X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) - full transcript

In the future, the mutants and the humans that help them are slaughtered by powerful robots named Sentinels. Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, Kitty Pryde and her friends meet at a monastery in China and Xavier explains that the invincible Sentinels were created using the DNA of Mystique that was captured in 1973 when she tried to assassinate their creator Dr. Bolivar Trask. Xavier tells that their only chance is return to 1973 using Pryde's ability to join Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr to convince Mystique to give up of her intention. . However, only Wolverine can withstand the damages of the time travel. Will he succeed in stopping Mystique and the Sentinel Program and save the mutants and their human friends from annihilation?


PROFESSOR X: The future.

A dark, desolate world.


PROFESSOR X: A world of
war, suffering, loss...

on both sides.


Mutants and the humans
who dared to help them.


Fighting an enemy
we cannot defeat.



destined down this path?

Destined to destroy ourselves
like so many species before us?


Or can we evolve fast
enough to change ourselves?

Change our fate?


Is the future truly set?




They're here!


Time's up.

WARPATH: Sentinels!


KITTY: Let's go.





























Blink! No!







Too late, assholes.


Don't move, you mutant scum!



Flat on the ground,
hands behind your head!



So few of us left.

KITTY: Professor?

I've found them.



BOBBY: Professor!

Hey, Storm.

Hey, kid.

KITTY: Professor,
you made it.


Whenever the Sentinels attack,
Warpath spots them...

then I send Bishop
back to warn us

of the attack before it happens.

Blink scouts the next site...

and then we leave before they
ever know we were there.

we never were.

What do you mean
you were never there?

She projects Bishop back in time

a few days to warn the others...

of the coming attack.

So she sends
Bishop back in time?

No, just his consciousness,
into his younger self.

His younger body.


This might just work, Charles.

What might work?

The Sentinel program was originally
conceived by Doctor Bolivar Trask.

In the early '70s, he was one of the
world's leading weapons designers.

But, covertly, he had begun
experimenting on mutants...

using their gifts
to fuel his own research.

TRASK: This is extraordinary.

PROFESSOR X: There was one mutant who
had discovered what he was doing.

A mutant with the ability to
transform herself into anyone.


I knew her as Raven.

We met when we were children,

grew up together.

She was like a sister to me.

I tried to help her...

but only succeeded
in driving her away.

She hunted Trask
across the world.

And at the Paris
Peace Accords in 1973,

after the Vietnam War...

she found Trask...

and killed him.

It was the first
time she killed.

It wasn't her last.

But killing Trask did not have
the outcome she expected.

It only persuaded the government

of the need for his program.

captured her that day...

tortured her,
experimented on her.

In her DNA, they discovered the secrets
to her powers of transformation.

It gave them the key
they needed...

to create weapons that could
adapt to any mutant power.

And in less than 50 years...

the machines
that have destroyed...

so many of our kind were created.

But it all started
that day in 1973...

the day she first killed.

The day she truly became...


You want to go back there.

If I can get to her,
stop the assassination...

keep her out of their hands...

then we can stop the Sentinels
from ever being born.

And end this war
before it ever begins.

Uh, I can send someone back
a couple weeks.

Maybe a month.

But you're talking about
going back decades.

You have the most powerful brain
in the world, Professor...

but the mind can only stretch
so far before it snaps.

It would rip you apart.
I'm sorry.

No one could survive that trip.

What if someone's mind
has a way of snapping back?

What if someone can heal as
fast as they're ripped apart?

It's a risk.

Yeah, I'm getting that.

BISHOP: Not just for you.

You do this, you change history.

Well, that's kind of the point.

Some of us could be killed.

Some of us may never be born.

We have no idea
how things may change.

BLINK: We could keep going.

Keep fighting.

STORM: Until what?

You've got a decision to make.

You can keep sending
Bishop back in time

over and over again to warn you,

until one day, he doesn't
make it, and you all die.

Or you can give up this life.

So that they and everyone
else who died in this war

can actually have a future.

You're asking us
to sacrifice our lives

for a future we might not
even be a part of.


A second chance.

A better chance for everyone.

My people need to vote.

They just did.

They're in.

STORM: Okay, spread out.

BISHOP: Take your positions.


So I wake up in my younger
body, God knows where.

Then what?

You'll need to go to
my house and find me.

Convince me of all of this.

Won't you be able to
just read my mind?

I didn't have my powers in 1973.

Logan, you're going to have to do
for me what I once did for you.

Lead me, guide me.

I was a very different man then.

You'll have to be patient with me.

Patience is my strongest suit.

You'll need me as well.

MAGNETO: After Mystique left
Charles, she came with me...

and I set her on
a dangerous path.

A darker path.

It's going to take the two
of us, side by side...

at a time when we couldn't
be further apart.


So where do I find you?

Well, it's complicated.

Are you sure about this?

It's not just his power
that'll be tested.

I've seen what this
can do to you.

I can handle this.

Trust me.

I guess I'll see you in the next life.

KITTY: Basically, your
body will go to sleep

while your mind travels
back in time.

As long as you're back there, past and
present will continue to coexist.

But once you wake up...

whatever you've done will
take hold and become history.

And for the rest of us, it will
be the only history that we know.

It will be like the last
50 years never happened.

And this world, and this war...

the only person who will
remember it is you.

All right, Logan...

I need you to clear your head

and to stay as calm as possible.

What? What do you mean?

If your mind gets rocky, it will
be harder for me to hold you...

and you could start to slip
between past and future.

What if I need to get
a little rocky?

Think peaceful thoughts?

Peaceful thoughts...
Do you have any good news?

Well, you don't really age, so
you'll pretty much look the same.

BOBBY: You won't have
much time in the past.

The Sentinels will find us.

They always do.

And this time,
we won't be able to run.

We'll have no escape.

This is our last chance.

You really think this will work?
I have faith in him.

MAGNETO: It's not him I'm
worried about, it's us.

We were young...

we didn't know any better.

We will now.

See you all soon.

This might sting a little.



♪ The first time ♪

♪ Ever I saw your face



♪ I thought the sun ♪

♪ Rose in your eyes ♪



♪ And the moon and the stars ♪

♪ Were the gifts you gave ♪

LOGAN: Holy shit.


It worked.

Hey, what's going on?

Gwen, get dressed.
LOGAN: Who the hell are you?

Hey, I don't know
what's going on.

You're supposed to be

guarding the boss's daughter,
not screwing her.

Well, I didn't sleep with her.

MAN: No?

I mean, yes, I slept
with her many times.


That wasn't me.
That was the old me.

I just got here 20 seconds ago.

MAN: Really?

Then what happened
to your clothes?

My... Oh.

Would you believe
me if I told you

I was sent here from the future?



Get out of here, sweetheart.

We're gonna take care of this comedian.
LOGAN: No, you're not.

You're gonna give me the keys to
your car and some money for gas...

or you're gonna wake
up in the hospital.

Trust me, I know how
these things play out.

Oh. Because you're
from the future?


Because of these.

MAN: What the hell?


God damn it!








Peaceful thoughts.


(GROANS) Jimmy! What
happened to Ramon?

(SIGHS) And why are you
talking crazy talk?

Look, uh...

Gwen, you're gonna wanna lay
low for a few days, all right?

Starting now.

Come on, out.






MAN: (OVER RADIO) Today, the 18th MP
Brigade is departing from Saigon,

marking the last American
troops to leave Vietnam.

And effectively ending the war.

SENATOR BRICKMAN: We are reviewing
all of our defense expenditures...

and all the black books
are being opened.

We can't support a weapon
that targets our own citizens.

If these mutants,
as you describe...

are already living among us...

then they are living
here peacefully.

PARKER: We haven't had an
incident in over 10 years.

After what happened in Cuba?

PARKER: That was
never confirmed.

We have very real
enemies out there...

the Russians, the Chinese.

We are talking about
a tenth of a tenth...

of a tenth of our population.

Allow me to read
something to you.


This was acquired by
our friends at the CIA.

It's a dissertation...

written by a mutant
at Oxford University.

And I quote...

"To Homo Neanderthalensis...

"his mutant cousin,
Homo Sapiens..."

which is us...

"was an aberration.

"The arrival of the mutated
human species, Homo Sapiens...

"was followed by the immediate
extinction of their less evolved kin."


Now, we are the Neanderthal.

Speak for yourself,
Dr. Trask.


You know, when you sent our
soldiers to Vietnam...

without the weapons they
needed to win the war...

you underestimated your enemy.

(CHUCKLING) You do that
with this enemy...


and it won't be some border
skirmish halfway around the world.

This time, the war will
be for our streets...

our cities, our homes...

and by the time you see the
need for my program...

it will be too late...

and you will have lost
two wars in one lifetime.

We are sorry,
Dr. Trask...

but your Sentinel Program...

it ain't gonna fly.


Can I help you, Colonel?

Just here to give our
boys a proper send-off.

I'm sorry, sir, but we have orders.
This is a quarantined area.

Stand aside, soldier.

That's an order.

SOLDIER: Atten-hut!

At ease.

What is all this?

Lab reports, blood tests.

It's all getting packed up
and shipped back.

Where is it going?

Same place they are.

Trask Industries.

Let's go, gentlemen.

I'm taking you out
of this shit show.

HAVOK: Shipping home?

Not just yet.

What are you doing with those?

Something to make the ride
a little smoother.

I'm transferring you
to a private facility...

where we can run
a few more tests.


Your men are not military.

Private outfit.

We're authorized
to remand these men.


These troops are going home.

Well, Colonel, I don't believe you
have jurisdiction in this matter.

I'm afraid I do, son.

I'm sorry, who are you?

The question is, Major...

who are you?










That's not my name.


I had that.

I know.

Let's move out.
Come on, let's go.

HAVOK: Where's Erik?

I'm on my own now.

Let's go! Move it!


Hold that plane!

Wouldn't wanna leave these boys
in this godforsaken country.

SOLDIER: Yes, sir.

You're not coming
with us, are you?

My war's not over.

The enemy is still out there.

The four privates,
where did they go?

They were headed
towards the tarmac.

Can I help you?

Uh... Yeah, what
happened to the school?

The school's been shut for years.
Are you a parent?

(SCOFFS) I sure as hell
hope not. Who are you?

I'm Hank. Hank McCoy.

I look after the house now.

You're Beast?

Look at you. I guess
you're a late bloomer.

I don't know what
you're talking about,

but I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

So where's the Professor?

There's no professor here.

You're pretty strong
for a scrawny kid.

You sure there's not
a little Beast in there?

No, he's not here.
Come on, Beast.

Come on, Beastie.


I said the school's closed.

You need to leave. Not
until I see the Professor.

There's no professor here,
I told you that.

Look, kid. You and I are
gonna be good friends.


You just don't know it yet.











What's going on here?


Please don't call me that.

You know this guy?

Yeah, he looks
slightly familiar.

Get off the bloody
chandelier, Hank.


You can walk.

You're a perceptive one.

I thought Erik...

Which makes it
slightly perplexing that

you missed our
sign on the way in.

This is private property,
my friend.

I'm gonna have to ask him
to ask you to leave.

Well. (SIGHS)

I'm afraid I can't do that...

because, uh,
I was sent here for you.

Tell whoever it was
that sent you that I'm busy.

That's gonna be
a little tricky...

because the person
who sent me was you.


About 50 years from now.


I know. Stay with me.

Like in the future, 50
years from now? Yeah.

I sent you from the future?

CHARLES: Piss off.

If you had your powers, you'd
know I was telling the truth.

How do you know
I don't have my p...

Who are you?
LOGAN: I told you.

Are you CIA?

You've been watching me?

I know you, Charles.

We've been friends for years.

I know your powers
came when you were 9.

I know you thought you were
going crazy when it started...

all the voices in your head.

And it wasn't
until you were 12...

that you realized all the voices
were in everyone else's head.

Do you want me to go on?

I never told anyone that.

Not yet, no, but, you will.

All right,
you've piqued my interest.

What do you want?

We have to stop Raven.

I need your help.

We need your help.

I think I'd like to wake up now.


What does she
have to do with this?

CHARLES: So you're saying...

they took Raven's
power, and what?

They weaponized it?


She is unique.

Yeah, she is, Hank.

LOGAN: In the beginning, the Sentinels
were just targeting mutants.

Then they began to identify the
genetics in non-mutants...

who would eventually have mutant
children and grandchildren.

Many of the humans tried to help
us, but it was a slaughter.

Leaving only the worst
of humanity in charge.

I've been in a lot of wars.

I'd never seen
anything like this.

And it all starts with her.

Let's just say
for the sake of...

the sake, that I
choose to believe you...

that I choose to help you.
Raven won't listen to me.


Her heart and soul
belong to someone else now.

LOGAN: I know.

That's why we're
gonna need Magneto, too.

HANK: Erik?

You do know where he is?
LOGAN: Yeah.


CHARLES: Could you give me
that one more time, please?

You heard me.


He's where he belongs.

You're just gonna walk out?

Ooh, top marks. Like I
said, you are perceptive.

The Professor I know
would never turn his back...

on someone who'd
lost their path.

Especially someone he loved.

You know...

I think I do remember you now.

Yeah. Tall, angry fellow
with the contentious hair.

We came to you a long time ago...
seeking your help.

And I'm gonna say to you
what you said to us then.

Fuck off.

Listen to me, you little shit.

I've come a long way, and I've
watched a lot of people die.

Good people. Friends.

If you're gonna
wallow in self-pity...

and do nothing, then you're
gonna watch the same thing...

you understand?

We all have to die sometime.

Told you there was
no professor here.

What the hell happened to him?

HANK: He lost everything.

Erik, Raven...

his legs.

(SIGHS) We built the school,
the labs, this whole place...

then, just after
the first semester...

the war in Vietnam got worse.

Many of the teachers...

and older students were drafted.

It broke him.

He retreated into himself.

I wanted to help,
do something...

so I designed a serum
to treat his spine...

derived from the same formula that
helps me control my mutation.

(SIGHS) I take just enough
to keep myself balanced...

but he takes too much.

I tried easing him back...

but he just couldn't bear
the pain, the voices.

The treatment
gives him his legs...

but it's not enough.


He's just lost too much.


not scared of me?

YOUNG CHARLES: I always believed I
couldn't be the only one in the world.

Charles Xavier.


You're hungry and alone.

Take whatever you want.

We've got lots of food.
You don't have to steal.

In fact...

you never have to steal again.

And that's a promise.

help you get her.

Not for any of your future
shite, but for her.

Fair enough.

But I'll tell you this.
You don't know Erik.

That man is a monster.
A murderer.

You think you can
convince Raven to change?

To come home?

That's splendid.

But what makes you think
you can change him?

Because you and Erik sent
me back here together.

HANK: The room
they're holding him in

was built during
the Second World War...

when there was
a shortage of steel.

So the foundation is pure
concrete and sand. No metal.

He's being held...

a hundred floors
beneath the most

heavily guarded
building on the planet.

LOGAN: Why is he in there?

What, he forgot to mention?


Uh, JFK.

He killed...


What else explains a bullet
miraculously curving through the air?

Erik's always had
a way with guns.

Are you sure you want
to carry on with this?

This is your plan, not mine.

HANK: We don't have any
resources to get us in.

CHARLES: Or out.

It's just me and Hank.

I knew a guy.

Yeah, he'd be a young man now.

Grew up outside of D.C.

He could get into anywhere.

I just don't know how the hell
we're gonna find him.

Is Cerebro out of the question?

LOGAN: If only you guys
had Internet.

What's "Internet?"


We have a phone book.

I thought you'd be getting
ready for your trip, sir.

I just came to
grab a couple files.

Is that a new scarf?
It's nice.

Thank you.




Dr. Trask?

One second.


We added some names
to the Paris meeting.

Thank you.

Is something wrong, sir?

No. It's nothing.

Would you mind
typing up my itinerary?

I don't wanna miss anything.

LOGAN: Here, here, here.

Just stop here.
All right, all right.

LOGAN: Next time I'm driving.
Don't get used to it.



What's he done now?

I will just write you a
check for whatever he took.

We just need to talk to him.

Peter! The cops
are here. Again.


I'm a princess.
What are you?

I'm the Wolverine.

Where's your brother?

Go upstairs and bug your sister.

But she bugs me!


PETER: What do
you guys want?

I didn't do anything.
I've been here all day.

Just relax, Peter.
We're not cops.

Of course you're not.
If you were,

you wouldn't be
driving a rental car.

How did you know
we've got a rental car?

I checked your registration when
you were walking to the door.

I also had some time to kill

so I went through
your rental agreement.

Saw you were from out of town.
Are you FBI?

No, you're not cops. Hey, what's
with this gifted youngsters place?

That's an old card.

He's fascinating.
He's a pain in the arse.

What, a teleporter?

No, he's just fast.

And when I knew him
he wasn't so... young.

PETER: Young?
You're just old.

So you're not afraid
to show your powers?

What powers? What
are you talking about?

Do you see
something strange here?

Nothing anybody would
believe if you told them.


So, who are you?
What do you want?

LOGAN: We need your help, Peter.
For what?

To break into a highly
secured facility...

and to get someone out.

Prison break?

That's illegal, you know.


Well, only if you get caught.

So, what's in it for me?

You, you kleptomaniac, get
to break into the Pentagon.

How do I know I can trust you?

Because we're just like you.

Show him.


That's cool,
but it's disgusting.

TOUR GUIDE: Built in 1943, the Pentagon
is the world's largest office building...

housing more than
25,000 military employees...

stretched over six
million square feet.

Where's the bathroom?

GIRL: He always needs to pee!




Yeah, we're getting broadcast
signal down here. What's going on?

Damn it, call Maintenance,
get them down here.






fought for and captured the island
of Iwo Jima from the Japanese Empire.

Now, this month-long battle...

included some of
the fiercest fighting

during World War
II in the Pacific...




ERIK: In three seconds, those
doors are going to open...

and 20 guards will
be here to shoot us.

I know. That's what
I'm waiting for.

What are you doing?

I'm holding your neck so
you don't get whiplash.


(SLOWLY) Whiplash.

GUARD: Don't move!




PETER: You're
good, it'll pass.

It happens with everyone.

You must have done
something pretty serious.

What did you do, man?

What did you do?

What did you do? Why'd
they have you in there?

For killing the President.

Ah. Wow.

The only thing I'm guilty of

is fighting for people like us.

You take karate?
You know karate, man?

I don't know karate.

But I know crazy.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and
girls, this is a Code Red situation.

We are evacuating
the entire floor...

so that my associate and I...

can, uh, secure the prison.

Who are you?

We're special operations, CB...


Perhaps you didn't hear me
when first I spoke...

but it is imperative
that you understand...

we're in a complete
lockdown situation.

We have to get you
to the third floor...


Oh, I'm sorry.
Were you finished?


They told me you control metal.



You know, my mom once knew
a guy who could do that.

I'm sorry, I'm just not
very good with violence.





Good to see you too, old friend.

And walking.

No thanks to you.

You're the last person in the
world I expected to see today.

Believe me...

I wouldn't be here
if I didn't have to.

If we get you out of here,
we do it my way.

No killing.

No helmet.

I couldn't disobey
you even if I wanted.

I'm never getting
inside of that head again.

I need your word, Erik.

Nobody move!

Hold it right there!

GUARD: Don't move.

Hands up, or we will shoot!

Freeze them, Charles.
I can't.

Hands up!




♪ If I could save time in a bottle ♪

♪ The first thing
that I'd like to do ♪

♪ Is to save every day ♪

♪ Till eternity passes away ♪

♪ Just to spend them with you ♪

♪ If I could make days
last forever ♪

♪ If words could make
wishes come true ♪

♪ I'd save every day ♪

♪ Like a treasure and then ♪

♪ Again,
I would spend them with you ♪

♪ But there never seems
to be enough time ♪

♪ To do the things you want to do ♪

♪ Once you find them ♪

♪ I've looked around
enough to know ♪

♪ That you're the one I want
to go through time with ♪



Thanks, kid.

thank you very, very much.

You take care.

PETER: Hey, I saw your
flight plan in the cockpit.

Why are you going to Paris?

Imagine if they were metal.

CHARLES: Do me a favor and
return it for me. Okay.

And, Peter?

Take it slow.


Where did they dig you up?

You're gonna find
this hard to believe...

but, uh, you sent me.

You and Charles.

From the future.


How did you lose them?

The treatment for my
spine affects my DNA.

You sacrificed your powers
so you could walk?

I sacrificed my powers
so that I could sleep.

What do you know about it?

I've lost my fair share.


Dry your eyes, Erik.

It doesn't justify
what you've done.

You have no idea what I've done.

I know that you took the things
that mean the most to me.

Well, maybe you should have
fought harder for them.

If you want a fight, Erik...

LOGAN: Sit down.
I will give you a fight!

Let him come.

You abandoned me!

You took her away...

and you abandoned me!





Mutant brothers and sisters...

all dead!

Countless others...

experimented on.



Where were you, Charles?

We were supposed
to protect them!

Where were you when your
own people needed you?

Hiding! You and Hank!

Pretending to be
something you're not!


You abandoned us all.



So, you were always an asshole.


I take it we're best
buddies in the future.


I spent a lot of years

trying to bring you down, bub.

How does that work out for you?

You're like me.

You're a survivor.

Do you wanna pick
all that shit up?






General, maybe you should slow down,
we have a big day tomorrow.

We're celebrating, captain. It's not every day you
win a war, let alone against the American devils.

I'm getting another bottle.


Excuse me.


I'm pretty sure it was my fault.

You speak Vietnamese.

I'm an interpreter.

I speak many tongues.

Let me buy you another drink...

unless you're here with someone.

I'm alone.


A bottle of Johnnie Walker please.


You're going to the Summit tomorrow?

A pretty girl interested in politics...

Looks can be deceiving.


Show me more, baby?

Clothes off?

What's the matter, baby? You don't
think I look pretty like this?







Fancy a game?
It's been a while.

I'm not in the mood
for games, thank you.

ERIK: I haven't had
a real sip in ten years.



I didn't kill the President.

The bullet curved, Erik.

Because I was
trying to save him.

They took me out before I could.

Why would you try and save him?

Because he was one of us.


You must think me so foolish.

We've always said they
would come after us.

I never imagined they'd
use Raven's DNA to do it.

When did you last see her?


The day I left for Dallas.

And how was she?




How... How was she?

She was...

We were...

I could see why she
meant so much to you.

You should be proud
of her, Charles.

She's out there
fighting for our cause.

Your cause.

The girl I raised was
not capable of killing.

You didn't raise her,
you grew up with her.

She couldn't stay a little girl
forever, that's why she left.

She left because you
got inside her head.

That's not my power.

She made a choice.

But now we know where
that choice leads, don't we?

She's going to murder Trask,

they're going to capture her...

and then they're
going to wipe us out.

Not if we get to her first.

Not if we change
history tomorrow.

I'm sorry, Charles...

for what happened.

I truly am.

It's been a while since I've played.

I'll go easy on you.

Might finally be a fair fight.

You have the first move.

The diplomats from
all around the world

are arriving here
today at the Hotel Royal.

It's an historic day.

It's the, uh, official ending

of the United States' military
involvement in Vietnam.

There we have the South
Vietnamese Foreign Minister...

with other South
Vietnamese dignitaries.

The Summit doesn't begin
for another hour.

The hotel has arranged
a private room

upstairs for
your special guests.

TRASK: That will be
plenty of time.


Good afternoon, everyone.
Hello, thank you for coming.

Congratulations on
winning this war.

Now, I know you all
have hands to shake

and photos to take downstairs...

so I will get
right to the point.

There is a new enemy out there.

An enemy that will render
your arsenals useless...

your armies powerless...

and your nations defenseless.

TRASK: You will need a new weapon for
this war. I call them Sentinels.

Named after
the ancient guardians

that stood at
the gates of the citadel.


They have the aeronautic
capabilities of a Harrier jet.

Armed with guns
that can fire off...

more than 2, 000 rounds per minute
of thermoceramic ammunition.

But size, power, speed...

you could find that
at Lockheed or Boeing.

No, what makes the
Sentinels so special...

is the ability to target
the mutant X-gene.

A genetic guidance system

that can lock onto a mark a half a

It won't trigger unless it
has identified the target.

With this weapon, there will be

no human collateral damage.

If I turn it on, the system
couldn't even activate in here.


Unless there's a mutant.


There has to be
some kind of mistake.

My machines don't make mistakes.


What are you?

I assure you...

TRASK: No, don't shoot it.

I assure you,

I don't know what
you're talking about.



ERIK: Raven!


Raven? Raven!





We've come for you, Erik and I.


RAVEN: I never thought
I'd see you again.

CHARLES: I made you
a promise a long time ago

that I would protect you.


MAN: Wolverine!


CHARLES: I'm going
to keep you safe.

I'm going to keep you
out of their hands.


What are you doing?

Securing our future.

Forgive me, Mystique.

As long as you're out
there, we'll never be safe.


Use your power,
Charles. Stop him.

He can't.



KITTY: He's slipping back.

I'm losing him.





LOGAN: Stryker!

STRYKER: Someone will finish
what we've started, Wolverine!

One day!


Restrain him.





Where am I?


How the hell did I get here?

What? You came to us.

Who are you?

Charles Xavier!

I don't know you.

What the hell is that?

Whoa. Whoa. Look, I can deal with this.
Just go.

Stop Erik!

Erik, please...

I'm sorry.






You're Logan, that's Hank
McCoy, I'm Charles Xavier.

You spent the last
couple of days with us.

You're on acid.

Somebody gave you
really bad acid, yeah?




Just hold on tight,

we'll get through this together.


Oh, my God, Kitty.

She's wounded pretty bad.





I got him.



What happened to you?

I just saw someone who's gonna

bring me a lot of pain someday.


Where's Raven?


We have to get out of here.

We want to know if there's
any sort of connection with...


the Paris Peace Summit...

was rocked by the appearance
of unidentified assailants...

the likes of which
the world has never seen.

Mass hysteria has gripped
the nation as people ask...

"Where did they come from?
Will they be back?"

And most importantly,
"Are they friend or foe?"

That was London correspondent
Toby Elliot...

reporting from the
Paris Peace Summit yesterday.

Fuck me.

What the hell are we dealing with here?
Off the record.

Two days ago, this man,
Erik Lehnsherr...

escaped from a maximum security
prison inside the Pentagon.

We believe that this woman

is a former associate
of Lehnsherr's.

They were together in Cuba,

the day of the crisis in '62.

He was also implicated
in Kennedy's assassination.

What about that thing?

MAN: We don't know what
that thing is, sir.

Actually, we really don't
know what any of them are.

Yes. Yes, we do.

They're mutants.

He has the power
to control metal.

Last I checked, that's what

most of your weapons
were made of.

And she can transform
into anyone.

A general, a secret serviceman.

Even you,
Mr. President.

She could walk
into this office...

and order a nuclear strike
if she was in the mood.

And that's only two of them.

Do we have any countermeasures?
Any defense?

I was waiting for you
to ask me that question.

That's an experimental program, sir.
Strictly off the books.


You're telling me these mutants
are out in the world...

and our best defense
are these giant metal robots?

Many of the mutants
look like us.

My Sentinels can
tell the difference.

I have eight prototypes
ready to go.

They're built out of
a space-age polymer,

not an ounce of metal on them.

I want to make a demonstration.

I want the world to know
that we can protect them.

What do you need to get
these things operational?

I already gave that
number to Congress.

Unfortunately, they
elected to shut me down.

It's going to cost a bit
more to turn them on.

NIXON: Whatever you need.
TRASK: Oh, and one more thing.

If we do manage to capture
them, I would like her.

For research purposes,
of course.

I don't care who you screw,
as long as it's not me.



Terrible thing.

What is?

Being born like that.

Is it?

Can you imagine...

Looking in the mirror and seeing that
staring back at you?

Yes, I can.

Where do you think she comes from?

You think she has a family?


She does.



If I see so much
as a screw move,

I will jam this
into your throat.

How did you find me?

You taught me well.

It's been a long time
since we were this close.

I missed you.

You tried to kill me.

So the rest of us could live.

What do you mean?

We received a message
from the future.

Don't lie to me.

I never have, and I never will.

Humans use your blood,
your genes,

to create a weapon
that wipes us all out.

I was only doing what I thought

necessary to secure our future.

So what's to stop me
from killing you

right now and
securing my future?


It doesn't matter anymore.

They have your DNA. Your
blood was on the street.

Whose fault was that?


I've seen their plans.
They're creating a weapon.

And now they have what they
need to take it further.

We have to strike now, while
we still hold the upper hand.

I've seen too many
friends die, Erik.

I don't want a war.

I only want the man
who murdered them.

This is war.

What happened to you?

Did you lose your way
while I was gone?

Are you still Charles' Raven?

Or are you Mystique?

Trask is the enemy.

Killing one man isn't enough.

It never was for you.

Goodbye, Erik.


LOGAN: What happened?

Come on.
Can he walk?

He needs his treatment.

Hank, I can hear them.

I know. It's okay.

Can you make it stop?
I'll get them.


LOGAN: Hey, hey.

Pull yourself together.

It's not over yet.

You don't believe that.

How do you know?

CHARLES: As these go...

this comes back.

They all come back.


I'm still here...

and she's still out there.

We need your help, Charles.

Not like this.
I need you.

We can't find Raven.
Not without your powers.


HANK: I added a little extra
because you missed a dose.




Hank, do me a favor.

Would you help me
to my study, please?

Come on, I got you.

Are you sure about this?

Absolutely not.

TRASK: This creature
is extraordinary.

Her genes could hold the key

to mutation itself.

I need more.

That's all they were able to
scrape off the pavement in Paris.

More than blood.

I need brain tissue...

spinal fluid, bone marrow.


Sentinels that could transform,

adapt to any target.

If I could just get
my hands on her.

This girl could leap

the program forward years...

decades into the future.

How old is your son now, Major?


He's coming up on ten now,
if you can believe it.

Eight years from fighting age.

And how many of
our sons and brothers

did we just ship
home in body bags?

Maybe fifty,
fifty-five thousand?

And how many more
on the other side?

Never before...

in all of human history...

has there been a cause which
could unite us as a species.

Until now.

You really hate,
mutants, don't you?

On the contrary,
I rather admire them.

The things they can do.

I see mutants as our salvation.

A common enemy.

A common struggle
against the ultimate enemy.


I believe our new friends...

are going to help us
usher in a new era, Bill.

A new era of genuine...

and long-lasting peace.

Attention, attention.

Transport departure
in two hours.

Repeat. Transport
departure in two hours.

(SIGHS) When was the last
time you were down here?

The last time we went
looking for students.

A lifetime ago.


Welcome, Professor.


HANK: Raven's wounded.
She won't be moving fast.


These are muscles I haven't
stretched in a long time.









Charles? It's all right.


I'll go check the generator.

It's not the machinery, is it?

I can't do this.
My mind...

Yes, you can.

(STAMMERING) It won't take it.
You're just a little rusty.

You don't understand. It's not
a question of being rusty.

I can flip the switches.
I can turn the knobs.

But my power comes from here.
It comes from...

And it's broken.

I feel like one of my students.


It was a mistake
coming down here.

It was a mistake freeing Erik.

This whole thing has
been one bloody mistake.

I'm sorry, Logan, but they
sent back the wrong man.

You're right.

I am.

Actually, it was
supposed to be you.

But I was the only one who could
physically make the trip.

And, uh...

And I don't know
how long I've got here.

But I do know that
a long time ago...

actually, a long
time from now...

I was your most
helpless student.

And you unlocked my mind.

You showed me what I was.

You showed me what I could be.

I don't know how
to do that for you.

You're right.
I don't.

But I know someone who might.


Look into my mind.

You saw what I did to Cerebro.

You don't want me
inside your head.

There's no damage you can do...

that hasn't already
been done. Trust me.

Come on.




Hey, Logan.

Hi, Jean.

Kill me.

I love you.


You poor, poor man.

Look past me.

No, I don't want your suffering.

I don't want your future!

Look past my future.

Look for your future.

That's it.

That's it.

That's it.






So this is what becomes of us.

Erik was right.

Humanity does this to us.

Not if we show
them a better path.

You still believe?

Just because someone
stumbles, loses their way...

it doesn't mean
they're lost forever.

Sometimes we all need
a little help.

Oh, I'm not the man I was.

I open my mind...

and it almost overwhelms me.

You're afraid,
and Cerebro knows it.

All those voices...

so much pain.

It's not their pain
you're afraid of.

It's yours, Charles.

And as frightening
as it may be...

that pain will
make you stronger.

If you allow
yourself to feel it...

embrace it...

it will make you more powerful

than you ever imagined.

It's the greatest

gift we have...

to bear their pain

without breaking.

And it's born...

from the most human power.


Please, Charles...

we need you to hope again.

Find what you were looking for?

HANK: The power's
back on.


Yes, it is.








BOBBY: She's lost
too much blood.

She can't keep going like this.

We have no choice, Bobby.

We can wake him up.

They need more time.

I had...

a glimpse into the past.

If we wake Logan now...

we may set our fate
on an even darker course.

They need more time.

There is someone else.

No, no one has Kitty's power.

Someone that could
take her power,

take her place.

She took yours once.


I'm sorry, Bobby,
she must be dead.

I haven't been able to make

a connection with her for years.

That's because
they're keeping her

in the one place
your mind can't reach

from the outside.

She's in Cerebro.

She's in your house, Professor.

They're experimenting on her.

Trying to tap into her power,
so they can take ours.

Take all of ours.

If you knew this, why
didn't you go after her?

We tried. It's too
heavily guarded.

I may know a few things

about that house they don't.

BOBBY: Kitty, I'm
going to get help.

I'm gonna bring back
somebody to help you.

Please, just bring
yourself back.


Raven, stop.

Stop running.


Where are you?

Back at the house...

where you should be.

I need you to come home.

I know what I need to do.

If you kill Trask...

you will be creating countless
more just like him.

Then I'll kill them, too.

Those are Erik's words,
not yours.


The girl I grew up with
wasn't capable of killing.

She was good...

fair, full of compassion.

I have compassion.

Just not for Trask.

He's murdered too many of us.

Shut her down, Charles.
Get in her head.

not letting me in.

I'm barely holding on.
I'm not strong enough yet.


I know what Trask has done...

but killing him
will not bring them back.

It will set you on a path...

from which there is no return.

An endless cycle of killing.

Us and them, until
there is nothing left.

But we can stop it,
right now, you and I.

You just have to come home.

I have to?

You haven't changed
at all, Charles.

Like I said...

I know exactly
what I have to do.

You do?

Then, wherever you go,
I will find you.

And, Raven, if you make
me, I will stop you.

Good luck, Charles.


Where is she?

(CHUCKLES) She's in an
airport, boarding a plane.

She could be going anywhere.


LOGAN: Get some
rest, Charles.

We'll track her in the
morning and find out

exactly where she's going.

MAN ON TV: Rockets did
land outside the base,

killing five civilians
and wounding 12 others.



You know that those things
can give you cancer?

I've done some toxicology
tests in the lab, and...

You want something?

Yeah, I'm...

I know it's complicated,

and there's probably
all kinds of rules

and reasons for what
you can and can't say,

but I was wondering
if you could tell me

in the future, do I make it?




It's okay. Thanks.

Hey, kid?

It's just the world I came from.

We're going backwards in time.

Tomorrow, in front
of the White House,

the President will
make his announcement.

He will be joined by
Secretary of Defense Laird...

and has even sought the help

of renowned scientist
Bolivar Trask...

his special advisor to
combat this mutant issue.

(THUD) The White House has
asked all three networks

to air the event live,

as it is a matter of importance

not only to the United States,

but to every citizen
from around the globe.

There are no other details
about the event...


My God.

I don't understand.
What are you doing here?

I, uh...

I guess, I just realized

I have nowhere else to go.

I've gotta wake Charles...
No, don't.

Just wait.

You really shouldn't
walk on this.

I've had worse.

So, you've been living
here all these years?

Someone had to
take care of Charles.

You know, he's missed you.

He misses who I was.

I'm not who he wants
me to be anymore.

I've missed you.

So, you're like this
all the time now.

Like what?


No, not all the time.

I take a shot in the morning,

and I need another
if I get worked up.

Worked up?

Yeah, yeah, when I'm...

emotional or excited.

Any animal urges.


Usually, I can fight them off.

Well, maybe, we shouldn't
have to fight off

the things that
come naturally to us.


Do you remember one of the
last things you said to me?

That I would never be deemed
beautiful, looking like this?

Do you still think that?

Maybe. You saw
what happened in Paris.

You know what they think of us.

What do you think?

I think you're beautiful.

What about yourself?

You should get some rest.

I'm glad you're home.


Do you remember the last
thing I said to you?

It was, "Mutant and proud."


PROFESSOR X: The old gas and water
pipes lead straight to the house.

The walls are made
of reinforced steel.

In other words, a door.


PROFESSOR X: You're walking
directly over the hall now.



I've been on that slab.

Let me show you how it feels.

Rogue, Rogue,
come on. Wake up.

BOBBY: Rogue.

Come on, Rogue, wake up.
Wake up, it's me.






Rogue, Rogue, Rogue,
it's okay. He's with me.

We're gonna get you out of here.

PROFESSOR X: Erik, Bobby.

Get out of there! Now!



Take her!

Bobby! No!




ROGUE: Bobby!



Get us out of here.

I know.





I'm sorry, Charles.

Where's Bobby?

I'm sorry, Kitty.



Hello, Logan.




Raven was here.

I screwed up.

We can't track her now.

She's cut her ties.

Hey, I saw in the
news last night

there's going to be an announcement
in Washington this afternoon

about a new
protocol for mutants.

I set the system I designed...

to record any news about Paris
over all three networks...

and PBS.

All three? Wow.

Yeah, and PBS.

Look what I found.

Tomorrow, in front
of the White House,

the President will
make his announcement.

He will be joined by Secretary
of Defense Laird...

and has even sought the help

of renowned scientist
Bolivar Trask...

his special advisor
to combat this mutant issue.

The White House has asked...

doesn't realize...

that if she kills Trask
at an event like that...

with the whole world watching...

Then I came a
long way for nothing.

And there's more bad news.
I saw in a report...

they found traces
of her blood in Paris.

For all we know,
they already have her DNA...

which is all they'd need.

To create the
Sentinels of the future.

There's a theory
in quantum physics...

that time is immutable.

It's like a river. You can
throw a pebble into it...

and create a ripple, but the
current always corrects itself.

No matter what you do, the river just
keeps flowing in the same direction.

What are you trying to say?

What I'm saying is...

what if the war is inevitable?

What if she's
meant to kill Trask?

What if this is just
simply who she is?

Just because someone stumbles,

loses their way...

doesn't mean
they're lost forever.

No, I don't believe
that theory, Hank.

And I cannot believe
that is who she is.

CHARLES: Ready the plane.

We're going to Washington.


You all right?

Getting there.


Whatever happens today, I need
you to promise me something.

You've looked into my mind
and seen a lot of bad...

but you've seen the good, too.

The X-Men.

Promise me you'll find us.

Use your power,
bring us together.

Guide us. Lead us.

Storm. Scott.


Remember those names.

There are so many of us.

We will need you, Professor.

I'll do my best.

Your best is enough.

Trust me.


There's 12 carriers
inbound, 10 miles!

They've found us.

REPORTER: Thousands of people
will be gathered here today.

They've come from
all over the world...

to witness history,
along with news crews...

from at least
50 different countries.

Thank you.


Can I see your
invitations, please?

Yes, you may.

These two are with me.

Go ahead.

Thank you.


Please, this way, sir.

Fourth infantry...
Took a Bouncing Betty.

What happened to you?

Friendly fire.

The worst kind.



I haven't found her yet,
but she has to be here.

ANNOUNCER: The President
of the United States.



My fellow Americans...

today we face the gravest
threat in our history...



We have prepared
for this threat.


In the immortal words
of Robert Oppenheimer...


"The world will never be
the same again."




Can I help you?

No, you can't.


Here they come.


RAVEN: This is for you,
brothers and sisters.


I have her.

Let me go, Charles.

There. You see?

Secret Serviceman.

Left of the stage.

Got him.


What the hell are you doing?

I didn't tell you
to activate them.

I didn't.


please, listen to me.

We've been given a second
chance to define who we are.

Don't do this.

Gentlemen, you cannot
pass this point.

We can't stop that many.

No, but we can slow them down.












Go, go, go!


MAN: Watch your head!


MAN 1: Go, go, go!

MAN 2: Take us to DEFCON 3.

Mr. President,
we are Code Red.

MAN 3: What's our air
defense readiness?

MAN 2: All our air
defenses are ready one.

NIXON: What the hell
happened out there?

I will fix it.

You said that before.

I wanted to make a statement.

Now the whole goddamn world
knows we can't protect them.

TRASK: I will fix it.

You damn well better.




No, no, no...





STORM: Is everybody okay?




Behind you.









Do what you were made for.


Where are you?




I got this! Go!




Oh, dear God, no.


So much for being a survivor.





One of them is in here.


TRASK: No, no, no!
Don't kill it!

I need it alive.



What the hell has happened?





You built these
weapons to destroy us.


Because you are
afraid of our gifts.

Because we are different.

Humanity has always feared
that which is different.

Well, I am here to tell you...

to tell the world...

you are right to fear us.

We are the future.

We are the ones
who will inherit this earth.

And anyone who
stands in our way...

will suffer the same fate
as these men...

you see before you.

Today was meant to be a
display of your power.

Instead I give you a glimpse...

of the devastation my race
can unleash upon yours.

Let this be a warning
to the world.

And to my mutant brothers
and sisters out there...

I say this.

No more hiding.

No more suffering.

You have lived in the shadows...

in shame and fear for too long.
Come out.

Join me.

Fight together in
a brotherhood of our kind.

A new tomorrow...

that starts today.


All those years wasted...

fighting each other, Charles.

To have a precious
few of them back...


Mr. President, sir.
Stand down.

I said, stand down!

You want to make a statement?

Kill me. Fine.

But spare everyone else.


Very heroic,
Mr. President...

but you had no intention...

of sparing any of us.

The future of our
species begins now.




You used to be a better shot.

Trust me, I still am.

Get out of my head, Charles!


Please, do not make us
the enemy today.

Look around you.
We already are.

CHARLES: Not all of us.

All you've done so far...

is save the lives of these men.

You can show them a better path.

Shut her down, Charles.

I've been trying to control you
ever since the day we met...

and look where that's got us.

Everything that happens now...

is in your hands.


I have faith in you, Raven.


RAVEN: He's all yours, Charles.


If you let them have me,
I'm as good as dead.

You know that.

I know.

Goodbye, old friend.

Goodbye, Erik.



HANK: Are you sure you
should let them go?


I have hope for them.

There's going to be a time,
Hank, when we are all together.

HANK: What about Logan?


♪ The first time ♪


♪ Ever I saw your face ♪

♪ I thought the sun... ♪


KITTY: Buckminster Fuller is a
great example of an architect...

whose ideas were very similar
to those of a utopian future.

Good morning, Logan.
Late start. (CHUCKLES)


Have a good lunch.

Good job.
STUDENT: Thank you.

STORM: Very good job.

LOGAN: Storm.


Hey, Logan.


Are you okay?

You're here.

Where else would I be?


Easy, pal.


Well, some things never change.

It's good to see you, Scott.


See you later, Jean.


Logan, is everything all right?


Yeah, I think it is.

You did it.

Did what?

Logan, don't you have
a class to teach?

A class to teach?



Actually, I could use
some help with that.

Help with what?

Pretty much
everything after 1973.

I think the history I know
is a little different.

Welcome back.

It's good to see you, Charles.

It's good to see everyone.


I had a promise to keep.

You and I have a lot of
catching up to do.


What's the last thing
you remember?


CHARLES: The past.

A new...

and uncertain world.

CHARLES: A world of
endless possibilities.

And infinite outcomes.

You kidding me?

Oh, he's alive!


CHARLES: Countless
choices define our fate.

Each choice, each moment...

a ripple in the river of time.

What do you want us to do
with him, Major Stryker?

CHARLES: Enough ripples...

and you change the tide.

I'll take him from here.

CHARLES: For the future
is never truly set.