X-Rated 2: The Greatest Adult Stars of All Time! (2016) - full transcript

Documentary sequel that offers a close-up look into the personal lives of the legendary porn stars who've survived the test of time and influenced popular culture. Blends rare interviews ...

Porn now is a lot more mainstream.

- Fuck, yeah.
- Yes, yes, yes!

It's allowed me to
live a really great life.

- Bam!
- We're performers.

Just like The Rock and Vin
Diesel are action performers.

She was beautiful, her scenes
were hot, and she was a party girl.

The stigma against porn is
kind of what drew me to porn.

The time in which you
might be stigmatized-

- by casting someone from the
adult film industry I think is just gone.

Now you have to bring so much
more to be so much less of a name.

He was the perfect porn-star.

There was just
something very innocent-

- about us getting naked
and having sex on camera.

That's why I attribute my longevity
to just a lot of classical movies-

- from the golden era,
and also a lot of mainstream.

We realize people have
no idea that these are real-

- flesh and blood
people that're working.

It's porn.
You're in it. That's it.

Adult film stars are just that, Stars.

Most people can name one porn-star,

- and everybody's seen
'em in action at least once,

- and more than that
if they're being honest.

That makes adult film stars
celebrities. Take it from me.

I'm Mr. Skin and I filled
my own internet empire-

- by sharing naked celebrities
with the world at large.

And tonight we're gonna meet some of
the greatest adult film stars of all time.

Now, what makes
them the greatest?

Is it their looks, their sexual prowess,
their longevity in the industry,

- their ability to cross
over to the mainstream?

Or is it a combination
of all of these things?

Well, everyone on this list
checks many of those boxes-

- as we salute the most
famous, most fascinating...

...and all around hottest
adult film stars in history.

Let's kick it off with some of the
most popular porn-stars of all time.

When fans name their
favorite adult performers...

...these names come right off
the tips of everyone's tongues.

It's a hall of fame hotter than
anything in plain old Hollywood.

Fuck me.
Yeah. Yeah.

Tori was a very strong performer
that really kind of blew up very quickly-

- and became one of those girls who
that year, those two years won everything.

I know that Tori has won the Back to
Back Female Performer of the Year awards.

She's kinky and gorgeous.

You can't get any better than that.

One of the best natural
bodies in the business.

Um, and when she's
on sexually, wow.

Growing up and
being really boyish,

- I never really imagined
that I would be a model at all.

Any type of model,
let alone this type.

This industry really gave me
a chance to be my deviant self.

Curb your tongue, funny man.

She was very good,
uh, in front of the camera.

Like she has that kind
of mainstream believability.

Yeah, yeah.


When I appeared on "Ray Donovan,"

- um, when I came to set, and
everybody was very welcoming-

- and very warm and
curious about the industry.



Camera down.

- Hey!
- Ugh!

I really feel like women's sexuality
has been lost in the dark ages,

- and I feel like it's
really starting to evolve.

I want to leave behind that
empowering feeling for women.

I want women to know
that it's okay to be sexual.

I want women to know
that you can be classy-

- and graceful and elegant and
smart and sophisticated, and a freak.

Like you don't have
to leave that off the list-

- in order to be the other things.

If you have all those things and
you're a freak, you are unstoppable.

I think Christy is a superstar.

I don't think there's any question. I think
Christy's a big star for a lot of reasons.

- First of all...
- She had massive tits.

And that always helps.

And they were natural.

Natural massive tits.

And that helps ever more.

How I became a
star in this business-

- is beyond me,
but when I look back,

- you had to like me 'cause there were
only four of us to choose from. I was like,

- the big titted girl next door.

She was genuinely a very
stunning, beautiful woman,

- so I don't think it was solely just
'cause there was only a few of them.

You know, that first time was with Ron
Jeremy, I mean, and it was so porno-y.

She knew how to
talk dirty during sex.

She just sort of knew
what was on your mind.

- Do you wanna fuck me?
- Oh, yeah.

Do you wanna stick
your cock in my pussy?

She was a good comedienne.

She doesn't take
herself too seriously.

You get your makeup done,

- you suck a dick,
you'd have a catered lunch.

So if it was my choice, she probably would've
been my number one pick back in the day.

She had it all.

I'm Christy Canyon.

Back in, back in the day,
goddammit, that meant something.

It was like the perfect storm.

She could act,
she wanted to do it,

- her scenes were good,
she had giant boobs.

I just always like morphed into
something else in this business.

I mean, from making films to dancing
to writing my book to radio for ten years,

- I just showed up, did my job,
had great sex and got my $200-

- and felt like I owned the world.

I started doing adult films in 1999.

You know, in the beginning,
she kind of looked like-

- a Vietnamese war
vet without makeup.

You put makeup on her
and she had a soft body-

- and all natural
and gorgeous boobs.

Because for so long we really
only exploited the sexuality-

- of people that had
fake boobs and blonde hair.

I feel like Tera Patrick was like
just a magnificent supermodel.

She came off very confident,

- and like her body and her
gorgeousness matched it.

You know, we never really stayed in the
adult bubble when we were marketing her.

We thought we can get
her out there to everybody.

This girl is somebody that everybody
will love, and everybody did.

She was on the cover of
"FHM" and the cover of "Maxim"-

- and all the men's magazines.

When I started independently,
I did a lot of gonzo movies,

- and I remember fans always saying,

- oh my gosh, why are
you doing Gonzo movies?

You should be doing
these like big features.

And I was like,
are you kidding me?

I just wanna go and have sex.
It really was about the sex.

I think I was one of
her first Girl/Girl scenes,

- so I was just more nervous
on the fact of, you know,

- she's Tera Patrick, and she's
so much taller than me, too.

Like my face was at her vagina.

What I liked about working with Vivid
was it was the first time where I actually-

- completely got creative control over
everything I wanted to do in a movie.

She's bright and she's articulate,
and she's very creative.

Ooh, yeah, right.
Uh, yeah, you're on my clit.

But I've been asked, would
you ever come back to porn?

What if someone just dropped
a million dollars right there-

- and said, you and Rocco can
have sex in Egypt on the pyramids.

I still wouldn't do it.

There was only so far I could go,

- and I feel like ten years
is a good amount of time-

- and a long time to
be in the porn business.

Seka is amazing.

She's my all time favorite
actress of that era.

She's very glamorous.

She was strictly business.

All business.
Very smart girl.

She kind of reminded me like of a
trashy version of Marilyn Monroe.

Would you like to suck
on my tits, huh, right there?


What made me different
than anybody else at the time?

For one thing,
I was the first platinum blonde.

I mean, there were other blondes,
but not screaming blonde hair.

She was working at a porn store,

- and she was watching the
porn and thought to herself,

- I could do way better than this.

They have really dirty feet, and
they've got pimples on their butts.

I said, this is really nasty.

I went and made
my first adult movie,

- and I don't think there
was even sound at the time.

It was in color, though.

I mean, I'm old, but I'm not
that old, so it was in color.

And having owned
adult bookstores,

- I knew the stars in the
business when I went on set,

- and I just felt like a
big piece of meat on a hook.

"Prisoner of Paradise"
was kind of fun.

I played a German Nazi bitch
with a really bad German accent.

But I thought, no,
she's a southern girl.

How's she gonna do a Nazi?

But she did.

Don't you cum in me,
you American swine.

Don't cum in me,
you American swine.

♪ Oh, seka ♪

♪ Tried on some sexy clothes ♪

The film itself, "Inside Seka,"
was an incredibly popular film-

- simply because it was one
of the films that had been made-

- sort of when that porno
chic period was ending.

And the reason why they were so important
is because they were star-centric.

Seka has sex with
about 20 different guys.

She also was given
$10,000 as her pay.

Around 1982,
I decided to stop performing.

AIDS was starting to become
a real big issue for me.

I'd worked for "Club" magazine
after that for about ten years-

- and I traveled around
the world stripping,

- and I had a great time and
made a butt-load of money.

I always thought she looked like
Raquel Welch when she was younger.

So she was beautiful, her scenes
were hot, and she was a party girl.

That's a really good combination,
for a superstar.

She wasn't about making movies.
She was about fucking.

She would show up and just want
to have sex, and do her best at that.

We can lay music over this, right?

- Yeah.
- Great.

You don't mind just fucking me.


The pickin's weren't like it is today.

It's not like now where the beautiful
hot chicks are a dime a dozen.

So I was fresh meat.

I was excited about my work.

January of '89 I had my
first contract with Vivid-

- on the back of a cocktail
napkin at the Tropicana.

It was that simple.

Tori Welles was one of the first
home video stars of her era.

She was then contracted with Vivid,

- who loaned her out to Andrew
Blake to make "Night Trips."

The idea of "Night Trips" basically
came from my art direction-

- and fashion design background.

And, uh, I just wanted to make the
most beautiful movies that I could-

- with the most beautiful talent
that was available at the time.

He really made her the star like putting
her in almost every single scene.

It was one of a kind, and it was the most
beautiful porn every made at that time.

She was like pure
sex and a mile wide.

It was very trans-formative during that
period, and she was at the right time,

- the right place, with the right people.

The success of "Night Trips" it
just happened before my eyes,

- probably because of the beauty,
and sexual prowess of Tori Welles.

I made a name accidentally, but
because of the drug addiction-

- and because of the felonies,
and because of things like that,

- you're not always able to move on,

- you know, so you come back
to the adult tit, so to speak.

I mean, I had gone from being
Tori Welles to like being a P.A.

It's like talk about humiliating.

So, you know, some of it was good,
and some of it was bad, you know.

Some of it was stupid.

You know, you don't
get into this business if,

- you know, you're completely
got your shit together.

You just don't, and I don't
care what anybody says.

Uh, I actually started working at
Hooters when I was 17 years old.

You were supposed to be 18,
but I kind of was naturally big.

Somebody was trying to scout me.

They were like,
why haven't you done "Playboy"?

And I was like,
I'd rather do porn.

And I flew out to L.A.
Literally it was on a Friday,

- and by the time
I came home Sunday,

I had a signed contract
with Digital Playground.

She was almost a star from
the moment we signed her.

So it wasn't so much a matter
of making Jesse Jane a star.

It was just a matter
of showing the world.

And at the time, Seymore Butts
had his show, "Family Business,"

- so he followed me around
like a little puppy dog.

I have finally tracked you down.

Do you know how many
times I have seen you?

Every time you catch my eye,
and I wanna zoom up over to you,

- but you disappear
as quick as you appear.

And now that I just saw you, I just feel like,
I just felt like I just had to like get you-

- while I knew you were cornered.
Are you planning on...

Honey, I need you to do an interview.
Come do an interview.

And then from then, they were
like, yep, she's made for porn.

She's definitely, you know what?

We made a right decision.

It's mine to ride
when I'm fucking you.

Oh, yes.

I want the whole package.
I want it all.

I wanna be the next star.

Like the team
that I had behind me,

- like the marketing and
everything was genius.

Marketing her was simple.

I mean, one image would
elicit so many responses-

- from the media, and then
once people met her in person,

- you know,
she never disappointed.

I saw her do a Girl/Girl in the
"Pirates" movie that was really intense.

It was basically like sex fighting,
and I've never seen anything like that.

- Fuck, yeah?
- I Wanna kiss you.

- Yeah?
- Slap me harder.


I think that's sort of the
quintessential barbie almost.

Barbie's been everything.
She's been an astronaut.

She's been, she's been
everything in between.

So, yeah, there you go,
The Ultimate Porn Barbie.

It's all I wanted. Like I wanted to be known
as the sex symbol you'll always remember.

That when I get out of the business,
you'll still know the name Jesse Jane.

The average lifespan of an
adult female performer's career-

- is less than two years,
but this next group of stars-

- have careers that span from 20
to over 30 years.

Now, why have these
knockouts lasted in an industry-

- that always looks
for the next big thing?

Because these are
the golden goddesses-

- whose beauty, passion,
and raw sexuality-

- transcends all elements,
including time.

One of the reasons for my
longevity is I just would not leave-

- when they all wanted
me to after five years.

Once I hit 30,
they sort of, I mean,

- I got the AVN Lifetime
Achievement Award in 1989.

It's like you trying
to tell me something?

When you watch her
fuck on film, it is genuine.

She also just has that
something, that star quality.

Nina Hartley really resonates
with so many people-

- that have become her
ardent fans over the years-

- because she's so accessible, and
she's so honest, and she's so fearless.

I've been able to maintain a 30-year-plus
career because I basically love the work.

But the first time
I saw sex onscreen-

- my inner cookie monster
just said: "Me want do that."

Like she had a, uh, kind of
a cameo in "Boogie Nights"-

- that like she really
showed what she's made of-

- when she does a little
bit more mainstream stuff.

She played William Macy's wife.

She was kind of a sexual
free spirit in the movie.

She cuckolded him
many, many times.

What the fuck are you doing?

What the fuck does
it look like I'm doing?

Can you close the door?

That's my wife, you asshole.

For a sex worker,
when they try to go out-

- and give sex education,
to be taken seriously,

- I think no one is taken
more seriously than Nina.

There's her vagina,
her urethra, and her clit.

So how can I be a feminist
and be a sex worker?

The bottom line is
my body, my rules.

And the message on that was
whatever you wanna do is okay.

That women should not be judged-

- for being in this
business and being on set-

- and having sex with a
different person every day.

The energy coming at me, the laws
coming at me from both the religious right-

- and the so-called feminist
left are exactly the same.

They're prohibitionary.

Um, one doesn't want me to have an
abortion, and one does not want me to sell-

- the services of my vulva for money.

I'm a Trojan horse for queer culture.

I'm a bisexual,
I am kinky and all these things,

- but I dress up normal,
I look very straight,

- and my most fun times
are when I get my face-

- between the legs
of a gay-for-pay girl-

- and get a real response out of her.

It's like, yes, I am that good.

Her being with wicked for so long-

- was a lot of the reason for the
longevity in her career, and her evolution.

I think she's hotter now
than she was 15 years ago.

But then when you go
beyond her physical aspects,

- she's a good voice and
an advocate for our industry.

Because Jessica has been in,
so many blockbuster adult movies,

- she's one of the few modern adult stars
recognizable to the average consumer.

Oh, fuck.

I was a stripper.

I had the luck to run into Blondage,
which was Janine and Julia Ann.

And I saw them onstage
and something clicked.


A few people from wicked called me,
and then I agreed to sign with them.

And I also came to realize that the more
I personally have to do with the movie,

- the happier I am with the outcome.

So she won Best Actress, and won
this great Hardcore Scene Award.

And I think that defines
Jessica along the way as well.

Even at adult star signings, women
are getting in line and telling her-

- their sex concerns
and issues and problems.

And then they started asking me
for sex advice, so I saw this opening-

- for a different kind of sex-ed,
or a different kind of instructional.

Jessica drake is unique.

For one thing, DVD sales are dying,
and her movies still sell great.

She's a spokesperson for Wicked,

- she's a spokesperson
for the entire adult industry.

She's a successful sex educator,

- has had a ton of
mainstream appearances,

- and, oh, by the way, still has time,
for all her philanthropy.

So she's truly unique
amongst today's stars.

Working with her, the scenes
were over way too quickly,

- and then, of course,
I'm masturbating in my car-

- thinking about her driving home.

But, PFST, sex with Kylie?

She's just such a strong,
powerful, um, artistic,

- and visionary woman in my mind.

You know, if she wanted to
come back and do films now,

- which I would absolutely
be there if she would,

- she could and she would kill it-

- just as if it was 10 or
15 or even 20 years ago.

So I suppose you could say I
started kind of in this business,

- but not in this business when I
worked in a video store in San Diego,

- and I was in charge
of ordering adult movies.

And they said, okay, this is randy west
you're gonna be working with him, I'm like,

- yeah, okay, I know who you are.

And I was extremely nervous.

I never thought in a million years
that I would win best new starlet.

I was thrilled that I was nominated.

Kylie Ireland.

And I have to thank all the
people that have believed in me.

It was '95 maybe that I signed
a contract with Sin City.

We started shooting movies,

- and we were supposed to do like
basically I think it was a movie a month.

And suddenly none of us shot anything.

I decided I was gonna
go to small claims court.

I didn't realize at this point that that's
where "Judge Judy" picked up their cases.

You are about to enter the
courtroom of judge Judith Sheindlin.

Kylie Ireland is an adult movie star.

She's suing this producer
for breach of contract.

- She's not some airhead.
- Thank you.

And I'm awarding
$5,000 to the plaintiff.

Remember, there was
no internet at the time.

Adult stars didn't
end up on reality shows.

That catapulted her to another level.

She was already popular,
but now she's,

- mainstream people are going, well,
who's this women on "judge Judy"?

She's incredible behind the camera.

That's when I started
doing production design.

I just always wanted to say,
I won art direction,

- and that didn't happen
until we did "Star Wars XXX."

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

My life is so weird.

Sometimes I just sit here
and I go, my life is so strange.

How bizarre is my life that this
is what I'm doing right now?

Up till now, we've met some
the greatest female stars-

- of all time.

But you may be asking yourself,
where are the men?

Okay, let's bring on the biggest studs,

- in every sense, in the
history of the adult business.

We start with john C. Holmes,

- whose claim to fame
rested between his legs.

- Are you really twin brothers?
- No, not really.

Same father, different mothers.

Oh, what a mess. Will someone come
here and change the sheet here?

Oh, this is disgusting.

Oh, that's the same hand,
isn't it?

- Yeah.
- Oh, god.

John Holmes definitely
impacted pop culture.

And especially in
the '70s, he was it.

He was like a sight to see.

14 inches.

And they all wanted to see it.

That's what John was.

He was a freak.

I was sitting there editing, and my
partner comes out and he says, Bob,

- you gotta come in
and see this guy's dick.


I said, man, that's the last thing I
wanna do is see a tall skinny guy's dick.

I can't paint and I can't
draw and I can't sculpt.

So I have to have some outlet
for my fake artistic qualities.

My name is Johnny Wadd.

I'm a private detective.

It was one of those slow days-

- where there was very little
money and very little pussy.

Basically they get involved
with me, for one of one reason.

And, uh, it doesn't go beyond that.

He quite literally didn't have to
do anything, but be John Holmes.

He came onto camera
and he sat down-

- and he leaned back and
the girl did what she did.

He would say,
how much film you got?

And have my cameraman could
count down, and he could cum on cue.

He was that good
back in the early days.

Not so much later.

Why do you stay in the bathroom,
for five hours at a time on sets?

I don't know.
It's a shitty habit.

There was a time when
he was very troubled.

He'd been using drugs a lot,

- and the reason we shot
"Prisoner of Paradise"-

- on Kauai was because I thought-

- if we can get him away from Los
Angeles, it might help him, and it did.

His goal in life was just to see-

- how many people he could
fuck over as fast as he could-

- and get out of town
without getting killed.

On the wonderland murders,

Eddie Nash was this very big drug
dealer, and john had hooked up.

Uh, they heisted all the money
and all the drugs from Eddie,

- and Eddie found out it was John-

- who got him in trouble,

- and Eddie said, John's dead.

He's like running around
the country evading police.

They catch him Florida.

He's in jail and there's petty theft-

- and there's burglary and
then there's drug dealing-

- and there's pimping and
then he's prostituting himself.

He's prostituting his girlfriend.

He's all over the place
doing whatever he can-

- to basically keep this
habit alive that he has-

- that I don't think he
ever quite overcame.

We the jury,
in the above entitled action,

- find the defendant, John Curtis
Holmes, not guilty of murder.

When it came out that he did
have AIDS, the shit hit the fan.

In the industry that's pretty
much the worst thing you can do.

You're jeopardizing people's lives,
and especially back then.

AIDS was a death sentence.

It wasn't something you managed.

He just told them he had the flu.

Typical of John to lie to everybody.

Thank god none of them got sick.

He was the ultimate gigolo,
The ultimate Playboy.

The ultimate con man,
and that's what he was.

Let's go.

I want you to brief me
before I get involved in this.

Yes, sir.

He's a consummate professional.

He's one of the few guys-

- that's had a great balance
between, um, chemistry-

- and, and raw sexual energy.

You know, like he's found a way to
be a black man and not come on set-

- with like, you know,
a bunch of chains and jewelry-

- and like an entourage, you know.

He comes in, he has a hard dick,
he lays it down and, you know,

- he leaves a smile on your face.

And it's so funny,
'cause he's the sweetest guy.

Like he's just really mellow,

- and then all of a sudden,
he pulls out this monster.

Very early out of college
I got into finance,

- and so I became the proverbial
wall street stockbroker, for six years.

The broker that trained
me brought me to a party,

- which was a 19-on-1 gangbang.

So I got kind of used to
having sex in front of people-

- at a very early
part of my adulthood.

That's why a lot of
people buy his stuff,

- 'cause they're like, I wanna
watch Lex specifically fuck girls.

It was just me being myself, but
the key ingredient was the casting.

Always the absolute
best female talent-

- available at the moment
we were shooting.

I think that he is the most
successful black performer ever-

- because he's just so
consistent and so driven.

I won Male Performer of The
Year 2000, 2002, and 2003,

- and one of the things
I've gotten out of it-

- that has been perhaps
more impactful in my life-

- has been that I've been
the only black performer-

- to have won Performer of
The Year Award male or female.

He's probably one of the few
successful black performers-

- that owns his own company,
and to me, that was very inspiring.

For Lex to take his name, and then
spin off and do other things, you know.

He has his own podcast.

He has his own talk show,
you know, he has his own toy line.

I'm in my 15th year in
the major leagues, right,

- and it's not really a case where I
feel that I'm getting tired of performing,

- you know, despite the fact that I
may now be more than twice the age-

- of some of the youngest
performers I work with.

I love the fact that,
you know, I get to do this.

And there's actually a renewed vigor,
for performance that I'm undergoing-

- because I've gotten to the point where
I realize there's only a few guys globally-

- that get a chance to perform,
and be regarded as the main dudes.

I appreciate being a performer more
now than when I started my career.

Yeah, when I started in Europe, so
the three first years I did only in France.

So I had to make a choice.

I was done with school.
What do I do now?

Like am I starting being a teacher-

- or if I do that, I'm gonna
have to really focus on that.

He's just very controlling,
but passionate in the same way.

He's one of the few men that I will let be
rough with me, and take me into that level.

I think that he's the perfect performer,
for every girl to work with-

- because he teaches you a lot about
yourself while working with him.

People started doing like the
rough stuff, and the gonzo things,

- and he kind of like
threw himself in headfirst.

Once the sex started, it just
like seemed to go really naturally-

- and it was easy to
just like tell him like,

- oh, I have no limits.
You can do whatever you want.

It was really cool.
It was like a roller-coaster.

- Oh, fuck, yes. Yes, yes.
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Uh, the first time I had sex with
Manuel, I was super nervous.

I was shaking and he had to keep asking me if
I was okay and if I could go through with this.

I was like, yeah, you just don't
understand you're a huge deal.

Like when I was 18, I was
watching you fuck other women.

I'm gonna cum.

I've done so many scenes with
Manuel, it kind of blurs together.

At the point, you know when you're gonna
die, and your life flashes before your eyes?

It would just be lots of dicks,
but Manuel would be in there a lot.

So I won AVN male performer
of the year six times.

Uh, one of them I think was, uh,
foreign performer of the year.

Like it's like basketball.

Like everyone can play basketball.

Not everyone's gonna be Kobe.

We're talking about
good sex down here.

Rocco's up there, you know.

Just like doing all sorts of
crazy passionate, hard fucking.

And my first movie with john
was "Buttman Ultimate Workout."

John, you know
what kind of girl I like.

I like a girl with the big,
round, culo ass.

This is the most
successful series I ever done.

I mean, john for me
has really been a mentor.

I think every male performer has
Rocco in some way as a role model.

He just exudes sexuality,

- and you can't put your
finger on what that is, right?

That's just a thing.
That's a DNA thing.

When Rocco came along, you realized,
oh, I can get a phenomenal sex scene.

He will make this girl
look really, really good.

He'll make her look better
than in any other movie.

Since I was very teeny, very
young, I had this kind of fire inside.

I remember I was 13, jerking off, jerking
off, jerking off, and the doctor, I remember,

- was very angry, told me,
hey, man, stop the jerk off.

Otherwise you never,
you will never get better.

His performance was 30
different than anything else.

He never broke eye contact.

Well, my first Boy/Girl scene was
with the infamous Rocco Siffredi.

I didn't know his type of scenes,
how aggressive they are.

Speaking to me in Italian. It was great
'cause he, he, he made love to me.

You know, I did two movies in french,
which was not porn, it was mainstream.

It was an incredible experience.

Catherine come back with
the movie, for me as main star.

A gay guy prostitute for the first
time make love with a woman.

One of the best
experience in my life.

Elegance, style, grace,
sexuality, intensity.

I love that guy.

And when you fuck a woman,
you put your soul.

You don't fuck the girl
just with the dick.

Woman, you need to fuck them in the brain
if you want to bring something out of them.

Oh, my god.

In many ways both
positive and negative,

- the adult industry mirrors
mainstream entertainment.

Like Hollywood,
the adult film industry-

- has been correctly criticized
for its lack of diversity.

Performers, directors, and producers
of color have been too rare in times past.

But today, performers of color are
starting to break through more regularly-

- and controlling their own careers
both in front and behind the camera.

These next trailblazers
made that possible-

- by working through the inherent
prejudice in the sex business-

- and forging successful
and even legendary careers.

Misty Stone, so she came across as like
funny, interesting, vivacious, and cool.

Like totally cool.

And it's really cool to
see a woman of color-

- in the industry that's not your typical
like 34DD with a gigantic big old booty.

And she's like petite and
sensual, and just on fire.

I think I just fell into the adult films.

After awhile, it became more of a career
decision because I loved it so much,

- I wanted to be the best at it.

The "Men In Black" parody,
that movie was amazing.

The special effects,
the makeup was outrageous.

So many girls that do Girl/Girl, like not
to spoil the party, are not into Girl/Girl.

I was so nervous, because, you
know, like she's, she's my mentor like.

When you kind of get to
work with one of your idols,

- you're just like,
I hope they're into it.

By the time we were
like five minutes into it,

- once we're kissing and stuff,
I felt so there with her.

She was one of those girls that would
like would flirt before the scene-

- is in the makeup
chair feeling on you.

Just really immediately
kind of pulling me in.

But now in my personal life,
I got to have some dick, baby.

Oh, I'm gonna cum.

Being a ebony model
in the business,

- you kind of have a sort of like
a different journey in a way,

- you know, because the
opportunities are different.

You kind of have to really
know how to carry yourself-

- and know how to present
yourself to the right people,

- and I feel like misty has done
that from the very beginning.

When I started, I was
told to follow Misty Stone-

- as a role model,
and I'm glad that I have.

It's not based on popularity.

It's, it's, it's based on
your skin tone, baby.

Say a new girl coming into the
industry, and she's very dark skinned.

Well, then you also have another
new girl coming in the industry,

- and she's a little bit
more lighter skinner.

Well, guess what?
That lighter skinned young Lady-

- is gonna get a lot more work
than the darker skinner young Lady,

- and that's just how it is.

Now, another example would be,
well, we have this young white girl-

- who's gonna get
1,500 for this scene,

- but I think we're gonna give
this young black young Lady-

- 800 for the scene,
and that's just how it is.

Even our own black people do
it to us, and that's even sadder.

That they downgrade us
when they should be uplifting us.

She's a character.

I've brought my little sister to a
scene, and it was back in the day.

It was my first gangbang
I ever did in my whole life.

I just needed support,

- and I thought that that's what family's
supposed to do was be there and support you.

But I don't think they're supposed
to be there and support you-

- when you're getting
gang-banged by six or seven guys.

Vanessa being the
first official Latin porn-star.


She is a true pioneer.

She is a trailblazing superwoman
that I have just, I can identify with.

You talk about staying power
and star power, she's, I mean,

- she might be one of the most,
you know, the more iconic.

And I guess that's also has
to do with that Latin heat.

Wild, wild fucking.

Nice, nice, very nice woman.

Cubans are wild.


I guess I was, I was like the first
woman of color in the business.

They saw that there was a market for
it because I became so popular so fast.

She had a following from day one,
and she was smart enough to realize it-

- and she was one of the first
women to get $1,000 a day,

- which was unheard of at that point.

Most of the women were working
for 300, 350, in that neighborhood.

Hey, wait a minute.

He's your husband, and you've got
five minutes to finish him off and go home.

I have to go to work.

I did waitress.

I did go-go.

I did stripping.

I did hooking.

I did the whole 42nd
street stroll, which was fun.

My first movie was "China Doll."

Vanessa Del Rio,
the inventor of the DP.

I'll take the title, but I'm sure that there
was double penetration going on before me.

Come on, baby.
Stick it in.

Come on.

And I blew the cameraman.


In my first movie.

That's what the '70s was like.

I liked the seedy environment, and the
way a peep show smelled, you know,

- with the Clorox and cum.

The live sex shows
took place at show world.

David Christopher, I think he had
like a bunch of guys and girls,

- like couples that wanted
to see a couple fuck.

Just, you know, being surrounded by a
bunch of gawkers, you know, men and women.

So if you wanna know why my clit was
so big, was because I did body building,

- and, yes, I did steroids.

Doing the steroids and the side
effects that's I don't recommend.

But having a big clit from it, yeah.
What woman wouldn't?

I mean, it looks like a little dick.

I suppose it is perverse, letting them
believe I can't speak English and all.

She would only get
typecast as the, the maid.

No matter how great she
looked, how glamorous.

Very early on,
it was a white industry,

- so here I come
with my, you know,

- bigger than life like, you know,
big hair, and you know, like that.

And so I was noted
as first Latina.

Pretty good, no?

Vanessa Del Rio is an inspiration
to girls like me in the industry-

- that are of Latin descent, you know,
because she didn't let that hold her back.

She owned it.

Oh, yess, yes, yes.

Asa Akira is certainly a
character like no other.

30 my first job in the adult entertainment world
was as a dominatrix when I was 19 years old.

I was just walking down the street one day,
and this guy just stopped me on the street-

- and asked me, would you be interested in
being in the adult entertainment industry?

And I was like, yes.

And I followed him
upstairs to his dungeon.

The next day, I started
training to be a dominatrix.

So I'm really lucky.

I mean, he could have killed me.

That is her 100% of the time.

She has no filter.

She is the beginning of what I feel like what
made, made this business step outside the box.

In 2013, I signed an exclusive
contract with Wicked Pictures.

Probably the first girl I signed
that already was a huge star.

Wicked shoots really beautiful,
high budget, like glamorous stuff.

So the AVN awards were
one of the few things-

- I actually knew about porn coming in, so it was
really exciting to be asked to host the event.

That same night that I hosted the awards,
I won Female Performer of The Year.

Asa Akira.

Oh, my god.

I wanted this so fucking bad.

I got this theory that the reasons
there are never that many Asian girls

- in the industry at any given
time is 'cause for most of us,

- like the second our family finds out,
that's it. That's worked out to my advantage.

Like I got to be in a lot
of movies as the Asian girl.

And I think that's very wrong.

I think she is very much, whether she
was Asian or not is an amazing performer.

And she really is gonna be
one of the last big stars of porn.

Like I said, she would go to
a shoot to do an anal shoot-

- and end up doing a
gangbang by accident.

There was a lot of
accidents on her sets,

- but I guess happy
accidents for the directors.

You know, like I always tell people

like I'm the best
case scenario in porn.

Found love.
I've found a career.

Um, I've never been
taken advantage of.

Last year I had a
memoir published.

Uh, it's titled "insatiable:
Porn a love story."

And that's like exactly
how I feel about the industry.

It's, it's, it's been a love story.

Um, as cheesy as that sounds.

The modern adult star is a much
different breed than those in the past.

25 years ago, tattoos
and piercings were taboo.

Sex acts performed in movies-

- rarely included bondage,
discipline, or S&M.

Today, some of the
biggest adult stars-

- are what we might
call alternative.

But even as the alternative
blends into mainstream,

- these stars stand out
with their unique styles-

- and no fears,
no limits approach... To sex.

- You like my blazer?
- Oh, yeah.

She was going to
make herself a brand,

- and she wanted to
shoot hot tattooed girls-

- and alternative styles, which was very
different from what you were typically seeing.

Why I think Joanna
is such a big star-

- is because that she doesn't
try to change her style-

- where it's like,
well, they're doing that,

- so we should start
doing that. It's like,

- no, this is what works for us.
And that's what her fans love.

Joanna angel has
always been a person-

- who I've looked
up to in the industry.

Someone who started her own
business when she was in college.

I don't think it was me that
actually came up with burning angel,

- but I did say I wanted some
kind of good girl, bad girl thing.

I didn't know anything about porn.
I had never watched a porn.

I knew nothing about the industry.

I didn't even really know
that porn was an industry.

I mean,
this was 13 or 14 years ago.

There was no Twitter,
there was no Instagram.

You could not just log on
to anywhere on the internet-

- and find out what
porn-stars do every day.

So I guess I was the first girl-

- to have her own
hardcore video porn site.

So we got a lot of press
when we first started.

I wasn't expecting to be a figurehead,
for punk and porn and feminism.

I wanted to do everything,

- so the first scene I
ever did I had anal sex,

- and that was only like the third
time I even did it in my whole life.

- here's what happens when
a website becomes a movie.

I don't know if anyone really got it.

So Tommy pistol, it was his
first scene and my first scene.

He kept asking me if,
if he would have to shave-

- his ass or not
if he did the movie.

A lot of the sex that we had-

- was like in places
in new york or Brooklyn,

- and sometimes they
were out on rooftops-

- or in like in school busses-

- and with a lot of Hasidic
Jews walking around-

- wondering what's going on in there?

Something I really
love about Joanna-

- is that she has a really
great sense of humor.

And so she always brings that
piece of herself into her scenes.

Thank you, kind sir.
And I'll tell you what.

I'll even let you put it in my butt.

I've now won an AVN award, for
best sex comedy three times now.

It's kind of where I've sort of
found my comfort zone in porn.

She also picked up on it really early in
her career that if she had her own site,

- that she wanted her sites to be the only
place you could find Joanna angel fucking.

I really hate the term "Alt Porn,"

- but I do realize that everything
in porn needs a category.

I got into porn by
literally weaseling my way-

- into the porn industry,
and I'm still here.

Pick up a camera,
shoot something,

- get it out there, you're in porn.

There it is.

Oh, god, I think I'm gonna cum.

I'm gonna cum.

Skin diamond is easily one of the greatest
crossover, BDSM, and porn performers.

I think that's probably why
so many people like her-

- is because she's
not afraid to be herself.

She's just as good at receiving flogging
and nipple clamps as she is at taking anal.

She's very exotic.

Like she could be from the future.

She could be from the past.

She could be from Pangia.

I don't know.

Oh, yeah.

I was born in California,

- but I moved to Scotland when I was
three because my dad was a missionary.

I wanted to start modeling nude,

- which was a big deal,

- because at the time,
my dad had transitioned-

- from being a missionary
to a children's tv show host.

So it was a, a big scandal.

I mean, ten or 20 years ago I don't
think somebody could have like-

- built their entire career being
alternative looking, I would say.

She understands being a sex worker in a way
that a lot of the newer girls don't get.

Not only that, but alternative
sex worker by choice.

Coming from the fetish scene, you know,
it's, it's a very misunderstood group.

And then all of a sudden, I was in this
environment where the dirtier, the better.

Like you wanna do something crazy?
Then let's film it.

I had her like kind of
all tied up and was like-

- filming her on like a super 8
camera and being really creepy.

And like, I'm gonna be a star.
You're my princess.

She's the type of person
that you want to fuck.

With a gun.

- No, I'm not lying.
- Don't lie to me.


When I first got in,
everyone told me to,

- that, again, that my
look was too extreme.

But it was actually,
it actually worked in my favor,

- I think, because
it made me stand out.

I, I think that being
a submissive woman-

- is a very empowering thing to
do um, because you have to be-

- really tough, and in the fetish
world, it's all about consent.

It's not about abuse.

I've been very blessed in that I've
gotten a lot of mainstream attention.

I've actually got to do
some really cool stuff.

Count to ten.



Why are you being so gentle?


I have a lot of nerdy pleasures,
so I did a whole movie-

- where I cos-played different
characters from the different worlds.

Wind moving through the leaves,
bring me harry potter please.

A few years ago, I was featured in
a marvel comic, the new "Daredevil"-

- as the reference
model to draw echo.

Pretty, pretty cool.
I'm sorry.

I gotta, I gotta hand it to myself.

So against what a
lot of the industry-

- considers to be all odds,
she's risen further-

- than most people
can ever dream of rising.

By showing her true self,

I think she's a, she's kind of,
she's kind of my hero for that.

I think it really goes to show how far
we've come as human beings right now.

Liking crazy sex isn't as unusual
for a girl to like sucking cock.

Are you not his whore?

Both my parents were very
religious in the Mormon religion,

- so I kind of grew up
with that upbringing.

I transitioned from Jesus to the adult
industry by seeking I think validation.

It's refreshing to
be around someone-

- that is so comfortable with
themselves and who they are-

- that it makes you feel more
comfortable with who you are.

She wasn't a fake person
in any way, shape or form.

And I hate to say it,
but in the porn business,

- sometimes being somewhat fake
with your emotions is a necessity.

You think you can handle me?

Yeah, I think so.

I think I can handle you.

I think you need to bend over.

The thing that led to
belladonna's popularity,

- I believe, was when Diane sawyer
profiled her on "Prime Time Live."

The hatchet job, but people had
a lot of empathy for belladonna,

- and that opened the
door for her success.

She says afterwards
she was shattered,

- but she just didn't
know how to refuse.

Because I didn't know
any better, you know?

I had these ideas of fame
and attention and money.

When she started,
if a girl had a tattoo,

- more than half the producers wouldn't
even hire the person if they had tattoos.

And by the time she finished, it
was a completely different world.

Ahe attention that I was getting
from my body was powerful.

You know, it was the first time in
my life I felt like, wow, like I am sexy.

I got an opportunity
to direct for evil angel.

As a female director who was
really the one with the ideas.

Because she could be
real in those movies,

- and she was in a safe,
comfortable environment.

We were just hanging out and
capture what you capture, and that's it.

You know, I had never really thought
too much about what I was doing.

I got these opportunities
and I did 'em-

- and I was very much
in the moment, day to day.

And in the height of DVD sales, belladonna
was a top seller week after week.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, when porn
was mostly still shown in movie theaters,

- acting was as much a
premium as sexual ability.

Some of the greatest actors from the golden
age of adult cinema were classically trained.

Appearing in adult films then
became an act of rebellion.

Here now are adult cinema's most
award worthy dramatic performers.

I am compelled to introduce myself.
My name is Johnny Dooropener.

Howdy, Mr. Dooropener.
How did you know who I was?

It's my business to know people.
John was very innovative.

He was the real deal all day.

He actually could act, and then he could
also do a, a sexual performance, and I think-

- to be able to do both
was just a pretty rare gift.

Of all the male porn-stars in the
'70s, he probably sold the most tickets.

He was the only actor of that era-

- that people came to see because
of his acting, and his charisma,

- and he was the
Clark Gable of his era.

At that time, there was no
material out there, so they had-

- soft-core movies, right,
people had soft-core movies,

- let's cut in hardcore footage.

They'd cut from this film of this guy
pretending to fuck this girl, soft-core,

- and they'd cut in me fucking the
girl, so you get a little in and out.

I did five one day,
inserts and cum shots.

Every time you came, they
gave you another fucking $50.

And I don't know why they wanted the
fourth and fifth one 'cause it was blanks.

He just had a way about him
that was '80s charismatic.

I would say he's like
the Clint Eastwood of porn.

You just wanted to,
to please him.

He had swag and he was sexy,
and he was, he was like a ladies man.

And I feel like women wanted him,
and men kind of wanted to be him.

Did I give you enough dick?

I give you enough dick?

He was the original guy to talk dirty
to girls to get where he wanted to get.

I bet the police get in your
pants all the time, huh?

But you gotta watch those cops.
They'll fuck you to death.

- You ever been fucked in the ass before?
- Mm-mm.

- Are you curious what it's about?
- Mm.

It was, it was fun, it was mostly
fun because we were best friends.

The last two weeks he was alive,
he was hanging at joey's,

- and, uh, they just
understood each other.

Well, to be honest,
I wish john was even more,

- uh, had more of
an impact than he was.

That's a big problem with this business is that
when you are gone in this business, you are gone.

I mean, anybody that can do ten
pages of script, four costume changes,

- and three sex scenes in a ten-hour day,
you know, goes to the top of the list.

- Oh, yeah, fuck her.
- No, I don't think I will.

Oh, fuck her like
you fuck me, Nick.

Making films was a lot
different then, and it was huge.

Like we would have big red carpet
premieres, and you would go into a theater.

And if it was a good movie, you
could run six weeks, two months,

- playing the same movie at a
theater. I thought, wow. I could act.

All my friends from
college weren't acting.

I could get paid for it,
and I could have sex.

It was like, oh, yeah.

You always carry around
girl's underpants?

Yeah, I collect them.

Maybe I can give you
some of mine sometime.

Veronica came across
as more intelligent.

She came across as more capable,
and her scenes came off as very genuine.

One of the most favorite roles that
I've ever had was in "Amanda by Night."

Can you fucking believe that?

Oh, no, no.

Another reason why I really liked that
movie is I actually won best actress.

Now if I could ask you a question.

Why did your last
coordinator leave?

She wasn't putting out,
uh, she wasn't putting out-

- the kinds of results
that we were looking for.


You do have, uh,
quite an employment history.

"Wanda Whips Wall Street."

What a fun movie that was.

They actually made
a straight film out of it-

- called "Stocks and Blondes."
We went back and re-shot.

You know, Lester, I don't usually
go out with men from the office,

- but seeing as you're from
Tyler's Cleveland branch,

- I thought I'd make an exception.

Veronica became the quintessential
sex goddess, and the actress.

And she was still managed
to maintain the feeling-

- that she was your girlfriend
or the friend of your sister's.

I did 13 movies one year, and they
told me I had ruined my career.

And what it did, it just
made me more well known.

People have a lot to say
about this business,

- but where else can a
female do so many things?

I mean, I've done about
everything in the business.

I was able to act,
I was able to direct,

- I could produce, I'd been a stylist,
I'm still a production manager.

Where else? I know the straight
business wouldn't afford me that.

In a career sense, good actress,
sexy gal, somebody that you could, uh,

- jerk off to and not feel bad about,

- but made you feel good about
being a sexual human being-

And who really wanted to connect,
and really wanted to spread love.

Jamie was absolutely
the icon of all time.

And he's one of the pioneers of modern
pornography, a complete and total deviant.

Creepy, dirty, nasty, sexy behavior.

He was able somehow to,
to make it classy.

Happened pretty quickly,
because once I started working,

- uh, it was like an avalanche after
about a year, you know, maybe a year.

It was like all of a sudden, I
was the guy, you know, that,

- I mean, there was one point in new york where
I counted 14 of my films playing in one day.

It's amazing to me that somebody
who is famous in the end-

- for showing the raw, real side of
their sexuality is also an amazing actor.

You know, you pulled off quite a neat
little trick with that fantasy of yours.

- Does that feel good?
- Yeah, it's just sex.

I am pretty dirty,
though, girls.

You'll have to work hard.


You must repent!

Please forgive me!

To me, sex was a big drug,
if you want to call it that.

I was really interested in the sex.

The idea that people were getting,
drinking or taking pills to, to, you know,

- forget the experience they were having on the
set, you know, or maybe they felt bad about it.

I don't know
what they were doing.

To me it didn't,
it didn't make any sense to me.

You know, I was really after the,
the piece of ass I was gonna fuck.

Men, women, I don't
think it mattered to him.

Jamie Gillis may have said
at times that he was bisexual,

- but I think the only label you
could put on Jamie Gillis is pervert.

Jamie, um, Gillis would not fly.

I remember it was on a TWA flight,
and we're gonna take off,

- and Jamie tells me that he
has a tremendous fear of flying.

And then he reaches down,
he pulls out a baggie-

- that's got panties in it and he says,
this is for my black, black ore.

The plane starts
rolling down the runway.

Jamie opens up the bag, and he starts,
he starts huffing on it, the bag,

- and the smell from the bag was so
horrendous and so putrid, it was insane.

I mean, that was Jamie.
He was a pervert,

- so sniffing the panties, that
was like crack cocaine to him.

"Dracula Sucks," that was
the role he was meant to play.

The blood is the life-

- there are far worse things
awaiting man than death.

In my heyday, I was maybe working
maybe one or two days a week.

The rest of the time,
I was just hanging out,

- you know, and I was
making enough money-

- and I wasn't even,
what was that?

You call that work?

You know, a garbage man,
that's work.

And to have a career
that lasts that long,

- to be so innovative,
and to really express-

- who you truly are as a sexual
being to me is something to be envied.

Annette definitely looked like she
would be in the mainstream movies.

She definitely did not look like
she was in the adult industry.

She could've been
a Victoria secret model.

She was just so fetching
and a wonderful actress-

- and serious as a heart attack
and a great businesswoman.

The most amazing thing for
me about Annette haven-

- is, um, not just like how beautiful she
is, but also how kind of innocent she is.

She combined like this very ethereal
personality, look, and so forth with the sex.

And, uh, she was
one of the first where,

- where her name became,
you know, a name.

I wasn't aware of
how popular I was.

I have never been aware of that.

I've never been aware
of how beautiful I am.

I remember being in la. In the summer
of '77, and "desires within young girls"-

- making more money at the box
office than over half of Hollywood.

I was in slot 14.

Mel Brooks' "Young
Frankenstein" was in slot 17.

Annette, uh, was always perceived
as a feminist, and she still is.

As far as I know, I am the
only person in adult films-

- who did not do any
of the degrading acts.

The facial ejaculation,
because I don't want-

- that represented to the
American public as adult sexuality.

You know what's interesting
about Annette is that-

- you would almost
kind of not expect her-

- to be a very good actress
just based off of the fact-

- that she didn't have
an acting background.

But she is so good.

You said you'd give me a chance.

Aren't you forgetting something?

"Sports Life" is a man's magazine.

But that's just it, you see,

- we get all the
women's readership, too.

Finding people who could speak,

- who were beautiful,
who had beautiful bodies,

- blah, blah, blah,
it was a bit difficult, I guess.

Blake Edwards approached me for "10."

Blake was very nice, and
invited me down to Hollywood.

He said, can you get me people
who are naked? And I said, oh, yeah.

So I was the casting agent, and the
production manager for the party scene.

There was something, uh,
just wonderful to watch-

- Annette Haven on film having sex.

We all have to pretend, what,
our mommies didn't have sex.

Every last one of
our mommies had sex.

Hopefully they enjoyed it.

I want you to
let me see your tits.

How and when did I
meet Richard Pacheco?

I think it was some
point in the early '80$.

When he said that he was writing a book,
he said, will you write the forward?

And I said I would.
He is family.

He's a nice Jewish boy.

You could take him
home to mom I think.

I had plans of becoming a rabbi,
and they happened at the same time,

- uh, I had my first offer
to be in a porn film.

So I had a decision to make.

Richard's motivation was to be an actor,
uh, much more than a, a sex performer.

By far, Richard Pacheco is the
greatest male actor in adult film history.

Cupid, draw back your bow,
and let your arrow-

- go straight to my
lover's heart for me.

When I met him,
I was kind of freaked out-

- because my mom and I enjoyed
"Playgirl" magazine, and we had his pinup.

In the 1980s, if Hollywood
didn't put a scarlet letter-

- around the adult industry, he
would have been the first actor-

- to cross over and actually do
adult, and then do mainstream films,

- like James Deen does now.

Richard Pacheco won best supporting
actor, for "nothing to hide," uh,

- because he portrayed
somebody that was, uh, slow.

But he was really sweet, too, and
it was a very romantic little storyline.

I love her.

Well, I love Miss Fernstein
the landlord, too.

That doesn't mean I'm
gonna marry her, does it?

It's not the same thing,
jack, and you know it.

Fuck love, man!
What are you, a sucker?

"Irresistible" was
“Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."

They must have
taken cues from that.

There were so many
different parallels with that.

What province are you from?

You probably haven't heard of it.

It's called Marin county.

They gave me Best Actor
and Best Supporting Actor.

And, wow.

Thank you, Jesus.
That was a coup.

It's ironic that
porn-stars were discredited-

- because they were fucking,
'cause you can't fake fucking.

You really got to be there, and
that's a tremendous achievement-

- to get yourself real
enough to be able to do that.

Do I think he would've
made it as a straight actor?

Probably, you know,
'cause he's really good.

He knows how to improvise.

He knows how to
be a straight actor.

He knows these things.

I think that's what makes
him one of the greats.

Some adult stars
gain even greater fame-

- by crossing over into
mainstream entertainment.

Sometimes a scandal
worked in their favor.

Other times, great marketing,
or an inherently irresistible appeal-

- bridged the gap between sex
stardom, and pop culture acclaim.

These stars blasted
right through barriers-

- separating the adult business
from big time show business.

Of those big three, Linda
Lovelace, Georgina Spelvin,

- Marilyn Chambers,
Marilyn clearly stands out.

The camera loved her.

But she had this girl next
door like innocent look-

- that not many girls
in porn back then had.

Well, I answered an ad in the
San Francisco "Chronicle"-

- that said, now casting
for a major motion picture.

I thought, oh, this is a
little bit too naughty for me.

She thought that if she
did a good job in this movie-

- it would lead to a lot
of mainstream roles for her-

- because it would
show that she could act.

But also, the amount of money
they were offering was like, mm.

You know, they're like
we really like your look.

Just sit down and talk with us.

And so she actually negotiated with
them, and said that she would do it,

- but only under the circumstances

- that they give her, um, ten
percent of the film's gross revenue,

- which is huge,
you know, like that's insane.

And I said I don't really wanna
know what's gonna happen.

I know it's gonna
be wild and sexy,

- and it's gonna be scary probably for me
at certain times, but I don't wanna know.

When we started to have sex, it was the kind
of thing where I was like totally freaked out.

I didn't think I was gonna
be able to do this one.

Then it, there was a moment where
it turned from terror, hah, to pleasure,

- and I really believe you can see that.

The controversy between me
being on the ivory soap box,

- it was a pr man's dream.

It just happened to be the very same week that
"Behind the Green Door" opened in the theaters.

So it was just, thank you.

And Procter & Gamble
wasn't real happy about it.

My favorite scene is the
pool table scene in "Insatiable."

I could tell that
it was a hot scene-

- because when the crew applauds
you, you know that it's good.

"Insatiable" was one of those
quintessential movies.

Rich girl who is a model, and
she just had this sexual appetite-

- that nobody could satisfy.

I devote myself to all men,
and a lot of women.

She wrote a song for it,

- for the movie she did, "Insatiable,"
and she actually sang it.

It's the song that
plays behind the titles.

She did some
modeling beyond that.

She even did dinner theater
in Las Vegas, for about a year.

Believe it or not, the mayor of Las
Vegas gave her the key to the city.

I don't know what it used to be like to hire
an adult actor in a mainstream type movie.

I don't know if that was a big
stigma that people had to get over.

I assume it must have been.

The biggest one I remember is when
Marilyn Chambers was in Cronenberg's film.

And he cast her as the
lead in his movie "Rabid."

You gotta come quick.

You gotta come quick and get me.

And of course that had
never happened before.

This was the first time someone
who had been a porn-star,

- who was well known as a porn-star
was cast in a major mainstream movie.

Being Marilyn Chambers
has always been kind of,

- not a facade, because I've always believed
that you have to be that person 24 hours a day.

You have to really believe in what you're
doing, which I have, and I've had a lot of fun.

But now that I have a daughter.

Learning all of that was kind of
scary at first, because like I said,

- my mom is my mom,
not Marilyn chambers to me.

So knowing everything
that she's done-

- and my friends knowing
the things that she's done,

- um, is was pretty
hard to get used to.

But there were some funny times
where I'd see her name on HBO-

- and she'd come running out
and say like, close your eyes.

Don't watch that.

I just don't want her
to follow in my footsteps.

In the end like I'm just so proud of her, and
she knew that, so that was my only concern.

I'm not gonna say that I created porno
chic, but I know that I was part of it.

And that was a very
important time in our history-

- where people like Johnny
Carson were waiting in line-

- to see “Deep Throat" and
"Behind the Green Door."

And I truly believe
that it's not educational,

- but it certainly can be very helpful
in kind of helping your sex life.

It helped mine.

He's not, you know, sort of
like the hulking male porn-star.

Of the '90s with like the, you know, like
thong tan lines and stuff like huge pecs.

And he's just this guy, the kind of guy that
you would have a crush on in chemistry class.

That's him.

He's the Justin Bieber of porn.

So my whole life is I wanna do porn,
I wanna do porn, I wanna do porn.

It wasn't a new thing when I turned
18 to, you know, tell my parents.

So once I explained
all this to my parents,

- and then also reminded
them that I still have my money-

- from when I got bar mitzvahed.

Like I, I'm not the type of guy who's
gonna think, oh, I made a bunch of money.

I'm gonna go buy a Ferrari and a solid
gold house, and like get a rocket car.

That's also a "Simpson's" reference.

I met James when he was,
I believe he was 18 years old.

I mean, he was just good.

I mean, we went through
the entire scene,

- and then he popped,
and I was like, oh, shit.

We've got to go
through and do the stills.

And he was like: "That's cool.

I'm young and spry.

I can get some more out."

So... and he did,
which was outstanding.

In 2009, I became the youngest person
to ever win male performer of the year-

- from AVN, which is
a very prestigious award.

All: James Deen.

I had a panic attack, ran and hid, and my
girlfriend at the time accepted the award for me.

James, where the fuck are you?

I have heard of the Deen-agers.

Deen-agers is invented
by Dana Dearmond.

She was the one who coined that term,
so let's give credit where credit is due.

Because he's such a relatable guy,

- and he's young enough for, you know,
young girls to be attracted to him.

What's funny to be me is there are
scenes that I've done with him-

- and I'll get tagged because he's in the
scene, and the Deen-agers love James Deen,

- and I just happened to be
an extra body in the room.

I feel like people are trying to create
more of that "Boy and Girl Next Door" look.

But when I first started in 2004,
it was all about performance.

It had nothing to do with guys or props.

We don't care what
you look like, you know.

Like why the hell,
who's looking at you?

I have no desire to
do mainstream stuff.

"The Canyons"?
Hell, yeah.

You have Bret Easton Ellis,
who's an incredibly talented writer-

- and you have Paul Schrader
who's an incredibly talented director-

- and they were like so sick of the
standard Hollywood structure of, you know,

- all the stuff, and they
wanted to do a DIY film-

- that was just for the sake
of making a fucking film.

- Jealous?
- Yeah,

- if there are other people involved.
Like guys.

It's mostly girls, and, no, I do not get jealous
watching my girl hook up with another chick.

Is this guy for real?
Are you for real?

Which is the most
flattering thing in the world-

- that the guy that wrote "American
Psycho" and "Less Than Zero"-

- wrote a character for me.

I mean, sometimes these, these, you know, people
in adult will get like this sort of taste-

- of mainstream attention and decide that they're,
they're gonna move on and start this whole new life.

Adult films are not a
launching pad into mainstream.

It's just not.

I think there's this stigma
that people in adult films,

- they do this 'cause they have to-

- or they do this because
they have nothing else-

- or, or, and they forget
that we're performers,

- just like The Rock and Vin
Diesel are action performers.

Being famous in the
adult industry is useless.

Being a good performer
is what matters.

She was Vivid.

They signed her to be
the face of the company.

She was on every box cover.

Well, there was no such thing as a
contract girl until Ginger came along.

She is definitely a
matriarch in the business.

I think she's the
beautiful girl next door.

I do. I think she's
that girl next door-

- that you've had that crush
on for a really long time-

- and then all of a sudden just
kind of came into her own sexually.

And you definitely wanted to bang the shit
out of her, and she never had time for you.

I walked into, uh, Jim South's office.
He was my agent.

Uh, you don't have a portfolio?

Oh, no.
I had my shots in high school.

And I tell him,
okay, I'm gonna do it.

And I want this much money
and I want script approval-

- and I want cast approval.
He's on the floor rolling.

He said you're not
gonna start that way.

Lunch is served.

I got all my demands met,
and I started thinking,

- oh, my god.
What if I can't do this?

My very first film was
"Surrender in Paradise."

I was fine fucking on film.

Could not get the dialogue
to come out of my mouth.

We spent about
four hours trying to do it.

And I thought you
might be different.

Like all the other guys, get
what you want and chuck me out.

So Steven Hirsch was
starting vivid entertainment,

- actually at that time,
it was called vivid video,

- and they wanted me to be
the star of all of their first films.

Every day I would wake up and go,
yes! I'm gonna blow this guy today.

I'm gonna eat that pussy today.
I'm gonna do this.

And it was exciting for me.

If you stuck with it,
if you became a pro,

- hell, I don't think there's anybody
that could even come close to you.

Do I look okay?

You look great.

"New Wave Hookers"
was an amazing film.

Stick your tongue in up
my ass hole and lick it.

Girls next door didn't
do double penetration.

I was, I was the girl next door
who did all the dirty things.

I've done more mainstream
than I have adult at this point.

I need to pee!

- What about my hands?
- What about 'em?

- How am I gonna wipe?
- I'll help ya.

So I did "Vice Academy"
one, two, and three.

And each of you must make ten arrests
in order to get a position on the force.

My father says that my badge and
uniform are already waiting for me.

So I like hiring people
where they already-

- come with their weird
baggage of their career or life.

So as soon as they walk on screen, you
know, be it a Ginger Lynn or a Danny Trejo,

- you go, somethin's goin' on there.

She showed up on crutches,
which was kind of a surprise.

My introduction to Sid Haig was just being
plopped on on his dirty tighty whities.

- Yes, yes, yes.
- Come on, baby.

Oh, oh, oh, ride it, baby.
Ride it, ride it, ride it.

She started it all.

I mean, without her,
there could not have been

- strong names like Chasey Lain,
and Jenna Jameson.

She is the number one.

There are very
few women like her.

Do it!




Oh, slam it.
Slam that cunt for me.

Ugh! Yeah!

I felt like I could watch her,
and see the emotion-

- not just in her face,
but in her body.

Janine is super hot.

Like super hot,
like supermodel hot.

I asked my husband if he was okay
with it, and we agreed that women only.

She knew how to turn it on.
She'd been in front of audiences-

- for a long time as a dancer.

In blondage, they did their routine, it was
so hot, like I was completely turned on.

And then they go backstage,
and then they do their real scene-

- in the behind the scenes,
and I was like, yeah, yeah.

The drugs, the
alcohol involved with porn.

During that time, there was, and I would
partake, and it was not a pretty sight.

You will sink hard and fast
if you go down that road.

She is the person that made porn
feel not only super mainstream,

- but she was kind of
like the rockstar of porn.

Blink 182.

That has got to be my highlight.

It brought in the youth.

So the Vince Neil sex tape.

It was rough, because at this time,
I hadn't shot anything with men.

But, you know,
it was a shocker at first.

I find it interesting
that she comes back-

- as like this like
beast of a sexual woman.

She does dudes.

She does interracial.

Please please me.

Finally I said fuck it.

I'm gonna go for it,
and this is what I want.

These are my fantasies.

And that's when I think a lot of like the passionate
scenes that I had in "Pirates," you know...

Um, that intensity was
really starting to come out.

I wouldn't change a thing.

At the time, there was a lot of glamour
and a lot of fun, and a lot of camaraderie.

That was, that was a good time.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Oh, my god.

Fuck. Yes, yes.

I'd like to think I was political
before, and that was-

- a large part of my motivation
getting into the industry-

- was to disprove the status quo about
women, uh, and, and, and female sexuality.

The more I watched porn, the more I
realized that this is something I could do-

- and, and maybe I could bring
something different to it as well.

When Sasha Grey first contacted
me, this is what she wrote me.

"I hunger for all modes
of sexual perversity."

I'm determined and ready to be a commodity
that fulfills everyone's fantasies.

Available for solo, stills,
girl/girl, boy/girl, boy/boy/girl,

- DP, double vag,
interracial, throat gagging,

- creampies, BDSM, fetish, facials, "bachelor
parties, and groups of no more than four."

She's cool.

Sasha is, is deep.

We're remaking "Deep Throat,"
so I want to meet her.

The new "Deep Throat"
is a huge movie.

It's important. It's the biggest movie,
you know, this company has ever made.

It took us a long time to decide who
could really pull it off, and it's Sasha.

Steven Soderbergh looked her up,
and found the Myspace page.

Contacted her through that.

I didn't want anybody other than
Sasha, for "Girlfriend Experience."

Once I'd spoken to her,

- I really felt I wanted
to build it around her,

- and I sort of cast everybody else
based on what I was getting from her.

I'm very familiar with his work,
and it was flattering, to be honest,

- uh, but also
extremely intimidating.

He's an incredibly
intelligent human being.

I found this, it's kind of a really
interesting dichotomy with her of, of-

- middle American upbringing, and sort
of extreme interest and extreme behavior.

Whatever method she found
of reconciling these two things,

- seemed to be working for her.

He told me it would be mostly improv,
and wanted me to be comfortable with that.

So how did it go?

It was fine.
We had a nice dinner.

You know,
went back to the hotel.

But he's very well-endowed, and sometimes
I just can't handle him that long.

The change, I think, largely via the internet
about people's attitudes about pornography

- or just, just sex videos in general has
just completely shifted in the last ten years.

Making that leap from doing hardcore
porn to shooting mainstream movies

- with very well known people
is, is almost impossible.

She was like Garbo-esque.

So I said, well, if this is any time to take
the jump, this is it, and I did it quietly.

It wasn't this big announcement.

I'm not leaving anything behind.
I haven't found Jesus.

I'm not trying to run away from
anything. I'm just moving on.

What made her a great porn-star?

Besides the fact that she was really
good looking, she was a pervert,

- and nobody could bullshit her,
because she was like usually smarter-

- than most of the
people shooting her.

Some names are bigger than others.

And the top two greatest adult stars
of all time share one thing in common,

- they're erotic icons.

They check every box
for what makes a legend.


Mainstream popularity?
Double check.

Sexual prowess?


Well, women of the '70s and '80s
found him very handsome,

- and men still drool over her.

There are no two bigger names
in the history of adult cinema

- than our greatest male and
female adult stars of all time.

♪ You're a winner ♪“

♪ That's what you are ♪

♪ Believe it or not ♪

♪ You know ♪
♪ You're really a star ♪

♪ And so happy... ♪

Let's talk about fame.

Uh, most famous guy in porn
worldwide has gotta be Ron Jeremy.

Without ever
having had a publicist,

without every having
had an agent or a manager,

- has managed to become the
most famous pop culture icon.

I mean, he transcends porn.

People don't think of
Ron Jeremy as a porn-star.

People think of Ron Jeremy
as a famous person.

I was there in the golden era,

- that's what they call it, the golden era,
I was there right smack in the middle of it.

I was going back and forth,
L.A. to New York.

I heard that his dick was so big that he
actually could like, you know, go on himself.

Go suck yourself off, she says.


I first got into porn
thinking I'd just be in it-

- for maybe just a couple
of weeks, a few months.

See what it's like and then get out.

So I started doing all the
bigger films in New York.

"Bad Girls" had a cute little
story where I was a boy scout.


Oh, my goodness!

- Please.
- What do you want?

I'd like some of that pussy,
if you don't mind.

So he's infiltrated media in like
all its forms, mainstream and porn.

And he's fantastic.

He's a really good actor.

He's like the essential ham.

As an actor, when he's awake,
great performance.

Adam Rifkin is
the nicest guy I know-

- and the greatest guy I know,
and I have to say this-

- or he'll stop giving
me parts in movies,

- the guy is easy and he's been more
loyal than anybody on the planet.

I made this movie called "Detroit Rock
City," and obviously to play the emcee-

- at the male strip
club was an easy one.

That was our viking,
Patrick Hirsch,

- and he's hung like a Norse.

Our next amateur has a name like a bird,
and if you like birds, you'll like this.

It's just a swallow.

I'd never heard of him
before I got in the industry.

I saw him on MTV, uh, when
he was doing a reality tv show.

And that's the impression I had of him,
not as a sexpert, just him being funny.

I have a feeling there're gonna be a lot
of people who are dead set against-

- what I do for a living, maybe religious,
could be born again, you know.

So I have a gut feeling
that I'm gonna come across-

- some adversarial opinions
as to my career choices.

In "Orgazmo,"
we do a martial art fight.

At the end, he gets the
Orgazmo's gun on me,

- and I freeze up, kicks me in the
head, my head literally blows up.

"Boon Dock Saints" is by far the biggest
thing I've ever done as far as an audience.

Sit the fuck down.

All these stars,
when they see Ron Jeremy,

- they drop whatever they do, I've seen
it, drop whatever they do. Oh, my god.

Get a picture with Ron Jeremy.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love-

- went running over to him for
an autograph when they saw him.

George Bush, Sr. was
walking the other way having,

- he was just President
of The United States,

- as they're passing, he hears
George bush say, hello, Ron.

That's why I attribute my
longevity to just a lot of hard work,

- a lot of classical movies
from the golden era,

- and also a lot of mainstream.
It's amazing for all the things-

- that Ron Jeremy has
seen and done in his life,

- how he manages to maintain
a sense of innocence.

And I swear to you, he is a,
he's like an innocent kid-

- in the body of this...
Hideous monster.

Listen, I'm gonna say goodbye
now while I kiss these nipples.

Look how and they're cold,
they stick out even more.

Why is Jenna so popular?

She was maybe not even arguably-

- the most successful,
the most well marketed,

- the best selling
porn-star of all time.

Jenna might've had a little
bit of that Ginger Lynn thing-

- where she just looked so
young and sweet and innocent-

- and looked like the
last place she should be-

- was looking to
get into this business.

And I thought I could
do it better, you know.

I just always felt that way all my life,
that I was capable of topping everyone.

That's the shot you'd see in
your magazine, folks, right there.



I read Jenna Jameson's book

"How to make love like a porn-star,"

- and I, I was so attracted to
the industry from those pages.

Jenna and I shot our
first movie on the same day.

- I'm Kylie.
- And I'm Jenna. I'm 19.

'Cause, I mean, here's little Jenna, and she's
a little blonde, perfect little tiny boobs,

- and she was
asking me about mine.

She's like, where'd you get yours?
They're great.

What doctor did them?

I'm like don't touch those.
Those are perfect.

Look, back in '95,

- while the business was
starting to go through a growth,

- it was still only two
years into Wicked Pictures.

I just said, listen, you can
either jump on the Jenna train-

- or I'm out,
and this is what I want.

Give it to me
and I will skyrocket.

We signed Jenna,

- and it didn't take very long
for Jenna to become the big deal.

Even then, you knew that Jenna
was gonna be something big.

She'd already started
to climb that ladder,

- and she was already
Jenna vs. Jenna Jameson.

I just had larger than life ideas.

Jenna was winning Best Actress,
Best Sex Scene, Starlet of the Year.

One of her movies
we did won Best Film.

So it was really a quick ride.

I was starting to gain momentum.

I knew I was capable
of so much more.

She was everywhere.

Again, she was not
just on the porn sets.

She was in movies.

You have to be a stripper with a
take no prisoners raw survival instinct.

She was on talk shows.

I can't believe it.

I'm looking at your pictures.
You could be a model.

Thank you.

By this time, she already
knew what was going on.

She knew how to light things
and she knew how to direct-

- and she knew the kind of
scenes that she wanted to do.

She owned all that.

This ls a male dominated industry,
and I can crack it open.

I started my own company,
club Jenna.

I think Jenna Jameson
was super business savvy,

- and she, you know, had a whole
idea of how her career was gonna go-

- and exactly the moves she was going to make
in order for her to have longevity in adult-

- and also to make tons and tons of money at a time
in the business, when, you know, it was opportune.

I shot my own movies
for my company,

- and I also did a licensing!
Distribution deal with Vivid,

- which was ground breaking,

like changed things for the whole
industry when they saw those numbers.

Then I got to direct her in, in
uh, "The Masseuse," of course,

- and "Devil in Miss Jones,"

- and two of the best
movies I've ever done.

Well, things are about to change.

You can have anything you want.


She became somewhat
of a control freak.

I felt myself like ramping up.

I was like, okay,
I'm starting to get this.

She got so much
adulation so quickly.

I couldn't go anywhere without
people screaming my name.

And she didn't handle it
as well as she might have.

It was, it kind of blew my mind.

I saw her become
a caricature of herself.

It was like being Julia Roberts
when she got her Oscar, you know.

She seemed to start
to become less happy.

I played the part.

I worked it.
I brought glamour.

I never did anything half-ass.

I think it was the right girl,
the right time,

- the right company, and all
things were aligned, and it worked.

Do I think it's possible to
do that again on that level?

I don't.

I think she is probably
the biggest star of all time-

- because I don't think
that can happen again.

It's fair to say this
list is far from complete.

Dozens of other
larger than life legends-

- deserve to have
their stories told,

- performers who've contributed
to the adult industry-

- in unique and important ways,
many of whom continue to.

But when it comes
to the modern porn industry,

- which began in actual movie
theaters five decades ago-

- and continues on
hand-held devices today,

- these are the stars who have shined
the brightest, and rocked us the hardest.

I'm Mr. Skin.

Good night.

Woman excellent.

I'm the best clapper ever.


I have spent quite a
bit of time with ginger.

She will never cease
to chase me around-

- with a dildo or a strap-on
or taking off my clothes,

- and that's, that's ginger.

I hated those scarves.

The scarves were provided.

There's enough cum on those scarves
to start a whole new population of people.

Something that I've never
revealed about myself.

I have a big giant penis.

It's just, it's tucked
inside my vagina.

That's what I
was gonna tell you.

Is it good?

Come on.

I mean, you know, DP?

That's kind of a natural thing.

If there's another guy in the picture,
you know, you got the extra hole.

And she was a wild girl.

Cubans are wild.
Don't you know Cubans?

They got that nice round
ass and they're wild, man.

My famous line was, you know,

You wanna twat sandwich, baby?

Where she had the biggest
clit and the largest pussy lips-

- at that particular time, which,
I'm a freak, and so that immediately-

- got me fanatically involved with like
sucking and swallowing them down.

I had a pimp,
which he got paid 40%.

I took 60 'cause I had to
get a boyfriend out of jail.

So I'm used to those days.

Hippie girls,
hair under their arms,

- all that kind of stuff.
Hair all over their legs.

You couldn't see the pussy.
It was all like a tree.

You had to like take a rake and like
rake it out to get even to see anything.

And each scene was connected,
not separate scenes.

Everything flowed
like a river or something.

- And a lot of pubic hairs.
- They were all so hairy.

Pubic hair.
There was a lot of hair.

And she had pubic hair.

And lots of it.
I was just gonna say that.

The first time I had a
strange dick in my hairy pussy.

It was the '80s.

I'd probably been in
the business a few months.

I still was a little nervous
about the business,

- and now they have me driving out to the
hinterlands, for this shoot, and I'm sure

- that I'm gonna get killed out there,
and buried in an avocado grove.


That was so compelling,
you lost your balance.

I was impressed by both the
ladies in that scene, actually.

I saw that about to happen.

There's a whole bunch of producers
I had to sleep with to get a lot of jobs.

No, I'm just...

- I hope not.
- Slept with two of 'em at least.

And one that took you to a Barry
Manilow concert. She called me up...

Dude, but they
made me stars, though.

I slept with the
right producers, I swear.

Which ones off the record?

I guess "Deep Throat"
was such a big event.

People were going
to see "Deep Throat."

It wasn't a very good movie,
but people wanted to see it.

I guess part of it was Linda had, you
know, had kind of a sweet look to her.

She was a filthy little whore,
but she had a sweet look to her.

I really just love the whole idea
that she has with the whole thing.

I just went blah, blah,
blah in my head.

And I'm like blah, blah, blah.

My first blow-job, and I'm
looking everybody in the eye,

- 'cause there's like
30 people on the set.

Welcome to my blow-job.

Welcome to my blow-job.
Is this cool?

I did ten films with Veronica Hart.

And then we were
talking about our parents,

- and my father worked out
at the test site out in Nevada.

What a nice thing,
your father makes bombs.

How nice.

I came down hard on her.
I said your father's a murderer.

All of a sudden,
R. Bolla was saying-

- that my dad was the cause
of everything wrong in the world.

I saw that she was hurt,
so I told her I was sorry.

I really did.

I said I'm really sorry
that I hate your father.


Well done.

I know who I fucked
and when I fucked 'em.

No, I burped.
I burped.

Here's a little tidbit about Ron.

And Ron is desperate
to be in mainstream movies.

And I think to his detriment he
has become, through his own doing,

- too famous to be taken seriously as
an actor the way he would like to be.

So you just see Ron Jeremy
you go, oh, it's Ron Jeremy.

You don't see Ron Jeremy
playing like the office guy-

- or Ron Jeremy
playing the attorney.

It's like Ron Jeremy
playing the attorney.

The only way to actually to be the king
of porn is like to, uh, kill Ron Jeremy.

Just smack it.

Actually, I would
like to do that again.

Let's slate again please.