Wretch (2018) - full transcript

In an attempt to piece together fractured memories of a drug-fueled night in the woods, three friends confront guilt, jealousy, and a supernatural presence that threatens to expose their true natures.

- Abby?


Abby are you here?

Oh shit!


Abby is that you?


Abby are you okay?

Just breathe okay?

Hey, look at me.

It's okay Ab.

Abby, Abby, it's okay.

Hey hey hey.
- Police, don't move!

- Oh hey, hey hey!
- Don't move,

get on the ground!

- All right, all
right, I'm moving down!

I'm down, I'm on the ground
- All the way down!

- Okay, I've got it
rolling, we're recording!

- I'm so proud of you baby.

- Y'all having fun?

- Yeah, you?

- That all
depends on you.

Well, come on, it's your
moment in the spot light,

give us a show.

- Really?

- Yeah, why not?

It's a party, right?

- Okay.

- Aww, come on that's
it, that's all you got?

Come on, kiss her.

Come on, give us a
good show, kiss her,

kiss her, kiss her, kiss her,
kiss her, kiss her, yeah.

- That what you wanted, baby?

- I'm not
sure it was in focus,

how about you do it again but
this time, lose the shirts.

- Later honey, for
your eyes only.

- What these girls
do to me is criminal.

You seeing this shit?

- Unfortunately.

- Jesus Riker, lighten
up, it's a fucking party,

what's your problem?

- Problem, let's see, I'm
broke as fuck, I hate everyone

including myself and
I'm an angry drunk.

- Hey,
got you a present.

- Thanks babe.

I'm getting sleepy.

Don't you think it's
time for us to go to bed?

- Oof yes.

- Enjoying the show?

So are they an item?

Ya know, like officially?

- Yeah, for the past six months.

- Is there any
wiggle room there?

- Why?

- I'm just curious.

- Not that I know of.

- So how
do you know Caleb?

- Grade school.

- You guys close?

- Wouldn't go as far as that.

- Oh come on,
gimme more than that,

what's the deal?

- There's no deal.

He's just kind of an ass-hat.

- This is his camera.

You know he's gonna
see this shit, right?

- He knows that he's
a fucking ass-hat.

- Then why
are you friends?

- Habit.

- Well, I like him,
plus he's got a nice ass.

- Yes, one mustn't neglect
the little things in life.

- This
guy bothering you?

- Jesus Caleb, that was fast.

- What happened to
little miss drunky-no-pants?

- Head hit the pillow,
she zonked the fuck out.

Looks like I'm
flying solo tonight.

- That's disappointing,
I would have thought

you woulda went for it anyway.

It's kinda your style.

- Don't be a dick.

- You're a fucking
piece of shit Caleb.

- Hey, wake
up sleepy tits.

Come on babe, it's almost three.

- God damn it, really?

- Yeah, and
we're out of food.

- Then go to
the fucking grocery.

- Come on,
we're out of money too.

- That's
your department.

I'm just supposed
to look pretty.

- I'll have
cash on Tuesday.

We'll put it on the card.

How you feeling?

- Like I got run over
by a fucking truck.

Did I make out with
Cara last night?

- Affirmative.

- Fuck!

She still here?

- No, I think she
snuck out this morning.

- Good.

Did you enjoy the show at least?

- Give it three stars.

- How 'bout now?

- Three and
a half.

You know this is going all
over the internet, right?

- Don't
joke about that.

- Not joking,
how could I deprive

the world of those?

- You really like the idea
of other guys looking at me?

- Only with
your permission.

- Mmmhmm.

- What'dya say?

Do you hearby grant
to me, your boyfriend,

the right in perpetuity
throughout the world

and all media now
or hereafter known.

- Stop it.

- No no, this
needs to be official.

The right to use images
of my supremely hot bod

and super duper sexy
voice, so help me god?

- Maybe.

- Sorry, but I'm
gonna need a yes or no.

Think of it like
a trust exercise.

- Whatever you want, dear.

- So that's a yes?

- Sure.

- You fucking slut.

- Shut up!

Do you still respect me?

- I'm gonna go with yes.

- Good.

Then put down the camera
and get me some breakfast.

- Well hello there internet,
I didn't see you come in.

Have you met my lovely,
wonderful insanely

fuckable girl friend, Abby?

She doesn't visit my
channel very often,

but when she does, woo!

It's like fireworks if
you know what I mean.

Ah shit.

- Which one?

- I thought we were
just getting essentials.

- We are.

- Both.

- That Cara?

- No it's Riker, he says sorry
for being a raging douche.

And he wants us to come
out to Blackwood tonight.

- S'mores in the forest?

- Something strong, he
says the shit came in.

- Oh, I'm still getting
stuff for s'mores.

- Look, I'm not giving you
shit, I just wanna know

if you got to bludgeon
the flaps a little bit.

- You are beyond disgusting.

- Oh what, come on!

You get to hear every
detail about my sex life.

- Hey!
- Yeah, because you won't

fucking shut up about it.

- All right listen, I'm
with Caleb on this one.

- What?
- Bros before hoes.

Know what I'm saying.

- Damn, you just
set the women's lib movement

back maybe 60 years.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Women's lib?

Excuse me, is this 1968?

Are you an English professor
at fucking Dartmouth?

- You know what?

You guys want equal rights?

You get to carry the 50 pounds
of shit you made me bring.

- Uh, which I paid for.

- Until Tuesday.

- Look pussies,
it's not that heavy,

and it's not that fucking far.

- What are you talking about?

- It's just over the hill

- Yeah, like a mile and a half.

- Unless we cut across
the railroad tracks.

- What, through Shanty Town?

- Yeah.
- What babe, ya scared?

- Of homeless people?

They're terrifying.

- What?

Oh my god.

- You never
had a weird experience

with a homeless dude?

- No, they
ask me for change,

I tell 'em no and leave.
- No seriously?

- Exactly.
- They're all fucking crazy.

- Oh come on!
- They're not all crazy.

- It's terrifying.

- Let's go.
- All right Riker

lead the way.
- All right.

- You know what they
say, early bird gets the worm,

second bird doesn't get
stabbed by a homeless dude.

Come on, let's see it.

- All right Jesus, hold
your fucking horses.

Tah dah.

- So beautiful.

- Now, before we get into this,

- Awww.
- Ohhh.

- Look, I'm trying
to make a point here.

I wanna say I'm sorry for
being an angry uberfucking

drunk douche at the party.

And I care about you guys
and value your friendship

and love you all and some
emotional shit like that.

- Awww.

- So sweet,
open the fucking bag.

- How much of that are
we supposed to smoke?

- Like two, three puffs, tops.

- I ain't no fucking
bitch, Riker.

- I know you ain't
no fucking bitch.

- Yeah, don't skimp
on it, I don't wanna repeat

of the mushroom debacle.

- Oh this is way
stronger, trust me.

- How the
fuck do you know?

- Came out here a couple
days ago and I tried it.

Trust me, three puffs
is all you fucking need.

- Wait a
second, wait a second,

you're saying you came
out here all by yourself

to try something brand new,
on your own, without me.

- Yep.

- Awww, Riker,
- Bastard.

- I thought tonight was
gonna be the first time

for both of us.

But you had to go
and pop your cherry.

- I just had to make
sure it was safe

for the mere mortal
in our presence.

Your turn.

- Shit,
slow down, won't ya?

- Pipe down, you'll
get your fucking turn.

- Oh not a good
flavor, gotta be honest.

- You've sucked worse.

- Yeah ya have.

Yes, chasers are
definitely a must.

- All right,
go ahead and spike it.

- All right, if you say so.

- What is that shit?

- A hallucinogenic herb of
the something fucking plant.

I don't know, Indians used
to smoke it to see God

or the devil or purple
trees or some shit.

- It's Native
Americans you prick.

- Yeah purple
tries do exist.

- Well, tonight, this
is our peace pipe.

Come on, you're turn.

- All right, all right.

- Here we
go, baby's first hit.

- Asshole.

- See?

- Yeah you're gonna
wanna take a drink.

Here's to one fucked
up night in the woods.

- Woo!

- Did you see it?

Can you see?

- Abby?

Everything okay?

- Yeah, why?

- You and Riker were
having a pretty serious

talk back there.

- He's just having
some problems at home.

- How would
you like to be married

to a dame like,

- Really?

- I'm turning it off.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey shh, shh, calm down.

It's all right, it was a dream.

It was just a dream, okay?

It's all right.

It's all right, it's all right.

Just breathe.



- I'm telling
you, this was different.

- Different how?

- Can you just trust me?

- Like every other time to me.

- It was different,
where the hell are the keys?

- How was it different?

- Caleb you're
gonna make me late.

- Did you check on
top of the fridge?

- Thank you.

- Different how?

- You know the shadow
guy at the foot of the bed?

He wasn't in this one.

I wasn't even at home.

I was back in the woods and
there was something with me.

- What did it look like?

- I don't remember.

- What were you and
Riker talking about?

- Jesus, Caleb, now?

Look, I don't even remember
what he was saying.

I think he was still drunk
or tripping or something.

Something about his
mom being depressed

and his sister is
freaking out again.

You know, typical Riker
soap opera bullshit.

I'm sorry I made you jealous.

- It happens.

- Say you're okay.

- I'm okay.

- Good, your insecurities
are making me late.

I will call if rehearsal
lets out early.

- Looks like
someone can't handle his

hard core hallucinogens.

It's just you and me now babe.

- How scandalous.

- So you wanna
ditch this loser or what?

- Mom always told me avoid
randy men with video cameras.

- You
really are gorgeous.

- Thanks.

Put the camera down now.

- Sorry, I didn't
mean to upset you.

- You didn't upset me.

I'm used to all
kinds of compliments.

Fuckable, hot, gorgeous
is just a new one.

You caught me off guard is all.

You think he's really out?

- God, I hope so.

- Don't be a dick.

- Sorry, it's just
that being around him

all the time can get really--

- Exhausting?

- Yes.

I love you.

- What?

- I love you.

- Is that the drugs talking?

- Yeah.

Wanna go for a walk?

- Promise to be a gentleman?

- I don't even
know what the fuck

that means anymore.

- What do you want?

- We need to talk about Abby.

- Gimme a minute.

- She hasn't slept much.

She'll wake up screaming.

I thought it was just
like an attention thing.

You know how Abby is.

- Don't say that.

- Sorry, just don't
really know what to do.

- Fuck man, what do
you want from me?

You and Abby disappear
off the face of the earth

for a fucking month, she won't
respond to any of my texts.

- She thinks you had
something to do with it.

- Do with what?

- The dream.

- What dream?

- Just go talk to her.

Tell her to go see
someone, maybe it'll help.

- Yeah, okay.

- You're not gonna say anything?

- Why did you bring him here?

- Great point.

She's being a complete cunt.

- She doesn't have
a good reason?

147 text messages,
does that ring a bell?

Just go in there and listen
to what she has to say, okay?

- Fine.

- Tell 'im, come on.

You told me a thousand
times already.

Starts, you're alone
in the woods then,

- I'm moving
forward down a path.

There's a light, but I
can't see past the light.

And there's a symbol that
keeps flashing in my head.

It's a spiral with
a line through it.

And I'm getting close
to something big.

It's a shadow and I can't
quite make it out at first.

But then I see it.

It's about eight feet
tall and its skin is,

- Red and black,
like rotted meat.

- And its eyes are,

- Red.

Call me when you
really wanna talk.

- Tell me what it is.

- I'm not sure yet.

Do you remember the
night in the woods?

You saw something that night.

- We were stoned.

- What's your
fucking point, Abby?

That it didn't happen?

That it isn't happening?

You have to face reality.

- I can't
handle this on my own.

I need your help.

- All right fine.

Look, do me a favor, don't tell
Caleb we talked, all right?

- Okay.

- You're going all
out tonight, huh?

- Figured you were
tired of the sweatpants

and T-shirt routine.

Just wanted to
look nice for once.

- Feel better?

- Do you think I'm pretty?

- You have to ask?

You know, we don't
have to go out tonight,

if you don't want to.

There's plenty we
could do right here.

- I'll tell you what.

Why don't we pop open
that bottle of wine

and see what happens.

- Anything
you want, babe.

Anything at all.

- Abby, hey hey, hey
hey hey shh, shh,

it's just a dream.

It's just me, it's okay shhh.

Shhh, shhh

It was another dream, it's okay.


- Are you sure
it wasn't another dream?

- No.

- Tell me.

- Tell you what, Riker?

You know exactly what
I'm talking about.

- Do you remember what
happened in the woods?

- I told you we are not
gonna talk about that.

- I missed you.

I've missed both of you, I mean.

I didn't mean for things
to happen like that.

I just wanted to talk to you.

Wasn't it nice being
able to actually talk

without Caleb
interrupting every two--

- You are unbelievable, Riker.

- I take that as a compliment.

- Is your dream
the same as mine?

- I don't wanna answer that.
- Why?

- I don't wanna scare you.

- I'm already scared.

- Me too.

So what do we do?

- I was about to ask
you the same thing.

Do you ever think that by
obsessing over this thing

we're just making things worse?

- Worse how?

- I don't know, fixating on it,

thinking about it all the
time just makes it a bigger

deal than it is.

- It's already a pretty
big fucking deal.

- I just mean that if
you talk about something

all the time you give
it power over you.

- So you're saying that if
we just don't talk about it.

- Talk about, think,
debate, anything.

- That it'll just go away?

- Maybe.

- That's a super healthy way

to deal with your problems, Abs.

- Do you have any better ideas?

- I went back into the woods.

- What?


- Night before last.

- What did you find?


What did you find in the woods?

- I don't remember.

- What do you mean?

- I went into the woods,
and I came back out

covered in mud,
scared half to death.

By the time I got home, I
couldn't remember anything.

Like a bad dream.

- So you don't
remember your dreams?

- You know that I do.

- Are they the same as mine?

- They are, but one
thing's different.

- Which is?

- I'm the monster in the woods.

- I don't know what
the fuck you're talking about.

- Answer
the question Riker,

were you in our fucking house?

- Caleb, you
need to calm down.

- I'll calm
down when you answer

my fucking questions.

You're filling her head with
all this bullshit and now,

- You know
what, fuck you Caleb.

- I'm coming over.

- Don't do that.

- You won't come
clean, maybe Anna's gonna

have some answers for me.

- I told you don't
come to my fucking house,

you complete fucking asshole!

- I'm on my way.

What do you mean?

- I mean I don't
think it was Riker.

Why would he do
something like that?

- To freak you out.

He's got some kind of
sick fascination with you.

I think he'd do anything
for some attention.

- That is not fair.

He's never done anything
like this before.

- He almost gave
me a fucking concussion.

I cannot believe you're trying
to defend that little shit.

- I'm not, I'm not!

I'm just saying that,

- What?
What are you saying?

- He knew the dream, okay.

He knew exactly
what it looked like.

How could he have known?

- Listen, Abby, that night
we were drinking and smoking

god knows what, who knows
what he put in there?

- What?

- I'm just saying you don't know

what he did to you that night.

For all we know he could
have planted this whole thing

in your head.

- You think Riker
fucking inceptioned me?

Are you fucking serious Caleb?

- Why not?

It's easier to
believe than some--

- Than what?

Hm? Than what?

Say it.

- Then some fucking monster
breaking into our house

and drawing on the mirror
with your lipstick.

- You think I'm crazy.

- No, I don't Abby.

- Or stupid.

It's one or the other Caleb,

so take your fucking pick.

- No, come back.


Hi guys.

I know my channel's usually
pretty light hearted,

but I've had some pretty
intense shit going on recently.

Kind of a long story, but
basically my girlfriend thinks

that we're being
attacked by a monster.

My best friend is
encouraging her

and neither of them are
acting like themselves.

Been kinda at a loss, so
I figured I'd ask you guys

on the internet for help.

Put all the details in
the description below.

It's easier to write
everything down,

that way I don't
forget anything.

I feel like I'm going crazy.

I know it's stupid, but
there's only so much

of listening to people
say batshit things

before they start to make
sense a little bit, ya know?

I mean, Abby's always been a
bit of an attention seeker.

She's done some pretty
annoying things before,

but not like this.

She's been downplaying it.

She doesn't wanna
talk about anything.

She acts scared all the time.

Sometimes I just wanna
shake her until--

- What are you doing?

- Nothing babe.

- So this
is where they start,

no idea why.

And they keep going around
the side of the house.

On the other side of the gate.

All the way to the back porch

and they end there.

- You feeling it yet?

- What?

- Yeah you are.

- You
think I'm gorgeous.

- Everyone thinks
you're gorgeous Abby.

- Even Caleb?

- Yes, even Caleb.

- Yeah.

Me and every other
girl in a short skirt.

- It's his nature.

- It's my nature to get fucked.

- Could be worse,
my nature is to--

- Brood.

- No, my nature is to be crazy.

It runs in my family.

My dad was homeless
or in and out of jail

for most of his life.

The last thing he
ever said to me

was don't let it get you.

Words to fucking live by.

- It always comes down to
daddy issues, doesn't it?

Last time I talked
to my dad he told me

I was a shameless slut and
kicked me out of the house.

- I think that's supposed
to be called tough love.

- It's the shameless
part that really gets me.

I mean doesn't
everybody enjoy sex?

- Sex is pretty fucking great.

- But shameless means I'm
supposed to be sorry for it.

Like it's my fault that
guys are shallow assholes.

When Caleb does it, nobody
thinks anything of it.

It's like,

- Why don't you
ditch that douche?

- And go where?

With what money?

- I'm sorry, I shouldn't,

- Do you really mean it?

- Yes, but I didn't
mean to upset you, I--

- No.

Do you really think
I should leave?

- Did you hear that?

- Riker stop.

I'm scared.

- It's all right Abby,
I'll be right back.

I just need to find
out what it was.

- No, don't go,
please, stay with me.

I shouldn't.


Riker, I've had too much.



- Were you having sexual

relations with him?

- No, not recently.

- But you two were lovers.

- No, once, just once,
I never should have,

it was a mistake.

It was a mistake.

- Is that why you bit him?

Was he trying to
force himself on you?

- No, no, no.

- Were you angry at him?

- He was attacking me.

- So it was self defense,

you bit him to protect yourself?

- No.

- I wanna have a fucking
adult conversation with you.

- Yeah, you're being
real adult right now.

- Fuck you Abby!

You sit at home alone all day,

you won't leave the house,
you won't talk to anyone,

just tell me what's going on.

- You already know.

- No, honey, I don't.

I don't know.

But I want to, just tell me.

Abby, I wanna be there for you.

I wanna help you, just
tell me what to do.

Abby, there's nothing there.


Abby what are you doing?

Honey say something,
you're scaring me.

- It was just me Caleb.

The whole time we thought
I was something else.

But it was just me.

- What are
you talking about?

Abby what are you doing?

No, no, no, no, gimme that.

No, let go, let go.

Ah shit!

She sleeps 16 hours a day.

When she's awake she stares
at the window or the wall.

Or she just draws that symbol.

She's just not herself.

I'm sorry about last
week, flipping out on you.

- Yeah, that was a dick move.

- I said I'm sorry.

- Apology accepted.

So who is she?

- What?

- You said she's not herself,
so have you put any thought

into figuring out who she is?

- What do you mean?

- Look, I recommend that we
get professional fucking help.

But since that's
not gonna happen,

maybe we need to start
thinking outside the box.

I know you're not the most
open minded person in the world

but just hear me out, okay?

- All right, I'm listening.

- All of this started
happening after that night

in the woods.

Maybe something happened.

- Okay, I was passed out and you

and Abby went on some misguided
adventure through the woods.

And you guys saw something.

- I didn't see anything.

- But you said,

- No, I was telling you
about a dream that I had.

It was all hazy and
fuzzy like dreams are.

I don't actually remember
much from that night at all.

- Well you were blackout drunk.

- Maybe.

She only had a couple of shots.

- Yeah, and hits of whatever
the hell you put in that pot.

- It was super mild.

I know Abby has a
tendency to freak out,

and I didn't want
things to go south.

But the important point is
that we weren't hallucinating.

- But you said you
didn't see anything.

- No, I didn't.

- What are you getting at?

- Look, these were taken in
my yard, going all the way

around my house
and into the back.

- Riker, stop.

- No, Caleb, these are way
too big to be animal tracks.

They're proof.
- Riker stop!

Okay, I don't care if you
believe this group delusion

paranoid bullshit or not,

but I will not be
a part of it, okay?

- Caleb, she isn't telling
either of us what's really

going on, she knows
more than she's saying.

Caleb, wait.

- What are you doing with that?

- Waiting for you.

- Yeah? So you feeling better?

- That all
depends on you, baby.

- What?

- Come on, it's your
moment in the spotlight.

Give us a show.

- That's not funny Abby.

- Aw come on baby,
it's a party, right?

That's it?

That's all you got?

- Put the fucking
camera down, Abby.

- Oh sorry baby, you
know what you boys do to me.

It's criminal.

He scares me, I don't
wanna be here anymore.

- We have bigger
things to be scared of, Abby.

- How's your mom?

- She's gone.
- What?

Since when?

- About a week.

She's disappeared before for
a couple days here and there,

but never this long,
and Anna's freaking out,

I can't even get her to go
to school or leave the house,

or barely do anything at all.

She just won't calm down,
she's driving me crazy.

- Riker.

She's only 12 years
old, cut her some slack.

I'm sorry.

- I think it
has something to do

with the thing in the woods.

- How?

- It came to the house.

Abby I need you to
talk to me about it.

I need you to remember.

Is Caleb home?

- No, he stays
away most of the time.

I think he's scared of me.

- I'm coming over.
- Now?

- I have to
figure this shit out.

My name is Riker Trask,
I'm here with Abby Singer

to discuss the events
of September seventh

at Blackwood forest.

- Riker, what are you doing?

- Abby, do you
remember that night?

- Yeah, don't you?

- Tell me what happened.

- We all went into the
woods, you and me and Caleb.

And Caleb fell asleep.
- Go on.

- And then we, you and me,
went for a walk together

in the woods and then we,

- After that.

What happened after, Abby?

- We saw something in the trees.

- We didn't see
anything, you were alone.

- No, no.
- Yes.

- No, I saw you, you were there.

- I wasn't there.

Why are you lying?

- Riker you were there,
you were right next to me.

- Abby I wasn't there!

You were alone.

What did you see?

- I,

- Use your fucking words,
Abby, what did you see?

- I saw, I saw,

we saw something in the trees.

- We didn't
see anything.

It was you, try again.

What did you see?

- I saw, I saw a shadow
move in the trees.

I saw a shadow move
in the trees and I--

- What did
the shadow look like?

- I, it was dark, I, I, I--

- You saw it, tell me.

- I was, I was alone and
I saw it in the trees

and it,
- What did,

what did it look like?

- Well it had, it had, it had,

- It had what?

- It had red, red,
- It had red what?

I need to know what was red.

What was red?
- It was, it was,

it was red eyes,

it was I, I
- Good.

- I saw red eyes in the trees.

We, I, I was alone, I
saw red eyes in the trees

and I saw,
- What else did you see?

- Red eyes in the
trees, what else?

- I, I, I, I,

- Abby, red eyes
in the trees, what else?

- I, I,
- I, I, I, I,

I need a fucking sentence here!

What did you see?

- No! I don't know!
- You do know!

- I saw it.

- You saw it.
- I saw it.

I was alone and I saw it.
- It came back with you.

- I saw it, I,

- Abby, I need
you to listen to me.

You know what it wants.

What does it want?

- I don't know.
- Abby, tell me what it wants.

You know what it wants,
you know what it wants.

- Get the
fuck out of my house!

- Get your hands off me.

She knows what it wants!

- It came back with,
and it came back with me

and I saw it and I, I,

It had red eyes.

It had red, it had
red eyes and I saw it.

And I brought it back
with me and I was,

and I, I,

I don't know.

I don't know.

- Hey Cara, been
a couple of days,

I haven't heard
anything from you.

Starting to get
a little worried.

Just gimme a call back, lemme
know you're okay, alright?

I miss you.

I'll talk to you later, alright?

- Riker, Riker leave
us the fuck alone.

- Maybe I--

- No, I don't want
you talking to him.

It's for your own good.

- I'm a bad person.

- Me too.

- No, I mean I slipped something

into Caleb's drink.

I wasn't trying to, I
just wanted to talk to you

without Caleb telling
you what to say.

- Caleb doesn't
tell me what to say.

- I don't know what's
happened to him.

He didn't used to be like this,

and I hate the way
he talks to you.

And I know he's going
out with other girls too,

- I know.

I've known for a long time.

- Why don't you do anything?

- I tried a couple of
times, it never worked.

- Why?

- He's a good talker.

So you were trying to rescue me.

- Yeah, I fucked that one up.

- Yeah.

- I wasn't trying to seduce you.

- That is exactly
what you were doing.

- It's getting closer.

- I know.

- I'm not gonna let it get you.

- Where were you?

- Does it really matter?

- Yeah, it matters.

Just tell me where you were.

Were you with him?

- Does it matter now?

- Yeah.

- What about now?

- Yes, Abby it fucking matters.

- What about now?

Does it matter now?

It doesn't fucking matter.

Don't pretend.

- I'm going out.

I've gotta--
- Don't bother.

- Hello?
- Is Caleb there?

- He's out. What's wrong?

- I need your help.

- What are
you talking about?

What do you need?
- It's mom, she's hurt.

- Did you
call an ambulance?

- I can't,
I can't explain.

Look, can you get here soon?

- Caleb left his car, I--

- Get the
keys and take it.

There isn't much time.

- Is Anna okay?

- She's
scared, please hurry.

Abby, it's here.

- Riker?


Are you here?

Oh my god.

Riker, what are you doing?

Riker say something.

- What's up?

- Riker's dead.

- What do you mean?

- I killed him.

- Where are you?

- Riker's.

- All right,
stay there, I'm coming,

just stay there.

- Please answer
the question Miss singer.

- I don't remember,
I wasn't there.

- Do you remember
seen Riker's mother?

Did you have anything
to do with that?

- No.

- Do you know
who killed her?

Did Riker do that?

- I wasn't there.

- Caleb Sidolf?

- Yeah.

You could see her now.

- How ya holding up?

You wanna talk
about what happened?

- What do you want to know?

- Cops told me you had
to fight Riker off.

You had to kill him.

They said it was
in self defense.

- Is Anna dead?

- They didn't tell you?

- They didn't tell me anything.

They just kept
asking me questions,

the same questions over
and over and over and--

- Maybe we shouldn't
talk about this.

- Tell me.

- They found Anna
dead in the bathroom.

They think he killed her
right before you showed up.

Miss Trask had been
dead for a few hours.

- Why would,

what else?

- You sure you wanna
talk about this?

- What else?

- They found Cara Sexton dead.

She was in the
cellar, half frozen.

- Well,

that's too bad.

- She'd been dead
for at least a week.

- A week?

I just saw him the other day.

We were talking.

- I know.

He'd been,

- Tell me.

- He'd been cutting
pieces off of her,

They don't know why.

- He had to feed it.

Did they tell you what I did?

- They said you killed him and
that it was in self defense.

- No, I bit him.

More than once.

- You had to.

- I liked it.

I didn't wanna stop.

I think Riker finally
figured it out at the end.

Do you wanna know what it wants?

- She's
been through a lot.

It's normal that she might
act a little strange.

- Strange how?

- Emotional outbursts,
feelings of guilt, anger,

she might disconnect,
acting apathetic or distant.

But you have to remember
regardless of what she might

tell you, she's feeling
some very extreme

and conflicting
emotions right now.

But it's important that
you help encourage her

to explore these feelings,
no matter how irrational

they may seem.

- She said something
about when she bit him,

she liked it, she
didn't want it to stop.

- Yes, she said
something similar to me

and I read the police report.

- Have you ever seen
anything like that before?

- Psychosis takes
many different forms

in many different patients.

- I looked it up online,
said there's something

called wendigo psychosis?

- Yes, I've heard of it.

- Sounds a lot like this.

- Look, I appreciate that
you're trying to help,

- She's trying to eat people.

She thinks she's
turning into a monster.

Sounds pretty spot on to me.

- Delusions take different
forms in different cultures.

The psychosis you're
referring to is simply

a hundred year old
mis-diagnosis of schizophrenia,

which I do not believe
Abby is suffering from.

More likely, she's suffering
from post traumatic stress.

She's feeling guilt and
anger over her decision

to defend herself--
- Is she gonna be okay?

- I'd like to keep her a few
more days for observation.

- Whatcha looking at?

Anything going on out there?

- Not now, soon.

- What's that?

- It's going to come.

- You know what the doctor said?

Just reacting to things
that Riker planted

in your brain, it's okay.

I'm not mad, I just want
you to come home soon.

- You don't want me after this.

I'm damaged goods.

- Don't say that.

You'll get better.

Things'll go back to
the way they were.

- I don't want that anymore.

- You don't mean that.

- You're a dangerous
person, Caleb.

You've done so many
awful things to me.

- It's in your head, Abby.

Those are Riker's words.

- I think I'm done talking.

- She doesn't talk anymore.

Doesn't really do
anything by herself.

Doctors keep saying
just give her time.

I see the looks they
give each other.

And her dad hasn't
come to see her.

Not that she'd want him
to, but still wish somebody

would show up.

Can't handle this by myself.

Fuck, why should I have to?

Her insurance isn't great.

Pretty sure we're gonna
be in a lot of debt

once this is over.

Keep worrying if they
can come after me

for something like that.

Pretty shitty thing to
be thinking right now.

Then one of the doctors say
that they wanna move her

to a permanent facility.

Feel like this is my fault.

I can't stand feeling like this.

I'm 22 fucking years
old, why should I have

to deal with this?

Sometimes I hate her.

And Riker.

It's not her fault, but
I just wanna shake her

and tell her to grow up

and take some fucking

She's right.

I don't think I can
be with her anymore.

Not after this.

I can't just abandon
her with nothing though.

I have to make her better.

I obviously won't
be posting this.

- Can I help you?

- Did you see
somebody come through here?

- I didn't see no one.

- Now somebody
just knocked on my door,

and I was just wondering if
maybe you let somebody in,

- Listen man, I can't help you.

I'm sorry.
- Did you give somebody a key?

What the,

I'm going crazy.

They're gonna move you to a
special facility next week.

Between you and me, I
don't think these doctors

have a fucking clue.

Shouldn't say this but,
my best friend's dead

and nobody's here to
really answer my calls.

You're the only person
I have left to talk to.

I miss you Abby.

I'm sorry for everything
I did to hurt you.

I don't think you're crazy,
if it's any consolation.

I think you're just sick.

I don't know if
something caused it,

or if it's still causing it.

If it's something in your
head or something else.

- It's you.

- Sir, you're
gonna have to get back,

give her some room.

- He wants to kill me.

He wants to eat me.

- It's
alright, one more.

- She told me everything.

I didn't listen.

There's this, ache.


I don't know what to call it.

Like something's clawing
its way into my brain.

You're not yourself.

Something's making this happen.

I have to believe that.

I have to find it.

Make it stop.

I have to find it
and make it stop.

Riker knew first, then Abby.

Now I finally get it.

It becomes you,
then you become it.

Or maybe it's the
other way around.