Wrath of Silence (2017) - full transcript

In 21 Century, a small town in Northern China. There are rich mineral resources in endless mountains. The owners make great fortune and step into the higher class. They change everything with money, but bring disasters to mountain farmers. They are unconscious of darks and dangers until a shepherd boy disappears one day...

"Winter, 2004."

Have you seen Baomin?




Zhang Baomin!

Let me go!

You stupid dummy!

Baomin, stop!

Xia just called. Lei is missing!

Xia said that she couldn't find Lei!

Your son is missing!


don't be like this.

If you don't sign,

they can't start mining.

Other villagers won't get
their compensation either.

Do me a favor. Just sign it.

It's a good deal.

Just do it

He'll keep us all waiting.

Yes, Baomin, just do it.

It's a good deal

I've never seen someone like this.

That's a lot of money.

Why are you so stubborn?

Just sign it!

Do us a favor!

Yes, that's right.

Just sign it.

Look, you drank the wine
and you ate the lamb.

If we don't finish this today,

nobody leaves.

You have the balls to pick a fight here?

Now, who's the boss?

Zhang Baomin! What are you doing?

Get out!

Are you deaf?
Get out of my place right now!


What's the matter with you!

Chief Liu, there's no room inside.
I'll put the rest beside the wall.

Hurry up! I'll head to town soon.



Are you just back here?

I haven't seen you in a long time.


Try one of these foreign cigarettes.

Come on

I heard you were working
as a miner in Feng County?

How's it going?

How much could you earn a year?

Wait a minute.

Here's this month's compensation.

Take it.

Or I have to go to your place again.

Lei, is that you?

The day before yesterday, after breakfast,

Lei said that he wanted to

take the sheep to the other side of the mountain.

I told him to come home early.

He hadn't finished his homework.

But he wasn't back by dark.

So, I sent Shuanzi to look for him.

Shuanzi couldn't find him anywhere.

He searched everywhere,

saw nothing but the sheep on the mountain.

Our son just disappeared.

Kids! Hurry up and assemble!

Mr. Chang, the students are ready.

Shall we start the ceremony?

I've told you to cut the show.

Better save their energy for study.
Let them go back.

No worries. It's our pleasure.

You gave us money for our new school buildings.

We should let the students know

that they need to work harder
and become a person like you.

Listen to me, send them back to the classrooms.

It's cold out there. Just let them go.


Is the reporter here?


He's waiting outside.

Call him in.

Let's take a picture here.


Let me call him.

Headmaster, wait a second.

Raise your hands a bit, please.

Very good. Now look into the camera.

Smile. Three, two, one.

Mr. Wang, when can you give us the money?

You should've done that last week.


Not the weak signal again!

"News about the stock market crash."

Mr. Xu,

using cash is too much trouble.

Why don't you just wire the money
to my bank account?

Lawyer Xu,

here's today's "Legal Times."

What's in your hands?

These are files on the Hongchang Coal Mining case.

Lawyer wang asked me to get them to him.

Brother Zhang, the other day...

Right over there, behind the hillside.

The sheep were there.

But I didn't see Lei.

"News report about Hongchang Coal Mining
winning the lawsuit."

Wenjie, time for dinner.

Almost done.

Granny cooks the best shrimps.

Sweetie, you should have more.

"Hongchang's owner Mr. Chang
was acquitted of the charge."

"The company has mining
rights inside Gufeng Mountain."

"It owns several dozen mines in the region."

"Local conflicts and environmental
concerns caused by its mining operations"

"have always been the focus
of attention in the region."

Granny cooks the best shrimps.

Is Mr. Wang coming or not?

Mr. Li,

try this lamb, tastes good.

I'm a Buddhist. No meat for me.

It's a bad habit.


are vegetarians too.

Let the chef take care of the rest of the lamb.

Vacuum wrap the meat and send it to Xiaobao.

My kid is abroad and never likes the food there.

Mr. Li,

I remember your child is also in Canada.

Wanna keep some for your son?

He's fine. Enjoy yourself.

Sorry, I have to leave now. See you later.

Mr. Li,

your driver asked me to tell you

he quit.

Chang Wannian! What are you up to?

Mr. Chang,

it wasn't me

that told on you.

It's not my fault.

Our mining business.

Nobody knows it better than we do.

There're lots of mines in Gufeng Mountain.

They either use my trucks or my machines.

You're the only one

that has nothing to do with me.


You've got the wrong person.


The mining licenses for the two valleys

are yours, right?

Sign here,

as the price of your betrayal.

Brother Chang, forgive me this time please.

You know that,

mining licenses cannot be traded.

It's illegal

I don't just want your licenses.

I'm asking you to sell me your company.

Hurry up,

before the meat cutter finishes the slicing,

sign the contract.

Let it sleep inside.

Lei made the bed for it.

That's terrible efficiency

I reported the case days ago.

You promised you could find the ox.

But where is it now?

I'm worried as hell.

Calm down.

You have no idea how worried I am!

My family depends on the ox.

This is our office. Please keep your voice down.

Is your son able to talk?

So, what's wrong with you?

Have you offended someone

in this village?

Early this morning,

I went to the temple and prayed

to the Gods to let Lei come back safe and sound.

I also asked for some food from the temple.

Here, have some.


do you think

it's Ding Hai that did it?

Baomin went to his restaurant
as soon as he came back.

Lei was not there.

How much do you owe him?

A large sum.

We repay him every month.

But we spent a lot on the doctor's fee,
plus all the medicine.

So, we didn't pay him for two months.

But he didn't come after us.

It's only one eye.

It wouldn't cost us that much.

Is he blackmailing us?

Baomin, this idiot.

He should have listened to chief Liu,

signed the contract and taken the money

at that time.


please don't talk about this in front of him.


Who are you?

"My son is missing."

You're looking for your child?

Did anyone see this kid?

Time to go back to work!

You're from Gufeng Village?

That's quite a long way from here.

Eat something first.

Everybody li...


Everybody listen up!

I won't repeat myself.

We've bought Jinquan Mining Company.

Now get your things and get the hell outta here.

Those sons-of-bitches are back again.

Come on

Who do you think you are?

Why the hell should we listen to you?

What about our pay?

Looks like we're gonna fight this time.

You bastards!

Come and stir up trouble again and again.

You really think we're soft?

Let's teach them a lesson!

Hit them!

Especially those at the front!

Brother Chang, listen to me.

Someone broke the car window.

The windshield.

A young man.

He can fight.

Stop fighting!

He's not working here.

He's looking for his son.

Stop! Shut up!

They say he doesn't work in the mine.

He is looking for his child.

This kid...

I saw this kid once.


I had Master Hu tell our fortune.

He said that Lei would be back no matter what.

Take this talisman,

burn one piece every night.

Lei will definitely be back

in three days.

But keep it a secret,

don't let Baomin know.

You dumb?

Your son can wait.

You smashed the window?

It's not enough.

This is our boss's car.

I don't have a say.

How about,

you come with me.

Lad, you can't go with them.

He's lying.

Hello, Lawyer Xu.


come here for a moment.

Mr. Xu,

regarding Hongchang Mining
Company's illegal mining case,

we'd like to ask you some questions.

How did you come to know

Hongchang's owner, Chang wannian?

Wait here.

Come in.

The windshield is broken.

He's a mute,

but he can hear all right.

I hear your son is missing.

On which day?

You saw the kid?


It was the 12th when I got back from the mine.

At a crossroad in town,

I saw a kid standing there.

I was wondering,

it was almost nighttime
but how come the kid was still there.

I didn't see clearly in the dark.

What's the kid's name?

"Zhang Lei"

You're from Gufeng Village?

The boss is talking to you.

You're from Gufeng Village?

What's your name?

You a farmer?

"Zhang Baomin, miner in Feng county"

Ask our miners to keep an eye out.

Yes, Sir.

Well, send him back.

But the window...

You don't have to worry about it.

When you find the kid,

come and work in my mine.

Hello, we are from the procuratorate.

Is Mr. Chang here?

Wait a moment, please.

You think you could avoid us?

You don't have to pay

but we will return the favor.

Stay the fuck away from me, remember?

It's done.


are you at home?

Shuanzi, come on in.

Lei still isn't back?

No, not yet.


is the swelling on your leg getting better?

I don't think so.

This is the medicine my mom
mentioned last time.

It's cheaper but works even better.

She's been taking it for a while.

She told me to bring you some.

You can have a try.

Thanks to your mom.

Sick as she is,

she always thinks of me.

The water from the well tastes worse now.

Brother Zhang isn't home?

He's out looking for Lei.

It's really odd.

Where can he possibly be?

By the way,

after Brother Zhang left my place that day,

something just came to me.

Not sure if it's related to Lei's disappearance.

Don't let me see you again, you damn mute.

Or I'll beat your ass up every time I see you.

Bye, Shuanzi.

Give my regards to your mom.

It's fine. Go back inside.

Brother Zhang! You're back.

What happened?

What took you so long?

Did you fight with somebody again?


Shuanzi is here to tell you something.

When I returned after looking for Lei,

I saw a car parked in the valley.

It didn't look like a car from our village.

It was gone the next day.

What happened, Baomin?

He must have been in a fight again.

Again? You serious?

It was not a jeep.

It was a silver-grey sedan.

Yes, almost like this.

It's silver-grey.

Your answer and the evidence we've gathered so far

are quite contradictory.

So, we'll be back.

I've told you everything I know.

For other matters you should go
to my Lawyer Xu.

Xu Wenjie is no longer a lawyer.

We suspect that he committed perjury in this case.

That's obstruction of justice.

We'll continue to investigate him.

You'd better think this through.

Deferral does no good to you.

You should cooperate with us
and report any wrongdoing.

It is in your own interest.

But Xu Wenjie

won't tell you this.


The number you have dialed is busy now.

Please try your call again.

The baby bunnies' mom

picked fruits and vegetables from the mountain.

She arrived at her house

and knocked on the wooden door.

Sweeties. Open the door

Your mama is back.

It's not right. Tell it again.

Your voice doesn't sound like
the bunnies' mother's.


Open the door!

Your mama is back.

No, no Tell it again.

Yuanyuan, be a good girl.

Daddy is really tired today.

I'll read it to you another day, all right?

When is Mom coming back?


Your mother... She will...

come back after you enter middle school.


It's all your fault!


Move along and make some room!

Move! Move!

Move! Move!

Hurry up!


You guys on your way?

Hurry up! Just over the hill.

Be quick!

Let's hurry!

It's not working, boss. We have to push it.


Come on


Come on

Move fast!

Come on

Be quick! Come on!

Move it!

Don't lose him!

Hurry up!

Let's go after him separately.

Where is he?

He can't get far with the child.

Keep running!

The Environmental Protection Bureau
has kept a closer eye lately.

Shall we stop mining for a while?

Mr. Chang,

coal prices have kept rising recently

and the Jinquan mine has a pretty good yield.

If we don't take this chance

to speed up the production,

it would be a great loss.

But the Bureau has...

Lawyer Xu,

you finally call back.

Did you kidnap my daughter?

You have some things I want, don't you?

What things?

I don't know what you're talking about.

In that case, I'm sorry.

I have no idea where your daughter is.

He's there


"I saved your daughter. Meet me under the
stone tablet in Yingpanwan town. Be quick!"

Zhang Baomin!

Give me the girl back

Hello? Hello?

Everybody in the car!

Let's wait at his home.

He'll be home.


Baomin, where have you been?

I'm looking for you.

He's here!

Don't let him get away again!



Did you see a man running by?


They're gone.

Have you found your kid?

You're good-for-nothing.

Zhang Baomin!

Believe me or not,

we have your son

If you want your son back,

bring the girl back immediately.

Take some more guys,

get him as soon as he shows up.

Now go!

We lost the girl.

We ran after him all over the mountain

but he still got away.

A piece of bone is stuck in the cutter.

Is this him?

Not really.

No glasses.

Who are you looking for?

Is he out of his mind?

Whose turn is this?

Mr. Chang,

don't worry.

He has no other way but to return the girl.

I told him

that I had his son.

Mr. Chang...

Excuse me,

do you have a charger? I want to borrow it.

There's a socket under the table.



What are you doing!



Is that you?

Is Zhang Baomin home?

You got us wrong.


Your son is not here.

My man wanted the girl back.

So, he lied to you.

Where's the girl?

Lawyers can help find missing kids?

Sometimes we take child trafficking cases.


Is there any chance to get the kids back?

Of course.

But it's hard to say.

I took one similar case not long ago.

When I was in town,

I saw the Missing Persons notice.

So, I called your husband,

see if I could meet him

and help out.

But he didn't show up.

Do you know where he's most likely to be?

You talked to him on the phone?

I texted him.

He is unable to make phone calls.

How come?

He bit off his tongue in a fight
when he was young.

He's been mute ever since.

He hasn't found our son.

Now, he's even lost himself.

You've made such a mess in my company.

I won't seek punishment,

as long as you give the girl back.


Is this Zhang Baomin?

Can you hear me?

Where's my daughter?

Send a message to me, OK?


"Your daughter is safe.
See you 8am tomorrow at Gufeng mountain."


Lawyer Xu,

I'll tell my husband to contact you
as soon as he is back.

Please help us find our son!






Wenjie, where are you?

Have you found Yuanyuan?

Please rest assured.

It won't take long before I find her.

Some policemen came.

They want to talk to you.

So, I told them about Yuanyuan.

Hold on a second.

Xu Wenjie,

where are you right now?


Zhang Baomin!



Zhang Baomin!

Zhang Baomin!

Zhang Baomin!

Zhang Baomin!

Zhang Baomin!

Zhang Baomin!

Where's my daughter?

Where's my daughter!

Yes, that's her!

Where is she?


Give me back my things.

Or you'll never see your daughter again.

What "things"?

He has nothing to do with this.

Let him go first.

If I don't get my stuff,

nobody can leave.

I don't know what you want.


What evidence?

You're a lawyer.

Of course you know what evidence is

Let him go.

This is only between us.

Do you know?

His son is missing!

I know his son is missing.

Stay still!


Keep still

Do you want to kill him as well?


You want evidence, right?

I am the evidence!

You called the police?

Thank you.


Where's my daughter?










Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan.








Daddy will take you home.

Let's go back home.

Go home.

The cops are here.

What shall we do?

You still have a daughter to take care of.

I believe you'll fix it.

I understood that illegal mining

was a severe crime.

So, I sent for a lawyer.

That was how I met Xu wenjie.

If convicted,

Chang Wannian

would be sentenced to at most five years.

He asked me to help him win the case.

So, I told him

if he managed to win the case,

I would pay whatever he wanted.

After I got enough information,


I went to several key witnesses

and bribed them to lie in court.

He took care of everything.

Once the verdict was out,

I only needed to pay some fines.

I was really satisfied.

So, I offered him 500,000 Yuan in cash

as a reward.

Lawyer Xu,

what do you like to do in your spare time?

Nothing special.

Your bow

looks quite unique.


is very powerful.

I really needed the money.

Anything else you wish to confess?


Anything else you want to tell us?

Hey, Kiddo!

How much is your sheep?



go back inside and eat your meal!

What are you drawing here all day?

I'm talking to you!

Go back inside and eat your meal!

"The police expanded their investigation
based on the new report."

"Xu Wenjie and Chang wannian were eventually
arrested but Zhang Lei's body has not been found."