XL (2013) - full transcript

Leifur Sigurdarson, an unstoppable ladies man and alcoholic parliament member, is forced in rehab by his friend and boss, the Prime Minister of Iceland. But before he gets spanked in public, he invites his friends over for a gargantuan feast. During the party we get to know Leifur and the other characters in the movie as well as finding out about Leifur's, and his posse's, sordid past.

This gimp has to go!

Are you OK?

His clothes.

You wake up.

You exist but not really.

You wake up, barely.

You are afraid to feel.

That's how all days begin.

And all days are but one day.

Eir¡kur, relax.

Are you OK?
- Are YOU OK?


Well, my brother in arms.
How are you?

I'm fine, just very fine.

Yes, thanks for your patience
and sorry for keeping you.

Yes, is something wrong?

No, I would not put it that way.

Have a chocolate.

No thanks.

It's from The Belgian

Go ahead.





The Belgians. Perverts.

Ok, more so then others?


Brussels man.

All this European Union

Political perverts.

All sharing the same bed and...

oopsie daisy.

™ssi, you don't have to
stress the EU...

No, I know but

can I depend on you Leifur,

in this war?

™ssi, we have known
each other since we were kids.

Hell, look at this.

And I'm supposed to be
15 years older than you.

No, we were not kids
at the same time.

Are you drunk?



No no, I am just trying
to be polite,

give you a chance.

That's why I'll ask
you again, Leifur:

Are you drunk?

I... I have hardly had a drop,

that is to say,

I don't feel drunk.

It's Tuesday Leifur.

Modern time's a bitch, I know,
but this just won't fly.

Today, there is a lot
of pressure.

And this pressure demands

that you go into rehab.



We have booked an
appointment for you in "Hope".

The National Rehab Centre?


You have to show humility
and remorse.


You will show up
for the appointment

and they will book you
into rehab.

And you have to get rid
of your dive.

My jive?

Your DIVE.
The Bar, Leifur.

We all falter at some point.

Why do all alcoholics think
that everyone else is too?

I'm not saying that
you are an alcoholic,

It's your life that says so.

At least after Sj”fn
kicked you out.

™ssi, what about you
and all your bullshit?

Didn't you go into
luxury rehab in Sweden?

You didn't have to do
your shit time locally.

It wasn't me who
was stinking drunk

in some bar downtown
and got into a fistfight

which made it to the
papers and YouTube

with shots from two angles.

™ssi, this was, it wasn't a bar,

it was an art exhibition,
part of an arts performance.

That's what I have been trying
to convince the media of.

It doesn't matter what it was.


Ehh, Leifur Sigurdsson.


I'm sorry, if you want
to say it correctly.

You have to excuse me,
just had a difficult meeting.

Might I ask you mam to contact
the office of the Parliament

and then send me an
e-mail with your concern.

This is private.

Yes, well, I am just heading
for another important meeting.

It's personal.

I am ’sa's mother.
I have to speak to you.

Are you ’sa's mother?

Let's grab a bite, come with me.

This is very sad news.

’sa never said anything
to me about this.

So you are going to
stop seeing her?

No. I am not going to do that.

I can't really say that me and
’sa have been together much.

She is a grown woman.

A grown woman?

Yes and as such

she has a right to
make her own decisions.

She is a free person
in a free country.

I can't restrain her freedom,
I'll not be party to that game.

Wait, didn't you hear
what I was saying?

Yes Sigrun,
I heard you quite well,

everyone has their
own demons to deal with.

A nunnery, Sigrun.

Since you were so
worried about her,

then you shouldn't have
sent her to the capital

and not to that art school
and that fucking circus show.

Nunnery! Sigrun.

Was she adopted?

You're a little baby

with a big cock.


Keli, Cheers!

Are you drunk?

(From the TV) Bitches.

(From the TV) Hey bitch.

(From the TV) Bitch.

(From the TV) Bitch.

(From the TV) Bitch.
Hey, bitches.

Where is my phone?

I don't know.

(From the TV) PUSSY!

What is this?

You know what it is.

Is it that asshole
with the dildo?

(From the TV) Bitch.
Yo, Bitch. Bitch.

(Phone) Are you good?

I am sexy.

How are you?
When did you leave?

After I went down on
your honeypussy.

She really liked it.
- Really?

I want more.
Don't penetrate her today.

Are you fucking with me?

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter.

Are you ready for tonight?

Hello? Anyone home?

Yeah? Ok, why?

Hey doggie. Take your head
out of her bleached anus

for one second and concentrate.

Operation "Prime Minister".
- Yeah, right.

Throwing a party?

Yeah, but more like
official business,

foreign dignitaries.

I'm sorry, forgot something.

My mothers port.

Good to have one
drinkie after the cake.

Thanks, mom.

This doesn't make any sense.

I have never heard
such wonderful nonsense.

Don't get so terribly
emotional, mom.


I always saw you as a Minister.

Or even...

You would definitely
be as good as ™rn.

Even better.

You have such a great
eye for details

and we know that the
devil lies in the details.

That's not out of the question.

I know darling,

I just wanted to
hear you say it.

But this is quite a trick
he has pulled Leifur.

It is very smart.

The old man fears you.

Yes, maybe.

That is probably
what's happening here.

This is a message that you
need to pull yourself together

but that is easily
within you grasp.

Would you like
some more darling?

No, I have to get going.

Ok son,

you do what you have to do.

I'll place a call to my friend

and offer her an
interview with you.

No please don't.

But there's one who
has a talk show,

I could talk to her.
Lovely girl.

I know her mother so well,
I could talk to her.

Mum, not yet.

Leifur, dear, people will find
out whether you like it or not.

And I would like to see this
get respectable treatment.

You can turn this to
your advantage.

See, you choose to support
the local rehab centre

but not to do as all the others
who have fallen before you

who went abroad like exiles
to do their rehab there.

You haven't done anything wrong.

You have always wanted
to do the right thing. Always.


I am not going
into fucking rehab.



Long time no "farewell to booze"
party. Far too long.

This isn't a farewell anything.

I will be right back you know.

Yeah but the last party
before rehab

fucking devils mass, man.

Leifur, you were going
to lend me some money.

Was I going to lend you money?

Give me, five hundred.

Five hundred?!

Or a million.

Yeah, and why was I going
to give you all that money?

Because we are...

Beacause we are what?

Need a word?

A king

and his princess.


What now?

Don't let me interrupt,
let's go inside.

Ohhh, please not this again.

Yes, Sj”fn, I am her father.

Leifur come back when
you have gotten some help.

Can't you help me?

Sj”fn I love you,
always more and more

and we are married.

Sign the papers,

let your slutty lawyer
have them.

You've had three months.


I'm going into rehab.


Just as soon as you are willing
to give us another try.

I think you have had
enough tries.

I know that I have been
drinking too much lately.


Go away.




Stop it!

I need to get you
into that chair.

The Prime Minister's.

Lie still.


What's up?

This is not an option anymore.
You have to go.

You have to go.

Stay or go peanut?
Make up your mind.


There, there Sj”fn.

Don't touch me.

Don't touch...

I know that I have been
gone for a bit.

Three days.

Don't count the days, peanut.

Never count the days.

You are such a loser.

Never count because then
you forget all the good stuff.

I want you to go.
Please go.

I hate you. I hate you.


Let me go, let me go!

Sj”fn, Sj”fn.

Stop it!

Anna, love.

Your mother wants me to leave.


Thanks for the t-shirt,
it's brilliant. I love it.

Your mother wants me to go.

Are you guys just
going to ruin Christmas?

You're leaving.

Sj”fn, Sj”fn. Sj”fn!

What's new with you and ’sa?

Are you jealous?


But not of her.

I wouldn't mind being you while
you undress her.

She probably wouldn't
mind either.

Are you together every day?

Do you think I'm being selfish?

Yes, of course you are.

But I don't mind because
I get enough action myself.

You didn't want to be with me.

I can't be alone, you know that.

Come on Leifur,

You know what I'm like.


Can we...

Maybe five minutes
in the bathroom?

Excuse me.

Did she go to the bathroom?

No, she just left.


Are you paying the bill?

No, just put it on the tab.

Arni! Great to see you.



Yes, hello?


Hi darling.

Just called to remind
you about tonight.

Why? Don't I always remember?


Ok. I'll remember tonight.
Can I bring a friend?

She also my girlfriend?

I don't think so, her name
is Krist¡na, she's a lawyer

Sure, whatever.
Bring her along.

Anna dear...

There is no pornography
in this, is there?


You know tonight?

You know like last time
there was a lot of porn.

Come on, Dad.

Kristina, please, can't we just
fuck like normal people?

What do you want?

I want you.



Turn around.

Not to hard, not to hard please.

You ugly, dirty boy.

Would you like some more?

Put the mask on.

Turn around.

Kristina, this isn't fun.



Where is the doggies tongue?

Don't you touch me.

Do you want me to be
good to doggy?

Stop it!


I am in charge.

I didn't do anything.

You're the boss.

I am not in the mood anymore.


I am not in the mood!

No! I only need maybe ten
or twenty seconds.

Let me just finish.

Ok, but I don't want to see you.

Ok, I'm just going to.

Ohh yes.

I can't touch you?


I have to be able
to touch you to cum.

Forget it. This is
too much hassle.


Stressed out.

Really, why?

Just worried that someone
is trying to drag my

little girl into
something perverted.

Isn't she just like her old man?

How could we have met?

You said you worshipped me

and I told you what
I thought of older men.

Ahh, there comes your "uncle".

My uncle?!

Is he abusing his mother?


Ohhh, how typical.


Ahh you know,
he has a teddy bear...

Cute bear, reminds me of you.

Jesus and Peter.

Oh god, how typical.

It's art.

Yeah, OK.


Of course, now for the dildo.

All this porn shit.

Can't these so called artists
think of anything new?

You have no idea of what you are
speaking about so shut up.

Well, there is she is.

Yes there she is.

She is really cute.

Not at all like her old man.

What is uncle doing?

What is uncle doing?



What's wrong with you?

Do you get into fights often?

Never. Final answer.

So what happened...

It wasn't a fight.
It was art.


Ok, I am not a critic

or the police for that matter.

Do you often blackout?

Are you joking?

No, not at all.

Ok, well once that I can
think of, a long time ago.

I was competing
against this really big guy,

he had eaten twelve hot dogs

and I knew I wouldn't
be able to beat him.

Not BACKING out, Blacking out.

That is a lot more serious.
Know the term?



No. Final answer.

Final answer.

How many drinks per week?

I often have to go to
cocktail parties for work,

I drink in all of them.

I can send you last
year's schedule.

Is there alcoholism
in your family?

Not that I know of,
but I guess so,

we Icelanders are
a nation of drinkers.

Does your mother drink?

She sips her port.



She likes her drink then?

Look, Leifur, you have
agreed to go into rehab,

to go into detox.

I just get the feeling
that you don't really want to.

But the circumstances are odd,
I realize.

It's not everyday we have the
Prime Minister calling us

but I think the whole
thing stinks.

Because we have waiting
lists full of people,

people that want to be here,
and long to get well.

Grateful people and then you
show up and just march in here

when you have obviously
not reached the bottom

and that my friend, Leifur.

That's the final answer.

Stinks, eh?

Listen to me you little shit.

Are you skipping school?

How much did he promise you

to put me on the VIP list
and keep quiet?

Twenty five? Fifty?

Let me guess.

One hundred million.

Just be grateful.

In about a month you
can start to treat all these

great people in which
you think so highly of.

All those goddamn drunkards
who can't hold their...

You know Haraldur,

you are right about one thing.

I haven't reached
the bottom yet,

because I am heading
straight for the top.


Hi. Listen up,

the bastard is humiliating me
and I don't like it.

I am going into a meeting.

Can I be next?


Maybe a little pleasure too.

No, I'll just see you tonight.

Hey, come to the window,

I want to see you.

Are you outside?


I'll be a little late tonight.

That's ok, the night is young.

See you.

See you tonight.

Stop it!



Danny boy.

I'm getting ridiculously
good at this.

Oh, Stasia.


Danni, can you spare some?

Sure, not a problem.

Thanks for the lesson.

’sa, don't I get a kiss?

Sure, come here.


Thanks for the drink.

Listen up! On the house.

Hrafnkell, are you a cheater?

I just get it elsewhere
sometimes, like you.

Then it feels so good to return.

Yeah, that's what we all say.

Let me see your eyes.

It's of no use.

Keli! Come on.


Wait a minute, wait.

Let me see.

Something else, eh?



Left foot on red,
right hand on red.

Left foot on green, oh Lord.

Ok, wait.

You have to return
to the same place, you know?

I know, I..

Good luck with that.

My leg's cramping.

Who won?

I won.

Oh really?

I won.

No, I won.

I won because I am the
King of the Universe.

You know I won.

Admit that I won.

Hey, motherfucker you didn't win.

I did so.



I won.

I won.

Get off me!

Fucking bitch.



I met your mother.

She told me you had
been in trouble.

Bullshit. What did she tell you?

She talked about a shrink and stuff.

Ok, so she told you
how she freaked out?

No, she didn't say that...

Me and my friend found
some DVD's at her dad's place.

We were nine years old.

I remember we didn't
really understand...

what was going on...

and the kids we showed it
to didn't understand either but

it wasn't much fun just watching.

So we added to the gang
this boy in a wheelchair.

I remember how thrilled
his parents were.

We always picked him up
after school.

Turned out he was the
biggest pervert of us all.

Good evening!


Salty lamb.

Ok I'll have four of these.

Veal schnitzel!

And filet of beef as well.

And we're also going to make...

Beef Wellington.

It's best I do this myself.

Beef Wellington.

I need 3 kilos of tenderloin.

Maybe 8 rib-eye.

Veal, two loads of meat
and six of these.

What about this one?
- Are you joking?

He wants to kiss me.


We need a pig!


Leifur what's wrong?

She won't let me see her.

Poor baby, don't cry.

Please don't cry.

What am I going to do
if you're crying?

You're my big, strong guy.



Let's just go abroad.

What you say,
should we go abroad?

Where did you want to go?


Should we go to Berlin?

No, it's too cold in Berlin.

Baby, where do you want to go?

I want to go to Singapore.

Remember, I take care of you
and you take care of me.

Is this enough?
- Yes.


Do you need something else?
- This is good.

And the olive oil whispers maybe...

These are the smallest
brussels sprouts I've ever seen.

Can't be bothered cutting them.


Cool shades.

Antonius gave us an Easter egg.

Wow, grand.

I believe he loves you.

You punched him so hard,
he's become famous in Japan.

We've been booked
for the festival in Tokyo.

Wow, you don't say.

Yes. Next summer will be awesome.

But, any luck with the money?

Look in my jacket.


Good to see you, welcome.

Congratulations on
the engagement.


Let me see the ring.

Nice, huh?

I'm not hungry at all.

How does it look?

Who's coming?

Various people.

Where's ’sa?

You know them all.

Good, good.

You're never hungry.


Where's ’sa?

She just went out,
she'll be back in a bit.

But I'm not hungry

You have to eat once in a while.

Don't you want to
last into the evening?

I ate today.


Yes, and you told me
not to eat too much.

Yeah, so you could
eat something tonight.

Actually, do you have
strawberries and champagne?

Yes, is that what you want?

Oh, yes.

A toast for the master...

How did it go today?

It was alright.

But the studio in London
is so much better.

I'm not so sure I
want to record this album

if I have to do it here.

At least...

I would make a different
sort of record, you know.

Something with more lyrics
and less... of all the rest.

It needs to be unbelievably
perfect these days.

I knew it the second
I saw the microphone...

it would be rather
pointless singing into it.

Unless I was singing
about yoghurt or something.

This won't do.


Eir¡kur, this won't do.


You need to take Bj”rk to London

so she doesn't have to sing
about some dairy products.

What are you doing?

I thought she looked hungry.

She travelled all alone
from China.

Shh baby, don't cry, just drink.

This doll wasn't for you.

I wouldn't give
a doll to a doll.

Relax, I'll put her back
in a minute.

How does it feel to be sucked?

Wouldn't you know that
better than me?

I'll tell you how it feels
to swallow.

Don't kill the moment.

What kind of mother
are you going to be?

Or old woman?

You don't need to worry
about that, old man.

She looks just like you.


Look at her lips.

No, those are your lips.


We need clearly defined roles.

Do you agree?

Do you agree?


Yes, right?

Look, there are certain rules,
you understand?

There are certain rules,
and you are young.

You are young but
you're just young enough.

You're not too young, you see?
You're not too young.

Now we are even.


Do you feel it?

You've got the youth

and I've got all the rest.

I've got the power and I'm
willing to share it with you...

but then we have to be in sync.

We have to be in sync.

For that we need
clearly defined roles.

Do you understand that?

I'm a man and you're a woman,

a goddess and I worship you.

Do you feel it?

Do you feel how
much I worship you?

Feel how I worship you.

Good one!

So did you know that my friend,
Hrafnkell, is writing a novel?

Really, a thriller?

No, it isn't a thriller.

It's about ethics or
civilization or the like.

I'm so deeply grateful
for this food,

that I have no desire to express
myself about this matter.

Yeah, that's fine.

You'll just do that later on,

when you've gotten in gear.

Darling, what are
we feasting on?

Cunt Wellington.

Exactly, it's a gender
corrected Wellington.

It's excellent.

I put parma ham and garlic
into the mushroom mash

and then I roll up the whole thing.
I wrap it in butter dough...

then we've got brussel sprouts,
the bacon, pine nuts, onion...

Can the girls play that...
sing thing?

You know, I accidentally
broke the disc the other day.


I bought a new one.


Who wants to allow
the girls to play sing sing?

Well, no.

I'm the King and the
King has decided that

we will not play sing sing.

But please try again
later tonight.


I'm just so positive
because of this food.

I've decided that I will,
someday, open a country kitchen,

you know, the kind
of place with honest food.

With the all the trans fats.

I'm going to show
up every evening.

That will happen
when we have sorted our matters.

What, is there something new?

No, no.

Are you keeping
something from me, you idiot?

You two need to relax,

just stay calm,

nothing's changed and
nothing is going to change.

I'm starting to worry
about you two.

Calm down!

The Jester was missing.

He's a fucking gimp.


Get him out of here.

Come get Hrafnkell and
then you can play sing sing.

What's he doing here?

Finally someone
who is interesting.


I wish I was so tiny I could
live somewhere inside you.

What about you?

I like being able to
visit inside you.

But I was thinking,

what if you came
with me to Tokyo?

You wouldn't need to
come to the show or anything.

It's not so far from
Singapore is it?


And, we could visit Kobu.


And... have some tea.

(Go: Operation Prime Minister)

Can I take the Easter egg?

Our Easter egg?



’sa, was Anna at the rehearsal?


Does she know about us?

Leifur, yes.

You're a stupid little cow,
do you know that?

Where the hell have you been?
You're one hour too late!

Was it a 5 minute fuck?
- Idiot.

Be ready.
- OK.

Wait a minute,
what's going on here?

Isn't this ™rn Arnarson,
Prime Minister?

Leifur. You think I
don't recognize you, you idiot?

This is not your wife Maria, is it?

No, it's Krist¡na Loyola,
celebrity lawyer.

Turn off the fucking phone!

My Mar¡a was diagnosed
with cancer...

about a month ago,

and has been in
intensive treatment since.

The day we got the diagnosis,

she told me that

I shouldn't feel bad

about seeking a sexual
outlet elsewhere.

But the fact is

I have felt bad about it.

If you

let the media know about this

then Mar¡a and I will be forced
to give an intimite interview

where we will have to
talk about everything,

the illness, that we wanted
to wrestle with in peace,

we will talk about marriage
and love,

our mature love that...

what are you doing?

I'm just, I'm just
calling Mar¡a.

Wishing her well,

I care so much about her.

Hi. Leifur?

Leifur, I can see it's you.

Leifur, when are we going to meet,
just me and you?

You know, I had a dream about you.

What are you doing
with that cake on the bed?

It's the dessert.

You're supposed to have girls,

viagra, blow jobs,
the whole deal.

Not this cake and fruits
in the bed.

I think more clearly while I eat.

What do you mean thinking?

We're drunk, feeling good,
the girls are outside.

I am thinking about

how we're going to get
out of this rehab bullshit.

I'm thinking about how
I'm going to rally the people,

calm everyone down,
set things up,

go to the National Convention,

cut off ™rn's balls.

Spread his insides all over the
hall like it was candy

while I give the winning speech.

I'm thinking Eir¡kur.

And I'm thinking
fucking clearly as well.

That's my man.

You want to say hello
to my little friends?

Sj”fn is here.


She doesn't want to come up.

Is the phone lost?

No, it's better like this.

Is it?

You look so good.

Are you having a party?

Dinner party.

Drinking party.

Is Anna up there?


Yes, Anna, our daughter,
you might remember her.

Yes, I know who she is.

But she's not here,
why would she be?

She's lost.


Yes, Anna is lost.

No, she's not lost.

Just wait, she will call.

Relax, there's nothing wrong.

Are you really going to
contest me on

our daughter being missing?

Sj”fn, I have a dinner party.

I can't just go.

I'll call her, I'll find her.

She's not lost,
don't worry about this.

Ok, thanks.

Her name is Anna Leifsd¢ttir.

Yes. You have two hours.

No bullshit.


Are we going to sit here
and cry like bitches?

Or are we going out there
and fuck those bitches?

We're going out there
to fuck those bitches.

Here is cake.

Did the party go to heaven without us?

Eir¡kur, relax.

I don't want my girl
riding a donkey.

Eir¡kur, Eir¡kur.

This filth should never be naked.


Are you OK, Hrafnkell?

What did you give him?

Weed... -And...

Let's get through this cake.

Eir¡kur, relax.

This gimp was
never supposed to be here!

Where are his clothes?

Those old idiots.

I fucking hate
those old, burned-out losers.

Relax, Eir¡kur.

Will he be all right?

Are you alright?


Did you take mushrooms?


Mom and dad are over for dinner

and we're having coffee so.

I brought this
for our little one.

For Laufey?


I know it's too big.

But I know that her mother
is always willing to help out.

I was just thinking maybe I could...

maybe read for her.

Come with me.

I'm going to show you something.

Let's just sort this out once
and for all.

No Laufey here.


No Laufey.

Now there's only
the living room left

and that's where the guests are.


There is no little Laufey
there either.

Sj”fn, Sj”fn, I...

Come and see, it'll do
you good darling.

Thank the lord.

A toast to you.



No. This is just...




Good to see you all.

What's going on?

That guy.

My phone, ™rn.


My brother in arms.

We need to do something,

Do something about this.

I have a plan.

I will...

lead you into rehab

and out again.

From there we will go together,
no bullshit,

hand in hand,

you and me to the
National Convention this fall.


How does that sound?

You and I.

The new candidate
for the vice-chair,

the new future leader.

Reborn and whitewashed.

You're in the shit.

Let me guide you, all the way.

Will you let me do that?

Epictetus was a master of morals.

An ethicist.

He wanted people to
spend their lives in quietness,

not always do
what they wanted to do,

but resist temptation.

Above all, resist temptation.

And then you will say:

but flesh is dust that can eat
and drink and fuck for a while

and then it's over.

Why not risk it?

Everything's going to be

Shots for everyone.



You'll leave her alone.

Stop bugging Eir¡kur.

You'll leave her alone.

I need to go.

Are you guys leaving?

You know I have to
but I will see you later.

See you later cutie.

See you, thanks for the help.

What news are there
from Parliament?


I just asked,

what news are there
from Parliament?

The Psalms?

Yes, straight out of
the master's mouth.

Mr. P‚tursson was
a good priest and poet

but the Psalms overshadowed
the real masterpieces,

the drinking songs.

Can I offer the gentleman
some refreshment?

No, if it's all the same.

Can I offer the gentleman




Always working.

Both of us.

What am I doing here?

Yes, what are you doing here?

This was a real question.
What am I doing here?

Are you perhaps coming
to rehearsal?


I don't drink alcohol.

Not even do warm you up?

Not even to perfect a
lobster soup.

Maybe you came here
to apologize?

It's actually I who...

Do you think I
should apologize to you?

How did you like that?

It's actually not good to
start like that, at the top,

this is XO.


Come here!

Call your mother!

Your mother is out of
her mind with worries.

Call her!

Call her before I kill this
fucking boyfriend idiot.

Fuck off you pussydoughnut!

Are you calling her?


Tell her I said hi.

Do you need backup?

No, no. I'm done here.
Complete victory.


I'll be back in a minute.

Go away you fucker.

Do you really think this is OK?


I live here.

And he is not my boyfriend.

Not everyone is like you.

Anna dear, what are you
talking about?

Who is like me?

Not everybody forgets their
daughter's birthday like you.

When did I ever forget
a birthday?

Do you need money or anything?

No thanks, just leave.

Come with us.

Is there a party?

Come on.

Fuck him.


Come on, girl.

Fuck him.

Ah, yes.

Shut up.


Are you OK?



Nice to see you.


Anna, dear.

My dear, sweet love.

See what daddy has for you.

Your drawing is so beautiful.

You need to sign it.

Laufey Anna.

Dear friends -

I was able to write
down a few words.

Although one can never be
completely prepared for such...

I apologize, sorry -

unable to find the speech.

But I don't need that
piece of paper.

I've been preparing for this
moment for a long time.

Dear... my dear

I am ready

party representatives

Changes were needed.

Just call me when this is over.

You won't take long, will you?

Just a quicky, right?

Everything will be fine.

Come home.

Be a man, boy.

Come home.

Then I'll wash your back.

That's the way it is.

Come home.

Clearly defined roles.

You are a man.

I'm a woman.

I'm a Goddess.

And I worship you.

Do you feel it?

You make me this way,

This is my body

and you make me this way.

Can you feel it?

Hi Leifur, this is Haraldur calling
to remind you of

your scheduled rehab check-in
tomorrow morning at nine

or there about - it's OK
if you are a little late.

You have been very open and
candid about your affairs.

But I wonder why people
generally shy away from

talking about this disease,
this sickness.

I don't like answering
that for others than myself,

but I'm going to be rude
and try:

I think it's out of fear.

Fear of?

So much.

Fear of losing,

fear of going down in
the public eye.

It's much better to wrestle with
these things in private,

in silence.

I understand.

But you're very bold in
discussing your future,

aren't you afraid of
a relapse...

Eva dearest, in my mind
it's so clear:

The future is a hot tub
just around the corner -

and I'm cold.

Thanks for coming.

Thank you.

Life takes place
in a dirty fish tank.

The mud lies at the bottom.

You don't hit it
when you stop sinking.

It's not a concrete basement.

You don't wake up when you reach it.
On the contrary.

Your descent continues
through the surface.

You vanish into the mud.

Into the slimy warmth, convinced
that life is finally managable.

Soon to be perfect.

Just like before birth.
Before consciousness.