Xane: The Vampire God (2020) - full transcript

Xane, an immortal vampire, returns to the past to save his former self, Titus. Xane must rescue Titus and stop him from inheriting the curse. Xane is able to save his loved ones, but the broad strokes of time cannot be altered.

Xane, I've found it.

It's good to see you
again, old friend.

I thought I had lost you, too.

I've been awaiting death.

Is there enough time?

There's time,
but we must begin immediately.

They are
no longer lost.

Truth will be
the trial itself.

We can go back in time
and save them.


This is our only hope.

Our world is ending.

We've... arrived.

Xane... they... can't...

who... you... are.

I know.

The day is past,
and yet I saw no sun.

And now I live,
and now my life is done.

My tale was heard
and yet it was not told,

my honor clear,
yet my hands unclean.

My youth is spent
and yet I am not old.

I saw the world
and yet I was not seen.

My thread is cut
and yet it is not spun.

And now I live
and now my life is done.

I sought my death
and found it in the womb.

I looked for life
and found it was a shade.

I trod the earth
and knew it was my tomb.

And now I die,
and now I was but made.

My glass is full,
and now my glass is run.

And now I live,
and now my life is done.

This... is...
the... Center.

I'm coming.

Didn't know traitors
also like to spy.

Too bad you're not
that interesting.

So what would make you
more interested, then?

Cat got your tongue?

How are you doing, bud?

I know school is not fun,
but we all gotta do it.

It's not that.

What's wrong?

They won't work.

They won't work, Tie.

Why won't they work?

Am I dying?

No, Luke...

You're not dying.

You're just a little sick.

I promise I'll take care of you.

Got that?

I'll do whatever it takes.

Mom and I already have a plan
to fix everything.

You know that, right?

No matter what it is,
I'll take care of you.

Good let's get those shoes on.

I got to get you a new pair.

Supergirl was it?

No, Superman, but Supergirl
can be cool too, right?

Dude, you got to stop listening
to Jocelyn

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!


I need you
to do a big favor for me.

Can you be like Superman
today for Mom?

She's talking to
the doctor right now

how to get that kryptonite
out of you.

Can you do that for me?


Remember what Dad
used to always say?

He said being a hero
comes from here.

But let's be real.

Superpowers can't hurt.

You know, these were Dad's.

Want to know
what he told me about them?

Whoever wore them is granted

the powers of a superhero
for a whole day.


It's okay
if you don't believe me.

It's still true.

I don't believe you.

I gotta go, little Frost.

Remember, Sunday is our day,
so plan something fun.


Love you,
Little Frost.

I think
we're all set.

I still can't believe
he would do that.

We almost lost him, Joce.

I'm sorry.

I can't imagine
finding him like that.

I know it's been hard on you.

I mean, who knows what he was
thinking in that moment?

Ya know, his mom was gone.

We had great fathers, Tie,
honorable men.

Who knows where we would be
if our fathers

were anything like
that horrible man.

I don't know.

Do you want to talk about it?



So I was talking to your mom

and she said that
you're taking a pass on college?

Joce, I don't want
to talk about it.


Tie, I think
it's very honorable.

Your dad would be proud.

That's not it.


I'm not going to college,

and I'm not joining
the military either.

That's not funny.

Tell me you're joking.

You can't understand, Joce.

Try me.

Your family is well off.

Titus, they're not paying
for my school.

You can get scholarships,
loans if you have to.

I know your grades
weren't terrible.

It's not that, okay?

You just can't understand, Joce.

Just let it go.

Yeah, let it go,

just like your future plans

to make something of yourself.

I'll be right out.


I know.

I thought we were in the clear.

He really has this.

He's so young.

How could this happen?

It's okay, Mom.

The doctor said
that it's treatable.

I start work next week.

We'll make enough.

I know, Tie.

I know.

You better hurry up.

They're waiting for you.


Lucian couldn't have asked
for a better brother,

so thank you.

All right.

You guys ready?


Some of us are.

Joce, can we not?

Titus, this isn't a game.

You need to wake up.

You need to think
about what you're doing.

Can you guys
stop fighting, please?



I'm sorry, Sonny.

It's fine.

It's just the shrinks
kept trying to tell me

that arguing can be healthy,

but it just brings me back
to a dark place

when Bill used to-

- I'm sorry,
but at least he's gone, right?


He's out there, somewhere.


Check this out.

You guys are going to love it

Should we
take them now?

Shut your mouth.

I've told you time and again

not to speak unless you're told!

Bane of my existence, you are.

Sorry, Master.

Captain, you were right.

I saw the boy's mark
with my own eyes.

They're leaving now.

The car is bugged.


Destination is obvious.

Want us to follow just in case?


It shall be done, Captain.

Head out to the hills.


an expeditious stopover
might be in order.

I see dinner.

Why do you cry?

You were worthless,
yet I've made you special.

Can you not fathom
the beauty you've created?



Please, kill me.


It hurts so much.


Pain does not warrant death.

Back in your box.

How much time
does this one have left?

A day or two
before her painting is complete.


I'm nearly out of test subjects.


A human cannot grasp
the purpose of death.


Husband, what is this about?

There is a boy
who wears the mark.

My dear, why must you do this,

forfeit all that we've created?

This is a mistake.

What will become of me,
of our children?


Cain, do you not love me?


You dare question me?

There will be no interference
from you this time, Lillith.

To forget who I am
would be extremely unwise.


I will go this time, Wife.

Stop by the campground
or stop by the falls first?

Isn't the campground
like six miles in?

I'm not hiking in the dark.

Don't worry.

As men, we'll protect you.

Get back here!

Left the girl for you.

Much obliged.

Poor lass.

Even your streets
are no longer safe.

You've got some fight in you.

I like that.

Oh, I wouldn't want
to end up like him, would we?

You're free to go.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.


Thanks for the fire, Joce.

Of course.

Someone had to do it.

Yeah. Good call.

I know.

Well, I'm going to go
use the lake facilities.


See? Lake water.

Same things go on
in the ocean, Joce.

Titus, why aren't you doing
anything with your future?

I don't want to talk about it.

Why not?

You can't understand.

Well, explain it to me.

All right. Fine.

You want to know why?


All right.

Sit down.

I don't want to.


Luke has got ALS, all right?

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

The only way we'll have
enough money

is if I start working, now.

You know, I'd love to go
to school or join the military,

but right now,
my brother needs me.

Do you even know what it's like,

to have somebody you love
dying right before you?

Just this morning...

He can't even tie
his shoes, Joce,

and this is just the beginning.

It's not fair.


You guys ready?

What happened?

Help me! Please!

Please, oh my god, please!

- Please, oh my god, please!
- What's going on?

Please, oh my god, please!

- They're coming!
- Who?

- Who's coming?
- Help me! Vampires!

- What?
- Oh my gosh.

- Please, help me!
- Hey, hey.

- That's not... Stop... Stop-
- JOCELYN: You people and-

They're right there!

Uh, guys.

Would you like to know
the purpose of a shadow?

Shadows are a glimpse into
the truths of the human heart,

constructed to protect,

yet never allowing
for its carnal embrace.

This is so stupid.

I'm leaving.

You're not funny.

Without our shadows,
the darkness would be set free.

Once it's free, it slowly
consumes all in its path

till there's only one choice.

Let's go! Let's go! Hurry!

Come on, Sonny!
Go, go, go, go!

You cannot escape the dark.

What is this place?

I don't know, some abandoned
factory or something.

Why? You scared?

Shut up.

There's no service out here.

Me too.


I'm not going back
that way.

Let's hide in here
for the night.



What the hell just happened?

I don't know,
but I'm about to find out.

What website are you from?!

- Joce.
- What?

Maybe she's
telling the truth.


Vampires aren't real.

Maybe not.

You got to admit, that guy-

- What do I do?
- What do I do?

What do I do? What do I do?


You all right, man?

This isn't my bag.

Ah! I must've grabbed
the wrong one!

Hey, dude, relax.

I'm not crazy.

Sonny, you grabbed
my bag, so I grabbed yours.

Have I ever let you down?

I knew it.

I knew I was right.

I'll tell you guys something.

They're not going to hurt anyone
I care about ever again!


Dude, you're such
a badass right now!

Sonny, are you okay?

You know this
doesn't mean anything.

Someone is just trying
to scare us.

That's all.

Joce, I'm not losing it.

I haven't felt
this clear in a long time.

I just want to keep us safe.

Do you trust me?

Of course!

We both do.

Good, now look.

There's some important
stuff in my bag

that's going to help us
fight these guys.

See for yourself.

A crucifix?

And salt?

But no matches?

Why so much salt?

It's more for ghosts,
which can't hurt here.

It's about preservation
and purity.

Just pour some unbroken lines
across the perimeter.

You know you're not going to
win any awards as an actress?

I'm on to you.

You, you're going
to answer some questions for me,

but first, show me your teeth.

You don't seem to be a vampire.

How do you know the ones
chasing you were?

Did they drink blood?

Did they have aversion to light?

Did you ever see one turn?


They took me and my brother!


They made him drink blood,

and then, they killed him.

And when he came back,
he tried to kill me.

They kept me in a box.

They cut me
and used my blood to paint.

Please, make it stop.

Make it stop.

Do you remember his name?

Was it Bill Cameron?

I... I don't remember.

It's fine.

What's your name?



That's a beautiful name.

You've got us now.

Don't worry.

That's my boy, all grown up.

Sonny is just being nice.

Hey, Tie,

I don't know
what's going on here.


I just want you to know
how sorry I am.

I was such a jerk, and-

- I know.

Thinking you
were blowing off your future.

I should have known
that something was up,

and I am so sorry about Luke.

I know.


He's so young.

I keep saying how sorry I am,
but I really am.

If you need anything...

I love you, Joce.

What did you say?

Sonny: Guys,

there's something out there!

You cannot
escape the dark.



You should not have run.

Enjoy yourselves.


How's my acting now, bitch?

Hey, Sonny, I do know a Bill.


Get back here!


Probably not the time
to tell you

your salt wasn't worth a damn!

They're vampires, not ghosts!

I'll kill you!


You're mine!

I'll be back for you.

You're not going to be pretty
when we're done with you.

There's nowhere to run.

I knocked a lamp over,

so the floor is covered
in propane.

I smell nothing.

I will burn this place
to the ground.

What is that?


What the hell?

Who are you?

Girl, did you do this?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

I said, "Answer me!"

You're in
my way, child.

Too bad.

Listen to me!

She is mine!


That slut is mine!

Answer me!

Jasper. Rosalie.


We don't know you, right?


We most certainly do not.

Explain yourself.

My master is your god.

No. I am your god.

- No. I am your god.
- No. I am your god.- Hey! You ain't my god!

No. I am your god.

Hey! You ain't my god!

Are you going to
kill us, too?


Now get out of my way.

What do you want?

You can't understand.

No. He's done nothing to you.

Leave him alone.

No. Just leave him alone!

You will
fall asleep now.

He .. will... die...

if... you... don't-

I know.

Why should I let you die?

Answer my question.

I don't know.

To stop disappointing you?

No, but you might be
on the right chord.

What can death provide
that life cannot

for someone in your position?

Back in your box.

Enter and speak.

Patrol found her
near the entrance.

Long walk from the factory.

Surprised she's alive.

Leave her.

You risked my
apprentice, Husband?

Use your spirit magic
and view her memories.

With pleasure.

Your magic fascinates me,
my dear.

What happened?

Such darkness.

How is this possible?


He's a child of yours.


His presence
is more kin than child.

He is you, but more?

Me but more.


He killed them both
so quickly.

No matter.

We're at the end.

Do you have what we need?

Of course.

But what of this intruder?

We can't dismiss
his presence so quickly.

He wants the boy.

Shut up, human.

His presence
seems rather formidable.

Perhaps he desires
your master's power.


I believe him to be a traveler.

When you alter
the boy's memories,

make him see the intruder
in my place.

Certainly, my love.

Free to leave,

Friend not dead.

Are you talking?


What is going on?

What is this thing?

What are you doing to him?

Who are you?

Where's Titus?

I don't have time
for this.

Rude, Xane.

I'm not thing, Jocelyn.

How do you know my name?

Watch her.

Where are you going?

That's none
of your concern.


Xane not good
with people.

Can't blame.

Been 10,000 years.

10,000 years?

What are you?

From future.

I'm... a... spirit

almost... gone... now.


What's wrong with you?

Dying vessel
holding life force.


Have hope now.


What's wrong with him?

Is he going to be okay?

Sonny is vampire now.


This has got to be a nightmare.

Why is he chained up?

Newborn vampire.



Stop from attacking you.

And the news just keeps
getting better and better.

Newborn attacking you
good news?

10,000 years in the future

and you're telling me
sarcasm doesn't make it?

That's it.

I've officially lost it.

Ah. Sarcasm.

Ha ha ha.

Xane not partake.

Your buddy
who stormed out of here?

You don't say.

Where's Titus?

Is Mr. Personality coming back?

Why didn't he kill us?

So many questions.

Xane right about you.

Conserving strength.


You've got to be kidding me.

Hello, Mother.

Hello, my dear.

Lay down.

Be still.


You should not have run.

Enjoy yourselves.

Jocelyn? Sonny?


You will fall asleep now.

When you awake,

you'll remember
all you've witnessed to be true.

You will not be sad
or cry or carry on.

You will be strong, and angry.

The memory should hold easily.

Will that be all for today?

- Will that be all for today?
- Yes, Gentry.

Will that be all for today?

That will be all for today,
probably for a while.

Mother, are you not pleased?

You care about my husband,

love him as you love me.

I would do anything
for the both of you.


I feel that.

I'm going to tell you the truth.

Your father longs for death.

But he can't die.

Unfortunately that's not true.

If he's slain

by a vampire of his lineage
on the tetrad,

he can die.

This boy is of that lineage.

How can you know?

All of your father's lineage
bear a mark,

this mark.

The blood moon
happens in two days.

For the past 1,000 years,

I've sought out and eliminated

all who bore the mark of Cain,

and somehow
this boy still exists.

I've rightfully protected
my husband from death two times,

but he grows increasingly
impatient with my interference.

Admittedly, I fear what he'll
do when he finds out I'm...

Nevermind that.

My child, if I can't
change your father's mind

before the night
of the blood moon,

you must run away with the boy.

If the boy is the problem,
let me slit his throat!

I'll do it gladly!

As pleasurable as that would be,

your father is linked with him.

He's practically immortal.

Mother, take these.

Use them!

Use the knife and the ring!

Use them to control Father
until after the blood moon,

and then he'll be safe!

Mother, please!

Don't ever mention

that dagger ever again.

It holds the darkest of magic.

And using it
to control your father

would be an
unforgivable betrayal.

I'm sorry, Mother.

I'll never betray you again.

Gentry, make the boy
trust you.

Through the boy,
that is the way.


When are you going to turn me?

Will the girl do it?

She is inquisitive,
but she will do as she's told.

You have great faith
in one so...


Don't underestimate that one.

When I found Gentry,

she was bathing
in the blood of her parents.

She's cut from my cloth and
therefore exceedingly capable.

What do you make
of the intruder?

I'll be speaking
with the Captain shortly.

Thank you, Henry.


I know you're not asleep.

Do you have a name?

Called Frost.

Ha! Got you.

No. Bored.

Pretty person chat with.

So you'll answer
some of my questions?

In it for me.

Well, what do you want?

Another friend.

I can do that.

You've lost leverage.

Wouldn't you answer
a question for a friend?


Only allowable questions.


Where's Titus?

Who attacked us
and what do they want with us,

and who are you
and Mr. Personality?

I can only answer
about Titus.

I must go back to the beginning.

Cain is known
as the world's first murderer.

He's the son of Adam and Eve,
older brother to Abel.

When God favored
Abel's offering over Cain's,

Cain grew increasingly angry
until one day

he lured his brother to a field
and killed him.

God, of course,
knew right away what he had done

and marked him for eternity.

Cain was then cast away
from all he had known

and left to wander
the Earth aimlessly.

And, because the Earth
would no longer yield to him,

he was forced to live
off the blood of man.

He became a vampire,
cursed and immortal.

Later, Cain met
and married Lillith.

Before turning Lillith,

they had a son, Enoch,
who also bore the Mark of Cain.

No one understood
the mark's power at the time.

It was just a mark,
or at the most, a reminder.

When Enoch grew,
he married and had children,

and as Cain and Lillith's
lineage continued on,

each firstborn son
carried the Mark of Cain.

It wasn't until
many centuries later

that Cain discovered
the mark represented

a potential escape
from the unending curse.

You see,
on the first lunar tetrad,

he was wounded and almost killed

by another vampire
who bore the mark.

It was then that Cain realized
he could die.

Lillith did everything she could
to prevent Cain's death

by tracking down and eradicating

all who were unlucky enough
to bear the mark.

She thought herself successful

until one day Cain found Titus.

Now, Cain has taken Titus

and will force him to end
Cain's suffering through death.

Titus taken?

Where did you get that?


It's none of your business.


I don't suppose it is.

Those chains should hold.

This will quench his thirst
if he awakens.

I thought
we just give him blood.

He'll need more soon.

In his weakened state,
Frost cannot protect you.

When Sonny awakens, feed him.

Come, Gentry.

We have business to attend to.


It's okay, sweetie.

I'll be back.


This shouldn't happen yet.

Frost, keep her safe.


But I can do it.

I promise.

I know.

I know I missed a few days.

My son had to go to the doctor.


Please, please, please.

I need this job.



Hello? Hello?

It's okay, Mom.

I have this,
or I can find a job, too.

I've seen lots of kids
throw away soda cans,

so I can collect them.

You're such a good boy.

I'm not kidding.

Tie, he gave me these.

He said I can be like Superman
for the whole day.

I could.

I can save the president,
and he would have to reward us.

He would.

But you know, how about
we save these for a time

when we really need
your superpowers, okay?

We're going to be fine.


Luke, can you go
get your bath ready, okay?

No, I can't.

I'll be right there, okay?


Frost, what can I do?

What do you mean?

How am I supposed to help?

Can't just sit here all day.

It's so bright.


Blood ready now.


Do I give it to him?

Set in reach.

Let me out!

I'm so sorry.

He jumped at me.

Please don't.

Sonny, are you okay?

No please Sonny.

It's okay.

You have to stop yourself.





I'm so sorry.

Sonny broke the chains
and Frost saved me.

I'm so sorry.

I was just so clumsy.

It's all my fault.

It's all my fault.


I underestimated the timeline.

It's all changed
because of my arrival.


Mrs. Frost.


You monster!

Please don't hurt the boy!

Please don't hurt the boy!

I've got superpowers!

Forgive me.

How could you!

Let me be, child.

- Let me be, child.
- Let you be!

Let me be, child.

You want you to let you
be like you let them be?

I didn't.

You did!

Where's Luke?

What did you do to him?

Where is he?

I didn't hurt them.

- I didn't hurt them.
- Liar!

I didn't hurt them.

She is right there

I would never
hurt them.

It's me, Jocelyn.

Frost didn't tell you
the whole story.

When I killed Cain
all those years ago,

I inherited a curse
seven times worse than death,

and with no one left bearing
the mark, I will never die.

My rage at this fate,

including the loss
of all I have loved,

caused me to turn into
the monster you see before you.

I stepped into Cain's walk

and helped the world
close in on itself.

No human, vampire, or animal
was safe from my wrath.

Finally, there was nothing left,

and in silence, I waited.

I would've stayed insane
if not for Frost.

He came up with the idea of
coming back and stopping myself,

stopping Titus
from killing Cain.

The calculations were like
finding a needle in a haystack,

but somehow,

and just barely,

we made it.

This is the end.

We have finished.

It's beautiful.


Now it's time for you
to join Lillith.

It's going to get very painful.

But I think I know the answer.

Do tell.

The only thing death
can provide me is freedom.

I want to be free.

You may now free yourself.

Thank you.

Well, that's a pity.

I wanted her.

To die in dust.

Death shall
all the world subdue.

How I envy her.

Yes, Husband.

Do you remember the view
from the Eiffel Tower,

or our private gondolas
in Venice,

our evening walks
through Amsterdam?

So many memories.

And yet, not as many
in this country.

But it is so new.

Imagine what we could do here.

End mankind,

or allow it to continue,

an entirely new adventure
for you and yours.


- Dispose of Gentry.

The tetrad draws near.

Must we do this?

Her purpose has ended.

My love, she has further
purpose, I can assure you.


She is my vessel
into the boy's mind.

There will be memories
yet to alter.

Plus, this boy,

your boy,

is fond of her.

He considers her a friend.

She will convince him
to do our bidding.

My bidding.

Yet you've reasoned well.

Can you accomplish this?

Of course, Husband.

I will make her irresistible.


This tetrad is my last.

Do not stand against me.

Promise me.

You have my word I will not
stand against you,

but that girl is mine.

I will be back for her.

Why must he speak of Gentry?

Perhaps he wants your focus
on the little things.

If you're happy
with a small victory,

you may leave the big one alone.

He is mistaken.

Why must he do this?

He's been walking this Earth
a right long time.

No longer than I,

and I want nothing more
than to be here with him.

His crew is not giving up
on their captain.

There's still hope.

Even the tiniest of lights
can pierce the dark.

That's what I'm afraid of,

So what's the plan
to save Titus?

We should wait
for Jocelyn to awake.

I won't to explain myself twice.


Tomorrow night,
I will kill Cain and free Luke

and save Titus
from ever becoming this monster.

My loved ones
will be able to live on,

no matter what form of life
that takes.

Your loved ones will live on?

What about you?

I have lived
for thousands of years,

ruled this very world,
and was its end.

Only I remained.

I tried to die a thousand times.

After the anger dissipated,
a giant void took over.

It wasn't loneliness I felt,

but rather
deep and utter emptiness.

When Frost came to me with hope,

I realized I had been lacking

the most important thing of all,

something even Cain
had managed to have

throughout his journey.

I lacked love.

Sonny, Lucian, my mother,

and you, Jocelyn.

And me what?

I should not say.

You kidding me?

- You kidding me?
- I do not joke.

I do not joke.

You said you'd anser my
questions so answer them

Jocelyn, as a boy, it was
no secret to anyone around us.

I was deeply infatuated
with you.

But what they didn't know

is that it ran
much deeper than that.

Through the years, I tried
to replace those feelings

with others, with anything.

Yet, after a thousand lifetimes,
you've never left my heart.

Even in the end,
all we are is what we remember.

Jocelyn, I'm sorry if I said

something you didn't want
to hear.

I don't know
what I wanted to hear.

What do you mean?

I've waited a really long time

for Titus to figure out
how he feels about me.

And last night
before Cain took him,

told me that he loves me.

I know.

He never got your answer.

Do you?


What happens when you kill Cain

if Titus doesn't?

Will you cease to exist?

That's one possibility.

What if you both disappear?

What if...

What if you and Titus

are exactly as you should be?

I'm an abomination.

I shouldn't exist.

If that's true, then Sonny
and I are abominations, too,

because we wouldn't be here
if you hadn't come back.

So should we not exist?

Jocelyn should always exist.

Okay. Then...

Maybe we should let Titus
fulfil his purpose

I know that we're still going to

have to be there
to grab Luke, but-

- You'd join me?

Of course.

I mean, you're Titus, too.

No, I'm not.

You're but a child.

It's not as simple as that.

Life isn't this fairytale.

You, Lucian, and even Sonny
will all die one day.

I can't protect you forever.

So we'll find another way.

There's always a way.


No one can survive.

So you're
not even willing to try?

It's pointless.

- You're wrong!
- There is no hope.

No, you're wrong!

You say that
it's pointless, but we need you.

We all need you.

You're the only one
who knows what the future holds,

and you're the only one
who can stop

whatever it is
that's going to happen,

and you're the only one
who can help alter it.

Jocelyn, I forgot
how smart you are.

Did I change your mind?

No one can.

Then this isn't over.

I'm not going to let you die.

I won't let either of you die.



Let me out!


Yes, it's me.

I don't know what's going on.

Why am I locked up in here?

We were attacked
by vampires, Gentry, vampires.

Yeah, and they saved us.

I know, but where are they?

You were
just out there with them.

Yeah. I don't know.

They've given me a small amount
of freedom while you heal.

Whatever. I'm leaving.


Get out of my way.

Just wait.

They're coming.

Besides, they wanted me to
come in here and wait with you.


I don't know how much longer
I can just sit here.

They took Luke and killed

I can't even think straight.

They said
they tried to save them,

but they were too late.

I'm so sorry-

- I'm going to kill him!

Don't worry.

You'll get your chance.

Who are you?

I am called Cain.

And when I speak,
you will listen.

One of my children has taken
a particular interest in you.

It may seem strange

but you alone possess
something very special.

The mark upon your back
is God-given

and holds a sacred power.

Because of this,
it's the target he's after,

and unfortunately,
only you can stop him.

How do I kill him?

In two days' time,

a great event takes place
on the blood moon, the tetrad.

It's happened
only four times in history.

If I were to turn you
into a vampire on that day,

you would become a god

powerful enough to do just that.

Two days' time, boy.

Think on it.

I know
it's a lot to take in.

I just don't understand.

Why did they kill them?

I know.

But we'll make them pay for it.

What are you talking about?

I don't even know you.

You're just some weak little

Shut your mouth!

I've been through more than
you'll ever know.

I watched as the life

drained out of
my parents' eyes that night,

and it was...


I know we lost your friends,

so forgive me

if maybe I don't want that
to happen to your brother too.


You know nothing about me.


Damn it!

Hello, my boy.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Where's my mom?

I want to be with her.


Of course.

Well, unfortunately for you,

your mother has been marooned,


I've brought you some food.

I'm not hungry.


I just want to go home.

What are those?

Nothing you need to concern
yourself about.

May I suggest eating a little

so you can keep up
your strength?

I suspect you're going to need


Sink me, boy!

Always clumsy, Steven!

Steven? I'm Luke.

I'm sorry.


I suppose you are.

I can't eat meat like

It's not cooked.

I don't suppose you can.

I'll have Maggie cook up

something a little bit
more palatable, Luke.

Hello, daughter.

Mother, this bag of flesh
doesn't trust me!

I can see it
in his beady little eyes!

I just want to gouge them out!

I've come
to fix that.

But I thought
love spells didn't work.

They don't.

I've decided to switch out the
memories of the one he loves.

She seems to be the only one
he trusts completely.

From now one,
your name is Jocelyn.

Our meeting
is about to take place.

Jocelyn, go behind that rock
and do not leave for anything.

Is that understood?

- Fine.
- I need to prepare.


Come on, Sonny.


I'm sorry for yelling.

I just don't understand.

I thought you were dead.

Then I didn't recognize you?

I just can't believe it.

You're alive.

Of course, silly.

Cain saved me too.

But you've been all out of sorts

It's hard losing loved ones.

I've been out of sorts myself.

So tell me,
why do you get to go in and out

but I have to stay?

Because they know
I would never leave you.

Besides, I'm not
the important one here.

You are.

You have
a very important choice to make.

You know me, Joce.

I'll do whatever it takes
to save my brother.

And that's why
you're my favorite.

I'm you're favorite, huh?

Since when?


In the mood for yet another
drudge, my queen?

Now you've done it.

I've lost my appetite,

even though little Margaret is
quite precious.

Well, Maggie is quite
useless to me now.

What is it you want, Henry?

I've had some time to observe,
and your...

witchery is making me uneasy.

Hmm. You've had time to spy?

No need.

Gentry performs perfectly.

It's almost time to initiate
part two of the plan,

in which your assistance
is no longer required.

But then again, Henry dear-

- Yes, Your Majesty.

Clean that thing up.

Maggie, do you think
you're worthless?

You'd be wrong.

Your queen soon comes
with a trick.

Of course she does.

Have you taken care
of the child?


He's sequestered.

He has a name already?

Perhaps when you're through
with this business

you'd like a new pet.

That won't be necessary.

My presence has been requested
by that vampire.

Do you want me
to take care of this situation?


He's been protecting
the boy's two friends.

Go ahead and tell your men
I want them dead,

but leave the traveler to me.

It shall be done.

Captain Henry Every.

I'm tired of playing
this game, Captain.

It's time I got
some answers, now.


Come along, boy.

You want to know why I picked
you as my apprentice, yes?

I murdered your king.

It makes no sense.

I had a son once.

You had a son?

Do you want to hear or not?

I'll shut up.

Yes, I had a son once.

Not of my blood,
but of my spirit.


We were brought together by
a mutual love of the open sea.

Even when he was
just a cabin boy,

he had better sea legs
than most of my crew.

Sure was a clumsy lad,
always knocking over his plates.

He had that light in his eyes.

Maybe Cain saw it, too.

I still don't understand.

When he summoned for the boy,
I couldn't refuse.

I told Steven
to do as he was told.

They came to
this very place that night,

and I was too late.

Arrived in time to watch Cain

rip the heart
right out of his chest.

You remind me of Steven.

Plus you killed
that bastard Cain.

I thank you from the bottom
of all my black heart, I do.

How may I be
of service, old chap?

I swear, if this is just
some ploy to get me to shut up-

- No. Something is out there.




That's not him.


Hello, son.


Sonny, don't do it.

Get back here!

For my men are hungry,
stout, and resolute,

and should they exceed
my desire-

I cannot help myself.

You're the boy.

I had a feeling you'd know.

What is it you want?

I will kill Cain again.

To what end?

To save myself
from what I've become.

The result will be
the same for you.

You know of my plans?


You desire his throne

and my support
as your apprentice.

I've lived it once.

But on the night
we enslaved mankind-

- Captain, Master
is ready for you.

Hello, Imitator.

Today is the day.

Why don't you
just kill me already?

You threaten me enough

and take away
the only friend I've ever had.

I should kill you,
and I probably will.

You're the only piece
I have left of Steven.

Then why
do you hate me so much?

I don't hate you.

I hate what you're not.


I have to stop you!

I will!


I will get out!

I will not lose you!

Kneel and be crowned.

I, King,

do knight thee

as fellow king of our people.


- What is this?
- What's going on?

Xane, dagger,


- Henry-
- What?


- He's lying!
- Enslave! You!

He's finally
broken down.

Reveal all at once.

Your life depends on it.

It was under his orders, sir.


They're all lying!

This is mutiny,
conspiring against both of us!

Haven't I always
treated you like a son?

Remove your gloves.

My gloves?

Don't play me for a fool.

I know this dagger.

Can you blame
a mate for trying?


I can.

Well, maybe this time,

the old has passed away.

And the new has come.

Find your light, Henry.

Hello, Frost.

That's not my name.

Who are you?

You killed the Captain.

The one who kills your master
becomes your new master.

Is that correct?

Well, maybe.


Join with him.

What? Ew. No.

That's incest.

I command you.

I despise you.

I know.

What are you waiting for?

Can I get
some privacy?

You're in big
trouble now.

The boy is mine.

I have a job to finish.

Leave him alone,

Haven't you done enough?

This is the worthless boy I
told you about

always running to his mommy.

Well, that is,
until I killed her.

And this is his girlfriend.

I'll kill you!

That's a good one, Sonny.

I should've finished you
the night I drained your mother.

Too bad Cain's golden boy
showed up.

Wish it would have been
your girlfriend.

Bet she would have been

even more fun to drain then
mommy eh?

I guess we'll find out!

No! Get Off!

Not my day, eh?

Helpless, and of course,
you always were.

Let me knock your mother around

while you hid in your bedroom.

But that's okay, because we both
know that she liked it.

Don't you dare talk about her!

Oh no.

What are you going to do?

Nothing, right?

Just like that night.

You're going to stand there
and do nothing, aren't you, son?


Get up, Sonny.

Let's end this.

Leave him alone.

You don't just
get to handle this, Tie.

I'm not Titus, Jocelyn.

You're bleeding.

Am I going to turn now?


You must drink
from the one who bit you.


I'd rather die then be like
one of them

I didn't mean that.

Your wounds need
attending to.

May I help you?

No, no.

I don't need your help.

Wait. What's wrong?

That bastard
is torturing Luke!

No, no, no! Wait!


I heard them talking earlier,

but I don't know
if I should say.

What? Tell me.

Cain's wife said
that he's been lying to you.

If you become a god,
you can't save Luke.

Yeah, but I would have to
to save him.

She said that
he'd been using you.

He wants to use you
to kill his competition.

If you become a god, Luke dies.

That can't be right.

Are you sure
that's what you heard?


What are you doing?

I know your angry,
but is your revenge

more important than
your brother's life?


Do you trust me?

But what-

- Have I ever led you astray?

No, ma'am.

What are you doing?

Henry has not returned.

I thought I'd serve you
your port tonight.


Henry's absence
can only mean one thing.

And what is that?

You've plotted against me,
Wife, but you've failed.

That vampire
is my boy from the future.

I succeed tomorrow.

My love-

- Did you think
I would not know?

Please forgive me, Husband.

You know it was bore
from a place of love.

Yes. No matter.

At this final hour,
let us rejoice.

My freedom is inevitable.

The curse will soon fall
from my shoulders.

Very well.

Let us celebrate our last night
together, Dear One.

I know you, Lillith, too well.

Let this end tomorrow.

A wise woman knows

when she's been outwitted
by her betters.

Here's to us.

A match made in hell.

Do you know where to take him?

Yes, Mother.

She's not coming with us?

I must keep Cain distracted.

Mother, I...

Now go.


Come on!

You've disappointed me,

What are you doing?

I don't know.

Just looking at some old scars,
I guess.

You know, Bill wasn't
always such a bad guy.

For a while there, I thought...

I thought he really
loved my mom.

And then, he changed.


He was turned by someone,
probably Henry,

and eventually became
the worst part of himself.

Is that what's going to happen
to me, too?

I mean, I can already start
to feel myself changing.

I killed people yesterday.

Is that what you meant
when you said

you understood
the decay in my heart?

There was a time
I would have said yes,

but being here now,
I'm not certain.

You were different
from Bill before.

Perhaps, should you choose,

you'll be different
from him now.

So what's the answer?

Some might say

I understand
its difficulties, though.


I take it we're still
going through with the plan?

We'll head up
beyond the hills.

It should only take a few hours.

- It should only take a few hours.
- Okay.

It should only take a few hours.

Well, I still think
that you're wrong,

so I will just have to
convince you otherwise

on our way there.

Master, we couldn't find them.

We won't stop looking.

Should I send out
more patrols or-

- Contact no other house.

Summon Lillith's children
to my lair.

I have a reward for you all.

So, who did you meet

I met a man

Who had the present version
of Frost with him


This guy just gave him to you?

A corpse has no choice.

He'll soon be back
to his old self.


you just take what you want
and kill without care?


As I said before, I'm a monster.

No, Tie.


I think I'm going to be sick.

So, how many people
have you killed?

All of them.

That's nice.

Hey, do you smell that?


Who did this?

Bill. He's there.

I couldn't resist
in partaking.

I only have business
with my stepson.

Your business
involves me now.

Tie, no!

You need to
end this, now.

It's just you and me, kid?

Think you've got some balls now?

I doubt it.

Got a fresh haircut.

We can have some fun
with that girl of yours.

You make me sick!


No balls!

You were worthless as a kid,

and you're worthless
as a vampire.

Change in plans.

Take me to a hospital.

You're going
to miss your meeting.

Guess I win.

I have to do this.

No, no, no, no.

You can't turn me.

Promise me.

Promise me.


Welcome, my children.

Today, you will receive

the greatest gift of all,

your freedom.

I hope you realize
this is your doing.

I get no pleasure from this.


Why, Cain?

You should not
have tried to deceive me.

But yes,
I do remember our time together.

They will be my last thoughts.

But it's time
for me to find peace.

Goodbye, my love.

We're almost there.

It's right past this ridge.




Oh, right.


I just...

I'm just really glad
you're here with me.


There'll be time for that
after we save your brother.


All right.

See it?

There it is.


So, how do you know
he's in there?

There's only one way
to find out.

I don't see anyone.

He said he would be here!

My head.

What's going on?

We should get out of here
right now.


We cannot walk away.

Kiss me.

Joce, what are you
talking about?

I said, "Kiss me."

Rest well.



I can't...

Well done, Gentry.

You've pleased me.

It is my pleasure
to serve you, Master.

Are you fond
of this boy?


He disgusts me.

Sounds like a match.

With your newfound abilities,

together you would
dominate the world.

I will now fulfill
my end of the agreement.

After I turn you, wear this,

and as long as the dagger
remains in Lillith's heart,

her power belongs to you.

I'm ready, Master.

When is she going to wake up?

I need to wash
all this blood off me.

Stop asking that.

She should awaken at any moment.

I heard she might not
be too happy, though.

Hello, friend.

It's so bright.

It's not going to be
like that forever.

My throat. It burns.


I can assure you

this was all done for the best.


I didn't want it, not like this.

I know,
and I thought about that,

and I tried to stop him,

but he showed me.

It was like the light
was leaving your body.

I couldn't even imagine.

Did you turn me?

No, no, no, like he'd even let
me if I wanted to.

Did you want to?

No, no!

That's not what I meant.


You're too loud.

Where is he?

So is he hiding from me?

Joce, don't.

Joce, you're not as tough
as you think, you know?

Frost, it's nice
to see you again.

Where is he?


I can't tell you.

That would defeat
the whole purpose of everything.

You're wrong.

Everything has changed.

I'm sorry.

I would never betray a friend.


what happens when the person
who changes you dies?

You die too, right?


Xane changed Sonny and I.

So what happens when he dies?

I could lose
all my friends.

He's at the ritual grounds.

It's to the east.


I'm glad you made it.

I believe it's time that we met.

I assume you're the reason
Henry Every never returned.

Leave the child alone.

What child?

This child?

Do not harm him.

I have no choice.

I must harm him
to get what I want.

I need no incentive
to kill you.

I wouldn't do that.

If I sever the boy's head,
he'll be gone forever.

Why do you oppose me?

This is your moment of freedom.


If you touch the boy again

I will sever your head

Such anger, but your presence
in this timeline

has woken my appetite.

Why must life do this,

at the moment of my deliverance

present a challenge of my equal?

You are nothing
compared to me.

Can you feel it?

We're on the brink of death,
of freedom.

I know you understand.

You've been trapped,
imprisoned in this life.


This life is a gift.

You lie to yourself.

Such weakness.

"Such weakness,"

says the one
hiding behind a child.

Let fate decide who goes free.

Fate cannot stop me.

I feel alive again.

You can't beat me.

You forget, boy,
I am the original.

Witness my true form.

You are no match for the truth.

I am truth.

No! Don't!

We end this now, like before.


Our battle has just begun!

You've given me a reason to

Titus, it's okay.

- It's okay.
- I will rid this Earth

of everything you hold dear.

- No, no. Hey!
- Luke!

Titus, wait!

Titus, we have to go!


Until the day-


- What?
- Stop!

You're next.

Titus, I failed.


we need to get to Lucian

and cauterize his wound,

but I need you to keep an eye
on Jocelyn while I do.

Wait! Joce, wait!

Stop me.


How is she so strong?

- Stop!
- Help me!

I can feel it.

What am I?

I'm going to kill you.

You're nothing!

Thought you could take my family
and get away with it!


Sonny, do something!

He needs her!

Joce, help me!


You don't even fight back.

You're nothing
in the presence of a god.

Sonny! He needs her!


Xane, help me.

You may have the power
of a god,

but you lack the understanding.

Here. Bite.

Go to Lucian, please.


Is Titus going to be okay?


That type of wound
cannot kill him.

How could I even think
about hurting Luke?

Newborns have great difficulty
controlling themselves.

You'll soon learn
to overcome your cravings.

Why did you turn me?

Always full of questions.

Joce, I had no choice.

Allowing your light
to extinguish was unacceptable.

Looks like history
repeats itself.

Yes. I failed.

No. No.

Don't ever say that, and don't
you ever give up on me.


Lucian will be fine.

I disinfected
and cauterized the wound.

It missed anything major

and his vitals
are all at an acceptable range,

but he'll need medical attention
as soon as possible.


Get him to a hospital.

I'll take care of these two.

Sonny, today would have turned
out much differently

had you not been here.

Thank you.

Do you still thirst, Jocelyn?

No, I feel better.


We should leave.



Promise me you will never
leave me, you'll never give up.


Because I need you.

I need both of you.


Promise me.

I promise.


Can we give that to him?

He needs time, Joce.


For what?

Time for what?

Healing isn't easy.

I know.

Hey, Joce.

Oh, thank you.

I'm starving.

Do you remember
when we used to eat real food?

Your mom made the best lasagna.


Those were the good old days.

I missed you, Joce.

I can tell when you're lying.

I'm sorry.

All the memories are there,

but your face
isn't the one I see.

It's fine.

Hey! Wait.

When am I going to see Luke?

I'm flying out
to get him tomorrow.

Actually he's feeling
a lot better.

Wouldn't it be better
if Sonny went?

I mean, he knows Sonny.

He knows me, too.

Sonny is staying here with you.

You're more comfortable
with him,

but that just means I get to go

and bring home
my favorite Frost.


Thanks, Joce.

Of course.

How'd it go?

That well, huh?

I need to go get some air.

I wish I could have
heard her one last time

or seen the light shining
in her eyes.

I missed her by a minute.

Can you go back
and try again?


That was my only chance.

You saved
both her sons.

I know.

How's Titus?

He's safe,
which is what matters.

You have something
on your mind.

I have memories
on my mind.

Why are your memories
different than Titus's?

It's the flow of time.

My mind has had thousands of
years to unweave itself.

I remember you
telling us once

that all we are
is what we remember.

You remember me.

He doesn't.

He will.

And I will not forget.

I have no map or memory
for this either.

But you, Jocelyn,
are my North Star.

You know,

I really miss you, Mother.


Hello, my love.


Of course, silly.

I can't take this anymore.

I'm about to break.

I'm coming for you.