Write When You Get Work (2018) - full transcript

A story about money, mischief, love and entitlement, set in New York City. Ruth Duffy is getting by on an assistant's salary at a pricey school for girls in Manhattan, managing to move ...

Oh, shit.

Let's go, quick.

This is private property!

Okay, I gotta go.

I gotta go.


I'm pumping gas and this guy
pulls in with his truck

and blocks the pumps.

He says he's interested
in the boat and trailer.

What did I want for it?

You tell him it's not for sale.

That's what I told him.

He starts peeling money
off this roll of bills,

I say, 'C' Mon, man, put
the money back in your pants,

'It's not for sale.'

Then Stu comes out.

'What are you doing,
you're blocking my pump.'

The guy says he's there
doing business with me.

But he's not
doing business with you.

I know.

The guy whose gas
I had been pumping

gets pissed off.

He steps out of his car,
I swear to god,

he shoves a gun
in this guy's balls.

Get the fuck out of here,
what did you do?

The guy took off,
I didn't want to be there.

I went in the shop,
I grabbed a forty,

I popped it out back,

I tried to just cool down,

which would have been fine,
except then Stu comes out,

he starts complaining about me
like it's all my fault.

One thing leads to another.

We get into a fight.

You got into a fight with Stu?


Asshole! You don't get in
a fight with your boss.

Yeah, well,
he's not my boss anymore.

At some point, apparently,

I grabbed his car keys,
and tried to run him over.

Jesus, Jonny, come on.

He's fine, I hit
the coke machine, but...

I gotta find another job.

You know, I might
have something for you.

Yeah, where?

A guy who lives in the building
I work at, he owns a night club.

He asked me if I knew any people
looking for work.

I don't know about the job,
but you gotta be friendly.

I'm friendly.

Yeah, you're a friendly guy.

It's been a long night, ma'am,

A few drinks,
you forgot what you wore.

It happens all the time.
What's that supposed to mean?

This is the coat
that matches your claim check.

It's not the right coat.

It's the only coat
I have for you.

This coat's from Talbot's.

Do I look like I came in
wearing a blazer?

Steph, look at this.
Hey, babe.


Was I wearing a blazer
from Talbot's?

I dunno.

Was I wearing a blazer
in the cab?

I think so.

Just take it.

Thank you.

Look man, I'm sorry,
she can be a little rude.

That's alright,
I'm used to it...

You used to
stealing people's shit?

Leave your number here,
if I find something...

I think it had feathers on it.

Whatever it was,
I'm sure it's very nice.

For all your hard work.

Miss Duffy, did you see
the paper today?

No, why?

Antoinette was interviewed.

Did you know The Times
was doing a piece

on private school admissions?

Not only us,
but we look the worst.

Thanks to Antoinette.

What did she say?
She said...

'Not everyone
can afford to donate

'a helicopter trip to Nantucket.

'But those families who
can't come up with something

persuasive for the Auction

'should not be sending
their daughters to this school.'

That is the Head
of Admissions talking!

Who donated that?

It doesn't matter.

I'm looking for her replacement.

Good morning.

The new brochures are here,

just in time
for the board meeting.

I broke my heel.

I know.
Don't you have an extra pair?

Oh no, I always keep
spare shoes in the office.

Can I see them?
What size are you?

An 8.
Sorry, mine are 9 1/2.

Can I try them?

I didn't schedule
anything else until 10:45.

That's Volunteer Training
for Parents.

Spend a few minutes with them,
let them ask you some questions.

Then there's a 6-pack at 11.

A translator's booked
for the 4-pack at noon.

The 1:00 tour is a VIP.
It's the father, he's an artist.

I put a book of his work
in your desk.

It's pretty nasty,
you should look.

He doesn't want a private tour,
but he needs to be acknowledged,

without seeming
to be acknowledged.

Apparently we want the kid.

Okay, can we get started?

We have a lot to cover,
and I have a flight to catch.

I move we skip the minutes
from our last meeting in June.

Second that.

So moved.

Okay, why don't we...?

Why don't we start
with admissions?

Okay, so we have
a lot to report...

Despite the changes in staff,
of which you are well aware,

our numbers are
higher than ever this year.

Do you want to begin
by distributing

the new brochures
to the Trustees?

Once again, we have
vastly more applicants

than we could ever accept.

Ruth has worked
tirelessly this summer

to complete this project.

She's our Interim
Head of Admissions.

Miss Duffy is holding down
the fort while we search

for a replacement
for Antoinette.

Has everybody had a minute
to look at that

because I have a comment.

Excellent work, Miss Duffy,

but what has everybody
noticed about it?

They're all girls!

I give up.

Every face is white.

We have other girls
in this school, Miss Duffy.

Have they been excluded
from the brochure?

What about these two?

They look like they're Spanish.

Claire and Lily Tommasino,
Albert Tommasino's daughters.

He's the head
of the finance committee.

And not Spanish.

Let me remind you
the need-based packages

do not start until
after 9th Grade.

This not who we're targeting.
We're looking at Lower School.

We've had this discussion
before, this is not about race.

It's partly race.

No, it's just dollars and cents.

Guy, why would we want
to market ourselves

to families who need tuition
assistance in kindergarden?

I don't care
what color they are,

it's a big financial
commitment for us.

Miss Duffy, how many applicants
have we had

for kindergarten this year?

Almost 100 already.

And how many of those
are families of color?

I can think of two.

But I'm sure there'll be more.

Alison Bayard-Lowell.

She's turning five in January.
Her parents are both economists.

Her father's William Lowell.

Who else?

Parker Ann Hahman.
She's also four.

Her father's an Egyptian tenor
at the Met,

and her mother went to Dalton.

They both sound good to me.

Let's try to get them.
Is two enough?

Can we help you, Ms. Spradlin?

I'm sorry, Mr. Brinckerhoff.
There was a phone call for Ruth.

Is everything alright?


We're gonna go say hi.

I'm gonna go get a drink with...


Who's that?

Who's that?

I'm gonna get a beer,
do you want something?

I want a white wine.

Meet you outside.

Hey, Jonny...

How you doin'?

I don't know, man.

Come on.

Go say something.
I'll come back in a minute.


It's no big deal. Just say
you're sorry for her loss.

Yeah, I will, I will.


What happened to Val?
He's still inside.

Hey Bobby!
How you doin'?

Look at you.

What's wrong with it?

It's a little fuckin' sexy for
the occasion, don't you think?


Jonny just got it for me.
He doesn't care.

I don't care,
you look like a loopa,

and it's out of
Jonny's price range.

You look gorgeous,
don't listen to him.

You like it right?
Yes, very much.

Hey Jonny, where'd you get
a jacket like that?

Here comes the popo.
Who cares where I got it?

Hey Bobby, you made it.

Of course I made it,
what do you mean?

I thought you had to work.

No, I left early.

How's she doing in there?


I can't hold on,
slow down, slow down!

One step, two steps,
three steps...

You're going to make it.
I'm so scared!

Oh my god, oh my god!
Jesus Christ!

It's freezing outside.
You don't wanna go like this.

Come on, come on, here.

Here, left leg, come on.

He's on his way, alright?
Here we go.

God, it hurts so bad!
Okay, I know.

We really don't wanna have
the baby on the side of the...

okay, Jonny...
Oh, thank god.

I'm gonna get your coat, okay?

You're okay.

Are you okay?

She's okay.

Mitchell, I gotta get
Mary back to school.

How long are you planning
on staying?

I dunno, maybe hang out.

Mary's in school?

Yeah, she started
after Labor Day.

What do you go
to school for, Mary?

You're too little.
It's pre-school.

Where's that pre-school?

One just opened up
on the highway near Bobby D's.

That's a day-care center.

Don't say it in front of Val.
It's a pre-school.

Looks like a recruiting station
with mats on the floor.

John, Mary likes it,

she's four years old,
so shut the fuck up.

I'm sorry.

Alright, baby...


Bye, guys.

Hey, Jonny...

Look who's here.

Get the fuck outa here!

Did you know she was coming?


I'm so glad you're here.

My sister said
she would call you.

Who are you guys talking about?

It doesn't matter.

Should I be worried?


Just outside Staples
right after closing.

He went to get
a new printer for me,

and as he was taking it back
to the parking lot,

a bunch of boys on bikes...

Some of them were 12 years old.

I can't believe that.

They took his wallet,
they took the man,

they dumped it at the beach.

They shot him in the chest.


What do we do?

Just put your address
in that fishbowl over there.

I will.

That's my rainy day job
so I can find everyone

after these pills
they gave me wear off.

You dated a goalie?

I fell in love with a goalie.

Used to write her poems.

Fuck, I never told you
about that!

Jonny, did you tell him that
I wrote the hockey goalie poems?

I felt very deeply about her,

she was a strong woman,
and I like strong women.

You know he cried for 3 days
when she broke up with him.

I did not cry, I had pink eye.

This is a big deal, alright?

Who told you
I broke up with her?

Jonny, you're an asshole,
you know that?

I told you in confidence about
the haikus I sent to Patricia.

And you tell this guy?
All 400 of them.

I didn't write 400 of them!
And like 50 mix tapes too.

I'm going in.

You alright?

Get me another wine.
Yeah, sure.

You vibe with this crowd?

Be right back.

Who sold you that lock?

Answer me.

If you don't want people
breaking in here,

you need a regular fox lock.

And window guards, by the way.

They don't make
fox locks anymore.

Yes, they do, Abby Locksmith.
What are you doing here?

I was kinda meditating.

You have to get out.

I looked for you today
at the service.

I was there.

Did you see me?
Yeah, through the window.

Yeah, I saw you too.
You didn't say hello.

You smell like something.

Probably smell like the subway.

You have a cutting board?

On the counter. Why?
What are you doing?

This thing? Plastic.

Leave it there.

That'll do.

I don't want your help,
so if you could put that back.


I've been looking for these.

Didn't have a chance
to return them.

Is that to keep you out?

Right now, it's keeping me in.

How do you know where I live?

You broke into
my apartment, Jonny?

You said my name.
That wasn't for you.

What's this bird?

A lark.

The lady larks.
The lady larks!

Head of Admissions,
that's your job?

What are you trying
to make them admit?

I'm just kidding,
I know what it means.

There's not enough room
for everyone,

so you get to pick the winners.

I'm sure it's very fair.

What are you doing here?
How much do they pay you?

I'm sure it's not enough.

I think it's enough.

Why aren't you coaching track?
I changed jobs.

I switched schools.
What about the kids at Pompei?

I don't know, they got
somebody else to coach the team,

it's not a big deal.

Those kids got national
recognition, thanks to you.

A trip to the White House.

Yeah, you heard about that.

It was in the news,
I know how to read.

So, you have a girlfriend?

Does she know that you're here?

What's her name?

Why did you come here?

I don't have coach
telling me not to anymore.

I'm serious.

If it wasn't for Coach...

I'd still be working
at Dunkin' Donuts.

Like Kandy.
What do you mean?

That's where she works.

Well, I didn't know that.

That's not what I meant.

That's okay, you get paid more,
you work more.

You don't know me anymore.

You don't know
what I do every day.

You don't know
the people I work with.

I could get to know them.

You don't get to know them.

Sticker knows them,
he knows these people.

You're not the only one
who works in this neighborhood.


Sticker has a job
on Park Avenue,

he got married,
they have a nice place.

Sticker got married?

To who?

You don't know her.
Where does he work?

What is he, a doorman?

Might have
some people in common.

We don't have people in common.

You might!

Sticker knows these people,
too bad they don't know him.

They look right through him.

It's not their responsibility
to see that Sticker's a thief?

Don't take anything out of there
or I'll call the cops.

This place is nice.
Get out.

What do you pay?
Get out!

Why do you get upset if I ask
what do you pay for this life?

What're you doing?

Trying to get these nails out
so I can throw it at your head,

and kill you with it.

Why don't you use the hammer?

Hello, Mr. Brinckerhoff.
Hello, ladies.

Duffy, there you are.

You got a minute?

You look worried.
Don't be worried.

Come outside with me,
just for a minute.

Ashley, can you bring
this upstairs for us?

I've been looking for you.
What did I do?

Well, apparently,
you have put together

a very provocative record
of action some years ago.

King's Point. Port Washington,
Sands Point, Baxter Estates.

Coastal communities
in Long Island?

Across the bay
from Locust Point.

Four convictions in one year?

I was a minor.
Yes, you were a minor.

It never went to Criminal Court
for an adult conviction.

But you're way past
being a minor now.

Now you're
an accomplished woman.

Wasn't my record sealed?

I am sorry.

Sorry for what you did
or sorry that I found out?


Breaking and entering.

Resisting arrest.

The assault was
part of resisting arrest.

Oh, okay.

Are you telling me to resign?

Now why would I do that?

I just want you to know
what I know.

I was wondering if
I could persuade you

to come to brunch
this weekend at the house.

Check your schedule.
See if you're free.

What else do you know?

That you're good in your job.

I was the last choice.

So what?

I don't think
you're going to let us down.

Allison, why are you laughing?
I'm not kidding about this!

No, he's not here, I'm outside.
I'm talking about real money!

No, it's not the price
of living in New York!

It's called Civil Forfeiture.

I can just ship it to England.
I won't put your name on it.

Just don't tell Mom, okay?



Did she just hang up on me?

Jesus Christ!
She's as bad as Steven!

Can we get a cab, please?

Yep, absolutely, Mrs. Nobel.

Hi, Dorset!

Mommy, are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine, why?

They didn't come for Daddy,
did they?

Dorset, no.

Nobody's coming for Daddy.

Here we go.

Mrs. Noble...


What's up, buddy?

Who is that?

That's Mrs. Nobel.

What's her first name?

I don't know her first name.

Mr. and Mrs. Noble, 7B...

Hold on one second...

Nan, Nan Noble.

What's the kid's name?

The kid's name you just saw
is Dorset.

They've got another kid
named Murphy.

Dorset Noble?

They make her ride
to school on a pony?

Hey, she's a good kid, alright?

What's the boy's name?

No, it's a girl,
they're both girls.

Murphy, she's the little one.

So they go to the same school?

No, Murphy's too young,
she's applying to kindergarden.

Who are these people?

The guy's in finance...

Get your hand off my papers,

Excuse me.

The guy's in finance, okay?

He used to be at work
all the time,

stopped 3 or 4 weeks ago.

How come?

I don't know, he walks around
in a bathrobe now.

Is he in some kinda trouble?

Dude, I open the door,
I close the door, okay?

He doesn't talk to me.

He gets a lot of
lattes delivered, and envelopes,

that's all I know.

From who?

From lawyers.

What are talking about here,
Jonny? Breaking in?

Are you crazy?

I can't rob their apartment.
I work here!

I'm not gonna lose this job, okay?

We're not breaking in,

you just told me
he's home all the time.

One thing, though,
that red bird.

Goes to the same school as Ruth.


It's not about Ruth.

Maybe she could be helpful.

Jesus, there we go
with this fuckin' guy.

Can I borrow
one of these shirts?


I'm really sorry,
Mrs. Martin called.

I tried to stop them!

As soon as we hit 8:30,
those women pushed like animals.

You have to start by separating
the adults from the children.

Just give it to me!

I'm not supposed to let
anyone else ever have my phone.

Are you out of your mind?

We lost our phones
or we wouldn't ask.

That's really not my problem.

What's going on in here?

We just got robbed.
We were mugged.

What are you talking about?

Me and Maxine.
We were in the Park.

Which park?

Central Park.
What other park?

Two guys came up behind us.

What did they look like?

The one we saw had his hood up,
he wouldn't let us turn around.

He took our phones
and our wallets.

How old were they?

Your age, I guess.

Did you call the cops?

No, we didn't have our phones!

Mrs. Hazard,
we just got mugged!

Oh my god, are you okay?

They took our wallets
and our phones.

Will somebody find our stuff?

Ingrid, come with me.
Who's 'they'?

The police.

Okay, come with me, girls.

Those windows are an invitation.

I think I told you that.


Do you know a kid
named Dorset Noble?

What are you talking about?

She goes to your school.

I think she's in third grade.

What's the matter?

How do you know her?

I don't know her.
You know her name.

She has a little sister
hoping to get into kindergarten.

I thought you might
know her family.

Isn't that your job?



Jesus Christ, god,
you're an animal!

Stop it.

Shit, you have a temper.

What is that?

It's for you.

This isn't funny.

You don't know what happened.

You robbed these kids.
They're 16 years old.

You just feed off anyone
who has something to do with me?

This had nothing to do with you.

These two girls
were in Central Park,

wearing their tank-tops
and flip flops,

sitting there, licking
butter off their fingers.

What did you say to them?
I didn't say a word!

They jumped in the fountain
in their underwear.

Left all this on the bench.

It was too easy.
That's not what they told me.

I'm not surprised.

Could you leave me alone?

I've been trying, Ruth.

I really have.

You know...

You want to live your life
with strangers, go ahead.

It suits you.

You think I forgot about you?

Forgot about Coach?

I know what he did.

He dealt with your dad,
my mom, she was useless.

He was the only one
willing to be there,

willing to sign the papers.

Who's shoulder is that?

I don't know.


You giving these to me?


Sit down,
eat your breakfast, Murphy.

So what are you doing today?

Doing the tour, I told you.

In tennis shoes?

They don't care.

Steve Noble.

Yeah, I'll be right down.

Don't have to announce yourself.
He knows who he called.

Yes, but you don't have to tell
me how to talk to a doorman.

It's an envelope.

May I go down for it, Daddy?
No, Dorset, I got it.

I got it.

It says Turvey and Bates.

That's for Daddy.
Let me talk.

Hi, Dan.

Terrible. How are you?

He just went downstairs.

Want him to call you back?

Yeah, sure, what is it?

Yea, of course I'm listening.

You told me that before,

but I don't like
hearing you say it again.

Okay, I'm taking it as a friend,

but what kind of risk
do you mean?

Oh my god...

Oh, my god...


And when would that happen?

Dan, I can't
talk about this now.

I've got to get
the kids to school.

I'll call you back later,
yeah, okay.


Alright, here we are
in the cafeteria, walk right in.

I have idea what I'm doing here.

Couldn't get a waiver?
I've given this tour.

Okay, can everyone hear me?

Miss Duffy,
our Interim Head of Admissions,

is joining
this part of the tour.

Thanks, Ashley. Hi, everyone.
So good to see you.

I just want to say a few words
about our cafeteria.

First of all, as of next month,
we'll be installing

a brand-new, state-of-the-art

raw juice bar,
right along this wall...

...which was my husband's idea.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.


I do have a comment, if I may.

Maybe it's more of a question.
Of course, what is it?

I've heard several rumors
that Luscinia is re-thinking

financial need for applicants
in the lower grades and

I need to know what that means

for those of us
who are already here,

those of us who have been
part of this community

for many many years.

Mrs. Noble...
No, Ashley...

I really feel like
this needs to be said, okay?

When the tide goes out,

you don't leave your best fish
to die on the shore.

Mrs. Noble, I don't think
anyone's going to die.

Well, I hope you're right,
I have to take a call.

I'm sure she'll catch up.
If everyone else can follow me?

Think the pants are too much?

What do you want from me?

I just wanna see where you work.

This isn't a game.
Oh, yes it is.

Big winnings.


Are you alright?

I'm sorry.

Do we know each other?

You look like
you need some help.

Can I call someone for you?

Like who?

I don't know, your husband?
Oh my god, no!

Are you kidding me?

Thank you...
My god, I know these two!

So were you on the tour?

Looks like we both left early.

No, I just wanted
to stop by Dorset's rehearsal.

My older daughter,
but I didn't stay.

Autumn Assembly.

Native American
song book this year.

Seriously I'd like to know
who chooses the songs they sing.

It used to be so meaningful.

I honestly don't get the Navajo.

At least the Apaches
fought it out.

If you gonna fight, fight.

I can admire that.

But the Navajo, Jesus,

their way to fight
was to steal you blind.

I'm not sure that's true.

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

Look, I have to run, but...

I hope your daughter
gets into the class.

Hope yours does, too.

Oh, she'll be fine.

She's smart, she's not deranged,
so she should be an easy one.

Assuming the Board doesn't vote
to eliminate the normal kids.

My husband says
he'll burn down the Field House

if they give Murphy's spot away
to a little kid from the Bronx.

They could build
another Field House.

He was kidding.

So was I.

I'm Jonny.
Oh, I'm Nan.

Nan Noble.

Duffy, there you are!

You owe me a RSVP, I believe.

Babe needs to know
if you're coming.

We need the number.

Sure, would love to.


Excuse me.

I need an application.

Were you just on the tour?


You took the tour before
submitting an application.

You can't do that.


Look, Melanie,
such a pretty name...

Don't you think you could just

give me one now?

Fine, I have one here.

Thank you.

Let me get you an envelope.

'“Please tell us
about your child.'”

Say how smart she is.
I said that.

Say you wish you were her dad.
I'm saying I am her dad.

What do you mean?

'“Please give specific examples
of your child's

'particular strengths.'

'Describe any special needs
or areas needing support.'”

She's four years old.
All she's got are special needs.

Wait, what are you doing?

I'm filling out the questions,
it's an application for Mary.

Why isn't Sticker doing this?

I didn't tell him about it.

Are you kidding?

'Are you interested
in our school?'

That's a very good question.

Who wouldn't want
what those kids have got?

It's a gold mine over there.

Yeah, I wouldn't
write that down.

The pen is not great.
I hope it isn't too messy.

It's a mess because
Mary's not your kid.

Bobby, I work in a coat closet.

I'm gonna put
whatever I can into this.

It's messy, it's not messy,
it's an opportunity.

This isn't for Mary.
This is for Ruth.

Yeah, I want Ruth
to read it and like it, okay?

That's what she does.
She reads.

Hey, Sticker...

Oh yeah? When?

Can I have something
to write on?


What's the address?


What's the apartment number?

Oh, of course it's not.

Oh, so it's like a lunch?


Mrs. Noble, hi!

Hey, this was just
delivered for you.

Thanks, Spencer.

I'm not Spencer.

Oh, yeah, you aren't.

Yeah, I think I may have taken
Spencer's place.

I started back in March.

My name's Mitchell.

Steven couldn't make it.

Guy, I need to talk to you.
It's not about Steven.

It's about me.

I'd love to help you, Nan,
but you have your own lawyer.

I know nothing about this.

You don't need me.
Dan is terrific.

Dan's not like you.

Tell me what's going on.

Keep it short.


It all started with a lawsuit
from an investor.

He basically accused Steven

of trading with affiliates,
affiliated dealers.

Isn't that ironic that
someone would accuse Steven

of working too closely
with people he knew,

with friends, when Steven
really doesn't have any friends.

The asshole who sued him,
we've known the guy for years,

He's a paranoid
sex addict and honestly,

his problems have nothing to do
with Steven!

The case went to civil court,

Steven should have settled, but

once that happened,

things just started
rolling away from him.

Other accusations cropped up
that he lied about the brokers.

He had audit issues in the past,
and that came up again too.

It should not come
as any surprise,

that Steven can't deal
with audits.

He's never been any good
at listening to people

tell him what to do but...

Along the way,
the US Attorney got involved,

and the civil went
to criminal, and now...

Okay, Nan...

It's too much, you don't need
to tell me this much,

let's get a drink.

But Guy, I do...
Dan will take care of it.

I have to...


I'm worried about his seizure.

Oh, I hope I don't know
what you mean by that.

I just need
a couple of drawers or

a corner of your laundry room,

just put a box until
this whole thing blows over.


Any disruption of property
during this investigation

will put you at risk of arrest.

Look, I would never do anything
actually inappropriate.


But I can't fill the coffers
of some idiots in Albany!


Yeah I know, of course
that's what I meant.


You want some advice?

This is my advice...

Even if Steven's case
gets settled,

any steps you take to hide
your own assets

will be discovered.

And you will go to jail.

It's not a joke, Nan.

Ruth Duffy!

Have you met Babe?

Babe, Ruth Duffy,
we've been talking about.

Ah, Nan, don't move
the place cards.

I sat Ruth with you, okay?

Has everyone met Miss Duffy?

Our Interim Head of Admissions.

Guy always likes to invite
an extra person

who none of us really knows.

They give us
something to talk about.

We had a writer the last time...

Where are you from?

Not far from here.
Close to the water.

Malcolm and Amy
have a place on the water also.

They can't really live
without water.

When we're out West,
we don't miss it.

You would if that's all you had.

We were just in Mamaroneck
for a wedding...

Mrs. Nobel.
Yeah, hi.

...for sale
for just about nothing.

I hope that's not an invitation
to talk about the economy, Babe.

I want to talk about money.

You had to tell us that
in advance.

Malcolm, get another drink
and be quiet.

Where's Randall?
He'll put money down.

I think he's hiding if this is
about the school endowment.

My suggestion has always been

no more hot paninis
in the cafeteria.

So you're a do-good machine
all of a sudden.

What's that mean
for our wallets though?

Hi, Guy Brinckerhoff.
Jon Collins.

I don't think
we know each other.

I'm a friend of Ruth's.

Made it.

I just stopped by to say hi.
I'm not staying for lunch.

No, no, come on in.
Want a drink?


Sounds good.

You're between Ruth and Nan.
Are you sure?

Friends, Duffy?

Is he out of town?
No, he's at home.

You don't have to
explain it, Nan.

It's a difficult time,
I think we all know that.

Is he alright?

Steven owns a hedge fund.

Very strong, but it's a
difficult time like Nan says.

Let's be honest.
Steven's a bully.


No, it's true,
it's part of his success.

His mother's the same.

Excuse me for a minute.

Is she okay?

Is that yours?

Yes, I'm surprised too...
No, of course not.


I'm sorry
I asked about your husband.

I feel like
I put you on the spot.

No, you didn't. You couldn't.
He got himself in trouble.

He's in the middle
of a public indictment.

Haven't they
described it to you?

Not really. No.
He's under investigation.

Would you like one of these?
For headaches.

No, I'm okay, thanks.

I should go back in.
I just wanted a little privacy.

It's hard to find
much privacy at a party.

You have no idea
what the government does

to people like us.

My husband isn't a criminal.


pays his taxes, he votes,
he's out there doing his job,

And all of a sudden,
that's illegal!

Do you know what
his lawyer told me?

If Steven gets convicted,

Federal Agents
will come to our home...

and everything
that we've depended on...


He might not be convicted.

A property seizure
might not wait.

They could show up tomorrow.
They might be there now.

My husband had this...

winner-take-all approach,

that hasn't exactly
led to friendships

he can count on.

I know what's that like.

I'm just as bad.

I still have friends,
but they're not really friends.

They're something else,

I have people, but I'm alone.

You have to protect yourself.

What kind of world
do you think I'm living in?

I have absolutely no say

whatsoever in the choices
my husband is making.

Yeah, but you have
just as much to lose.

Oh my god,
look what I did to my shirt.

It's French,

I'm not drunk,
if that's what you think.

I'm struggling.

Sorry, I paid a lot for this bra,
I had to show it to someone.

It's nice.
You're nice.

And you're practical.

You don't really know me.

That's one of the things
I like most about you.

Will you help me?



What are doing?
I'm leaving.

Did he just leave?

I'll be back.

You're not going shopping,
are you?

I'm just returning something.
What is it?

What do you care? It's just
something I didn't like.

Don't get store credit,
get cash.

Okay, I'm meeting someone
at Monty's.

For a glass of wine afterwards.
This afternoon? I wouldn't.

Why not?

Because Dan is coming over.

He's coming today? Why?

Why do you think?

Do I have to be there?


Who still goes
to Monty's anyway?

Jonny Collins!

Hey, man!

What the hell
are you doing here?

It's Wegs!

What're you doing here?

I'm getting stood up
is what I'm doing.

Wegs, what's up, man?

It's alright, it's your job.

Never mind, forget it.
Good to see you.

Good to see you, too.
How long you worked here?

Stef's here too. We both
got hired a month ago.

So funny.

Hey, are you here for real,
or you working something?

You don't have to tell me,
I just thought, you know.

No, I actually might be putting
something together.

With Sticker and Bobby D.

Check it out.
Stef, what's up, man?

So good to see you!

How are those guys.
They're good, man, we'll see.

Hey, say no more. You need boots
on the ground, call us up.

Alright, thanks, Wegs.

So you get something?

She's not coming,
so I guess I'm leaving.

Lemme give you something, man,
it's fuckin' good.

Just hang on,
I'll be right back.

I'll give you my new number,
if that's cool with you.

Yeah man, that's good.

You have to read
this application.

It just came in today.

Good or bad.
Oh my god, it's good!

It's messy, just ignore that.
It was written by hand.

Mike found it slipped under
the front door this morning.

It's really special.

It's actually moving.
It kind of turned me on.

Let's bring them in.
Looks good.




Tomorrow is perfect, thank you.
She'll be there.


There they are.
Hello, Jonny!

Hey Mary, how you doin?


I'm excited for the zoo, are

Yes, she's excited!

Hey Mary, check it out,
I brought you something.

A magic ball!
What is it?

I told you, what are you doing,
stop shaking it.

Stop shaking it,
what are you doing?

Is something inside?

No, don't open it, c'mon,
you'll wreck the magic.

Hey, what the hell is that?

It's cream cheese.

Jesus, Jonny, you idiot,
that's from your bagel!

Doesn't mean it's not magic.

I gotta drop Val off at work and
I don't have to be in until 10.

Do you guys need a ride?

Make it educational, Jonny.
Yes, ma'am,

Bye Mom, bye Dad...

Hey, make sure
she wears this, okay?

Bye, baby.

We should take the bus
to get to the zoo.

Tell me the truth,
do you like the zoo?

Not really.

Oh, that's so funny!
I don't like the zoo either.

I was thinking
we go someplace else.

And then maybe take the train.

What do you think about that?


This place we're going has
crayons and puzzles...

Do you have your Metro Card?

You don't have a Metro card?
What kind of New Yorker are you?

Good morning everybody,
and welcome.

I'm a volunteer in the
Admissions Office this year.

I hope to answer any questions
you might have,

and maybe get to know you
a little bit, yeah?

Don't worry, I'm not a spy!

I'm going to get started
by making sure everybody's here.

First one, Mr. Mitchell
Mullen Vega, with Mary.

Ah, it's you, hi!

And Mrs. Rufus Martin?

Are you the nanny?

Come on.
Where we going?

Oh, Ashley, hi!
You made it.

I'm so sorry.
That's okay.

Hi, Murphy!

Remember me?
Good to see you!

You're going to do great.

They'll be toys.

You've got to go,
okay, okay, okay?


Could you tell Mrs. Martin

we're sorry she couldn't
make it here herself today.

We really require that
the parents be here.

It's an important part of
our process to meet the parents.

We call it 'Meet the Parents.'
We need to meet the parents.

I'm here. Sorry, guys...
There you are, you alright?

No, not really.

It took us forever
to get up here.

I wanted to get in there before
they started with the kids.

I wanted to tell them
Murphy is tired

and she's been fighting
a cold, but...

Never mind, they're not
exactly accommodating.

What are doing here?

I need to talk to you.

Nan, just go have a seat
and help me run this session.

Go out into the hall
for a second?


Apologies, Lacey, sorry.

We'll get right back
to you guys.

Are you okay?

Did you get my text?
I'm so sorry.

Our lawyer came in
to talk with us.

He scared the hell out of me.

Whenever he starts talking,

I start thinking,
how did I get into this?

He wants to talk percentage,

likelihood of Steven
being convicted...

And confidentiality.

That made me wonder,
did I say too much to you?

It's been in the paper.

Yeah, that's true.

Yeah, so look...

I packed things up, okay?
It's done.

Nan, maybe we shouldn't talk
about this here.

You're right, can I just say
this one thing?

There are things at my house...

that I can't live without.
I know.

Things that I depend on
to live my life.

What things, exactly?

Yes, sure, I've got a list here.

So have you booked
the storage facility?

Not yet.

What's wrong?
Is something wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

So, I'll pick it up
at your place tonight?

Yeah, cool, 11 o'clock.

We'll have rented the facility
by then, right?


I'll just bring it there
after work,

I'll have to stop at work.

Work? At 11 o'clock at night?

Does your husband
know about this?

My husband's a gambler.

He could lose that
5 million bucks today

and win it back on Thursday.

Then lose it again next week,
that's how he lives his life.

I'm not like that.

It's killing me.

Are you okay?

What are you doing
with Sticker's kid?

I took her for the test.

And you're leaving her up there
by herself?

No, I'm leaving her with you.

Just wait for her!
Take her home.

I just called her mom, okay?

She's on her way over,
it's fine.

You're lying.

Yeah, well, so are you.

How am I lying?

Cause I work here?

I like my job,
I'm good at it, alright?

I understand the kids
that come through,

I see their potential.

Jesus, Ruth,
they're not your kids.

You must hate yourself
for saying that.


What are you making?

Is that a face?

Is that a face too?

This one is her,
and this one is you.

Is this the Admissions Office?

Oh my god, Mary, you're here!

I could not get away
from work right away.

Get your stuff, let's go.

Sorry about the confusion.
This your sweater?

We spent a lot of time
with Mary.

We'd like to tell you
how it went.

How what went?
She's very perceptive.

Imaginative. She's even
nice to the other kids.

Okay, thank you!

Okay, c'mon.

What the fuck is he doing?

Yeah, 04,
that sounds about right,

that's the year
we almost clinched it.


Yeah, but we lost
to that team...

That team from Queens...

The Devils.

Yeah, shit!

Hey Jonny, here comes the popo.



Where's Mary?
She's asleep.

She spent the rest of the day
at work with me.

I took her home.

How did it go?
How she do?

I'll kick your ass
for even asking me that.

Come on, don't talk like that.

Shut up, Jonny! Everyone knows.
Mary knows.

You made a mistake. You were
supposed to take her to the zoo?

He said he's sorry.
Shut up, Bobby!

What I want to know is what
happens if they call her up

and say she can go there.

What do you mean?

I know her day care's hopeless.

You're right.

But she's the best kid
they've got.

And they love here there.

You put her into a school
like that, guess what.


She doesn't get to be
the best anymore.

What happens if she's lucky
on the day she gets in,

and then feels like the least
important kid in the room?

Val, that's ridiculous,
she is fantastic.

And it's a good thing
they met you.

It's part of their process.
They meet the mom.

You don't think
Mary's good enough?

Of course she's good enough!

But I don't want her
to waste her whole life

having to prove it.

Sticker's waiting for me,
I gotta go.

Come on.

This way?

There it is.

All done.

A little more tape.

Oh god, did I drop that one?

Just take it for now.

You alone?

Of course I'm alone.
Steven's in the den working.

What's going on?

Jonny, this is Steven,
my husband.

Steven, this is Jonny.

Great to meet you.

Yeah, what's in the box?

You didn't tell him?

Full of candy.

That's a lot of candy.

We really packed it in there.


What's it for?

It's your daughter's donation
to the Halloween Fair.

Thirty pounds of candy in there
to be auctioned off at school.

We'd better decorate it
for Halloween

or else no one's gonna bother
to bid on it.

What do you have in mind?

I'm running out of ideas,
as my wife probably explained.

I never said anything to him!

Who's idea was it? Dorset's?
Big box of fuckin' candy.

No, it was supposed to be
a surprise for her.

And we haven't told
Murphy either.

Know what, actually,

I do have an idea
about this fucking box.

You go get some wire hangers.

We'll put some
nylon stockings over it.

It'll look like
a ghost, very scary.

Paint it black, it'll look
like it's floating, right?

Are you still working in there,
or are you done for the night?


I'm not done for the night.

I just came in to get some ice.



Yeah, I know,
I just kept adding things.

Here, keep this one too.

Okay, quick,
out this way, remember?

How was dinner?

So, how'd it go?

Fine, just fine.
Get the duffel bags, hurry up.

I gotta get the ladder.

You look like
something went wrong.

Her husband was there.

How did you get this stuff out?

It was already in the box.
I said it was Halloween candy.

No way he believed that.

Yeah, I know.

We got a bunch over here,
how many do you want?

Two should be good.

Look who's here.

Come in.

Amaad said you guys
would be over here.

Did he?

You going somewhere?

Yeah, I'm going to work.

What is all this stuff?

Leave us alone, Ruth.

I see it's stolen property.

None of it's stolen actually..

Yeah, what are you gonna
do with it?

Bobby's bringing it to me
at work. I'll keep it safe.

Don't worry.

This is how
you do things, Jonny.

Breaking and entering
people's houses from the back.

From the water side.

Yeah, well, it always works.

People don't lock up from that
side of the house, they should.

I don't like that idea anymore.

This has nothing to do with you.

I really wish that were true.

Make it true.

You're good at that.

Jonny, go, I'll do this.


Get to work,
I'll take care of it.

What are you doing this for?
I said I'd help him.

You can sign off on this?

And this bullshit of
being involved with Jonny

and trouble all the time?

You got a better idea?


I don't know.

I know, I know...

We will find you.

Yes, 3:45, we won't be late...

No mistakes.

Hello, coming from the airport?

No, these are the DJ's bags.

That's good to know,
I'll give you a claim check.

I don't need a claim check.

Just take it, huh?


Have a nice night.
I'm not staying.

Hi? Hello?

I know how to party...

Here you go.

Fill it up, man.

What the hell
are you guys doing?

What does it look like we're

Fill up the bag with
whatever you got back there!

Do it now!
Don't fuck with us, Pops!

What did you call me?
Do it!

You guys were supposed to wait
till it cleared out at 3:45.

What time is it?
It's time!

It's not time.
We were ready!

And it's...


No, it's not, it's 2:45.

It's now or never.

All I got are coats,
boys, sorry.

We don't want coats!
We want laptops and backpacks.

I don't want any trouble.

Where's my tips, man?

Here you go.

Alright. What about
those duffle bags back there?

Get the fuck out of here!

Hey guys,
they just stole some bags.

Yeah, I'm alright.

You alright?

Hey, what's that?

Jonny's tips.
Alright, get out of here.

Hey, it's me.

Something happened.

You okay?

Yes, I'm okay, but there was...

an incident at work.


I got held up.

Ahh, the cops are here,
I gotta go.



What's up, buddy?

Wanna check it out?

It's in the trunk.

What's going on?

Why is there candy in the bag?


Oh, man!

Can you tell me
what's going on here?

Why is there candy in the bags?

Hey, what's up?

Slow down, Jonny.

No, I'm not.

Alright, the candy's a gift.
Let's call it even.

What the fuck just happened?
I don't know.



What's in the duffle, Duffy?


How much money?

Two and a half million bucks.

Why don't you come inside
and we'll sit down for a minute?

Why are you dressed?

It's all good, Nan, relax.

Did you sleep out here?
Jesus, you must be exhausted.


What's all good?

Dan negotiated a plea.

It's over.



Charges have been dropped.

There's going to be penalties,

but at least
I'm back in the game.

You don't really seem
all that happy for me,

so I'm gonna go.

Is everything alright?



We have to talk.

Okay, Heidi,
good but no, no, no...

What you're trying
to convey to George,

meaning Jennifer, is that

you don't like the changes...

Excuse me, hi, can I help you?

I'm sorry,
I got a little turned around.

I'm getting out of your way.

You knew I'd come after you.

I figured
you'd find your way here.

Know what I'm going to say?

Go ahead and say it.

If you don't want to help me,
don't help me, but don't rob me.

Girls, it's all good,
in silence, okay?

I didn't rob you.
Don't lie to me!

They can't report this
to anyone.

And I'm giving half of it
back to you. That's helping you!

Half? Both halves are mine.
Well, that's my offer.

You're making an offer?
My final offer.


You know what that is?

My phone number in high school.

Now it's the PIN to my ATM.

That's too many numbers.

Whenever I go to the bank
to get 20 bucks,

I think about you
and I call your number.

What does that tell you?

Now I can clean you out...

Unless you change the PIN.

I'll never change it.


Shut up, you fuckers!

Why'd you do that?

What the fuck, you fuckers...!

Idiot! You're an idiot!

Shut up...!



Fuck you!

I fucking hate this...

This is good, thanks.

What the hell is it now?

First you lose your shirt
in a robbery

that had nothing to do with us,

except that
it was set up for us.

Is this about Murphy or Dorset?

I don't know.
Steven, I made a mistake.

This could be about the robbery.
There might be a problem.

Yeah, no shit!

You removed property
from our vault.

The only thing worse than
being robbed would be

intercepted by Federal agents.

Is that what this is about?
I don't know, maybe.

I had to talk to someone.

Who did you talk to about this?

I think it might be a problem,

the extent to which Guy understands
the implications of what I did.

Of, for fuck's sake,
Nan, for real?

I don't want to go to jail.

You're not going
to jail, alright?

Steven, what did I do?
We're gonna figure this out.

First of all,
you didn't trust me.

Not just you I didn't trust.
I didn't trust everybody else.

You're not that well-liked.

I hate to tell you this,
neither are you.


Steven, Nan...

Thank you, girls, very much.

What are all these cookies?
Is it about Murphy?

We actually have news
about Murphy.

We're not sharing that
until after the holidays.

She's in.
Guy, come on...

But I know that's not why
you did this.

Why we did what?

The gift.

We've never received a gift like
this, anonymous or otherwise.

The number that you came up with
will actually pay

for five more girls
in Murphy's class.

What? Excuse me?

Can we clarify what you just
said, Mr. Brinckerhoff?

Of course!
Five more girls...

Through Grade 12,
all the way up.

Miss Duffy has run the numbers,

and it looks like we'll
have a little left over

to use at our discretion.

Excuse me?

We called it $35,000
a year per child,

that's a conservative estimate,

for 13 years and 5 girls.

So that's...


That's what I got also.

Including activity fees
and lunch.

I don't know
what is happening right now.

I'm thanking you.

Accept my thanks.

I think what Steven's saying
is that

we have a lot
to be grateful for.

And a lot to give back.

To us?


I don't know
what Guy is thinking,

but I'm concerned it might not
be as simple as we'd like.

I mean, it's...

It's wonderful,
that goes without saying,

but I don't know what
it means for us, as a school...

It would mean that 5 more kids,
5 more families,

would have more control
over their future

than they otherwise
would have had.

I don't know we can take it.

I hope that's not
insulting to you.

No, you're not
insulting me at all.

Look, the class
is already filled.

But this is a new opportunity.

We have many great opportunities
here. This is one.

It might not be the right one.

Guy, what are you thinking?

Can we give you some time
to calculate the impact?

What do you say, Duffy?

About the impact
and the complication

a gift like this can create?

It sounds like you've already

filled the class up
for this year.

What can we do?

I could go buy five more chairs.

That's exactly what
I was thinking.

We accept.

We'll send those tax deduction
forms to you right away.

That is not going to be
an insignificant amount.

But you both know that already

cause you both
have degrees in finance.

I appreciate your...


Where do you want it to go?
The middle.

You want it to go...?

Can I talk to
my daughter, please?

You want it to go
right in the middle?


You want it here?

Okay, good, is this good?
Yes, but make it smooth.

No, down a little bit.

Yeah, there?



That is perfect.

I mean it's a little...

It could a little lower.

What is that, a barbie doll?


My big doll!

I don't understand
what the problem is.

Can we sit here?

Couple of menus, please.

You say you're taking a chance.

It's 45 minutes,
it's parked on a side street.

It's a bad idea.
It's a good idea.

Who parks a brand new
Audi sport on the street?


Hey, don't look at them.

Look at me.

I am.



I got you something.

I hope
you didn't spend too much.

Those are real.

I love it.

No box?

No box.

It's perfect.

It's not perfect,
but it's for you.

I wouldn't wear it at school.

I wish I had something for you.

You're what I want.


And your fifty-percent share.

Yeah, I put all that
into Treasury Bills.

You did?

Good choice.

I put them into a trust
for the kid.

He gets it when he's 21.

I was gonna
give it all to him now,

but that seemed risky...

I don't wanna...
You check, sir.

I don't want him to be
the little

rich kid in the house,
with his brothers,

know what I mean?

That's what you've been doing?

How did you do that?

I have my ways.

I have people.

I might be broke but he's not.

Alright, are we ready to order?
Any questions?

I think we should go.



I would like the ginger
vinaigrette on the side.

And the crispy wantons,
leave those off completely.


Don't leave me again.

I won't.

I put them here.
But you have your keys?

I thought I put it right here.

I don't know.

Stop your yoga hands,
stand up and check your pants!

I don't have the key.
You never let me have the key.

May I?

These shades are very nice.

Like them?

They're for you.

Thank you.

They're perfect.

They're not perfect.

Okay, they're perfect.