Who's Your Monkey? (2007) - full transcript

In Jacksonville, Florida, four friends since grade school who are now in their early 30s face the challenges of adulthood: Hutto is about to become a father, Laith is intimidated by his girlfriend's sexuality, a grieving Bobby drinks heavily and sleeps on the grave of a girlfriend who's been dead 18 months, and Mark, an OB/GYN who loves his work, can't practice medicine because he can't afford malpractice insurance. Things come to a head when Mark needs his three friends' help after a belligerent animal-abusing pornographer attacks Mark with a gun over something Laith did. A midnight road trip tests friendship: can the guys help each other?

[Upbeat rock music]


[glass shatters]

oh, shit.


oh, hey, there.

Oh, wait,
i got you.

Got you, got you.

I'm so drunk.
You are.

Oh, i can't believe
we've been married a year

and i don't hate you yet.

I love you too.

I love you too.

You coming?

I'll beat you home, baby.

[heart monitor fading]

are you kidding me?

I wish i was.

So that's it.

I'm finished.

30 years old,
and i'm finished.

Dr. Van houten--


Please call me mark from now on.

You're still a doctor.

Who can no longer afford to be insured.
Cut my hands off.

She was going to die.

Administering vitamin "k" during
the resuscitation atfempts

would be like pissing
on a burning building.

Any surgeon with half a brain
will tell you that.


Everybody knows

you did the right thing.
Am i gonna do?

[Cheerful music]

i how do we find our way?p

going, going,
going all the way.

All the way,


i i'm gonna turn around i

i find that shiny tomorrow i

i how did we get this way? I

i feels like anchors
holding me i

i i'm tired of falling down i

i need some man to save me i

yeah, nice game.

Nice game.

i where is this better day? I

i one without the sorrows.p

i now that the tears
have dried i

i i'm going outside i

flat tire, huh?


(Woman) i how did we get
so black and blue? I

i how did we dream i

i just don't--

you've got--

did i get some
on my face?

Oh, yeah.

My bad.


you know,
you're the first guy

who ever actually
took me on a picnic.



What else you got
in that basket?

Hey, no, come on.

I got the fruit.

I got some of that cheese
that you like.

I already started
on a little bit of it.

Oh, man.


I forgot the crackers.


Damn it.

How are we supposed to eat
the cheese without the crackers?

What's wrong?

You know i wouldn't move
without you.


I knew you overheard me
talking to my mom.

And i was just mentioning
to her

that you and i talked about
new york, sort of.

She just said that she'd help us
with the move.

How did we just go"

we were just talking about

and now we're talking about
new york and your mom and money?

Well, how come every time
i bring it up

you want to talk about it?

Let's talk about it.

new york.

It's, uh--
i think it's a great city.

And, uh, it's just
you're so beautiful

and amazing.

And i think you should
move there, you know.

we should.

I can't even remember
to bring crackers to a picnic.

You want some wine?


let's have some wine.

The guy
at the store said

it was a good one, you know,
for the price.

Do you have a corkscrew?


Oh, jeez.


i can't believe this.

You're really cute.

I'm cuter after a couple
glasses of wine.




What's up?


Just picking up
some things.

I got to clean my place
for this fucking open house.

Looks like these people
might be interested, so...


You can't sell
your house.

You love that place.

What are you
talking about?

You and hutto spent months
fixing that place up.

Yeah, well, you got to do
what you got to do, you know?

It's not like people are dying
to live in jacksonville.

How you doing?

You all right?

Yeah, i'm okay.

(Man) sir, i can't sell you
that much cold medicine.

State man date.

But it's pseudoephedrine.

It's a decongestant.

Jesus christ.



All right.

This time.

Thank you.

[Electronic beeping]


[twangy blues music]


(good ol' country railroad)
♪ one more cup of coffee ♪

i before i go i

i one more piece of pie i

i'm just saying i could.

why did i order pie?


I fucking hate this place.

Shi i i y asshole fuck.

That good, huh?

I'd rather
be eating raisins

out of your boyfriend's
lovely ass.

Wouldn't we all?


What did you do?


You did something.

It's not what i did.

You gonna tell me
she did something?

It better be
that she's standing up pissing,

'cause i'm not gonna listen.

It's complicated.

Yeah, i'm sure.

Brother, i love you,
but you make cereal complicated.

All right.

For the last week or two,
rebecca and me haven't had sex.

And it's not because
she doesn't want to.

Oh, shit,
problem solved.

You're an idiot.

There's more to it
than that.

Not as far
as i'm concerned.


Dude, what?
League you are, right?

Yeah. That you went
from pop warner

straight to the nfl
just 'cause

you couldn't change
her friggin' tire?

Wait, who's pop warner?

You shouldn't even
be allowed to be

in the same room
with that woman,

let alone her vagina.

You should probably
be on your knees every day

thanking god
for fucking up.

Yeah, i know;
i have eyes.

I understand
the situation.

And not only
is she incredibly hot,

but she's smart,
and she's funny,

and she has style and taste,
and she gets things.

She has a palate
that wasn't trained

on pizza rolls and hot pockets.

Do you want me to tell you
what happened or not?

Yes, yes, i'm done.

I don't know,
you're just gonna think

i'm being stupid.


You know,
i was watchingdr. Phil

the other day
with rebecca.

Dr. Phil?

Yeah, that's right, dr. Phil.

Anyway, it was this whole show
about abusive relationships,

and i got to tell you, man,

it hit
really close to home.

You know what?

Fuck dr. Phil.

Fuck him
and his bald head.

If you're drunk
and you're high on cocaine

and your dumb ass runs over
a little nun

crossing the street,

guess who's gonna
help you dispose of the body?

Bobby is,
not dr. Phil,

so what do you think dr. Phil

would have to say
about that, huh?

I'm sorry.


You're right;
phil sucks.


Just continue
with your fascinating story.

Okay, oh,
so i'm in the shower, right,

and i got, like,
soap in my eyes--

have you seen my--

god, this place
is such a mess.

Oh, found it.

Hey, what are you watching?

Wait, go back.

Go back.

Dr. Phil?

I lovedr. Phil.

No, you don't.

i don't.

And so i turn it on
to see if it really is.

Well, what it is,
you know.

order up.

Are you listening to me?


Yeah, you were getting
in the shower.


That's as far as i got.

Are you serious?

Don't whine
like a little bitch.

Just rewind a little bit.

Seriously, what else
do you have to do?

So i'm in the shower,

Ow, god damn it.

"Ow, god damn it."

Well, shouldn't you be having
a baby or something?

Suck me, doughboy.

Lynn let you out?

to pick up dinner.

She is wearing me out.

Did hutfo
just call me fat?

No, i believe
he called you doughboy.


How's the wife?

She's still big
and angry.

She got
into an accident today.

Lynn did?

Is she okay?

She's fine.

Put her
in a great mood, though.

I'm not fatfer
than hutfo is.

Dude, you're fatfer
than my wife,

and she's 14 months

Yeah, hutto's right.

he's a big guy.

He looks exactly
like he's supposed to,

as does his wife.

You really think
i'm fat?

i think you're fat.

Your face didn't
used to do this.


not fat.

That's my--
that's skin.

That's skin right there,
and everybody's got that.

but seriously,

you've been looking
a little frumpy lately.

Fruivipy? That's a good
vvord for it, actually.

No, wait a minute,

I'm not gonna have
fat jokes--

have some more pie;
lt'll make you feel better.

You want some whip cream
on it?

Can we get some whip cream?

I don't want whipped cream.

Screw you guys,

I only got ten minutes left.

For what?

The meter.

What meter?
There's no meters.

I'm on the street.

Your truck's right there.

Lynn gave you a time limit,
didn't she?

Idol's on tonight,

and she likes to eat
during the performances.

Idol, "my name's hutfo,
and i got to get home

before mr. Ryan seacrest
gets really mad at me."

You know what?

I will crush your gigantic head
with my ass.

Hey, if you two
are gonna make out,

i'm gonna leave, okay?

Thank you.

Would fall out already.

Don't worry;
it'll fall out eventually.

It wasn't like this before.
Inducing the pregnancy?

A c-section?

No, no,
she doesn't want that.


see, i tried to get mark
to talk to her about it,

but he won't even return
a phone call.

Yeah, he's too busy
cooking crystal meth for reed.

How do you go from saving lives
to manufacturing meth?

Hey, i thought
you had a plan.

You said
you were gonna talk to him.

I do.

We're going over there
later this evening.

no, we're not some. Anywhere.

I'm not going there;
last time i was at mark's place,

he sucker punched me.

you fell on his fist.

Just shut up already.

What's in the bag
that's gonna help mark?

Well, a few months ago,
my mother found these.

And that's
gonna help mark?

I told you
it was a stupid idea.

See, bobby thinks that
by taking these over to marks,

that it's gonna
make him remember

his childhood
and care again.

I mean,
how stupid is that?

Sometimes we have to get
in touch with our inner child

just to remember
how truly innocent we are.

Somebody's been watching
dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil, huh?

Oh, yeah, you think
that's funny, don't you?

Even hutio thinks
it's a stupid idea.

I never said that.

What do younot think
is a bad idea?

Not giving someone who's
deeply depressed deadly weapons.

Well, hold on,
bobby might be onto something.

Do you remember
how much fun these were?


Well, i remember
how much it sucked

laying in the emergency room
in my ass.

Oh, that's right.

I'm still sorry
about that.

You didn't sit down
for a week.

Real funny.

Good times.

i got to go.

I'm gonna keep this one.

Knock yourself out.

Fine, i'm keeping one
too then.

Oh, see, you saw
how it made him feel:

the same way
that they make me feel,

the same way
they're gonna make mark feel.


Ithink hutfo
ruined this shirt.

it's all stretched out now.

Look, it's not my fault his wife
is pissed off at him, you know?

Hey, i feel for the guy,
you know?

I remember what it was like

when my mom was pregnant
with me.

Women are tough as it is.

You put another person
inside of them

for nine months...

coming with me or not?

Fine, yeah,
i guess.

Listen, if mark tries
to punch me again,

i swear to god--

what, are you gonna whine
to me like a little bitch?

You got this?


Dude, all i had
was a diet pepsi.

And pie.

Okay, look,
i'll tell you what.

I'll get this.

You get the beer
on the way.

Or is that too absurd
for you?

we'll talk later at home?


You know i don't smoke.

Why are we walking again?

When i lived in new york,
we walked everywhere.

Dude, you didn't live
in new york.

You were there
for, like, two months.

It was barely a vacation.

It's because hutfo
called you fat.

I'm not fat.

I'm sure you're not.

Can i ask you a question

if you promise
not to think i'm an idiot?

Yes and probably not.

Who's reed?

How is it that i've known you
my entire life,

yet sometimes you feel like

an out-of-town cousin
from baltimore?

Reed is probably
the most disgusting human being

i've ever known
in my life, man.

He's a loser.

[Tires screech]

[pulsing techno music]


he's cute, ain't he?


Oh, he likes you.

[Dog barking and growling]

you must have
a lonely soul.

He could sense that.

Now, get him the fuck
off your leg.

I we got some work to do i

i work to do i

[goat bleating]

come on, come on, ringo.

Come on, bro.

Tonight is your night
to shine, brother.

Come here.

Come here.

You are gonna rock it
out tonight.

You are gonna rock her

give me more.


Give me more.




This is gonna be the one.

I can feel it,
you know?

This is gonna be

You know
that it's so much more

than just you
fucking a couple of dogs.

You know what i mean?

You know?

The scripts
a thing of beauty.

I swear.

Look, baby, look,
this movie's made for you,

you know?

I get points, right?

you get fucking points, yeah.

Gross, not net.

I don't want to fucking
monopoly money.

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

You will;
you will.

I'm serious.

I promise you.

I promise.

[Pounding at door]

you're late.

That dogus too small.

Hey, wait a second.

When did i tell you
you can fucking talk to me?

Did i tell you
something like that?

Until i tell you
you can talk to me,

you can't fucking talk to me!

You understand?


Go, go, go.

[Horse neighs]

get in there.

Where's the fucking horse?

It's on the set.

Jenny ain't gonna like
that dog.

So if i wanted a zebra,
he would get me a zebra?

I guess.

Well, no wonder
hutto's pissed.

That's disgusting.

It's sick.

You got to talk to mark.

What, you're okay
with mark cooking crystal,

just not for a guy
who uses his connection

at the zoo
to produce animal porn?

And what's crystal?

Crystal meth,

It's an epidemic.

Never heard of it.


Who's the guy that was always
on and off with donna?


Yeah, remember the episode

where he's
with his little sister,

and he lost her at the park
'cause he was doing crystal,

and everyone freaked out?

Dave was such
a little bitch.

Yeah, totally.

That's reed's mini.

He drives a mini?

Yeah, i know, right?

Oh, my god,
you weren't kidding.

I had a puppy just like that
when i was a kid.

Hi, puppy.

[Dog whining]

i can't leave.

[Duck quacking]

[goat bleating]

i'm freeing the animals.

Well, then i'm freeing
one of these beers.

I'm serious.

Yeah, so am i.

[Goat bleating]

i'm coming for you, buddy;
hang in there.

[Glass shatters]

ow, oh, my god!

What the fuck?

It was an accident.

An accident?

I don't know,
it just slipped.


come on, come on!


[Sleazy music and moaning]

[woman on tv]
oh, oh, that feels so good.

Oh, oh, baby.

I want you to come.

Oh, yeah.

Beat it, go.

Take off.

Come back in seven minutes.

Oh, harder.

Oh, yeah.

Harder, oh, oh.

[Knocking at door]

oh, baby, can you come?

[Knocking at door]


Oh, oh.

Mm, baby,
come on.

[Dog barking]


What's up?


You know,
i've had just about enough

of the awkward silences
with you lately.


[Dog barking]

he's all fired up.


Nope, strawberries and cream.

Where's your towel?

I don't know.

I forgot.

You can always use a sock.

What happened
to your hand?


What happened to you?

Fuck this.

You better talk to him.

[G09 barks]

elly, nice to see you,
as always.

Is this because he thinks
i punched him?

I didn't mean it.

He fell into my fist.

I know.

[Door slams]

i thought your dad
threw th ese away.

Yeah, it turns out he wasn't
such a bad guy after all.

So can we talk?

About reed?



Listen, man-- i don't
vvant to talk about it.

You're gonna get yourself--

you don't understand.

I'm totally fucked
right now.

Forget the fact that i lost
my entire career.

I am broke, bobby.

My student loans,
the lawyers,

you have no clue.

Oh, i have no clue?


Lisa died.

I get it already.

Okay, my problems can't compare.

That's why it's okay
for you to act

like a goddamn child.

Congratulations, bobby.

You're the big winner in the
"worst thing

that can happen to you
in your life" contest, huh?

I quit giving a shit.

It's been almost two years.

I suggest that you
do the same.

Maybe then you won't have to be
so fucking numb all the time.

That seems like a pretty idiotic
way to life your life.

You know, maybe you should
start giving a shit.

Because one day in one second,
you're gonna wish you did.

You finished?

Yes, i'm finished.

You can enjoy
your fast food and porn.

[Door slams]

what a dick.

Hey, at least he seemed
to like the stars.


So what are you
gonna do now?

I don't know,
at monty's.


It's like 8:30.

At night.
Be there?


You know who.

Oh, oh,
i don't know.

Gonna not talk
to her again?


bite me.

You gonna
not ask her her name,

or maybe not buy her
a drink again?

Yeah, i get it.

You're the funny guy.


What did you say?

I didn't say anything.


well, at least
you're wearing shorts.

You know,
this isn't a dorm.

You can't just--

oh, is someone
not getting any lately?


Here's a visual for ya.

Now, why don't you go jerk off
or something?

Maybe you'll become
less of an asshole.


[pounding on door]

[dog barking]

oh, hi.


what do you want?

What do i want?

What do you think
i want, bro?

Well, i told you tomorrow.

I told you,
"that's too fucking bad."

I need my drugs
tonight, bro.

You don't have any fucking idea
how hard it is

to get a 95-pound white girl
to suck a horses dick

without her drugs?


You pay well,
and i need the money,

but i can't do this anymore.

That is so funny
that you said that,

'cause i was, like,
totally expecting you

to say something like that,

I mean,
it has been one fuck of a night.

This just--this isn't me.

i know it's not you.

It's just not you.

I know.

Oh, you know
who ron garvin is, bro?


You know who that is?

[Energetic country music]


this doesn't change anything,

I don't have your shit!


how about that?

Didn't change anything.


want another beer,

Oh, i suppose.

Since you owe me
and ain't got what you owe,

i'm gonna take
your little doggy,

and i'm gonna
put her to work.

(Freakwater) ♪ i don't want
any of those usual things ♪

i i just want that look
inside your eyes i

i running rings around me
and my neck i

i'm coming back

tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.

it's up to you whether or not
you want her back, hmm?

i well, sweetie, you are there i

i can i fix you a drink? I

[smooching noises]

what you are gonna do?

(Freakwater) ♪ baby, that
ship is comin' round ♪

i whoo! I

i thought so.


i slipstream.p

i we'll slip on our dreams.p

♪ and fade them down ♪

what the fuck did you do?

What, what?

Do you have any idea

how hard it is to get a monkey
to do what that one did?

I don't know
what you're talking about.


that's bullshit.

It's one thing for you
to not have my drugs, bro.

Why'd you break into
my fucking car?

I don't know
what you're talking about!



what did you do?

What did you do
with my little girls, huh, huh?




i'm gonna let you know,

i'm gonna shove this gun
down your throat,

and you're gonna choke
on it.

And then i'm gonna
pull back the hammer,

and then i'm gonna give you
a second to think,

and then bang!

Of your pretty
little fucking head

all over
this goddamn house.

How does that sound?

Sound good?

Does it sound good?

Okay, fucking open.


[gun clicks]

god damn it.

I hope you're reaching
for that

to put it back
in the freezer.

You know that sister
of yours?

She's a nut-job.

She just showed me
her tits.

Yeah, you like them?

I don't know why
she's even here.

I'm perfectly capable
of handling everything.

I know you are, baby.

I love you.


what the hell
are you doing?

What the fuck
are you doing, huh?

[Indistinct muttering]



so fucking dead.

You're so fucking dead.

You are so fucking dead,

[Door slams]

were you looking at this?

Mm, yeah.


[tinkly music]


[phone ringing]


I'm ready.

Your phone.

Oh, sorry.


(Mark) hey, hey, you got to get
over here right now, please.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Slow down.

You've got to come
over here.

Reed is dead;
i got to get rid of the body.

Get someone to help;
please get over here.

Get your ass over here now.

[Heartfelt music]

i and if you were frozen i

i i want you to warm up i

i remember
that love has patience i

i that you can sip
like an ember i

[phone ringing]

i and i can come back to you i


bobby, it's hutfo.

Hey, hutfo, what's up?

Something big happened
at mark's house.

He needs us there right now.

Just meet me
at mark's house, okay?

I can't believe this.

You're gonna go out

and do god knows what
with them?

Would you keep
your voice down?

Don't tell me
how to talk in my own home.

I have to do this,

You have to
or you want to?


Now, why don't you
just admit it?

Whatever this is,
it's fun for you.

I got to go.

Hey, you don't think
that this scares me too?

What does that have to do
with anything?


You're unhappy, james.

I'm pregnant.

Look, i don't have time
for this.

No, because one
of your dumbass friends

has screwed up again,
and it's hutfo to the rescue.

I really wish
that i was one of your boys,

'cause then maybe you'd act

like you love me too.

That's just
the pregnancy talking.

No, jam es.

It's the pregnant wife
who doesn't want to see

her husband get hurt
or in prison.

Whether you like it or not,
you have a family.

Those guys are my family too.

What do you want me to do?

[Door slams]


Can't you tell him no?

No, if he says i have to,
then i have to.


That makes absolutely
no sense.

You don't know hut-to.

It's obviously a big deal.

Why is it a big deal?

Because he said so.

You are so frustrating.

You and your friends
are weird.


Do you know how many friends
i still have from high school?

Two, and we only
talk online.

How do you open this thing?

It's because
it's different.

You're not from around here.

No, it's not.

I talk to people at work

who are from jacksonville,

and they pretty much agree
with me.

You guys are freaks.

Who do you talk to
at work?

It's not just
that you're all still friends.

It's like you can't poo
without the other person

to okay the wipe.

Um, yeah.

What's that noise?

[Buzzing stops]

what noise?


I just thought
i heard something.

What are you doing?


You're beautiful.


Then why are you

in such a hurry
to leave?

[Phone rings]

wait, wait.

(Hutto) i_aith. I'm here.

Are you outside?

Yes, come on.

Okay, i'll be right out. Novv.

I'll be right out.

I can't believe
you're actually going.

Lately, you'll do anything
not to touch me.


That's stupid.


'Cause i've been
practically naked

for the past two hours,

and you haven't even
laid a hand on me.

We haven't had sex
in over two weeks.

What the hell
is going on?

Is it me?

[Horn honks]

i got to go.

I gotta.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

This better be good.

Rebeccns really pissed.

You know that guy reed?

No, not really.

But you know
who he is.

Well, i've heard of him.

I've never met him,

and i don't know
what kind of car he drives.

Who cares about his car?

I'm just saying
that i don't know what kind--

shut up.

He's dead.


His body's
over at marks house.


Mark killed him.

Now, this is serious shit.

I need you to be somewhat
in control tonight.

Let me out;
seriously, let me out.

Seriously, let me out,

Son of a bitch.

Oh, ow.


yeah, that's pretty much
of being in control.

You alive?

Why did i do that?

You are some kind
of moron,

you know know that?

You want to go back home?

Fine, but before you do that,
ask yourself

how many times has one of us
saved your ass?

I never needed help with murder.

All right,
do you know what happens

to guys like me in jail?

I don't like the taste
of my girlfrienus ass.

You know what?

Bobby was right.

When it comes
right down to it,

you're just a selfish pussy.

Bobby said that?

We all say it.

It's true.

One, two, three.

I'm not selfish.

Jesus christ.

You sneaky prick.

Fine, but say it.


I'm not selfish.

i'm not selfish.

Or fat.

Get in the truck,
you chubby little bastard.

[Pulsing techno music]


[bluesy country music]

i of this thing i will tell i

i i will tell i

[bright guitar music]


holy shit.

Hey, jackass, put those on;
you too.

I want gloves on
at all times.

Where's bobby?

(Hutto) he should have
been here already.

Holy shit.


Please don't play
with the body.

Dude, i eat with that;
come on.

You killed him
with a throwing star.

Why aren't we calling the cops?

Is that crystal?


Trust me,
i thought about it, all right?

There aren't too many people
you can call

to help move a body.

Holy shit.

Laith, find his keys.

His keys? Yeah, his car
keys, find thel\/i.


I don't know,
how about his fucking pockets?



Vvhat th e fuck? What? "Vvhat?"

This dead guy;
what happened?

You know,
if i tell you now,

i'm just gonna have to retell it
to bobby,

and honestly, i don't feel like
telling it twice.

Oh, honestly, i don't feel like
moving a body tonight.

Let's go. He put a gun in my
mouth and pulled the trigger,

but the gun jammed.

Oh, jesus,
you lucky bastard.

Yeah, i don't even know
what set him off.

He was pissed
that i didn't have his drugs,

so he was gonna take elly.

And then all of a sudden
he went ballistic,

telling about his car
and animals,

something about a monkey.

A monkey?

Yes, a fucking monkey.

I didn't know
what he was talking about.

He went crazy.

Next thing i know,

i'm shoving a throwing star
through his head.

I told bobby those thbowing
stars were a bad idea.

Hey, that th rowing star
saved my life.

You say tomato,
i say tomato.

I think you've done enough.

How did you manage
to shove it

that deep in his skull?

At first he didn't die,

so he went out to his car
to get another gun.

With that thing in his head?

I know.

It was fucking crazy.

When he came back in the house,

i hit him in the side
of the head with the skillet.

Was it the one i got you
for christmas?

Yeah, i thought it was
a strange gift at the time.

Are you seasoning it
like i told you to?

With crisco, yeah.

Where you been?

You live, like,
two blocks away.

Thank you,
captain geography.

His keys aren't
in his pockets.

Holy shit.

That's what i said.

here, bobby, put these on.

He went out
to his car.


So go look out there.

Hey, why am i the only one
doing anything?

Because you need
the most exercise.

Great, more fat jokes.

Fine, that's exactly
what we need right now.



he's definitely dead.

Is something funny?

If i say yes,
are you gonna kill me too?

Fuck off.

What happened?

See, huh?

Now i got to
retell it.

Like living it
wasn't bad enough.

Look, honestly,
i really don't even care.

What's the plan?

We're gonna lose
reed's mini, bury his body.

Well, unless, of course,
you got a better idea.

No, no,
not really.

Bobby, do you think possibly
you could be sober tonight?

Come on, go outside,

and help laith
find the keys.

Try not to fall
on the way out.

Mark, put your
goddamn gloves on.

no luck?

This is fucked up.

That crazy redneck put a gun
in marks mouth

and pulled the trigger,
but the gun jammed.

lucky fucker.


And imagine what he would have
done to you

if he caught you
smashing his--

it's 'cause of you.

No, no, no.

The th rowing star.

Shh, keep your voice down.

He thought it was mark.

Jesus, laith.

Does mark know?


Look, can we just keep this
between ourselves for now?

Yeah, i can.

But i bet you 50 bucks
you can't.

But you're not gonna
say anything, right?

No, but you will.

[Quiet scratching]

shh, you hear that?


I thought
i heard something.

I cannot believe that guy
came all the way out here

with the throwing star
in his skull.

Hey, dr. Dipshit.

Keys were in the door.

That's so weird.

He used the actual key
and not the keyless remote

to open the door.

Yeah, that's it.

That's what's weird.

How you feeling?

Like i just had
the shit beat out of me.

It's a good thing
you're a doctor.


I'm surprised

you still have that thing.

It's good.

[Quiet scratching]

do you hear that?

The scratching sound?


Then how'd you know
it was a scratching sound?

I heard it earlier.

Oh, so you heard it.

Yeah, earlier.

Hey, did you notice

how drunk
and dirty bobby was?

What's new?

No, i mean his clothes
were actually dirty.

I didn't notice.

A couple of months ago,
lynn was feeling extra hormonal.

She wanted to visit
lisa's grave.

It was like 3:00 in the morning
or something ridiculous,

and i wasn't in the mood
to argue.

Not that that would have ivia-l-febed.
And vve find bobby passed out

in front
of her tombstone.


That's fucked up.

That's it?

It's creepy.

He was passed out--

you're damn right
it's creepy.

I think it's something

you should
concern yourself with.

I mean,
how long have you known him?

Since i was five,
same as you.

Now, how are you gonna let
someone you've known

since kindergarten sleep
in a fucking cemetery?

I just found out.

And whose fault is that?

Somethingus coming
from under the car

or under your chair
or your seat or something.

I don't know;
who cares?

what is up your ass?

We got in another
fight tonight.



Who do you think?

Me and rebecca, 'cause
i'm not having sex with her.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, you got to finish
telling me that story. Actually?

I don't give a shit.

Really, 'cause unless
it has something to do

with her trying
to stick her penis in you,

you got no excuse.

You and i both know neither
of those two dipwads

would have made it this far
without you.

Bobby would be dead by now.

Mark, you need to get
your shit together.

Friends don't let other friends
sleep on graves.

Maybe you should
just listen to me--

hold on, hold on, hold on.

There it is again.

What is that?
Dude, it's nothing.

What about me?

Medicine was my life.

What about how i'm doing?

You've got a body
in your trunk.

I'm pretty up to speed
on how you're doing.

It's back here.

Oh, shit!

Behind your chair!

Oh, shit!
What the fuck is that?

What the fuck
are they doing?


that's not helping!

I'm gonna try to stop it!


get it out of here!

Get it out of here!


oh, shit.

That did not just happen.

What the hell is this?

The hell is this?

Are you okay?


what the hell happened?

Get me out of here.

The what?

Come on.

Look, let's all
get in the car.

What are you two morons

Uh, we've got a problem.

Is bobby hurt?

No, but there's something

on his leg.

I think it's a monkey.

A monkey.

Ew, ew, ew. (Hutto) get it off.

I tried to get it off.

Get off me, monkey.

Get off.

Pull on it.

You pull on it.

Jesus christ.



i told you;
i told you!

I told you.

Hold still.

Whoa, whoa,
what are you doing?

What does it look like
i'm doing?

No fucking way.

(Laith) i thought
vve vvere leaving.

The monkey won't let go
of bobby's leg.

well, try prying it off.

Pry it off,
pry it off.

Be careful, come on.

[Screaming and screeching]


all right,
bring the monkey.

Are you serious?

(Hutto) yeah, i'm not
gonna cut off his leg.

I'm not getting in the car
with that monkey.

Get in the car, laith.


Fine, stay here.

[Tires squealing]

wait, wait, wait.

Can i take my gloves off now?

(Hutto) those gloves are the only
reason over reed's mini right now.

My hands feel all weird.

Your hands feel weird?

When you were looking
for the keys,

how'd you miss
an entire fucking monkey?

Albeit a small monkey,

but it's still a monkey
just the same.

Laith, i have a monkey
on my leg.

How could this night
get any more ridiculous?

I mean, come on.

Look, that thing

tried to kill me,

Well, it failed.

It failed.

It failed miserably.

[Monkey chattering]

[electronic beeping]


Come on.

[Electronic beeping]

huh, huh?

It's not my fault.

I had a monkey
stuck to my face.


(H utto)
watch out.

Oh, great.

My insurance company's
gonna love this.

You're kidding,

You can't report this.

Why not?

Th ey'll link you

How would they
do that?

Well, for one thing,
you killed him.

Don't worry.

My cousin's got
a body shop.

He'll fix it.

How am i supposed to dig
with the monkey on my leg?


i i'm not a wiseman i

i correct me if i'm wrong i

i if you know the words
you should sing along i

i it comes from the heart i
just can't remember i

i i look up to the sky
from the street below i

i it's so damn cold
never felt so alone i

i i wish you were here
to keep me warm tonight i

♪ i said vvhat i needed to say, i
suppose ♪ and i'm heading home ♪

i thank you all for showing me
how it's done i


what was that?

I think
we broke his arm.


Yeah, look.

Can we just
cover him up

and get the hell
out of here?

I got to piss.

Oh, can you do that
with a monkey on your leg?

(Bobby) stop, stop,
guys, guys, stop.

What, did the monkey
bite your dick off?

We can't
bury him here.


Oh, shit.

We can't bury him here;
they're gonna build on it.

yeah, well,

what did you guys expect?

It's a country
of strip malls,

sprawling suburban

We should have taken him out

to the tree farm
or something.

But we'd have to get on
the highway to do that.

nobody develops water.

There's a 24-hour
hardware store

not far from here.


So we'll get
what we need

to put him
in the river.

Yeah, we can take him out
by the old shipyards,

out by billy's dock.

Perfect. Yeah, and
it's deep out there.

Well, that's all fine
and dandy--

fine and dandy?

You have a monkey on your leg.

Aren't vve forgetting something?
The trunk.

We can't put a body
in a trunk that doesn't close.

Well, we'll just have to
clean him up.

[Serene folk music]

(john r. Butler) ♪ if you
approach the devil's den ♪

i turn round, don't enter in i

i lest the hand
of the almighty fall on you i

put him in the car,
take him out of the car,

put him in the ground,
take him out--no.

(John r. Butler)
i he'll fuck you up.p

i yes, god will fuck you up i

i if you dare to disobey
his stern command i

i he'll fuck you up i

i don't you know
he'll fuck you up? I

♪ so you better do some praying while you
can ♪ you guys ever see that movie crash?

I liked it.
Yeah, me too.

Not the one
with matt dillon.

The one by the guy
that didthe fly.


Yeah, the one where they get off
on accidents.


So can you tell me please

what the hell
that's supposed to be?

I don't know.

I mean, they get into
a head-on collision,

and one guy goes
from one window,

and then he goes through
another window.

And then
what's her name?

Rosanna arquette?

No, the other one.

Yeah, yeah,
crazy bitch takes out her tl i i y,

and she starts making a face

like she's shitting
steel wool.

What is that?


i don't know.

What's wrong with you?

Do you have to ask?

no, no, it's something else,

something personal.

You're doing that sigh,
look away, quiet laith thing.


rebecca and me
got into a fight.

Please, not this again.

I never
got to tell you.

Okay, yeah,
so he gets in the shower,

and a monkey
jumped on his face,

with his beautiful girlfriend
because she has a penis.

No, no,
the monkey has nothing to do

with why
i haven't had sex.

That makes no sense.

It probably makes
about as much sense

as what you're
about to say.

Who says i'm gonna tell
you anything?

Wait, stopped having sex
with her?

I'm telling you, man,
he's lost his mind.

I haven't stopped.

I just haven't
felt it lately.

So you're not having sex
with her; why?

He's a gay.
Like you care.

I care, laith.

Look, with her, you're laith
with a big bowl of eye candy.

Without her,
you're just you.

She really does add
a wonderful new dimension.

She is really hot,

She really,
really is.

I'll bet--
i'll bet you her vagina

tastes like
a perfect combination--

all right, all right,
you guys want to know or not?

actually, i'd rather just

talk about
her fruity vagina.

it's about her vibrator.

(H utto)


I tried to tell you,
like, ten times.

All right,
just tell the vibrator story

or get out of the car.


The other day,
i was in the shower,

and i reached down for--

the beginning
of the story again.

You're in the shower,
you reached down

for the shampoo,
and you got a big vibrator.

yeah, it was big too.

So what?

You got curious,
stuck that bad boy up your ass,

and now you're feeling guilty
about it?

Who hasn't had a big vibrator
up their ass?

I was--
i was kidding.

Bobby didn't react to that.


Yeah, one time.

And believe me,

It is not a finger.

I didn't stick it
up my ass, okay?

Well, what did
you do with it?


What's the point
of the fucking story, laith?

That is the point

oh, good.

I'm so proud of you

that you resisted
the awesome temptation

of sticking that big
vibrating dick up your ass.

Listen, assholes,
the point of the story

is that she has
a vibrator.

And, obviously, she uses it,

otherwise, why would it be
in the shower?

Wait, the point of the story

is that she has a vibrator
and she uses it?

Do you think she never
plays with herself?

girls are different

when it comes
to masturbating.

Yeah, they need
more of a reason

than being awake.

So this is why
you're not having sex?


You know, this is why
i don't listen when you speak.

I told you:
shower, monkey, penis face.

Come on,
i'm serious.

Makes about as much sense.

Hey, the monkey's
off your leg.

He misses daddy.

Look at him.

Oh, free at last.

Go, play with the dead.

See if i care.

Oh, dude,
you missed your turn.

Well, if you guys
would shut up

for half a second.

[Tires squealing]

he's got his dick.

I'm gonna puke.
(Mark) holy shit.

That's vvhat reed was talking about.

The monkey's giving reed
a handy.

Well, get it off.

You want me to give reed
a handy?

Looks like it's gonna be
a happy ending.

Enough with the wordplay.

Just get the monkey
off his dick.

Stop the car.

how do you stop a monkey

from giving a dead guy
a hand job?

(H utto)
just grab it.

the dick or the monkey?

The monkey, dude;


laith 's puking, great.

See what you've reduced
laith to?

Bad, bad monkey.

Okay, you don't have to do that anyiviore.
Just as a friend.

[Siren wails]

you've got to be kidding me.

close your fucking door

right now.

what are we gonna do?

everybody relax.


I'm sitting
next to a dead guy

who's getting a hand job
from a monkey.

Put this on his head;
put it on his head.

Now he's drunk, okay?

We're all drunk
except for hutfo.

What about his dick?

His dick is still out.

Fuck that;
marks the doctor.

You're wearing gloves.

So are you,

and you've done this kind
of thing before

okay, be quick.
I'm putting his dick away.

The gloves,
everybody take your gloves off.

why is he just standing there?

He's standing
in laith's puke.

(H utto)
oh, great.


Please roll the window down

I'm sorry.

You gentlemen lost'?

That u-turn you did up the
ways back: but illegal.

I'm sorry;
i missed my turn.

Yeah, i bet you did.

[Taps on glass]

why did you vomit on my road?

Uh, i guess i had
too much to drink.

You guess?

No, sir, you did have too much
to drink.

Yes, sir.

Do you know what vomit gives
to a roadside scavenger?

Excuse me?

It's a free meal, boy.

What do you think happens

to one of these
roadside scavengers

when his nose is buried
in a pile of puke?

i don't--

of course you don't.

Roll the window back up.

What do we
got here, huh?

A car full of drunkies

looking for the next party?

No, sir.

What about you, brewster?

You been drinking tonight?

No, sir.

This your car?

No, it's his.

What's your story?

Drunk, sir,
very drunk.

Good lord, son.

What did you do,
call chuck norris a pansy?


chuck norris.

That's funny, sir.

I'm drunk too.

Step out of the car, please.

Come on.

Nice job, pukey.

You're not fucked.

Yes, i am;
i'm totally fucked.

Well, if you're fucked,
we're all fucked.

We are;
we are all fucked.

I'm going to prison.
Oh, calm down.

I'm never gonna make it
on the inside.

They're gonna do with me
what they want.

Did you guys see
midnight express?

You're not going
to a turkish prison.

Look at what you did,

This is all my fault.

It's not all your fault.

Yeah, what are you talking
about, laith?

I messed up reed's car.

Dude, it's cool.

There was a monkey
on your face.

No, before he came
to your house.


I freed the animals.

Well, most of them.

You owe me $50.

Mark, mark,
it was an accident.


He's running
my license.

An d?

And i don't know.

It's just--
everybody stay calm.

Did he say anything else
at all?

Yeah, he seemed
to lighten up a bit

once he realized
i wasn't drunk.

But i don't know.

Officer brooks
is a bit of a freak.

Here he comes.

(H utto)
calm, just stay calm.

I'm gonna let you off

with a warning.

Thank you, sir.

No, thank you.

If it wasn't
for people like you,

i'd be scraping drunkies
off the side of the road 24-7.

You drunkies
owe this man your life.

I hope y'all
realize that.

yes, sir, thank you.

thank you, hutfo.

You watch them
illegal u-turns.

You can't be driving around

with that thing bouncing
like that.

Mother of pearl!

that's my monkey, sir.

Will you look at that?


hi, little feller.


aren't you just
the cutest little thing?

He's not drunk,
is he?

No, sir.


uh, he really likes you, sir.

Of course he does.

Now, you folks,
you get home safe.


[Smooching noises]


thank god.

He's coming back.


This isn't good.

Why does he want
to talk to me?

Yes, sir?

I couldn't help but notice

that your partied-out
friend there

is the only one
wearing his seat belt.

Now, legally,
you're not required

to wear a seat belt
in the backseat.

So i can't give you
a ticket.

But i can give you
some advice.

Seat belts really do
save lives

as much in the back
as they do in the front.

Now, maybe it ain't cool
to wear a seat belt in the back.

But you know what else
ain't cool?


Bein' dead.

yes, sir.

We'll put them on
right away, sir.

Put it on, dude.

He's gonna have one hell
of a headache.


(bobby) yeah, that's
it, a headache.

I cannot believe we're not going
to jail right now.

you okay?

You mad?

No, it's cool.

And what was the pukey thing
all about?

I don't know.

That guy was--
he was something else.

Is he worried
about roadkill?

Well, do you remember
when bobby ran off the road

trying to avoid
that possum?


He totaled his car.


There it is.

He broke his leg.

I remember.

What, you don't get
the connection?


Wow, grab a bag of gravel.

Watch out.

Excuse me.

Do you know
where the pool supplies are?

Yeah, right up there
on aisle 'l9,

near the home and garden

Thank you.

You push the cart.


So how long you gonna be
mad at laith?

How long is forever?

Oh, we're holding
grudges now?

Do you remember when he wouldn't
talk to me for six months

because i slept
with suze?

Oh, come on.

That was high school.

this is way worse.

Suze didn't hold a loaded gun
in his mouth

and pull the trigger.

He really liked her.


Is that the girl

that bobby's always
going on about over at monty's?

I don't know;
i've heard about her.

I've never seen her.

She's definitely
his type though.

It's got to be her;
i'm sure of it.

Just ask her.
Ask her what?

"Excuse me, are you the chick that
my friend likes i mean, come on.

h ey.

Don't you hang out
at monty's sometimes?

Yeah, yeah,
i thought i recognized you.

I'm angi.

I'm laith.



Yeah, what?

Just one--

should i have used
a fake name too?

That's my first name,

What, you think
my parents named me hutfo?

No, i thought
your first name was jay.

Jay is short for james.

Christ, i've known you
since grade school.

Well, yeah, but we weren't
that close back then.

And if it wasn't for bobby
in the sixth grade--

you're an idiot.



that'll be $164.89.

Afraid so.

Hey, um,

where's your friend?

The one with the mustache
and th e--

yeah, bobby, he's--

he's outside in the car.

At his house.


He's at his--
he's in his car

at his house.

They're fumigating
his apartment right now,

which is why
he's in the car

at his house.

Well, not at his house
as in in his house.

I mean,
he's outside his house

in his car.

I offered to let him stay
at my house,

but he was way too proud.

Too proud.

Too proud.

That's bobby
for you, huh?


but it was nice
meeting you.

We got to take off.

You too.

Um, hey, tell your friend bobby
i said "hi."

(H utto)
hey, bobby.

You know that girl
you're always talking about,

the one from monty's?


She was just in line.

She says to say "hi."

Get the fuck out
of here.

Eh, i wouldn't
get your hopes up.

What did you do?


put your gloves back on.

I didn't do anything.

Here, i got it.

[Tires squealing]

i'm too proud?

That doesn't even make sense.

Why did you tell her that?

it all happened so fast.

Hutfo crushed my foot.

(Hutto) well, i didn't want
her coming out to the car.

Well, what is she
gonna think about me?

Too proud?

[Upbeat country music]

(woman) i my baby love
me the way that he do i

♪ chqo choo ♪

i don't want no gray skies
making me blue i

♪ boo hoo ♪

i oh, here comes the rain i

i i'm trying to find a way
to handle my mess i

(bobby) she said to say "hi"?

To me?


So she really said
to say "hi"?

Yes, after everything
he said,

she still said
to say "hi."

Why is that so hard
to believe?

(Bobby) well, i don't know,
maybe because i'm too proud.

I mean,
what were you thinking?

I said
i was sorry.

Did she say her naivie? Angi.


the monkey says i should
kick your ass for saying that.

Well, tell the monkey
you should grow some balls

and talk to girls.

The monkey says
that you should shut up,

or he's gonna
bite your balls off.

Tell the monkey
that if bobby and laith

don't shut the fuck up,

huttcts gonna be disposing of three
bodies tcdnight. That refer to themselves

in third person
are gay.

You know what,

You better hope she doesn't
think of me as some--

i don't know--

proud guy?

Go get the other stuff.


That was funny.

"The raft master
rapid 5000

water sport extreme
fun time float"?


It's all they had left.

So who else
is getting wet?

Oh, we all know
that's not happening.

Dude, monkey.

I'm not going out there
by myself.

it's your dead body.


i'll go.

Are you kidding?

So many jokes
come to mind right now.

[Monkey chattering]

[bell buoy dinging]

why am i wearing
water wings?

They're really for laith,

but i could just make him
wear 'em.

I just want you two to know
how proud i am of you.

Hey, let's go.


are you gonna give
that thing a nam e?

Yeah, i was thinking


Freddy's a good name
for a monkey.

Ithink so.

Do you ever miss it?


This, you know,
the way it used to be.

Did one of us
kill someone before?

No, you know what i mean.

Yeah, sometimes,
i guess.

I spend most of my time
missing her though, you know?

Listen, i want
to tell you something.


I'm just gonna say it,

and we never
have to talk about it again.

All right?

I don't want you sleeping
on lisa's grave anymore.

It's wrong,
and you know it.

Yeah, i know.

It's just hard sometimes,
you know?

I know, man.

I know.

[Monkey chattering]

sure, i know some people
still only think of him

as dirty harry
or the man without a name.

That's fromthe good, the bad,
and the ugly, right?


Which is nothing
to be ashamed of.

You know, but you had
two best directing oscars.

I mean, he's one of the greatest
filmmakers of our time...

yeah, yeah.

Anyone's time.

I just don't know
how anyone could disagree.

No, i agree.

You know,
what i don't understand

is how someone who loves film
as much as you,

went to film school,

can come up with the crazy shit
about movies you do,

is doing in jacksonville
editing weddings.

I was in new york.

Yeah, for a week.

You sound like rebecca.

she's a smart girl.

Might want
to listen to her.

Yeah, i guess.

Look, about earlier, you know,
the whole vibrator thing,

please, don't talk about
how sweet her pussy tastes.

No, no.

See, i understand
what you were talking about.

You do?

Yeah, yeah, see, the vibrator
infiltrated your insecurities,

made you feel like
less of a man.

Yeah, exactly, like i wasn't
good enough, you know?

Well, at least you don't
think it's stupid.

No, no,
it is stupid.

But i understand,
because i'm stupid too.

So she took an extra-long bath
and pulled it out.

Big deal.

Your girlfrienus horny,

She's horny.

Be celebrating that.

Is this--
uh, is this far enough?

Yeah, yeah.

You know, we haven't had sex
in two weeks.

Because of the vibrator?

Well, it's like you said.

I feel like
i can't satisfy her.

If we could satisfy every woman
every time

the way they satisfy us,

they would be men,
and that would be disgusting.

I guess.

The vibrator doesn't have to be
your foe, my friend.

What do you mean?

You know what i mean.



You think?

Do it;
trust me.

She will love you


God, he's a heavy fucker.



we did it.

It's over.

Hey, thanks
for helping me, man.

Any time.

Let's just get the hell
out of here.

That was kind of
anticlimactic, huh?


What was that?


You've got
to be kidding me.

I knew it was too good
to be--

dude, we must have had
100 pounds of gravel--

wait, wait, wait, shh.

what does it mean?

Shit, that's an alligator.

It's an alligator.

What do we do?

Shh, it's an alligator.

Don't move, shh.

Move, move.

Get up.


be quiet.

Is it there?

I don't know.

Well, look.

You look;
i'm not looking.

Fuck that.

Get your feet up.

My feet are up.

Play dead.

Don't move,
don't move.

I don't think this
is really fooling him, mark.

Where did he go?

I don't know.

Well, where are we going?

I don't know.

How are we gonna get back
to the dock?

Th ese are all
good questions, laith.

I don't want to get eaten
by an alligator.

[Heartfelt acoustic music]


[phone rings]


H utto, wake u p.

[Monkey chattering]


[Woman on phone]
you have a collect call from...

(mark) pick up the phone,
you fat piece of shit.

(Woman) to accept this call,
please press the pound key.

What's up?

(Mark) we're downriver; we
were floating on the fun--

well, this would have made life
a little easier.

Well, i thought the fun float
was funnier.

I had the real one
just in case.

You're bad.

[Bluesy rock music]

i come on, come on.p

i don't you want to live free? I

i dare to give yourself
all you want and all you dream i

♪ come on, come on ♪

[horn honks]

i say that you want it.p

ladies need a ride?

yeah, you got any money?

be quiet.

Freddy's sleeping.

No, no,
give me some cash.

How much?

(H utto) h ere. Than ks, tony.

[Tony mumbles indistinctly]

anyone else want one?

(H utto)
get in the car.

Than ks, man.


fuck you both.

i come on, come on.p

i don't you want to live free? I

i hang on, hang on to my hand
and fly with me i

guys, use my bathroom.

Unless, of course,
you think depreciating

my property value
is somehow to my advantage.

maybe he's too proud.

great, how many times

are you gonna use
that one?

Until i'm tooproud.

I'm gonna check on lynn.

All right.




Bobby, get mark!


what's up?

Lynns fucked up bad, man.

She's in the bedroom.

Bobby, get mark!


Man, call 911.

What's going on?

What's happening?

She's going into
hypovoleiviic shock. Why?

From the blood loss.

What happened to her?
I don't know.

Well, find out!

Look, did anything happen
to her recently? Did she fall?

Any trauma whatsoever?

she got rear-ended today.

i don't know!

Ambulance is on its way.

Okay, she's abprupted
her placenta.

In my car, middle console,
black medical bag. Oh, my god.

Okay, okay.

what happened?

I hope i have what i need.

What do you mean,
"what you need?"

What's happening?

You need to calm down.

Okay, lynn is in
serious trouble--

you could tell me--

i'm gonna need
your help.

Are you with me?


Okay, i'm not sure,

but i think
it's a placental abruption.

look at me.

Basically her placenta

has separated
from the uterus.

What does that mean?

It means if we don't
get the baby out now,

she could die.


Will she be okay?

What about the baby?

I don't know.

Be strong, baby.

Is there anything
i can do?

Clean towels;
give me this.

in the bathroom.

Be strong, baby.

it's gonna be okay.

I love you.

Mark's gonna
take care of you.

Can i do anything?

Hold her head.

She's unconscious,

so hopefully she won't
feel this.

And don't look
at what i'm doing.

I need you awake,
not passed out.

Stay with me,



stay with us, baby,
stay here.

Come on, come on.

i got the towels.

You two put gloves on.


Bobby, hold her.

Why isn't she moving?

[Baby cries]

give me a towel.

shh, it's okay, it's okay.

Everythingus okay.

What are you doing now?

I'm packing the uterus
with this towel

to minimize bleeding.

I'm putting it back
in her abdomen.

They can clean and close her up
at the hospital.


go direct the paramedics.

Yeah, yeah.

[Siren wails]

is she gonna be okay?

It's okay.

She's gonna be fine.

They both are.

You're gonna be okay,

It's gonna be okay.

We're here.

We're here now.

[Sirens wailing]

i'm gonna
drop these guys off

and come
right to the hospital.


Mark, thanks.

[Sirens wail]

i don't know
what to say, man.

I know.

That was beautiful.

Damn, he is so cute.

Does that thing
shit weed as well?

I found it
in my pocket.

Let me hit that.


Are you serious?

Is it?

You're not gonna throw it out
the window

to pay me back
for that rush album?

Just give me
the joint.

Sex is better, huh?


[goat bleating]

about that shit
i said earlier.

Aw, forget about it.

Are you still my brother?


And what you did back there
was amazing, man.

I have never seen anything
like that in my life.

You're the babe ruth
of surgery

i got lucky.

Yeah, i know.

I'm amazing.

You know,
i'm gonna do it.

I'm gonna do it.

I'm gonna figure out a way
to do what i was born to do.

Hell yeah, man.

You're the ass-grabbing
assassin, baby.

Damn straight.


man, i need to stop smoking


i think i'm gonna accept
that offer on my house.

Yeah, what do you think
about that?

I don't know.

Before last night,

i was pretty bummed out
about it.

Before last night?

Yeah, a lot can change in a night.
Maybe you and me rent a place.



Can we spoon?

Oh, yeah.

I mean, we'd kind of
look after each other

for a little while,

get our shit together

I don't know if i'm ready
for a roommate,

because i might be
too proud.

Dude, we dropped
laith off already.

Oh, how 'bout that?

Yeah, it was like
five minutes ago

we dropped him off.

What are you doing?

I'm calling laith.

It's really not that funny.

What do you know?

Well, i know
when somethingus not funny.

You don't know
when things are funny.

[Phone ringing]


[Bobby speaking rapidly]



That's great, yeah.

it's not even that funny.

Hell yes, it's funny--

okay, super.

Got to go.

[Emotional rock music]


(peter walker) ♪ the stain's
out now and i'm safe ♪

i those days i've seen
and i'm on without you i

♪ no, turn around
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

i you've let it out,
let it out now i

i if this wasn't so easy,
maybe i'd talk to you i

i if this wasn't so easy,
maybe i'd talk to you i

i maybe i'd talk i


i the same brass in here
the market of my mind i

i i buy it out, buy it out,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh i

i and then you came here
and criticized i

i you let it out,
let it out now i

i if this wasn't so easy,
maybe i'd talk to you i

i if this wasn't so easy,
maybe i'd talk to you i

i if this wasn't so easy,
maybe i'd talk to you i

i maybe i'd talk i

i baby, i'd talk to you i

i talk to you i

i maybe i'd talk to you i

i if this wasn't so easy,
maybe i'd talk to you i

[bluesy country music]


(seth anthony leonard) i of this
thing, i will tell, i will tell i

i said to him, work your spell,
work your spell i

i of this thing i will tell i

isaidto him,
he knew me well i

♪ game along,
played a song ♪

i and i will tell i

i diamond ring
watch it shine, watch it shine i

i with this ring,
you'll be mine, mine, all mine i

i diamond ring,
watch it shine i

i take my vows i

i i won't decline i
watch it shine i

i you'll be mine i

i baby cries in the night,
in the nighti

i sleep is stole
blind inside, blind inside i

i baby cries in the night i

i forsake all
for child's plight i

i baby cries in the night i

i blind inside i

♪ yes ♪


i through the years,
watch him grow, watch him grow i

♪ 'cause he plays ball,
kissed a girl ♪

♪ and leaves your home ♪

i through the years,
watch him grow i

i life is fast,
and my death is slow i

i through the years,
life is fast i


♪ hey, hey, hey, come on ♪