West Side Story (2021) - full transcript

Manhattan, Upper West Side, 1957. Against the backdrop of the decaying tenements in the San Juan Hill neighbourhood and the constant threat of the wrecking ball, two warring gangs--tough Riff's Jets and swaggering Bernardo's Puerto Rican Sharks--fight for supremacy. Now, with a once-and-for-all, winner-takes-all rumble on the cards, an unexpected whirlwind romance at the high-school dance between former Jet brawler Tony and Bernardo's delicate little sister María sets the stage for an all-out turf war. But what's a gang without its territory? Above all, when the future is uncertain, what's hope without love?

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Woman: Hey, hey!

Come on.


Jets: Yeah! Come on, come on!

Beat it.

Jets member: Oh, yeah!

Boy: Hey!

Hey, you! Come on!


Jets member: Come on, baby John!

Officer: Alright now, all you separate!

Separate! Separate!

You're driving me to my grave,
ya pack of jackals.

Watch yourself, sergeant krupke,

you're gonna inflame your asthma,

shouting like that.

Why don't you leave
the Puerto Ricans alone, riff?

Christ almighty. And you lot,

you're in New York now.

You got a problem, you call the cops.

Youse can't play
at being cops yourselves.

Pero we call the cops,
you show up and arrest us!

You're never around
when these hijueputas

mess up our stores and our streets.

See, I get confused
when you say "our streets,"

seeing how these streets
are ours by right

- of being born here, amigo.
- The jets!

How many times do I gotta tell you,

I don't speak spic.

Krupke: Hey, hey!

That's enough! That's enough!

Come on! Break it up!

Jesus wept, baby John.

Who did that to your ear?

Which one of them nailed you?

Who cracked your head open, hombre?

In English.

Same guy who nailed your ear, maybe?

Maybe. I don't remember.

I realise if any of you helps me out,

you might spoil your chance
to murder each other

over control of this earthly paradise.

The jets control it and you know it.

Uh-huh, yeah,

but, golly gee, Balkan, not according

to the New York City committee
for slum clearance,

which has decided
to pull this whole hellmouth

down to the bedrock,

and you're in the way.


Nice reflexes, muchacho.

So, any day now,

all of you are gonna be evicted.

You'll have to "vamoose,"
as we say in Spanish.

We're not relocating.

We have rights.

Rights, huh? Where are they?

You back down, Bernardo.
Don't be stupid.

Some night, muchacho,

maybe you'll get to see me fight.

'Course, you'll have to leave
your gun at home, lieutenant.

Evict yourself off my crime scene,


Jets member: Chick, chick, chick.

Jets member: Chickie, chickie, chickie.

A boxer and a singer.

Jets member 3: Get a load of this guy.

You want me to book
the whole bunch of you?

Keep up the serenade and see what...

[Viva Puerto Rico iibre!

I am ordering you clowns to disperse!


We're outnumbered, boys.

Thousands more are on their way,

and once they're here,

they pop out kids like crazy.
Am I right?

Tell me which one of them
nailed baby John's ear

and I'll put him out of circulation.

Work with me, fellas.

Or they're gonna drive you
off your turf.

You said it was
the slum clearance committee

that was driving us off,

now it's the prs.

You gotta get your story straight,
lieutenant schrank.

We're very impressionable.

Most of the white guys
who grew up in this slum

climbed their way out of it.

Irish, Italian, Jews.

Nowadays, their descendants
live in nice houses

and drive nice cars

and date nice girls you'd want to marry.

Your dads or your granddads stayed put,

drinking and knocking up
some local piece

who gave birth to you.

The last of the
can't-make-it caucasians.

What's a gang without its terrain,
its turf?

You're a month or two away
from finding out,

one step ahead of the wrecking ball.

And in this uncertain world,

the only thing you can count on is me.

I'm here to keep the civil peace

until the last building falls.

And if you boys make trouble

on my turf, riff, hand to heart,

you're headed to an upstate prison cell

for a very long time.

By the time you get out,

this will be a shiny new neighbourhood
of rich people

in beautiful apartments

with puerto rican doormen
to chase trash like you away.


I got a question for you, lieutenant.

How tall did you used to be before you,

you know, "schrank"?

Come on, sergeant, ride with me.

Long as I know you, riff,

you ain't had the sense,
god gave a pigeon.

Riff: Come here, let's see what he done.

Come on.

Well, that's gonna scar, buddy boy.

- You think so?
- Frankenstein time.

They can't make us up and leave.

We're here, ain't we?

American citizens,
which them spics ain't!

Them they can chase off, not us.

Puerto Ricans are Americans,

- you ignoramus.
- Ah, go eat a green banana!

Puerto Rico's like a state,
ain't it? So, deez is right...

Baby John: No, it's something else.

Jets member: There are only 48 states,

- ya dead battery.
- What do you know?

Whatever they are,

citizens or who gives a fart,
what we know is...

Jets member 2: They ain't us.

So, spill it, krazy Kat,
what are you thinking?

I'm thinking it's past time
for a rumble.

For a all-in, all-out, once-and-for-all,

winner-takes-all, high-noon-shootout-

at-the-o.k. Corral rumble!

Balkan: Wild blue yonder! About time!

We do 'em like we done
the Egyptian kings.

- And the emeralds.
- And the bishops.

Alright, so Tony and me
will sit down with...

- Jets member: Tony?
- Yeah, Tony.

Jets member 2:
What's this got to do with him?

He ain't stood with us
once since he got out.

He's on parole.
He's gotta be careful, is all.

He cannot be running around...

Tony's done with the jets, riff.

He ain't done with the jets.
Like that's even a thing!

You cannot be done with this family.

Maybe it wasn't a thing before,
but now, riff?

The lieutenant's right.

What are the jets
if we got no territory?

- Jets member: That's right!
- All: Yeah.

Schrank doesn't know
his ass from his elbow.


Tony and me started the jets

cause none of us would even be here

if it wasn't for all of us.

And all you know it.

When you're a jet
you're a jet all the way

from your first cigarette
to your last dyin' day

when you're a jet
if the spit hits the fan

you got brothers around
you're a family man

you're never alone

you're never disconnected

you're home with your own

when company's expected

you're well-protected

then you are set with a capital j

which you'll never forget
till they cart you away

when you're a jet

You stay a

jet -

So, meet Tony and me
at the dog days dance

at the gym tonight.

We can't rumble at the gym,
it'll be lousy with cops!

And maybe we've had enough trouble

with the Puerto Ricans for one day?

Relax. It's a social mixer.

So we'll mix until the time's right

to fix the rumble for tomorrow night.

Be there 10:00 pm, punctual-like,

dressed to kill, walking tall!

We always walk tall! We're jets!

The greatest.

When you're a jet
you're the top cat in town

you're the gold-medal kid
with the heavyweight crown

when you're a jet

you're the swingin'est thing
little boy, you're a man

jets: Little man you're a king

riff: The jets are in gear

our cylinders are clickin'

the sharks'll steer clear

jets: Cause every
puerto rican's a lousy chicken

here come the jets
like a bat out of hell

someone gets in our way
someone don't feel so well

here come the jets
little world, step aside

better go underground

better run, better hide

we 're drawin' the line
so keep your noses hidden

we 're hangin' a sign
says "visitors forbidden"

and we ain't kiddin'

jets: Here come the jets, yeah
and we're gonna beat

every last buggin' gang
on the whole buggin' street

on the whole

ever mother-lo vin'



- Can.
- Riff: Come on.

Just for an hour, only a little hour.

You used to like dancing.

- No monkeyshines.
- Come on, riff, can.

Christ almighty. You know,
there's dust on everything.

You know, ever since...

Hey, I swear on what's holy,

it is just girls sipping punch
and music...

- And the sharks.
- And the spics.

- And a rumble.
- Which all you gotta do...

You're on your own, pal-o-mine.

Is help me haggle
over the terms of the rumble.

You don't need me helping ya
screw up your life.

You know how I get.
I will start runnin' my mouth.

You... you got command.

You are West Side legendary! And, Tony,

Tony, the jets.
I gave 'em my word you'd show.

- Why would you do that?
- Because...

Because it's a rumble!

We need you if we're going to war.

You can't refuse us now.
And because I know you.

Or I thought I did,

before you got all unlike yourself,

before you went upstate.

Woman: Tony?

I'm coming!

It's like you're still in prison,

and the old witch is the warden.

She gave me a job and a place to stay.

She's always been there
for me, like nobody else.

- Oh, nobody, huh? Thanks, pal.
- So don't call her...

Thanks a big fat lot. Yeah.

You know I didn't mean you wasn't there.

You was always there.

- Womb to tomb.
- Sperm to worm.

So, come with me to the dance, huh?

Come on.

Is it graziella? That what's eatin' you?

No, it ain't grazie.

She said that you and she was done.

It's good that
you're keeping her company.

Even before you got locked up, you know?

It's cool. Don't get all
the way you get.

Grazie's a great girl,
and the jets are the greatest.

And you, you're like,
you know, blood to me.

But I'm scared of myself, riff.

What I done to that kid.
What I almost done.

You gotta get over that.

What is the point
in beating yourself up?

I wanna be unlike how I was.

Cause I was disappearing down a sewer

and taking you and everything with me.

- Woman: Tony, you coming?
- Yeah, he heard ya!

I had time. Lots of it.

Locked up like that,

and for the first time ever,
I took a look inside,

and that was rough, doing that,

but I... I gotta stay with myself.

You know what I mean? Maybe stay...

By myself, just for...

Yeah, you know what?

You're just too deep for me, kid.

You know, I don't know who I am.

And who cares who I am?

Nobody, including me.

I know that this dust

that's covering everything right now,

that's the four-story buildings
that was standing here

when you went upstate a year ago.

You know, I wake up to everything I know

either getting sold or wrecked,

or being taken over by people
that I don't like.

And they don't like me.

And you know what's left
out of all that?

The jets.

My guys. My guys, who are just like me.

Who are just like you.

I can't go to the dance, riff!

My parole officer said no going out!

I told you I don't want you in my store.

I'm a paying customer.

You've been stealing from me
since you were six.

Now, get out. I mean it.

And leave Tony alone.

He is not allowed to associate
with criminals.

Look, don't fall off that ladder.

At your age, brittle bones.
That's all I'm saying.

Woman: You'll pay for that candy.

Five cents. On the counter!

Stand me for a milky way, huh?
Least you could do.

Womb to tomb

wasn't never a joke for me.

Don't be like that.

Just cause I can't go to a dance?

Tony, I don't tell you
who to hang out with. But...

"But those
boys are juvenile delinquent.

"They're no good for you.
And you better watch out."


"You make fun of the way I talk

"one more time, blondie..."

I'm gonna
talk to riff and tell him

that he can't just
come in here and not pay.

Tony, wake up.

I know you love riff,
but he hates Puerto Ricans.

That is not you.

Riff don't hate you.

I married a gringo.

He thinks that makes me a gringa,

which it don't. And I ain't.

Well, it's guys like riff and me,

when things ain't familiar,

we just got this instinct to,
you know...


Even as an angry little boy,
somehow there was this...

This promise
that you couldn't keep hidden.

Not from you.

And sometimes, I see you smiling,

like you're waiting for the,

what do you call, Irish sweepstakes,

instead of sweeping the floor
like I pay you to do.

I sweep as good as you pay.

- Yeah?
- Look it.


You see? Promise.

You bring dead floors back to life.

Keep looking for better, mi milagro.

Like you always done.

Could be?

Who knows?

There's something due any day
I will know right away

soon as it shows

- it may come cannonballing

Down through the sky
gleam in its eye

bright as a Rose -

Who knows?

It's only just out of reach
down the block, on a beach

under a tree

I got a feeling there's a miracle due

gonna come true

coming to me

could it be? Yes, it could

something's coming
something good

if I can wait

something's coming
I don't know what it is

but it is gonna be great

with a click, with a shock

phone'll jingle, door'll knock

open the latch

something's coming
don't know when

but it's soon catch the moon

one-handed catch

around the corner

or whistling down the river

come on, deliver

to me

will it be? Yes, it will

maybe just by holding still

it'll be there

come on, something come on in

don't be shy meet a guy

pull up a chair

the air is humming

and something great is coming

who knows?

It's only just out of reach
down the block, on a beach

maybe tonight

maybe tonight

maybe tonight

Woman: Maria!


They're gonna be here in five minutes.

Woman: Mamita.

Didn't you hear me...?

What are you doing? Ay, nena...

Maria: No, no, no, no.

It look like a shroud,

it's so big and so white.

It wouldn't look like a shroud
if it was red.

Speak English.

In gimbels, there are lots
of dresses that fit me.

And you don't shop in gimbels.
You clean in gimbels.

- Maria: Ay.
- Mm.

Ahorrar tus chavitos,

fancy pants.

Aw. Si.

Ay, turn around.


Ay, Anita.


Ay, don't mess up my hair.

I just got it to act right.

Ugh. Ok.

Get your shoes on.

Bernardo will be so mad
if we make him late.

And I want to dance.

Bernardo's always mad.

Necesito lipstick.

I'm too short. I need, please.

Please, some lipstick,
and maybe some eyeliner.

- Hmm.
- The boys think I'm a kid.

You are a kid, kiddo.

I'm 18. I have a job.

I've been taking care of papi
since I was six.

Bernardo thinks I'm a baby.

Who cares what Bernardo thinks?

Chino is the only boy who counts.

Oh, chino. Mi primer baile
en nueva York

and I have to go with
the zangano I don't want to.

Ay, be nice. Chino is a very sweet boy.

You can't take that personally.

He's got to be like that.

It's how he got to be a great boxer.

Everyone's afraid of him.

Mm, but I'm not.

Man: Anita, we're home.

Are you ready? Chino's here.

You gotta dance with her.

- I don't know how to dance.
- Ay.

She's bossy. She gonna show you how.

Don't move.

You always look out for me.

You're the best friend I ever had.

I owe you so much.
But I just wish that...

You're the smartest friend I ever had.

Maria needs to meet smart guys like you.

Let me join the sharks.

Ay, muchacho, not this again.

Por favor, let me help you
protect our people.

Bernardo: No.

You keep out of that. It's stupid.

We gotta do it, but it's stupid.

Maria can't like a iambeojo
who just works day and night.

Never stands up like her brother does.

She says all the time

she doesn't want anyone like me.

Just be chino.

But be a chino who dances.

You look like mami.

And, chino, qué guapo.

He took off from night school

just so he could take you to the dance.

Gracias, chino.

Night school, accounting, and...

And, chino, what else
are you learning about?

Adding machine repair.

Anita: And just think,

how many adding machines
in New York City.

Chino is gonna be rich.

Well, not exactly, pero...

Boxers get rich.

Boxers get their brains knocked out.

Bossy, como te dije,

y una wiseass.

The gringos tonight,
they stare because...

Anita: Oh, like you don't stare.

Because our girls
make their girls look lousy.

The first gringo boy
who smiles at you... pow!

Ay, Mr. Juvenile delincuente.

Bernardo: Vamos.

I told you she likes him.

Anita: You want her to pick him,

keep telling her she has to like him.

Hey, get away from her, you lesbo!

- Get out of here!
- Hey, hey, what are you doing?

How about you give me some room?

You wanna dance, buddy?

Get back!

Officer: Let's back up! Back up!

Everyone, keep calm now!

Contain the aggression, ok?

What's the matter with you guys?

Pretty girls wanting to dance

and all youse can think of
is to beat up on each other.

Thank you, officer.

Alright! Alright!

So, tonight is a social experiment,
boys and girls,

brotherhood and all that,
and you're the Guinea pigs.

Thank you, right on cue.

Be nice to each other!
Give us some hope!

Just for a little bit,

then you can revert back
to your true feral selves.

Now, boys,
get into a big circle facing in.

And, girls, make a small circle

on the inside, facing out.

Speak English
in school-sponsored functions!

Now, everyone, please!

You heard the man! All youse fall in!

Sharks member: Hey! Bernardo!

Sharks member: Anita!

Jets member: Hey, buddy!

Jets member 2: Yeah, riff!

- Ok.
- Boy: Sorry.

- Girl 2: Excuse us.
- I'm sorry.

Boys, step it right. Girls, left.

And when the music stops,

ya dance with whoever's in front of ya.

Come on! Give it a chance!
It's gonna...

Sharks: Mambo! Jets: Mambo!

All: Go!



- Good to see ya.
- Tony: Whoa!

Tony, I knew you'd come, buddy boy.
I knew you'd come.

Hey! Come and dance, yeah?


Sharks: Mambo!

Sharks: Mambo!

Alright. Let's go, boys!

Jets member: Let's go, boys!

Jets: Oh... yeah!


Riff: Hey!

No, no, no. I just wanna
give him a talk real quick.

- Hey, Bernardo!
- Graziella: Riff!

Girl: Bernardo!

Man: Chino!

It's funny, I wasn't planning
on showin' up tonight.

You don't like dancing?

I mean, yeah.

I like it.

I like it a lot, dancing with you.

It's just, you're, uh...

You're tall.

Yeah, I know.

You're not.

You're not puerto rican?

You're just figuring that out?

From down here, iwasn't sure.

Is that ok? That I'm not?

I don't know.

Since I...

I never seen you before.

This is my first time dancing
in New York City,

so, you tell me.

Is it ok?

There's not much I can do about it,

I'm sorry. You just...

Caught me by surprise, is all.

I'm a by-the-book type. So...

By the book?

Try me again.

Woman: Maria! Maria!

Bernardo: Maria!


I'm glad to meet you, I'm...

What were you doing
under there with my sister?

- Bernardo, no!
- Maria!

Tony: I wasn't doing nothing.

Krupke: Back up there, Bernardo.

You ought to know better.
Ain't you learned nothing?

Tony: I didn't mean no disrespect.

I just wanted to dance with her.

She don't wanna dance
with you, American.

Come on, we're all Americans, right?

Keep away from her, hijo de puta!

Hey, hey! Now that
sounded kinda rough, Bernardo,

and I ain't having it.

Youse gonna fight or youse gonna dance?

I wanna dance, god damn it!

God damn it, riff,

you swore to me
you wasn't starting nothing.

You promised me
that we could dance first

and then you was
only gonna challenge 'em...

I am here to dance, girly girl.

Ain't that what we been doin'?

Challenge who to what?

Graziella: Like I know.
Like he tells me anything.


Thank you for the dance.

Sure. No, I mean, thank you
for the dance and for the...

Anita: Ay...

Let's say...

Let's say we visit the head

and we'll pow-wow friendly like.

You, me,
and my troublemaking buddy here.

Do you wanna start world war III?

Ay, Maria, Maria.

Tony? Come on.

Tony, come on.

You walking away? Hey! Come on, man!

You want to fight, right?

Not here. We gotta set it up.

Set it up?

You mean like a date?

All of you, and all of us.

- We're busy guys.
- Riff: Mm-hmm.

We gotjobs.

Why should we play on the playground

- with a bunch of...?
- Control of your territory,

that's what you get.

We keep clear out of your way,
you're jet-free. If you win.

We win, you see us coming,
and we will keep coming,

you sharks make like the rats
and skedaddle.


The river.

- The docks.
- The underpass.

- The rail yards.
- The salt shed.


De donde esté 57th and the river.


Midnight tomorrow.




- Bricks.
- Pipes.

- Chains.
- Knives?

Hey, we don't need no knives.

You boys love your knives.

Better without knives.

Better for who is the question
that comes to mind,

but no knives.

And no jazz till then. Copasetic?

Riff, I don't know, that about knives...

Them spics sleep

with their switchblades in their teeth.

- Action. Action.
- They ain't gonna leave

their knives at home.

Your friendly friend.

Riff: What about him?

I'll see him tomorrow night?

You bet your ass.

Tell him...


Tell Tony

I look fonnard to that.


The most beautiful sound

I ever heard


Maria, Maria


all the beautiful sounds of the world

in a single word





Maria, Maria

Maria -

I've just met a girl named Maria

and suddenly that name

will never be the same to me


I've just kissed a girl named Maria

and suddenly I've found

how wonderful a sound can be


say it loud
and there's music playing

Say it soft

and it's almost like praying


I 7! Never stop saying

Maria -



Maria, Maria






say it loud and there's music playing

Say it soft

and it's almost like praying


I 7! Never stop saying


the most beautiful sound I ever heard


It's me!

Are you crazy? You can't...

What are you doing,
spooking around como una rata?

Come down.

- Meet me on the corner...
- No!

Let's meet on the, uh...

What's that mean?

It means "go away."

Can I come up?

- But I found you.
- Please.

My brother's so angry now,
he might...

I'll make him like me. Everybody does.

There's nobody who everybody likes.

Yeah, but, so long as you like me,

I'm ok with that.

Please, you have to go.

Ay, dios mio. No, no, no.

Bernardo: Maria! We're home.

Anita: Need a little rum?
It'll help you sleep.

Who needs to sleep?

Anita: Oh, not here. In the bedroom.

G donde estés?

Where are you? Ay!

Is it locked?

Si, but there's no key.

Well, that's against the law.
You ought to report that.

Ok, I will. Now, please go,

or something bad will happen...

Run away with me.

I'm serious. Don't laugh.

Si, serious.

Maybe tomorrow I'll run away with you.




Tomorrow, where?

I can't see ya.


What's your name?


See you tomorrow, Tony.

- You promise me?
- What?

You gotta see me tomorrow. Nobody else.

Only me.


you're the only thing I'll see forever

in my eyes, in my words

and in everything I do

nothing else but you ever

and there's nothing for me but Maria

every sight that I see is Maria

Tony, Tony

always you
every thought I'll ever know

everywhere I go

-you'll be
-all the world is only

you and me

Tonight, tonight

it all began tonight

I saw you and the world went away

tonight, tonight

there's only you tonight

what you are what you do

what you say

today, all day I had the feeling

a miracle would happen

I know now I was right

for here you are

and what was just a world
is a star




the world is full of light

with suns and moons all over the place

tonight, tonight

the world is wild and bright

going mad

shooting sparks into space

today the world was just an address

a place for me to live in

no better than alright

but here you are

and what was just a world

is a star


Bernardo: Maria!



Wait! What time?

Uh, tomorrow night?

I work.

2:00? Pm?

72nd street subway station. Uptown side.

Si. Si', ok. Now...

Wait! Wait!

I forgot why I called you.

I'll wait till you remember.

Tony is Antonio?


Te adoro, Anton.

Te adoro, Maria.

Good night

good night

sleep well

and when you dream

dream of me


Anita: Maria! Breakfast, nifia.

Bernardo: Last night I dreamed
I was back in Puerto Rico.

In my dream, we had six kids.

Six kids? Marry a cat.

I've been asking you for five years.

Anita: Mm-hmm.

You want to marry me,
then leave the gringos alone.

Bernardo: I'm gonna make
quick work of the jets.

You sound like the funny papers.

"The jets."

English. We gotta practice.

- Anita Maria Teresa...
- Oh.


Good morning.

I'm right here.

Stay here and don't fight?

What fight?

Bernardo: Don't worry about that.

You don't have a fight till next week.

The match with that Thompson guy.

What was his name?

Your brother has something
to say to you.

I apologise

for behaving last night like a...

Like a gangster.

It was embarrassing.

And he's apologising.


I'm a grown-up now, Bernardo.

I can dance with anyone I like.

As long as he's puertorriquefio.

But why? Tony's a nice boy.


Tony. Who cares if he's a...?

I don't know what he is. A yankee?

He's a polack. That's what he is.

A big, dumb polack.

"Polack," says the spic.

Now you sound like a real American.

I don't want you to marry a gringo.

Marry him?

I danced with him, Bernardo.

For a minute, until you...

You're crazy.
I can't talk to you anymore.

I was ok on my own.

Just me and papi
for five years without you,

while you came here,

where you do everything you want.

You... you study, and you make money...

And he boxes.

Si. And you have your boxing.

And he fights in the streets.

Don't fight with the jets.

I want you to be happy.

Anita: Mm.

Here, dead man, eat your eggs.

And everyone, speak English.

But I'm here, too.

And I... I want to make a life, a home.

Maybe go to city college

like rosalia's cousin, Virginia.

I want to be happy here.


Puerto Rico, si.

That is what you think.

- I'm gonna think for myself.
- You keep away from him.

As long as you're in my house...

This ain't your house.

She pays rent here
same as me and you.

This is about family.



Maybe chino and your friends
fall down at your feet,

and maybe you scare the americanos

when you make fists and angry faces...

And I am not interested
in what you have to say.

You want to know where my home is?

It's where I pay rent. Right here,

where I work my fingers raw,

mending pants and hemming neckties

so that I can earn enough money

to pay other girls to sew for me,

so that someday
I can rent a shop of my own

in this great, big,
beautiful nueva York.

And if you think

that I'm going back home
to Puerto Rico with six kids

that I put to bed hungry every night,

amor de mi vida, you are dreaming.

In Puerto Rico, our kids won't get fat

like the kids in New York.

Puerto Rico

you lovely island

island of tropical breezes

always the pineapples growing

always the coffee blossoms blowing

and the money owing

and the babies crying

and the people trying

I like the island Manhattan

I know you do!

Smoke on your pipe

and put that in

I like to be in america

ok by me in america

everything free in america

for a small fee in america

Buying on credit is so nice

one look at us
and they charge twice

I have my own washing machine

what do you have though
to keep clean?

Skyscrapers bloom in america

Cadillacs zoom in america

industry boom in america

twelve in a room in america

Lots of new housing with more space

lots of doors slamming in our face

I 'ii get a terrace apartment

better get rid of your accent

life can be bright in america

if you can fight in america

life is alright in america

if you're all white in america

All: Hey, hey, hey!

La, la, la, la, la america


la, la, la, la, la america

america -

Ay, ay, ay, ay.

Here you are free
and you have pride

long as you stay on your own side

free to do anything you choose

free to wait tables and shine shoes

everywhere grime in america

organized crime in america

Terrible time in america

you forget I'm in america

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey!

I think I go back to San Juan

I know a boat you can get on

women: Bye-bye!

Everyone there will give big cheer!

Sharks: Hey!

Everyone there will have moved here

Women: Ow, ow, ow!

Ow, ow, ow!

Ow, ow, ow!

Sharks: Hey! Women: Hey!

Sharks: Hey! Women: Hey!

Sharks: Hey!

All: Hey!

"I'm happy to see you again."

So, who are you so happy to see again?

Last one.

"You look beautiful."

Gde verdad?

"De veda..."

G una puertorriquefia?

I wanna do like doc,

find me a puerto rican girl.

Ay, Tony,
you don't have enough troubles?

I don't wanna jinx it,

but maybe I'm done with trouble.

You are never done with troubles. Nunca.

- Nunca. "Nunca" means "never"?
- Uh-huh.

What's "forever"?

Like, "I wanna be with you forever."

You don't wanna start, maybe,

with "I'd like to
take you out to coffee"?

No. Come on, tell me.

"I wanna take you to chock full o' nuts

"for a cream cheese sandwich
on a raisin bread"?

This ain't casual like that.

"I want to be with you forever."

"With you."

"Para siempre."




Tony: I wanna show you something.

It's a surprise, uptown.

- You seem sorta...
- There's a fight tonight.

Between my brother and his friends.

- News to me.
- And your friend

who helped you when Bernardo...


Tell him, riff, tell him not to.

It's because of us
they're gonna fight, verdad?

Well, get your brother to call it off.

Bernardo's too angry.

Well, riff's angry, too, so...

Come on.

This place we're going,
it's, uh, up past Harlem.

It's practically
at the tip of the island.

My brother...

There's so much more
against him than riff.

He's angry because...

The whole world has been against riff

since he was born.

Do you think it's easier for us?

Uh, well, I think you come
from families, homes.

You and Bernardo, you have hope.

You think riff has that?

Riff could have hope
if he didn't try to take hope

from people he doesn't know.

Riff didn't start this, it was Bernardo.

He came after me.

Just cause I wanted to dance with you.

Tony, if someone gets hurt
because of what we do...

What did we do to anyone?

We don't do anything wrong,
liking each other,

- pero...
- Maria.

I don't just like you.

We can't pretend what we do
doesn't cause trouble.

I can't talk my guys
outta making trouble.

Trouble's what they're made of.

All of you go suck a pickle.

You think we're going to jail?

They're fishing, is all.
Asking questions.

Which we ain't answering.

So, you're gonna tell me

where and when the rumble's happening...

Or I'm gonna send you
straight to the tombs.

I don't know where the rumble is.

I don't even know what a rumble is.

Uh, they don't tell me nothing.

They know I can't keep any secrets.

They tell you when to show up, right?

Nah, they don't.

I just hang around
until somebody says "let's go."

And then?

I can't go to jail, deez.

Dry up, weepy, or else go sit
on the ladies' bench

with the other dickless wonder.

- Leave her be.
- Get stuffed, why don't ya?

Go back to the zoo, why don't ya?

Go suck on your sister's titty,
why don't ya?

You Guinea hyena.

Hey, krupke! You made a mistake.

She ain't a jet.
She nags us all the time.

Hey, I ought to be a jet.
Tony told me...

She ain't a jet.

- She ain't even a boy.
- Pipe down, a-rab.

- She's a dumb girl.
- I ain't a girl!

She looks like some kinda
biological disaster,

but I pantsed her once,
and under oath, she's a girl!

I said I ain't no goddamn girl,

you shrivel-dick dago pansy!

Krupke: Get off of him.

Cut it out! Now!

You're gonna break her arm,
you godforsaken...

I'm trying to get her off of him.

Back up! God!

My ulcer.

It's a freaking felony!

Assaulting an officer of the...

Sit yourselves some place

and don't move a muscle till I get back!

Don't even sweat! Youse hear me?

Hey, a girl gave me a nosebleed.

She just bought herself a ticket

to the house of detention.

What about us?

- Rikers, most likely.
- Baby John: Rikers?

What, you ain't
never been arrested before?

He ain't never been nothing before.

- Baby John: That'd kill my ma.
- Oh.

I can't go to jail.

You won't.
Long as you remember two things.

One, tell 'em what they wanna hear.

And two, don't tell 'em nothing.

Hey, garbage!


Me, officer krupke?

Well, look at youse.

You feckless frigging disappointments.

Now, give me one good reason

I shouldn't throw the book at ya.

Dear kindly sergeant krupke

you gotta understand

it's just our bringin' upke

that gets us out of hand

our mothers all are junkies

our fathers all are drunks

golly Moses

naturally we 're punks

gee, officer krupke

we 're very upset

we never had the love
that every child ought to get

we ain't no delinquents

we 're misunderstood

deep down inside us
there is good

there is good

there is good

There is good

there is untapped good
like inside

the worst of us is good

aw, that's a touching good story.

Let me tell it to the world!

Oh, just tell it to the judge.


Get over there.

Dear kindly judge, your honour

my parents treat me rough
with all their marijuana

they won't give me a puff

they didn't wanna have me
but somehow I was had

leapin' lizards
that's why I'm so bad

right! Officer krupke
you're really a square

this boy don't need a judge
he needs a analyst's care

it's just his neurosis
that ought to be curbed

he's psychologically disturbed

I'm disturbed!

We 're disturbed
we 're disturbed

we 're the most disturbed

like we 're psychologically disturbed

Balkan: Hear ye, hear ye.

In the opinion of this court,
the boy's depraved

on account of he ain't had
a normal home.

Hey, I'm depraved
on account of I'm deprived!

So, take this nut to a headshrinker.

Oh, why not? Come on.

Diesel: Go, go, go.

My father is a bastard
my ma's an s. 0.8.

My grandpa's always plastered
my grandma pushes tea

my sister wears a moustache
my brother wears a dress

goodness gracious

-that's why I'm a mess -yes!

Officer krupke
you're really a slob

this boy don't need a doctor
just a good honest job

society's played him a terrible trick

and sociologically he's sick

- I am sick!
- We are sick, we are sick

we are sick, sick, sick

like we 're sociologically sick

A-rab: I did it! Yeah!

Diesel: Officer, I'm guilty.
Mouthpiece: Get out of here.

In my professional opinion,

what we got here

is a run-of—the-mill
juvenile delinquent,

and juvenile delinquency
is a social disease.

Ew, diesel, you got a social disease?

Bring him to a social worker.

Wait, can I catch it by touching him?

Get down.

Big deal: Oh!


kindly social worker

they say go earn a buck

Like be a soda jerker

which means like be a schmuck

it's not I'm antisocial
I'm only anti-work

glory! Osky!

That's why I'm a jerk

Yee! Officer krupke

you've done it again

this boy don't need a job
he needs a year in the pen

it ain't just a question
of misunderstood

deep down inside him
he's no good

-I'm no good
-we're no good, we're no good

we're no earthly good

like the best of us is no damn good

the trouble is he's crazy

the trouble is he drinks

the trouble is he's lazy

the trouble is he stinks

the trouble is he's growin'

the trouble is he's grown

krupke, we've got troubles of our own

gee, officer krupke
we're down on our knees

cause no one wants a fellow
with a social disease

gee, officer krupke
what are we to do?

Gee, officer krupke

krup you

This is for you.

Tony: This is the surprise.

Maria: It look like a church.

Tony: It's a museum now, you know.

First time I saw this place,

I was on a prison bus.

Up to the state prison in ossining.

There was a rumble.

And I busted up this kid.

He was in the Egyptian kings.

He only didn't die because of luck,

like, one more punch
and he probably would've died.

And I would've done it.

I would've murdered this messed-up kid

who wasn't no different from me.

And for a year in prison
and since I got out,

I can't quit thinking about
what I almost done.

I think about killing him, and...

And it's like I'm always
just about to fall off

the edge of
the world's tallest building.

I stopped failing the second I saw you.

I shouldn't have asked you
to stop the fighting.

I don't want you to go
anywhere near the fighting.

Don't laugh. It means I wanna be...

I know what it means.

I don't know what that...

- Oh, that's...
- Don't laugh.

I, Tony...

I, Anton,

take you, Maria,

- rich or poor...
- I'm poor.

I'm poorer.

To love you and respect you.


Tony: Make of our hands

one hand

make of our hearts

one heart

make of our vows

one last vow

even death

won't part us now

make of our lives

one life

day after day

one life

now it begins

now we start

one hand

one heart

only death

will part us now

You're worried.
But they're still my guys.

- They'll listen to me.
- But what if you can't?

We can't be together

while they're brawling all around us.

Because of us.

I swear to you, Maria,

there won't be any fight.

Make of our lives

one life

day after day

one life

now it begins

now we start

one hand

one heart

-Maria: Death won't part
-even death won't part

Maria: Us now -us now

Come see me tonight.

Man: You ever fired a gun before?

Sure, of course I have.

What kind?

Colt. Revolver.

That so? What'd it shoot?


- .32s.
- Colt shoots .22s.

We got money.

I don't sell heaters to unscrubbed boys.

These guys,
the ones we're rumbling with,

they're bringing heat.

Cause they think we're bringing heat.

So, we need to bring heat

so they know that we ain't defenceless.

And vice versa.

Mutually assured destruction.

I don't know what that is.

That's a Smith and Wesson, model 10.

Classic of its kind.

If you want it, take it, why don't ya?

Fires Trey eights.

Makes quite a hole for a little gun.

It's loaded.

You don't gotta cock it, even.

You just squeeze the trigger and...

You might as well.

You remind me of your dad.

Leave it on the bar.

Riff: What you got?

Jets: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Riff: Pow, pow, pow!
Action: Pow, pow, pow!

- Eat lead!
- Riff: Pow, pow, pow!

Tiger: Come on, you chicken!
Riff: Pow, pow, pow!

Tiger: Chicken, chicken, chicken!

Riff: Pow! Pow, pow!

Tiger: You yellow flatfoot, come on!

Riff: Pow!

Pow! Pow, pow!

Tony: Pow.

Gee whillikers, Batman.

Since when you carry a rod?

Well, I don't got magic powers
like you, Superman,

so I got this.

Promise to be with us tonight,
I'll let you hold it.

When are you gonna grow up?

Never probably.
Born to die young, daddy-o.

They catch you with this,

it's 15 years in attica.

- Call it off.
- Call what off?

Tell Bernardo the cops
found out about the rumble.

Tell him a rain check.

Hey, why should we call it off?
We got a gun.

Shut up, tiger. Stay out of this.

You know we wouldn't even need
a gun if you was with us?

But you ain't, so let go
of my goddamn gun.

I paid for it.

Tony: You paid for it?
Riff: Right.

Tony: Oh, ok, well, in that case,

- oopsy-Daisy.
- Riff: Tony. Tony.

Tony! Tony!

Tony! Give me the gun!

- Call off the rumble.
- Come on, it's mine.

It's yours?

Fellas, does it look to you
like this is his gun?

Alright, let's get some beer
and some weed

and let's go to the zoo.

Like the old days, huh?

Yeah. I will if you will.

You know me, brother. I don't look back.

Why? You afraid
of what you're gonna see?

No, I look ahead.

I wanna be prepared
in case they come prepared.

So, give me the gun, Tony.
I mean it. Now.

Boy, boy, crazy boy

get cool, boy

got a rocket in your pocket

-keep coolly cool, boy -come on.

Don't get hot

cause, man, you've got
some high times ahead

take it slow and daddy-o
you can live it up

-and die in bed -cut the crap!

Boy, boy, crazy boy

stay loose, boy

breeze it, buzz it easy does it

turn off the juice, boy

go, man, go

but not like a yo-yo school boy

just play it cool, boy

Real cool

Careful, buddy.

Careful yourself, Superman. Come on.

- Cool!
- Tiger: Go!

- Crazy!
- Cool!

-Goi -crazy!

Jets: Go!

Tiger: Come on! Action: Tony!

I'm open!

Action: Tiger, toss it!

Come on, let's go!

Boy, boy, crazy boy

stay loose, boy

breeze it, buzz it easy does it

turn off the juice, boy

Just play it cool, boy

real cool



Pow, pow!



Sch ran k: It's happening tonight.

That's all we know.

The morning papers filled
with stories about dead kids.

Not on my watch.

Every block of Lincoln square,

every inch of San Juan hill.

I want the West Side locked down.

The jets are gonna
have their day tonight

the jets are gonna
have their way tonight

the Puerto Ricans grumble
"fair fight"

but when they start a rumble
we'll rumble 'em right

we 're gonna hand 'em a surprise tonight

we 're gonna cut 'em down to size tonight

we said, "ok, no rumpus
no tricks"

but just in case they jump us
we 're ready to mix


We 're gonna rock it tonight

we 're gonna jazz it up
and have us a ball

they're gonna get it tonight

the more they turn it on
the harder they'll fall

well, they began it

well, they began it

and we 're the ones to stop 'em
once and for all


-Anita's gonna get her kicks tonight

We 'ii have
our private little mix tonight

he'll walk in hot and tired
so what?

Don't matter if he's tired
as long as he's hot

- shh!
- Tonight

Tony: Tonight, tonight

won't be just any night

tonight there will be no morning star

tonight, tonight

I'll see my love tonight

and for us
stars will stop where they are

the minutes seem like hours

the hours go so slowly

and still the sky is light

Tony and Maria:
Oh, moon, grow bright

and make this endless day

endless night

The jets are comin' out on top tonight

We 're gonna watch Bernardo drop tonight

That puerto rican punk'll go down

and when he's hollered uncle
we 'ii tear up the town

tonight, tonight

ice: We'll be in back of you, boy

riff: Right
Maria: Won't be just any night

we 're gonna flatten him good


womb to tomb?

Sperm to worm!

Riff: And then we'll have us
a ball tonight

-Maria: Tonight, tonight
-we're gonna rock it tonight

-I'll see my love tonight
-we're gonna jazz it tonight

and for us
stars will stop where they are

we 're gonna mix it tonight

Tony and Maria: Today
the minutes seem like hours

-j ets: They began it
-Tony: The hours go so slowly

-sharks: They began it
-and still the sky is light

jets: We'll stop 'em
once and for all

sharks: We'll stop 'em
once and for all

Maria and Tony:
Oh, moon, grow bright

and make this endless day
endless night

We 're gonna rock it tonight

all: Tonight

Ice: Welcome to the north pole.

It's salt.

For when the streets ice up.

Kill the lights.

Bernardo: Promised your buddy
was gonna be here.

If you don't keep your word, jefe,

how am I going to believe

you'll keep out
of our territory after...

And just when all hope is lost...

So, is this the shot heard
round the world,

or just, you know,
more of your bullshit?

Don't ask me about shooting, pal.

You're the one with the gun.

That's right, and who are you?
Friend or foe?

- You're out of control.
- Hey.

I don't need it if you stand with us.

Here, take it.

Go on, it'll be safe with you.

And you pitch in.

I wanna talk to...

I'm doing the talking now.

- Let's do it!
- All: Yeah!

Right now!

- Can I talk to you?
- Anything you need to say,

- you can say through me.
- We talked enough.

Let's try something else.

You and me,

we just got off on the wrong foot,
is all.

I always know which foot I'm on.

We all know you can fight, Bernardo.

So, can you just quit dancing
for a second...

Riff: Yeah, can you quit
whispering in his ear?

And listen to what
I came here to tell you?

I got nothing against you.

And... and if I, somehow or other,

if I offended you,

I apologise.

Oye, pana, I thought
we were going to fight.

Did you bring him flowers, too?

Come on, quit flirting with him!
Close his eyes!

Hey, can't you shut up
for a single goddamn second?

What are you afraid of?
Your parole officer?

You are breaking my heart
with this shit!

- Come on!
- Bernardo: A convict?

How long in prison?

Uh, a year.

In prison, there were
Puerto Ricans, Dominicans?

Tony: Sure. Puerto Ricans,
Dominicans, Cubans.

They love locking up
us brown guys.

Tony: This is not about skin.
It's... it's about...

It's about territory!

A-rab: That's right! Our territory!

None of us would be here
if any of us believed

we had any place else to be.

What did you do to get
yourself locked up, primo?

He beat the snot outta someone
exactly like you!

It don't matter what I did.

I'm different now. And...

You don't gotta worry about me
being with Maria.

So, you told god and Jesus

when you get out,
you gonna become somebody new?

Am I right, pendejito?

And then you came to that dance

and you see my sister,

and you think...

"How about I get myself a brown girl?"

"I never spent time
with a little puertorriquefia before."

Riff: Tony!

"If I can be
with a coloured girl like her,

"I'll be somebody better than I was.

"Somebody I never been before."

Diesel: Put your hands up!
Baby John: Come on! Hit him!

A-rab: Come on!

He won't fight you,
fight someone who will.

I love her, Bernardo.

Stay out of this!

Finish it!

A-rab: Tony!
What the hell are you doing?

Diesel: Tony.

Come on.

Fight me!


- Ok. That's enough.
- Tony! Tony! Tony!

Let go! Let go!

It's ok. It's ok.

Take it out.

Tony, come on!

Come on! Come on.

Tony, come on!

Anybodys: Tony, come on.

Housing department.

We're gonna get apartments
in the new buildings.

Right where we live now.

Ay, nena, we're gonna get evicted.

The new apartments,

the metropolitan opera,
the orchestra hall?

Not for us, for the gringos.

That's why I cashed my relocation check


- Before they take it back.
- Mm-hmm.

You cashed the check? I tore mine up.

- Uh-huh.
- You tore up a $500 check?

Once you cash the check,
mi'jita, they can evict you!

I mailed mine right back
to the public works.

A ver, Bernardo ain't keeping

their dirty money, verdad, Maria?


Get down from there!

We have eight floors to clean! Maria!

Oh, I am terribly sorry, senora fausta,

but I do not clean floors. No, no, no.

I wear my $17.98 silk shawl...


Now get down.

She's dreaming about her boyfriend.

Oh, chino.

Chino, si. She's in love with chino.

I'm happy in my fancy,

rich lady apartment.

I feel pretty oh, so pretty

I feel pretty
and witty and bright

and I pity

any girl who isn't me tonight

I feel charming oh, so charming

it's alarming
how charming I feel

and so pretty

that I hardly can believe
I'm real

See that pretty girl
in that mirror there?

Who can that attractive girl be?

Such a pretty face
such a pretty dress

such a pretty smile
such a pretty me

I feel stunning

And entrancing

feel like running
and dancing for joy

for I'm loved

by a pretty wonderful boy

Have you met my good friend Maria?

The craziest girl on the block

you'll know her the minute you see her

she's the one

who is in an advanced state of shock

both: She thinks she's in love
she thinks she's in Spain

a y, she isn't in love

she's merely insane

it must be the heat

or some rare disease

women: Or too much to eat

or maybe it's fleas -

Keep away from her

send for chino

this is not the Maria we know

-modest and pure -polite

and refined

well-bred and mature

and out of her mind

Miss america!

A speech, a speech, por favor!

I feel pretty

Oh so pretty

that the city should give me its key

a committee

should be organized to honour me

I feel dizzy I feel sunny

I feel fizzy and funny and fine

and so pretty

miss america can just resign

all: La, la, la, la
la, la, la, la, la, la

see that pretty girl
in that mirror there?

What mirror where?

Who can that attractive girl be?

- Which?
- What?

- Where?
- Who?

Such a pretty face
such a pretty dress

such a pretty smile
such a pretty me

such a pretty me

-I feel stunning
-i feel stunning

-and entrancing -and entrancing

feel like running and dancing for joy

for I'm loved

by a pretty wonderful boy

Get back to work!

I didn't punch my time card.

G hola?



Que Paso?

Chino, que Paso?

There was a fight con iOS jets.

Like it was over
before anyone could stop him.

And riff, he got stabbed, and...



Tony killed Bernardo.

Chino! Liar!

What's going on down there?

I... I didn't mean for it to...

You promised you would stop this.

You promised you would stop this!

I tried. I tried.

And then you murdered him!
No, no, you murdered me!

You're a killer! The killer!

Killer, killer,
killer, killer, killer...

I'm going to the cops.

I just had to see you first.

If you let them take you from me,

how do I forgive you for that?

Baby John: Come on!

Come on, we gotta get outta here.

There's a place

for us


a place for us

peace and quiet

and open air

wait for us


there's a

time for us


a time for us

time together

with time to spare

time to learn

time to care



we'll find a new way of living

we'll find a way of forgiving


there's a

place for us

a time and place for us

hold my hand

and we're halfway there

hold my hand
and I'll take you there




I should go.


Ay, no.

Go to doc's.

Valentina will know what to do.


Promise me you will.

Anita: Maria.

Come with me now.

I can't. I can't.


Si, I'm almost... I'll come out in a...

Go. Go.

I love him.

A boy like that
who'd kill your brother

forget that boy and find another

one of your own kind
stick to your own kind

a boy like that will give you sorrow

you'll meet another boy tomorrow

one of your own kind
stick to your own kind

a boy who kills cannot love

a boy who kills has no heart

and he's the boy who gets your love

and gets your heart

very smart, Maria very smart

A boy like that wants one thing only

and when he's done
he'll leave you lonely

he 'ii murder your love
he murdered mine

just wait and see
just wait, Maria

just wait and see

oh, no, Anita, no

Anita, no

it isn't true not for me

it's true for you not for me

I hear your words and in my head

I know they're smart
but my heart, Anita

but my heart knows they're wrong

a boy like that
who'd kill your brother

And my heart is too strong

forget that boy and find another

-forl belong
-one of your own kind

stick to your own kind

to him alone, to him alone
one thing I know

-a boy who kills cannot love
-i am his

-I don't care what he is
-a boy who kills has no heart

I don't know why it's so

and he's the boy
who gets your love

-I don't want to know
-and gets your heart

very smart, Maria very smart

oh, no, Anita, no

you should know better

you were in love or so you said

you should know better

I have a love

and it's all that I have

right or wrong

what else can I do?

I love him

I'm his

and everything he is

I am, too

I have a love

and it's all that I need

Right or wrong

and he needs me, too

I love him

we 're one

there's nothing to be done

not a thing I can do

but hold him

hold him forever

be with him now


and all

of my life

When love comes so strong

there is no right or wrong

your lo ve is

your life

He will never be safe here.

Si, lo se.

And no one will ever forgive him.

Will you?

You can't ever ask me that.

Will you forgive me?

Te quiero, mi nifia,
but he will have to go away.

And you will have to go with him.

Quique: It got so bad so fast.

Quique: He was a hero.

I know people say that
about a lot of people...

Bernardo was a fool.

What did he die for?

Murio iuchando por su dignidad...

And for pride, mi hermano,
orgullo puertorriquefio!

Bernardo, he died to show those gringos

how tough Puerto Ricans are.

And if they push us too far...

If those nobodies can take
your pride away from you,

tu eres mas estupido que Bernardo.

It's a big world.

Bernardo let the gringos tell him
there's only this barrio,

these 20 bad blocks.

Don't you do what Bernardo did.

You kill a gringo, they kill you.

Sooner or later,
the gringos kill everything.

Chino, chino, chino, por favor.

Don't follow me.

Bernardo was your husband?

Anita: Yes.

Oh. Close enough.

Your brother was angry
you danced with a white boy

at the mixer last night.

No. I don't think so.

You don't think the boy
you danced with was white?

Or you don't think Bernardo was angry?

I wouldn't dance with a white boy.


I heard you came with a date.

Some, uh, puerto rican boy.

Goes by the street name "chino."

Word is, chino's got a gun.

That's what the word is, anyway.

He's armed...

And hunting
for this white stranger

who she danced with,

who we think killed your boyfriend!

Anything else you wanna add?

Bernardo told me about you.

I'm flattered.

The way you talked to him.

Chino is gentle.

He doesn't have a gun.

Apparently, now he does.

I have a, uh...

A headache?

She has her monthly, you know?

I get the picture.

I need for this, uh, medicine.

Anita, she can... she can go for me?


In English.

Si. Si.

English is hard to, uh...

Yeah, I bet it is.

She wants you to go to doc's drugstore

and ask Valentina for...

Hot tea is how my wife handles it.

What did I say?

Tell Valentina,

I hope her cousin arrived safe
from santurce.

And I'm sorry I can't be there
to meet him like I promised.

And all of a sudden, fluency.

That means "I'll come as soon as I can."

I can go?

You're not his widow or anything.

I'm done with you.

Must be tough, losing a brother.

So, let's start from the beginning.

Graziella: I wanna go see him.

Talk to him.

Tonyjust wants to be alone right now,

he don't wanna see us.

A-rab: He ain't alone.

The old lady's down there with him.

Does he know we're up here?
Me and grazie?

Does he know I'm here?

Tony cared about me once.

He don't wanna see you, grazie.

Go home.

We left him lying there.

In the salt shed.


I know.

That's bothering me.

Bothers me, too, deez.

Anybodys: He ain't there anymore.

Action: Jesus Christ.

Ice: Where'd you come from?

Down the chimney like santy claus.

What's Tony gonna do?

Go pop yourself, ya blister.

How long's he figure
on holing up down there?

Till the heat dies down.

When's that gonna happen?

Two guys died, so...

Never ever.

Bernardo's friend, chino?

He has riff's gun.

Oh, Jesus.

And he's hunting for Tony.

What are we gonna do?

I don't know.

Where you going?

To keep track of chino.

Yeah, yeah. Good. You do that.

In and out of shadows.

That's how.


You done good, buddy boy.


I want to see your friend, Tony.

He's here? He's supposed to be.

I have a message for him.

Where is Valentina?

You're Bernardo's girl.

We saw you at the gym.

Yeah, you wanna dance, chiquita banana?

Dancing up a storm, you was,
dipping them hips.



You come here speaking Spanish?

I wasn't talking to you.

No Spanish. Not with us. Not today.

Let me pass.

You heard her, boys.

She wants to pass.

Hmm, she's too dark to pass.

Let her go.

No one wants you here.

Why don't you dance for us first?

Dance with me, darling,
like you danced at the gym.

Numbers, stop it.

Stop it.

Cutting in.

Balkan, out of here.

A-rab: Come on, you pig,
let's see you move!

Anita: No, no, no.

Bernardo's black pig.

Woman: Hey! Stop touching her!

Graziella: Boys, don't do this!

Anita: No!
Graziella: Tiger, let her go!

Graziella: Let her go!

Ice, enough! Enough!

Anita: Help me!

Graziella: No!

Don't hurt her!

Open the door!

Mouthpiece: Keep moving!

Graziella: Don't hurt her!

Don't hurt her, please!

Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

What the hell are you doing?

You disgusting pieces of shit!

- Mija, mr'ja.
- No!


Go back where you came from.

You think I want to stay here?

In this city full of ugly,
little animals like you?

No, gracias.

Tell Tony...

You tell that murderer...

Maria ain't coming.

Chino, he found out about them...

Tony and Maria.

He shot her.

Maria is dead.

You tell him that.

I know you.

I know all of your names.

Since you was born.

I watched you grow up.

And you have grown into rapists.

You dishonour yourselves.

You dishonour your dead.

What do we do now?

We're done.

What was that? What was that?

You can never hear nothing
from down here.

- Was it the cops?
- No, no, no.

It was not police.
No, it was... it was...

Uh... now it's alright.

Tony, let's sit down for a second, huh?

Listen. I got something to ask you.

No, no, wait. I... I...
I got something...

It ain't easy to ask this,
so let me just go, ok?

Wait, wait. I have something to...

You've given me so much already,

but when she gets here,


If you could help us out
with the bus fare...


I have no idea what it's gonna cost

to get far enough away,
out west some place.

100 bucks for both of us.

And we'll get work when we get there.

We'll pay you back every cent.

I know you ain't got money,
so if it's too much to ask...

No, no, no. It's not too much.

It's not too much.

We're gonna name
all our girls Valentina.

- Hmm.
- Cause if you hadn't cared

for me like you always done,

I wouldn't even be here alive, which...

Maybe I shouldn't be.

Don't ever say that, Tony.

Life matters even more than love.

Mm. They're the same thing.

Before Maria,
maybe I would've said they ain't.

But now, it's all life is.

Even if it lasts no time at all.

A month, a day even.

That was Anita upstairs.

What's wrong?



Chino has a gun.

Chino shot Maria.

He killed her.

She's... she's dead.

Tony: Chino!


Where are you?


I'm right here!



Come on, man!

I'm right here!

I'm looking for you!

Come on! Come on, with me!

I know how to hide you.

I got places to go they'll never look,

just please!

Don't leave me here!

Get off of me!

Chino, kill me!

Kill me, too, chino!


Mi amor mio, mi corazon.




you're the only thing I'll see


in my eyes, in my words

and in everything I do

Nothing else but you


Give it to me.

How do you fire it?

Just pull this?

How many bullets are left?

Enough for you?

And you?

All of you!

I can kill now because I hate now.

I hate now.

How many can I kill, chino?

And still have one bullet left for me!

Te adoro, Anton.

No, don't touch him!