XXXHOLic: Shunmuki - Zenpen (2009) - full transcript

Watanuki and Domeki enjoy meal and drinks with the fortune teller, where Kohane is staying. There, it's explained that everyone changes with every meeting they experience with others, and that all four there, and even Yuko, have changed from meeting Watanuki. Later on, Haruka and Watanuki meet in a dream, in which Haruka asks Watanuki to look for something in the temple's storeroom. However, as they look around, they seemed to have stepped into the realm within the book by accident.


This is a dream.

How’s it coming along, Kohane-chan?

It turned out well.

Good! Then would you like to serve?


It came out well, didn’t it?

That’s because you’re a good teacher.

No, it's because you're a fast learner.

That just means you're both good children.


My, my, that looks delicious.

You’ve learned to do so many things in such a short time, haven’t you, Kohane-chan?

Will you quit nibbling like you’re some kind of rodent?!

You shouldn’t have invited him, Kohane-chan!

I wanted to see Shizuka-kun though.

I wanted him to try my cooking too.

Damn it! You’re not “Shizuka-kun.” You’re just a plain Doumeki.

Shut up.


You just said “nibble.” Why can’t you just speak normally?!

Don’t they get along well?


It seems like they’ve misunderstood me...

Things really do look more appetizing when there’s a feast laid out before you, don’t you think?

I was told you like to drink,

so I brought you this. I received it from one of the temple’s patrons.

You did that without any hesitation{\fscx200}-{\fscx100}!

Oh, my... I like to drink? Well, I’m not quite the drinker I used to be.

Nowadays, I can't even drink four isshou bottles.

[Note: 1 isshou = 1.8 liters]

If she can’t drink four bottles, does that mean she can still drink three?

Since you’ve offered me such fine sake,

we’ll have to use my special kiriko glasses.

[Note: Kiriko is a traditional Japanese glass-etching technique founded in 1824.]

I’ll get them. Where are they?

They’re on the shelf in the far room,

but it’s quite high.

Yeah, go do some work for once.

I’m taller than you, after all.

It’s only by a tiny margin! This much!

This much! This{\fscx200}-

He must be the boy I saw during my last fortune-telling.

The one you were always fighting with, right?

T-That’s right...

You seem to be getting along well with him.

Not willingly!

You get along well with him now,

and that’s because you’ve changed.

Have I really... changed?

You should know that best.

You’re right.

You’ve changed, and as a result, those you’ve met have changed too.

You’ve met many good people, haven’t you?

People whom you make happy, and people who make you happy.

People you’ve saved, and people who’ve saved you.

All those good people you’ve befriended...


You know, Yuuko-chan’s changed too...

...ever since she met you.

Yuuko-san too?

Is this it?

I think so.

Um, Shizuka-kun...

What is it?

It’s about Kimihiro-kun.

I heard that you didn’t get along well with Kimihiro-kun at first.

I heard that the first time you met each other, you had a fight.

He attacked me on the school staircase the moment our eyes met.

Kimihiro-kun said that he became irritated upon seeing your face,

and subconsciously kicked you.

It wasn’t just an ordinary kick, but a jump kick at that.

When did the two of you become friends?

I doubt he considers me a friend, even now.

If Yuuko-san hadn’t ordered him to ask me whether they could use my temple to tell the One Hundred Ghost Stories,

he might still be kicking me every time we meet.

What about you?

What was your first impression of Kimihiro-kun?

That he was a loud guy.

A lot has happened during the One Hundred Ghost Stories;

even so, I thought that nothing would ever change between us.

I doubt he wanted to get involved with me.

I had no reason to get involved with him either.

If that’s true, why did you stay with Kimihiro-kun?

It was a rainy day...


...will also die like this, won’t I?

All alone...

He’s wrong.

About what?

Kimihiro-kun may have been alone on that rainy day,

but it’s different now.

Everyone’s there for him.

You’re also there for him.

If that’s true, then I’m happy.

I was able to change after meeting Kimihiro-kun.

I changed and became happy.

That’s why I want Kimihiro-kun to be happy too,

because he really is a kind person.

Thank you for the meal today.

No, not at all. I should be thanking you for the delicious sake.

Next time, let’s eat with Yuuko-chan and Mokona-chan.

I’ll prepare my precious aged sake.

Then I’ll bring awamori.

[Note: Awamori is a distilled sake unique to Okinawa, Japan.]

You’re still talking about sake after drinking so much?

Here. This is for Yuuko-san and Mokona-kun.

Thank you.

They’ll be delighted.

I hope so.

Will you teach me how to cook again?

Of course.

And then, you can ask your mother to try your cooking.


You know, Kimihiro-kun...

What is it?

Thank you.

Kohane-chan really smiles a lot now.


She said she changed...

Is that so?

...after meeting you.


You’ve changed, and as a result, those you’ve met have changed too.

People whom you make happy, and people who make you happy.

All those good people you’ve befriended...

Thank you.

That time I injured myself...

...when I fell from the school window.

The blood back then...

The blood I spilled...

It must’ve been quite a bit.

Were you all right?



Thank... you.

W-What do you want?!

Nothing. I just wondered how you looked saying it.

You idiot! Don’t look!

Go away! Don’t come near me!

We’re headed to the same place.

Shut up{\fscx200}-

Don’t follow me!

Thank you!

Thank you! Yay!

Thank you! Woo!

No way! You were listening?!

We’ve been eagerly anticipating your arrival ever since I knew you’d be bringing some delicious food.

We even took a bath!

Feel this!

Nice, clean, soft skin.

Feel this!

You’re always around whenever food or sake is involved.

How did you even know?

You could say that my sixth sense is like the antennae on monsters, specifically for food and sake.

Doumeki, bring that in.

I’ll prepare the dishes.


Don’t forget the sake!

You alcoholics!

I’m happy for you... for finally being able to say thank you.

Yuuko-san, you may only drink two glasses of sake today!

You meanie!

So, what was Watanuki’s expression like when he thanked you?

I didn’t see it.

My, that’s a shame.

But you know, it probably took everything he had just to say it.

Back then, I was the one who decided to share my blood.


And that’s why Watanuki thanked you.

If it were the old him, he’d be depressed and going around in circles.

It would’ve been a hassle.

Are you saying he’s changed?


and so have you.

The only way people can change is by meeting others.

My grandfather used to say the same thing.

Hey, Doumeki!

Help me carry this!


I’ll go help them.

Have fun!

Ah, please bring more than two glasses worth of sake!

Of course. I’ll bring the whole bottle.

Three people paid a price to save Watanuki...

Himawari-chan, he repaid with a promise and true happiness.

Doumeki-kun with the words “thank you” - words he could not say - and his trust.

And then, there’s one more...

So, you’ve come.


No, it’s not him...

What is your wish?

To be where my right eye is.

As for the “price”...

You’ve already paid it.


I shall...

...grant your wish.

Don’t disappear.


The existence closest to Watanuki... Syaoran...

He has yet to pay him back.

Don’t disappear.


His mere existence is enough payment for him.

Watanuki will realize this soon enough.

There is one more.

He hasn’t paid the price,

but he has helped you.


Is this a dream?

I guess.

Would “good evening” be appropriate then?

It’s as you wish.

Well, since the moon’s out...

Good evening.

Good evening.

It looks like your wounds have healed.


Thank you very much.

When I fell from the school window, you came and saved me in my dream.

I’ve always wanted to thank you.

You’re here right now.

That is the best thanks I can get.

But is there something I can do in return?

Although, I’m not sure what I can do for someone whom I can only meet in my dreams.

Cute, aren’t you, Watanuki-kun?

Well, there’s one thing I’d like you to do for me.

So, my grandfather asked you?

He said he’s looking for something.

There are five things in total.

He told you to go to the storage building first?


He said it should be around the area where the bookworm appeared.

My grandfather was the only person who used this storage building.

So even if you’re looking for something,

he’s the only one who’d know where it is.

That’s true...

Yeah, we had a hard time trying to find a cure for the spider’s curse.

Speaking of which, shouldn’t you be at work?


When I asked Yuuko-san...


It’s okay?

Do your best! what she said.

I see.

I guess there are times like this too.

Normally, the selfish Yuuko-san would...

...tell me to come back in time to make dinner for her.

So what are you looking for here?

What we’re looking for here... a novel bound in the traditional Japanese style.

What’s the title?

Umm, I believe it was...


What’s this?


Dozing off again?


I thought I was looking for something just now...

Are you still asleep?

Well, you’re stupid regardless of whether you’re awake or asleep.

What was that?! You’re the one who’s stupid!

What a clumsy guy.

I don’t want to hear that from you!

It’s dark now.

That’s because you didn’t manage to catch anything.

You only caught one yourself!


Rain, huh?

For the time being, let’s find some shelter from the rain.


Excuse me?

Is anyone home?

Yes, who might you be?

I’m sorry. It suddenly started to rain...

Do we have guests?

Ah, yes!

It just suddenly started raining.

My, that must be terrible.

Please come in.

This is an inn.

Please enjoy your stay.

Thank you.

It’s a good thing there was an inn nearby.


By the way, do you know that girl?


The first girl that came out.


But after seeing your face, she{\fscx200}-

Excuse me.


I’m begging you...

Please leave this inn immediately.


Please wait!

Perhaps we’re a nuisance. We didn’t make any reservations after all.



Where can we get some oil?

No. More importantly, we were just asked to leave.

They’re rather young.

They look delicious.

But a bit tough, don’t you think?

But if we break them apart...

...they’ll have a nice texture.

That’s true.

That’s true.

That’s true.

If this goes well...


Let’s enjoy ourselves.

They sure...

...look delicious!

Who’s there?

Run for it!


They eat humans, huh?

Don’t say it so lightly!

Somehow, this seems familiar...

It must be from pandemonium!

Perhaps, but there’s something else...

I think I’ve read about this somewhere...

It looks like we made it out alive somehow...


What... did you scatter?

Fishing bait.

I figured they might eat it, being birds.

I see.

But why did the first girl we met warn us to leave?

Have you ever done anything nice for a bird?

Now that you mention it...

In elementary school, my class kept a chicken.

Ah! And you did something good for that chicken?

We ate it together.

You didn’t do anything good!

This... is a dream?

It seems like it.


This is from{\fscx200}-{\fscx100}!

I thought so.

That experience resembled a story I had once read.

It’s true.

My grandfather once said,

“Be it books or pictures,

if you’re dragged into something that has power,

whatever happens within will become reality.”


And that means...

If we were eaten...

I knew it! Haruka-san’s errands are hard!

Shut up.

So, what will you do?

I’ll look for them!

Even if it was in a dream, I made a promise with him.

Let’s go! Only four remain!