World Cup Heist (2020) - full transcript

After pulling off a $4,000,000 heist in New York, the team heist team travel to London, England to steal something worth more than it's weight in gold.



yeah, Noah it's Paul

I'm in London
i've just got off the train.

Yeah, Good

I hope my apartment and my
chauffeur are waiting for me!

cool, Brilliant

well let me get settled, give me a day
and we will catch up on the next big plans

bye, bye


[SIGHS] Ahh man

So what are you giving for the stuff
your end?


Fifty bucks? wow that's pretty good,
that's pretty good. is it good stuff though?

Yeah it's the strongest I've had

It's not like pub grub, none of that

No, No it' straight off the bone it's good

Happy days, we are going to have to get a bit in
is your guy around all night?

Yeah, he is about until early hours

what do you reckon? we'll get right on it

oh yeah you know that

the phones ringing now, I will just take this

I'll give you a call and we will catch up
I've just got to take this call

thief - Yeah no worries
Rick- See you in a bit


yeah Rick it's Paul

hi how are you brother?
I've not seen you in a while

you know why I called you

let me guess then! you've got another
profitable job for me

for us!!

I've known you too long now
to actually like, you know

I don't even need to say anything
it's like your a mind reader

next job, heist

I'm always up for some new adventures
with you

I'm in London right now, I got my guy
Noah in Copenhagen

he's got a really, really good job for us

so it's going to be bigger than the
New York one I take it

this is better than the New York one we pulled off

this just seems to be getting better and better

I love the sound of this

Hmm, Hmm

yeah I know

you need to get over from Florida in to London
you need to come meet me

so this ones in London, I'm intrigued
do tell me more

right You need to do me a favor
ring Danny

let him know the heist teams
getting back together again

Danny, Danny has actually changed his name to
Damien now for obvious reasons


That's cool

let me know when you're coming into London
we are gonna meet

I'm gonna send you over the location and
details later on

I'm gonna get Noah on a video call

he's going to fill you in on all
the details and trust me

this one, it's gold

Paul - Brother it's gold!


alright, How is the stock and trade going your end?

not bad, not bad at all
I heard Amazon is on the way up

listen I will not be making it in today

let's just say I've had a better investment offer

look it's not disregard to you
look I've got to put bread on the table

look I'm not going to be having a
discussion about this

you know if you was in the same position as me
you would do the same

alright I'll speak to you later


Rick - Alright Paul
Paul - Long time no see

Rick - I know, I know
Paul - How we doing?

not too bad you know, surviving

Paul - In Mexico or Florida?
Rick - Mexico mainly

yeah Mexico mainly, you?

North of England, don't you like the accent!

I was going to say last time we spoke you was
American what's happened?

I have been in Leeds for a year
and picked up the accent

Rick - Okay
Paul - Mainly for the disguise

Paul - only for the disguise

Rick - I get you
Paul - I see you got a cappuccino

absolutely always

my American accent comes back when I speak to you

it's nice to be in nice sunny London

is it ever nice weather here you know

Paul - now you know why your here
Rick - I got a vague idea

Rick - you wanna run me over
Paul - I think we should do another heist

Rick - Okay
Paul - I've got a good one lined up


Paul - a very good one
Rick - what are you thinking

a big one, we're going to have a video call
with my guy Noah in Copenhagen

Okay this is him yeah

but this is a bigger heist than
what we have done before

we are not talking 4 million dollars on this one

we're talking inside job
big time with financial investors

that work inside the bank
full job, full vault

this one is going to be gold legendary gold

Rick - I like it
Paul - Aye, Aye, Aye

Paul - This one is gonna be gold
Rick - Gold. gold what

have a guess

a gold watch. a gold chain, a gold ring,
what I don't know

we're not talking bullion, you ready for this one

The World Cup


Rick - The World Cup
Paul - when have you ever know me not to be serious

you wanna go after The World Cup

trust me it's worth it's weight in gold

Rick - Okay
Paul - We go for the cup, we melt it down

Paul - we get the bullion
Rick - Okay

why not, why not

Rick - Lets do it
Paul - Let me get my guy on the phone

Rick- Okay


Paul - Hey Man
Noah - Hey Guy's

I've got Rick with me explain all
the details to my guy here

listen I'm going to fill you in on more details
and all the times tonight

but in the mean time get the heist team ready for this one

it has been there over two years already
the one that is on display at Serclub

is a replica, the actual cup only comes
out for special events

and it's going to be there for another minimum year

before they start to polish it and take
it on a world tour

now trust me you have a week window
when the system is getting an upgrade

and only certain hours to get in
and to get out

I love the sound of that I do
I love the sound of this

mac we are going for this, the fact that
this is all inside information

Intel, hacking, I love the whole thing

right we gotta do this, we're gonna do this
100 Percent

Paul - You're definitely getting a cut in this
Rick - 100 Percent

we will iron out the details later on, you;re our
inside guy you are getting a cut man.

we are actually going to come to Copenhagen with
The World Cup

we are going to melt it down in Copenhagen
with you.

we shall meet soon, we are coming with the dates.

catch up soon guy's and good luck

see how good that guy is

I love it, just what I needed more
excitement in my life

oh hi Jane, lovely to see you right on time

shall we take a seat

thank you for coming

I just wanted to know what was going on
you've been acting strange lately

I'll be totally honest with you we are
going to do a second heist

the one in New York went so well we
decided to do a second one

and we're gonna ask for your help

so it was you that did New York

yes it was and it's gone really smoothly

no one can trace us, the money went through really well

because your the bank manager, we could
use you and we need some help from you

and it will never be traced back to you
I've got some codes

these codes I need you to put them in
five minutes before we arrive at the bank

once you put them in I need you to call me
then the heist team will come in

and hopefully be very successful in opening
the vault and getting the money

how can you assure me it won;t come back on me
I've got a family to look after

I've had this job for twelve years
I've got so much to lose

we've got a top hacker on the inside
he is going to wipe the records clean

and it will look like everything on the computer
was there from the day before

so there's no way it can be traced to you,
you'll be very safe

Jane - Okay count me in then
Damien - Great thank you for helping us with this





Tell me to mind my own business
but it's about Mandy

you know I'm really, really worried about her

well she's in Florida and I'm here
so what does that tell you

sorry to hear about that

is there any possibility you two could get back
together again give it another chance

she ran of with all my cash she took
everything the whole lot

if I ever see her again she is a dead woman

I just needed to get away from the states
because too many bad memories

Mandy let's just hope we never
cross path's again Okay

I appreciate you coming


hi there good to meet you

thanks for coming

just upfront here's a taster of the
money you'll be receiving

I need to be assured your a top hacker
and none of this gets back to us

I've been doing this since I was fourteen
your in safe hands

I've had banks pay me not to hack them

what I need you to do on the day he
time you tell me not a minute before

and not a minute after you need to be on the ball

I've got the exact date for you now
15th October 10AM in the morning

we've got the lady on the inside
who's going to use all the codes

so there is no way of tracing it back to you

the next question you're going to
ask me is what's your cut

your going to get twenty five
Percent of the heist

twenty five

sounds fair

it's good, we're going to split the money in Grease
in a safe location

so there is no complications
are you alright with that

Dylan - I'm in
Damien - Great to do a deal

yes Graham I've just turned up
I'm on my way now alright

see you in a second, alright


Frankie - alright are you Graham
Graham - yeah sit down

Frankie - so I hear you need my services
Graham - yeah we have a big job coming up

Graham - we gotta make sure your up to it
Frankie - of course I'm up to it

Graham - have you sorted CCTV

I've been in this job for twenty years worked
from the bottom to the top

I'm now head security of the bank

Frankie - I know where everything is
the CCTV, the power

the CCTV system, security alarms everything

I've got to make sure and get back to Rick and Paul
make sure everything is done correctly

they have got some big contacts
like Noah in Copenhagen

we've got to make sure this is done to a tee
really done properly

They have come to me for a reason
they trust me

it's all going to go to plan, I just need the
time and the date

before anything else can be put in to place

and all the payments will be
wire transferred via the bank

you can do it wire transfer, cash transfer
either way I just want my cut

because I am giving up my security life
for this bank job to help you lot

so I'm going to need my cut, because basically
I'm going to have to leave the country

I'm going to have to make a new life somewhere else

just Noah wants it to a tee

it's going to be to a tee
you mate my friend

you're underestimating me please don't do that

everything is fine

if you pull this off we will include
you in every job we do

and you will become very rich

mate if I pull this off you all will be rich not me
you all will be rich

there is bigger jobs to come

this is just a tester

tester is nothing to me, this is easy work for me

everything will go to plan trust me

Graham - I really hope so
Frankie - of course it will

you'll become a very rich person

just get in touch with Rick, tell him to get in
contact with me and let me know

Frankie - and we will go from there
Graham - okay

I'm going to get back to Rick, Paul and Noah

Tell them the times and dates and everything

Okay do me a favour get Noah and them to call me

And I will give him the details of
How he job is going to go down

Graham - I will
Frankie - See ya later mate


I've hustled this is what I've made! my money

so what you going to do with your money?

I don't know maybe buying a villa with
two pools maybe a heated one outside

Chloe - oh nice
Frankie - a gym I don't know yet

Frankie - what about you
Chloe - I think Australia maybe buy a house there

Chloe - with a pool near the beach
Frankie - lovely

and party, party, party


Frankie - party hard yeah
Chloe - of course and make more money

after I spent all that, that's my plans


I might just move around Australia and that's it

Frankie - just buy a one way ticket and travel the world
Chloe - I suppose

Chloe - go different places
Frankie - go different places

Chloe - I'm just a bit nervous
Frankie - nervous about what

I can see something going wrong

No I don't think so got faith in the lads me

Frankie - Faith in the boys
Chloe - You think so

well you must of had the faith
to do the job with them


Hey look who it is
Where have you been

Jeff - Ah mate it's been ages where have you been
Rick - Florida

Jeff - That's where I knew it was over the pond

Rick - Mandy
Jeff - Still with her

You are joking right I want to shoot her

Jeff - Oh God
Rick - I got something for you I felt bad

Rick - About the last job so that's for you
Jeff - Ahhh

Are you sure?
and a fifty note as well

look man you could not help it
you have to do what you have to do

I can not blame you it is just one of them things

Jeff - Drinks are on me tonight
Rick - I'm doing another job

Jeff - Oh yeah
Rick - next month

I'm definitely gonna come back and see you soon

Yeah please do you know where I am


I bet that is my wife now

Jeff - Oh leave it
Rick - They are all the same

Jeff - Tell me about it
Rick - You are up for the next job though

of course definitely awww man

Jeff - Nice, nice
Rick - Good man

Maybe I will come out there once I get a passport sorted

Too right yeah

Rick - I love ya man
Jeff - See ya later

Rick - Hows it going
Nath - I thought I was involved with this job

You're gonna be on the next one
have a chat with your pal

No worries good one


How you doing look can
you spare me a smoke

Paul - I'm not giving you a smoke
Drunko - Look I've had a good day

Drunko - Just make it better
Paul - I'm telling you now I'm not giving you a smoke

Get away from here now
I don't want you here get the hell out of here now

Relax mate Jesus Christ


I've trusted you on every job we have been on Rick
every job

There obviously will be doubts
because you know

Like I said you don't wanna get caught

We have been doing this for too long now
This is the lock up I want to show you

This is where me and you are going to stash the world cup

this is ours you know what the code is for the lock

let me guess 1966

you know me too well 1966


Hi just on time

Hi there so right we are ready to go

we have a new set of codes they are 1966

We changed them as we have a security guard in the heist now

there was an issue so we had to change to codes

Damien - are you OK with that
Just assure me we have the route planned

the route to Greece is planned the flights are sorted out

everything is online and the hacker will wipe our names clean

from the flights so there is no trace on where we are traveling

Jane - Good
Damien - I'm really glad you are on board

and we should make a lot of money

I told you Frankie will pull through
you had doubts about her

you had serious bloody doubts
look what she has pulled off

every detail Rick every god damn detail on this one

I still don't feel right about this one man I gotta say

this here how are we going to bypass this

how good are they security cameras

you under estimate me my friend so much

yeah I do what are we going to do here

we didn't need to bypass security in the New York heist
but we do in this one

Paul - Don't you think I got this covered
Rick - I'm not sure what about these areas

Rick - Do you really think we can trust her
Paul - it's not just about Frankie

it's not about the map you have
already spoken to Noah in Copenhagen

The hacker guy he is going to switch off the system

4:59pm Frankie is taking the power down

we are in it is looking like a power cut

she has got the whole plan down to a tee

we are coming in the exit at the back we are going in

the power is getting put back on
once we get inside

there is no CCTV the other CCTV is here, here and here

Paul - You heard what Noah said
Rick - OK OK

Paul - What are you thinking now
Rick - You're probably wondering why I'm negative

I've had a lot happen to me I've grown up a lot

what happened to the Rick that took God damn risks

maybe he grew up a bit and doesn't
want to go back to the penitentiary

I'm blaming Amanda then on this one

Yeah she has a lot to do with it
but don't bring her into this

I'm trying to focus

Paul - Well focus then
Rick - Right I'm going to take your word for it

Rick - lets just do this
Paul - trust me it's going to work

we have got every base covered
we got Jane down on this corner

We are coming in that back exit
the CCTV is getting wiped out

there is going to be no CCTV there is going to be a time jump

which will be 4:59pm that's when we go in

that's when Frankie takes the power down
she will take the power down

once we are in she puts the power on
it looks like a power cut

once we are in we do it
you have heard the plans from Noah

this is the map we need to get this over to Damien and the heist team

Rick - OK let's do it
Paul - Yeah

sorry for the negativity I gotta be careful man

Paul - get back to that focus
Rick - I will I'm sorry I will

we need to pull this one off
you wanna go back to Florida

Paul - Let's do it
Rick - OK let's get this over to the guys


yeah not bad thanks yourself

yeah they are going alright doing very well

it's a bit up and down at the moment

to be honest I'm going to quit

I've got a really good investment lined up



I just wanna talk to you before we get to the restaurant

Paul - What country you going to after the heist
Chloe - Australia

Chloe - I fancy that
Paul - The weather is warm

I think you should join me in Copenhagen for a bit

Chloe - That's a thought
Paul - you wanna know why

Chloe - why
Paul - you will be more financial stable

I'm not going to tell you why it's a surprise

Chloe - a surprise
Paul - I know you like surprises

Chloe - of course
Paul - you will be more financially stable

I hope so it's something to think about

Paul - let's go for this food
Chloe - come on then

Oi you thought I would not find you

Amanda - I had no choice but to find you
Rick - what are you doing here

Rick - outside my house
Amanda - we got unfinished business

Amanda - what do you mean
Rick - I'm not going to talk to you here

Rick - come inside
Amanda - why not

Amanda - lets tell the whole street
Rick - I'm not discussing in the street

Amanda - tell the whole street
Rick - come inside

Rick - you have got some nerve
Amanda - have I now

yes you have how the hell did you find me

you left me with no choice but to go
through the Dallas heist team

the way you left me did you forget about that

you stole $100,000 off me

I stole, you left me broke
working in diners

I could barely pay my rent because of you

cause of me, you took everything from me

Rick - why are you even here Amanda
Amanda - you don't even understand

before I met you I was going college
I was gonna have a successful career

but you ruined it for me
you taught me this high life

I did and you obviously want in on the next heist

Amanda - of course I do
Rick - the Dallas guys told you

what is it Amanda that you want from me

you think I'm stupid don't you

you think I forgot all the stuff you did before
and now your back on a new heist

I know your made of money
and I know you're making more

and I want in simple as that

Rick - you was with me in New York last year
Amanda - yeah I was you forgot about that

you forgot about New York
you forgot about the ring

you forgot about our shopping trips
you forgot about me left me in diners

ruined my career and now
you're telling me you got no money

you never wanted me to start with
you wanted my money

that's all you wanted

Amanda - oh really
Rick - so it's funny

Amanda - it is funny
Rick - gold digger

gold digger
I was going college before all of this

and now you're thinking why do I have to work
this smuck is going to give me $300,000

and these other guy's should not of told you
but they told you about this new job

you want in what are you going to do
once you got the money go again

Amanda - no I'm not
Rick - you gonna leave me high and dry again

you left me high and dry now it's your turn

do you realize how hard it was for me to get over you
you broke my heart

you broke my bank account how about that

it is all about money with you

Amanda - yeah
Rick - you belong in the diner

Amanda - how dare you
Rick - I found you in the gutter

right and I can put you back in the gutter

you think you can come waltzing back in to my life
oh just give me $300,000

I'll go to the Dallas team and tell them where you are right now

I know everything and I will say it and
they will come after you

Amanda - I want my money
Rick - we gonna resort to blackmail

Amanda - blackmailing me
Rick - what did I ever see in you

what did I see in you clearly

so what is it that you really want me to say

how dare you call me a gold digger

you're forgetting that I actually loved you

do you forget about that

it was not about money or shopping or
the materialistic stuff

or any of that I actually loved you

you took me from here to all the way down here

I'm not happy about that of course not

I guess it must have been like giving you
a winning lotto ticket and taking it back

what do you think it is like giving someone
hungry food then taking it away

no I'm not going back to my old life
you taught me this life I want back in

Amanda - simple as that
Rick - OK fine

OK I'm going to give you $100,000

I have not got $300,000 if I had I would give you it

I'm such a generous guy I've given you so much

I'm such a lovely guy like that

I'm going to get Noah to wire it to
your account in Florida account

you jump on the next flight I will cover the cost

you do that and it will be in your account
first thing tomorrow morning

Rick - U.S time
Amanda - OK fine

remember I want my money and remember
I know everything about you

and I can finish you within seconds

Rick - I know
Amanda - remember that

I love you too so so lovely

you can head off and I will get that into your account tomorrow

Amanda - don't forget my money
Rick - I won't forget how can I



this heist is going to be done when
Frankie shuts the vault

we are doing this one under my watch

we are going to get away
none of us will get caught

not one of us you are all going to the
countries you want to go to

you, you're coming to Copenhagen with me
I said no guns on the job

Damien - no guns
Rick - we should have a gun

on the safe side we should have a gun

Paul - you think
Rick - I will feel better with a gun

Rick - yeah
Paul - on your call

so we got the cars lined up here

already to go we get this done
we get out

and the hacker will seal that so
once we are out no one can follow us

Paul - you got your guy on the CCTV
Rick - yeah I got him yeah

it is red hot but it is going to work fine don't worry

I'm not confident

you're not confident why

Chloe - I just got a bad feeling
Rick - we got everything covered

I got hacker here and this area
we got totally covered right

Damien - if I get the hacker to put a decoy there

so nobody will focus where we are
leaving from will that help you

are you happy if we move Jane from
that corner to West Broadway

yeah I think Jane will be great yeah

are you sure that is going to be OK with you Jane

yeah all good everything is good with me
everything is good to go

you know what to do if it gets on top
and the numbers to all and codes

I do yeah all sorted

OK as long as you're comfortable with that

you do not seem sure what is it be honest

you're the one with the gun you
should be the most confident here

well you done the move so not much more
I can do but I'm still not confident

be confident and be confident in every job I have ever done

Chloe - I'm taking the gun
Paul - like I said that's on your call

every single job I have ever done every
single heist look at my track record

not one of my heist team have ever been caught

I got a woman down in Brazil she don't even
need plastic surgery she is sailing plain high

right Jane you wanna come have a look

we are moving you down to West Broadway down the bottom corner

you are he number one look out
you know the codes

you know the numbers you know how
to let everyone know what's going on

we got Frankie she is going to tell us
how she will get us in to the vault

right I will turn these off you have got 60 seconds to get in

before I put the lights back on

I will switch them off again so it looks like a power cut

and you got 60 seconds to get back out before you get caught

Frankie - got it
Team - got it

we can do it we can do it in 60

in out

we are not talking about 60 seconds to
get in get the stuff and out

we got 60 seconds to get in once we are in that vault

we can spend 3 hours in that God damn vault

Frankie gives us the time she will put it back off again

we got 60 seconds to get back out again

so don't be panicking that we got 60 seconds to get in and out

Paul - Frankie you happy with that
Frankie - yeah definitely

then this is gonna be done


so you got these two getaway drivers

well how good are they

they are the best in the business
wait and see them

they are the best

Paul - so they can pull one job off
Rick - absolutely

how do you know they are going to pull this one off

lets just say I know

I a going to be open and let them
tell me what they got

Paul - I'm going to let them tell me the plan
Rick - yeah

and if I like the plan we will go with it

then be open

you must of heard of the Dallas team

of course I heard the Dallas one the C.I.A

the C.I.A where involved again

but we won how do you think I got the house I got now

obviously I know that they are bribing the C.I.A

that Dallas one that's how good they
were I understand that

that's the heist team I'm talking about the get away drivers

you need to be 100 percent they can pull
more than one job off

that's what I'm saying I wanna listen to their plan hear their plan

Paul - I wanna know they can do it
Rick - they can do it

believe me let's say they are The A Team

Rick - Yeah
Paul - we come this far

I'm gonna trust you on this one let's hear the plan

the plan is these guy's will come here any second now

and we are gonna pull this off

well here's to that

is this Jack Daniels always this good

these are my boy's right here

Rick - these are my boys
Paul - I take it we are getting down to business now

absolutely absolutely

I gather you are after my services again

Rick - how did you guess
Chris - I know you Rick

Rick - absolutely yeah
Chris - sounds about right

nice to see you again buddy

tell them about the plan

the plan is we meet you in your car
you put us in a van

we'll drive you to the location
then switch you into another van

by doing that you can not be seen on CCTV

we will drive you out the country and no one
will suspect a thing

Nick - Bosch
Rick - I love it

I've heard about your plans I've seen the Dallas one

we are the brains of the brawn machine

we don't mess about you want it done
it's done

Rick - these guy's do not mess about

Paul - I've seen the Dallas one I liked the Dallas one

I liked the idea I liked the plan
Rick you got to understand

you're talking 50 years in the penitentiary so this
has to be a military operation

Paul - I've sad this many times
Rick - this will be a military style

operation come on


we are going with it, it seems a bit Hollywood
but hey lets go with it

lets go with the plan guys come on


Rick - Hey
Frankie - alright lad's

Rick - what have you heard
Franke - Graham is gonna take the cup

tomorrow at noon with Damien

they are both involved together

I know you said you was suspicious but I had a gut instinct

what did I say, what did I say

Rick - is this a fact
Frankie - yes mate

he is not making it anywhere you know what is
going to happen tomorrow

twelve O'clock we are gonna kill him the son of a dog

how far will you go we can stop him in his tracks
we don' need to kill him

and this is a fact yeah

I'm gonna get The World Cup and ram it in to his head

Paul - Rick
Rick - who can I trust

Rick, Rick, Rick

I don't do these on my operations I'm done
I'm sorting it out

I'm going to tie the pieces together


Graham we know you're there

Rick - I know he is there
Paul - he is probably hiding out at someones flat

Paul - I've not seen him in two days
Rick - how does this look for me

we got a corrupt cop who I wanna go
have a word with after this

now this dog I know he is in I know he is in

his light is on

Rick we need to tidy this up I don't do operations
like this everything is military style

we need to get this done and tie it all up

Graham we know you are there answer the bell

something is not right
something is not right with this




come in mate yeah not bad you


here sit down

why are we here

why are we here that's a good question really

West Palm Beech Florida Jessica

you my friend are an Intel Officer

Rick - Right or wrong

I'm telling you I'm not Intel I was in America doing business

but I'm nothing to do with that heist

don't lie to me man you are a cop

no I'm not a cop and who is he

don't worry about him we are
having a drink that is irrelevant

but what is relevant is Jessica told me you're a cop

no I'm not do you remember in New York

$4,000,000 we stole

you got your money I got my money everyone is safe
we would be in the U.S penitentiary if I was cop

all I am going to say to you is if you are

Police Intel or whatever they are saying you are

the only person that will end up in the slammer is you

not us

you know I believe that ...

it's a lot more hefty sentence for cops that are corrupt

Rick - is that right
Damien - no I'm not a copper

I'm not Intel and just watch me on this next job

you're gonna end up with your money and go to Florida
I'm gonna get y money and go to Greece


Hi Paul I've spoken to Noah in Copenhagen

everything is sorted

yeah Dylan that is good

we have also spoken to Noah via video conference call

yeah the team are a little bit nervous

but you know they are under my watch
their under my watch

Passerby - excuse me have you got the time
Paul - yeah it's half past three


yeah sorry about that

yeah no their under my watch

Dylan trust me their under my watch

it's going to be a military operation
as I've said many many times


right cool

see you soon

wow Paul I mean this

Rick - is pretty impressive
Paul - you thinking this a a getaway vehicle

I'm thinking of admiring the vehicle
I think it would be a good get away yeah

Rick - what do you think
Paul - I think we use the other vehicle for the heist

we use this one to get to the airport



yeah Dylan it's Paul

It's kick off time

yep we are gonna slam dunk
this one out the ball park my friend

yes that's it


yep we are going with today

It's on

I know it's Sunday

of course it's gonna be closed

you should know this information how good are you


so yeah we are going 4:59PM

Frankie is going to switch the power on the dot

we need you exactly that time 4:59PM

switch off the CCTV using your codes and hacking skills

yes Dylan that's the one

yep we are going for it today don't worry yep

cool right give my love to Noah

and I will definitely definitely see you soon

so we are ready to go

Jane - good
Damien - OK


Paul - You guys ready for this heist
Damien - yeah I'm ready

Rick - I'm not sure Alan the guy that looks like a sloth

he said the guys not to be trusted

Rick - what do you think
Damien - he did the job in New York

Paul - Aye, Aye, Aye

you know owt and nowt

that's my impression but at the end of the day

look at the other jobs he has done of course
I am nervous when you hear stuff like this

look at the jobs you said
the New York job you know

then look at the job they did down in Dallas

another $5,000,000 job and they got the
gems on the side

you know what else they got Rick
you know what they got

they got documents of corrupt C.I.A
They are out the country bribing them

Rick - unbelievable
Paul - the guy's good

it's the perfect job

you see we got the right contacts on this team now

we got the right contacts this is a big one
this is The World Cup

Rick I know you're cautious on this one
but we are gonna walk away with a load of money

Damien - we are gonna be rich
Rick - are you sure about that

OK what choice have I got

I gotta go along with this then haven't I

well I'm ready

Damien - ready let's do it guys

there is no backing out now
let's just get this done

Damien - lets do it


are you lot ready I got a damn flight to catch

hey Dylan the team are about to pull off
the biggest heist they have ever done

I would go as far to say this heist is the
biggest one the World has ever seen

listen I know what you're gonna say Noah

you're gonna say the team are nervous

tell me I'm wrong

well yes

so are you adding psychic powers
to your ever growing list of skills

look you know I have contacts above and beyond

of course the team are nervous
it's understandable

but my hacking skills are second to none

I know I really know

my biggest fear is the team being nervous
and making mistakes

that's why we are both covered
if they do get caught

it's them going to jail I made sure
me and you are untraceable

well that gives me a lot more confidence

right so Frankie has sorted out the day and time

Sunday 4:59PM

OK keep me updated on the whole operation

I will be speaking to Rick and Paul too after

get it done




look I need you to listen and I need
you to listen real good

we gotta pull this off I got a lot
of pressure to get this right

have some trust in me you have seen with
you very eyes how good I am at hacking

I can not help be a bit on edge
I know I shouldn't alright

even if the heist team get caught I'm clear

safe living on my yacht

as long as I get my £15,000 I am happy

I wouldn't do the job for nothing

you pull this job off and I will
add another £5,000 to the bill

consider it done

alright it's nearly time to do this

you best get ready

I'm on it now trust me

after it's done keep an eye on your crypto assets




Rick - there
Paul - Cash is always handy

Paul - Definitely Rolex
Rick - Love the Rolex

come on we know what we are after Rick

we got to get a few more bits
on the side but come on we are after the big one

documentation we are in a hurry
why do we really need documentation

the team in Dallas has got stuff
on us we need stuff on them it may really help

I understand what you are saying so basically the bribery yeah

Rick - absolutely
Paul - you work too well too well


come on get the big stuff





you're always taking the credit for every job we do

I am going to have a word with Damien

alright I'm waiting in the car


where is he going with The World Cup


I told you not one of you was going to get
caught on my God Damn heist

good heist

great heist well done I'm off to Greece with Jane

Jane - two years from today Sydney Australia
Paul - same date we know the one

I've upgraded my car


you shot Frankie you A hole

what we gonna do we can't leave the body in there


Rick - let's get it
Paul - what do you want us to do with it

Chloe - leave it there

let's get it in the car go dig a hole in
Epping Forrest and leave it there

yeah that sounds good

you have to go and bring drama to every heist we do

let's just go get it then

never have I had a body on a heist

I've got a reputation to keep and
I'm putting a body in the boot

if anyone finds out about this my reputation is done for

if anyone hear us we are all done for

you were right we don't trust her with a gun


Rick - How is it going
Paul - oh Rick

seriously thinking I don't know how long
I can keep going on heists for

I'm drained absolutely drained

I can see that you look mentally and physically drained

honestly I'm looking over my shoulder all the time

I wish I can go back to plumbing

I can't if I go back I will be caught

I met you and Damien we got in to these heists

I know nothing else I get a buzz
it's like being on a roller coaster

you step off that roller coaster you got that buzz

I get that I'm the same

honestly I'm looking over my shoulder all the time

I've noticed your anxiety is through the roof

and mine I can't remember the
last time I had a full night sleep

but how do I go back to driving a truck through Texas

New Orleans for peanuts

and how do we go back to normality

I'm not saying it's possible to do that
I'm saying I want it

I want it but it is impossible now

Paul - we can't turn back
Rick - we will never be content working like that

mediocre lifestyles

I'm used to the high life blowing $100,000 in Vegas

one night Rick one night

Rick - I know
I'm at that cross path in life now Rick

am I going down the right route or am I
a tornado storming down route 66

I think even if I went back to a normal life now

I would always have Amanda coming back

you now the way that woman spends
coming back give me this and that or else

and I'm driving a truck and I'm like yeah I can offer you $50

well you know how rubbish the pay was right

I have not got a choice I need to go back to the states

and make things work with this woman

there is something there call me a fall
but there is

what if I didn't fix it and I got into another relationship
she would come back and mess it up

of course she would

she is like us she is addicted to the money now

yeah don't I know it

I think we need to take a year out

Rick - we evaluate things
Paul - I certainly need a holiday Rick

even when I'm on holiday it does not feel like a holiday

Rick 7 star hotel Dubai top penthouse

living the life knock at the door

room service I'm jumping out of bed thinking it is the FBI

Rick - I know
Paul - It's constant

how do you think I feel I come out
of my home and she was there

and she knew where I was because they told her

if they can find out where I was don't you think the FBI can

and I'm worried thinking all night
when she spends this cash

is she gonna go I hate this guy
he is moving on with his life

she will put a call in she is not going to get
no more money as I'm driving trucks

I'm gonna trash this man that is what I'm thinking all the time

I'm with you but I am seeing it from her point of view

I'm connecting with her as well

you brought her in to the lifestyle she did not choose it

she has been brought in to it

you have given her a rope she has taken a mile

she has taken the full length I completely connect with her

what option do you thin she has

I'm the same what option do you think I have

I can not go be a plumber again

I dragged that woman out and showed her the high life

I dragged her out the diner there is
this that the other

right so how can she adapt and say she has had everything

she is too materialistic now

Paul - I see that Rick
Rick - she is not a gold digger in fairness

she has been given the best how can she
now go work in a diner

at the side of the highway in Florida

I've changed my mind I'm not going to Copenhagen

Paul - I'm going to Australia
Rick - your not going to Copenhagen

why what made you change your mind

It is the other side of the world in my mind I am further away

I get that and I wanna get back home to the states




I really did not want to do it this way

I didn't want to end it this way at all

nothing has every gone wrong
on any of my heists before

Frankie I'm so sorry it ended this way


I'm so sorry for your family

I really am

Frankie I am so sorry

I don't even have the words for this anymore

Frankie I am so sorry I just don't have words for this

it was not even supposed to be like this



Rick do you know what I had to do on my own
where the hell are you

I've just literally had to get rid of Frankie the body

it's not good enough we are supposed
to be a God Damn team

and you just left me on my own
to get rid of Frankie

ten years of heist teaming together we are
supposed to be a God Damn team

and you leave me to go the only time

Rick the only time it's gone wrong
any heist we have ever done

and you leave me to go burn a body on my own

Rick how am I supposed to stay calm
how am I supposed to stay calm

I've just had to go and bloody burn Frankie on my own

where are you now

Rick I'm done I can't do this no more

I told you Chloe was a liability I said no guns

in the meeting you was the one that said
allow it allow it

allow it Paul it is fine
I told you it's not fine

look what happened Rick
look what happened

don't even go there Rick

just don't even go there right now I'm telling you

for God sake

Rick what is happening Rick

Rick talk to me what is happening

what the hell is going on there tell me

No, no,no,no,no

it was not supposed to be like this

don't you dare Rick

you bloody coward you can't leave her there

I'm telling you Rick Chloe will talk

she will cave in and put us all in it

Rick just

Rick talk to me tell me what is going on

you are out of there you have left her

oh for God sake

Rick for God sake

where are you now
where are you now

I will come meet you I want to fix it
but I can't to an extent

I wanna be there and it has gone wrong
and I told you

it has to be my fault it has to be

Rick it is my fault I said no guns
I should of been more stern

Chloe is supposed to be coming to Copenhagen with me
and you have left her there

Rick my head is pounding right now

I just nee to
seriously Rick I'm being watched

I need to come meet you we need to get out of here

and literally sod Copenhagen

call Noah I am coming to meet you now

I'm going to Australia my plans are changing

where are you I will come meet you Rick



Rick I can't

Rick I m going to come meet you

it has to be my way my terms now

it has to be we can not have any more mistakes

I am not spending any time

in jail what so ever I am going

we gotta get out of here

get the car just get the get away car ready

because I am being watched
I'm being watched

everywhere I go I am being watched

get the car I'm coming I am going
to compose myself I'm coming


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