West of Zanzibar (1928) - full transcript

Magician Phroso's wife Anna leaves him for another man, named Crane, who fights with Phroso and leaves him paralyzed. Later Anna returns and he finds her dead, leaving behind a daughter. For 18 years Phroso, known as "Dead Legs" by his cronies, plots his revenge, becoming a pseudo-king in East Africa, nearby where Crane has set up an ivory business. When the daughter is grown, having lived in a brothel in Zanzibar thanks to "Dead Legs", Phroso put his plan into action, resulting in revenge and retribution all around.

West of Zanzibar

Ashes to ashes! Dust to dust!

Professor! Has she got a friend?

My little wife. You're more beautiful
than an angel tonight.

You're tired, dear.
I'll put the things away.

Crane, dear, can't go awey without
telling him. I've tried... but I can't.

I'll tell him, dear. You get dressed...
I'll meet you outside.

Aw, you poor blind idiot!
Don't you understand? She's gone!

She loves me...do you hear?
And I'm taking her to Africa!

Anna! Anna, I love you!
Don't go! I love you!

His wife'e come back...
with a baby.

She went in the church.
I sent a kid to tell him.

He told me you loved him.
That's why I never followed you.

For all the suffering he brought her...
he's going to pay!

I'll find him! I'll make him pay!
He and his brat will pay!

Eighteen years later?
West of Zanzibar.

King Lunkaboola...

Dead-Legs, if you keep bringin' those blackbirds
here for your daft shows...they'll tumble to our game!

Forget it, Doc! Get my box of tricks!

We'll end up by being a mess of
chops for those cannibals!

Chops...nothin'! I'm goin' to be
king of the whole pack!

Fire! Only...thing...great...Evil Spirit...fears!

White master...greater...than...all...Evil Spirits!

The idea, Babe...wastin' our good
gin on them cannibals.

We've got the gin, Tiny!
I put kerosene in that bottle!

along deadly trails in the Heart of the Jungle.

Elephant Tusks-Ivory-Gold of the Congo.

The alarm spread...the jungle

flared with fires lighted to
drive off the natives black fear.

Voodoo...come! Big...like...elephant!

White master...no...'fraid...voodoo!

Cripes, Gov'nor...
the Evil Spirit is at it again!

Evil Spirit...my eys!
It's somebody robbing me of my ivory!

I'll root out this crook!
I'll find him!

Dead-Legs is crazy to keep stealin' that bloke's
ivory! He'll get nailed ...sure!

We're the ones who are crazy!
We'll get nailed... not him!

Hide that mask! If those cannbals find out
you're the voodoo we'll land in the stew-pot!

Dead-Legs, we've robbed that trader of plenty!
Let's beat it before he gets us!

No...I'm even goin' to sent him word where
to find the man who's robbin' him!

I said 'NO'! He made me this thing that crawls...
now I'm ready to bite!

Yair...bite! I'll bet that's what
the cannibals did to Babe!

Babe's all right! I sent him to Zanzibar!

He's bringin' back a little sweetheart...
for Doc!

A blonde one!

Yes, I know...I'm too sweet and pretty for
a dump like this! I've heard that before!

Sure...you hate to lose the girl. But Dead-Legs
has paid you plenty for keepin' her, hasn't he?

You're to tell her I'm a gentleman who's found
her father...and I'm takin' her to him.

And I'll miss you, too.
You're the only mother I've ever known.

No, Joe...I've taken my
last drink of that stuff.

That's right, Maizie.
That stuff never did no one no good.

No, brother. Such beverages have never
soiled my virgin lips.

On second thought, perhaps a little...
to check my malaria.

Get Doc in here to fix my back!

Don't let him cut into you tonight!
He's full of that stuff!

I don't look very nice to meet my father.

He'll be so happy to see you that
he'll never notice it.

Are you...my father?

I'm not your father!

Please excuse me...but, you see,
I've never seen my father.

What's your game...his lies about being a
gentleman taking me to meet my father?

I'll tell you my game...
when I'm ready!

You're lucky! You're just in time
to see a big native funeral!

Dead-Legs is chief Evil Spirit
chaser round here.

It's a lovely custom! When a man dies they
always burn his wife or daughter with him!

That's the law of the Congo...
and nothin' can change it!

You're a puzzle, Dead-Legs. One minute you're
a fiend and the next...you're almost human.

You ain't here to understand me, Doc!
You're here cause I need you to keep me crawlin'!

At that, I guess it's healthier to
be with you than against you.

I wouldn't try gettin' away
again if I were you.

Don't worry...I won't!
I learned my lesson last night!

Thanks...I guess I need it.

Take this...it will make you feel better.

Break that glass!

I might drink out of it...by mistake!

Come on...eat. You may
as well make the best of it.

I'm particular who I eat with!
Feed her on the floor!

I'm down pretty low...but not so far
that I'll stand for this!

Yair? Well, you'll stand for anything I say!

Say, Mister!

Don't get in trouble on account of me.

I'll eat with her!
I'm particular who I eat with, too!

I'm so sorry. I thought you'd gone away...
so I gave them your clothes.

There's nothing too low
for you to do, is there?

Why let him feed you with that stuff?
You look as if you used to be somebody.

Let's not talk about that.
Just seeing you has made me do enough thinking.

Funny world! You tryin' to forget who you are...
and me tryin'to find out who I am.

You're only a kid. You've still got
a chance to be anything you want.

So have you...if you'll get hold of yourself.
You're not old.

Not old? From all I've seen and done...
I'm as old as Santa Claus!

Santa Claus?

Yes...I've heard of him.

Me...do...like...you say. Me...tell...white trader...
you...steal...ivory. Three days...he...be...here.

Whitr trader...white girl's...father!

Three days passed -
three days of planning.

I've been waitin' for you.

Word comes to me that it's you
who's been stealing my ivory.

And I intend to pay you for everything.

Phroso...the magician!

Right you are...
Mr. Crane!

I've got to give you credit...
you've got another beauty.

But you've certainly made
a terrible wreck of this one.

Aw, stop teasing her!
Give her what she wants!

You poor kid...what's he done to you?

You'll finish feeding her with
this stuff do you hear? You'll finish!

Go easy, Doc!
I don't need you any more!

No, you don't...but she does!
And I love her, do you understand! I love her!

No, no...you can't have any more!
Don't you see...I love you! That's why!

Well, Phroso...you're putting on a great show!

Come on! What's this all about?
What are you wrecking that girl for?

You'll find out.
That's why I brought you here.

That's Anna's child!

When I found Anna...she was dead!
And this brat of yours was with her!

Babe, tell Bumbu to carry out my orders!

I had her raised in the lowest dive in Zanzibar
...so you could be proud of her!

And now I've got a real treat comin' for her...
and her father!

You're her father...not ME!
She's...your daughter! YOURS!

Now listen! Your wife never went away with me...
Do you hear? She never went with me!

When she found out what
I did to you...she hated me!

You're feelin' kinda shaky, ain't you?

A lot you care how I feel?

Tiny, get her some brandy.

I've got a boat waitin'.

I'm goin' to take you away from all this.

Please drink this.
It'll make you feel better.

I was right! There's nothing
too vile for you to do!

Keep out of this, Doc!
I told you I don't need you any more!

We...shoot...white girl's father!

How did God ever put a thing
like you on this earth?

Tiny! Babe! Take him out of this room!

Get in there and keep him alive, Doc!
Don't you let him die!

If he dies...the natives
will come and take her!

He's dead! That means the girl goes with him!

If she's going...Dead-Legs will go first!

My baby! My own little girl!

The drums! They know he's dead!

White man...dead.

I'll tell you the truth, dear!
You'll believe me...won't you?

On my oath he was not your father!

Your father is~

~your father died years ago.

Get her in that room!
They're comin' for her!

We...come...get...white girl.


I'll never leave you, dear!
I'll never leave you!

We'll fight for you!
Whatever... we're going though it together!

You've got to save her!
You've got to tell them the truth!

It's too late!
They'd never believe me now!

Then we've got to make a break for it!

We couldn't get her across the compound!
Their eyes are glued on her!

There isn't a chance to stop them!
We've got to go through the ceremony with her.

You'll never get away with that!

Go tell her what we've got to do!


I know what I'm doin', Doc!
I've got it all figured out.

Doc, I'd like her to say good-bay to my.

No! Don't believe him!
He's lying! It's a trap for me!

Please! Please, don't believe him!
Don't let them take me!

But I believe him!
You've got to trust him!

Dear, we've got to forget hate. He couldn't
do what he plans to do...and still hate.

Gee, but you're a strange man.

White girl...funeral...always...have...box.

White man...must...go.

Evil Spirit...come...take...white girl.