Winter Castle of Love (2019) - full transcript

Jenny is thrilled when her sister Meg, decides to have a destination wedding at an ice hotel. Her sister is just as excited to set Jenny up with the best man, Craig, a widowed (and ...

(phone ringing)

Okay, I can smell 'em.

Who brought in
the cinnamon buns?

That would be me.

Ed, how do I stick
to a low carb diet

when you keep bringing in
baked goods?

Not my problem.


And napkin?

Don't forget
to tip your waiter.


How's the sequel coming?

Well as soon as Dylan
the unlikely warrior prince

defeats the dragon

I'll be sending it
to you for editing.

Can't wait.

Hey! Carrie--

um, I'm wondering if you,
you owhave a minute

I'd love to pitch you a story.


So it's this story
about this fairy

who leaves the fairy world
through a drop of dew

and she becomes a real girl

who befriends
this little lonely boy

and together they go on
all sorts of misadventures.

I like it.

You do?

That's great!

Um, I have been working
on a rough draft

so I can just keep plugging.

Forward the idea to Ed.
Let the writers do the writing.


I'm sorry, Jenny.

Don't give up. Eventually,
one of these days

she's gonna have to publish
one of your stories.

(family singing
"Happy Birthday")

All right, Mom.
Make a wish!


Happy Birthday, babe.
Thank you.

Oh, Meg.
How many layers is that?

The one she's looking at
for the wedding is six.

Does that mean you guys
are planning the big day?

Actually, Tony and I have
a little announcement to make.

Meg and I have finally
decided on a wedding day.

Oh! Meg, Tony!

I couldn't have asked for
a better birthday present!

So when is it?
Spring? Summer?

Winter, actually.

Oh, so in a year!

Well at least that gives us
plenty of time to plan.

Actually, it's this year!

Like, in four weeks.




Okay, don't freak out,

Because it's all planned out.

We are all going
on a destination wedding.

Is it Hawaii?

Guys, let it be Hawaii.
I wanna learn how to surf!

It's not Hawaii.

It's exactly the opposite.

We wanna get married
at "The" Ice Hotel.

Isn't that different?

And cold.

I'll say!

Mom, don't worry.

They have everything we need
for the wedding-

a beautiful little chapel,

a whole village with cafes
and restaurants and shops.

What do you think?

I think
it sounds amazing.


The Ice Hotel
is so beautifully magical.

We really think
it would be a dream.

Tell them to get ready

because the Walshes are having
a wedding at the Ice Hotel!




So, uh, shoes and accessories.


Your dress-- your dress!

Oh, yeah. Tony's just
running it up the street

to get pressed.

He's gonna take
the next shuttle.

What do you think?

Has Mom gotten over the fact
that she wasn't able

to invite every single Walsh
in the country to the wedding?

Maybe that's why
she's taking the later plane.

Maybe she's packed the plane
with Walshes.

Okay, good luck,

'cause we are not gonna
all fit in that hotel.

Um, have you heard from
your boss about your book?

She sees me more
as an editor, so.

Shoot, I'm sorry.

You know what?
I'm just gonna chalk it up

to one of those things that
I haven't accomplished.

That's not true.

Let's see. I wanted to

have enough money saved up
for a condo by now,

that's a fail.

I wanted to be married
by now, fail.

I wanted to go
to New Zealand by now--

Okay. Hefty goals.

But don't worry.
Don't give up,

'cause I have a plan for you
and his name is Craig.

Like-- like a setup?
No, Meg.

You know, odds of failure
are very high.

I know, but he's perfect!

He's handsome, he's sweet,
he's a single dad--

He's divorced?

His wife passed away
two years ago.

But he was sad too
for a little while

and Tony said
he's doing great now.

Hey, there.

Plus, he's an amazing dad.

And you're gonna have time
to figure that out

because you're gonna
hang out with him all week

'cause he's the best man.

I don't know.

Honestly, he's perfect.

He's a go-getter,
just like you.

You know what?
We'll-- we'll see. Okay?

I mean, it is an ice hotel.

It is kind of--


Oh my gosh!
That's what I'm gonna do!

I'm gonna write a story
about an ice castle!

This is what
I love about you.

You never really give up.
I know.

Come on, let's go.
Let's do this.

I wonder
how far the hotel is.

I've heard the scenery
is beautiful!




It's real!

What do you think?

I think it's like

out of a fairy tale.

I know.

And I get to have
my happily ever after in it.



Full ice everywhere!


What a piece of art this is!

I think
it's like a circus theme.


'Cause all of it has--

There's art
everywhere you look!

It's stunning.

Look at this wall.
I love this wall.

Welcome to the Ice Hotel!

Thank you.
And you are?

The Walshes.
The Walshes.

Yes, the wedding party.

Thank you.

I'm Peter, the concierge.

Our bellmen will be happy
to show you your rooms.

Oh, perfect!
We'll see you at dinner.

Do you think I could
take a bit of a tour

before I go to my room?

It'd be my pleasure.
Just follow me.

Thank you.

Every year the hotel
is built from scratch.

Well, snow and ice really.

And the sculptures and themes
change every year.

How long does it take
to build all this?

Oh, about two months,

including the two weeks
artists spend carving sculptures

and transforming the hotel

into a totally unique
temporary piece of art.


Little girl:
Woo-hoo! Look at this, Dad!

This is so fun!

We have a lounge
which is heated,

and if you like
your drinks cold,

but I mean really cold,

all our drinks are
literally served on ice.


Hey, hey.

Kids just love it here.

I bet.

Let's go!

Slow down.

This way.

This is crazy!



We have 45 rooms,

each designed
with a different theme.

You'll be staying in what we
like to call the polar room.


Oh, my.

This is amazing!

Look at my bed!
It's even made of ice.

And my very own stove.

It's not gonna melt anything,
is it?

I should hope not.

So, if you have
everything you need,

I'll leave you
to get settled.

I do!
Thank you so much.



What? An ice slide?



Ooh! Wow.


Woo! Hoo-hoo-hoo!


Whoa! Here.

Wow! Oh my goodness.

Here, let me help you.

That was quite the run.

Thank you!

Um, have you tried this?


we're just checking in.

Well when you do,
make sure you try a lot.


All right,
come on, let's go.

Nice meeting you.

(clearing throat)


dog sledding?

Carriage rides!

Do they have tobogganing?

Yeah. You know what,
it says right here

they have some of the biggest
tobogganing hills around

which means
you kinda gotta do it.

Can we, Daddy?

Well, when in Rome--

Have you ever been there?

The people, the architecture,
the food!

I gotta say,
I love this enthusiasm.

Daddy, did you remember

to send Tony's tie
to his room?

I did, yes. And thank you
for reminding me.

Oh, are you here
for the wedding?


I'm Jenny,
I'm the maid of honour.

I'm Meg's sister.

Oh, no way!
I'm the best man.

I'm Craig.
This is my daughter Sara.

You're the best man.

Uh, pleasure to meet you,

You too.

What are you gonna
sign up for?

Uh, oh! Well,

anything I can, really.

I mean, carriage rides.

Who can say no
to carriage rides, right?

Something tells me
you don't say no to too much.

Well, why would you?

The more you say no to
the more you miss out on.


Well, we have to
get ready for dinner,

but, um,
we'll see you around.

Yes, you will.



Okay, you were totally right.

He is handsome.

And kind and his little girl
is so cute!

He's a catch!

Yes, you had a good plan.

Little girl:
Hi, Jenny.

I think I just hitched Jenny up
with the man of her dreams.

And who's that?

Oh, you know,
just your best man.

Or should I say
"best catch".

But the best catch
invited a plus one.

Oh, no! When?

I didn't think
it was a big deal.

I got Jenny
all psyched about it!

Who is it?
Who's the plus one?

Come here, come here.

You think we'll need
to sleep with a hat on?

I think it's a good idea
but you know what?

In this cold, we're all gonna
sleep like hibernating bears!


How was your flight?

It was good! I'm just
really happy to be here.

You look nice.

Thank you.

I don't know.
Who is that?

Lana, I just--

I want to introduce you
to Jenny.

She is the maid of honour.


It's very nice
to meet you.

Sorry my hands might be
a little cold.

I'm not too sure what's more

the outside or the hotel!

Oh, it's the outside,
actually. Yeah.

The hotel stays at a solid
23 degrees Fahrenheit

or -5 degrees Celsius
to be exact.


Oh, it's a good thing
I brought my sun lamp!

You know, we could all use
some extra vitamin D.

So, it's--

Oh, look. She needs me.

She seems nice.


Oh, uh, Lana, this is Tony.
He's the groom.

Oh, hi!

This is the most original
wedding I've ever been to.

When I found out
the destination,

I knew I just had to come.

We're just gonna go sit down.

So sorry.
It's no biggie.

Guys, I didn't even
get my hopes up.

Tony, seriously,
you have to do

some reconnaissance.

Tony, you do not need
to play detective.

I'm good. We're good!

Cool, cool.

Exactly. It's cool.
It's cool!

Mom! Dad!


You made it!

We did.

But I'm glad we took
the later flight

just to make sure
I had everything.

Yeah, including
our best winter thermals.

Oh, you are gonna
need those.

And don't be hogging
the sleeping bag, Dad.

Oh, he'll be out
in the cold if he does!


So, did you
meet him?

Tony's best man Craig.

Well, Meg didn't quite
do her homework

because Craig
brought a plus one.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Onto the next adventure.

Tomorrow I go
cross-country skiing.

So I'm gonna
get some sleep.

All right, we'll see you
in the morning.

Yeah, love you.
Good night,

You and Sara have a good sleep.

Thanks, you too.


(reciting story in head)

Once upon a time,

in the far reaches
of the north,

there was a snowy kingdom

with a castle made of ice

whose walls told stories

of the people and animals

who lived in the kingdom.

This is one such story.

Can I give you this?

Thank you so much.

Hi! Hi, excuse me.

I know that this
is an ice hotel.

I guess I just wasn't
expecting it to be so cold

and I thought the rooms
were gonna be warmer, and--

Everything okay?

Everything's fine!

I'm just asking
for another blanket.


Oh, I hope
you're not too cold.

No, I'm fine!

Okay. All right,
well, good night.

Good night!

Can you please get me
two extra blankets

and a hot water bottle?

You're an early riser.

Yeah, always.

Do you wanna join us?

Yes. Thank you.

Daddy says you have to
seize the day.

You know what?
That's my motto too!

So, how did both of you sleep?

Oh, we slept like a couple
hibernating bears, didn't we?

Except I really wish hadn't
forgotten to bring my storybook.

In the scramble of trying to
catch the flight here, I...

I kind of forgot Sara's books.

You could always
make something up.

I'm not really great at that.

Last night he did start telling
me a story about a polar bear.

Oh, keeping with the bear theme.
I like it!

How did it go?

There was this polar bear.

His name was Snowball.

And he was looking
for his family.

And then--

Daddy fell asleep.




You know what?
I bet I know what happened next.

So, on his way
to visit his family,

a great blizzard swept across
the icy landscape.

The wind whipped.

And the snow was so thick

that Snowball couldn't see
where he was going.

Suddenly there was a loud crack,

and the ground beneath Snowball
began to bob and sway.

Blinded by the snow, you see,

he'd walked out onto an ice flow

that broke away and now
he was drifting all alone

through the frigid,
choppy waters.

Suddenly a dark fin
emerged from the water.

Snowball bellowed, "Help!"

But he was too far from land,
drifting and drifting away.

And then--

What happened?

Um, you know what?
You're gonna have to hear later.

It's called a cliff-hanger!


How did you sleep?

Very well.


Uh, right--
there is my sister.

So, I should go.

Um, but you know what?

I promise I'm gonna finish
that story later, okay?


Um, have a great day, guys.

Bye, love.


Is everything okay?

No. I lost my bridal veil.

I know,
what if we forgot it?

If we left it at home
or the plane

or the shuttle
with the luggage.

You know what? I'm sure
that it's gonna show up.

Somebody will turn it in.

Even if it doesn't,
we can find one in town.

I'm sure of it, okay?

Now I have to go 'cause
I'm gonna miss my ski group

but I will find you
and help you later!


Keep moving your arms and legs
like you're walking.


I'm okay! I'm good!

I got-- I got this.



Okay. I got it.


(shutter snapping)


Post and share.

Hey, guys?


Guys, wait up. I'm coming!



I'll just follow the tracks.

Follow the tracks.

When in doubt,

go right.

Okay. No more.


(gruff breathing)

Oh, please don't be a bear.

Please don't be a bear,
please don't be a bear.

(bird squawking)

Oh! Wah!

You guys!

(gasping for breath)

I thought I heard a bear!

I'm so happy to see you.



You don't have to worry,

There's no bears
in this forest.

Actually I read
that there are bears

and foxes and wolves in here.

Uh, but, you know,

I read the wrong thing
all the time, so.

Daddy, I'm so scared.

No, it's okay,

there's nothing
to be scared of.

The bears are hibernating.

But we're so far
from the hotel.

I bet you've seen
The Wizard of Oz, right?


It's one of my favourites.

Me too.

What do Dorothy
and her friends do

when they're scared
walking in the forest?

Um, they sing?

Exactly, so why don't we

sing our way back
to the hotel?

I sang in the school choir.

That's perfect!

What are you singing
right now?

Um, "She'll be Comin'
Round the Mountain".

I know that one.

Here, let me take your skis.

Thank you.

Take it away!

♪ She'll be comin' round
the mountain when she comes ♪

Toot, toot.

♪ She'll be comin' round
the mountain when she comes ♪

Toot, toot!

Come on, Cowardly Lion!
Sing with us!

I'm not afraid.

Oh, of wolves
or the singing?

♪ She'll be driving six
white horses when she comes ♪

Whoa, back!

♪ She'll be driving six
white horses when she comes ♪

Whoa, back!

♪ She'll be driving
six white horses ♪

♪ She'll be driving
six white horses ♪

♪ She'll be driving six
white horses when she comes ♪

Meg: Look, you know
you have to talk to Craig

and see how serious it is
with Lana.

He invited her
to a wedding.

It seems pretty
straightforward to me.

No. Nothing is straightforward
in any relationship.

You need to dig
a little deeper.


Ask questions,
the right questions.

Ask the right questions.

Right, right, right.

That was so much fun!

And snowshoeing,
it wasn't hard at all!

And look-

we made it back
safe and sound.

Do you really think
those tracks are bunny tracks?

I think so
but I'm not sure.

You know what? With that picture
your dad took on his phone

I think you could ask
somebody here at the hotel.

Oh- you know
who would know?

Peter, the concierge.

Can I, Daddy?

Okay, you take this in,
ask Peter,

and I'm gonna return
your snowshoes, okay?

Thank you.
All right.

See ya later.


Well, thank you for saving me.

And I'm so sorry
about the bear thing.

It's okay.

And actually, this turned out
to be a lot of fun.

Yeah, it did.

Um, how come
Lana didn't come?

Uh, Lana booked herself
a sauna and a massage.

I don't think she's enjoying
this winter weather

as much as
she thought she would.

It's not for everybody.

I love it, though.

Especially after
a fresh snowfall.

Oh, when the snow is still
sitting on the branches

and everything
is white and magical.

You know what they say,
it's not the circumstances

that create the joy-
it's you.

That's so true.

Okay, well I, uh,
I'm gonna go check on Sara,

make sure she found out
her mystery tracks.

Yeah. Good luck.
You want these?

Here, yeah,
I'll trade ya.

Okay. Got it.
Got that?

Whoop, jeez.

Whoop. Got 'em.
'Kay. All right.

We'll see ya.



Did you find the veil?
No luck.

It's okay.
Who needs a veil anyway?

It's not like I wanted my day
to be perfect or anything.

I'm panicking.

No, no.
No, you're not.

And you know what?

It's fine,
don't worry about it.

As your maid of honour,

it is my job
to figure it out, okay?


And it's actually fine
if you don't.

Everything actually
is perfect.

Except for that whole
Craig thing.

By the way, I booked us
a pre-wedding manicure

at the local spa.
Oh, when?

In an hour.
Okay, well,

I better go get these
dropped off then.

See ya.
See ya.

Okay, maybe I'll get my nails
done in red for love.

Hi, ladies!

So sorry I'm late.

The concierge just gave me
the message. I was in the sauna.

I am so happy
that you invited me!

Oh, I'm so happy
you could come.

I am so happy too!

My nails are a disaster.


How long have you and Craig
known one another?

About three years now.

Oh, so you knew him
when he was married.

Yes, I was really good friends
with his wife.


Um, after she passed
I made a point

of checking in
on Craig and Sara,

bringing them food,
that kinda thing.

That was thoughtful.

It was only
the right thing to do.

And after a while
I would stay for dinner,

take Sara shopping
for clothes.

Wow, sounds like you were
really there for them.

Well, it's not a chore when
you really care about somebody.

So, do you see yourself
in my shoes one day?

You know,
making it official?

I think so.

He hasn't asked yet,

but I have no doubt
in my mind that he will.

Afterward we're gonna go on
a quick tour of the town

if you have time.

Oh, that sounds so lovely!

I've been away
from Craig and Sara all day.

It's just been me,
me, me, me, me.

So I think I probably
should get back,

but I'm gonna get a colour.

Okay, what's going on?

What are you guys doing?

I can tell when
you guys are digging!

Listen, we just need
to get the scoop.

Okay, well clearly they're in
a very solid relationship.

I wouldn't say that.


I'd say he's not sure.

She might be misunderstanding
the relationship. It can happen.

People start as friends,

get comfortable and then--
Mom, Mom.

Meg, I need you both
to back off, okay?

He is taken.

And there's no way
I'm getting in between that.

I found one!

You think we can do that
again sometime?

Hang out with Jenny.

I like her. She's fun.


She is full of life,
isn't she?

You're definitely
more fun around her.

How so?

Like today,
you were singing.

you've heard me sing before.

It's the first time
since Mom passed.

Knock, knock!

I just wanted
to check in on you two,

see how you're doin'.

Oh, here.
Let me finish that.

How was your sauna?

It was great!

And then the girls asked me
to join them for a manicure.

Was Jenny there?
She was!

I wish I could've gone!

Oh, I didn't realize
that you knew Jenny.
Oh, uh,

we ran into her
while we were snowshoeing.

She was a bit lost,

so we all came back

There you go.

Thank you.

Do you think Jenny could finish
telling me her story at dinner?

Oh, I actually thought
that the three of us

could get dinner alone.

I saw the most adorable place
in the village-

a pizzeria, and I know
how much you love pizza.

All right.

Let's go!

Jenny: Wow, you sure don't see
stars like this in the city.

Oh, boy. That's for sure.

Shooting star!
I saw that.

Make a wish,
make a wish!

My wish already came true.

Hey, my man!

Where you been?

We went into town
for dinner.

Yeah, just the three of us.

I got this at the market!

It's so cute.
Do you know if they had any

with tigers on them?
I love tigers.

And did you know
that in Taiga

they have the world's
biggest tigers?

And the people
that live on the land

say that if you respect
the tigers,

the tigers
will respect you back.

That sounds terrifying!


Oh, that sounds
kinda mystical to me.

I think so too.

Please, join us!

Yeah. The shooting stars
are spectacular.

You know--
Come on.

--we should actually go.

Daddy, please?

Uh, you know,
the fire looks pretty nice.

There you go.

Look, look!
There's another one.

Oh! Everyone make another wish.

Your mom's getting
a little sappy here.


I'm fine. It's just--

I wish we could always
be together like this,

as a family.

Makes my wish
of a motorcycle

seem a little bit


What about you?

What'd you wish for?

I bet you
it was a double patty,

double cheese from Phil's.

Why would you say that?

I think Tony's wish

is a little more sentimental
than that.

Thank you for the props,

but Meg is right.

But only because--
Thank you!

--like her,
my wish came true.


I know it sounds mushy

but I wished
for what you and Meg have.

What about you, Craig?

What do you wish for?


I wish for all of Sara's wishes
to come true.

What did you wish for, Sara?

I can't say it.

Why not?

If I tell it to you,
it won't come true.

I'm with Sara on that one.


Are you all right?

I'm fine!

It's just
the cold air and I--

Maybe you're getting a cold.

No, I'm fine!

I'm fine.


I never get sick.

Whoa, you definitely
feel warm.

A good night's sleep

always made my girls feel
right as rain the next day.

Clark and I will walk you
back to your room.

We should go to bed too.

Come on,
we'll take you.
Uh, okay. Good night.

Good night, folks.
we'll come to bed too.

It's only nine o'clock!
Good night!

Um, there's a whole bunch of
snacks waiting for you, Tony.

Oh, now you're talkin'!

Yeah, let's go get 'em.


Jenny, can you finish
telling me the story now?

Uh, I'm sure Jenny
has things to do.

No, no, I'd be happy to.

I mean, if you don't mind
Sara staying up a little longer.

Please, Daddy?


But you gotta promise
to go to bed right after.

You know what?
I have just the thing

that's gonna ensure

that you will go to sleep
right after.

Here you go.

Warm milk...

with just a touch
of honey and nutmeg.

Guaranteed to send you
into dreamland.


Now, where were we?

Snowball was stuck in the ice
and there was a fin.

Was it a shark?

Well, the fin swam closer
and closer to Snowball,

until the water broke
and out came--

a huge orca whale!


Snowball backed away
from the edge of the ice flow

and begged the whale,

"Please, I'm just trying
to get to my family!"

Then the whale started to push
the ice flow towards shore.

And when he got close enough,
Snowball jumped off

and then from the blizzard
came two giant polar bears.

Who do you think it was?

Um, his parents?


Snowball ran towards them

and the father
thanked the whale.

And then,
the water broke again

with an entire pod
of orca whales!

Snowball waved,
"Thank you and goodbye!"

and he set off with his parents,
safe and sound.

The end.

So the whales
were his family.

That's right!

And they knew
the importance of family

so that's why they wanted
to get Snowball back to his.


Wow, you--

you really are
a great storyteller.

Thank you.

You must be a writer

or something creative
like that.

Uh, well,

if you call a children's
storybook editor creative,

then sure, yeah.

Um, but it's not really
my dream job.

What about you?
What do you do?

I'm the director
of a travel company.

That is exciting.

Mm-hm, well.

So what's stopping you?

From what?

I mean, you're the one
that told me

the more I say no to,
the more I miss out on.

And clearly,
you have a gift.


honestly I thought that, um,

if I was just like
an editor for a few years,

maybe I'd get my shot
at being a writer.

Hasn't exactly
worked out as planned.

That along with
a few other things.

Like what?

Well, I always really wanted
to see New Zealand

before life got too busy.

You know, actually,
I've always wanted

to see New Zealand myself.

Although you did make
a very good pitch for Taiga.


You know what?
I am actually

writing a story right now.

Um, it's kind of
inspired by the hotel.

So you never know, maybe
this is gonna be my big shot.

You know,
I think it will.

Because if dreams
do come true,

I imagine they
have to come true here.

Looks like your
sleeping potion's working.

Never fails.

I think
we should get to bed.

Of course.

Come here, you.


We should head back
to the shuttle.

Yeah. Let's do it.


As the shooting stars
streaked across the sky,

each one encapsulating
the promise of someone,

realizing a lifelong dream.



I wish I may, I wish I might...

have this wish I wish tonight.

My happily ever after.


How'd it go last night?

You know,
after we all left.

It was--

it was nice.
It was nice, yeah.

I mean, I finished
a story for Sara and--

she fell asleep on me.

Of course she did.

Your stories are like magic.

You don't just
write well for kids.

You're great with them.



So is Lana.

(phone ringing)

Oh, it's work.

I'm so sorry,
I have to--

Oh, stay, stay.

(clearing throat)

Hey, Ed!
How's it shakin' over there?

Oh, it's shakin' all right.

How's it goin' there?
Having fun?

Ed, I wish you could
see this place. It is magic

and there is so much to do.

Today, for example,
I'm gonna go

in a ride
on a horse-drawn carriage!

By yourself?

Yeah. By myself, why?

It just sounds like
the kinda thing you'd do with,

I don't know, someone else.

Well, um...

there's this guy, um--

his name's Craig.

And he's the best man

and he is super nice

and he has a daughter,
her name's Sara.

She is so sweet.

And I think she really
likes my stories

and I really like
both of them, but--

What's the problem?

I don't really know
where he's at.

You know, like,

with somebody else?

Ah, so it's complicated.

It sure it.

But you know what?
I'm keeping myself busy.

I'm actually writing a story!

that's why I called.

One of the books Carrie's
waiting on from another writer

is coming in late,

so she wants to put out
something ASAP.

You should send it in.


Ed, my story's not ready.

You don't want to
miss the boat on this one.

Just send in what you've got.

Okay, yeah!

No, I can--
I-- I'm on it.

Ed, thank you
for the heads up.

Okay. Have fun.

Oh-- keep me posted
on the best man.


Uh, Meg, I'm so sorry.
I have to go.

I have to email something

but I'll meet you
back here later?

Oh, cool, yeah. Go.
Have fun.

Okay, thanks.
Have fun.

Oh! I'm so sorry.

Oh, hey!
Are you okay?

I'm fine!

I-- I just have
a stuffy nose.

Oh, well do you want me
to get you anything?

Do you want some tea or--?

Vitamin D, buffered C.


I'll be, uh--

I'll be fine.


You are so beautiful.



Are you going on the, uh--
on the carriage ride?

I mean,

how could I say no?

Where's Sara?

She's dog sledding
with Meg and Tony.

That sounds
like so much fun.

You really have
an adventurous spirit.

You should consider
travel writing.

Well, if you need a writer,
I'm, uh...

very much available.

I'll remember that.

So what is your name,
I wonder?

The owner told me

that this is King Richard.

that's very regal.


A horse, a horse!
My kingdom for a horse!


Yeah, Richard III.

Um, how is--
uh, how is Lana?

I saw her this morning
and she didn't seem

quite right as rain.

I doubt we'll see Lana
racing through the snow today.

Uh, you two--

two together?

Are we to-- No, no.

We're not.
No, no, no,
we're not together.

I mean, like,
he's the best man

and I'm the best--
Maid of honour.

I'm the best wo--
Uh, that's how we're together.

Uh, all I need to know
is if you're riding together.



I mean, I don't mind
if you don't mind.

Of course.

Not! Um--
of course not.

No, yeah, we'll--

Okay. Great!

Ride together.

Thank you.


All right,
we're off!

I, uh--

I got these pastries
at a bakery in town.

Do you-- you want one?


Whoa. Mmm!

Thank you.

(happy sighing)

This is the best.

What, the pastry?

Yeah, that.


And um, being here.

With my family and--

seeing my sister get married.

I mean, I just don't know
what could be better than that.

Is Sara having fun?

She is having a blast.

And she's got that same
adventurous spirit that you do.

She was a really big part

of helping me get through
the first few years.

You know, I'm a pretty good
judge of character and...

I think she gets
that spirit from you.

That and Meg said
you were a real go getter.



What else
did Meg say about me?

Oh! Um--
Well, nothing.

You know, we were just
talking about wedding--

you know, like seating
and guests and wedding stuff.

Yeah, yeah.
You know that's funny,

because when I called to see
if it was okay to bring Sara,

she mentioned you as well.

That is funny.

What did she say about me?

How well she thought
that we would get along.

I gotta say I, uh,

I think she was right.

I mean, just look
at this village.

It almost feels
like we're in a Dickens play!

You have this way
of putting everything

like it came right out
of a storybook.


Well, this was fun.


Thank you so much
for the pastry.

Oh, don't worry about it.


Thank you so much.

All right.

Craig: I can't believe how nice
everyone in this town is!

Yeah, it's crazy.

they're really lovely.
I know!


So, how was it?

Oh, it was amazing.

It was like something
out of a fairy tale.

The town is just steeped
in such history.

It's so quaint!
It's so lovely.

Now I'm looking forward
to our ride even more.

Is it okay
if we take Sara with us?

That's perfect!
I'm supposed to go meet Tony

to talk about
some wedding stuff.

Oh, I have to meet Megan
for her vows.

I'm sure you could just drop her
back off here when you're done.


Um, all right.
I'll see you later.

Yeah, see you later.

All right, cool.
Okay. Bye, guys.

Bye, guys.



How you feelin'?

like a whole new woman.

A little vitamin C
and some time under my sun lamp

and I'm good to go!

Where's Sara?

Uh, she's with
Linda and Clark.

They went for a sleigh ride.

Oh! So I guess
it's just you and me then.

Oh, yeah.

Um, I'm supposed to meet Tony
about some stuff.

I was hoping Sara could
come hang out with you

if I didn't get back in time

and then we could all
meet up together.


like the wedding party.

Oh! Okay.

Yeah, uh, I guess a few
more hours under the lamp

couldn't hurt
while I wait for Sara.


Okay. Read me what you got.

My dear Anthony...

Keep going.

That's all I have.

I know, it's terrible.

But it doesn't mean
that I don't love him

in a million different ways.

It's just that I'm not good
at this whole writing thing.

That's your forte.

Okay, well we can do this.

Why don't you just tell me

everything you love
about Anthony?

Oh, he always makes me smile
when I'm feeling down.

That's nice.

And he levels me out
when I'm feeling crazy,

even though he does
actually drive me crazy.


Because he's my best friend.

Well, why don't you
just write down

everything you just told me

and then I'll just
arrange it for you?

Jen, if you would do that,

you would be the best sister
and maid of honour ever!

Of course.

Thank you.

now what about you?

What about me?


It's always awesome
hanging out

with him and his daughter

but it's not gonna happen.

He's with Lana.


Tony's with Craig right now,

going through wedding details.

I told Tony he has to
come back with answers

about Craig and Lana.

They're guys.
They don't know how to talk

and besides,
did you not hear Lana's wish?

I also heard Craig's wish

and it had nothing
to do with Lana's.

what about your wish?

Meg...I'm a big girl.

And I refuse to stand
in the way of a woman

who obviously deserves
to have her wish come true.


You know what you're doing
for the wedding?

Yeah, showing up, right?

Pretty much.

I think we got this--

That's too bad.

Hey, um,

when you and Meg
were making the guest list

did you, uh,
you mention me to Jenny?

I didn't make the guest list,

Right. Uh,
well when Meg was making it,

you think she was trying
to set us up?

Uh, I wouldn't know
anything about that.

But then again, I didn't really
know about Lana either.


And you shoulda talked
to Meg about that

'cause she was making
the guest list

and whoa did I almost
screw that one up.

I'm sorry about that, okay?
It was my bad.

Just-- when Lana saw the
invitation, she got so excited.

And she really has done
so much for us.

I figured
I should invite her.


So uh,

you and Lana are--
are what?


Oh, come on!

Look at that!

That's game.

Wanna play another one?

Yeah, I do.

That last shot
was a fluke.

You kiddin' me?
That was skill!

Skill? Yeah, right.

Wanna bet?

Oh. You're on, buddy.


You're really getting
the hang of that.


I've gone about
ten times already.

Come on! This time
we can go together.
All right!

See ya!

Wh-- where are those two
off to?

Oh, to the top
of the slide or something.

Do you wanna go together
on this one?

Um, so did you finish all
the wedding planning stuff?

Yep, got it all done.

(shutter snapping)

All right. Let's do it!


Whoa! It's so fast!


Oh, man.
That gets better every time!

I told you!


No! I don't wanna
get an ice burn

before my wedding!

I'll give it a try!

Of course! Come on!

All righty.

We're gonna have to show Lana
how we do it.



One more time.

Jenny and Sara:


That was faster
than last time.

I know!

All right, she's comin'.




Oh! Lana!
Are you okay?


Yeah, I'm fine. I just--
I think-- ah!

I just hurt my ankle
a little bit.

Well here,
just take my hand.

Thank you.

Let's get her sitting.

Lana, are you gonna be okay?

It's fine.

It's just
a little sprain.

Can you grab me
that blanket?

Yeah, of course.

(soft piano music playing)
Thank you.

Oh, perfect.

Here's something
to get us settled in.

Thank you.

There you go.

Thank you.



This is nice tonight,
with the music?

You know what,
we should see

if he would play for us
at the reception.

That's a good idea.

Oh, I love this old song!



Thank you.

♪ There's a saying old,
says that love is blind ♪

♪ Still we're often told ♪


♪ "Seek and ye shall find" ♪

♪ So I'm going to seek
a certain lad ♪

♪ I've had ♪

♪ In mind ♪

♪ Looking everywhere ♪

♪ Haven't found him yet ♪

♪ He's the big affair ♪

♪ I cannot forget ♪

♪ Only man I ever think of ♪

♪ With regret ♪

♪ There's a somebody ♪

♪ I'm longin' to see ♪

♪ I hope that he ♪

♪ turns out to be ♪

♪ Someone who'll watch ♪

♪ Over me ♪



Lana, wow!

You've got
such a great voice!

Thank you!

It's all those years
singing in my church choir

when I was Sara's age.

I had no idea!

You should sing
at the wedding!

Oh, no, no. Oh, my gosh.
You're making me blush.

I think we should get to bed.

Come on.

I think I should
hit the hay too.

Good night, Jenny!

Jenny, are you--

Oh, no. I think
I'm gonna just listen

to a little more music.


You have a lovely family.

Yeah, I do.

Is Ms. Devero
part of the family too?

Oh, no.

No, no.
Um, she's just a guest.

Well, I should see
to a few things.



So should I.

Hi, Ed!
What are you up to?

Just got back
from some shopping.

I bought this for Sam.

It's beautiful.

Not too soon?

I mean, I know
it's not a ring or anything,

but who knows?

If everything goes well,
maybe next year.

do you know if Carrie's

had a chance
to read my story?

I haven't heard anything yet

but she's making
her decision tomorrow.

I'll be sure to put in
a good word.

Thank you, Ed.
You're the best.

Hey, speaking of "best",
how's the best man?


Well, you were right.

It is better to go on
a carriage ride with someone.

Like him.

But, I don't know.
I don't know.

Still complicated?



Hey. I gotta go,

but message me later
with the details.

Yeah, you bet.

Sara: I wish Jenny was here
to tell me a story.

Yeah. Yeah, me too.

Well, I'll tell you what.

Why don't I start a story

and then you help me out?


Once upon a time,

there was a prince.

And he lived in a castle
in the middle of a forest.

Your turn.

He had lots of friends,

especially a little rabbit
named Sara.

But he was still lonely.

Dad, your turn.


Um, and even though

this rabbit
meant the world to him,

he was missing something

in his life.

A dog, maybe?

No, Dad!
A princess, of course!

Of course.

So he and the little rabbit
took a trip

to the North Pole,

and found a castle
made from ice.

Inside was a princess,

who was a really good


You're pretty good at this.

I think you should keep going.

The princess was also
looking for a prince.

So when the prince came,
he and the princess--

and the little rabbit
of course--

went and did all sorts
of fun stuff together.

They had so much fun that
the prince asked the princess

to marry him.


And then what happened?

They lived happily
ever after, of course.

Of course.

Wow, you're so good at these

I think you should be the one
that starts telling them

at night.

All right, Okay.

I promise I will
keep reading to you

until you find
your special someone.

Good night, sweetie.

Good night.

Where were you at breakfast?

Oh, I just grabbed coffee
and a muffin.

Worked on your vows
in my room.

No, never mind the vows.

I've got a debriefing
from Tony.

And I've got
some serious news.

Hey, Meg!

I hear there's a surprise.

Yes, there is!

All I have to say is,
do not give up hope!


Come on.


Is that a hybrid?
I didn't even hear it.

What is this?

This is maple syrup art.

Yes, that's exactly it.

We thought it'd be fun if we
made some homemade local treats.

That you can eat!


Well, sounds like
a good idea.

Meg: So cool.
Let's get started.

Everyone grab a partner

and grab a jar
of warm maple syrup.

You and me, partner.

Oh-- Okay!

All right, kiddo.

You and me, kid!

Grab that jar
of warm maple syrup

and you pour it over the snow

and then it solidifies
into candy.

Can we make shapes with it?

Of course.

I thought it would be really fun

if we all stuck to the theme
of wedding, and love.

So we can make a heart!

On it, partner. Right?

All right.

Here we go!

Dig deep, okay?


Tony, no! Too much!


That's good.

That's good.
Okay, let's go--

It's going all over your box!



Does it taste good?

It's all right, yeah.


A perfect little heart.

No, you're pouring way too much.

Oh, I am.

Okay, so show us
what you've got.


Nice heart!


Whoa. Well done!


What about you two?

Isn't it obvious?

I don't really think
arts and crafts are my forte.

No, no, no.
I can totally see it.

It's an X and an O.

Jenny's totally right.
It's obvious.

It is the universal symbol
of hugs--

and kisses!


Well, guys,
this was so much fun.

Thank you
for such a great surprise.

Daddy, can we go
to the general store?

Uh, sure.

Yeah, I don't see why not.

Jenny, do you wanna come?

They have so many neat things.

Jenny would love to come

and she'll meet you
right there, 'kay?

Let's go!

All right.
All right, see ya.

Jenny, just wait a second.

Tony, tell her what you told me

about Lana and Craig.

He said he felt like
he should invite her,

'cause, you know.

No, I-- I don't.

They're just friends,

That's what he said, right?
They're just friends?

Yeah, after I kicked
his butt at darts.

Okay, wait. So you're telling me
that they're not a couple?

Craig's a really nice guy

and she's
helped him out a lot

and so, yeah.
He-- you know.

No, Tony. I don't know!

She wants more
and he knows it

but he doesn't know
if that's what he wants.

Are you sure?

Oh, no doubt.

We fist-bumped on it.

Go get him.

Go, go, go!


Oh, this is so pretty!

I think you should get it

because it will go with
the surprise I got for you.

(phone ringing)

Oh! Speaking of which,
I just have to get this.


Oh, great--

Gonna make you look
just like a princess!

Isn't it pretty?

I just wish
it would stay on.

Oh, you know what?
It probably just--

Oh you know what?
It just needs some hair pins.

Yeah, I can bring it back,
put some in.

I brought like a million
for Meg's veil.

That's what we'll do!

We'll make a veil for Meg!

We'll take this--

and then we'll get
some beading and some tulle.

I'll go look for some.

And maybe you can
help me make it?


More arts and crafts.

You are making her day.

Well, don't worry.

I'm not gonna ask you
to join in.

(phone notification dinging)

Oh, wow!


My boss likes my--
my-- my story.

She wants to publish it!


Thank you!

That's amazing!



(clearing throat)

Wow, you must be so happy!

This is what you wanted!

It totally is!

I mean, and--
You know what?

I think Meg's right.

Maybe my plan
is coming together.

What plan?

Uh, well my work plan.

My, uh--

I always wanted to be
a children's book writer

and it looks like
I'm gonna get published, so.

Well, it's so great
when wishes come true.


I should actually get back

because I need to deliver
the rest of the story.

Um, ooh! Yes, I love it.
Let's do this.

Uh, see you
at rehearsal dinner.


That store was adorable.

I have a surprise for you.


I should have a package here
for Devero.

Ah, I do.

Here you go,
Ms. Devero.
Thank you.

What is it?

Open it.


Wow, this is so pretty!

I got it for you so you could
wear it to dinner tonight.

Thank you, Lana.

You're welcome.

I'll show Jenny

when I'm helping her
with her veil.

What veil?

Meg lost hers
so we're making her a new one.

Can I go, Daddy?

Yeah, of course you can.
Go ahead.

Okay. Ooh.
Just be careful.

There you go.

Just don't be late
for dinner!


I knew that she
would love that.

I've really
gotten to know her

over the past couple years.

You've been really great
to her, Lana.

Well, I've gotten
to know you too.

Yes, there's no doubt

that you've been there
for both of us.

And I hope to be here longer,

if given the chance.

Craig, I know that we've had
this conversation before

and you said you needed time,

but I guess I'm just wondering
when that time will be.

You don't need to answer
right now.

Just think about it.

I'm gonna go get ready
for dinner.

Jenny, look!


What a beautiful dress!

Lana got it for me.

How does the veil look?

Oh, um--

You know what?

I think it looks
pretty good.

It's right here.

I saved the beading for you,
of course.

Here, see?

There, and then here.

I'll help you. I'll hold.


Sounds like Lana takes
really good care of you.

Yeah, she's really nice.

And she always
buys me nice things, but...

she doesn't have to, though.

When my dad and mom
were together,

he was always laughing
and acting goofy.

Maybe she just brings out
a different side in him.

I want my dad to be happy,

like he was with my mom.

Like he is with you.

Which is why I'm pretty sure
my wish will come true.

Your wish?

Mm-hm. The one I made
on the shooting star.

If I whisper it to you
and no one hears,

it can still come true.

But you can't tell anyone.

Do you promise?

I promise.

I wish for...

Honey, I don't know
if that wish can come true.

Sure it can.

You just have to believe.

How does it look?

You know what?
I think--

I think it's gonna
be beautiful.

And I think it's gonna
make Meg's day perfect.

I should go get dressed
so I'm not late.

I'll see you later?

Yes, absolutely.

Thanks for poppin' by.

You're welcome!

(notification beeping)


There you go!

Oh, no! I forgot to bring my
hair wreath from Jenny's room!

That's okay.
I'll go get it

and you stay here
and finish getting ready

so we're not late
for the shuttle.

Thank you.



(long sighing)


Wow, look at you!

You're so beautiful.

Your vows.

Wow. This is amazing.

Thank you.
Of course.

How did the rest
of the afternoon go?

Oh, my boss called.

She's gonna publish my story-
the one about the ice castle!

I know!

Jen, you did it!

And for once, one of your plans
are gonna come true.

And even my little one
about you and Craig!

Well, about that, um--

I don't know, I'm torn.

I mean, I know what I want

and I know what Sara wants

but I don't know
if that's what he wants.

You know, I mean,
even Tony said he's unsure.


I don't know
if he's just confused.

(door opening)

Honestly, Jen...

I don't see any confusion
on that man's face.


What a crown!

Come on,
let's go show Tony!


Wow, you look, uh--

you look very nice.

So do you.

Yeah, I've been known
to pull myself together.


Is it me or is it
really hot in here?

No, it is.

It's a little warm in here.
I think we're finally

getting used to
this hotel temperature.

Yes, that's it.

Do you, um--

do you wanna step outside
for a second?



(wind whooshing gently)




Sure am gonna miss seeing
these stars every night.


It has been
somethin' special up here.

In a lot of ways.

Oh, I'm fine.

I'm fine.



I, um--

I have to--

I have to tell you


Look, Lana--

--Lana's been
a big part of our lives

since Sara's mom passed.

And you know,
Sara really likes her.

You know? And then,
and then I meet you.

Jenny, you're--

I mean, you are
something special.

But, it's just...

confusing. I mean--

And it's just--
You know what, it's--

Sara's so young--
You know what? don't have to
say anything else.

I get it.

I get it.

I don't--

I don't wanna be
a complication

for you or for Sara, so...

I get it.

(clearing throat)

Um, we should probably
just go inside.






There's the lucky couple.

Sorry I'm late.

Hey, everybody.

Hey, Dad!

Clark: We're just waiting
for one more.

Uh, sorry I'm late.

Sky is breathtaking tonight.

Hi, Dad.

Checking out the stars,
were we?


Well, looks like that shooting
star was lucky after all.


Well, your mom told me.

You're getting published.



And that is worth celebrating.

That's the spirit.

(glass tinkling)

I'm sorry to interrupt,

Um, Tony asked me
not to do this,

but just before we start dinner

I would like to say
a few words.

You know, when Tony
first told me about Meg,

I knew that just by
the look in his eye

that she was the woman
of his dreams.

And to be honest,

I would say that you're
a lucky man, Tony.

Linda: Aww!

Finding a woman
that you genuinely love

with that big,
soft heart of yours.

And who loves you back
in return.

Tony, you are...
you're a good man.

And you're a great friend.

And now that you've met Meg,
you are the best

that you're ever gonna be.


So cheers
to the happy couple.

Cheers. Thank you.

Clark and Linda:

I love you.

I love you.

I love you too.

Hear, hear.


Hear, hear.


And so this story ends
where it began,

in the far reaches
of the north... a castle made of ice...

..where happily ever afters
do come true.

Just not mine.

on the hair wreath.

It stayed on my head
all night.

Yeah, she did.

Why are you sad?


Oh, I'm not sad.

How can I be?

We're gonna have
a wedding tomorrow!

I wish I had one of
Jenny's sleeping potions

and one of her stories.

'Cause I'm too excited
to sleep.

Well, how bout I go get you
a glass of warm milk? Hm?

That'll help.



where you going?

I'm leaving.

You're leaving?

Yeah. It was a mistake
coming here.

I-- I don't understand.

I thought you were excited
to come to the wedding.

I was. I was excited.

Look, Craig,

my intent was always
just to bring you comfort.

But it seems like
the past couple days

the idea of "us"
is making you uncomfortable

and I don't want that.

So I think it's best
if we just both move on.

But I thought
that you wanted--

I wanted us to be a family.

But everyone deserves
to have their wishes come true

and honestly, I--

I just don't think
it's what Sara wants.


I'm so sorry, Lana.

It's okay.

It's okay, because everyone
deserves to be loved

and find that special someone.

And I really hope
that you find yours.

And I know that
I'll find mine too.

Thank you for--

everything that
you've done for us.

give Sara a hug for me.

Of course.


When you find
that special someone,

he's gonna be the luckiest guy
in the world.

Goodbye, Craig.

Bye, Lana.


When the prince asked
the princess to marry him,

was the little rabbit happy?


Good night.

Good night.

Oh, Ms. Devero.

Is everything all right?

Yes! Yes.

Everything is fine.

But you're leaving us.

I am.

I would love a shuttle

to the airport, please.

Well, I'd be happy
to call one for you

but at this hour they're
all stationed in town.

Perhaps I could assist you.

My shift is over
in just ten minutes.

I could drive you.

I would like that very much.

Allow me.

You are very helpful.

Thank you.

Let me tell ya, I still can't
believe we got this venue.

Oh, it's amazing.
Just beautiful.

Craig, my man!

(phone beeping)
Clark and I,
or should I say Dad and I,

are about to go
play some darts.
Not anymore.

Linda needs me to check
if the flowers arrived.

Ah. Craig, what do ya say?

One last game
before I'm a married man?

I was actually gonna go
grab some breakfast.

(phone notification dinging)

I really don't get it.

It's like she's got
some sort of radar.
Who, Meg?

Yeah, she's checking
to make sure my suit is pressed.

Oh, get used to it.

After you're married,

you are zeroed in
by the husband satellite.

The satellite that checks
every husband in the world.

So, I guess I better
just go get ready then.

Yeah. Oh, before I forget,

have you guys seen the ladies?

Meg and Jenny?

No, they're probably
getting ready somewhere.

Uh, I'll catch you
after breakfast?

Yeah, sounds good.


What do you think?

Yes, it's perfect!

It's perfect, except--

it's missing one little thing.

I love it!

Thank you!
Sara and I made it.

Sorry I'm late but you're never
gonna believe what happened.

I was leaving the hotel
and the concierge told me

somebody turned this in.

My veil!

Isn't that lucky?

Thank you, but actually,

I think I'd much rather
wear this one,

because my sister made it,

with help from a little girl
who has a big heart.

Are you sure?


Oh, you look beautiful!

Oh, Mom?

Mom, you gotta--
You can't.

With the makeup
and the ceremony.

I know.
I know, it's just--


Oh, come on.

Oh my goodness.

We are gonna go through
so many tissues today.


And how 'bout you?
What? Oh!

Are you getting your hair done
for your best man?

No, I'm getting my hair done
for you,

because today
is about you, not me.

It's your day.

So, all the table
centrepieces arrived?

Yep, all of them.

And all the
candle arrangements?

Uh, don't worry.

It's all been
taken care of.

and where's the groom?

That I don't know.


There you are.

Tony taught me
how to play darts!

Oh, he did, did he?


Is that mustard?

What? Where?


Where's Lana?

Uh, she had to go
back to work in the city.

But she said that she's
sorry she missed you.

Come on, everyone.

Let's find our seats
in our respective places.

This is it.
You ready for this?

You all right?

Gettin' there.

Is it hot in here?


It's all right, man.
You got this.


(soft chuckling)


Ladies and gentlemen,
we are gathered here today

to celebrate the union
of Anthony and Megan.

The vows that you are both
about to make

are a way to share your love
and commitment to one another

in your own words.

So without further ado,

My dearest Anthony,

you're my best friend.

You're the person I trust
more than anyone in the world.

And you are the best chocolate
chip banana pancake maker.

(guests laughing)

You make me smile
when I'm feeling down,

you assure me I'm not crazy
when I'm crazy.

You make me a better person
in so many ways,

and I am so blessed
to be able to laugh with you

and cry with you,

and spend the rest
of our lives together.

I promise I will do

all the hard work

to make sure now means always.

To support you with love
in word and in deed.

You have my heart
today and always.

I love you, Anthony.

(guests reacting, laughing)


Too soon!


Forgot we had to wait
till the end.

Please, it's your day.



(both laughing)

Let's carry on, shall we?

Whoa! Hey, kiddo.

Save some
for the rest of us.


Where is Lana?

I didn't see her
at the ceremony.

Daddy said
she had to go home.

She did? Why?

She thought it was best.

Hey, Sara.

Come on, dance with us.

Come on, come on!

I don't understand.

Lana deserves someone
who truly love her,

and who's not unsure
of the circumstances.

What I've come to realize

is that it's not the
circumstances that bring me joy.

It's you.


A few days ago I made a wish
on a shooting star,

that all Sara's wishes
would come true.

Now, I have no idea
what she wished for.

All I know is that
everything has changed.

Well, change can be good.


What did you wish for?

Oh, I can't tell you that.

Then my dreams
won't come true.



Hey, sis!



See? I told you.

If you don't say your wish out
loud, it will come true.



What's next?

Well, I was thinking...

New Zealand might be
a destination

that I want to go to.

Me too!

Destination wedding?


Do you wanna dance?


♪ Baby, where are you ♪

♪ The girl of my dreams ♪

♪ I need you real soon now ♪

♪ But it' not what it seems ♪

♪ 'Cause I,
I don't want no brief affair ♪

♪ I'm not into
those one-night stands ♪

♪ So Baby, don't hide now ♪

♪ Jump right back into my arms ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah! ♪