Wreckage (2010) - full transcript

Four friends are forced to enter an out of town junk-yard and throughout the night it's all hell and bullets as the local sheriff's men and the kids fight the mysterious killer that is stalking them one-by-one.

Turn that damned TV down.

I told you
to turn the damn TV down.

Where the hell have you been,

Who cares?
I'm here now, ain't I?

Where is my shit?

Christ, chill out, bitch.


What you little shits watching?

Yo, kid, give me
that damned remote.

What, am I
speaking Chinese?

Give me that remote.

What did you say to me?

We're watching.
I don't give a shit.

When I tell you to do something,
you better do it.

You ain't my Dad.
You can't tell me what to do. Yeah?

Get off me.
You better learn some respect, boy.

Don't ever touch me again. What you going to do,
you little piece of shit, huh?

Fuck you.

Huh? Huh?

Huh? What do you say?
Jimmy, no!

What do you say?
Get off.

Get off me,
you crazy bitch. Get off.

You piece of shit, huh? Huh?

Go away.

Put the gun down, Ricky.

You better put that gun down.

You gonna shoot me?

Is that what you're
going to do, boy?

Jimmy, stop it.
Ricky, put the gun down.

Ricky, what did you do?

Wesley, call an ambulance.

Come on, Ricky.
Let's get out of here.

Wesley, call an ambulance,
goddamn it.

What are you doing,
Ricky? Come on.

Ricky, what did you do?

Put that gun down.
Ricky, no.

How you doing, darling?

Everything okay?

My car died.

You need some help?

No. My boyfriend is

on his way with a tow truck, and
he should be here any minute.

Well, in the
meantime, do you want

to pop the hood,
let me take a look?

That's okay.
Tow truck will be here soon.

Oh, come on, now.

You know, what kind
of harm will it do?

Let me just
take a look.

I guess not.

All right.


The battery's dead.

It's probably
the alternator.

Mm, that's what I figured.

I'd give her a jump, but

I don't think this
thing takes cables.

You know about cars, huh?
My daddy taught me

just enough to not get ripped
off at the Jiffy Lube.

Good man,
your daddy.

My name's Kane,
by the way.


Very nice to meet
you, Savannah.

Well, can I give
you a ride somewhere?

No. Tow truck will be here soon,
I'll be fine.

That's right.

You mentioned that
he was coming.



thanks for trying
to help, though.

Oh, it's the, uh...

It's the least I could do.

Plus, you remind me
of my little sister.

You know, Savannah, it's,
um... it's awfully cold.

You're more than welcome
to wait in my truck

until your boyfriend gets here.

No, I'll be fine here.


Savannah, Savannah,
I got to tell you.

It's pretty dangerous for
a pretty girl like yourself

to be out here all alone,
in the middle of nowhere.

Now, my truck's warm and
safe, and I won't bite.

I don't bite.



All right.

It's right over there.
It's unlocked.

There you go.

All units,
all units, prisoner at large.

I repeat, prisoner
at large.

Roger that. Who is it?

Inmate 868621,
Wesley Jones.

Copy that.

What was he in for?

Double homicide.

Shot his mom and boyfriend
when he was a kid.

Now, ain't this better?

Thank you for helping me.

Of course,
of course.

It's what any
gentleman would do.

Hope someone would do the same
for my little sister, you know.

All right, folks,
sorry for interrupting,

but we have
a special news report.

At approximately 11:30
this evening,

an inmate
at the state prison escaped.

Police are on the scene,

and a countywide manhunt
is underway.

The prisoner is considered
extremely dangerous.

If you have any information,

please contact
your local police.

Bet you're happy I'm
here now, ain't you?

Don't you worry, Savannah.

Any convict comes
through this way

is going to have
to come through this.


So, uh, where did you say

that boyfriend
of yours is coming from?

Uh, Spring Valley.

It's 20 miles up the road.


How long ago did you say
you called him?

Just right before you pulled up.


You know what
I'm thinking, sweetheart?

I'm thinking

you never called your boyfriend,
because you ain't got

no cell phone reception.

And I'm thinking that...

we're out here, all alone,

in the middle
of nowhere.

I'm thinking you got one hell
of a pretty face.

I don't want any trouble.

Oh, neither do I.


this is going to go one
or two ways, all right?

This could be real pleasant

for the both of us, or it

could get really ugly.

No, don't do this.

You're 18, right?

So you're old enough.

You know the sound a woman makes
when she's having an orgasm.

It's the same sound she makes

when she's being stabbed
to death.


Now, I need to hear either one,
you know, so...

You're only making it worse.

Help! Help me!

Please help me! Please help me!

Please help me. Please.

You got nowhere to go.

Oh, my God.
Help me, oh, my God, help!

Front door's to the right.

You sweet little thing.

Please. Please. Okay, okay.

♪ Marco

♪ Polo

♪ Savannah

♪ Kane.

I know where you're at.

Not there. Not there.

I cannot wait to smell

your sweet
little flower.

Oh, oh.

There you are. Now, shh.

Must be your lucky night,

Oh, my God.
Help me!


Mrs. McCraden, we do not do

cats up a tree.

I'm sorry.
Just go in your garage

and get a ladder.

Get a life.

Oh, shit.

What you got?

Looks like somebody escaped

from the state prison
early this morning.

No shit.
Who is it?

I don't know.

It says something
about a serial killer.

I can't read it, though.

The fax is all
messed up.

Maybe it's Charles Manson.

Charles Manson?

Shit, he's not even up here.

He's in California somewhere.

Besides, he ain't...
he ain't no real serial killer.

It's probably that, uh...

Juan Corona fella.

I hear they got him up there.

Ron Corona?

Juan Corona--
that crazy Mexican nut job.


He killed 25 people
up in Yuba City using a machete.

He hacked 'em up real good.

Ugh. When did that happen?

About 30 years ago.

I wasn't even born then.

Yeah, you were probably
still swimming

up in your daddy's nut sack.



You can't hear me
with them Dumbo ears?

Give me the fax.

♪ I had once understood

♪ That my time in this room

♪ Was without air

♪ Now that all's come undone

♪ I'm about to let
my heart go without air ♪

♪ All said and done

♪ All said and done♪

♪ Can't go back to that place
now that you're gone... ♪

Boo! Oh!

Oh, geez!

Did I scare you?


You're lucky I didn't
whack you with this wrench.

You wouldn't do that.
Oh, I wouldn't?

Yeah? Why is that?

'Cause you love me.
Oh, yeah, do I?


Don't deny it.
It's true.

Where is everyone?

Well, you know,
they're late as usual.


Think you got time
to check my oil?

Right here?

Right now?

I don't know if you have
the right tools for the job.

Oh, I got the right tools.
Oh, do you?

Oh, yeah.
Want to check my dipstick?


Yeah. All right,
be right back.

Well, let's check this out,
see what we got here.

What do you got?

Yeah, it looks, uh...

looks pretty good.

You want to check it out?

Yeah, I want to see.

Oh, my God.

Will you marry me?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Is that a yes?

Yes! Yes! Yes, I'll...

Come here!
Give me some love!

I'm gonna be your wife.


Whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.

Oh, hey there.

Great timing, guys.

You guys were so
about to do it.

With good reason.

Is that
what I think it is?

Oh, congrats.

Hey, that's
so cool.

You know
what's coming.

Yeah, well,
thanks a lot, dude.

: No fuckin'
pressure on me now.

But yeah, I guess you're
the next one, right?

Are you, uh, sniffing gas? No.

Well, you got
a kid with her--

you don't really
have much choice.

Don't remind me. Yes, there
is a choice, always-- suicide.

It's beautiful.

Hey, you see this?

Yeah. Amazing.

well, maybe you'll
get one soon.

Yeah, ain't gonna
hold my breath.

Maybe you should try.

So, um, how's she, uh,
how's she running?

Oh, she's purring
like a kitten.

But she'll bite you like a dog.

Ah, it sounds
like Jessica.

Yeah, so I bored out
the cylinders at 60,

put a stroker kit in it--
I'm running about

500 horsepower.

Oh, she'll fly.

Enough to win, huh?

Oh, yeah.

She'll win.

Yes, she will.

Let's go.

Do this!

Want me to drive, too?

No, we can all
ride together.

Oh, great.
Well, then, uh....

after you, my darling.

Yeah, um...

you're in
the backseat now.

What are you
talking about, now?

See this?


Shotgun for life.

For life. Wow, wow,
you motherfucker. No, I see how it is.

I get it.
It's cool, it's cool.

Hey, baby.

This is good, actually.

Bam, want to see
it again? Lookit.

Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait.
And now, bam!

Hey, Sheriff?


You... want to look at this?

No need to.

I heard everything you said.

So, what do you
think we should do?

Well, what did they
tell us to do?

It doesn't say
we should do anything.

: That's exactly what we're gonna do, then.

Why don't we go set up
a roadblock?

Look, if you
want to stand

in the middle of the road

with your thumb up your ass,
be my guest.

Now, the last time I checked,

that jail was
60 miles away,

which means we're 50 miles away
from the search area.


So we're not gonna do anything?

You're not very bright, are you?

No, sir, not really.

Well, at least you're honest.


Thank you.

Now, why would a...
why would a serial killer

want to come
to this godforsaken place?

Probably be so bored,
he'd turn himself back in.

Ain't nothin' to do
in this goddamn place.

♪ I got heavy feet
speeding down the highway ♪

♪ When you see me,
get the fuck up out of my way ♪

♪ Tires spinning and I'm winning
as I fly away ♪

♪ And I'm racing with no cares
if I die today ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm rolling
in the fast lane ♪

♪ Pedal to the metal
and I'm passing ♪

♪ Smokin' my tires
as I pass you ♪

♪ Eat dust, motherfucker,
laughing as I gas you ♪

♪ I got to stay focused,
so I keep above the curb ♪

♪ Zero to sixty,
move swiftly in my fast car ♪

♪ Thinking this be hitting...
like a NASCAR ♪

♪ Should have never raced
white lightnin' ♪

♪ Heart pumpin', jumpin'

♪ And I see you
feeling frightnin' ♪

♪ And ripin', I'm gone

♪ Like a thief in the night

♪ Got to smoke as I pass 'em

♪ In broad daylight,
I got heavy feet ♪

♪ Speedin' down the highway

♪ When you see me, get the fuck
up out of my way ♪

♪ Tires spinnin' and I'm winnin'
as I fly away ♪

♪ And I'm racin' with no cares
if I die today ♪

♪ I got heavy feet speedin'
down the highway. ♪

Fuck! Fuck!

Need a tow
to the finish line, bro?


Seriously, dude,

it's time to ditch the dinosaur.

It's a piece of crap.

You know what, man, don't
get me started, all right?

You want to fuck off.

Hey, don't be bitter.

Just call me when you want
to lose some more money.

I don't know, maybe
we'll race for your girl.

Hey, why don't you go
back to your daddy,

so you can get the rest of your
inheritance by sucking his dick?

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hey!

Fuck, bro, there
goes our ride.

You okay, babe?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Can't say the
same for the car.

What the hell happened, man?

You totally had him.

Well, I lost a belt,
looks like I blew a gasket.

God, this is such a mess.

This thing's a fucking
time bomb, man.

It's time for something newer.

When you get a car, then maybe
I'll actually entertain

this conver...
Cars cause air pollution, my friend.

Yeah? So does the air that
comes out of your mouth.

Can you fix it?

Well, not unless you got

a belt hidden
somewhere in there.

All right, well,

how are we gonna get home?

I don't know.

And of course, I
have no reception.

Do you have any?

Ah, Jesus Christ.


Well, I suppose that,
uh, you haven't gotten

a cell phone in
the last 12 hours.

Cell phones cause brain tumors.
You're all gonna...

You need to get a job, man.

You can say that again.

What? Look who's talking,
Little Miss Food Stamps.


Well, we could
stand around here

wait for somebody
to drive by,

or we can hoof
it back to town.

Are you crazy?

It's, like, ten miles back
to town, and I'm pregnant.

It's more like
four miles.

And last time
I checked,

exercise doesn't
hurt a fetus.

It's not even a fetus.
It's only six weeks.

Six weeks.
Jesus Christ.

Yeah, well, I have
heels on, okay,

so, we need a better
fucking plan.

Well, I am open
for suggestions.

Okay, why don't you two
push the car back,

Kate can steer,
and I can lie in the back?

That's a great idea. Now,
is she always this crazy,

or is this just the
hormones talking?

Hey, hey, no, no, no, no,
welcome to my-my world.

You're a fucking asshole.

All right, look, there's got
to be something that we can do.

Let's focus.
What can we do?

Guys, it's only four...
it's four miles. No way.

I am not walking back from there.
Well, then,

I guess we're just going
to leave you here then.

What, you can't just
leave me here.

Okay, wait, wait,
okay, wait, wait.

What about the,
um... the junkyard

down the road?
What about it?

I mean, can't you get a gasket
or a belt from one of them cars?

It's, like, a mile
down the road.

Yeah, that can work.
I'm down.


No, Rick. My feet hurt.
I don't want to walk.

Oh, Jesus Christ, baby,
listen, you're pregnant, okay?

You're not...
you're not crippled.

Oh, besides,

you could stand
to lose a few pounds.

Fuck you, you
piece of shit.

Oh, shit.
You see?

One night
without a fucking condom,

I'm stuck with her
for the rest of my life.

Jesus Christ!

What, are you

I'm saying no.


I mean, obviously, you know,
kid's gonna grow up just fine.

A fucking...

Jesus Christ.

Oh, yeah, well,
that's great.


Oh, dude,
that's bullshit.

Any time you see
a sign that says,

"Beware of dogs,"
there's never dogs.

Yeah, well why don't you,
uh, hop on over

and, uh, prove
that little theory of yours?

Here, boy!

Here, doggy, doggy, doggy!

See? Nothing.

All right, well...
you first.

What, army boy's
scared to...?

No, army boy is smart.

Yeah, all right,
fuck it, fuck it.

All right.

Move it, move it,
move it, move it!

Over that wall,
over that wall!

See? I told you,
nothing. Nothing.

Here, babe,
here's the toolbox.

Thank you, babe.

You going
to be all right?

Be careful with that.

I will. Oh.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait a second.
Guys, what about me?

Hey, just stay there, Fatty.
We'll be back in a few.

Fuck that.

You coming?

Yeah, I'm fucking coming...
you shit. Oh.

Oh, she's throwing her shoes,
throwing her shoes.

Any old American model should work.

I'm gonna check this guy out.

I don't like it
in here.

Me, either.
It gives me the creeps.

That's because
this is haunted.

This place was built on top
of an old Indian burial ground.

How do you know?

I used to come here all the time

when I was a kid
with my dad.

He knew the old Indian guy
that ran the place.

He used to tell us,
how late at night,

he'd hear screams and ghosts
of his slaughtered ancestors.

Wait. Listen.


Shh. Listen.


Do you guys hear that?

He's just messing
with you, baby.

Hey, I'm serious.

You are such a liar.

No, I'm not lying.

I used to come here
all the time

when I was a kid
with my dad.

The old Indian guy lived here.

He died in
here, too.

Oh, yeah?
How did he die?

Some say suicide.

Others say murder.

would you just quit screwing around

and help me look?

Ah, I don't know.


that was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Yeah, so much
for your no dog theory.


I'm still working on the kinks.

Hey, will you just quit screwing
around and help me look?

Oh, fuck. Fuck you.

Yeah, that
one's locked.

Let go.


Hey, yo, Jared,
I think I found one, man.

I think you're right.

Is it gonna work?

Ah, it should.

How long do you think it'll take?

Oh, not too long.

Ah, this place is wild,
isn't it?

It's like an old cemetery
for cars, each with

its own unique story.

Oh, Jesus,
like this fucking truck.

What about it?

A family died in this truck.

Yeah, right.

No, I'm serious.

My dad told me
the story.

He knew 'em.

What happened?

It happened, like,
20 years ago. Get this.

Husband, wife, newborn baby,
heading home from the hospital,

get in a head-on collision
with another car.

Husband dies instantly,

head severed
clean off his body.

Wife and baby weren't
so lucky, though.

Wife's legs were crushed
underneath the dashboard.

She was stuck with
the newborn baby in her lap,

and her husband's head
sitting next to her.

Truck catches on
fire, and they both

slowly started
to burn to death.

And she's screaming, you know,

desperately trying to get her
baby out the window, but

the window's rolled up, and...
she can't reach the handle.

And the fire engulfs them,
and they...

both die.

It's rumored that people
could hear the screaming

from miles and miles away.

But right
before she died,

fire reaches the
gas tank and...

Jesus fucking Christ!

Fucking idiot, Rick.

Holy shit, you should
have seen your faces.

What the fuck, dude?

Did you forget to take
your Prozac? Jesus Christ.

Come on, man,
you should have seen it.

It was the funniest fucking shit
in the world.

You should have seen their faces.
Give me that.


What the... what the hell
are you doing with this?

What, man? Come on.

There's bears, mountain lions,
some rabbits, gophers, what?

Just keep it on safety
and put it away.

Jesus. Fucking idiot.

Babe, how much longer
is it gonna take?

'Cause I really don't want
to be here anymore.

- Yo, uh, J?

How much you give me
if I hit this, uh,

mirror off this old van
right here?

Come on, man.

It's a tough shot.

Stop shooting
that thing!

Oh, yeah! Holy
shit, what a shot!

You're such an idiot.

Dude, quit messing around.
One last shot.

One last shot?
Okay, girls? Don't.

Girls, cover your ears.

Stop shooting it! Don't!

Hey, asshole,

if you fire off one more shot...



Kate? Kate?!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, what the
fuck did you do, man?

What the fuck did you do?!

I was just aiming
over here, man!

Goddamn it, Rick.

Oh, shit.

Oh. Oh, God! Oh, shit.

Oh, baby, it hurts.
All right. I know.

Baby, it hurts.
I know it does.

Baby, it hurts,
it hurts.

Stay calm, stay calm,
all right, listen to me.

Okay, the more relaxed
and calm you are,

the less the bleeding
is going to be, okay?

I'm gonna go get you help,
you understand?

Hey, man, I'm sorry.

I was just aiming over there,
man, I was just aiming

over here, and it just...
Not now, Rick!


All right, I need you
to put pressure down, okay?

Just keep her calm.

Can you do that for me?
Okay, yeah.

What are you gonna do, man?!

I'm gonna go run back
into town, okay?

Hey, look, hey,
hey, honey.

You see that?

Oh, fuck.

You see that?

That means we're
getting married.



Fucking hurts.


Oh, fuck,
I'm sorry, Kate.

I'm sorry, Kate.

You fucking asshole!

I can't believe
you just fucking did that!

What the fuck's
your problem?!

If she dies,
you're going to jail,

you fucking motherfucker!

Oh, my God.

Will you marry me?

Oh, my God,

oh, my God, yes, yes, yes.

I was just aiming over there, man.

I was just aiming
over here.

What are you
gonna do, man?!

Is that a yes?

I was just
aiming over here.

Is that a yes? What are
you gonna do, man?!

What are you gonna do, man?!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, what
the hell are you doing,

My girlfriend's just been shot.

You got to go get help.
What's happening?

Kate, Kate--
she's been shot.

She's at the old junkyard
on Highway 13.

We got to go
get her help.

James, get on the horn
to Dr. Richardson,

tell her to meet us at Jay's
Junkyard with the ambulance,

and you stay here,
hold down the fort.

Stay here, all right.


Get on the phone.

Grab the stretcher.

Well, all right,
where are they?

They were right here.

They're not here now.
What the fuck?

They were right here.


Is this some kind

of a game
you're playing?


I swear to God,
I told 'em to stay put.

They were right here.

'Cause if you're fucking
with me,

I won't hesitate to throw
your ass in jail.

Why would I make this up, huh?

Look, look at this.

Does that look
like ketchup to you?

What the hell's
going on?

- I don't know.
- Hey, Sheriff,

maybe somebody came
by and found 'em,

took 'em to
the hospital.

No, that's impossible.

Because I would have passed
them when I ran into town,

or they would have passed us
when we came back here.

You don't know that for sure.
You know

of any other roads
that come through here, genius?

Don't you get smart
with me, boy.

You wouldn't know
if I got smart with you.

All right, knock it off.

Now, look, there's,
there's got to be

a logical explanation to this.

Your friends have
to be here somewhere.

We'd better hurry,
Sheriff, she's bleeding.

All right, let's split up.

Now, uh, Faye, you go with him,
check that lower area.

Janet, you and I will circle
around this way.

Let's get out of here.
Hey, Sheriff.

You have an extra gun on you?

Yes, I do.

Come on.







What the hell were y'all
doing out here anyway?

I blew a belt,
we were looking for a spare one.

You find one?
Hey, wait, wait.



Did you hear that?

Shh, be quiet.

That-- did you
hear that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I think it's over here.

Rick! Jessica!

Hello-- hello.

Faye! Faye, where are you?!


I'm over here.

Oh, fuck!

Sheriff, Sheriff!

Get her down.

Oh, fuck, Sheriff!


No, Jessica!

Oh, fuck!
Get over here quick.

Oh, fuck,

get over here quick!




Oh, fuck...

Oh, fuck.



Two bullet wounds to the chest
at point-blank range,

which killed her

before the laceration
to the neck.

The only good news is,

she probably
didn't suffer.

All right, Smith, just
what the hell is going on here?

I already told you
everything I know.

No, you told me
Kate was shot

in the stomach.
Now we got a girl here

with two bullet holes
in her chest.

Now, what the fuck is going on?!

I don't know!
Goddamn you.

Shut up!

Now, you'd better start talking

right now

you look guilty as hell to me.

Listen, Sheriff,

why would I come get you
if I did this?

That doesn't make any sense.

Well, nothing makes
any sense here, does it?

Kate and I got engaged tonight.

Now, I have to find her.

I have to find her.

Goddamn it.

Sheriff, remember,

we still got an
escaped convict

on the loose.

Give me
your radio.

James, are you there?

Yeah, I'm here, Sheriff.

All right, call County
and have them send backup

as soon as possible.

Then go down to the storage unit
and get those AR-15s,

and you get down here as fast
as you can, all right?

All right, I'm on it.
All right, listen up.

We're all going out front

and we're gonna wait for backup.

What about Kate and Rick?
They're still out here.

You wearing a badge?!

Where the fuck
are you going?

To find my friends.

I'm not just going to let her
sit out here and die.

What if she's dead already?

Until I see her body, I'm gonna
assume that she's alive.

Now, you can either
help, arrest me,

or you can get the
fuck out of my way.

Suit yourself.

I'm going with him.

Me, too.

Goddamn it,

you're not going

you and Faye,

go to the ambulance
and stay there.

Jared, Walter, and I
will search for the kids.


you know how
to handle this?

Yeah. If anything happens,
just blow those sirens,

and don't forget
you have that.

Good luck,
all right.

Hey, Sheriff,

how about one of those guns?

He can use mine.

All right, let's go.


You all right?

Oh, yeah,
yeah, I'm fine.

Insomnia-- he ain't had
a good night's sleep in years.



Stay on our six,
keep alert,

make sure
our flank is covered.

Stay focused and cover our backs.

Oh, okay.

I got Barney Fife
covering our backs.

Oh, shit.


Somebody let the dog out.

What dog?


Oh, Jesus!

Aah, get him off of me,
get him off of me.

Get him off of me, get him off.

Aah, get him off of me,
get him off of me, get him

off of me.


Fucking dog.

Ruined my pants.

Help me.

Sheriff, we got another one.
- Rick, Rick?


Can you hear me, man?
Oh, Jared.

Hey, you're okay now, man,

we're gonna get you
out of here.

I'm sorry, man,
I didn't see him coming.

Who was after you?

He came out of nowhere.

And where's
your gun?

I don't know.
Where's Kate?

Man, he moved so fast.

I tried to shoot him...

Oh, fuck, I'm sorry.

Rick, Rick, where's
Kate, is she alive?

I don't know.
Now, he may be losing a lot of blood.

Let's get him to the hospital
right away, come on.

Damn it,
the ambulance.

Come on, let's go,
come on!

I'm gonna come
back and get you.

Would you please get that gun
out of my face?


I caught him, Sheriff,
he was sneaking around.

What's going on?

Now, easy now,

right, now just take it easy.

It's all right, Faye,
we'll take it from here.

Now, who are you and what's your name?
Take it easy.

You're gonna make me shit
on myself.

My name is Frank Jeffries.

My, my, my Uncle John--
he owns this place.

So you're

John Jeffries' nephew?

Yes, sir.

My mama is his sister Sadie.

You don't know her.

She got a big old eight-pound
goiter coming out of her neck,

so she don't leave
the house.

Well, what the hell
you doing here?

Well, the alarm here

is wired up to the house.

It triggered,
so I figured

I'd come down here and check it
out, that's all.

Where's your uncle?
Why isn't he with you?

Have you met my uncle?

He's 83 and got a colostomy bag
coming out of his butt.

He ain't exactly
in the best shape

to be tracking down no burglars.

So you just got here?

Where's your car?

I parked it on down the road.

I figured if there were
any intruders,

I'd have me a much better chance
of catching 'em

if I snuck up on them.

Well, why didn't
you just call the police?

I did, and all I got was
a dang answering machine.

Now, what the hell
y'all doing down here?

Well, now, there's
been a murder.

A murder?

That's right, and what
do you know about it?

I just told you, I don't know
nothing, I just got here.

Where are the floodlights
in this place?

They're out yonder
in the back shed.

I could fire 'em up if you want.

Got me the keys right here.

Listen, you take the doctor
over to your friend.

Faye, you stay

with Walter
and wait for Deputy Berry.

All right, let's go, come on.

Come on.

You know, I'd feel
a lot more comfortable

if you wouldn't point
that gun at me.

Yeah, well, under
the circumstances,

your comfort is
none of my concern.

Shit, you think
I did this?

I don't know what to think.

Now just keep
moving, come on.

You just be careful
with that trigger finger.

Damn kids.

All right, the light switch
is right in there.

Well, go on in,
turn it on.

By myself?

Well, it only takes one person
to turn on a light switch.

Yeah, well, I heard some jokes
that say differently.


you ain't Polish, are you?

Right over here in this car.

Okay, okay.

No, no, no, what the
fuck is going on?!

You're sure
it was this car?

Rick! Yes, I am sure.

Okay, what was
that noise?

Get down and stay down.

Keep quiet.

You sure you don't
want to go in there

and clear the
room first?

Still locked, isn't it?

Don't mean there ain't
some nut job

in there waiting to
chop my head off.


All right,

I'm coming in there...

and I got myself a gun.

Can I borrow your gun?

Get the fuck in there!

All right, I'm going.

Aw, shit, all right.

And God said,
"Let there be light."

That's a relief, huh?

I'll be relieved
when this is over.

It's kind of hot in here.

You want to jump in the back?


You all right?

Why'd they turn 'em
back off?

I don't know.

What the hell
was that?

That was weird, huh?

Stay here.

Wait, where
are you going?

To have a smoke and find out
what the hell is going on.

You should wait for the
sheriff to come back.

I'm a trained professional.

Don't you go worrying about me.

Must have
blown a fuse.

The lights haven't been on
since Aunt Mamie got SARS.

Well, where is it--
the fuse box?

Over there, about
a hundred yards.

All right,
after you, come on.


You okay?


Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Are you okay?

No, no!

You know, believe it or not,

this is where my mama and
my daddy conceived me.

Got me a blow job in
here in junior high.

Just keep walking.

Boy, this ain't no blown fuse.

Somebody done ripped this thing
right out the box.

Aah, boy!

Did you
see that?

I can't fix that.

Holy shit, not again.

Come on.


Grab his legs,
I'll get him down.

Lift him, lift him, lift him.

The cable's too tight;
get some cutters.

Get the cutters,

Janet, in my car, hurry.

Hurry up!


I can't find them,
they're not there.

In the backseat,

goddamn it!

Get 'em.

I got 'em, I got 'em.
Get his legs up.

Here he comes.

One, two, three, four.

Come on, breathe.

Seven, eight, nine, ten,

11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

Two, three, four.

Come on, breathe.

Seven, eight, nine, ten,

11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

11, 12, 13, 14, 15.


He's dead.

Oh, shit.

Is that Walter?

It is.

What's going on here?

Hey, Sheriff?

Where's the backup?
Why aren't they here?

There's a fire up at the
county line, and it's a mess,

and no one's going
to be here for a while.


I want you to call
in the state troopers, the FBI,

the National
Guard and every

goddamned law enforcement agency
this side

of the fucking
Pacific Ocean!

We need backup!

Yes, sir.

Did you bring
the guns?

Yeah, they're in the trunk.

Open it.

what do you think you're doing?

Getting a bigger gun.

Whosever out there has
a nine millimeter now.

What? What are you talking about?
Deputy Riley's.

So, what are you going to do
with the guns?

I'm gonna hunt down
whosever doing this,

and I'm going to kill him.

Jared, you're not
in the military anymore.

This is no search
and destroy mission.

There are laws here
that got to be followed!

With all due respect, sir,

fuck the law.

I'm not waiting another
goddamned second

for this sick fuck
to strike again.

What's that noise?

Sounds like somebody turned on
the car crusher.

You don't think...

Where is it?

Back of the junkyard.

Can I get a gun now?

Stay calm. I'm going
to get you out of here.

Hurry! Please, somebody!

Okay, come on!

How do you turn this thing off?


Stay on the ground,
try and get on the ground!

Get on the ground.
Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!


Help! Please help me!

Get me out of here, please.

: Get me out.

Hold on.
We're gonna you out.

Just hold on.
Please help.

Get me out!


Hang on, he's coming.

Get me out of here.
We're gonna get you out.

Please help.
Just hold on.

Get me out.
Come on.

Hold on, hold on.
Damn it!

Here, we got it.

Oh, come on.
We got it.

Come on, you're okay.

It's all right.
- She all right?

Yeah. Okay. Come on.

Come on.

It's all right.

It's all right.
You're okay.

Faye, are you hurt?

Did you see
who did this?

No, I didn't see who did it.

What about the deputy?
Is he... is he okay?

No. He's, uh... he's dead.

Oh, God.

Listen, listen, do you
remember who did this?

Do you remember anything
about what happened?

No, I don't remember anything!

I can't remember...

I can't remember anything.
I'm sorry.

All right, come on.

It's all right.



I remember something.

I remember his shoes.


What are you talking about?


All right, this is gonna end
right now.

Where's Faye?

What happened
to Faye?

She didn't make it.

What happened?

I don't want
to talk about it.

Where's backup?
- It's on the way.

Sir, I just got off the horn
with County.

They said they found the body of the escaped convict.

They're pretty sure it's him,
but it's not confirmed yet.

All right, I want
everybody gone.

I'm not going anywhere.

Neither am I.

There still may be people
out there

who need medical attention.

And they may be dead.

Hey! You don't know that.

That's right, I don't,

but the odds are leaning
that way, aren't they?

Now, look,
I've just about had it,

but I'm not going
to have any more killings,

and backup is
on its way.

Well, then,
I'm going to wait for them.

Yeah, me, too.
This is not a democracy.

You'll do as I say!

Where's your flare gun?

In the car.

Now, listen, I'm not
gonna try to stop you,

but I advise you very strongly
to stay here until help comes.

Listen, if Kate is still
alive out there,

she won't be for much longer.

You're willing to risk
your life on that?

I don't have a life without her.

You're out there all alone.

I work better alone.


I'll shoot this off if I find
Rick and Kate need help.

We'll come and get you.

Now, wait, you just hang on
a second.

All right now,
I'm going to go with you.

I can help
you find them.

I don't need your help.

Now you listen here.

Last thing I want
to do is be a hero,

but the fact of
the matter is,

I know this place
better than anyone here.

I can be helpful,
we can move fast.

You up for this?

Hell, no,
but I'm going to do it anyway.

Now can I have a gun?

You know how to use this?

Yeah, you just point it
and shoot it, right?

Yeah, something like that.

Let's move out.

Backup arrives,
I'll hit the sirens.

That's one brave kid.

More like stupid.

Shit. Shit.

What branch
of the military were you in?

Please don't say
the Coast Guard.


How long were you in for?

Three years.

Why-why such a...?

Got shot in the leg,
medical discharge.

Golden ticket, huh?

Not really.


You like being
an army grunt?

Actually, I
was a Ranger.

We got treated a
little bit differently.

A Ranger.
Oh, shit.

A Ranger,
huh? Shit.

I'm starting to feel
a lot safer already.

Yeah? Well, as soon as
you start feeling safe,

that's about the time
when you got shot.

I wouldn't light
that if I were you.


'Cause it might
give away our position?


Lung cancer.

These flashlights will
give away our position.

Hey, wait up!

Hey, where did you go?


All right, stay on my back,

make sure
we're covered from behind.

Do you hear that?

Don't move.

Holy shit.

Oh, shit, oh, shit.

I think
we're getting shot at.

Should I shoot? Should I shoot?
Where should I shoot?

Hey, hey, hey,
relax, relax.

I need you to stay calm.

Relax? Are you friggin' crazy?

I'm in a friggin' gunfight.

I'm scared.

Ow! Shit!
Yeah, and you're shot.


Oh, shit, I've been shot.

Shoot the flare!

Shoot the flare!
Shoot the flare!

Hey, hey, hey.
It's just a graze.

What the hell
does that mean?

It means you'll live.

Oh, I don't know. I
feel cold and weak.

Hey, listen, I need
to cover his flank,

but I need you
to lay down suppression fire

until I'm clear.

You got that?

What the hell
does that mean?

It means you take this gun,

you shoot that way
until I'm clear, okay?

On three. Ready?

One. Wait, now,
hang on a second.

"One, two, three, go,"
or just "One, two, three"?

Three. On three.

Just don't shoot me.

Fuck. One, two, three.



Looks like Jared found
what he was looking for.

I just hope
it's not the other way around.


Hey, I think I found him!

I think I found him.
Come here, hurry.

He's bleeding.

Rick? Hey, man,
can you hear me?


Hang on, buddy. We're going
to get you out of here.


Shit. You need a signal?

Rick. Hey.

Hey, where is Kate?

Rick, where's Kate?

Can you tell me
where Kate is?

Fire in the hole!

Let's go.

Deputy Berry will take you
to the hospital.

Wait. What about
your girl?

No, the sheriff's right.

You should go.


If you want to go
back in there

and hunt down that son
of a bitch, I'm with you.

Somebody help me!

Who's there?

I found this girl
on the side of the road.

She needs help.

Freeze! Stay right
where you are.

Don't take another step.
Somebody needs to help this girl.

Don't you move,
not another fucking inch.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't shoot.
This girl's hurt really bad.

She needs medical help.

Kate?! Put the girl
on the ground

and back the fuck away!
Easy, man.

Back the fuck away from her!

Put her slowly on the
ground, keep your hands

where I can see 'em,
don't make any

sudden moves.

Wait a sec.

I didn't do this.

What the hell you doing out here?
I was just taking a walk.

I found her
about a half mile up the road.

I heard your sirens, so,

I carried her here.
What's your name?

Peter Dobbs.

Look, I'm just passing
through town for the night.

I'm staying in the Motel 6
for the night, room 308.

Call and ask them
if you want.

Sheriff, we need to get her
to a hospital right away.

Put her in my car.

You-- you're coming with us.


I don't want any trouble.

Just get in the
fucking car.

Don't say a
word, come on.

Tell Janet we're on our way.

We have Kate.

She's unconscious,
she's lost a lot of blood.

Be waiting for us
in front of the hospital.

Roger that, Sheriff.

Uh, listen, the ID
on the prisoner that escaped--

it doesn't match.

Prisoner is still at large.

Come again?

Prisoner is still at large.

It's him! It's him!

Get that son of a bitch!

Get that motherfucker!

I don't want to fight you.

You don't
have a choice.



I can't go back there.

I can't go back to prison.

Please, I can't go back.

The only place
you're going is hell.

Why did you kill my friends?

Why did you kill them?!

Your friends?

I didn't kill your friends.

I never killed anyone.

I'm a dead man.

Why would I lie?

'Cause you're fucking sick.

Why did I bring
back the girl?

You're a fucking liar.

Is he dead?

Oh, I... yeah, I wish
I could remember.

You know, it's all
just such a blur.

Yeah, well, you don't have
to worry about that anymore.

Why, did you kill him?


Always got to be the damn hero.

You know what I can't
get out of my mind?


Is right
before he died,

he said he never
killed anyone before.

Oh, yeah, right.

He was innocent.

Yeah, the fucked up
thing is, I believed him.

Why didn't he kill Kate,
or you for that matter?

Hey, man,
it's not like he didn't try.

Okay, you can't try
and figure out people like that.

Okay, he's insane.

He's a textbook lunatic.

Hey, how is Kate?
How did surgery go?

She's good, man.
She's good. Good.

Yeah, doctor said
she's going to be fine.


Hey... Jared.

I'm sorry.

Just... Just about everything.

I'm sorry, Kate. Sorry, Kate.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

One last shot. One last shot?


: I'm sorry,
Kate... Kate... Kate.

You fucking asshole!

I can't believe you just
fucking did that.

What the fuck's your problem?
Hey, shut up!

- I didn't mean to, Jessica.
- If she dies,

you're going to jail,
you fucking motherfucker!

Hey, you're fucking hurting her!
Jesus fucking Christ!

Fuck you, you fucking... Shut up.
We got to keep her calm.

You pathetic, fucking

dope! Just shut the fuck up,
you stupid bitch!

You shut the fuck up!
You shut the fuck up!

Fuck up, stupid
bitch. Goddamn it!

Goddamn it!
Fucking ass...

Keep per calm...

pathetic fucking dope!

Just shut the fuck up,
you stupid bitch!


God... goddamn it!

Geez. Oh, my God.

What did I do?

Oh, fuck!

What did I fucking do?!




Hey, where are you, Kate?


Hey, Kate,
I'm not gonna hurt you.


Hey, Kate!

Where the fuck did you go?

No! No! No!

No! Are you okay?
Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, it's me.
It's me.

You're okay.
Oh, my God.

I had the worst dream.
Rick was in it.

It was so real.

It's okay.
It was just a dream.

Look at me.
It was just a dream.

What were you dreaming?


That you shot Jessica.


It was so real, I...
I screamed when he walked in.

I'm sorry.
It's okay.

Yeah, and I also stabbed the
deputy and hung him on a truck.

Want me to get you
something to drink?

Do you want some water?

Yeah. Yeah.


It's funny
you dreamt that, Kate.


Because it wasn't a dream.

I'm sorry, Kate.

: I also stabbed the deputy and hung him on a truck.


I'm sorry, Kate.

I'm sorry, Kate.

Why the fuck did
you do it, man?

Hey, why not?

"Dear Mr. Jones,

"This letter is to
regrettably inform you

"that your brother,
P.I.D. 868621 Wesley Jones,

"in an attempt to escape

our facility,
was killed."

What did I tell you?

Wesley, turn the damn TV down.

Where the hell
have you been, Jimmy?

Who cares?
I'm here now, ain't I?

Where is it?
Where is what?

Where's my shit?
Christ, chill out, bitch.


Yo, kid, give me that remote.
You ain't my dad, you can't tell me what to do.

I don't give a shit. When I tell
you to do something, you do it.

You better learn some respect,
boy, you little piece of shit.

Stop it, stop it.
Get off me.

You got some balls--
say something.

Leave him alone.
Come on.

What are you gonna do?
You gonna shoot me?

Is that what you're gonna do?
Ricky, put the gun down.

You think you can pull
that trigger?

Pull it.

Pull that trigger,
come on.

I'm gonna beat the hell
out of you, boy.

Come on, pull it.

You're fucking
hurting her!

Wesley, call an ambulance,
goddamn it.

Wesley, call an ambulance.

Come on, Ricky, let's
get out of here.

what did you do?

What did you do?

What are you
doing, Ricky?

What are you doing,

Put the gun down.

Ricky, no.

Damn shame--
pretty little dead girl.


Do you have
any family around here?

We're gonna need
Social Services down here.

Don't worry, Ricky.

I'm gonna take care
of everything.

: I'm gonna take care of everything.

♪ Yo, yo

♪ Uh-huh-huh

♪ Young Gent

♪ Mike Gossin

♪ Yo, Ash, you gonna love me
for this one, baby ♪

♪ I can't stop the chaos

♪ You can't stop the chaos

♪ We can't stop the chaos

♪ Try to stop the chaos

♪ Head for the hills,
somebody's behind you ♪

♪ Better keep your feet movin'

♪ If you stop,
then he'll find you ♪

♪ He's holdin' gauges of steel,
guaranteed to blind you ♪

♪ He's sick in the head
with a fetish to grind you ♪

♪ Keep screamin'
like you're out of control ♪

♪ You've been dealt a bad hand,
hope you're ready to fold ♪

♪ Tomorrow the headlines will
read, "Damn, That's Cold" ♪

♪ A funeral ceremony
where your face ain't shown ♪

♪ You're bein' a man
and takin' a stand ♪

♪ Ready to fight back
just about as long as you can ♪

♪ Jumpin' face to face
and hand to hand ♪

♪ But then you realize Smith
& Wesson is his favorite brand ♪

♪ Like you in a war zone
and you under attack ♪

♪ You find yourself all alone,
no one watchin' your back ♪

♪ Hopin' and prayin'
you'll live to see dawn crack ♪

♪ But you about to lose
a game called Body Stack ♪

♪ I can't stop the chaos...

Boy, yeah.

That was one hell
of a night, Deputy.

I'll tell you

I'm just glad

you done stuck
around here.

Let me just
put these on.

You know, my cousin
Darren-- he was a cop.

Shit, I think I
could be a cop.

I'm thinking about
running for mayor.

Yeah, give
this here.

Darn thing done
stopped up.

See, I can
get your tie.

Oh, yeah.

See, my ass could
be a deputy, too.

Oh, boy, I
got my...

Ooh, you done left your
gun here, too, boy.

That was a
big mistake.

I hope those people down
at County don't see this.

♪ Minus the chaos, the whole
night's just boring... ♪

Yeah, my cousin
Darren-- he was a cop.

He got shot,

He was working
the night shift.

I'll tell you

night shift is the shift that
you just don't want to work.

Got all the night
shooter killers.

You done got yourself
all messed up, though.

You got blood
all over you.

Deputy Berry.

I'll tell you something,
Deputy Berry.

About to be
Deputy Frank.

Deputy Frank

I be holding-- I be upholding
the law, is what I be doing.

Now, I done figured
out a show for you.

Tonight you're going
to see something

you ain't never
seen before,

and I did it
just for you

because I like you, but
somebody done shot my dog.

♪ You still up on this planet,
but you can't stay... ♪

I'm just kidding, I ain't
going to shoot you.

You want
another beer?

This right here
is a Roman candle.

You gonna watch
this thing go up?

You gonna be happy.

I got me one, too.

I can't see, though.

There it goes.

Get ready, here we go.





Whoo, whoo!


I'll tell you...

We got ourselves
a fireworks show, whoo!


Whoo... whoo!


That's right, hey!

There they go.

Fire 'em up there, boys.

That right there, and I love it!

That's right, because I love it.


You see this, Deputy?
You see that?

Did you see that?

Go big or go home.

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