Write About Love (2019) - full transcript

It centers on two writers with different styles who must work together to write a romantic film.

--== McEphie ==--

{\an8}"Don't be afraid to fail,
{\an8}because it's these experiences

{\an8}that allow you to find the strength
{\an8}and understanding needed

{\an8}for your story to be realistic."

I like it.

Well, miss, it looks you have a film.

Thank you!


Have you seen the trailer of
Now Until Forevermore?

-The latest Liz Quen movie?

Not yet.

We saw the trailer,

and your story is similar to it.

And honestly,

your story is kind of...

Kind of mainstream.

I know you know that.

I watched I'm Drunk, I Hate You.

It was good.

I read your treatment.

It was OK, but...

we can make it better.

He will help you a lot, dear.

Goodness, trust me,
relationship stories are his forte.

And. And!

you need to finish the script

We can do it.

You can do it.

So, game?

Is that it?

I'm game.

I'm good.


I studied what you wrote.

We can take out some scenes.
A lot, actually.


What a waste.

This is what they liked when I pitched.

The opening scene, the meet-cute.

You crossed it out?

Then, how did they meet?

For me, the stages of love works.

We're revising the script, right?
It's no longer a boy-meets-girl story.

between Marco and Joyce

their relationship should go deeper
and farther.

I think the ending you wrote

is just a part of act two.

Is this your first script?

You're aware of acts one to three?

Aftermath, that's important as well.

What the character learned.

What changed at the end of the story.

So, your sequence 43,

that can be the first scene,
but we'll work on it, OK?

Here it is.


Sorry, I need to take this.

Yes, sir.

That's the schedule, on the calendar.


I'll be at the office in 15 minutes.


Yes, sir. I'll figure something out.



It's OK.

It established how Joyce cherishes
their days together.

You see that Marco appreciates it,
but I kind of feel a lack of sincerity.

Is the La Union scene next?

I don't think it's needed.

I'm in a meeting.

Yes. OK, I'll see you later, OK?

Let's make Marco more
preoccupied but sweet.

Joyce is longing but content.

We're at Joyce's house.

Fish crackers and duck eggs
is their family business.

She sits beside Aly, mid 20s,

her band mates.

He's just really busy.

When will he have time for you?

Harsh. You're so judgmental.

He's just busy now.
He'll make it up to me sometime.

Bring this to your gig
so it won't go to waste.

Here we go again, Ma.

We haven't finished the other ones.

Don't worry about it. When you go
to Korea, you'll miss our fish crackers.

Have you told Marco?

I'm waiting for the right time.

Don't worry about it.
I'll deal with Marco.

I'll call him. Give me your cell phone.

If I call Marco,
I'm sure he will let you go.

And also, Dubai is close by.
He'll say yes.

Grandma, Korea, not Dubai.

That's what I said, Korea.
Korea is not far.

Grandma, believe in me.
I can do this. I'll tell him.

-Bye, Grandma.

Yes, Grandma.

Be careful.

If you want, I'll bring you home
a dirty old man from Korea.

We'll go ahead.



what do you want as gifts?

-Wow, gifts.

Tell him.

Suck up. Keep dreaming.

Why is it all women in Joyce's house?

Where is her father, Cesar?

Why is it all women in Joyce's house?

Isn't it obvious?

Rose is a single mother.

if there's no strong male figure
in Joyce's life?

That her dad left them
for another woman and disappeared.

There's a lot of situations like that.

Do you have a problem with fathers?

No. What about you?


So what's the problem?


If you only knew how snobby he is.

He always has a sour face
and doesn't know how to smile.

Here, ma'am.

Miss, a lighter shade of yellow.
Like the one before, but lighter.

You know what? Me and Rod were like that.


I was really annoyed by him at first.

One day, I got him to notice me.

I wore a floral dress.

Then, he sent me a note.

"Have you seen the movie, Chances?"


You've been together almost two weeks.

Ma, we're just writing a script.
That's it.

Here, ma'am.

Miss, do you really not know
what a lighter shade of yellow is?

In showbiz, actors aren't the only ones
that develop feelings.

That's true! Like writers, directors,
staff and producers.

They end up together
because they're always together.

Your favorite...

Wait a second.

There, Antoinette Jadaone
and Dan Villegas.

They're both directors.

That's right, I saw them
on stories together in Dubai--


Stop that.


what about red instead.

I will give


I'm ready to do

Everything you wish

Even if in return

My heart hurts

I'm with you

Through all the difficult and happy times

Even if you hurt my feelings

I'll still be there

By your side

When I love

I will do all of this

It won't change

I won't long

For anything else

When I love

Even if I cry

I won't be ashamed

I'm ready to endure it

When I

When I love

What's your plan?

He will come!

Joyce, I'll take you home.

Are you Ms. Joyce Aquino?


Angkas delivery from Mabolo Flower Shop.

Marco's got moves.

Guys, please help, it's heavy. Thank you.

Heavy, like a kid.

All of that is 199.

That's 199?

Only 199 pesos?

Here's the 200th.

I knew you would show up.

But why are you late?
You knew this gig was important to me.

I'm sorry. It's been a stressful day.

Really? Are you OK?

I'll be OK if you give me a kiss.

Keep hoping.

It's OK.

It's good.


Really, it worked for you?

Nothing to delete or revise?

you agree with me.

What? It's true.

Writing becomes good through revision.

Why are you so chill?

Just enjoy it.

I am enjoying it.

You're cute.

Babe, how much longer?

Girl, the visa's approved!


I'm so excited.

I thought we wouldn't get approved.
Good thing we got through.

Mr. Kim will book tickets for us
after he finalizes our contracts.

I'm so excited.

Thanks for the update. Good night.

OK. Good night.

Yes, OK.

We're OK.


The momentum will go to waste.

Let's go somewhere else.

Beef or pork?

It's better to make it night.

-It would be a waste.

Time to eat.

-Thank you. Miss, water, too?
-Thank you, miss.

Sorry. My fault.

You're getting carried away
with our scene.

You could be my brother or uncle.



You have to do it step-by-step.


you can get

the best flavor.

I'll give you some.

Let me taste.

That's good. Here, chili.

It's all yours.

It's good.


Told you.

What did you used to do before writing?

You don't miss it?

Only the overtime and paid leave.


We have a business.

It's OK.

I started handling it when my mom started
working full time at a bank.

I enjoy it because it feels different
when you're the creator.

I met these clients that wrote
online romances and love stories,

and we started a group.

Something to do other than our day jobs.

Why don't you do it full time?

-Being a writer?

I'm not ready.

He had planned to surprise Joyce
with an anniversary dinner.

But that was three hours ago.

Marco is no longer in the mood.

I had a meeting with Mr. Kim.

I couldn't pass it up.

-I'll just reheat it.
-No need.

-We can still have dinner.
-I said no!

Just leave it.

-Let me do it. Me.

You're not listening again.

Wait, please.

What is it?

Is it because I was late?
I'm really sorry.

But is that really it?

Korea or us?

Korea or me?

Don't be like that.

You can't even choose me. Us?

-Long distance can work--
-You think it will be that easy?

You already find this hard.

Joyce, make an effort.

It can't always be me adjusting for you.

Ma'am Joyce wasn't able to bring this up,
so we did it instead.

Come in.

Happy Anniversary, sir.

Happy Anniversary, ma'am.

Thank you.

You're tiring to love, Marco.

But wait.

Something's missing.


We'll fix this. OK?

Please forgive me, don't do this.
We'll fix this.

OK? Please.


It's the same thing over and over.

I don't understand
why you don't understand me.

You of all people.

I'm sorry.

Marco, tell me the truth.

Are you scared that

if I leave,

I'll replace you like Rachel did?

I'm not like that.

-It's like you don't know me.

Do you really love me,

or do you just need to love me?

I'm lost if I lose you.


It's great.

Is that how you fight with your boyfriend?

I don't have a boyfriend.

Your ex?


How did you fight with your ex?

We didn't.

You didn't fight about anything?

You don't have an ex.

You've never had a boyfriend?

I'm not in a rush.

This is my focus. Business and Just Us.

But you've tried?

Of course.

Tinder, Bumble.

I've tried dating, but nothing works.

There's no spark like in the movies?

-But real life is different.
-I know.

Boy-meets-girl never happens in reality.

There's no slow motion.

No romantic song in the background.

Even if I am a die-hard rom-com fan,

I don't believe it in that.

So, how come you've never had a boyfriend?

-Are you scared?
-Of what?

Falling in love.

Is there nothing easier, like:
what's your favorite color?

Where are you scared?


You've never had a boyfriend

because you're scared to get hurt?

Of course not. Me of all people.

If you're not scared to be hurt,

why are you afraid to fall in love?


Marco has waited for Joyce for hours.

Even after the last person has left,

no Joyce.

It's too late.

In sympathy with his regret,
the skies will thunder.

The skies will echo his loneliness.

More meat. Don't be shy.
Eat. Feel at home.

-Thank you, Ma.
-Here, more soju.



By the way, how old are you?

You know, Rod--

Oh, Beth!

We're OK now, Ma.

-We're OK.
-OK, if you need anything.

-OK, Ma. Thank you.
-Here, soju.

But something's missing.

How do you think of
those kinds of scenes and lines?

When you experience...

read, or watch something,
or visit a place,

you store it in your mental library.


we use them whenever we need them.

What I mean is you.

What's your...

What's your love story?

My ex-fiancée.

When she went to Singapore,

she had an affair with a co-worker
and got pregnant.


I thought she was the one.

We were together seven years.

If it was me,

I would have given up on love.


You have a girlfriend.

Our situation is complicated.

You're still together?


So, what's the problem?

That's love.

Sometimes it's bullshit.

at a Korean bar.

She looks different.

Like a Korean.

Even her songs are Korean.

When I love

I will do all of this

It won't change

I won't long

For anything else

When I love

Even if I cry

I won't be ashamed

I'm ready to endure it

Even if you don't become mine

I'll do all of this

When I

When I love

I feel sad for him.

Shall we hurt him more?

The more the character falls,
and the more he is hurt,

the more we see his strengths.

We get to know him better.

When the performance is finished,

we'll see who Marco is with.

His staff.

To Marco.

Thank you for being a good boss.

We'll never forget you.

Sir, good luck.

Thank you so much.

Cheers to Marco!

Here it is.

Something's missing.

Shouldn't it be more intense?

As in, peak level.

What if we put Marco
in a life-and-death situation?

As everyone is having fun,

His vision slowly begins to blur.

What's lymphoma?

We should add more urgency.

It is now in stage four.

Marco is alone, facing the end.

He thinks about everything
that has happened in his life.

All the good. All the bad.

But in all his thoughts,
one person is always there.


On this long journey

I almost gave up

All this time I waited

I never hoped for someone like you

I melted from your smile

A sight to behold

You and I were chosen

For our hearts to follow

You drink coffee?

Your taste is fancy. I only drink instant.

I'm kidding.


Why do you have two?

Let's add a companion.

Let's try.

Marco's alone.

Jena approaches him, Marco's secretary,

Jena's eyes are swollen.

She's heard the news.

I'm here for you, Marco.

Wait a sec.

Why a woman?


A woman can't be his best friend?

A man instead.
They might fall for each other.

They will fall at once?

You're so mainstream.

They will.

It's easy to fall for someone
when you're like that.

And he's drunk.

C'mon, a guy instead.

Jonathan, the fair skinned one,
the business partner.

Jonathan approaches him.


I'm here for you.

I'm such an idiot for letting go of Joyce.

Are we thinking the same thing?

Ma, Grandma! Joyce is here!


C'mon, Joyce is here!



-Your sister...

Your sister is here!

Ma, when I left,
you were crying even up to now?

She cries every time we mention your name.

Don't be like that, Ma.

Joyce, what did you do to your hair?
What color is that?

It's K-pop hair.

Her hair is cute, Ma.


You keep getting prettier, Joyce.

I get it from you, Grandma.

Things are different
when someone makes you happy.

Grandma, you're a joker.

-Bibi, Wendy!
-Brother Jed.

We missed you.

I got the cell phone you wanted, Wendy.

Yes! Thank you.

Grandma, how are you?


Grandma, we're in next chapter.
It's already over.

Love, I'll take these upstairs.

-Love, I'll take these upstairs.
-OK. Thank you.

Mom, what are you doing?

Let's take a picture, Grandma.

That's a great idea.


Why Chad?

How will that work?

She'll leave Chad
because she is still in love with Marco?

Tell the truth.

Who would you choose?

The person you love
or the one who loves you?

Of course, the one I love because--

Wait. Miss?

Sorry, I want to ask something.

Who would you choose?

The person you love,
or the one who loves you?

The one I love.

But why would you leave the one
who loves you at the moment

for the one you loved before but hurt you?

-That's how it is, right?
-What do you mean?

That Joyce is selfish?

How will the audience connect
to someone unlikeable?

There you go.

There you go again
with your mainstream formula.

Let's just revise it.

Marco cheated so she left--

There, you're the one
trying to justify it.

Let's let our characters decide.
Then we'll deal with the consequences.

We're writing a love story, FYI.

There's no love story without pain.

This isn't a fairytale.

Things aren't always happy.
You haven't experienced--

I'm tired.

OK, you should rest.

I have orders to fix. I need to go home.

OK, take care.

Why are you awake so early?
Or you haven't slept?

We're not done yet.

Just Us still?

Good morning, dear.

Auntie, good morning.

Stop by the house if you have time.

I have a book to give you
that I got from Prague.

OK, thank you.


Have you slept yet? It's morning.

Beth said Ms. Guevarra's dress
hasn't been cut.

We need it next week.

I'll do it later.

I can do it.

The pattern is at the workshop, right?


-Get some rest.
-Thank you, Ma.


You knew about Auntie Janet
and Papa's past...

Why is it like this?

Papa chose to marry you,

so why did he go back to Janet?

So, not all chosen loves are great loves?

I guess.

It depends.


you know what,

for me,

they're just labels.

If there is something constant about love,


Sometimes selfless.

How your father and I became friends
after everything, you know...

I can't explain.

That morning,
Joyce goes over each memory one by one.

She's deep in thought,

and we know who she is thinking about.

You are the reason for everything good

You're still an answered prayer
Even if the world changes

If everything restarts

Even my life

It will still be you

My love

Breakfast, sizzling pork, your favorite.


Dear, Mr. Co-Writer is here.

Your Mr. Co-Writer is here. Wake up!

I'm sorry about last time.

I brought you sizzling pork.

Maybe you missed it.

You're lucky it's good,
because if it wasn't...

Save you your dramatic monologue
for later, Miss Rom-Com.

Whatever. Let's eat, Mr. Indie.

Hello! Have you eaten?

A little.


OK, have a seat. Eat here.

-Let's eat.
-I'll join you later.

I read the room sequence. It's so sad.

Sometimes, we can't force...

the things we want to happen.

They have their own lives.

We, as creators, should really know them.

It should be clear to us
where they are going,

not just what we want for them.


What are you thinking?

What if we bring Joyce and Marco
to a place

where the sunrise is super romantic.



That Thing Called Destiny.

-I never said literally--
-She's never been to Sagada.


You've never been to Sagada?
Oh, Miss Rom-Com.


It's beautiful.

Let's go to Sagada?

What I meant was is just for the script.
I never said--

And so what?

Let's immerse ourselves in Sagada,
since you're a fan of That Thing.

We can go to Baguio first--

Let's go and pack your things. Come on!

Two tickets!

-Come on.
-I'll buy two...

In your opinion...

will I be able to write
a genuine love story

even if I've never been in love?

Of course.

How do you know?

First of all,

I don't believe you've never been in love.

Everyone in the world has fallen in love.

Even just for five seconds.

Don't think that relationship love

is where the concept of genuine love
comes from.

Love is universal.

Your break-up scene with Marco and Joyce,
the one you added to.

You think people will believe the one
who wrote that never had a boyfriend?

I'm ready to hurt Chad.

The skies were dark that day.

Chad's car is parked
on the side of the road.

They're both silent.

You know they've been talking a while.

Tears swell in Joyce's eyes.

I'm so stupid.

I know that...

you came home two weeks ago.

I was hoping to see you here.

-How are you?
-How are you?

It's still beautiful here.

Nothing has changed.

You're still beautiful.


I'm the one that's sorry.

I shouldn't have left.

The two have no place
to put their emotions.

They are both overwhelmed by happiness.

They can't believe
they are together again,

where it all started.

-No one lets go.
-No one leaves.

Marco just nods.

His hug is tighter this time with Joyce.

Even though he knows
he can't keep his word.

What inspired your story
of Marco and Joyce?

Why did you write Just Us?

Actually, it's the story of my parents.

How they met.

It was love at first sight for my mama.

At that time, my papa had just
broken up with his girlfriend.

With a happy ending, hopefully.


You want to tell me?

How he left us?

How you faced him.


-Mister, wait!

Well, from what I remember,

Beth picked me up from school.

Then I was looking for him.

She just told me, she would be the one
to pick me up every day.

My mama said
he would be living in a different house.

I only started to understand later,

that they were never
getting back together.

My papa and I loved to watch movies.

They were still VCD.

And every time we watched a movie,

he always had an alternate ending.

Most of the time,
I liked his ending better.

So, when he and my mama separated,

I missed those moments.

based on the films I've watched.

Then from there,
I started writing my own short stories.

I was an editor-in-chief in high school.

It's a story of a princess

who goes to a fantasy world
from her dreams.

What happens?

Of course, she's happy.

In the fantasy world, everything is good.

There's no concept of loneliness, envy,

or any other negative emotion.

Everything is beautiful there.

Everything she needs
and everyone she loves is also there.

The princess enjoys it there.

Who wouldn't, right?

She would stay forever if she could.

In the fantasy world,
the world is kind to the princess.

Everyone loves her,
and no one can hurt her.

And if everything you want in life
is there,

why would you notice anything wrong?

-But, of course...

It's too good to be true, right?

The place where the princess is
isn't real.

Hey, what?

A little at a time,

she starts to see clues
that the truth is being hidden from her.

the princess learns the truth
about the fantasy world.

Everything isn't real.

She didn't want to be there anymore.

She tried everything,
but she couldn't escape.

Until the wizard told her,

Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?

The doctor said you can only have juice.

Do you want me to squeeze you juice?

Aly and Jonathan stopped by earlier.

I didn't know how to tell you.

I'm scared I'll lose you again.

I can't go through it again.

Do you remember the song I finished
because of you?

If everything restarts, even my life

It will still be you, my love...

I love you.

I love you.

You know what? You're good.

You have lots of potential.

I felt it when we met.

But you might get a big head,
so never mind.

Stop trying to flatter me.

OK, I'll pay for the trip
back home to Manila.

No, I'm serious.

Here's my advice for you:

I've been there, so believe me when I say,

When I first started,

I read Ricky Lee's book.

A Trip to Quiapo. You know it?

A Trip to Quiapo says,

there are three types of writers.

They are all going to...?


The first writer followed the directions.

He rode the jeep and made it to Quiapo.

The second writer didn't like the rules
the first writer followed.

He searched for a different way to Quiapo.

He passed through rivers,
mountains and jungles.

Then, he made it to Quiapo.

You're so corny.

I made an effort.

Do better.

You first.

The third writer
didn't follow the first or second.

He looked for another way to Quiapo.

He almost got mugged as well.

But in the end,

he'll reach a place

and make us believe

that he made it to Quiapo.

It's beautiful.

We all have our own Quiapo's in life

that we need to reach eventually.

The question is...


What's the Quiapo of your life?

I only have one dream in life.

To have a complete family.

I hope...

my parents will get back together.

We'll have dinners together,

watch movies, and have trips to the beach.

The three of us together.

With no one to share my papa with.

That's all.

That's all I want.



The third writer made us believe
he made it to Quiapo.

Beautiful, right?

But I can't let this moment pass.


Go ahead!

I still want more!

You yell, too.

I don't want to.

Come on.

Go ahead!

Go ahead, give it all to me!

What if we finish the script
before we go back to Manila?

While it's still fresh.

We can rent a bed and breakfast in town
and I'll pay for it.

I'm so inspired!

The view is so beautiful.
I want to finish it now.

We can have Joyce see this on the Internet
and they go to see it.

Then from there,
we can connect the sunrise meta.

Do you remember that?

OK. I need to go back to Manila.




Hey, what's happening?

OK, we can go home together, and then
we can finish the script tomorrow.

Can you finish the script?

I don't think I'll be able to.

Wait, what's going on?

Maybe you want to share
so I can understand?

I need to deal with something, OK?

And it's your story, right?

You finish it.


I can finish this on my own without you.

You said it's my story, right?

We're in act three anyway. I'll handle it.

There is something I want to tell you, Pa.

And I hope you listen to me.

Why didn't you choose us?

Don't you love us, too?

I didn't want them to think
you were a bad person.

But I couldn't accept the truth.

I couldn't accept that you are selfish.

I couldn't accept that my dad was a fool.

That you didn't choose us.

You know what, Pa?

that there was something lacking in me.

I'm scared that maybe one day,
I'll be left behind.

Because you did it.

My greatest love did it.


Every morning I'm beside Marco,
I'm thankful.

As long as he's near, it's enough.

I won't give up on him,
because I love him.


Jean and I just said,

"It's just cancer, we can fight this."

We were just getting ready,

and the doctor told us

that Jean's body wasn't responding
to the treatment.

We weren't even given a chance.

Did you know Jean courted me?

But I left her in her battle.

I was a coward.

Jean gave up because...

I'm here.

It's OK.

Don't worry about it.

I'm here for you, OK?

Sorry, I left my phone in the car.
I'll just get it.

Oh, all right.

You're here in my arms

Hiding in your heart

Love and promises will not be left out

Of the story being told

How's and why's won't hold on to you

Until the end

Until the heavens

You are the reason for everything good

You're still an answered prayer
Even if the world changes

If everything restarts

Even my life

It will still be you, my love

You are love and affection

You are my infinite

You are the reason for everything good

You're still an answered prayer
Even if the world changes

If everything restarts

Even my life

It will still be you, my love...

I love you

I'm yours

Until the end

How will you know what's right and wrong
in your writing?

Well, you'll see what's right

when you see what's wrong.

Sometimes, you need to put aside
everything your mind tells you,

and take a second to listen
to what this is telling you.


Come on.


So, how will we end Just Us?

OK, it's like this.


When the princess woke up,

she looked for her parents first.

She hugged them tight and cried.

She fell asleep next to her mama and papa.

In the fantasy world,
everything was happy and never lonely.

In the real world,

there are a lot of challenges to overcome
before finding happiness.

It's more fun in the fantasy world,
but there's no love.

Because true love is never complete
if you've never felt pain.