Western (1997) - full transcript

Catalonian Paco is a traveling rep for a shoe manufacturer. When he stops to pick up Russian emigree hitchhiker Nino, Paco soon finds himself on the side of the road with everything stolen out from under him. Local gift shop owner Marinette gives the Spaniard a lift. Their mutual attraction manifests itself quickly, and Paco, who was fired over the stolen-car episode, hangs around. When he happens to spot Nino in the same town, he beats up the scrawny Russian, who lands in the hospital. Oddly enough, this marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Paco and Nino soon take the trip down the road together.

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Hi there

Where are you going?
Le Guilvinec

Come on!

It's no good to me, but...

He's been waiting for hours

Thanks a lot

Bye. Thanks a lot

Very delighted to meet you.
I am Nino

On vacation? Labor?


I see. Looks serious

You don't hear it?


Little bit noise. Like rubbing

Little what?

I can't hear anything

Excuse me

Can you take me
to the nearest town?


Where shall I drop you?

At the police station

Is it something bad?

My car got stolen.

That's not too awful. You're insured?

Yes. But there was some gear in it

Don't worry, the insurance will cover it

It's not as simple as that

He got me to stop the car.
When I got out

he drove off with all the gear

How did he make you get out?

He went for my ears

The insurance is bound to pay up

What sort of gear is it?



Yes. I sell shoes

and slippers

I'm sorry

I'm really sorry

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings

I'm really sorry

I'm sure it will all...

work out
once you've reported it to the police

If I say I picked up a hitchhiker
I'll lose my job

We're not allowed to take hitchhikers

What a pain

Well...here goes

Did you report it? Did it work out?

I don't know what to do

I just don't know

Make your phone call
and I'll take you to the station, okay?

It's the best I can do

But if I tell the truth

I'll get fired for sure

And I'm not sure
the insurance will cover the gear

I don't like to make a false report...

but the car has to be broken into

It's the only way

I'm going to tell the truth

I'll risk it

This is Paco Cazale.
Is Mr. Letour there?

Not at the moment

He's out at a meeting.
Can I take a message?

No, I have to talk to him.
Somebody stole my car

Can he call you at your hotel?

I'll phone him again later

He's going to call the office
in an hour or two

Is there a number
where I can reach you?

Yes, hold on

Excuse me

Can he phone me here at your place

in an hour or two?

I have no choice

The number?

It's on the phone

I'm causing you a lot of trouble

You weren't to know

In the meantime
I'll make that police report

The car may never be found

so I may as well say
it was parked in a street

So your vehicle
was parked on Rue Davot

Where in the street?

Near number 22

And there was some gear in it

And...my luggage

But it was...properly parked!

Here in Le Guilvinec

Of course I locked it.
Of course I locked it!

No, please...
Just a minute, Mr. Letour

I wanted...one more thing

I'm allowed to stretch my legs!

But...of course the shoes were in it!

That's what I don't know!
I have no idea

You tell me!

Okay, I get it

Okay, no problem!
No problem, yeah...

Fuck you!

I guess I'm out of a job

It wasn't me!

He'll be okay

Don't worry,
he'll be up and about in a week

He'll be fine

So you mean...there's no problem?

It's just that...
I left in a hurry this morning

I didn't want to go away
without thanking you

I wanted to say...

I wanted to say...

Yes? You wanted to say what?

Nothing special. Just...

to thank you, I thought maybe...

I could take you out to dinner

but maybe it's not...

That's really kind. Roland?

Fancy dinner tonight?

Yeah, great!

Oh no, I can't tonight.
I'll grab a few CDs and get going

You were saying about your wife...

My wife and I are in the process
of separating...maybe

We decided to give each other
a month of total freedom

without any contact, for any reason

One month?

We meet again in three weeks to decide

if we should go back
and live together...

carry on as a couple...

or go our separate ways

It's a way of...

testing the feelings we have...

for each other

Obviously I can't go home

Obviously not,
under the circumstances

What's your name?

I'm Paco

Paco Cazale.
I heard you on the phone

You're Spanish?
No, Catalan

And your wife?

She's Catalan too

No, I mean...

her first name. It's important.
Your name can change your life

Is Roland...?

You mean...

Roland's my brother


Just wondering

He could have been...
My husband

Is marriage important to you?
No, no...

I mean yes

I have a small question to ask you

Do you actually prefer
crayfish or crepes?


It figures

It's pretty here

Very pretty

I must be out of my mind!
I don't know you...

Mind the water

That's my car!

What will you do?

I don't know

I have to find out
if the little thief locked the car

like I told the police

And then you'll go?

I don't know

You can stay tonight too, if you like

I hit you a bit hard

It's understandable.
You were very angry

Thanks, anyway

What for?

The police didn't come

I'll tell you where your car is

Okay. By the way...

Did you happen to lend it to someone?

Who would I lend it to?

And you locked it?

You know, I don't own much, so...

I'm not in the habit

The keys are in my pocket

So I've got the keys

That's something

You know, stealing cars
is not in my philosophy

Something got into me
when I saw all those shoes

A crazy urge to drive off in the car

I don't know...

I didn't go far

You found me here

Don't worry

You won't get into trouble
and you'll soon be out

You're a good sport

If I'd known...

Listen, I'll tell you the truth

I borrowed your car to seduce a woman

To seduce a woman?

As I don't have much luck with women

I wanted to seduce them by pretending

I have a job, nice car, the works

I even took it to the car wash

so it's not like I damaged it

You know, give a woman
a nice pair of shoes

always makes her happy!

I managed to stay the night with her

but it didn't work out

I slept at her place, yeah,
but on the couch

Early next morning
she asked me to...get out

That's funny



I also spent that night with a woman,

also on the couch

In fact, I met her thanks to you

Are you in love?

I think so



Like that?

Like that...or like this

I got you a glass

What will you say
if you see your wife?

Do you want to live with her again?

Actually, I'm not married

I lied to you a little


Because it was...too complicated

The truth is
I split up with my girlfriend

and there's no way
I'm going back to her

Why did you make up that story?

I didn't think about it

I thought if I was married
I'd have more chance

that you would believe me

and trust me, in the middle...

of all that hassle

I wanted so much...to stay with you

I wanted it...really sincerely

Sometimes you can tell the truth
more easily with lies

All right?

I have something to tell you

Something difficult...

and delicate...

so I preferred to write it down

Can I read it now?

Paco, the day we met
you touched me,

made me laugh and surprised me

Something strong happened

I fell in love with you
before I knew it

I don't want to be hurt.
I fell in love suddenly once before

and he was unfaithful.
Our relationship was doomed

I'm afraid it'll happen again with you

Everything's moving too fast

I have a suggestion.
I'll tell you the truth without lies

I'd rather you left, Paco.
Make your lie come true

We give ourselves
three weeks of freedom

no contact whatsoever

Then, if you want, we'll meet again

Have affairs, if you must,
before we live togetherif we do

I'm not a onenight woman.
I need time

Three weeks apart
with no contact, whatever happens

Then we'll know
if we really want to meet again

This Marinette
you see again in three weeks?

It's all I think about

Till then,
you got nothing special to do?

How about we hit the road together?

If you want, of course
Hit the road?

Me, I'm on the road.
It's not always easy, but...

if you want,
we can hit the road together

All right?

Mister? Can I open the window?

Go ahead

What's that little...fir tree?

You know?

I see thing like that...
everywhere these days

It's a "magic tree". For the smell

Smells good, eh?

I'll let you out here. I turn right

Can't we stop here?

What you want in this hole?
There's nothing

We can sleep here
and go on tomorrow

No, to sleep...

we need to get to Pont L'Abbe.
Is okay there

There's a hotel here

It's not for me

Come on, it's a crummy hotel

Look, I...

I can't afford it

Don't worry. It's on me

Listen, for me is...
homeless shelters...


Once or twice a month,

a year... What you call it?

Youth hostel

I can't afford it

I told you, it's on me. I'll pay

It won't cost much anyway

Don't worry. We get to Pont L'Abbe

I'll swing it. I'm used to it

I'm not waiting here for hours
to get some...weirdo

We stink to hell, Nino! I want a wash

Ten more minutes!

No! I'm staying here.
You do what you want

So? How does it feel?

How does it feel

to be on the road? To be here?

I feel like a chump
who had his car pinched...

and his job

Can I take a cigarette?

Eat, before it gets cold

Most of all I feel like...

a guy who has a chick on his brain

and doesn't know what to do

I'm not going to sponge on you.
I can take care of myself

I know

In any case...

Listen, I'm going for a leak

and then I'm going to bed

You order two coffees?

That was very good

We'll have two shots
and two coffees, please

Can I use the phone?

Only local calls

Too bad. I wanted international

You have an accent. What is it?

I'm Russian

Funny things, phones.
Different in every country

In ltaly they're very small

In other countries big

Small... how do you say?

I forget every time

Small dial, big dial,

small receiver, big receiver

What's your first name?

I got a date with her later

You do?

Here's to your date

Stop, thanks

Isn't your friend coming down?


He's not too good on long distances

I thought you'd both be here. Pity


Guenaelle is a pretty first name

Is it Breton?

What's yours?

Funny... But it's not Russian

Yes, it's...

It's not Russ... Yes, it's ltalian

I'm Russian but originally from ltaly

I think...l'm going to quit, Nino

I don't know why I'm here

My head's full of Marinette

And where are we going?
I don't even know

I thought you knew

I don't. Where are we going?

Towards Nantes
Okay, but where?

We don't need to go any special place

All right?

Yeah, all right

This short cut is nice, isn't it?

Hold it. I just had a thought

The sun...

rises in the east, right?

Yeah, the sun's there

So we're heading west

Don't you ever want
to settle down somewhere?

Yeah, but where?

Why are you on the road?

I like it. It's in my philosophy

Done it for long?

Quite a while

Leaving aside your philosophy, really...

why do you do it?

Are you from the police?

I came from Russia two years ago

I came to France to marry a French girl.
We met out there

One week before the wedding,
she disappeared like smoke

So I lost the taste for stability

You have any questions,

ask them. I'm not gonna spend
days and nights talking about it

Did you never see her again?


Never, never, never.
I tried everything

She vanished...like that

Maybe she thought she took a wrong turn

and wanted the little Russian
out of her life

Why didn't you go back home to Russia?

Because I looked too stupid

I left like a king

Imagine all my family, my friends...

"Good luck Nino!"

I was ashamed

I never think of going back
to face my folks

Maybe one day, if I have the guts

We're not getting far today

No, we're not getting very far

We're not getting very far

I had an idea. You interested
in that waitress last night?

Waitress? Why?

She asked us to dinner tonight

We'd have a place to sleep

and I was thinking...

I'm not interested in her

but you stand a chance, you really do

She said she'd invite another girlfriend

so maybe we could
turn around and go back

as we're not getting very far

I bet you can't walk on your head

Walk on your head

What do you mean?

Go on

See? I can walk on my head

That's not your head, it's your hands

No, it's my head. Watch

Watch me. You've landed on an expert

Let's go. Come on!

You ever went to Russia?

No, but maybe
I'll get the chance one day

It's a big, big country
I thought...

You thought compared to Spain, Russia...

Paella, of course...

No, Spain is very near to France

I've never been there

It's easy to go to Spain.
Russia is 1,000 miles

But I did...
Right, it's not exactly close...

I did actually...

When I went...
I have a friend who went to Galicia

Ah, Galicia
It's wild

They have mussels in Galicia as well

Very big mussels

They do have mussels.
And not only mussels!

Not only mussels. They also have...

those whatsit...Celtic things

I heard there's actually
no Celtic influence...

In Spain, Galicia

There is in Galicia
I heard it's a myth

A myth?
I read it in a magazine

Has anyone got a light? Hello!

Wait, wait!

This is Zippo

Zippos never go out, is that it?

Like I said,

now I appreciate French wine

We haven't clinked glasses

Where I come from,
we drink to get smashed

Simple as that

Now I appreciate French wine because...

A la votre

A la votre

"A la tienne" is closer

A little...more personal
"A la votre" is more distant

Cheers! None left?

A friend of mine went to Pamplona
for the bull run

Do you know it? Have you ever done it?

The Pamplona bull run? Yes

Sounds like fun

Yes, it's a lot of fun

You have to be careful
Yes. It's not just fun

I've never known any...cheeky men

As cheeky as me? This cheeky?
I'm the first one?

I like your shirt

Nothing in there

It's quite exotic
Incredibly exotic

Really exotic. Nothing in the pocket...

You know how we drink in Russia?

What are they doing?
Drinking Russian style

I want to, too. Do you?

Russian style? Spanish style?

You've been knocking it back!

That's Russian style

They go like this

Oh shit!
In the pocket...l'm sorry

Hey, who cares?

Look at me! Look!

Did it stain your pants?

Just stay there!

Look! I'm soaked!

I'll be right back

I'm soaked

Wake up

I was...waking

He doesn't travel much

Hey, Gwen! I took the liberty

I took your shirt

It's really thin

It doesn't keep me warm

Paco, would you...?

What's so funny?

It's really very thin.
Would you lend me your shirt?

I'm cold
I can lend you my sweater

No thanks, really

I've got a... No I haven't

My shirt?

It's very thin. It's pretty, but...

You're right, it's a bit thin

I think it's beautiful. Very French

Will you lend me your shirt?

Sure I will

Wait! We need, we need...

We need a drink, we need a drink

Will you come with me for a minute?

Really, I don't need it

I'm really cold!
Out in the hall it's cold

In your bedroom it's...
Listen, listen!

No, really
Here we go

Silly cow

I swear I'm cold

Drink! Nazdarovia!

You know...

I'm gonna tell you something

If they're having fun,
that's the main thing

That's what counts in life

That's what matters

You're really beautiful.
Very, very beautiful

I love...

I love the shape of your mouth

You're really wonderful

I swear I didn't make love to them

Do what you want but don't tell me lies

We fooled around, that's all

I know what I'm saying

There are two rubbers short

Two rubbers short

You poke in my things?

I don't poke in your things.
I picked it up

You left it lying around. I found it
and saw two were gone

Two rubbers!

Two rubbers...

You know what? Guenaelle's cousin

is getting married this weekend
out near Ploneour...

Ploneour Lanvern, you know?
I know

There's a party in the village hall

You wanna go?

It means going back
the way we came, but we could

Where's Paco?
He's here

He's somewhere

Having fun?

No. I'll find him and come back

Don't what?

You had a good time
You bet


I want to drink with you
Russian style. Go on

I give you a little wine

Watch, Paco

No, like this

Down the hatch

Down it!
I'm not thirsty

Do it. Do it!

Fucking do it!

Don't shout at her

Why you girls
all around the world the same?

Why? Tell me! Say something!

You not capable of any deep feelings?

I tell you. Deep feelings...

deep feelings to you are like Greek

And then you have the gall
to complain that you're not understood!

You're only interested
in goodlooking guys

You don't know how to look at a man

Simply a man

Feel and see what is inside him...

simply inside him

You know why? You want I tell you why?

Because you only interested
in appearance!

Fucking goddamn shit!


Sorry, Paco. I spoiled your evening

You're my pal, I spoiled
your evening but not on purpose

There's a good example

A lady. Simply...simply sitting

Look how she's sitting. Simply

There's no strength, no fucking strength

Sorry I say "fucking"
and "goddamn shit"

but me being a foreigner,
I learn here in France

several words: "fucking",
"goddamn shit", "go to hell"

Sorry, lady.
But I also learn a good word:

"You have beautiful eyes"

And that's the truth

Can't we stop?

If we're hitching
there's no point walking

You see that town?

I see it

I'm sure, in that town,
there has to be a woman for you

A woman who loves you
but doesn't know it yet

I'm even sure...
that in every single town in France

there's at least one woman

who'd love you if she knew you

I mean at least one!

One is the minimum

So in all the towns in France...
Think about it. Add them all up

It's crazy. The potential is enormous!

The only problem with that town

is how to meet her

She's there
So we cross the river!

But to meet her, to meet her...

we have to locate her

so that you can meet

And you will. You know what we'll do?

I have an idea

We'll do an opinion poll

Opinion poll?

We'll make up a questionnaire
and pretend we're doing a poll

about women.
For a newspaper, for instance

So we can question women
without making them suspicious

Now, important...

The subject of the poll. We'll tell them

it's a poll about the ideal man

That way, we'll know right away

which woman suits you the best...

appeals to you the most...

...and is almost sure to like you

That's how we locate her

That's it

But wait. Are you sure
this...poll is reliable?

Reliable, yes...

if we ask the right questions

...and find the single women

You list the girls' names up to "P",
I'll do the rest

Get the addresses, too

I have an idea for a question.
How about this?

"Do you want...

for a woman to like philosophy in men?"

No, that's not it

If she likes men...who like philosophy?

That's it

I thought about another one

"Does your ideal man
necessarily have to be French?"

That's damn good

And part two: "Do you like Russians?"

No, we can't ask if they like Russians.
It's too direct

"Do you like fat men?"

What's your questionnaire, guys?
Looks interesting

Tell him

It's a questionnaire for women

About the ideal man

Wide subject

Can I ask you something?

Go ahead

What's your name?


Nice to meet you

Nino, Russian from ltaly

Ask your question!

Paco, Spanish from Catalonia


Ivory Coaster from Brittany

Here's my question:
How did you meet your girlfriend?

That's easy.
By playing "Good Morning France"

What's the matter?

"Good Morning France"?

I know. I saw on TV one day...

No, it's a game I made up
with some pals

It's fun. It goes like this

There are three of us,
all at separate tables

Got it?

Somebody walks by

If it's my turn, I say "Good morning"

If he says "Good morning" back,
I score a point

If he doesn't...


Why "France"?

Because the passersby are French

We're not French

Who cares? Anyone can play

Not everyone in France is French.
If it's a girl you get two points

That's good

Good morning!

I get a point

Do kids count?

Good morning!


One point for me
Check out the dog!

He scores three points. Get it?

Go back where you belong

I already am

No points for me, obviously!

Good morning, girls

That makes four

Not three?
Three for you

I'm in the lead

Good morning France!

Have to take the stairs.
The elevator's down

Never mind
Let's go

Wait a second. Tell me one thing

I'm going to ask you something.
Tell me...

frankly and directly

I never ask direct questions
but I have to ask this one

Get the fuck on with it!

Ask the question!

Is your girlfriend nice?

Great question!

She's wonderful, she's nice

Where are the stairs?
Over there

Look out, Nino. You'll hurt yourself

We'll make it, you'll see

Fuck, this hurts!

Concentrate your strength
instead of fucking singing!

Wait... Help me

That's it. Go right, right!

I mean left, left

Okay, let's go

Go on, go on!

Okay, here goes

This is no time
for a women's questionnaire!

I told you she was nice.
Go on, explain to her

We'd like...if you could...
He said you could...

What's this about?
I'll explain. Wait, Paco

We met this great guy, Pastis.
We met him...

Sorry. Baptiste

What we want, my own sweet love,
is for you to type

their questionnaire

What questionnaire?

A questionnaire about a poll. A poll...

What poll?

First let me say your husband is great

We know that. Everyone knows
I'm a Breton and Bretons are...

Wait, wait, Baptiste

It's about a questionnaire
because Paco and l,

we're studying philosophy.
We're doing a...

Why do you always laugh? Shit!

Let me explain

Wait, wait!

Honey, honey

They need a questionnaire
for an opinion poll

But tell me...
About the ideal man

You take their list
It's not about women?

Good night. Sleep well

Thanks a lot

If you need anything, just ask

Miss Quelec?

This is an opinion poll

An opinion poll

Oh, yes. About what?

"Do you like a man
who shows philosophy in his life?"


Passionately, a lot, a little,

very little, or not at all?

A lot

A lot

Good. Now the next one: "For you,

does the ideal man
necessarily have to be French?"

No, not necessarily

In that case, I suppose even...
if he's Russian...

Why not?

Do you like Victor Hugo?

I've never read Victor Hugo.
I'd say...I don't know

Okay, never mind

It really doesn't matter

You have beautiful eyes
Thank you

It's true
Ask me your questions!

How would you describe
your ideal man?

Ideal man? I don't know

I'd say...he's a good driver

Would you rather

he was tall, thin, beefy, small...

or you don't mind how he's built?

He should be average height and strong

I haven't got "strong". Beefy, thin...

Beefy, average height

What if he's small
but has tons of charm?

As long as he's taller than me

A bit taller? Let's say not smaller



How tall are you?
Five feet two

Five two. I'll note it just in case

So, upwards of five two...

Five one would do, though, wouldn't it?

As long as he's not too small...No?

What's an inch between friends?

Hey guys! How's the vote count going?

It's going fine

There's a very interesting one
amongst the chicks I met

This one. Look

I absolutely have to meet her!

How can we do it?

I've thought of that.
As we have her address

I can meet her accidentally on purpose

You'll see, she's nice

I'll try to meet her in a bar
for a drink

and as soon as the mood is right

I'll make up a reason to leave

and it's over to you

You think she'll come?

She'll come. I think so.
If not, she would have refused

You think it'll work?

You have a lot of attributes

Yeah, you're right

Let's sit at a table.
It looks more respectable

and that way
we'll see her coming. Okay?

Yeah, you're right

Here she comes

The chick from the poll


You like to drink something?

A cup of tea

And a beer for me

Please? One tea, one beer

So you do opinion polls?

Is it interesting?

Yes, very interesting

You have to show...psychology

and I have to admit
Nino does it much better than me

He shows...

a lot of... What can I say?

He's an expert psychologist?


We don't get many polls around here

What company do you work for?

That reminds me. I have to phone...
my company

I have to phone. Be right back

He got a date.
They're spending the evening together


Yeah. She looks nice, too

He's in for some fun
lt'll work

Hang on

It's so stupid, waiting like this

Got a problem?

No, it's okay

I almost blew the whole thing


It's okay
What's wrong?

Won't you tell me?
No, it's...

I can tell something's wrong

A deal's a deal

Say what?

...and here

Don't worry, I got condoms

Do you often make love?

No, I'm not like that

You can't fool me.
With all your charm, I bet you do

I swear I don't

Why are you lying? I can't stand lies

I'm not lying.
I swear I'm not lying

I do it sometimes, like everybody

Do you care about me anyway?

Of course I do

'cause you're gorgeous
and you have lots of lovely,

pretty things...like here...
and here...all over

Now I really want you

There's no way a man like you

can love a girl like me...


...and want me. No way

I can, I do! I really want you

You don't
I do

I'm fully aware...

that you're too good for me


No. I know it's impossible

I know my body
isn't good enough for you

Don't pretend!

I'm not. Listen...

Listen! What's the matter? Come back!

No! I can't stand lies

I'm...l'm not lying

I want to die!

I want to die! I want to die!

I have to try and get paid

I'll get them to wire me the money

By the time you get it...
Better find another solution

Funny guy. What's your solution?

Don't worry, I'll think of something

I bet

Thanks to him we'll get a good meal

You crazy? You're not gonna hurt him

Of course we're not gonna hurt him

We're just gonna find his owner.
Must be that little farm there

We'll put his small cow
back in the field

and I'll think of something

The farmer turned out okay, eh?

You know how to use that?

You know how to use it?

I've done it a hundred times!

I'll cut, you pick up. Okay?

Grab that, will you?

That's the spirit!

What do I do with this?

Wait. Put it down
Fuck, my jacket!

Watch what you're doing! Shit!

Get on with it!

Look out. This isn't a game

Give me that

Give. I want to cut too
No, wait

Give it to me! You already cut.
It's easy

Wait a second

I know how to do it

Let me! You already cut!

Hurry! He's hurt himself!

What the hell are you up to?

What have you done, for God's sake?

Holy shit! You said you knew how!

Quick, call the doctor!

No! No doctor!

The doctor knows me.
I don't want any trouble. Forget it!

Nobody's gonna fucking talk!

Take this, beat it
and don't tell anyone!

You wrecked my chainsaw!

Beat it!

We'll get you to the doctor

Take it easy!

We'll find the doctor.
He'll do something...


Is it bleeding?

Look out! It's bumping!

Look out!

You're sure it's here?

"Yvon Le Marrec G.P."

Go on then! Ring the fucking bell!

Go on in

Come on, Nino! Fucking help me

Wait, I'll ask him


That's a chainsaw cut

Is it?

Don't worry. I moonlight too, sometimes

But... Aren't you a doctor?

Yes, I'm a doctor but...

I only just started

I'm a beginner

So where's our luggage?

It burned

It burned

Burned? What?

Our luggage burned

Our luggage burned?
And our bags

What do you mean, burned?

The farmer burned it all

The farmer burned our bags?


To leave no trace...that we exist

Oh, fuck!

Don't worry...

For fuck's sake, Nino!

Why did you leave them behind?

How could I...with you...?

Somehow, for fuck's sake!
I couldn't. I was...

You saw how he yelled

He's crazy

I had all my things in it!

My shirts, everything...

It's okay. I...

Yeah, okay, fantastic

I'll think of something

The luggage is nothing

My bag burned too

Move it!
What's this?

Let's go!

Wait! I can't run

I've had it with these country lanes

I want a road. A main road with cars

We'll find one

God, I don't believe it!

Look at that

It can't be!

Can't be what?

That's my wife

That's my wife

Your wife?

The one I was supposed to marry

That chick there?

She's your wife?

She's my wife! Can't you see?

I don't know her. How could I?

No, it's...

Are you sure?

No, I'm not sure.
But she looks so much like her

But...was that her kind of...?

Not really... No, it's not her

No, it's her

God, she looks so like her!

It's not her. Forget it, it's not her

You got it wrong

Blondes with nice busts
are a dime a dozen

I don't believe it

Forget it. Come on, let's go

Forget it!

Forget it, it's not her

Don't look at her.
You're hurting yourself

Let it go. Forget it

I need to talk to Mr. Letour

It's about money. I worked...

No. I need to talk to him.
I can't wait till Monday

I need it now

Okay. I'll phone on Monday

It's good, eat

Can you do me a favor?

You want to phone Marinette?

Got a coin?

Go on

You don't want to talk?

I can't

What do I say?

Ask for Roland

Can I talk to Marinette, please?

Oh, it's you

Can I talk to Roland please?

Oh really?

He doesn't live there anymore.
He never did. Okay

No, it doesn't matter

I just thought...lt doesn't matter

I'll...phone him later. Okay thanks,

thanks a lot. Goodbye

She has a pretty voice

I've got to change my bandage

This is for you

What is it?

A shirt? Where did you get it?

The farmer gave me

He gave you a shirt?

No, money.
He gave me money and I bought it

He gave you money for the luggage?

No. Because...we had the accident

To make us go quicker
he gave me some money

and I bought the shirt

After the accident he gave you money?

Not bad, eh?


My pleasure

What a drag.
We can't even afford a drink

I'm cleaned out

I'm cleaned out

You want a drink?

You do?

I have a great trick. It never fails

We go in, talk to a customer,

make contact and he buys us a drink


Two beers please

It's nice and warm in here

Better than outside

Better than outside

Better than outside, yeah

Nice place


"Cheers" in Breton?

It's a beautiful language

All's well


Here, chief


I need my money!
I worked for it before...

You can wire me what you owe me

I need it. I worked for it!

I earned it! I'm not asking for charity

I worked for it. Now I need it

It's simple. I need the money


I'm so sorry! Are you all right?

I'm really sorry

Are you okay?

Is anything broken?

I'm so sorry

I'll be okay

Are you sure?

Get in. I'll take you home

Does it hurt a lot?

No, I'm okay

Shall I take you to a doctor?

I'll be okay
Are you sure?

Shall I take you home?


I'll take you home. Where do you live?

Actually, yes... I'll try

to remember the way.
I'm visiting. Staying with friends

just for a few days

Where do your friends live?

It's left here. Left...


I recognize it here...a bit

All towns look the same

I think this place
looks like Le Guilvinec

You think so?
Don't you?

So you travel a lot?

Yes, quite a lot

Around and about

That's why I'm a bit...

Do you travel in France or abroad?

In France mostly. Abroad as well

Around and about

You live from day to day

It's my kind of life


It's a matter of...philosophy

Your leg looks better

Yes, you're right

Funny, that

You're right

Wasn't it the other leg?

Oh, the car. Yes, but...

I hurt this one before

I have an injury

I've got to pick up
the kids from school

Can we meet again?

Meet again?

Just meet

I don't know


I'd like...one evening...maybe dinner...

When are you leaving?

I don't know. I'm expecting
a wiretransfer in a few days

All right. But on the last evening

Last evening?

The evening before you go

Preferably a Tuesday or Thursday,
when the kids are at my sister's

Hi! Sit down

This is my friend Antoine

All set!

It's been arranged.
Two beds for two nights

The shelter manager is nice, eh?

Yeah, we talked. He's a cool guy

Do you think...

he would lend me some money
till the wire comes through?

Do they do that?
He can ask, yeah?

The effect she has on me...

is incredible

You've really got to see her

What about Marinette?

I'm all mixed up

She still matters enormously...
and all this is because of her

God, this woman is...

And she intimidates me, you know?

She has a personality...

I don't know... Something...


Can you write?

Can you write?

Of course I can write

I don't mean that

Can you write fancy sentences, phrases?

Yeah, why?

Help me write a letter
for Antoine, okay?

Maybe you could start by...

giving him your news.
Tell him how things are going

I think he wants to say, "Dad,

it's no good. I feel bad"

You can't start a letter with
"Dad, it's no good"

Why not? I think it's an okay start

"Dad, it's no good..."

What do you think, Antoine?
It's not a bad start

I don't know

I don't think much of it

Suggest something else

What do you want, Antoine?

What I want is impossible

Yeah, but...

if it was possible, what would you want?

If it was possible, I'd want to go home

That's where he lives

I've been thinking. It's better if...

It's not so good if we both go

We need one person who looks respectable

You could be right

In that jacket...

You have a jacket too. You go

No, wait!

Look, mine's not very smart

It's fine. It's better if you go

You know Antoine better
and you know the hard life

Is Antoine's dad in?

Good morning...

It's about Antoine...
Are you his father?

Yes. Is he in trouble?
No, no

It's a letter...from Antoine to you

I just came to deliver it

A letter? He never wrote to me before

You know it's very hard

to be separated
from someone you want to be with,

especially when it's your father

He mucked around. He made his choice

Yes, but...

mucking around
can sometimes help you see more clearly

I won't have him
setting a bad example for the kids

Yes, but the homeless shelter
isn't his place

He should've thought of that

Wait. Let me tell you something

You know...

if you don't have love

it can be very hard

I'm sure it's gonna work!
He's a great guy

I'm sure he's gonna phone him.
It's gonna work

We'll see with Antoine. Nice work

I like this little place.

My sister had a problem
so all my kids are home

I didn't know how to warn you

Quite a little crowd you have here!

Sit down

One, two, three, four...

There's a fifth one in there

Don't be long, kids

No, not like that

You want to see a trick? Watch closely

My name's Paco

What's yours?

Mine's Maxime

Watch closely

Don't look there, look here

Time to clear up

The problem is,
I didn't have time to shop

I didn't expect to have the kids.
I don't know what we'll eat

Mom, there's some pasta left

There is?
I love cooking

Can I go out?

Okay, but not for long.
Where are you going?

Into town

Who with?
A friend

Don't go out like that. It's freezing

Is that yours too?
Yes, he's mine

I'll add a bit of onion...

Could you slice those for me?

I could

You know what is grand cuisine? Chive!

Where is chive?

Okay, chive

Now a bit more gas...

Why is no more gas?

No more gas?

I forgot to change the bottle. Oh no!

Shit, I didn't finish my recipe

Damn. We'll have to get another one

We can get it

Would you mind?
Right, Paco?

Go ahead. We don't both need to go

I'll finish the potatoes,
slice them and so on...

No, both of you go. I'll do the potatoes

Can I put my feet on the pedals?


I told you it wasn't properly tied on

Why didn't you do it then?

It's no big deal

Let me

You want a hand?

You know, Paco

I don't think I put enough onion...

You what?

What do you think?
About what?

If I put enough onion

Cool down about your recipe
and onions, will you?

It doesn't taste the same

You think I can't see what you're up to?

What am I up to?

Are you jealous?

Jealous? I'm not jealous

but you're not playing straight

It's obvious. Look at you!

You're not playing straight, Nino

What am I doing?

I invited you along
and look what happens

That's a good one!
Yeah, it's a riot

What am I doing?
You're not doing anything, huh?

I arrived and...

You're not coming on to her?
No I'm not

You're coming on nonstop.
Don't bullshit me

You crazy?
You're crazy, not me

You deal with your gas bottle. I'm off!

Go on, fuck off!

It's amazing what you've done with...

There's nothing to it

Eh, Paco? A little onion and...

This is great. Nice place. Fantastic

I rather be a smoker in the country

than a nonsmoker in Paris

Nino, we ought to go soon

Sleep here if you like

No, we don't want to bother you

Why not?
It's no bother

If Nathalie says we can stay, why not?

It suits us

We're not going to act proud, are we?

What's the point?

I said it's no bother

No problem

It doesn't fold out
but it's okay to sleep on

I'll let Paco have it. I can sleep here

There's a spare bed in my room

for the kids, when they can't sleep.
It's a real bed

No problem for me.
You'll be more comfortable

I'm off. I have to be up at 7 a.m.
Shall I show you?

Well, good night

Good night. See you tomorrow

I'm glad I met you both

I'm glad I met you too

Would you come
and cook for me again tomorrow?

With pleasure

Dinner, just you and me?

If you're wondering if we...

I don't want to know

Nothing happened
I don't care!

All I care about now is my money

There's some money for you. Your I.D.?


I'll buy you a drink

Tonight, a good little hotel...

It'll do us good

It's good to have some dough

Dinner's on me tonight

Is that all you can say?
Aren't you really happy?


"Yeah"? What's up?

I have to tell you something

Go on

You won't get angry?

No, go on

Tonight I have a chance to see her

See her?

Yeah, Nathalie. See Nathalie

Oh. Okay

Nice work, Nino

I thought you weren't coming on to her

I wasn't. It's just the way it happened

I don't care. Suit yourself

You're angry

I'm not angry

Are you very mad at me?

I'm a bit cheesed off

But really, it's okay

I promise I'm not mad at you

And like you say...

it's just the way it happened

I'm going to buy some cigarettes

Be right back


If Paco had been on his own

without me...

would you have stayed with him?

Stayed? No

Would you have slept with him?

Yeah, maybe

You sleep...just like that?

No, I don't sleep just like that

How, then?

I'm going to tell you something
very few people know

You want to hear?

A long time ago...

14 years ago,
the age of my eldest son...

I was very much in love with a man

I wanted to have a baby with him

It happened, and then

he didn't want it. He left

I was very miserable

I got over it

and discovered the joy of having a child

An immense joy,

like nothing I'd ever known

I wanted to do it again,
give him brothers and sisters

I wanted loads of them

but never a man

so I wouldn't be let down

So I had more kids,
but always with somebody passing through

They all have different fathers

and none of the fathers know


You know... It's funny, but...

when I saw you...

I realized how very alone I am

It made me want to be with you

If I have one more, it'll be with you

You mean it?

I wanted you to know

And I want you to know...

if you want to stay, it's okay with me

Okay? Big smile?

Was it fine?

You're looking good this morning

Are you angry?

No, I'm not angry. On the contrary

It's good like this. Very good

Otherwise I might have screwed up

in terms of Marinette...
It's much better this way

You like it?
It's great

How about mine?

Yours is nice

Nathalie will like it, eh?

Thanks a lot

You have a nice guitar

It has a good sound

I'll teach you a Russian song

Want to sing along?
I don't know it

I'll show you. We sing in G

Come on!

With me!

I'm seeing Marinette tomorrow

Great! Now we both
have a woman in a port

Can I ask you to do something?

Will you come with me?

Come with you? Yeah

That way you can go first

Go first?

If you go first, you can talk to her

Because...if she says no...

I might not be able...

to handle it

Don't park too close,
so she won't see me

My name's Nino

Paco sent me

He's here

Don't bother

Where are you going?

Don't we go back to the house?

The house? Fuck the house!

Don't shout at me. It's not my fault

Go on, tell me

You want to hear it all?

Everything she said?


She loves you
Why didn't she wait?

Why didn't she wait?
Wait, I'll tell you

She loves you a lot.
She loved you a lot

She's a wonderful woman

but like that, you know? Like that!

Why didn't she wait?

Let me tell you!
Because she loved you a lot

I'm going to see her. I'm going now

Wait, Paco
I'm going to see for myself


Wait for what? Spit it out!

She has somebody else. She has somebody

She has somebody. There

I see Tudy wants some more

Does he want some more or not?

Yacine, you okay down there?


don't you want to try a little...?

Want some wine, Nathalie?

The soup's got to be finished.