Wunderland (2018) - full transcript

Christmas 1944, The Germans make one final push against the attacking allied armies in the West. Lt. Robert Cappa and his platoon of 2nd Infantry Division soldiers have been ordered to hold a vital road junction against the German aggressors. Cappa and his men must find their faith and strength to stand against their enemy in the epic fight know as "The Battle of The Bulge."

The Battle of the Bulge was the last
German offensive on the western front ...

during WW 2. The offensive surprised
the Allies completely.

On the misty winter morning
of 16 December 1944 ...

200,000 soldiers started
and 1000 tanks Hitler's last offensive.

They wanted to penetrate the Channel ...

and split the Allies,
just like in 1940.

They hit in the Ardennes,
a wooded area with few roads ...

guarded by inexperienced,
tired American soldiers ...

who needed to gain peace and experience.

These soldiers were
the first and last line of defense ...

against Hitler's war machine.

We're going to attack them.
- Comes, Lieutenant.

First on the left.

Second on the left.

First on the right.

Pull back.

There they come.

Rock, deck me.

Crazy crazy.

We have to leave.

The 23rd should have Wahlerscheid
attacks, but they are fixed.

What is your situation?
- Sector two is not safe.

We have had contact with the enemy.

We have disabled a PaK.
But we did not get through it.

They had 43 rifles and S-mines.

A Genius company.
- Victims?

Not this time.

S2 says that only there
boys and the elderly are sitting.

This was the SS.

What do you think, Gene?
- They were not boys and old people.

Captain. Go back to S2 and leave them
to verify their information. Once again.

I do not want any surprises.

I have to get the 23rd from Wahlerscheid.
But that does not work anymore today ..

We can go.

Do you volunteer again?
- If it is necessary.

God bless you. You are a
of my best, but you are exhausted.

Not yet, Major.

Not? All right then. Then I have a job
for you and your boys. Look.

The 99th is on the left and the 106th
on the right. Their positions have been stretched.

A lot of holes in the lines.
That makes me nervous.

Your platoon has to go here
and fill in those holes.

At Lanzerath.
You have to keep that line in your hands.

When are we going?

Ask Miller of the 73rd.
His patrol leaves in fifteen minutes.

You can join them.

Make sure you stay warm.

The field hospital reports hundreds
cases of trench feet.

Do not let that get you. Understood?


Are they the orders?

Ten days in the field, chock-full of muffs
and this is our reward?

Those are the orders.
- At the front?

- They know that the war is over?

As far as I know.
- The boys will be happy about that.

Listen, soldiers. We have orders.

We are going back to the front.

Take it easy.

We are going to a quiet part
in the line to fill some holes.

When are we going?
- In twenty minutes.

What do you want?
Are not you volunteers?

It is not a nice warm bed,
but this is the army, what do you want?

Pack your equipment,
we're going in 20 minutes.

This would have been much better,
then sleep outside.

You did well, Rock.

They say the war is over.
- The army says so much.

How long have we been doing this, Gene?
- Since we arrived at Fort Riley.

Exactly. And since then the army says:
Go over here, go there.

And now they say
that the war is 'almost' over.

What do you mean?

I mean, I mean that damn war
be sick.

What do you think?
- About what?

Do you think the bosses are defeated?

No, I do not believe that.

And that we are going to a quiet area?
- They do not call it the front for nothing.

You are full of good news.

So you leave quickly?

In a few minutes.

Have you heard anything from S2?

The telephone lines are lying
flattened all morning.

Sometimes they work and then not again.

Will come through the weather.
- Yes. They will solve it.

Are you sure
that the SS were troops?

I have seen many troops in this area.
But there is no doubt about it.

It was the SS.

I believe you,
but the intelligence service does not.

But when did they
it ever at the right?

Sometimes they work and then not again.

You still carry that cross.
- Indeed.


I should not show you this.
- What are those?

I have a girl at home. Irene.

She writes me almost every week.

Are they her letters?

- What a dedication.

The point is,
that I have not opened one.

Not one?

True, not one.

You mean it. Why not?

I do not open them ...

It is something to look forward to.

Every time a new one arrives
I have another reason to keep up.

That's how you get through the war.
- Exactly.

Just like your cross.

What do you know about that sector?

Frankly not much. The boys there
just come from the US. Zero experience.

A shortage of communication,
ammunition and food.

They have support
of experienced soldiers.

That's why the Major sends you, Gene.

Frankly, I would rather be here.
To give direction to the attack.

I know that, but you and your men
have earned some peace.

We can use that break.

I will get you back as soon as possible.
- Thank you, Captain.

And I will sit S2 behind their rags
about what you have seen.

I appreciate that.

SS troops is never a good sign.

No that is right.

Then the Germans are planning something.
- Indeed.

Thanks for the chat.
- Thank you.

We will miss you.

Good luck.

Will you let me know if you see something?


Does the major do something good.

Are you okay?
- Fine.

Tank boys do travel in style.
- Wait until the Tigers come.

You have this for that.
- We better spit on them.

Thanks for the lift.
- You're welcome.

I would like to live here.
- In Belgium?

Well, you know.
In a snow-covered landscape.

I hate the winter.

I have never been fond of it,
but it is nice and quiet.

I love that.

We have had no rest
since Normandy.

What do you think of this?

From this mission?

How can we stop them?
We are so scattered.

Boys and elderly.

Right, that is also
such a roll of monkey story.

This will be it.
- East West home is best.

On to the trench feet.

We do not need them at least
to dig yourself.

The 99th will have done it.

How nice of them.

Overlapping range of machine guns.

Head-fronts ahead,
communication backwards.

And you?
- I go to the 106th on the left.

Where do you want to post the radio?

Do that here.

I make sure Rudy installs the radio here.

And keep your head down.

I'm more worried about my ass.

Keep it down.

Perhaps this is calm
different than in Normandy.

Come on, weedheads.

Chief, Sill, with me.

Where are you going?
- Lanzerath.

Sorry, I did not see you.

Enemy movement?
- Light incoming fire.

They only have two pieces of artillery,
pulled by horses.

Those poor horses.
- The sleeves have been defeated here.

Good hunting, lieutenant.
- Good luck.

Major League.


Are you the 99th?

Lieutenant Cappa, from the 23rd.
- Will you pay us?

No, we're coming
close holes in your line.

Who is in charge?
- Me, lieutenant. Well...

Captain Watts is a few days
ago killed. Joint artillery.

So now is it you?
- Yes, but we have radio.

Let me see.
- Follow me please.


Have you seen someone on the road?
- Military police, this morning.

We have also seen that.
- They were definitely the same.

That will be.

It has been really quiet,
I do not believe anything is going to happen here.

What do you mean?

It's winter, Christmas,
the Germans have been defeated.

It could be.

I will connect you with our CP.
- That would be great.

Let me know if you see something.


We are in position
for the attack on Wahlerscheid.

- They are ready.


Have you heard anything from Cappa?
- Not yet.

What's wrong?

Major, I would feel more comfortable if
Cappa was in charge of this attack.

Totally agree, Joe.

Any news from our friends at S2?
- Reports are still coming in.

Many are about German patrols.

An increase?
- Yes, there is a lot of movement with the enemy.

What do the reconnaissance aircraft say?
- There is a huge weather front ahead.

Poor visibility. All planes, too
bombers, stay on the ground.

Damn, no air support?
- Nothing.

I do not know.

They can be reconnaissance patrols,
who want to test us.


Let me know
if anything changes.

I will do that.

What are they planning?

Wait a minute, Mac.

There is something in the trees.

Antitank weapon in the trees.

Thirty degrees.

Loading, 80mm.


Nice shot, Mac.

Shit, Tigers at 4 o'clock.

Tigers at 4 o'clock.

Kolere, Danny.
You do not have to dig to China.

Why do not you try it yourself?

Do you see this here?
They did not come up with it, did you?

Dig through.

Glad you are unharmed.
- Are the men in position?

Yes, I have distributed them as well as possible.
- Stock?

It is not a Christmas dinner, but
we have food and ample ammunition.

Can we keep it?

When the bosses attack?

The men follow you
to hell and back.

How do they stand there?

They are vegetables.

Come on, I'll show you your new home.

It is certainly not like home,
but it is warmer than a trench.

It is fine.

A heavy firefight in the east.

Come on, we're going to Rudy.

What do you have for us?
- I do not know.

An upset message from the 99th,
I could not understand anything about it.

And then nothing more.

Keep trying.

The outposts?
- Nothing, I checked before I woke you.


That was well-focused,
for two guns and a horse.

Those are Howitzer 105s.
- Do they attack?

I do not know.

If you see something, you pass it on.
Be alert.


I need plasma and morphine.

We do our best.
Find cover, it's going to pop here.

- Shut up.

What is happening?
- The Germans are attacking.

In cover and be ready.

Be ready.

Do not retreat.

Fire. Everything you have.

They are withdrawing.


He has to go to a field hospital.
- We do not have that, Doc.

I do not wanna die.


Victor 3, over.

Section 8.

How much?
No, you have to stand.


Everyone reports that they are moving.
Infantry, tanks, the whole rambam.

Right to Elsanborn,
the weakest point in our lines.

This is a big offensive.

And the division has not reported anything?

Our flanks are threatening
to be exposed.

If we are cut off
we are completely surrounded.

If it's a big offensive ...

they must cross the intersections at Bastogne
and get hold of St. Vith.

And then they can be easy
cross the Maas.

And you know what happens next.

Then they have free passage
to the Canal and Antwerp.

Then they split us from the British and
we are surrounded without supply.

Crossing at Lanzerath. That is the only one
road where heavy material can pass.

They must take Lanzerath.
- That is the position of Cappa.

Get my jeep.

Excuse me?

I am blind. We have to see for ourselves
how the situation is. In the saddle.

I lose my sharpness.

How do we stand for it?

Those two replacements have been killed.

- I do not know. I do not know their names.

Behind us.

How did they come behind us?

I do not know.

What should we do now?


Tank support?

We have to go to the intersection.
Put the 2nd platoon on the flanks.

I get the third.
We see each other again here.


What is that?

My goat.

What do you say?

Somebody has to carry my trade?
- I'm not getting well.

What is happening?
- The Germans are attacking. Where is Kelly?

He guards my positions.
- Are you serious?

I still have to protect my trade?

How much?
- Twenty or thirty.

They want us around.
- We have been cut off.

Okay, you two. Stay close to me.

And Betty?

Unless she can shoot
leave your hair behind.

Baker, this Fox Red. About?

Are you succeeding?

- Keep trying.

Second platoon is ready.
- Have you seen Rock?

He is not back yet.
- We can not wait any longer.

Send the scouts out.

Baker, this is Fox Red. About.

Baker, this is Fox Red. About?

Damn, careful.
- Sorry.

Sergeant. Are we lost?

I am far too old for this.

Do you think Betty is OK?

Forget about that goat. Jesus.

Go ahead.

I should have gone to the navy.

Muffs for us.
- And the intersection?

They are overflowing.
- Pass that on to everyone.

I'm going to look.

Hi, mate.

They came from nowhere.

I'm sorry, Major.
- It does not matter, boy.

To drive.

How does it look?

Bad. There are more muffs here
than in Germany.

We have to find a way around it.


- It looks like that.

Kelly, first.
We take them in the flank.


Watch your socks.

Also happy to see you, Lieutenant.

What do we do with him?

Get out.

Hurry up.
- You can not let him go.

Hurry up.

To our line.

Kelly in front.

They just sit there.
- Our line is close at hand.

How many grenades do we have?
- A few of the Germans. How so?

Go right with Grace.
I take them from the left.

Are not we going to attack them?

Kelly, come with me.

We can reach our line.
Then we take them there.

No, here.

When you attack over the left,
then cover me. Then I throw the grenades.

Move fast. Wait for my shot.
- Understood.



Grace? Is it safe?

Sorry, sergeant.


Rock, we have to go.

Rock, we have to go.

Kelly, see if that jeep works.

Rock, come with me.

Good to see you.
I found this.

Good job, corporal.

The radio?
- Rudy is trying it all day.

How are you?
- It does not work.

The Germans disrupt our signal.

Or are they overflowing?

What should we do now?

I have an idea.

What are you doing?
- Morse signals.

Hopefully they listen.

Breaker 490, Victor 3,
is someone there? About.

Breaker 490, Victor 3,
is someone there? About.


That is Morse.

Write this down.

Cappa, I can kiss you.
We are in contact with Cappa.

He's with Lanzerath. He wants orders.

My God, those poor boys.

This breaks my heart.

Tell him he stands alone.


What did they say?
- We must stand.

What then?
- What do we have?

We got some,
but not much. The 230s with ammunition.

A bazooka with three pieces of ammunition.
Hand grenades, landmines.

And the machine gun.
- Not much against armor.


We have orders to stand.
The Germans are coming.

We're with you, lieutenant.

At work then.

Chief, is that thing clean?
- Almost, sergeant.

Corporal, how do we stand for it?
- We are ready.

We are done.

This will make these Germans happy.
- Brilliant.

Baker 47, is there someone?

Baker 47, is there someone?

- Lieutenant?

Good to hear you, Captain.
- And you.

What is going on?
- Nothing good, Gene.

We are in the middle of a German offensive.
- We noticed that too.

The Germans are in all sectors
broken through. The US is withdrawing.

And we?

Your position is
at a crucial crossroads.

There will be heavy infantry
and troops in your direction.

I know it's much asked ...

but you must be the Germans
to stop as long as possible.

Are these our orders?

If we can not stop them ...

we are completely reduced
to the coast.

Then there is a lot of American
kill. So that is indeed your orders.

All right. Then we keep them
as long as possible.

You are a fantastic soldier.
- Thank you, Captain.

Be careful.

Over and out.


Rock, why is your coffee always cold?

In the beginning he is not.

Would there be any luck for us?

There they come.

There are a lot of Germans coming.
- And fast.

Good job.

Prepare that thing.

I begin to think of myself.

I've been doing that since this war started.
Stop nagging.

Ask for artillery support.

- We are alone.

Muffs armor.
- Lie.

Not really.

Rudy, send a message.

Is he dead?
- Not yet. Take him away.

Retreat to the forest.

It is not over. Around it,
then we take them from behind.

We can not stand here.
Is this our last resistance?

Pull back. Then we use this.

Gene, lie down.

Baker 47, is there someone?

Is someone there?

If anyone can hear me, then listen.

At 5.30 this morning the 6th broke
armored battalion through all our lines ...

all over the Ardennes.

This is not a small skirmish,
but a massive German offensive.

I repeat:

This is not a small skirmish,
but a massive German offensive.

Heavy German infantry and tanks
are broken by our lines ...

and try to surround us.

Your orders are:
Keep it at all costs.

I repeat:
Keep it at all costs.

We have to slow the German advance,
until the reinforcement has arrived.

What we do today can be the outcome
of the war.


Good luck and God bless you.

You are back.

It's snowing.
- Yes, you've been away for a while.

Does that help?
- What?

The cross.

It reminds me of my faith
and why we fight.

It has brought you good luck.

Do you hear that?

We have something
that she can stop?

Only those Panzerfausts.

If we can go with one tank
bar them, they lost a few hours.

That is a nice plan. I'll cover you.

You only have one attempt.

There it comes.

That was a beautiful shot.

Do you have a rabbit in the top hat?
- Not this time.

Have you heard something from Cappa?

The last report was
that they still stand.

So we do not know
if he saved it?

He is a damn good soldier.

In the saddle, captain.

The war is therefore not over at Christmas.

Yes, take it.
I do not need them anyway.

Would the others have saved it?
- I hope so.

What would they do with us?
- To Germany surely?

They split officers and conscripts.
- But they have not done that yet.

It was a pleasure
to fight with you.

Do not talk as if this is goodbye.

The sleeves have fixed
arranged a party for us.

I hope so.