Wild Kratts Alaska: Hero's Journey (2017) - full transcript

While creature adventuring in Alaska, one of Aviva's breakthrough inventions falls overboard and attaches to a sockeye salmon--jumpstarting a wild chase upriver through the wilderness. The ...




♪ Wild Kratts!

Chris: On the coast of
the north Pacific Ocean

and in the fresh water
rivers that feed into it,

there's a spectacular
wildlife event.

Martin: Hey it's us,
the Kratt Brothers.

I'm Martin.

I'm Chris and
we're talking about

a creature journey
like no other.

It's called
a salmon run.

And this just isn't

a fish story.

This story includes lots
and lots of other animals.

There are salmon
in this river.

Mostly Chinooks
and a few Coho.

There are seven species
of salmon in the world

and they all make
similar journeys.

But today, we're
focusing on the journey

of the Sockeye Salmon in
the rivers of the west.

Chris: Like this one in Alaska.

Every year,

the salmon swim upstream,

battling the currents
and traveling hundreds,

sometimes even
thousands of miles,

to get up to the very
same rivers and creeks

and lakes where they were born,
so they can lay their eggs.

Those salmon will

encounter many obstacles

along the way.

Swift currents,
dams and waterfalls.

And there are a lot of

other creature obstacles too.

Oh, this current is

so strong right here.

How do the salmon do it?

Uh oh.

A waterfall ahead with bears!

Now that means trouble
for the salmon.


Imagine if we could
join the salmon

on their grueling journey
full of surprises.

Imagine if we had

Sockeye Salmon power.

Both: What if?

♪ On adventure with
the coolest creatures.

♪ From the oceans to the trees.

♪ The Brothers Kratt are going
places you never get to see.

♪ Hanging with their
creature friends.

♪ Get ready it's the hour.

♪ Gonna save some animals
today with Creature Power.

♪ Gonna go wild with Wild Kratts
gonna go wild wild Kratts.

♪ Wild Kratts. Gonna
go Wild with Kratts.

♪ gonna go wild wild Wild.

♪ Cheetah speed
and lizard glide.

♪ Falcon flight and lion pride.

♪ Gonna go wild
with Wild Kratts.

♪ gonna go wild
wild Wild Kratts.

♪ Wild Kratts. Gonna go
wild with Wild Kratts.

♪ gonna go wild wild
Wild Kratts.

♪ Go wild wild Wild Kratts.

Chris: Wild Kratts Alaska.
Hero's Journey

Martin: Okay, we've
made creature contact.

Good, I'm ready.

Martin: Looks like
she's...yes, now!



Got it, your turn.

Martin: Orca Power!!!

How was that one?

Pretty good,
right Swirly? (laughs)


Well Martin, you're
still not getting

the height that
Swirly's mom gets.

The adjustments that Aviva
and I made to your tail fin

should give you more than
enough power to do it..

Chris: Wahooo!

Fancy spins?

Okay, that's not
how Orcas do it.

But it looked fun.

Nice one, Chris!

Hey thanks Martin.

But I can't get...
the height either.

You wanna try Koki?

Koki: Look, Aviva and I

build the technology,

you guys test it out.

That's the deal.

You need to keep up
with the creatures,

if we're going to
learn about them.

Now put a little more
tail action into it.

Like him.


Like this?

Koki: Yes! Now
that's more like it!

Leaping with Orcas
in the North Pacific Ocean!!

These cold water
currents are full of life.

Chris: Yup, plenty of
food here to support

all sorts of awesome
marine animals.

Sockeye salmon!

Wait up.

Hey, nice to meet you.

Now what should
I name you?

(gasp) you'd
better take off.

There are hungry
Orcas around!

See what I mean?

Hurry, hurry.

Get out of here quick.

Ah, nothin' to
see over here.

This way.

Martin/Chris: Wahoo!!!


Aviva's really on
a roll with her inventing.

Maybe I can
finally cash in

this Time Trampoline
gift certificate.

You know what she says,

time machines are
not easy to build.

I know, but it's..worth a try...
Aviva: I did it!!

Oops. Chris!

Remember the Christmas
present I owe you?

You mean this one

that I keep trying to cash in?


Is the Time Trampoline done yet?

Not yet.

Finished yet?


Chris: Don't forget about this!!

Ah, okay... I'm on it...

Chris: Now, is it?

No, it's still not done.


Aviva: Remember, science
takes time and trying

to figure it out
is part of the fun.

But I am closer.

Great! Whatdya' got?

Yeah, let's see!

It's a major breakthrough.

It's huge!

TA-DA !!

Okay, not exactly huge.

Yeah, I'd probably call it


It's a Time Thruster.

A critical part
of the machine.

Koki/Jimmy Z:
Congrats Aviva!

Martin/Chris: Wahoo!

Chris: One step closer!

Koki/Jimmy Z: Wah!!!

Oh no!!!
The Time Thruster!

I dropped it!!!

Jimmy Z: What? !!!!

Aviva: It's sinking.


My Time Thruster.

It's attached to a salmon!
We got to get it back!

We'll take the Amphisub!

Let's get salmon-sized!

Miniaturizer ready.

Martin: Miniaturize!

Deploy Amphisub!

Go find that fish!!!

Chris: We're on it!

Martin: There! The fish!
He's up ahead!

Chris: Hold up there pal.

You've got something of ours.


Where'd he go? !

Martin: I don't know.

He disappeared in
this big school.

Oh I know her.

Hey, did you happen to
see a fish with a

Time Thruster attached?

No huh?

Oh by the way, you
still need a name.


Later bro.


We gotta find that fish.


Chris: Ooops sorry.
Didn't mean to bump you.

Um...it sure is getting
crowded around here.

Martin: Yeah, what's
with all these fish? !

There must be millions!

Chris: Something
is going on here.

Martin: You thinking
what I'm thinking?

Chris: I think we're
thinking the same thing

Martin/Chris: A Salmon Run!

Okay, I'm no fish expert,

but I know salmon don't run.

They swim.

Chris: That's true, but
a Salmon Run is when all

these amazing fish leave
the ocean to swim up

rivers and lay their eggs.

Martin: It's one of the
most amazing journeys

in all of nature.

After years of fattening
up on the rich food sources

of the sea,

they gather
to journey hundreds

of miles upstream.

Oh no!

This is way worse than
I could have imagined.

How do we find one
fish in all of those? !

Getting that Time
Thruster back just got

a lot harder.

We've gotta track
these sockeyes on their

journey until we find it!

Martin/Chris: Oof...

Chris: Sorry...just trying
to blend into the crowd.

Martin/Chris: Ah..oof...

Martin: Please,
you gotta help us!

We really need to
find a.....shark!

What!?! No bro.

The last thing we need
right now is a shark.

I know, but we got one!

Martin/Chris: Ahh!!

Salmon Shark!!!!

Martin: Gotta
get outta here!!

Chris: Whoa!

Koki: Uh-oh.

I lost their signal.

I gotta go down there.

They need help!

I have a feeling
there might be some

obstacles on this adventure.

Aviva: Kratt Bros...
where are you?

Chris: Yikes.

These Salmon sharks gather
at the mouth of the river

because they know
the salmon runs

are happening right now!

Martin: And that
means a feast for them.

Look out!

Chris: On it!

Martin/Chris: Whoa...

Now where are they?

That's a lot of water.

Martin: Our salmon
friend. Follow her!

Chris: All right.
On my way.... whoa....

Martin/Chris: Aahhh!!!!

MARTIN Whoa! Aah!

Hey, it's you again.


Chris: Martin!!!!



Dry land.

Guys, where are you?

It's me Chris.

The Amphisub is totaled,

but I'm okay.

And Martin?

He fell out.

I saw him riding a
salmon towards the river.

You've gotta
find him quick.

What about you?

I'll get back
to normal size

and catch up to you.


Aviva: On it!

Okay...uh-oh.. we forgot
to take the Miniaturizer..

Hey, cool, this
little gully looks

kind of familiar.

A Grizzly Bear cub!

Of course.

It's a Grizzly
Bear footprint.



Um, I know you're spending

the summer searching

for food and fattening up

for winter hibernation,

but you don't have to go
around sitting on people.

Aw, but I forgive you.

You cubs have a lot of
growing to do before winter,

right bud?

Mom's calling.

Hey! If you're going

where I think you are,

I have a plan that

just might work!

Mind if I tag along?

Aviva, come in.

I need a Grizzly bear suit.

Martin: Ahh, it's a
little calmer here

just inside the river.

I really have to thank
you again for saving me.

Now I know the perfect
name for you - Hero!

Because you are one brave fish

and you saved me.

Hero, the sockeye salmon.

And, you know what?
I'm going to repay you.

This journey you're
taking is rough

and I'm going to help
you get home safely.

I promise, okay?

Koki: Okay Martin, we
have your signal now,

but we still can't
track your exact location.

Stick with that fish
until we locate you.

I won't let Hero
out of my sight.

It's my turn to save her.

Any fish that
can face a shark

is pretty tough in my book.

Oh yeah.

And the obstacles
are just beginning.

Even here at the
mouth of the river,

the salmon need to look
out for predators like...

Stellar Sea Lion!!!

Move Hero...move!

Uh...see what I mean?

Okay, maybe you can
save me one more time.

Then, it'll be my turn.

Aviva: Remote cameras ready.

Okay, now I can watch for
the salmon that made off

with my Time Thruster...
and look for Martin...

while I finish the
Grizzly bear power suit.

Whew! How's that

for multi-tasking?

Okay Chris, I think I've got

all those differences

between Grizzly and

Black bears down now.

You have that
Grizzlies are bigger,

heavier, and stronger
than Black bears right?

Aviva: Got it!

Chris: That Grizzlies
don't really climb,

but Black bears are great at it
and do it partly to get away

from the bigger Grizzlies.

Aviva: Check!

Chris: That Grizzlies have
a big shoulder hump

and a rounder, dish-shaped face?

As opposed to the
Black bears longer,

dog-like face with
a straight nose.

I covered that too.

Plus the bigger
claws of the Grizzly.

Chris: Great, so even
though Black bears

can be brown and lots
of different colors,

they're a very different
bear than the massive Grizzly.

It's all in there.

And the fur sample

you teleported gave me all

the DNA signatures I need.

Ready to print

creature power disc.

Jimmy, ready for
teleport transfer?

Jimmy Z Ready to play ball!

And....teleportation zap in.

And....zap out!!!!



Please don't sneeze, Little G.

Got it!

Insert Grizzly
bear power disc.

Touch Grizzly bear.

And activate
Grizzly bear power!

Wow! I feel so strong...

so powerful...and so,

so.... hungry.

You too?

That's what I thought!

This is working out

exactly according to plan.


Lead the way, Mommma Griz!

Koki: Day 7 of Hero's Journey.

We still don't know
exactly where Martin is,

but the salmon have logged
about 126 miles

and he's with them somewhere.

Martin: I tell ya, Hero,

it's impressive
that you can survive

going from salty ocean
water to fresh river water.

Most creatures can't do that!

Do you realize how
amazing you are?

And you're modest to boot.


Boot? Not that kind of boot.

Wait..I know that boot!


Martin! There you are!

Any sign of the Time Thruster?

Not yet, but Hero
is doing great so far.

Even though it's all
upstream from here.

Yeah, well I'm working on

a Salmon Power Suit,

which might make everything

a little easier.


Hear that Hero?


Oh, you're figuring out
which way to go, right?

And You're doing it (sniffing)

by smell!

Aviva, she's sniffing
her way home.

Sniffing? !

Are we still talking

about a fish?

Martin: Yeah, salmon have
a great sense of smell.

Once they're in the rivers,

they actually smell their
way back (sniffing)

to the lakes

(sniffing) and little streams
where they were born.

Oh, she's going that way. C'mon!

Ah, I think this

will be quicker.

(laughter) Okay, thanks Aviva.

Uh-oh...I think
we went the wrong way.


Martin: Yeah, I'd call
that an obstacle.

Aviva: An impossible

Hero can't get past that!

None of these fish can!!!

Martin: But they're trying.

Whoa!! Not impossible!

Okay. That is so cool.

Mind-blowing cool.

Martin: An incredible
display of strength

and determination.

And it's not easy.

They miss and get washed back.

But just have to keep trying.

And not give up.

Martin: It's a tough one Hero!

About 7 feet.

Close to max jumping
height for a sockeye salmon.

But you can do it.

Whoa, what a leap!


Martin: C'mon. You can do it.

Martin/Aviva: Yeah!!!

Way to go Hero. You did it.

Now that's what

I call determination.

(gasp) Martin,

there's the fish with
my Time Thruster.

Oh no he made the leap!

And he's going upstream!

Go Aviva. Go, go, go.

We gotta catch him!

Koki: Day 14 of Hero's Journey.

The Time Thruster
escaped us again,

but at least we know
we're on the right track.

I can't believe that Hero has
traveled all this way -

252 miles -

battling strong
currents the whole way.

The Tortuga's a much
easier way to travel.

And look at the
obstacles they face!!!


Jimmy Z: Salmon sharks....

Koki: Sea Lions....

Jimmy Z: Waterfalls...

Koki: I mean, what could
possibly be next? !

C'mon Little G.

You gotta keep up buddy.

Oh, hoo hoo.

Okay you got me!

The river!

Ah-ha, just where I
thought she'd take us.

It's the place to be,
if you're a bear.


Because there are
lots of salmon to eat.

And watch, your mom has
a different technique.

Let's break it down.

She gets right to
the edge of the falls -

where all the fish are leaping -

she watches and waits for
that perfect opportunity...

and then.... BAM!

It's a catch! Wow!!!

See, you have to learn
how to do that to survive.

And if I can become
an expert at it,

I can stand at the top of
the falls catching every fish

that goes by until I find
the one with our Time Thruster!

Genius right?

Okay, here I go.

Just a few final
adjustments and


Ahhh, The Sockeye Salmon
Creature Power disc.

Mini sized for a

mini Kratt brother.

Wow! Thanks Aviva!

Aviva: Test it out.

Okay Hero. No more
hitching a ride.

I've got my own fins now.

Insert creature power disc.

Touch sockeye salmon.

And activate Sockeye
Salmon Power!

Awesome! Made for the river.

Oh yeah. Streamlined

and powerful.

And ready to
fight that current!

Let's go Hero.

Aviva: Hey, wait for me...

Wow. We're really
covering ground now!


Another waterfall.
And this one has bears!

Oh we can do it Hero. Ready?



Okay those look sharp.

Let's get through here

as quick as we can.

I got this waterfall, Hero.

I'm going for the jump...

with Salmon Poweeeeerrrr!

Ow...okay, okay that's
way harder than it looks.

I gotta try again.

Aah!!! Wah!!!




Aviva, you gotta put a little

extra power in this suit.

If the salmon can do it,

you should be able to do it too.

C'mon I thought you were
the swimming brother.

You're right.

I am the swimming



Sorry Momma Griz.
This is my bro!

Whew. Aw c'mon Chris.

I would have
made that jump.

Yeah, you would've
made it right into her mouth!

Hey thanks for teaching
me how to fish Momma G.

Next one is all yours.

Martin: Hey Hero!
Yes, you made it!

Chris: Yeah, it's
awesome she did

because some don't.

Okay, that's way harder on foot.

Hey Aviva.

Meet Momma Griz!

Aviva: Hi Momma Griz.

Chris: And Little G!

Little G? Little G?

He's fishing.

Aviva: My Time Thruster!!!

Great job buddy! Hang onto him.

Aviva: He got away!

I got him!

Awww I missed him.

Don't worry, I got him!

Martin: Aaaahhhh.

Everybody is
feasting on these fish!

Yeah, but that fish

is your brother!

You gotta help Hero, Chris.

I promised we'd get
her hooooommeeee.

Chris: Martin can
deactivate when she lands,

but you'd better go
after him, just in case.

Okay and one
salmon power disc

so you can follow that fish.



Aviva: Find that Time
Thruster Chris!!!

Chris: I'll try.

Goodbye Bears!

Hello Salmon.

Activate Salmon power!!!

Woo hoo.

Hero's journey isn't over yet.

Koki: Day 16 of Hero's journey.

And let's just say, things are
not exactly going swimmingly.

Hey, thanks for the fun ride.

I mean, those young
eaglettes look hungry.

But I'm not
worried, because now,

I just...



Ahh, ohhhh!!



Uh oh, creature power
suit malfunction.

Wait, nah, nah, nah,
you don't want me.

I'm really, kind
of chewey, ugh!


Oooo, ahhh, ahhh!!

Ahh, ooof, ah.
Ooof, ooff.


Uh, oh, gotta hide!



Guess she'll just go back

and get another fish.


Pine marten's got a salmon too?!

These salmon are feeding
a lot of creatures.

Haha, glad that Pine Marten
isn't eating this Martin.


Wow, even trees get fertilized

by nutrients from
the uneaten salmon.


...flip, flop, flip, flop.

River Otters, Black Bears,
Shoreburn Seagulls.

Wow, all these creatures
depend on salmon.

Hey, you're so important
to this ecosystem.

A hero in that way too, ya know.

Woho, workin' the river.

Alright, which way now Hero?

You sure?

Oh boy, I'm getting worried

that we'll never find

our time thruster.

I mean, what are the chances

that the fish with
our time thruster,

just happened to
go this way too?

Exactly, or that
the fish has even

survived the journey.

I mean, bald eagles, pine
martens, river otters.

It seems like the
obstacles are endless.

Uh oh, speaking of obstacles,

look, a hydro electric dam.

There's no way we
can get past this.

Oh salmon pals, it's over.

I'm so sorry I couldn't

get you all home.

The end of the line?

But after all that?

How can this be?

Hi, it's Ava here.

I know all about dams.

People build hydro electric dams
as one way to make electricity.

But it's really bad
for the salmon.

A real sock in the eye,
for a Sockeye Salmon.

If the salmon can't get through,

they can't lay their eggs.

And soon...

No more salmon.

Thanks Ava.

So I guess that's it.

The end of the line.

I'm sorry Hero.

People are super smart.

But sometimes,

we don't think of everything.

Hey, I think I see Chris Kratt.

Chris, is that you?

I'm glad we found you.

We heard you were in trouble.

Our town's dam has
something special,


A fish ladder, haha.

This is fin-tastic.

Guys, this way.

Swimmable, jumpable steps.

Oh, what human creativity.

People thinking about creatures

and solving problems.

There are still lots of
challenges to solve

with dams and rivers,

but by using our creature power,

our smarts, anything's possible.

And when I grow up,

I'm going to be a scientist,

and come up with an
even better idea,

for both energy and fish.

Chris: We're off again, see ya.

Good luck! Bye!

Chris: See Hero? We told
you we'd help ya out.

Koki: Day 18 of Hero's journey.

Still in search of a
lost time thruster.

I mean, maybe we'll
have to face it,

that we'll never get our time
machine working again.

I know, it's not looking good.

But it's not over till the
last salmon stops

swimming Jimmy Z.

Hero's still in it
and so are we.

Salmon can clock as many as
18 to 30 miles per day.

Talk about a marathon swim.

It's just so much space.

What are the chances?

Koki: Very slim, Jimmy.
Very slim.

Oh, where did that
bald eagle go?

Martin? Martin?!


Ow, okay, now I feel
like a Kratt brother.

Whoa, oh. (laughs)

Hey, Little Howler, it's you.

Aw, my favourite
little grey wolf pup.

Oooo, that hover bike
does not look good.

How am I going to
find Martin now?

Aviva: And it's getting dark.

Ohh, I'm really stuck sweetie.

Where are you going?

Flip, flop...ugh.

This is an exhausting
way to travel.


And not to mention, hazardous.

Hey, what's that?

The river, yes!

Water, oh sweet water.


Can't I catch a break?

Easy. Sharp, canines
you got there. Ahh!

Wow, wolves who fish.

River otters too!

Huh, it never ends
for these salmon.

Except, this might be
the end, for meeeee!!!!!!

Nice den.

Aw, are you offering
me to sleep here?

I can't do that. (laughing)

Hey, give me that back,
little toughy.

You can't eat my helmet.


Uh oh.

Now there's something
he can eat.

Where are we?

Huh? No wait, not that one.


Ohh, my whole body hurts.

We're bruised and battered.

Exhausted and...


Am I seeing things?

You look weird,

all reddish, green.

We're running out of energy
and becoming food

for scavenging nymphs.

I may be next Hero.

I just don't have any...

strength left.

I do like your colours, though.

Hey, wait a sec,

I'm not hallucinating.

We're changing colours!

Sockeye Salmon change
colours before they breed.

We must be getting close!

Okay, I'll give it
everything I've got.

When the going gets tough,

the salmon get going.

Psst, Martin.

Aviva. Oh, I think he's asleep.

Good, ready?

Yeah, toss me a line.

When was the last time
you heard a fish say that?

Got it.

Go Aviva.

Whew. Ohhh...

This is so humiliating.

Caught ya.

Very funny.

Just as I thought,

an eagle talon caused
the malfunction.

Okay, try it now.


Ahh, now that's a relief.

Now, we've got to get
back to Chris and Hero, fast.

Fast? Okay, you've
got your vest.

Insert disc.

Both: Activate grey wolf power.

Wolf power!


Nice, now let's put
that wolf running speed

and stamina to use.

Thanks for the help, wolf pack.

Let's split.

Koki: Day 23 of Hero's
journey and still looking

for Aviva and Martin.

The obstacles continue
to mount and this journey

has now covered 414 miles!

I'm amazed at what

these salmon can endure.

Hero, I love our new look.

Full breeding transformation

and the males with
those awesome hooked jaws.

But please tell me we're close.

Now I know why only

about one in 1000 salmon

successfully complete

this journey.

It's tough.


Are you digging my grave?

I'm exhausted, but I'm not dead.


Of course,

you're digging your nest.

This is it, we've arrived!

You're home Hero!

Wahoo, back to your birthplace.

We did it!

Koki: Woah, what did you say?

I didn't say anything.

She's digging her nest.

That's how they do it.

See? She makes a big depression
in the gravel with her tail fin.

It's called a redd,
which means nest,

in Scandinavian.

Oops, sorry.
Hero, I'll help you.

Oh wow, this is fin-tastic.


Jimmy Z/Koki: Yippee!

Hurray! Get us down
there, Jimmy.

This is the final destination,

and our last chance to
find that time thruster.


Rested and ready to roll.

Here, fish with
our time thruster.

Where are you?



I guess we just came
up empty, this time.

Been running for days,

and with all this wolf
stamina, I still feel great.




Hello, little girl
who cried wolf.


Good news is,

we found each other.

Bad news, I think that the

time thruster is lost forever.

(gasp) You mean
that time thruster?

Like I said, there it is.

These sharp wolf eyes are on it.

Don't lose that fish!

Well Hero, I'd say

we've done pretty well.

The redd looks complete to me!

Next up, lay some eggs, right?

Chris, I found you!



Ooo, that was a rough entrance.

The fish! It's here.

I know she is. Hero
just finished her nest.

She did?

Not Hero, the male!

The one with the time thruster.
He's here somewhere.

Chris: re you sure?
I haven't seen him.

Aviva: He's here, I know it.

Aviva: We have to look
around for him.

Come on, guys!

Okay, hmmm.


You did it!!

Aha, see Hero? I told you

we wouldn't let ya down.

Oh sorry,

I'll let you down.

That's a beautiful redd

you've built.

Chris: With a little
help from me.

Oh look, she's on
to the next step.

Eggs, you're laying them.

Martin: And he's
fertilizing them!

Hero completed her mission.

Sure did.

Hello, baby salmon, in there.

Your mom did a
miraculous journey for you.

She's incredible!

Should we tuck them in Hero?

A little tail swish?

Eggs all safe and cozy.

Hey guys, what's
wrong with Hero?

Martin/Chris: What?!

Oh no, she gave all

she had to lay those eggs.

Now, she's dying.

Koki/Aviva: Dying? Why?

All these salmon, even the one's

that complete the journey,

and lay their eggs,

they all die.

It's part of the life
cycle of the salmon.

But that's sad...

Yeah, real sad.

And just how nature works.

We'll never forget you, Hero.

But don't forget, her babies,

the next generation,

are safe here, in the river.

They're the future
of the salmon.

But, that time thruster is

the future of our time travel.

We've got to find it.

He's landing there?

Not the greatest
parking spot Jimmy.

Ah, I can land 'em anywhere.

Jimmy: Hmmm?


Uh oh, she's stuck.
I can't get lift off!

Oh no, the Tortuga's
blocking the water flow.

And with no water, that means,

the salmon are in trouble!

And so are the eggs!

Chris: They're gonna dry out!

Ohh, this is a disaster!


This is all our fault.

All this generation
and the next will die,

if we don't restore the flow.

This is bigger than

finding my time thruster.

We've got to rescue these fish!

And all the creatures that
depend on them.

Chris: You with us guys?!

Let's do this!

All: With creature power!

Activate grizzly bear power!

Activate bald eagle power!

Aviva/Koki: Activate
grey wolf power!

Yes, grizzly bear
brawn and strength.

Bald eagle flight.

Aviva/Koki: Wolf
power of the pack!

All: To the creature rescue!

Martin: Heading your way, Jimmy!


Martin: Thanks Jimmy.



Grizzlies have the strength
of almost five humans!

Yee-haw! Yee-haw!

Woo, nailed it!

Aviva, Koki, all set!

Alright pack, stronger together.

Let's do this!

Aviva/Koki: The power,
of, the, pack!!

The power of the
Wild Kratts team.



All: Woohoo! Chris: We did it!

The river is restored!

The salmon are saved.

Ah, and Hero's eggs are safe.

Martin: Aviva, look!

Hey, my time thruster!

I've got it.

All: Woohoo, yes!

Koki: Unbelievable!

Aw, just like Hero,
we never gave up.

We just kept trying.

And we did it!

We saved the creek,

the salmon, the creatures
that depend on them,

and so much more.

And now, we won't leave your
side, little Hero juniors.

Chris: A few months later...

They're here!

It's happening!

A newly born baby salmon.

It's called an alevin.

That's a little sack of food
that'll last almost 50 days.

I'll call you Hero junior.

We knew your mom.

Oh, she was a great fish.

She taught us a lot.

So now, you just hang out in
this pool for a while,

and grow bigger.

Like this guy.

He's learning to catch
his own food already.

I remember when creatures
like that scavenging nymph,

were feeding on
the adult salmon.

It's a healthy circle of life.

Koki: And so, as
Hero's babies grew,

we continued our
creature adventures

and our inventing.

Okay, the time thruster is in.

Ready for a test of
the time trampoline?

Chris/Martin: Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah!

First, we'll send this can
back, instead of you guys.

Chris/Martin: Awww, no fair!

2 million years, back in time.

Chris: Please work.



Yikes! It got crushed
by the time warp.

Oh, glad it wasn't us.

Uh huh.

Awww, not another obstacle.

Yeah, but hey, if
science were easy,

it wouldn't be so awesome.

We just have to keep trying.

Hero never gave up.

And neither will we.

Koki: And the following spring,

one year later,

Hero junior was ready to begin
his own incredible journey,

to the ocean.

For Hero junior,

the journey ahead is full of as
many obstacles and hardships,

as the one his parents took.

Aviva: Once he gets
to the ocean,

he'll spend a few years
getting big and strong,

before making the tough
journey back up the river,

just like his parents did.

Martin: But the salmon
have what it takes.

Maybe their greatest
creature power is...


That never give up attitude.

Chris: And that's
what our friend,

Hero the Salmon, taught us.

Keep trying, no matter
how hard it gets.

It's the lesson we've learned,

on Hero's journey.

So, salmon are

an unbelievable fish.

Not only do they have the power

to make an incredibly

difficult journey,

but they're also so important

to the lives of hundreds

of other creatures.

Let's take a closer look at
some of those other creatures.

Like the bald eagle,
a master salmon fisherman.

When the salmon are running,

bald eagles congregate,
sometimes by the thousands.

Then of course,

the bears.

Imagine if you were a salmon

and you fight your way

up to this point,

you look ahead,

and that's what
you face next.

A giant waterfall,

with a bunch of bears around it.

But, the salmon never give up.

That's the salmon's creature
power, determination!

They fight till the end,
and they go for it.

These bears are each

staking out their territory,

their own fishing
spots at the falls.

There are a few

techniques they use.

Some of them wait at
the bottom of the falls,

for the fish to jump.

The one's that don't
make it, get washed back,

bump into the bear and
the bear can quickly grab them.

There's also the technique of

waiting above the falls,

until that right moment
where a salmon jumps,

almost straight into your mouth.

There are almost
as many techniques

as there are bears.

The goal for these animals
is to fatten up,

on the bounty the salmon brings,

before winter comes.

One of the reasons the salmon

all run at the same time,

is because it's a

game of numbers.

There are so many salmon,

all fighting their way

up this river

at the same time,

that the bears and
the other predators,

can't possibly get every one.

So, some of them will get
through, and lay their eggs.

Yeah, nice jump!

So the life cycle of the salmon,

is not only about this amazing,

adventurous, powerful fish,

that never gives up.

It's also about
whole ecosystems,

of plants and animals,

who rely on the food and
nutrition the salmon provide.

Oh yeah, salmon are heroes

of the creature world.

Keep on creature adventuring!

We'll see you on
the creature trail.

To find out more
about cool animals,

and collect your own
Wild Kratts creature powers,

go to the Wild Kratts website,

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