Welcome to Norway (2016) - full transcript

A couple decide to open a home for refugees in the remote cold mountains of Norway, and gets a lot to deal with.



Dad? What are you doing?

Relax. Get in the car.
The darkies are coming.

-Mom? Dad calls the refugees "darkies".
That's not allowed.

Tell dad he can't take
the washing machine.

I'll buy a new one.
-He'll buy a new one. When?

-With whose money?

You said nothing from the house
would go there.

-Return the bedclothes.
~The whole place is in shambles.

Relax. They'll live in a hotel.
We'll be millionaires.

Come on. The car.

Come on, come on. Further back.

-0da, give me the list. Come on.
-You'll go bust. Darkies don't pay.

-They do. Better than tourists.
-How much each?

-100,000 a year.
-Government money?

-How many will you get?
-About fifty.

You get all the profits?

-You're kidding me.
-No, but I bet they're a handful.

-Hash, rape, terrorism and shit.
-100,000 each? Do they need food?

I've got a freezer full of bread,
so I'm ready.

—Need help fixing the place?
I'm almost done. They can finish it.

-They're not allowed to work.
-Sure they are.

The guy I know who runs a refugee center
up north has hired a bunch of Somalis.

Somalis are like Saami, he says.
The same tempo.

They gutted fish for him. It was slow.
They had to say a prayer every time.

He said: "Gut them first,
Say prayers for each fish after work."

-Now he's making shitioads of money.
- see.

Hey, take it easy.
There's no room for us.

-Relax! The bus won't take this many.
—Can't they stand?

You've fixed up the place for us, right?
You're on top of things?

I've stayed at so many fucked-up centers.

Ilived in a shed in Oslo for years.

Mattresses on the floor. Leaks.

It was fucking cold and bleak.

Do people live here? How do they
make a living? Do they make stuff?

-Like you make stuff in Africa?
Africa isn't a country.

-Name one thing that comes from Africa.
Mathematics was invented in Egypt.

In Africa.

What's he saying about Africa?
-He says math was invented there.

It was the Arabs who invented mathematics.

Egypt's in Africa, man.

Africa is people like you.

Big smiles. Kids dancing with
buckets on their heads.

Africans are always smiling and dancing.

It's called
an "asylum reception center", boss.

Okay, now raise your hand
if you speak Norwegian.

Just you?

-Do you speak Arabic?

Okay. Arabic?

-You'll have to share rooms.
-No way. I want a room of my own.

-You can share a room.
I can't. I'm Christian.

He refuses.
He's Christian.

-Can't share a room with a Muslim.
-Then get me a Muslim.

-We need a Muslim.
I'm Muslim.

He's a Shiite. I'm Sunni.

-He's Sunni. Can't live with a Shiite.

Don't make them share rooms.
It1l be like the Middle East here.

I'm trying to help you, man.
-I don't want your help.

The doors boarded up!

There's no door here!

Hey, bro! There's no door!
-Shut up.

You'll live there. Use the window
as a door until the hallway's done.

-I can't live there. I must have a door.
-She needs a door.

-We all need doors.

It'll never happen.
She really needs a door.

-Darkies are used to sleeping outdoors.
-You're being racist.

You can't keep calling them stuff.

Jeez, I call Swedes all sorts of stuff.
They never get upset.

-You can sleep in my room.
-Do you have a door?


No, she lives here!

No, Oda...

-Giving away our food?
-You don't eat bread.


It's just temporary.
-Everything's temporary.

-You're not temporary.
Stop it.


-She can't move in here.
-Nobody comes to see me.

—Nobody visits me.
-What about your friend in town?

-She moved two years ago, dad.


Well, maybe she can live in the basement?

No, the refugees live at the center.

1 guess I won't have any friends.
Just die alone.

-Sure you'll have friends, Oda.
-You don't know her.

-You don't know Jose from Columbia either.

-Who José is?

-If she can help Jose, I can help Mona.
His name's José. It's not the same.

-How do you know he's real?
That's beside the point.

You can't just give money to strangers.

-Money we don't have.

It's not José's fault.
She can shower, then leave.

-She stays until the door's fixed.
Fix that door.

And bring back the washing machine!

The buffet!

Hey, where's the buffet?

~The buffet!

Hey, he promised us a buffet.

-I won't eat that stuff.
-He prefers hot meals.

That fish looks old.
-What kind of fish is it?

Trout. Fished it myself.
-He fished it himself.

-When did he fish it?
—Last summer.

Last summer? It says 1987 on the label.
If he doesn't like it, he can go home.

-Relax. It'll taste fine.
Who's this guy?

I've been a refugee for ten years.
I've never seen a more fucked-up center.

Except for the food, he's happy.

Hey! I'm gonna keep an eye on you.
1 know what's right. Don't try to fool me.

Watch out. He knows all the rules.

I've lived here for an...
a... one year, tomorrow.

I'm from the commune. I mean...

1 work in the commune.
Do you understand?

-Do you say "commune" in French?

Right, the municipalititty.

I'm a welfare coordinator.
Welfare services.

-Can you get us PlayStations?
Where's the money?

No, books. I'm a librarian.

-You said you'd give us 50,000.
-Not in cash.

-50,000 in goods and services.
-We don't need books!

-You must have some money.
I thought I'd set up a library.

No, no, no.

-UDI requires books.
-None of them speak Norwegian!

—No, but I have Urdu, Chinese, Arabic...
-But there's no room!

-But I've already fetched all the books!
—Books are no use.


I'm sorry.

Well, don't expect any more help from me.

-I don't have any money.
-I'll borrow some from Oda's account.

—No, it's her inheritance.
-lt's mine.

It's in her name.
-It's not fair. If dad knew...

You'll use her money on them?
When do we get any?

-We'll be rich when it's up and running.
Like with the hotel?

The ski rental?

-Sports har? Snowmobile safaris?
~That wasn't my fault!

UDI will never approve this place.

Well, do you have a better idea?
Besides this rubbish?

You'll go bankrupt.

Shut up.


Right, let's just...

Well, that was quick.

That was the guy you were fetching.

Once he crosses the county line,
he's no longer our problem. Well, well.

Plenty of Eritreans here.

That's right.
-Syrians too?

It works well. No problem. Hi.
Very well.

We let them decide who shares rooms.
Turned out incredibly well.

You're from the south, right?
Used to foreigners.

You're like the Greeks of Norway.


I mean, like... Beaches.
Tourists everywhere, and...

Stuff like that.

Okay. I see.

-Only one washing machine?
-This'll be the common room.

—With table tennis and so on.
-A common room here? Right.

That'll be nice.
And you've done everything yourself?

-Must have taken time.
-No, just a week or so.

We can't approve the center yet.
Many rooms don't even have doors.

-He'll fix it. It's minor details.
~The roof's leaking.

Jeez, if living in a hotel is that hard,
they can go back to their mud huts.



Right. You've got two weeks to fix it.
That should do.

-They'll need language training as well.
What for?

-Set up a cooperation council.
—Are you inventing rules now?

The electrical system must be certified,
or else you'll have to close.

God almighty.
Cabin site!

You can have a cabin site.

Just the site. No cabin.
So it's legal.

-You've got one week.
-I need money, not extra rules!

You'll get money if you're approved.

-Put them all the way in. All the way!

-Put them all the way in. All the way!

-You got room for all this?
-We've cleared the library.

Great! I thought we'd have a non-fiction
section and sort by language.

Yeah, sure thing.

Shut up. I'll do the talking.

-I heard you broke up with your guy.
-0h? No.

-That's ages ago.
Takes time to get over it.

-Not exactly the smartest knife.
-No. A bit dull.

Bit of a drinker too.
—A drinker? No, not more than...

-Gambled away his money.
-Not exactly. Played the lottery.

-Well, he was a regular at the kiosk.
—He put money on horses?

So... I think you deserve a lot better.

I love books.

-l only had one book when I was a child.

But I was so hungry.
It was hard to read.

Just like at the center.
To read these hooks, -

- we need more food, better beds,
maybe better lighting.


Forget it.
You're not getting any money!

-Food and board is UDI's responsibility.
I'll pay you back once we're approved.


"Too hungry to read.”

-Your story wasn't any better.
Yes, it was.

You've ruined everything.

-Who would you make out with?
-Among these guys?

-I mean, if you had to.

-Well, them.
~The Russians?

They're fine.

Have you had sex with a foreigner?

With a Swede.

Two swedes.

-I've had sex with a Saami.

Were you drunk? Was he drunk?

No, he was nice.

This isn't right.
-It's faulty.

It was never meant to heat
all of goddamn Africa!

-Is he smart enough to fix it?
-You know what's wrong? Can you fix it?

What does he get?
-Double helpings at dinner?

-He has to replace the cables.
-You need a new fuse box.

- can't afford it.
—He's broke.

-He's broke? We're gonna freeze to death!
-What's he saying?

We're gonna die here.

-Is it powerful?
-2 kW.

-2 kW won't even power a hairdryer!
-Be quiet! It's more than enough.

But we need to power the whole...

He's not gonna borrow anything.
You won't lend anything to anyone.

So what do you need now?

-Isn't your project panning out?
Sure itis.

-They're cold. We lost power.
- see.

1thought I'd borrow the generator.

Forget it. Forget it!


-I still have that cabin site.
-I told you, I don't need a cabin here.

1live here.

Didn't you say she...?

1 can clean your house. Every Friday.

Are you old friends?
-35 years.

We've been through a lot together.
Drinking, getting into trouble.

-We're brothers in flesh.
-What does that mean?

1 got there first, though.

-Wow. So he's slept with...?
~That's enough.

That's why you won't help him?
-I'm here now.

You should've helped him
before UDI came around.

I've got a job and a family.
That takes time.

-Lousy buddy.
-Make him apologize.

Tell him you're sorry.
-I demand an apology.

-To him.

-Sorry, man.
-Not very heartfelt.

Word, man. Sorry.

-Your wife's strict.
~That's enough!

But it's true. She's really strict.
You say so yourself.

-"You're not lending anything..."
That's enough.

No, Kjell! Come on!
Don't be so childish.

No! Dammit, I need power!

-That wasn't funny.
-You laughed.

—He's my friend!
-Not anymore, man.

-What are we doing? Who lives here?
-Stop nagging.

Take this. Take it!


-Got yourself a ho-hoy from Africa?

-Send him over when you're done, okay?
—Get lost.

Bet he can suck dick like hell!

-Come on!

Open the panel to the left.

-Now the hatch.

The hatch on the top.

On the top, the top, the top!
Come on!

-They can't do anything.
-Don't be so harsh.

-They've been through a lot.
~The button! Not there!

Jeez! Push the button!


We had so many plans. You were gonna build
a greenhouse. We'd keep chickens, goats...

Now it's just chaos.

-You wanted to live here.

With chickens.

Now they're fighting
because you neglect them.

-They've been fighting for millennia.
-You're so ignorant.

-You go and be nice to them.
I'm not setting my foot there!

-Because you can't stand people.
-No, I oppose Norwegian asylum policy.

You can sleep out here tonight.
See what it's like to be a refugee.

1 found these in your office.

Johan Bojer! He's fantastic.
These are really incredible.

And Duun.

1think Olav Duun is underrated.
He beats Hamsun.

-They belonged to dad.
-They're valuable, May I have them?


Are you planning to read them?
—No, but dad used to read to me.

He read "Floodtide of Fate" to you?
As a bedtime story?

You can buy them.
Put it on the welfare budget.

"Return date: 23 January 1977."

-How much do you need?

Ten grand?

Well, fifty would be better.

-What do I deserve then?

-You said so. That I deserve better.

Sure thing. Sure.


No, no, no.

-I'm a married man.
-You can still live.

Hey, don't. Don't.

No! No!

-Don't you like me?

—Just say no, instead of humiliating me.
-But I did!

The entire French team attacks.
Evra gets the ball, passes...

And it's a goal! It's a goal!
It's Pogba! Pogba!

What's wrong?
-I wanna watch Italy, not France.

-What's wrong with France?

Italians are racist.
How many Africans play for Italy?

—Balotelli, man.
-One guy.

France has Zidane, Henry, Vieira,
Makelele, Pogba...

But France was
a fucking colonial power!

-So was Italy.
Just barely.

Stop kidding. What's the problem?
-We want a TV of our own.

You can't decide everything! This place
isn't supposed to be a dictatorship!

-Where's the cooperation council?
I'm a dictator?

No, they want a cooperation council
to make it more democratic.

Then it'll be chill when UDI arrives.



Why not French?

Right. Okay. Fine.


Viking cunt.

I can't take it anymore.
Poor people.

Get a grip. You can't treat human beings
like this. They're people, not animals.

Yeah, I know.

-Abedi, come.
-Where are we going?


-Cute kid, your son.
-Yeah. Loads of fun.

He likes that yellow one on children's TV.

The yellow rooster.
You know, the funny one.

Are you okay?
-Sure, sure.

Don't worry. It's not like you're
his dad now just because we've fucked.

-Does it bother you that I have children?

-So what's on your mind?
What's on my mind?

How it was great. That you're fine.
Everything's fine.

-Then what's bugging you?
Nothing's bugging me.

Then come here.

-Don't you like me?

Of course I do.

Did you have sex with me to get the loan?

-No. Not at all.
-You just...

"I'll pop down to that municipal hag,
fuck her brains out and get the loan."

Was that the idea?
Sure it was!

Got a refugee to babysit my kid
while you humped me. How romantic!

I'm not a municipality!
I'm me!

I'm my own person!

What's wrong with them?
Haven't they eaten?

It's not about food.
They just don't drink.

What do you mean?

They should get shitfaced once a week.

They'd be much more laid-back.

It's true. When I get drunk,
1 say lots of nasty things I mean -

- to everyone I meet,
drink some more, make out.

The next day I'm completely calm.

-Don't you ever regret it?
-Regret makes you calm.

-Get it?

Liquor tastes good.

1 just wanted to say that...

What happened yesterday
meant nothing to me.


Even though it was very nice as well.

So it's not as if you have to
leave your wife or anything.

It can be our secret.


-lt's a loan.

On one condition.

That half of it goes to...

The library. And the rest goes
to language training etc.

Yes, of course. Of course.

-Language training?

No, you can choose.
I wanna be Real Madrid.

I want regular pay.
I want pay.

No, the government pays you.

-UDI says I can work if I pay my own rent.
ll give you 5,000 a month.

-What's the rent?

-5,000 for that room? I'll give you four.

What's my title? What's my title?

That's two jobs!

You're an interpreter 10% of the time,
otherwise you're my PA, like now.

50 % interpreter? 50 %?


I'm sick and tired of this!
1 can't take it anymore!

He promised me a single room!
This isn't a refugee camp, it's a prison!


I've got a suggestion.
Don't you want peace and quiet?

-Yeah. Sure he does.

Look at this. This is the first floor
and the second floor.

You put the Shiites on the first floor.

Iraqis here, people from Syria here.

~The two Druze from Lebanon here.

He's doesn't know what that is.

Christians there, Russians there,
Catholics there.

~The Ethiopian Protestant in the corner.
Or even further away?

-In the basement or something?
—Good idea.

Then we have the second floor.

That's where you put the Sunnis.
The Hindus closest to the reception.

You could have the Buddhists as
a buffer between Hindus and Sunnis.

It1l be chill when UDI arrives.

-He's right, you know.

You guys from Burundi
move one floor down.

Are you a Shiite or a Sunni?
No, over here.

Stop nagging. Shut up.


You should be nicer to people.

-It's not my fault this isn't working.
The tourists ruined your hotel?

No, the Med did that.
Charter crap.

It's always someone else's fault.

You'll be rich if UDI approves the center.

-How will you spend the money?
—First I need a new car.

What for?
-To drive in.


To town. To...

Go to...

-And I thought we'd travel a bit.
Where to?

The Med, Thailand, Turkey, the works.

-But you hate foreigners?
-I'll just lie on the beach drinking beer.

You're too restless.

Thought I'd invest some money as well.

In more darkies?

-You know what my mom said?
—"Money isn't everything"?

My mom was smart.
You know what she'd tell you?

"Money will never hold your hand."

—Jeez, your proverbs need work.

Who'll drive with you?
1 won't put up with you.

You've got no friends.
Your wife and daughter reject you.

The refugees hate you.
Only your parents love you.

And they're dead, man. They're dead.

No, no games until the floor's done.

Come here.

-They've been looking forward to this.
-Don't even try.

Listen. That guy spent days in a container
without food. It was baking hot.

He vowed to buy
a PlayStation if he survived.

-He has to earn the money first.
His uncle died.

He was a Barca fan.
Let him play one match in his memory.

Not good enough.
We all have dead uncles.

What if you let them play
one match per room?

A match lasts five minutes.
Six rooms in half an hour. Win-win.

Okay, one match each.

Then you lay the floor. Right?

-Don't you have flooring in Burundi?

The floor's almost done, boss.
I've organized more crews to save time.

-Look at this.

—Good. Fine.
-What more do we need, boss?

-Cooperation council, prayer room...

Norwegian training. Shit!

"Dance in Setesdal".

"The Gypsy boy tilted his hat,
'0i, ain't da no scruffy nick?"

-I don't know that much about Norway.

Don't worry, UDI just wants you to teach
them a bit about the language and culture.

Look at this!
Just read from here.

"Norway has three million inhabitants.
Main industries: fishing and shipping.”


We thought you might help us with
Norwegian language training.

You're so good at it. Words.
Stories. Talking to people.

That's a nice thought.
They should learn some Norwegian.

UDI would be happy too. Win-win.

You're unbelievable.

Gonna exploit my teaching skills
to get approval?

Me and two refugees pretending
to speak Norwegian?

While the rest are high on flatscreen TV
and PlayStation? How cynical.

-You think money solves everything?
-I offered them some jam jars.

They weren't interested in that.

So where did you get the flatscreen TVs?
The TVs. Who gave them to you?

~The flatscreen TVs?
-Who gave them to you?

1 got them from the municipality.

"Hello, it's Leif."

"Good evening, my name is Ole Olesen.”

-"Good evening. How may I help you?"
-"I'm a broker."

-"I'm calling you with an offer..."
There's the R. Roll it.


"...too good to refuse.”

"The offer concerns the poorchase of..."

-"0e" sound.

-"Poorchass", "Pourchase”.

-"Poor... chase".

There. Good, good.

Well, now I want you -

- to give me a short resume in Swahili
about why you came here.

-Abedi can translate.
-Why did you come here?

There's political unrest in my country.

1 don't mean politics.

—More personal.
-Talk about yourself.

I'm twenty years old.
1 came to Norway last year.

Right, try to be less enumerating.

More vivid, what...

What did you smell?
How did you feel?

-What did you see outside the window?
-Could you be more specific?

I was raped for three days
by seven soldiers, then left to die.

Right. Good. Good.

My God.

Those refugees have some stories to tell.
My God.

But hey, I've found a lot of biographies
and non-fiction they can read.

What's the matter?
Are you mad at me?

Aren't you happy?
You got to borrow loads of money.

Well, what is it?

-Wanna make out instead?

-Come here. Nobody will see us.

No, don't be silly.
Give it to me.

Come on. Let's make out.

-What's the matter?

-Don't you wanna make out?

Wait? Why?

Did you sleep with me just for the money,
and now you're done? You know what?

You're pathetic! We had sex,
now you won't even make out!

Get a grip! Jeez!

Alright, I don't care.

That one goes inside. That one too.





How generous of the municipality
to contribute so much.

What was the price?

One shag per flatscreen? Did you have sex
for money and Norwegian language training?

Then why did you do it?
You think she's that nice?

No, no, no.

No, she's not nice.

How long has it been going on?

How long?

-I don't get it. What were you thinking?
I had to do something for us.

"For us"?
Listen to yourself! "For us"?!

Top or bottom bunk?


Is the missus unhappy?

-Have you slept in the hotel before?
-Shut up.

Abedi! Go to the store.
1 don't have time.

1 won't have time to finish here.
You do it.

But we're busy with the bathroom.
You drive. Come on!

That won't work!

More weight on the front wheels.
You need more weight!

More weight on the front wheels,
the hood. Wait.



Abedi, can you hear me? Hey!

Abedi needs help!
He's hurt! Hurry!


-I want you to give him a diagnosis.
—No, it's just a bruise.

Some dislocated ribs.

A diagnosis
that eases his application.

I'll diagnose him with what he has.

You have a good life here.
Your kids like it here too.


When you move to Oslo,
you'll need a cabin.

1 can get you a site here.

Very attractive. 1.5 acres.
I'l build the foundation.

60 m2.
I'l even help you put up the framework.

Is he exhausted?


-Burned out?

-Been a lot of stress?
~All my life, man.

I can give him
post-traumatic stress syndrome.

That sounds very sensible.

1 can also provide a certificate stating
that he suffers from chronic ME.

Perfect! ME sounds good. Right?

It doesn't hurt, man.

1 can take a beating.

It's just that...

1 get so scared.
So very scared.

Today, the yellow rooster is going
to the store. The rooster...



-We can't approve this place.
-You need return briefings.

Return briefings.

You don't know what a return briefing is?

A return briefing is meant to motivate
returnees to go home.

Talk them into leaving voluntarily.
-Approve the center, and I'll start.

Many returnees try to escape
or commit suicide.

Well, you're chucking them out.
You try to comfort them.

Give it a rest. I've got 50 people
to feed and get to bed.

You don't have 50.
He's got 49.

-I've counted them. 50.

You don't even know
how many you've got here?

Right. Well, that's serious.

Is it final?
You can't appeal?

-Where are they sending you?

-It's my country of entry.

Greece is nice.
We took a holiday...

Greece is bankrupt.

Got a place to stay?

~The last time I lived in a park.
-Why not visit the islands? They're nice.

-los, Kos or something.

—Pack your bag.
-You gonna tidy up?

This place is a mess.

You're always like this, mom.
Where were you when the hotel went bust?

-l was sick.
-But you weren't sick.

You're just lazy. No wonder he screws
around. You're never up for anything.

-You can't say that!
-Yes, I can.

-Why don't you wanna stick with dad?

-He'll never finish this place.

He can't...

-We can't make it.
-But you managed to make me.

He's a fun guy. He's kind.

He's fair.

1 know he doesn't have much
financial sense, but he can learn.

-Okay. At least he's doing something here.
—Norwegian asylum policy is flawed.

The world won't become
better by supporting...

-Nor because you sit here potting plants.


I'l go to hell if I enter.

-Not before you die.
True enough.

Seems pretty hellish
where you came from too.

You'll probably go to hell anyway,
just for considering it.

What are you saying?

If you go inside with me, you'll have
a good life, but go to hell when you die.

If you go back, you'll live in hell
and go to hell when you die.

"I'm a brooker."

-This is so hard!

Get out your books. Stop chatting.

Why are you doing this anyway?

You have to stop playing games.
It's not gonna work.

He's not gonna leave his family.

You're way out of line.

-He doesn't even read books.

You know what I know?

1 know you're number fifty.

You're an illegal migrant.

If UDI finds out that he knows about you,
he'll lose his license.

He'll have to close.

There. Let's get started.

Here you go. And you.

And you. Try to read quickly.

Sorry, man.

I ran away from a center.

Got on the train with the others.
Ended up here.

1 didn't do it on purpose.
I never meant to get you into trouble.

Listen, Primus, Tell the police and UDI
you don't know me, and it'll be fine.

That you never saw me.
You have to do it.

Otherwise you're fucked.
You'll lose the center.

-We'll start with the first returnee.
-I don't know who she is.

-Aresqi. I don't recognize the name.
It's not a woman.

Aresqi al-Qitab. False identity.
His application has been denied.


He's an engineer. I need him!

Yeah, but...

-Ready, guys?

One, two, three!

-When did you meet?
~The day she came.

Yes, but how did you get to know her?

We just hung around,
had a few drinks together.

Tell me something about her.

She was born in Lebanon.
Her father was killed.

She fled to a refugee camp.
When her mother died...

You can't just repeat what it says here.

-You want more personal stuff, like?

Well, she likes tacos. Without corn.

She likes to watch inane reality shows.

She likes pears and gin
and making out with Saami.

-Is that normal where she comes from?
-What do you mean?

You realize it seems strange?
The day after her application's denied, -

- you get married.

We can make out
or something if that'll help.

There's the "oe".


Right. Good.


Uh, this'll be your homework
for next time.


Is it okay?
-Some of the toilets lack toilet paper.

The Wi-Fi's unstable.
The water container in the dryer is full.

You'll get our approval.


We hear you have an extra asylum seeker.

Says who? The welfare office?

His name's Abedi Moamba. From Congo.

-Never heard of him.
~The municipality says you're close.

-Where is he?
-I've no idea. I don't know.

We know you do. If you harbor illegal
migrants, we must close the center.

If it's true, it's over.
-You'll lose everything.

1 don't know who you're talking about!

We're leaving now.
Come hy with him tomorrow, alright?

Then you'll have time to say goodbye.


We have to go.

Sweden is nice. Beautiful country.

-Except for the Swedes. Neutral bastards.
-Zlatan's Swedish.

-They'll let you stay. I'm sure.
-I hope so.

-So what will you do?
—Report to the police.

They'll send me to a transit center.

Then on to another center
unless they send me home.

-You're not going home?

Good. Here.

Your medical certificate. Remember,
you've got ME. Pretend you're exhausted.

That's important.

Are you gonna leave it there?
-Give me a break.

-You want anything from the store?

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