Wildling (2018) - full transcript

Anna spends her entire childhood in a single room under the care of a mysterious man she only knows as Daddy. He makes her fear the 'Outside' by telling her of the Wildling, a creature with sharp teeth and claws who roams about eating little children. At age 16, Anna is freed by small-town sheriff Ellen Cooper, but her greatest ordeal is yet to come...

- Do you want to hear a story?

Do you want me to tell
you about the Wildling?

His teeth

are long

and sharp,

like this.

And so

are his nails.


and sharp,

like this.

And his hair

is long

and black,

all over his whole body.

Do you wanna hear more?



You're my special, little berry.

Good morning, Anna.

- Good morning, Daddy.

- I'm gonna listen to your heart,

and then I'm gonna tell you to breathe.

Okay, now, breathe in.


And now I'm getting worried.

We do not see you around anymore.

Hunt's over.

Sure, but that don't
mean you can just disappear.

Roger, I'm retired.


I'll see you--

- I'm sorry the door gave you a sting.

I told you about that.

It's made so that the Wildling

will get hurt if he tries to get in.

- Why does he wanna get in?

- Because you're the last one left.

He ate all the other children.

- Who was that today?

I heard someone talking.

- There is no one.

There is only


and Daddy.


and Daddy.

There is only


and Daddy.

But only Daddy can go outside
because Anna is too small.

Anna must always

stay inside.





♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy Birthday ♪

♪ Dear Anna ♪

Close your eyes.


Now, open them.

I plucked him from the berry bush.

- It was evident

that the youngster had become


- accustomed.

Accustomed to the marvels...

One, two, three, four,

five, six, four, seven, five,

six, seven, eight,

nine, ten.

- He's in a better place.

I'm gonna take him to where I plucked him,

and I'm going to bury him there.

And then,

after awhile,

a bush will grow out of him,

and then when the spring comes,

it'll grow new berries.

- And Dusty will grow back?

_ Yes,


it will be a new Dusty.

- What's wrong with me?

- You're sick.

Anna, this is medicine,

and Daddy needs to see your tummy.

Good girl.

Now Daddy's gonna put the
medicine in your tummy,

and it's gonna sting, okay?

Anna, close your eyes.

Now, One,



Good girl.

We're gonna have to do this everyday.

H eY,


It's your birthday.

Don't you wanna count your bears?

- DaddY,

can you take me to the better place?

Maybe a bush will grow out of me.

- You'll close your eyes,

then you'll go to sleep.

And there'll be nothing.


Rate to 1,000.

Her EP is at 4.31.

Very good, we're pushing 1,000 milligrams.

And with her metmyelocytes.

Wait now, slow
down, don't take off.

- M.

It's okay.

I'm here to help you.

I'm the one who found you.

Your neighbors called
me to report a gunshot.

Sheriff Ellen Cooper.

I have a few questions to
ask you, would that be okay?


What's your name?

- Anna.

It's nice to meet you, Anna.

What's your last name?

- Anna.

- Officer?

Can I talk with you for a minute?

- You sit tight.

We detected
a high concentration

of leuprorelin in her system.

One more day and we probably
would have lost her.

- What's that?

- It's typically used
to treat endometriosis,

urine fibroids, or conditions
such as paraphilia.

The thing is, she's got none of those.

A doctor wouldn't even be able

to justify this kind of treatment.

- Do you think he was poisoning her?

. Ah!

It's a pretty heavy drug,

with a wide range of drastic side effects,

but it is very efficient
at down regulating

the secretion of estrogen
in a woman's body.

There's no evidence of
any menstrual cycle.

At all.

I think whoever did this to her

wants to slow down her maturity.

- That's fucked up.

- Yeah, I'll leave you to it.

Thank you, doctor.

- Yeah.
- Dr. Bector?

Paging Dr. Becker.

- Anna?

I'm gonna undo these straps for you, okay?

It's okay.

Just gonna undo these straps.

Like that.

It's okay.

There you go.

- Where's Daddy?

Is he in the better place?

- Good morning, everyone.

So, the doctors have told me

what a bright, young girl you are,

and how well you responded
over the past week

to all their crazy tests.

I bet you're just about
ready to get outta here, huh?

Well, we think you're
ready to move on, too.

So, The Bellington House
is a wonderful place.

They have a wide variety

of special therapeutic programs

designed for girls just like you,

and it's a lot more fun than a hospital.

- Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt,

but I gotta say, locking her up again

doesn't really sound like
the right strategy here.

- With all due respect, Sheriff,

I think we can trust
Dr. Rooney's expertise.

- We haven't even received
the DNA results yet.

It seems a little
- Well, as I was

just explaining to our
- bit premature to--

- patient, The Bellington
House is the per--

- I'm gonna go with her.

Well, uh,

we'll see about that.

- So you're gonna be with me
until your DNA results come in.

DNA is something that we use to identify

any relatives that you might have.

That gal looks familiar.

- Until then, I'm gonna
be responsible for you.

You okay with that?

You don't like my driving?

We're going less than 20
miles an hour, it's safe.

I mean, not in general,
if you know, for example,

you were driving under the influence,

but, I don't drink,

so no need to worry about that.

- You don't drink?

- Not anymore.

- You must be very thirsty.

- Not many vegetarians in this town.

I can't believe you did that.

You didn't even say anything.
- I know.

- Stop it.
- Little shit.

Hey, what are you thinking?

C'mon, let's go.

- You wanna stay away from guys like that.

Yeah, 38, we got a...

Are you hungry?

I'm not a great cook, but I
know what goes with ketchup.

Pretty good, huh?

- Who's this?

- Anna, this is Ray.

Ray this is Anna.

The girl I was telling you
about from the hospital.

- Why is she wearing my clothes?

- Because she's our guest,

and because she needs something to wear.

You never wear that shirt,
anyways, so why do you care?

What happened to your head?

- It's none of your fucking business.

- Excuse me, language, young man.

- Are you his daddy?

No, I'm not
his daddy, I'm his sister.

Only men can be daddy's
and women are mom's.

Everyone has them, whether
you like it or not.

I'm sorry, it smells a bit musty in here

'cause we don't use this room very often.

Okay, here ya g0-

Well, if you, ah, you need anything,

I'm, I'm just across the hall, okay?


- Can we close it?

- Are you cold?

- The Wildling.

- What's the Wildling?

- He eats children.

- Oh.

Did your daddy tell you that?

Have you ever seen him, a Wildling?

- In my dreams.

- Listen, Anna, I've
been to a lot of places,

and I've never seen a Wildling before.

It's okay, you're safe here.

You get some rest.

You've had a long day.



Good morning.

You okay in there?

It's seven, time for breakfast.


- We only moved her for Ellen's job.

Right after our parents died.

If we were still in the city,
we'd be taking the subway.

No subway sucks.

No cell phone signal
anywhere, ever, sucks.

Only one single chain restaurant
and that's Dairy Queen.

It sucks.

I told you, they're not hamsters,

and they're not babies, either.


Do you wanna see where
you really come from?

Well, this should give
you the general idea.

Oh, yes.

- I got a little something for you.

You know, that's what you use

when you're bleeding down there?

- So it's medicine?

- No, no, no, you're not sick,

you're a woman.

Race, 79.

- Woo, go lady Grizzlies.

Do you know where the library is?

- Very nice.
- Yeah, I'll show you.

Girls, let's
go back to the start.

One more run.

- The party is this Saturday.

It's at my house.

So, you should definitely come

cause you'll get to meet everyone.

It will be super fun.

- Thank you.

- Bye.

Yeah, yeah, probably.

- She's barefoot.

- I think she's the girl that
was kept in father's attic.

'Oh, my God, really?

Like a sex slave?


- She must be retarded.


- Hey, hi, excuse me, Miss?

Hi, are you looking for something?

- I'm, I'm looking for Ray.

He was supposed to meet me

at library after school.
- You know, you should really

be more careful, there's
like broken glass and shit.

I might be able to help ya out.

C'mon, let me out.

- What you think?

- Sure.

You guys are so hilarious.

- Ray, you never told
us you had a girlfriend.

- I don't.
- Oh, then what are you,

fuck buddies?

- You're a riot.

- Hey, buddy, you forgot something.

- Who was smokin' pot?

- No one.

Oh, good boy, that's a good boy.

Make sure he remembers that.


- Hey, that was very impressive.

What's your name?

- You're not doing me any favors.

- You always go up like
this against the grain.

My dad taught me how to do this.

He used to shave every
single day of his life.

Not his legs, his face.

Anna, there's something that
I need to talk to you about.

Those DNA tests came back.

They show that Gabriel Hanson
is not your real father.

He's not your daddy.

- What?

- Do you remember what I
said about moms and dads?

- Everyone has 'em.

- Yeah.

We're still not sure who
your real mom and dad are.

I don't think the state's gonna let

you stay with me forever.

We're gonna have to find
you a more permanent home.

- You can't escape so easily.

The test is Monday,

and you've only gone
through half of your stuff.

So, what do you know about the
Declaration of Independence?

C'mon, if you flunk this,
Ellen is gonna kill me.

- Have you ever been
to the Northern Lights?

- No, you can't see them from here.

- Why?

- 'Cause they're really, really far north

where there's no more people.

I'd actually like to see
the Northern Lights, too.

My mom,

she showed me pictures when I was like,


- Uh, what are you doing?

- You smell.

- I smell?

- Like a hamburger.

- I've never gotten that one before.

- What's that?

- What?

- There.

- Ah, I think Jen's having a party.

- I know Jen.

- How do you know her?

- She's my friend.

- Hey, where are you guys going?

- To a Party-

- Ah, you don't wanna party with me?

I thought we were gonna fire up the grill?

- Yeah, but couldn't we do that tomorrow?

- Yeah, sure.
- Well, why don't you

come to the party?
- Oh, I don't think

Ellen would wanna come
to this kind of party.

- What kind party,
- C'mon.

- Is this kinda party?
- It's at Jen's house.

- Ah, yeah, we're gonna
be home before midnight.

- Hi, who are you again?

- Anna.

- Anna,

come on in.

Thank you.

- You're with a girl.

Good for you.

Hey, buddy, why
didn't you bring your mommy?

She's my sister, asshole.

I didn't know you could
fart out of your mouth.

Ooh, the hidden talents, man,

hidden talents.

- Here, don't drink it too fast.

It's great.

I You can party in the dark ♪

♪ Make it in the dark ♪

I It's a party in the dark ♪

♪ You can talk too close ♪

♪ You can feel it in your clothes ♪

♪ You can talk too close ♪

♪ You can feel it in your clothes ♪

♪ Make us strip you down ♪

♪ 'Cause you really got it down ♪

♪ 'Cause I like the dark ♪

♪ Make it in the dark ♪

I It's a party in the dark ♪


Anna, what's the matter?

Anna, I can take you home.

Come out, and let's go.


Anna, would you please open the door?

made so that the Wildling

will get hurt if he tries to get in.

does he wanna get in?

you're the last one left.

He killed all the other children.

You look familiar.

- Anna?

Are you okay, where have you been?


Did someone hurt you?


Ray and I have been
looking for you everywhere.

Anna, listen, I, I want you to
know that you trust me, okay?

You can tell me anything.

I really need to know
what happened last night.

Where you've been and what
happened to your dress?

Did someone try and hurt
you or touch you in anyway?

- Roger.
- Hey, you need any help

with her?
- No, I'm fine,

thank you.
- Well,

here's the thing.

Richard Fuller just called,

and his 18 year old son,
Lawrence, was also at that party,

and he didn't come home either.

Um, he was last seen around 11 p.m.

and Tom and I asked the kids,

but no one seemed to see him leave,

so, well, well I thought
maybe we should ask her.

- I think you should let me handle that.

Anna, you need to talk to me.

Anna, you need to tell me what happened

at that party last night.

You don't wanna be painting
your nails right now.

I'm trying to help you, I can't help you

- Ellen?
- If you won't talk to me.

- What's going on?

Are you okay?

- Ray, what do you know
about Lawrence Fuller?

- Huh, you mean besides being an asshole?

- Well, that asshole is missing.

- You think that Anna had
something to do with this?

Is that what's going on here?

- I want her to tell me
where she was last night,

she won't talk.

- Ellen,
- I need for you

to tell me where you were
- I think it would be better,

- last night.
- If I talked to her.

- Oh, you do?
- Yes, alone.

- Yeah?
- Yeah

Thank you.

Don't worry, I won't
tell her about the blood.

Anna, you can't do stuff like this.

How am I supposed to protect you?

Let me see.




We need to take
her to the hospital.

- Thought so.

You're looking for the others?

Like you.

I haven't seen one of
your kind in 16 years.

Since the last purge.


I remember that night.

I'll never forget it.

The men from the town said they
got every last one of them.

But that isn't quite true, is it?

Do you wanna know where your mother is?

Gabe, you okay?

I'm fine.


of them bastards back there?

- No, we got 'em all.

Every last

one of them.

Your my special little berry.

- What's going on?

- We found Lawrence.

And her dress by his body.

I'm sorry, Anna.

I really wanna understand.

I'll be back.

Goodnight, Roger.
- Goodnight.

- Before I got you,

I had a dog.

His name was Jasper, good dog.

Always a bit of a rebel.

But then,

after the night I got you,

Jasper got crazier,


And then finally one day he snapped.

So I had to send him to the better place.

You know?

I swore an oath, Anna,

that I would kill the Wildlings.

If I had been

half the true hunter Jasper was,

there would be no Anna,

and Jasper would still be at my side.

There's a better place for you.

Lift up your shirt.

Find the place,

and put it in.

Now push it in.

Push it all the way in.


Why didn't you tell me
that I'm a Wildling?

- Only to spare you.

- Why?

Why did you spare me?

- Anna was a mistake.

And so is Daddy.


- Good morning, Anna.

Are you okay under there?

C'mon, get up, I need to take you to the--





- Anna?

- Drive.

Anna, seriously.

Can you go any quicker please?

Where are we even going?

- To the Northern Light.

- Seriously?

This is crazy, I mean, you're a fugitive.

- No, I'm a Wildling.

Why are you slowing down?

Why are we stopping?

- What is it? A Wildling?

- Keep driving.

- What is a Wildling, Anna?

I wanna help you,

but you can't honestly think,

that we can just steal
a cop car like this.

They can trace this thing.

, We should be down

in about another five minutes, over.

- Hey?

Hey, VVildling?

Ah, fuck, that's cold.

You're gonna get sick
in those wet clothes.


C'mon, Anna, get "P-

Raise your arms.

- I won't bite you.

- You track here down?

Get the men.

- I can't do that, Gabe.

Not if she's with the kid.

I ran into Cooper this morning.

I'll tell ya, she's
askin' too many questions.

I'm not going to jail for this, Gabe.

Not for your mistake--

- You let her get away.

It's not that bad, really.

- It won't stay like this.

- What is it?

- Run.


Ray, stay down, stay down.

I don't see them.

- You gotta jump.
- What?

We follow the river.

It's probably gonna take
us back to the lake,

from there, we can find our way back

to the car and find Ellen.

C'mon, let's go.


. RaY-

Oh, my God.

Who did this to you?

No fucking idea.

- Where's Anna?


Over there.

Let's head up this way.

Flush her out.

She's the
lead suspect in the murder

of fellow high school
classmate, Lawrence Fuller.

Fuller was found dead at
a party three months ago,

and his killer is still at large.

Anna was arrested
shortly after the murder,

but escaped and is still missing

several months into the investigation.

An important warning,
authorities are urging residents

not to take matters into their own hands,

as they fear this female
suspect maybe dangerous.

- Watch where you're going.

I'm sorry.

- We gotta go.


GO, 90, go'

- Ray?
- Ellen, Ellen, where are you?

Rengreen, why?

Listen, listen.

They're on the move.

And Roger's with them.

She killed him.


Move, move.

- Watch your step, sheriff.

Put it down.

Put it down.

You shouldn't have been snooping around.

And you should have never taken that girl.

You were never gonna--

- This is 185 to dispatch.

I need backup.

COPY, Please.

- We got a new little berry.


almost ripe.

Soon you'll be in the better place.

It's okay.


almost in post.




C'mon, that's it.

It's alright.

That's it.

I promise you,

if it's a girl,

I'll name it Anna.


- Ellen?

♪ Lights so bright ♪

I Through these endless skies ♪

♪ Feel so distant ♪

♪ And far ♪

♪ And trees that sway ♪

♪ Under the moon so brave ♪

♪ Is there life beyond ♪

I These stars ♪

♪ I wanna wake up inside ♪

♪ Oh, I wanna wake up inside ♪

♪ I wanna wake up inside ♪

♪ Yeah, I wanna wake up inside ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ The prettiest thing I've ever seen ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ The prettiest thing I've ever seen ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ I wanna run with you tonight ♪

I And temper keeps me up at night ♪

♪ As dreams flow under the door ♪

♪ Waking up, deep inside ♪

♪ Afraid of wanting more ♪

♪ I'm gonna wake up inside ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm gonna wake up inside ♪

♪ I'm gonna wake up inside ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm gonna wake up inside ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ You're the prettiest
thing I've ever seen ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

I I know it's time for you to see ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ The prettiest thing I've ever seen ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ I wanna run with you tonight ♪

IOoh ♪

I Yeah ♪

IOoh ♪

I Yeah ♪

IOoh ♪

I Yeah ♪

IOoh ♪

I Counting every second ♪

♪ Wanting to find what's next ♪

♪ Bury me in the garden ♪

♪ Another chance I'll get ♪

♪ It's you, I know why ♪

♪ It's you, I know why ♪

.1“ Why me ♪

.1“ Why me ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ The prettiest thing I've ever seen ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

I Yeah, I know it's time for you to see ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ Your the prettiest
thing I've ever seen ♪

♪ Wildling ♪

♪ I wanna run with you tonight ♪

♪ I wanna run with you tonight ♪

♪ I wanna run with you tonight ♪