X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - full transcript

Two mutant brothers, Logan and Victor, born 200 years ago, suffer childhood trauma and have only each other to depend on. Basically, they're fighters and killers, living from war to war through U.S. history. In modern times, a U.S. colonel, Stryker, recruits them and other mutants as commandos. Logan quits and becomes a logger, falling in love with a local teacher. When Logan refuses to rejoin Stryker's crew, the colonel sends the murderous Victor. Logan now wants revenge.

Encoded by RippeR

- You're always sick.
- You were sick when you were my age.

- Evening, sir.
- Evening, Victor.

I didn't realize you were still here.

I was just keeping James company, sir,
if that's all right.

Very kind of you.

- Any better, Son?
- Still cold, Father.

Just a mild fever.

- You'll be all right in the morning.
- You always say that.

And you always pull through, don't you?

- Yeah.
- Now, you taking your medicine?

Elizabeth! Elizabeth!

- Your father's drunk again.
- Elizabeth!

- You should help him home, Victor.
- It's not my name he's calling, sir.

- Father!
- Stay where you are, James.

- Get off me!
- Father!

Now! You never loved him!

I told you never to come back here.

Get out!


- No.
- James?

- There are things you don't understand.
- Don't.

- I need him to know!
- Please don't.

- No more lies.
- James...

- No!
- James!

He... He wasn't your father,


What are you?

- I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it!
- Yes, you did!

He deserved it, and you gave it to him.

We're brothers, Jimmy. You realize that?

And brothers protect each other.

You have to be hard now,
hard so nothing can ever touch us.

- I want to go home.
- We can't.

We stick together, no matter what,

and take care of anyone
who gets in our way.

Can you do that, little brother?

- I'm going down to the river.
- They're coming.

- Head over the hill. Hurry!
- Can you run?

- Keep on running and don't look back.
- Okay.

Back to back!

That's enough!


No! No!

Stand down, soldier!


Stand down! Stand down!

Stand down!


Ready, aim...

Wake me when it's over.


Freaks! You're animals! Freaks!

My name is Major William Stryker.

You've been charged
with killing a senior officer.

Is that correct?

Apparently, we have some issues
with authority...

- Just keep a lid on it.

The warden tells me that your sentence
was carried out by a firing squad

at 1000 hours.

- How'd that go?
- It tickled.

You boys tired of running?
Tired of denying your true nature?

- What do you care?
- Oh, I care.

I care because I know
how special you are.

How valuable.

Look, you can stay here
locked up like freaks of nature,

or you can join me.

I'm putting together a special team
with special privileges.

Now, tell me, how would you like
to really serve your country?

You know, I love this weapon

more than any other thing
in the whole wide world.

- Do you wanna know why?
- No.

It's memorable.

Sure, it's a little bulky,
tough to get on a plane.

You whip out a couple of swords
at your ex-girlfriend's wedding,

they will never, ever forget it.

That's funny, Wade.

I think you confuse me
with someone who gives a shit.

Right, it's probably not
as intimidating as having a gun

or bone claws
or the fingernails of a bag lady.

- Manicure?
- Victor. Easy.

Fred got a new tattoo. I'm concerned.

Oh, Jesus, Fred,
you just met her last night.

- I love her.
- You love her after one night?

She's a gymnast.

Bradley, take her down.

Oh, God.

- Are you gonna puke?
- Lf we were meant to fly,

- we'd grow wings.
- Don't worry, Nancy.

- More people die driving than flying.
- How about from impaling?

Hey, be nice,
or be your approximation of nice.

- Would you like a bucket?
- No.

Gentlemen, wheels down in Lagos in five.

- Why are we here?
- All in good time. Zero?

- Intruder! Perimeter breach!
- Man the weapon!

Intruder, stop!
Put your hands behind your head!

Having fun yet?

- Fred?
- The tank?

- The tank.
- Yeah, I got that.

Great. Stuck in an elevator
with five guys on a high-protein diet.

- Wade.
- Dreams really do come true.

Just shut it!

- You're up next.
- Thank you, sir. You look really nice today.

It's the green.
It brings out the seriousness in your eyes.

- Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up, pal?
- No. Not when I'm awake.

Bradley? Top floor, please.

Cover the elevator! The elevator!

Time to go to work.

Okay. People are dead.

If you didn't have that mouth on you,
Wade, you'd be the perfect soldier.

I wouldn't do that if
I was you, brother.

- Take the diamonds. They're yours.
- I don't want your diamonds.

I want this.

But that is nothing. A souvenir.

Where did you find
it? I want the source.

A small village, far inland,
three days from here.

Tell him this rock is
more valuable to me than his life.

Ask him where he found it.


He says it came from the sky.

He's telling the truth.

You don't know the language, Logan.

- It's a meteor fragment.
- I know what it is.

I'm asking him where he found it.

Sir, base wants to know our location.

- Shut them down.
- Yes.

Tell him everyone here will die

unless he tells me
where he found the rock.

- He says that it's sacred.
- Okay, fine.



Don't even think about it.

We didn't sign up for this.

Put him down!

What are you doing?

We finally got a good thing going here.
Don't you screw this up.

Enough. That's enough.
We've done enough.

Who do you think you are?

This is what we do.

Maybe you'd rather be
rotting in a hole somewhere

till they figure out a way to do it to us.
Is that it? Huh?

I'm done.

You coming?


We can't just let you walk away.



Why are you up so early?

Come here.

See you, baby.


Oh, that's nice. Yes. Take your time.

You're wrapped, man.

Okay, I'm totally gonna get this.

Nope. Come on.

Oh, wow! Let's go on the Ferris wheel.

- How does he do it?
- Come on.

...amazing lady in a box!

Swing the hammer, ring the bell!

Hey, what do you do?

If you turn off the
light, you win a prize.

- Three tries for a buck.
- Come on, I wanna do it.

There you go. Okay?

No, that's obvious.

That's two.

Well, that's a stupid trick.

It's not a trick, man.

Come on. Freak.


Show's over!

I said show's over!

The show's never over for us, Bradley.

- Victor.
- Aren't you gonna invite me in?

Yeah. Come on in.

You know, I've never said anything
to anyone about what happened.

I'm living a totally
different life now, Victor.

No need to bring up the past.

You know,

I always thought it would
be Wade to come knocking at my door.

Well... Well,

Wade's gone.

I'm not afraid of you, Victor.

I'm not afraid of dying.

How do you know?

You've never tried it before.

Was it the wars?

Which one?

All of them.

- Tell me.
- Hey.

It's just a scratch.

Looks like we're gonna need
new sheets again, baby.


Who the hell is this?

Smells like government.

My God. Haven't aged a day!

Clean living.

- You remember Agent Zero?
- Still shooting first, asking questions later?

- You still chewing on cheap cigars?
- Boys, please.

- I have a job for you.
- I already have a job.

Lumberjack? 18 grand a year?

18.5. Plus I haven't had to kill anyone
in a while.

- Starting to miss it?
- Right about now I am.

- Yeah?
- Zero, back to the car.


You know, I'm not proud about
the way things ended between us.

Conversation's over.

/Playing Little House on the Prairie
/with a schoolteacher,

I mean, that just isn't you, Logan.

And you would know, huh?

- I would.
- What do you want, Stryker?

Bradley was killed three days ago.

Wade before that.

I believe that someone is hunting down
our old team.

- Anyone else?
- As far as I know, Victor is safe.

But whoever it is has names, addresses.

I can take care of myself.

This is not about you, Logan.

Your country needs you.

I'm Canadian.

I know you, Logan! I know who you are!

- Miss Kayla, Miss Kayla, look what I did.
- What did you do?

Bye, Miss Silverfox! Bye!

What's wrong?

Stryker came by today.

Don't worry. I said no.

Why is he bothering you
after all these years?

Because I'm the best
there is at what I do,

but what I do best isn't very nice.

You're not an animal, Logan.
What you have is a gift.

A gift. You can return a gift.

Come on, fellas.

All right.

Stay in the car.

I'm just gonna ask nicely.

You mind letting us go by?

- You in some kind of a hurry there, pal?
- Hey, hey, hey.

Are you?

Just move your truck so we can go by.

We're trying to have
a conversation there, all right?

You start something,
you'd better be ready to finish it.


Hey, guys, take it easy! Calm down.

- Your boyfriend's got a big mouth.
- I know.

Big temper, too. So please let us pass.

- Thank you.
- Come on, man, let's go.

How'd you do that?

Female powers of
persuasion. It's a gift.

Oh, I see.
Do you have those powers over me?

Well, you didn't stay
in the car, did you?

Why is the moon so lonely?


Because she used to have a lover.

- You tell this to the kids?
- No.

His name was Kuekuatsheu
and they lived in the Spirit World together.

Oh, this is a true story? All right.

And every night they would
wander the skies together,

but one of the other
spirits was jealous.

Trickster wanted the moon for himself,

so he told Kuekuatsheu
that the moon had asked for flowers.

He told him to come to our world
and pick her some wild roses,

but Kuekuatsheu didn't know
that once you leave the Spirit World,

you can never go back.

And every night he looks up in the sky
and sees the moon and howls her name.


he can never touch her again.


Koo-koo-ka-choo got screwed.


It means "the Wolverine".

What you doing, Logan?


Oh, God.


You're not from around here, are you?

What gave me away?


- You got insurance on this place?
- Insurance? No.

- Too bad.
- Victor!

Well, well, well.
Look what the cat dragged in.

Guys, whatever this is, take it outside.



You don't call. You don't write.

How else am I supposed
to get your attention?

I hate to say it, Jimmy, but, frankly,
I'm a little disappointed.

Stay down.

Tell me something, Jimmy.
Was she worth it?

When are you gonna figure it out?

We're not like them.

I am nothing like you.

Sure, you are.

You just don't know it yet.

- What do we got?
- Bar fight. Multiple knife wounds.

What is this, a joke? Guy's fine.

- Where is he?
- Hey, hey, don't...

- I said, where is he?
- I don't know who he is.

I can help you.

Six years I've been here.

No one knew me, and then you show up,
and the next day she's dead!

I tried to warn you.

Why didn't you tell me it was Victor?

- I didn't know!
- Bullshit!

- Why?
- I swear on my son's life, I didn't!

Victor's appetites were
becoming too public.

I had to lock him up.
He felt I betrayed him.

Went AWOL.
He said he was coming after all of us.

You didn't come to warn me,

you came to save your own ass.

So what's your plan, Captain?

You can't beat him, Logan,
you know you can't!

I'm gonna find him and kill him.

I can give you the tools to defeat him.

And we can still save the others.

You mean save yourself, right?

I promise you two things.

You will suffer more pain
than any other man can endure,

but you will have your revenge.

I come with you, I'm coming for blood.

No law. No code of conduct.

You point me in the right direction,
you get the hell out of my way.

When it starts, whatever the reason is
that you're doing this,

focus on that. Maybe it will help.

Trust me, I've been through worse.

No, you haven't.

We're ready.

We're gonna make you indestructible,
but first we're gonna have to destroy you.

You remember
what we were looking for in Africa?

- I remember.
- Well, I found it.

It helped us create
a metal compound so strong

that you will be able to withstand
virtually anything.

It's called Adamantium.

I can't put Victor down myself, Logan.

To kill him, you're gonna have to embrace
the other side.

Become the animal.

Let's do this.

I almost forgot.

I want new ones.

What do you want them to say?


Generals, welcome.

General Munson.

Today we're gonna witness
medical history.

- Today we're gonna create Weapon X.
- X?

Roman numeral 10.

We are about to begin bonding
Adamantium to Weapon X's skeleton.

Let's begin.

/- We're brothers, Jimmy.
- Logan!

Body temperature, 108 and rising.

Why is he thrashing like that?
Why isn't he sedated?

He feels pain just like the rest of us,
but anesthesia won't work on him.

- That's why he had to volunteer.
- Heart rate, 190. 195.

- Will he survive this?
- I don't know.



Heart rate well beyond maximum.

- Blood pressure?
- 260 over 180 and rising.

He can make it. He can make it.


/I love you.

/You're not an animal.

It means "the Wolverine".

Well, I guess he can die.

Come on, old friend. Come back.

Heart rate rising.

Adamantium reservoir is depleted.

No rejection. Procedure completed.

- We did it.
- We did it.

Yeah! Yes.

Are we taking him to the island?

The island? No.

The bonding works.

We'll use his DNA for the XI.

Erase his memory.

Erase his memory.

I think he heard you.

Lock down!

Hunt him down. Take his head off.


- I think there's a naked man in the barn.
- Yep.


What in hell you doing?

- It's cold.
- Cold.

- You got no clothes on.
- Yeah.

- You're not on the drugs, are you?
- No.

- No, just had a rough night.
- Yeah, you could say that.

Come on up to the house.

Some of my son's old clothes
will probably fit you.

Here. Cover it up with that, huh?

I don't want you giving
the old lady a heart attack.

- You all right in there?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine!

Supper's on the table.

Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.

I swear, I'm gonna pay for it.

- Set it down over there.
- Right.

Come and sit down, son.

I can't thank you both enough
for everything.

It wouldn't have been decent
to leave you out there to freeze.

- "Decent."
- What?

Nothing. I'm just not
really used to that word.

That's a nice chopper
you've got out there.

- You know motorcycles?
- Oh! Lord, here we go.

My favorite's a '48 Panhead.
Bought one new off the line.

I think you're a little
young for that, son.

You must be exhausted.
You get a good night's sleep.

In the barn.

Nothing you can break out there.

/Why is the moon so lonely?


/Because she used to have a lover.

/He can never touch her again.

You sleep okay?


You look like a man
fixing to do a bad thing.

You know what happens
to men who go looking for blood?

- What?
- They find it.

We all got a choice, son.

- Yeah, well, mine got taken.
- Bullshit.

This was my son's jacket.

Try it on.

- Thank you.
- Yep.

You want to take my bike for a spin?
Test the suspension?

'64, huh?

Man, you're heavy.

Yeah, I put on a little weight recently.

- Good morning!
- Good morning.

Oh. It fits you beautifully.

I brought you some...

Weapon X is in the barn.
He's just murdered two civilians.

Blow him to bits.
Let's see if he can survive that.

Come get me.

Blow his brains all over the road!

Damn it!

Alpha one, do not lose him!

Alpha two! Target coming to you!

Pull up!

Pull back! Pull back!


/Zero, come in.


/- Zero, is Logan dead?
- I don't know.

I'm down.

/Zero, is he dead? Is Logan dead?

/Zero, come in.

/You tried to kill me.

- Logan?
- Where's Victor?

Come back to base.

I'll explain everything.
We'll take Victor down together.

Wrong answer.
After I kill Victor, I'm coming for you.

/Logan, listen to me.

If you go down this road,
you're not gonna like what you find.

You wanted the animal, Colonel.
You got it.

Those were good people back there.
Innocent people.

It's funny how good, innocent people tend
to die around you.

Zero never stood a chance.

The only thing that'll take him down
is an Adamantium bullet.

This facility's compromised.
Prep transport.

Colonel, this is
turning into a disaster.

- Don't worry. We'll stop him.
- Really?

You just spent half a billion dollars
making him indestructible.

- Sir?
- Yes?

The young mutant you've been looking for.
We've found him.

General, Logan isn't
the only piece of this puzzle.

I need to evacuate this facility.

Please go back to Washington.
We've got work to do.

/Yo hablo, I talk.
/Es hablas, you talk.

/El habla...
Somebody translate.


Sit up and take off those glasses.

I have a headache.

Then you can wear them
in detention after school

while you write out this conjugation
100 times.

- Somebody else?
- He talks.

/Thank you. He talks. El habla.

- You sure it was Victor?
- Yeah.

Damn. I'm sorry, man.

What the hell happened
to him after I left?

He got worse.
He felt like you abandoned him.

Hell, we all did.

But Victor, he had to prove
he was better than you.

Hunting and killing
everything he was pointed at.

Quit a few months later myself.

Couldn't take rounding them up.

- Rounding who up?
- Leave it alone.

Rounding who up, John?

Hey! Damn it, John!

We hunted our own kind, Logan.

There's a special place in hell
for the things we did.

Mutants? Why?

Stryker said we'd be
making a difference,

protecting people from the bad ones.

How are you gonna take
Victor down, Logan?

- Remember that stuff in Africa?
- Yeah, I remember Africa. What about it?


What'd they do to you, man?

Don't ask.

Listen, Zero said something
about an island.

Does that mean anything to you?

Nope. But maybe Dukes knows.

- Him and Zero were real tight.
- Fred Dukes? Where is he?

- He's here.
- Well, let's go talk to him.

Hold on. He don't get
in till around 4:00.

But I got to warn you, he developed
a bit of an eating disorder.

We all got our coping mechanisms.
I'm trying to whup him back into shape.

Whatever you do,
don't mention his weight.

Come on, Fred, if you wanna get
in shape, you got to move, man.

I told him he got to move.
He's got to move! What?

Fred Dukes? That looks like
the creature that ate Fred Dukes.

Hey, be nice, man.

Hey, fat... Fred.

I seem to remember that girl
when she was about 85 pounds, huh?

Oh, that's funny.
You're still so funny, Logan.

You know where Victor is?

- No idea.
- What's the island, slim?

Don't let the door hit you
on the way out, Logan.

Listen, I ain't leaving here
till you tell me where Victor is.

So come on, bub, for
old times' sake, huh?

Did you just call me Blob?

No, but...

I told you not to mention his weight.
Why'd you call him Blob?

I didn't call him Blob. I said "bub".

- God damn it.
- Hey, hey, hey. Hey, Logan.

I got an idea.

- This is your idea of an idea?
- I'm trying to help you out, Logan.

Dukes don't like you that much
and you know it.

- Yeah, the feeling's mutual.
- Well, use them gloves, man.

Dance with him a little bit.
Allow him to let his anger out on you.

Figure if you do that, he'll probably
tell you everything you want to know.

Come on, man, look at him.

Got a big old ass coming out
the front of his shirt.

Jesus. He's gonna have a coronary,
for Christ's sake.

Is there even a stretcher big enough
to take this guy out of here?

It ain't him I'm worried about
getting out of here on a stretcher.

- You're an asshole.
- Come on, Logan.

- Whup his ass!
- You want it?

Dance with him, Fred!
Just like I taught you.

You want to dance with me?

- Come on, Fred!
- Oh! Oh, that feels good.

Hey! Guess what?

See, he gonna talk now.

- You got him right where you want him.
- Whose side are you on, anyway?

Come on!

Come on, now, lamb chop!


Now, where's Victor?

Little dark for sunglasses,
don't you think?

- Please, don't! Please, don't!
- Victor!

Hey, hey! Where's Victor?

Yeah. Victor's with
Stryker on the island.

They run it together.

What? They what?
Victor will be with Stryker?


You didn't know that?

All that's left now is Logan.
I trust you can handle that.

- I did before, didn't I?
- Oh, yes. You did that.

Our deal. It still applies, right?

Of course.
Now bag him and tag him, Captain.

What's the island?

It's where Stryker takes
them after Victor's caught them.

Wait, hang on a minute. Takes who?


Rumor is that Stryker's doing
experiments on them there.

I mean, you never wondered
what happened to them?

I tried not to.

They killed her so I'd let them
put Adamantium in me.

They killed her for
a goddamn experiment.

- Where is it? Where is it?
- Logan, Stryker kept it real secret.

But a prisoner escaped there once.

- Who?
- His name was Remy LeBeau.

He was a street hustler
from New Orleans.

The guards at the prison
called him Gambit

because he kept taking
all their money at poker.

- That's all I know.
- What's Stryker up to, Fred?

What's the endgame?

He's taking their powers.
Trying to combine them somehow.

That's all I know, Logan.
That's all I know.

If I have to come back here,
I'm gonna take your head off.

I'm coming with you, Logan.

- There's no redemption where I'm going.
- I ain't asking.

There's our dude.

That's cool.

I'm gonna go cover the back
in case he rabbits.

- I'm not gonna fight with him.
- Yeah, right.

What? I get in fights with everybody?

Don't dogs kill cats?

Just go cover the back, will you?

- Give me 500.
- I'm in.

Are you Remy LeBeau?

- Do I owe you money?
- No.

Then Remy LeBeau I am.

Large blind's 100. Small blind's 50.

- May I deal you in?
- What can I get for 17 bucks?


A cab ride home, perhaps?

You my brother's new babysitter, John?

I ain't Bradley, Victor.

And your creepy black coat
don't scare me.


Worked on Dukes.

You shouldn't have done that,
'cause now I'm gonna kill you

before Logan even gets a chance.

So what brings you to
our fair city, sir?

Victor Creed.

And who's that?

The man I'm gonna kill.

He works with a man named Stryker
on an island.

- Just need to know where it is.
- And why would you think I know that?

Well, 'cause I know who you are, Gambit.

You're the guy who escaped and you're
the guy who's gonna take me back there.

You know, John, there's something
I always wanted to tell you.

You're predictable.

I can feel your spine, Johnny Boy.

That's funny. Never knew you had one.

Those are mighty nice tags
you have on there, sir.

The men who took me wore
tags just like them.

Hey, now, bub, you listen to me.

Damn it. That little...

Two years I rotted in that hellhole
and I ain't never going back.


Tell me something, Jimmy.

Do you even know how to kill me?

I'm gonna cut your goddamned head off.

See if that works.

You're getting slow, old man.

You son of a bitch.

You're gonna die for
what you did to her.


Well, that's a nice stick.

Okay, shithead, here's the deal.

See, you're gonna take me to this island,
where I can kill Creed, Stryker

and pretty much everyone you hate
in this world. Do you understand?

You're really gonna kill them?

As long as you stay out of my way, yeah.


- General?
- Is this Weapon XI?

All their strengths
and none of their weaknesses.

You really hate them, don't you?

No, I don't hate them.

After 20 years of working with mutants,
I just know what they can do.

We can win this war before it starts
and save countless lives in the process.

Pre-emptive action is
the only action here, General.

The days of our country
sitting on the sidelines are over.

We need to take the fight to the enemy
before they take the fight to us.

- I admire your passion, I do.
- Thank you.

But this is as far as it goes.

- Weapon X was a hiccup.
- We know about your son, Bill.

We know he's a mutant,
and we know he killed your wife.

- You shouldn't have kept that from us.
- That...

That has nothing
to do with my work, General.


You're too close to this.
I'm shutting you down.

Okay. You're right. I won't lie to you.

My son did bring
the problem home for me,

but I took an oath

to protect the American people

from every threat, both foreign

and domestic.

- You don't like flying, huh?
- I'm fine.

- Just concentrate on what you're doing.
- You sure?

You got a bit of sweat
on your brow there.

Very funny. Just keep
your eyes on the...

On the what? The clouds?
Keep my eyes on the clouds?

You're up and down
like a freaking yo-yo here!

- Where'd you get this thing, anyway?
- Oh, this is my baby.

I won her in a game. Jacks over fives.


Relax. We're almost there.

There it is. The island.
Three Mile Island.

Hiding in plain sight.

No one's gonna snoop
around a nuclear reactor.

They think it's gonna turn them
into freaks.

- Like you?
- Right.

All right. You ready?
Because it's now or never. Let's go.

About time.

Hey, if it makes you feel any better,
this is really gonna hurt.

Well, yeah, it kind of does, actually.

- Good luck.
- Likewise.

Oh, shit.

How you doing? Everything all right?

- Is he ready yet?
- A few more hours.

- And he will respond to my commands?
- Absolutely.


Welcome back to the war.

Before I gut you, I want to know why.

I needed your powers for the Pool.

- For the what?
- The mutant killer.


Years of searching and refining,

finding the right powers
that can coexist in one body

without ripping it apart.

My son was the first
piece of the puzzle.

Logan, you were the last.

You made Weapon XI possible.

I asked you to help,
but you said you wanted the quiet life.


I've learned that nothing motivates
the men in your family like revenge.

Who are you?

Oh, she's real, old friend.

Did you really think
we'd just let you walk away?

You're a dangerous man.

We like to keep an eye on dangerous men.

Tell him about the day you died.

They gave me a shot
of hydrochlorothiazide.

It reduces the heart rate so low
it appears you flatlined.

Don't be angry with her.

She's a real credit to your species.

Did you know that her sister has
diamond-hard skin?

Kayla's mutation is tactohypnosis.

She can influence people
as long as she touches them.

Quite a useful tool in a seduction.

It was never real, my friend.

It was real for me.

I told you if you came down this road,
you wouldn't like what you found.

That story you told me about a man
who gets flowers for the moon,

I had it backwards.

I thought you were the moon
and I was your wolverine.

But you're the trickster, aren't you?

I'm just the fool who got played.

The worst part of it is,
I should have known.

But I ignored my instincts.

I ignored what I really am.

But that won't ever happen again.

- Colonel?
- Not now, Kayla.

I've done everything you've asked.

My sister.

You said if I helped
you, you'd let her go.

Kayla, it's not as simple as that.
Her mutation is unique. Quite beautiful.

We just need a little more time
to analyze it, that's all.

You let him go?

- Victor, please.
- You can't let him go.

- You can't beat him, Victor.
- Then give me the Adamantium!

- Your tests came back.
- We had a deal!

You would never survive the operation.

- I can take anything he can.
- No, you can't.

You're my favorite soldier, Victor.
Be patient. Your time will come.

He's using us.

How about this time you die for real?

Let me go.

Your little mind games don't work on me.


Feels good, doesn't it?

All that rage.

- Do it.
- Logan!

- You're not an animal.
- Oh, yes, you are.

Do it.

Finish it.


My sister. They have my sister.

Please. I didn't trick
you into loving me.

It was real for me, too.

Please, I'm so sorry.
They have my sister.

Where is she?

- Activate Weapon XI!
- The bonding process isn't complete.

Just do it! Now!

Come on. Come on!



- Kayla, get these kids out of here.
- Logan...

Find another way out.

Okay. Let's go.

Wade, is that you?

Guess Stryker finally figured out
how to shut you up.



You don't have to do this.

All right, maybe you do.

You're shitting me.

Shoot on sight!

- I can help! Point me at them!
- Go.

Go! Now!

- Did I get them?
- Yeah.

- Let's go.
- I can't go.

- Kayla, come on!
- I have to stay here.

You take them.

Go! Go!

/Go left.


- What?
- We go left.

- You can't see.
- Trust me.

Let's see you dance up here.

Nobody kills you but me.

Back to back!

- I got him!
- Oh, no, you don't.

Stop! This can't be the way.

- This is the way.
- How do you know?

I just know. Come on.

Adamantium bullets.

Let's see him heal with
a few of these through his thick skull.

You can't stop him, even with that.

- He'll heal.
- His brain may heal,

but his memories won't grow back.

This doesn't change anything
between us, Victor.

- We're done.
- We can never be done, Jimmy.

We're brothers,
and brothers look out for each other.

- You miss me?
- Ah, Jesus.

You know, when you said
you were gonna kill everyone,

I thought you may
just have been exaggerating.


Do I look like a man who exaggerates?

- You're welcome.
- Logan?


There's kids trying to get off the island.
Split up. Go!

I'm on it.

Kayla! Kayla!


I love you.

- Hey...
- I'm so cold.

Listen to me.
I'm gonna get you out of here.


Just go easy. Nice and easy. That's it.
That's it.

Okay. I'm gonna get you help.


I should make you pull the trigger.

But that would make us
no better than you.

Throw the gun away.

Turn around.

Walk until your feet bleed.
And then keep walking.

/It will be all right, Scott.

/My name is Charles Xavier.

/I'm a mutant like you.

/- I can hear your thoughts.
- Yes, and I can hear yours.

You're safe now. Come. We have to go.

Come on, let's go.

The kids are safe.


- Who are you?
- What do you mean, who am I?

I'm the guy who brought you here.
Now, we got to go.

Where the hell am I?

Listen to me. I'm a friend.

- I'm a friend.
- Yeah? What's my name?

- What's my name?
- Your name is Logan.

You need to trust me. We have to go.

Follow me.


Do you know her?


Hey, these boys aren't gonna like
what you've done to this place.

We really need to go.

I'll find my own way.

Good luck.

Colonel Stryker?

- Colonel William Stryker?
- Yes.

You're wanted for questioning
in connection with the death

of General Munson, sir.

/More wine.

/Are you from America?

Canadian, I think.

/You don't remember
/where you're from?


I'm drinking to remember.

HQ-Encoders Release