Weaker Sex (1933) - full transcript

Restoration work has been carried out on
the image and the sound of this movie.

However, all the imperfections of the
original material elements of the film,

as they have been preserved until today,
could not be completely corrected.

They seemed acceptable to us

with regard to the place of this film
in the history of cinema.

The Weaker Sex


You can kiss me on the lips
if you want to.

It wouldn't be decent.

- Doroth?e?
- Yes, Jimmy?

Is the moonlight
this beautiful in America?

More beautiful, much more beautiful.

- Why do you ask?
- No reason.

- Do you like children, Doroth?e?
- Children?

Wouldn't you like to have children?
I would love to!

- Jimmy!
- Well, I meant to say...

I've had enough of this nonsense!

- Hey, Jimmy!
- Who is calling me?

- It's me, Francesco.
- What do you want?

- Why is Dorothee laughing like that?
- Ask her about it yourself.

- Well...?
- It has been useless, of course.

- Did you do what we said?
- Of course!

The kiss on the hand, the moonlight
in America, children...

Listen to the effect that it's had.

- You haven't done it properly!
- Listen Mother. Damn it.

I've done what you wanted
And I've failed.

- Now let me do what I want.
- And what do you want to do?

To take the train for Paris.

- You're crazy!
- No, I'm not crazy!

If she's really interested,
she'll look for us within 8 days.

And if she isn't interested,
it's useless for us to stay here.

You're going to find your
dear Nicole, aren't you?

That's just great!

If you think that I've incurred the
costs of this stay in Pau...

only to return empty-handed,
you're mistaken!

We're staying here
until you're engaged!

Mother, I want to go back!

Wretched child!
And Francesco?

What about Francesco?

If you leave her here alone,
he's going to take advantage.

Don't worry.
She'll never marry Francesco.

- Why?
- Because he's very ugly.

Yes, but he's a marquis.
It's too dangerous!

I forbid you to leave! I forbid it!

You should knock before you enter!

I did knock, Madame,
but it seems Madame did not hear me.


You never listen to anyone else!
Look at your brothers and emulate them!

Take Manuel, for example.
He isn't like you... fortunately.

He doesn't just think about having fun!

He lives only for his wife
and their four children.

- Five.
- Yes, it's five children.

And Philippe!
Take Phillipe for example as well!

Look how he loves his Christina,
how devoted he is to her...!

how he...

What's up?

Philippe has left Christina. -
Best wishes Clarisse.

I forbid you to laugh!

- What are you going to do?
- Return to Paris, of course.

- Great! Me too!
- No, you're staying here.

I'm coming with you!

- You're staying!
- I'm going!

- Doroth?e?
- Yes, Francesco?

Is the moonlight
this beautiful in America?

Why do you ask?

Oh... no reason.

- Did you receive my telegram?
- Of course, that's why I've returned.

- What has happened?
- Your son has a lover.

- Of course!
- Why 'of course'?

- It's what I was afraid of.
- What a surprise!

I'll fix that.

But if his wife is fed up and
wants a divorce?

Divorce? Leave Philippe?
Leave a Leroy-G?mez?

You left a Leroy-G?mez 15 years ago.

So that he could marry you!

He didn't have any money left.
Otherwise how would we have lived?

You're saying that Ignacio only
married me for my money.

He wasn't going to let
his family starve to death!

He didn't let them starve to death.
I know something about that.

When I think of all the money
you have cost me!

- Did Ignacio make you happy or not?
- Yes.

Then what are you complaining about?

I admit that I'm happy to return home.

I was tired of hotel life.

Jimmy, did you remember to order
the masseur and a manicure for yourself?

- Yes, mother.
- Where did I put my keys?

- Isabelle, I'll explain...
- What?

- Did you bring an invitation?
- What are you saying?

You haven't allowed me to explain!
To tell you about Lily.

I am Mrs Leroy-G?mez
and I want to see my daughter.

Have you seen what I've bought?

- Hello, Mother!
- Hello, my daughter!

- Hello you!
- How are you?

Can you forgive me for not
coming to the station?

My director is sick and I can't cope.

Would you mind lending me the apartment
for a few more days?

My shop in Cambon street isn't ready yet.

What about me?

I've booked hotel rooms
for you and Jimmy.

My child, you know that I'm devoted to you,

but, you understand, after it was
so expensive to stay in Pau...

But Mother, it goes without saying,
I'll pay for you to stay at The Palace.

Oh, good!

Number 77: Negligee in "Chantilly lace".

Very pretty.

Number 83: china pink silk, lace...

Nicole is in the kitchen.



Again, quickly!

And if Mother appears?

Did you miss me over there?


You scarcely wrote to me.
Did you enjoy yourself?


- And your American?
- What American?

- Was she a captivating lover?
- No way.


I know very well why you went to Pau.

If you know, then don't
ask me silly questions.

In any case, if it makes you happy,
I was very bored.



- Hello, Madame.
- Hello.

Come along, Jimmy!

You're hopeless!

- Do you want to eat together?
- Yes! And I have the house to myself!

- Good.
- At half past twelve!

Clarisse, now that we're alone,

I want to talk to you
about a slightly delicate subject,

although that is not the word,
because between us

there can be nothing delicate.
That would be stupid.

I have always thought of you as
a second mother to my children.

- Here we go... again!
- What do you mean 'again'?.

Whenever you call me the 2nd mother of
your children, I know what you're up to.

A month ago I gave you a check for
20,000 francs. Wasn't that enough?

What are 20,000 francs these days?

We had to pay 5,000 francs to
Jimmy's tailor before we left

And you can't even imagine
what it cost for 3 weeks in Pau.

Especially with a woman like Freeman,

who starts drinking
champagne at breakfast.

Besides, Jimmy couldn't always
slip away when the bill came.

She would have noticed!

And how did it go with young Freeman?
There are problems, eh?

No, there are no problems! Only...

Does she love him or doesn't she?

Of course she loves him! Madly!

But she wanted to take him to the
orchard without getting married.

- No!
- Yes, and she tried everything!

She received him in her bedroom,

dressed only in black cr?pe pajamas,
my dear, simple as that.

One night, she even tried to get him
drunk. But in vain. I trust my Jimmy.

- He didn't lose his head?
- No way!

He's too sensible for that.

Come in!

Manicure for Mr Jimmy Leroy-G?mez.

- Next door, in 88.
- Yes, Madame.

- So?
- So what?

What I just asked you about.

I think I have already sufficiently
exceeded the amount of your allowance.

Why do you always come to me?
You've two quite wealthy sons, after all.

I'm not going to ask Philippe for money
when he's argued with his wife.

- And Manuel?
- Manuel has his family!

- My dear Isabelle, I'm terribly sorry, but...
- I understand. It's alright, it's alright...

Wait while I call Philippe.


- Kleber 1181.
- But he no longer lives at his home.

Why doesn't he live at home?

I wrote down his number.


I'm listening.


Is that you, Mother?
You're back?

At The Palace?

I'll be right there.

- There's a woman with him!
- I already told you that he had a mistress.

- But who is this woman?
- I have no idea.

Ask Antoine. He's sure to know.

He's keeps up with everything
that happens in Paris.

You're right.

Hello? Who?

Madame Leroy-G?mez?

Good morning, Madame.

At the hotel?
Very good Madame, I'm on my way.

It's no trouble at all, Madame.

Come in!

What is it?

Mrs Girst asks whether,
at the dinner she's giving tonight,

it's the Ambassador of the United States
who should sit to her right,

or the husband of Marlene Dietrich?

Tell her to send me the guest list,

and I'll seat them.
It'll save a lot of time.

Yes, sir.


I'm sorry, but I'm very
busy at the moment.

No, ask the princess if she'd be
kind enough to call me later.

I'll be right back.

Good morning, Antoine.

How kind of you to let me disturb you,
I greatly appreciate it.

Think nothing of it, Madame.

- Good morning, Antoine.
- Madame Lee-G?mez.

- Sit down, Antoine.
- Thank you Madame, never.

- You are not on duty here.
- I couldn't, Madame,

- after 22 years in your service.
- You can imagine why I have called you.

On account of Mr and
Mrs Philippe, probably.

Obviously. What's happened? Tell me.

I'm afraid, Madame...

You can speak in front of
Madame Lee-G?mez. She's family.

To tell you, Madame,
what I imagined has happened.

Mr Philippe is a very handsome man.

So all the women are
bound to pursue him.

I've told him more than once:

Mr Philippe, watch out!
Mrs Phillipe will be angry.

And then it will be too late.

I wouldn't have dared
to speak to anyone like that,

but Mr Philippe has always
been so kind to me

and I've known him since he was little...

- And he didn't listen to you, of course.
- Oh no, Madame, no. He laughed.

He said to me "What do you want, Antoine?
It isn't my fault".

They won't leave me in peace.

It's never me that starts anything,
you know this.

And it's true, he never starts anything.

Nowadays, that's not enough.
Most women don't wait for things to start.

And who is it this time?
I hope she's a worldly woman.

- It is impossible to know, Madame.
- What?

- One cannot tell. She's a Russian.
- A Russian?

Yes, Madame.

There are those who are ladies
as they should be.

Only... nowadays, with the Russian,
it's not easy to distinguish.

- What's her background?
- I'm not too sure, Madame.

I only know that Mr Philippe has
rented an apartment in Passy.

Who's rented it?
Don't tell me that he's keeping her?

- Yes, Madame.
- Please, Antoine!

- Do you realize what you're saying?
- Yes, Madame.

That's not possible, Antoine!

- You've been misinformed!
- Perhaps, Madame.

She has another man, no one knows who,
but she has another man!

My son supporting a woman?
This is pure madness, you understand?

It's pure madness.

- Madame?
- Do you know this woman?

It's Mrs Pigson, of St. Louis.

Madame will surely have heard
of the Pigson concerts.

- Married?
- Widowed, Madame.

A moment, Antoine.

1... 2... 1... 2!

- You find him in shape?
- Yes, Madame, only...

- What?
- He has gained a bit.

- I knew it! How much?
- Half a kilo.

Damn it! What did I tell you?
Too many dinners, too many cocktails...!

- go carefully, my darling!
- Don't fret, Mother.

I always lose weight in Paris, Mother.

Isabelle, Antoine is in a hurry.
He can't wait.

I'm coming.

- Jimmy, did you get your manicure?
- Yes Mother.

Show me.

He has beautiful hands, the beast!
Just like his fathers'.

No. His fathers' fingers
were more slender.

And that's it for today.

- And the abdominals?
- Tomorrow. I don't have time today.

- I have an appointment.
- Nothing serious?

I've spent a month wooing an American.

I deserve a vacation.

Antoine, give me some advice.

You're the only one who can help us out.

What should I do to reconcile
Philippe and his wife?

Madame could perhaps
talk to Mrs Philippe.

Where is she?

She's left the Avenue d'l?na.

- Mrs Philippe...? She is here, Madame.
- Here?

- Yes, Madame. In number 204.
- No!

Hello? Give me room 204.



Is that you, Madame?
You've returned from Pau?

Here at the hotel?
Yes, Madame!

Leave that phone! I don't want you
to talk with your mother in law.

- Leave me alone.
- No way. I won't leave you alone.

I forbid you to keep on talking
with that woman.

There's a man in her room.

A Spaniard.

- Who can it be?
- That, Madame...

You have no idea?

- Perhaps Mr Carlos Pinto?
- Of course!

That rogue, that imposter,
Carlos Pinto!

He has his eye on her... the poor thing!

It cannot be said that he is any worse
than the others, Madame, only...

...he's begun to get nervous.

He sees all his friends marrying:
Mr Lopez, Mr Santini,

The Count Atraxin,
and he, he's still here.

He would also like to have his turn.

If he thinks that's going to be with my
daughter-in-law, he is mistaken!

I will not abandon that girl to
the intrigues of an adventurer.

Enough is enough, my friend!
We didn't win the war...

so that these foreigners could
steal our daughters from us.

- Our daughters-in-law.
- It's the same thing!

Antoine, I absolutely must
speak to Christina.

Please, go and tell her that
I implore her to come see me.

I'll try, Madame.

- Thank you, Antoine.
- Not at all, Madame.

You'll prefer that I leave you.

Yes. It's better that
Christina finds me alone.

- You'll excuse me.
- Of course.

Goodbye, Isabelle.

Come in!

Pardon me, Madame.
Madame Leroy-G?mez sent me to find you.

- Who?
- Carlos, who asked you about anything?

I want to know who's looking for you.

Madame Leroy-G?mez.

I have already thought about that.

If that bold old woman thinks
she's gonna separate us,

...she's totally wrong.

Oh, Carlos! I beg you not to
pick on my mother in law.

That's up to me. That's enough!
Shut up!

Get out of here!

- Sorry?
- Are you simple?

Carlos, don't you dare
speak like that to Antoine!

I speak to him as I please!
He is an unscrupulous traitor...

A man with no sense of decency

who comes here to scheme and to
destroy our happiness. Bandit! Assassin!

Shut up!

Madame Leroy-G?mez is
on the first floor, number 86.

Forget that number!
I demand you forget that number!

- 18, 14, 7, 12, 24, 36, 86...
- 86! Exactly as he says, 86.

But you won't go. I tell you that.
I would rather kill you.

Leave me alone.

- Is my mother-in-law alone?
- I believe so, Madame, yes.

Don't give me that, I know everything!

I'm not giving you anything.
I tell you that I love Louba and that...

So that's what she's called!
I forbid you to utter her name!

- Understood?
- Yes.

What sort of a name is that, anyway?
Louba! What is that?

- A first name.
- And her last name or doesn't she have one?

Sorry. She's called...

Scoroboganoff Mochelskaya.


She comes from an excellent family
that supported the Tsar in the revolution.

She's penniless. I know already!
Always the same!

So what have all my efforts served
to warn you against

all these slavics that come
from God knows where

and who live God knows how?
Tell me what have they served?

When I think that you've abandoned
your wife for one of those!

I didn't leave her, it was she who left!

Well of course she left! After what
you've done to the unfortunate woman.

If you'd at least had a child.

Well I told you!
You remember?

It is the most elementary
precaution in these cases.

But no! The gentleman wants
to get away with it!

You see the result? Another tries to
take your place. Simple as that.

- Carlos, I suppose.
- It is indeed.

- This doesn't bother you?
- If it wasn't him, it'll be another.

If he can make her happy,
I don't wish him any ill.

That we have come to this.

I tell him that his wife is being seduced
and he tells me,

"I do not wish him any ill".

Come in!

Madame Philippe is coming, Madame.

- Hello, Antoine.
- Hello, Mr Philippe.

- Oh, hell!
- What's up?

It's just that... Madame Philippe isn't
expecting to find Mr Philippe here.

And I don't know if...

Of course they can't see each other!
Go into my room.

- I'll let you know when she's gone.
- Yes, but Mother...

- What?
- Mother, I remind you that I love Louba.

Leave me alone with that she-wolf!
Go on!

- Here is Madame Philippe, Madame.
- Antoine!

I had to lock him in my room.
Here's the key.

I beg you to go upstairs to keep
him from doing something foolish.

He's crazy! Crazy!
Tell him to calm down.

- I'll be up in five minutes.
- I'm going, Madame.

- Thank you so much!
- It's nothing, Madame.

Tina, my dear child!
What terrible pain!

No, no, Madame! Don't Cry,

or I'll cry too and my mascara
will get in my eyes.

I won't cry.

Come sit with me, Christina.
At my side.

And let's talk calmly.

You know Philippe's cheating
on me with that Russian.

- Are you sure?
- Oh my God! Everybody knows it!

You're not going to break Philippe's heart
for a minor indiscretion. It's nothing.

That Russian has been his
mistress for three months!

It's a scandal!

What proof do you have
that she is his mistress?

He told me so himself!

And you don't know any
reason why he'd tell you?

- What reason?
- You're not curious?

- No, what are you saying?
- I say to you, yes!

He wanted to make you
jealous because he was jealous.

- Of me?
- Of course! He's as jealous as a tiger!

Madame, perhaps you think I'm stupid?
Before yes, he was jealous.

long ago he still was, but now...

What a mistake, my dear child!

Fortunately, the relationship you
have is not suspect in Paris

with certain people,
because if it were...

- Madame!
- I know very well that what goes on

between that man and you
is purely friendship.

- You're mistaken, Madame.
- How?

There's no camaraderie
between Carlos and I.

Don't tell me he's a lover,
I don't believe it.

- Well, I'm telling you.
- Well, I don't believe you.

I swear on my mother's life!

You could have spared me the confession.

Open up!

Open up immediately!

I demand that you open up!

Let me see if I can find something
to open this thing.

Later on, we'll see what I'm gonna do.
With this, right now.

Alright! Later on I'll try to open
that door, because...

Oh, my goodness!

Where's the way out?,
through the window, right now.

Right now.
We'll see if we can...

Antoine, are you listening at doors?

I can explain, your Excellence.

Excuse me!

You must understand,
I can't admit this.

You promised me 5 minutes
and that was more than 20 minutes ago.

Forgive me, I couldn't help it.

It's just cowardice from you.
I ask you to step back!

I'll leave if you come with me.

- Sir, will you kindly leave.
- Excuse me, but Madame is my fianc?e...

Your fianc?e?
You've certainly got some nerve!

Antoine, kindly throw the gentleman out.

You can see that you
can't stay here, Mr Carlos.

I'll stay as long as Madame stays.

I warn you sir,
my son is in the next room.

- Your son?
- Yes sir, my son!

- Whom you've seriously offended.
- Philippe is here?

- Yes.
- I don't want to talk to him!

Don't worry, he promised not to come in.

But I advise the gentleman
not to further abuse his patience

or I won't be answerable.

Flee, I? Never!

That's who I'm waiting for!
I want to explain to him!

- Is he coming or not?
- Enough Carlos, come with us.

Let me go, I tell you to release me!

Carlos, come on, I'll go with you.

You're coming?

Go away, I'll speak a few words
with the lady and then I'll go.

- Do you promise?
- I swear it on my mother's name.

What a coward,
he's been afraid of me.

Madame, you tell me that Philippe loves
me? If he loved me, he'd have come in.

My dear child, he didn't come in because...

Because he was never there.

I made it up so that madman would go away.

- He isn't here?
- No.

Madame, the truth!
I beg you, the truth!

If Madame would be kind enough to come
soon... he's starting to become nervous.

- Antoine, tell me if it's true!
- What, Madame?

That Philippe was never there.

I think, Madame,
that if Mr Philippe were there,

he would have come in.

There, you see, Christina?

Madame, let Antoine go and see!

I need to know!
It's very important!

Of course.
Go ahead, Antoine, go ahead please!

There's nobody there, Madame.

Ah, I'm relieved!

- Christina, are you coming or not!
- Yeah, I'll go, I'll go.

- Thank you, Antoine.
- You're welcome, Madame.


- What is it, sweetheart?
- It's almost 2 o'clock, I must leave.

Stay like this a little longer.

I can't, your sister will scold me.

What does it matter?

You're not being reasonable.



Have you kissed your American?

What? What have I done?

What did you mention her for?
We were fine!

I had forgotten that nightmare
and you had to remind me of it.

So, you're going to propose to her?

I must. Her or another.

And you say that you love me.

- You know that I love you.
- But, then...

if you love me, you will suffer.

Of course.

- But why, why all this?
- Why?

That's life, my poor Nicole.
A dogs life!

Only in the cinema can one
marry the woman he loves.

Or the man...

But she can marry you.

Because she's got plenty of money.

My god! It's two o'clock!
I have to go, Jimmy.

- Quick, hurry up! Go!
- Give me a kiss first.

- We don't have time.
- Kiss me or I'll go back to bed.


No Jimmy, I don't have time!






What's happened?

Tell me! What's happened?

I have...

I have to go to prison!

Why? What have you done?

I signed a cheque...
I don't have the funds to pay it.

- How much was the cheque?
- 20,000.

20,000! Hell!

Hush, calm yourself!
We're going to fix it.

- Give me 24 hours, gentlemen.
- I'm sorry, but it's impossible.

Look gentlemen, be reasonable!
I'm Mr Philippe Leroy-G?mez.

I'll have the money by
tomorrow morning at the latest.

- I promise you.
- Impossible!

Then by tonight. Tonight without fail.

Agreed. You'll accompany the gentleman
until he pays you the money.

- Me, I'll keep an eye on the lady.
- Thank you sir!

Stay calm and don't worry.
I'll do whatever it takes.

It has to be said, for crying,
you are unsurpassed

- You saw?
- You think he'll bring the 20 notes?

Don't worry about that.

When it comes to finding money,
the Leroy-G?mez's are unsurpassed.

Manuel, I was coming to see you!

- Hello!
- Hello!

- Hello, children!
- Hello, uncle Philippe!

Can we go to your place? I'd like to...

- Impossible, now. It's started.
- What has?

Well, Angelica...
The midwife has just arrived.

When the time comes,
I take the kids to the caf?

to keep them entertained.

- Dad, will we have cake?
- Yes, yes of course!

20,000 francs!?
Do I look like I have 20,000 francs?

Take the cake.

- Why do you come to me for this?
- Who should I turn to?

You're my brother!
And you're wealthy enough

You forget that the money
is Angelica's, not mine.

Besides, I don't have any money now.

I'm very sorry, but I can do nothing
for you. Let's go, children!

Come along.

Is the gentleman paying?

- Uh, Yes.
- There's a cake and...

...the gentlemans Pernod.

It's charming, charming! Very Pretty!

- Yes, Madame?
- A whisky and soda.

For me, a tea.

How many time are you gonna be
smiling with your ex-mother in law?

How many times have I asked
you to speak French?

Everyone here understands
what you're saying!

- Christina...?
- What?

Did you call the attorney for a divorce?


Then I demand you explain to me
when we're going to get married!

Are you going to start again with
that thing about the wedding?

I don't want be a gigolo!
I've been that in the past.

I wasn't brought up for that!

I think of my poor mother, in Lima,
who I haven't seen in five years.

You promised me that we'd
go to see her together!

You haven't mentioned
your mother in a long time.

My mother is my mother!
I want you to respect that!

What a disaster!

Didn't you tell me we were going
together to see my mother?

In French!

I told you we'd go see
her one day, but not when!

- But first we have to get married!
- Why?


Do you think I could take you to see
my mother without being married?

- Why not?
- Why not?!

I see you don't know my mother.
She'd rather see me dead...

than living in sin.

In that case, maybe it'd
be better if we parted.

You want to leave me?

Keep your voice down.

Do you really want to leave me?

If every day you're going to tire
me with the question of marriage,

then of course I want to leave you.

- Tea for Madame?
- No, for the gentleman.

- Carlos!
- What?

- You've taken my sapphire again!
- You'd forgotten it on the table.

Don't give me that! You took it from me.
Give it back to me.

Here it is.

Look, here.


- Madame Countess.
- Hello, Antoine. Tell me...

who is that young man, opposite?

Mr Carlos Pinto.

- He seems pleasant, doesn't he?
- Very nice, very nice.

- He has a good figure.
- Yes, Yes.

Has he been with the lady long?

About a month I think, Madame.

- You think he's very attached to her?
- I believe so, yes, Madame Countess.

Then you think that, for the time being,
it would be useless to...

I think it would be a little soon,
Madame Countess.


It's still a little early.

You are right, Antoine.

As always.

What sad season, Antoine!

There's not a single nice
young man in the hotel.

It seems they're all taken.

Madame Countess has just arrived.
I'm afraid one must be patient.

Mr Jimmy Leroy-G?mez's
room number, please.

- Number 88, Madame.
- I wish to speak to him, if he is here.

- Never at this hour, Madame.
- Aw heck!


- Here.
- Thanks.

- I'll catch you later.
- You'll catch me tomorrow.

And we'll have the night

Hello, Jimmy!

Hello Doroth?e.

- How is dear Francesco?
- Oh, very, very well.

- He's still at Pau?
- Yes

- Do you know Nicole?
- I haven't had the pleasure.

Nicole Martin, a friend of my sister.

- Doroth?e Freeman.
- Delighted.

Well then...

Have you known each other a long time?

Nicole and I? Very much so.

She's almost a childhood friend.
Right, Nicky?

- Yes.
- Ah, I see.

You're going out?

I've been out, but I'm not going out now.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Typical! That was very clever of you!

Wait here for me!

What a pleasure to see you again!

- Listen, Come find me here at 9:30.
- What for?

- You won't be able to come with me now.
- Yes, I will.

We've missed you so much.
Jimmy above all, of course.

- Really? Who is this Nicole?
- A friend of my daughter's.

- Is he in love with her?
- It's only a flirtation, nothing at all!

- And her?
- Her? She's crazy about him, of course.

- So why don't they get married?
- She's not a suitable wife for Jimmy!

- Why?
- Because she has nothing...

nothing that it takes to make him happy.

- I know what woman Jimmy needs.
- Oh, yes?

Don't you?

Isn't he too young to get married?
He's only 24.

He's very mature.
He has the tastes of a man of 40.

Then he's too old to get married.

I exaggerated a little! Let's say 35.
I will tell you what he likes:

Staying at home, reading,
playing music, chatting...

The day he has a wife of his own and a
comfortable home, he'll settle down.

Because, the dances, the nightclubs,
he's horrified by all that!

It wont be much fun for his wife then.

But of course, he would go with her
to please her.

But his dream is to live, almost
exclusively, amid his wife and children.


Oh not right away! Later!

After having fun and travelling a bit,

Because Jimmy loves to travel.

Above all one particular country
interests him: the United States.

Jimmy's always talking about new York.

New York isn't all there is
to America you know.

Far from it!
I, for example, am from Boston.

And now forgive me.
I'm tired after the journey from Pau.

I meant to say Boston
and I said New York,

But I meant to say... Boston.

I needed that!

But... mother... wha... what is it?

What is it, you ask?

When you destroy your happiness...

and spoil the best chance of your life.

But mother, I...

I ruin myself to take you to Pau,

and just when Doroth?e chases you here

and when a gesture would
be enough for her to marry you

you arrange for her to
surprise you with a seamstress!

How can you treat your
poor mother this way!

What can I do?

Go up to her room to apologize.

And convince her to accompany us to
dinner tonight at the European Club.

But mother, I...

Jimmy, my child,
do it for me, I beg you.

And if not for me,
do it for the memory of your father.

He must be very worried up there,
seeing what's happening.

- Very well, mother. I will obey.
- It's about time.

Thank you, Ellen.

Who's there?

Me, Jimmy.

One moment!

Ellen, bring that red coat, quickly.

Come in!

Hello, Jimmy.

Doroth?e, my mother sends me to
tell you that, if you would come tonight

to dinner at the European club,
you would make her very happy.

- And you, Jimmy?
- Me?

Would it make you happy if I went?

Well... of course.

Then how can I refuse?


So... until then.

You can stay, Jimmy.

You can keep me company.

All alone, Doroth?e? Where's Jimmy?

He's dancing.

He's dancing with his sister.
I'm going to get him.

Thanks, but don't bother.
I'm going back to the hotel.

- You don't really mean that!
- Yes, really.

Listen to me. I feel that there's a
misunderstanding between you and Jimmy.

You love each other,
but neither of you wants to admit it.

You are the more reasonable one.
Make the first move.

- The first step?
- Yes!

Ask him to marry you
and everything will be fine.

I'm still not sure that
I want to marry Jimmy.

You're not sure?

Oh, well then,

In that case, it'd be better that Jimmy
didn't continue to see you.

I've said that I'm not sure yet.
Maybe... I don't know!

Listen Doroth?e, make your mind up!

You have no right to play
endlessly with that boy's heart.

So, do I send him to you?

If you like.

Very well then. Don't move. He's coming.

Jimmy, I left my fan at the bar.
Kindly fetch it for me.

I'm going, mother.

Excuse me, Doroth?e, it's the...

My mother... who... excuse me.

...then I had an idea,
I told Jimmy I had forgotten my...

Here, mother.

That's not mine.

- What do you mean it's not yours?
- It's not mine!

I know your fan just as well as you do.

Jimmy's right. I have the same one,
it was a gift from Ignacio.

Do you understand me, or not?

Okay, I understand.

It's not your fan.

No, no. It's not your fan.

- What time is it?
- Five minutes to ten.

Either I'm good for nothing,
or at 10:00 they'll be engaged.

If you'll permit me
to give you some advice, miss...

In your place I wouldn't wait any longer.
The dances usually finish late.

- Don't cry like that, miss.
- I can't help it.

Do you know what you have to do?
Bite your tongue thoroughly.

- Bite my tongue?
- Yes, try it.

Like this.

Again. Harder.

There, you see?
Isn't that better already?

A little.

- Goodnight, Antoine.
- Goodnight, miss, and sleep well.

- Like this..
- You must sleep, Miss,

- If not, you'll look tired in the morning.
- I'll try.

- Thank you, Antoine.
- It's nothing, miss.

- Jimmy?
- Yes?

- Do you want to marry me?
- Yes...


- Do you think you'll be happy with me?
- Of course.

- When will you speak with my mother?
- Is It necessary?

Yes, because there are many things
that you can arrange better with her.

To me, the numbers...

Very well then, let's go
and tell her the news.

Madame, I have some
big news to tell you.

Good news?

Jimmy and I are engaged.

- It is true, Jimmy?
- Yes, mother.

My children, my dear children!

You kept so quiet about it!

They hadn't said anything to me.



- There! And there!
- Carlos, are you crazy?

I'm not crazy, I'm sick of it!

Everybody else gets married
and I'm still single.

Tell me at once if you're
going to marry me or not.

- Fine. No!
- Christina!

You know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to kill myself!

- You've told me that before.
- But I will!

I will!

Christina, will you marry me or not?

You bore me.


Carlos, I'm tired of your antics.
I'm going to bed. Goodnight.


How much, Mr Philippe?
20,000 francs?!

At this hour, that's not
going to be easy to find.

Personally, I'd be only too happy
to lend it to you, but... 20,000 francs!

No way, Antoine.
You've lent me enough already.

But I need it tonight before midnight,
otherwise Louba will go to prison.

You understand?

I understand, Mr Philippe,
but... what to do?

Mr Philippe, are you far from here?

No, very close.

Three minutes by taxi.

Good. Thank you, Antoine.

In three minutes in the tearoom.

Hey! Wake Up!

I'm going to look for the money at
the Palace Hotel.

Gloomy evening, Antoine! Gloomy evening!

- No one in the bar, Madame Countess?
- No one interesting.

Some Americans drinking...

some young boys
joking amoung themselves...

Miserable, what?

- I'm distraught for Madame Countess.
- Oh, Antoine, I'm getting old!

- Oh, Madame Countess!
- Yes. I'm not having fun anymore.

I'm not 20 years old, you know.
Not even 30.

Really, Madame Countess?

How old do you think I am?

I was speaking just now with Mr Philippe...

- With whom?
- With Mr Philippe Leroy-G?mez.

- This gentleman?
- Yes, Madame Countess.

- He doesn't even know me.
- Oh, but yes, Madame Countess.

I tell you, he's tried to introduce
himself several times.

- But he can never find a way.
- Go on!

You were speaking of my age?

Madame Countess will forgive me.

Well, let's see... what was your guess?

Very well, I said between... 37 and 38.

And Mr Philippe, he said no more than 34.

It was you who was right, Antoine.

A very handsome boy.

Would Madame Countess like to meet him?

It wouldn't be correct.
What do you think, Antoine?

- Not at this hour, Madame Countess.
- That's true.

What a sad face he has!

Yes. He is in difficulty at the moment.

As Madame Countess knows,
you play, you lose...

and since he does not have much luck...

How much does he owe?

It's not a great amount, Madame Countess.

- I think about 20,000 francs.
- How much?!

You don't think that's a large amount?

Obviously, it depends
upon what a person has.

It's certain that if any lady such as

Mrs Girt or Madame Pigson
knew about this...

These American ladies
are so generous...

when presented with
an interesting situation.

However, 20,000 francs, nevertheless!

- I understand, Madame Countess.
- If it could be paid in installments...

Gambling debts don't wait,
Madame Countess.

Although I can always ask him.

- That's it, ask him.
- Very good, Madame Countess.

- Thank you, Antoine.
- Think nothing of it, Madame Countess.

- Good morning.
- Good evening, sir.

Good evening, rather.

I wish to speak to a gentleman...

Philippe... Leroy... G?mez.

Mr Leroy-G?mez is in the tea room.

Thank you.

The Countess Polacchi.

Wait, is she the small brunette?

No, that's the young lady.

This is... it's the other one.

I see!

And... how is she?

She shouldn't be too bad.

How old?

She's around 40, 45, perhaps.

Not more?

Not much more.

You see, Mr Philippe, I offer you what
I have. If you'd come at tea-time,

there would have been much more choice.
Only... at this hour, you understand...

Could I have... a look?

She's the one seated over there.

- Oh my!
- Yes, right, of course...

I didn't tell you she was 20.

- It's going to be awful, Antoine!
- Then don't do it, Mr Philippe.

I don't have a choice!

I love Louba, I can't let her be imprisoned.

Woe is me!

So, shall we?

- Announce me.
- Yes, yes.




Didn't you go to the
European Club dinner?

Yes, but I left.

- You're... you're alone?
- Yes.

And very glad to have returned.

- Me too!
- You, you're glad?

You can't imagine how glad I am.

Why didn't you come to see me sooner?

It's just... one of those things.

Shall we sit here for a moment?

Better we go over there.

Mr Philippe!

- I beg your pardon...
- One second, Tina, if you don't mind?

You won't be needing the Countess?

I don't know. What do you think?

I can always convince her to wait,
just in case.

- Thank you, Antoine!
- It's nothing, Mr Philippe.

What a long face you have!

- Are you ill?
- No, I'm not ill, only...

I'm in such a spot right now.

You're in a spot?

Poor boy.

- Why haven't you come to see me?
- Well, because...

You're the last person
I could turn to, Christina.

- Why? Am not I your wife?
- Precisely!

- How much do you need?
- Nothing!

- Don't be stupid!
- I don't want to accept your money.

- Especially under the circumstances.
- What circumstances?

I need 20,000 francs to save Louba...

- from going to prison tomorrow. You see.
- Why do they want to arrest her?

She's committed an indiscretion.

You have your pen?

- Yes, what for?
- Give it to me.

No! I told you that I don't want to.

- What name do I make the cheque out to?
- To the bearer would be best.


Goodbye, Philippe.

Goodbye, Tina.

I'll never forget what you've done.

Hey! Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up, I have the money!


Help me, Antoine.
I can't wake this idiot up.

He's a police inspector.
I have to give him the money for Louba.

You can't get him to wake up?
Let's see if he'll wake up for me.

Police! Hands up!

See that?

You'd better not trust him
with the cheque, Mr Philippe.

Do you know him?

In our trade we must know everyone.

I've already had him
arrested twice for robbery.

But then... Louba!

I don't wish to upset you, Mr Philippe,

but there's a good chance
that they're in cahoots.

- It's awful!
- Don't exaggerate, Mr Philippe.

You don't expect me to
continue supporting that thief?

Of course not, of course not.

- And now, what?
- Don't disturb yourself, Mr Philippe.

- Everything in life is arranged.
- But where will I sleep tonight?

How's that?

Madame Philippe will be very happy.

You think she'll take me back?

Room 204, Mr Philippe.

Do you really think that I...?

- Thank you, Antoine.
- It's nothing, Mr Philippe.

Come in!


- You're back?
- Yes. I'm back.

Come here!

Sit here.

I didn't thank you enough.

- You're truly very generous
- It's not that I'm generous...

It's just that I love you.

You still love me after
everything I've done?

You know it very well.

Dear Tina!

Say, Philippe, is she much prettier
than me, this Louba?

- Don't talk about Louba.
- Why? Don't you love her anymore?

- No, I don't love her anymore!
- Really?

Why did you leave me to go away with her?


- If I told you, you wouldn't understand.
- Tell me just the same.

Because with her, instead of receiving
money, it was I who gave it to her.

I hate to receive money from women.

I was born to be rich and give it to them.

- I haven't been lucky.
- Poor Philippe.

So, if you don't love her anymore,

perhaps you'd like to
stay here tonight, no?

- I don't want to bother you.
- Bother!

- You want to?
- Would you like me to?

But on one condition:
Take back your cheque.

- And Louba?
- Don't worry about Louba!

This way for once I can believe,
that it's me that pays to you.


Ah, Tina...

How I'd love it if I could support you.

Come in?

- Did you order supper?
- No.

Then who?

It was me, Madame.
Have I done wrong?

No. Antoine. You did well.

Then, goodnight.

- Goodnight, Mr Philippe
- Goodnight, Antoine.

- And thank you!
- It was nothing, Madame.

Dear Antoine, he thinks of everything.

Philippe, there's champagne!

My key please.

- Congratulate me, my dear Antoine!
- With all my heart, Madame.

- May I ask the occasion?
- Jimmy's engaged.

- All my congratulations, Madame.
- Thank you, Antoine.

And I also congratulate Madame
for something else.

- For what?
- Mr and Madame Philippe...


They're both upstairs together.

Have you heard, children?
My God how happy I am!

It's the happiest day of my life!
Why isn't Lily here?

- She has stayed with Carlos.
- Carlos? My daughter with that individual?

- What does this mean?
- Madame is unfair to Mr Carlos.

- He's worth more than he seems.
- How can you say that, Antoine?

His reputation is well-known

He is a totally corrupt man.

He is a man who lives on women.

I know, Madame, but this is said
of so many gentlemen.

So, Antoine, are you going to bed now?

Yes Madame, but first
I'm going to take a little walk.

- For the exercise?
- No, Madame, no. For a change of scenery.


Listen, Nicole.

I haven't slept all night.

I've been waiting for you for an hour
and you won't talk to me.

Lily phoned me earlier, is it true?
You're engaged?


Hello Nicole!

Did you sleep well?

- Have you thought about it?
- About what?

About when we get married.

Take a chocolate, go on.

Forget the chocolates!
I want to know when we get married.

Not so loud! My seamstresses are next door.

I want to know what you
intend to do with me!

For now, send you home
because I need the room.

Aw! What a girl!

We'll see.

Bloody hell. Hell of a...

Later on we'll see.

And also with this.

Don't go in! It's occupied!

Again? Every day the same.

Don't be silly, Carlos.
Say Goodbye to me, my darling.

You are a creature without
honor or loyalty! Goodbye!

Ah, there you are.

Good heavens!
Now I'm so comfortable.

- You've done well with Lily.
- I forbid you to talk to me about Lily!

- Have you broken up?
- I never want to see her again!

You do wrong. She's a good girl.

You'll have less trouble
with her than Christina.

Christina, Lily or another.
It's all the same!

I'm finished with women.

- Finished with women?
- Yes!

- You're kidding.
- No, I'm not kidding!

All women are liars,

without scruples and without delicacy.

They promise and never fulfill!

And when you have sacrificed everything,
your honour and your reputation,

they get bored and look for another.

Sure enough. But what to do?

I'll tell you what to do.
Do without women!

What madness! How?

Earn a living.

- That's what I'm going to do myself.
- You're going to work?

- Yes! Good-bye!
- It's not going to be very nice.

And you think that it's nice,
what I've done till now?

I'd prefer 100,000 times more.
to work for a living

So you're your own boss.
You do what you want!

If you want to go out, you go out.
If you want to stay in, you stay in.

And when you want to make love, you do.

But most of all, when you
don't feel like it, you don't.

Obviously, that's tempting, I admit.

I swear I will.

And in Paris, it can still happen,
but where you're going, in America,

I speak from experience,
because I've been there.

- With Mrs Girst. Yes, I know.
- My life was hell!

As bad as that?

Even if they gave me a million,
I wouldn't go back.

For starters, you can't
go out until dinner.

You don't say?

In that country, all the men work.
It's the custom.

So those who don't, stay at home...

- to make others think that they work.
- You're kidding!

And in the meantime, the women go out,
they go walking, they have lunch together,

go shopping and have lots
of fun throughout the day.

- But you? No!
- Can you go to the cinema?

The women, yes. But if you go,
you could be recognized.


You can only go out at night.

Then you have dinner at friends houses,

where they serve a lot of cocktails
and where people talk a lot,

But never to you.
And when they do finally listen to you,

She tells you she wants to leave
and she insults you in the car

because she thinks
you don't love her enough.

And that's how it is, day after day!

And one morning, when you wake up,
they give you a little note

which says that your wife has
gone away to Palm Beach

and that you are going to see a "lawyer".

And what's that?

A kind of solicitor.
And then this "lawyer" tells you

that you have to go back to Europe
and gives you a ticket for the boat.

This means your wife found someone else.

And if you refuse to leave?

I refused!

But the police came and asked me
what were my means of support.

Over there you can't say you have
a lady friend. It's not recognized.

So I accepted and I left. Upon arriving
here, I had to take care of myself

for two months, because I had a bad
stomach from so many cocktails.

- Charming!
- It is not a country for us.

- You think so?
- If you go there, you'll find out.

- What choice do I have?
- Well, I pity you.

What do you want me to do?

The same as me! Work!

You're young, strong,
you have a good pair of arms.

Your little Nicole is a sweetheart
and she earns a decent living.

Charm her, marry her.
Then you'll be free!

Your mother won't order you around
anymore and you'll finally be a man.

Chin up, damnit!
Walk with your head held high!

Stand up straight... and walk!

Just thinking that I'm going
to make a living working,

I already feel transformed.

I'm going to work!


- I'm going to work.
- What's come over you all of a sudden?

I don't want to marry Doroth?e.
I'm young, I'm strong,

I have a good pair of arms
and I want to work.

- Have you gone mad?
- No. I've been informed about...

the life that awaits me
there with Doroth?e.

- And who has informed you?
- Someone who has led such a life.

- But who?
- Carlos!

I ask you, what does he know about it?

You can't say he knows nothing about it.


Get me Champs-Elys?es 41-17.

What do you want with Lily?

- Lily? Nothing. It's Nicole I want.
- What?

- To marry her.
- What?

You heard.

Hello, yes. Ask Miss Nicole to come
to the phone right away, please.

- Hang up that phone immediately.
- No!

Is that you, Nicole?
Listen to me carefully.

I'm not marrying Doroth?e.
It's you I'm marrying.

For the last time,
I'm ordering you to hang up!


Wait for me at 12:30 in the usual place,
the Champs-Elys?es. Yes.

I'll explain everything to you then.

Jimmy! My Jimmy!

Come here.


It's a gift that Doroth?e gives you
for your engagement, my child.

- I don't care.
- There are three more like it in Boston.

- I don't care.
- A castle in Florida.

- A palace in Venice with 15 servants.
- I don't care!

- A yacht, a plane.
- I don't care!

And an allowance of a thousand dollars!
You understand? A thousand dollars!

I don't care!

- Per month?
- What?

- A thousand dollars... per month?
- No, a week!

No kidding?

- Do you speak English?
- English? I think so.

I spent a year with Lady Huxley
and six months with Mrs Girst.

Just yesterday an English Lord arrived.
He's looking for a secretary.

- Do you want me to tell him about you?
- Do you think he'd accept me?

And why not? Wait here.
I'll talk to him and get his answer.

Antoine, if you do,
my gratitude will be eternal.

And I'll never forget it!
In the name of my poor mother,

who lives in Lima,
and on my own behalf as well,

I say thank you, Antoine. Thank you!

It's nothing, Mr Carlos.

- Oh Jimmy! Is it really true?
- What?

That we're getting married?

When will it be?

In two years.

In two years?

Listen Nicole,
first I have to marry Doroth?e,

What did you think we'd live on?
Between us, we don't have a franc.

After all, you need
some money to be happy.

But listen Nicole, in two years
I divorce and we get married.

Imagine, I have a thousand
francs a week allowance,

and I'm going to save 75 percent.

I won't need anything over there.
I won't even order a suit,

Not a shirt. To save,
I won't even go to the barber.

When I get back,
I'll have a beard this long.

Will you love me just the same?

Which cake would you like? Choose.

An eclair, yes.

Take it. And have one of these too.
There, you have two.

If you want more,
I'll give you more. I really will.

There, and you, which do you prefer?

Choose, my child.
Your sister is waiting.

This one? There... coffee.

And another one of these.
Don't eat too quickly. I'll watch you.

Yes, milord.

You won't find a better
secretary than me.

I am at your disposal
for anything you need.

I can read, write, type and shorthand.
I can dance, swim...

ski, skate, drive a car.

I speak Spanish, English, French, Italian.

I also know how to do manicures
and pluck eyebrows.

If my lord wishes, he can take me
on trial for a month... or 15 days.

Or only a week.

Alright. Come here.


Do I frighten you?

Come on, Jimmy. Come on.

That's life, my poor Antoine, that's life.

You bring children into the world,

you feed them, raise them,
and when they grow up.

They take them, one after the other...
and you're left alone.

Be strong, Madame, be strong.


- What's up, my dear, what's up?
- Manuelito doesn't want to play with me.

- Manuelito doesn't want to play with you?
- No.

- But where is he?
- He's over there, with a little girl.

Who is that little girl, Antoine?

It's the daughter of Mrs Pigson.

- How old is he now, Mr Manuelito?
- Four years old.

4 years old.

Already as serious as a young man.