XXXHOLiC: Shunmuki - Kouhen (2009) - full transcript

Anyway, we’ve obtained one of the items.

There are still four more items that Haruka-san asked us to retrieve.

Where’s the next one?

He only told me the location of the first.

He said we’d know once we found this book.


Does it mean the one here?


since it doesn’t specify where.

The pond is located further up ahead in your backyard, right?


It sure is pretty here.

My grandfather loved gardening too.

Haruka-san must’ve been a really elegant person.

On the other hand, his grandson is the complete opposite.

So, what’s in the pond?

Isn’t there anything else written?

Amewarashi and Zashikiwarashi!

What’s the matter? Did something happen?

You’re the one who had something happen to them, Watanuki Kimihiro!


We heard rumors that you were severely injured!

This girl here was worried about you and said she wanted to pay you a visit.

So, I was forced to accompany her here.

Well, everything’s okay now. Really.

Thank you for worrying about me.

Hey, just calm down, will you?

I’m sorry.

But how come you appeared from this pond?

For this day and age, the water in this pond is amazingly clear and clean.

That’s why it can connect with the pond in the mountain where she lives.

Oh, I see; it’s exactly like the well at Yuuko-san’s store{\fscx200}-

That piece of paper!


The piece of paper that blew away prior to your arrival.

This one?

Yes, that! Thank goodness!

If I had lost this, I wouldn’t be able to find what I’m looking for{\fscx200}-

A green rock?

Are you okay?!

I’m fine!

Give me your hand!

But you were injured...

I promise. I really am okay now.

Besides, I’ve managed to find what I was looking for by falling in.


What is it?

I think it’s a... mirror.

I’m happy...

...that I was able to be of use.

Don’t cry!

If you cry, the Karasu Tengus will...

We’ll leave before they arrive.

We’ve confirmed that you’re fine.

Is that okay?


See you later, Watanuki Kimihiro.

Say hello to the Kuda-gitsune for me, okay?

Ah, sure.

Um, please don’t push yourself, okay?


Thank you.

Isn’t it nice to be... popular?

The way you phrase that is extremely irritating!

So, we’ve found the second item. What’s next?

I have no clue.

Maybe there’s something more to this mirror?

Anyway, even though the weather’s good,
don’t you think it’s bad to remain like that?

Even idiots catch...

If you’re going to say “Even idiots catch colds in the summer,” then you’ll catch one first!

Shut up.

Geez... this really is a huge bath.

But what should we look for next? And where?

What... is this?

So you fell into the pond?

But thanks to that, we found what we were looking for, so it was for the best!

And then you used his bath while he dried your clothes for you.

How do you know that?!

Were you watching from somewhere?!

Are you still watching me now?!

Where? Eh?

Stop making those weird movements.

You’re disturbing your neighbors.

You are looking!

I don’t need to watch you to know that.

After all, all you ever do is cook, get mad, fall over, or make weird movements.

He’s pretty spot on.

Why you!

Okay, that’s enough playing around.

We weren’t playing around!

You want to find out about that mirror, right?

Ah, that’s right.

I have no idea what that bird-like thing that appears in the mirror is.

{\q2}You’ve had the entire time it took your clothes to dry to think,
yet you still couldn’t come up with the answer?

Watanuki, you really can’t do anything, no matter how hard you try...

Shut up!

Since you’ve bathed, and thus taken part in a purification ceremony,

why don’t you try Kyouchou if you’re still stuck?


Place the mirror close to your body,

close your eyes,

and take the first words you hear as a premonition.

It’s like an alternative for the fortune-telling method, Tsuijura.

Although, it’s actually more accurate when performed after a sunshower.

But if you use a magic mirror and perform the ritual at Doumeki-kun’s temple,

you should be able to obtain a sign that is just as deep and true.

Listen closely.

Empty your mind.

Just listen out for the first sound.

I hear it will rain.

Pardon the intrusion!


I’m here to return your book.



You could’ve returned his book whenever!

I’m on my way home from my piano lessons.

Oh, there’s this too.

Their mini cream puffs are supposed to be delicious!


Tanpopo loves them too!

Huh? What?

I believe he wants to say,
“But your home-made cream puffs are better.”

Aww, no way!

Ah, let me go make tea.

That makes it look as though you live here, Watanuki-kun!

Ah, no! That’s not true at all...

Lately, you seem to know my kitchen better than I.

That’s because you’re always telling me to make this and that for you!

I see you two are getting along well as usual,
Watanuki-kun, Doumeki-kun.

I am misunderstood by females!

Come on in.

Thank you,

but I have to go home early today.

Then, next time, let’s make mini cream puffs together!

I’m... not a good cook.

Besides, home-made is...

I know, but I want to make them...

...with you, Himawari-chan.

Let’s make and eat them together, okay?


Make Wagashi instead.

[Note: Wagashi is a type of traditional Japanese confectionery that is often served with tea.]


Besides, what’s with that commanding tone?!

You two really do get along well.

No, as I keep telling you, we don’t.

Oh, that’s right!

We have cookies; I baked them today.

Wait there, I’ll bring some out.

Did you bake them specifically for Doumeki-kun?

I’m telling you that that’s not true.

I’ll be right back. Wait for me, okay?

Okay, thank you!

No problem!

Watanuki-kun found out, didn’t he?

The reason why I don’t make anything by hand.

It’s also the exact reason you avoid going anywhere with him if you can avoid it.

I see.

So, you’ll make them, right? With him.

Promise me that I can have some.


See you later, Watanuki-kun! Doumeki-kun!

See you tomorrow!

So, how was Kyouchou?

I hear it will rain.

“I hear it will rain.”


When it rains, you’ll need...

An umbrella.

There sure are a lot here.

We lend them to people.

Oh! I wonder if Himawari-chan is okay without an umbrella?

Kunogi always carries a folding umbrella on her, remember?

Oh, yeah.

But I don’t particularly see anything out of the... ordinary...

This is...

What are you doing?

It’s the same image as the one in this mirror.

A key?

What is this?

It’s our family crest.

Also, I feel like I’ve seen the image of this bird in the mirror elsewhere...

They’re the same.

My grandfather carved the birds on these doors.

They don’t appear anywhere else on our property.

He carved these?

Isn’t there a limit to gracefulness, Haruka-san?

But now we’re back at the storage house again.

What should we do now?

What lock does this key open anyway?

Could it be...



If I recall correctly, situated underneath the bird book...

...there was a box I couldn’t open...

...because I don’t have the key to it.

Is it possible that this key opens it?

That means this is the fourth thing we’re looking for?

But it was placed underneath the book we found first?

It would’ve been nice if the key's location was written on the slip of paper placed in the book.

More so if Haruka-san told us about this box in the first place...

Cherry blossoms?


Hey, you’re here, eh?

And that means this is a dream, right?

That’s right.

But I was searching for the items you asked me to find...


That’s right.

This dream is the fifth thing I asked you to look for.

The book, the mirror, the key and the box.

The first four items created the path to finding the fifth item.

It’s a technique called Uho.

You walk down a set path...

...and form a magical circle or barrier.

You were walking down that path as you searched for those items.


So that the two of you can meet... the world of dreams.


Do you know me?

Rather than know, it’s more...

...we met at Yuuko-san’s store.

Oh, but you were asleep then.

Are we in her store right now?

No, we’re not.

But this is supposedly a dream.

A dream?


...managed to enter a dream.


Ah, I’m sorry.

We’ve only just met, and I’m already addressing you as “chan.”

The one I love calls me that too.

How is Syaoran-kun?

You know Syaoran-kun too?

The Syaoran-kun you met,

which one was he?


I saw a dream.

I didn’t want that dream to come true.

So without saying anything, I paid the price...

...and entered this dream.

Without telling anyone?

It’s extremely difficult to change the future.

If I’d discussed this with someone,

more paths would’ve opened up.

I didn’t have time.

Sakura-chan, did you try to save everyone by sacrificing yourself?

No, that’s wrong.

I wanted to do whatever I could.

It was probably not the best method.

It might even have been the worst possible way forward,


I want everyone to live on.

Does that include yourself?


Then, you’ll be okay.

After all, they’re precious to you.

I’m sure they will understand.

You two are alike.

You and...


Please tell me your name.

Watanuki Kimihiro.

That’s mine and Syaoran-kun’s birthday.




Don’t come any closer! It’s dangerous!


This is a dream, right?

There are two...


No matter how hard it is,

I will fulfill my duty.


you should also fulfill your duty.

Because you are my other self!


This is a dream.

A dream?

There are two types of dreams.

Those dreams you see while you’re awake...

...and those you see while asleep.


...regardless of the type of dream,

if you wish strongly, the dream will become a reality.

If you wish... strongly...



What do you wish for, Yuuko-san?

You grant many people’s wishes, but...

...what do you wish for; a wish that you want granted no matter what?

If there’s a wish that you want granted,

and it’s something that I’m capable of fulfilling,

I’ll do my best!

I’ll work my hardest and do my best!

So please, tell me!


A dream?

I would expect you to see at least one...

...after sleeping this much.

It’s already midnight.


You collapsed the moment you opened that box...

...and remained asleep until now.

My glasses...

They aren’t here.

They aren’t in the storage room.

I wonder if I dropped them in my dream...

What do you mean?

I met Haruka-san in my dream... and then{\fscx200}-

Before you tell me your story,

go and cook.

What the heck?!

It’s the middle of the night now!


that’s why I’m hungry.

Go cook.

You haven’t eaten dinner?


because you were asleep this whole time.

Does that mean because I never woke up... stayed with me all this time?

Inarizushi, croquettes,

yellowtail-and-daikon-radish, kinpira, omelette, chicken teriyaki,

potato salad, steamed Matsutake mushrooms, diced steak, cooked milt{\fscx200}-

What’s with all those requests?!

Besides being ridiculous, some of those are impossible to cook right now!

Just make one of them.

Some of those will take time.

Start with a sunny-side up.

Fine. I got it, you greedy glutton!

For dessert, we can have my cookies and Himawari-chan’s mini cream puffs.

Because you are my other self!

What did he mean anyway?

There are many things that I still don’t understand.



I will do everything in my power,
so that I can grant Yuuko-san’s wish.

Syaoran and Sakura have gone...

...back to the Country of Clow.


In order to end everything,

and to begin everything.

My wish is...