Where Birds Don't Fly (2017) - full transcript

A team of hardened detectives come face to face with evil as they investigate a killing spree in San Bernardino California.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

(cold wind blowing)

(police radio traffic)


(car door opening)

(car alarm beeping)

(car door slamming)

Curtis: Well how bad is it?

Curtis: Same as the last two?

Ramirez: No.

Curtis: Worse?

Ramirez: Don't ever make me do that again.

Curtis: Do what?

Ramirez: Go in first.

Curtis: But we flipped for it. Ramirez: Let that be the last time.

Ramirez: Especially when it comes to shit like this.

Ramirez: When it comes to kids.

Curtis: They like that girl done up on the 15?

Ramirez: If you're so fucking curious why don't you go in there yourself?

(dramatic music)

Briggs: I'm a twenty year man. Seen things that will make your eyes bleed.

Briggs: Looking around at all these tough as nails guys... I'm seeing a lot of hours without sleep, being haunted by the things they see in here today.

Curtis: One to ten?

Briggs: It's a ten, brother. Trust me you walk down this hallway you won't be sleeping at night.

Briggs: Ready for the tour?

Briggs: I'm calling it already. It's the same sick fucker who killed the last two girls. The one at the 15 and the other by the 138.

Curtis: You sure?

Briggs: It's got some of the same characteristics.

Briggs: Strangulation being the main one. But...

Curtis: But what?

Briggs: There's been a change.

Briggs: Looks like the suspects entered in from the back door.

Briggs: No forced entry. It's all wide opened like no one was worried.

(camera shutter)

Briggs: I'm assuming by the looks of it he had these two at gunpoint to get them all tied up.

Briggs: The husband looks like he can more than handle himself.

Briggs: I'm guessing that it was him that he had choked out with the cord first.

Briggs: The wife... Looks like he had problems with. Probably why he moved on to the hammer.

Curtis: Extension cords.

Briggs: Um hm. Like I said... Same guy as the last two girls.

Curtis: What about his head all spun around like that?

Briggs: Yeah. Whoever is doing this has some strength to him. I've seen a lot but I've never seen a head twisted backwards like that.

Briggs: Outside of a horror movie that is.

Curtis: I see the extension cords. But the hammer and the cracked neck... That doesn't really match up.

Briggs: Correct. With every murder something new is added.

Briggs: Might be looking at more than one suspect. Maybe more than two.

Curtis: Copycats?

Briggs: Noway. No one outside of us and the suspects have any way of knowing the M.O. of the last two girls.

Briggs: That hasn't leaked yet. All the civilians know is that there's been murders.

Briggs: Has to be the same guy.

Curtis: Look at that face.

Curtis: I hate to see a face like that.

Curtis: All that pain in those eyes.

Curtis: How fucked up do you have to be to see a face like that and still keep going?

Briggs: Fucked up. That's all you have to be.


(dramatic music)

Curtis: What's in there?

Briggs: (sighs)

Curtis: Briggs, what the fuck is it?

Briggs: Yeah that's why some of the guys are stepping out on this one.

(dramatic music)

Curtis: What is it?

(dramatic music)

(creaking door)

Curtis: (grimaces)

(dramatic music)

Briggs: Briggs and Curtis stepping out.

(dramatic music)

(creaking door)

(door closes)


Briggs: There's a boy missing as well.

Briggs: Left school yesterday... Made it home to this I assume.

Briggs: No location just yet.

Briggs: Still talking to the family and friends but no luck so far.

Briggs: Another change in pattern, Curtis. I don't get it.

Curtis: I'm sorry, Briggs. I wish I had it like you do man.

Curtis: I wish I could hold all this in till later.

Curtis: I don't know how you do it, man. I ain't ever seen you break. Not once.

Briggs: We got this, alright. You can step out if you want.

Briggs: No one is gonna judge.

Curtis: Yeah.



Officer: I told you you should have use one... Detective Curtis.

Officer: They'll learn captain, they'll learn.


(car door opening and closing)

(cold wind)

Curtis: You know ever since those last two girls on the highway I keep thinking about this thing that I heard.

Curtis: Ah, fuck it. It's probably just some shit that they put on the internet.

Ramirez: Come on, partner. Just say it.

Curtis: It's gotta be B.S., Man. Some conspiracy shit or something.

Ramirez: Just say it partner.

Curtis: Alright, man.

Curtis: You know Auschwitz?

Ramirez: The concentration camp?

Curtis: Yeah.

Curtis: During the Holocaust the Nazis gassed and burned millions of people there.

Ramirez: Yeah?

Curtis: It's probably bull shit but they say that every picture ever taken of that place, even to this day, there are never any birds flying overhead.

Curtis: People say they go and tour the place and they never even remember seeing any.

Curtis: I don't know. Maybe they're just too interested in all the brutality to notice. But...

Curtis: You know there's some truth to animals sensing things that we don't.

Ramirez: What, death?

Curtis: Yeah... Or evil.

Curtis: See, I've been thinking about this a lot.

Curtis: Ever since that first girl I've been looking up more and I can't help but notice.

Ramirez: Notice what?

Curtis: No birds.

(theme music)

(city traffic)

Ramirez: What are we looking at partner?

Curtis: People.

Ramirez: Huh?

Curtis: You know it's funny...

Curtis: When we're kids we spend all our time at night worrying that a monster's gonna jump out of our closet.

Curtis: Or that a ghost is gonna haunt us.

Curtis: That's all just fantasy. Bad dreams.

Curtis: What we really should be worried about is each other.

Ramirez: (sighs)

Ramirez: It's a big county, Curtis. Lots of names.

Ramirez: If it makes you feel any better... Who ever we're looking for is getting way too bold.

Ramirez: That's three homicides in two weeks. Each one after the other. With changing M.O.s.

(dramatic music)

Ramirez: He's not just thinking anymore.

Ramirez: He's out looking for his next fix.

Ramirez: Like a crack addict.

Ramirez: Mark my words. This son of a bitch... He's gonna slip.

Ramirez: And when he does we'll be right there to catch his ass.

Curtis: Maybe.

Curtis: Maybe he doesn't do it again for another twenty years.

Curtis: And no one will ever know who it is till it's ancient fucking history.

Ramirez: A grown ass man with whip cream in his coffee...

Ramirez: What's next? Fucking sprinkles?

Curtis: You don't have to drink it.

Ramirez: It's your turn to get the check.

Curtis: Let's flip for it.

Ramirez: Go fuck yourself.

Curtis: (laughs)

Ramirez: I'll wait for you in the car.

Curtis: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(car driving)

Ramirez: You know the shitty thing is...

Ramirez: If we do find the boy...

Ramirez: There will be no mercy for him.

Ramirez: What the fuck did he do, you know?

Ramirez: What the fuck did any of them do?

Ramirez: It's not even a 50/50.

Ramirez: It's a certainty that some psycho mother fucker did something to him.

Ramirez: I don't even know what to say to evil like that.

Curtis: You don't say anything. You don't even give it a chance to breathe.

Ramirez: Hey is that Daniels?

Curtis: Yeah it is.

(staple gun)

(car pulling up)

Daniels: Morning, officers.

Daniels: Well, evening now.

Curtis: Evening

Daniels: Any luck yet?

Daniels: Well, if you do find him, you let him know Martha and I have been praying for him.

Curtis: We Will.

(creepy music)

Daniels: The Ruiz family... Such a shame you know?

Daniels: They've been apart of this community for so many years...

Daniels: That something like this could happen to them makes you really know there's a Devil out there.

Daniels: Well, I don't want to keep you.

Daniels: You gotta find that kid right?

Daniels: We'll be praying for you.

(car driving off)

(creepy music)

(car driving)

Curtis: Why didn't I just stay working at the sports chalet? I would have been a manager by now.

Ramirez: Yeah, no shit.

(cell phone vibrates)

Ramirez: Fuck! Curtis: What?

(car driving)

(dramatic music)

(car driving up)

(dramatic music)

Briggs: How's Hernandez working out?

Schmits: I don't know, man. He's got kids that age.

(dramatic music)

(box lid slam)

Hernandez: Fucking butchers!

Hernandez: And they call us pigs?

Briggs: Exactly what I don't want at my crime scene. Schmits: No, I understand.

Hernandez: They don't have to see this shit first hand! Schmits: I know, I know. It's a fucking nightmare world we live in, bro.

Schmits: Jesus.

Briggs: Why don't you go wind down at your car? I know this shit is bad but we don't need you freaking out, out here.

Hernandez: How can you stay so calm, Briggs?

Hernandez: You look at those fucking photos and expect me not to fucking freak out!

Hernandez: My son! My fucking son looked just like him at that age!

Hernandez: This Mother fucker! We catch him... I'm going to fucking kill him!

Briggs: Take him home.

Hernandez: I don't give a fuck who he is man!

Briggs: Get a drink in him and don't come back till I call.

Schmits: We just got the day off. Let's go.

Hernandez:? No! Let us fucking find this guy, man!

Briggs: Take a walk Hernandez!

Hernandez: They're just babies man. Fucking babies!

Briggs: Guys just falling apart all over the place.

Hernandez: How do you expect me to chill out?

Ramirez: Calm the fuck down, Hernandez.

Ramirez: Schmits, get your fucking boy some ratalin.

(dramatic music)

Curtis: Where's the body?

Briggs: It's no here.

Curtis: Then where?

Briggs: We don't know.

Ramirez: What the fuck, Briggs?

Ramirez: I thought you said the boy was dead?

(wind blowing through trees)

Ramirez: I'm not opening the box.

(wind blowing through trees)

(creepy music)

(box opening)

(creepy music)

Ramirez: Fuck.

(foot steps)

Ramirez: What the?

Ramirez: What the fuck is that?

Ramirez: He's soaking in that barrel.

(creepy music)

Curtis: That's what it looks like.

Curtis: Another change in M.O.

Ramirez: All those bottles of bleach...

Ramirez: He's soaking in all those bottles of bleach.

Briggs: We'll put this dog down right, alright.

Briggs: I just can't have everybody lose it.

Briggs: We need to maintain some sort of sanity within ourselves or what hope do we have finding out who did this?

Briggs: And Bring closure to the family.

Ramirez: And who the fuck are we gonna tell, Briggs?

Ramirez: His sister? His father? His mother?

Ramirez: Whose left?

Briggs: There's a grandmother.

Briggs: She's been calling and prying all day for updates.

Briggs: I don't know what to tell her?

Ramirez: She doesn't know yet?

Briggs: No.

Briggs: I just have to make the call.

Curtis: We'll tell her.

Curtis: It's better than a phone call.

Ramirez: Fuck.

(wind blowing through trees)

(sad music)

(sad music)

Curtis: It's a myth isn't it?

Ramirez: What?

Curtis: Closure.

Ramirez: Hm.

Curtis: Even if this guy gets the death penalty...

Curtis: Even if he fries for eternity...

Curtis: Those families will never get back the loved ones that they lost.

Grandma Ruiz: (crying)

Ramirez: You know you talk different.

Ramirez: You ask a lot more questions now.

Curtis: Well we are detectives. That's what we do.

Ramirez: No, today specifically.

Grandma Ruiz: (crying)

Ramirez: When you came out that house today...

Ramirez: You felt different, right?

Curtis: Yeah.

Ramirez: I guess it's good that we feel that way.

Ramirez: Like we just want to take a shower.

Ramirez: Hug our kids tight.

Ramirez: Kiss our wives.

Ramirez: Kiss our wives.

Curtis: That's the difference isn't it?

Curtis: We feel that tug of consciousness that tells us that something is wrong.

Curtis: Maybe they don't feel that...

Curtis: The guys who do this fucked up shit.

Ramirez: What if they feel that too, partner?

Ramirez: What does that say about them?

Curtis: I don't know.

Curtis: I don't know about any of it anymore.

Curtis: The guy starts with extension cords.

Curtis: And adds a hammer.

Curtis: Then kidnapping and barrels of bleach on the next.

Curtis: Boys, girls, men, women.

Curtis: It's all over the place.

Ramirez: You know who we could ask...

Curtis: Preach?

Ramirez: Couldn't hurt.

Curtis: I thought he was done with it.

Ramirez: I think he'd understand in this case.

(dramatic music)

(car starts up)

Ramirez: You're asking.

(car drives off)

(dramatic music)


Ramirez: Thank you, Preach.

Preach: That's the way you like it, right? Extra fruity.

Curtis: It never ends does it?

Ramirez: It radiates, sunshine.

Preach: Hey, I'm not judging you. No one ever said you had to take it black to be a good detective.


Preach: But it sure doesn't hurt does it?

Ramirez: Seen anything like this before?

Preach: Yeah, yes I have.

Ramirez: Where?

Preach: Look, don't go making me do all the thinking because you feel I'm your golden ticket.

Preach: Like I always said, piecing the whole puzzle together... That's going to take some time.

Preach: But look at the pieces that you have in front of you and what your killer started out with.

Preach: This is your classic girl on the side of the road homicide here.

Preach: So let's start there.

Preach: Have either of you ever heard of that before?

Preach: And I'm talking about the history of homicide here, guys.

Ramirez: Yeah, of course.

Preach: What about you, Curtis?

Curtis: Sure. All the time.

Preach: So, assuming that the same men did both of them, tell me when they we're found.

Curtis: The first one was found two Fridays ago at 8:30 am.

Curtis: The second one a week later at 3 am by a jogger.

Preach: Come on, Curtis. Details, levels of decay, instruments found.

Curtis: The first girl was found fairly fresh. Within hours after the murder.

Curtis: That second one... The one we found on 138 was-

Preach: With a weeks wort of decay, right?

Preach: They were killed together or at the same time.

Curtis: Yes but they were found very far apart. Two different counties.

Preach. Ok, so. It doesn't take much to drive up the 15 freeway. Doesn't matter.

Preach: Now was there any change in the M.O.s between the two girls? Strangulation? Same extension cords?

Preach: But today it's changed, right?

Ramirez: Well we still got the, ah, extension cords. Strangulation. But now-

Preach: Hangings, bludgeoning, heads spun around, packages, barrels. I get it.

Preach: And this time a whole new type of victim. A family.

Preach: So let me as you this;

Preach: Have either of you ever heard of these M.O.s outside this case?

Preach: BTK or Dahmer ring a bell?

Preach: This guy or group are imitators.

Preach: Nothing new, right?

Preach: I'm guessing that the first two were a test though.

Curtis: A test?

Preach: To see if he could get away with it.

Preach: Just like all the other serial killers you've ever heard of.

Preach: It's the trial phase before he unleashes hell.

Preach: Now with the family he's inviting you into the bigger picture.

Preach: And from here on in, boys, it's only going to get worse.

Preach: There's something about the speed at which these killings are happening. It's a bit alarming.

Preach: And that's new.

Preach: But in my opinion;

Preach: This is just another case of fame seeking murder.

Preach: You've got the calling card. And that's extension cord. Everything else... It's pure imitation.

Ramirez: Well, um. What about the head spun backwards?

(door opening)


Reese: Ah, Grandpa, can I play on the X box on the big TV?

Preach: In a little bit Reese. Grandpa's talking.


(door slam)

Preach: The other day my grandson comes up to me and says he wants to buy a game from the video store.

Preach: So I say sure.

Preach: Since I assume that's what my son would have done had he still been around to raise the boy.

Preach: Something about stealing cars and running a muck.

Preach: Whatever it's just a game.

Preach: But as I sat back and watched him play this game...

Preach: I see the glee in his eyes every time the points go up.

Preach: As he shoots a cop's head and runs over the crowd.

Preach: You see... It doesn't effect him. It's fun to play.

Preach: I just wonder... If and when he gets older...

Preach: How he would be effected by the real cruelty of this world?

Preach: Or will he just see it as some big game?

Preach: Some big game we're all playing?

(dramatic music)

Ramirez: Yeah my son plays it too. I don't get it either.

Preach: You know I... I don't envy your position, guys.

Preach: I pray to God every day that he spares me of these images...

Preach: Of what I've seen in our profession.

Preach: But since you're in it...

Preach: You do everything you can to protect us from this evil.

Preach: I couldn't find the man who took my son away.

Ramirez: It's not your fault.

Preach: Enough. Listen.

Preach: You don't want to have to live with that on your souls.

Preach: You know, the one that got away.

Preach: (sighs)

Preach: You boys find him.

Preach: That's it.

Preach: Now if you'll humor an old guy, let's pray.

(dramatic music)

Preach: Heavenly father.

Preach: Let your name be honored.

Preach: May you guide these men who you send to make things right in our part of the world.

Preach: May you use them as a tool to deliver your righteous judgment on the wolves who prey on the innocent whom you love.

Preach. Make them strong, Lord. If it's your will. Help them face the evil one who seeks to make men monsters among the civilized.

(dramatic music)

Preach: But above all, Lord, I ask for you to help us and our children look to the love you showed us on the cross.

Preach: The love for our fellow man.

Preach: We're to be stewards of the land of each other.

Preach: Help us to remember that.

(door opening)

(car keys)

Curtis: Jen?

Preach: Enter our hearts. Fix us. Make us to see each other as you do.

Preach: Not as creatures to destroy but as souls to love.

Preach: To love... What more can we ask?

Curtis: Jen?

Preach: Cure us from the fall, o' Lord.

Preach: We are undeserving but you are merciful. You are understanding. You are love.

Preach: May you keep these men strong and of good faith. For that which they may yet see is too much to bare.

Preach: Protect them.

(children laughing)

(dramatic music)

Preach: Forgive us our debts and give us the power to forgive those who transgress against us.

Preach: For that is the only way to save us from this darkness within.

Preach: And Lord, tell my beloved wife and son that I love them and I will see them soon.

Preach: We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

(dramatic music)

(door sliding open)

(rustling sheets)


(cold wind)


(cold wind)

(door sliding closed)

(door locked)


(door creaking closed)


(rustling sheets)

(bag dropped to the floor)

(bag being un zipped)

(items rustling)

(sheets rustling)

(grasping something)

(pistol cocked)

(heavy breathing)

(heavy steps)

(heavy breathing)

(door creaking open)

Daughter: Daddy?

Wife: What are you doing?

Daughter: I'm scared.

Ramirez: Where's your brother?

Daughter: He's in the bed sleeping.

Ramirez: Come lay down with your mom.

(sheets rustling)

Wife: Look, there's nothing to be afraid of.

(distant door slam)

(soft steps)

(door opening)

(outside traffic)

(door close)


(handle jiggle)

Ramirez: Sighs.

Ramirez: I'm fucking losing it here.

(soft steps)

(cell phone rings)

Ramirez: Fuck!

Daughter: Daddy, what's wrong?

Ramirez: Nothing, ma ma. Just go in the room with your mom.

(cell phone rings)

Ramirez: What's going on, Briggs?

Ramirez: No, nothing. You just scared the living shit out of me.

Ramirez: Yeah, I'll pick up Curtis.

(car parking)


(car door opening)

(car door slamming)

(car driving)

Ramirez: Did you get any sleep?

Curtis: Nope.

(car pulling up)

(creepy music)

(car door slam)


Ramirez: Same as earlier?

Briggs: Um hm. No bodies though.

Briggs: Blood everywhere. No bodies.

Ramirez: So how to you know they're connected?

Briggs: Fucker left an extension cord on the scene.

Briggs: We're looking for two girls. One 16, one 9 and a half.

Briggs: An Abigale and a Sandra Espinosa.

Briggs. There's a lot of blood. But, knowing what we know about how this guy operates. We're not expecting to find these girls conscious.

Briggs: From the looks of it he drug them from the back, through the neighborhood, back to whatever vehicle he's driving.

Briggs: So he can't be far. Plus I don't think this is a bright one we're dealing with.

Briggs: I'm gonna stick Hernandez and Schmits here but I want you two and everyone else canvassing the neighborhood looking for any suspicious drivers.

Brigs: Or any sign of these two girls.

Ramirez: So you're telling me no body seen anything suspicious?

Ramirez: No body seen this son of a bitch take those girls out of this home and stick them in their car?

Briggs: No ones come forth yet. It's late. Everyone is still sleeping.

(dramatic music)

Hernandez: I'm Detective Hernandez with the homicide division. Just want to ask you a couple of questions about the kidnappings.

Curtis: What about her? She the mother?

Briggs: Yeah, man. God. It's fucked up too.

Ramirez: What's fucked up?

Briggs: Well her daughters and her were having, I guess, a girls night.

Briggs: Movies and shit.

Briggs: She went out for about ten minutes down the road for some pop corn.

Briggs: Another 15 minutes back she made it to this. Fucker was probably waiting all night.

Ramirez: Curtis.

Ramirez: Let's go hunting.

Curtis: Wow, wow, wow. Watch out for the cat.

Ramirez: Man, fuck the cat, man.

Curtis: Pussy running the streets at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Ramirez: Yeah, sounds like my wife's sister.

Curtis: (laughing)

Ramirez: I'd say her mother too but that's probably going a little too far.

Curtis: Oh, I'm so delirious right now, man.

Ramirez: I'm not even thinking strait right now, man.

Curtis: The walls are moving.

Ramirez: I'm tired. I want to go to sleep. But when I lay down I can't seem to close my fucking eyes.

Curtis: I don't even want to close my eyes. All I see is that-

Ramirez: That fucking victim, right. Imprinted in your mind.

Curtis: That bathroom.

Curtis: That kid. Yeah, man.

Curtis: What kind of maniac you gotta be to hurt a kid like that, man.

Ramirez: I can't get that image out of my head, man.

Ramirez: All I can think of is that image. And then I see my daughter's face.

Curtis: That's messed up, man.

Curtis: That's why we gotta find this guy.

Curtis: It's like its gonna be where we least expect it.

Ramirez: Yeah.

(dramatic music)

Ramirez: Want an energy drink?

Curtis: Yeah, man. I've been up for like 48 hours strait.

Ramirez: That's the price you pay for service.

Curtis: No shit.

Ramirez: Yeah, we'll get one right after we're done here.

Curtis: Of course. My turn to pay.

Curtis: (sighs)

Curtis: It's not fair, man.

Ramirez: What is that?

Curtis: People dying like that.

Curtis: In their own homes.

Curtis: Just trying to spend some fucking time with your family.

Curtis: Curling up on the couch watching a good movie.

Curtis: Not thinking that in 5 minutes some psychopath is gonna break in and start torturing you like you're in a Michael Myers movie.

Curtis: I mean what is that, man? You know.

Curtis: What kind of person does something like this?

Curtis: He gets to decide how people die.

Curtis: And then everyone has to live in fear. Even in their own homes.

Curtis: The one place where you should feel some security.

Curtis: But no. No, that's right where he's gonna get you.

Curtis: (sighs)

Curtis: Now there's no where to hide.

Ramirez: Yeah he's a wolf.

Curtis: What?

Ramirez: As much as this guy keeps me up at night I'm not gonna let him do what he wants.

Ramirez: Not to my family. Not while I'm still breathing.

Ramirez: We as protectors of this city gotta broaden that out to everyone.

Ramirez: Put it like this...

Ramirez: There's a nasty fucking wolf out there.

Ramirez: He's killed plenty of times.

Ramirez: And we both know he's not gonna show any mercy. Not even to the littlest sheep.

Ramirez: Then you've got the sheep.

Ramirez: They're out here grazing. Doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Ramirez: Working, providing for their families, surviving.

Ramirez: All a sheep wants to do is survive.

Ramirez: They don't need to be worrying about what's out here.

Ramirez: That's not their concern.

Ramirez: You see that's where the shepherd comes into play.

Ramirez: He knows what's out here.

Ramirez: He watches and guides his flock to go on the right path.

Ramirez: The sheep. They don't need to worry about anything as long as the shepherd's keeping watch.

Ramirez: Keeping the wolves at bay.

Curtis: Yeah but our wolf's still out there, partner.

Ramirez: Where are we?

Curtis: I don't know. 5th and Lincon.

Ramirez: We're out here keeping watch.

Ramirez: You know sometimes the wolves get lucky.

Ramirez: They take a sheep here. Take a sheep there.

Ramirez: But the worst thing you can do to a shepherd is take his sheep.

Ramirez: Now a wolf may be vicious but he ain't got shit on the shepherd.


Curtis: (laughing)

Curtis: Wow, Ramirez. You really need some sleep, brother.

Ramirez: Yup.

Ramirez: Right after we hunt this fucking wolf.

Ramirez: (howling)

Curtis: That was some deep shit, man. What was that a mating call?


Ramirez: Tell me why, my kid starts off the year getting bullied, right.

Ramirez: Comes home one day crying.

Ramirez: I tell him next time you come home crying you're not only going to get an ass beating at school...

Ramirez: But you're going to get an ass beating at home.

Ramirez: But the damn kid. The little turd goes on a rampage and starts beating up every kid in his class.

Ramirez: Who understands this kid?

Curtis: Sounds like he's just like his old man if you ask me.

Ramirez: Yeah I guess so.

Curtis: Shit! Stop!

Ramirez: What? You got something?

Curtis: Yeah go back.

(car driving)

(flash light clicks on)

(car driving)


Curtis: I'm not seeing shit am I?

Ramirez: No. You're not.

(car door slam)

(loud crickets)




(dramatic music)

Curtis: Extension cords, hammers, strangulation.

Briggs: There's another girl out there somewhere.

Briggs: Fuck.

Briggs: I guess we'll find her. One way or another.

Ramirez: How do you do it, Briggs? How can this shit not get to you?

Ramirez: You've got more kids than I do.

Briggs: Guess I've just been doing this for too long.

Briggs: Hate to admit it but I've seen this all before. Too many time to count.

Briggs: Shock wore off a long time ago, brother.

Briggs: Wish it would get to me.

Briggs: I'm just tired of it all at this point.

Briggs: Give it a couple years, Ramirez.

Briggs: It will be like flipping burgers. Just another job.

Ramirez: Yeah, I hope so.

Briggs: Everybody breaks.

Briggs: My father did this for 30 years. It didn't break him.

Briggs: A year after he retires he pulls up to an accident and sees this kid's head just smashed in.

Briggs: Never seen him cry till then. All those years on the job.

Briggs: Yeah but that one, that one did him in.

Ramirez: No shit?

Briggs: No shit.

Briggs: How you guys holding up anyway?

Ramirez: Ah. Could use a couple of energy drinks.

Ramirez: I'm feeling all fucked up right now.

Briggs: Well you hang in there. I'm gonna see if the other guys need anything.


Briggs: What are you telling me for? I want the guys to have that crime scene tight.

Briggs: If I see any fucking selfies on facebook it's your ass.

Briggs: I'm just around the corner getting the guys a little pick me up.

Briggs: I'll be right back. Alright.

(car parking)

(keys pulled out of ignition)


(car door slam)



(frantic movement)

(dramatic music)


(car door opening)

(car door slam)

(car start up)

(car driving off)


(car driving)

Briggs: Got your ass.

(car pulling up)

(car door slam)


(door bell)

(distant traffic)

(door bell)

(door slam)


(distant traffic)


(car door opening)

(car door slam)

(intense music)

(intense music)


(scary music)

(loud steps)



(intense yelling)

(intense breathing)

(car pulling up)

(intense breathing)

Briggs: Take it easy!

(heavy breathing)

(dramatic music)

Briggs: You want to make matters worse you pull the fucking trigger.

Briggs: I don't think you want to go out that way.

Briggs: You got something to say you come in with us and talk.

Briggs: Get this straitened out.

Briggs: Give me that fucking gun.

(tense music)

(gun slammed down)

(tense music)



Officer: Hey, lay flat on your stomach.


Officer: Get your hands in the small of your back.

Officer: Don't move.

Officer: Detective, you alright?

Briggs: Yeah.

Briggs: Yeah.


Officer: Alright now lift up.

Officer: All the way up.

Officer: Let's go.

(dramatic music)


Ramirez: Is it him?

Curtis: How bad is it?

(dramatic music)


(theme music)

Hernandez: He filmed this shit, Curtis.


Hernandez: Just give me 5 minutes alone with this guy. Might be worth losing my badge.

Hernandez: What kind of motherfuckers would do this shit?

Ramirez: It's like yo say, Briggs, every body breaks.

Briggs: Yeah. At least we got him. At least we got him.

(car driving off)

Curtis: Sadistic sociopaths.

Curtis: With them it's all about the power.

Hernandez: Some Helter Skelter shit.

Briggs: Gotta be the same age as my son.

Briggs: Evil like that you think would think would take more time to develop.

Curtis: What a fucking mess.


Curtis: This is something different.

(door slamming on video)

Curtis: You see that?

Hernandez: Fuck!

(tribal drums)

(door bell)

Curtis: Where is he?

Ramirez: They're taking him down town. Why?

Curtis: There's 2 of them.

Ramirez: The fuck you mean there's 2 of them?


Ramirez: Curtis, what the fuck you mean there's 2 of them?

Curtis: Come on lets go!

(tribal drums)

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

Curtis: Where's your brother, Max?

Curtis: Where's your brother?

Curtis: If he's the one that's responsible for this I'm gonna need to know about it soon.

Curtis: You want this all to fall on your neck? Huh?

Curtis: Or do you want to be the bigger man and start admitting some things?

Curtis: Where did he go, Max? Where's Timothy?


(clothes rustling)

(drawer sliding open)

(magazine slamming)

(door creaking)

Curtis: Please, Max. Something.

Curtis: Hasn't enough blood been spilled the last 24 hours?

Curtis: (sighs)

Curtis: I can't guarantee Timothy's safety if you don't talk to us.

Curtis: We catch him in another house trying to hurt someone else... I can't promise what our officers will do if we catch him in the act.

Ramirez: They'll kill him and it will be your fault, Max.


(flashlight flicks on)


(tense music)


(truck pulling up)

Curtis: Just tell us where he is and maybe he'll have a chance.

(tense music)

Curtis: You don't want us to kill your brother do you?

Curtis: Do you?

(truck parking)

Curtis: What does he drive, Max?

Curtis: What does he drive?

Curtis: (sighs)

Curtis: Max, I want you to listen to me, OK.

Curtis: Look, Max.

Curtis: Your fate is sealed.

Curtis: It is, OK.

Curtis: But can you do this one thing right?

Curtis: Can you do one decent thing in your life?

Curtis: Can you do this for what's left of the man in you?

Max: (mumbling)

Curtis: What was that?

Max: (mumbling)

Curtis: What?

Max: (mumbling)

Max: You have no idea.

Curtis: What? You just said something.

Curtis: Say it again, Max.

Max: You have no idea.


(dogs barking)

Max: (mumbling)

Curtis: For fucks sake!

Curtis: You just said something. How fucking hard is it to say it again?

Curtis: Can you fucking answer one fucking question?

Curtis: Talk motherfucker! Where's Timothy?

(dramatic music)

Curtis: Huh!

Ramirez: Come on, Max. You just said something. Just say it again.

Curtis: Where is he? Huh?

Curtis: Say it! You just said it!

Curtis: You just said something! Say it again! Please!

Curtis: Where's Timothy?

Ramirez: Alright, buddy. Come on. Calm down.

Curtis: Max, please. Where is he?

(tense music)

Max: (heavy breathing)

Curtis: What are you afraid of, Max?

Curtis: Hm?

Curtis: What are you afraid of?

Curtis: Who are you afraid of?

Max: You know what I'm afraid of.

Max: You know. Both of you know.


(dismantling pistol)

(tense music)


(gun cock)

Curtis: Who are you afraid of, Max?

Max: You know.



(tense music)


Max: (Heavy breathing)

Max: You guys were given a choice.

Max: (struggling)

Max: I wasn't.

(text sent)

(cell phone vibrating)

(swinging noise)


(smashing sound)

Preach: (screaming)

Preach: (screaming)

Preach: Reese!

Timothy: (sadistic laughter)

Preach: (screaming)



Timothy: (Laughing)

Preach: Reese! No.

Preach: Reese!

Preach: Where are you, son?

Timothy: (grunting)

Preach: Not the boy! Reese!

Preach: Reese!

Preach: Not the boy. Reese!

Preach: God!

Preach: Reese!

(creepy music)

Preach: Where's my boy?

Preach: Reese!

(dramatic music)

Reese: Grandpa, help!

Preach: Reese, where are you, son?

Reese: Grandpa!

Preach: Reese!

Preach: Reese.

Timothy: Wheew!

Preach: Not the boy!

(car speeding)

Curtis: What the hell! You're driving like a student driver.

Ramirez: Just shut the fuck up, OK.

Curtis: Go, man! Step on it!

Ramirez: I got my foot to the fucking floor!

(car swerving)


(dramatic music)

Timothy: (laughing)

Preach: We'll be OK, Son.

Reese: Grandpa?

Preach: God is with us, son. God is with us, son.

Timothy: (laughing)

(car swerving)

Ramirez: What the fuck you want me to do!

Curtis: What you driving like your wife for? Step on it!

Ramirez: I'm in a fucking corolla for crying out loud!

(car swerving)

Timothy: (sadistic laughing)

Timothy: Mmm.

Timothy: (sadistic laughter)

Timothy: (laughing)

Timothy: (sadistic laughter)

Preach: No, not my boy!

Timothy: (sadistic laughter)

Preach: Not, Reese!

Preach: Not my boy!

Preach: Leave him alone!

(door kicks in)

Curtis: Freeze, police! Don't move!

Ramirez: Put the rock down to your side!

Ramirez: Put the rock down to the right!

(tense music)

Ramirez: You will walk towards me! I will tell you when to stop!

Ramirez: Turn the fuck around!

(tense music)

Ramirez: Turn the fuck around!

(tense music)

Ramirez: Turn the fuck around!


Ramirez: Now walk towards me with your hands in the air!


Ramirez: Stop! Get down on your knees and put your hands on your head!


Ramirez: You got me, Curtis?

Curtis: I got you, partner!

(tense music)


Curtis: How you doing, Preach?

Preach: We're OK. I told you we'd be OK.

Curtis: Hang in there, Captain, we got help on the way.

Ramirez: Give me your fucking hand!

Ramirez: Bring it back.

Ramirez: Give me your other one!

(hand cuffs latching)

Ramirez: Just give me a fucking reason.

(dramatic music)

Preach: I told you son...

Preach" Oh, Reese. God is good, son.

(dramatic music)

(door creaking open)

Timothy: There they are.

Timothy: Big men on campus.

Timothy: Boy, you two must feel awfully lucky today, huh?

Timothy: Finally got your big break. I'm sure at least one of you guys might get a promotion out of this.

Timothy: Huh? Am I right? No. OK.

Timothy: Why don't you go ahead and have a seat.

Timothy: So you caught my brother, huh.

Timothy: He tell you anything good?

Timothy: Why am I still talking?

Timothy: Don't you guys have something important to say like maybe read me my rights or speak to an attorney?

Ramirez: Are you fucking done?

Curtis: You're well spoken.

Timothy: Well yes. Thank you.

Curtis: What's the matter you couldn't find a real job?

Curtis: And go work with dad in the plant.

Timothy: Well, after I left college. I got a degree in sociology by the way.

Timothy: Class of 03 encase you guys were curious. Or maybe your fucking files.

Ramirez: So why did you do it?

Timothy: Do what? Ramirez: Huh? Timothy: Huh?

Ramirez: As it looks like it, you're not getting your jollies off from these murders.

Timothy: Is that really what all you cops think is there's always a reasoning behind it?

Timothy: To always get some body's nut off on murder? Is that really what you both think? Huh?

Timothy: You guys talk to Max at all? Didn't he fucking warn you?

Timothy: Didn't he tell you the shit hole that you guys are going into?

Timothy: Uh. You two got no clue at all.

Curtis: We must be dumbed down from the media. Why don't you explain it.

Ramirez: Yeah. Enlighten us.

Curtis: Couldn't pay off your student loans or what?

Timothy: No! Why don't you just look at it like this.

Timothy: OK.

Timothy: Just for example.

Timothy: Devil.

Timothy: You guys ever think of how many words you can make out of that?

Timothy: No? Ah, you guys are cops. You probably wouldn't have any idea. Probably don't even know haw to spell it.

Timothy: But you can get the word vile.

Timothy: You know I don't even know if you know what that is. Probably like the coffee you ass holes drink.

Timothy: And lie.

Timothy: Which you guys feed the media.

Timothy: Which is probably what's gonna happen here.

Timothy: Then you've got evil.

Timothy: Evil doesn't need a motive for what it does.

Timothy: And you guys think what you saw out there on the streets was evil.

Timothy: You have no idea what evil is.

Timothy: So Max. He holds human traits like you two have.

Timothy: Compassion, empathy. Those were traits I was never born with.

Timothy: Lucky me I don't have them. So I don't feel regret or remorse for the things I do.

Timothy: But he does.

Timothy: He had to be molded and scolded right as an infant.

Timothy: Things just would never get to him.

Timothy: Nothing ever really hit home until I killed our mother in front of him.

Timothy: I am evil.

Timothy: I am the incarnate of Evil.

Timothy: I am Cane.

Timothy: I am Judas.

Timothy: I am hate. I am murder.

Timothy: I am all the killers in your little books wrapped up into one.

Ramirez: Are you done fucking with us?

Curtis: Look ass hole. We've been up for 24 hours trying to catch your ass.

Curtis: So we're in no mood to sort through all your bull shit.

Timothy: How is this bull shit? This is everything you guys want.

Timothy: This is a full fledged confession.

Timothy: Nothing?

Ramirez: How many more victims are there?

Timothy: I don't know.

Timothy: How long you guys been up again? Because I could sit here and tell you-

Ramirez: Look ass hole I'm done playing with you. How many more victims are there and where are they?

Timothy: This is the thing, gentlemen.

Timothy: You've caught me. I'm not gonna get the death sentence.

Timothy: You can't. I'm legally insane. I'll plead it all up and down it.

Timothy: Every psychiatrist in the country will want to take my case.

Timothy: Life in prison. I can deal with that. Three hots and a cot for the rest of my life.

Timothy: Sit back in club fad. And get to watch the TV display my name. Who knows what name they might give me?

Ramirez: What if I put a bullet in your fucking head right now, huh. What if I put a bullet in your fucking head? You wont get the death penalty?

Ramirez: I'll put a bullet in your fucking head right now motherfucker! Give me a fucking reason to do it!

Timothy: I'm handcuffed. You don't have to worry about me anymore.

Ramirez: Oh, I'm not worried about you. I'm not Preach.

Timothy: Preach.

Ramirez: I'll take those handcuffs off and spend 5 minutes in here with you.

Ramirez: I'll cut you down to size, ass hole!

Timothy: Drop that gun in the other rom and then we'll see what you got.

Curtis: Take it easy, partner.

Timothy: You know from this angle right here you could see your chest tattoo.

Ramirez: Wa- What?

Timothy: Yeah, your chest tattoo.

Timothy: You should probably get it touched up. It looks like it's fading a little bit.

Timothy: You ever tell your partner how you go to bed and you don't even fuck your wife at night, huh?

Timothy: You ever tell him that?

Ramirez: Were you in my home? Timothy: Oh, I-

Ramirez: Where you in my home where my wife and my kids sleep?

Curtis: Ramirez?

Timothy: Not necessarily.

Timothy: I'm just saying maybe you holding your pistol could be a little bit better when you clear your own fucking house.


Curtis: Wow, wow, wow! Take it easy! Take it easy!

Ramirez: Motherfucking ass hole!

Timothy: (sadistic laughter)

Ramirez: I will fucking kill you! I will fucking kill you!

Timothy: It's the cycle of death, Ramirez. Never to be broken!

Ramirez: Jolly green giant looking motherfucker! I will cut you down to fucking size you fucking ass hole!

Timothy: (sadistic laughter)

Ramirez: Son of a fucking bitch!

Timothy: Huh? Come on, boy. Get out! Get out.

Timothy: Huh?

(door slam)


Timothy: (laughing)

Timothy: Oh, what's next?

Ramirez: Man it felt good hitting that son of a bitch.

Briggs: Well, here. Sip some water. Walk it off.

Briggs: Yeah, but I would have done the same thing if I was in there.

Hernandez: If it's an option I would like to fuck him up myself.

Briggs: No everyone is not gonna get a punch in.

Briggs: But if I happen not to be in there and your hand slips who am I to judge?

Curtis: He's right.

Ramirez: Ah, you gotta be fucking kidding me!

Curits: Well shit, man. It is a cycle.

Curits: It's a never ending spiral of misery and death.

Curtis: I mean how do we fight that?

Curtis: How does any body?

Curtis: Shit. I'm glad we got to Preach in time.

Curtis: But his grandson?

Curtis: That poor kid's life is gonna be changed forever.

Curtis: Just like those families.

Curtis: There is no closure.

Curtis: There's no answer.

(cell phone vibrates)

Briggs: Detective, Briggs.

Briggs: I don't know about that.

(dramatic music)

Briggs: He's got a visitor.

(dramatic music)

(door creaking open)

(dramatic music)

(door creaking shut)

Woman: Can you look at me?

Woman: You've taken everything from me?

Woman: Everything I cared for.

Woman: And you can't give me this last request. Please?

Woman: You know the last few days I've been living in absolute darkness.

Woman: Blinded by my hatred towards you.

Woman: Hating everyone and everything around me.

Woman: And it hasn't made me happy. Not even for a second.

Woman: It won't bring my girls back.

Woman: And I think they deserve to know better.

Woman: They deserve to know that all this hate and evil hasn't won.

Woman: I look at you and I see a sad, confused and hurting soul.

Woman: And I don't hate you. I'm sad for you.

Woman: I hope that you come out of this darkness as I have.

Woman: I don't know what torments your heart and I never will.

Woman: That's between you and God. As for me I don't hate you.

Woman: I forgive you.

(dramatic music)

Woman: And I will pray for you.

(dramatic music)

(car driving)

Ramirez: Coffee?

Curtis: Um hm.

(car pulling up)

Ramirez: Alright, no bull shit. Let's bring it back.

Curtis: Alright, shit. Let's go.

Ramirez: Heads. Curtis: Tails.

Ramirez: Shit.

Curtis: Hey, make it a tall one, barista.

Ramirez: Extra sprinkles you fucking homo?

Curtis: You know it.

Curtis: Hey, don't forget the marshmallows.

Ramirez: Fuck you!

(traffic sounds)

(birds calling)

(dramatic music)

Subtitles by explosiveskull