Wyoming Renegades (1955) - full transcript

Brady Sutton returns from three years in prison and tries to go straight. One a member of the Butch Cassidy gang, he is still suspected of being cahoots with them. When Cassidy and his men rob the bank, he is blamed. Escaping from the townspeople, he once again joins up with Cassidy to wait for a chance to help bring him in.

"Ellam Ippo Seriyakkitharam
Marapottan Pinroy"

(Harmonica music)

We have been waiting for an hour
and roasting in the sun. Petie!

Yes, Butch?

Are you sure you
did you report well in Rock Springs?

Sure you do, Cassidy.
The stagecoach will pass through here.

Isn't this more important?
I have found a bird.

There is nothing more important
than that money.

Always thinking about the same thing.

And this poor little bird
has lost his nest.

What a cute little bird!

I am getting tired
of you and your birds.

It doesn't hurt anyone, Cassidy.
Have your brains softened?

It's possible.

-Here it comes!

I already told you, Butch!
Didn't I tell you?





Get him out of there and put the box down.



You already have a watch, Cassidy.
Give me the watch.

Do not miss any take out.
There are no passengers on board.

What a bad luck!
I had never owned a gold watch.

Keep him,
you just have to get it to walk.

- This drink is for you, man.

You will not drink anymore.

I would spray you
with whiskey to give you luck,

But you don't need it anymore
Spray the money, bring more luck.

I don't waste
whiskey on money,

I prefer to waste
the money in whiskey.

We have to move.

Today we meet
with Sundance and Brady.

It will be great to come back
to see Sundance.

Hey, my bird is dead!

What's wrong with it
of special being dead?

It brings bad luck.

Cassidy, why did you order her
to Sundance to go find

Brady to jail and take him
a horse and two weapons?

He will need them.
Let him earn them.

He lost what he had.
He never lost anything to me.

I want to send you a horse and weapons.
I will do it.

-Maybe he has changed.

After three years have passed
in chirona, a man has time ...

... to think about jail.

Why would it change?
Where was he going to go?

They caught him on the first hit.

That hurts,
but stay with us.

Are we going to pay him for getting fucked?

He is not entitled to this money.

He will have the same part of him
that you would have yours

if you had passed
three years in jail

without leaving your tongue.

We'd better get you out

that bullet from the neck.
No, Butch, I'd bleed out.

If it hurts so much
it would not be a bad idea.

Wish i could remember
where I hid my gold.

Keep trying Petie
you will remember.

Long time ago...

i told a girl
where he had hidden the gold.

Now I don't remember her either.

Long hair, pretty eyes ...

If I find the gold

i will make a real doctor
remove the bullet.

It hurts more
at night than during the day.

If you remember where you hid it,
You'll tell me, won't you, Petie?


Are they.

Only one comes.

Sundance, where's Brady?

He doesn't want to hear from you, Butch.

He asked me to tell you
that he wasn't coming back.

He didn't tell me what he was going to do
but he doesn't want to stay with you.

Do you know where we are now?
Yes I told him

but he didn't want to come.
Where has he gone?

I do not know.

Why didn't you bring it
by force?

I tried.

Oh, I see you couldn't handle him!

He gave you a good one.

The next time he sees it
he will pay for this.

Yes I would like to see it
it will be fun, a lot of fun.


This one has a good edge.

What do you look for in Broken Bow?
This is my home.

Nobody wants you here.

I have paid for my mistakes.

I'm going to start over here.
I will be an honest man.

If an ax doesn't cut
you can sharpen it again.

Only if it is made of good steel.

Why don't you tell us
Where's Cassidy, Brady?

Where is he hiding?
I do not know.

So he keeps riding.

I intend to stay.
Here are my roots.

I wish you had thought
same three years ago.

Maybe your mother
stay alive.

I do not want to cause problems
nor that they cause them to me.

I will start over.
My debt is paid.


Oh Brady, you're back!
You have returned...

I did not know how you would receive me.
I've always believed in you.

I knew you would come
to see me when they let you go.

He must be crazy. How can
a man be so crazy?

No more easy money?
No more easy money.

It's what I wanted to hear.

My father's smithy
that's all I have.

We will get married here
but we will have to wait.

Before I will show you
that I have changed.

I do not want to wait.
Let's go where they don't know you.

I am not running away anymore.

No outlaw can reform
they are only delusional.

Sooner or later they come back
to old ways and he is no different.

It will not cause us trouble.
- I don't want him in town.

Sheriff, you must ...
- I know my job.

Take care of his affairs,
don't tell me what to do.

I am a blacksmith and blacksmiths
they are poor all their lives.

I don't mind being poor Brady
I just want to lead a decent life.

This is the job
I was born to, Nancy.

It is in my blood.

My late father taught me
to shoe a horse

and his father taught him.

It is an honest job.


Are you a shame
For the city. Go away.

This community is peaceful.

That is why I have returned.
With a revolver?

I have thrown it away.
He will have hidden it.

And Cassidy's gang?

Nancy, you better go.

Has not violated any law
and I'm going to marry him.

Does your father know that you go
to elope with a convict?

He doesn't think to run away
he has no reason to.

We will live here.
Can't he drive you out of town?

he still hasn't done anything illegal.

I can only tell you that no one
wants you to stay here.

All right, you already told me.

I am aware,
But I'll stay

Wait a moment.

I admire your determination.

Are you on your side?
- Is it prohibited by law?

You don't know anything about him.
- What should I know?

No outlaw
reform in jail,

wants to bluff.

For that you have to be crazy
or believe that you can win.

You don't seem crazy to me
And she believes in her play

Here you can't win
life, there is already a smithy.

There are also two barber shops.

And they shave you so good
in as in the other.

- Shut up!

You have eight rooms,
three hotels,

two large stables ...

Why can't there be
two smithies?

Thank you.
Have money?

Not much.
You cannot start without money.

I've been here for a few weeks trying
participate in a business.

I would like you to do me a favor
personal to accept me as a partner.

Will you do nothing about it?
- You want me to shoot you?

It would not be a bad idea.
- You're drunk.

If it wasn't,
I would have wasted a lot of whiskey.


Good. If anyone has
something sensible to say,

say it now,
if not, spread out.

Come on, get out of here. Move!

My name is Veer, Charlie Veer.

You will not regret this.

I distinguish an honest man
when I see him.

I know we will be good partners.

Well, this is where we'll start.

Every day that passes increases
the price of our heads.

If I found my money
I wouldn't have to keep riding.

That's your gold mine, huh?
Yes. Ranchers bring

your money twice a year.

Go take a look
to the bank,

it's an easy hit and I don't want
lose no man.

Hey, Brady!

Look what I bring you
more work.

Whoops! Where did you get
those horses?

Do you take them at gunpoint?

Are you not proud?

I have told Mr. Traymore
that there is no better smithy

west of the Mississippi
than Sutton and Veer.

In the first moment
he was reluctant,

But I talked so much that I convinced him

"Take them away," he said,
even he smiled.

Women don't bite
but Nancy knows how to gnaw.

We should give you
a share in the business.

I don't know what we would do without you.
I told you that she believed in you.

Do you think I'll be a good wife?

If he doesn't want to, try me.

I do love her.
And I love you.

These have been the two best
weeks of my life.

What do we do to them?
You have to shoe them. I almost forget it.

Joe Hollys has a ranch
near the Eagle's Nest.

He has five horses
and everyone needs shoes.

I have come across him

and i told him
that we would go to pick them up.

He is getting us used badly.
One of you will have to go,

I have the abandoned house

and dad is still
an important man in my life.

I like your father
But do you know if he likes Brady?

I think so. He always says:
"The past is past,

take care of the present ".
I think he will end up accepting you.

Well you better go
to the bank before they close.

The bank?
Has dad made you call again?

No, we have opened an account.
I put in 15 bucks the other day

and 36 today, I wanted to arrive
to 50 and surprise you.

I wish Dad had told me.
Bankers must be prudent,

Nancy, and your father
he doesn't want to rush.

Well I better do
the deposit as soon as possible.

And you go see Hollys
Before she changes her mind


Do you know that last night I almost started
a fight because of Brady?

Where, Charlie?
In Cody's living room.

Someone said that he was passing through
that he knew where he was hiding

Cassidy's gang and what
he would join them whenever he wanted.

It's a dirty lie.
I haven't told you because

I didn't want to upset him
with gossip.

Did you say something that makes you think
who does not intend to settle here?

Nothing. He only told me that he hates
Cassidy. He will not return to them,

Charlie, and you know it.
Has he told you if he knows where they are?

Well, let's drop the topic.

I'll be back as soon as he can.

$ 51 in 2 weeks.
I feel proud.

Tonight I'll tell Nancy.
She already knows.

She got away from Charlie.

I understand that you have doubts
About me, Mr. Warren.

Thanks for giving me a chance.

I only have one daughter and I don't want

let no one deceive her, nor me.
Don't worry.

When you raise a girl like me
to Nancy, acting as father and mother,

you want me to start
with a good foot in life,

with the right man.

I think we both wish
the same for Nancy.

Eldridge, take care of this warehouse.

How are you?
Fine thanks.

Hello, can I help you with something?
Possibly yes.

Is he a stranger?
Yes today, maybe not tomorrow.

I would like to do
a small deposit,

100 dollars.

I'll bring more next week.
Anytime, sir.

It is a pleasure to make new clients,
that means progress.

I hope it is a safe bank.
The safest.

I am very interested in security.
You are in the right bank.

You will have to sign some documents.

Eh ... I'll make a strong deposit
in cash within a few days,

Can I arrange
of that money whenever you want?

I'm looking for a piece of land around here
to build a ranch

and I will need the money.

I'll go out the back.
There's a guy I don't want to see.

We always have
of cash,

you don't have to worry.

I think he has convinced me.

What would you do if I told you
that the Sundance Kid is in the bank?

Don't rush, listen to me.
Stand back.

Wouldn't it be better
stop the whole gang?

I know that it will return with the others,
they plan to rob the bank.

I just wanted me to see it
so he wouldn't think

that he had made it up.

Let it go out of town.

Two weeks ago did not want
help me stop them.

This is different,

this time they come to my city.
If they come.

I know how they work
It won't be later than tonight

Has Sundance seen it?

He only saw me from behind
and does not know that I live here.

We'll have to tell Warren.

I've always been concerned about saving
so much money from the ranchers.

I wonder why they won't open
his own bank in Wilcox.

They prefer
let us take care of it,

and they pay us well for the inconvenience.
Also, it will soon change hands.

This Saturday they will come to collect it.

Don't you think he can
be a Brady trick?

No I don't think so
Eldridge, Brady has changed.

Nobody forced him
to put us on notice.

You're right, yes, sir.

- Yes sir?

He watches the back door.
- It's after midnight.

Horace, I don't like that you are,
you'd be better off in jail.

Nothing will stop me from staying.
- Will three men be enough

in jail?
- One should do.

I will take a look
to the corner.

Nothing may happen.

Brady could have been wrong

Hopefully it will be like that.

Why haven't you come with Martha?
-She preferred to stay alone.

How different we are.

Mrs. Stanley
has been praying.

I couldn't be alone.

This waiting is consuming me
the nerves.

Why don't they count on us?

They always place us
in a safe place.

Why do we have to be
without doing anything

waiting for them to come back
the men?

We may hope in vain.
They will come.

The jail is there.

Two of you stay
with the horses.

You and Ben come with me.
The rest watch the bank.

You do not want me to go?
I will bring you luck.

I don't need your luck
Stay here.

Are they waiting for us at the bank?
Yes, I heard your plan before I left.

I don't like going into a jail
not even for money.

It's a shame
that we can't shoot them.

They will be stationed in that bank
smoking and drinking coffee. (Laughs)

Yes, it is a real shame.

-Are you not happy to think
that for once

we won't have to kill anyone?


Have you ever convinced yourself that Brady
Are you on our side, Medford?

It's possible.

We are not many to defend ourselves.
I should ask for backup

to Benton or Wilcox.
- Benton is 15 miles away,

Wilcox at 30.
We don't need more men.


Hey Joe!

(LOW VOICE) Hey, here it is!


They are in jail!

He has most of the money.
Forget this.

Your brilliant idea.
- How did they find out?

- I do not know.
- Brady has it all planned.

(Shots out)

There are two of them.

McVey, did you hear what
Medford said of Brady?

There is no other explanation.
-I don't think he betrayed us.

You cannot charge him without evidence.



To the horses!

-Sheriff, we have
four dead and five wounded,

but we have recovered
much of the money.

Tell Summers to help you.
We go after them

What are you waiting for?
With what?

With dead horses and men?
Your friends were saved, Brady.

You are a traitor and a coward.

With what law...?

Do you want to receive?
Do not touch me!


Stay out of this.
- He is responsible for everything,

we should hang it up.

For murder
four men and Warren.

My father...

His father fell right next to me
thanks to him and his lies.

Nancy, your father died
in the shooting,

I had nothing to do

Where is he, Charlie?

How did Cassidy know
that the money was in jail?

How does he want him to know?
They haven't even approached the bank,

they have gone straight to jail.

-Who knew
of the transfer of money?

- I heard the others say it.

You have been with me
since we transferred the money.

That doesn't prove anything.
They planned it weeks ago.

Do you accuse the sheriff or Warren?

I just know it wasn't me.

Does anyone believe it?
- Nobody.

Do you believe it, Sheriff?
Do you believe it?

That is your answer.

They have robbed the bank
and they have killed five men.

Brady belongs
Cassidy's gang

he never separated from them,
he planned this hit.

We had to shoot him
so that he wouldn't run away with them.

I just wanted to chase them!
I killed your horse, Brady,

It wasn't Cassidy.
- How many chances will we give it?

Let's hang it up.
They cannot do this.

He saw Sundance on the bench

he convinced his father
for him to transfer the money,

Is that not enough for you?
No, it is not enough.

Take this young woman out of here.
She won't get away with it.


-Stop, nobody move!
I'm serious, drop it.

Drop your weapons.


I'm still your partner, friend.

I will not die for a crime
that I have not committed.

Nobody move.
- There you have your outlaw.

They have not given me
no opportunity. Goodbye, Nancy.

How much left?

What happen?

This horse is lame.

Well we'll figure it out
When we get to a city

Do you know where you are going or are you lost?

I have not lost myself.


You've been crazy, Charlie.
You're at it again.

Now too
they chase you. Justice...

There are two kinds of justice,
the one you deserve and the one you don't deserve.

Do we deserve this?

What crime have we committed?

Two honest men
turned into fugitives.

I had to run away but
you risk your neck for nothing.

I didn't know you were
so naive. You trust me, huh?

What do you mean by that?

That I don't stake my neck for you

all this I have planned.

So you had reasons
to be my partner.

Put that revolver away.

I made a bet
and it went well for me.

I do not understand you.
Brady, we have something in common:

you were three years
in jail and me two.

I participated in the assault of
a stagecoach in Delta, Colorado,

since then I went from a place
to another looking for something easy.

When i met you i knew
that I had found it and I was right.

You go looking for Cassidy
and hiding from him and I'll go with you.

I could kill you, Charlie.

Sure, but I know you won't.

You wouldn't shoot a friend
and I am your friend.

If it had not been for that blow,
you would have been wrong.

I am not one of them!

Well when you arrived

I found out who you were
and I decided to bet on you.

If nothing had happened,
I would have left, but it happened.

And when they accused you
to collaborate with Cassidy,

I knew where you would go
and I decided to stake my neck for myself.

Do you want to live like a fugitive?

Some men are born preachers

other doctors and others
we are useless, like me,

But if I meet Cassidy
I know my luck will change

You should never come back
to Broken Bow and you knew it,

but you had to go back.

It is useless for a man
try to take the reins

of his life,
the destiny of him is written.

Do you think i don't have
no opportunity?

None, it's too late.

What's wrong with it
be with Cassidy?

Sleeping with the revolver in hand,


feel the touch of gold,

break the law
whenever you feel like it.

Until you fall.

They can even kill you.

After all,
nobody lives forever.

I guess this is
the end of mine with Nancy.

It's the best for her.

I guess so.

Tell me are we going to part
or will my bet pay off?

We have come together
up to here, we will continue together.

As partners?
As partners.

What will happen to Cassidy?

You will know it.

She will kill you or let you join him
you will no longer be able to back down.

Out of here
only a rope awaits me.

Are you walking?

Brady, water.

Water water.

Charlie no!



She is poisoned.


Cassidy doesn't want
let no one come near her lair.



Well, it's just you and me left.

We are coming.

Poisoned water

Cassidy can't walk far.

She waits for you to hear him laugh
your blood will freeze.


We have already arrived.




Stop screaming. Keep going up.


Here you have it.

The prodigal son comes home
after wasting his money.

Can you pray?

How long do you think
what are you going to live

I have come to stay.
Stay where?

You are not welcome here.
Water, give us water.

Who is this?
A friend.

That is more than you are.

You have to accept me.

I lost two men in Broken Bow
And all thanks to you.

Yes, thanks to you,
I lost them because of you.

Let me take care of him.


(Shot and whinny)

It's enough.
Let me finish him off.

You heard me.


Are you going to spare his life?

Should have left
that he killed you,

I did not like your message.
I should kill you myself.

Why did you bring it here?

He saved me from the gallows.
From the gallows?

In Broken Bow.

It's not funny. How did you know
who transferred the money?

They thought he planned it
That he planned it for you

For me? That's funny.
So they wanted to hang you?

Here we also have ropes.
- Why don't we hang him?

It will bring us luck.

Dead I will be of no use to you.

You lost two men
in Broken Bow,

you know I'm a good shot.

Yes, of that there is no doubt.
Will you carry out all my orders?

Count on it.
Maybe now I can trust you

you know that only
you have us.


Brady stays.

Well, what about me?

Why don't you tell me?

I have not done great things

but i've heard of you
since you were George Leroy Parker.

I like Cassidy better.

My name is Charlie Veer.

I've been to jail
the law does not persecute me,

but I wouldn't mind if it started
to care about me again.

That money is still in Broken Bow.

I already know that,

But we can't go back now
they would be waiting for us.

The time will come.

I know they pretend
move it to Wilcox,

I have my sources.
The day after tomorrow, Saturday

We will storm that train.
That's where I come in, Cassidy.

That money won't travel
Saturday, they have backed down,

you scared them.
- When are they going to move him?

Get back, friend.
- Let go!

Let go of me or you will
than asking someone else.

Write a letter to the bank,
they will tell you.

Let it go.

Do you know something about this?

Speak up, when will they make the transfer?
It took me a lot to get here

but you will only have that information
if you give me something in return.

I want to join the band
then I'll talk.

It's okay.
You accept me?



They will transfer him on Friday, tomorrow.
Warren told the sheriff

when we were waiting for you at the bank.
Warren is the banker.

I already know that. What else?
Money burns in their hands.

They are afraid that
decide to try again,

that's why they advance
one day the transfer.

There are two trains a day.
Friday night.

We will not allow
That money got to Wilcox.

We will wait for the train
in the Paso del Diablo.

You will get on the train earlier
in Benton.

Will you let me go alone?
I would not let you or alone go.

Brady and Curry will go with you
to Benton. It's a small city,

do not attract attention.

You just have to worry
of the engineer, the stoker,

the reviewer
And the brakeman, understood?

There will not be any problem.

Don't ever let yourself be caught.


I hope you are right.

If I fail you, you know
where to put a bullet.

In your face,
You can count on that.

We have come very fast.

It's ... only 9.

Yes, we have an hour to spare.

This city is no big deal.

Maybe try to find
some girl friend.

We said no whiskey.
- Aren't you interested in women?

Shut up.
They are all similar:

half want your money
and the other half lies.

Shut your mouth.

I will not be an hour
sitting on this horse.

I'm thinking of taking a bath.
- You don't have enough time.

Don't be funny.

I'll order a juicy beef steak
and a mountain of fried onions.

What will we do, Brady?

I do not know,
let time pass.

The train arrives at 10:15.

We will meet here at that time.

Then I'll have two steaks.

(Pianola music inside)

(Metallic clink)

Yes, I notice right away when
a man wants to be alone.

I leave you here
we'll see you later.

(Metallic clink)

Hi friend.
Can't wait until tomorrow?

I only wanted to look.

I don't usually work late

but this is
a special favor for the doctor.

Do not approach the horse,
Son, I could kick you.

Today dad doesn't work
he says it's a party.

I just watched.

Mom is home
having a child.

-Party. In this work,
there are no holidays.

Who cares about work?
Children are the only thing that matters.

The doctor thinks he still lacks
one hour. He sit down and have a drink.

Are you in a hurry?


He is married?


Believe me there's nothing like getting married
with the girl you like.

- Hello.

Has the Broken Bow train left?
- Not yet, there is little left,

will arrive here at his time.
- I want to send a message.

To Broken Bow?

An urgent message.
- Wait a second.

Whenever you want.
- Sheriff McVey,


Put a guard on the train ...

for Wilcox.

Cassidy's gang ...

plans to rob him ...

in the Paso del Diablo.

Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Do not say any of this to anyone.

No sir.

I've always wanted to know
to a Pinkerton agent.

They already have it.

Okay, upload it to the agency.

You better add something else.

Brady Sutton ...

completely innocent ...

of the bank robbery ...

by Broken Bow.

Cassidy ...

planned the bank robbery.

Brady does not know ...

my relationship with Pinkerton.

Sign with my initials, C.V.

Thank you.

Hugs and kisses.

They tried to teach me
morse code,

but it did not enter my mind.
Just hugs and kisses.

And you have not committed
no mistake.

I have fulfilled your order,
I sent what he told me to send.

They will go crazy trying
decipher the message.

Just kisses and hugs
and again.

They will think that it is not
you in your right mind.

I'll be fired for this.

That does not matter anymore.


You did very well, man.

Hey twins, more twins!

- Twins!

They are girls!

A little.

It's a lot of dough, huh?
I'm not interested in that money.

Whoops! What is this about now?
The reasons don't matter.

I am not going to give this blow,
neither you nor.

Cassidy won't rob that train.

Are you going to stop him by yourself?

I'll try.
I'll start with you and Curry.

You will only get
Get killed, Brady.

I'll take the risk.

I will ask the men for help
of this town.

We will get on the train and surprise
Cassidy in the Devil's Pass.

You don't count on me, huh?
Because you do not want to.

Join me, Charlie.

Put that revolver away.

Don't try anything.
I've already tried.

Go ahead and get it out
yourself from my pocket.

It's a piece of paper
with a written message.

We can work together, Brady.

Go ahead and read it.

When I left you with the blacksmith
I sent a telegram to the sheriff.

That train will be well defended.

I'm a Pinkerton agent.

Yes it's correct.

You took me to them
And I'll get you out of this

(Horse approaching)

I thought you would need help.
Four is always better than three.

Weren't you going to stay with the others?
I have changed my mind.


Onions, you stink!

(Train chimes)

You and Curry get in the first car.

In five minutes
we will all meet

in the baggage car.


(Train whistle)

It comes on time.


Step aside.

Don't move.

Order the passengers
that they do not separate.

If anyone has
a weapon, that I did not draw,

we are faster than you.

Where is the sheriff?
I do not know.

If you are not on the train,
We will have problems.

Put them with the others.
Only you. And come back here.

I'll go with him.
Don't you like my company?

Yes, sure, but ...
There is no one on this train, my friend.

There are not many passengers, no.
We were lucky, huh?

I guess so.

Are you sure money
is on board?


Let's go.

(Woman cry)

Give me that revolver.
What do you do?

Too clever
to be from Pinkerton.

Has he also deceived you?

I was hoping the sheriff
will travel on this train.

He tried to send a telegram
but I prevented it.

It is true?

I will not deny it.

You better have the money
on the train or you will receive the bullet

what promise you. Keep an eye on it.

Is there?


(Scream and beat)

Give it what it deserves.

Wait, don't kill him yet.

Wait we arrive
to the camp.

Yes, I'll give it a good run.

What has Veer done?
-He lied about the money.

If it hadn't been for me
we would have fallen into his trap.

Oh, it's Charlie, Charlie Veer!


He goes back to the others.

So this is
Cassidy's gang?

Ride them on two horses,
We are going home.

What do we do with them?
Take away what they have.

The railroad detectives
they will arrest him for this,

and I will be very happy
to identify him, Cassidy.

Shut up or I'll kill you.
No outlaw ...


(WOMAN) But what happened?

You will come with us.


Do not talk to me.
You're an outlaw, Brady.

The sheriff was right.

Get your hands off me.
And to think that one day I loved you.

So is she Brady's girlfriend?
Get back on the train, Nancy.

She is your girlfriend.
Let's see what she looks like.

Leave her alone.
She doesn't have bad taste.

What do you think, Cassidy?

She don't love you Brady

she needs to be tamed,
I take it.

I said leave her alone!
Let me get on the train

I'm going east to try to forget
everything that has happened to me.

Whoops! Tonight
everything has gone wrong for us.

You are what
better off this train.

If they don't love you, I do.
I know you will not dare.

Come with me, Nancy.

Do not resist!

Don't make me hit you.

Stop blaming me.
Veer managed to fool us all,

but I always suspected him
And I screwed up his plan, didn't I?

Yes, but now the law is treading on us
heels, what will you do with it?

Target practice. I will start
by his feet and I will go up,

I will make you pay for everything
the damage he has done to us.

Nancy, I've done what he had
What to do, you have to believe me.

What will they do to Charlie?
Nothing, if I can help it.

Avoid it? You're one of them.
Not in this, not against Charlie.

You have rejoined them.
I had no choice.

I don't recognize you, Brady.
Trust me, you have to believe me.

Hey Cassidy!

This guy is dead.

Now or never.



You were wrong again, Brady.

You will play Veer

we will practice
the target shooting with you.

I've hunted it for you.

I stay with her.
I'll kill you, if you touch her.

You talk too much, Brady. Look.


When you will learn
that I am the boss here?

Send if you want,

but do better
or you will be left alone.

What do you mean?
You've been gagged lately.

We have lost men and money

you even accepted
to a Pinkerton agent.

And what have we gotten out of this hit?

A couple of rings and $ 200.
You have finished?


Why are you taking it with me?

It's about the girl, huh?

You like her, right?

We are together in this,
don't mess it up now.

We have a long way to go.

Without rancor?

Okay, no hard feelings.

We will return to Broken Bow.

You've gone mad?
I am not amused by the idea.

Not me, don't count on me.
I know you are not happy

because of how things are going,

But I still have an ace up my sleeve
It depends on you.

If I don't ride by your side, Cass,
I'll go back to jail

So she's counting on me
- And with me.

Tell us your plan.
It's okay.

If the money wasn't on the train
is that he is still in the bank.

It will be very well guarded,
the sheriff is sure to protect him.

That doesn't matter to us
I am not going to face them.

Brady's girl will get it out
out of town, right, sweetie?

Or she won't see Brady again.
What kind of trap is this?

I know you set a trap.

Mine will turn out better than
the one you prepared for us at the bank.

You didn't fool us.
I saw you transferring the money

with the sheriff
from the roof of the bank.

Go ahead and tell him

he doesn't believe me.

You're wrong not to believe it, sweetie

he never told us that money
was in jail.

If you know what is good for you,
you will do what I tell you.

Whatever it says, don't believe it.

I want to propose something
and if he does what I tell him,

you will be free
to go where you want.

He has never kept his word.

You will have to take that risk,
you are bound to trust me.

It's the only chance
what's left for you and Brady.

Do you see anything suspicious?
No, it seems that he has done

what we have told you.
If he doesn't,

if they come for us ...
We will kill Brady.


And it's a shot that that girl
she doesn't want to hear.

We will wait for
men get out of town.

This time we are many more.
If I find Cassidy's gang

I will bring her to this city.
And we will hang them all.

When I escaped they were
so drunk

that it will not be difficult
catch them.

They move.
In what direction?

Towards the mountain.

There will be a man pointing at you
until we get the money.

And later?

I haven't decided that yet.

Is your problem.

Hey Cassidy! The living room.

It's okay.

Drop it,
I've already done what he asked of me.

We won't let go
until we have the money.

Well go get him.

Hey! He has given them to me for free,
he is an old friend of mine.

That girl is crazy about you.

I like girls
that have character,

although this is
a real beast.

I don't know if you will be able
to tame her.

We already have it. Let's go!

Am I done with him?

Not yet. I will decide
When we get out of town

Okay, we go home.

(Woman cry)

I found it!

It's a head
of Landoski's buffalo.

A dancer I met there
she told me that she would always wait for me.

She is not here.

I have to find my girl.

I have to find her.


You better give up.

Nancy was
right about Brady.

Yes, she was.
And they say that women

we are worth nothing.
- Men underestimate us.

If my husband tells me again
that he shut me up when I'm talking,

I'll give it a good skillet.
- Well done, son.

Come on, friend, jail awaits you.

Nancy was right
we did it.

Move on!
- To jail with them.

This time we will get it
Nancy, it's still our city.

It always has been, Brady.
It is a good city.

(Orchestral music)

"Kittu Koduthittum Raksha pedumonnariyula"
Pinroy :-O