Xenia (2014) - full transcript

Strangers in their own birthplace, 16-year-old Danny and 18-year-old Odysseus cross the entire country in search of their Greek father, after their Albanian mother passes away. Determined to force him to acknowledge paternity, little do they know that the road to the much-coveted Greek citizenship is paved with ghosts from the past, adult savagery and a dream that needs to come true, no matter what. Reaching the end of this initiatory journey they eventually come of age even if Greece refuses to follow.

Dido, I told you to stay in the bag!

Naughty boy!



Oh, Dany!

Dido, you stay in there, OK?

Today's not the best of days.

Want to do something else?

Don't worry. Some other time.
Day after tomorrow?

I can't. I'm going tonight!

Going? Where to?


What for?


What kind of business in Athens?

I'll tell you when I get back.

Hey, can you give me an advance?

I'll pay you back. I promise.

- For the trip?
- Yeah.

When will you be back?

When I've finished my business.

Of course. How's that?

Cool! Thanks a lot!

Hey, those spells you told me about…


Those absences, do you still have them?

No. I'm good!

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

OK, I gotta run.

Come now…

Take care.


And call me, huh?

Could you buy me some credit
to call you?

OK. Who's that?

Who? Her?

Patty Pravo.

How do you know her?

She's a goddess!

- Really?
- Yeah.

OK, bye!

Put on your jacket.
(in Albanian)

It's chilly.

Dido, this is Athens!

Well, Piraeus, really.


Toast with ham, cheese,

bacon, mustard, and omelet.


Hey, Ody!

Don't call me Ody.
Why're you here?

I told you. Toast with…

- When did you arrive?
- An hour ago.

With mustard!


- Can you make it?
- OK.

With mustard, Dimitra!

- You look cute!
- I said not to come to Athens.

Well, I'm here now.

If you've come to make trouble, beat it!
(in Albanian)

You hear me?

Go back to your mother in Crete.

I can't!

Why not?

Jenny's no more.

What do you mean?

She's dead.

Odysseas, the toast's ready!

10 days ago.

Are you shitting me?

I called you several times,
but you didn't answer.

I couldn't blurt it out in a text.

It's your birthday soon,

so I preferred to come see you.

But I spoke to her.

I know.

I came home

2 days later
and found her on the sofa.

Pulmonary edema, the doctor said.

She had too much to drink.

And took her pills.

Maybe a bit too much.

What'll I do with you?

You belong behind the counter.
Not talking to friends.

If you're not happy,
there are plenty of others waiting.

Wait here.

What about money for the funeral?

Jenny had 2,000 euros
in the bank.

A fortune!

She could've had millions.


If she hadn't burned out.

It wasn't her fault!
She worked hard.

Stop saying that!


A pack of the usual.

And this.


Let's go.

It's not Bollywood here!

- Don't look. Stay cool.
- Why?

You're in Greece
and don't speak Greek?

Fucking bastards!

Be quiet.

Those fascists don't scare me!

When they're in a group,
keep quiet.

This is Athens.

It's the same in Crete.

We don't look like Albanians.

You look like a fag. That's worse.

We don't look Albanian, but we are.


You're Albanian, Dany! And a fag.

The mountains… and the sea.


Don't shame me in front of my roommate.

Look at me, OK?

Yes, Dad!

Ody! It's ready!


Come eat!

Ody, we're eating!

After Athens and Patras, the casting…

Leave it.

… Of "Greek Star"
continues in Thessalonica.

Sign up on the site…

Don't call me Ody!

… and make your dreams come true!

Who'll be the new Greek star?

My brother, motherfuckers!

- Who?
- Ody. He'd win easily.

It's "Greek Star",
not "Albanian Star"!

The nationality doesn't matter.

You've got hidden talents? Great!
(in Albanian)

If you're a star,
you'll get your Greek girl at last.

Go on, tell him, Ody!

Shut up, you asshole!

Stop ranting.

Your mother's dead, dammit.
Fuck you!

It was Jenny's dream

for you to take part
in a talent show!

You get fucked — it'll do you good!

Eat, it's going cold.

Our mother was a singer.

A great voice.

She could sing anything.
Italian, Greek…

Ody inherited her talent.

It's sweet.

Good, huh?

Come with me.

- Where to?
- Come on!

- Where?
- Hurry up!

Hang on.

- Come on!
- My bag.

Hurry up!


This way.

It's great here!

If you want to stay in Athens,
you'll have to calm down.

I've not done a thing!

Your mother's dead,
you heartless bastard.

I'm heartless? What about you?
You abandoned her!

That's not true.

She sent me to her uncle
when I was 14!

Just for the summer.

And you never came back.

What for?

To put her to bed drunk every night?

And put up with her asshole boyfriends?

To not leave me alone!

I was the one
who took care of it all!

So, don't come it with me!
Fuck you!


No, thanks.

Come on, Dido.

Is that the Acropolis?


Still got that rabbit?

Yes, why?

You're 16, goddammit!

In 2 months.
And you're nearly 18!

- Fuck it!
- Why?

Jenny screwed up,
she lost her residence permit.

So, we did, too.
She didn't tell you?


In a few days' time,
I could be deported.

Thanks, Jenny!

What'll you do?

I dunno.

An NGO lawyer who deals with immigrants
said she'd help me.

You're in a mess.

You're not eating?

Oh, I didn't tell you!


Before she died, Mom said
that "The Unspeakable" was alive.


Tassos told her that "The Unspeakable"
lived in Thessalonica.


How did she find Tassos?

He called Jenny.

To make friends again.

Tassos ran into "The Unspeakable"
in a club.

He remarried and changed his name.

He's loaded, too!

She was glad
to have found Tassos,

but she started drinking
and insulting "The Unspeakable".

As usual.

She wanted him to do a DNA test
since I'm a minor.

To get some money.


Why? We could get the money
and Greek nationality!

No-one could deport you!

- If he'd wanted to find us…
- Screw him!

We have no father. Forget it!

What're you doing?

Making the bed.

- We're sleeping here?
- Yes.

It's too hot downstairs.

Give me a hand.

What'll you have?

A Coke.

Drink your Coke and get out.
Minors can't come in here.

- So, you're Jenny's son?
- Yes.

- You're looking for Tassos?
- Yes.

Why don't you ask your mother?

She died 2 weeks ago.


That's why I'm looking for him.
They'd fallen out.

Yes, I know.

I fell out with him, too,
5 or 6 years ago.

He'd become unmanageable.

He drank and fought with everyone.

She told me he'd opened a club.
I can't remember where.

So I heard. In Larissa.
The Paradiso.


The Paradiso?

Yes, that's it.

- Hey, Mr Costa.
- Hey, Moustafa.

- A beer.
- Denis, a beer.

What's your name?

Dany. Hi.


Dance. Come!




With that. And that.

You long in Greece?

I was born here.

You not Albanian?

I am Albanian!

- Here?
- Yes.

How much do you charge?

20 euros.
But too hard find clients.

Me want 1,000 euros

to go Italy.

You come with me?

I can't.

Why not?

I'm going to Thessalonica.



To find my father.


Get outta here!

The fascists.

Death to Arabs!

Greece for the Greeks!

What're you looking at?

Leave her!

Leave her, you cunts!

Leave him alone!

Run! Run!

Where are you?

Hey, you.

Come here!

I brought the Albanian kid.

Leave us alone for a minute.

Hi. I'm Antigone,
Odysseas's lawyer.

We spoke on the phone.

Did they do that to you here?

What's that?


His shoulder's all bruised!

No idea. I never saw the kid before.

Please come.
The car's waiting.

Take off his cuffs.

We obey orders, ma'am.

Come with me.

Now what?

The cuffs aren't necessary!
Take them off at once.


He's a minor and it's the law.

I was born here.

And I'm a minor!

Yes, that's why we can win.

But we're half Greek, too.

Your brother's waiting outside.

- Where's my bag?
- You'll get it when you leave.

- Don't talk to him.
- One minute!

One minute.

You screwed up again.

Are you OK?

Everything's alright.

He'll go to a center. We'll try
to get him out as soon as possible.

- Don't let me go there!
- It's only temporary.


And security's not tight.

Let's go to Thessalonica.
It's now or never!

You'll win "Greek Star".

And we'll get the money
and Greek nationality.

Like Jenny said.

Forget it.

Let's go!

Ody, please!

Hi. Toast
with ham, cheese, and mustard.

Coming right up.

What're you doing here?

I left.

You ran away?

It really sucked there.

Let me sleep. I'm beat.

Wake up! We're leaving!


I've been looking for you for an hour.

What is it?

We missed the bus!

Come on.

It's OK. Relax.

Come on.

There you are, my boy!

I can't walk any further in this heat.

Serves you right. Come on.

Let's hitch a ride.

With your look?

What's wrong with it?

Forget it.

Let's rehearse your song.


I thought of a more recent song.


It'll be "Tutt'al più"
like Mom taught you.

I assure you!

Don't forget,
Patty Pravo brings luck!

I don't have a thing to wear.

You're fine like that.

Miss Tassos will have
some vintage clothes for you.

I'll do your hair.

Oh, great!

You talk.

- Good evening.
- Hello.

We want to talk to Tassos Peris.

Mr Tassos?

What about?

- We're family.
- Family.

Wait here.

What's up, boys?

I don't believe it!

Maria Sonia, our Ukrainian star!

She'll have
the whole of Greece at her feet!

And now, a song…

for a goddess who left too soon.

For Jenny!


You'll go one day perhaps…

Hey, Tassos sent me over.

Sit down.

Odysseas. That's Dany.


Everything will change perhaps

And we will mourn perhaps

Our lost dreams…

Sit down.

Get the milk out of the fridge.

Yes, Tassos.

Bottom left.


Why are you going to Thessalonica?

To make Ody the new star,

or to find "The Unspeakable"?
I called him that.

Both reasons. Why?

In the fridge.

Because, my dear,

you could be the next star

if you've kept your voice.

I get by OK.

But as for getting hold of the money…

I'll handle him.
No-one messes with me!

I'd noticed.

Got anything sweet?

Again? You'll start attracting flies!


- Thanks.
- Just one.

Say you find him.

What if I were wrong?

Aren't you sure?

You told Jenny it was him!

Yes, the guy I saw
in a club in Thessalonica.

He's a far right candidate
over there.

Far right?

That's right.

It's his day job.

At night, he offers
protection to clubs.

Drugs, girls, the usual stuff.


In the fridge.

You're not sure it's him?


If it's him, he's changed his name.

He's called Christopoulos.

His first name's still Lefteris.

He's changed a lot in 15 years.

12 and a bit…

12 years, hey?

- What does he look like?
- Physically?

Me or Odysseas?

You don't remember him?


When he left,
you didn't eat for a month.

I don't remember.

I do, a bit.


You were scarcely 2!

I'd fall asleep on his chest.

He was really hairy.

We can't remember things
from when we're 2.

Let's go into the living room.




This photo was at your place,
in Crete.

Song Festival, 1981.

1st prize, it says.

Past glories.

Instead of crying about it,

smoke a joint.

As Jenny's sons, you can't mind.

I do.

Cut the crap.

So, what was he like?


"The Unspeakable".

He was so hot when he was young.

Tall, dark… A real hunk.

Darker than you!

A lot more than you, kid!

When I look at the two of you,
you don't look like him.

You look like your mother.


It's Achmad.

We've lived together for 3 years.

Without him, I'd be
with your mother now.

Did everything go OK at the club?

Yes. Except Costas
who was bitching, as usual.

He's on the way out.

I made some toast.


Listen… What a coincidence!

You'll never guess
what I was listening to, 2 days ago.



A goddess.

Your mother adored her.

Do you remember our dance?

Let's see.

Come on, Dany.

5, 6, 7, 8!

And change.

Lefteris Christopoulos candidate

"I'm not a fascist, I'm a patriot."

That's great, Odysseas!
You didn't even rehearse it!

Maria, you've made progress.

It's him! He's shit-hot!

You have a very pretty voice.

You sing well together. That's rare.

For the audition,
you should choose a Greek song.

Something light-hearted and upbeat.
You know what I mean.

We thought about that, but…

Let's take it from the top.

Put your cigarette out.



Hey, Dany.

- What's up?
- We're rehearsing.

Why are you rehearsing?

For the audition.

We thought of a Greek song.


We already know
what you're going to sing.

The jury doesn't like
shitty Greek songs.

It's not a shitty song.

Don't forget
you were raised on them for years!

With Jenny,
we listened to Patty Pravo.

You'll sing Patty Pravo!

No-one asked you!

- Calm down, kid.
- No way.

- Shut up.
- I won't shut up!

This third-rate old queen
can't suddenly tell us what to do!

When we needed him, he ran away.

Now he's lecturing us.
Fuck him!

Shut your mouth!

Fuck you!

Dany, stop.

Stop it!

Leave him alone. I don't mind.

I can't breathe!

What's going on?

Calm down.

You'll sing "Tutt'al più", OK?
Go fuck the lot of you!

It's the fag from earlier on.
(in Albanian)

Look at this faggot.

Do you want to suck my lollipop?

I don't suck limp dicks.
Ask your buddy.

He's Albanian like us!

What did you say?


Say that again, ass bandit!

Look at your faces in the mirror!


- Forget it, Baskim!
- No way.

Say that again!

I'll bust your ass — you'll like that.

Aren't you sick
of them screwing you?

He puts us Albanians to shame.

The real shame is your needle pricks.

Say that again!

Fuck you.

Stop it!

Come here, you fag.

He's got a gun!

Leave him alone!

Stop it!

Drop that gun!

Shit, he's hit!

Come on.


This way.


Stay where you are!

I can't carry on.

Sit down.

My bag.

Let me see your leg.


Is it sprained?

I dunno.

Have a rest.

C'mon, let's go.

I can't…

Get on my back.

It's OK.

- Wait here.
- Where are you going?

Are you hurt, Dido?


Don't drink it all.

That's enough.


Where's the gun?

I dunno. I dropped it.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

If they find it, we're done for.

Take him.


Take him.


He's suffering.

Kill him so he stops suffering.


Take him!

Dany, you're freaking me out!

Kill him! I can't bear to see him!

Will you cut the crap?

I can't bear to see him. Kill him!

That's enough!

Take him! Please!

Alright, alright!

- Kill him!
- Kill what?

Kill him!

Are you joking? It's Dido.

Do it!

Do what? It's Dido.

Kill him. He's in pain.

Do what, dammit? Look!


Calm down.

Is there anyone here?

It's empty.

I always dreamed
of living in a four-star hotel.

Shit, my battery's dead.

Does yours work?

100 calls from Miss Tassos.

Give it to me.


At last! Are you OK?


Thank God.

Just a moment.

Bye, boys. Thanks very much.

Where are you?

I dunno. Far away. In a hotel.

We ran into a spot of trouble…

I know. The police just left.

You were seen in the club.
Who fired? The kid?


I knew it.

Where did he find the gun? In Crete?

I dunno. I guess so.

He's lucky.
He hit the guy in the leg.

He'll survive.

Thank God!

The police are after you.
I said nothing.

The captain's a good customer.

I said you were rentboys from Trikala.
I hope you're not near there.

I don't think so.

Lay low for a few days.
They'll stop looking for you.

How's the kid?

He hurt his ankle.

Serves him right! Put him on.



You were right. I'm sorry…

What about?

You know what I mean!

Does it hurt?

No. It'll be OK.

Listen, tell your brother

if things screw up
with "The Unspeakable", I'll take over.

With Achmad.

Wouldn't he be a great dad?


Be careful.

- Yes, Tassos.
- Bye, Dany.

Where did you find the gun?

- In Crete.
- Did you steal it?

Not exactly.

What did you want to do with it?

I dunno. It can come in handy.

Are you shitting me?

Do you realize what you're saying?

You almost killed someone.
Do you understand?

They attacked me first.

Have you gone insane?

It's not a toy.
You don't go shooting at people.

You can hit and punch,
but you can't shoot!

Do you wanna fuck everything up?

I want to go to Thessalonica
and you to become a star.

Oh, yeah? By fucking everything up?

I'm sick of it!

So, leave!

I can't leave you.

- So I'll go.
- You're going nowhere!

- Get off.
- You're going nowhere, understand?

- My foot!
- What?

It hurts.

Get off me.

Give me your money.

Let go of my foot first.

Is that all?

Stay here till I get back.

- Fuck you!
- Got that?

Happy birthday, big brother!

Thank you.

Welcome to our hotel.

What'll you have?


My vase!

This is for you.



Soap to get washed.

A lamp.

And loudspeakers for my birthday.

Did you have enough money?


No way.

Where did you get the money?

None of your business.

What did you do all this time?


It's my birthday.
I do what I want!

Come on, rinse me off!

- You're fine.
- Any soap on me?

No, nothing.

Stop it!

What a shit-hot view!

Yeah, great!

Stop drinking.

It's my birthday.
I do what I want.

So… when we get the money
from "The Unspeakable",

I'll send 5,000 to Grandma Alma
and with the rest,

I'll go to America.

Hold your horses, Di Caprio!

Forget America.

Why? We'll have Greek nationality
and a passport.

Yes, but you might get caught
and end up in jail.

And you're a minor.
I won't let you go.

We'll share the money when you're 18.
Then, do what you like.

What'll you do with the money?

First I'll go to Crete.

I won't go back there.


I'll buy this hotel and fix it up.

You'll never have enough money.

Then I'll rent it.

I'll make it a fuckin' great hotel
and I'll live in it.

What a genius!

To Xenia.

It's "Xen-í-a", ignoramus.

Shit! "Rumore"?!

Where did you find it?

- Carry on dancing!
- You can't!

Do you miss Jenny?


You should do the audition.

No way. I can't sing.

You have more talent.
You're more sexy, more…

… gay.

C'mon, let's go in.


Jeez, "Rumore"!

Is it really you?


But you're not real?

Does it matter?


You've grown big! Enormous!

You've grown big, too.

Since yesterday?

Ody turned 18 today.

I know.

You look bigger, too.

We killed you.

What's it like?


Being killed.

It hurts.

I'm sorry.

I miss you.

I have to go.

It'll be daylight soon.

Will you come back?



C'mon, get up!

This early?


- I had a bit too much to drink.
- Yes.

- Here.
- OK!

Hurry up, we're going to be late.

Let's go!

Give it more emotion!

Think about your dream
that's coming true…

Right here and now.

On "Greek Star"!

Thanks. Take 10,
then we'll film the trailer.

Isn't that Maria?

Don't go too far away!


- Hey.
- Come here.

What're you doing here?

Tassos sent me.

He gave me this.


And I thought
I might as well try my luck.

Quite right.

Come on, I'll show you.

You go. I'll have a look around.

- Stay nearby.
- OK.

Hello. I'm calling
from the "Fame" press office.

We have an invitation
for Mrs Christopoulos

for Jean Paul Gaultier's show
tomorrow, here in Thessalonica.

Can we give it to her in person?

Yes, I'll hold.

Just a second.

Go ahead.


OK. Thanks a lot. Goodbye.

Wow! The "Fame" offices
are nice n' spacious!


Use this.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- Should I wet my hair?
- No…

Give it here.

Don't be scared.

Bend down!

Here for the audition?

Not me. My brother.

Get down lower.

I'm singing "Satisfaction".


Stop it!

Cut it out!

You're ready.



You're welcome.

- Are you from Thessalonica?
- Crete.


- How did you get here?
- Long story. You?

I came from Serres yesterday.

No brother.


Dany. Hi.

What was that shit on the phone?

None of your business!


I must've missed my turn.

- Let's go!
- Where?

Come on!


They'll let me go on in a minute.

Wait for me?

I dunno. I've got things to do.

Jean Paul Gaultier?

Tonight I'll be going
to the Alexandra.

You'd like it. It's on the beach.

Will you come? Promise?


Good luck!

- You say "Break a leg".
- Break a leg!

What number?


Are you nervous?

Not very.

Tassos told me to wear this
so I won't look cheap.

Think I look cheap?



Do you like it?


You're right, forget it.

You're very pretty.

Yeah, sure…

Look at me.

You are.

Are you going like that?

Yeah. Don't you like it?

I do.

You look a nice boy.

I am a nice boy.

I'm sure you'll win.

You too.

I don't really care.

I'd like to go away.

Go away?
Where? Back to Ukraine?


I can't go back anymore.

To Europe.

I hear Germany's good.

It's hard to go there
with my papers.

For me, too.

Do you want to go to Albania?


Out of curiosity. But I'd be
even more of a stranger there.

Well, we're strangers everywhere.

We're at home everywhere, too.

Who is it?

A delivery. For Mrs Christopoulos.

"Fame" press office.

Thank you.

What do you want?

I'm calling the police!

Don't be scared,
I wanted to meet you.

I want to see your husband.

What for?

To get acquainted.

Your husband, Lefteris Christopoulos,
is my father.

My biological father.

I'm here on business,
so I wanted to see him.

Mom, can we go play downstairs?

Hi! I'm Dany.

What's her name?

Go watch a DVD. Now!

- Why?
- Because. Run along!

It's shit-hot here!

Where are you going?



I said, wait!

Come here.


you're making a mistake.

No, I'm not.

Your husband is my father
and I came to meet him, OK?

Either he didn't tell you
he had other kids

or you're playing dumb.

What's your name?

He's not the one you think!

What's your name?

Vivi… Vassiliki.

Vivi or Vassiliki?

I tell you, my husband
isn't the one you're looking for!

We got married 6 years ago.

He wasn't married before that!

If he had been,
I wouldn't be here!

At the time, he had a different name.

He met my mother, Jenny

when she came from Albania in '92.


Jenny, my mother!

She's Albanian?

No, Congolese!

She attended Tirana music academy
to be a singer.

He offered to help her
and sent her to a sleazy nightclub.

The idiot fell in love with him.

He gave her 2 kids
and made her turn tricks.

One fine day,

he disappeared into thin air!

We never saw him again.


You're wrong.
It's not him!

Go away!

- I'm going nowhere!
- Leave!

Call him and ask him!

Call him!

Yes, Lefteris…

No… not really.

There's a young man here.

An Albanian.

He says he's your son.

I don't know!

In the house.

Yes, he's here.



He's coming.


- That's the pool?
- It's not working.



can we play downstairs?

No, you go watch your cartoon.

We'll be eating soon.


Mrs Vivi,

do you have anything for me?

I haven't eaten since this morning.
Got any eggs?

Now? OK, we're coming.

- Are you number 1053?
- Yes.

- You're on next.
- We're due tomorrow.

We've speeded things up.
Are you coming?

- Yes.
- Come on.

It'll be fine.

How old are you?


15 and 9 and a half months.

And you live here?

Not here.

I lived in Crete.
Now I don't know.

You're a real Albanian?

No, 'cause my father's Greek.

Thanks to him,
I can get a Greek passport.


Your father's here. Come on.

Go on!

What happened?

He came in and made a scene.

You let him in?


He said he had a delivery.

- Where is he?
- In the kitchen.

- What's he doing?
- Eating.

- Eating what?
- Eggs.

- You made him eggs?
- Yes.

- Tell him to come.
- You tell him.


Take the kids upstairs.

They can stay here.

The kids are going upstairs.

Christos, Caterina, run upstairs!

I'll be right with you.

Do you know him?

Calm down.
I've never seen him before.

I was 2 years old when you left.

You've changed, too!

- He says he's your son.
- You know I only have 1 son!

And 2 others in Crete!

In Crete?

What're you talking about?

Go or I'll call the cops.

Great! Call them.

No kidding?

Pick up the phone!


- What're you waiting for?
- Out!

- No, man. Call the cops.
- Beat it!

Get lost! Scram, you scumbag!

Or there'll be trouble!

Get up!

Aren't you a wild one?


I'm coming.

In just a minute.

I said, move!

I'll see to the kids.

Be quick, Mrs Vivi.

You're the scumbag.

I can see you!

Come on…

Drop the gun.

Let's go outside.

Talk man to man,
not in front of the kids.

The kids? No kidding!

Sit down!

Just what do you want?

Sit on the chair.

OK. I'm sitting down.

Legal recognition and money,
what you owe us.

What I owe you?

How much?


Oh, really?

Listen, kid.

What's your name?


You don't remember?

Make an effort.

Dany, short for Daniel.

I put them in their room.

OK, Dany.

Let's start over.

- Calm down.
- I am calm.

You come in,
threaten my wife in front of my kids,

wave a gun around,
and say you want money.

I'll give you money,
but I'm not who you think I am.

I'm not your father…
There's been a mistake, see?

Your mistake was making me!

Sit down!

Where's your mother?

I'll call her and explain
I'm not the one you're looking for.

It's too late.

She died 2 weeks ago.

Who would know your father?

Someone must.



Where are you, dammit?
I'm on in 2 minutes!

What? Already?

They said…

I'm on now.

Maria wasn't chosen.

They're idiots! I'm sick of it.

Where are you? Come on.

I can't. I'm far away.

Far away? What the fuck!

Number 1061?

It's my turn.
Screw it. I'm not going.

Ody, calm down.


Sing like Jenny taught you
and it'll be fine.

Think of her!

Hurry up.

Are you 1061? Let's go.

It's me next.


Don't hang up, I want to hear you.

It's not allowed.

Make something up.

Say your grandfather's sick.


Don't hang up. I want to hear it.

Ody, do you hear me?

OK, hang on.


My name's Odysseas.

- You're from Albania?
- Yes.

You have a very Greek name.


I was born in Crete, I'm…

You're what?

Nothing. I'm a bit nervous.

It's only natural.

What're you going to sing?

An Italian song from the 60s,
"Tutt'al più".

By Patty Pravo.

How do you know her?

Long story.

You need your phone?

It's for my brother.

Phones aren't allowed.

He's in Crete, he's sick.

Very sick.

It's thanks to him that I'm here.
He coached me.

OK, your brother can listen in.

Go on.

Shut up and listen!

Bravo, it was great. You were amazing!

Can you hear me?




did your brother like it?

Ask him.

Is he still on the line?


Can you hear me?


OK, that's enough.

Can you hear?


Did you like it?

You nailed it, man!

You sang better than Jenny.

What does the jury say?


What's going on?

Hands up!

I said, hands up!

Mrs Vivi…

Where are you? Who's Vivi?

Everything's fine.

- What was that?
- Nothing.

Everything's OK.

Where are you?

You went after him!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

What did the jury say?

We said we'd go together!

Don't do anything stupid.
I'm on my way!

Where are you?


35 Metaxa Street.

Take a taxi, it's 10 euros.

Who's coming?

Your other son.


Mrs Vivi!

Stop being so formal!
It's getting on my nerves.

Jenny taught us to be polite
to older women.

She hated familiarities.

Especially with strangers.

Got something sweet?


Some candy.

Toffee, chocolate, a lollipop…

Super, my favorite!

Can you unwrap it?

Thank you.

Take your jacket off.

- What?
- Your jacket.

Take it off!


Your shirt, too.


Take your shirt off!


Because I said so!

Take it off.

You shave?

Mrs Vivi, does he shave?

Ask who it is first!

- Who is it?
- Odysseas.

Open up! Quick!

Here. In the living room!

The bastard shaves!

I don't!

You lied to me.

You were going to get rid of it.

Give me the gun.

No, he'll kill us!


He says it's not him.

It is him, isn't it?

He's not the one who cradled you.


Tassos did.
"The Unspeakable" didn't give a damn!

You seem like a reasonable guy.

Your brother fired the gun.

We nearly had carnage!

It's not my fault.
He tried to kill me!

Let's get this over with!

Your brother's sick.

He's not well!


He talks crazy nonsense.

What nonsense?

That I'm your father.

Aren't you?

It's him, Ody! It's him!

No, it's not true.

What if it was you?

What if it was me, what?
This is insane!

What if it was you?

Look at me! Do you remember me?

Do you remember me?

Tell him, Ody!

Do you remember me?


Do you remember me?

You're crazy, too!


I'll give you
the cash I have here.

It's in the drawer.

He gave her a look!

Lefteris, not again!


Get off my brother!

Leave him alone!

Get off him.

Get off him!

Fuck you!

Are you OK?

It's just a scratch.

I'll bring some alcohol
from the kitchen.

Go on, speak!

Say what?

That morning, I asked you
why you were packing your case.

You said:
"Quiet. Don't wake the others."

You took the money
from the kitchen drawer.

You said
you'd be back later, with gifts.

Is that the truth or not?

I made you promise.

And you promised me.

Is that true or not?

Is it? Because I waited for you.

Speak, you fucker!

Speak! Get it over with!


Say yes.


Why didn't you come back?

That's enough.

It's over.

It's over, do you understand?


I'll give you all our cash.

Then, you go, OK?

And tomorrow, you'll get the rest.

Recognition papers, DNA test…

I don't want your recognition.

Nor do I. I don't want
to see you again, fascist pig!

Enough! Just go.

My bag.

Now go!

Thanks, Dad!

It's a hell of a place!

Goodbye, Mrs Vivi.
Kiss the kids from us.

Before you came,
I wasn't sure it was him.

What're you doing?

Stop it.


It was him, right?


- Was it or wasn't it?
- Who cares?

He was a jerk anyway!

There's not a single taxi around here.

And no kiosk, either.
I wouldn't live here if you paid me.

- Maria's waiting for me.
- Call her, dummy!

Everything's OK… Where are you?

We'll be there in 20 minutes. Bye.

I'm not going with you.

Why not?

Something to do.

So, did they pick you or not?

I don't think so, seeing as I ran off.

But I did good, didn't I?

Are you kidding? You fucking nailed it!

Next month, there are auditions
for "Greece Has Got Talent".

We'll take part.

Isn't that a kiosk?


Come on!

The last one is a rotten egg!

- 1st!
- 2nd!



As well as the cigarettes,
please get some mint chewing gum.


Ciao, amore!

- See that?
- What?


- Run!
- Where?


What came over you?

Didn't you see her?


In the car!

Who was it?

It was Patty Pravo!

No kidding?

I swear!

Yeah, sure!

She even spoke to me.

- Patty Pravo?
- Yes!

What did she say?

She said:


"Ciao" … something.


Oh, Dany, you'll never grow up!

Always imagining things!

A film by Panos H. Koutras

Kostas Nikouli Nikos Gelia

Yiannis Stankoglou
Marissa Triandafyllidou

Romana Lobach

Angelos Papadimitriou

Subtitles: J. Miller