Wrapped (2019) - full transcript

[birds chirp]

crowd: ...happy birthday to you!


[camera shutter sounds]

Let's see...

after cake and ice cream

you kids want to play a game?

[scoffs] What are we, ten?

[door bell]

I'll get it!

Hey, that's alright.



Fashionably late?

[laughs] Yes.

In that case, happy bir--




Hi Sawyer.

[laughs] Hi Abby.

It was, Lindy's idea.

You know what wasn't

Lindy's idea?


This suit, it's salmon.


So the big one six,

you get your license yet?


Well, at least you

got this sweet party.

I don't really like


My dad thought I should...

Yeah I was going to say

after last time...


[foot steps]

He looks like a salmon


Lookin' good Sawyer

[camera shutter]

Well, were we not

supposed to dress up?

Abby, truth or dare?


[music plays from speaker]

Abby: dare.


drink this.

No are you crazy?

My dad is just outside

Don't get so defensive

It's just a sip.

Brian, would you like a drink?

Yes Lindy I...

would love a drink.


No, no thanks.

It's just a sip

I don't think it's a

good idea

Brian, didn't you say

Ned was doing something tonight?

Yeah I think so, yeah.


because playing truth or truth

with Abs and Pinky

isn't my idea of a Friday night

well spent.

Abby: wait.

[music plays]

Thanks for coming


Happy birthday.

Happy birthday!

[music keeps playing]

Why don't you stand up for

yourself more?

Or I mean,

at least say something.

It doesn't really matter

what she thinks, does it?

I don't know.

You don't know?


Then what?

I don't know.



This is

from mom.


She wanted me to wait

a while before I gave this

to you...



I thought this was a good time.

Abby do you still

wanna come over to my house?

Yes! Yes.

If you really want to.

Thank you!

Thank you, dad.

Uh, with the taser

I mean,

I would not have called that.

But uh, no,

no I had a great time

I did.[stutters]

I mean the whole

Lindy with the, "this is

your drink, and you have a drink

And you have a sip, but only

one sip!"..That was,

not so cool. But hey,

at least you got to

to spend the night with

your favorite swashbuckler!

That's a new one.

Ah well you know,

new suit, anything could happen.


Thanks for coming


Hey you didn't,

you didn't open your present.

Yeah, um, I just

feel like it's...

been a couple of months and,

[foot steps]

it's too soon.



[running foot steps]

[night ambience]

You dropped this.

[night ambience]

Abby this is,

this is the guy's wallet.

And there's enough money in here

to buy

ten purses.

Although I wouldn't

I wouldn't mind

a new phone, honestly.

Sorry, you're right.

It's your birthday.

I don't care about

the purse!

It had a present from

my mom in it.

First the party now this?


Oh god, what's dad

going to say?


This is his wallet.

Yeah I kinda already

figured that out.

But do you know what this means?

That it's going to be really

to call the police?

This is,

his wallet.

You wanna blackmail the

guy that beat you up?

I mean look, we even

already have his address!


Are you insane?

Yeah! I'll find where he lives,

and we'll borrow my mom's car,

and we'll be back in an hour.


Okay we need help.

It's gonna be --

Okay well if you hadn't noticed:

I am waiting for an upgrade now

and your phone is missing.


I'm calling the police.

Why don't you keep your phone

in your purse?

Everyone has their phone

in their purse.

So to review,

a man stole your purse

but he ran away.

And your current location is?

We're at my friend's house now.


And were either of you injured?


Not exactly

Alright then,

I'll file a report,

and can we send an officer

to you in the morning?

Well what about...?


that's fine I guess.

Okay, we'll send an officer

in the morning to talk with you.

Have a good night.


This is stupid.

It'll be fine.

Do you want me

get you some advil for the eye?

Yeah if you've got it.

It's in your purse.


[rapid typing]

Ow what are you --

-- Sawyer!

[indistinct arguing]

Would you stop?

Do you want your mom

to find out?


that's what I thought.


that's what I thought.

[bag crinkles]

Just hold.

[printer whirring]

Is this the address?


No way.

The internet is a

scary place huh?


Can we just

give the wallet to the police?

And what are they gonna do?

Nothing --

-- Nothing!


You have the,

address and

the phone number right?

Right, right, so we can go --

So we can just call him.

Ok, I guess.

Thank you.

Not that this is gonna work


[car turns off]

[Music plays in distance]

[Music gets louder]

Told you I could do it!


Damn Donny you actually did it.

Said I could didn't I?

I guess so.

But stealing from a little girl?

Don't know if that counts.

Damn cholo see that?

Shut up, I could do that.

It was some chick

and her boyfriend.

Oh uh huh.

So am I in or not?

Yeah, maybe.

Give it to Kelley tonight,

see what he says.


Oh you want some?

No, where's my guitar?

Oh you sure?

Yes what'd you do with it?

Calm down,

I let Hunter borrow it.

[laughs] Here,

Merry Christmas!

[crash in the background]

[phone vibrates]


Is this Donovan?

You mean Donny.

Can we...

have our stuff back?

How did you get this number?

Okay look I'm sorry,

but it's my birthday and...

my bag had my present in it

from my mom and...

Also we

have your wallet.

Dish disposals are for food

not shot for glasses!

Then why is it called a dish

-- Shut up!

Why is the landlord still here?


can I have my stuff back?

Tell you what,

There's a place we can

meet by my house.


bring my wallet

I bring your stuff

and we'll work this out, yeah?



I'll text you the address.



Should I not be

bringing you tonight?


you ain't coming empty handed.

It's just a present.
-- No!

All or nothing.

I'll deal with it.

Well you better hurry then.



I guess.


let's go.

But what if

it doesn't work?

What if?


I mean...

We just need something to like

self defense with.



Oh no I don't think that's --


Oh I'm sorry!

Oh my god!

Thank you.


Ow what's wrong with --

[foot steps]

[distant foot steps]

[refridgerator opens]

[can opens]

[foot steps walk away]

Go, go!

Should we stop by

and grab my taser?

Shh -- ok, shh!

[door opens]

If we do this,

we have to be back

before my dad wakes up tomorrow.

And Sawyer,

If we get caught --

-- Oh yeah we're so dead!



you either die at the hands of

a drug addict or

you have to face

your dad's wrath.



let's go...

I guess.



[car starts]

Hi Abby.

This is so incredible!

Why didn't you show me?

I was grabbing clothes from your

room to do a load of

laundry and,

I saw what you've been

working on for the art show.

I'm so proud of you

for stepping out.

But I've probably

already told you that

Keep going.

I know you can do it.

I'll see you tonight.

When'd you start

doing that?

Oh, um

a little while ago

I guess.

Seems like your mom was

always calling.

Like we'd be in the middle of,

a board game or something

and I was destroying you

at "Sorry" and all of the sudden

your mom is like, "Hey

calling on the phone."

"Hey I'm at the store

you want

whole milk or two percent?"

I mean,

it's not like that

with your mom?

No, no not quite like that.


how long until we get there?

[blinkers clicking]

We should be there in 25.

Oh, okay.

[blinkers clicking]

I didn't

know you drank.

I don't

I don't drink.


I guess you just

made it look like it

at the party.


Yeah, I lied.


It wasn't,

Not cool what they made you do.

I don't know why you're

still friends with them.

If you really didn't want you

should've just said something.

[blinkers clicking]

I did.

Yeah but,


Am I supposed to lie about it?

No I mean

Okay I say this as your friend,

but you don't have to be such a




I'm sorry,

I'm sorry I,

shouldn't have said that.

No, no.

I mean if I'm such a wallflower

then why am I doing this?

I don't know.

You tell me.

♪ [dramatic music builds] ♪

[phone vibrates]

[phone vibrates]


Did you bring it?

Yeah we just got here.

Yeah me too.

Go into the light

so I know it's you.


Go on, do it.

Abby, no!

♪ [music intensifies] ♪

Where are you?

It's all there.

Oh, right.

What is this?

What's it look like?

I gave you the wallet.

Okay just give me my purse.

The money's gone sparkles.

I just want the present.

I'm sorry


Then I'm calling the cops!

If you call the cops don't think

for a second I won't

come and find you.

And you

touch me again

I'll give you more

than that black eye

Got it Casanova?

[knife flips open]

I'm being nice for not

taking your cellphone.

Go home.

[car engine revs]

[tires screech]


Like I said,

I'm being nice.

[car engine revs]

We need to call an ambulance!
-- No, no, no!

He could be dead!

No he has a pulse.

And he's breathing.


So he'll be fine!

Look, we'll put his glasses,

his glass

back on.

He's unconscious!

He'll be fine!

My cousin's a pharmacist.

In Florida.

People get hit by cars

in Florida.

We need to call 9-1-1.

If anyone sees us,

we're going to be charged
or manslaughter

If he dies!


- [taser]
- [yells]

Oh no no no no.

Oh no.

Abby did you

did you have that on
you this whole time?


Dad gave it to me at the party
and I said we should

Did you have that taser in
your hand this whole time

just, just now?

Yeah why wouldn't I?

Why wouldn't you use it earler?

Donny was taking me out!

[incoherent stammering]

Okay what?

He's not breathing!

Hurry up!

I'm trying.


It's what you're supposed to do!



We need to call an ambulance.

We can't have it look like
we hit a man with a car

And then tased him --
-- we can't stay here.

Grab the other end.


Oh he looked so much lighter!

What he's a muscular dude!

He's so heavy!

Let's just...

take him to the hospital and

go home.

I get it.

I'm sorry.

I was up to bat and I choked.


But we can still stick

to the original plan.

Right? And I will just --

This was the original plan

okay and it failed.

Yeah but we

still have his address.

We can

We can drive to his house.

Bring the taser. We'll tase

him until he gives you

your present back.

And worst case scenario mister

tase face over here, he

wakes up and he gets some
old fashioned revenge.

You know?

I mean...

I think we should go home

Yes, yes
-- but

Yes, yes, yes.



Hi Abby

I'm at the store right now

I just wanted to see

if you needed anything.

And hey I know you're feeling
discouraged about the dance.

But I still think you can go.

And lift that chin up.

You don't need to keep
looking down.

I love you.

[car turns off]

Think that's it?

Certainly looks like it.

Can you stop?

It certainly looks like it

Well what now?

I don't know, I was --

kind of just waiting

thinking we'd wait

'til we'd see him.

Like a stake out you know?


[dog barking in distance]

There he is!
-- What

what what?


I see him.

Kind of.

Well, I'm going in!



Going in!

Wha --

Are you coming with me?

We can't just leave him.

He'll be fine, he has a helmet.

You forgot the helmet.

You forgot --

I forgot the --

I didn't! I was saving his life!

I was giving him CPR!
-- Oh my god!

I'm going in!


So stupid.

[Music playing in distance]

...like you because

he doesn't deserve me!


Calm down!

At least Donny doesn't --


-- lie! And --

[indistinct arguing]

[indistinct shouting]

[panicked yelling]



We can take 'em! We can --

You got good parents right?


not "parents."

You know what I mean.

Look, if that's...

that's all you've got

of your mom

then we're going in there.


In the car

you, um

you saw the boxes right?

Yeah, my dad's leaving.


I'm sorry I --

Don't tell me you saw it coming

or --

and "it's too late"

or some other BS.

'Cause she'll probably let him.

I won't.

Ok well then let's go

[low rumble of music]

[loud rock music playing]

[loud hit]



Oh no.

Oh shit!

[muffled rock music]

Do you have --

Do you have any idea
Do you have any idea

how much that guitar cost?

Less than that fat stack

in your wallet

No, tha --

that money is supposed to go

towards the album!

You're still working on that?


Well, whatever.

At least we don't have to worry

about that chick anymore right?


You'll make some more

tonight anyways.


[car door thud]


[heavy breathing]

[pounds on door]

[frantically pounds door]


Help me please!


[body thuds on ground]

What is it?


Damn Kathy!

Look at what you did!

Look at what I did?!

Come --

Come on dude!

No, I ain't...

[car door closes]

[car engine starts]

We'll need to leave

in a couple minutes

Oh shit!

What do you mean Kathy did this?


Get in here!


I'm sorry.

Well, I guess he can't
leave now.



I think we should go.

It's really quite a shame

I mean

he had all his stuff in there

and uh

I wonder what he's

gonna kill first

me or the whiskey?


And I --

I mean, in all seriousness,

but what's likely to occur

is probably child abuse.

I really think we should go!


Right, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry

but --

can we

still go get my mom's present?


It's gone Abby.

I'm sorry.

The present's gone

the stuff is gone

the car

it's gone

we're done.

But they're not gone.

Stow away.

[indistinct stammering]

It's open!

It's unlocked!

[indistinct stammering]

We're taking him with us.


The place reeks!

If they don't find our stuff

it'll be a miracle.

You really want them finding

this guy too?

Grab his feet.

Get your finger out of my eye!

[footsteps approach the car]

[car engine starts]


[indistinct stammering]



Abby, that was not --

[muffled yell]



[muffled yell]


[muffled screams]


I'm sorry I can't --







Anybody want to explain to me

what I'm doing tied up

in the back seat of a car

with you two?

Hey hey hey!

Where you going?

You two hit me

with your car

and tasered me!

That's not even remotely true!

Yeah! Okay look, you hit Donny--

this guy's

car with your bike so I mean

really you should be
thanking us.

Thanking you?



Now why on God's green earth

would I do that?

I --

[stammering nervously]


We're sorry.

I mean, we tried.

You think it's funny?!

No, I'm sorr -- I just --

I mean, it's a little funny with

[imitates being tasered]

[squabbling back and forth]


We're getting out of here ok?

Do you still want our help?

Your help?


Of course sweetheart!

I'd love your help!

Ok, well I mean --

No I don't want your help!

You hit me with a car!

Well I guess we won't then.


Hey -- Hey wait!

Hey! Hey! Wait!

[car door slams shut]




What are you doing?

Smooth jazz.

What does it look like
I'm doing?

♪ [music swells] ♪


They're civil

I have a plan.

[chemicals boiling]


I was very

very clear about this.

I want the drugs

to be purple

and that little

boiling beaker over there

that looks green --

- Kelley.
- are you telling me that's...

Yo! You! Come here!

Does that look green?

Or does that look purple to you?

Uh --


That's right!


That looks green!

I told you

and it's the last time

I'm gonna say it.


Who are you?


You --

You said if I stole this

I'd -- I'd be in.

So you robbed a little girl?

Well she was like


And he beat up her boyfriend.


You know Donny

come here.



It's not what I meant

when I said "prove yourself."


I guess this will do.

So wait

I -- I'm in?


As long as you promise me

that you're gonna stop being

such an idiot.




[loud crash]

♪ [music intensifies] ♪


[box sliding]


[box shudders]






♪ (mumbling) a few times ♪

♪ I've been around the track ♪

♪ da da da da da da ♪

♪ 'cause I ain't no ♪

♪ hollaback girl ♪


[exasperated gasp]

Hey, uh

what's this doing here?

I don't know.

[whispering] Good, good

let's go!

Yes mom.


no, I told you

I'm not gonna be home

for dinner tonight.

Ok, yeah


You did?

Oh that sounds good.

Yeah just --

just wrap it up
in some tupperware

I'm gonna eat it when I get --

Louis! You fat idiot!

That doesn't go there!

Yeah, it goes around
in the back!

Walk your tubby

chunky butt

around the corner

up the stairs

you know where that box goes.

Damn it!

Alright mom, I'll call you back.

Alright, let's see it!

Look at these beauties


No no no no no!

I specfically told you

to make these purple!


These are special!

And they need to be purple!

People have to know that it's


And they're not gonna think it's


'cause it looks

like tylenol for god's sake!

What is wrong with you?!

You're the worst

drug maker ever!

Damn it!

I'm so

upset right now!

Do you even realize?!


[fist slam]

You go -- go

tell your nerd friends

that this is wrong

I want it done my way

which is purple!


Yo yo yo yo yo

what are you doing?


[nervous breath]

the cell phone reception here

is just so bad --


This is not dealing weed

to middle-schoolers right now.

Look, I dealt with her

the chick's gone.

What about the chick?


- [nervous breath]
- Hey



Yeah, you're right.

Hey Clarence.

How long will it take

to change the pigment

to purple?

Kelley thinks the green

hue on the pills make it look

too much like ibuprofen


I didn't go to culinary school

to make slop.

So don't rush me.

Didn't you fail culinary school?



Quit dicking around.

I stuck my neck out for you man.

Don't screw this up.

I'm sorry.

Alright, everybody circle up!

Let's go! You're late!

Yeah, I'm good.

Let's go!

Alright everybody

this is tonight's product.

It's different.

It's a hybrid blend.

And it's very...

very potent.


I did some yesterday -- ah!

Let me tell you, it's...

Anyway, all you have to know

is that... it's twice the potency

so I want

double the price.

Now look, I need you guys

to be clean tonight



get in, get out

no funny business like last week


we posted a list at the door

telling you your assignments.


Did I just hear that we'd

be handling the drugs?

We'll be fine.


I don't think we should be --


Don't flake on me right now

I swear to god

How we feeling?


Fine, I guess.



Well that's good.

'Cause if you squeal

I'm gonna gut you like a pig


Lighten up!

[mocking] Donny!

I wouldn't do that.

He would.


[whistles in the distance]

[tape rips]



I'm gonna go check the boxes

...Keep going

the rest of my shift.

I'll take the guys...


[whispers] see, we're actually

doing something alright.


So you and the boys...


take that van and go

that route, alright?

Take the supply --

[loud pop]


Like I was saying

you take the supplies

but just keep going.

In this group, alright --

[loud pop]


Real funny!



[indistinct chatter]

♪ [music swells] ♪

[loud pop]



[laughs louder]


we're all laughing.

Hey scrawny!



with the purse.

You think you're funny?


Why don't you try throwing

these again, huh?

See what happens.

Back up.

Back up!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Calm down!


You calm down!

Dude! Come on!

[muffled] - Calm down!
- No, you calm down!

What are you gonna do?

Shoot us?

You need to listen, alright?

Put the gun down!


Put the gun down!

[indistinct yelling]

Hey Clarence,

do you hear that?


Sounds like something is

going on down stairs.

- Calm down!
- Just put it down!


Hang on!



Get the gun!

Get down!

[gun slides across the ground]


[night ambience]

[under breath] Dang it!

[loud thud]


I told you, don't follow me!

I just want my stuff back.

How'd you --

How'd you even find me? I --

You robbed me.

Ok? Just...

Give me my stuff back

and I won't call the cops.

Look, that's not gonna happen.

I -- I just want the present



What is wrong with me?!

[backpack rustles]

It's ok

I forgive you.

[box rattles]

[glass pieces rattle]

[disappointed chuckle]

No it --

It's not ok.

What did you think

I was gonna say?

"Yeah, it's fine

that you robbed me

I get taken advantage

of all the time."

Look, my friends made me do it.

And that makes it ok?

No, but -- [sighs]

Look, I got problems, ok?



Look! I don't have to

explain myself to you!


You see this?

[box rattles]

This was my mom's.

She died.

Your's too?

Uh huh.

Yeah... [sighs]

I'm --


by the way.

Donovan. [sighs]

I guess most people

call me "Donny."


what do you prefer? [laughs]

It's been a while since

anyone asked me that.

♪ [ominous music] ♪

Who's the chick?

Uh, she's um -- [stutters]


For shame Donny.

Ah ha!

Alright, round two!

Give me the purse!

- Give us the purse back!
- Oh, you two are the --

What the hell Donny?

It's a...

long story

I think we should go.

- No!
- Yes.



We're staying.


You said you were in.


So what do you expect to do?

Kill 'em?


But since you couldn't finish it

I gotta call Kelley!

Ok -- you know what --

we're leaving.


[stutters] I -- If either of you

try to stop me, I will --

- I will drop you!
- Cute,

but I have a gun.


Go get Kelley!


I thought you were sorry!


Give me the gun!

Give me the gun!


[gut punch]


- [hit]
- [painful yelp]

[echoing gunshot]

You finished?




You having fun yet?


I didn't think so.


put him

in your car,

we'll deal with him later.

♪ [music swells] ♪


What where you thinking?


[heavy breathing]


[heavy breathing]

[heavy breathing]

You know what has to happen

now right?

Yeah you do.


Take the kids

down to the basement.


[repressed sigh]

[heavy breathing]





He's not getting up.



It's a shame.

[footsteps trailing off]

[duct tape peeling]

[duct tape peeling]

Why couldn't you have

just stayed a wallflower?

[duct tape peeling

[door locks]

Tell everyone to take
shipment and go.

They can't be here for this.


If I wasn't worried about

making a mess

I would kill you,

right here, right now,

and be done with it.


But since I have to keep
this place clean

for the day business...

you're gonna handle this.

For real.

[heavy breathing]

And if you don't...

don't make me bury you too.


Stop moving.

Just make it worse.

It's gonna hurt even more

if we stay so...

Were you able to get

your blindfold off?

He didn't...


really put one on me.

Well then help me

before they skin us!

Oh, ok, sorry

let me just look around

there are...

locked doors

and Donny's right outside

awesome! That's awesome.

Ok, well,

you have to do something.

Me doing something is what

got us here in the first place.

Just because things

don't work out

in the first place,

right away,

doesn't mean you just get

to give up and not try anymore.

But I did try...

I've been trying

this entire time

- No --
- And you just haven't listened.

I guess I shouldn't be

surprised though.


I always ruin everything.

Then, why didn't you

say anything?

I did.

And I didn't want to do

the dare, but...

you were all like,

"Abby, Abby do it!"

So here we are.

Do you remember?

At that party we went to

at Lindy's?

How I chickened out there too?

I had my mom come pick me up.

If I hadn't done that...

she'd still be here.


And we wouldn't be chasing

some stupid present!

♪ [soft music starts] ♪

[cries] I'm sorry.


It's not your fault, you know.

Uh huh.

Yeah, your mom being gone,

it could have happened
to anyone.

That's why they call it

a car accident.

And I chose to come, it was...

my choice.

I'm sorry for calling you

a wallflower... earlier...

you're not one.

You are a little like a flower...

uh, I guess, but not like that.


You can still be really nice

to people...

without having everybody

walk all over you.

I think maybe that's what

your mom was getting at

with all those nicknames.

[laughs through her tears]

Yeah, I guess so.

[exasperated breath]

Alright, so you're telling me

there's nothing we can do?

♪[drum beat starts]♪


I mean...

there is one thing

And that is?

♪ [music builds] ♪



Ok, hurry up!

I am!


Shh! Shh!


Ok! We have to --

We really have to go!

I'm sorry!

Ok! Ok!


[groans] Ow!

[heavy breathing]

[solid thud]

- Ow! Ow!


- Oh gee! You ok?
- I'm ok.

I can do it now.

[thud] [thud]

[thud] Ah!

[heavy breathing]

[thud] Oh!

This is so not working!

You can do it!

Ok! Ok...


[loud crash]



- Ow!
- Ok!

- Ok!
- Oh!

- Here.
- Ok.

- Let's go!
- Let's go!



it needs to be spotless

up there.



No smells,

no odors,

no nothing.

Got it?


Mike -- just...

go with them.

Wait, come here.

Make sure they clean up

the other room afterward.


Ped, we gotta go.


Donny, we can't just leave

No --

Shut up

Shut... up.


[loud slam]

Where are they?!


Jig's up.

No wait.


It's still in there.

- The present?
- Yeah...

C'mon -- are you insane?


I mean but...

that's why we came here.

Until they tried murdering us!

We need to go! C'mon!

Wait wa-- wait! Sorry!


[heavy breathing]

"You're chasing away

all the boys"



wha -- what do you have

in mind?

I have an idea.

Let's go! Yeah!

Y -- yeah yeah!

Alright, alright,

you ready?


♪ [music slows down] ♪

Here we go.

[button clicks]

♪ [music swells] ♪

Hey! Who turned out the lights?!


[taser zap]

[indistinct yelling]

[taser zap]

[indistinct yelling]

[glass shatters]
- What was that?!

You idiots!
[taser zap]

- Argh!
- Find them!

Follow the taser!

[indistinct yelling]

You're pretty good with that!

[switch flip]




You know how to use that?

Pretty good with a taser.

Y -- yeah.

[heavy breathing]

Ok, come -- come over here.

[whispers] It's not loaded.

Wha -- ?

It's just a gun

I brought from home.

Then why did you bring it?

I said don't move!


[heavy breathing]

We're leaving!

[whispers] Take Ped.

And we're taking Ped!

What kind of name is Ped?

I don't know!

It's just a nickname!


follow us!




Put the gun away.

We're alright.

♪ [music swells] ♪

[key turns frantically]

I thought you wanted to help!

I did!

Then, let's go!

I know --


Need this?

What is that?

That's my spark plug.



Get 'em!


Hey I think we -- we made it!

[gasps] we made it! We're good!

Bullshit, "we made it!"


Hey guys in here!

In here.



♪ [music playing over speakers] ♪

Whoa whoa whoa!

Just what the hell do you
think you're doing in here?

Oh no no no!

We just want to go around back --


We don't want to drink or any --

Well, what are you like ten?

Oh come on!

He's like twenty...


Get out!

We just need to go through.

Please just...

How's it going fellas?

Ah! Hey!

How's it going everybody?


Where have you kids been?

You know, your mom's

really gonna be worried...

you know what, you can't be

running away like that.


Kids got out...

these are my...

my nephews [sighs]

and such.


Let's get you back home

to your mom, huh?

What do you say?

No no no! Wait! Wait! Wait!

[heavy breathing]

Ok, today's my birthday.


My mom gave me this present, ok?

She died in January,

I just wanted it back.


Oh, don't look at us.

Donny's the one who stole it.

Oh c'mon!

I'm trying to do what's right!

Real classy, guys.

Ok! You know what?

Enough of this crap!

I'm taking the kids

and we're leaving!

Let's go!

They're not going anywhere

with you bub.

Oh really?

Yeah, really.

Stay back.

Oh yeah,

and Ped

go ahead.


[punching and grunting]

Hey you,

you missed my call again.

I just wanted to say,

I know tonight was hard,

and that's ok.

Who knows?

Maybe something good

can still come of it.

♪ [low droning music starts] ♪

I love you.

We love you.

I'll see you soon.

♪ [music builds] ♪

[car trunk slams shut]

[heavy breathing]

You came back?

Well, yeah! [laughs]

Are we not being

held hostage by

drug lords anymore?

No. [laughs]

I don't think

we're gonna be seeing

much of them anymore.

[heavy breathing]

You saved my life.

Even though I...

yelled at you.

Sorry about that.


I guess we did.

It might be the severe

head trauma talking,


I don't know if I should

press charges for the whole,

"hitting me with your car,

- tasing me five times" --
- Look

If there's anyone to blame,

blame me.

I'm the reason why they're here.


What were we talking about?


how about I take these two home,

and I take you to the hospital?


ok yeah.

Where's my bike?

Just take me to my bike.

Alright man.

Whatever you say.

Watch your head.

[car engine starts]

[car shuts off]

Hey, and um...

and again...

I'm sorry about all this.

All this.


let me know

if there's anything I can do.


Hey! Um...

You never...

told me what to call you.

My name's Donovan

Nice to meet you,


It's nice to meet you too, Abby


Don't fall asleep or you'll die!


It's called a "concussion."

Where's my bike?


Are you serious?

[car engine starts]

Aw man!


Well, [laughs]

well, I -- um...

I should probably head home.


Lord knows what my parents

will do when I get back.



See you, Sawyer.

See you, Abby.

[raspberry sound]

[whistles in the distance]

♪ [music winds down] ♪


[long sigh]


[ripping paper]

♪ [soft music starts] ♪


[glass crinkles]