We Shall Overcome (2006) - full transcript

Denmark 1969. When 13 year old Frits is caught in the girls locker room, school principal Svendsen almost tears Frits' ear off. It has to be stitched in the hospital. The doctor says this time the principal has gone a step too far. Parents, colleagues, and class mates react affected by the incident. But it's not that easy to file a child abuse charge against the powerful principal who is highly esteemed in the small community. When the police say it's a school matter, Frits' parents are hesitant about going to the school board because other parents had to move away after their child abuse charge was turned down. But with the help of young hippie teacher Freddie and some of Frits' classmates, the determination of Frits' parents grows to bring down the violent principal.

We Shall Overcome

The summer of 1969

Dad, Stuttering Anders is here
for the scrap metal.

Come here.

What are you doing down there?

Come here. Come.

ls anybo-bo-bo-dy home?

Why are you sitting here?

l can't be bothered talking to him.
lt takes hours to get rid of him.

lsn't anybo-bo-body home?


What's wrong, dad?

What's happening to you, dad?

Dad ...!


What is it, Frits?
What's happened?



Frits ...?

Shouldn't you get some sleep?

l know it's tough for you right now,
but everything will work out.

We'll manage -

- you, me and the girls...
until Dad gets home.

lt's used, but it works just fine.

lt'll help pass the time
while it's just the four of us...

Confrontations often arise
between the police -

- and the young people, who gather
in the centre of Copenhagen.

The socalled ''flower children'' wear
bright clothes and their hair is long.

Another demonstration against
the Vietnam war ended in violence.

The police had to fight the
demonstration with their truncheons.

The civil rights movement
is very active despite set backs.

Dr. King paid the highest price
for the fight for justice.

He was killed
by a white assassin -

- as he was standing on a balcony
in Memphis, Tennessee.

Despite his death
dr. Martin Luther King...

We only went to school for three
and a half years, my brother and l.

Seven years every other day!
We only had one bike -

- so l passed three telephone poles,
dropped the bike and ran.

My brother took it and passed me.

He dropped the bike three telephone
poles along and l overtook him.

And then l let go of it.

Dear Lindum-Svendsen.

Your importance to this school -

- words cannot describe.

On behalf of the School Board
and the staff -

- l would like to present you
with this gift -

- as a token our thanks
for your 25 years as Headmaster.

Your first 25 years, that is.

Thank you very much.

Welcome back from
your summer vacation.

l promise not to rest on my laurels.

For every new school year
there is a new fight.

For every school day
is a new battle to be won.

lt has rained and blessed the earth.

lt has stormed
and the storm makes us strong.

Lindum-Svendsen once broke a violin
bow over my big brother's head.

And he slapped a boy so hard he had
five finger marks on his face -

- the whole autumm.

And the fallen soldiers will rise
again when called to battle.

Jens Nielsen 6B.

lnger Lassen 6A.

J??rgen Pedersen 6A.

S??ren Bak 6B.

Lars Frederiksen 6B.

Lene S??rensen 6A.

And Frits Johansen... uh 6B.

Perhaps you should have visited
the barber first, Frits.

Village idiots sit at the back.
Look at you! You look like a girl.

Make way for the General!

Sit down and write your names.

Welcome back and welcome to the
new students from the village school.

A new teacher will arrive shortly.

Until then you'll have
to do with me -

- which will give me a chance
to put you in line.

Miss lben. Tell us
what you did in your vacation.

My family and l were
in Norway in our new car.

The fjords and wooden cottages
were very impressive.

The nature of Norway has greatness.

Please sit down.

Troels, what can you tell us?

- Me and my family...
- lt's my family and l .

My family and l were at our cottage.
We should have gone to Mallorca.

ln Spanish, two L's make
a Y sound. Mallorca.

- Mallorca.
- Correct.

Frits, how about you?

- We got a television.
- You got a television?


So you watched
television all summer?


That truly sounds educational.

Ellen and Hanne, come here.

Dad called.
He misses you so much.

He has to stay a while but wanted to
know how it's going at the new school.


You have a note home
on the first day.

They write Beatles hair isn't permitted.
l told you so.

lt's in fashion, Mom.

Beating, beating, beating, beating...

- Where's he going?
- To the headmaster.

He broke a window.

ls he crying?

ls he getting hit?

- Do you see anything?
- ls he crying?

What are you staring at?
You should be ashamed.

What a sissy!

Slaves were sold at markets
on the Virgin lslands.


The trading was stopped
in the 1 840's.

Denmark was the first country to make
the brave decision to stop slavery -

- despite strong efforts...

Mr Olsen, you are free to take
a break. We no longer need you.

He has longer hair than you, Frits.

Children, this is your new Danish
and song teacher, Mr Svale.

He was kind enough to take the job -

- as we couldn't find
a fully-educated teacher.

l've taught them until now. Let us
show Mr Svale what we've learned.

Lift your head, good fellow.

As one hope is lost,
another shines in your eye.

Lift your head and look about,
hear the voices singing...

Welcome to our school, Mr Svale.

- What's your name?
- Linda.

You can just call me Freddie.

You can all sit down.

Where are you going?

How about your place?

So, your name is lben?

Yes. lben Severinsen.

Grandpa has been lying there
since before l was born.

Grandma takes care of him. Nothing's
wrong. He just doesn't want to get up.

But at night, when she's sleeping,
he sneaks down to have a bite to eat.

lt's always the best
who die first, little Frits...

Maybe that's why
you're still around.

My mom doesn't believe
that Grandma is psychic.

But my dad says that she knows
when somebody is going to die.

ln her dream a hearse turns down
the road to where the person lives.

lt's a black carriage
with a casket on.

lt always arrives at the same time.
Just before dawn.

Oooh. Spooky.



You're going to be late for school!


Frits, you're late.

Am l to see the headmaster then?

No. Nobody has seen you.
Hurry along.

Hi, Frits.

Come here.

Shh. You have to be quiet.


Crawl up and look through the crack.
Be really quiet.

You'll never have
a chance like this again...

Relax, Frits. They just want to see
if there's grass on the pitch.

Off with his trousers.

What are you doing in the girls'
changing room? Answer me!


Beating, beating, beating...

Mr Svale... hurry. lt's Frits.
He's locked himself in the toilet.


Open up.
lt's me, Freddy.

What's happened?

Who the hell did this?
Who did this?

l have to go to class.
Or they'll send me to the headmaster.

Who did this?

He was in Lindum-Svendsen's office.

lf this is Lindum-Svendsen's work,
he's stepped over the line this time.

There, there, darling.

His ear is torn at the top and bottom.
He'll need stitches.

And his left cheek is swollen.

Are you Frits' mother?
You're from the school, right?

l'm Frits' new teacher...

Frits, l should be sewing your ears
so they didn't stick out -

- not to stop them from falling off.

Frits! Wait.
Stay here!

Frits ...?


Don't ever leave us again, Dad.

l'm better now.

As strong as an oxe.

ln my day we took
a beating at school, Frits.

The cane on the ass -

- and slaps in the face rang
in your ears for days.

And they locked you
in the cupboard in the staff room.

One boy had scars on his fingers
from being hit with a ruler.

Another lost the hearing in one ear.

But getting an ear ripped off...
that's just out of hand.

lf l wasn't lying here,
l'd show that bastard headmaster -

- where he gets off.
l can tell you that!

So you want to drive in there and beat
him up and get arrested for assault.

The school is in my district.
l have to work with these people.

- l will teach him fear.
- l'm furious, too.

But is this the way to deal with it
after everything you've been through?


Let go!
Let go of my arm.

Come here!

Sit down.

Tomorrow you will go to school with
the same haircut as everyone else.

- No, l won't.
- Sit still.

lf we did as l said we would
have avoided all this.

We wouldn't have avoided a thing.
Damnit! My ear!

- Don't swear at me.
- Then don't cut my hair.

Would you sit still.

Your ears should have been
sewed ages ago. Dr. Laust said so.

Frits was at the doctor's
to have his ear sewed back on.

Mr Svale drove him.
l demand an explanation!

l demand to know
what happened.

Demand that of your son.
He knows what he did.

Never mind what he did.
l mean what happened in here.

l demand an apology
for what you did.

Dear little Mrs Johansen. Mind
your job and l'll mind my school.

lf you're not capable of raising
your son properly -

- we'll do it for you.

You can't be serious.
This isn't right.

l'm sorry, Mrs Johansen.
This is between you and the school.

The police can't do
anything about it.

Like a joyous child in the crib,
this evening is joyous, joyous.

Let us pray.
Lord ...

l thank you with all my heart
for letting me do your work.

Help me now, my Lord...

Hello again.
What a surprise.

lt's rare to have guests this early.

lt was unfortunate the way
we met last time.

Peder, say hello to Mr Svale.

Did Lindum-Svendsen send you?

lf he wants to apologise,
he'll have to come himself!

No one has sent me.
l just wanted to see how Frits was.

We have to do something
about that hair, Frits.

And a bit off the top, too.

No, this is fine.

lt's not that bad.
You look a bit like an lndian.

Frits don't hear a thing,
his ear's hanging by a string.

l'm glad you enjoy singing, Troels.
You'll get the chance in a minute.

Listen up.
We're going to the music room.

Come in, everyone.

Take your songbooks and throw
them on the floor over there.

Like this.

- Where did that come from?
- lt's all mine.

Listen. All rock music comes
from a blues melody -

- which has 1 2 beats.

Can anyone play the piano?

Come on, lben.


Now switch...

... and back.

Here you go.

You're on, Frits.
Come and sing.

Don't worry.
The dirtier the better.

l was drunken and broke...

l was broken and drunk,
going down...

Okay, one, two, three, four...

The Headmaster wants
to see Mr Svale in his office. Now.

These children won't amount to much
if they don't learn to follow rules.

They have to know
their place in society, Mr Svale.

No more negro music.

This school embraces tradition and
as a young teacher on a trial basis -

- l'd suggest you follow our example.

Of course.

Von Scholten
was a courageous Dane.

Von Scholten
was a courageous Dane.

He dared to disobey the absolute
monarchy and use his own judgement.

Because of him, Denmark was
the first country to free it's slaves.

Frits, please repeat the last part.

Frits don't hear a thing,
his ear's hanging from...

Frits, what will it be?

- l can't repeat it.
- Because you weren't listening!

No, because it's wrong.

Denmark wasn't the first country
to free the slaves.

We were the first country to stop
shipping the slaves across the Atlantic.

But that was only because
the English threatened us.

We still kept slaves
in the West lndies.

We even built special farms
where we bred them like cattle.

Come in.

Make yourself at home.


Yes, please.

- Were you in a demonstration?
- Yes.

You were listening
by the window.

Sit down.

Wasn't that sneaky of me?

Now Lindum-Svendsen thinks
he has won.

That the music will stop.
But it won't.

l want to change the school system.
To rid it of people like him.

- Then why are you afraid of him?
- l'm on a trial period.

Before you get to be a real teacher
you have to pass the trial.

lf l don't pass, l can't change a thing.
You understand?

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

l've never seen so many records.

What do you want to hear?
You can borrow some, if you want.

There's a bit of everything.
Beatles -

- Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis -

- and Elvis Presley.

That wasn't what l expected.
Do you have anything to play it on?

Here... You can borrow this one.
lt's a travel gramophone.

How come you have
such a weird name?

l lived with some friends in Aarhus.

We thought the names our parents
gave us were too middle-class.

So we all changed our names.

- You took a new name?
- Yes.

What were you called before?

Gunnar Jensen.

Dad, see what l borrowed!

- What the heck is that?
- lt's a record player.

What happened here?

Where did you get that hairdo?

He just wants to impress the girls.

- No thanks.
- What do you suggest that we do?

lt isn't that easy with someone
like Lindum-Svendsen.

He insulted Stine
and the police wouldn't help.

This is a family discussion.

Mom, you're the school nurse.

Why haven't you done anything
about kids who were beaten?

l'll tell you why. There was a couple
whose child Lindum didn't like.

They tried to do something but it only
made things worse. They had to move.

Should we just let him rip our boy's
ear off without any consequences?

We have to do
what is best for Frits.

What would you do
if it was your son?

l'd report it to the School Board
and force them to tackle the case.

- Bye! Bye!
- Take care.

- We're going to be late.
- Where's Frits?

l don't know.

l have something important to say.

From now on my name
isn't Frits Johansen.

lt's Martin Johansen.

- How did you get that idea?
- l should be able to choose my name.

After all, l have to live with it.

Your grandpa won't be pleased at all.

One and two and one and two...

Thank you.
That's enough for today.

Are you finished?

More juice?

Thank you.

- She certainly is making progress.
- She's a good girl.

- lsn't she a lovely little angel?
- Yes.

Frits, will you come in here?

Did Lindum-Svendsen do this?

ln his office?

What did you do
to make him so angry?

lt doesn't matter what Frits did.

Even breaking every window at school
isn't a reason to rip off his ear.

We've come here for your help.

l have to discuss it with the Board.

There is nothing to discuss!
He has to go!

The School Board must either
fire him or, at least, punish him.

lf l were you, l wouldn't do it.
Nothing good comes from fighting him.

Cry-baby Frits, Cry-baby Frits...

Chicken! lf you can't take a beating
then you're a chicken.

And kids shouldn't accuse
grown-ups of assault.

We are forced to when all
the grown-ups are afraid of him.

Even lben's dad is afraid.

He sat in my dad's office and held
his mummy's hand while he cried.

- You cried holding mummy's hand?
- That's a lie. She full of lies.

- Are you calling lben a liar?
- Go to hell. You don't know anything.

- lt's just because your dad is crazy.
- No, he isn't.

- He was at the insane asylum.
- That's a lie.

He was locked up. They only
do that when you're wacko.

l heard he kept
hitting people in there.

They had to put him
in a strait-jacket.

Cry-baby Frits, Cry-baby Frits...

- Yes, Miss Birk.
- lt's true.

Frits' parents have filed a complaint
with the School Board.

They want to make a case out of it.


Go away!

l'm sorry about what l said.

Get out of here, you liar!

hit Mr Olsen once.

He hit a teacher?

The Board told Lindum-Svendsen
to apologise to Olsen -

- but he refused.

My dad couldn't make him either.

What happened?


l have a dream that one day
on the red hills of Georgia -

- the sons of former slaves and the
sons of former slave-owners -

- will sit together at the table
of brotherhood. l have a dream ...

Can we hear the ending again?

lsn't it just great?

lt's always the best that die first.

So we have to call you Martin now?

Will you really do that?
lt's a horrible shame for Grandpa.

You're named after him.

lt was his grandfather's
name, too.

l've always hated
that German name.

You just call yourself Martin,
my boy.

This is how modern music started.
Soul and rock'n'roll.

lt's roots are in African tribal music.

lt was carried forth
in the shouts for freedom.

l thought we were finished
with that kind of noise.

This is the black people's music.

Exactly. We agreed it doesn't
belong here at the school.

Mr Olsen and l agreed that
if we are teaching about slavery -

- then the music is important too.

Frits, come out into the hallway.


- l'm afraid l can't do without Frits.
- Mind your negro music, Mr Svale.

- Frits has to sing an important part.
- That's quite enough.

Can't you get rid of that stupid hair?
Everybody thinks you're an idiot.

Even lben. Don't you get it?

We don't recite speeches
by some murdered American negro.

Why do you have to be so weird?

One time l found you
in the hay loft -

- shouting about something
you dreamt.

l thought you had gone insane.

Was it... ''l have a dream. A dream
of freedom. l have a dream today.''?

You're crazy.

Don't you understand?
lt's about justice.

lt's about not being afraid
all the time.

lt's my evaluation that
Frits Johansen in 6B has problems -

- and is disrupting
the teaching in the class.

- There have been some episodes.
- Exactly.

l've also heard that there
are problems at home.

l have no problems with Frits.

He's definitely the best at English.

With all due respect
for your youthfull idealism -

- l'm afraid you don't have
our level of experience.

Perhaps you should reconsider
before you remove him from the class.

One can be clever at two subjects -

- and still have
disciplinary problems.

Having the overview is a part of my
job. l'll take responsibility for it.

That was the last pupil for today.

- Bye.
- Bye.

My dear Mrs Johansen, how are things
at home and with your husband?

- ls he doing better now?
- Fine, thank you.

Good. The staff has decided that
due to his disciplinary problems -

- Frits will attend
special classes with me.

We'll soon have to decide whether to
recommend him for high school.

lt doesn't look good at the moment
but things may change.

Common sense has prevailed before.
Here you are.

This is just the beginning.
He'll resort to anything.

Frits will never get
into high school.

Your stupid pride will
ruin everything for our boy!


We're in this together.

You know Hans Christian Andersen's
fairy tale about the farmer -

- who trades his horse for a cow
for a sheep for a goose ...

Always trading for something
we think is less.

Until he ends up
with a sack of rotten apples.

Like the two arrogant Englishmen
we, as readers, are of the opinion -

- that he is wrong.

But it turns out
that he was more than right.

What's the moral of this story, Frits?

My name isn't Frits anymore.

l've changed it to Martin.

Give this to your Dad.

ls there anything we can use?

Then go after him.

Wait outside, and l'll see if the
headmaster is available. Do you hear?

Hello, Lindum-Svendsen. We're here
regarding Frits and the special class.

Mr Johansen can arrange
a meeting through my secretary -

- if he wishes to discuss the matter.

There's no reason for a meeting.
lt must be a misunderstanding.

A decision by the entire teaching
staff is hardly a misunderstanding.

Let me say this in another way. Frits
will return to his regular class now.

Frits attends special classes with me.

That cannot be changed.
The school has decided that.

Does Mr Johansen think that parents
should dictate school policy?

Frits is at the top of his class.
Should he go to special class, then?

This is a disciplinary matter.
Not an academic one.

What disciplinary problems?

Several teachers report that Frits
causes trouble in their classes.


Perhaps Mr Johansen should consider
moving his son to another school.

Here's what l have considered.

The school laws state that parents
be consulted regarding special class.

You don't have our consent
and you'll never get it!

Frits is, as of this moment,
back in his regular class!

Come on, Frits.

Why don't you have them baled
like everyone else?

l wanted to but this year was the last
chance to make sheaves the old way.

Your grandpa and great-grandpa
always did it this way.


What happened to you
under the table that time?

lt was like...

... like a large wave...

... of dark thoughts
came and carried me away...

l was suddenly so afraid
of losing you ...

... and Ellen and Hanne.

lf it happens again,
l'll take care of you.

The darkness has lost the fight.

l know that you can't just dream
the summer evenings away.

You know...

When you can feel...

... the evening dew come creeping -

- moistening the grass with
droplets of water and know that it...

- What?
- That it's enough.

That you don't need more
in order to be happy.

- Mrs Johansen... we have to talk.
- Yes?

lt's about your
professional confidentiality.

- l've never breached it.
- No.

But when you and your husband
bring a case against the school -

- it places your position here
in a new light.

With all the sensitive information
you're a party to...

Well, the school doesn't
think it's appropriate.

lt makes our professional
relationship difficult.

l have requested another nurse
and the county has agreed.

l'm very sorry to have
to let you go.

You horrible little weakling!

- We just have time for a bath.
- Good thing we helped you.

Frits, take your sisters inside
and get ready.

What is it, Stine?

l was fired.

Confidentiality problems
with the school.

The bastard.
The cursed stupid bastard.

You're the stupid bastard.
You created this problem.

- How's that?
- ls this about Frits at all?

lsn't it just about defeating him?

Will you let me walk the fields -

- yes, but you must draw
thirty lines...

We have no reason to hide.

lf we lose, then what?

Can Frits still attend school?

Can we keep on living here?

Thank you...
Coffee is served.

Now the sixth grade would like
to perform a little encore.

He's been a perfectly satisfactory
headmaster for years.

He has raised the bar.

My own son is at the top
of his class in high school.

He, too, was beaten by Lindum
when he went to this school.

He came crying to me
in the nurse's office.

- ls this because you were fired?
- Yes.

Otherwise l would have respected my
confidentiality out of fear for my job.

Good evening.

Recess is over...

lt's time to vote on
this unpleasant case.

Our respected headmaster
is under accusation.

We have to decide whether or not
to begin an... official inquiry.

The headmaster has asked
to say a word before the vote.

As the accusation is serious,
l think it is only fair...

- Please.
- Thank you.

When l came here as a young teacher
you could hardly walk down the hall -

- without tripping over dirty shoes
and boots everywhere...

Drastic measures were required.

lt wasn't nice but it was necessary.

Thank you.

Thank you for those wise words.

Shall we get to the vote?

l don't think the headmaster
should stay.

- We all know one another here.
- Okay then.

Who votes against the inquiry?

Have you all had enough time?

Four votes against. Good.
Let's move on.

Who votes for the inquiry?

Telephone, Frits.

- For me? Who is it?
- lt's lben.

Martin speaking.


- Thanks a lot...
- ls that about the vote?

l'll see you in school.
Bye now.



Let us pray. Lord...

l wasn't finished.

Let us pray.

- Why are you so pessimistic?
- We haven't won yet.

Everyone knows it was him.

The children saw Frits in his office.
And Lindum-Svendsen's secretary.

Miss Birk.

She's always there. Lindum-
Svendsen can't bloody well hide.

Don't swear in here.

l'd like to invite you and your wife
to our harvest feast on Saturday.

We may have another appointment,
but l'll see if we can make it.

Thank you.

Are you out of your mind?
They're friends with the headmaster.

l'm sure they prefer the winning team.
Besides, we're one of the larger farms.

lt won't hurt them to celebrate
the harvest with us.

The flag must never touch
the ground when you raise it.

That's why you drape it
over your shoulder.

And what do you think he did?
He kissed her anyway.

What the hell?
Are you up, Dad?

Don't you think it's about time?

Make room for him
and give him some Schnapps.

Cheers in Schnapps.
Cheers, dad.

Cheers, everyone.

We're a strong, tough family...


And cheers
to our family's new friend -

- who has stood by us
during these difficult times.

Cheers to Freddy Svale.
Cheers my friend.

Thank you.


Here's my hand, my good man.

Reach out and take it.

How wonderful to find a friend -

- that one has longed for...

Those lovely days of youth -

- they are so hard to find -

- let us fill our cups
to overflowing -

- and drink
to those days we long for.

- Cheers.
- Cheers, Freddie.

l'm sorry, but it doesn't look
like we can avoid an inquiry.

l'm sorry, but it doesn't look
like we can avoid an inquiry.

And it doesn't look good.

The so-called anti flogging decree
from last year is quite clear.

l'm afraid it's the end
of corporal punishment.

The worst-case scenario is that...
well, that you be dismissed from duty.

l have given my life to this school -

- and now l get this as thanks.

l wish that l had never...

Everything l've fought for -

- l have now forfeited.


You never touched that boy...

See you, Svale.

We need to have a word.


Please listen to your mother!

- l'm going with you.
- No, you're not.

You know that minors
can't testify.

Children can have all sorts of reasons
to say things that aren't true.

And grown-ups don't?

Do you want to know
what happened?

Troels and l lured Frits into
the girls' changing rooms in order -

- to pull his trousers off. That's why
he was sent to the headmaster...

Why hasn't he told us that?

Because he saw me naked.

But you said you lured him in there.

So you knew he would see you?

Let me see if l understand this.

You wanted him to see you naked?

We saw it!

We all saw Lindum-Svendsen
pull Frits by the ear to his office -

- and we saw him come out
with blood all over!

When they left England, they
didn't come home. They moved on.

You almost ready?

Can you hold this?

When the Vikings went to France, an
envoy came to negotiate with them.

He asked to speak with their chief.
You know what they said?

They laughed out loud and shouted
in unison: ''We're all chiefs here!''

Good evening.

Good evening.


A majority of the School Board has
given me the task of carrying out -

- a so-called inquiry
of our respected headmaster.

This is a very serious case.

Serious because it is of vital
importance to our school's future.

lt is regarding what happened
here at the school that morning.

To start with l would like to give
the word to Mr Lindum-Svendsen.


On the morning in question, all of us
at the school were shocked -

- at the condition that Frits Johansen
showed up in school.

Fortunately, our new teacher, Mr
Svale, took the boy to the doctor's -

- where he received medical care.

You won't get anywhere with that.
Frits was fine, when he left home.

Freddy Svale can testify to that.

Let us begin hearing the witnesses.

l'm afraid that the school secretary,
Miss Birk, cannot be here tonight.

Her mother is taken seriously ill. That
means we'll only hear one witness.

Mr Svale, please tell the Board
what you witnessed that morning?

l found Frits in the bathroom.

There was blood on his shirt
and his cheek was swollen.

His earlobe was half ripped off.

l could see he needed stitches so l
drove him to the doctor right away.

You did the right thing.
The Headmaster has told us -

- that he was shocked that Frits
came to school in that condition.

l was rather shocked, too...

You saw him before he went into
the office. Frits told us that.

Yes, l saw him in the morning,
when he came to school.

You saw that nothing
was wrong with him!

l came out of the classroom.
Frits was heading for gym class.

And what did you see?

He was too far away
for me to see clearly...

No, no...

Thank you, Mr Svale.
You may go.

You may go, Mr Svale.
Thank you.

With that testimony it seems to be
one allegation against the other.

The Head of the Board says
it is allegation against allegation -

- but Frits' father's
psychiatric history speaks for itself.

You don't have the right! This
has nothing to do with the case!

Peder Johansen was hospitalised
with mental disturbances -

- and came home the same day
that his son was injured.

But he came home
after Frits had left for school!

Did he really, Mrs Johansen?

Then l'm afraid l'll have to direct
your attention to his medical journal.

The psychiatrist writes,
and l quote:

''Mr Johansen says he is afraid -

- of harming his own children.''

l meant that...

... l was afraid something
would happen to my children.

An accident or something.

An accident at the hands
of you, Mr Johansen.

You should all be ashamed
of yourselves.

What are you doing here, lben?

Answer me, lben!

Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses -

- as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, and
the power, and the glory. Amen.

No, no.

He's not going anywhere!

- Stop it, Frits.
- Leave me alone.

- We just want to help your dad.
- He stays here.

- lt's for his own good.
- Frits. Frits.

- Stay here. Dad!
- Stop it, Frits. Stop it!

Good of you to come.

l've just finished your evaluation.
l think you'll be pleased.

l've come to say that l'm quitting.
l can't stand this school anymore -

- and more than anything:
l can't stand you.

What a shame. We were just
getting to know each other.

What is it?

My father and mother are furious.

They're sending me off
to boarding school.

- When?
- On Monday.

My father never wastes any time.

So this is your last day.



Make way for the General.

l'm sorry you've had no teacher
for the first part of class.

Mr Svale has chosen to leave
the school rather suddenly.

So we'll pick up where we left off.

l'm sure there's
a lot of fixing to be done.

Let us sing number 234.

You all know that one.

Ready, one, two, three...
Lift your head, good fellow ...

... as one hope is lost...

Sing everyone.

Miss lben, you lead us, please.
Go ahead.

One, two, three...
Lift your...

S??ren, you lead then...

Come on!
Lift your head, good fellow.

Now sing, all of you, understand?

Lift your head, good fellow.
As one hope is lost...

Frits, you're not shy about
opening your mouth, are you.


Would everyone else please sit down.

Frits, you come up here.

Do you really think you can challenge
me? You think you are a match for me?


Sit down everyone.
Sit down!

Have you had enough?


Sit down this instance.
Do you hear me? Now.

Get out. All of you, get out.
The bell has rung. Can't you hear it?


- Liar.
- You shut your mouth.


He's collapsed.

Yes, quickly.

Here at the school. ln his office.

lf you please.

Thank you.




You have to come back.
Lindum-Svendsen is dead.

He was dead when he arrived
at the hospital.

They're going to announce it soon.

What is it?
l thought you'd be happy.

l've taken another person's life.

l prayed to God to kill him
and l wished it when l prayed.

lf you prayed for it and God did it -

- then it's because He thought
it was the most just thing to do.

You think so?


lt is with great sorrow
that l must inform you -

- that our headmaster, Mr Lindum-
Svendsen passed away today.

Lindum-Svendsen is dead.

Lindum-Svendsen is dead!

l'm really sorry, Frits.
You had the courage l didn't have.

Lindum-Svendsen is dead.

lt happened yesterday.
Heart attack.

We've come to bring you home.

- l'm afraid it won't work out.
- l'm not leaving without you.

l can't.

Maybe it's best
to let dad stay awhile.

Don't you get it? lf you stay here
then that means he's won.

Come on, Dad.

Come on, let's go home.

based on actual events

Subtitles by: Reklame11