Wild Hearts (2006) - full transcript

When Bob Hart, a widowed police detective trying to raise a rebellious teenage daughter, inherits a Montana horse ranch, he jumps at the opportunity to leave Los Angeles for the open range. Soon after arriving, Bob accepts the position as county sheriff and discovers that the seemingly bucolic countryside is far from tranquil. His problems include wolves who attack his stock, ruthless developers trying to take over the town and a female veterinarian with a chip on her shoulder, while trying to build a new home.

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- Girl, you are wild.

- Hey, Willie.
[Tires screeching]

- There she is.

- I'm out of here.

[Siren blaring]
- Hit it, dude!

[Kids yelling]

- How many times

am I gonna have to tell you

not to do this down here?

- You gonna arrest me?

- Your grandfather died
last night, Madison.

- I'm sorry, dad.

- Let's go home.

[Distant sirens]

- So what's the town called

- Hope.
- Oh, please.

Just better be a mall there.
That's all I can say.

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna miss you, girl.

- Yeah, well we got email.
- Totally.

- [Sighs]

- Ralph, this is some kind
of hat.

- [Laughs]
- You'll fit right in.

- Thank you.
- [Laughs]

You know, I... I still can't

believe you're leaving me.

Abandoning your partner

to be the sheriff of
a town of what?

- 4,002.

- Oh, well.
All: [Laughing]

- Hey, Madison.

- You gonna miss Los Angeles?
- Yeah.

Hey, what do you think about
my new hat?



The town called me.
They want me to take over.

I think it's going to be
good for her.

She needs to get out
of the city.

I'm not sure L.A.'s the place
for her anymore.

- Ralph, hon, we ought to
get on home.

- Yeah, we should go.
- All right.

This is it, huh?

- Ok, well let us know
if you need anything.

- Aw, don't worry.
I'll probably be back here

after I deal with
my dad's estate.

Why don't you come up
and be my deputy?


- Oh, I'm gonna miss you.
- Yeah, me too. Bye-bye.

[Door shuts]

So you gonna help me
with these boxes,

or you just going to
mope around all day?

- Lose the hat.

- You know, Madison,
this could be good for us.

This could be a chance
to start over.

- You want to start over,
then start over.

- We've talked about this.
- No, you've talked about this.

I don't want to move
to some farm.

Why can't I just stay here?
- It's not a farm.

It's a mustang ranch.


- How come you don't
talk about him much?

- Who?
- Your father.

- What do you want to know?
- Why didn't I ever meet him?

- My mom died when I was
six years old,

then after that he never
went anywhere.

The ranch, the mustangs,
it's all he cared about

more than anything.

- And?

- So eventually I met your mom,

and she wanted to move
to Los Angeles.

I wanted to get out.

My dad said if
you leave this ranch,

don't bother coming back,
and don't bother calling.

- So...
- So, I didn't call.

- Neither did he?
- Stubborn as a mule.

- Mom said you're just like him.

- Oh yeah?
What else did she say?

- She said you loved him.

- She said that?

- Mm-hmm.

So where's main street?

- This is the main street.

- This is a ghost town.

- Hey! Sam!
[Honks horn]

- Bobby hart.
Welcome back.

- Good to see you.
- It's good to see you.

I'm so sorry about your dad.
- Thank you.

- And this must be
your daughter.

- That's Madison.

- Well, you look just like
your mother.

What's the matter
with your nose?

- [Laughs]

Kids. You know how it is.

- [Laughs]
Bobby, take care.

- Good to see you, Sam.
- Nice to meet you, Madison.

- They said if we could
take care of it today

that would be pretty good...

- Progress. Yes, sir.

Progress is finally coming
to our sleepy little town.

- Hmm.
- We're building a mall.

Who'd have thunk it?

And after the mall, we're going
to get ourselves a casino,

condos, golf courses.

Yes, sir. The new hope.
- Sounds great, Arliss.

- Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.
- Bobby?

- Well, we've called him that
since he's been about that high.

I'll tell ya, I was a good buddy
of your grandpa's.

May he rest in peace.

Ooh, you got something there
on your nose.

Here, uh, here.

Go ahead, you can keep it.

I'll tell ya,
this ain't no los ang-eles.

No crime here.

So, if you want to back out of
this, we'll understand.

- Oh, I'm here, Arliss.

I might as well do the job
'til the next election.

- Well, then ok.

Probably, well, just like
you remember it right Bobby?

- Yep.

- And here's Glenda
to give you a hand.

You remember Glenda!

- Well, sure I do.
Hey, Glenda.

- Bobby. You look so much
like him.


- My daughter Madison.
- Hello.

- Your pa's secretary
for so long,

people can't even remember
when she started.

Good for you.

I tell you,
isn't life funny, huh?

Huh? [Laughs]

You know what this
reminds me of?

The time we had the Arabian
nights in the big room.


[Muted rock music]

- What?

- I have seen a nose ring
before, you know.

Except it was on a bull.

- You know that piece of straw
you're chewing on?

I've seen cows pee
on that stuff.

- The name's Tim.

Where's your dad?
- How do you know my dad?

- It's a small town.

- Well, he's inside getting the
grand tour from the hillbilly.

- Timmy!
- Ah, hey, grandpa.

- [Laughs]

I want you to meet
our interim sheriff.

So you just better quit
that shoplifting, you hear?

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Vicky's boy, from Fresno.

Staying the summer
with us old farts.

- Uh-huh. Arliss, I'm gonna
need a couple of days

to get settled.

So, why don't I come back
on Monday?

- Take all the time you need.

No crime here.
No, sir.

- Take care.
Come on, honey.

[Car door opens]

- What do you think, honey?
- This looks...

Just like an old western movie.

[Horse neighs]

- Hey.

- Howdy, Bob.
- How are you doing?

- Good.

Hey, girl.

I haven't seen you
since you were a toddler.

I bet your daddy's got a grin
from ear to ear on his face.

- About time he smiled
at something I did.

- You'd be surprised, Bob.

Well, what do you think?
You want to go see him?

- Oh, you bet.
- See what?

- I'll show you.

[Horses whinny]

You see that stallion
right there.

He just sired
about six months ago

pretty little Philly
named Lucinda.

- Lucinda?

- Yeah, it's my mother's name.

The little one there,

the runt,
the name's Bob.

Your granddad chose that one.

- So where's Lucinda?

- Lucinda's back at the barn.
Her mother died of some disease.

She's got no mom
to suckle.

Herd's turned her out,
and she won't eat.

We're doing whatever we can
to keep her going.

The vet's keeping an eye
on her.

- Is it still old pain in the...
- hey.

You're gonna like this one.

[Horses whinny in the distance]

- I thought you said you could
set your watch by this vet.

- I did.

[Horse snorts]

- Wait a minute.
Is that the vet?

- Yeah.

- Hey, Hank.

How's your baby Lucinda?

- Well, you tell me.

Better yet, tell him.
He's the new owner.

- Robert hart,
the prodigal son.

- [Laughs]
- Emily Benson.

Took over pain in the butt's
practice three years ago.

- Good.

- Your father was
a real charmer.

- He was?
- Oh, yeah. I loved him.

[Horse snorts]
- Well, that's nice.

- This must be Madison.

Your nose is
the talk of the town.

- Yeah, well, what can I say.
Big nose, small town.

[Horse sniffs]

- Want to hear something?
Come here.

Come here.

Ok, just hold that right there.

- Is there any improvement?

- She's still not
eating much, is she?

- What are we gonna do?

I don't even want to think
about putting her down.

- I don't think so.

You gave her
your grandma's name.

If she deserves a name,
she deserves a chance.

- The doctor will know
what to do, Madison.

- Oh, look, let's just
try to get her to eat, ok.

We'll keep a watch on her
for the next few days, ok?

All right, sorry.
I got to get going.

I've got a...
Got a goat with a cold.

Nice to meet you guys.

- Bye-bye.

- Is that Cody McMichael?

Chaps my hindquarters.

- [Sighs]

Well, lovely doctor B.

The young miss hart.

My good old buddy Hank.
- Cody.

- And Bobby.

Yeah. The new sheriff.


Man, you're the last person
I ever figured

would be back here in hope.

- [Laughs]

- So, how you doing?

- I'm doing just fine, Cody.
How about you?

- Pretty darn near terrific.

Building that mall in town.

- What brings you up here?
- Hey.

Just being neighborly.

Your dad and I went
to school together

when he was the runt and I was
captain of the football team.

- [Laughs]
That's right.

- [Laughs]
Yeah, I made his life miserable.

Kids, huh?

Now, your old man,
he loved these mustangs.


What would you say
if me and my people

offered to buy this ranch?

- [Sighs]
Well, that's...

that's nice of you, Cody.

But, uh...I guess
I'd have to say no.

- That's it?
Just no?

- Same thing his father said

when he asked you
to leave the property, Cody.

- You really might want
to think about it, Bobby.

- Why don't you go on
in the house, honey.

- Or she can come with me.

- Let's go.

- Think about it, will ya,

Make you a good offer.

- Cody McMichael.

I actually dated him
when I got here

'til I found out
he was married.

Looking back, I suspect
all he really wanted

was to buy my land.

You know, your grandfather
and I had a great connection...

the horses.

Your dad did a good thing
coming back.

- You think so?
I didn't want to come.

This place is so Hicksville.

- Well, not everybody
can live in Los Angeles.

Not everybody wants to.

- Well, it took you a while,
old man.

But you finally got me
back here.

Hey, Hank.

Look at this.

- What is that?

- Core samples.

Somebody's been dry drilling.

My father ever hire any
surveyors to test for a well?

- No. Not that I know of.

- Well, we better get back
and start unpacking.

- Hey.
- Hey, Emily.

[Goat bleats]

- Well, I see you two have met.

Tim helps me out around here.

How's our goat?

- Sneezing up a storm.

- All right. Here we go.

Yeah, I know.
Just like me when I was a kid.

Didn't like my medicine.

- [Groans]
- Ok.

[Goat bleats]
All right, all right.

Good boy, good boy.
There you go.

You want to pet him?

[Goat sneezes]

- It's just a little goat snot.
Not a big deal.

There you go.

- Why don't you give
Madison the tour?

- You coming?
[Goat bleats]

[Clock ticking]

- Oh! Leave that door open,

It's a nice spot, huh?

- Perfect timing.

I already got your computer,
your stereo

and your TV set up
in your room.

Did you have fun?

I want you to see something.

Come on.
- What?

- Come on!
- What is it?

- What do you think?

- Well, it's water.

- [Laughs] This used to be
my favorite spot.


- What are you doing?

- I'm going in.
You coming?

- I don't think so.

- All right! Whoo!


- [Laughs]
- Whoo!

Whoa! That's the good life!

Come on in!

- No, no. There's leeches
in there.

Bloodsuckers. It's gross.

- Oh yeah! One's got me!
A great big one!


Oh! You better come in
and save me!

- Dad! [Laughing]
- It's got me! Come help me!

I can't believe he kept
all this stuff.

- Your mom was pretty.

- Yep.

- [Laughs]

And you do look like your dad.

- I got to finish

You might want to email
your friend dawn,

tell her you're here.

Just try not to make it sound
too horrible, all right?

[Horse flutters]

- Do you know what's
going to happen to you?

Do you? Eat. Eat!

Eat. There you go.
Good girl.

- Sorry, didn't mean
to scare you.

Your daddy used to
come down here at night

and do the very same thing.

You know when your dad
left the ranch here,

your grandpa,
it broke his heart,

and he never got over it.

- What about the ultimatum?

- Hot air.

- Well, he could have called.

- Your daddy could have
just called, too.

Well, I'll see you
in the morning.

- Dear dawn, well,

I guess the good news here
is that even though

the hillbillies who named
my dad interim sheriff

got him to come out here
and take over for his father,

I don't think they'll
convince him to stay.

[Clicking keys]

Dear dawn,
you'll think I've gone crazy,

but here it is:
This place is beautiful,

and the people have been
really nice so far.

We live in a big farmhouse
with tons of room.


I've been giving my dad
plenty of space

because he's figuring out some
things about his own father.

I hope he knows I'm here
for him if he needs me.

And you won't believe this,

but there are mustangs,
wild mustangs,

living here on our property.

It rocks! They're the most
beautiful things I've ever seen.

I'll talk to you soon, Madison.

- [Sighs]

[Clock ticking]

[Rooster crows]

[Horse neighs]

[Horse snorts and neighs]

- Now there's a sheriff.

- [Laughs]
She needs to learn how

to clean out the stalls
and feed the animals.

And then she can help you
mend that fence.

- Ok, but if you want
my advice...

- I'll ask for it.

- Seven letter word
for slave.

- What?
- Chattel.

- [Laughs] Chores.
That's living on a ranch.

Have a good one!

- Now listen here, little lady,

you saddle up old Rio here
and take him out for a ride.

But be back
before your dad gets back.

That's right. You don't know
how to ride, do you?

I'll show you.
Grab that blanket there.

Saddle 'em up.
The one under the brush.

That's it.

Try it again.

All right. Here.

Pull her in front of me.

What happened to that?

Ok. Pull up!
Good, good, good.

This here,
give it a little tap.

Give it a little kick.

- [Screams]

- Oh. You ok?

- Yeah.
- All right. Whoa.

Hop on.

Good for you.

All right.

[Horse neighs]

[Crickets chirping]

[Clock ticking]

[Keys clicking]

[Wolf howls]

[Wolves howling]

[Thunder claps]

[Thunder clap]


[Thunder clap]

[Sobbing harder]

[Rain pattering]

[Thunder clap]

[Light switch clicks]

[Thunder clap]

[Birds tweeting]
[Rooster crows]

- I, uh...

[Rooster crows]

- What?
- I, uh...

Heard something last night.

- Yeah?
- A wolf.

- A wolf?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I saw it, too.
- Huh.

- It was amazing.
- I didn't hear anything.

But, when I was a boy,
I saw some wolves.

They are amazing
and dangerous.

Hey, where'd you get that?

- Found it.

[Door squeaks open]

- Bob? We got ourselves
a situation.

One of the horses
has been killed.

Wolves don't usually
come down this far.

Out of the mountains.

We had a drought winter
last year, and they're hungry.

There they are.

We're gonna have to
track 'em down, put 'em down.

- Put 'em down?

- These animals are
our responsibility, Madison.

- I know that, but how do we
know that wolves did this?

- What?
- You're a cop.

Don't you need a little bit
more evidence

before making an arrest?

- Don't get all wound up,
all right?

- I'm not. I'm just saying
how can we be 100% sure.

- The cuts there are
the result of strong jaws

and sharp teeth.

- Ok. Say it was wolves.

Isn't there something else
we can do besides killing them?

- Are you representing
the wolves here?

- No one else is.

- Well, I'm representing
the horses.

- Ok, say it was wolves.

Isn't there something else
we can do besides killing them?

- Ah...yeah.

There's a possibility
Emily could come out

with a tranquilizer gun
and we could tranquilize it

and take it up to the mountains
and let it go.

- Let's do that.

- Well, there's no guarantee

it won't come back down.

- Well, let's give it
a try anyway.

- All right.
- All right?

- Yeah, ok.

- Did you know that my wife

and Gus exchanged letters?
- Yep.

- That's all you're
going to say... "yep"?

- She wrote him
her first letter.

But she called it
her olive branch.

Made him a happy man.

[Gun bolt unlocks]

- What do you think, Hank?

- I think this is as good
a place as any to start.

- All right.
- Trailhead's right up here.

- Let's go.

- It's a guy thing.

- Madison, you kids
stay by the truck.

- Dad, I...

- stay by the truck.

- Dad, I’m...
- stay by the truck.

- It's an adult thing.

- [Sighs]

- Do those tranquilizer darts

Better not hurt.

- [Laughs]

[Slaps knee]

There's a dance this weekend.

- What, like, a hoedown
in some barn?

- [Laughs]
No, hoedown, no.

Well, yeah, but it's not
in a barn.

It's at the community center.

It's a really big deal.
It's the fourth of July dance.

I mean, I go every year.
It's a lot of fun.

Dancing, punch, hayrides...
it's pretty great.

You gonna go?

Madison, your dad said
to stay in the truck!


- Going to the dance tonight?

- I don't dance.

- Wasn't talking to you.

- I don't believe that
my wolves killed that horse.

- Then what? A bobcat?

Why don't you think
it was wolves?

- Just last night
when I saw that wolf,

and I heard it howl...

- yeah, wolves don't howl.
Coyotes howl.

- All right, excuse me.
Let me have my moment.

When the wolf made its sound,

it... it's hard to explain...
but it was wonderful.

Like... like the wolf
was talking to me, you know,

like right to me.

We had a connection.

- I think you watch
too much TV.


[Wolf howls]

- Madison, why aren't you
back at the truck?

- Dad, look!



[Wolf whines]

- She's all right.
She's got a broken leg, though.

- Broken leg.

[Whining and barking]

- Madison.

What am I gonna do with her?

[Whining and barking]

- Oh, hello.
Hello there.

I'm so sorry about
your mom.

Come on, come on.
All right, come on.


- Hello. Hello, hello.

- Ok.

Built this last year
when I had an injured bobcat.

She's gonna be fine.
Wolves are very adaptable.

That's why they've been able to
live alongside us for so long.

We're their most dangerous

- [Laughs]
Aw, look.

They're just like little babies.

Well, Emily, Tim and I
are gonna look out for them

and feed them and whatever.

- Well, they're not pets, honey.

So don't get too attached.

Before you know it
they're going to be

back out in the wild
where they belong.

Come on, Hank.
Let's get back.

- Hey, hi.

[Country fiddle music]

- Ho!

- [Laughs]

- Oh, well, all right.

[Muted conversation]

- [Whistling]

Are you sure you don't
want to dance?

I think you do.
Come on.

- Uh-uh.


- Hi.
- Hey.

- Hey.

- Hey. Happy fourth.

- Well, hi.
Yeah, you too.

- She's a great kid.
- Thanks.

- You don't have any problem
with her

helping me out with the wolves?

- Is that Arliss's oldest?

- Uh, yeah.
Cody's wife. Poor thing.

- [Laughs]

[Kissing sounds]
- Take care.

- I'm going to go
say hey to Sam.

Hey, Sam.
- Hey, Bobby.

- Happy fourth.
- Happy fourth.

It's a good one, huh?
- It sure is.

Everybody's having
a high time.

- Indeed.
- How you doing? All right?

- Real good, real good.

[Cell phone rings]
How about yourself?

- All right. Hang on.

Yeah, Bob hart?

I can't hear you.

Yeah, I'll be right there.

[Closes phone]


Your place is on fire.


[People chattering]

- Poor Sam.

Must have left some
machinery on or something.

That wouldn't be
the first time.

He's getting on,
that old codger.

- About the same age as you,
isn't he?

- [Laughs]

- He didn't have any insurance.
- Oh, the fool.

I told him, "Sam, you better
start taking care of yourself."

Well, we'll all give him a hand,
of course.

- Yeah, we'll start
investigating tomorrow.

- Investigating?
- Arson is a crime, arliss.

- Bobby, I told you before.
This ain't no los ang-eles.

I mean, people here don't
go setting fires.

- If that's the case,
we'll know for sure.

- [Laughs]

[Goat bleats]

- How you feeling?

Hope you're not in any pain.

Don't worry about
your babies.

They'll be just fine,
I promise.


You didn't have anything
to do with that horse, did you?

- You're expecting her
to answer?

Madison, why are you
mad at me?

[Wolf growls]

- So maybe I'm not so tough,

[Wolf whining]

- What do you want
to know about me?

School's out on a Friday.

And then my parents
put me on a bus straight away.

They can't wait until Saturday.
It has to be Friday.

And then I spend my summer
up here.

- You two, I've got to
check a couple of sows

over at old man burns',
and you'd be a big help.

Won't take too long, and I can
drop you off at home after that.

- Ok, em.

Here you go.


- So you sure your dad
is ok with you being here?

- Yeah. No problem.

Come on.
Come on.


- I didn't leave
anything on, Bobby.

At least, I don't think so.

You want some advice.
Don't get old, ok.

[Sighs] Maybe I should have
sold out when I had the chance.

- To whom?
- That mall, you know.

Maybe I should have.
- Hmm.

- [Sighs]

- [Sighs] You know how I
heard about my mom?


When I tried to ask
my dad questions,

and he'd get mad
and quiet

so I stopped asking.

I figured he was mad at me.

And now it doesn't seem
like he's mad anymore

or not at me anyhow.

And I just... I just want
to hold him.

Look at these guys.

I bet you're a good mom.

My mom was great.


[Typing slowly]

- Glenda?

Something doesn't smell right.

- Mildew.

Or is it my egg salad sandwich?

[Phone ringing]

- Hello? Hillridge
land development.

- Yeah, this is sheriff Bob hart
from hope.

- Oh, hi.
How can I help you, sheriff?

- I need to talk to somebody
about the hope town center mall.

- One moment, please.


- [Sighs]

- Hey, Jake.
- Hey.

- Cody.

Too bad about Sam's place, huh?

- Yeah.

- Clears the way for the mall
though, doesn't it?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Clears throat]


Where were you yesterday
before the dance?

[Balls smacking]

- Well, here I was

figuring you'd come
to talk to me about the ranch.

How you'd thought about it
and all.


I was, uh, right here

playing pool, right Jake?


The ranch... name your price.

[Ball hits pocket]

- What do you want it for?

You gonna burn it down
when I say no?

- I'm a businessman, Bobby,
not some firebug.

- Nice shot.

See ya, Jake.

[Door opens and closes]

- Hey, darling. Hey.

Ok, I'm not going to
hurt you, all right.

I'm just going to try
and check your leg here, ok?



- Peanut butter and jelly?
My specialty.



Ok, if you don't like 'em

I can make grilled cheese.

- Come here, come here,

Know what. I just want you
to stand here, ok.

Just don't move and keep talking
to mama here like you were.

- Ok.

- Hey.

You all right?
[Wolf moans]

It's ok. It's ok.

It's ok.

- Keep talking. That's good.

- Yeah, you're ok.

- There you go.
- You're all right.

Good girl.

[Tapping keys]

Dear dawn, you know how people
say nothing lasts forever?

Let me tell you,
it's so true, girl.

Things have changed a lot
since we came here.

Dad's doing great,

although he's crazy busy
these days.

He comes in after working
all day,

eats dinner and stays up
all night guarding the animals.

We had two mustangs killed.
It was awful.

Dad only sleeps
a couple of hours

right when the sun
comes up.

I don't know how he does it,

but I don't care because
he's happier

than I've ever seen him
in a long time.

I've changed too.

When we got here, I'd never been
on a horse before.

And now you can't get me
off one.

I spend as much time
as I can riding,

and even Hank says
I'm turning into

a pretty good horsewoman.

That's what he calls me.
Can you imagine?

I haven't bought
a cowboy hat yet, but who knows.

Maybe I will.
Would you still talk to me?

And I wish you could see
the wolf pups.

They're growing so fast!
Believe me, they're adorable!

And a big responsibility.

Emily says that without
their mom

to teach them
for the time being,

it's up to us
to keep them active and strong.

She leaves most of that to me.
Well, Tim and me.

He's got a really good way
with animals,

and Emily says
we make a good team.

I think all three of us do.

Five, if you count
Montana and Indiana.

[Low growling]

As much as I love
working with them,

I don't like to think about

Dakota getting well
for very long.

I know she needs to take
her family back to their home,

but I don't know
what I'll do when they're gone.

Onto other things.

Remember our favorite spot
at Zuma beach

near lifeguard stand 40?

Well, I'm a long way from there,

but I do have a favorite spot
to swim on hot afternoons.

And we get plenty of those,
I can tell you.

There's not a lifeguard,

but I don't really need one
with Tim around.

Oh, and my dad's
doing great at work.

His job's a lot easier
than it was in L.A.,

and I think he really likes it

that it's mainly about
helping people here,

instead of chasing bad guys.

One more thing...

you'll really think
I'm a hillbilly,

but I don't care.

I learned how to milk a cow.

Stop laughing!

It was pretty cool,

but I don't think I'll be
like a milkmaid or anything.

Tim taught me how to do it.

You know, I wouldn't have
talked to him back at school,

but there's something
so good about him.

He's cute, too,
with his cowboy hat and boots.


And funny!
He makes me laugh.

That's all for now, Madison.

[Cow moos]


- Arliss.
- Uh...[Laughs]

Glenda here says
you wanted to see me.

- Take a load off.

- Well, I’s...
- sit down.

- Right.

Yes, sir?

- You know, arliss, I’m
beginning to think

that fire was no accident.

- Bobby, this ain't
no los ang-eles.

- Maybe not, but that fire
was no accident.

- Oh, for goodness sake.

Sam can't even remember
what he had for breakfast

this morning.

Let me see,
about two months ago

he had a short
in one of them machines,

and it started smoking.

And I said, "Sam, you better
get rid of all this junk!"

Bobby, that place
was a fire trap.

- Hmm.

- Excuse me.
Are those the land deals?

- Yep.

- What? You just went
and took 'em out of my office?

- Arliss, these aren't
your personal files.

They're municipal property.

Did you know that Cody and that
bunch up in San Francisco

were trying to buy all the land
they can around here?

This isn't just about a mall,
I'll tell you that.

- Well, I'm going to tell you

I don't know what it's about,

but I do know that
I am mayor of this town

and that I’m, uh,
going home for lunch.

- Don't look at me like that.
I didn't vote for him.

- Good girl.

[Clicks tongue]

- Hey, look at Lucinda!

[Brakes squeal]

[Car door buzzer]

- How'd that happen?
- How about that, huh?

She started eating
a few days ago just like that.

- Well, that's a miracle.
- You're not kidding.

A baby survives,
it's a sign.

[Horse flutters]

- Whoa!

- A blessing from above.

- Yeah, maybe it is.

We're still going to have to
keep a watch on her though.

- Hey, dad! Dad.

Look at Lucinda.
She's better.

- [Laughs]

- [Laughs] Hank says
it's a sign, a blessing.

- How about that, huh Bob?

- Well, isn't that something.

- This was a great dinner, guys.

- You're welcome.

- You ought to try some of
Bob's lasagna.

Well, it looks like you've got
everything under control.

I'm turning in.

- You better get
that beauty sleep.

- I think it's working.
- [Laughs]

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Hey, I got a couple of
pretty good bottles of wine

I brought from L.A.

You want to take a look at 'em
and choose one?

- Well, how about you choose,

and I'll just pretend
to know the difference.

- [Laughs]
All right.

- Let's go check on Lucinda.

What do you think
they're talking about?

- I don't know.

What? Do you want to
go spy on 'em?


- I appreciate you spending
so much time with Madison.

- The pleasure is mine.

You really have
an amazing daughter.

She's got a connection
with that mother wolf

like I've never seen.

- Are you telling me
that she was

with those wolves today?

- Yeah. She said that
you were all right with it.

- I'm not all right with it.

- Why?
- Well, I'm just not.

- Well, I didn't know.

- I said I did not want
her getting too attached.

- Or what?

I mean, what?
She'll get hurt?

- That's right.

She's suffered enough loss

She can put all sorts of things
in her ears and in her nose,

but she is still a child.

- And apparently you want
to keep her one.

- [Sighs]
- She's growing up.

You're going to have to
deal with that at some point.

She's got a gift.
I saw it.

And if she shows up
at my place again

I'm not sending her home.

I'm going to go.


- [Whispers]

I'll see you later.

- You know, Madison,

I think you're amazing.

- Madison,

I'd like to think that
you respect me enough

that if I ask you
not to do something

you won't do it.

Something's different.

You change your hair?

[Door slams]

- Howdy, Bob.
I've got bad news.

We got two more.

Ah, geez.

- So it wasn't my wolf.

- Geez...

- What's that?

- Motor oil.

Hank, we better watch
over the others tonight.

Don't say anything about this,
all right?

- All right.

- Now, Bobby, don't you think
you've delayed things enough?

- Everyday this week
my demo crew waits out there.

This is costing me.

- Send 'em home.

- Watch you got there?
- I don't know.

Find out who owns
this lighter.

You got any ideas?

- Bobby, I think maybe we should
keep this a little quiet.

I mean, just for now.

Once word gets out, we don't
want any criminals

sneaking out of town,
now do we?

- All right.

- Good. Now, can my son-in-law

get his money's worth
out of his crew?

We're trying to build
a mall here.

- I'll let you know, arliss.

- Right. Gotcha, I...

I've got a town council meeting.

[Horse whinnies]

[Wolf whines]

- Keep her overnight
for observation

just to be sure.

And tomorrow...

- You ok, Madison?

- [Sighs] All right, well,
I've got a house call to make.

I'll be back later.

You know, we can't
keep them here.

It's not their home.
It wouldn't be fair.

- Yeah, I know.

[Growling playfully]

- Ok, ok.


- You know what I do
when I feel upset?

Think positive thoughts.


I really do.

I think about what I want
to be when I grow up.

Aren't you going to
ask me what that is?

A vet. Surprised?

[Wolf howls]
- Dakota, what's wrong?

[Barking and howling]

Where's Indiana?

Tim! Tim!
Where's your sister, honey?

Hey, honey, honey.

Honey, where's your sister?
Where's your sister?

Come on, Tim.
Here, take her.

She's down here.
What is this?

- It's an irrigation well.
You think she went down there?

- Yeah. She's going to
get caught down there,

and we got to get her.

Both: [Grunting]

[Metal thud]

- No, no, no.
Don't go down there.

I'll go down there.
Just take her.

I'll get a flashlight
and get a rope.

- Hurry up.
- Ok.

- It's ok. It's ok.
Go in there.



- Madison!
What are you doing?

- [Echoing]
Tim? Tim, I can't see anything.

- Ok, here.
- Ah, ah!

There you are.

I'm coming. I'm coming.

[Wolf whining]
Don't go in there.

No, no, no.
Honey, can't go in there.

I'm not going to be able
to get you out.

[Wolf whines]

[Wolf growling]

No, no. Good girl.

Good girl.
Oh, good girl.

Ok. Ok. You're safe.

- Slow.
- Oh! You got her?

- Not yet.
- Ok.

- I got her.

- [Sighs]

- [Laughs]

You are really a piece of work,
you know that?

- Yeah, well, I went in there
because you ran away.

Here. It's ok, Dakota!
[Wolf barks]

It's ok, see.
See, they're fine.

They're fine.
We got him, see.

Safe and sound.

Here we are.

- Say hello.
- There they are.

You know what, Tim?

I think you're going to
make a really great vet.

- Well, thank you.

- See.

- [Whispers] Did you hear
what she just said?

[Wolf groans]

- Hey, Jake.
- Hey, Bob.

- How's it going?
- Pretty good.

- You smoke, Jake?

- I quit,
and it wasn't easy.

- I'll bet.

Cody smokes now, doesn't he?

- Oh, yeah.

- I think I found his lighter.

[Plastic bag crinkles]

- Mm-hmm.

You want me to give it to him?
- No.

I'll do it.

Thanks, Jake.

- Arliss, I don't like people

getting in the way
of my business.

- And I don't like people
getting in the way of mine.

- Arliss?
My, you're home early.

Hi, Cody.
You boys want some iced tea?

- Uh, no thanks.
- Not now, dear. [Laughs]

- You keep talking about
wanting to change this town.

What do you think
I'm trying to do?

- I know, I know, but...

- my people have put up
a lot of money

to get things moving.

This land deal is
important for all of us.

You realize what kind of
pressure I'm under here?

Now he's off making
all sorts of phone calls?

- And finding lighters.

- [Laughs]

- Cody,

did you do what I think you did?

- Don't think so much, arliss.

You just make this go away,

or I will.

- What do you mean?

[Cell phone ringtone]

Oh, hold on just a minute.

Hello, it's arliss.

- Mayor, you are going
to make the meeting, aren't you?

- Oh, of course.
[Laughs] Yes.

- It started ten minutes ago.
- I'll come right over.

- All right.
All the parties are here.

- Well, I'll leave right now.

- See you in just a little bit.
- Alrighty, bye.

Why can't people solve
their own blasted problems?

- You're not going, are you?
- Hey...

Election's right around
the corner.

- I gotta go to San Francisco

and assure my people we're
taking care of business here.

- Cody!
- Just make it go away, arliss.

- Yeah, I'll be there in 20!

- You have a good lunch, Glenda.
- All right.

- Make sure that envelope
gets mailed for me.

- I will.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- The diner makes
the best lemonade around.

My treat?
- Sure.

- I was out of line
the other night,

and I wanted to apologize.

- I ought to be

- No, you're her dad,

and I should respect
your decision.

- I thought a lot
about what you said.

I don't want to
break her spirit.

Why else do you think
I let her

keep going back
to your place?

- You knew.
- Hey, I'm the sheriff.

- Yeah.

Well, the wolves are ready
to be released.

Could I borrow Hank tomorrow?
- Sure.

- Just so you know,
Madison's fine with it.

- Good.

Well, I've got to get back
to work.

Thanks for the lemonade.

- Hey.

Everything is ok
between us?

- I think so.

- Ok. Good.

- Good.

- Everything's going to be
all right.

You're a sign, Lucinda.
A blessing.

And the wolves are just...
they belong in the mountains.

They're wild.

And they're just
going home tomorrow.

Everything's going to be
all right,

and I'm not going to cry.

[Horse snorts]
Yeah, I promised myself.

- How are those wolf pups doing?

- You mad at me?

- [Sighs]
How could I be mad at you?

- [Crying]

I'm so glad we came here.

I am.

And I'm ok about
the wolves leaving.

I just... I just
have to cry about it.

And that's ok, right?
- It's ok.

- [Sniffling]


When you... when you cry,

will you let me hold you
like this?

I just...

I just think that if
you let me hold you

that it won't hurt so much.

- [Sighs]

- Do you remember when
Gus carved that?

- Hmm. Yep.

After he was thrown by
that big old bay stallion.

- [Sighs] Broke his hip,
got right back on.

- Never let anyone
forget it either.

- [Laughs]
That's how legends are made.

- You remember how many people
he threatened

to hit over the head
with this thing?

- Oh, over 100.
- Yeah.

That's what legends
are made of.

He looks it, doesn't he?

Handsome devil.

- You know, Bob,

taking on his legacy
is not a bad thing.

- Maybe not.

- Hey, they're going to
have corn beef and cabbage.

$2.50, and it's good!
I'm going to see you there.

- Morning, arliss.

- Morning.

- You know, this belongs
to your son-in-law.

- It does?

- Arson's a serious crime.

- Oh, see, I don't know
anything about that.

- What about silver?

- Silver?

- Dry drilling,
killing some horses.

- I don't know anything
about that.

- I wonder if Cody does.

Where is he?

- [Laughs]
Bobby, I have no idea.

- [Laughs]

You know, arliss,
for a politician

you're not a very good liar.

- Well, he left town

- Well, that's all right.

I'll arrest him
when he gets back.

Him and anybody else
who's involved.

I'll see ya.

- I'll see ya.

[Dialing beeps]

- Yeah?
- Cody. It's arliss.

- Yeah, arliss, what is it?
- You just shut up and listen.

- What? What do you want?

- When you come back,
don't go into town.

- Ok, where then?

- Meet me... meet me at the mine.
- Where?

- The mine.
- All right.

- Ok.
[Hangs up]

- Why don't you guys
put them down over there.

- Bye, Indiana.
[Kissing sounds]

- Ok, I need you guys
to come back around here.

- Hey, mama.


It's ok.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

- Ok. Let her go.

[Cage door unlatching]

- [Sighs]

[Growling and yipping]

- Emily, um...

I think I just want to
walk back down on my own

if that's ok with you guys.

- Why don't you take Tim
with you.

[Door shuts]

[Birds tweeting]

- Hey, Madison?

- Yeah?

- You just haven't said anything
for, like, half an hour.

- I know.
Pretty neat, huh?

- Can I say something?

- Yeah.
- Would you hold up?

- Yeah.

[Kissing sound]

- Well, I said it.

- [Giggles]


- Welcome to dry gulch canyon.

- Dry gulch canyon?

- Yeah, it's just a name.

- What's that?

- Oh, that's an abandoned
silver mine.

Hey, what are you doing?

- We're going in.
- No, we're not.

It's a crime.
No trespassing.

- No, it's curiosity.

- Madison, this definitely
is not a good idea.

- Look, I just want to sneak
a peek, all right, that's all.

I just... you know, think of it
as an adventure.

- You're going to get us

- My dad's the sheriff.
- Right, yes.

That makes it ok.
I forgot.

- [Laughs]

- Hey, you know, this could
be dangerous.

This mine's been closed
for years.

- Stop being so logical.
We're going to have fun.


- Hillridge land development,

- That's the company that's
building the mall in town.

- Yeah, I know.
But why is all their stuff here?


- Cody. Cody, is that you?

- Who did you think it was?

- What happened?

- Business.
- Business?

- Mm-hmm.

The hillridge boys...

Are not very happy.

- Yeah, well, neither am I.

You're sloppy,
and you're impatient.

The last time you were here,
you forgot to lock that gate.

- Well...

You think I'm impatient?

You don't want to meet
the boys from San Francisco.

They'll do more than
give you a black eye.

They'll slit your throat
or get me to do it.


- Did you kill those horses?

- What if I did?

- See, I didn't agree to that.

And I didn't agree to arson

- You think you're
running this show?

Now, I prefer action.

Like tonight.

- Tonight?
What do you mean?

- Mmm. As of tonight,
it's bye-bye horses.

Got me some poison.
It's out in the truck.

- Oh, no, no.
See, you can't do that.

Those horses are protected.



- Now, with those horses gone,
it's bye-bye Bobby.

We'll be strip mining
in no time.

Welcome to the new town
of hope

where there is always hope.

- The sheriff said
he's going to arrest you.

- Not if he can't find me.

As for my sweet little Emily,

if her barn burns down tonight,

I don't figure she'll
refuse my next offer.

She can't afford it.

Toast, arliss.

To this town's two silver mining

- I don't want any part of this!

- But you are part of it,
old man.

- I did not commit any crime.

- Guilt by association,

Have a drink.
- I...

- go on.

Keep your mouth shut,

or am I going to have to
kill you?

[Blade clicks]

- [Screams]

- [Sighs]
What have we got here?

Well...the young miss hart.

[Car door bell]

- Hey.
- Hey.

- So, Madison do ok
saying goodbye to those pups?

- Yeah. I think she surprised
all of us.

- Great.

Well, I just thought I'd come by
and pick her up,

see if she was ok.

- Oh, well, she's not...
she's not here.

- No? She's not at the house.
I just talked to Hank.

He figured she was
on her way here.

- Well, maybe she's on her way.

- Maybe.

Maybe I'll wait.

If that's all right with you.

- Sure.

- Sheriff! Hank! Hank! Hank!

Madison, she's in trouble.
- Madison?

Hang on a second.
I've got to call Bob.

- Come on inside.

I'll get you something
cold to drink.

[Cell phone ringing]

- Yeah, this is Bob.

- Bob, Madison's in trouble.

You better get over here
right now.

- Hello, sunshine.

- [Whimpers]

- [Sighs]
You're all by yourself here?

- Listen, Madison,
whatever you heard...

- arliss! Quiet.

- I just wanted progress
for our town.

And to make a little money.
Is that so awful?

I didn't do any of
those bad things.

You've got to know that.
I mean, I'm the mayor.

- Not for long.

- So...

You going to keep quiet
about this?

- You're history, Cody.

- You got spunk
like your grandpa.

Only thing is...

If you disappear,
then who's history?

- You can't hurt this girl.
- Shut up!

She can sink us.
Is that what you want?

- No, but...
- but what?

We have worked too hard
for this.

I have worked too hard
for this.

Nobody's getting in my way.



- Oh...

[Wolf snarls]

- Shh, shh, shh.



[Wolf growls]

- Hank, you come with me.

Emily, Tim, stay by the truck.


[Wolf growling]

- Dad?

Move very slowly.


Trust me.

- Hank...

- Ok. Now walk towards me
very slowly.

Dakota, this is my dad,

the most important person
in my life.

[Wolf whimpers]

He's not going to hurt us.
He's going to help us.

He's just going to
untie me, ok?

Talk to her.

- Hey, Dakota.

I can see you've been taking
good care of my daughter,

and I'm grateful for that.

And I want to thank you
for looking after her.

I'll take over now

if that's all right with you.

[Sniffs and snarls]


- Thank you, Dakota.

Give your babies
kisses for me, ok?

- Cody, arliss,

you boys are under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent...

- [spits]
- [Punch]

- [Groans]

- You have the right to
an attorney

before answering any questions.

If you cannot afford
an attorney,

one will be appointed for you
by the court.

Ok, let's go.

- So what am I going to do
when summer's over

and you go back to Fresno?

- There's email.
- And...?

- And telephones.

- And...

- And weekends.

Bus leaves every Friday
right after school.

- Friday, not Saturday.

- Right.

- Hey...

You know, I want to be
a doctor, too.

- What kind?
- What do you think?

[Horse neighs and snorts]

- So is there anything else
I've got to apologize for?

- No.

- Good.

How about you?

Anything else you've got to
apologize for?

- No.

- Oh, I'm glad we got
that settled.

- You think they make
a cute couple?

- I think they make
a great couple.

- So do we.

- Race you.
- You're on.

- Ya!
- Ha!

[Horses whinny]