Which Way Is Up? (1977) - full transcript

Richard Pryor is playing three different roles here. The first being a poor orange picker named Leroy Jones who gets laid off when by mistake he joins the worker's union during one of their demonstrations. Afterwards he is forced to leave his wife and family behind which also includes Leroy's father (also played by Pryor) to go to Los Angeles. Leroy ends up working for the same company that fired him back home. He is a manager at the company but he is now distant from his former pals. He meets and falls in love with Vanetta who is a labor organizer which leaves him splitting time between his wife Annie Mae and Vanetta. When Leroy finds out that the Reverend Lenox Thomas (also played by Pryor) has got his wife pregnant while he was absent, he then make the moves on the reverend's wife.

Oh, good morning, Daddy.

Oh, Daddy.

Come on, Annie Mae.
Come on, baby.

Give it to me.

I'm so sleepy.

Baby, you were asleep
since 8:00 last night.

Let me bite your nipple.

I got a headache.

I got something for your headache.
Can you feel it?

Oh, Leroy,
everybody's getting up.

Can you help me out, baby?

Can you help me out?

What do you want me to do?

Could you uncross your ankles?

Just move your...
Yeah, let me... Yeah.

♪ Just a little loving,
early in the morning ♪

- Leroy?
- Hmm?

Couldn't you just
hold me in your arms

and whisper sweet
things in my ear?

Open your legs, bitch!

I'm up. Can I have breakfast?


Leroy, Shane is here.

Can I have breakfast?

Why don't you get your
mother to fix your breakfast?

My mother's making
love to your daddy.

You ain't doing nothing.
Why don't you fix it?

Because you little son of a...

I'll fix it.

Turn your head, Shane.
Wait, Annie Mae.


Annie, wait!
Annie! Annie!

Come on.
Let's go.

Oh, it's so good.

Right there, Momma!

Oh! Mmm, Daddy, ooh!

You're the...
Oh, you're the best!

You got that!
Oh, shit!

Oh, do it again!
Here I come, Momma.

Don't do that, baby!
Oh, sock it to me!

Leroy, come on, man,
time to go to work!

Come on, Leroy,
we gonna be late!

Well, come on then!

What the hell you hollering for?

What's the matter? Your old lady
keeping you in bed overtime?

Good morning, Leroy.

Must be some woman!

Annie Mae must really be laying it on
you, even your eyes is pale.

You don't know the half of it.

Hey, get on in!

Hey, Pop, Janelle!
I said, let's go.

Come on, Shane.
Come on, Edna.

Come on, Pop,
get your old ass out here.

I heard you!
I ain't deaf!

Damn you!

You know that chicken I put in
the refrigerator last night?

Well, I expect to find it
when I get home this evening.

And if I don't, be some hell to pay, boy!
You get my drift?

Yeah, fuck you, too.

I heard that!
Fuck you, too, boy!

Little nappy-head
son of a bitch!

You know what, boy?

Why don't you niggers laugh
on your own goddamn time?

We got to go to work!

Shit, peoples expecting us!

Move, boy, get out of my seat.
Little shit!

Give me your hand, Daddy.
I don't need your help, woman!

Now get this goddamn thing
moving, boy.

Henry, pick them bones up!


What the hell?
Dumb-ass nigger trying to kill us!

God damn, boy!
Are you crazy?

Look at that!

Brothers and sisters...

What the hell's going on?

Vote for your Farm Workers
Union, brothers and sisters.

Get your hand off that
goddamn truck, man!

Well, all right.

Hey, man, that's Juarez.

Yeah! I seen him on television.

There's a dude with some balls.

And he ain't afraid to tell it like it
is, you know what I mean?

Let me tell you something else.

It ain't just happening here.

It's happening all over the
place, in every county.

Because of Juarez
and his people,

there are gonna be some elections
coming down on this ranch.

Hey, Chuy, man, but so what?

Well, we get to
vote, that's what!

If we want a real union,
we gotta vote for Juarez, man! Right?

Well, why not?

- Move, bitches!
- Let's move them all out of here!

Brother and sisters.

I think you already
know why we're here.

We have come to
tell you the truth.

Our Farm Workers Union has been
fighting for free elections,

and in a few days, this ranch

is going to have its first
union elections ever!

You hear that, Leroy?

Now, we don't have to be
afraid any more, hermanos!

We've come to ask you
to sacrifice the few oranges

you might pick in
five or 10 minutes.

Join us! Come on, todos!
Come on, join us!

Come on. Come on! Come on!
We're gonna win!

Leroy, let's go!


You go! What's wrong with you?

I'm gonna kick your
ass, you stinking spic!

Be right behind you, come on.
Behind my ass!

I'll be right...
I'll be in front of you, huh?

Well, come on, let's both go.


On the count of three?
On the count of three.

One. Two. Two.
Two. Two.


Is this what you want?

Are these the kind of bosses
you're gonna work under?

Who can't respect
your basic human rights.

Just listen to them!

We only need one man, hermanos.

One man or woman
who is not afraid!

One worker who is willing to
stand up for what he believes.

Who's not afraid
to make his move?


Leroy done fell on his ass!

- Are you all right, brother?
- Take care of him, whoever he is.

Well, I don't know how you did it,
but you did the right thing, hermano!

Here he is,
the man who made his move!

Brothers and sisters,
here's your brother who had the guts

to walk out like a man!
Now, come on, join him!

Mister, what's your name?
What's your name? Huh?

Hey, man.
Don't you know who that is?

That's Leroy Jones!

Kill that nigger!

Leroy Jones! Leroy!

Leroy Jones!

Let's break this up.

You lazy, goddamn nigger!

If I catch you, I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!

What happened to your arm?

Trying to protect
myself from them goons.

They come at me like that,
I put it up here and I put it like that.

Damn! Try to
tear it off, too.

I shook his hand.

I was right up there with
him, Juarez and me!

I'm gonna be on TV.
I wish we had a TV, Pop!

Bet I could see
myself on television!

Yeah, the nigger gonna
be famous, all right.

Gonna be the first one to ever
see his own funeral on TV!

What makes you say that, Pop?

Mean what I said, nigger,
you got a death wish!

What harm can it be to have
my picture in the paper?

That ain't none of your concern!

It's twixt the Mexicans
and white folk.

Calm down, Daddy.
Leroy didn't mean any harm.

Bitch, get out of my face! Shit, you don't
know what the fuck you talking about!

And I'll tell you another thing.

Somebody stole
my piece of chicken.

I didn't take your chicken, Pop.

And I hope you choke
on the goddamn bone!

Sure hope our kids don't grow
up to be like him. It's okay.

I heard you!

I heard both of you. I heard what
you said to her about what you think.

Nigger, you got to get some pussy
before you can have some kids!

Shit, I'm knocking the bottom out of
mine, hey, Momma?

Hey, Chuy!
Look here, man, look!

Leroy's in the paper!
Man, look!

Hey, Leroy. Hey, Leroy!
Hey, Leroy. Leroy!

Hey, look at that!
Your picture's in the paper.


Hey, come on, look,
Leroy's picture's in the paper!

Pop, I'm in the paper!

Look, my picture's in the paper!

Damn, they made my nose big!

You done tore your ass now, boy.

- Leroy! Leroy!
- Leroy! Leroy!

Leroy Jones!

Leroy Jones.
I wanna talk to you, boy!

I'll see you later.

We'll see you, Leroy!

It being such a nice
day, I think I'll walk.

No problem, I'll hitchhike.
It's okay.

Leroy Jones?
Front and center, Mister Jones!

What you want with Leroy, man?

You're gonna be late for
work, sonny boy.

You Jones?

No, sir.

Well, then.

If you should happen to see Mr. Jones,
you give him something for me?


It's a bus ticket.

I believe he's got a truck.

The company would like it
better if Mr. Jones left by bus.

If I see him, I'll tell him.

It's one...
One way?


Hey, don't worry about me.
Shit, I'll be all right.

Still got my truck.
That's right, I'm going to the city.

I'm going into
business for myself.

Do some trucking.


Mister, that,
uh... Sir!

"Dear Annie Mae and Pops.

"Living in the city is like living
in the country, only faster.

"I wanted to live in
decent surroundings,

"so I found a fine building
in the best part of town.

"My apartment is on the top
floor overlooking the city

"and it's close to churches,
schools and businesses.

"And I've made many new friends.

"Many of which
are in the Movement.

"Sometimes they drop by late at
night for intellectual discussions."

You gotta pay me!

Baby, what you mean?
I already paid you!

Get your hands off me!
Till you get your...

You guys are in the wrong room!

Get your hands off me! Get your hands
off me! I said you're in the wrong...

You're in the wrong room.

I'm gonna break
your goddamn neck!

I'm gonna break it for
getting into that room!

Listen. You guys, listen to me.
I'm gonna kill you!

You're in the wrong...
Miss, Miss... Sorry...

"As for the
employment situation,

"people here recognize a natural
leader when they see one.

"They wanted me to start out
as an executive,

"but I told 'em no! I start out
at the bottom like everybody else,

"and then, maybe my natural
leadership potential will

"take me right to the top.
I'll send money home.

"I would have sent it this time,
but I've already sealed up the envelope."

Hey, Frankie, come here.
Look at this.

That's him.
Yeah, that's him.

Hey, is that you?


Sure is.

Sure is you, man.

Wait, hold on!
Hold on.

Hey, hey, come on!
What's going on out here?

This guy worked with Juarez!
Helped him organize!

You worked with Ramon Juarez?

Well, yeah.

I almost lost my job for it.

You know, the goons come at me.

In the night.
Fifty of them!

But I fought 'em off! They had clubs
and bricks, dogs, cats, everything!

I stood there.
Stood my ground.

All right! My man!

This man's a brother.
He's been there! He's seen it all!

Listen, Boatwright, you gotta give
this guy at least a casual card.

Yeah, yeah, we'll do
something nice.

Geez, I just didn't...
I had no idea.

Thank you.

That takes courage.

Does this mean I get the job?

Find out about the Farm Workers.

Take one of these, please.
It explains the Farm Workers Movement.

Hey, Mister, you drink orange juice,
don't you? Find out about it, please?

Read it.
Good reading.

Would you like one of these, sir?
Farm Workers Movement.

It explains the
Farm Workers Movement.

Hey, Leroy.
Where you going?

I'm going to the bathroom.

Well, come on.
We gotta finish up by noon.

Sir, would you like one of these?
Affiliated Farm Workers Movement?

Excuse me, sir, would you please vote
for the Affiliated Farm Workers Movement?

Would you like to read about the
AFW, our new union?

It's the Farm Workers.
Not the growers, the workers.

Would you like one, Miss?
Oh, I gave you two.

Here, I'll take one back.
Please read it.

Would you like one, Miss?

Could I have
one of those, please?

Of course you can.

I'm very interested
in the Movement.

Are you? Good.

Would you like one of these, Miss?
Please read.

AFW, our new union.

I'm really interested
in the struggle.

Have a nice day, okay?

Hey, Leroy!

Let's stick together, you guys.
Support the AFW.

Don't buy oranges.

Hey, Leroy, come on, man,
we're gonna be here all day

if you don't stop
looking at that broad.

I knew you'd be here today.

Yeah? How'd you know that?


I was born with a veil over my
face, you know?

My father was born with seven veils
over his face. He ain't psychic.

Where you from?

Barnes County.

What you doing so
far away from home?

I got run off.
You got run off?

I was working with Ramon Juarez,

helping him organize
the field workers.

Juarez? The Affiliated
Farm Workers Union?

Yeah, that's
the one. Look.

The goons come and chased
me off in the night.

Must have been 100 of them.

That's Juarez there with the
mustache, and that's me.

"The Man Who
Made His Move."

You actually helped
to start the Union?

I just did what I had to do.

What was it really like
out there on the line?


Lonely. Mostly,
it was lonely.

No friends, no family.

Just my brothers and
sisters in the Movement.

Viva La Causa.

Viva La Causa.

You're a brave man, Leroy.
And you're good, too.

I got a feeling about you.

I got a feeling about you, too.

You do?

You've got to have been
watching me watch you. I have.

I mean, I feel like I've
known you all my life. Me too.

Like, uh, like the Union!

Like something that's gotta be.

I know what you mean.

You do?

You think maybe
I could have one kiss

to sort of seal our solidarity.

Between brother and
sister in the struggle?


Brother and sister
in the struggle.



Get off me!

You got to have me, right?

You're crazy!

I'm crazy for you!
Yeah! You're crazy!

I broke my arm!

Don't flatter yourself!

If anything's broken,
I broke it!

I just got carried away.

If you touch me again,
you will be carried away!

But what about brother and
sister and the Movement?

I was a fool for giving
you the time of day!

Wait a minute!
Please, I love you!

Please, give me another chance.
You don't understand.

I love you.
I made a mistake.


Do you want me to get
you some more tea?

Yeah, I'd like a little more.


God, you're beautiful.

Thank you.

I mean, people beautiful.

I've had a good day
with you, uh, you know...

I never thought I could
feel this way about things

or express it.

Because I always thought it was
silly, you know, to be vulnerable.

And I find it easy
to talk to you.

And tell you how I feel
and what I wanna do

and what I don't wanna do.

It's sure a hell of a
relief, I'll tell you that.

And I'm sorry I won't be
able to see you anymore.

Why not?

Because I'm in love with you.

And I don't think I could
stand just to be around you

and not have you for my lady.

So I'm gonna go.

It's been a beautiful day.

And I think
you're decent people.

Thank you.

Leroy, don't go.

If I stay,
what's gonna happen with us?

I don't know about you,
but I'm gonna take a shower.



I know you love me

and I think I understand you,

but I can't do anything halfway.

It's like the Movement.
When I commit, it's all or nothing.

That's the only way
it should be.

Then you have to
make me a promise.


That you won't make love
to any other woman,

even your wife,
or I'll leave you forever.

I promise.

Then I'm yours.

"Dear Leroy,
thank you for the money you sent us

"and for the birthday present.

"Things are pretty good here
now that I got me a job

"in the five-and-dime
where Thelma works.

"I'm learning a lot about life
and meeting new people.

"The weather up here
has been hot...

"Dear Leroy,
I've got a surprise.

"I got a promotion at work
after only six months!

"With the extra money,
I put a down payment on a cute little car.

"It rides real good.

"Now Thelma and I can
go wherever we want.

"It's wonderful to be free.

"Guess what, Leroy.
I found a great new dress...

"Dear Leroy, I can't believe it's
been more than a year since you left.

"There's been
lots of changes here.

"Sorry I haven't written in a
while, but I've been real busy.

"Life in Barnes County
isn't so bad after all.

"I'll write again when I have more time.
Love, Annie Mae."

Okay, hold it.


Exhale and push!

Okay. Relax.
Relax, relax. Come on.

Oh, honey.
You're not gonna be nervous

when the labor starts
for real are you?

No, baby,
I got this shit down pat.

That's good, 'cause
it's starting now!

Jesus, no!

Wait. No, wait till
the thing gets on 12.

No, breathe, breathe.
Listen, just breathe. Just pant. Pant!

We shouldn't have
done this shit.

I told you we
should've got a doctor.

Perfect baby,
transcendent son of the light.

Thou art a wave of the inter-ocean
of cosmic consciousness behind you.

Wear your name with
pride and with honor.


What do you think
of your son now, Leroy?

He's got a hell of
a set of nuts on him.

I'll drink to that.

I want to propose a toast.

To the parents,
the child and the flow of life.

To the Movement!

To the Movement!

Hey, pal, give me some of that, will you?
Good, good.

Oh, honey, that's what we forgot.
The grape juice!

Everybody doesn't like
this carrot juice, you know?

I'll go upstairs and get it.

Everybody just
party-hardy, okay?

Okay, honey.

Decent wages, decent working
conditions, no kids in the fields.

It's time the growers learn
that they can't scare everybody.

We're not afraid. We're going to
go on and on and on until we win!

Windows have been broken,
your car tires slashed.

One worker even had
his pickup truck crushed

by a bulldozer for just coming
out of the fields to talk to me.

Our struggle is a
nonviolent struggle.

We have been struggling
for 12 years.

Excuse me.

I didn't see your face!

My baby's being baptized.

Want a drink?

You're lucky to be alive, fella.
Yes, sir.

Never seen any...
I seen everything!

I mean, I was coming around the
corner, the guy had the shotgun.

I saw him myself.

I never thought I'd ever seen it...
They won't get...

I saw every detail
of the man's face.

I know exactly
what he looks like.

Never. I come around the
corner, the guy had a shotgun!

He tried to kill me!

Is this our witness?


Captain Caine.

Right on, right on, man!
I saw it!

Hey, just relax.
There's nothing to worry about.

You're in good hands. Thank you.

Just because the Syndicate
murders his eyewitness,

there's no need for you to be afraid.
I'm not afraid...

Just relax you can
tell us everything.

I saw everything. I mean, I really did.
My cigarette's out.

Let me light it for you.

Listen to me.
The guy was like this close to me!

He was so close...

I couldn't see anything!



Leroy, did you see anything?

Yes, I saw a woman!

A short woman
with two tall midgets.

But you saw the man!

Ah, no, the woman had wings!

Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones, it's okay.

Thank you for taking
your time to talk to us.

You can go now.

I can go?
You can go.

Jesus, here's your tablecloth!

Honey, are you all right?

Jesus, baby, we gotta go!
I didn't see nothing!

Hey, Leroy, what happened?
Uh, come on!

What's going on?
We gotta go home!

What did happen?
How come you're all dirty? Jesus Christ!

What were you
doing with those men?

What is going on?
What did they want with you?

Just keep going.
Don't ask questions!


You Leroy Jones?

Leroy Jones?


They want you upstairs.

They want me?

Yes, they want you.

What for?

They didn't tell me, but you better
hurry, they don't like to wait.

Leroy! Leroy Jones, how are you?

Nice seeing you.

Come on,
I want you to meet somebody.



Don't let that worry
you, it's all right.

Don't worry.
I want you to meet somebody.

This is Leroy...

Sir, this is Leroy Jones,
from the painting gang.

That's fine, fine.

Glad to see you
getting along well.

Well, I suppose you're
wondering why you're up here?

Heard your union is a
member of the Agrico family,

and the company is very
pleased at the way you behaved.

Mr. Jones, you're a man who knows
when to speak up and when to shut up.


Come here. Come here, come here.

Leroy, you have a rare
quality among men.

When people think
you've seen something,

well, it turns out you
haven't seen anything at all.

That's marvelous.

We think you'll
like Barnes County.

Barnes County?

We want a man with experience,
and that's you, boy.

Lot of people have
their eye on you, boy.

You're moving up in the world.

Take advantage of it.



Gee, this is good shooting!

That's good.

I didn't wanna come here either, baby.
You know that.

But everywhere I looked
I kept seeing rings.

Least we're here with friends

and I don't have to worry about nothing
happening to you or Leroy Junior.

I know, honey.
It's all right.

I'll follow you
anywhere on this earth.

Just don't forget your
promise you made to me.

Baby, Annie Mae don't
mean nothing to me.

I'm just gonna stay with
her for appearances,

make 'em think
I'm a company man.

You're the only one I want.
You the only one.

You better scoot down a little.

Where we going?

- The man gave me the keys.
- Said it's for management.

Is it near your wife and family?

They're on the other side of town.
I got Annie Mae covered.

I don't wanna cause a
hassle, Leroy.

I'm proud to be here with
my woman and baby boy

and I don't care who knows it.

All right, son. Now take your best shot.
Let me see what you got now.

Nigger, you play
good enough to pass up 15?

Watch out now!
There it is.

Hot damn!
Double three.

where's the good frying pan?

I just washed it this morning.
Oh, here it is.

Annie Mae, reach up under the sink
there and gimme that big skillet.

I hope that rice is cooking.

Is that somebody at the window?

I don't know.

Oh, Leroy!

Lord, I don't believe it.

What the hell's that
nigger doing back here?

Is that your son?

Daddy, Uncle Leroy's home.

- Oh, you look so handsome...
- Handsome?

Leroy, welcome home!

How you doing? Hello, Shane.
Hi, Edna! How you doing?

Hey, Pop!
What the nigger done done now?

We just moved in here, boy,
I know you done fucked up!

We got to move?
What I done done now?

I done come home an Agrico
official and that's my car!


Look at my badge.

Ooh, my ass. They give them
white boys American cars.

You gonna be a big executive
now, huh, Leroy?

Damn, Janelle,
you sure feel beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

It ain't no big thing
being no executive!

I could've been an executive myself, woman!
Back in '47!

Brought you some champagne, Pop!


Ripple? Shit,
you ain't lost your class, boy!

Oh, Leroy,
we so glad to see you home.

He gonna get some of
that, ain't he?

Why don't we all go inside and
drink some of that champagne?


This is so nice!
It's a surprise too!

- Doesn't he look good, y'all?
- Bust open some glasses.

Here, I'll get 'em.
Let me get 'em!

Welcome home, sweet thing.

Oh, 11:00.
I got a busy day tomorrow.

Gotta get up early. Work, work, work.
Work, work, work.

Good night, dear.


Good night.

You're really tired, huh?


Now, I'm sorry, Leroy.

Me, too.

I know just what you need.

Thank you, ma'am.
I knew you'd understand.

Good night, Annie Mae.

What the fuck is that?

It's a marital aid.

Turn it off.
Turn it off.

Do you know what that looks like?

How do you know?

I read about it in Cosmopolitan.

Jesus Christ.

Not tonight, baby,
I can't. Okay?

I'm just all tied up.
My legs hurt and my back, everything.

Maybe Wednesday.

This is Tuesday.


Good night.

All you gotta do is keep
your paperwork clean

and your personnel happy and
everything'll be A-number-one.

You got that?

Ah, here they come.

These are the new guys
from personnel, sir.

Okay. Here's your crew.
Put 'em to work!

Welcome aboard, Jones.

Thank you, sir.

Didn't I tell you
he was a boss, man?

I don't believe it. I told you
guys I could get you a job here,

if I have anything to say about
it, which I do!

And it sure beats slaving
out in them orchards.

Yeah, no rain, no flies,
no stooping and no stretching.

Yeah, and no union, brother.

Well, pass them out. Follow me.

Chuy, you still messing
around with that union shit?

I'm not messing around,
man, I'm organizing.

You organizing?
With who?

With Juarez, what else?
Things haven't changed, you know?

I mean, this place is just part of
the chain, man. You know what I mean?

Every orange that comes through
here's got somebody's blood on it.

But maybe with me and you in
here, we can get something done.

Something done like what?

Well, strikes, man!
You know, we can organize something.

Huelga, man, this is
our chance, brother!

Oh, really?
Because "this is our chance!"

You know what happened to the last
man that had my job tried to organize?

They canned him!
They fired him?

No, they canned him!

He's in supermarkets
all over America!

Chuy, Jose, Henry, Sugar.

All right, you guys, I want you to
get off the dime and let's move it!

Let's not waste our time!

Rufullio is gonna show you how to
do this job and do it correctly.

This is the
citrus packing section.

We like to say that if it's in your
mouth, Agrico put it there.

On your left,
the canning division.

On your right,
pulp, and plenty of it.

Another day, another
dollar, your man's home.

Hello, honey.

Oh, I missed you so much.

Missed you, too.
Where's the baby?

I spiked his bottle
and I put him to bed.

I brought you an apple.
You did?

How much time do we have?
About three hours.

One, two, three, go!

Oh, I've been waiting for you all day!
You won't be disappointed!

Another day, another
dollar, your man's home.


I guess you're wondering
why I'm so late?

Something came up.

Had an economic counsel today.

I gotta know all that kind of
stuff in the managerial part

of Agrico Industries.

Well, I'm enjoying it. I'm learning
a lot of things I never knew before.

Like for instance, we do
over two million a week

in pulp alone,
did you know that?

Leroy, you didn't say
nothing about my new robe.

Yeah, I noticed. It's pink.
Very becoming.

It matches your skin color!

You learn a lot about color down
there watching that fruit go by.

For instance...
Leroy, it's Wednesday!

Time to take a bite of
you, chocolate bar.

Where is everybody?

I gave them the money
to go to a show in town.

I thought we
should be... alone.

Jesus Christ,
it's 7:30 already.

I'm beat!

But, Leroy, it's Wednesday.


I'm sorry about last night.

That's okay, dear.

I mean, I know
I was inconsiderate.

And I also know
you've been in the city

and you're probably used
to more sophisticated desires.


So tonight,

I decided to give you
what you really want!

Say, what are you...


Behold the Baroness Monique!

Oh, shit!

For some people,
pain is the only pleasure!

I'm sorry, Leroy.
But it hurt good, didn't it?

Fuck, no!

You naughty boy, you will be punished!
Get me outta here, God...


I'm gonna kill you, bitch.

Relax. Submit!





Oh, you lusty stallion,

I'm gonna tame you.

What are you gonna do with that?



I'll tame you,
you lusty stallion!

Can I see Car Wash again?
I liked that.

I like it too, boy.
That was some movie.

What the hell's
going on in there?

Well, Leroy and Annie
Mae must still be up.

Ma, Uncle Leroy's
playing horsey.

Get back, children! Outside.

Come on. Outside.

Holy Jesus!
Holy Jesus!

Turned into a freak!

Just like her mother!

Oh, God!
Lord have mercy!

Annie Mae, girl, you...

Damn, Annie Mae,
you sure is built.

Think I'll turn in. I'm beat!

Probably sleep late.

You sure is beat.

Enjoy the movie?
Double feature.

Got any glue?

Uh, Annie,
I think it's good the way it is

if we just put
this part on the edge.

Get that whip and
that other chain there

and follow me on in the kitchen.

So, she says to the
midget, "Check this out."

And he said, "I would,
if you put me up to it!"

How about you, Annie Mae?
You getting enough?

Oh, Leroy and I, we doing fine.

Much energy as Leroy got,

I bet he's knocking that
little man right out the boat.

Oh, don't be so nasty.

How often you do it?
Once a night?

Twice a week?


Once a week?



Mamita, Leroy is queer.


You think I'm a goddamn faggot?
Hey, come on.

Get in the car!

Come on, get in the car!

Come on!

Come on, come on!

No, come on!
Get in!

Get in! Get in!

You'll believe my ass!

Get in the car. Get in the car.
Don't touch me!

I don't know.
Leroy, what are you gonna do?

Leroy! Leroy.
What are you gonna do?

Huh? I'll tell you
what I'm gonna do.

- Faggot, huh? Huh?
- Wait, wait, wait, Leroy.

Wait, wait, Leroy!

Come on, Leroy!

You just wanna take it easy.

Come on, stop it!

This is Leroy Jr.

He was born at home.

I helped bring him into the world.
Natural childbirth.

Mmm-hmm, and he's smart,
too, just like his daddy.

Oh, he's cute. Hi.

Say hello to Uncle Chuy.

I believe this calls
for a toast.

To Mr. Leroy Jones and to his very
lovely, lovely lady.

And to the Movement,
who has brought us all here together.

Let me show you around the
rest of the house, okay?

Come on. Come on, look around.

My lady put this whole
house together by herself.

This is her garden.
This is her pride and joy.

She's a horticulturist.

She fixes them plants,
gives them love,

they talk to her,
that's what she says.

It costs $400 a month here.

These are the latest
appliances that man has made.

- I remember that day.
- Do you?


That's a beautiful
poster, ma'am.

Thank you.

You did that?

You do work for
the Farm Workers?


That's beautiful, ma'am.

Leroy has everything.

Two of everything.

That's right, two
women, two homes...

I don't know how he does it.

Good morning, sir.
Good morning, men.

We got 36 tons to
move this morning.

Don't worry, sir,
we'll move it through for you.

Anything you say, Patrone.

You can depend on us.

That's real good, because you're
the finest crew in this plant.

Now, move it!

What's the matter?
Chuy, just come here quick.

Chuy, come here.
Come here.

What's the matter?
Chuy, Chuy,

Chuy, Chuy, have you seen Leroy?

Yeah, he's out in the parking lot.
What's the matter?

It's the end of the
world about to happen.

We have got to catch Leroy
before he gets home. Please.

All right, all right.
What's wrong?

Annie Mae is pregnant.


Annie Mae is pregnant.

Well, so,
we figured we'd come to you,

being that you're the
best qualified man

to discuss this
here matter with.

Well, it's the Agrico way.

If you can use my expertise
in managerial matters,

I'm glad to help you.

It's in the nature of
a sexual problem.


You see, this girl...
Well, she's something like Annie Mae.

Sort of quiet, frightened.
Afraid of her own shadow.

Anyway, this friend of
mine is gonna have a baby.

Now, that's beautiful.

That can be a very organic
and thrilling experience.

And if the husband's involved,

it can be very
enlightening, also.

It's Annie Mae!

Who's Annie Mae?

My girlfriend what's
gonna have the baby.


Annie Mae is having a baby
and you ain't the daddy.

And that's the God's truth!

Oh, shit.

And I'm sorry to be the
one that got to tell you.

Annie Mae ain't having no baby.

Why not?

'Cause I'm gonna kill the bitch!

Leroy! Leroy!

Leroy, wait, wait.
Leroy, wait, wait.

Leroy! Wait!

No, Leroy, no!


Leroy! Leroy! Leroy!

I'm sorry, Leroy.

You're sorry?

Die, bitch, die!

Go on and kill me!

I don't deserve to live.

You're goddamn right,
you don't deserve to live!

But before I kill you,
you're gonna tell me who's the daddy.

Oh, Lord.

God damn it,
who's the daddy of the baby?

My spiritual counselor.

Who the fuck is that?

The Reverend Lenox Thomas!


The Reverend Lenox Thomas?


That potbellied,
black, big-nosed,

ugly, no-preaching nigger

is the daddy of our baby?


Of all the niggers in the world,

it had to be that motherfucker?

God, yes!

I'll kill you!

No, Leroy!

I'll kill you.
I'll kill you!

God damn it!
No, Leroy.

I'll... God damn it!

How'd it happen?

I was looking for
comfort in the church.

You was looking for comfort...

Oh, Leroy! Leroy!


Why didn't you come to me?

Huh? What? Oh.

I know you couldn't.
You got a problem.

I got a problem? What?

You're weak and cold,
impotent, or worse!

What's worse?

You're a faggot!

A faggot?

You don't know nothing,
you dumb poo-poo!

I'll tell you what I am!
I'm plenty of man, baby!

When it come to fucking,
I'm number uno!

'Cause I got a old lady across
town, baby, and she loves it.

You know what I mean?
Not like you. She loves it!

And I'll tell you another
thing, Miss Smartass!

We got a baby boy.

Leroy Jr.
That's his name.

And kiss my ass, and hallelujah!

And I'll tell you
something else.

You mean, you made me think
something was wrong with me?

All the time you was fucking
some bitch across town?

I'll kill your ass, nigger.

Dirty, low-down hound dog!


God damn it!
You let it go!

Leroy, open the door, man!
Open the door!

Pop, she's got a knife!

the bitch done gone berserk!


Let go of that door, nigger!

It's Leroy!

Somebody gonna get killed...
Open the door, Rufus!

Annie Mae!
Annie Mae!

No, no! Annie Mae! Annie Mae!

Oh, Jesus, done fucked up
the house and everything!

You lying, slow-footed,
rusty-butted hound dog!

Lying to me!

Man, you okay, Leroy?

I almost killed the bitch.

Hey, you had enough?
You want some more?

Let go of me!

I loved him!

Look at him!

Where are you going?

You'll find out!

Oh, Annie Mae!

Leroy, Leroy, wait a minute!

Leroy, wait!

♪ Thank you
♪ Thank you, my Lord

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Thank you, Jesus

♪ Thank you
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you ♪ Thank
you, my Jesus

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you
♪ Thank you, my Lord

♪ Thank you, Lord
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you
♪ Jesus

♪ Thank you, Lord

♪ I know it's He

♪ And your soul, it's got
your love in his heart

♪ Oh, my ♪

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, will you?

Leroy, Leroy, wait a minute!

Leroy, wait. You can't.
That's a church, man!

Jesus, well, amen!


Sure they're wonderful.
Ladies, you may be seated.

You know,
I'd like to take this opportunity

to thank my lovely,
devoted wife,

Sister Sarah Thomas,

for that lovely rendition
of How I Got Over.

- Leroy, wait a minute. Leroy...
- The sermon for today...

Shut up!

...is called
"Sin and Lust."

Amen! Amen!

And there are derivatives,

they're all from sin and lust!


High blood pressure!

- Tooth decay!
- Amen.

You get all these things
when you sin and lust!

I ain't got a cavity
in my mouth!

'Cause I do not sin
or do I lust!

I must admit,
Sister Sarah had one cavity,

and that was from
a childhood incident

many years before she met me.

But I cleansed her of her sin

and her cavity filled itself.

You know, I recall
when my youngest

junior here, Alfred,

was young.

It brings the laughter
to my heart to think of it,

because he used to pee on his
brothers and sisters in the bed,

when he was young,

and he came to me and
said, "Dad, is that sin?"

I said, "No, you have not sinned

"unless you do it
on purpose."

Yeah. Yeah.

Now, his sister sinned,

because she used to
pee back on him.

And I know God's
gonna forgive them.



And that's why I talk
about revenge.

You see, "Revenge is mine,
saith the Lord."

He said that on many occasions.

He said it east, west,
north and south!

He says it any time
he get ready.

'Cause he know about that stuff.

"And revenge is mine,"
saith the Lord.

That means if you
follow the Golden Rule,

"Do unto others as you'd
have them do unto you."

Everything will be all right!


Remember, Beethoven wrote his first
symphony when he was only five.

All right, that's all for today.
I'll see you next week.

Do I have the honor of
addressing Sister Sarah Thomas,

who gives piano?

Why, yes.

Oh, you must be Althea's father.
Praise the Lord!

That ain't my father.

My father's a handsome man.


Charming child.

I wasn't expecting anyone.

You'll have to
excuse this place.

I don't believe I got your name.

Charles Goodnight, Sister.

Oh, Mr. Goodnight.

These are lovely flowers.
Thank you.

I suppose you have a youngster

you'd like to
introduce to music?

No, Sister Sarah, it's me.

I've been made manager
at the plant

and I wanted to learn
the finer things of life,

and so here I am.

Oh, I understand.

You have discovered
that the music of life

is more than just one wild
crescendo after another.

You are now ready for the
enrichment of a concert of culture.

No, Sister Sarah,
I'd like to learn how to play the piano.

Oh. Well,
when would you like to start?

Right now.

Well, I usually go home after 4:00.
I'm so sorry.

I can't wait to get my hands

on those big,
beautiful, black keys.

Oh, I see you're
quite anxious to start.

Won't you sit down at the piano?

Close to you.

I beg your pardon?

Close to You, that's the tune
I'd like to learn how to play.

Mr. Goodnight,
are you sure

all you came here to do was to
learn how to play the piano?

Sister Sarah, I have
a confession to make.

I've been watching
you play music

in the church now
for two months,

and it fills me with
passion and desire

I never thought possible
in my whole life.

It is as if heaven
itself opens up

and the angels dance out in
a crescendo of naked bodies!

Flesh on flesh,

and their giant breasts
clash together

and their nipples throbbing!

And there's a pulsating beat

back and forth, in and out.

And I have an orgasm of
ear-sounding crashing.

Mr. Goodnight,
may I remind you

that I am a married
woman with six children

and my husband is a
minister of the church?

What does that have to do with
love, passion and desire?

Mr. Goodnight, I think
you'd better leave. Right now.

I was afraid this would
happen, Sister Sarah.

I knew that if I exposed myself

and opened my inner feelings,

I would be nipped in the bud.

And I only wanna learn how
to play piano from the best.

And I come to you,
and you cut me off.

Now, I have to go to Whitey.

You missed your opportunity
to train a virtuoso.

Mr. Goodnight?


I've decided to take you on.

As a student.

But you must promise me
that you will confine

your passions to the piano.

When do I start?

Wednesdays, 4:30.

Sister Sarah, allow me.

Mr. Goodnight.
Thank you very much.

You're very kind, but you're going
to have to stop following me.

What you got in here, sister?
Just sit them in the back, please.

Thank you,
Mr. Goodnight.

The only reason I'm here

is the burning passion between
a man and a woman cannot...

Sister, your groceries.


Mr. Goodnight.

Now, a step up to the
black keys is a halftone.

White keys are separated
by whole tones.

Now, place your...

Mr. Goodnight, please.

Place your finger on middle C.

Mr. Goodnight, will you
please control yourself.

Concentrate on the piano.

Very good.
Very good.

You're making progress.

You can learn a lot
listening to records.

This music is our heritage.

Yes, that's some good music,
ain't no doubt about it.

You know,
when I was a young girl,

I used to dance all night.

Once, in New York,
before I met Lenox,

I went to Small's
Paradise, in Harlem,

and, oh, I heard some
good music that night.

Oh, I haven't danced
like this in years.

Feels good, doesn't it?

I knew you had the music
in your soul, Sister Sarah.

Mr. Goodnight, please.

Sister Sarah, relax.


Ah, isn't that lovely?
That bubbly gets in me

and it just makes me happy.

Ah, Sister Sarah.


You move like a gazelle.

Mr. Goodnight, please!


Goddamn, baby.

Mister... Get up!
Control yourself.

Don't fight the feeling!
Get a hold of yourself!

There's no use struggling,
you haven't got a chance.

Sister Sarah!

You all right?


I'll take it from here, Sister.

Now, don't take another step.

I must! I will!

Now, look, you must
control yourself.


You must control your feelings!

I'm a man of passion.
I can't control myself.

Oh, help me.
I'm so weak.

Oh, God forgive me!

I must have you!

I want you, too.

All right, I'm yours.

I hope you're ready for me.

I've been waiting for
this for a long time.

Uh, sister?

I hope you got a strong back!

Because my feelings for
you are impassionate!

Sister! Sister!

Come on!

Sister, could I have some water?

I... What are you doing?
Goodness gracious!


You know, you don't have to go.

I do have to go.
The Reverend won't be home.

He'll be gone all night.

He's probably out there giving
some salvation to some poor soul.

Huh. That's what
you call it nowadays?

That's what he's doing?

You know what he's doing,

probably who he's doing it to.

Well, yeah,
I'm not a total fool.

But until I met you,
there was nothing I could do about it.

But you're all
the revenge I need.

You sweet thing, you!

I know the feeling,
Sister Sarah.

You're all the revenge I need.

Why'd you say that?
What do you mean?

I mean, that the Right Reverend
Lenox Thomas, your husband,

fucked my wife and
made her pregnant.

And I fucked his wife,

and I figure that makes me
and the Reverend even.

You made a fool out of me.

With all your gifts and
flowers and sweet talk.

Nigger, do you know
I will kill you now?

It appears to be locked.

Don't fall! Uh-uh.

Come on, get up!

Come on, get up!

Sister Sarah!

Oh, my God, my lens!
Yeah, your lens...

I dropped my lens!

I'll be blind.
Yeah, you gonna be blind.

I can't...

Come on!

Someone help! Help!

I'll give you some help!

Now you listen to me!

My husband gave
your wife a baby,

well, you gonna give me a baby.

Now, is that a deal?


Is that a deal?

Yeah, it's a deal!

All right.
Now take off them clothes.

And get on your J-O-B.

Can I turn out the light, dear?

Oh, honey, it's all right.

It happens to
everybody sometime.

Never happened to me before.

You got a lot of
stuff on your mind.

You just need to
relax, that's all.

Just relax.

What's that?

Just my electric
toothbrush, honey.

Let me see.


Good night, honey.

One more time, 21.

- What you think you're gonna do?
- Let's go.

I'm going...
I got my money.

- Twenty-one, right here. Face up.
- Oh, no.

Hey, how long is it gonna take
to fix this goddamn thing?

Hey, Leroy. Hey, Leroy,
don't rush the man.

You know downtime is break time.

Can you dig it?
What do you say, brother? Yeah.

I don't wanna mess up my quarter,
you guys, you understand that?

Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute

I don't like to
bust my ass, okay?

Me, either.


I got my money.

All right, gentlemen,
I want you to move your ass,

and I want you to do it now.


What the hell's wrong with him?

Quit stalling,
Mr. Goodnight.

I only have 30 minutes
before my next lesson.

Did you get it up yet?

I gotta have some help.

Could you give me a hand?

Are you kidding?
I'll tell you what.

I'll give you
a little peek. Okay?

Fine. Thank you.

That's just what I needed
to make it all better.

Oh, my poor honey,
you're gonna be late for work.

Just hold this.
Just... No, wait.

I can't stay...
Yes, you can.

All right, hold it.
Give me time...

Gotta go.
Gotta go.

Where am I? In our house.
You're all right.

And that's my house?

And then...
And then I'll...

And then...

The doorbell, dear.
It's tough at the top.

I know, honey.

Good morning. Good morning.
Is he up yet?


I thought you might
need a hand with him.

Yeah, and it's getting worse.

He's just stretching
himself too thin.

Come on, Leroy.
I can't go on.

Yes, you can.
I gotta quit.

Come on, brother, you're dreaming.
Come on!

You're dreaming, you're dreaming.
Hey, hey!

Come on,
we're gonna go to work, man.

You know we can't get
anything done without you.

Let's go!

Come on.
Goodbye, honey.


Hey, Chuy, thank you, huh?

You're welcome.
Come on.

Bye, honey.

That ain't gonna work, man.

That thing is dangerous.

Can't you see that?
Needs a guardrail.

Somebody's gonna get chopped up.

That machine don't work!

It looks all right to me.

I'll check it out!
I'll see what I can do.

But, please,
go back to work, okay?

Wait a minute, Leroy,
Jose's right.

You know where he comes from.
You're a friend, man.

Wait a minute.
This is not about friendship.

The friendship don't
put money in my pocket,

so get your asses
back to work, please!

Hey, look, man!
Nobody's bullshitting you!

This thing is dangerous.

I'll tell you what's dangerous!

It's dangerous for you
to talk back to your boss.

It's dangerous to your jobs!

You don't care about
us, man, or the Union!

All you care about
is your goddamn quota!

Well, what about us?

Get your asses back to
work, or you're all fired!

Then we'll sit down, Leroy!

Remember that word,
ese? Huelga!

All right!

Where you going?


Which way is up, sucker?

You forget who you are
and where you came from?


Sir, may I help you?

Hey, wait a minute!
Hey, you can't go up there!

May I help you?
Mr. Mann's office?


Sir, you don't
have an appointment!

Excuse me.

Should I call
plant security, sir?


How are you today,
Mr. Jones?

I have to talk to you.

Why, of course.
Come in.

Please, have a seat.

Art, Don,
this is Mr. Jones.

Who was a friend
of Mr. Juarez,

before he joined
our management team.

How can we help you, Leroy?

I'm gonna transfer to Phoenix or
Tampa, someplace.

I got a lot of personal problems

and I have to work 'em out.

You know what I'm talking about?

Of course I do.
You can't go.

What do you mean?

I can quit if I want to.

Yes, you could do that,
or you could get...


Let me try and
explain what I mean.

You have no respect.

No loyalty from your men.

No love from your wife.

One bastard across town,

another on the way that
doesn't even belong to you.

Restore your honor.

Make your men
want to work for you.

Be a man, boy!

I need some time
to work things out.

I want to thank you
for dropping by today.

I've enjoyed our
little chat so much.

Excuse me.
Have you had lunch?

I'm not hungry.

Well, here, finish this.


Please, I insist.

Eat it.

I love to share.

This tour will return

to the spiritual side
of the community

after we have visited the
Industrial Waste Recycling Plant.

Agrico Industries produces
76 million...

As you know, last year,

the parishioners here,
in the church,

gave me this healing glove,

that I might do
the work of the Lord,

because I have healing power.

Now, I'll put my hand in
my platinum healing glove.

As you know, last
week, a man came in

with one leg shorter than
the other and I healed him.

Who will be first amongst you?

I will.

You will, brother?

And what is your name?
And what is your problem?

Harold Washington. My feet.

Harold Washington, your feet.

What can I do for you
and your feet, Harold?

Make me whole again.
Let me be quick and graceful!

Let me dance and run...

Harold! Harold!

Harold, Harold, Harold!

Snap out of it, Harold.

You want an awful lot
for $2, Harold.

We can't do that today.

But if you come back
Christmas Eve,

that's when we're healing.

I'll be glad to do it.
Here's your $2.

You take a seat over there
by the blind fellow.

Thank you, Harold.
Please move right along.

All right, brother.

Good, Harold.
I'll get to you later.

Uh, you will be easy.
We'll get to you.

Who will be next?

I will!

Praise the Lord.

You, brother? You look mighty
healthy to need healing.

What can possibly
be your problem?

Well, my heart is troubled
and my mind is weary.

You're sick at heart,

and your mind is troubling.

Confess to the congregation.

The Lord loves
the truth. Amen.

My wife slept with another man.

Have mercy!

Did you hear what he said?

He said his wife has lain
with another man.

Now, what kind of low-life dog,

scoundrel, snake in the grass,

would lay with
another man's wife?

Who is this person?

You, you lying son of a bitch!

You're the one that
slept with my wife.

Oh, Lord, please
forgive this man

that has come into your
church to blaspheme.

His mind is filled with lunacy.

Have mercy on his soul.

Now, sit down, nigger,
before I put this glove on your ass.

You made love to my wife

when she came over here
for spiritual guidance.

And all you laid on her
was your Johnson.

That's a lying sin. I know.

Bring him out, Reverend.

He's telling the truth!

You have wronged this man
and wronged me, too!

I believe there's an attack of
lunacy going around here that...

Uh-uh. See, you been
messing around outside

and not taking care
of business at home.

Now, you done gave this
man's wife a baby, huh?

Well, I'm having a baby for him.

An eye for an eye
and a baby for a baby!

You mean, that's not a tumor?

Now, who else here done tasted
the serpent's tongue?

Me. Yeah, he slicked me!
He slicked me.

Nigger got me, too.

And me, too.

All them nights you was
coming around to my house

saying you was doing the work
of the Lord and deceiving me!

Ladies, you are my flowers!

My bosoming blossoms that are going
into life to fulfill my dream.

You are carrying my seed forth.

Break his face!

- I'll do it.
- Let me, too.

Here, I'm gonna
bite his legs off.

Cut him down to size.

It is the law of the...

Next, we'll pass

an important spiritual
aspect of the community.

Get him! Get him.

Get him!

Get him!

Hey, look out, stupid!

Holy shit!

Oh, my...
Stop the bus.

Is he hurt?

Is this part of the tour?

Take it forward.

I can't believe it.

Oh, no.

He's stuck to the wheel.

My God!
Flat as day-old beer!

Sister Sarah.

Excuse me. Yes?

Is there anything I can do?

I think you've done
enough already.

There must be
something I can do.

Yes. Fuck off.


Watch your fingers, honey.


I'm glad I found you.

I'm glad I found you, too.

I'm leaving.
I just wanted to say goodbye.

You're leaving?

Where you going?

I got meetings in Delano

and then we're
going on to Salinas.

Then we're going
to San Francisco.

There's work to be
done in the Movement

and I'm gonna do it.

Wait a minute!

I can't.
I'm double parked.

What do you mean,
you're double parked?

Why are you doing this?

Because when I made
a commitment to you,

I did it because I expected
some responsibility,

some trust, some honor from you!

And you made me a
promise and you broke it.

Wait a minute, baby.

My pride and my
honor were involved.

What pride?

What honor are
you talking about?

You got no respect
from your friends.

You don't have any friends.

You have used people
and you have been used,

and you're too dumb
to even know it, Leroy.

I can change, Vanetta.

Goodbye, Leroy!

What about the baby?

We'll be taken care of.


Hope you get your life
together, Leroy!

Or something!


God damn you, Chuy!

No, don't do this!

I can change, Vanetta!

Annie Mae! Annie Mae!

Annie Mae!

Annie Mae, look,
we're both headed in the same direction.

No, we're not.

I'm going my way
and you're going yours.

You gotta find out what it
takes to be a man, Leroy.

I can't help you with that.

Annie Mae,
there's a lot of things, see,

and I'm putting them together.



Annie Mae!

I know there's something, see?

The things that
happen in your life.

I'm saying that it don't
have to be this way.

You gotta understand
that I know.

I want you to know
that I loved you!

I loved you, Annie Mae!

Annie Mae!

Been watching me,
Mr. Mann?

Just dropped by to see how you
were handling yourself, Leroy.

I see you've done
your usual incompetent job.

You hired the wrong
nigger for this job.

And you're gonna have to
explain that to somebody,

'cause I just quit!
Get my drift, boy?

Now, here's the keys to your
house and your goddamn car.

Did you get that down?

I'm at the bottom
of my life, Mr. Mann,

and the only way for me is up!

Now, if you don't like that,

you better shoot me
in my ass right now,

'cause that's the last part you
ever gonna see of me, motherfucker!