Wrong Side Raju (2016) - full transcript

Raju Bhambhani (Pratik Gandhi) is a young man from Ahmedabad. His life changes for worse when his boss and son of a famous industrialist, Tanmay (Kavi Shastri) accuses him for a hit and run case. As Raju sets out to prove his innocence, police tries to set facts asunder from fiction.

Rathod, to enter a battle
or to pee in the open,

one should never shy off.

It's mentioned in the shastras,

that if you have to release any kind
of pressure, you have to whistle.

-What is Navratri?

It's a pressure cooker whistle.

What do you mean?

The entire frustration which is
accumulated during the entire year...


Oh yeah, dilemma. Dilemma!

If dilemma is accumulated...

it is a pretext to get rid of it.

You shouldn't keep it within yourself.

However tall it might look
like a camel

you should dance, and whistle
to your heart's content.

Ok, enough now.
It is time for our business.

Hey, halt.

Rathod. Check him.

-Yes, tell me what happened?
-Show me the license. License.

-Rathod, check his license
-Hey, why do you need my license?

Nathu uncle, don't you wear
an ISI marked helmet?

So what's wrong?

Head light! Look at the head light.

Now what's wrong with the head light?
It's perfectly fine.

Man, check his PUC.

Come on, show me the PUC.

That accident turned my
whole life around.

In one stroke everything changed.

For good.

We stayed up all night asking questions
about the accident,

now we have to stay up the next
morning to finish the paper work.

Hey, bring me some tea.


What is this!
Did you add kerosene to the tea?

-Take it away.

Where is Makhwana?

Sir, he must be on his way.


It was two of our constables,
and one old man.

The constable died on the spot
and the old man is a bit serious.

-Come here.
-Yes, sir.

The car rushed
down the road

and crashed into everything.

We need to find the driver.

Sir, this is some evidence.

We have found clues, Dinya. Here.

Call the garage guy, Jeetu Patel.

He can figure out what car these
parts come from.

Sir, Jeetu is not available.

Why? Is he dead?

No, he's alive,
but she is dead.


Jeetu's mother-in-law.

So, are we supposed to mourn her?

No, sir.

Find someone else, and find
which car it belongs to.

-Yes, sir.
-Be quick.

-And listen.

This time don't screw it up like
the last time,

Get them checked in the forensic
department. Go now.

-Ok, sir.

Sir, I found this scooter back there.

Put it on the stand.

Check the boot.

This is Makhwana,
from Ghodapur Police Station.

-Is this the RTO?
-Yes, it is.

Yeah, who does the scooter
GJ-GSP-1512 belong to?

What did you say?

Are you hard of hearing?


So say that.

Who does it belong to?

This scooter belongs to Bambani.

Mr. Anil or Mr. Mukesh?

Are you joking with me?

No, sir. How could I do that.

Sir, it's not Ambani's but
Raju Bambani's.

Raju Bambani!


Ok, hang up.

Has anyone ever seen the unseen?

Tell me your name.

-Raju, sir.

And your surname?

Last name? Surname?


Is that yours or someone else's?

Sit, sit!

Sit, I said.

Get up!


It's all here.

What's our gain?


What's his name?

Raju Bambani.

Raju Bambani!

Sit, sit!

I am fine, sir.

Look at this, sir.

I said sit!

Sir, the way you hit Ganpath the
other day, he is still recovering.

We'll talk about this later.

His eardrum burst.
He can't hear.

Never mind.

Ok then, your scooter...

GSP - 1512.

Where is it?

Sir, that...

Sir, it's at the Ghodapur
bypass road.

And where do you stay?


He lives in Maninagar.

So why were you at Ghodapur
bypass that late at night?

Sir, I was going back home after garba.

What did you go to garba for?

No, sir. I was...

There was an accident.

Two Constables died and one
old man is in a serious condition.

Do you know that?

Yeah, I just heard.

What did you see that night?

Nothing, sir.

You must have seen something.

Sir, I was going home
on my scooter

and there were a lot of cops there.

And my scooter broke down so

I left it there and went back home.

-In the middle of the road?
-No, sir. On the side.

Near the footpath,
under the Ficus religiosa tree.

These were found
in your scooter's boot.

-Are they yours?
-No, sir!

Where did you get these from?

I have no idea sir.

You are quite something, man!

People in Gujarat are scared to
keep even one bottle in their house

and you are carrying a whole
bar with you in your scooter.

What brand is this?

I don't know, take a look.


How do you pronounce this?
Check Dinya!


Sir, it's the one that we
found when we raided

that farmhouse some days back.
It costs 15000/- each.

-Oh! It's duty free here!
-Let me see it.


This is as expensive as your surname.


Take! Give it to everyone.


Yes, party!

Sir, I am telling you the truth.

I don't know anything about this.

I had just parked my scooter
there and left.


So all these bottles
seem to have found their

way into your scooter on their own.

Sir, like I said, I parked my
scooter there and left.

The scooter obviously
remained there the whole night

and I don’t even have
the keys to the boot,

it looks like someone
must have kept these in there.

Here in Gujarat it's impossible
to buy booze even with money

and you expect me to believe
that someone just left

these expensive
bottles in your scooter.

You are awesome man!

-Yes sir.

Am I fasting today?

No sir.

Where is my share then? You idiot!

There are no more glasses left.

Will a saucer do?

-Bring it.

Oh, Bambani!

One minute, one minute sir!


Wow! Each sip makes
you feel like its heaven!

This is too good man!

Now tell the truth.
You are in the liquor business, right?

No, sir.

I swear, I don't know
anything about this.

Is that so?

Swear it on your occupation.
Go on.

I don't drink at all.
I have nothing to do with liquor, sir.

"Hey, hey, hey long live"

"Hey, hey, hey long live"

"It's always dry as a desert"

{\an8}"The dry state, may you live long"

{\an8}"I have a terrible thirst"

"This time it's going to be special"

"Oh long live"

"I don’t know when it's going to rain"

"True rain
Hey long live…"

{\an8}"You'll forget about right
And wrong here"

{\an8}"You"ll forget about small
And large here"

{\an8}"You'll forget your sins and
Virtues here"

{\an8}"You will be busy adding
Zeroes and one's"

{\an8}"You'll forget everything when aphrasia,
Anger, temptation and greed calls you"

"Hey, hey, hey, a mind fit for business"

{\an8}"A mind fit for conning
May you live long"

"I don’t know when it will rain
In this dry desert"

"True rain
Hey long live…"

There he comes!
Come, come.

Raju I have an idea.

Let's develop an app to
deliver booze in Ahmedabad.

It will be a huge hit!
What do you say?

You make yours. I am working
on my own start-up idea.

{\an8}And just in case yours fails,
let me know, I will take that over.

{\an8}"There is a sweet dream in my eye"

"That is where it's
Drizzling in this dry land"

"Its eternal thirst"

"Has been satisfied"

{\an8}"But hey, hey, hey
Sprinkle some water"

"Look, the dream has vanished"

"Oh long live"

"Hey, hey, hey the rivers are already dry"

"The water tanks are leaking"

"Hey, long live"

"It's always dry as a desert"

"The dry state, may you live long"

"True rain
Hey long live…"

Uncle I was coming
straight up to meet you.

Raju! Have you brought it?

That’s why I am here, uncle.

Show me what you have got.

Not so easily uncle.

Sing my favorite song first.

Which one?

-The first one.
-Oh, that one.

Sit, sit!

-Dad, please keep the volume low.
-Yes, yes!

Three two...

{\an8}"The lure of your eyes."

{\an8}"The bondage of your words."

{\an8}"I am the only one who is struck
dumb by your beauty."

Wow, uncle!
You have such a magical voice.

Raju! The magic is in this song.

I feel like I am in a trance
when I sing this song.

Is that because of the song or the booze?

Hey, you ruthless man!
You shut up!

Ignore him uncle.
Please carry on.

Come on, this song is so intoxicating

that whoever listens to it
will fall in love.


Then why is he not in love yet?

He is...


With the big boss, the great
lawyer, Mr. Amitabh Shah.

Ok, enough, enough!

Stop fooling around here.
I have work to do.

Hey listen. We all have work.

Come on Raju, get to work.

Oh yes, yes!

I hope you know
you are ruining my dad's liver.

That’s still better
than wasting your life in

that courtroom of yours where
everything is just fabricated.

It's such a great thought uncle.

-I think I should leave now.
-Hang on a minute!

What happened to that
travel agency business of yours?

Don’t ask uncle!

Don’t call it a business yet!
It's called a start-up!

Oh yes. Start-up!

What about it?

Nothing. I am stuck
because of the money!

My partner Patil has been asking for
money and the bank needs a guarantor.

Hopefully the loan will
be sanctioned soon.

That’s what I have been saying,
start something legal...

and stop this nonsense.

So his business is all wrong and what
you guys are doing is correct, right?


In today's world there is nothing
completely right or wrong.

That’s so true uncle.

Tell me something Parth.

Why is it that drinking is wrong
in one city and right in another?

Ok, Raju the great!

But don’t come crying to me
when you get caught under PASA!


You know what PASA is right?


Prevention of anti social activity act!

Now go inside.

-Everyone go in.


He will be booked under PASA.

Take his statement
and put him behind the bars.

-Sir, please listen to me once...
-We'll prepare all the papers.

Do you have a passport size photo?

-No, sir.
-No worries. We will take one.

Sir, dock him in Porbandar.
Sir, please.

Please, hear me out.

Sir how about we
come to a compromise?

What compromise?

Whatever you wish, sir.

20 lakhs.

Sir, how will I arrange 20 lakhs?

Sir! Sir, just give him some time.

-Two days.

Sir, in two days it's impossible...

Take my word on this, you do this
much and we won't bother you at all.

And don't even think of escaping.

Don't you know about
the long arm of the law?

That is untrue.

Now there is a baton
in its place.

And that too, look at it,
it's made of fiber.

Welcome to ETV news bulletin!

I am your anchor Sandhya

and the latest news is regarding

an accident on the
Ghodapur bypass road.

Two constables died and

the third person is still in
a very serious condition.

It has been 36 hours since the accident

and the police seem to
have found no clues yet.

There are two questions here... the first,
who was driving the car

and the second, where is the car?

Have you reached?

Yes. I have just reached the
Forensic Lab.

Give me two minutes sir!

Z3 E70.

It's a model between 2007 and 2013.


I am giving you the list and the details,
go to a show room and check up on it.

This is the car owner's
list you asked for.

Makhwana, we thought we
had an elephant here.

But what we have is a whale.

Boss, Tanmay's phone is unreachable.

Please get to the farmhouse,
I am on my there. Something is wrong.

Dump the car. Now!

I want a list of all the drivers working
for Amitabh Shah's office, family,

-family members and workers.
-Yes sir!

We are already two days late Makhwana,
we will land up in the soup otherwise.

Amitabh Shah,

a well-known and renowned lawyer
may have handled a lot of cases,

but now, will he be
able to save the accused,

his own son Tanmay Shah?

Sir. This is the list of
Amitabh Shah's drivers.

You will find the fourth name
to be very interesting.

Invite him. Call him.

-It's for you.
-No sir.

Eat I said. It's only for you.


Who was driving the car
GJ-KRN-1111 before Tanmay Shah?

Me, sir.

Who drove the car after
Tanmay came back to India?

Me, sir.

And who was driving
the car that night?

You, right?

No sir, I was on my scooter.

-Who’s talking about the scooter here.
-Sir, sir...

Tanmay was driving right?
Are you sure it was Tanmay?

I don’t know sir.

How wouldn't you know?

You have been driving it since
Amitabh Shah bought the car.

But sir, I haven’t been to the
office in two days now.

You may check the register if you wish.

What happened to those 20 lakhs?

Sir you said you won't
bother me for two days.

Ok forget that.

-We have given him two days.
-No sir!

-No sir!
-Makhwana, two days.

-It was a commitment.
-But sir...

Let it go.
Let's make a deal instead.


With a surname like Bambani, don't
you understand what a deal is?

You give me all the
information that I need and

I will reconsider those 20 lakhs.

What information sir?

Everything about Tanmay Shah.

How long have you known him?

Since he came back from Malaysia.

It is said that there are more spoilt
brats in Ahmedabad than stray dogs.

Tanmay sir is the
biggest example of that.

Hello, I am Raju.


Sir, I work in your father's company.

For the last eight years.
I've been working as a driver.

Speak in Gujarati.

Amitabh sir told me to be
drive for you today onwards.

Where is he?

He will come back tomorrow.

Ok. Let's go.

Sir, coffee...

Tanmay sir was waiting to meet his
father for the last three days.

And finally, he arrived.

Here it is, Visamo.

The most affordable housing scheme
in the history of Gujarat.

Spread over 100 acres of land,

accommodating 20 thousand families,

in just rupees five lakh per unit.

We are glad to venture successfully
also into Real Estate with this project.

Hi, where is my dad?

He is in the conference room.

Sir, the conference is on.

Hope we have a nice association.
Thank you so much, gentlemen.

But there are few concerns like...

zone four to zone ten comes under rural.

Some are of course, private.

Gentlemen. Before we go any further...

I wish that you sign this contract
today itself.

Mr. Shah, how can we do that?

Then why are we here?

Isn't it too early to sign...

Ambitabh Shah and Associates,
means trust.

You have to trust me.

Good day, gentlemen.


What are you doing here?

I need to speak to you. It's important.

I am busy right now.

Dad, it's a matter of
just a few minutes.

Sir, I need your signature on
these contract papers.

Dad! Dad!

I want to discuss something important
with you. I'll take five minutes.

Can't you see, I am busy.

It's urgent.

Sorry, sir.

Let me get you another pen.


So there were problems in the
father and son relationship?


I found this paper.

What is this?

What is it!

When were you going to tell me?

Sir, my partner Patil and I
were struggling for money.

My brother, my mentor or my partner,
you may call him anything.

And this is your receipt Mr. Patil.

Yeah. Thank you.

I hope all the formalities
are over now Mr. Sharma?

Yes, yes, yes. It's all done.

You just have to pay three
lakhs to the association

and your travel
agency will hit the road.

-Excuse me?
-Coffee... have some coffee!

You mean three lakh more?

It's a must!

You arrange for the money and
I'll get your documents processed.

Ok? So see you next week
with the documents.

And yes...

work hard.

Sir, we had a dream of
opening a tour operating agency.

Like Akshar Travels.

I needed a loan for it,
and a guarantor thereof.

And I had just a week for it.


Yes, Patil sir!

-Book the ticket now.
-At this hour I can't book tickets.

I will call you later.

I need some cigarettes.
Take me somewhere I can get some.

But... Shelly I don't play garba.

Yeah, but how I am going to find
you a garba teacher?

Ok, ok, fine. I'll find you a...
I'll find you a teacher.

Ok, bye.

Coffee, sir.

Sir, if there is anything you
ever need, let me know.

garba teacher, sir.

You just said you need one...

She is too good, sir. She has been running
a class for the last four years.

Sir, can I say something?

I have been planning on
starting a small travel company.

-But the bank needs a guarantor.
-Do I look like a bank?

No sir, what I meant was...

Ok, speak up.

Sir if you can recommend
my name to some bank

then my loan will get sanctioned.

My life will get better.

So Tanmay Shah became
the guarantor for your loan.

When were you going to tell me this?

Show me your phone.

Give it! Your mobile.


black tea.


What does it mean
when you take your own picture?



And in Gujarati?



That was too funny, ok leave.


Who is this?

My sister sir.

This foreigner is your sister?

You dickhead! Who is she?

Sir! Sir!

The media is
going out of control.

Please come out.

Come sir!

You stay here.
We will be right back.

No, no. Patil, sir.
It's his job. Nothing in it...

I will tell him.

Let's take a break.

Meet my brother.

Wait right here, I will go
get lunch for everyone.

Dhara, where is the loo?

Oh shit!

Madam, easy please.

So much liquor?

No, madam. No liquor.
Just empty boxes.

Now I know why they say that it is
a dry state. It's all in here!

No, madam. No liquor, madam.

They say that this is wrong.

I... I am a travel agent.

-You're a travel agent?
-Yes, madam.

If you want to go to Badrinath, Kedarnath,
anywhere, I will send you there.

I don't want to travel, I want liquor.

You have a drinking habit?

Sorry, I didn't get you.

No, I mean, did Tanmay send you?


I can get a permit. It's a
quick job for me. I'll get it tomorrow.

-You can get it for me? You can?
-Yes, tomorrow.

Ok, madam.

-Yes. That's me, madam.

-I will call you.

So she knows too?

She just happened to open that door...

You will land in some big trouble

-Where is the food?
-To hell with you!

Permit won't be granted
today due to Agyaras.

God damn it! Why today?

Hey! What's happening?

No permit today, madam.

No permit? Why?

Because it's Agyaras today.

What is Agyaras?

Eleventh day of a month.
So no permit.

No alcohol?

It's written here by order.

-Oh, but I took an off day for this.
-Yes, well, so did they.

Madam, I will get a permit tomorrow. Ok?

Don't worry.


Do you know this place?

-I know it, madam.
-You can take me here instead?

Yes, I... we can go there.

-I'll take you.

Come, madam.


Oh, nice car.

Is it yours?

It's me who drives it.
I drive this car every day.


Yeah, Raju, speak.

Pritam uncle!

Uncle, it played.

Come on, if there's something wrong,
call the doctor. I am a singer.

You don't get it uncle.
That song played in the background.

Hey, wow!
So, you've fallen in love.

Who's the girl?

Uncle, the girl is...

I will call you later.

You know, you shouldn't talk on the
phone whilst you drive.

Oh, sorry.

But Madam out here we get caught
if we are not talking while driving.

"I love the color of hope"

"that I see in this new world"

"And I wish that this new world"

"can become my home."

"Slowly but surely"

"What is happening to me?"

"What is going on in my mind?"

"I can't understand a thing"

"Is this my imagination?
Why is it showing me this?"

"I don’t want to tell anyone"

"It is what it is"

"I don’t want to give it a name"

"My love for you is colored with the
Colors of the rainbow"

"The colors of my mind"

"Strange colors, new
And beautiful colors"

"I love your company"

"My love for you is colored with the
Colors of the rainbow"

"The colors of my mind"

"Strange colors, new
And beautiful colors"

"I love your company"

"My love for you is colored with the
Colors of the rainbow"

And you need to do a restoration
of this place.

And what you see here is what we have

in the rest of the house.

And I hope you have a great time
doing up this place like this.

"These moments are like dew drops"

"But the joy is like an ocean"

"Is it water, or a mirage?"

"What is this thirst?"

"How am I faring in the tides of love?"

"I don’t want to tell anyone!"

"This is love, just love"

"I don’t want to give it a name"

"My love for you is colored with the
Colors of the rainbow"

"The colors of my mind"

"Strange colors, new
And beautiful colors"

"I love your company"

"My love for you is colored with the
Colors of the rainbow"

"I love the colors of hope"

"that I see in this new world"

"And I wish that this new world"

"can become my home."

This city is like a child.

In one moment its mischievous
and in another it's innocent.

I never could understand it.

Hey, I know what you're trying to say.

And I agree.



Tonight, this party
is thrown by Raju.

Raju you turned
out to be a true player.

You somehow got the loan sanctioned.


The documents have come by.

As soon as the money comes in,
you quit your job first.

And then we will begin
our own travel agency

and take it to the tallest
heights my Raju!


Tonight you have to drink with us.


You know I don’t drink.

Isn’t she the girl that you
are being paid to be with?

Give me my phone back.

Raju! What's her name?


The name Shelly is so sweet
but she looks so hot man!

It's not Shelly! It is Shaily.

Whatever it may be Raju, but remember,
she is Tanmay's girlfriend.

Why are you talking rubbish Patil sir?

There is nothing between them.

If that’s the case then

why has Tanmay Sir
told you to take care of her?

They are just friends, just friends!

Dude! With rich people, there
is no such thing as just friends.

Make him understand Patil sir.

-What are you even saying?

What are you getting so angry for?

I am not getting angry, but
you guys are speaking such rubbish.

Don’t beat around the bushes Raju

what's going on
in your head?

I have feelings for Shaily Madam.

Is that so?

Then I have feelings
for Katrina Kaif...

and Patil sir has feelings
for Mohammed Kaif.

But what about it?

Patil sir, she likes me too, trust me!


These likes are meant for
Facebook my dear.

Mark my words, you will ruin
your life with all these things.

You think this is some kind of a joke?

I am serious guys!

Ok, enough now!

She is from Paris
and you are from Patya.

She is a foreigner and you are a local.

There is no match here.

You can't afford to
even dream about her.

No Patil sir, it isn’t like that!

There is no such
discrimination in love.

-So you believe in love?

I don't know about love.

But ever since I first saw her...

My world has some to a standstill.

I just can't seem to get
her smile out of my head.

I love this feeling.

Patil sir.

It looks like our Raju has gotten
carried away with his emotions.


One must not get carried
away in such emotions

you should rather
let the moment pass,

in the bathroom.

Listen Raju!

The loan has been sanctioned.

We even have the money.

We have to work really hard now.

Make tons of money.
Even more than that actually.

Shall I say something Raju?

Get over this feeling of love
that has gotten into you.

You feel very nice when these
attractive girls talk to you nicely.

But you have to forget them.
It doesn't work that way.

You and I were dating.

You've not been behaving properly
with me. You're being very cold.

You and I can still...

You know?

And this?

It is nice.


It's very nice.

Is it for your boyfriend?


Are you purchasing it for your boyfriend?

No, I don't have a boyfriend, Raju.

Tanmay is your boyfriend, right?

Tanmay is not my boyfriend.

I took Tanmay's help because he is
the only guy that I know in the city.

But, I took your help,
because I like you.

Come on.
Let's buy this.

Questions are now
being raised against the police

in the hit and run
Ghodapur bypass case.

Even two days after the accident,
it's shameful that the police

haven’t been able to find
neither the driver nor the car

Sometimes it
feels like the police

are actually trying to
conceal the driver's identity.

Get them out of here!

Where is Tanmay! Where is Tanmay!
They have nothing better to do.

It's like I hid Tanmay myself.

Oh shit!

-Yes, sir!
-What is going on?

And why did you take so many
days to find the car's owner?

Sorry, sir. But...

I don't want an apology.
I want an answer.

Sir, actually the mother-in-law
of our auto expert

Jitu Parikh had passed away.

So, was it a national mourning
for two days?

No, sir. But, sir...

The national media is taking
interest in this case.

I have been getting calls
from Delhi and Mumbai.

What am I supposed to tell the media?

That Jitu's mother-in-law
had passed away?

But sir, she really died.

To hell with her man!

Sir, we also consulted
other auto experts

but none of them could
say which car it was.

Jeetu is the best, sir.

Now look for the car.

I want the car, as soon as possible.

And where is Tanmay Shah?

It looks like his father has
kept him hidden somewhere.

Why not? I am not in the city
because of you. We are not together.

Give me the keys!
Give me the god damn keys!

Raju, what are you doing here?

What is this?

-You brought liquor?

For me?

French wine.

No way! Thank you so much, Raju.

And this is the best cake from here.

And cake?
Thank you so much.

-One second, ok?


-I can't find my purse.
-No problem, madam.

Pay me tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow.


-Is that fine?
-Yes it is.

Well, thank you so much.

Ok, madam. Good night.


Do you want to come in for a drink?

Drink... wine?

Me you... drink?

No, no... no.

I have never drank with
a woman before.

Nonsense. Come.
Let's have a drink

I'll go get the glasses.

"A bit of rice, a candle of wax."

"A bit of rice, a candle of wax."

"Bring two glasses of wine along."

"Come, let's go to our
hometown in Paris."

"Come, let's go to our
hometown in Paris."

You know what?

When I first came to this city.

I thought I would be bored to death.

But love it like hell.


Why are you so good to me?


The magic is in your eyes...

The depth of your voice.

-No problem.

-I am sorry.
-Re... let's restart, ok.

The magic of your eyes,
the depth of your voice.

I don't know what you're saying.

I am the one crazy about you.

Very good.

Just a minute, madam.
Let me answer.


Dickhead! How many times
are you going to call?

Why are you troubling a single woman?

She cut the call and you
call her back?

Do you know what time it is?

Aren't you sleepy?

Just go to sleep or
I will hit you from here!

Ok, good night.
Happy birthday. Bye

-Now you won't get a call.
-Are you sure?



My... My call.

-Where are you?

I am at home, sir.

-Sir, I've been quite unwell.

Ok, let's meet tomorrow.

Good night, sir.

My small boss. The younger boss.


But you continue with the
French tradition.


Cheers. Wow.

-No, no.
-No, I'll get it.

-Madam, you sit. I'll go, I'll go.

Damn it!

How are you sir?

I just came to get some medicines.

Your purse.

You forgot it at the cafe.

Let's go. I have the
ambulance ready for you.

I am so dead...

Sir! Sir! I will drop you home.

I just came to give her the
wine bottle she had asked for.

I was only giving her company
sir, I don’t drink otherwise.

I will drop you, sir.

Continue drinking.
Just watch what I do.

Sir, but...

Is there some kind of a
party going on here?

What are you doing?

Look friend, now the matter
is out of control.

Tell me the truth once and for all.

Where is Tanmay?

I have no idea, sir.

What about that foreigner girl?
Where is she?

Sir, she was supposed
to leave for France.

Tell me the truth, you were
involved with that girl right?

What are you even talking about sir?

That girl is so hot and this
guys looks like a loser.

And then...

What I've been trying to say is...
two million dollars.


My partner and I are opening
a casino back in Malaysia.

We have already invested
a million dollars.

I want two million dollars more.

Tanmay, I got you enrolled in the
best law school in the world.

I made sure you get
whatever you wanted.

Because I wanted you to take
over my business.

Amitabh Shah and Associates is
the best law firm in this country.

We're going to be the biggest
players in real estate in this country.

This empire, all of it,
you had to take over it.

Dad! Please stop giving speeches
this is not your courtroom.

I am your son.

I too want to make
an empire of my own.

But back there in Malaysia.

You're a bloody disgrace to me,
my name and my legacy.

Name and legacy?

Do you remember my mom?

That you were married to her?

She had to leave and go to the US.

You seem to have forgotten
that half the property belongs to her.

That was her choice,
I tried to stop her but...

Hey, listen, listen.
I am not interested.

I am just not interested in
your messed up marriage life.

I want no details.

It's not important anymore.

Let's talk about the investment.

How can you talk to me like this?

Because I am just like you.

Congratulations, dad.

Look, dad.

I am sorry, ok.
But will I get the money or not?

Investments don't happen in a hurry.
One needs to plan.

I am going to Delhi for a couple
of days. Let's talk when I return.

But dad, you know I don't have
that much time.

Make a plan first and
then we will talk.

Good night.

"Dad says my son...
Will be a big man some day..."

What was the issue
between the father and the son?

How would I know sir?

There must have been something
private between them.

Aren’t drivers supposed to know
everything private about their bosses?

Come on, speak up.

Sir... money must have
been the issue I presume.

So what happened next?

Sir, that night Tanmay sir
and I went back to the office.

It looked like there was an
issue that came up again.

Someone called Mark was continuously
calling him and harassing him.

But I don't know why.

Mark, I know we've had this
conversation a hundred times.

But he's been busy for two days.

Look, two million is not a small amount.

What do you mean, I don't deliver?
Mark, you know I always deliver.

Mark, you listen to me.
My dad is busy. I will get it.

Hello? Hello?


Why is this locked? Open it!

What are you doing Tanmay?

Stay out of this.

What do you want?

Can you please tell me?

You mind your own business.

Tanmay, please.

These are very important papers,

This is my father's company!

Get the hell out!

You should not be this way.

Please tell me what you want.

Tanmay, please try and understand.

That's sir's laptop.

-Where are you taking it?
-I know it's not mine.

Who got you the job here?


Who got your loan approved?


And you are trying to take my
position in this company!

But this is all mine.

All of it.

In five years you have completely
taken over the company.

You were the same in school.

I told...

I told you, stay away from this!

And then?

Then sir, I have no idea
where he went after that.

He took the car with
him and I went home.

After that night I have neither
seen Tanmay sir nor the car.

Give that to me.

Leave it I said.

Go ahead you do it.

This just needs some lubrication.

Brother this needs
to be discarded now.

Oh shut up! This is our mom's,
I won't even let anyone touch it.

Yeah, very good.

-It's done. Let's go.

Put the keys in your
pocket and then...

Hey guys!

-You're going somewhere?

Yes, we are going for garba.

No dance class today?

No. Remember I told you that today
is the first day of Navratri.

So, yesterday was the last
day of your class.

Yeah. Sorry, I forgot.

Ok, guys. Have a good time.


-Let's go.
-Why not take her along with us.

Where? Will she dance garba
in this dress?

What are you going to do with
the 25 sets of dresses that you have?

If you taught her, you should
see how much she learnt, right?

Yeah, fine.

"An evening spent without you

makes me feel so lonely."

"Come sing and dance with me."

"An evening without you..."

Is it a girl?


No, dad, it's nothing like that.

Then what's wrong?

Just a bit stressed at work. That's it.

Stressed at work?

Come play garbawith me.

And you will feel better. All you
need to do is unwind a bit.

Dad please! Leave me alone.


Food is ready.
Eat it while its hot.

"An evening spent without you
makes me feel so lonely."

"Come sing and dance with me."

Today is my day.


Raja! What happened to Parth?

He didn't go to the office today.
He won't even say much.

Did something happen at work?

Uncle you know how
stressful a lawyer's life is. Right?

You don’t worry about him.
You go have a good time.

Ok, ok.

Hey! How is your girl doing?

She is putting her clothes on.

No! Seriously?

I mean
she is getting ready for garba.

God knows what you thought!

Ok, ok. I will hang up.

Hey, she is wasting too much time.
I am leaving, you better bring her.

Why are you in such a hurry
to reach early?


Can you help me?


Oh, Raju.

You're looking for Dhara?
Just wait.


-She's gone?

Raju, come help me. Please.

Come on.

Come in. Come in, Raju.

Come on.

Thank you so much.
I just couldn't manage it myself.

I am so excited to do garba.
I've been practicing all week.

And I can't wait to actually do garba.

Quick. Quick. Let's go quickly.

-Is it done? Is it done?


How do I look?

Come on, we're getting late.

"This peacock is dancing with joy"

"Because his peahen is a foreigner"

"Hats off to You
O almighty!"

"What an alliance
You have created!"

Singing and dancing all night.
The evening is full of flair.

Let's all enjoy the dance
with blessings from Tirupati.

"Radha is fair and Krishna is dark"

"They are dancing to garba tunes"

"Radha is fair and Krishna is dark"

"They are dancing to garba tunes"

"Radha’s beauty, and Krishna’s love!"

"Why would they need
The ways of the world?"

"Radha’s beauty, and Krishna’s love!"

"The city watches it with astonished eyes"

"Radha is fair and Krishna is dark"

"They are dancing to garba tunes"

"Radha is from the west and
Krishna is from the east"

"What a beautiful pair of swans"

"In newly colored nights
The pair is dancing away"

"With their enchanting ambitions"

"Radha’s body and mind are dancing"

"Everyone’s getting carried away
By the tunes of Krishna’s flute"

"Radha is fair and Krishna is dark"

"They are dancing to garba tunes"

"Radha’s Beauty, and Krishna’s love!"

"The city watches it with astonished eyes"

Just a minute.


Didn't I tell you, Raju?

Stay away from that girl.

Yes. You did!

Tanmay has canceled your
loan application.

Sit inside the car
or I'll screw his happiness.

Sit inside the car
or I will screw his happiness.

"Oh all these young hearts"

"Are spreading colors with enthusiasm"

"They are dancing and swirling in the
Passion of their youth"

"Look at the glittering stars twinkling"

"In this newly colored night"

"Look at their fun and games"

"Look at them dance"

"Look at them dance"

"Look at them dance"

"Look at them dance"

"Look at them dance"

Come. Let's play a game.

Put your hand down here.


Say escape. Come on!


A parrot?


-A kite?

-An airplane?


There you are!

He will escape.

He will escape even though he hit
three people with his car.

Tell me the truth? Where is he?

Sir, I don't know.

Enough. Just tell me the truth.

I swear on you sir I have no idea.

Tell me the truth!

You see? It's 5:00 a.m.

Anyway, I am done with you.
Just leave.


And what about those 20 lakhs?

Sir, how will I arrange
such a huge amount.

How about this? I liked
your excuse. So...

Give me five lakhs less.

Why this discount, sir?

Let's finalize this at 15 lakhs.

Go and arrange 15 lakhs.

Leave, go on.

Makhwana! Where is Chawda?

Remember the old man?

He has gone to
meet him at the hospital.

This early in the morning?

Sir! It's been 48 hours now.

We are late already.

-Sir can I sleep there?

The condition is quite critical.

Let's see what we can do.

We are trying out best.

The one who caused the accident,
he won't escape.

Hail Lord Krishna.

Anticipatory bail is the need
of the hour.

Sir I would suggest that
we apply for an anticipatory bail.

I say the same.

For whom?

What do you mean?

Nobody has seen
Tanmay driving that car.

There is no eye witness.

Then why apply for bail?

Sir, we might land in trouble later.

Be realistic.
We all know the truth.

Nobody knows the truth.

The truth is what can be
proven in the court.

Can you prove that Tanmay
was driving the car that night?

-Then that is not the truth.

You guys don’t have to
worry about the court trial.

I am concerned about the
media trial.

What can we say,
what can we show,

how can we stay clean
in the public eye.

That's it.

The biggest question
here is

are the police trying to
protect Tanmay Shah?

The Police Department
maintains its silence,

while no formal action has
been taken against them.


Our reporters are trying their
best to reach to them...

What are you looking at?

Get to work. Look away.

...but no one is available
for comment.

Jitu's mother-in -law
is going to hell.

It's all her fault.

What the hell? What is this?

Water fountain!

I can see that.
Why have you kept it here?

Sir, according to feng shui,

if you keep this here, all your
problems will be washed away.

Wow! Very impressive. Good job.

-Hey Makhwana!
-Yes sir.

We are all in deep shit
and you are watching videos?

It is an amazing video.

Come here! Have a look.

Everyone! Come here.

Look at this.

Bravo. We have just hit jackpot.

Fix a meeting with Mr. Amitabh Shah.

Mr. Gohil.

Hi. Abhijeet Shah.

Mr. Gohil please make
yourself comfortable?

You cannot provide what I need.

I mean, you can't give
me a statement.

Can we please call Mr. Amitabh Shah?

He will be here at any moment.



Is this car yours?

Yes, it is.

Whose name is that car under?

Tanmay Shah.

Where would that car be right now?

It got stolen.

In fact, we filed a missing
complaint this morning.

You guys were a bit late there!

But that’s fine.

How many people have driven that car?


the drivers and sometimes sir himself.

And Tanmay?


Hang on...

Why don’t you let
Mr. Amitabh Shah speak?


He doesn't like to drive in India.

I thought as much.

I hope he likes to swim in India.

Ok, never mind.

Where was Tanmay on the
night of the accident?

-Out of town.

I guess I am done.

Abhijeet will attend to you now.

Hey! You have an iPhone too?

So do I.

It has great video quality.

Take a look.

Here. Go on.

Congratulations sir!

Your son now likes to
drive in India.

He was driving the car, and he also
happened to be in town that night.

Just about 19 minutes before
the accident happened.

That's great, isn’t it?

Even the thief was pretty good.
In about 19 minutes he stole the car

and ran into three people.

Too fast right?

Just like that film "Fast and Furious"!

Have you seen it?


"Fast and Furious."
That film with that bald guy in it.

Ok, forget it.

If you are the one saying this
then it must be true.

You have never been
proven wrong in a court of law.

As for the rest, thanks for the food.

Where did you buy it from?

Brother. Two crores.

Cash in advance.

Without guarantee.

We don’t have
any other options.

We have to find a scapegoat now.

Who will admit to have
stolen the car that night.

Abhijeet. I found the goat.

Tell security to let him in.

Sir, these cops are strange.

How will a common man like
me arrange for so much money?

Only you can help me.

The cops have been
calling me every day.

They asked me about Tanmay.

But I swear I didn't tell them anything.


Please help me sir.

Can I also get some biscuits?

-Sir but...
-Sit down Raju!

These are yours. Take them.

You have been working
with me for 8 years now.

I can surely do this much for you.

Take it.

You have been a driver too long.

Go ahead.

Yes sir.

You just need to sign this
before you leave.

Sir, this...

This says you were
driving the car that night.

Which car sir?

Your car, the one you
drive every day.

But sir, you know that
I wasn’t in the car that night.


If you get booked under PASA,

you will be sentenced
to an eight year prison term.

And only six years in a
hit and run case.

You trust me, right?

You are like family to us.

I can get you out in a day.

All you need to is sign that document.

It's just a day in prison.

Sir I need some
time to think about this.


If you were any good
at thinking,

you wouldn’t have been a driver today.

Leave the thinking to me.


Sorry sir, I forgot my bag.

Why didn't you come to me earlier?
It's been two days now.

Parth, I did not want to
get involved with the law.

And trust me, I am telling the truth.

Why would I believe
that you have seen the accident?

Parth I told you everything I saw.

I am even ready to be a witness.

Please can you arrange
15 lakhs for me?

15 lakhs?

How would I have so much money?

Raju how the hell are
you going to arrange for

so much money in a day's time now?

Why are you yelling at him?

What the hell am
I supposed to do?

Should I worship him?

I had warned him.

But he would continue with
his smuggling business.

Now face the consequences.

How much money do
you actually have Raju?

Just about one lakh.

Any other savings?

I guess about 20,000 - 25,000.

Ok. I can arrange for
a lakh from my side.

Come on let's go!


Don’t we have to arrange
for more money? Come on!

Two trucks! Each truck
will carry 2000 bottles.

That's a total of 4000 bottles.
What do you say?

What are you thinking about Raju?

The cops are asking for 15 lakhs for
those 15 bottles you were caught with

and now with 4000 bottles,
can you even imagine the consequences?

We could only arrange four lakhs.
What are we going to do?

This is not easy Raju.

We will never be able to
arrange 15 lakhs this way.

I have to think of something.

How about this?

Tell your sister Dhara
to leave this city,

and go back to her
native place.

Patil... why Dhara?

Just trust me.

Raju! Shut the door
immediately and listen to me.

Where are you going?

Back to my native place.

Take this. This is 15 lakhs.

Don’t say a word!

If I tell you where this money came
from, you won't ever take it from me.

Its fine now. Go.

Take care of yourself.

Go on. Get out of here.

-You’re sure that this is his house?
-Yes sir, it is.

Where are you off to?

The police station.

The police station
has come to you.

I can't remember Dinya.

What was that Somabhai song?


The song was called
Somabhai's brother-in-law.


"Somabhai's brother-in-law."

"He wears a brown shirt."

"Karsan uncle is dark skinned."

"The Ferris wheel spins
round and round."

"I only take cash. I only take cash."

Shell out the cash!

Sir I was just coming
to give this to you.

15 lakhs?

Sit! Sit down here!
Sit next to me.

Sit Mr. Bambani please.

This is your own house.

You are too good man!

In two days you could
arrange for 15 lakhs.

Did you rob a bank?

You must have done something illegal.

Do you see this?

Two days, 15 lakhs, hard cash.

"The Ferris wheel spins
round and round."

So, Mr. Bambani, you have now escaped
being booked under PASA.

How about a drink?


I meant tea.

-What will you have?
-Green tea.


I won't have two cups, just one.

Too much tea causes acidity.

Let's go.

Shall we?


Your favorite place.


-Where is Tanmay Shah?
-Where is Tanmay Shah?

"We are all lost"

Good morning, everyone.

On the night of the accident, my car
was being driven by my driver Raju.

And Mr. Tanmay was in the back seat.

The police has arrested Raju.

And soon he'll be
presented in court.

This is an open and shut case.

How many days for remand?


"We are all lost"

Two days.

I would like to thank the police
and especially the media.

"Nobody knows what will happen"

Who says that the media is
bad and it misguides?

Here is a good example.

Thank you.

No further comments.

"Somewhere in our existence
We forgot ourselves"

"A puppet made of sticks"

"A puppet made from clay"

We are trying our best
to find Tanmay.

We are tracking his Indian
and Malaysian phone numbers,

his credit cards, his bank accounts...

We are monitoring everything
but there is no...

"We are all lost"

"Somewhere in our existence
We forgot ourselves"

"We are all lost"

We have managed to track the
phone and the credit cards.

The location is Malaysia.
He seems to be in Malaysia.

Here we are, trying to protect him
and he's having fun in Malaysia.

Brother... We will get...

we will get in touch with him soon.


Who’s the first witness here?
Speak up.

-I am...
-Yeah, go ahead.

My name is Ramesh Bhai
Kachra Bhai Parmar.

-Oh wow!
-I run my own tea stall.

I saw the accident with my own eyes.

And my eyes are good.

Ok, ok, I get it!

Sign here.

-I will have to give a thumb impression.


-There we go.
-What's going on here?

What is this food stall guy doing here?

Sir, he is the second witness.


-Start speaking.
-Sir, I was on the road at Godhapur.

And at 1:00 a.m. I saw
a damaged car passing by.

Could you recognize the driver?

Yes sir I could.

Turn around.

Was it him?

I think it was sir.

You think?

Was it him or not?

Yes sir. It was him.
I am sure sir.

Ok, sign here.

Do it!

A rich man never runs out of
witnesses when he needs them.

There are always more
than enough of those.

You can go.

Good evening, Mr. Shah.

Mr. Shah good evening.
Can you hear me?

Yes, Shraddha.
I am only 55.

And I can hear you crystal clear.
Tell me, what is your question?

The first night of Navaratri,
a car crashes into three people.

The car has disappeared
along with its owner.

Hit and run is not new
in this country, sir.

But this case is a bit complicated.

What do you mean, Shraddha?

{\an8}-Let me come straight to the point.

{\an8}Where is Tanmay Shah?

I too am looking for him.
I am his father.

{\an8}Mr. Shah is Tanmay the culprit?

That's what you and everybody else think.

Because my driver Raju is poor

and Tanmay Shah, my son, is rich...

It's human psychology

and general perception is that
the rich are always at fault.

If a scooter and a BMW
get into an accident.

{\an8}People presume that the
guy with the BMW is wrong.

{\an8}Mr. Shah, if Tanmay is not
guilty then why is he hiding?

I think he was shocked
after witnessing the accident.

And has run away
somewhere due to the trauma.

{\an8}Tanmay went away due to the trauma?

{\an8}But because of him an innocent man
is behind bars.

{\an8}How can you say that Raju
is innocent?

{\an8}And how can you say
that your son is innocent?

I didn't say that,
the police did.

They arrested him. There must
have been some reason behind that.

{\an8}The police began their work
two days late.

{\an8}There must have been a reason
behind that too, right?

There could be.
The police will surely tell you.

However, for now, the police
has evidence against Raju.

{\an8}Sir, it's obvious.
You're trying to implicate Raju.

Exactly. By saying that, you are
trying to implicate my son.

His son must have done it.

Man, this is how it has always been.
Everyone knows what the truth is.

And now we head to our old section.

Hi, Parth.

Sir, you?

How is your father now?

He is much better.

How are the doctors here?



Whatever happened was wrong.

Please don’t lose faith.


Don’t you worry.

If need be, we will take him to
America for treatment.

I am there for you.

By the way,
I want to ask you something.

Did Tanmay take my laptop that night?

Do you remember anything about that?

It had a lot of important data.

-I need that laptop.

I thought you came here to show
concern towards my father's health.

Parth, try and understand.
I am just trying to support you and...

No sir. I cannot understand you.

In fact, it feels like
I don’t even know you.

What you are doing is wrong sir.

You are wrong, sir.

I am wrong?

There is nothing right here, Parth.

Since Darwin, only one thing
has worked in this world.

Survival of the fittest!

Those who can fight and win,
are the only ones who survive!

I've fought against this whole world,
this system, this society!

That is why I have never been beaten.

That is how I survived.

I made this business empire on my own,
Amitabh Shah and Associates.

And you are a mere employee.

And you call me wrong? Really?

Enough sir.

Thank you!

Visiting hours are over, sir.

Another twist in Tanmay Shah's
hit and run case.

Amitabh Shah's $100 million dollars

and 650 crores in unaccounted foreign
funds details have been leaked.

Amitabh's son is still absconding.

{\an8}And now his low cost housing
project Visamo...

is in the news for a huge scam.

{\an8}The money invested in this project is
in the same unaccounted foreign funds.

Only Amitabh Shah could
tell you just how much corruption

is involved in the
construction of Visamo.


How did the details of the low
cost housing society project leak?

You know the answer, brother.
Tanmay has your laptop...

Just shut up!

We need to find him now!

What a dumbass
my son turned out to be!

First he takes my laptop,
then runs his car over three people,

and then runs away to Malaysia...

and that too to someone
who he owed money to.

Are you saying that Mark
is blackmailing us?


Tanmay is with him.

Lodge a complaint at the other desk.

Didn't you hear what I just said?

Makhwana! Attend to him.

Sir, he is the son of the
victim who is in the hospital.

Oh. I see.

Yes sir. What can I do for you?

I have cracked the case. Now
everything else depends on the court.

I have not come here as
the victim's son

but as the lawyer of the accused.

-You're here for him?

Sir, I hope you know that he is
responsible for your father's condition.

-And you want to defend him?

Do you have a problem?

I am representing Raju Bambani.

These are the papers for his bail.

Papers for bail?
Of course.

6:00 p.m.

After we take him into remand,
that is when we can talk. Ok?

This is a bailable offense.

I said after remand!


Sir there has been a problem.

The victim's son is now defending Raju.

What's the problem there?

Sir you know that it is
a bailable offense.

I will have to grant bail.

No, no, no. You can't.

Sir, what else can we do?

File the charge sheet today.

How is that possible sir?

It has only been five days...

the court has granted 60 days
to file the charge sheet.

I will come under the scanner sir.

There is no such rule that says the charge
sheet cannot be filed in five days.

Sir, but...

Do what you have been told!

In the Ghodapur bypass hit and run
case the police have already filed

the charge sheet against Raju Bambani.

But according to the experts,

the police took such a step
to help aid in the process of

trying to save Amitabh
Shah's son, Tanmay Shah.

Do you even know how badly
we are being spoken of?

Filing the charge sheet of such a high
profile case in five days?

-Who is this Gohil?

Suspend him!

But sir...

Amitabh Shah is playing it very smart.

How can he file the
charge sheet in five days?

Even I understand that much of law
to know that this can't happen.

You guys don’t worry.

Tomorrow I am going to file a
quashing petition against this.

Mehta listen!

It's all up to you tomorrow.

Don't mess it up please.

-Amit, just relax.

-I am worried.
-I told you not to worry...

I trust you.

You know I will take
care of everything.

I will take the brief from you.

Ok, Thanks.

"A puppet made of sticks"

The Ghodapur bypass hit and run case

is coming with new twists
every single day.

Today the victim's son Parth Parikh has
come to the rescue of Raju Bambani

and have filed a quashing petition.

The investigating officer Gohil has been
suspended for two months from the case.

You still haven't understood?
Try and understand.

Whatever amount you asked for,
I gave it to you.

You saw what happened to Gohil right?

The media is not going to
spare anyone this time.

Please help me sir.
You know I haven’t done anything.

This is the only way out for you now.

In the latest development,
in the Ghodapur hit and run case

the victim's son has filed
a quashing petition in the court.

Please understand, it will be good for
you if you support us.

But if you're not then you'll
land in trouble. Please understand.

Ok, fine I am with you.

"The night falls"

"The darkness rules"

"The matter holds such weight"

"That violence is sure to break out"

"There is no hope"

"I am left breathless"

"The truth is ignored"

"Evil forces are dancing all around us"

"Nobody knows what will happen"

"We are all lost"

"Somewhere in our existence
We forgot ourselves"

Mr. Parth Parikh has appealed...

that he has valid proof,

to quash the charge sheet filed against
his client, Raju Govind bhai Bambani.

Thank you, your lordship.

I think, Mr. Parth does not have any
such valid proof...

by which the charges in this charge
sheet can be denied and quashed.

Sir I wouldn’t have taken up this
case if I had no proofs.

What are the proofs?

Sir, I would like to showcase
this CCTV footage.

Excuse me sir!

This is not allowed.

Hey, why... why not allowed?

Sir Mr. Shah is not a prosecution
lawyer, he can't object.

Sir, we can't run the video here.

This is a court,
not some video parlor.

This CD first needs to be
tested and approved

for its authenticity in
the Forensic Department

and only then we can run it here.

Sir this CD belongs
to the police records

and sub inspector Makhwana has
given its approval on its authenticity.

Sir the CD was a part of the FIR.

So I don’t think its authenticity
needs to be questioned.

You may continue.

My Lord, we can all very
clearly see that Tanmay Shah is

the one who sat in the
driving seat that night.

-Wait a minute.
-What one minute?

This proof is not admissible.

Sir, Mr. Shah is not a prosecutor.
He cannot argue, sir.

-Sir, please.
-Please, Amit...

Please. I am sorry, sir.

But as everybody can see

we can only see Tanmay Shah
sitting in the car.

Nothing can prove that Tanmay
was sitting in the driver's seat.

Sir it looks like my old friend
is suffering from dyslexia here.

I am sorry what?

Dyslexia! Remember it was
shown to have happened to the

small kid in that film
''Taare Zameen Par''?

Confusion between left and right!

Mr. Parth, can we move on please?

Sorry, My Lord.

Sir we can clearly see that
Tanmay Shah has entered the car

from the right door.

Yes sir, but the car is
actually a left hand drive.


Yes sir. The car was a modified car!

I have got these modification
papers from the workshop.

Sir that’s not true!

I have been working in this
company since eight years

and I know for a fact that this
car is a right hand drive.

I mean left... right hand drive, sir.

It looks like Parth has the
"Taare Zameen Par" problem.

Silence! Silence!

Enough of all this nonsense. ok?

Mr. Parth, you may continue.

Sir, all these documents are fake!

I object sir!

You don’t have to conclude
Mr. Parth, you need to prove it.

Your Lordship!

That car is being driven by
Raju Bambani since last eight years

and that night also it was Raju
himself who was driving the car.

I have got these
mobile company records.

Raju's mobile was receiving

and sending signals in the same
area where the accident occurred.

So it's pretty evident that Raju
was the one driving the car.

Sir, sorry about having mentioned
"Taare Zameen Par."

looks like our old friend here
has a "Ghajini" issue.

-Yes. "Ghajini" that film.

Short term memory loss.

Sir whatever issues I may have
but my friend clearly seems

to be suffering from
a huge film hangover!

Sir my dear friend seems
to be forgetting that

Tanmay Shah's mobile was
also in the same area that night

and was receiving and sending signals.

Exactly Sir! That’s my point too!

Let me explain.

Sir, if we assume that...

you and your driver are in some area
around midnight then isn’t it obvious...

that if he is your driver he would be

the one driving the car and not you.

Sir I have some more papers to show.

These are the blood
reports of Mr. Parikh.

Who was the third victim that night
and is still in the hospital.

Mr. Parikh was under the
influence of alcohol.


Should I say in Gujarati?

Your father was drunk that night.

Sir I have been in the hospital

none of the reports ever claimed so.

Sir, Pritam Parikh has a
very colorful personality.


this is the list of songs
he sings in his orchestra.

Have a look, sir!

"The wine is now so costly,
drink a little less"

"People say I am drunkard"

"So rock up drinkers"

Sir, they are all songs on wine.

My Lord! How baseless
it is to decide one's

character just from the
basis of songs

It is just a performance.

Ok sir, let's forget about this
and talk about his preferences sir.

Pritam Parikh loves
foreign alcohol and...

Raju used to supply alcohol to him
because Raju is a bootlegger sir.

Sir there is no proof to
prove that Raju is a bootlegger.

There is a proof sir.

This is Mr. Hasmukh's testimony
who is Pritam Parikh's old friend...

and neighbor which clearly
states Raju and Pritam Parikh,

both loved alcohol and Raju also was

under the influence
of alcohol that night.

-How? Can you please explain Mr. Mehta.?

Sir have your ever come across
a lanky sweet shop owner?


Most of these sweet shop
owners are fat because,

while making sweets, they also
end up eating a lot of it to check

if it has been made correctly.
Sir you become what you do sir!

Hence sir Raju was under
the influence of alcohol

that night and ran into people.

The only thing is we
don’t have his blood report.

Sir, it's all bunch of lies.

Sir, CCTV footage can only be
considered a solid evidence.

Exactly sir! This is the only solid
evidence we have to prove that

Tanmay Shah sat on the right side of
the car, which was a left hand drive car

and was being driven by Raju who was
clearly under the influence of alcohol.

Sir, it was nothing like that.

-Sir, this is an open and shut case.

-How can he say this, sir.
-Enough, enough. Silence!

-Carry on with the witnesses.


The court is adjourned for the day.

Listen! Its Patil's call. Talk to him.


Yes, Parth?

We need some solid proofs
tomorrow in the court.

Think carefully and tell me.
What actually happened that night.

Where were you?
What did you do?

Which road did you take?
What did you see?

You need to tell me everything,
so please think and tell me.

Please start the proceedings.

Sir, I want to show you something.

Can I have a permission to show
you another CCTV footage?

Sir, what is going on!
Is this some kind of a video parlor?

Sir, this is important.
It absolutely important, sir.

-Ok, Ok. go ahead.
-Will you please play the video?

Sir now?

I fail to understand, sir.

Yesterday's CCTV footage was in
the police's FIR but what about this?

What is the defense trying to
prove by showing this?

Sir what I am trying to say is
that this CCTV footage is exactly

three minutes before the medical
store footage we saw yesterday.

So what?

So... so what?

Sir... the accident took place
near the Ghodapur bypass.

And this footage is that of
SG Highway, petrol pump.

Sir Raju's scooter is a 93 model and

it's impossible to cover seven kilometers
in three minutes on that model.

According to this, it is clear that
Raju wasn't in the car that day.

Because he was on the scooter.

And sir, the report which Mr. Mehta has
submitted, according to that,

The amount of alcohol which was
in Preetam Parikh's blood,

it was approximately double
than the permissible limit.

Sir, a 62 years man who cannot
even stand straight drinking alcohol,

how could he reach the accident spot
at a distance of five miles away?

And one more point, sir.

The report which he has submitted
according to it.

The car has been modified from
right hand drive to left hand drive.

I'll bet, sir.

I bet the service station
number he has given,

according to it no engineer can
make such modifications in any car, sir.

-It's impossible.
-Your Lordship, I...

can understand Mr. Parth's
mental state.

I sympathies with him.

But unfortunately...

All his arguments are invalid, sir.

All the evidences are actually
against Raju Bambani.

So I request this court...

that police charge sheet should
be retained...

and the case against Raju
should be continued. That's all.

Mr. Mehta, for your kind information,
Charge sheet means

a police investigation report.

Even in a common theft case generally

police takes about 20 to 25 days
to file the charge sheet.

And here in such a serious case,
charge sheet is filed in just five days?

This shows that this charge sheet
is also fabricated.

-Sir, this is outrageous...
-Sir, witness's statements

and his arguments, are all false, sir.

Their assertion is factually incorrect.

Mr. Amitabh Shah's evidence,
his papers, his

case, are all false.

-I object, sir.
-Sir, I've submitted all the proofs.

And yet...

If Raju has to be declared guilty...

I have a humble request that...

this case should be closed.

Sir, there is no need for
all this drama, sir.

Sir... It's important.

We should...

let people know that
Raju is poor...

Is not as powerful as Mr. Shah.

And as he is a driver,
so he is guilty.

Yet, if Raju is considered guilty then...

let's stop the melodrama.

I rest my case.

The high court keeping in
mind both sides of the arguments,

based on both the CCTV footage
and on solid grounds...

decides to quash the
charge sheet filed by

the Ghodapur police
station against Raju.

Silence! Silence please.

And at the same time, instructs the
Ghodapur Police...

to reinvestigate this case again...

and orders Tanmay Shah
to be presented in the court.

The case has been disposed of.

Sir I had come to you for help.

Had you helped me back then,
today this wouldn't have happened.


Thank you, Parth.

This is not the right time to be happy!

This case was just to quash
the charge sheet against you.

The main case still remains.

Do you know what's going to happen now?

The investigation will
go on for 10-15 years.

All the evidences against Tanmay
Shah will be declared null and void.

The High Court will
dismiss it as insufficient.

And finally... due to
lack of any concrete evidence,

Tanmay Shah will be acquitted.

And he will be celebrating
this victory somewhere.

This won't happen Parth sir.

This is what has been going on for
years and this is what will happen.


No Parth sir.

It won't happen this time.

Because it's just not possible.

I was about to tell
you Parth sir but...

But?... but what?

Parth sir... please don’t get angry...

and please don’t feel bad also.

That night, Tanmay sir
wasn’t alone in that car.

He came to garba.


Sit in the car or else
I will screw his happiness.

As soon as I saw Shaily madam
getting into Tanmay sir's car...

I don’t know what struck me...

I followed them...

Tanmay sir started
drinking in the car itself.

And when Shaily madam
stopped him from doing so...

they stopped the car
somewhere and exchanged seats.

My scooter ran out of fuel
and broke down after a point.

And I went to the fuel
station to fill in fuel.

I went to fill the gas and there...

Pass the bottle.

I am not giving it to you.

-Pass the bottle!

-Why not?
-I am not passing you the bottle.

-Watch out!
-Oh God!

So that food vendor's
testimony was true.

From there I took the car
straight to Amitabh Shah's farmhouse.

Tanmay is dead!

What is he saying?

Yes, Parth.

We were really scared Parth.

Patil sir should we call the cops?

No, we shouldn't.
Don't call the cops.

You and she will get screwed
badly if you call the cops...

listen to me please!

First we cremated

Tanmay sir's dead body.

And I told Patil Sir to collect
Tanmay sir's phone, wallet and laptop.

We used the laptop
and the phone against,

Amitabh sir after he
tried to frame me.

From his phone we came to know...

that Tanmay had borrowed $2 million
from his own partner Mark.

And when Patil opened the laptop,

we got to know of Amitabh Shah's
illegal transactions.

All his fake companies,
about Visamo,

fake documents, fake sanctions,

and entire account of black money.

We decided to hand over
Tanmay sir's phone and credit card

to our friend who was
traveling to Malaysia then.

That made everyone believe
that Tanmay sir is in Malaysia.

Tanmay's phone calls and credit
card have shown some activity.

Location is Malaysia.

And when the time was right,
I instructed Patil sir

to start blackmailing Amitabh Shah
under the guise of Mark.

And we eventually leaked the
Visamo low housing

society file from his laptop.

We weren't greedy for money, but if
someone called Mark was blackmailing him

then he will certainly ask for money.

So, just to make all this look real and
scare Amitabh Shah we asked for money.

And those 15 lakhs also we managed

to raise by selling off our office.

I have done wrong,
but it was to save myself.

We did all this and the rest...

Amitabh sir himself completed and
dug his own grave.

Like everyone else, he also
believed that it was Tanmay's fault.

Dump this car. Now!

Because of Gohil's transfer,
Makhwana freaked out...

Which is why he gave you
the CC TV footage.

Parth. I was really scared
and hence I kept quiet.

Had I have said anything,
Shaily would have been implicated.

It's really not Shaily's fault.
I did it all to save her.

She wasn't willing to leave.

I was the one who
insisted that she leave for Paris.

What is this?

Your fees Parth sir.

-But... I can't...
-Look Parth, sir.

I did what I felt was
right at that point of time.

If possible, forgive me.


to do a right thing,

one has to take the wrong side Parth sir.

It's been six months,
but Tanmay Shah has

still not been found.

And for the last few months even
his father Amitabh has disappeared.

"I love the colors of hope"

"That I see in this new world"

"And I wish that this new world"

"Can become my home."

"Slowly but surely"

"What is happening to me?"

"What is going on in my mind?"

"I can't understand a thing"

"Is this my imagination?
Why is it showing me this?"