Wyatt Earp's Revenge (2012) - full transcript

Story of a young Wyatt Earp before he became a lawman. When someone important to him is killed he sets out to find the one responsible. He is joined by some friends among whom are Bat Masterson and Doc Holliday.


You got any feed?

I got oats and
apples, five cent.

Water's free, though.

Coming down from Dodge City?

What's that?

Wha--? Uh-- I just said,
from Dodge City?


Why what, mister?

Why's it matter where
I'm going or coming from?

I guess it don't.

That's right, it don't.

Look, I'm not looking
to start any trouble.

That horse is
sweating up a storm.

So help yourself
as much as you like.

You a gambling man?

No, sir, I am a Christian man.

Christian man, huh?

Being a Christian man,

you believe in fate or choice?

I believe in whatever
the good Lord has planned.

Let's make it choice, then.

Pick a number
between one and 10.

Why are you doing this?
Pick a number.

This isn't necessary--

Pick a number.

Pick a number.

Three. No, five.



Wrong number.

May I help you?

Excuse me. I have a meeting
with a Mr. Wyatt Earp.

Could you kindly tell me--?
Just one moment.

He checked in.
Would you like his room?

No, no. He's expecting me.

He's in room...?
Dover Suite.

Dover Suite. Thank you.

Good day.
Good day.

Mr. Earp?

Excuse me, sir?

Mr. Earp?

Ahem. My name is Conrad Taylor.
I'm with the Kansas City Star.

I believe we had an appointment today,
did we not, sir?

I traveled a long distance
to meet with you, sir.

All the way from Kansas,
no less. Three days' journey.

Mr. Earp?

Care for a drink,
Mr. Taylor?

Truly appreciate this, sir.

Thank you.

In my research, I found
that four Army revolvers

were manufactured by Colt
and presented to you,

Mr. Charles Bassett,
Bat Masterson and Bill Tilghman in the year of--


Yes, 1878,

but there's no mention

of why you were presented
with such generous gifts.

Our readership would
be interested to know

if such an item exists.

I'll have to be frank, sir.

It's been widely speculated that its existence is merely a myth.

It's no myth, Mr. Taylor.

Then it's true.

Yet its significance has remained undocumented.

Its significance
is before you, sir.

"The slaying of
actress Dora Hand."

I remember reading about this.

She graced many small stages
in the West

until she was gunned down
by Spike Kenedy.

But I still don't
understand why.

Could not know why.

You did not know her. I did.

She performed that night,

and she was amazing.

When you receive a fare

Punch in the presence
Of the passenger

A blue trip slip
For an eight-cent fare

A buff trip slip
For a six-cent fare

A pink trip slip...

I cared for her.

More than she knew.

I wish I had told her.

Listen to them.
Shall we go back out?

Leave them wanting more.
See the cute boy in the third row?

Oh! Excuse yourself, please.

An admirer. A lawman, no less.

Have you spent any time away
during this engagement?

Hi. Have fun.

He's the only reason
we're entertaining this town.

Third time since the summer.

Perhaps the last.
Don't know what to tell your father.

Tell him nothing,
as you've been doing.

We're going home tomorrow.
Tell him nothing yourself.

For those two young actresses,

one night,
it would change everything.

When you're in position.

Mayor Kelly's a dead man
for what he's done.

Son of a bitch, Kelly!
You got it coming!

Go to hell!

What a horrific turn of events.

It was at that.

To understand why, Mr. Taylor,
you have to understand

the War Between the States.

The war formed us,

made us who we are.

After killing your own cousins,
your own brothers,

killing strangers
meant nothing.

Lawless times followed
those long, dark years,

and Dodge City seemed
to be at the center of it.

Men who sought to escape that

would sooner kill any lawman
who come after him,

knowing surrender meant a walk to the end of that rope.

Spike, he was no different.

After a while,
no one would come after them,

and men like Spike Kenedy
would do whatever...

they want to anyone

and not answer for it.

But Dora wasn't just anyone.

The course of that one bullet
in the bed.

One bullet, one
nail on the bed.

Was that fate?

I don't know.

She said
they were asleep.

What kind of man
would do this?

Where's Kelly?

He's at the hospital
at Fort Dodge. He's sick.

He let these two actresses
while he was recovering.

Didn't know
he was taking in boarders.

Four shots mostly
into the walls.

And this one...

Rider never dismounted.

Well, how do you know that?
Shots look pretty well scattered.

Could've been two shooters
and they fled away real quick.

Grab the other end of this.

Number one.

Number two.

Number three.

Number four?

Number four.


Looks like fate played his part.

One gun,
one rider on horseback.

Clever work, Wyatt.

I do believe you're right.

Back in Monmouth, Illinois.

He went on to fight
when the time came.

Wasn't around that much after that.
Been a lawman since I was 16.

My father leaving taught me
about doing the right thing,

even when others don't.

I promised I would protect those who couldn't protect themselves,

women, children,
and make it right when they are not.

Caulk marks.
Unique enough to track them.

Any thoughts
on the kind of pony?

Two horses.
This impression's deep.

One was a large breed.
The other, I'm not sure.

.44 Winchester Centerfire.

One was a lookout
and ran off in this direction.


Anyone see anything?


Spike Kenedy was around.


His brother Sam too.

Mad on account of mayor throwing them out of The Alhambra.

Swore they'd cut down Kelly
for interfering.


Happened yesterday.

Spike planned to rob the new
Wells center. Kelly overheard.

Throwed them out
before he got sick.

Ain't gonna let him get away.
I'll ask Hinkle for a warrant.

Yeah, and I'll get word to Bat.
As soon as you can.

Oh, and put two men on Mayor Kelly's room,
will you?

Will do.

Here he comes.

Kelly's alive.


Mayor was in the hospital.
Had some actresses in his house.

What actresses?
One of them Dora Hand?

That's the name.
Damn, Spike.

Look, boys, the marshal's
putting a posse together.

That'll be Earp and Bassett.

Wyatt Earp.
We gotta go.


Come on.

Let go or I swear
I'll kill you. Aah!

Wyatt, he broke my thumb.
Tell him to let go. Aah!

Wyatt, he broke my thumb. Unh!

Bat Masterson,
with my sheriff?

Sheriff? Son of a...

I wouldn't dream of it,
- Aah!

This gentleman wouldn't take care of his tab at the saloon.

I paid my tab, Wyatt.
I did, I paid it. Yeah, right.

Now, you pay that pretty lady.

Now, what's this I hear about
an emergency town meeting?

Well, thank you, Bat.
I'll tell you along the way.

Wyatt, Charlie,
what's going on?

What's this I hear about you boys putting together a posse?

We need a warrant for the arrest of Spike Kenedy.

If he gets out of Kansas,

he may well escape justice.
Request denied.

His political influences reach far.
Please tell me you're not swayed.

You are nearing contempt, Earp.
Mind your talk.

Sir, an actress was killed
last night.

I will not permit a vigilante
you understand me?

We will convene in my court and properly hear all the evidence.

While Spike Kenedy gets away?

Now, you have the authority to issue
an immediate warrant for his arrest.

Yet you fear retribution
from his father.

Now, if indeed
you did sought justice,

you'd allow us to go
without hesitation.

Traverse lightly here, Wyatt.

Heed a wise
friend's words, Earp.

As marshal,
I'm ordering you to stay.

Then I ride alone.

There was no choice in it for me.

With all due respect, sir.

I ain't gonna let Spike Kenedy
get away.

I'm gonna go with.

You boys ride out there,
you do so without your stars.

You will have no protection
as officers, you understand?

Wyatt, if you're going-- You don't wanna come,
then don't.

But Dora deserves
better from me.

Think about your actions
here today, Earp.

May cost you your career.
All of you.


there goes my bid
for governorship. Heh.

Sorry, judge.

I'll get the horses.

There's nothing to
think about, sir.

You boys leave me no choice

but to issue warrants
for yourselves as well.

Do what you must, judge.

You ain't back in three days,

I'm sending federal marshals
after you, you understand?

Yes, sir.

All right, boys.

Who Spike Kenedy was

and his brother Sam.
Desperate men?

Desperate in the sense
at nothing to escape justice.

From a military family.
Had influence.

Wealth, political power.

It was known he was corrupt

but couldn't be touched.

But even with
Daddy's connections,

they would not likely
elude us for long.

Heading southbound,
there was only one place to run.

That was the Mexican border.

Out of the country,
they would lay low

while their father would deny knowledge of their whereabouts,

muddle the legal system,
call on favors,

buy injunctions and the like.

And they'd likely kill again.

You know what to do.
Get the boys.

Oak Hill?
High noon tomorrow.

Good luck, brother.

Come on.


We had only three days.

Three days or they'd get away
with what they did to Dora,

before the law would be coming
on our heels.

No authority.

No badges.

No warrant. Just three men.

But we needed a fourth.

We're gonna need a hand.
Who do you have in mind?

Remember Billy Tilghman
from buffalo country?

Hang on there, Wyatt.

Spike and the gang
are getting further away.

We lose them,
we'll never find them.

But with a tracker like Bill--
Spike will never shake us.

Had taken to hunting buffalo,

and we met this kid out there
by the name of Billy Tilghman.

Best tracker I ever known.

Was fast with a gun too.

He never wasted a bullet.

Killed over 2,000 buffalo
in one day.

Shot so fast,
he had to keep his gun cool by pouring ladles of water on it.

Now, Billy Tilghman
was raised by Cheyenne.

Thought like them,
was one of them.

When he tracked,

he was invisible.

Like a ghost.

Why are we stopping, Wyatt?
Reservation's on that side of the hill.

See all this?

- It's a warning.

We're gonna find ourselves at the mercy of a warrior chief.

That so?


Whoa. Easy there, boys.

That there's Bill Tilghman,
the one I was telling you about.

Glad to see you, Bill!
- Wyatt.

Looks like you boys got yourself a posse down there.

Sure could use
some tracking skills.

Spike was the leader.
Cutting the head off a snake.

But if we got to Sam first,
I knew he'd come right to us.

Did you have an idea where to look?
I had ideas.

Men as notorious as the Kenedy brothers couldn't just go anywhere.

But as it turned out,
Spike had come upon a little cabin up in the pineys.

They were kind folk just trying to do a kind thing.

They didn't know a snake
was at the door.

Howdy, mister.

Where you headed?

Heading south,
end of this road.

Ain't nothing for miles.

What's your name, son?

Connie. What's yours?

Name's Jim.
- You know, he's right.

It's about 10 miles to town.
Be dark before you got there.

Ten miles, huh?

That is pretty far.

Been riding all day and
You, uh...

Maybe a place around here
I could set up camp?

It gets pretty cold here
at night. Um...

More than welcome to.stay with us if you'd like.
Be happy to have you.

I don't really think
that we can. I mean--

No, I couldn't. I wouldn't
wanna intrude on y'all.

Oh, no, you're not intruding.

Look, a man needs some supper.

Much obliged, ma'am.

You wanna go grab
this man's horse?


Here you go.

Name's Whisky.

Go on.

What's your name?
Jim. My name's Jim.

Jim, nice to meet you.
I'm Ed.

You met my boy Connie
and that's my wife Susie.

She's a mighty fine cook
taken care of tonight.

Again, I appreciate it, Ed.

Throwing that baseball.

Thank you.

Wow. Those are real, mister?

Uh... We don't allow guns
in the house, Jim.

I hope you understand.

I understand.

Saddlebags be all right?

Yeah, be just fine.

Be a nice meal waiting for you
when you get back.

Mr. Jim's our houseguest.
Bothering him, understand?

Yes, sir.
Connie, guns are dangerous.

You understand?

Okay. Go help your mother.

He's putting the guns away.

I just don't understand
why he has to stay.

Why can't he
leave after supper?

It's our Christian duty.

It's not the well-off
that needs help, it's Jim.

There's just
something about him.

Supper's just
about ready, Jim. Sit down.

Very Christian of you, Ed.

But you stayed on the pursuit.

Did you not say you had
some idea where he was?

Bill was an expert. But by day's end,
we hadn't caught up with him.

Bill had his trail.

Just a matter of time,
but time was running out.

We wouldn't give up.
Not allow that.

What is it, Bill?
You see anything?

Must've made camp.

Too smart to light a fire too.

Running these horses
gonna do us any good.

We ought to make
camp ourselves.

We'll get him in the morning.

Connie, Ed, dinner's ready.

Dad, can I sit by Mr. Jim?

Oh, that's fine, son.

Thank you, ma'am.
Oh, man, that looks good.

Thank you.

Shall we say grace?

Um... Hon, maybe Mr. Jim
wants to say grace.

He's our guest.

Any fine Christian would.

Close your eyes.

Lord, we thank you for this bounty,
for our breath this day,

for our loved ones, our brothers,
our sisters, mothers.

Most of all,
for the hospitality of these kind people.

And my grandma
and grandpa.

And Grandma and Grandpa.

And my new baby brother.

On the way.


This looks delicious.

Jim, where'd you say
you were headed?

Ranch near Meade.

There's beautiful
country up there.

I used to fish at, uh,
Ryan's Stream back before the war.


Which ranch? Maybe I know it.

I don't think so.

Try me.

Just a friend's, Ed.

A long journey, I imagine.

What's that? To Meade,
to your friend's ranch.

Where you coming from?

My wife asked
you a question, Jim.

Coming from Dodge City, ma'am.

What were you doing in Dodge?

Well, I gone to see a show

at the Comique Theater.

Did you see what I did
with the Dodge City Times?

I picked one up
in Fowler today. Of the shows.

I don't get out to see plays
and such, so...

No, I haven't.

Probably used it
as kindling anyway. Heh.

Is it good? Like it?

We're gonna make it right,
what he did to that poor girl.

There's more, isn't there?

You were familiar
with the pretty little flower.

You know, all my life,

all I ever wanted to be
was a lawman like my father.

Then Dora came along.

And the way she
.moved on stage,

the way she laughed,

the way the sun hit her face
first thing in the morning,

everything I thought I was
just changed.

You know,
for the first time in my life,

all I wanted to be
was a regular man.

A family man,
maybe. I don't know.

This is it.

This is what you wanted
to show me?

I don't see anything.

This is four lots.

I bought them from Mayor Kelly
back in November.

Pay the other
half in the spring.

Build a nice little something
overlooks all this.

It's lovely.

You know, location's

There's a brook nearby.

I was thinking maybe
we make an evening of it.

I know a great spot
to watch the sunset.

I'll show it to you next week.

Did I tell you about the time
in Venice, Italy?

I am so clumsy.

I got in and I completely
turned the thing over.

You went in.


It's getting cold.
Maybe we should head back.

No. Let's stay.

I'll be tough.

Just like you.

Maybe I'll light
us a fire then.

All right.

For good.

This damn duty.


What's wrong?

been murdered.

They want justice.

They need me.
Always with your duty to do.

You're going to go
after a man.

You're going to kill him.

Thou shall not kill, Wyatt.

I'm sorry.

If you go,

I cannot promise I'll be here
when you return.

That's why she was at Kelly's.

Maybe if I wasn't
so damn stubborn, ma--

You know, a feeling like this
only comes once in a lifetime,

if you're lucky.

And Dora showed me that.

It's quite a thing to care
for somebody in such a way,

with your whole being,

heart and soul.

There was a part of me that thought if I had taken her in my arms

and been with her that night instead of out there chasing some fugitive...

I hope she'd forgive me,
maybe we'd still be together.

Maybe you wouldn't be here listening to me tell this story.

May not be here at all,
I reckon. You made a choice.

We cannot change our choices,
I suppose.

Well, you tell me, Mr. Taylor.

Was it destiny or fate
or blind chance

that takes our
loved ones away?

I don't know.

Where's my choice in all this?

None of us can
change the past,

I suppose.

I reckon.


Shh. Heh.

You seem to know
what happened in this place.

Some things I heard later.

Some I figured on my own.

When did you finally
come after him?

When it was still dark,
we put our things together.

We set out early.

Forty-eight hours
would go by right quick.

I didn't care for rest, but the horses,
we wouldn't get too far without them.

Cherokee Indians on my tail.

I got arrows flying by.
I stand up on my horse

and the stirrups flip around,
six-shooters-- Bam, bam.

Never had a problem with an Indian after that, Connie.

That was an amazing story,
wasn't it, Pa?

That was amazing.
It's a true story, son.

I got some errands to run
out in Ford County.

Um... I could take you
as far as the county line.

Yeah, that'd be fine, Ed.

This was a nice
breakfast, ma'am.

You get enough to eat?

Okay, good.

You know, Ed,
for my horse before I ride out.

You wanna show Mr. Jim
where the oats are?

Sure. Right this way, Mr. Jim.

Thanks, buddy.

Where we headed?
To the back of the corral.

All right, you lead the way.

Jim's a nice fellow, huh?


Jim. Nice fellow.

Can I help you with anything?
No. I'm fine.

Seem pretty happy about having
another young'un coming.

I guess.

Let me tell you something.

Ain't nobody better than kin.

People will come and go,
you can't trust them.

But kin? That's forever.

I got a kid brother myself.

We stand by each other
no matter what.

No one else will
do that for you.

You never forget it.

All right.

You wanna hold it?

Can I?

Got a better idea.

This one's yours.

A gift from me to you.

All right, now keep it
just like this, see?

No one will know you have it.

When you need to
protect yourself you're ready.

You understand?

Here you go.

Hey! Whoa.

The thing's loaded.

Let me show you
how to shoot that thing.

You ever fire a gun before?

All right,

put your gun in here.

Point where you want
the bullet to go.

You can't go with him.

I'm gonna make sure
he's far away.

And then we get the sheriff.
But until then, don't say a word.

Now aim for that,
right in the middle right there.

Okay? Go ahead now.
Let's see what you got.

That's a great shot.
Let's do it again.

Connie! What are you doing?
Stop it!

Are you okay?
You're not to play with guns.

You know you're not supposed to play with guns.
Get in the house.

Just giving the boy
a little education, Ed.

I give the boy all
the education he needs.

We need to go.
I got a lot to do.

Ready when you are.

We part ways.

Appreciate your
hospitality, Ed.

And that pretty
little wife of yours.

You ever come
back, I'll kill you.



Whoa, Ed.

I need you to pick a number
between one and 10.

I don't wanna pick it for you.

Can't choose
another man's destiny.

So, what's it gonna be?

Fine. One, two--



Why nine?

My son's 9.

That's a good
kid, that Connie.

Go on.

Hyah, hyah, hyah.

Come here.

Come on. Come on.


My husband!
He's been shot.

You riding with him too?

I'm a marshal.
Out of Dodge City.

We're lawmen and we
Tell me who did this.

Said his name was Jim.

We're after him for what
he's done in Dodge City,

and I promise you he will pay.

I wanna come with you.
No, Connie, no.

I wanna help. I can
shoot a gun. Please.

Just take me with you.

You listen to what
your mama says.

I will take care of this man,
I promise you.

I swear on my life.
How long you been after him?

Why didn't you catch him
before this?

Answer me, marshal!

You don't know
all that he's done here.

Mr. Earp, you get him.
You get that man.

What that man did was barbaric.

You okay, Mr. Taylor?

I'll be fine.

You wanna go on?

You a married man, Mr. Taylor?


Brothers? Sisters?

Only child.

Man needs family. Folks?

My mother passed last year.
My father when I was young.

This might be too
much for you. No. No.

Please continue.

Leaving that man's body was just the beginning of the bloodshed.

Spike had no sorrow,
no guilt about what he did.

With the boys split up,
they'd wanna meet up with the gang before long.

We'd have a
force on our hands.

On the house, boys.

It's to you, Bass.

I saw the front
cover of the Times.

Ha. I just don't think
you got that gold hidden.

You read too many
of them dime novels.

That leaves you, Jose.

You know why they call me
Chavez y Chavez?

Because I'm double.
Not one but two.

Well, read them
and weep, boys.

Wait, wait.
You lying sons of bitches.

Why don't you stand up and turn around real slow like?



Marshal Wyatt Earp.
Sam Kenedy, you're under arrest.

For what? I didn't do nothing.

We'll let the judge
decide that.

Where's your brother at?

you can't arrest me
without a badge.

Besides, you're
just a town marshal.

It seems to me that
you're in the wrong town.

Did you get fired?
Did you all get fired?

Let's get him out of here, boys.

Oh, howdy, sheriff.

What's going on here?
People are telling me you're scar--

Charlie? Is that you?


- Sure enough, sheriff.

This man is wanted in Dodge City for murder along with his brother.

We're gonna bring them in for some justice,
likely from the end of a rope.

Got a warrant?

No warrant, no prisoner.

That's unconstitutional.
You know that, Charlie.

I told you.

Sheriff, this here's the brother of James "Spike" Kenedy.

You've seen all the
wanted posters around.

We know who Spike Kenedy is.

We also know who his daddy is too.
Now, Mifflin,

he and the mayor
here are friends.

Sorry, boys.

I can't let you take him.

I don't think you understand.
We're in a bit of a time crunch here.

Don't make me insist.

We're the ones
gonna have to insist.

Is that a fact?

You boys running around
without your badges.

That's a pretty bold move,
going after the Kenedy brothers.

Them renegades hear about it,
they're gonna come for you.

Yeehaw! Whoa.


What's this about?
Matter of a posse to take care of.

What kind of a posse?
Wyatt Earp.

Son of a bitch chased us down
from Dodge City.

Hey, where's my brother?
Ask Sanchez.

He was at the Old House.

All right, let's move out.
Hyah! Come on.

Townspeople of Dodge just might throw you and Spike a parade.

What are you smiling at?

Don't you worry now.
Your brother will be in your presence once again.

Never catch him.
Well across county line.

Way to Mexico.

Yeah? We'll just see
if you keep on laughing

while you're swinging
from them Dodge City gallows.

From your capture?

One man cannot believe he could escape such a large force.

Sam was not my concern
at the moment.

I knew Spike would be
looking to reclaim him.

Once he found
there would be trouble.

There would be
some blood spilled.

Sam Kenedy. Where is he?



You said he was here.
They're gone, boss.

Where the hell is he?


Where's my brother, Lloyd?

Afraid he's got company.

Wyatt Earp, no less.

He's gonna get a new necktie.

Now, boys,

I don't want any trouble.

So just hand over your guns.

All of you.

Do what he says.

My father's gonna hear
about this, Lloyd.

That'll be the day.

Wyatt Earp is dead.
You hear me?

They're all dead!

You became the prey.

You could say that, I suppose.

Or you could say that Sam
became the bait.

All depends on
how you look at it.

We could be going
the wrong way completely.

May have some answers for us.

Tell us where your brother is,
the judge may go easy on you.


Any fighting breaks out,
I swear I'll kill you myself.

Hoist them.

Belts on the ground.
- We are lawmen.

Don't do anything stupid.
I ain't playing.

I ain't gonna ask you again.
Now! Bill.

Nice and easy.

I can see the headlines now:

"Wyatt Earp and his posse
caught with their pants down."

It's gonna be tequila
and senoritas for me. Come on.


I wouldn't if I were you.

You couldn't have
just grazed him?

How is he?
He needs a doctor.

Finding a doctor's
gonna take time.

That's time we don't have, Wyatt.
Bill? Do we have a trail?

We ought to talk
about heading back. Giving up?

Look, we gotta start
thinking about ourselves.

I see. Bat?

Denton isn't far.
They'll have a doctor there.

Denton it is.

Come on.

To get away from me.

I never lost a man in custody.
I wasn't about to start now.

Dead or alive,
he'd still be a lure to Spike.

Luckily, there was
a town nearby.

You're purring like a kitten, Pete.

Purring like a kitten.


I'm gonna try
something else now, Pete.

How you feeling, boy?

Let's have another go.

All right, Pete.

Giggling like
a schoolgirl there, Pete.

Giggling like a schoolgirl.

Looks like we found us
the one. I do believe so.

Oh-ho-ho. Mercy.

Come on, Pete.
We can get this. Good luck. Come on.

Does it, Pete?

Just like, aha,

being in the
schoolyard, isn't it?

Yes, sir, it's almost there.

I can feel it
trembling at the root.

You a doctor?
Lord have mercy, Pete.

You're doing great.
Excuse me, sir.

Are you a doctor?
Some call it that, yes.

Though I'm rather busy at the moment,
if you'll excuse me.

D-- Did I stutter?

I don't think you realize this here's a matter of life and death,

and we're willing to pay.

In advance.

Thank you for your time, Pete.



I don't think you understand.
I only do extractions.

Believe me,
it's gonna be an extraction.


I am an oral surgeon,
but I suppose we can...

make room for the table.

Set him down.

Seems your friend
has succumbed to gunplay.

Might I inquire as to
the events that led to this?

You may not.

Fair enough. Gentlemen,
hold him down, please.


My. Boy, that is deep.

I believe I'll have to try
another procedure.

Thank God, doc.
Give me a little.

Much better.

Wait, wait.

Please. No. No, no.


Why don't you tell us
where your brother is,

or it might take a long time
to dig out this here bullet.

Sir, I must protest.

My name is
Marshal Wyatt Earp.

That there
is Marshal Charlie Bassett.

That's Bill Tilghman.

This here is
Sheriff Bat Masterson.

This is the brother
of Spike Kenedy.

We're after these boys for the murder of an innocent woman.

I didn't kill that girl!

Shut up.

Little boy's daddy too.
- Now, we need your help.

Wyatt Earp?

Bat Masterson?

Well, go on, boy.

Tell the gentlemen
what they wanna know.

Where's your brother?

I ain't telling you
nothing, law dog.

Well, I wonder
where this bullet could be.

No. Oh!

No, okay. Okay. Okay, marshal.

Okay, okay. Doc.

Just a-- Just a
little bit of whiskey?

Aah. Yeah.

That's good. Thanks, doc.

Now, the question
I'd be asking myself, marshal,

is what was Miss Dora
doing in a married man's bed?

Maybe that's how Mayor Kelly got the name "Dog."

Seems to me my brother Spike
did Dodge City a favor.

And you and your men
are willing to risk your lives

for a whore actress
and a corrupt politician.

Now, what Mayor Kelly does in his private time is his business.

But bringing you and your brother in to justice,
that's mine.

It looks like you just showed
your hand, marshal.

Seems to me somebody's out to get a little more than justice.

Let him die.
- No.

No. No! Wait, okay.
Okay! Oh-ho-ho!

No! The ranch. The ranch. My--

My-- My daddy's ranch
in Santa Teresa.

He riding alone?
- No.

Probably got--

Probably got Sanchez with him
by now and Confederate Jones.

Spike had me round them up
at Oak Hill.

That's all I know, I swear.

Killer shooters, Wyatt.
Not likely to take captives.

That's all I know. Okay?

But you should know,

my daddy

is a very powerful man.

Y'all don't stand a chance.

I think that bullet's ready
to come out there, doctor.

We're indebted to you, doc.

No need to thank me.
I'm your daisy.

I never knew law and order
could be so much fun.

If you're ever in Dodge City,
be sure to look us up.

I may just do that, Mr. Earp.

Never caught your name.

Dr. John Henry Holliday.

At your service.

Let's go, friend.

That's how you
met Doc Holliday?

He'd come and go several times
during our friendship.

Doc was always free.

We were to head for their father's ranch to intercept Spike.

He could not be permitted
to reach it at any cost.

He'd be home free
if we were unsuccessful.

But by then, he
knew we had Sam,

so it was just
a matter of time

before Spike
would come looking for us.

What is it, Bill?

He's covering his tracks.
This has all been wiped clean.

And it's fresh. Very fresh.

How far is it to that ranch?
About 20 miles.

Be the west side of
Clark County, I suppose.

Mifflin Kenedy, he's a war hero.
He's not gonna hand over his son,

knowing he's gonna
be swinging from the gallows.

"Surrender Sam or die."

He's dead.

I warned you, Earp.

Spike, he got a mind
all of his own.

Spike ain't like
you and me.

He ain't gonna quit
till he gets what he wants.

This is just the beginning.

You best figure
out another plan.

You really are some
stupid sons of bitches. Aah!

Spike! Go give them hell, now.


I'm okay!

Spike. Spike, where are you?

Hold your fire.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Now, you wanna get down.

Wyatt! Hand over Sam
or you all die.

Come on.

Damn it, watch out for Sam!
I'll kill you myself!

Better stay with me
if you wanna stay alive.

Drop it!

Wyatt Earp.

I'm gonna shoot him, Spike.
Sanchez, out of the way!

Shut up, he's mine!

Damn it.

I ain't going to the gallows!


Spike! Spike?

Spike eluded your capture?
I don't understand.

You were a hero.
You had him in your grasp and you let him get away?

Let me ask you something.
What have you ever done?

Hm? You sit behind a desk
and you write stories.

Not living your own life,
living somebody else's.

You, sir, are no man.

No idea what it means to be a man.
What's wrong with your generation?

Sit around and talk about what's right,
talk about the law.

Taking law for granted.

The law is an action.

You never had to face death.

Never had to face the idea of killing a man for what is right,

because it's right.

Not as of yet, Mr. Earp.

Not as of yet.

Call myself a goddamn hero.

Only children and fiction writers throw those kind of words around.

Which are you?

Hm? Shall I continue,
Mr. Taylor?

Please go on.


Well, poor Charlie, as it turned out,
was hurt pretty bad.

I'm fine. Help me up.
We need to get Charlie to a doctor.

Best doctors outside of Wichita are in Dodge.

We can't give up now.

We're back to square one.
We didn't get Spike, Sam got away.

If we don't get Charlie a doctor,
he's gonna die.

And with Hinkle after us,

we might not go
back as free men.

We tried, Wyatt.

We can get Spike another day.

He'll hold up,
seek sanctuary, pay judges,

and we'll have no recourse.

He may be free for good.

All this justice and for what?
At what cost? Charlie's life?

Is it worth that?

He won't get away with killing Dora, Bat.
I won't allow that.

What about you, Bill?

Bat may be right.

This might be over for now.

And so what? We all go back
to our nice, warm beds,

wake up, and it's all
a bad dream? Is that it?

No, you're right, Bat.

I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.

Charlie needs help.
I'm going in alone.

I never should have brought
you boys into this.

You going after Spike's gang alone,
that's not justice or courage.

That's suicide.

You made your decision,
now let me make mine.

You dying won't
bring her back, Wyatt.

Step down, Bat.

If you're determined to ride into the gates of Hades itself,

I'm gonna be by your side.
Well, we're getting him some help.

Wyatt, there may be a doctor
in Cedar City.

It's a ways but--
It's on the way to the ranch.

Tell me you know one.

All right.

Charlie had lost
a lot of blood.

A lot of men wouldn't have had
the fortitude Charlie had.

When we got to Cedar,
a doctor quickly patched him up.

Vitals were missed.
Through the meat, they called it.

Doctor ordered a few days' rest,
but he wouldn't have it.

I persuaded him.

Bat, Bill and myself,
we continued on.

You let me do the talking.
What are we gonna tell him?

Don't open your mouth.

What have you done?

What do you mean?
Just happen to be about, that's all.

You only come here when you're in trouble.
What is it?

They're here now and they're safe,
and that is all that matters.

Tell me or get
off this property.

What happened to you, Sam?

I, uh-- I got shot twice.

And the second one
nearly tore me in half.

Is that all?

Come on.
A girl is dead.

Dodge City.

Shots were meant for Kelly.
It was an accident.

An accident?

I've put up with your abuse,
your thievery,

your animal instincts,
but this...

a dead girl.

I don't wanna hear it

from either one of you.

I'm tired of your excuses
and disappointments.

Mifflin. Mifflin,
they are still your sons.

How many?
How many are coming?


Wyatt Earp.

He will not be bought.

Bat Masterson.

Charlie Bassett.

And they also have that-- I don't know,
that Injun or something.

Billy Tilghman.

My God, what have you
brought upon us?

You are my sons.

I will protect you
but I will never forgive you.

We'll be ready when Earp
and his friends get here.

Were holed up in their father's ranch.

We could have turned back
or we could finish it.

I decided to finish it.

And the closer we got,

the more I couldn't shake
that feeling in my gut

that men were gonna be killed
that day.

Maybe my friends.

It's what we set out for.

There was no turning back.

Whoa! Whoa!

Where'd that come from?

In the rocks on the ridge.

You see anything, Pa?
Not yet.


Right here.

Anybody see that?

They got us in a crossfire.

Goddamn it, I can't
see anything.

You boys get out of here.

I'm gonna take cover
over at that ridge.

I'm gonna go by the barn.

Keep your guns up,
watch your back.

All right.
See you back home.



Boy said it was an accident.

Enough blood's been spilled already.
I aim to take your boys in alive.

Sam, where are you?

Get up, Sam!

Help me, Sam!


Spike, you might...


Sam, you're gonna be okay.

Look at me, Sam.
I'm gonna get us out of here, okay?

Hey, we got them, Sam.
Sam, we got them.

Sam! Sam?


Aah! You're gonna die!

I need you to pick a number
between one and 10.

Go to hell.

It's a flesh wound.
You'll be all right.

Go get the son of
a bitch, Wyatt.

You're gonna bleed out.

Spike Kenedy.

Ain't no place you can go
the law can't find you.

I said I was gonna kill you!

That wound is gonna need
some attention.

Bullet didn't even go in!
You just grazed me!

I'm coming for you.

Lose your holster, Wyatt.

Lose it! Now!

Toss it.

Toss it over there.

Sam's dead.

You know he did no harm!

You're gonna pay!

Is that Wyatt?

Boys! Judge!

They're back!

You got what you wanted.

You wanna blame somebody,
blame me.

Boys ain't guilty of nothing
but being loyal.

I gave you boys three days.

You upheld
your end of the bargain.

I'll uphold mine.

Welcome back, boys.

Let's go! Let's get him.

- Spike!
- Take your hands off of me!

Three days changed us forever.

Changed a lot of
folks, I expect.

My father left us when we were young,
but before he did, he said:

"When you take someone's life,

you give up part of yours."

That is the truth.
I found that out on more than one occasion.

Can't come back
from that kind of thing

much as you try to live
a normal life.

War changed men.
Changed us all.

And Mr.
Buntline, why did he have these guns manufactured?

As it happened, Mr. Buntline
had respect for that actress.

He'd seen her perform
in New York and London.

So to show gratitude for the
capture of her killer,

he bestowed upon us
these specialty guns.

Yeah, good, good. Ah.

Fellas, it's so good
to see you guys.

You know who I am,

and I've heard about your exploits clear back in Philadelphia.

Bringing down that
no-good Sam Kenedy

and throwing his
worthless brother into jail.

Great work!

Judge has brought me here
to show my appreciation.

I had Mr. Sam Colt

make a special
gun for you guys.

This here is the
Buntline Special. Ha-ha.

But also, every time
you touch this weapon,

I want you to remember
the lovely Miss Dora.

I know we're
all gonna miss her.

All right. Now, Wyatt Earp,
that there is for you.

Mighty glad you got your badge back there, marshal.

Let me guess. Bat Masterson,
right? Right.

One for you.
I'll trade for that cane.

I don't think so, sir.
How about that hat?

The hat stays with me, sir.
- Ha. I knew it would.

Charlie Bracket.


Ha-ha. I knew that. Look,

And that means you
must be Eddie... Bill.

Bill Tilghman. Ha-ha-ha.
I knew that.

This is for you, young man.

How about you fellas?
Anybody want a shot of red eye?

Yeah! Come on down!
Let's have some fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

Okay, thank you.

His father bought him
the best medical attention,

but still he died
of the injuries.

Get back here.
This boy's dying.

I been shot worse and patched up by a field surgeon

who was so goddamn drunk
he couldn't say his own name.

Mifflin. Mifflin,
do something.

But if anyone had it coming...

No! No!

I never wanted to kill a man
out of revenge.

I don't think I did.

My plans to live a normal life
were over.

From that moment on,
my destiny was laid out for me.

I had...

no choice.

I went on to kill folks,
bad folks like Spike.

Tombstone and other places,

but I don't ever
wanna kill a man for doubt,

or out of revenge.

My father was not around
to guide me, Mr. Taylor,

but perhaps things might have turned out differently if he had been,

but I have to live with that.
Neither was yours.

For that I am sorry.

I did the best I could.

Sorry about
your father, Conrad.

And your mother.

That is not a myth.

Mr. Earp,
how long have you known?

Since the moment I met you.

Years before.

I've taken an interest
in your well being.

I've sent assistance in the care of your mother anonymously,

inquired from time to time
about you.

Yes, sir, I knew who you were,

even when I read
your recent letter.

Spike destroyed my life,

and I blamed you
all these years.

But now I realize
you did everything you could.

You were a hero
to so many people, Mr. Earp.

I just wish you could've been
a hero to us.

You were just human.

Just a man.

I hope you can forgive me.

Don't let what that man did
change you, Conrad.

That innocence,
that's special.

You hold on to that.

I lost mine years ago.

Guard that always.

Cherish it.

Take it.

You need a new memento.
I want you to have it.

My dearest Wyatt:

I shall be returning
to Dodge City

for another engagement
at the Comique Theater.

I've thought about
what we discussed,

and I've realized that I cannot live without you.

I will be yours
now and forever. Love, Dora.

I'm leaving yesterday behind

I don't know what awaits me
What I'm gonna find




Well, I'm driving
To tomorrow now

I can't see too far ahead
What life would be about

The rear view
Is out of sight






I'm gonna find
Some peace of mind

I'm done with strugglin'
Ready for my life

I'm leaving yesterday behind

Don't know what awaits me
What I'm gonna find