Wretch (2019) - full transcript

Under the tutelage of an eccentric hippie restaurateur and her messianic self-help guru, a young man sets out to master the occult magic of Enceladism in an effort to destroy the cancer that's killing his partner.

Okay this,
is volume two.

The handbook, my handbook.

Okay we'll smudge
it, we'll smudge it.


Is truth.

Adam getting cancer
and you getting sober,

the timing is divine.

There is nothing accidental!

Spirit shows us when.

It is time to take things

to the next level.

Awaken to your higher purpose.

Everything will be alright.


Get out of the road you
little purple bicycle bitch!

♪ You're dead ♪

♪ You're dead ♪

♪ You're so still I
think you're dead ♪

♪ I'm scared ♪

♪ Too check in
case you're dead ♪

Hey what's the
soup of the day?


Dyatt Chennn!


Oh sh-I'm sorry.

Oh so sorry.



All right.

Flourish crew, time to flourish.

Stick 'em up, stitches
later, okay up now.


Ugh, I hate hospitals.

Oh, here, sorry.

I'm sorry.

Well you're never gonna
forget 30 days sober.

I don't care about that.

You should.

I've been in a lot of
kitchens, 30's tough.

You gotta own it.

Adam's supposed to
get his results today.

How's your meditation coming?

Did you get a chance
to get the text?


I bet that blast of delicious
energy felt good though huh?


It's better to receive
it as a gift anyway.

So now that's your
autographed copy.

He's Irish but he
lives north of KC now.

I met him at Prosperos.

He channeled the whole text.

He's a genius.

We've been emailing each other.

I told him about you because
there's some stuff in here

about the pain body
and second sight

and sounds like your glitches.

Book changed my life, no doubt.

Were you holding that
'til you started the car?


Soup of the day was
definitely mushroom.


Hey, Adam, come on back.

Look at Sadie.

She looks
like her auntie.


Adam still hasn't texted.

Now his appointment was at 11.

He will.

Don't worry.

Aleah, did
you guys still want to...


- Hi, I'm Nat.
- Hi, Nat.

I'm an alcoholic.

I'd like to thank my
best friend, Aleah,

for being my sponsor.

She's generous and more
patient than I deserve.

I can't remember
the last time that

I was 30 days without drinking.

I get this recurring
vision of a bloody face.

I've had 'em all my
life but when I drink

it doesn't happen as much so.

I don't know if you're supposed

to get crazy dreams
when you stop drinking

but I had a dream
last night I was in

my high school bathroom and
the guy next to me was peeing.

But instead of a regular dick,

he had like a...

Flesh... disc.

like a garbage can lid

and he asked me to
help him hold it up

so he could pee.

I mean pee was leaking
from it like a pizza cr...

Thanks Nat.


I got you a fish.

Her name is Silver.

I'm scared.

I can't even give
me four months without drama.

I told you I was trouble.

No you said "troubled"
so I was like hmmmm...

Chemo, that
sounds gross, chemo.

You don't have to call
it that. Call it therapy.

I was angry at you today.

I wouldn't have gone to the
doctor if you didn't make me.

It wasn't a hickey.

I'm proud of you.

Thank you.

I was Jesse's
age when dad died.

I remember hugging my mom
on my bed when she cried.

She doesn't deserve this again.

No one gets cancer on purpose.

It doesn't matter.

They're your family.

They love you no matter what.

I'm not scared of dying,
I just don't want to.

You are not going to die.

I love you, Nat.

♪ Happiness Miss Piggy ♪

♪ One caress, Miss Piggy ♪

♪ All the world's
ever wanted was you ♪

♪ A dream come tr- ♪



♪ Encela....Enceladism ♪

♪ Encela-dism ♪

Good morning!

Jesse, wash your
hands, dinner's ready.

Wash your hands.

What's for dinner?

You were dreaming.

What did you dream about?


Mom said cancer's
a demon from hell.

There's no such place.

Yeah, there is.

Honey, hell is just
the absence of love

and you never have
to worry about that.

I can feel my soul
trying to leave my body.

Your body's healing.

Do a meditation with me.

Breathe with me.

Thank you, Lord, for the
food you have set before us

and thank you for
this beautiful day.

And may we continue to be worthy

of your wondrous blessings.

I think he'll rest well.

See you tomorrow Anna.


He needs rest.

He's resting.

He needs more rest.

So he'll rest and
I see him tomorrow.

No, you won't.


You were in there
everyday for a month.

It's absurd, you
don't live here.

I never said tha-

- This is a Christian household.

He wants me her...

I don't want you in my house.

What the fu...

Don't, do not.

He is sick, not diseased.

I don't want you seeing my son.

Do you understand me?

I don't want you in my house.

This is my house.

I ran
over my little girl's dog

and I didn't stop.

I didn't stop but I looked

in that rearview mirror.

I had a little buzz too.

And I saw that little
toe-headed six-year-old kid

gettin' smaller and
smaller and smaller

in my rearview mirror.

I never went back.

I never, ever went back.

And I sent her a card
on her graduation.

Never heard a thing.

I tried to call her
when she got married.

Wouldn't take my call.

But her mom called me and said,

"You're an old drunk.

Don't ever reach
out to her again.

You scarred her
and the rest of us

because all you wanted
to do is drink."

And that's one thing
I did very well.

I told you, I hadn't
hit rock bottom

and I still haven't
hit rock bottom

because I'm runnin' from it.


Aleah, excuse me, I'm Jimmy.

Hi, Jimmy.

I'm new.

Right on.

- Yeah, right.
- Yeah.

I'm Jimmy.

Ow, my hand!

Are you okay?

Are you on Facebook?

Uh, what?

- You have bubba skin.
- Thanks.

This was my first meeting.


Shut up.

Do you hear that?

You should really
change that tampon.

Excuse me, hey, hey,
that is not right!

No, that kid was just...


Yo, I go by High Westhus.

Give it up for my man, DJ John,
on the ones and twos, y'all.

Hey girl!

Five right?

You're good.

Oh thanks is Nat here?

- I think I saw him?
- Where?

I don't know, I
think I saw him,

I think he's drunk.

Hey, it's me.

I uh, went to the meeting
today, you didn't show.

This little asshole
got in my face.

I hope everything's okay,
call me. I'm at Minibar.

Are you okay?

I heard you were here.

Call me back.

Love you.



Oh Shit!


You listen!

Stay away from Nat!

Stay away from Nat!

The wretch is ours.

But you're mine.

Stay away from Nat or
I'll kiss your niece.


is your matcha bowl

kettle is on the stove.

Your pissy jeans
are in the wash.

Why don't you ease into mine.

Jean, duh.


I'm naked! Hold on
I'm naked!.

Good morning!

Ooooh how's your up brain there?

You like that matcha.

You will hit the floor.

It's up two inches too.

I thought it was another
trip to the hospital.

Whew, okay, up, up, up, up.

Stand up!

Okay, hold out your arms out.

Let's sit outside.

It's drink and beautiful.

Drink'n beautiful, drink'n
beautiful, drink'n beautiful.

Drink'n beautiful, drink'n
beautiful, drink'n beautiful.


Well I have three.

I have two goldfinches
that are gay.

My sister, Catherine,
died from cancer.

She doesn't have
the energy medicine

but we can still help Adam.

I'll be right back.

I should go.

No, no, no, no,
I cleaned your pee.

It's not like you're a prisoner.

just outside in the open air.

Did you grab my phone?

I didn't see it.

Okay this, is volume two.

The handbook, my handbook.

Okay well we'll
smudge it, smudge it.

Enceladism is truth.

I should call Aleah.

You know I was
sitting, last night

with you in my heart
and Adam in my heart

and thinking and sending
healing energy and

And I was just thinking,
Adam doesn't need to suffer.

Nat doesn't need
to suffer, right?

I mean

Listen to your heart, Jean!

Like like like
Jefferson Starship.

Or, I think Jefferson Starship?

The moment I met you, I knew
you were a healer like me.

I gonnna I'm gonna cry.

Your visions are the pain body

trying to break free!

You can transcend the
suffering in this world

and really help people.

And Adam getting cancer
and you getting sober,

the timing is divine.

There is nothing accidental!

Spirit shows us when it is time

to take things to
the next level.

Awaken to your higher purpose.

Everything will be all right.



Don't open your eyes.

I'm disgusting.

If you're not ready
to quit, it's fine.

Just don't shut me out

and don't run off

with ass Chad in Ames.

You're my family and I need you

to be here for me
too, especially when

fucked up shit
like this happens.

You have no idea
how they got in?


Just get a phone.

Get like a little
burner or something

and call me with
the number, okay?

You and my sister and
Sadie are all I have left.

I'm just trying to keep
it together too, you know?

I love you.

I love you too.

Da ta!

You like it?

I didn't
know you could draw

I can?.

This is gonna be just
like our usual meditation,

just a little more, okay?

This is an herbal tea with
some mild psychotropic agents.

It's vegan.

Oh, wait, don't
drink the whole...

Oh, it's hot.

Well, I was, we were
gonna share that but...

What am I gonna die now?


Oxygen amplifies the breath

to purify the lymph.

Love is like oxygen

Now I want you to go
straight back, open to flow.

♪ Little shop,
little shop of horrors ♪

Okay now the breath of
fire is gonna activate

the crown chakra, okay?

And I want you to send
all your healing energy

to Adam with your intention.

Alright, let that
breath purify your blood.

Blood carries a unique power.

It is the living imprint
of our intention.

Thoughts radiate out as
golden globes of energy.

Thoughts, become things.


C'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby!


C'mon, no don't.

Oh, God, c'mon baby.

No, don't die!

Don't die, don't fuckin'
die on me please!

C'mon, c'mon, stay with me!

Hi! Hi hi it's Jean.

I. I fucked up.


Oh, you scared me.

Nat, this is Pete.

Good morning, Nat.

His is Pete.

Good morning, Nat.


Good morning, Nat.

This is Pete
, this is Pete.


It sounded like he said papa.

He's still
pretty stoned,

he's still pretty stoned.

May I get you
a cool glass of water?

Hey. You can
understand me, right?

Thank you for not dying.

I chickened out I'm sorry.

I started thinking
about going to jail

so I called Pete but
he came right away.

Can you believe it?

Pete, from the books.

He's the one that
wrote the books!

You've been asleep for
two days but you're fine.

Please be respectful.

I should go
check on the shop.

Would you stay with him?

Of course.

Pete's gonna
keep an eye on you.

Okay would you please?


He's so stoned

Mild lopho, yeah?

Temporary paralysis is common.

but that aura.

I was beginning to think
you were all extinct.

See ya.


Is there anything you
need while I'm out?

Do you need anything?


He said your toilet
tissue is too sandpapery

and have you anything softer?

Sure, okay.

I'll just be for a few hours.

Pete, thank you.

I still can't
believe you're here!

There you are.

How is everything?

good, thank you.

Oh, sweetie, you
have a little something

stuck in your teeth there.

Up, yeah.

It's a little beef.

- Nice.
- You're down at 23.


Good afternoon,
welcome to Voltaire.

I'm having
trouble reading the menu.

Sit down and help me read.

Is this the beef sandwich?

Yeah, which, which...

Sweetie, you've
a little something

stuck in your teeth.



Give me a towel!


You know to get
that energy build up

in my chest, you know.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, you know.

It's like go up
through the diaphragm.

You know that punch.

And release.


Jean, I was thinking next
week is the solstice.

I could stay until then and
then maybe you could process.

Are you serious?

When I first met you,
your energy stayed with me.

And lately I've-

Are you okay?

What's wrong?

I've fallen out
of my master's favor.




No, no way.

But I...

You're so young!

And so
handsome too, right?

We don't choose
Encedalism, it chooses us.

I was nine when I
swallowed my destiny.

It's long and lonely when you
have the truth inside you,

you know?

But when Encendalists process,
there's nothing like it.

Blood communion, every cell
in the body rejuvenates

and the work can go on.

I spent my entire
life in service,

seeking those gifted
ones ready to awaken

to their higher purpose,
their inner healer.

Jean, the world needs
Encedalism now more than ever,

not more poison and cutting.

After you've processed,
you'll be able to train others

when I'm gone.

Hey, what about Nat?

What about Nat?

He's gifted, right?

You said he was an alcoholic.

Well but he had 30
days before his relapse.

It's dangerous to tempt
an addict with this power.


We can do it together.

He trusts me!

His partner is dying of cancer.

I told him I'd help.

In Gaelic we call it


I help Nat, so maybe
you can help me?



Good morning, papa.

Hey, how you feeling?

Hey hey hey!

Time it is?

Ummm I don't know, Ten-ish.



Who's he?

That's Pete.

Hey, you want some rice?

No, I want to see Adam.

Honey, you should really rest.

No, he should rest.



I'll leave
the door unlocked!


Let him.




What are you doing?

I wanted to see you.

I called you.

How you feel?

I feel better.

Talk to me.

Uhhh... on Sunday
I got really sick.

I was throwing up this,
like, black vomit.

It was crazy.

Mom wanted to go to the hospital

but I felt like I
just needed to sleep.

And I slept for
like fourteen hours

and I didn't have
any nightmares.

When I woke up I felt...


Where have you been?

That's awesome.

God is awesome.

That's awesome.

Have you been drinking?

You smell like booze.

That's what God smells like.


Everything's gonna be alright.

Cassette is better than MP3.

Okay, we're diving deep.

No time to waste
sit up straight,

visualize the form,
call out the disease.

Jean and I will be right here.

♪ Encel-a, Encel-a-dism ♪

Focus intention.

Harness the power to heal.

Are you kidding me?

Feel the power!

Yes man!


Get out of the fuckin' way!


Touch her.

Fuck it hurts!

It's a tumor!

It was a tumor.

Now it's nothing.

You said her?

Hey look, look, look!

This is a Saturn Star!


Burnt right into the rock!

This is a Saturn star you know!

Can you feel it?


You're perfect.

I won't tolerate ignorance.

And if you ever play
that fucking trumpet

during ritual again.

If you're gonna get sick,
turn your head to the side.

Don't get it on my pants.

Did you call her
mom, ma, or mother?


Can you feel that?


That's your father
stuck in there.


He was gifted like you

But he was a coward.

You'll be a powerful Encedalist.

I'm only doing
this to help Adam.

When he's better, I'm done.

She wants to be important.

Don't look.

She's jealous of you.

Jean's good to me.

She wants to fuck you.


Let go!

I speak my mind,
I can't bullshit.

Encedalism is truth.

But if you're unstable,
people could get hurt.

I'm not a social
worker but I can help.

I don't need your help.

Give it a rest.

I know what you want,
I know what you are

and it's natural.

You'll save Adam's
life, you will!

But you could save
so many others.

It's your purpose and
you need to own it

But we need to do the work.

We need to....

You okay?

I'm fine.




Aleah, that's not your house!

Try the doorbell!

Leave me alone!

Aleah, I I I'm Jean's son

Nat's boss Jean.

Jean wants you to
leave Kansas City.

Jean doesn't like you.

Fuck off!



I kissed your niece.

Bye, bye baby!



to Flourish I flourish

when you fl...

Where's Jean?


Hey, Aleah

Who the fuck is Jimmy?

- Who's Jimmy?
- The kid with the mask.

Who the fuck is he?

Hey, hey, I don't know
who you're talkin' about.

Where's Nat?

You need to calm down.

Don't fucking tell
me to calm down!

Who the fuck is Jimmy?

Who's Jimmy?

- I don't know!
- Where's Nat?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Where is Nat?

He's in Ames?

Why is he in Ames?

Maybe that's none
of your business.


You ever thought about
trying Encedalism?

I made some music
for our process.

You hate mushrooms?

It's good.


Hey, have you talked
to Aleah lately?

I bet I can guess what one
of your songs sounds like.

I got us some wine.

Oh, Pete he's sob....

I didn't mean to!

I didn't mean to, I'm sorry!

Jean, if you want to
start a clown service

then go start a clown service.

I saved Adam.


Stop please!

Ugh I'm sorry, Nat!

It was non-sexual touch I... I...

I didn't mean, I just, I just...

You look nice.


Speak your truth.

You've worked hard for this.

don't choose encedalism.

It chooses us.

It's long and lonely with
the truth inside you,

you know?

But when Encedalists process,

there's nothing like it.

Blood communion, every cell
in the body rejuvenates

and the work can go on.

I spent my entire
life in service

seeking those gifted
ones ready to awaken

to their higher purpose

Their inner healer.

I'm hurrying.

What are you doing here?

You look amazing.

Why haven't you
returned my calls?

Shhh trust me, I'll explain.

Does mom know you're here?

Yeah, she sent the limo.

This is you.

It's a miracle, right?

Come here!

I don't think you
can prepare yourself

to feel the power of God.

I felt heat in my body.

Body heat.

Then every muscle in my
body would start to cramp up.

It hurt so bad.

I wanted to thank you
all for your prayers.

God was listening.

I give glory to God.

You need to leave.

I really don't.

I'll walk you out.

- Hold on, hold on.
- Mom!

Uh, oh.

- Come on, momma, wait.
- No.

Look, this is a good day.

You need to leave!

Look, stop, just listen!

I healed Adam.

- I love hi...
- Stop!

Fuck that hurt.

I love you.


I love you.

Maybe you should go.

I can give it.

And I can take it away.

Hook me up.

Make a fist.


Thank you
Lord for another day.

Thank you for everything
that you've done for Lord.

And thank
you for our health

and thank you for your power
to work miracles in our lives.


Your destiny and mine.

Seven-point-six million souls

mastery and service.



Pete stop!

Pete, Nat?

Mmmmm smells like
a process feast!

Who turned off the oven?

Pete? Pete!

Hey, you guys can't start the
show without me!

Show's over.


No, no!


We're pulling out.

But what...

Get everything out
of the house by noon.

No, no, but...

Report to Armik in Victoria.

But what about the girl?

That's no longer an option.

No, no, no, no, no,

yes it is an option!

I did my job!

You said I could process!


Wait, will you
just listen to me?

I deserve a second chance, Pete!





this is the side salad,

how big is the regular salad?

And I asked for
dressing on the side.



I want her address.


Oww my hand!

I hate you!


Stop screaming!


You lie!

I deserve a second chance!

Not this time

Not tonight!

You always lie!

I did my job!

She's mine to process.

One, two, a'three.

Do, do, do, do,

do, da, do, da, do,
do, do.


Pa yem a tell ayyy

- Pa yem a tell ayyy
- Pa yem a tell ayyy

You foolish fairy!

This wretch makes me new!

makes me new!

I go on!

I go on!

I uhhh-

Oh! No! No! No!

Wait! Oh, wait!


Don't leave me!

Dyaaat Chennn!

Dyatt Chennn


This Wretch makes me new.

En... cel... ahhh...




Nat! Can you hear me?

Okay. I'm taking us
to the hospital, okay?

I'm gonna take us
to the hospital

or the urgent care.

I'm gonna get us there. I'm
gonna get us to a hospital

Everything... Everything's
gonna be all right.


We don't
choose Encedalism.

It chooses us.

I was nine when I
swallowed my destiny.

It's long and lonely with the
truth inside you, you know?

But when Encedalists process

there's nothing like it.

Blood communion.

Every cell in the
body rejuvenates.

and the work can go on.

I spent my entire
life in service

seeking those gifted
ones ready to awaken

to their higher purpose,

their inner healer.

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