We're All in This Together (2021) - full transcript

The members of the Parker family have had their fair share of complications. When matriarch Kate Parker miraculously survives plummeting over a waterfall in a barrel-a feat captured on a video that goes viral-the dysfunctional Par...

♪ Mm-hm ♪

♪ Word ♪

♪ Word ♪

♪ Okay ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Yeah, ay, well ♪

♪ Do it big, do it big ♪

♪ Do it big, do it big

♪ Do it bit, do it big ♪

You didn't wear a hat.


Can I have another?
A... A double?

If you let your ice
melt in your drink,

it's like you
have another drink.

...or anything.



Are you crying?

A little bit.

I just went through a break up.

Are you okay?





No. Don't call me that.

You said you wanted
me to call you that.



♪ Didn't think I was
ready for love again ♪

♪ Every time I fall,
I get my heart broken ♪

♪ But you been making
me rethink everything ♪

♪ This feeling you've created ♪

♪ Is oh, so, complicated ♪

♪ Should I let go? ♪

♪ Ooh, let it go ♪

♪ And lose control ♪

♪ Ooh, lose control ♪

♪ Should I let go? ♪

♪ Ooh, let it go ♪

♪ Will you catch me if I flow? ♪

Oh, fuck off!

Mrs. Parker? Finn Parker?

Hi. I am an affiliate reporter
with Thunder Bay News.

I didn't mean fuck off to you.


Ms. Parker, I'm so glad
I caught you at home.

I just had a few questions.

How do you know my name?

I'm sorry,
can you frame my tits out?

You are Serafina Parker, yes?

From Thunder Bay?

Your mother is Katherine Parker?

My mom?

How's she doing?

Any news on her condition?

Oh, my God. There's a lady
in that fucking barrel!

Is she out of her coma?

How are you doing with all this?
It's got to be so traumatic.


No comment.

This must be the most
bizarre story of the year.

A severed finger
and a severe concussion.

The barrel actually
saved her life,

forming an air bubble
preventing her from drowning.

How did she not get
sucked down into a whirlpool?

A one-in-a-million chance!

Back to you, Brett.

Oh my God.

Fucking crazy, this insane
old woman, she just like...

I've seen it.

What the are you
still doing here?

She's just some crazy old lady...

Jesus, is that you?

And if you think I'm gonna
cry over these

news cameras like some baby,

then you are crazy than she is.

Get the fuck out.
I'm serious. Leave.

Clearly, Nicki Parker,
daughter of Katherine Parker

is in no mood to talk.

Get the off my property.

- Have you seen my hat?
- Her mother is now known as...

The Conqueror of Kakabeka

on social media.
Her trip over the waterfalls

has become a viral
meme taking over TikTok,

YouTube, Instagram,
and Twitter. This must be the...

Hi. This is Finn Parker.

And, um, my mom is...

She's not in very good shape,

so I can't make
it into work today.

Yeah. Thank you.

It's Paris.
You have to come home!

I found out that mom is in
a coma from a fucking reporter.

Yeah, well, she went over
the falls on purpose.

What do you mean she did it on...
She did it on purpose?

Oh, my God.

Please, Finn. Just come home.

Is her finger back on?

I don't think...
I don't think I can come home.

Look, whatever happened,

it happened
a long time ago, okay?

Nicki said... I don't know, Finn.

Can you just please
come the fuck home?

How far to the airport?

A woman
nicknamed Conqueror of Kakabeka

has hurled herself
over the Kakabeka Falls.

Can you... Can you turn that off?

She is in a coma.

Oh, my God. There's a lady
in that fucking barrel.

♪ Waited too long
for the tide to turn ♪

♪ Waited so long
for the tide to turn ♪

♪ Waited too long
for the tide to turn ♪

Oh, my God. There's a lady
in that fucking barrel.


Jesus. You look older.


Are you juuling?

Why do you still look the same?

Oh, no. I don't...
I don't look the same.

Yeah, you're right.
You look a lot older.

Around 12 to 15 years.

You know, some commercial
shark fishermen catch sharks,

cut off their fins,
and just throw the bodies

back in the ocean?

What are you watching?

Adam Pelley.

He's coming Duluth
on the weekend.

Because fish and sharks
reach a reproductive age

around 12 to 15 Years.

It's all mom's stuff.

She was cleaning
the house before.

I just I wanted to bring some
of her favourite things to

the hospital for her.

Jesus. Fuck me!

There's coffee.

I broke one of Dad's mugs
taking it out for you.

Thanks for coming.

When I got Paris
to call you she, um...

You got Paris to call me?

She didn't tell you that?


How are you?

Don't ask. I'm fucking fine.

I'm researching.
Learning ombre.

We're doing it at my salon now...

You know,
you could have called me.


Okay, look, I know it's fucked
that everything is in boxes.

Why is everything in boxes?

She can't be controlled
when she's like this.

You remember that. I'm sure.

Wait, smile. Smile. Smile!

Oh, holy fuck.
You got your teeth fixed.

How much did that cost?
Like, five grand?

Sorry, talk faster.
Mom's in a coma.

Jesus Christ.
You packed an overnight bag?

I didn't realize you had to get
back to something so quickly.


You're staying in mom's room.

You can't expect me
to eat this filth.

I made you "kenaw."

It's pronounced "keen-wah."

Is it fun to be a genius?


You guys collecting?

Mom's been really into
modern feminist art recently.

She's been reading
everything she can about it.

There was a twofer
sale at Goodwill.

You're sitting on Mom's seat.

I'm going to go
see her after dinner.

You have school tomorrow.

Who gives a fuck?

I'll go.

I was planning on going.

Do I do any bullshit lying?


I heard Mom talking
about Finn last night

even when I had my ears covered.

I didn't say that.

Berlin, shush.

Oh, my God.


I wanted to ask you a question.

I've been wondering.

Where did Thunder Bay News
get that photo of Mom?

What photo?

You know, that one from
my first wedding to Hamish.

Your only wedding.

The man that you told not to
marry me because marrying me

was like "Nostradeemus"
predicting the 12 prophecies

that ended the world.


And I don't know, Nicki.

I assumed it was from your
Facebook seeing as you upload of

50 selfies a day.

Who uses Facebook anymore?

I don't have any photos
of Mom on my Facebook.

Finn, how would you
know what I post?

Okay. I'll have a little more.

Yeah, great, have some more.

Thank you, Nicki.

I will.

You should. Nothing bad
ever happens when Finn Parker

gets drunk.

When I get drunk?

I'm having wine, too.



Nicki, what's worse?

A drunk or a slut?

I don't know. Ask Dad.

Mom always lets me have wine.

Yeah, well, Mom also thinks
that it's a good idea to

go over the falls
in a whiskey barrel.

So, is that really
a great example?

Like you know what Mom thinks.

Nobody knows what she thinks,
Paris, not even her.

She's fucking crazy.

Dad was the crazy one. Not mom.

You don't remember him.

You just think she's crazy
because she's real.

She doesn't do any bullshit
lying like the rest of you.

Okay, Paris. Relax.

Don't touch me!


Shut up! Nicki's right,
you don't even live here.

So, stop acting like you
give a shit about us,

and get the fuck
out of Mom's chair!

♪ Desi at the mic,
keep bringin' ♪

♪ A piece of God I'm pitch in,
this is more than fiction... ♪

Should I go get Paris?

Paris always comes
down again on her own.

Nice to meet you.

Berlin, I've met you.

When you were little.
You remember?

You did?

He doesn't remember.

Why did you tell me
to say "nice to meet you?"

♪ My description,
bled a perfect addiction ♪

♪ Ghetto retail from the doctor,
no prescription ♪

♪ Fuck anybody
that loved you... ♪

♪ ...You take the fucking king
in me, let's go ♪

♪ Ain't no circumstance where
I'm gonna chance it ♪

♪ Dancing with the devil
disheveled quite romantic ♪

♪ Take the shit to levels,
levels ♪

♪ They ain't fathomed

♪ My team the fucking meanest,
fuck the industry semantics ♪

♪ Drop the shit for millions,
27 grand landed ♪

♪ With every fucking penny,
I promise, just gotta plan it ♪

♪ The seed will start growing,
I do this without planning ♪

♪ Money these bars,
sweep 'em up with my hands ♪

♪ And damn it, these days
I'm feeling fucking beautiful ♪

♪ The ugliness is lovely,
the balance is so unusual ♪

♪ Uh, I'm here to take control ♪

♪ Kill it when I feel it,
going crazy on the road ♪

♪ Let's go, I've been going
crazy on the road ♪

♪ Feeling like my
last chance, bring on rages ♪

♪ I'm a savage at the show ♪

♪ Desi at the mic,
keep bringin' ♪

♪ I've been going
crazy on the road ♪

♪ Feeling like my
last chance bring on rages ♪

♪ I'm savage at the show ♪

♪ Desi at the mic,
keep bringin' ♪

Mom's doctor's not hot.

Is Paris okay?

The sooner she accepts Mom
doesn't walk on water

the easier all this
is going to be.

She's scared.

That's a deep and nuanced
perspective, Finn.

You have to clean the house up.

If she comes back
and it's all packed up,

then she'll have
something to say about it

If she doesn't come back,
then everything's boxed up.


I'll fix it.

Was she taking her meds?

Oh, my God. There's a lady...

- You seen this?
- ...In that fucking barrel.

Her meds haven't worked
for ten years, you know that.

What does Berlin know about me?

That you're his aunt.

Hi, mom.

I'm home.

Why did
Katherine Parker do this?

How did she not get sucked
down into a whirlpool?

A one-in-a-million chance.



I thought maybe you...


How's your mom?

She's, um, still in a coma.

I ran into her last week
at the grocery store.

She said that she was
thinking about taking

a trip to Minneapolis, like...

She seemed like she was
planning for a future.

Like she wanted one.

I'm really sorry.

Don't apologize to me.
I came here to say I'm sorry.

For what?

That I just left like that.

You don't owe me that.

A couple months of rent, maybe.

How long are you staying for?

I don't know.

I think probably
just a couple days.

Oh, Jesus!

Who's the dad?

You can't be that far behind.

Oh, fuck off.

Well, congratulations.

You look good.

He's in the back.


He's in the pool room.



You're not here to see him?

Gord... Gord's here? Now?

Gord Vaughn is always here.

Marv! Shut up.

You're not here to see him?

No. Fuck no.

Are you okay?


Yeah, I'm fine.
I don't give a shit about Gord.

Gord, there's a chick
out here to see you.

Well, fuck.

Who knew you'd
go down like that?

Is it bad?

Fucking Tanya.


Gord's girlfriend.


Do you want some
water or something?

A shot maybe?


Yo, Paris. You okay?



I got the first knock.

♪ Don't test me, bitch ♪

♪ Bitch, don't stress no bitch ♪

So, how are you?

I'm good. Yeah.
I'm great. I'm, um...

Work is really good.

Insurance, right?

Yeah, and that's, um, thrilling.

I love living in Toronto.

It's, like,
the best thing I ever did.

And are you still
working at brakes and, um...

Working at Desi's? Yeah.

I meant how are you
doing about your mom?




We don't need to talk about it.

That's not why I'm crying.

We don't need to
talk about that, either.

Yeah, what's there even to say?

Well, I never thought
I'd see you again.

I don't even know why I...

You know what she's like.
It's impossible...

She was impossible?

I know.
I did it, I shouldn't have.

I used to have nightmares.

I would wake up
and I wouldn't know anything

but I would scream for you.

I didn't know you even
still thought about me.

Oh, come on!

I hope no one ever has
to think about anything

as much as I think about you.

How is he?

She won't tell me anything.

I don't know.


Thanks for putting
some stuff away.

I didn't know
if you were coming back.

I wasn't going to
run away with the van.

I wasn't worried about the van.

I got punched.

So, Mom's going to be on
the cover of The Star tomorrow.


Don't worry. I didn't say
anything crazy to the reporter.

I promise. It's just...

everybody's going to know now.

I think everyone already knows.

Do you think Dad's seen it?

Of course. He can't
fucking call us, though.


Do you remember that look
he would get on his face?

Like, that bewildered look like,

"Well, I tried everything,
and she's still so unhappy."

Like she's fucking math,
like she made any sense at all.

Do I have that
look on my face now?

I saw Gord.

That who punched you?

It was his girlfriend.


There's some leftover
spaghetti In the fridge.

Is she pretty?



Nicki, did Mom ever talk
to you about wanting to...

Are you asking me if
Mom tried to kill herself?

Why else would she
do something like this?

It's mom. She's fucking crazy.

She does crazy
shit all the time.

Well, I talked to
a nurse in the hospital.

She said that they could
give her the meds there,

and I think maybe that
that would be better.

She was the same
as she ever was.

You can't keep saying that she
was the same as she ever was.

Nicki, what do you want me
to do if Mom's brain damaged?

I can't take care of her
if she's a fucking vegetable.


Put something on your wrist.
It looks really fucking bad.

It doesn't seem to be
helping your anxiety.

I'm fine.

Be careful or you're going
to end up where she is.


and hold us all
hostage like she did.

And, yeah. Meds or not.

It was her fucking swan song.

So, my mom's, like, in a coma.

She's on the news,
which was pretty cool. I just...

I freaked out earlier because
I'm, like, I'm pretty drunk.

So, do you want me to fuck you

or can you blow me?



Actually. I can't.

Off. I can't.


I have a boyfriend.

You do?

Yeah. He's older.

He's famous.

Fuck off.

He is. He's on TV.

Do you know Adam Pelley?


Okay, well, he's really cool.
He's, like, an activist.

With your activist boyfriend.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

I'm doing a bird call.


Do you want to play?


I'm not feeling
my best right now.

So, maybe later?

You look bad.

How bad?

Don't look.


Um, I heard you got punched
at Barkley's last night.

Word gets around.

I'm hung, too.

These are not for child.

You read The Star?

Yeah. Did you?

Yeah. It's getting up voted
on Reddit like crazy.

Oh, um...

Oh, my God. Fuck!

- Do you want to talk about it?
- No!


Paris, I know that this must be

a very hard time for you...

...but Mom's safe now, okay?

You can just say it.


Mom tried to kill herself.

Well, she did.

Mom knows it's horrendous here.

She tried to leave, but then
she got knocked up young

and got stuck with you two.

- I don't...
- Don't lie to me.

I'm not that much
younger than you

even though Mom only
had me to keep Dad.

I don't think
that's what happened.

Are you just going to pretend
to me like you don't know

why Mom just fucking...

Okay, Paris. Paris. Stop. Stop.

You and Dad dipped.

And Nicki is brutal.

I bet she had Berlin
on a fucking pool table.

I thought you got it.

You left.

Years ago you left,
just like Dad did.

I didn't leave like Dad did.

Oh, right, because Nicki
fucked your boyfriend.

Mom talks about it all the time.

Gord was your boyfriend,

and now he's Berlin's dad,

and we all pretend
that it's not...

Paris, you're not the first
17-year old girl who thinks

she's fucking smarter
than everybody, okay?

You're lucky,
because when you were young,

the meds were working,
and mom was not fucking crazy,

like she was with Nicki and I.

Promise me you won't leave.


Promise me that
when Mom wakes up

you won't just leave again.

Paris, Mom might not wake up,

and if she does,
she might not be the same.

So, I just... I think it's good
that you and I have a talk about

all the possibilities.

If you pull the plug on Mom,

I will never
fucking forgive you.

No, Paris!



Oh, Finn. You're home.

Of course I'm home.
Where are you?

I'm, um...
I'm, like, three hours away.

I had to get more
bleach for my ombre,

so I'm, like, by the border.

Why did you drive
three hours for bleach?

Is Paris home?

Yeah. She's upset about Mom.


Can you look after Berlin?

Look after Berlin?

Yes, can you just make sure that
he doesn't eat anything weird

or fall in the toilet?

Fall in the toilet?

Oh, Jesus Christ, Finn!

Can you stop repeating
everything I say?

Just please look after Berlin?

He's probably playing Legos.


Yeah, okay.



What are you doing?


How long have you
been working on this?

Why are you talking to me?

What do you mean?

You never talk to me.

You just talk to Paris.

Like this morning,
you didn't want to play.

Oh, I... Um, I just...
I wasn't feeling very well.

Mom says it's because of my Dad.

She says you don't
like me because of him.

That's not true.

Of course I like you.

Have you ever met your dad?


Mom says that he lives far away
and he's a bad word,

and I'm not allowed to say it.

Just so you know,
that's not entirely true.

He's a nice person.

And, um...

He makes things,
just like you do.

What does he make?

Okay, um... Well...

He could make
anything in the kitchen.

It was always so good.

It didn't matter what
the ingredients were.

Um, he...

He was funny.

And, uh...

He was intense.

He could really focus.

What does that mean?

He knew how to make
people feel special.

Can't wait to see you, Daddy.



No. She's not here.

Um... One sec.


Yeah, no.
She's not here, either.

She is?

You don't want to do this.
Trust me.

He looks exactly how Gord
and my kid would've looked.

Does Nicki know about this?

I need to see him again.

He hasn't been by today.

He got pretty drunk
last night after you left.

Where can I find him?

Alyssa, please.
I need to see him again.


I missed you.

Hi, Lydia.

I'm Paris.

Ah, yes. Hi, Paris.

I thought I smelled you
when I was sleeping.

I'm saving you.


Jesus, you're the twin.

I'm Finn.

How's your nose? It looks fine.

It hurts.

I like your shirt.

Would you like
something to drink?

Just maybe some water?

He was thirsty.

Gave him something to
drink on the way here.

Why are you here with him?

My name is Berlin.

Don't you think it's time that
Gord took some responsibility?

No, Gord would be
a terrible father.

I had a terrible father.
I'm fine!

He has no money.

His family does.

Or did he finally manage to
piss off Frank and Rochelle

enough to cut him off?

So, that's why you're here?

No, I'm here because I want
Berlin to meet his father.

Don't you think his
mother should decide that?

That's not why you're here.

You just want...


I'm here because
I want him to suffer.

It's okay.

None of this has
anything to do with you.

Of course it has to do with me.
It's my family.

Where is he?

He's with Nicki.

It just hurts.
I think I slept on it funny.

I'm sure it's fine.

I'm telling you
I slept on my sack funny

and now it hurts.

Maybe I should go visit
your mom at the hospital.

Pay my respects,
and get my sack checked out.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Gord.
She's in a coma, she's not dead.

Can you please not go
from talking about your dick

to talking about my mother?

Right. Wrong choice of words.

I love that lipstick on you.
Looks amazing.

You only like it 'cause it
makes me look more like her.

God, I gotta go pick him up.

What's he like?

My Berlin.

You don't have a Berlin.

There's no Berlin,
as far as you're concerned.

He's a kid, Gord.

You have to love
him all the time.

Not just when you feel like it.

I saw her, you know.


Yeah, I know.

Do you think I didn't know?
Of course I fucking know.

She's making me fucking crazy.


No. My mom.

First she's making me
crazy in the house,

now she's making me
crazy in her fucking coma.

You remember the day your
mom came home in the cop car

and they found her in
a ball gown on the beach?

And now...

I just thought if she

did it,

that everything
would be different.

Things could be different
if you want them to.

Not if I'm still
looking after her.

You just have to be different.

How do you do that, Gordon?

How do you be different?

How do you change?

Like, in real, practical terms?

I don't know how.

Maybe you just leave.

No, that is what
fucking cowards do.

My Dad, Finn,
now my fucking Mom.

Wait. Wait. What are you doing?

Oh, fuck.


Ma'am. Wait.

Don't touch me.

She's gone.

Oh, my God.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.

No! She's not dead.

She's gone.
Like disappeared, gone.

Berlin. Berlin, baby.

Did you bring him here?

Okay. Where is she?
What happened?

There was only about twenty
minutes between the last time

someone checked on her
and when Finn and Berlin

got here and found her missing.

The hospital is looking into it.

The hospital is looking into it?

You just lost
a fucking coma patient,

they should be doing a lot
more than looking into it.

Grandma's gone?

Are you in the habit of
losing coma patients?


My sister wants to
know what the protocol is

when a coma patient
goes missing.

I need to ask my boss?

Can you do it this
fucking century?

Come here.

Finn, stop staring at me.
You look fucking deranged.

Well, at least they didn't find
her naked by the highway like

the orderly said most
hospital escapees are found.

Come on. Get in.

Where the fuck is Paris?

Is that her fucking juul?

Mom! Are you okay?

Of course, darling.

It's just my arthritis.

It's okay, Mom.

I guess I knew we'd be
staying somewhere with a pool.

That's your bag from
the hospital, remember?

They had to change your
swimsuit when you got there.


Well, then.

I'm just going to go for a walk.

If that's okay. I just...
I'm going to meet a friend.

Of course, darling.

But promise you'll come back,

I have a fun plan for us.

Will you promise to come back?

Yeah. Okay.

Paris still isn't
picking up her phone

and I've called her,
like, fifty times.

Did she talk to you
about wanting to go anywhere?

No, and none of this
would have happened

if you'd stayed and watched her
like I asked you to.

No wonder she did
something like this!

She's bored out of
her fucking mind here.

And she's going to
do something drastic,

like get knocked up.

Oh, she's going to do
something drastic, Finn?

Oh, I don't know, Nicki?

What drastic thing
are you doing?

No, no. Seriously.
Tell me, Nicki.

I'm your sister.
I want you to be happy.

So, if you want something,
I want it, too.

You're a psychopath.


It's the hospital.

They reviewed
the security footage

and they saw Mom
and a teen girl leaving at...

Sorry, what?

At 9:37.

They were in a green Volvo.

Ok. Thanks. Bye.

Mom's Volvo.

She's with
an adult family member

and she hasn't been missing
for twenty-four hours?

Are you telling me that
there is nothing you can do

for my underage sister?
What the actual fuck, George?

Do you remember the time
you paid me to pat your...

Nicki, Jesus.

I'm sorry. Is there any
way you can help us?

My younger sister
is very passionate

and she could have gotten
herself into a bad situation.

These cops are shit!

Pet your own leg,
you fucking eunuch!

We'll put someone on it.

Thank you.


Excuse me?

Is Adam here?

He's on a break.

Oh, okay.

I think he's at the bar.


I think she hangs out with
a few of the kids here.

Do you know her name?


I cannot believe that you
let Paris get fucked up

at Stoner's Corner, and that
kids even still go here.

Of course they do, Finn.

What else do you think
there is to do here besides

drink and fuck each other?



No, I'm Finn.

Paris is the runaway sister.


Okay, why is Nicki here, too?

Paris said you two
hated each other.

Okay, um, we can't find Paris,

and I was wondering
if you could help me.

Wait, she actually did it?

Like, how much, like,
meat takes up, you know, it's...

- There you go.
- Yeah, you know.

Hi, baby.


I'm sorry. It's my private time.

It's me, Paris.


Uh, I'm sorry, I...

If you have a book,
I can sign it.

You're joking, right?

Oh my God.
It's even better than I thought.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

We were just joking. I swear.


Kay... uh.

Sorry. I, uh...

So how was
the signing this morning?

I was thinking we
could grab a bite to eat?

I was so nervous I couldn't eat.

Where are your parents?

Um, well, I'm here with my mom,
I told you.

I was thinking the three
of us should go for dinner.

She's doing a lot better now.

I think she's,
like, basically normal.

Oh, my God. I cannot believe
that she is being catfished

by these little bitches.

Well, if she thinks she's
with the real Adam Pelley,

she would go to the real
Adam Pelley, and he's in Duluth.

How do you know that?

I don't know.
Paris showed it to me.

It was on the news.

You did not think to put
all this together earlier?

She is being scammed
by those little cunts

and she's got Mom with her

and now what the fuck
are we going to do?

Go to Duluth, Nicki!

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Do you need help, honey?

Excuse me, um,

I think this little girl
needs to use your phone.

Adam. It's me.

What's your name?

If you tell me your name,
I can help you.

You're joking.

Sorry, sweetheart.

Are you even old enough
to be in this bar?

Ma'am, do you need help?

Oh, yes.
I'm looking for my daughter.

What does she look like?

She's 17.

Maybe she's at the pool?

Would you like a robe?


What can I get you?

I'll have a glass
of white wine, please.

We have a Pinot Grigio,
and a Chardonnay,

and a Riesling.

Just pour me a glass of
whichever you like best.

I like the Chardonnay.

That sounds good.

You have a beautiful smile.

Oh, thank you. So do you.

Fucking cunt! Get out of my way!

How do you sleep at night?

Excuse me?

You know what I'm talking about.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Nicki. I saw Tanya again.

She told me about Gord.

Mom and Paris are missing

and you want to talk
about fucking Gord?

Oh, fuck you.

All we're ever talking about
is Gord and you know that.

You're so goddamn selfish.

We were together for six years.
He was supposed to be mine.

That baby was
supposed to be mine.

How many times do I have
to tell you that I'm sorry?


Maybe you could help
me with something.


If you were a seventeen-year old
girl staying in this hotel,

where would you go?

I guess the roof?

Huh. Roof. Yeah.

Good place to jump.

Oh. My daughter left,

after my husband.

Funny how you never really
see the way things truly are

until they disappear.

I had already said
goodbye to my husband,

years before he left.

Then all the girls look like him
so it's like I'm looking into

his eyes all the time.

My daughter,
I never got say goodbye.

I never wanted to.
I couldn't bear it.

Do you think you can
ask someone why they left

and get the real answer?

Or do they just erase you?

Wait, you're that
lady from that video?

The Conqueror of Kakabeka?

I have no idea what you're
saying but it sounds good.

Kepa... kapa...

What do you do when you're
a person who's hard to be with?

You should have told
me you were leaving.

I did. You said you were tired.

What are you doing up here?


I messed up.

I shouldn't have come here.

Don't be silly.

I'm having a lovely time.

This reminds me of Paris.

You went to Paris?


Why didn't you tell me?

Why would I tell you?

You were there with me, Lydia.

Why are you calling me Lydia?


Are you okay?


I'm great. I feel great.

How are you feeling, sweetheart?

I'm sad.

I fell for a big trick.

Do you ever just
want to run away?


But people always want to
run away from me, my darling.

Jesus. Nicki. Nicki!

Go straight! Straight!

Oh, my God. You are
a terrible fucking driver.

Stop screaming at me!

You get to spend your whole life
fucking feeling better than me.

Is that good, Finn?

Oh, Jesus Christ.

You're so fucking dramatic.
Get back in the car,

I'm having
a fucking panic attack.

Do you have any idea what it's
like to wake up and wonder

what fucked up thing
Mom is going to do today?

To clean her up
after she shit herself?

To know that Paris
now looks at me exactly

the same way that you used to?

Nicki, give me the keys.
We have to find them.

No, you know what? Fuck them!

Fuck that.
So what if I'm fucking Gord?

It's the one time
I get to think about myself.

He might be fucking you,
but he still loves me.

Nicki, give me your keys
and get back in the fucking car!

Give me a fucking second.

Okay, he loves you so much,
why is he fucking me?

He's fucking you because we
have the same face and I left.

That's what you tell yourself,

Does that make you feel
better for all those times

in grade school when
you pretended to be me

so that boys would like you?

I don't tell myself anything.

I don't think
about either of you.

I don't!

You act like this is
some fucking tragedy

that happened to you, Finn.

You hated me
before I fucked Gord,

and you treated Gord like shit.


You put us together.

You didn't like either of us.

Do you know how many nights
we stayed up late talking

after you went to bed
and he would just ask me advice

on how to get you
to love him again?

I pitied him because I could
feel how stupid and boring

I was to you from when we were,
like, Paris's age,

Do have any idea
what that's like?


You just keep trying to be
interesting and smart so that

somebody to like you again.

Then you fucking come back here
and make this all about you.

Do you want to know how
I felt when I found out that

Mom was in the coma?

I was fucking relieved.

Fucking cunt!

I have a plan.

I want to take you on a trip.

It will be so peaceful.
You'll feel so much better.

I can do it. I'll pack.

I am going to take you
away from all of this, okay?

I have a plan.

We're going to have so much fun.

Yeah. It's her.

Paris just wanted us
to be acceptable,

but that was never
going to happen.

So I did what I had to do.

What do you mean, Mom?

I want to tell you about
a dream I've been having,

and it's so strange because
in the dream I'm all alone on

a summer's night with little
breezes blowing around me.

And I hear nothing.

My hair is long,
I feel it on my shoulders.

And then I realize I'm naked
and I'm standing by the Falls.

There's no one around to see me,
and I feel so lovely I wouldn't

care anyway.
I move around a little bit,

but I'm very careful
not to fall over.

And then I look up and I see
you dancing in the clouds.

You look so beautiful.
So, I call, "Paris!"

AND I reach up to you,
and I force myself to rise up

to you so I can be where
you're having such a good time,

because I want
to dance with you,

I want to be together with you.

And I think... I think maybe
the twins are there, too,

but just before I get there,
I wake up.

I always wake up.
I don't want to wake up.

Let's do it, but not a dream.

I need to do it but not a dream.


It's okay. I'll just...

Let's just go to the car, okay?

Just go to the car
and I'll drive.

What do you even
fucking like about him?

God! Get the fuck off of me!

I can't fucking
do this right now.

I can't fucking do this.


You know what I liked about him?

I loved everything
that you hated.

I loved how wild he got,

and I loved how fucking
stupid was he was,

and because he was
so stupid he was happy,

and he was going to stay here.

Oh, fuck off, Nicki!
You were going to travel.

You were going to go to Europe.

Instead, you named your kid
after a place you wanted to go,

just like Mom did with Paris,
and that is so fucking sad.

You didn't stay in Thunder Bay
because you liked it,

you fucking stayed
because you got knocked up.

It's called taking
responsibility, Finn.

You call living with
Mom taking responsibility?

Okay. Fine. I am the fucked up
one because I never left.

No, no, Nicki. Don't do this.

You do not pretend like
you didn't choose this.

Like you are
some fucking martyr.

You slept with him for months!

You got pregnant when we
were still living together.

You are still fucking him!

Why does everybody
fucking forget that?

Because he shouldn't
have been your boyfriend!

Oh, right. Right.
He should've been yours.


Because you deserved better.


Gord was never going anywhere.

You could, Finn, and you did.

You're right.

I'm not as interesting as you.

But you wanted to leave
and you did.

Did you do it on purpose?

With Berlin?

Did I take a bullet for you?
And by bullet,

do I mean the semen of
your high school sweetheart?


I just didn't care
one way or another.


Because what's the difference?

My life was always going
to look exactly like this.

We have to fucking
find them, Finn.

I didn't leave
because you fucked Gord.

I left because Mom told me to.


She told me I wasn't
welcome in her house anymore.

She did?

She was manic
and she was fucking crazy,

but she told me to leave,
so I did.

Why did you never tell me that?

Because I hated you.

You have to let Berlin see Gord.

It's not his fault
that we're so fucked.

Gord can't be a father.

Give him a shot, Nicki.

He deserves a shot.
It's not his fault we're so...


I know.

We have to fucking
find them, Finn.

What are we going to do?

I don't fucking know.

You have to stop drinking.

I need to do a lot of things.

Oh. Hi.

I'm Gord.

I know who you are.

I just came to see
if Finn was home.

My girlfriend told me you
guys came over to my house.

Finn's not home
and my sitter's upstairs asleep.

My mom's not home either.


I guess I'll go.


Uh, can you just tell Finn
I talked to that reporter,

Cassandra, but that
I didn't tell her anything?

I mean, I didn't really have
much to tell her, anyways,

but I gave her
that picture I had.

I figured that Kate would
have wanted them to have

a nice one of her.

You know my Nana?


Yeah, yeah.
She's a nice lady.

She's... She's fun.

Are you okay?

I always used to
imagine that she was, like,

like a mom to me, you know?


You guys don't know
how lucky you are.

I don't mean that.

You do know, probably.

I'll see you later.

♪ I guess I'll just lie here ♪

♪ Wait to wait ♪

♪ Thinking of everything ♪

♪ That could go wrong ♪

Okay, hi. Hi. I'm really sorry!
Please just don't say anything.

I'm... Mom... and she's...

We're at the Falls.


Paris! Paris! Paris!

All done?

Some privacy please!


All good.

Good. I hate having to pee.



Did she say that
they're at the Falls?

I don't know. I don't know.
She fucking cut out.

Fuck me! Go to the Falls!

I know, Finn. I know!

You're going
the wrong direction!

I know. I know! I know!

Jesus Christ.

These two are going to be
the fucking death of me.

It's pretty here.

Everything's pretty when
you're about to make a change.

Mom, do you think he just
pretended not to know me

because he didn't think
I was pretty in person?

Oh, baby. Of course not.

You are beautiful.


Make a change.
Trying to stop the pain,

trying to remove
it all together.

It's what took
everything away from me.

Because you can't stop the pain.

You have to be together with it.

I think we should
call Nik and Finn.

They're up there.

Give me the phone.
Give me the phone.

You want to... Okay?


Fuck. I finally
got reception again

- and she's not picking up!
- Fuck.

Fuck. My GPS just cut out.

It's okay. It's okay.
I think I can do it from memory.

Just stay on this road.

Until the campground sign.


You're doing great, Nicki.

Thank you.

Mom. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Wish I had something other than
these water shoes for my feet.

We left your sandals
at the hospital.

I can't wait to see
what you have to show me.

You said you have something
to show me. Remember?

No, Mom. I can't. Ow!

No, Mom. No, no. I'm scared.

I think we fucked...
I think we really fucked up.

Don't be silly.

You took a chance.

This is an adventure!

You're going to change
the world, my sweet Serafina.

We're all going to
be together, Finn.

I'm not Finn. I'm Paris.

I went to Paris once.

Mom. Why don't we ever talk
about what's wrong with you?

What do you mean?

Why you're so
forgetful all the time?

They're coming for us.


Come closer!
I want to show you something!

No, Mom! Mom, Mom, please!

Why am I wearing fucking heels?

Do you know where we are?

Mom? Do you know where you are?


Isn't it beautiful?

Do you remember
what happened here?

I keep thinking I might,
but I don't. Not really.

You went to the hospital,
remember? Remember?

Oh. I remember a little.

I can't! Finn.

- Just go. I can't.
- No, Nicky, come on.

Come on, you can do it.

Are you talking
about the waterfall?

No, no, no!

I'm talking about what
happened after the Falls.

I can't. I can't. I can't.

Go on ahead. I can't.

Take my hand.


I'm scared.

I know. Just take a step back.

Take my hand. Take a step back.

Come on, Mom.

I want my dream to happen.

- I know! I know, mom.
- Of all of us together!

Please. Just take a...
Take a step back.

I'm right here.

Do you want to dance?
We can dance if you want.

We can dance.
Do you want to dance?

Please, come here.


You are fucking grounded!

Mom! No, Mom!

Come here. Come here.

Mom, Mom! Come here, come here.
Come closer.

I love you.

All my girls are here together.

You came.

What the fuck?

I don't fucking know.

This blows.

I thought we'd
at least get on Ellen.

Those YouTube videos
have, like, a mill views.

Oh, when they ask about
mom going over the Falls,

say about my salon.

Say about my Group on
with the password "falls."

Nicki, I look fucked.

Uh, before the interview,
will you guys take a photo?

We'd like to get a picture
for our website for promo.

Oh, fuck me.

It's the fucking barrel?

Isn't this great?

Where did you get that?

We don't know
where it came from.

It just showed up
at the studio one day.

- You have got to be kidding.
- You cannot think that we are

actually going to
take a picture with...

Wait. This could be good.

For my Group on. For the photo.

Say Kakabeka!


How did you get that?

I stole it, okay?

I just could not stand
the thought of it being here.

Let's go.

How the fuck was Mom
able to carry that?

She's a lot stronger
than she looks.

It's the fucking steroids.

So, is this how you
pictured coming home?

Absolutely not. No.

♪ But all the praying
just ain't helping at all ♪

How long do you
think you're staying?

I don't know.

Feels like we
should say something.

You could say sorry.

You could say thank you.

♪ Listen to me ♪

♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls ♪

♪ Please stick to the rivers ♪

♪ And the lakes
that you're used to ♪

♪ Sing me a lullaby ♪

♪ He skipped a stone
on the water ♪

♪ Barefoot, both feet cold in
the water ♪

♪ He felt safe all alone with
the water ♪

♪ He took a breath
and spoke to the water ♪

♪ Confided in the waves of
the water ♪

♪ Not a word he was afraid to
say to the water ♪

♪ He dunked all of his pain in
the water ♪

♪ And believed his life would be
saved by the water ♪

♪ He cupped his hands in
the water ♪

♪ Licked his lips and drank from
the water ♪

♪ Like nobody was watching he
danced in the water ♪

♪ Splashed in the water,
swam through the water ♪

♪ Looked around lost
in the water ♪

♪ Feeling lost, he stopped
and sobbed in the water ♪

♪ No longer warm in the water ♪

♪ Gone was the feeling he was
home in the water ♪

♪ A foreigner, one lightning
bolt in the water ♪

♪ A whole in the bottom of
a boat in the water ♪

♪ The clouds were his ceiling
the sun was his chandelier ♪

♪ But he still felt trapped in
the atmosphere ♪

♪ Betrayed and tossed in
the water ♪

♪ Until he saw God
in the water ♪

♪ Smiled by the water,
cried by the water ♪

♪ Lived by the water,
died by the water, ♪

♪ Yo ♪

♪ And the angel sings ♪

♪ And the angel sings ♪

Not wanting solitude.

Not understanding solitude.

They will attempt destroy

that differs from their own.

Not wanting solitude.

Not understanding solitude.

They will attempt destroy

that differs from their own.

♪ White lies when
I'm looking old ♪

♪ A pocket full
of faded dreams ♪

♪ That we both lived ♪

♪ More patience
than I've ever known ♪

♪ A warm kiss
when my lips are full ♪

♪ I swear I'll love that woman
'til I'm dead and gone ♪

♪ Freedom don't mean a thing ♪

♪ When love knocks
at your door ♪

♪ Boy, don't you
let her slip away ♪

♪ Give that girl
a golden ring ♪

♪ When your heart
says you're sure ♪

♪ Boy, don't you
let her slip away ♪

♪ Love takes you
captive anyway ♪

♪ As the summer
sun begins to lift ♪

♪ The colour from her hair ♪

♪ And every line reminds me
of a story we shared ♪

♪ I'll appreciate her dignity

♪ And all the years
she granted me ♪

♪ And I'll love that woman 'til
I'm dead and gone ♪

♪ Freedom don't mean a thing ♪

♪ When love knocks
at your door ♪

♪ Boy, don't you
let her slip away ♪

♪ Give that girl
a golden ring ♪

♪ When your heart
says you're sure ♪

♪ Boy, don't you
let her slip away ♪

♪ Freedom don't mean a thing ♪

♪ When love knocks
at your door ♪

♪ Boy, don't you
let her slip away ♪

♪ Give that girl
a golden ring ♪

♪ When your heart
says you're sure ♪

♪ Boy, don't you
let her slip away ♪

♪ Love takes you
captive anyway... ♪