Wszystko na sprzedaz (1969) - full transcript

The disappearance of the leading actor from the film's set worries its director Andrzej. He embarks on a journey to look out for the actor with a young actor and missing actor's wife and mistress.




director of photography

screenplay and director

- How was it?
- Great, director! Great!

Did you see the face?

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,
thank you.

Did you? Can you hear me?
Did you see the face?

Switch it off!

Why are you fooling around?
You won't act instead of him.

But how was it?

What is it about? Do you want to
get killed on the very first day?

I do, I do...

Oh God!
You frightened me so horribly.

And did you recognize it wasn't him?
Could you tell from behind in the coat?

- Are you surprised?
- Well, I knew it would be so.

Screw it all, the light is off,
we won't do anything more anyway.

He was so nervous.
He didn't sleep a wink all night.

I swear, this morning he went to
fetch the milk, only then...

- I know, I know, hangover.
- That too...

OK, so maybe I am not
needed here at all.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Let me tell you something.
You've done something to my husband,

seriously. We had a small
celebration yesterday at home,

something of an anniversary.
Anyway, he bought flowers and wine,

such a tiny bear.

- Are we pulling out?
- And then he sat down and all evening

talked of nothing else
but your movie.

- Is this a life?
- Don't bother me.

He didn't sleep at home.

How do you know?

So what?
You're happy with him, aren't you?

What do you mean?
It's great!

Attention! Train to Wołowiec
departs from platform 2.

Train to Wołowiec
departs from platform 2.

Let's start packing.
Enough of this waiting.

We're going to the studio.

We have to shoot the scene
with Beata and Elżbieta.

- Tomorrow in the morning at the same spot.
- I won't make it. Shall I be paying overtime

- from the first day?
- The second, the second.

Look after her.

Witek! What's happened to him?
He's behaving so oddly.

He's scared and so would I be
if I were in his shoes.

You know - yesterday we had
a celebration at home, you've no idea.

Like, wine, flowers, you know,
he bought me a tiny bear too,

and then he sits down, you see,
and talks of nothing else,

- but this movie, you see.
- Come, come.

- So I say, you see, that this...
- Did you shoot it?

That he talks of nothing
else but this movie,

- you see.
- Alek, leave the lamps.

Yesterday we had this...
anniversary, you see.

Wine, flowers, and the bear...

and we sit and all the time,
well, all the time...

- Hi, what are you doing here?
- Hi, nothing.

- Have you come to help us out?
- Me? What happened?

Stop pretending, everybody knows by now.
We've been looking since morning.

You'd like to act in this movie,
wouldn't you? No chance, man.

You're good enough for a sportsman.
You could play a boxer.

I could but nothing will come of it.
I'm leaving Warsaw, I have a train to catch.

Where are you going?
This platform is rented for the movie.

So what's going on? Elka doesn't
know where he is, either?

Go and listen to her story
about a teddy bear.

A perfect way to begin.

The director stood for him,
he even jumped under the train.

I saw it.

And what do you think?
Can this footage be used in the movie?

Look at him,
he's scared of the movie.

It's a matter of life
and death for him now.

And this fear made him
remember an old friend.

He made it once,
maybe he'll make it again.

Cool part,
I read the screenplay.

But have no fear,
he'll be back and act.

The director jumped under the train
because he hoped he would be killed.

And the whole movie
would be our burden.

And that would be good
for you, wouldn't it?

- When did you talk to him last?
- Recently.

Ah, we talked about you.

He wants to give you the German mug
that he always carries with him.

If you act in something
that he likes.

Work, man. Do you want
to see the set? Come.

- You were serious about the mug?
- Absolutely.

- What is it? Daniel!
- I changed my mind.

What am I to do?
Should I make up, dress up?

- How much time do you have?
- Next to nothing.

Come on, don't you know him?
How can he not come?

I've already forgotten
what he is like.

You wanted to work with him,
you wouldn't let me say a word.

Do you know that he stood in
front of our house for two nights,

so that you would not
change your mind?

You can't get anxious
because he's late.

- It's not because of that.
- Are you scared?

I hired Elżbieta.

- Hello!
- Hello!

- I hired Elżbieta.
- What for?

To play his wife.

- But she is his wife.
- Exactly.

But she can't play the part.

- So what?
- What do you mean: so what?

You already know that he didn't sleep at home.
He had a meeting with fans,

somewhere close to Warsaw,
and later a rehearsal at the theatre -

He didn't show up anywhere.

- Why aren't you answering?
- And what am I to answer?

I hired Elżbieta.

I don't know if you have the right
to twist it all together like this.

It's your movie but our life.

You're going to regret it.

Everything for sale, 237.

- May I?
- Please, come in.

Maybe you don't want
me to come here?

Why? Come in.

What happened?

- He isn't here.
- How do you know I'm looking for him?

Just look at yourself.

It's raining.
This is the table.

He used to hide in there.
He used to tell me all about it.

He hid there from the Germans.
Do you want to take a look inside?

Yes, I will check the wardrobe
and under the bed.

- Done?
- Done.

- How long has he been out?
- Six days.

I guess you lost.

You're a fool.

Take it off.

Calm down.

I'll get over it.

Take it off. Go to bed,
you should warm yourself up.

You're crying just like you did when
you came to make me give him back to you.

- Don't drink this much.
- It was you who gave it to me.

You'll bloat.

Only my legs swell
when I drink vodka.

You have lovely legs.

Come here, baby, come.


- Sleep?
- Do you think you've won

because this is his home,
he has a child here?

And what about me?

When I want to,
I look just like you.


Get out, do you hear me?
Get out, get out!

- Get out!
- Calm down!

Hey, get out!
Don't you know him?

He invented it for some movie and
later on included it in his biography.

He hid there once from some journalists
who came to interview him.

After that great success of his after which
nobody wanted to hire him

for several years.
And that was all.

That was all?

It's high time for you
to make friends.

With whom?

That girl or whoever he has.

Don't touch me.

Elżbieta, open up.
Elżbieta, stop it, open up!

What do you want?
Don't bother me.

What are you doing?
How can you go this far?

Because I just have to find him.

I have to know where he goes to
and with whom. I...

- I have to find him.
- Cut! Clean up that blood.

- What now?
- How was it?

Look where she stood.
We did it three times in a row.

Do we have a double take?

You were supposed to keep
your head like this,

- and you did it like that.
- Do we have it?

- We do.
- We need to shoot it again,

it wasn't that good.

- Are you satisfied?
- Yes, yes, there was something true about it.


- Elżbieta.
- Face the camera.

- How many metres?
- Is he back?

- Disappeared without a trace.
- And the meeting with fans?

Wait, don't bother me now.

It was supposed to be yesterday,
they were waiting but he never came.

OK, well, I'll go and
look for him myself.

So do we have it or not?
We do, don't we?

- I would shoot it again.
- No, no, no, we don't have the film.

- Done, thank you. It's all for today.
- Switch them off!

- Mrs Beatka, please, sign here.
- I will take you and the baby home,

- and then I'll take the car, OK?
- You'll do what you want.

- Please, stop it.
- So now you know, don't you?

What is it all about? Him?

You know I think about him all the time.
Actually, incessantly.

So what do you think?
The girls did it very well, didn't they?

- We'll see, we'll see on the screen.
- It was really sweet, seriously.

- I'd like to give you a ride, I have the car.
- Great, thanks.

You're tired, sweetie, aren't you?

I'd like to ask you a favour, man.

- Take it.
- Thanks.

- The camera is in the back, watch out.
- I will.

- Aren't you afraid that something happened?
- Just think, don't you know him?

Did you quarrel because of him?

Or because of me?

What is going on in there?

- Take her for a moment.
- Come, come, come.

Come on, Daniel.

Why do you think
I know where he is?

Beata, everybody's looking for him.
I don't know.

- I am not following him all the time, am I?
- You know what they say.

You listen to what they say.

Last time we were...

Listen, he may still be there...

But now I can't, you see,
I have a rehearsal, people are waiting -

I have to get used to
the props, costumes, interiors...

Anyway, what do you care,
let them worry.

They asked for it
so they have it.

I'm sorry.

We're there. Check,
maybe he left a note,

- I'll wait.
- Go back to your mom.

- Did you leave the lights on?
- I didn't.

You can go.


Thank you, bye.


Good evening.

Good evening.

I've had it with this waiting room.
This house is just a waiting room.

Today at the railway station
I told them everything.

You might be interested in what
your pals think about you.

You'll probably need a clean shirt.

God, I am so tired of
your eternal boyishness.

Just think how old you are.

The flowers stolen from the flower-beds
for which I have to apologize to the super.

Last lilac bush - 500 zlotys.

I didn't lose my sense of humour.
I just don't have the strength any more.

I don't even have
the strength to smile.

I am not fighting,
I am perfectly calm.

Because this time
I am really leaving.

You'll be surprised, I guess,
but I am really leaving.

Just tell me one thing,
when do you intend

to start living a normal life?

You're 40, have you forgotten?

You're 40 years old.

I have to get my toothbrush.

So you don't understand
what he is about either?

Are you really that dull?
You really don't understand?

It's quite clear, isn't it?
Is it?

There are no people from nowhere.
A man from nowhere exists only

in your elegant movies

and when a real career begins,

some festivals,
double-breasted suits

then, my dear, Rzeszów and
Kielce provinces, as he puts it,

hold you by the legs
and help you keep up,

because your childhood
was there, you see?

Your youth, some old uncle,
a friend,

catechist -
they all follow your career,

listen to the radio, they say:
he is our Bobek,

our Andrzej, one must not make a fool
of oneself, one represents something.

A patch of a forest, some sand,
people fought there,

and now you reach for
the profits, don't you?

Which is why if you want to stay true
to yourself you have to know,

that you're responsible for
the province of your youth.

But he talked about
two provinces.

Anyway, you're responsible for all
the places where you were born.

He is quoting him word for word.

I know, I translated it once
at some conference into English.

- But they didn't get it anyway.
- Man, I can't.

- Look, Elka is coming.
- Where?

- Here, upstairs.
- Where?

- She's just entered the gate.
- Oh, she's here.

Look at the faces she makes.
Elżbieta watches him very well.

Because she loves him very much.

He disappeared five days ago
and she claims...

- He's not here, Ela.
- Stupid, that yesterday he gave her...

- He is really not here, honestly.
- Really?

Ania, look, who's come.

- She's a fool, it's clear.
- If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't...

- When he's been gone for five days, you know...
- But she's happy.

You have no right.

Because I like her, you see.

- I mean, I know another...
- Well, who?


Wala is too discreet,
she always whispers.

But it's not true, allegedly...

He shot too quickly.
Too quickly...


You're running away from me.

Why did you hire me
for this movie?

I thought he loved you, I thought
something true may come out of it

on the screen.

- That wife of yours...
- What?

What is she like?
Well, warm, cold or what?

Let it be, Elżbieta.

Why doesn't anyone love me?

Love me.

Yes, yes, yes,
love me. You don't want to?

May he love me.

May everybody love me.

- What are you doing here?
- Hush. Listen, great dialogues.

- Why doesn't anyone love me? Love me.
- Are you mad?

I wrote it all down.
It'll be perfect for your movie.

Well, well, you better make sure
everything is OK tomorrow at the station.

What a bore!

- Wala, Wala, come.
- Come, come all.

At your service, madam.

Lolek, come, we're waiting.

Vodka, mark my words.
She is under the coat rack.

Your fur-coat, please.

Rysiek, Rysiek, drag her
out of that coat rack.

- Take her.
- Bogdan, come on.

- Bogdan, hurry up.
- Rysio!

- Wala, are you coming?
- I am.

But the banquet was a failure.

Elka's marriage is even more
of a failure. So what?

It's not even boring, it's a drama,
and we don't need any dramas.

The older kids have gone already,
the younger haven't yet.

The Merry-go-round is waiting,
calling us from afar.

- Boys, who will buckle me?
- I can unbuckle you.

This is my place,
I'm sitting here!

- Mine, mine.
- It turns and turns, I'm going to be sick.

How does one buckle it up?
Have you buckled up?

Faster, madam.

Murderer, two cognacs.

Oh, I'm falling off!

Switch the bloody thing off!

- Elka, it's bloody cold here!
- Stop it.

Switch it off, I'm telling you,
'cause if you don't...

Kara has puked!

Elżbieta, calm down right now,
switch it off!

Switch the bloody thing off,
you moron!

Enough! Stop it!

Come here!

Stop, listen, right now!

Stop it, or I will drown
you in the Vistula!

- We've had enough!
- I will hit that ginger head of yours!

Let's call it off, idiot!


Nice, isn't it?
I can sell you the copyright.

- Are you buying?
- It must be stopped.

So do it.
They'll like you.

Have you had your revenge?
They've had enough.

Not yet.

Take me away from here.

You don't even know
how much you can move me.

You're always there
where I don't expect you.

Because I know
that he's not here.

So many years we ate these
fruit jellies and shared a single lunch.

It's ridiculous how sometimes
you seem similar to him although

you try so hard to be different.

I couldn't stand it.
I couldn't stay with him,

because he's one of the people
haunted by some anxiety all their life.

I didn't want him to buy me a small
teddy-bear when he was sorry.

I stopped loving him
in this eternal search.

And until this very day he can't understand
how someone may stop loving him.

I wanted to go to sleep peacefully
and wake up without fear.

But I am happy.

Sir! Sir, please,
give me back my violin.

I have to hurry to school.

Listen, when somebody hits you, don't hit
him back or you will break your fingers.

Run now.
And don't break a leg.

- So what is going to happen now?
- I don't know.

Sure you don't know.

- Listen... oh God!
- What is it?

- You're hurt.
- Where?

Have you got a first-aid kit?

A handkerchief. Let me, no,
I need some water, wait.

- How are you?
- It's nothing.

You know, I changed my mind.
I'm not going anywhere.

What do you mean?
I was supposed to take you home.

You're going to look for him now?
At this time of day?

You need a rest.

Listen, don't pretend
you care for anyone, will you?

- Where is my handbag?
- Elżbieta.

Go, go.

- Have you been looking for me?
- I have.

- What happened to him?
- Nothing.

- Do you want to stay here?
- Not at all, I'm tired.

- Do you know anything?
- I think I know where to look for him.

Come on, let's go.

- And why are we looking for him, actually?
- What do you mean why?

Everybody waits for something
to fall apart because of him.

Everybody, including your husband.

He wants to shoot
the truth about us.

He would have liked to take
the part himself but he's afraid.

They did not let him know on purpose,
he could have gone anywhere.

Some party, I don't know where,
I don't check on him.

Don't you want to tell me
the story of the teddy-bear?

And you...
you're still in love with him.

Your husband knows about it.

- He is...
- What?

- He is very beautiful still.
- Very beautiful.

You expect him to come out of the forest
with a backpack slung across his arm

in jeans and canvas shoes,
so lost and unhappy,

- and you will hug him.
- I will.

Is there anything?

Meeting in Ruch club at 6 p.m.
But it says here: Thursday,

- and what is it today?
- Friday.

No, it's already Saturday.

And I drove the guy
you are looking for, ladies.

- How do you know who we are looking for?
- One knows such things.

- Where did you drive him?
- I drove him here,

but the axle broke so I've been
stuck here since yesterday.

- Look.
- What is it?

- Precisely, what is it?
- A Communist Youth badge, he gave it to you.

He left it in pledge because
he had no money, madam.

- For the whole fare.
- Yes, yes.

He spoke so nicely, madam.

From anybody else I would ask for
a watch but from an artist,

- oh no, madam.
- I will pay you presently.

No, no, no, madam.
He said, I'll wait.

One should trust people,
shouldn't one, madam?

- Game with forfeit, I know it.
- Come on, let's go.

Just a moment, where is this club?

- Right over there, madam. Across the street.
- I'll go there alone.

Excuse me, just a moment.

You see...

And what was next?

Well, I asked him not to ask
embarrassing questions.

- Well, but what did he say?
- Oh, he said that...

that, madam, he was lying here and
showing how one dies in a movie.

You must be laughing
at me but I think

that looking at him all that time,
I realized that an actor is

someone, well...

Oh, yes, yes, yes,
better, nobler,

he takes upon himself the sins
of others, such a human person,

who shows others how to live.

Exactly, this is what he said.

Well but he came on Friday
and not on Thursday.

Well, madam, it doesn't make any difference,
we would have waited

- anyway because it was worth it, and...
- Let's make it brief.

He arranged to meet the other one
after the meeting but where?

I don't know where but they
apparently knew each other.

Because when the other
disappeared after the meeting,

this one started looking for him,
he wanted to convince him.

But there was a girl who was
supposed to show him the way.

Do you like to play funny
parts or the sad ones?


And who is that girl?

A local girl who participates
in our drama club.

An actor is someone who
shows how to live.

- I guess you must know him.
- What do I know about him? He's my husband.

He went into the unknown.

People are really strange, seriously.

The man from the club would not
let me go for half an hour -

your husband comes late,
people are angry,

and why should
this concern me?

You know, one never knows when
and to whom one wants to tell something.

- Where did he go?
- Into the unknown.

With a girl, however.
A local artist.

What a crazy mess.
Look, it's so nice here.

Well, it's because of horses.
Horses require that.

Do you know that this stallion is called Bachor?
Very ancient lineage, from a Hindu.

Oh, and these four mares here

- are his daughters.
- Do you think it's normal

that one animal
rides on another?

- Well, just look how beautiful it is.
- They torment these horses quite pointlessly.

There was a horse called Head to Head
because he was just like this.

Actually, who did you
learn it all for?

There was, honestly.

You must have gained
several diplomas.

Yes, yes, yes.
I know ichthyology,

contemporary English poetry,
I only gave up on boxing,

- you know?
- I do.

- And what are you learning now?
- First I'll find him and I'll tell you later,

- OK?
- OK.

How do you know where to go?

Excuse me!

Hey, excuse me!

- So?
- I can't stand this rusty crap.

- What have you got in there?
- Do you want ice-cream?

- Sure I do.
- Take it.

Drive slowly.
Help me up.


Thank you.

- Turn right.
- Right.

Now I'm going to kill myself.

I twisted my ankle
but I learned nothing.

Nobody knows anything.
You can drive straight.

- Where did you get it?
- I got it.

- Let me try some.
- You're welcome. Very good.

Oh, I'll catch cold.

- We have to turn right.
- Is there anybody here?

I'll go mad with you.
Who's here?

Who told you?

- Where do you want to look for him now?
- And where did you two use to hide from me?

We didn't hide.

We used to visit a friend
of his to recollect the war.

So why do you ask
where we're going?

Look, look, look -
can you see the flowers?


Haven't you ever received
such a bouquet?

It's clear, he passed
them on to his fan.

You'll hug him soon.

Hey! Kid, wait.

Did you go to that meeting yesterday?

Do you hear what she's saying?
He's probably back home already.

Come, we'll give you a lift.
Open up.

Once again he changed his mind
half way through something.

Well, the forester was at the meeting
but he left it at some point.

And he said it was his friend from the war
and he wanted to be guided there.

And then on the train,
it is two train stations away,

he said he recognised the place and
it would be quicker to take a short-cut.

- So he jumped.
- But it was yesterday evening.

- What did you do all night?
- The forester put me up for the night,

because there was no train back.

But, madam, he never came there.

- Will you give me your picture?
- She will if you recite something.

What did you work on
in your club recently?

How do you know?
There was a lot of it.

Well, "Elegy to Death",
"Alarm", "Out of my Sight".

Let it be "Out of my Sight".

Out of my sight.

Out of my sight!
I'll obey you at once...

Oh Jesus, just a sec...

Out of my sight.

Out of my sight!
I'll obey at once.

Out of my heart!
The heart will obey.

Out of my...
of my... my eyes...

Jesus, what's next?
Once more.

- Out of my sight.
- You mean you don't know the poem?

Get out.

Do you hear what I'm saying?

But we can't just leave her here.

If you don't stop talking like this,
I will really leave her,

just to prove you right.

Well known Polish actor was killed
yesterday in a tragic accident,

when he attempted to
jump out of a moving train.

The jump ended tragically.
The actor was caught between two carriages.

Unfortunately, the heavily wounded victim
was found only some time after the accident

and taken in an ambulance
to the local hospital.

The doctor on duty informed
our correspondent

that the actor was brought in
in his death throes

severely wounded in the head and chest.

The medical aid failed to resuscitate him

and several minutes later the actor died.

After the recent thaw
the situation on the road has

greatly improved
throughout the country.

I've remembered
"Out of my memory".

Out of my memory!
No, this command

can neither my nor
your memory obey.

Oh, it's here, it's here -
at this crossing, oh, Jesus, Jesus!

I really didn't mean it.

Ateneum theatre.
No, called off.

How could he do this to me?

Now, when he stood such a chance.
What am I to do now?

He left me with it all.

What movies can I make?
With whom? About what?

You really don't understand anything?
You really don't get it?

The only thing that is important for you is
your actor, your movie, your screenplay.

Today you're in despair,
tomorrow you'll think: it is a good topic.

I can make a movie
out if it after all.

What are you doing with your hands?
Don't you ever act like this.

But I'm not acting.

Lie down, get some rest.
How are you going to act tonight?

What I am to act?
With whom am I to act?

Man, it's a great idea.
You'll make a movie about his absence.

Don't let anybody fool you.

- In Paris, you know...
- What do I care about Paris!

- People must like it here.
- Man, it's a winner.

And don't you think
we behave like hyenas?

How can I explain?
I do, so what?

- Ateneum theatre, yes, called off.
- Aren't you bothered,

- by what he was really like?
- No.

Why should it bother me?
I'm bothered by the movie,

that you keep running away from.

Ateneum, speaking.
Yes, yes, we know - it's true.

Yes, yes, we return money for tickets.
Yes, you can also exchange them.

So he came to us for a meeting,
and he said that... he recited poems

- and he told about some...
- OK, so what?

The meeting ended and you
came up to an unknown man, didn't you?

- Well, no. He wanted me to...
- I know, I know. Did he say anything important?

- About himself?
- Well, we were on the train,

because it arrived immediately,
and he kept on talking, laughing,

joking and generally speaking...
well, he was talking and joking.

Actually, I regret I didn't ask him
a more serious question.

Something more serious?

Well, something in general about life.
He would certainly have answered.

Except that there is
nothing to be said, shit.

The only thing I like about
all this tragedy is that he died

just as he used to live -
it was unconventional somehow,

his death was just...
well, it was as cool as his life.

He is now enclosed in... like...
a miraculous phenomenon.

He is a man such as
there are very few these days...

I doubt if there will ever
be someone like him.

Is the whole thing real,
is this a man who

was there, lived, had bones, blood?
Or is it something that

revealed itself to us
and there is no more,

which can only be seen
in the film somehow.

You know, Andrzej,
there is an idea there.

It'd be enough to add some scenes
to what we already have

about an actor who until the end of
the movie doesn't appear on the screen.

It may be something good, especially,
that no one has ever tried it.

Well, a few have tried but
at the moment it seems

the only option.

We'd use long lenses,
blur the foreground.

No pastel colours.

Finish this, finish, Kostek...

Mess and sadness left by
a man who is no longer there.

I believe in it.

Well, I don't know. I don't know
what to do, what to look for.

Have you got the bags?

I wanted to apologize, you know,

but I'd like to withdraw.
I did promise to help you,

or bring his things,

but at the moment it seems to me
that there something fishy about it,

to look at his private things,
some footage from newsreels.

Finally, it's not the most important thing
whether you will make the movie or not.

Well, there might be something tasteless
about it all but try to understand.

I'm looking for his traces to
put it all together somehow,

some idea of who he actually was.
Make a movie out of that.

If you want to make a movie,
make it out of his footage,

the newsreels,
fragments of his movies.

- It will be a movie about him and not...
- No, it's not the same.

But I would specifically want to
make a movie without him about him.

How can you make a movie without him,
it'll be a movie about you,

about how you make movies.

There is an idea there.
There must be a way.

He is talking about
newsreel footage.

Such footage won't make
a movie for a festival.

When I saw him last
at the airport he said:

Tell him he will miss me one day.

Listen, was it you talking
at the cemetery?

You've changed a lot.
Have you been in Warsaw long?

A week, or rather nine days.

- And what do you intend to do?
- I'm going to acting academy.

Well, you acted it very nicely.

- Will you pass the exam?
- You've just said I am good.

It's better this way.

Bobek, help me, tell me
something more, please.

I'm counting on you.

Andrzej, don't you realize that
I don't want to get involved?

- Gentlemen.
- Thank you.

Come here, come.

Listen, tell me something more
about him. Some detail

- that I could start with.
- Oh, I beg of you, leave me alone.

I really don't know,
I know nothing, I don't know.

I know, he stood here, he was,
a year ago he looked like this

at his fingernails, he was
begging the director, saying:

do you remember the shot when
I looked at these fingernails,

at my dirty fingernails,
leave it in the movie, I beg of you, come on!

But it is not enough that he stood.
Some specific detail.

I don't know, I'm trying
to explain, I don't know!

He stood here, he was,
he dissolved, he isn't here!

Let me tell you something.
Pack your things and go back home.

Finish school and then study biology,
it will be much better.

You will never be like them.
It takes strength.

Look what they are like - beautiful,
well dressed, wise and a little sad,

because they know
everything too well.

Think about it.

Oh, I guess, I'll stay.

They said I would act
in these movies.

So what do you think about it?

You do know my opinion
on the subject, don't you?

You wanted to make
a movie with him.

You have to be consistent, you must not
let others influence you so easily,

after all, he deserves a movie
from all of us, doesn't he?


Listen, there is still his screenplay.

What screenplay?

I thought you knew it, he kept on
telling everyone about it.

It was supposed to be a movie
about the first three women in one's life.

My first love, my first whore,
my first wife.

Wait, have you got the script?

He never wrote it but
he kept on telling it to everyone.

His colleagues recorded him on
a tape recorder somewhere, I don't know.

Kostek, do you know the script?

I saw him once telling it
to one of the technical staff,

- the one who drives nails, a short one.
- Wiesio.

- Wiesio.
- He is employed on the big historical movie,

chopper flies there often,
you could fly there right away.

- Yes, yes...
- if you have to do something.

Thank you.

Andrzej, you know my
opinion on the matter.

We have long lenses,
we have zoom.

If you only shoot the sadness
of a man who isn't there,

if you include everything
we have already,

you're done.

But this is just friendly advice,
you'll do what you want.

Director, could you tell us if

in the present situation you are going to
continue your work on the movie?

I am quite certain we will make the movie,
I am just on my way to a meeting

which, I believe,
will give me an idea.

Please, tell me why,
after so many years, you returned

to the same main hero?

You shared your first
joint success with him.


recently at the Rome airport he asked
for these words to be delivered to me:

Tell him he will miss me one day.
And I'm missing him now.

Why after your first joint
success you didn't hire him

for so many years?

You know, it's quite
difficult to answer.

Indeed, it is very difficult.

We know that you have already
started shooting this movie.

What was that?

We shot a scene at the railway station,
the final scene of the movie,

where the hero falls under a train.

Naturally, it was coincidence.

- Naturally.
- Are you going to use him in your movie?

I don't even know yet what
shape the movie is going to take,

if the character will be there at all,
or maybe if it's going to be a movie

- about him, without him.
- A movie about him, without him.

Is it possible at all?

Please, switch it off.
Impossible, madam.

- Why did he let you in?
- I have something for you.

- You can't go in wearing a jumper.
- I said I had something for you.


- Just no dancing.
- Yes, yes, no dancing.

This is the aunt,
this is the mother.

Here you are.

Some cognac or wine?

Here you are.
Thank you.


Colleagues don't regret him.
Colleagues don't regret him.

You took it from him as well.

- What?
- This jacket.

They wouldn't let him in wearing
a jumper as well

so he left the jacket here
two years ago.

Don't pretend you didn't know that.

Don't hide it anymore,
don't be ashamed, you're the best.

You see, man, what it's like.
You waited and waited, and now you got it.

Are you done?
Let's go then.

Oh, the legendary mug.
Where did you get it?

I found it.

Man, don't believe these legends,
he has never killed any German.

He was looking for a prop for some movie...

And as for the jacket, you know,
you can wear it, keep it.

We will go on with
the movie, you know.

There is a place,
good evening,

there is a place, you know,
I will convince the director

and he will hire you certainly.

Have you seen his
two last movies?

Well, man, this is it,
this is what we're after.

This is the way to act.

Yes, yes.

You're right, man.
I understand you.

You acted it perfectly well,
this is the way to go after a friend dies.


Bloody artists... from the Duchy of Warsaw.
Bloody blonde with cold eyes.

They found a subject...

Oh, gosh, what kind of people are they.
I just don't get it.

I understand, this kind of movie,
prizes in Bergamo, but without me, never.

Take it, take - take the shoes,
the jackets, the shoes, the socks, take them!

They want you like this.

An intelligent guy.

Our movie, in our movie,
for our movie,

take it, see it,
you're to be like this.

Another identical tree won't
grow in the same place,

why should a man?

You see...

And now attention, please!

It's going to be like this.
The first sign camera.

Next there will be a sign...

I will ask, the captain
will give a sign with his sabre,

the captain will give
a sign with his sabre...

Are you ready?
All cameras ready?


Boguś Lambach ready?
Jurek Gościk ready?

Everybody ready!

- Attention! Ready!
- Mr Wiesiu.

Good morning.

- You know why I am here.
- So please, listen.

The whole story begins
with something like a maze.

A maze of passing trains.
Some above others, you know, passing.

Like, noise, rumour, well, general,
like, you know, Paris, well, you know.

- And like there are six of us, you know.
- What do you mean: six of us?

I mean, not six of us here,
it is what he said, there are six of us.

And we take a bottle of champagne for six,
we sit and there is a show, well...

and then comes the show,
a normal show, like in any.

- French cabaret, show, you know.
- I do.

- Not interesting.
- Well, not interesting.

But the key point is that
a huge glass catwalk appears

lit up from below,
a pointer beams and in its light

a naked girl comes out.
Well, a naked girls comes out...

OK, just don't lose it.
I don't even know her name.

Well, and then you know what,
normal Parisian days.

It means, work in... like...
making plastic stems

for tulips or carrying artificial
wreaths to morticians.

Well, but it's obvious from the start
that he is going to stay

in this joint, this cabaret, and
he will keep coming once a week,

then twice a week,
and later he will spend

all his money in this...

I must say I am not very
willing to tell it all to you,

it wasn't my idea, nor Wiesio's,

it was, like, his idea of a script,

well, and now it all
makes no sense, I guess.

But go on, we've said so much,
now it's your turn to speak.

So one day that girl,
I can't even remember her name,

They would sit together at the bar,
she would tell him

banal stories from her life,
how she has to trick men into buying champagne

in the joint. Because for
a full bottle of champagne

she get her share, and for half
a battle it's only half the amount.

And so they became close friends.

Well, and what comes next?

Well, once they became friends,
I guess, she would walk down the stairs

- or something.
- No, it was when she was finishing her show,

she would come up to him,
when she was finishing the show,

from the wings she would
welcome him with a gesture,

and then, as he told it,
smile beautifully.

And he felt like Napoleon
after a victorious battle

and it seemed to him that
she was his exclusive property.

There was a huge...
Huge need of possession in it all.

It is the hero's birthday.
He goes out

and buys:
vin rouge ordinaire,

a baguette, and the following:
a tin of sardines and a bar of chocolate.

He takes it all to his hotel,
and he lived in a very poor little hotel,

such as Poles who live
in Paris usually choose.

With the window which
doesn't face the backyard

but the hotel corridor instead.
Not a trace of a table. He takes his towel.

He puts all these wonders
on the towel, prepares it,

adds a flower, dresses up
and goes to the cabaret La Ville.

- He dressed up in a suit, didn't he?
- No, a leather jacket, it's fashionable,

- Is it?
- Paris style, in leather,

He comes to the cabaret and tells her
that he has this small celebration,

it's his birthday and maybe
they can have dinner together.

So she looks at him
and tells him this:

I guess you must
be terribly naive.

She turns serious suddenly,
and he says he's not,

he wants to correct himself right away,
says it's not what it means,

It's not that I want you right now right here,
it's only about this evening,

one evening spent together.

Well and...
And she tells him once again

that he is naive.
And he asks: why?

And she tells him that
it would cost him very dearly.

And he says, why dearly, why dearly?

I bought only the cheapest things.

- That means the packets...
- Baguettes.

Baguettes, baguettes, vin rouge,
and the sprats and the rest.

- He didn't get it till the end?
- Nothing, he couldn't get it.

So she says, you know, listen,

when I visit someone at home
it costs 20 thousand francs.

It was a major blow for him
because it was a huge sum of money.

And he just stands there dumbfounded
with everything that happened to him.

And he realizes that
he has just experienced

like a major disappointment,
almost as if the girl died

and he goes down to the underground
but she isn't there, it's too late.

Only the maze of
the underground and

the steel trains going
in all directions.

March! Tempo,

Faster, faster, Misiek!

Keep your head low! Wings higher!
Wings higher! Once again!

And once again! Higher, towards me!
Move away! Follow them! Follow them!

Welcome to the old trail.
Do you recognize this grove?

You know, I haven't felt
so good for a long time.

All these years I have been thinking
whether you weren't right then.

I always told you that acting
is not a job for a man.

Maybe I still can run, can't I?

- One can always try.
- Maybe nothing is lost yet?

- We'll start from here.
- As usual.

You remember the track.
Get ready.

Just start quietly.
Attention - go.

Daniel, quietly on the straight patch.
You're getting there easily.

Easy, quietly.

Change rhythm!
Change rhythm!

Speed up!
Speed up!


Strong finish!

Stand up, stand,
put your hands against your knees.


How was it?

You returned to sport too late.
Look. You know the trail.


- Are you going in with me?
- No, I'll stay.

- Why?
- I've seen the pictures - so cruel.

We can't look
the same way any more.

- At least you stay with me.
- I am, but someone has to

- tell you the truth, right?
- Tell the truth, please.

Go ahead, but about him.

I have heard everybody's confessions.
Come on, show some courage.

I don't understand.

I'll help you.
July 27th in a plane.

- What?
- Come on, be brave.

- Start from the plane. Don't you remember?
- I don't.


- Stop! You've run over a man!
- How? I didn't see anything.

- He was lying on the road.
- If he was, someone else

must have hit him.
I can't see anything.

Let's get back.

My dear.


Leave it!
Come on, let it be!

- The stuffing will fall out.
- You have nerves of steel, gentlemen.

No nerves. Private car owners
don't stop. You're the first.

Why do you think so?

Oh, may I ask you for
a picture and an autograph?

OK but I guess it's not the reason
why you are here at night, is it?

Why won't a private
car owner stop?

New car - one.
Blood - two.

- Together they mean a dirty car, don't they?
- Come on, let's go.


Have you got the numbers?

Well, take a look here.

I have to know the truth.
It's very important for me.

It's him, and the mug -
it is also visible.

I don't know, maybe, well,
I don't know, I can't tell you.

He did not fight in this region.
He would come to chat.

He said he needed
it for a movie.

It must be him.

Because, you see, I know that
some things were made up.

I am sure they were.

He borrowed some elements
from my own war stories.

- Maybe the story about flowers?
- Oh, no. I don't know that one.

He went to Berlin in 1942.
Naturally, with forged documents.

To buy a rose for some girl because
he could not find such a nice one in Warsaw.

He was fantasizing.

Hey, did you hear that?

Yes, I did.

It's true.

No, how do you know?

Because it was my sister
who got the flowers.

They shot him as he was coming back,
he got into a fight

at the station with a German patrol.
But the flowers were really wonderful.

Oh God, how I envied her then.

I loved him but he never noticed.

It's his mug.

I gave it to Mrs. Ela when they
were here for the first time.

She was so in love.

That is why you wanted
to see the pictures so much.

Wróblewski is also dead.

Yes, he hadn't yet turned 30 when
he died in the mountains - he was on his own.

He lay there for three days
till they found him

several meters away
from a bus stop.

You were right, these pictures
are cruel, they're ruthless.

It is so horrible when
only such scraps are left.

Only smithereens.

Yes, but how amazing they were.
Each in his own way.

They showed us,
our whole generation.

People who came to the movies
fell in love with us.

They saw how cool we were.

A little ridiculous.
Very steadfast.

- Come back to me.
- I am with you.

No, you're with them.
With the dead.

These are all dead people,
dead causes, dead pictures.

- I love you.
- It's not true, you don't trust me.

You look at me
as if at a stranger.

You make me act something
that is just a shadow of your suspicion.

- For example?
- The mug.

- I know him.
- You did know him.

No, you didn't.
The mug was original.

And how do you know it?

Don't go in there. It's all true.
Everything, the mug, the war, roses from Berlin.

Why do you want to make the movie
when you're against him?

OK, Daniel.
I want you to act in this movie.

Come on, Daniel.

He's looking for an identical actor.
And I don't want to be identical.

Anyway, I have nothing to sell.

Do you think I can't fall
in love once more?

You apparently can, if you
were married twice...

OK, OK. Go to sleep now, sleep well
and tomorrow we're shooting.


Let's see how it's going to work.

Man, I feel that the mug is
the most important part, you see.

Let's concentrate on the mug.

Ela, turn left a little.
Just a tiny bit to the left. Stop.

- Give me blood.
- Don't touch it

- until I go down to you.
- I just don't know what I should look at.

Yes, Ela, don't move.

No, no, it's too thick,
it won't work.

- Have you got the mug?
- Elka, shall I give you signals?

- Between eight and nine.
- I got it.

- Give it.
- Still the same reel?

- Daniel, do you know your part?
- What's wrong with this paint?

- Why is it too thin? Oh, Jesus.
- Repeat.

It's German - he took it from
an SS-man he shot during his first action.

He gave it to me.
He once said jokingly:

Take it from me. When it's full of vodka
you can see in it the face of a true Pole.

OK, OK, the mug is yours.

- I'm giving it back.
- OK, he does. We can start.

What a bloody mess we got here...

Daniel, you were here then,
tell me, what does it look like?

Tell me what it
looks like, is it OK?

- Pour some next to the mug.
- OK, cool.

Listen, move...
the camera closer to the tracks.

- Beata, a step.
- In this?

Pour more blood,
more, to the left!

- To the left!
- And he's gone.

I... and lead him there, I come up
and say this, and he says, give it to me.

Nothing. We'll play this because
in movement we have no contact.

- You should change.
- But here one of them puts on her coat,

- the other is there, you know, doing something.
- And where is the kid, where is the kid?

Come up here, come up here,
come closer.

Listen, play nicely, wait for my signal.

Enough of this make-up,
it's OK. Daniel!

- Daniel, we're starting.
- Well, OK.

- May we?
- We may.

- Attention! Silence!
- Everybody ready?

Get ready, all of you,
we're shooting.

Are you mad?
Where are you running? Daniel!

- But it's magnificent.
- OK, OK, yes.

Do it yourself from now on.

Kostek, camera on the left,
faster, more to the left, more.