let me in?

Close the gate!

What are you doing?

I’m begging you. Please let me in!

Parents aren’t allowed to go inside!

Xihe! Look. It’s Dingding.

Hey, Dingding!

Lei Yiming!

Come in. Class is about to start.

Come in. Come in. Hurry up.

-Come in.
-Come in and play with us.

Hi, Mrs. Li.

Hi, Ms. Zhao.

What you’re doing is useless.

Even if the school admits him again,

we’ll have those parents to deal with.

They’re the crux of the matter.

Do you understand?

I understand. Thank you.

Okay. I need to get back to work.

Come in, Xihe.

-Class is going to start.
-We’re going to class.

Now, now, we all know about it.

Stop crying.

You bad boy!

-No, don’t beat him!
-Don’t beat him.

-Bad boy!
-Don’t beat him!

-Bad boy! Bad boy!
-Stop it!

Calm down!

Don’t beat him!

We’re sorry.

What am I supposed to tell
the girl’s parents?

Ma’am, please vote for me
to go to school.

Ma’am, please vote for me
to go to school.

Mister, please vote for me
to go to school.

Mister, please vote for me
to go to school.

Granddad, please vote for me
to go to school.

Say it! Granddad,
please vote for me to go to school.

Come on, say it!

Granddad, please vote for me
to go to school.

Stop it! You are so annoying!

I didn’t mean you.

Come on, say it.

Dear, I think…

You don’t need to
get so worked up over this.

Hopefully it’ll work out.

If not, Xihe can always
go to a special education school.

No way!

Xihe is different from them.

You insist on forcing him there.

He just can’t fit in.


If he doesn’t go to
a normal school now,

how’s he supposed to fit in
with others in the society?

I think…

as long as Xihe’s happy,
nothing else matters.

He’s happy with this school.

But this school isn’t happy with him.

If you don’t support us,
just get lost!

But… I’m doing a pretty good job here.

Dear… We’re off.

Wait, wait. Let me give you a ride.

No. We’ll be fine.

Work hard and earn more money.

-Will do.

Take care!


Move the air conditioner? Sure can do.

From where to where?

Okay. Okay.

I’ll be there in 20 minutes.

Okay. See you later.

I’m not worried about
him biting other children.

I’m worried about him
interfering with my child’s study.

Don’t worry.
I’ll attend class with him.

I’ll see to it that he doesn’t
interfere anyone else.

But he has already
had many times at that.

I promise it absolutely
won’t happen again!

I don’t doubt your resolution.

He didn’t do it on purpose.

But he can’t control himself.

Am I right?

I’m sorry.

So, how do they feel?

Fine, a bit tight maybe.

I’ll go and find you another pair.

I don’t need your help.

What would you do if you were me?

Let’s go.

How are those bigger ones feel?

What would you do
if your child was autistic?

You are so mean!

I know about autism.

I’ll vote for him.

In this way my child can also learn
how to help others.

That’s very kind of you.

Then would you mind
signing this petition?


Thank you so much.

Mrs. Lei!
Please sign this for Xihe!

-Please! I thank you.
-Excuse me.

Please! Mrs. Lei!

He needs your help! Please!

Mrs. Lei!

Please help us!

Get in the car.

-Please sign it. Please!
-Leave us alone, okay?

This is the petition for Xihe
to go back to school.

I’m begging you, please.

Please, please sign it.

Go and ask someone else!

Please sign your name on it.

Could you please just sign it?

-I’m begging you.
-I’m busy. Find someone else.

-You finished?
-Yes, sir. All done.

-I’ll pay you for your work.


Sir, this isn’t right.

Could you give me some more?

We agreed on 500 yuan.

Yes… But that was for 3 units.
I installed 4.

So I gave you 100 more.

No… Sir, please.

Give me a bit more.

50 yuan, okay?

My son’s waiting for me.

Just 50 yuan, please.

That’s all I’m asking for.

There, catch it.

Daddy, catch.



This is it.



Hi, Xihe!

Hello, auntie!

Dingding, we came to see you.

I brought you plenty of goodies. Here.

What are you doing here?

Hi, ma’am.

I came to apologize to you.

I bought something for you.
Please accept it.

No, thanks.

-Please accept it.
-I don’t want it.


Please accept it.

Accept it, please.

Dingding, back to the piano.

Say it.

Ma’am, please vote for me
to go to school.

Ma’am, sorry about the other day.
I’m sorry.

Ma’am, please.

Put it down.


Here, give it to me.

You hungry, son?

I just don’t see
why you bother to do this!


Is it really worth it?

It is!


Take a look at this.

It was written by a foreign mother
with an autistic child.

Her child’s condition
is much worse than Xihe’s.

And thanks to
attending a normal school,

the child is now working at a library.

But we are in China.

Stop talking if you can’t be helpful.

I want Xihe to blend into the society.

So he can lead a normal life.

A foreign mother made it.

Why can’t I make it ?


She made it.

And she wrote a book.

But you can count the books of this
kind on the fingers of one hand.

Hello, sir.

-You’re hardworking.
-It’s nothing.

Right. Could you please sign this
for me?

To help my boy get back to school.

Eh… This. Sorry, I’m busy.

-Please help us!
-I’m too busy.

-Sir, please.
-Leave me alone.

Why can’t I go to school?

Eat more meat.

How’s the result?

Same as before.

It is not!

It’s two points higher, isn’t it?

All right. All right.

Two points higher.
Of course you’re right.

Hey, Xihe.

Get down.

That’s dangerous.

Let’s go.

Doctor Wang?

Look at his result.

His score is 67 now.

That’s pretty good.


There’s nothing scary about
child’s autism.

The thing is…

As parents, we have
to be open-minded about it.

In this way,

the whole society
can better understand autism.

-Am I right?

I support your effort.

Thank you so much.


Xihe, come over here.


Say thank you to Doctor Wang.

Study hard, will you?

We asked you to come here today…

Mrs. Li, after much deliberation,

we came up with
3 options for you to consider.


send your son
to a special education school.


our teachers volunteer to provide...

private tutor to your son
at home on weekends.


I think…

I’m sorry.

But I can’t accept
any of these options.

We still hope you can
have my boy back here.

His IQ is over 65.

He’s only slightly autistic.

He’s capable of attending class.

Look, his IQ is 67 already.

You see, the school has
never rejected Xihe.

But there’s still the attitude of
other parents to consider.

I know, many a parent
doesn’t want Xihe here.

But there’re also some
who want to help.

Look, these are the signatures
of those who support us.

Please take a look.

You’ve made this
really difficult for us.

We’ve already given him many chances.
Had he…

I’ll sit next to him in class…

For as long as it takes.

Mr. Principal…

I say we give Xihe another chance.


-Zixiang’s grandma?

Hi, Mrs. Li.

Xihe’s allowed to go back to school!

That’s great! Congratulations!

What about Zixiang?

He’s… not going back.

Grandma, come and wash me!

Do it yourself.

Let’s talk another time.

Okay. Bye.


Let’s go and watch a movie?

Eh… Can we?

With the big flashing screen,
he’ll be restless.

Don’t worry about him.

You go to watch it.

Xihe and I will walk around outside.

And we’ll come back and
meet you when it’s over.

Just forget it.

We seldom hang out together.

I want to stay with you.



See the Smurf.

And a puppet.

It’s loud, isn’t it?

It’s not. It looks great on you.


Don’t move.

You’ve got grey hair!

No, it’s the light.

No, it’s not. Don’t move.


That’s nothing new.

No big deal.


For years I’ve been so focused
on Xihe…

I’m sorry.

We’re family.

I know you’ve been
through a lot these years.

Xihe, let’s go.

Xihe, is it beautiful?

Beautiful, right?

Fireworks. Fireworks.



many geniuses around the world
are autistic, you know?

Of course I do.

Let’s name them.

Edison, right?


And Albert Einstein.

-And Chen Jingrun, I think?

Let’s go to school.


Good boy!

Excuse me...

What are you doing?

There’re many schools in this city.

Please send your son to another one.



Leave our children alone!

I’m begging you.

Let go of me.

-Let go!

Ms. Wu, please get up.

What’s this all about?

This is way too much.

The children need to start class now!


let us discuss this later.

Now let the children have class.

That’s right.

Mrs. Li.

I’m sorry.

You see…

All the children are
waiting for the class.

Maybe… You should go home.

We’re leaving.

How can you be so mean
to an autistic child?

All he needs is one desk!

Let’s go.

Go to hell!

Let’s go!

-Stop! Stop running!
-Stop! Stop running!

Come back!


-Get down!
-Get down from there!


-Don’t move!
-Stop there!


Stop right there!

Stay down!


Where are you going to go now?

Don’t you move!


-Got you!

What are you doing?

He’s just a child!

-What’s wrong with the boy!?
-He’s a pervert! He just touched me!

I’m sorry.


-Don’t let him outside.
-Go and teach him a lesson!

Next time I’ll call the police!


Grandma! Wash me!

Wash me.



Lin, you are back!


are you feeling better?

Much better.

Xihe, say hi to grandma.


Grandma missed you.

Mum, have they found my brother?

Someone spotted him.

And the village head
is out looking for him.

I see.


-Sit down.


Leave here!


Go on! Move!



Keep walking!


-Take it easy!

It was hard enough catching him.

What if he runs away again?

Lock him up!

Gui, don’t be afraid! Mum’s here.

Shackle him! Quick!

Hurry! The Shackle!

His ankle…

Cage him.

Untie him first.


-Weld it fast.

No, sir. No.

Please don’t do that!

He cannot run away again!

Weld it fast!


show some mercy, please.

At least let him see some sunshine.

That’s not my decision.

The whole village
wants him to be locked up.

Here, sir. Sorry for all the trouble.

Please accept this. Drinks are on me.

Please take it.


He bit me when we caught him today.

I’m so sorry for your trouble!

-Mrs. Tian.

For the sake of your son-in-law,

I’ll give him a last chance.

We’ll leave the welder here.

If he ever bites people again…

we’ll weld the cage.

No one can save him then.

-Let’s go.
-Yes, sir.

Mum, take good care of yourself.

My brother needs you.

I’m old.

And I’m getting older and weaker.

I can’t take care of him.

Find someone to look after him.

I’ll pay.

But I don’t trust anyone else.


Send him to a mental hospital.

I couldn’t do that.

Don’t mention it again.

Could you take him with you?

Take him with me?

Then who’s going to take care of Xihe?

Isn’t he going to school?

The thing is…

-He’s kicked out of school again.

No school would like to admit him now.

I don’t know what to do with him.

What will you do
with your brother when I died?

At least…

he won’t starve if he’s with you.

But I can’t.

I’m already exhausted caring for Xihe.

So you’ll just watch your brother die
without doing anything?

Don’t be so cruel.


you think I’m cruel?

You only gave birth to me...

so that I could
take care of my brother.

Have you ever thought if I liked?

Is this fair to me?

I’m sorry to you.

You think it’s not fair for you.

But your life is still
much better than his.

That’s the result of my own hard work.

If I hadn’t left,

I’d be just like that
lock on the cage.

He’s still your brother
no matter what.

Then what am I to him?

A servant!

That was the reason
why I was born into the world.

I’d be his servant my whole life…
Is that what you want?

If it were up to me,

I’d rather not be born.

What can we do then?

It’s our destiny.

And you have to accept that.

I will not!

I will change my destiny!

This is your uncle.





About having another child…

I won’t mention it again.

I have you and Xihe.

You are all I want.

Good morning!

Morning, Ms. Tian!

Today we are learning math.

Please turn to page 82
of your textbook.

The train bound for Station Xinxiu
is arriving.

Let’s look at the butterfly problem.

Xihe, count how many butterflies
there are on the left side.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Correct. There are 8.

What about the right?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.


How much is 8 plus 7?


We have 8 butterflies on the left
and 7 on the right.

How many butterflies in total?

The door is about to close,

Please steer clear of the door.

The train bound for Chiwan
is arriving.

Please steer clear of the moving door.

Thank you for joining us.

I’m reporting live
from a subway station.


a photo of a mother
teaching her son in a subway station…

has gone viral over the internet.

Are you the boy’s mother?

Why won’t you answer the question?

Why are you doing this?
What’s your purpose?

How long have you been
teaching him here?

Have you thought about
how this would affect the boy?

Do you think this will benefit him?

Are you really his mother?

Of course I’m his mother!

-Is this a mere stunt?

Is this a mere stunt?

Why are you having class
in a subway station?

These photos have gone
viral over the internet.

The issue of
the autistic boy’s schooling…

has inspired a great deal of
attention and debate.

A group of volunteers
called a meeting…

inviting representatives
from parties concerned.

Hopefully they would arrive
at a proper solution.

To have Li Xihe to study together
with other students,

our school is
under tremendous pressure.

With coverage of the issue,

there’s mounting pressure
on all the teachers.

Who should bear the responsibility?

The government surely
will do everything we can

to help those children
who are suffering from autism.

We’re about to build
one more special education school.

As for attending class
at normal schools,

only a fraction of parents
place such demands.

So we should…

focus on the rights and
benefits of the majority.

As the Ministry of Education
you should take a proactive approach.

Or the issue of inclusive education …

we’re discussing today
will only be lip service…

Empty and hollow.

When we have to make a choice between
the individual and the community,

we have to side with the community.

What we are able to do…

is to send Xihe
to a special education school.


His mother refused.

We cannot depend all on
special education schools.

They cannot accommodate so many needs.

A society can only
be called civilized…

when the rights of its disadvantaged
are respected and guaranteed.


The rights of other parents also
merit our consideration, right?

Many of them know nothing
about autism.

Xihe is an autistic boy.

This is the reality and
I can’t change it.

What I can change is myself…
and the society he lives in.

Xihe needs to blend into the society.

But I can’t make it only with
my own effort.

I alone cannot surmount
such an immense obstacle.

And now…

I have no dream...

for the rest of my life

but this one…

That is…

I hope that normal people
in our society…

can accept my boy as he is.

I have this dream.

Xihe lives a normal life in our world.

Walking down the street,

he might behave oddly.

But please don’t look down upon him.

All he needs is a friendly smile.

That would be enough.

There they are.

Hello, Ms. Tian.

How are things going for you
and your son?

-Are you still teaching him...
-No photos.

at the subway station?

Please leave us alone. Please.

Thank you all. Please leave us alone.

-Could you take our questions?
-Just say a few words.

No. No. I have nothing to say.

And please stay away.

-You’re intruding on our life.
-Please talk to us.

We’re now reporting live
from where Xihe lives.

Please stay tuned.

Keep filming.

Again Ms. Tian refused
our interview request.

This is the 24-hour program of
Xili cable station.

We’ll be staying and waiting
for our next meeting with Ms. Tian.

You’ve decided?

I have.

At this point in time,

my son needs my constant attention.

I have no other choice.

I thought the media coverage is
doing you good, isn’t it?

Mr. President,

I am very grateful for what you did.

But please don’t involve
the media again.

If things continue like this,

I’m afraid no school
would ever accept my son.

So you’ve made up your mind?

Yes, I have.


Mr. President, thank you.

Let’s go.

Dear uncles and aunties,
grandmas and grandpas.


My name is Li Xihe.

I’m suffering from mild autism.

I have trouble communicating
with others.

I want to attend a normal school.

I can learn how to interact
with others there.

My IQ is 67.

I can learn just like anyone else.

I made troubles before.

And I am sorry for what I did.

Please accept my sincere apology.

I promise I won’t
make any troubles again.

I’ll try to be friends with
your child.

Please help me get back to school.

Your support will change my life.