X (2002) - full transcript

Staying for breakfast?

My husband's just been
to the bakery.

Not even a good-bye kiss?

Don't let this guy stop you.

Pregnant women shouldn't smoke.

Thanks for caring.
Thanks a lot.

- Wait, Bea.
- I have to go.

Listen for a second.

I was with everyone,
they were seeing me off.

I've heard all sorts of excuses.
They don't matter.

I haven't had a drop in weeks.

Has that helped?

We thought a child

would change things.
But it hasn't.

I need a favor.

If they ask where I was,
say I was with you.

- The whole night.
- Why? Where were you?

Nowhere, shit!
Getting blown in an alley!

I'm sorry, Bea.

Forgive me.

It would taint my promotion.

It won't happen again.


Will you do that for me?



Give me homicide.
Javier Abad.

- It's me, Javier. Is Santiago there?
- He just left.

How's that hangover? You were
shit-faced when you left us at one.

I came straight home. Hey, I'm
a bit late, we were at the doctor.

Beatriz isn't well.

We weren't expecting you anyway.
Santiago took Pablo.

Why? What's going on?

Must be the heat. Some guy got
chopped up in a hair salon.

- Is Santiago here?
- Yeah, inside.


Why are you here?

I thought you'd be in bed.

- No, I went home early.
- Shit, boss.

You should let us handle it.

You're pale as hell.

- Hangover?
- A little, yeah.

What happened?

The cleaning lady found it.

But she freaked and won't talk.

The owner is on his way over.

Looks pretty routine.

I thought you were leaving.

Yeah, the chief just wants me
to supervise.

You know, typical bullshit.

You're the boss, it's your case.

I'll just say I had a look.

- Hello.
- Excuse me.


His name is
Jose Miguel Mart?n Duque.

the owner of the salon.

- Santiago Mora, homicide.
- What happened?

H-50, Inspector Abad.

We need a check on a
Jose Miguel Mart?n Duque.

ID number 30554321. Thank you.

- Do you know Jose Miguel Mart?n?
- Mickey.

Yeah. He worked here
for a while. Why?

He's been murdered.

The lock wasn't forced.

He'd stopped working here,
but he still had his key.


Because we were friends.

Sometimes we'd meet here
for a drink after work.

What does that mean?

Was he a homosexual?

You aren't obliged to respond,
for now.

But it would be helpful.

Yeah, he was gay.

He brought guys sometimes.

His sister's flat is so small.

Did he bring guys here often?

I don't know, sometimes.

- Was he into drugs, prostitution?
- No way.

No way, I swear.

Do you have any idea
of what may have happened?

He was normal.
He'd never hurt anyone.

Any more information?

He worked in a pub.

The night-shift.

He'd get off around 2, 2:30.

2, 2:30. Where is this pub?


Jose Miguel Mart?n Duque.
29 years old, born in Segovia.

No prior record.

- I overheard. Let's check the pub.
- Look, Javier.

Don't be upset, but...
I'd rather not have you along.


You saw the owner,

and the victim... same stuff.

We've got a lot of drag here,
and I don't want you near it.

That was back
when I was drinking.

Don't label me a "faggot-hater"
because of it. I'm not.

- Of course not.
- Fine, I don't like them.

But I've got nothing to hide.

You know my transfer
goes through next week.

I don't want people there
to pass judgment on me.

Fine, don't be so dramatic.

He lived with his sister, right?
Go ahead.

Theater offers life in pieces.

Choose your favorite,

or one you'd like to change.

Every one of you has
a dramatic story to tell,

or a wonderful comedy.

Later we'll choose one
and we'll stage it.

You'll prepare the set,
select wardrobe, and do the acting.

And you'll do it for an audience.

Alicia Mart?n?

Excuse me a moment.

I'm Police Inspector Javier Abad.

What's this about?

Your brother's...



Who is the bastard?

We're trying to find out.

You were here last night?

Until 2, maybe 2:30.

I usually keep watch while
Mickey serves drinks, but...

He left with a guy
sitting over there.

It's not like we're a sex club
or anything.

Sometimes Mickey's friends came
to see him. Fags,

- but no drugs.
- And this guy he left with...

Did anyone recognize him?
What did he look like?

I didn't get a good look.
He was wearing a suit.

He looked like a polar bear.
A light-colored suit.

- Was he drinking?
- Yeah, vodka tonics.

Desperately, with both hands,
like from a fountain.

- What time did he come?
- I'd say around 1:30.

And around 2:30
he left with the client.

I didn't pay much attention.

The only thing is...
Well, no offense, Mr. Policeman...

No, go on.

Mickey said the guy was a cop.

That he'd never been with a cop
before... but it may not be true.

I wouldn't recommend it.

I always told him not to do that.

Because of the roaches.

Would you like coffee?

No, thank you.

I'm going to make some anyway.
I need to do something.

Did my brother suffer?

Don't think about that.

What should I think about?
The weather?

If you really want to help,
tell us

anything you know,
or can imagine, or suspect...

I don't know.

You lived with him.
Don't hold out on us.

My brother wasn't a criminal.

That's not what I meant.

Excuse me, but...

What are you after?

I saw your brother did
quite a bit of traveling.

He never saved money.

He spent everything he made.



You know.

Not very bright, but...

the best person I've ever known.

I'd have been lost
without him.

We're from Segovia.

Our parents are old and

very traditional.

I suppose we were
a disappointment for them.

A homosexual

and a failed actress.

Are they still alive?

Mickey came here very young.

And when my folks left Segovia,
he brought me here for my career.

He was convinced

that I would be a hit.

Until the motorcycle accident.

They glued me back together again.

Only he stayed by my side.

If it weren't for my brother...

Enough about me.

Nothing I know will help you.

Everyone liked Mickey
and he stayed out of trouble.

He even avoided love

for fear that he'd get hurt.

Don't cry, please.
Don't cry.

I promise whoever did this
will pay.

Here's my card.
If you remember anything,

or you want to talk,
call me.

- Hi, Javier.
- Hello.

I need a gift to make peace
with my wife. Any ideas?

I don't know.
What's she like?

Like you, but nastier.

You could shoot yourself
and leave her a widow.

Maybe something less vulgar.

How about a kiss?

You don't usually come here
straight from work.

Beatriz, please.
No more arguing.

Not today.

I thought we could have a drink.

Santiago called to ask me
where you were last night.

I said you were with me.


Santiago isn't stupid.
What happened?

Are you in trouble?


All I know is
I'm having the baby.

With or without you.

We've waited long enough.
I'm 35 now,

I can't wait

any longer.

Have you thought about it?

He's going to be happy.

With a normal father.

Not some obsessed

detective out to prove...

Out to prove what?

You know.

No, sorry, but I don't.

I was wrong.
It's not the alcohol. It's you.

Your father died in the asylum,
not you.

- But now you're exactly like him.
- Shit, Beatriz.

It was just a couple drinks.

Fine, fine.

I'm sorry.

I don't even care about my career
or my father right now.

Then quit.

I can't promise

I'll forget it all and act like
nothing happened, but I'll try.

Quit tomorrow. For good.

We don't need it.

I can't.

I can't,
I need at least a few more days.

Fine. Whatever you say.

Just seeing you with that tie

makes me want to smack you.

It's to cover the marks
your wife left.

She went back
to her first husband anyway.

She used to cheat on him
with me.

- Now she cheats on me with him.
- Women are evil.

All the emergency services
are down.

This heat could kill people.

Shall we get started?

Show a little respect.

Right, this is preliminary info,
but it doesn't look good.

The place was full of fingerprints
from clients. The cleaning lady

hadn't been in yet.

So that's a dead end.

The victim's fingernails
show no blood nor fiber.

- There are 14 wounds.
- Shit.

The deepest in his back.

He was stabbed from behind
and then in front.

The murder weapon
is a pair of scissors.

They're gone,
but can be easily recognized.

They're gold,
with a purple handle.

A real flamer.


No. There was no sexual contact.
Penetration, at least.

Looks like a real mess.

Well, the easiest cases always
look like this at the start.

The kid led

a normal life.
A bit flaky, but a good kid.

Robbery's out,
because he had cash on him.

The murderer didn't even look
in his wallet.

Looks like the work
of an opportunist.

Maybe a crime of passion,
or someone who hated homosexuals.

Like Javier.

Pablo, I'm really gonna miss
your sense of humor.

Here's what we've got.

The kid was last seen
at work in the pub.

Around 2, 2:30.

He left with a client.

No description,

but wearing a suit.
He'd been drinking.

Vodka tonics.

And he said

- he was a cop.
- Now we're fucked.

That's unconfirmed.

We know they left together
and the trail

ends there.

Until the body is found at 9 AM.

The victim entered the salon
with someone for a drink.

We don't know if it was the cop,
or someone else.

He only made

two drinks. The coroner says

he was killed around 3:30,

or 4:00.

No one heard anything,

no one saw anything.
No witnesses.

The kid's folks just arrived.

You spoke to his sister.
Talk to them.

See the list of calls?

The last call he made

was to his parents.
They may know something.

Do that for me.

Okay, okay.

Good morning.
I'm Inspector Abad.

We're on your son's case.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Do you know who did it?


Not yet.

But we don't think
he was in any trouble.

Were you in close contact
with him or your daughter?

To me, my son

died a long time ago.

Ages ago.

When he was 17 I told him
I'd had a son and not a...

a freak.

I told him to change,
or I would change him.

He left and we never saw him again.

But yesterday you spoke to him

on the phone.

- Did he sound worried?
- Yes.

He called me.

I didn't want to mention it.
What for?

She's ill.

And what did you talk about for...
seven minutes?

Forgive the question,

but I have to know.

He asked me for money.

For his sister.
For another operation.

But we don't have any money.

Only the house.

Where would we live without it?

That boy took everything.

Our daughter,

our lives, everything.

I'm almost glad he's dead.

Don't say that, ma'am.

People liked your son.

Then why is he dead?

Another thing.

It's about your daughter.

I don't know,
maybe she needs help.

She knows where to find us.

Yeah, that's him all right.

He was out there this morning.
He was hanging out by the salon.

- Are you absolutely sure?
- Yes.

You saw him come out?

Well, not exactly come out.

I saw him in front.

He must have come out.

- The other one was scarier.
- That's him.

Believe me, I saw him.

Drunk, staggering back and forth,
looking for his car

or something.
I keep close watch

on the salon at night.

Nothing against those boys,

you understand,
but anyway...

You know what I mean.

He can't see me, can he?


That's all for now.

The judge will call you
to testify.

I won't be here tomorrow.

I'm leaving.

You can keep the house

and all the rest.

I don't need you.

And stay away from my child.

Spare him all your crap.

Very well.

- Where are the others?
- With a witness.

We finally found someone
who saw it all. Santiago's with her.

This is Mrs. Natalia Delgado.

She saw our man.

Please, continue.

It was too hot to sleep.
I went out on the balcony

for a little air.

The hair salon's right in front.

I saw him come out. I try to stay
out of other people's affairs,

but it was late.

He caught my attention.

What did he look like?

Young, with his hair shaved short,

with braids and a goatee.

He had a tattoo on his shoulder.
I would say he was gay.

I almost called the police, in case
he was a thief. But I didn't.

Well, your description
is a great help.

About what time was this?

I'm not sure, but...

around 5 or 6 AM.

My husband was still sleeping.

I don't smoke.

What the hell is she doing?

You left something behind.

A handkerchief

with your initials.
Covered in blood.

Come over this afternoon.

- Thank you, Mrs. Delgado.
- You're welcome.

Your testimony was a great help.
We'll call you.

Well, this simplifies things.

If she checks out, of course.

- Can you imagine a wife like that?
- You're drooling.

Javier, telephone.
The stiff's sister.

- How can you like that scarecrow?
- She goes out of her way.

Looks like a gay lovers' quarrel.

Yeah. And you've no idea
how happy that makes me.

Yesterday a witness placed you
at the scene of the crime.

Drunk, wearing a suit.

- What are you saying?
- Not me.

The owner of the restaurant
in front.

Though his testimony

is inconsistent.

But this lady has it straight.
You hear her testimony?

Do you really think
I could be involved?

You tell me.

I told you,
I was at home with Beatriz.

So she says.
But I know you, and how

you get when you drink.

I know you didn't go home.

- Don't be a jerk.
- Javier.

Were you the cop
with the kid in the bar?

Just tell me that.

I have one thing to say.

If you want to question me,
arrest me. Why not?

I once hit a fag,
I must be guilty.

Hey, take it easy.

That's not what I said.

But if you're involved at all,
even something stupid, tell me.

Go to hell.

Have it your way.


Inspector Javier Abad?

It's Alicia Mart?n.

- I need to talk to you.
- I'm not handling the case.

I prefer to talk to you.

Not necessarily as a cop.

Just a little while.

All right.
I'll drop by after your classes.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Do you have to get all dressed up
like this?

Hello again.

Cut the crap.

Where's the handkerchief?

In a safe place.

We can give it to the cops,

or to you.

What do you want?


- What money? I'm a cop, I'm broke.
- And those suits?

The car?
Of course you have money.

If not, find some.

You've committed a murder,
and you'll pay for it.

You can pay us part now...

- Where is it?
- Don't tell him!

Give it to me!

I'll crush his bones!

Not my little doggie!

Here you go.

Now you have it. Leave us.

You fucking coward!

- We won't tell anyone, I swear.
- I will!

I'll tell the police.

- Natalia, please!
- Don't be stupid.

- I am the police.
- He's right.

My nails are broken!

I didn't want to do this.

We're not criminals.

I don't know how I could...

It's all I have.

That's all?

My husband earns more.

How did I get here that night?

Natalia found you downstairs
in the street.

My wife disappears sometimes,
for a day or two.

She always comes back.
She's got problems

- with stress.
- Stress?

He doesn't fuck me.

So I look elsewhere.

On the street.

I saw you and brought you up.
Another chump.

You passed out right away.

Where did you find me?
In the salon?

You don't even remember?

- Was it in the salon?
- No!

In the street, drunk off your ass.

But you were well-dressed
and you said you were a cop.

So I brought you upstairs.

- What time was it?
- I don't know, 5:30 or 6:00.

I found the handkerchief
the next day,

covered in blood.

That's when we realized.

What? Now you'll say you

didn't kill the fag.

The perfect cop.

A drunk, a murderer
and a faggot.

- Shut up!
- You shut me up!

There was a bum sleeping
outside the salon.

Ever seen him around?

No, this has always been
a quiet neighborhood.

Until you stumbled along.

- Hi, honey.
- Hello.

This heat will kill me
before autumn.

- You look lousy. Eating well?
- Yeah.

Give me an anisette.
And make it strong.

- What's that crap you're drinking?
- Tonic with a little vodka.

- You shouldn't drink that.
- Drop it.

- Here.
- Look.

Drinking is like marriage.

Some are good at it,
others fail miserably.

- Yeah. Here.
- Thanks.

Hey, my drink!

I need you to find a bum for me.

He has a spot on his face
and plays flute.

He was sleeping in the Goya area
two nights ago.

- The spot sounds familiar.
- This stays between us.

Sure, honey.

Those numbers will bring you
luck someday, you'll see.

How's your wife doing?

Great. We're going to have a kid.


I said keep your hands still.

Where is it?

I don't know.

I can't hear you.

I don't know what you mean.


Please, what?
You lived with your brother,

the guy steals

a ton of money...

And you don't know?

My brother's dead. I don't know
anything about any money.

Money's difficult to hide.

So don't bust my balls.

What else can I say?

Crippled and stupid?

Are you stupid?


Get lost.


What's up?

Looking to screw another sibling?

Who the fuck was that guy?

What money?

You want my help?

Then stop holding out on me!

Do you know who did it?

Just that it's my fault.

Mickey was transporting money.

I don't know how much

or who for.

Until one day he kept the shipment

for one of my operations.

He thought nobody would miss it,

so he kept it.

I told him to return it,
but he wouldn't listen.

He put it all
in a red sporting bag

and left with it
two days ago.

I never saw him again.

Him or the money.

But those guys are still after
the money. They don't have it.

I thought they'd killed him.

But no.

Someone killed Mickey

and took the money.

You want to eat something?

I hate people seeing my legs.

You're still very pretty.


My mother was right.

I wish I'd been born ugly.

It would be easier now.

And Mickey might be here.

Why did he do it?

It's a huge risk to take.

He was driving the motorcycle
when I got hurt.

Though he wasn't hurt.

I suppose he felt guilty.

Why didn't you
tell me this before?

Because I'm afraid of those people.
They said if I told the police

they'd come for me.

And get what's theirs.

How much is it?

I don't know. I never saw it.

But a lot.

A lot.

Have you got it?

Why are you helping me?

You bring me to your house...

- What are you after?
- You're free to leave.

Where to?

I wish I had that money.
So I could turn it in.

No one will find you here.
I only come

to sleep.

Stay until we settle this.

It's a lovely home.

My wife has good taste.

She just left me earlier today.

If she knew there's already
another woman in her bed...

Well, half a woman.

Yeah, hold on.


How much money?

A lot. A sporting bag full of it.

And it's clean money.


It can't be declared stolen.

And it's up for grabs.

How much for us?

All of it.

I just want the killer.

The killer?

Someone has that money.

They took it from the salon

and left an empty bag

in my car.

- They must know everything.
- You...

You were there.


But I don't remember anything.

What do you mean,
you don't remember? Really?

If you don't remember,

then maybe you killed him.

And lost the money.

I don't know...


But I'm a cop, not a killer.

That doesn't matter.

What do we have to do?

I was in the salon that night
with the kid.

That is certain.

But I don't have the money.

The red bag appeared in my car.

Maybe it wasn't over the money.

I'm sorry, we can't help you.

There was someone else
in the street.

The bum.

And a restaurant owner.

He identified me at the station.

One of them must know more.

The schmuck from the restaurant.

He's always watching everyone.

I can't question him.

- But you can.
- It's not our business.

Why should we help you?

Here we go again.

You fucking whimp!

Do you think

I want to be poor forever?
You second-rate

grocer! Where is everything

you said we'd have?

Where? I don't see it.

Natalia, please be quiet.

You don't have the balls
to speak to me that way!

Go to the kitchen.

We don't need him at all.

I know how to handle that nosy jerk
from the restaurant.

That's not really her.

Not for a long time.

Think what you will, but...

She's the best thing
that ever happened to me.

You want to keep her?

With money she'll stay.

Can't you see my wife

isn't well?

She's seeing a psychiatrist,

but when she gets like this,
it's no use.


Leave us alone.

I need your help.

It wouldn't be dangerous.

I've got much more at stake here.

So I won't let her get hurt.

Just think about the money.

What would I have to do, exactly?

An iced coffee.

With this heat I'm going to close
and take a few days off.

This is unbearable.

It's driving us all crazy.

Like the crime in the salon.


And still no news.

The cops came by

our place to ask
if we'd seen anything.

They were in here, too.

I even had to go down
to the station.

Did you see anything?

The judge won't let me say.

So, that means you saw
who took the money.

What money?

Did you keep it?

I don't know what you mean.
Is this a joke?

Sure, it's a joke.

I'm off.

I don't know about the money.
Wait, listen.

Hey, wait up, please.

This heat is disgusting!

We can't talk here.

It's me, Javier.

Your things.
This could take a while.

You haven't eaten?


- What's this?
- A statement of everything I know.

I had all morning to write it.
Give it to the police.


Why not?

Alicia, this would make you

the main suspect.
Only you knew about

the money.


Fine, I'll go to the police.

You'll go straight to jail.

And for a while, I hope.
When you get out,

those guys will be waiting.

You want to get some air

or eat something?

Why are you helping me?

It's not for you.

I want to solve this case,
and be promoted to chief.

- Is that important?
- Yes.

For me it is.

My father was a cop, too.

A cop and an alcoholic.

After destroying our lives,

he fell for a young girl.

He ended up getting
kicked off the force.

It isn't easy

being a cop
with a father like that.

I want to prove I'm different.

The drunk son of a bitch.

I'm sorry.

People with problems are a pain.


I want to thank you.

Mickey was all I had
in this world.

If it weren't for you...

I don't know.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I suppose sleeping with a cripple
goes beyond the call of duty.

- And good taste.
- It's not that.

- Hello?
- I found the guy with the spot.


Two nights ago you slept
by a salon.

Did you see me come out?

Did you see me?

I was sleeping.

Don't bust my chops!

- Did you?
- Yes.

- Was I alone?
- No, with another guy.


I don't know, some guy.

He dragged you to a car.

The salon door woke me up.

- Did he have a bag?
- Yes.

- Was it green?
- No, red.

- Where did he put it?
- In the car.

Then he went back in,
and I fell asleep.

- That's all I saw.
- What was I doing?

- You were passed out.
- What was he like?

Tall? Short? Young?

- I didn't get a good look.
- Sure.

- But you saw something.
- Well...

He had on a checkered jacket
with elbow patches.

Did you see the killer?

I was asleep, I swear.

I didn't see anything.

When he raises the blind
that's the signal.

That's when you go up.

He must have the money.
It must be him, right?

I hope so.

My penny-pinching days are over.

I'm going to live it up,

like before.

I had it all when I was young.

I was gorgeous.

I almost got chosen as a spokes model
for television, you know.

I had a photo-shoot
and everything.

I could have been somebody,
but I had no help.

I've heard worse.

Eight years with this man.

He was a virgin,
can you believe it?

If I took off with that money
right now,

he would still love me.

Everyone else

always did whatever
they wanted to me.

Now it's my turn.

- Who is it?
- It's me, from the bar.

Did you take the money?

If you did you're an accomplice.

Think about it.

You, go home.

I don't want any trouble.

What'll you do to him?

- You'll find out later.
- Go home.

Sit down.

We went for the clown
at the bar, too.

But first...

Well, you brought up the money...

So you can spare us all
the "What money?" bullshit.

What's your angle?

Look at me.

We're paid to find the money.

And to make whoever's got it pay.

You're obviously someone's chump.

You'll crack after one punch.

Save yourself the trouble.

I'll tell you whatever you want.

I don't want the money,

or anything.
They made me do it.

Can I open the window?
It's hot in here.

It's gonna get hotter.

I don't know anything.

The cop sent me.

I told you.

- He has the money.
- No, he doesn't.

How do you know?

Stop looking around
or I'll knock one of your

fucking teeth out.

What about you and the cop?

Nothing. He met...

He met me...

- the day of...
- Keep lying,

that's it.

Who met who?

He met me that night.

He won't last 5 punches.

Not even three.

Look, buddy.

- Which finger first?
- No.

God damn it.

We'll change questions.

Who else knows about the money?

The cop, you, and who else?

- Shit, I'm suffocating.
- Stay still.

Who else fucking knows?


You'll fucking wish
you were nobody.

What are you going to do?

First talk.

I've been waiting 20 minutes.

Who are those guys
that were with you?

Who are they?

Please, I didn't do anything.

They made me tell them
what I know.

I'm not involved in this.
I just want to be left alone.

Where are they?

Close the restaurant.

Good idea,

coming to see him.
Look who showed up.

Hey, it's the man of all tastes!

Look, this guy is a policeman.

I don't care what
you're all up to.

But I want you to leave.

Whatever you say.

But you were just an accomplice
to a murder. I'd think it over.

I was hoping
we'd get a chance to talk.

How did it go?

Not in the face.
Don't leave any marks.

You killed a man.

As soon as a witness
identifies you,

you're screwed.

You know what happens
to cops in prison, don't you?

If you told us
where the money is...

I don't have it.

Yes, you do.

Of course you do. You must.

I saw you with him
in the bar that night.

I saw you leave together.

- So cut the crap.
- You were the only one with him.


There was someone else.

Oh, yeah?


A witness.

- I don't believe that.
- Tough shit. You won't kill me.

We will if you don't give us
the money.

I won't do it.

I'm not killing any cops.

- I'll do it.
- There you go.

This is too complicated.

What if someone else
has the money?

This fucker must have it.

You said you saw us that night.

You could have done it.

Shut up or I'll kill you!

When I heard you were a cop,
I came straight back.

- He's making all this up.
- Then why'd you harass the cripple?

- What's your fucking problem?
- Enough!

I know this guy and I trust him.

But this asshole cop

only wants to save his own ass.

You have ten seconds to tell me.


- I don't have it.
- Too bad.



A bum saw it all.


I didn't come out alone.


There was a guy with me.

He had the bag, the one
the kid had put the money in.


He had on a checkered jacket
with elbow patches.

- I don't have a jacket like that.
- Seven!

The bum saw him leave the empty bag
and murder weapon in my car,

and take the money.

- Eight...
- Wait, wait.

No, I won't wait.

You think I won't shoot you?

That's quite a story.
I don't believe it.


Fucking wait!

Killing cops is serious shit!

Okay, all right.

Spare me the good-cop,
bad-cop routine.

Go ahead and shoot.
I haven't got it.

Hold him still.
It'll look like a suicide.


This changes things.

We'll see if you're lying or not.
Let him go.

You, relax.
I know what I'm doing.


It's Santiago.

Pick up.

I've been trying
to find you all day.

Pick up the damn phone!
You can't be asleep.

Fine, then listen.

I knew something was up
when I saw you at the hair salon.

And I want you to tell me about it.
You know something.

I don't know what.

Let me help you.

Don't force me to interrogate you.

You look like shit.

And now what?

I was thinking about last night.

I have a proposal for you.

We bring illegal immigrants
into the country.

You said you had the murder weapon.

You can pin it on a foreigner.

Blame it all on one of them

and nobody will give a shit.

We'll find you one.

In exchange for the money.

I told you I don't have it.

We'll see about that.

No funny stuff!

Please wait,
we haven't opened yet.

What are you doing?

It's okay, Beatriz.

Leave right now
or I'll call the police!

- She's pregnant!
- I'll kill them both!

What's going on?

Relax, we won't hurt you
if your husband cooperates.


What do you want me to say?

I don't have the money.

She doesn't know anything.
We've separated.

You'd let your wife and kid
pay your debts for you?

Javier, please.

Give them the money, please.


All right.

All right.

So you do know where it is.

You see?

The deal we just made.

There is no deal anymore.

I need to blame someone.
I won't go to prison.

Half tomorrow, the other half
when they arrest the immigrant.

No tricks.

Or you can just
keep killing people.

All right.

But none of this 24-hour stuff.

Right now.

I can't get that much cash
right now.

It's in a secret account.

I see you're clever.

This'll keep you in line.

- How is she?
- Fine. It didn't affect the baby.

It was just a scare.

Thank God it was nothing.

You want a ride?


My dad's on his way.

He shouldn't see you.

He was right about you.

"It's in the blood."

Some guys went in the shop.

You think I'm stupid?

Talk to me.

Beatriz told me.

You weren't home
and you told her to lie.

And today.

Who are those guys?
What money?

- A gambling debt.
- Don't bust my balls!

Just tell me one thing.

Did you kill him?


Want to see something?

The witness who got you off.

She tried to kill herself.

Her husband's dead.

He fell from a third-story window

and showed signs of torture.

You don't know anything about it?

Javier, it's two murders now.

You taught us to solve every case.
This case is like all the others.

We'll catch the killer,
whoever it is.

Hopefully tomorrow...

Of course.

Tomorrow at 9 A.M.
Before the judge.

Your badge and gun.

Is this what
you were so afraid of?

Great, you finally pulled it off.

- Your gun.
- Not my gun.

- Don't bust my balls.
- You're busting mine!

- It's my gun, I bought it.
- You want me to arrest you?

Thanks, Javier.

You'll make me look like a genius.

You'd better be there
tomorrow at nine.

Wear clean clothes.
You'll be spending the night.

Where were you all night?

People left messages

telling you to go to the hospital.
I didn't know what to do.

I was worried about you.

No, it was my wife.
She's all right.

What are you doing?

- I'm leaving.
- Why? What's wrong?

You're up to something.


Get in, please.

What do you know?

You know who did it?


Someone else must know
about the money.

They must.

If you know who it is,
for God's sake, tell me.

What's going on?

There's a witness.

He saw two men come out
of the salon.

One took the money.

And the other?

The other was me.

I was with your brother.
But I don't know what happened.

I was too drunk to remember.
I can't handle this anymore.

I can't take it.

I don't know if I killed him.

I only feel pain and guilt.
As if I'd done it.


It had to be you!

I can help you, Alicia.

- You don't understand...
- Don't touch me!

Son of a bitch.


How can you always wear a tie
in this heat?

What's up, asshole?
Didn't have the money?

That's disgusting.

Not in the swimming pool!

You see how talking helps?

We have the perfect guy
to pin it on.

Some Romanian fuck.
No papers and a record.

I'll tell you where,

you plant the scissors on him.

And the case is closed.

I don't see what's funny
about this.

I called the police.
They'll be here in 5 or 10 minutes.


What'll you say?
You killed the fag

after you stole the money?

I don't have the money.
There was someone else there

who took it. Which means

it has to be one of you.
I don't care about the money.

I just want to know who!

Don't you see he's serious?
Let's go already.

Kill that fucker.

Go ahead!

Get the car, quick!

Drop the gun, fat boy.

Drop it!

What's wrong with you?

This whole mess is all your fault!

The money's our only way out.

He doesn't have it,
so it must be one of you.

It doesn't matter.
We have to leave.

Nobody moves till I see the money!

Fat boy?s too stupid,

so it must be you.

Or you, asshole.

The cops are coming!

Take me to a hospital.

- Have you got the money?
- No! I need a doctor!

That's what I thought.

I don't know who has it.

- Who killed the kid?
- Not us, I swear!

We were here that night. The fat
guy came back when you got there.

It's a lot of money.
It could have been anyone.

Have you any news about my boy?

You're bleeding.

What's going on?

The day before he died
your son called.

You said he asked for money.
But he had tons of it.

You lied to me.



I called.

Not Mickey.

I called to tell him

about the money
and about Mickey.

I lied to hide it from my mother.

So she wouldn't find out.

Why are you here?

Stop looking for the killer.
You're him.

You killed my brother!
I hope you rot in prison!


You have the money?


There's a witness.

A bum who slept by the salon.

He saw me come out.

With a man in a checkered jacket
with elbow patches.

Did you kill him?

- Or did you?
- No.

- Not her. It was me.
- Dad!

It's no use, Alicia.
There's no other way.

It's better this way.

I can't live like this.

Alicia told me about the money.

And that Jose wanted to return it.

He was afraid.

What about me?

When Jose met you and found out
you were a cop,

he took you to the salon
to confess, turn the money in,

and wash his hands of it.

But you were so drunk
you passed out.

Then we arrived.

We tried to convince Jose,

but he wouldn't listen.

You were out cold.

You killed him over money?

Over everything!

My brother destroyed
my parents' lives, and mine!

He did this to me.

And he wanted to return

the money. No way!

He had to pay somehow.
For everything he did to us.

I killed him. Yes.

It was my idea.

And I'd do it again.

You made me look guilty.

He had to pay for
what he did to us, Mom.

Arrest me.

I took the money,
and I put the scissors in your car.

I'll say whatever you want.

But don't hurt my baby anymore.

She's been hurt enough.