XIII: The Conspiracy (2008) - full transcript

The first female US President Sally Sheridan is shot dead by a sniper during her Veterans Day speech. Her assassin narrowly escapes the scene with his life, national security hot on his heels - or so it seems. Three months later, an elderly couple discover the body of a wounded man in a tree, wearing a parachute. The young man (Dorff) cannot remember the slightest thing about his own identity. The only clue is a tattoo on his neck, "XIII". Meanwhile, in the Whitehouse, government intelligence is still conducting the search for the President's killer. With the elections just weeks away, a confirmed suspect could swing the vote for the administration. Hours after XIII's location is picked up by covert intelligence, elite special ops forces are swarming the couple's house in Cape Fear. Running on adrenaline and instinct, XIII tactically takes out the soldiers one by one. On the run, clinging to one desperate clue after another, XIII begins to piece back his life, fragments of his memory returning. Finally captured, he learns that he has been given a stolen identity and placed undercover to flush out a group of conspirators threatening to overthrow the government. Ensconced within the highest echelons of power the conspirators run their own security agency alongside the Government's. Both are out to find him. The only way for XIII to get his own life back is to play bait. A dangerous game, especially when you don't know who you really are.

Thank you.

Today we honor the 25 million veterans

who have worn the uniform of
the United States of America.

I am especially thankful
to be back home

honoring two veterans
from my own family.

My father,
former Senator Henry Sheridan and,

of course, my brother Wally Sheridan,
Governor of this great state.

We observe Veteran's Day
on a special anniversary.

A day when war ended
and our nation was..

This morning I asked my Secretary
of Defence, Ellery Shipley,

to formulate a schedule
for the gradual withdrawal

of our troops from Afghanistan
and Iraq.

As Commander-in-Chief
it is my responsibility

to protect the protectors.

The men and women of the armed forces.

Our troops have served valiantly.

Now it is time to bring them home.

So on this Veterans' Day
let us give thanks to

all those men and women
who have fought to ensure our freedom.

May God bless them and their families.

May God bless
the United States of America.


The President is down.

Again, we are still
waiting for confirmation,

but it appears that a shot
or some shots were fired.

Secret Service has mobilized
and is taking her to safety.

He's coming down.

Did you get him?


A special meeting of Congress
has convened in Washington today..

...Congress.. Intelligence..

Pronto, find it! Atta boy.

Yeah, that's a good boy.

Let's get somebody up there.

Jones, what happened?

The op went dead.

I can see that. How?

We had a one-hour window
once the call came in.

I placed snipers on site,
birds in the sky.

Satellite surveillance indicated it
was a manageable distance.

But as the guy approached on
the water it all went south.

C4 charges blew the wheelhouse
and created a cover smoke.

We lost sight of our agent.

Before we could respond they opened fire.

There, there, there and there.

Four units each one hit.

They knew exactly
where we'd be positioned.

Sounds like they knew our protocol.

Got to be a former agent.

Our current.

The preliminary ballistics report.

These guys didn't shop the gun
department at Walmart.

Government issue.

Amos is presenting to
the President at nine.

Get a description for the Coast Guard.

Sir, I think it's too late.

By now they've swapped vessels
or gone ashore.

I didn't mean
a description of the boat.

I meant a description of our man.

We need to identify the body.

I think if they wanted him dead

they would have killed him right here.

We have to assume that he's still alive.


I know.

I'm fine.

We want action. We want action.
We want action.

After our preliminary examination
we ran a full sweep of the area.

We were able to trace the line of fire
back to this office building.

The shooter's perch was wiped clean.

No prints, no hair, no fibres, nothing.

Power to the building was cut.

Security cameras were disabled.

The shooter walked into the building
using a hacked security card.

His exit, however,
did not go quite as smoothly.

As you know,

there were two security guards
in the parking garage.

They engaged the shooter

and between the two guards
fourteen rounds were fired.

We only recovered twelve slugs.

That means the shooter
was probably hit twice.

However, a lack of blood evidence

also suggests that the scene
was sanitized.

So who did the mop up?

We don't know.

It doesn't appear that the shooter

had any accomplices
in the parking garage,

but he did kill two guards
who managed to escape.

Tire treads indicate that he exited by
the south side of the building.

We also found glass fragments
spread throughout the scene.

Forensics was able to
match those fragments

to a GM vehicle manufactured
between 1996 and 2002.

Now my investigation
has identified every traffic

and security camera in a five-mile radius
of the office building.

I issued a blanket seizure warrant

and I have had agents working
around the clock

analyzing every frame of that footage.

This came from an ATM security camera

three miles away
from the office building.

Now the drive was corrupt so
it was forwarded to digital forensics.

It took a little bit of time

but they were able to
recover some of the data.

This is a Chevy lmpala, GM built.

You will notice that there
is no glare on the windshield.

That's because the glass
is spider-webbed

which is consistent
with bullet strikes.

Also there's no glass
in the driver's window.

Gentlemen, I believe we are looking at
the first image of our shooter.

Do we have an ID?

Not yet.

Colonel Amos, are you telling me

you've had all this time to investigate

and this is all we've got to go on?

Some grainy video,

a blurred photo of
what could be our shooter?

Mr. President, with all due respect,

you are failing to see
the significance of our findings.

You're fixated on the evidence

while it's the lack of evidence
that is most telling here.

I don't follow.

Our shooter got through
our security perimeter;

he hacked into the city power grid.

He disabled security cameras
for an entire city block

and he killed the President of
the United States

with a single shot fired from
over a mile away.

And he did not leave
a single shred of evidence.

This is a highly skilled,
highly trained professional.

Special Ops, perhaps.

This is the type of man
that is employed

by a foreign government or
a paramilitary organization.

This is not Oswald or Hinckley.

This is political.

Colonel, it's always political.

His pockets were empty.
No wallet. No ID.

His watch stopped at four fifteen.

Probably about the time
his plane crashed.

See his parachute got caught in a tree.

He must have bailed over the forest.

That terrain there's
nowhere to touch down.

And there are puncture wounds
probably from the branches.

But, this one here
had a bullet inside it.

He was shot?

Yeah. Twice.

The other one grazed his temple here see?

His head was bleeding pretty badly.

We're going to have to butterfly it.

Clean him up
and I'll take him to the hospital.

No, Abe.

I've seen what they do
to people like him.

No ID, no insurance.

He'd be lucky to end up
in a cot in a hallway.

Martha, he needs a doctor.

I am a doctor.

No, you were one.

They can't take care of him
the way I can.

Okay, Martha, okay.

Wait. Look at this.


What do you think it means?

I don't know. Could explain his luck.

Colonel Amos,
we have to find the killer now.

Mr. Wax.

This came off USNN this morning.

They've been running it all day.

Governor Sheridan, after taking over

the GOP nomination from Dean Barber,

your campaign has
made incredible inroads.

Carving out a six-point lead
in the latest polls.

Well, I think, the country has been

forced to re-evaluate its leadership.

I mean, in the months
since my sister's death

we have seen an unprecedented surge

in terrorist attacks on American soil.

The bombing of an electrical grid
in New Hampshire

that disrupted power across four states.

The tragic sarin gas attack
on Chicago's subways.

Meanwhile, President Galbrain
and his administration

have made no progress

in their investigation of
the assassination.

My sister was a great leader.

She served our country.
She deserves more.

The American people deserve more.

They deserve security.

And that's why I'm running
for this presidency.

T o take up my sister's legacy.

Because whether you are a Republican,

whether you're a Democrat,

this election comes down
to one key issue.

Who do you trust to keep you safe?

So in your opinion the current
administration is..

Cut it off.

He should be ashamed.

Invoking Sally's name,
capitalizing on her death.

It's terrible.

Yes, but it's working.

And if we don't counter Sheridan
is going to slaughter us at the polls.

Sheridan lost his sister.

Do you think hitting him with attack ads

is going to make us look good?

No, but it could hurt him.
Raise doubts.

Get the public talking about
something other

than the attacks and the assassination.

I want to make myself very clear.

Sally Sheridan was more
than just the president;

she was a friend.

If I lose this election

I will not lose it
on account of doing nothing.

I will not be remembered as the president

who let the killer
slip through his fingers.

Now, Colonel,
what's it going to take?

Access. Support resources.

I need your administration to
stay out of my way.

This runs deep.
I need a big shovel.

Whatever it takes.

Just bring me the shooter.




A fight between rival factions along

the Israeli-Syrian border
initial reports..

Israeli jet fighters bombed

a guerrilla base killing
at least 49 soldiers.

I checked the news.

There's no reports of
any planes crashing in the area.

Well, it hasn't been that long.

We should wait until tomorrow.

Maybe something will turn up.

He can't stay here.

Why not?

You know that
bullet you fished out of him?

It's T eflon-coated.

Meaning it's designed to
pierce body armour.

It wasn't a hunting accident, Martha.

He fell from the sky
with two bullets in him.

He's dangerous.

Well, he's no threat to us, Abe.

I mean he can barely move.

You saw him.

I also saw his tattoo.

It's either a gang sign
or a prison tattoo.

For all we know he might have
killed somebody already.

Well, I just think we should

let him wake up
and explain himself.

That's all.

Why won't you let me call the police?

What is it you're afraid of?


You're afraid
they're going to take him away.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

He's not a replacement.

I know that.

Then why are you getting involved?

I'm sorry, Martha.

Do you hear that?

Hey, hold on.


Hey, where are you going?

Who are you?

Here, drink this.

Wait a minute. Where am I?

You're in Bomont, West Virginia.

I'm Martha. This is my husband, Abe.

You bailed out of a plane over the woods.

Do you remember anything?


Oh think, son.
You must remember something.

I don't remember anything.


I don't know.

That kind of trauma to the head combined

with the blood loss
from the shoulder wound..

It could cause memory loss, yeah.

There was a computer upstairs.
Is it working?

You don't have Internet?

No. We haven't had this thing on for
more than a year.

They must have disconnected it.

Do you know if they took the modem?

The what?

I got it.

Internet techs are notoriously lazy.

Looks like they just blocked
your hardware I D

from accessing the network.

Yeah. Let's see if that does it.

You can't even remember your own name.

How do you manage to do that?

I have no idea.

Emergency crews still clearing debris

from the McCarran Airport Tunnel,

site of this morning's bombing in Nevada.

So far at least eight people
have been confirmed dead

with dozens more believed to
be trapped inside.

President Galbrain is presently
en route to Las Vegas

where he is scheduled to deliver
a live address this evening.

Meanwhile, Republican nominee,

Wally Sheridan, speaking from a campaign

stop in Cincinnati,
Ohio had this reaction..

These enemy strikes weaken us
in the eyes of the world

and strengthens the resolve of those
who hate us.

This country has fallen prey to
a small group of foreign extremists

who are holding us hostage
through violence and fear.

We can't give into that fear.

Where have you been?

Oh, I had to attend to a few things.

You smell like smoke.

I don't know whether
you're right about this man,

but whoever he is there are
people who want him dead.

And we'd better make sure
they don't find him.

Any luck?


Well, maybe this can
provide some answers.

I found it inside your watch.

Looks like some kind of
memory card.

In my watch.
Why would I have this?

I've seen what you're capable of,
the things you're capable of.

What do you mean?

We took a bullet out of your shoulder
and stitched up your head.

You must have lost about three pints,

but when I came up on you,

you took me down faster
than I could blink.

Now just listen.
I've served in the corps.

Did a couple of tours in Nam.

I know how to handle myself.

But you, you're a different breed.

Now you want to find out who you are

and I can't help you with that.

But I can tell you what you are.

What am I then?

You're the kind of person who
bails out of a plane all shot up.

The kind of person who
can take a couple of bullets

and still put up a fight.

The kind of person who
hides something like that

in the back of their watch.

I just pray to God that
you're on the right side.

Sir, just got a hit within
our search parameter.

Combing the server for an IP.

Forward me the address
when it comes in.

Yes, Sir.

I think we've acquired our target.

Stand by for location.

And if this is him,

make sure he's debriefed
before he's cancelled.

I want to know who he's talked to.

Come in.

Thank you for the clothing.

I appreciate it.

Well, someone may as well use them.

The night we got the call
I knew the minute that phone rang.

Losing a child, it's not something
you just get over.

It stays with you forever.

I'm sorry.

Thank you, dear.

I'm going to be leaving tomorrow.

But you don't even know
where you're going.

I know. But it's time.

I got to find out who I am.

I'm going to make a cup of tea.
Would you like one?

Sure. That would be nice.






More coming.



No. I'm not leaving you.

All right. Who's out there?



Who's out there?
Answer me, dammit!

The shooter is collateral.
Take him out.



Shoot to kill.

We're supposed to take him alive.

He's not coming out of there alive.

I think he's made that clear.

Give me the phone.

Clean the place up and torch it.

Is it done?

We lost him.

Lost him how?

He fought back.

That's unacceptable.

Well, if you'd waited for me
he'd be dead now

and we wouldn't be
having this conversation.

You understand something.

This will be done my way.
Now find him.

I believe that there's a connection

between the assassination
and the tunnel bombing.

How so?

The McCarran Airport Tunnel

is the third attack
since the assassination.

On the days leading up to
all of these strikes

there hasn't been any of
the typical chatter.

Now a handful of fringe cells
have claimed responsibility,

but nothing that's credible.

None of the big players have
taken credit and that concerns me.

So what are you thinking?

T o kill the President of
the United States

is the ultimate end-game for these people

yet none of them are coming forward.

Also they are smart enough to understand

that it is better for them to have a dove

like Sally Sheridan in the White House

than a hawk like her brother, Wally.

Why would they open the door for
a hardliner to win the presidency?

Are you suggesting this is domestic?

The assassination happened a few months
before the primaries.

Now we are in the thick of an election

and American people are being
targeted on American soil.

Whoever took out Sally Sheridan
is trying to influence the vote.

Get their guy in office.
You saw the photo.

The shooter was not foreign.

I suggest you follow your instinct.
But tread carefully.

If we start pointing fingers
at Americans

and we're wrong, God help us.

I know I'm late. Sorry.

Hey, would you mind?

Yeah, sure.

Life in the city, huh?

I guess.

You're not from around here.

Oh, jeeze.


What you change the locks
and I'll just disappear?

Best idea.

We need to talk.

We're done talking.

I don't think so.

Hey, she said she didn't want to talk.

Get lost.

Look, just give me five minutes.

Forget it.

You got caught with your hand
in the cookie jar.

We are through.

She's gone, Sam.

It's over.


Hey, I mean it this time.

Let go of the door, please.


Not until you hear
what I have to say.

Hey! She said she already heard.

You still here?

I think I told you to get lost!

Aaah! My arm.

See a doctor.
It's probably going to swell.

Screw you.


Don't be. You just made my day.
Come on.

Whatever you need it's on the house.

Name is Sam.

Hey, Sam. Nice to meet you.

You going to tell me your name?

It's not a trick question.

No, I know, but..

Wow! You've got the dark
and mysterious thing down pat.

I actually don't know my name.

I don't even know who I am.

Up until about three or four weeks ago
I can't remember anything.

Like amnesia?

That's a good one.

I know it sounds crazy, but..

No. It doesn't sound crazy.
It sounds like you're full of it.

How did it happen?

I don't remember.
Some kind of head injury I think.

No memories at all?

Not a thing.

If you could bottle that I'd buy some.

God knows there's a lot of crap
in my life I'd love to forget.

So tell me, man with no name,
how can I help you?

I've got this picture here.

Nice shot of you.

You want me to crop out the chick?

No. Actually I need to find this woman.

I noticed that it was printed here.

I was hoping I could
get the customer's name.

I'm really not supposed to
give out customer information.

I can get sued.

Please. It's the only lead I have
at finding some of these answers.

I would really appreciate it.

Let me see it again.

You've got to see this.

Remains of the
McCarran Airport T unnel bomber.

Guessing an ID is out.

No prints, no teeth.

We're waiting on DNA results.

Did find something interesting though.

Lower neck below the clavicle.

I don't see anything.

I want photographs.

Full chem work-ups,

and the DNA results
the second you get them.

BA-5645. I should still have it on file.

Here we go.
Customer's name is Kim Rowland.

Kim Rowland.

Girlfriend? Wife? Ex?

Name doesn't ring a bell?


Kim Rowland.

Kim Rowland.

2864 East 18th Street. Apartment 4B.


Sound familiar?

Hey, you got a tat. That's cool.
What does it mean?

You tell me.

I don't know.

Well, add another ten
when you get a chance.

Thirteen is bad luck.

Coffee machine is on a timer.

If I don't get my fix

before nine o'clock
I'm a psychotic witch.

Can I get you a cup?


How do you take it?

Right. I'll surprise you.

Whoa! Slow down there, cowboy.

It's security encrypted.

One more wrong password
and your file is toast.

I know.

It's pretty important huh?

When they rescued me they found it on me.

I got to know what's on it.

Look, I have a friend named Surinder.

He's pretty good at this kind of stuff.

He hacked into the city database
and erased all my parking tickets.

I can have him take a look if you want?

And give it to someone else?

Well, you helped me. I want to help you.

Amos thinks the assassination
is a domestic plot.

Was he able to make an ID?

No, but he's on the right track.
Keep an eye on him.

Of course.

What's this?


Arson report.

Got flagged to Langley.

Elderly couple were
found burned in their home.

A mountain cabin in West Virginia.

Two hundred miles from
where we lost contact.

And you think that's related?

Well, right before the place
burned down

someone there tried to access our chip.

And this morning
a second attempt was made,

we traced to an I P in New York City.

It's XI I I.


If he's out there he would
have made contact by now.

Well, maybe he can't.

Maybe that's why
he initiated the tracking program.

T o draw us to him.

I'll contact the old man.

You're going to New York City.

If Xlll's out there we got to
bring him in before someone else does.

We have target on sight.

Verification has been made.

Kim Rowland?

Steve Rowland.

'Where The Indian Goes.'

Why are you after me, huh?

Secret Service. This isn't real.

Check again.

Why me? Uh? Why me? Uh?

You thought they'd leave you out there
after what you did?

You're a liability.

To who?

Come on, man.
I don't know who they are.

I just take their orders.

Just like you did.

Who am I?

You don't know?

What is my name?

Steve Rowland.

You keep talking. Keep talking.

They want you dead.

Tell me who you're working for.

Tell me the names of the people
you're working for.

Hey! Hey!


He's heading north on the Avenue.

What am I looking at?

This is the
McCarran Airport Tunnel bomber.

At least what's left of him.

This second photograph is a close-up
of his left shoulder.

An alternate light source scan revealed
a mark burned into the flesh.

It's another tattoo. Number 14.

I don't understand, Colonel.
How is this relevant?

If you bear with me for just a minute.

I looked into the autopsy of
the two security guards.

The men who were killed

when they engaged
Sally Sheridan's assassin.

At the time the coroner noted that

both men had chemical burns right
above the left collarbone.

And that's the same place
we found a tattoo on the bomber.

So you think the others
have tattoos as well?

Yes, Sir.
And this also supports my theory

that the recent terrorist attacks
and the assassination are linked.

T ake a look at this.

Another one. VI I I.

Actually, Sir, you'll notice the serif
at the top of the numbers

but not the bottom.

Assuming horizontal symmetry..



Whoever is responsible
for the recent attacks

also ordered the assassination.

They placed the two guards at the scene

with the intention of taking out
the shooter.

Why would they try to take out
their own accomplice?

Because if the shooter escaped,
or worse, was captured,

he could implicate the others.

They wanted to deliver us a trigger man.

They wanted the trail to end
with a dead body.

And the bomber?

Have you been able to identify him?

No. We're still waiting on
the DNA results.

But these photographs prove
my theory is correct.

That the shooter
is part of a larger network.

A network that contains
at least 15 conspirators.

These tattoos are not just body art,

they're a type of code system so that

the players can identify each other
without using names.

Have you shared this information
with anyone else?

Not yet, Sir.

I would like to release
a sketch of the shooter along

with the information about
the tattoos in the hopes

that it might identify the conspirators.

No. I think that's a mistake.

I mean, unless we have
some concrete evidence

I think the new information plus
any other findings

should be kept completely confidential.

I believe it's important to
release the information.

Mr. Wax is right.

We need hard evidence, Colonel,

not conjecture and conspiracy theories.

Releasing this information to the public

will only set us up for more criticism

if we don't deliver the shooter.

Now I don't have to remind you that

the American public go to
the pools next week.

If this administration is to survive
we need to

give the people what they want

Is that understood?

Yes, Mr. President.

General Carrington.

Walk with me.

I placed a unit at every subway station

and bus stop within a five-mile radius.

Nothing yet.

He's probably gone underground.

No way he'd show his face in public.

It doesn't make sense.

He saw me.

I looked into his eyes and he ran.


After what happened at the drop
you think he still trusts us?

I know this is painful for you, Lauren,

but if he wanted to make contact
he'd have done it by now.

No it's something else. Has to be.

Keep me posted.

Yes, Sir.

Why do you have so much money, Steve?

He's down.

Good. You're awake.

We can begin.

Julius Caesar was once asked

which death is preferable to every other?

His answer.. "The unexpected."

Unfortunately for you,
your death today will be anything but.

But the human body can surprise you.

A man can lose forty percent
of his blood

before he goes into organ failure.

In fact, he won't even know he's dying

because of the reduced
level of consciousness.

Which is why, my friend,
God invented pain.

Pain serves as a warning.

Let's you know
there's something not right.

We're going to get acquainted,
you and me.

Just you wait.

I can make three minutes
feel like an eternity.

You caused me a whole lot of trouble.

After what happened
I thought you would disappear.

But it takes money to be invisible.

Doesn't it, lucky number Xlll?

That's not my name.

Sorry, Mr. Rowland.

You should have died that night.

It would have made things a whole
lot better for both of us.

It's tough living the life
of a ghost isn't it?

How would you know?

I'm a ghost too.

There's only two ways for this to end:
One is quick and easy.

The other is slow and painful.

Either way we're going to
get what we want, so

the choice is yours.

What do you want?

T ell us who you've spoken to.

I don't know.

I'm going to ask again.
T ell me who you've spoken to.

Look, man,
I don't even know who you are.

You did your job now I'm doing mine.

Number 1 doesn't like loose ends.

Come on, you always knew
this was bigger than us.

Sacrifice the pawn for the king.

Now tell me who you've spoken to.

I told you. I don't remember.

I'll leave you with Mr. Cody.

Maybe he can jar your memory.

Morphine. Enough of it to kill a man.

That's the one you'll be begging for.

Tell me what I need to hear
and maybe I'll oblige you.

The second one is adrenaline in case
you pass out from the pain.

Friend, I have enough to
keep you conscious for days.

Any questions?

He'll talk.

He better talk.

Otherwise we will have to consider
this operation compromised.

He'll talk.

Trust me, my man can be
quite persuasive.

Alone at last.

We'll start with your eyelids.
That way you won't miss a thing.

What the...?

Stop the truck.

Hey, you okay?

Can I help you?

Nice lamination.

Agent Lauren Jones.
Central Intelligence Agency.

If you want me
to hand over customer photos

I need to see a warrant.

That's not why I'm here.

We traced some suspicious
Internet activity to your I P address.

It appears someone used
one of your computers

to compromise national security.

Get out! That is so cool.

Ma'am, this is serious.

Look, we have
four self-service computers.

Customers are on them all day.

Checking e-mails, surfing the web,
hacking into the NSA.


Right. I don't monitor usage.

You don't remember who used

those computers this morning?

It would have been just after opening.

Around nine fifteen.

I really don't know.

It was swamped this morning.

You don't remember a man?

Caucasian, medium height, buzz cut.


Handsome I would remember. Sorry.

Thank you for your time.

You're welcome.



Oh! What's the matter?

Was it the wrong address?

No I went to Kim's apartment.

She wasn't there.

I got to get going.

I just came for the chip
that I left with you.

The chip.

My friend took a look at it and freaked.

Said he wouldn't touch it.


It's shadow encrypted.

National security stuff.

He said if he tried to
open it the government

would trace it back to him.

First I thought he was messing with me.

But then, like, an hour later,
this lady shows up at the shop.

Black chick. Says she's CIA.

What did she want?

She said someone tried to
access some government files

from one of my computers.

They traced it back to the shop.

I'm sorry, Sam. I'm sorry for
getting you involved in this.

In what?

I don't know. But I'm not
about to drag you into it.

I'm sorry.

Hold on.

I have something to show you.

The tattoo on your chest,.
I looked it up online.

The design dates back to Ancient Rome.

Some general in the South Asian
colonies tries to stage a coup.

All of the conspirators
were branded with tattoos.

Number on their body so
they know who is loyal to the cause.

It was a secret society,
with a hierarchy.

The foot soldiers
were the higher numbers.

The architects of the coup were
the lower ones right down to Number 1.

The man in charge.

...now I'm doing mine.

Number 1 doesn't like loose ends.

...but because of your bravery
we no longer live in fear..

Hey, you okay?


I meant what I said earlier.

I want to help.

I keep seeing these things.

What things?

These images.

I don't know if they're real,
if they're dreams.

Maybe it's your memory coming back.

Maybe. I need to get out of here.

You can stay here.

I really should get going.

I have something else for you. Come.

What are those?

I pulled the neg from the picture
you brought me.

Had the rest of them all developed.

Thought there might be something
that could jog your memory.

Where the Indian Goes.


Kim had this photograph in her apartment.

On the back it said
'Where the Indian Goes.'

Could be a vacation home or something.

Kellownee Valley. That's upstate.

House number 16.

Do you think she's there?

I don't know. But I've got to find out.

Thank you. I won't forget it.

With your track record
I wouldn't go making any promises.

Amos is still in the field.
He's not returning our calls.

He's ducking us.

I'm sure he knows you're upset.

That doesn't begin to describe it.

He's done enough damage already.

We need to take him out of play.

We can't.

Everybody knows he's heading up
this investigation.

If we pull him right now it'll
look like we made a mistake.

And we can't afford to
make mistakes right now.

Sir, an assault case was opened at
precinct 12 in Manhattan yesterday.

A complainant Roger Deakins alleged

that a man with a Roman Numeral
Xlll tattoo broke his arm.

Suspect description matches our guy.

Get me transport and notify
the New York field office.

I want an all-points
throughout the state.

No way our guy gets off that island.

You got it.

This lead is a pivotal development
in our investigation

into the assassination
of President Sheridan.

By releasing this digitally
enhanced photo to the public,

we're confident that the suspect
will soon be apprehended.

And, rest assured,
that when this man,

Xlll is found he will have to answer
for his cowardly act.

I'll take your questions now.

Mr. President..


Give me a dog please.

Sorry, man.

It's okay.

Police, freeze.

Hey, come on here.
I didn't do anything.

Why? Come on. Tell me why!

Kim Rowland?

What happened to you?

Come in. Come inside.

I was shot and..

Will you tell me
what the hell is going on?

It's been over ten hours.

You can't just..

I want a lawyer.

A lawyer?

Yeah, I'm entitled to one.

No, you're not.

You can thank the Patriot Act for that.

The Patriot Act.

What the hell is going on here?

I didn't do anything.

Good. If you're telling the truth then

you won't be detained for
very much longer.

T ell me about your friend
with the tattoo.

I met him yesterday.

What do you want to know?

I want to know where he is?

Why? What did he do?

Now would you
like to cooperate with me?

I don't believe he did it.

You said you just met him.

That didn't give you much time to
become an expert on the man.

I look at him in the eyes.

He is not the killer.


Thirty seconds after he met you
he broke your boyfriend's arm.

Ex-boyfriend. And he was a bastard.

Listen to me very carefully.

You seem like a smart enough girl.

But you have no idea
what you've got yourself into.

This man killed President Sheridan
and if he gets away

because you did not cooperate
with me your life is officially over.

Do you understand what that means?

You're going to kill me.

You're going to wish that I had.

You will spend thirty years mandatory

in a five-foot by six-foot rat hole.

No visitors. No parole.

All of your friends will be
investigated and audited.

Then they will be put on a watch list.

It is hard to have a normal life
after that.

And your loving mother,
who you send checks to every month,

like a good little girl,
you can forget managed care.

I will personally make sure that

she's turned out onto the street
where she will starve,

afraid and alone.

Now where is he?

Easy, son. Don't struggle. Just listen.

You were on assignment, undercover.

We lost contact. Why?

How do I know I can trust you?

I'm the one with the gun.

Way I see it trust doesn't really
enter into it right now.

Something happened.

I was shot.

I don't remember anything.

You remembered how to survive.

It's called instincts.
That's all I have.

All right,
let's go back to the beginning.

My name is Ben Carrington.

I'm Deputy Director of
the National Security Agency.

This is my daughter, Kim.

She was married to Steve Rowland,
the man you think you might be.

Are you saying
I'm not Steve Rowland?

You were just assuming his identity.


A year ago Steve was stationed in Iraq.

There was an incident. An IED.

They believed the bombers

were hiding in a little village
called Haditha.

Steve's unit was sent in.

By the time it was all
over five villagers were dead,

two of them children.

A military tribunal ruled
that Steve was responsible.

He was dishonorably discharged.

Steve was a different person
when he came home.

It's not just the US that's at war.

It's the entire western world.

The very ideas of our freedom

and democracy are under attack

and the government's
doing nothing about it.

What? What are you looking at?

Steve was my husband.

We were married for six years
and suddenly

I didn't know him anymore.

I tried to stick with him
but it was too hard.

Finally, he realized that
I was going to leave and he panicked.

And he opened up and told me
everything that had happened.

He said that when he was in Iraq

he was recruited
for a special operation.

A wet works job.

Only the target was here, in the U.S.

The people who recruited Steve

arranged for his dishonorable discharge
to get him Stateside.

The whole thing was staged.

Who recruited him?

He never said.

But he always got his instructions

from an undercover
field agent who went

by the code name 'The Mongoose'.

Steve became obsessed.

Kim came to me for help.

So I decided to look into
Steve's assignment.

Only there was no assignment.

None of the agencies
had any record of it.

Steve Rowland didn't
work for the government.

Sounds like the government
was his target.

That's right.

But we had to know
who was employing him.

So I asked Kim to dig deeper.

I stopped retreating from Steve.

I tried to get into his head.

Waited for the perfect time

and then I asked him to bring me
in on the operation.

We can compromise the mission.

Kim is loyal to the cause.
She can be useful to us.

I gave them fabricated NSA documents.

Things I said I got from my father.

That got me into a meeting.

And then finally
they brought me into the fold.

I never did get the details
of the operation.

I mean, it was clear they
just brought me in to placate Steve.

He was their shooter;
they just wanted to keep him happy.

So you never found out
about the target?


I knew that it was someone big,
but I never imagined..

That it was the president.


I managed to escape.

But Steve he wasn't so lucky.

We soon realized
that the assassination was

just part of a bigger plot from
within the government.

T o overthrow
the current administration.

A coup.

This is one hell of
an effective group of fascists.

People in government

and from the highest echelons
of corporate America.

How many people are
we talking about?

We don't know.

But I was tattooed
with the number seventeen.

So we can assume
there are at least that many.

I don't understand.

Why would Steve agree to this?

Because they got to him.

They filled his head
with their so-called ideology.

Then they ordered him
to shoot the president.

Then when they were done
with him they just..

They killed him.

Yeah. But the men
who recruited Steve,

they think he survived.

But still they wanted him dead.

So we decided to put
an undercover agent into the field

posing as Steve to flush
out the conspirators.

You were enlisted for the job.

And plastic surgery made you identical
to Steve Rowland himself.

So if Steve Rowland's dead then who am I?

Only the man who enlisted
you knows for sure.

And also what you looked like
before you became Steve Rowland.

All we know is that you were
a former Special Ops Agent.

I don't buy it!

I want a name. I want the truth.

I'm telling you everything
I know.

By the time you got to us

you had already
assumed Rowland's identity.

It's a lot to process,
but it's the truth.

This is Agent Lauren Jones. CIA.


I've seen her before.

You were at the apartment.

And that's the only memory
you have of me?

I knew you before?

Yeah. I was your field
contact for the operation.

I also oversaw your training along
with General Carrington.

My field contact?

Kim briefed you so you could assume
your role as Steve Rowland.

T aught you how to play the part.

When you were ready
we had you resume contact

with the conspirators by asking

for more money to
buy your silence.

You set up a drop with The Mongoose
down at the Baltimore Waterfront.

That's where we were
supposed to strike.

But as the Mongoose
and his men approached

the Zodiac something happened.


Where's the cash.

They were ready for us.
Someone tipped them off.

That's where we lost you.

All right. Listen to me.

A few days ago I fell from the sky
with a bullet in my shoulder.

And my head sliced open.

Since then I've been shot at,
beaten and hunted like an animal.

Two people that were trying to
save me were killed.

Now you come in here
and you dump all this on me

and you expect me to accept it.

How do I know
you're not lying to me?

The SD card. You still have it?

I've got it in my pocket.

You want to cut these off?


What's the password?


No. With two 'D's.
It was your nickname for me.

I had a nickname for you?


'Seesaw Margery Daw'
what does all this mean?

The data's irrelevant.

The card itself is encrypted
with a tracking program.

The second someone enters
a password

attempt it sends us their location.

That's how we tracked you
to the photo shop in New York.

It was supposed to be our failsafe.

We figured if you were captured

they would search you and find the card.

When they tried to crack the password

it would initiate the program
and lead us right to them.

But it seems we overestimated them

just as we underestimated you.

Before they could find the card
you managed to escape.

Well, that's just fascinating.

Unfortunately it doesn't tell me
who the hell I am.

As far as the world is concerned
you're still Steve Rowland.

The man who killed the President, right?

That's right.

Why would you do this to me?

You volunteered to help
protect your country.

That's the kind of man you were.

That's the kind of man you are.

Welcome to T own Hall Johnstown,

where tonight we will see the third

and final debate of
this year's presidential elections.

My first question will be
directed to Republican Candidate,

Wally Sheridan who
will have three minutes to respond.

Incumbent Democratic candidate,
Joseph Galbrain,

will then be
allowed a one-minute rebuttal.

Gentlemen, let's begin.

So you just going to dangle me
out there again?

Is that the plan?

As long as Steve Rowland
appears to be

alive the conspirators are vulnerable.

They'll keep looking for you.

You've got to maintain your cover.

Help us find who did this.

It's what needs to be done.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For your loss.

The real Steve Rowland,
the man that I loved, he died in Iraq.

The man who came home
was just someone else.

I lost my husband a long time ago.

But you, God, you sacrificed so much.

You sacrificed your whole self.

Get down now!

Missed him.

Carrington, she's hit!

I'm taking your piece. Let's go.

Cover the front and back!

Got it.

It's okay, honey.


Just breathe. Just breathe.

Save your strength.

I love you.

Oh, no. No!

This is Colonel Amos.

Put down your weapon,
get down on your knees,

and put your hands on your head.

Promise me you won't
let my daughter die in vain.


Maintain your cover.

Complete your mission.

Only you can draw them out.

Only you can find out who did this.

As far as the world's concerned
you are Steve Rowland.


Freeze! Nobody move.

You! Stand down.

Stand down. They're friendlies.

What are you doing here,
General Carrington?


What are you doing here?

My daughter..

I'm sorry.

My daughter called.

She needed my help.

Agent Jones and I
got here as soon as we could.

What did he want with her?

My guess is they used her
as bait to get to me.

And he killed her?

No! The bullet came from outside.

Someone doesn't want that man talking.

We lost the target.

Colonel Amos is taking him into custody.

You do whatever you need to do.

And just make sure that Xlll is killed
before he opens his mouth.

You finally see it my way.

I take issue with that.

My sister, more than anyone,

knew that freedom is a privilege
as much as it is a burden.

I'm not asking Americans to give up
their civil liberties.

I am asking them
to elect a strong leader so that

those freedoms can be preserved.

We need to defend ourselves
and defend ourselves vigorously.

There's no margin for error
because the next attack.

May be the one that
brings this country to its knees.

President Galbrain's soft foreign policy

and myopic worldview have made

this country vulnerable to terrorism.

I have an urgent message
for the president.

If elected I will do what
this administration has failed to do.

I will shore up our borders.

Increase our military presence
in the Middle East and Asia.

And put pressure on countries
that harbour extreme terrorists.

I will make this country safe again.

And that's a promise.

President Galbrain,
you have sixty seconds.

President Galbrain,
your rebuttal please.

I'm sorry.

Ladies and gentlemen,
my staff has just informed me

that we have apprehended Xlll,

the suspect we believe assassinated
President Sally Sheridan.

Oh, they found him.


No matter what you hear
the schedule remains the same.

I understand.

SubText: NoRMITA.326