Where Do You Hide the Sun? (1977) - full transcript

Before the beginning

or before the
universe existed

before the sun slapped
its shadows on earth

before the universe
was created

before anything
that had primacy

there was ALLAH

nothing with ALLAH

nothing existed
before ALLAH

So, Where will
you hide the sun?

The All Merciful,
The Most Merciful,

The King, The Sovereign

The Most Holy,
Peace and Blessing



The All Merciful,
The Most Merciful,

The King, The Sovereign

The Most Holy,
Peace and Blessing



*The All Merciful, The Most Merciful,

The King, The Sovereign

The Most Holy, Peace and Blessing



Those meetings
between Muslims

and Christians started in Paris

then Rome,
Geneva and Strasbourg,

The idea always was
that religion is

an important issue
for the human race

Eric Rono reporter for
Le Monde newspaper from France

has this conference reached a specific
program that enforces specific religious

measures on the government to
re-enforce the power of religion

in Muslims countries?

We do not seek power by using religion
as an excuse, the conference's main

goal is to discuss methods to convince
atheists that are increasing

in numbers daily, that them abandoning
the spiritual and religion values is

what made the people of this generation
completely lost!

tell me, how will you reach them?

We will reach-out for them where ever
they were, in the streets, in clubs

and wherever they gather

Even in dance clubs?

Yes, why not?

Doesn't this contradict with
the respectful status of the Clergyman?

No of course not, the Clergyman
is not from a different planet

Do you go to
the movie theater?

Yes, of course

What do you think of the new stream of
sexually themed movies nowadays?

It's Intellectual and
moral bankruptcy!

You said in the conference that there

are some parties discretely fighting
religion, can you tell us who they are?

If you read
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

You will know
who those are!

You mean Israel?

Israel and World Zionist Organization
of course.

What do you think
about what happened

in Lebanon? This question is for
Father Simon

What happened in Lebanon
confirms what

my colleague Sheikh Mahmood said
that the World Zionist Organization

planes sedition to create tensions
between Islam and Christianity.


They want to prove to the whole world
and the nations of the world that

its impossible for Arabs and Jews
to live in one country and no matter

how long it takes,
the clash will

be a matter of time, and that's
exactly what happened in Lebanon.

And from other side, Israel and
World Zionist Organization wanted to

plan conspiracies between Muslims,
Christians and Palestinians to kill

each other on Israel's behalf.

Do you agree with this

I agree with each and every word
my colleague Father Simon just said

Peace be upon you

Peace be upon you

Are you?..

I am Arabian my dear Sheikh

welcome, welcome.
I thought you were..

No, No I am Arabian

-If you are in Rome,
Do as Romans do-

Please allow me
to tell you how much

I admired your knowledge and
your eloquence

Oh my, thank you

No, I am glad that we started to be
more loud regarding our issues and

that we deal with them with dialogue
I will not leave you, I would like

to help, I am an expert in Europe
My help will cost both me and you

nothing, but you will benefit
greatly from it


Marilyn, an Italian author and
a reporter, a colleague of mine

She is highly interested
in the Arab region

She has many publications
about the Arab World.



Sheikh Mahmood, we met in the
conference, he has with a very

special ideology
that you will like

It will be my pleasure to
listen to your ideas

I will go bring the car, lets meet by
the main entrance


Yes, and a professor in
the Faculty of Islamic law

Do you think those meetings between
Christians and Muslims, and this

dialogue is a good idea to solve
world's problems?

Sure, of course. Its obvious that
a high percentage of people now lost

their trust in everything, in the society
and in themselves. Even lost

their belief in their religion
all religions shall cooperate to face

this tremendous physiological damage
that the world might sink in

And I think that the huge
state of decay spreading all over

the world now are targeted waves
that targets the moral values

of people and push them toward
a new set of corrupt values

and push those people toward

a civilization with consumption

The world is truly not paying
attention to those facts


Peace be upon you

Peace be upon you

Because the media is in control with all
its twisted methods

Look at the Palestinians for example
Israel stole their land since

half a century and only now the world

started to acknowledge those facts and
recognized them

And you think you can defeat Israel
and reclaim your land?

Palestine is part of our
Islamic culture

and it was stolen from us, and this
won't last forever

Well, the image of the Arab world now
is clear and honorable


Come over!


Who is it?

Ringo, my colleague, a reporter for
the newspaper, I will give you a ride

so we can continue
our discussion.

Thank you,
I will will take a walk

OK, but we will
cruise back in the car.

Those are the kind of young people
that I was talking about indeed

So, when will you start
this experiment?

I am waiting for the right
atmosphere and the right time.

Mr. Shareef lives in a youth camp
this camp has lot of those young people

Will they allow me
to join them?

Anyone has the right to join
them and live among them

Would you like to spend 2 weeks with
them before you go back?

Why not,
its a great opportunity for me!

street's sidewalks
are were we live

and trashy clothes
covers our bodies

and we barely
have enough food

oh this universe!
oh this universe!

oh this universe!
oh this universe!

oh this universe!

that sinks in Illusions

leave us! leave us!

leave us until the morning

leave us! leave us!

leave us for the sunlight

leave us! leave us!

leave us for the flowers

and the breezes

leave us! leave us!

leave us for love and

the whispers of love

leave us! leave us!

so we can touch love
and the dreams

leave us! leave us!

you caused us
all kinds of pain

oh this universe!
oh this universe!

oh this universe!
oh this universe!

oh this universe!
oh this universe!

oh this universe!
oh this universe!


Lets see what's
that all about!

You, you were in a
Masquerade or what?

Why you people keep following us!
Leave us alone!

Don't be mad at them
They are not used to see Sheikhs here

You live and see!

Listen everybody,
since our respected

Sheikh is here lets all repent and
pray behind him

(Guides whom He wills)

He is serious!

Why not?

No! Right?

Guys, Sheikh Mahmood is here
as a friend, I invited him

I am sorry, I only have one friend
I can't accept any other friends

You want to know
who that is?




I ask for forgiveness from
the mighty Allah

Satan is the first one that
said No! To your God!

So, you acknowledge the
existence of God? and that

Satan did not obey him?

No! right?

Yes right!


I hope you are not upset!

No, I was expecting
a worse reception

I forgot to introduce Yousef

He is Bob's brother, he is different
than his brother

I can tell

Don't be mad at Bob,
when you know him you will see

that he is so kind.

I am not mad at him

Yousef is the only bright
side in Bob's life

Tell me Munir, Sophie is
your mom right?

You are way too smart!
How is that

possible Sophia is Christian
and I am Muslim

how will I know!

You arrived to the camp
only a week ago!

Tell me,
why you left Beirut?

Things were all good until
the war started

And mother Sophia took me with her
We left Beirut and came here

Tell me Yousef,
have you ever saw a war?

Our country Egypt
faced many wars

And we still pay the price of war,
War is a terrible thing, so terrible!

Have you seen a war like the war
we witnessed in Beirut?

Crazy soldiers were shooting at
each other using machine guns

and the sky
was raining missiles

Homes destroyed
and People dying on the street

They killed my father, my mother
and my brothers and sisters

Why? Why? Why?

My love, the love of my soul

I can't leave you!

My love, the love of my soul

I can't leave you!

My love, the love of my soul

My love, the love of my soul

I can't leave you!

I can't leave you!

My love, the love of my soul

He has been gone for 2 years now

And he never wrote me!

they said he was tough and unfaithful

like our time and not to be trusted

they said that, but I love him still

I will keep loving him

If he forgot me I will

not stop loving him

My love, the love of my soul

they told he is busy they told he is busy

I said its OK

they said again you missed him a lot

I told them yes I miss him
even when we are together

My love, the love of my soul

My love, the love of my soul

I can't leave you!

My love, the love of my soul

I can't leave you!

Whats the matter?

His father died!

When? you serious?

You know Bob!
my dad passed away

only 14 years ago!

I swear no one told me!

May God have mercy upon his soul

May god be with you

Seriously, whats the matter?

Be like me!

What a waste Sophia!

Be happy, do you want a shot?



That's an escape Sophia!

Call it what you like!

You are right!
You are right!

Peace be upon you

Peace be upon you

Who are you?

I am Mahmood, and you?
Whats your name?

My name is Munir

What were you doing?

I was praying!


Praying is how we worship God

God? Who is god?

God, the creator of earth, the sky

and the sea, God created us
and brought us to this life

Brought us from where?

We were
up there with God

And then God
brought us here

And he left us
and left?

No, he is with us

Where is he?

He is everywhere,
he gave us everything


Of course!

And what do we give him?

he wants nothing from us

He only wants us to love him



I want to speak to God and
tell him that I love him

Come here, when we pray we talk to
God and tell him that we love him

When I pray he will know
that I love him?

Yes of course

But I do not know how to pray?
Will you teach me?

Of course,
I will teach you!

Peace be upon you

Peace be upon you

I will crush their ribs

go Bob! go Bob!
go Bob!

Bob Bob Bob Bob!

Bob Bob Bob Bob!


Bob Bob Bob Bob!


Have a drink!

Thank you!

Beer is free today!

Thank you but
I do not drink!

You don't drink beer?

I am here to celebrate Bob!

OK, then drink to Bob!

Bring me some milk

What? milk?

But, today Bob has beaten
a bull not a cow!

What are you doing?

I prayed and
I am reading Quran

I borrowed a copy
from Sheikh Mahmood

Oh my! You pray now?

Yes I do

Your brother Bob
knows that you pray?

No he doesn't!

No! this way the curse of
Sheikh Mahmood will haunt us all!

What now? I have to keep my
religion beliefs a secret!

Religion? Quran!

the Quran is available

in all homes, all bookshelves and
you can find it everywhere

but unfortunately, many people
do not try to read it

Have you read Jean-Paul Sartre's
books about Existentialism?

I read nearly all of them

Oh if you read the Quran

Its a miracle, the eloquence
the physiological and social meanings

I am asking you what do you think
of Existentialism? not the Quran!

If Jean-Paul Sartre studied the meaning
of freedom in Islam he would've

changed his calls for Existentialism,
I oppose all theories that are being

used against all
religious beliefs

under the cover of the
progressive movement.

We are talking to you
about religion, why you care?

Now I know that you are
backward and reactionary

What a shame! we think less of
our religion and issues and follow

the imported and
destructive ideologies

You will buy
for us today

I don't know how

I never bought Morphine before

You should know all this

Am I right?

Yes, you are right!

There you go

How may I help you?

Can I...

Can I have some of that?




Thank you

Whats this?

You let us down!
shame on you!

Its not a shameful that he does
not know how to buy drugs but shame

on him if he was high all the time!
like you guys

not knowing how
the world functions.

You too Sami are on drugs!

a different type of drugs!

What do you mean?

Politics, its the ultimate drug!

I predict for Sami to be
a diplomatic leader

We want to let Sami
forget everything

even himself!

Yeah! Hold tight

Increase your speed

Hold the gas grip

Hurry up!

Joe needs more training

and he will be fine

Am I right?

Yes, you are right!

May I have 2 minutes of your time?

Come in

What are you reading?

A history book

Is it true that you graduated
from Sorbonne University?


So, you lived in Paris?

4 years

And you lived like this?

What do you mean 'like this'?

I mean you
did not have girlfriends?

I had fellow female students
in the university of course

You went to college?

but I did not graduate

What were you studying?


Why didn't you finish?

Its a very long story.

You want to sleep now?

No, I will finish reading the book.

Whats the time?


I wasted much of your time?

It's OK.

Tonight is a weird night,
I am so bored

I could not sleep at all,
You know, when I first saw you

I didn't like you at all

But afterward,
I started to like you

Good evening

Hello Mr. Mahmood


I was wondering,
may I spend

the night here tonight?

Of course, its an honor to host you
in my room tonight

Thank you Mr. Shareef

Go ahead

Go ahead

Ibraham passed the river believing and
Moses passed the sea with help and

Jesus passed the grave a Sultan and
our prophet Mohammad peace be upon

him went in Al Isra' trip from Mecca
to Jerusalem. God knows what

we do not know and he can do
what we can't do

why we try to deny
all his blessings?

I think that all the prayers of

our fathers and ancesesters
is enough for all of us to go to heaven

-question in french-

No, it has its reasons and
not random like this

The Quran opened the doors of
equal-ism between men and women

-question in french-

The European woman only claimed her
rights in the Industrial Revolution era

and she claimed those rights from
democracy not from religion.

since science could prove and discover
that our actions, dialogues and ideas

exist although our materialistic bodies,
how you think that God won't

hold us accountable for
our actions in life?

Religion and natural sciences are in war
together against doubt and ingratitude

the only scream in this fight was and will
always be "God Exists, God Exists"

Don't be afraid

Your hands, Your Hands!

Hold tight!

Bravo, he is getting better at this!

Wait 2-3 more weeks,
and he will be

able to beat you!

Joe, Joe!


Could your God
save my brother?

May God relieve him,
and you

and relieve all of us

Yousef is a good man,
God will save him

We are sorry for your loss!

Yousef! Yousef! Yousef!

Yousef! Yousef! Yousef!

Life is cruel to everyone!

Even the little boy that is on his own

Life, where are you taking us?

We know were we are heading

Never anyone could live twice!

Life, where are you taking us?

We know were we are heading

Never anyone could live twice!

No friend could survive you!

No lover could survive you!

And we are all on this path!

Stranger lives a stranger!

No friend could survive you!

No lover could survive you!

And we are all on this path!

Stranger lives a stranger!

Why we lived to start with?

And why we leave?

Why we lived to start with?

And why we leave?

A question with no one to answer!

A question with no one to answer!

Can someone tell me? what does

all this mean?

Show me anyone that can

live as long as he wants?

Or even give his soul to

another person?

And they call it life!

That's not Yousef
in the grave

That's Yousef's body

The human being
is not just a body

The body is just
a cover for the soul

Science has proven that the human
cells always renews itself, right?

And life in its beginning is the
beginning of the end.

how is Bob doing?

We found him!
Sheikh Mahmood

And Ringo are with him
in the cemetery

Don't be mad at me Yousef

Its the first time you see

your brother cry

I taught you to never cry!

Nothing in this life is worthy
to make us cry!

But you,..

You are my whole life Yousef!

Ibrahim, death is everyone's
ultimate fate

Only Allah is The Ever Enduring
and Immutable

You shall believe in God
and accept all this

What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?

I told you 100 times,
there is no God!

You want me to believe you
even after my brother died?

Leave me alone,
you and your God!

I seek refuge in Allah
from the cursed Satan

In the name of God, Most Gracious
Most Merciful

O Allah, forgive him, he does not know
Guide him toward the right path

Please Ringo,
keep this man away!

Bob, Sheikh Mahmood was very
concerned when we all woke in

the morning and did not find you
in the camp!

He insisted to find you and not leave
you by yourself

What do you want from me?

Why you keep following us?

Because you need me!

Leave us alone,
leave us alone!

As a Clergyman I should be available
when people needs me!

We are not people!

What do you want from us

What do you want from us

I want to enlighten your path!

Out path is different that yours!

Out path is different that yours!

Out path is different that yours!

Out path is different that yours!

The beautiful life,
the music

All gone!
Now our whole life is hell !

hell !

she doesn't love me anymore

Easy on yourself Bob

My brother Joe left me

I need him and he died!

he died!

Believe me all

Believe me all

Sheikh Mahmood
is a magician!

Believe me all

*Sheikh Mahmood's voice*

None has the right to be worshipped
except Allah; He is One and has

No partner. All the kingdom is for Him
and all the praises are for Him

and He is Omnipotent

O Allah, place light in my sight
light in my hearing, light in my heart

O Allah, I seek Your Protection from
torment of the grave

I forgot to tell you

I found Bob!

We are going to see him

You want to come along?

No, you go!

you just keep reading your

buddy Sartre's books

Good morning Bob,

Where am I?

What brought me here?

What do you want from me?

I'm here to
say goodbye before I leave

And I ask you
to take care of Sophia

I wish if you visit me

My address is with Ringo

Bob, why are you doing
this to yourself?

You are braver that this!


We are the generation of fear,
we are forever lost!

We are the victims of hunger,
victims of war and lies!

Its not us that
crucified prophets!

Its not us that
destroyed mosques!

Its not us that
destroyed churches!

It's not us!

Leave us alone!

Leave us alone!

Calm down Bob

You were very tired
yesterday night

So, we brought you here
to get some rest

I am leaving for 2 days and you
can stay here in my home

I don't want to stay at home!

We don't want homes

homes are jails

You live in a home and does not even
know your neighbor's name!

But in the camp,
we all live by love!

We know each other's
problems and habits

We cooperate on doing everything,
We live in love and peace.

If that's the case, then we
agree on that Ibrahim!

And then, alcohol, drugs and porn
Is not needed in the lifestyle

which you are describing! Right?

Ringo, I am ...

Alcohol, makes you drunk and unaware!
and a person without brain is an animal

Drugs, lets its addict lose sense
of time and responsibly!

Ibrahim, I want you to
think about all what happened

I am sure you will
see your path clearly

Sophia, Sophia

do not be so stubborn

why you torture
yourself like this?

let me see if Mohammad
has a shot

It's OK Mom

he will bring
you the shot now

You must know that
Virgin Mary

is the most pure woman in Islam
The Quran says about Virgin Mary

((the angels told Mary
"God had chosen you, purified you and

given you distinction
over all women.))

The way I see it,
there are

counter-parties that deliberately
creates those conflicts and clashes

between Islam and Christianity
in those conferences

I agree

Yes, that's clear and well known now

Sheikh Mahmood,
Mom Sophia is

not feeling well and she is refusing to
take the shot

I will go see her

May I come in?

Munir said that you are tired
Is it the same attack again?

Since you made up your mind,
You can do it!

you must know
that God is with you.

I brought the shot.

What is this shot?

Morphine of course!

So she can rest
from all this misery.

If she wants to take it,
give it to her!

No, No

Take it Mom


Take it now and
you can quit later

No I won't

either she quits now or
she will never will!

I will not take it,

Take it Mom

No sweety I will not

I won't

I won't

I won't

In the name of God, Most Gracious
Most Merciful



Where is Sophia?




You leave Bob
and sit with this!

Bob is not finished yet,

I am not finished yet

Get away

What's this Ibrahim?
This is very inappropriate!

You think you're smart?

You are..

You are nothing!


You are nothing!

You are nothing!



Poor Ibrahim

Go with him Sophia

He needs you now
more than ever

*Sheikh Ibrahim's voice*

How can we not believe in the Quran
verse that says

(You have been given
very little knowledge)

God Almighty
has spoken the truth.

We shall have strong
belief in Allah.

I am most stunned by who look

at the sky and witness the greatness
of creation and doesn't believe in Allah

This is Kaaba, Sheikh Mahmood
told me a lot about it

Shh, you still a boy
Don't speak about these things

And kids are not supposed to
go to Pilgrimage

No, many kids are there, but
you can't see them because they're tiny

I am leaving with Uncle Mahmood
to God's home

And Sophia said
you can you?

Yes, imagine, she does not get upset
anymore when she sees me praying

Yesterday she asked me how much
I love uncle Mahmood?

I told her I like him
this much!


Sheikh Mahmood again?

Forget Sheikh Mahmood
Tell me, what you got for us?

Some new cassettes

Ob yes,
now you are talking!

John Travolta is much better
than Sheikh Mahmood

I will send you 2 letters
when I first get there.

No, 3 letters

You will not forget me right?

Haven't you said that you
will follow us?

Yes, I forgot!

When I first see God at his home
I will ask him to cure you

I am better now

You are fully cured?

Yes, completely

Then, I will ask him that
you never get sick again.

I know you are mad at me because
I was away for couple of days

forgive me

Are you crying?

Forgive me

You misunderstood
the whole thing

Are you leaving?


What about me?

We are on different
paths now.

Never before
we were on the same

path as we are today, I lost everything
and I will not lose you too.

Listen Bob,
I was lost before

But thank God, now I found myself
and found my path.

He cursed you!
he cursed you!

Sophia, you are mine, mine!

No one can take you from me

No one can take you from me

No one can take you from me


I did not see her!

Even you Hakeem?

Where did you hid her?

I am telling you I did not see her
The one you saw with me was not Sophia.

I know how to find her

Mr. Mahmood,
Sheikh Mahmood

how are you?

I am fine, and yourself?


What are you doing here?

Waiting for a couple of friends

Imagine, Sophia is here with us

How did she make this decision?

Now she is here, please come in

I expected such
decision from Sophia

She made the right decision

You will feel that she is
a complete different woman

I wanted to check
on her before I leave.

Sophia will return to Beirut,
she gave up her old lifestyle

The important thing is that she escaped
from the claws of the atheistic wave

and now she
believes in God

that's all because of you


If that was the case then I would've
called her to Islam and took her

from you,
if God wanted good for

someone he would let that person
be his own preach

Please, this way

Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka

Why you are not
answering me

You are all here and
I am all by myself

I am all by myself

Bob, when someone
gets tired

he shall rest

Relax Bob,
get some rest with us

Come here,
come relax with us

Sophia is with
the Sheikh now

and you want me
to relax

and just be still and
silent like all of you

We are not silent Bob

We are moving from the inside

You are crazy and weak

you run away, that's all what you do

I will kill him!
I will kill her and him!

You just stay still like this

I will kill him!
I will kill him!

Allah is the Greatest

Allah is the Greatest

Allah is the Greatest

There is no god but Allah

There is a big difference between
believing and surrendering to fate

for example Islam calls its believers
to enjoy life in a moderate fashion

and calls them at the same time
to fight exploitation and

fight injustice to achieve
social justice, religion is a

huge progressive power and
all religions speaks to

the human well, and I am ready
to respond to any scientific theory

and my answers will be
from the Quran, knowing that

the Revelation of Quran was
long before the modern science

Whats is it with you son?

You have been here a couple of days
and you have not spoken to anyone

you did not even pray, and we did not
see you in altawaf "circling the Kaaba"

aren't you here for Hajj?
you are here to meet God.

I am here to meet Sheikh Mahmood

you have no idea how important
that is for me.

I wish you will meet him, but you are

here asking forgiveness
from God and

there is no barrier
between you and God

I am here for him

O Allah, we are all here for God

come on Haj and lets all worship god
and circle the Kaaba, come on,


Yes, lets go Haj

Here I am at Thy service O Lord

here I am. Here I am at Thy service

and Thou hast no partners.
Thine alone

is All Praise and All Bounty,
and Thine

alone is The Sovereignty

Thou hast no partners

O Allah, by your leave
we have reached

the morning and by Your
leave we have

reached the evening,
and by Your leave

we live and by Your
leave we die and

unto You is our resurrection

Our Lord! Give us in this world that

which is good and
in the Hereafter

that which is good,
and save us from

the torment of the Fire!

My son, how will you find
Sheikh Mahmood among

all those believers?

we are all Sheikh Mahmood,
we are all alike

Yes you are right
you are all alike!

Here I am at Thy service O Lord

here I am,
Here I am at Thy service

and Thou hast no partners

Thine alone is All Praise

and All Bounty

and Thine alone is
The Sovereignty

Thou hast no partners

None has the right
to be worshipped

but Allah, Alone, He was

true to His promise, and

He helped His servant, and

He gave might to
His soldiers and

defeated the
Confederates alone

None has the right
to be worshipped

but Allah, Alone, He was

true to His promise, and

He helped His servant, and

He gave might
to His soldiers and

defeated the Confederates alone

Modern science
claims that life with

all creatures developed on its own

in accordance to
the controversial

laws in it,
first comes the plants

and then the human race

the controversial substance
claims this.

if we accepted that
to be true

we shall ask, who created
the substance?

and if this question was not asked,
that's ignoring the scientific logic!

substance in all its raw
shapes that we see around us, is very

accurate and well sealed and there
is no way for it to simply

exist on its own, without a creator!

Just like Sheikh Mahmood!

Tell me son, what did Sheikh
Mahmood do in the hippies camp?

Nothing, he just said things like
the things you were just saying now

That's clear

That's why you
followed him here?

I came to...

to what?

to... I don't know, I don't know

*symbolic ritual

to stone Satan*

God is the Greatest

God is the Greatest

God is the Greatest

Our Prophet
peace be upon him

gave up everything,
the huge properties

the huge wealth
and the countless

amount of money and he did not
keep anything for himself, he did not

embrace life's temptations,

peace be upon him,
he left us two

eternal and inspirational

In the name of God, Most Gracious
Most Merciful

*Reading verses of Quran*

Hast thou not seen
that Allah

He it is Whom
all who are in

the heavens and
the earth praise

and the birds
in their flight?

Of each He knoweth
verily the

worship and
the praise;

and Allah is Aware
of what they do

What happened?

I ended my relationship
with someone

and thank God
I am so relieved now

Tell me son,
what is your name?

You have not told me
what is your name yet.

My name..
My name is Ibrahim

Haj Ibrahim?

Haj Ibrahim!

can someone like me go to
Pilgrimage and become Haj?

That's weird, what have you been
doing all the time while in here?

Oh yes, you are right,
you are right

Haj Ibrahim

And we will visit
Al-Madinah together

with God's blessing

God willing

God willing

O Lord

O Lord

O Lord

Allah is the Greatest

Allah is the Greatest

Allah is the Greatest

There is no God but Allah

no longer in
my being except you

forgive me

You know
I am here for you

I will not seek satisfaction from
anyone but you

Glory be to you my Lord

forgive me

no longer in
my being except you

Have mercy for me

You know
I am here for you

I will not seek satisfaction from
anyone but you

Allah is the Greatest

Allah is the Greatest

Allah is the Greatest

There is no God but Allah

Where will you Hide The Sun?

For Karagarga, by: epsenz