White Boy Rick (2018) - full transcript

The story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison.

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Subtitles by explosiveskull


MAN: ♪ Early one morning
while making the rounds

♪ I took a shot of cocaine
and I shot my woman down

♪ I went right home
and I went to bed

♪ I stuck that loving .44
beneath my head... ♪

MAN: Come get your raffle
tickets today, at booth 337.

- GIRL: Here, Mom.
- Oh, thank you.

Prizes include a .40 caliber
Smith & Wesson...

Pull it out, give it a
squeeze, and it's ready to go.

MAN 2: That's a Uzi, full-auto
Uzi with a 25-round magazine.

This is the United States
of America, kid.

- I set the price, and it's $200.
- I know where I live, man.

I'm just saying, you ain't selling
what you say you're selling.

Listen, kid,
I did two tours.

I think I know a Russian AK
when I see one.

You want to buy something?

Why don't you go buy yourself
a soda pop?

Folks, don't forget to stop by

- and enter the raffle...
- RICK: Hey, Dad!

...before you leave today.
We are closing at 7:00.

RICK: Check this out. The gas
cylinder on the Russian AK

- has four escape holes.
- Right.

- The Egyptian Maadi has two.
- True.

This here,
be an Egyptian AK.

- Ain't nothing Russian about it.
- MAN: Okay, playtime's over.

You see the little fat man
in the Ray-Bans back here?

Now, I say the word,

you and junior here are kissing
asphalt in the parking lot.

Let me ask you something. Little fat
man in the Ray-Bans have any idea

you're hustling off Egyptian
AKs to a 14-year-old boy?


Done. For both.

$150 for two AKs?

Two fake AKs, friend.

I'll lose my goddamn shirt.

Ah, that's better than losing
your goddamn license.

Oh, you're a real
fucking prick.

Dad, check this out.
A Smith & Wesson 639.

- And that bitch real.

What do you say, friend? You want
to throw that in for dessert?

Sure, he does.


♪ Hey, hey, hey, I'm sending

♪ Out an S.O.S.

♪ Sending, sending

♪ Hey, hey, hey, I'm sending

♪ Out an S.O.S.

♪ Sending, sending... ♪

RICK: How come we stayed, Dad?


Detroit. You always saying
it's a shithole.

Son, lion don't leave
the Serengeti.

Besides, this is gonna be
our year, I can feel it.

You know, people like
to piss on this country,

but America is the only place
in the goddamn world

where a man can hot-wire
his brains to his balls

and make shit happen.

All's he got to have
is vision.

- Vision?
- Yeah.

(SCOFFS) Man needs
a fucking pair of glasses.

He wired his brains
to his balls?

(CHUCKLES) It's a, uh,
metaphor, Rick.

- Fuck is that?
- I mean, like a phrase of speech.

Or, for instance, look in the
backseat, tell me what you see.

- A VCR.
- No, sir.

That, my friend, is the future.
It's our future.

You and I are gonna open up
a video store, Rick.

But we're not just gonna have one store.
We're gonna have dozens of stores.

Now, most people are lambs,
Ricky. Not you and me.

Goddamn lions.

♪ Way she smiles

♪ I guarantee you
it will drive you wild

♪ So if you see my baby

♪ If anybody sees my baby

♪ Stop her on sight

- ♪ Hey, hey, hey, I'm sending
- ♪ Yes, I am... ♪

Let's go pick up your sister,
go for a frozen custard.

Have a little celebration.

Dawn ain't gonna want
no fucking custard.

She barely eats as it is.

Is that Ty's car?

'Cause it looks a hell
of a lot like Ty's car to me.

That's 'cause it is Ty's car.

God damn it!

RICK: Whoa,
what the fuck, Dad?

- RICHARD: Dawn! Dawn!

Ah, for Christ's sake. Dawn, turn
the music down, will you, pumpkin?

- What?
- The music! Turn it down!

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.


I thought you and Rick was gonna
be at the gun show all day.

Yeah, well,
the day's almost over.

All right? Gun show came and went, Dawn.
What'd he give you, huh?

- What'd you give her?
- Leave him alone.

I can tell you're high, Dawn.

I may be high,
but that ain't why Ty's here.

You know how many kids
have died in this neighborhood

'cause of drugs? I'm not gonna
let you ruin your life, Dawn.

No drugs in the goddamn house.

I don't need drugs
for that, Daddy.

You and Mom pretty much
did that all on your own.

How long does it take you to
button a fucking button, Ty?

Zip up, and get
the fuck out of my house!

Dawn, put on your clothes.
We're going out.

You, me and Ricky, we're
gonna get frozen custard.


What's so funny?

- Why the fuck would I do that?
- Why'd you do that?

'Cause you're my daughter,
that's why.

And we're a family,
and that's what families do.

You realize you the worst
fucking father ever.

- Get dressed, Dawn. Put your clothes on.
- Ty!

- Wait!
- No! Hey!

- Ty! Ty, don't go!
- Dawn! No.

- Get back.
- Get the fuck off of me!

Get back in the house, Dawn.

Go in the house
and get dressed.

- No! Ty! No! Wait!
- Get inside! Dawn!

No. No.


- Fuck!
- Ah, Christ!

Keep going. I got it under control.
You don't need to stop the car, Pop.

Everything's fine.
Don't get out of the car.

Everything is not fine!

A man just ran out of your
house, almost dents my Imperial.

You don't have
a goddamn thing

- under control.
- I hate you!

I used to think Ma left
you 'cause you beat her.

But it's really
'cause you a fucking loser!

- Hey, genius.
- RAY: What the fuck is going on?

Your mother left you, too, huh?
You ever think about that?

She left all of us.

- Fuck you!
- Fuck you, fuck me, fuck you, yeah.

Hey, son, you're gonna let her
talk to you like that?

- Pop, go in the goddamn house!
- Shut up!

- I got this under control!
- For Christ's...

It ain't under control.
And stop using the F-word.

Ray. Stay out of it.

Looks like Richard's
having a bad day.

No, Ma, I'm not
having a bad day.

I'm having a great fucking
day, as a matter of fact.

My son and I walked into
the lion's den this morning,

and walked out
with the Golden Fleece.

Ain't that right, Ricky?

- That's right.
- That's right.

You're pathetic!
Both of you!

Hey, put some clothes on, will you?
We're going for custard!

- VERNA: Richard?
- Yeah, Ma. What, Ma?

- Help your father with the groceries.
- RAY: "Golden Fleece"?

Will you tell me
what the fuck that means?

I don't understand
what he says sometimes.


RICK: These for the AKs?


Why you waste
your time on them?

Say, you pull through the drive-through
and you order a burger, right?

Little girl in the paper hat,

first thing she says to you is,
"Do you want fries with that?"

Now, you didn't pull in
wanting fries,

but now that she's planted the
idea in your head, you think,

"Well, God damn! A burger just don't
taste right without fries, right?"

(CHUCKLES) The next thing
you know, you find yourself

handing out your hard-earned
dollars to buy some fries

that the little girl in
the paper hat ordered for you.

Now, what'd she
just do to you?

She just upsold your ass.

So, you see,
the burger is like the AK.

But the silencer,
that's the fries.

All's we got to do,

is make them believe that they
can't have one without the other.



DAWN: Rick.

Baby. Wake up.

Dawn. What's going on?

- I'm leaving.
- Leaving? What?

Here the number,
in case you need it.

- Don't go giving it to Dad.
- It's Ty's, isn't it?

Ty ain't got shit, Dawn.

You know
he's a fucking lowlife.

What do you think
Dad is, Ricky?







MAN: Yo. Hey, yo, Ricky.

- What's up?
- Yo, Rick.

What you need?
What you need?

Just want to talk
to Johnny and them.

Johnny! Hey, John!

- RICK: What up?
- Fuck you want, white boy?

Look, I'm just trying to do
a little bit of business.

Y'all know
who my dad is, right?

Y'all know what he sell?

You think we give a fuck
about who your daddy is, Opie?

Yeah, I know
what your daddy sell.

Hey, y'all get a pop, or something.
Run, don't walk.

Don't get shy now, baby.
You here. Come with it.

BOO: Mmm-hmm.

JOHNNY: Let's see.


- How much?
- $100. Both.

- Boo'll hit you off.
- You want some fries with that?

Man, these AKs are special. And
if you want to trick 'em out...

Screw straight on, pre-threaded,
aircraft-grade aluminum.

This got 15 baffles each.

This shit full-on James Bond
shit right here.

Look, I ain't gonna
lie to y'all.

- Cheap, they ain't.
- JOHNNY: "Cheap"?

Let me tell you who I ain't.
Your broke-ass daddy.

Who I is, is the nigga that run
this shit, you understand?

I know who you are.

- What you said your name was?
- Rick.

A'ight, White Boy Rick. What you
want for this James Bond shit?

$1,500 each.

I could do $1,000, seeing y'all
are new customers and all.

Sold. Pay the man.

Come on, boy.

Excuse me.


You got some balls coming
here like you did, boy.

You either stupid,
or crazy. (CHUCKLES)

Here. Hope you got you a girl,

'cause you about to do
some serious fucking tonight.


You should come by the Skate and
Roll sometime, but not like this.

Look like you robbed
a fucking Kmart, or something.

A'ight. Cool.





WOMAN: Yeah!

MAN: Yeah! Yeah, man!
Let's party! Let's go, baby!


♪ Shit, goddamn

♪ Get off your ass and jam

♪ Shit, goddamn

♪ Get off your ass and jam

♪ Shit, goddamn...

- Cathy!
- Yes.

♪ Shit, goddamn

♪ Get off your ass
and jam... ♪

Better zip up, nigga, unless you
want my brother to cut it off.

- Oh, shit, I'm sorry, bro.
- I'm just fucking with you.


Listen, relax, wood. You ain't the first
to jack the beanstalk to that bitch.


♪ Get off your ass
and jam... ♪

- What up, boy?
- Nugg!

Hey, Ricky! (LAUGHS)

- Who are those two dudes over there?
- They cops.

The one with the cigar,
that's Jimmy Harris.

That's Cathy's bodyguard.

Cathy's no nigga
from the hood.

- That's Coleman Young's niece.
- Who?

- The mayor!
- Oh!

But don't Johnny
know they cops?

Listen, this Detroit, wood.

If you ain't on the take,
you getting your ass took.


♪ Feel the heat

♪ Come on, go on and get down

♪ Get down, get down

♪ Get... Get down

♪ Get down ♪

RICHARD: I seen some of the
faces around, but like I said,

I don't know any of them
by name.

They don't go near my shit,
and I don't go near theirs.

What exactly is your shit?

We have you ID'd
at a gun show

- last month in Ohio.
- RICHARD: Yeah. So?

I got my FFL. I'm legit.

AGENT BYRD: You might have a
license to sell firearms, Rick,

but I think we can both agree
that you're not legit.

Frank, I've never sold an unregistered
weapon to anybody. Not knowingly.

And I've got papers
on every piece to prove it.

You got the papers
on the silencers?

'Cause that makes it

Then you got possession,
you got distribution.

That's a 10-year ticket, Rick. You
want to go away for 10 years?

Come on. You sure
you don't recognize anyone?

RICHARD: Come on, guys, look.

I'm just a dad trying
to do right by his kids.

Two or three years,
I make my stake.

I open up some video stores,

I'm getting the kids out of
here, take 'em someplace nice.

And besides, I live here.

And you don't think
one of these scumbags

will sell you out in a second?

- I don't know any of 'em.
- Why are you protecting them?

- I'm not...
- What about you?

go back in your bedroom.

No, guys, leave my
fucking kid out of this.

It's all right.

No, it's not.
Ricky, back to your bedroom.

- AGENT BYRD: Hold on a second.
- RICHARD: Frank.

- Kid.
- Frank.

Come here.

Hi. Let's see if you can
help me out.

Do you know any
of these guys by name?

- No.
- You didn't look.

Take your time.

This guy dead. He's been dead,
like, maybe two months, now.

He's dead, too.

So, that's all you got for me?
Two dead guys.

What about him?

You know him?

- No.
- You sure?

RICHARD: He said he's sure.

I think that's enough
for the day.

Why don't you two
get the fuck out of our house.

AGENT BYRD: You know,
the whole "acting hard" thing,

- doesn't really suit you, Rick.
- AGENT SNYDER: It's okay.

We're done.
Thank you both for your time.

Thanks again.



- He said what?
- So crazy.

Steve, the only bad bitch
you know is your auntie,

and that's because she done
been to jail three times.

NUGG: Three times?
I thought it was twice.

BOO: Look, it's all right,
it's all right.

- All of us, all of us fuck up.
- Yo, yo, yo.

Hey, I think there's some shit
under there, bro.

- Yeah?
- I think it... Hey.

- Wait, wait, wait, boy.
- Hold on. Hold on.

- Y'all ready?
- Whatever it is, I'm shooting it.

- Come on.
- The fuck out of here.


- What happened?


No! No!

- Hey!
- Look at the hand, though.

No, fuck the hand!
Look at my shirt!

I got to go fucking change.


It's not a real
strong look, Ricky.

Look, I don't know
where my dad is.

here to see your dad.

- Why don't you get in the car?
- For what?

I got someone I want you
to meet. Get in the car.

I'm trying to get
the fuck home.

Ricky, this is Jackson.

Detroit PD,
Narcotics Division.

Jackson, Ricky.

Ricky, you know who

the first lady of
the United States is, right?

You know what she says
about drugs?

"Just say no."

That's right.

Problem is we got
too many people saying yes.

- Especially on the East Side.
- You got fries?

You ever use
crack cocaine, Rick?

- No.
- You know what it look like?

- Ketchup.
- There's no ketchup.

Who the fuck buys fries
and no ketchup?


Here's a pie, okay?

I don't want no fucking pie.
I want ketchup.

Hey, man, fuck the pie
and the ketchup.

Man, just eat
the damn fries.

Get your arm
off the bird.

It's a gift
for my sister, asshole.

Hey, how is
your sister, Ricky?

When was the last time
you saw her?

You don't want to get

the motherfuckers
that sell to your sister?

Yo, stop fucking
playing with me.

You know, fuck this shit.
I'm gone.

Who the fuck you think
you are, you little punk?


- Feed you my fucking fist.
- Jackson.

Let him go. Jackson.

Ricky, we just want to
show you something, okay?

Man, what's up with you people
and photographs?

I supposed to know
who this is?

AGENT SNYDER: He was shot twice
in the back of the head.

RICK: Think that's news
on the East Side?

We haven't found
the killer yet,

but we did find the weapon.

.40 caliber.

This particular weapon

was purchased at a gun show
earlier this year.

By a licensed dealer.

Your father
is a businessman,

who happens to have
some clients

that are total
fucking scumbags.

But the good news is
the only people who know

about this problem
are sitting in this vehicle.

Which is good for you.

For the moment.

It's really
up to you, though.

You're gonna buy drugs for us.

You're gonna do what
we call controlled buys.

It's gonna help us determine
where the drugs are being sold,

so we can get warrants.

This is fucked up.

So, what's my take?


- Three.

only if you make five buys.

RICK: All right.


- AGENT SNYDER: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Shit!

Hey! No firearms.

- You all got 'em.
- Yeah, 'cause I'm

the motherfucking PD and
they're the motherfucking FBI,

- you little motherfucker.
- Then why don't

the motherfucking PD
and the motherfucking FBI

walk they asses down there?

- We got your back, Rick.
- Blow me.


Let me get two dimes.

You don't look like no smoker.

It's for my sister.


She fine?

Why you care if she fine?

Well, if she fine,
she give me a little taste.

Man, fuck you.
Just give me the goddamn rock.

sister likes the duck, kid.

Hey, Scarface.

Forget something?

Keep that safety on.

Nighty-night, Rick.

MAN 1: (ON TV)
Good to see you again, Frank.

MAN 2: That's it.
I've had it. I'm finished.

- What's wrong?
- I can't take it anymore.

I got to get out.

If I have to go back
to uniform,

I'm going back to uniform.

I can't wait
for Delaney to call,

and I can't
play their game anymore.

I'm right in the middle.
I can't take it.

MAN 1: You mean to say the commissioner
didn't get in touch with you?

MAN 2: No, he didn't get in
touch with me, not a word.

No investigation,
no undercover work!

MAN 1: I had no idea, Frank.

MAN 2: Well, Captain, I think
it's only fair to tell you.

I've been to outside agencies.

I'm-a go to more if I have to.

How I'm supposed to know
where any of this stuff been?

What you care about
where it been at, Boo?

I don't like wearing
other people's shit.

Especially if
I don't know 'em, man.

I... Come on,
what the fuck is that?

- Here we go.

Brand-new shit, nigga.

That's for you.
That's for you.

Thank you.

- Say, Boo.
- Try this shit.

Hey, Rick.

What's up?

When you came to the garage
with your little knapsack

full of AKs,
your daddy put you up to it?

Don't be thinking about what
the right answer is, Rick.

- There's only one right answer.
- No.

Me and Leo, our story written.
We can't erase that, but Boo...

Boo's a blank page.
Boo can write his own story

as long as don't nobody
fuck it up.

You understand
what I'm saying?

Boo's my best friend.

I wouldn't do anything
to hurt him.

What you think about that?

- I like the color.
- Yeah, try it on.


Jesus Christ.
Who the fuck died? (CHUCKLES)

Johnny Curry's
getting married.

- Told you weeks ago, remember?
- That's right.

To the mayor's daughter,

- To the niece.
- The niece?

So, where's it at?

- The wedding.
- I don't know.

Fancy place Johnny calls
"The Manure House."

The Manoogian Mansion?
That's the mayor's house.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- (CHUCKLES) Damn.
- Yeah.

Say, what do you say
I go with you?

- What?
- I got a friend, Pete Van De Car,

owns a little tux shop
out on the highway.

He could set me up in an hour.
I could meet you there.

That'd be great.

But I think it's one of those
invitation-only deals,

you know?

Yeah. Yeah, right.


All right, look here.
Bam. Shoot the cuffs.

No, no, no. Fucking commit.
Bam! There it is.

Now, you see this fucking
bookend? Ties it together.

Shows you are big-time.
There we go.


♪ You know very well

♪ What you are

MAN: Oh. Go, baby.

♪ You're my sugar thing

♪ My chocolate star

♪ I've had a few

MAN: Happy you're here, baby.

♪ But not that many


♪ You're the only love

♪ That gives me good
and plenty

♪ Juicy fruit ♪

- MAN 1: Okay, Rick.
- MAN 2: Oh!

- Nugg.
- 'Sup?

- That's you?
- That's all me.

Yo, B.

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah

♪ Juicy fruit

♪ Yeah... ♪

- What?
- Who's the white guy talking to Johnny?

A.D.? Man, that's Art Derrick.
Everybody know Art Derrick.

Dude spend half his time
in Miami.

Hooked up with some Cubans.

Now, that nigga,
he move some serious weight.

- Okay.
- You kidding me.

Come on,
let's go say what's up.

- Hey, Boogaloo.
- What's up, Artie?

How you doing?

Look at my husband.

Doing business
on his wedding day.

What's a girl to do?

You clean up good, Ricky.

But you crooked.
Hold this.

Little blue tie.


- Hi.
- ART: Hey!



MAN: ♪ Driving in my
car down the avenue

♪ Towing on a J,
sipping on some brew

♪ Turned around,
see the fly young lady

♪ Pull to the curb
and park my Mercedes... ♪

Yo, why I ain't get invited
to Lil Man's wedding, Boo?

Boy, 'cause you Freaky Steve.

You not, like, Simple Steve,
Six-Finger Steve or Sexy Steve.

Not even just Regular Steve.
You's Freaky Steve.

Y'all look like Gladys Knight
and the fucking Pips anyway.

If we the Pips,
guess who Gladys.

- What the fuck's a pip, anyway?
- Nigga, your dick's a pip.

- Now pass me the fucking...

- Come on, man.
- Hey, man. You already high.

BOO: Fuck that, motherfucker.

Oh, yo, pull over, dawg.

- It's Brenda Moore.
- Damn, boy.

BOO: Whoa. Okay.

- Hey, Brenda. How you doing?
- BRENDA: Hey.

- What y'all dressed up for?
- We got back from a wedding.

- Johnny Curry's.
- Ah, Johnny Curry.

Y'all just gonna stand there
or y'all gonna get in?

(GIGGLES) Come on.


Are you watching this?


Let me hit that
one more time.

I thought you was dead.

I mean, that's the way
it mostly be

when somebody stop coming
to school, dead, in jail.

I just been busy.

What you been
busy with, Ricky?

- Thinking about you.
- Don't act like you got game.

You know you ain't
never had game.


- Science?
- Yeah, science.

That's the class we had
together. With Mrs. Halladay.

I used to sit
right behind you in school.

You had all these ribbons
tied in your hair.

All different type of colors.

I used to just look at 'em
all through class.

Must've been pretty bored

to be looking at the back
of my head all class long.

Yeah, I guess.

But they was pretty, though,
the ribbons.

My grandma tied those
in my hair.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Don't worry,
we gonna take it slow.

No shit we be
taking it slow.

RICK: Fuck if I know.

Look like
a million dollars to me.

All right, look.

There's one other thing.

- What is this?
- Consider it a bonus.

Dude, my dad finds this,
he'll kick my ass.

Just make sure
he doesn't find it, then.

A new jack like
your ass is buying

and you ain't pushing,
word gets around.

First y'all got me buying,
now y'all got me selling?

Listen to Jackson,
all right?

You know what?
Fine. Fuck it.

You know what's in this bag?
Four grand.

- (CHUCKLES) Shit, I'll sell it myself.

- I get to bank it? The money?
- All yours.

Break it down to dime rocks.

- Get yourself a crew and offload it.
- Looks good.

Before long,
people'll know you legit.

You legit, you're safe.

NUGG: Yeah?

He definitely
hooked us up this time.


Her asshole boyfriend's
stepping out on her.

This would not scare me, if I pointed
this at you, would this scare you?

This does not seem scary
to me at all.

Listen, I promise you that'll
scare any man you aim it at,

but if you want something
a little more

visually intimidating and also
has a little more horsepower,

- try that on for size.
- Yes.


Ladies, I do want you to know
that I am about

- responsible gun ownership, okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

I'm not looking
to take him out or anything.

I'm just looking
for an apology.

Okay, I want this one.
How much is this one?

Usually 1,200. I can
give it to you for a grand.

$1,000? Okay.

Those motherfuckers came to
you behind my back, Ricky?

- What?
- I saw you in the car.

And you went along with it?
You're my son.

They was gonna
put your ass in jail.

Then let 'em put
my ass in jail!

That's my box. You been
going through my shit?

Yeah, I've been going
through your shit.

You know how much
goddamn money's in that box?


Now, how's a goddamn
15-year-old boy have $9,782

without his goddamn dad
knowing about it?

You know, you ought to be

- fucking thanking me!

Man, fuck it! Keep the money!
You need it more than I do!

Use it to go open up
your fucking movie store!

Dawn's right!
You're a fucking loser!

What happened, Rick?



- MAN 1: Double burger.

MAN 2: Boy didn't last
five months.

- RICK: Hey.
- (CHUCKLES) The fuck?

- What's with the bird?
- It's for you.

- What, you don't like it?

You don't look
so good, Dawn.

Well, fuck you, too.

Ty's an asshole, Dawn.

Maybe you should
think about coming home.

I can't, Ricky.

I can't do that.

- Tyler's fucking you up.
- No, it ain't Ty fucking me up.

Dawn, I need you
to come home.

What's going on?

You into something?

No, it's just I...

I fucking miss you.


You didn't leave the keys
in Grandpa's car, did you?

Oh, fuck me!


- Fuck!
- Shit! I almost got him!

OFFICER 1: Down!

Drop the firearm!

- OFFICER 2: Get on the ground.
- OFFICER 1: Down!

Spread 'em!

I swear to God, I'll blow
your fucking brains out.

- Get your hand back here.
- The fuck are you thinking?

He took my grandfather's car!

OFFICER 1: Shut the fuck up!

Good seeing you,
little bro. (CHUCKLES)

♪ You are no good

♪ You're no good... ♪

What are they
charging me with?

Operating a vehicle
without a license,

carrying a concealed weapon,
assault, attempted murder.

Basically being a total
fucking dumbass, Ricky.

- Murder?
- Yeah.

The guy stole
my grandfather's car.

This is fucking bullshit!

Look, take it easy, okay?
This is what's gonna happen.

The court is gonna
assign you a date.

You're gonna show up,
everyone's gonna be there,

except for
the arresting officer,

so all the charges
are gonna be dropped, okay?

- What about my sister?
- She walked.

We told 'em
the gun was yours.


Where's my Imperial, Ricky?

Where's my goddamn car, Ricky?


I know you can hear me,
you prick.

Get out of the car.

Don't be an asshole on me,
Ricky, every fucking day!

Get out of the car,
talk to me,

and tell me what your...

(SIGHS) As you can see, your
grandfather's a tad upset.

Get out of your car
and talk to me!

He's got every right to be.

I didn't steal his car.
I borrowed it.

It was stolen from me.

Well, be that as it may, Rick,
your grandparents are currently

without means
of transportation.

What I'm saying is
there have been consequences

to your actions
of last night.


I understand
how you feel about Dawn.

It's tearing me up, too.

Then why don't you
go get her?




niggas is not funny, bro.

BOO: Hey, you need to beat
your pastor, your mama

or whoever that was that
bought you them damn shoes.

What's up, guys?

Rick. Let's talk, man.

JOHNNY: What they charge
you with, Rick?

Attempted murder.
Some bullshit. I don't know.

You don't know?

You say that shit
like you ain't even tripping.

You good, Rick,
at talking like a nigga,

but you don't know the first
thing it is to live like one.

What you tell 'em, Rick?

I didn't tell 'em nothing,
Johnny. For real.

I mean, the motherfucker
stole my grandpa's car,

and I was just trying
to stop him from getting away.

JOHNNY: You think one of us
shoot up your granddaddy's car,

they let us walk?


If I find out you got Boo
mixed up in this, Rick,

I will personally correct
your ass. You understand?

Mixed up in what?

We know, Rick.

Nobody last
10 years in the game

without knowing
fuck all going on.

We know.

You cop from our houses,

and then you out there
grinding on your own.

You ain't think
we was gonna find out?

I'm sorry, Johnny.

I had no idea
they were your houses.

650 grams, Rick.

That's all it take
to land your ass,

my ass, and all
your buddies out there

on the inside
for the rest of our lives.

Shit, you better off
murdering somebody

in the state of Michigan.

So if you holding
even one fucking gram,

you don't come anywhere near
me or mine, you understand?

They haul your ass,
you doing white time.

They haul any of our asses,
we doing black time.

So don't be reckless
around here.

You want to move weight?
Come to me.

From now on,
stay away from the houses.

Feds always be
watching the houses.

You understand?



Leon, you still owe
what you owe.

This just buy you
a little layaway time.

I understand you, brother.

Like I said,
I'm waiting on one man.

When that one man pay me,
then I pay y'all.

When you boys
get back from Vegas,

we could square it away,

You know my wife coming,
right, Leon?

Hey, I told you
I got you covered, man.

You and your beautiful wife.

Look, everybody on the ropes.

(CHUCKLES) Ringside, man.

I got family that work
for Tommy Hearns' camp.

Tommy Hearns know
you boys coming, man.

Tommy Hearns know we coming?

Hell, yeah.
Tommy Hearns know you coming.

You boys is famous.

Leon, make sure you got
every cent when we get back.

Yo, I've never
seen this before.

And you ready, right?

Are you ready for this city?



Now, God damn it!





Leon Lucas, all right?
He Tommy Hearns' cousin.

Tommy made the arrangements
himself, all right? Ringside.

Sir, I show that
all the VIP seats

have already been claimed.

Now, I'm gonna have
to ask you to step aside.

LEON: Ooh, Johnny!

Look like we got
your tickets, Lil Man.


- COMMENTATOR: Another right hand!

- MAN 1: For real?
- MAN 2: Yo!

- Hearns turns his back!
- Get your ass up.

- Takes another right!
- Come on, man!

What the fuck?

- No! No!
- Bro, come on!

- Takes another right!
- RICK: Don't start bank...

- No!
- Hearns in deep trouble again!

- Hearns is down!
- Damn!

- Fuck!
- Oh, my God!

Tommy Hearns tries
to get up and he...

- They got to stop this fight.
- What the fuck!

I don't know why we going
to this Art Derrick party

if we ain't go to
the motherfucking fight.

Everybody at the party
gonna been at the fight.

You can drag your ass back
to Detroit tonight, Leo.

I ain't going back
to Detroit tonight.

I'm going to
the fucking party.

And don't act like you didn't
get played by Leon, too.

He made both you niggas
look stupid.


BLACK ED: I ain't see
why he hit that fool, man.

That was crazy, man.

That was the best fight ever.

MAN: ♪ And you all
know how the story go

♪ Tricks are for kids,
he plays much gigs

♪ He's the big bad wolf
and you're the three pigs

♪ He's the big bad wolf
in your neighborhood

♪ Not bad meaning bad,
but bad meaning good... ♪

Artie! When'd you get in?

I ain't Artie, man.

Shit! I thought you was
my son for a minute.

- Wait, you're not, are you?
- Hell, no!

- You Art Derrick, right?
- Yeah, last time I checked.

But I'm hopelessly unreliable.

Just ask my last few wives.

Hey, wait a minute.
You're Johnny's boy.

White Boy Rick.

- Yeah, that's right.
- Well, any friend of Johnny's

is a friend of Johnny's.

I'm just fucking with you!
Johnny's solid.

He and Leo are
as good as their word.

And you're only as good
as your word, White Boy Rick.

Remember that.

Look me up sometime.

Oh, thank you.
But we didn't order this.

WAITRESS: It's from the man
by the bar.

Oh, Johnny.

Why you looking all down?

Johnny Boy Blue ever find his tickets?

Drinks for everybody!

We getting money!


Johnny, are you listening?

♪ Bad meaning bad

♪ Bad meaning bad

♪ Bad meaning, bad meaning,
bad meaning bad

♪ But bad meaning good... ♪

- No!
- No!


- I'll be back in an hour.
- BOY: All right.

Oh, thank you!

MAN: Betty, are you ready
to meet your new challenger?

- Clare Malone!




Damion. Damion!


Police sources tell me

they believe this was
a retaliation shooting,

part of an ongoing
drug dispute.

Damion and Frankie Lucas
were here alone,

watching television.

The home is owned
by their uncle, Leon Lucas.

28 shots were fired
from modified AK-47s,

which are flooding the market.

One of those bullets hit
Damion Lucas in the chest.

His brother Frankie
called 911.

FRANKIE: Please hurry!
My brother just got shot!

Please come
to 3344 Judith Drive.

- I don't know what to do!
- RAY: That's right over here.

REPORTER: We have also
learned that Leon Lucas

has a criminal record
for narcotic violations.

RAY: You know the kid?

REPORTER: His nephew
Damion was rushed

to Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital

and pronounced dead
on arrival.


Ha! Jesus, Ricky.

Are you trying
to get yourself shot?

I'm looking for a gun.
Grandma keeps hiding mine.

No offense, Dad,
but you look like shit.

I'm old and poor, Rick.
What's your excuse?

When did you get back
from Vegas?

It's a long way to go
to see somebody

get their ass kicked
in three rounds, isn't it?

Well, I actually
didn't catch the fight.

You know, I played a little
blackjack, met a girl.

- A nice Jewish girl.
- Jewish?

Yeah. Seeing as
how you've converted.

The star, Ricky.
It's Jewish.

What the fuck?

How stupid are these guys
you're hanging around with?

How stupid are you?

I mean, at least
they ain't old and poor.

Least they ain't borrowing
money from their parents.

Shit, their parents probably
borrowing money from them.

There's a .38
on top of the vent.

I want you to go
back to school, Ricky.

- Hear me?

These guys
you're hanging around with,

you're gonna
get in too deep.

And then they ain't gonna
let you out.

Who, Dad?
The Currys or the cops?

- GIL: Have you seen the news?
- JOHNNY: Gil, it's been on TV

- all day, man! Of course I seen it!
- Were you there, Johnny?

Hell no!
You know I wasn't there...

You got to clean up your shit.

I can't make this investigation
go away, you know.

Now, you better not have
any AKs laying around, either.

Come on, Gil.
Gil, you know me.

I take care of those
who take care of me. And...

Now, I hear the Feds have
an informant on the street.

Make sure you can trust
everyone around you.



You know how much fucking heat
this gonna bring?

This just ain't no pile of shit
you can kick in the woods.

This is a fucking child.

You know what that mean?

It means somebody black ass
going down for this

whether they did it or not.
They just want a nigga.

Don't matter
if it's the right nigga.

They just want a nigga.

And guess what nigga
it ain't gonna be.

It ain't gonna be me
or any of my goddamn family!

Leon wasn't even
in the motherfucking house!


God damn it!



Go, niggas. Tear your ass!

And don't y'all be
talking to anybody!

You talk, I'll know.


What up, money?
Forget about something?

I ain't forget nothing.

Hey, Ricky.
Something wrong?

Are you fucking kidding me?

We need to talk about
that little boy, Ricky.

What, are you trying to get me
fucking killed?

What's the matter with
you people? I'm done!

AGENT BYRD: Come on, relax.

Fuck it. Let's go.


- What's this?
- I made you pancakes.

I don't eat pancakes, Ray.

I never ate pancakes.

By the way, you called me
Audrey last night.

You said,
"Good night, Audrey."

I'm not even gonna ask.

I don't know an Audrey.

Ricky, your grandpa
made you pancakes.

I don't like pancakes.
They give me the runs.


Hey, Dad.

Grandpa made some pancakes.

- Thought maybe you'd want some.
- Yeah?

Those all AKs?

Mostly. Got to
get rid of 'em.

Hey, Dad, I'm gonna
do what you said.

I'm gonna go back to school.



Oh, listen, by the way,

I made a trade
the other day for a Glock.

Guy threw in a gold dot.

Check him out. He's pretty cool.
Name's Ed.





Yo, it's open.

- What up, Nugg?
- What's up, Ricky?

How you doing?

You guys really like
a lot of movies, huh?

Yeah. We're gonna
open up a movie store.


- You want a soda?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll take one.

- This your fish?
- My dad's.

What's its name?

- Ed.
- Ed?

- Yeah, Ed.
- It's a nice fish.

- Yeah, I only just met him.
- I'm sorry, dude.






Hey, Frank. Hey.

Where's my goddamn son?
The guys downstairs,

they don't
have him on record.

We have him under a John Doe
for his own protection.

Where the fuck is he?


That's my son?

What the fuck
happened to him?

They say he's gonna make it.

- Who fucking did this?
- We think one of Curry's crew.

I'm gonna kill him.

I'm gonna track him down

and put a bullet through
his scumbag fucking skull.

You got to be careful what
you say in front of us, Rick.

Fuck you, Frank.

You don't think
I got a bullet for you, huh?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey, hey, wait, man.

You, too, you fucking bitch.
And you.

Rick, we're not your enemy.

You're responsible for this.

For the 15-year-old boy
in there.

AGENT SNYDER: We've got enough to
bring the Currys in now, Rick.

- Dad? Where's Rick?
- RICHARD: Fuck you.

- Dawn, it's okay now. He's all right.
- Where is he?

I want to see my brother.
I want to see Rick.

- Dawn, hang on.
- I'm going.

- God damn it.
- Get...


Look out, Boo!

Bring Nugg with you.


LEO: Damn, where you get

- all that shit from, Johnny?
- You got to know?

Man, they gonna love this.


JOHNNY: We'll stay warm
this year, huh?

Lil Man big man now, huh?

- Big man, big man.
- Lil Man big man now.

Big man, big man.


JOHNNY: Try 'em on!

LEO: Y'all don't know
what to do with 'em.

Y'all don't know what
to do with 'em!

JOHNNY: Niggas acting like
they ain't never

seen mink before.

Take your jacket off, man.

You got to take
your jacket off to see.



DAWN: What you into, Ricky?

They got you listed
under "John Doe."

Who wants you dead so bad?

Least you haven't lost
your looks.

'Cause you never had 'em.

It was good, wasn't it?

When we were kids?
For a little while?

You still are a kid, Rick.

Hey, Ricky.
How you feeling?

Brought you a present.

You might not like
the music, though.

Who did this to you, Ricky?

Was it Steve?


Was it Boo?

Boo would've never done this.


It doesn't really matter
who pulled the trigger,

because we both know who put
the gun in their hands.

Johnny knows
we have an informant.

But it's all worked out
for the best, Ricky.

We raided one of the houses
you were buying from.

His crew flipped on him
and sold him out.



- AGENT 2: Move, move, move!
- CATHY: Who is that?

Bedroom, bedroom,
bedroom, bedroom!

- Johnny!
- Go, go, go, go!

Back up, back up! Put it down!

- Get down, get down!

- Get down, get down!
- Get the fuck down,

or I will fucking put
a bullet in your brain!

JOHNNY: The fuck
off me, man! Shit!


- Johnny!
- Let's go.




- Get off me!
- AGENT: Hands behind your back.

Moving out.

- Chill. I'm going, man.
- Shut up!

- Are you serious?
- Up on your feet!

- Come on!
- Let him go!

- Let's go.
- Take your hands off my little brother!

He got nothing to do
with nothing!

Take your hands off him!

Yeah, your brother can't
help your ass now, huh?

AGENT SNYDER: What happened to you
could just complicate things.

It's better
if this never happened.

You understand
what I'm saying?

Just like it's better
if we forget about

that little hobby of your
dad's down in the basement.

Here we go, champ.

Got to be exciting knowing

you're gonna be sleeping
in your own bed.

- Yeah.
- Is Dawn here?


Ty flew the coop.

Good riddance, I say.
But you know women.

Anyway, we don't,
we don't need her negativity

around here right now.

(CHUCKLES) Grandma.

You just ever
think about moving?

It's been so long since
anything good has happened.

Look, Rick, things are
gonna be looking up, you know?

First off, we're gonna
get you healthy.

Look at that.
Nice stuff. Come on up.

You got it?
One step at a time.

Here we go, here we go.
All right, now. (CHUCKLES)

You're not even gonna recognize
what's behind this door.

I got this place
so fucking spick-and-span.

- Hang on.

Here we go.

Home sweet home.

Look at that.


RICHARD: Hey, champ,
you need a hand there?

How am I supposed to go
to school like this?

Ah, well, the thing is...

And I've been meaning
to tell you...

They're not gonna
let you go to school.

Because you got shot.

They think you're a risk
to the other kids.

Listen, there's
spares under the sink,

but what do you say we rinse
that one out? They're, like,

- three bucks a bag.
- I'm not rinsing this fucking out.

If you want to save money,
you rinse it out.

Okay, okay.

Just asking.

You know, maybe we'll buy
in bulk next time.

Bound to be cheaper.

Here, give me that.
I'll take it for a wash.

All right?
Whatever you need, champ.

Whatever you need.

Hey, Ricky.

You know, there's a gun show
in a few weeks.

Maybe you and I
take a road trip,

- if you're feeling up for it.
- Sounds great.

The driver was shot in the arm

during the holdup
and taken to the hospital.


Police say the gunfire
was staged.

If found guilty...

...years in the penitentiary.


You gonna get yourself shot,

knocking on a stranger's door
like that, kid.

You're Ricky Wershe, right?

- Yeah.
- You've made a baby with my sister.

- Who?
- Brenda Moore.

You need to call her
and be a man about it.

Look, I only been with Brenda,
like, a couple times.

Only take one time
to make a baby.

Besides, Keisha damn near
as white as you is.

Who the fuck Keisha?

- My niece, your daughter.
- RICHARD: Ricky!

Shut the fucking door, will you?
Letting all the heat out.

- Who the hell are you?
- You his daddy?

- That's right.
- Well, now you a granddaddy.

Be a man, call my sister.
If you don't, I'll be back.

And you don't want me
coming back.

What's he talking about, Rick?

I don't know.
I chilled with his sister.

And you didn't wear nothing?

Ah, fuck, Rick.

your baby daddy here.

What's Grandpa doing
sitting out there?

He drove me.

- Ricky Wershe.
- Hey, Brenda Moore.

Oh, Christ.


- What's up, Grandpa?
- "What's up, Grandpa?"

RICK: She's so tiny.

She supposed to be that tiny?

She only a month and a half.

- She's pretty, just like you.

Be bad news
if she looked like me.

I didn't mean that
how it sound.

She yours, Ricky.
I'm not playing you.

I mean,
I'm happy she yours.

Just make sure you
support her head, okay?



BRENDA: Acting different
around Daddy.

This is your daddy.

Ain't no way
that's my son's baby.

She's way too beautiful.

Here, son, let me hold her.
Let me show you how it's done.

Come here, you. Come here.

There you are. Yeah.

I used to do this little dance

with your daddy
and his sister, yeah.


(SOFTLY) Yes, ma'am.
It's all brand-new, isn't it?

You like to dance?

Yes, ma'am.

RICHARD: Here, straight talk?

Your mother and I, we...
We didn't plan on having Dawn.

I mean, to be honest, we didn't
plan on having you, either.

But in the end,
things worked out.

Dad, your daughter is a junkie,
and I'm shitting into a bag.

Well, what can I say,
you know?

Glass-half-full kind of guy.

You're gonna be a great dad.
I know you are.

You know, I was thinking,
as soon as we get

this video store
up and running,

first thing I want to buy
is a new set of wheels.

I know things haven't
proceeded as anticipated,

but a good idea, Rick,
is like a fine wine.

It gets better with time.

Things aren't gonna
get better, Dad.

You happy with this?

You happy with who you are?

Don't be thinking
what the right answer is.

There's only one right answer.

You know how
we can change this.


No drugs, God damn it.

No drugs.

They're poison, Ricky.

They kill people.
No fucking way.

What the fuck do you think
you're selling? Water pistols?

Ricky, guns are
a constitutional right.

There's nothing in
the Constitution about drugs.

The fuck are you
talking about?

I'm talking about
the goddamn Constitution,

what this fucking country
was founded on, Ricky.

- Dad!



- RICHARD: Uh... You okay?
- Yeah.


RICHARD: Oh, shit.

Look at this shit.
Look how we're living.

We got to do
something, Dad.

We got to make some money.

No. No drugs, Ricky.

- You know I can't do that.
- Fuck, Dad.

You been selling to the drug
dealers every damn day.

The only difference is you been
making pennies on the dollar.

You know, about time we go grab
the dollar, don't you think?

Hey, come on, Dad.

I can do this.

We can do this.

I mean, I know the players.

And I know their game.

Ah, Ricky,
I already lost Dawn.

I can't lose you, too.

Dad, we didn't lose Dawn.

There's just no way she's
coming home the way things are.

There's just nothing
to come home to.

Like, ain't nobody
gonna help us.

We got to do this
before it's too late.

I've got a daughter, too, now.

RICK: What up, Art?

Hey, kid.

What the fuck?

You told me
to look you up sometime.

Come in.

- What's up, bro?
- MAN: Give me an eight, man.






RICK: Hey, Dawn.

It's me. Ricky.

- Ricky?
- Yeah.

I brought Dad, too.

- We're gonna take you home.

DAWN: Why he here?

I fucking...
Fucking hate him, Ricky.

You know how much
I hate him.

We're gonna take you home.

DAWN: Nah, I don't want
to go home.

This my home.

RICKY: No, Dawn. You need to
come with us, okay?

You need to come with us now.

I got all my stuff here.

I can't leave my stuff.

It's all shit, Dawn.

We'll get you new stuff.

You'll get me new stuff?

Whatever you want.


I promise.

- DAWN: No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Come on.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

No, no! Don't touch me!

Don't touch me!

Get your fucking hands
off me, Dad!

Get your hands off me! No!



Get the fuck off of me!

Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!









- DAWN: Open the door!


Hey! Open the door!

Open the door!



(PANTING) Please.

Dad? Please?

Dad, please? Please?

Please let me out.




(SCOFFS) Yo, she's
something else, y'all.

LUKE: (ON TV) You are
so incredibly beautiful.

LAURA: I love you so much.


- WOMAN: (ON TV) When will you be there?

MAN: I was just leaving now.

WOMAN: Well,
I might just drop by.

- About half an hour.
- I'll have the bubbly waiting.

WOMAN: (CHUCKLES) All right.

I can't wait.


♪ Thinking of a master plan

♪ 'Cause ain't nothing
but sweat inside my hand

♪ So I dig into my pocket,
all my money spent

♪ So I dig deeper, but still
coming up with lint, so I... ♪


♪ When you're in his arms

♪ You gaze... ♪

...by himself.

Said he's got a scar

where his arm was
about to fall off.

Picks a thorn,
threads it with the string.

Sews himself up.

Here we go. All right.

All right, now,
come on, here we go.

- Yeah, straight thug.
- I want to make a toast.

Here we go, here we go.

You all right?

Me and the boys
gonna go out later.

- You want to come?
- Uh... I promised Grandma

I'd make cookies with her.

I know. I'm a loser.

No. You were just lost
for a little bit.

It ain't the same thing
at all.


There they are right there.

Hang on, Pop.
I'm not done with you.

Back in here.
I got a toast.

- Hey, hey. Right here. Dawn?
- RAY: Oh, God. Ah, fuck.

- MAN: Lot of work.
- RICHARD: Come on in.

I want to make a toast.

Here's to family.
Everybody, drink up.

- ALL: To family.
- Yeah, family.

- Yeah.
- Cheers.

♪ But they keep say... ♪


- MAN: There you go, baby!

Let's go!

MAN: ♪ You're in a place
where the nights are hot

♪ Where nature's children
dance and say the chants

♪ On this Mother Earth,
which is our rock

♪ The time has come,
and work for soul

♪ Show you really got soul

♪ Are you ready?

♪ Bump-bump-bump, get bump

♪ Now, let's go, house... ♪

Hey, Cathy.

Hey, Ricky.

Long time no see.

Oh, you've been
seeing me plenty.

I know, 'cause I've been
seeing you seeing me.

♪ Keep tickin' and tockin',
work it all around...

You're doing
a very dangerous thing, Ricky.

♪ Everybody just rock it,
don't stop it... ♪



This bitch is nice.



How's Lil Man doing?

You mean how he doing
with you here with his wife

in the middle of the night?

No, I mean how is he doing?


Johnny in prison for 20 years,
that's how he doing.

And I'm here.

All alone.

Why you didn't call me, Ricky?
I thought we were friends.

I've been busy.

Mmm. That's what I hear.

White Boy Rick been getting
some of Art Derrick Miami sun.


You know the reason

Johnny in jail
and you and me free, Ricky?

'Cause we're smarter.

I made Johnny
what he was.

But he trusts too many people.

If he had just stuck to the
people I introduced him to,

I wouldn't be alone.

You wouldn't be here.

Like what you see, Ricky?


Then why you standing
over there?

What are you doing out here?

Keeping watch.

Making sure
your sister gets home.

- Dad, I'm pretty sure

Dawn can cross the street
by herself.

Yeah, you'd be surprised
how easy it is

to take a wrong turn, no
matter how short the journey.

Is you all right?

Yeah, I'm better
than all right.

Seeing you and Dawn
tonight, Ma and Pa,

hell, I'm damn near perfect.

It's just that, uh...

Just what?

Well, it's fragile.

This thing. Family.

And I don't want it
to come apart, you know?

I don't want
to break it, again.

Well, why don't you go in,
and I'll wait for her.

Eh, she's my watch to keep.

Same as you.

(CHUCKLES) I can watch
my own ass, Dad.

RICHARD: Mmm-hmm.

Let's not break this, Ricky.

Let's not get greedy.

We don't need much more than
we already have right now.

Yeah. All right, Pops.

(SNIFFS) Goddamn.

Your ass smells
like a whorehouse

- on New Year's morning.
- For real?

Yeah, for real.

- Good night, Dad.

- Good night, son.




The fuck are you doing?

- I'm shaving.
- Since when do you shave?

- Since now.
- You ain't got no hair!

- Oh, yeah?
- No, not the face! That's gonna hurt!


- Drop the gun!
- Hey! Quiet down, Rick!

- Quiet down, Rick!
- Get on the ground!

Get down! You get down
on the goddamn ground!

Stop resisting! Get down!

Up against the fucking wall!
Back up! Back the fuck up!

- Don't move!
- Ricky, what the fuck is going on?

Hey, don't fucking touch her!
Don't fucking touch her!


- Get him up.
- Hold on. Let go!

- Come on. Fuck!
- Ricky! Ricky!

The fuck you think, Rick, huh? You
think you wasn't gonna get caught?

I don't know what the fuck
you talking about!

You don't know what the fuck
I'm talking about?

Fucker, look at me.
Eight kilos.

- Keep your fucking hands off of him!
- Eight kilos.

- Rick!
- RICK: You think I'm fucking stupid?

No, boy, I think you're
fucked, that's what I think!

Get off of him!


- Rick!
- DETECTIVE JACKSON: Ain't no burgers

and fries back there,
huh, bitch?

The fuck is going on?


BUFALINO JR.: This is what
we're up against, gentlemen.

Okay, I mean, they're making
him out like he's Capone.

That's the sentiment
in the city.

The mayor himself has warned
me to stay clear of this.

Ricky's a leper.

Look, Bill, it's not like
he killed anyone.

650 grams, Rick.
That's the law.

You know how much was
in that box? Eight kilos.

That's 8,000 grams.
It would be better for Ricky

- if he had killed someone.
- Where are the Feds

and the cops on this, right?
They're the ones

that got him dealing
in the first place.

- Where the fuck are they?
- Ask yourself this.

Would you believe
a 15-year-old kid

was working for
the federal government?

But he was.

Listen, Ricky, this...

This might be our only chance
of cutting a deal.

So let me do the talking.


It's not a conspiracy, Rick.

We just can't say
anything publicly.

Yeah, but I can.
I go to the press, tell them

the Feds turned my son
into a drug dealer,

that's headlines
from now till Sunday.

That's not a smart move.

Ricky's in a tough spot.
I appreciate that.

But we're not here
to negotiate.

We don't have
a lot of power here.

This is not a federal case.

And the Bureau rejects
any narrative that suggests

we encouraged Ricky
to sell drugs.

He did that on his own,
and he got caught.

And now he's facing
a life sentence.

We want to offer Ricky
an opportunity,

maybe a way out.

What's he got to do?

We'd like to get an agent
on the inside.

If you can do that,
we can get some convictions...

Maybe we can
return the favor.

Those people
ain't gonna talk to me.

AGENT BYRD: There is someone
you could talk to.

Her father's close to Gil Hill,
not to mention the mayor.

Cathy? Cathy's in a bad way.

- She don't got nobody.
- Look, Rick, just talk to her.

Let her know that your Miami
connect is coming into town,

needs protection
for a large shipment.

You get her to meet him,

get the introduction
to the father,

and we'll take it from there.

You guys are going after
Young, aren't you?

You're going after the mayor.

We have no intention
of charging Cathy.

- She's not our target.
- Just like Boo wasn't?

Boo ain't do shit,
and y'all still got

- his ass locked up.

give this a chance, all right?

Listen up. Now, I understand you
got feelings for this girl.

But this is about getting guys
like Jackson, all right?

He's half the reason
we're here in the first place.

I think it's worth
a shot, Rick.

What do you think, champ?

I'll do whatever
you say, Dad.


We're gonna need something
in writing, all right?

Some kind of contract.

I'm sorry,
we can't do that, Rick.

I mean, if we have anything
on paper, it's gonna look like

Ricky's just saying whatever he
needs to, to stay out of jail.


So what the fuck
are you saying?

I'm saying
you have to trust us.




What you doing here, Rick?

You know
I can't be seen with you.

- I just need a minute, Cath.
- I can't, Rick.

There's a big shipment,
and I need help, Cath.

Major news tonight as the FBI

- makes a public corruption case...
- You bastards.

- ...in the city of Detroit.
- Serves 'em right.

Eleven police officers,
including Jimmy Harris,

were brought into the federal
courthouse in handcuffs.

Six civilians
were also arrested,

including the mayor's
brother-in-law, Willie Volsan.

Several law
enforcement sources

tell us that it was
Rick Wershe Jr.,

aka White Boy Rick, who vouched
for an undercover agent posing

as a drug dealer
who wanted to hire cops

to protect his shipments.

Sources also tell us
Wershe provided information

about homicide inspector
Gil Hill

and bribes paid to cover up
an unrelated shooting.

- RAY: What is this?
- Nah, it's okay, Pop.

Me and Ricky,
we got it all worked out.

The Feds got it fixed up
with the judge.

We're all good.
We're all good.

Wershe, who has
clearly made powerful enemies,

now faces a life sentence

if convicted
of the cocaine charges.


JUDGE: The court
will come to order.

what that is right there.

Has the jury
reached a verdict?

Yes, we have, Your Honor.

JUDGE: Please hand it
to my bailiff.

...lets the judge know that

we got a deal
for helping out.

JUDGE: Will the defendant
please rise?

The People
of the State of Michigan

find the defendant,
Richard Wershe Jr.,

guilty of possession
with the intent to distribute

greater than 650 grams
of a controlled substance,

which, in the state
of Michigan,

carries a mandatory
sentence of life

- without the possibility of parole.

- Rick!
- RAY: What is wrong with you people?

- This boy is 17 years old!
- JUDGE: Juror number one,

- how do you find?
- Guilty.

- DAWN: Ricky!
- JUDGE: Juror number two...

We're getting
to the bottom of this.

We're getting to
the bottom of this.

- JUDGE: Order in the court!
- Ricky? Ricky! Ricky!

- Rick, baby!
- Stay strong!

You know what you just did?
You took a life.

GUARD: Okay, now,
give me three good squats.


All the way down. Deeper.

Hold it, hold it.

Keep your cup and your spoon
with you at all times.

Come on, this way.


You'll be allowed
out in the yard by yourself

one hour each day.

The remaining 23 hours, you're
gonna be secured in your cell.

That's for
your own protection.

There'll be
no communicating

while you're confined
in your cell.

If you feel the need
to communicate,

fill out an inmate request
form, drop it in the box.

You have any questions?



Hey. Hey.
I need to talk to you, Alex.

- Hey, Rick.
- Yeah?

Listen, I got to be someplace,
but come by the office

- next week, we'll talk.
- No, no, I came by the office

- three times this week.
- Yeah. I know.

Well, what the fuck
happened, Alex?

What do you want me to say? I
mean, is anything I say gonna

- make you feel any better?
- No, Ricky did his bit.

- It's time for you to do yours.
- Okay. We're in a public place,

so I'm gonna need to ask you
to keep your voice down.

(SOFTLY) Okay,
what the fuck happened?

Okay, let's be clear.
You were promised nothing.

You were told that the Bureau
would make best efforts

with the court
to mitigate Ricky's sentence.

We did that,
the judge was not responsive.

"The judge was not responsive"?
What the fuck is that?

That's what you're calling
your best fucking effort?

That's your answer?

- No, you told me to trust you.
- I get that.

You told me to trust you.
You didn't do shit.

- I have to go. Okay.
- You sold us out.

- I'm leaving now.
- You sold us fucking out!

I really prefer
to drink alone, Rick.

It's okay, Frank.

We're just a couple of guys
on a day off, right?

It's not my day off.

Why's this happen
to my son?

Just tell me the truth.

- Why him?
- Well, you deal in narcotics,

- you get busted.
- It's not true, Frank.

- God damn it, we had a deal.
- You know...

I can't really square
that circle for you, Rick.

Your boy was out. And he
decided to get back in.

And you were not exactly
an innocent bystander.


(SIGHS) You know,
it's not about Ricky.

It's not about
his little friends.

It's not about kids selling
dime bags on the corner.

We throw
the little ones back,

but when the big fish
gets away,

they got to take
what's left in the net.

So 'cause you don't get
the fucking mayor,

my kid goes down.

He's young.

He'll get out.

- Come on, high five.



DAWN: Look, sweetie.

Look. It's your daddy.

Remember? From the picture?

The one we kiss each night
with Mommy?

KEISHA: Hi, Daddy.

DAWN: Grandma misses you.

Hey, she'd have came,
but, uh...

Grandpa Ray's
still not better.

We don't know if he's
gonna get better, so...

How you doing, Dawn?

I hate that you're
in here, Ricky.

I hate it.

Can I talk to her?

Hey, want to say, "Hello"?

- Hello.

She's tired.

Well, at least you
haven't lost your looks.


'Cause you never had 'em.

- Dawn?
- Yeah?

That picture.

Make sure you keep
showing her.

(SOFTLY) Yeah.


- Bye-bye. (CHUCKLES)

- DAWN: Oh!

Let Grandpa have a go.


Hey, champ.
Good to see you.

I got some good news.

Looks like they might overturn
that 650 Lifer Law.

I talked to Byrd, and he
said that he and Snyder

were willing to talk to
the board if it comes to pass.

And if that happens,
you could be up for parole

in, like, you know,
six years.

That is good news.

They're not gonna
get away with this, Ricky.

You know, poked the lion
one too many goddamn times.

- All right, Dad.
- It's like we always talked about, son.

You got to lose a few battles
to win the war.

We didn't talk about it.
You did.

And the war is over.

No, it's not, son.
Don't say that.

- It's not over, you hear me?
- Look where I'm at.

It's like I'm dead in here.
And that's how they want it.


Eight pounds, 14 ounces.

That's what you weighed
when you were born.

Ricky, I remember the first
time I looked in your eyes,

I knew you were
gonna be bigger than me.

I knew your life was gonna
be bigger than mine.

Not just in size, but in life,
in heart, in spirit.

My life was hard, you know?

Not yours.
Yours was gonna be easy.

Gonna be so goddamn easy.

And I fucked up.

And I'm sorry.

(SOFTLY) I'm so...


You're my best friend, Rick.

No, you're my only friend.

You just remember
you got me and you got Dawn,

you got your daughter,
all right?

And we're not going anywhere.

We're always gonna be
right here. All right?

Hey, it don't end like this.

All right?
Don't you give up on me.

Ricky, hey,
it don't end like this.

We're lions.
Hear me? We're lions.



I don't think there's a person

that works here that
thinks I belong in prison.

You don't know, having
that life sentence off of you,

the stress that
it takes off of you

and the foot that's been on
my chest for all these years.

This is my thirtieth birthday
in prison,

and, and it'll be
the best one, so...

Oh, man, I feel overwhelmed
with joy, man.

I mean, it's like,
I swear to God, man,

I feel, like,
10 years younger.

It's weird, like, so much
weight's been lifted off of me.

"It's over. You're done.
Michigan paroled you."

I cried, man.

I cried.


And I want to go tell
my grandma and grandpa

that I made it
out of prison, you know?

I want to go visit them
at their grave site.

I got everything
I need in life.

Subtitles by explosiveskull