Welcome Home (2015) - full transcript

Bert, I don't pay you
to tinker with your bike.

The Clio won't fix itself.

Get off your ass!

If you don't want this job,
don't bother coming tomorrow.

Where're you going?

Hi Aline, want to meet up sometime?

Like today or tomorrow?

Or sometime?

Let me know. Bye.

Hi Aline, want to meet up sometime?
Today or tomorrow?

Let me know. Bye.


Lucas, dinner's almost ready!

I'll need you Saturday.

To fit two alarm systems.

At 8AM, OK?

You'll be done by 2PM,
plenty of weekend left.


I want to go back to school.

This time I swear I'll make it.

I know I will.

If you could, you would have already.

Can't you trust me for once, dammit?

I trust what I see.

A kid who can't even manage
to be a trainee mechanic.

Stop dreaming, Bertin.


Can you set the table?

How was your day?

Now your son won't even answer me.

Can you at least try with Patrick?

I know it isn't easy for you,
but I've had enough.

Take that thing off.

- Don't touch me!
- Watch it!

Leave him to calm down.

Dude, stop jerking around.

What you wanna do?

Go home?


- Fuck them.
- Fuck them?

Yeah, fuck them.

All right.

Almost done?

No sweat, trick of the trade.


How much you wanna bet they're away?

So what if the mailbox is full?

It means they're not home

but they could turn up any minute.

Why are you keeping your voice down?

Think someone got left behind?


Did they forget you again, granny?


- Where're you hiding, gran?
- Granny!

Chill out, dude.

Yes, dad.



You should read this book.

Early on the guy picks a new name.

One that suits him.

So? Then what?

Well, he ditches his given name.


"Bertin" kinda sucks, no offense.

I don't know
what my parents were smoking.

They shouldn't have bothered.

"Bert" isn't much better.

You done?

Sounds like a dumb book.

Great Expectations.

- What a loser title.
- Give.

I've thought of one already.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, for you too.

Hi Aline.

It's Lucas.

I was just calling...

I'm not stalking you or anything.

I was just calling to say hi.

Hope you're having a nice evening.

That's all.



Yo, Lucas!

Don't worry, she's up for anything.

Right, honey?


Now I've got the munchies.

- This is the life.
- Totally.

The rich should go away more.

Everybody wins.

To vacations!


No, they're away.

What are you doing? Hang up!

I don't know.

- Hang up!
- One moment.

Turn it off.

A friend.

They asked us to housesit.

You can't be too careful nowadays.

Hang up, let's get out of here!


A message? Of course.

Let me grab a pen.

Have a lovely evening.


You're such a dick.

Thanks a bunch
Bee & Lucky

Hi Aline.

Are you kidding me? Seriously!

Do you mind?

What a dork...

You know what, girls?

No, obviously you don't.
I'll tell you.

You're three little bitches
not even worth fucking.

Me and Lucky

we've got plans.

While you rot in this shithole

we'll be far away.

Did I say something?

Sucks being a cow.

- Let's go, girls.
- Please come again.


I'm sick and tired of waiting.

- For what?
- Pussy.

Aline, whoever, I don't care.
I need to get laid.


You're not even trying.

What do you mean?

You've got the right gear,
you're good-looking.

Stop whining.

It's your own fault
if you aren't getting any.




So he had a fucking heart condition!

Death comes for us all!

We're all fucking dead!

It doesn't make any difference!

We have to go home.


Good boy, into your kennel.

Go pine for your father.

What did you say?

I said go pine for your father.


You ready?

You OK?

Put that thing back, please.

I'll be outside.

Lucas' mother is worried sick.
It's on you.

If you're not back tomorrow
we're calling the police.

Just my parents' usual bullshit.

- You still mean it?
- What?

Get the hell out of here?

For sure, dude.

Let's go.


You good?

I'm fine.

This is heaven.

Why not stay a while?

No, we're leaving just like he did.

- Where to now?
- Neverland.

I wouldn't mind going to Austria.

- What?
- Nothing, forget it.

- What?
- Forget it.

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

What did you say?

You crazy?


27 seconds!

Like father, like son.

You're so funny.

Ain't life grand, bro?

Check this out!

Pretty boy.

Hey, little guy.

- What?
- Nothing.

Little baby.

Stay awake.

- Don't fall asleep.
- Nah.


Hold still.

Fuck is this?


I've got you.

Let me feel.

Where is it?

Now for the news with Jean-Luc Elton.

Good morning.

A local shopkeeper has had enough

of being robbed and assaulted.

Now he wants to fight back.

The police says it is taking steps

which will include setting up
a security camera.

Regarding the death
of architect André Biron

two teenagers on a bike
were spotted at the scene

and are wanted by the police.

Are they talking about you
on the radio?

Don't worry, I'm fine

Sleep well?

Like a baby.

I found clothes for us tonight.

And some cash.

Move your ass.

- You go out a lot?
- Yeah.

Often, but not here.

- Was it easy to get in?
- Of course.

What made it so easy?

It's always easy.

Cause you're a girl.

They didn't want to let us in.

Lucky didn't have his ID.

Underage, right Lucky?

Is it nice inside?

Yeah, but it looks nice outside too.

Time to get busy, Bee.
Feel the buzz!

- Smoke?
- Thanks.

Your place?

Uhm, yeah, sure.

This place is so boss!


You gonna show me around?

- Aren't you in a hurry.
- You too.

Put your feet up.

You really live here?

Yeah, my parents are in Italy.

Venice, for their 30th anniversary.

Is it your first time?


Slow down, dammit!


Stop it!

I'm sleeping over there.
Stay the hell away from me.

I like your hair.

5 minutes!

So soon?

Otherwise we'll get into trouble.

Who cares what they say.

You don't know my parents.

- I'm leaving without you!
- Wait up!


Call me?

- Promise?
- Promise.

Lucky, you OK?

Yeah, it was awesome.

I'll be downstairs, let's go.

So what was so awesome?

Showed her a good time?

Wouldn't you like to know.

You want details?

It was awesome, that's all.

What more can I say?

Get up!

You were a real smartass last night.

Now give me the lowdown.
Go on, I'm listening!

I thought you lost the piece.

No, as you can see.

You smell like pussy, dickhead.


Dude, I'm only kidding.

Chill out, man.

You wanna call the cops?

OK, let's call the cops.
What's the number?

112, right?

Hello? There's been a mugging.

My friend has just been mugged.

No, the mugger's still here.
It's complicated, hold on.

Come on, let's go.

Get the fuck on!

I said stop, fucking hell! Stop!

What's wrong with you?

You're crazy!

I've had enough of your bullshit!

I'm sick of following you like a dog!

You done?

Shut up!

I get it, I'm no longer needed.

You're in love now.

Have you forgotten what we're doing?

You're full of crap.

So, no more great expectations?

Just a simple life?

Let me tell you how simple.

A crappy degree, a shitty job,
if you even find one.

You'll shack up with the first chick
that comes along

just to get away from home.

End of story.


Always the last fucking word.

Fine, you're right.

You don't want to follow me around.
I get it.

Tell me, then: where to now?

I'm being serious.

You decide, I'll follow you.


Cut that out, dammit!

Lucky, the bike!

Leave it!


Bee, you OK?

Did you...?

Say something!

No, he fired at me.

Bastard almost got me!

Fuck, my bike! My bike!

Don't worry, we'll figure it out.

We'll hitch a ride or something.

Don't you get it, Lucky?

You're better off without me.

Whatever, man.

I'm not your pop or fucking mentor!

I don't give a shit!

I'm just a failed trainee.


What don't you understand, bro?

It's over, it's fucking over!

Wake the fuck up, Lucas!
Wake up!

- What are you doing?
- It's over!

It's fucking over!
Wake up, dude!

I'm here.

Get your things, we're leaving.

- Here and now?
- Right here, right now.

- Just the two of us.
- You're crazy.


After one night together
you want me to go with you?


- Where would we go?
- Let's see...

How about Neverland?

You're pulling my leg.

You're sweet.

But my parents would never let me.

It's impractical.

Fuck our parents!

- Who gives a damn about them?
- I give a damn.

I can't just drop everything.

I'd miss my parents.



I'm coming home



Sent: 16:51

See you soon. We love you.

- Shut it, old hag!
- Calm down.

Calm down.

If she doesn't behave, she's dead.

We don't know each other, right?

We haven't hurt you.


So don't make me hurt you.


Where are you?

Farther, at an old couple's house.

I saw two cops at your place earlier.


I heard you.

Bert, I want to come back.

As you wish, Lucas, your choice.

If you want to join me,
I'll give you directions.

Thank you.

There's still time for you to go.

I'm bringing them chow.

Isn't that going a bit too far?

Sit down.


Was it you who went there?

- Where?
- In the photos.

Was it you who took those photos?

Yes. Why?


They're really good.

I wouldn't think it was you
who took those photos.

How was it there?

In those countries...

Was it nice?


It was something I wanted to do.

I had a camera.

I had a chance to go and I got lucky.

I sold some photos.

It just carried on from there.

Anyway, I'm glad to still be alive.

Nothing's happened yet.

Nothing serious.



We'll give you time to escape.

We promise to stay here
until the evening.

I'm done.

About your dog...

I buried it.

Thank you.


What's he up to back there?

What are all those photos for?

He was working on an exhibition.

Are you happy, Bertin?

Getting all nice and comfy?

What the hell are you doing?

Get up in there!

No more chow till you tell us
where you keep your cash!

Out of my way!

This is my shit!

What's your bank card PIN?

- Give it to us or...
- Or what?

Or you'll starve to death, fuckers!

How stupid can you be?
It's empty in there!

This is my shit!

You don't care about anyone's shit!

You don't give a fuck!

- Fuck you!
- Back off.


Just him.

Wait for me up the stairs.

You can work on your exhibition.

- What, right now?
- Yeah.

Don't just stand there, help me.

Give me those negatives over there.

No, the other file, 1987.

Come with me.

Think I'm stupid?

"See you soon"? Nice try!

You're about to see me all right.

Just you wait.

I'm going out.

You stick out a mile
with your Maori getup.

- Where're you going?
- My mother's.

That's how you get on?

One step forward, two steps back?

So how do you get on, then?

How far have you gotten?

Reached Neverland yet?

What are we waiting for?

What are you waiting for, Bert?

To get old and gray like those farts?

Young man?

Young man?


You all right?

Depends on how you look at it.

What are you looking for?

Are you hiding?

Are you running away?

I don't know anymore.

What's your name?



- Odd name.
- Yeah.

It'll be OK, Bert.

It'll be OK.


Come out.

Go, I said.


Lucas, I know you took the piece.

Don't be an idiot.

I'm on my way.

Don't do anything stupid!

Wait for me, dammit!

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